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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Islamic Republic of Iran’s RMA Analysed-1

When it comes to defending the sovereignty of its national airspace and the related air-defence identification zone (ADIZ), the Islamic Republic of Iran has, since mid-2004, been undertaking a mammoth upgradation of its hierarchical air-defence system with the help of Russia, China and North Korea. Command, control and communications of Iran’s air-defence networks s is split into three institutions. 
The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) controls manned airborne platforms and air-traffic management, while the Air-Defence Force (IRIADF) or Khatam al-Anbiya Air-Defence HQ, which split off from the IRIAF in 2008, commands and controls all ground-based air-defence systems. The Revolutionary Guard Corps (PASDARAN) is responsible for strategic air-defence and ADIZ monitoring, plus the operations of ballistic missile early warning systems.
Between 2009 and 2016, the PASDARAN and IRIADF have worked together to commission four different VHF-band long-range over-the-horizon radars (OTHR) throughout Iran. 
The first 1,500km-range Ghadir OTHR was commissioned at Garmsar in Semnan province on June 2, 2014, while the second OTHR was commissioned in Ahvaz in Khuzestan province on July 4, 2015).
The third followed last year, this being located between the towns of Andisheh and Qods just west of Teheran. It faces southeast at approximately 151 degrees and is thus able to cover most of central Iran and the Persian Gulf. The Garmsar-based OTHR features four horizontal phased-arrays placed along a square and a central vertical array. The four primary arrays are approximately 39 metres in width and together form a square with sides measuring approximately 55 metres. This configuration provides 360-degree coverage of nearly all Iran and Iraq, the far southeast of Turkey and parts of northeast Saudi Arabia. All three Ghadir OTHRs are in fact Russia-supplied Rezonans-NE OTHRs.
Iran’s latest OTHR is the 3,000km-range Sepehr OTHR that is located in a mountainous part of the Kordestan province in western Iran. The site is 27km north of the city of Bijar. 
Construction work began in mid-2012 and was complete by October 2013. This OTHR provides 360-degree coverage of all Iran as well as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Turkey and Pakistan. It also provides partial coverage of Eastern Europe, southwest Russia (including Moscow), western India and most of the Arabian Sea. 
The Sepehr is in fact Russia’s Voronezh-M VHF-band OTHR, whose first field-trials were conducted in March 2007, and the first such OTHR in Russia was commissioned on February 11, 2012. The Sepehr and Voronezh-M both use planar phased-aeeay antennae that cover in the azimuth from 245 to 355 degrees, and in the elevation from 2 to 70 degrees. The radars’ blind range is 100km, and the maximum target altitude is about 4,000km.
In addition to these OTHRs, the IRIADF has commissioned into service a number of Russia-supplied tactical air-defence radars like the 1L119 Nebo SVU VHF-band system, Fath-14 VHF-band system, Kasta-2KE2E VHF-band radar, Matla-ol-Fajr VHF-band system, and the Kayhan UHF-band radar.
Days Of Imperial Glory
In the period between 1967 and 1979, Iran was the custodian of the world’s fifth largest fleet of military aircraft. The Imperial Iranian Air Force’s (IIAF) 1 Tactical Air Base at Teheran’s Mehrabad Airport comprised of the  11 Tactical Fighter Squadron operating McDonnell DouglasF-4E Phantom-2 M-MRCAs, 12 Tactical Fighter Squadron flying F-4Es, 13 Combat Instructor School with F-4Es, 11 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron with RF-4Es, Northrop RF-5s and Lockheed RT-33s, 11 Tactical Transport Squadron with Lockheed C-130E/H Hercules transports, 12 Tactical Transport Squadron with C-130E/Hs, one MRTT squadron with Boeing B.707s and B.747s (the IIAF was the world’s sole operator of KC-747 MRTTs), one Fokker Friendship F-27 Transport Squadron, 11 Search & Rescue Squadron and one Support Squadron with F-33s and L-20s; the 2 Tactical Air Base at Tabriz that comprised the 21 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-5E Tiger-2 L-MRCAs, 22 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-5Es, 23 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-5Es, 21 Counter Insurgency Squadron with Grumman O–2As, 21 Search & Rescue Squadron, and one Support Squadron with F-33s; the 3 Tactical Air Base at Hamadan (Shahrokhi) housing the 31 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-4Es, 32 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-4Es, 33 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-4Es, 34 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-4Es, 31 Search & Rescue Squadron and one Support Squadron with F-33s; 4 Tactical Air Base at Dezfull (Vahdati) comprising the 41 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-5Es, 42 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-5Es, 43 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron with  F-5Es, 41 Search & Rescue Squadron and one Support Squadron with F-33s and L-20s; 5 Tactical Air Base at Agha Jari (Omidieh) with its 51 Tactical Fighter Squadron flying F-5Es, 52 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-5Es, 53 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-5Es, 51 Search & Rescue Squadron and one F-33 Support Squadron; 6 Tactical Air Base at Bushehr comprising the 61 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron with F-4Es, 62 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-4Es, 63 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-4Ds, the 61 Search & Rescue Squadron and one F-33 Support Squadron; the 7 Tactical Air Base at Shiraz comprising the 71 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-4Es, 72 Tactical Fighter Squadron with Grumman F-14 Tomcats, 73 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron with F-14s, 71 Tactical Transport Squadron with C-130E/H, 72 Tactical Transport Squadron with C-130E/H, 71 Search & Rescue Squadron and one F-33 Support Squadron; the 8 Tactical Air Base at Isfahan ( Khatami ) comprising the 81 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-14s, 82 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron with  F-14s, 81 Search & Rescue Squadron, and one F-33 Support Squadron;  9 Tactical Air Base in Bandar Abbas with its 91 Tactical Fighter Squadron flying F-4Es, 92 Tactical Squadron with P-3F Orion LRMR/AQSW platforms, 91 Search & Rescue Squadron and one F-33 Support Squadron; and the 10 Tactical Air Base at Chabahar comprising the 101 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-5Es, 102 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-4Es, 103 Tactical Fighter Squadron with F-4Es, the 101 Search & Rescue Squadron, and one F-33 Support Squadron.
The IIAF’s first squadron of 13 F-5A/B Freedom Fighter L-MRCAs entered service on on February 1, 1965. On that date, 11 F-5As and two F-5Bs arrived at the 1 Tactical Air Base at Mehrabad. These F-5s were declared operational in June 1965. The 12 RF-5As were ordered in October 1967. Subsequently, Iran in 1972 purchased a total of 104 F-5As, RF-5As and 23 F-5Bs. 
This was followed by the procurement of 166 F-5Es and F-5Fs, plus 15 RF-5E tactical reconnaissance platforms between 1974 and 1976, enough to equip eight squadrons. The first F-5E/F tranche was delivered in January 1974, when 28 F-5Fs were received for operational conversion training. By this time, IIAF had disposed of virtually all of its earlier-model F-5A/B aircraft, selling them to Greece, Turkey, Ethiopia, South Vietnam, and Jordan, although some F-5Bs were retained for flying training purposes.
The order for 16 F-4Ds for the IIAF was placed in 1967. A second batch of 16 F-4Ds was ordered later. The first batch of F-4Ds arrived in Iran on September 8, 1968, with a total of 32 F-4Ds being ultimately delivered. Iran had ordered a total of 208 F-4Es and  32 RF-4Es. The first tranche of these were delivered in March 1971. A total of 177 F-4Es (plus eight F-4Es borrowed from the USAF and subsequently returned) and 16 RF-4E were delivered between 1971 and 1979. On February 28, 1979 the US government placed an embargo on further arms deliveries to Iran. Consequently, the remaining 31 F-4Es and 16 RF-4E were never delivered.
In August 1973, the IIAF selected the F-14 Tomcat as its new-generation air dominance combat aircraft, following which the initial contract was signed in January 1974 for 30 F-14s, but in June 50 more were added to the contract. At the same time, Iran’s state-owned Bank-e-Melli stepped in, and agreed to loan Grumman US$75 million to partially make up for a US government loan of $200 million to Grumman, which had just been cancelled. This loan saved the F-14’s R & DTE programme and enabled Grumman to secure a further loan of $125 million from a consortium of US banks, ensuring at least for the moment that the F-14 R & DTE programme would continue. 
The principal air base for IIAF F-14 operations was at Isfahan’s Khatami Air Force Base and 1 Squadron at Shiraz Tactical Fighter Base. The first two of 79 F-14s arrived in Iran in January 1976. By May 1977, when Iran celebrated its 50th anniversary of the Pahlavi Dynasty, 12 had been delivered. The last F-14 bought by Iran was retained in the US for use as a test-bed. Iran had also ordered 714 Hughes AIM-54A Phoenix LRAAMs, but only 284 had been delivered by 1979. A follow-on order for 400 AIM-54As was never executed by the US.
On October 27, 1976, Iran placed orders for 160 General Dynamics F-16A/B Block 15 M-MRCAs, and this was followed by a follow-on order for another 140 F-16s. MRO-related equipment for the F-16s had arrived in Iran as early as 1978 (these were later sold to Pakistan in the early 1980s). However, the entire F-16 procurement contract was cancelled in 1979 at a time when the first 75 F-16s were already being prepared for delivery. Consequently, these F-16s were sold by the US to Israel’s IDF-AF.
By 1979, the IIAF was also operating 60 C-130E/H Hercules transports, 30 T-33A basic jet trainers, 40 Boeing CH-47C Chinook transport helicopters,  12 Fokker Friendship F-27 transports, two KC-747 MRTTs (out of the 10 that were ordered), 12 KC-135 MRTTs, six Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallions and 20 Agusta-Sikorsky  AS-61A helicopters. The Imperial Iranian Navy was operating six Lockheed P-3F Orions, while the Imperial Iranian Army was operating 70 Bell 214A and 50 Bell 212 utility helicopters, plus 204 Bell AH-1J attack helicopters.
The IIAF’s airspace surveillance radar stations were located at Teheran (UK-supplied radar at Doushan Tapeh), Karadj (US-supplied radar), Tabriz (UK-supplied radar), Mashhad (UK-supplied radar), ShahrAbad (UK-supplied radar), Dezful (US-supplied radar at Dehlooran), Hamadan (US-supplied radar at Soobashi), Bushehr (UK-supplied radar), Isfahan (US-supplied radar), Bandar Abbas (US-supplied radar), Bandar Jask (US-supplied radar), Kish Island (US-supplied radar), and Chabahar (US-supplied radar). 
In addition, the IIAF procured eight Westinghouse TPS-43E gapfiller radars for installation at sites like Bandar Lengeh, Bandar Taheri, Kohkilooyeh near Behbahan, Abdanaan near Dezful, and Kerend near Ghasre Shirin. More than 90% of the hardware had been delivered by 1979. All these 19 radar sites and facilities were built in less than 15 years (between 1962 and 1977). The IIAF’s Air-Defence Command, in addition to these radar sites, also had six combat aircraft from each air base on alert (2 aircraft on 5-minute alert, two on 15-minute alert and two on 30-minute alert)—a total of 60 combat aircraft at any time on any given day.
The US-supplied radars did not perform well in the hot and humid weather of the Persian Gulf. Several attempts by Westinghouse and Allied Signal/Bendix to upgrade the radars did not correct the problem. Those radars installed along the Persian Gulf and Kish Island could achieve only ‘Zero Detection’. In 1972 an extensive radar coverage optimisation study was carried out by the IIAF with the help of the USAF, FAA, and US universities and industries. A thorough search for more suitable radar sites and extensive meteorological investigations of the Persian Gulf region’s weather behavior patterns, from zero feet to 10,000 feet ASL, and inter-operability and suitability of yielding the desired interlaced-meshed radar coverage of Iranian airspace by various radar systems were conducted, which eventually led to further analysis regarding the automation of ADIZ/ADGES networks, and the deployment of AEW & C platforms. The IIAF eventually zeroed in on the E-3 AEW & CS platform, with the requirement being for eight platforms. However, only five were contracted for and the first three were ready for delivery in 1979.  Unlike ground-based radars, the rotodome-mounted radars of bthe E-3 were not troubled by the ‘ducting’ phenomenon prevalent in Persian Gulf region. The E-3 order was eventually cancelled by Teheran after the Islamic Revolution and these E-3s were consequently sold by the US to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The IIAF’s ADGES network—which mixed GE-supplied FPS-88s and Marconi-supplied S-330s with a semi-automated air-defence system called ‘Seek Sentry’—was incomplete by 1979. Long-range FPS-100 and FPS-113 radars were deployed on mountain-tops and Westinghouse TPS-43 and ADS-4 radars were scattered throughout Iran. Individual sites were active, but they never became operational as a unified system, or to have played a significant role in guiding air intercepts. The ineffectiveness of Iran’s MIM-23 Hawk MR-SAMs and other related ground-based air-defence sensors had a great deal to do with the over-complexity of the original design for the Seek Sentry/Peace Ruby C3 systems.
Guided-weapons procured for the IIAF had included 125 AIM-7C Sparrow BVRAAMs in 1968-1969 for the F-4Ds, 700 AIM-7E Sparrow BVRAAMs from 1971 till 1976 for the F-4Es, 516 AIM-7E Sparrow BVRAAMs from 1976 till 1978 (a follow-on order for 380 more was cancelled in 1979), 400 AIM-9E Sidewinder SRAAMs in 1968-1969 for the F-4Ds, 700 AIM-9J Sidewinder SRAAMs from 1971 till 1977 for the F-4Es, 1,000 AIM-9J Sidewinder SRAAMs from 1973 till 1977 for the F-5E/F fleet, 288 AIM-9J Sidewinder SRAAMs from 1976 till 1979 for the F-14As (a follow-on order for 362 more was cancelled in 1979), 2,500 AGM-65 Maverick ASMs from 1973 till 1976 under a $57 million deal, 300 Paveway-3 LGBs in 1977-1978 and 25 AGM-45A Shrike ARMs in 1978 1979 (a follow-on order for 1,000 more was cancelled in 1979).
Throughout the late 1860s and mid-1970s, Imperial Iran had built up its forces without creating a clear concept for how it would employ them in war. Between 1975 and 1980, Iran had imported $15.5 billion worth of weapons. Ironically, it did have a fairly clear set of well-exercised plans for naval or air combat against the USSR’s armed forces to the north and west, but it had no clear plans for attacking any of its immediate neighbours to the west or south. Iran was still transitioning to a force structure that mixed highly mobile armoured forces with attack helicopters, but it had acquired equipment for which it still lacked the training, plans, and operational exercise experiences to use--particularly without massive amounts of Western support and advice. 
To make matters worse, the Shah of Iran had constantly overruled his High Command, arbitrarily dismissed commanders who disagreed with his orders and force-expansion plans, and had surrounded himself with political survivors that often pandered to his authority. Though the IIAF had effective individual squadrons (a strength of roughly 100,000 men for operating/supporting 18 fighter-ground attack squadrons, four interceptor squadrons and one reconnaissance squadron), nothing approaching an effective Air Staff that could plan large-scale strategic air campaigns, or which could effectively organise a regional air-defence network, existed. 
The IIAF’s computerised logistics system that the US was helping set up had only reached the point where stocks were computer-coded and logged, and the computers were installed. Most of the software necessary to operate the system was not in place when the monarchy was ousted from power, and critical types of spare parts were still awaiting delivery (each combat aircraft on average has 20,000 critical parts). The near-total collapse of the logistics system created a situation where it could not assemble all the spare parts it needed to maintain readiness without cannibalising or ‘vulturizing’ its aircraft fleets, and this created a vicious cycle where more and more aircraft had to be stripped of a few key parts to keep the others flying. 
The Imperial Iranian Army had about 285,000 men, including some 300,000 active reserves, but most of this force lacked the training needed to operate modern weapons in any kind of offensive combat. Only one of its three Armoured Divisions, and two of its three Infantry Divisions were effectively organised for modern combat. Iran had about 10 Division equivalents in its force structure, including its reserve Brigades, but many of these units existed only as cadre formations and had little military effectiveness.
From the beginning of 1979 to the day that Iraq invaded (on September 22, 1980), Ayatollah Khomeini’s new revolutionary elite was engaged in a struggle for control of the country’s armed forces, which it generally resolved by weakening the capability of the army, navy, and air force. Khomeini triggered an initial wave of desertions when he called upon Iranian servicemen to join the revolution on January 17, 1979. Consequently, the Army’s standing strength dropped from 285,000 men to 150,000, while that of the Air Force dropped from 100,000 to 65,000, and that of the Navy from 28,000 to 20,000. The Gendarmerie and other paramilitary forces virtually collapsed and dropped from around 74,000 men to roughly one-third of their original strength. 
Khomeini also purged and executed members of the General Officer Corps beginning in February 1979, and more than 550 senior officers had left the military or been killed by the end of March. Disagreements over the use of the armed forces against Iran’s separatist Kurds led to additional purges at the High Command-level, and these were reinforced when the  armed forces were used to fire on separatist Iranian Arab demonstrators in ‘Arabistan’ (Khuzestan province) in April and May. These events also led to the rise of revolutionary forces as a substitute for the armed forces, and to the creation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (Pasdaran e-Inqilal e-Islami) on June 16, 1979. At the same time, the ruling Shi’ite clergy created its own military action arm, called the Party of God (Hezbollah). 
Debates over the role of regular and revolutionary forces in suppressing the Kurds and Arab separatists, and in providing security for the revolution, led to constant changes in the High Command throughout the rest of 1979. At the same time, the new revolutionary government cut the conscription period in half, and allowed some 60% of the military manpower to leave the armed forces through a mix of desertions, purges, resignations, and re-assignments to revolutionary forces. Khomeini’s new government also cancelled most of the military contracts. The situation grew even worse after Iranian students seized the US Embassy in Teheran on November 4, 1979 and took its occupants hostage. While the US had arranged for a spare parts shipment in October, the Iranians failed to take delivery, and the US then suspended all spare parts deliveries and imposed an embargo. All remaining US technicians also left the country. The UK, which had been Iran’s second largest weapons supplier, also stopped most military deliveries. 
Virtually all advanced training and maintenance activities came to near-halt, combined arms and joint services exercises were halted or degenerated to nearly farcical levels, and 30% of Iran’s land force equipment, 60% of its aircraft, and 60% of its helicopters were not operational when the Iran-Iraq War began. Repeated purges and reviews led to the loss of 50% of the junior officers and field-grade Staff officers in the army and air force by February 1980, and thousands of skilled technicians left the armed services. The new Minister of Defence-cum-Commander of the Navy, Admiral Ahmad Madani, was forced to cut the annual defence budget by one-third, reduce the conscription period to 12 months and allow conscripts to serve in their home provinces—a concession that ensured that Iran’s combat units in the forward area could not get even a proper proportion of the limited number of conscripts that actually showed up under the new mobilisation system.
While Iran acquired a new Commander-in-Chief when it elected Aboll Hassan Bani-Sadr President on February 3, 1980 this immediately added a struggle for political power between Khomeini’s secular and religious supporters to the other convulsions in Iran’s armed forces military. Senior Command-level shake-ups continued during June, and the July 1980 coup attempt led to further purges and executions. There was no agreement in Iran as to what--if anything--should replace the armed forces. The Communist movements—like the Tudeh, Mujahideen e-Khalq, and Mujahideen e-Fedayeen—opposed the idea of maintaining regular armed forces. Leaders like Prime Minister Massoud Rajai wanted revolutionary militias that depended on mass mobilisation and guerrilla warfare. Khomeini and Bani-Sadr, however, were more cautious, but their detailed goals and intentions were then still totally unclear. Khomeini had authorised attempts to reintroduce an effective conscription programme before the war began, but these were still far from operational. Iran’s mobilisation system—which had never been particularly well thought-out—had become largely inoperable. The PASDARAN then only totalled about 30,000 men in lightly armed and organised units, and was concentrating on internal security missions. The untrained volunteer militias, or BASEEJ, may have constituted an ‘arm of 20 million’ in speeches, but they had little military meaning in September 1980. While President Bani-Sadr was nominally Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, no true High Command was functional within the armed forces, and the revolutionary forces lacked any coherent command structure or direction. Bani-Sadr and Rajai could not agree on the need for imported product support, how to re-establish and manage conscription, or even the need to man skilled positions like military product-support and operational logistics. Leaders like Ali Hashemi Rafsanjani and other senior members of the new Islamic Revolutionary Council (IRC) and Islamic Republican Party (IRP) openly stated that they would rather lose much of the country than see a secular government under Bani-Sadr restore professional military forces. In fact, the IRP was still committed to this position to the extent that it help sabotage the agreement that the US would resume some weapons shipments that came in 1981, as a result of the Algiers Accord on the hostage crisis.
Despite all this, Iran was able to fly some 100 sorties against Iraq on September 23, 1980. While these sorties were not particularly effective, and Iran’s sortie generation capability rapidly dropped to less than 50 per day, the attacks still came as a considerable shock to Iraq. Iran was also able to win most air-to-air duels during the early period of the war, and while it could only fly limited numbers, it occasionally proved highly successful in delivering very low-altitude air attacks against Iraqi targets. All this was only possible after the IRC and IRP decided to release up to 100 experienced IIAF pilots who were earlier arbitrarily imprisoned. However, Iran lacked both the numbers and battle management capability to deploy an effective air screen. The F-4D/E fleets presented serviceability maintenance problems as each such aircraft needed 35 man-hours of maintenance per flight hour.  
When the Iran-Iraq War commenced on September 22, 1980 the IIAF had morphed into the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) and was facing a total US-imposed embargo on the supply of ammunition, plus rotables and consumables for its combat aircraft and helicopter fleets. This is where countries like Greece and Israel stepped in to covertly provide such product-support hardware for the F-4D/E Phantoms and F-5E/F Tigers. In addition, Israel also stepped in to provide mission-oriented assistance to the IRIAF by way of sharing its Iraq-related targetting intelligence (for those were the days when Teheran had not yet adopted an anti-Zionist posture). And the IRIAF always paid back such favours in kind. One such instance was Operation Scorch Swordthe air-strike carried out by the IRIAF on September 30, 1980, that damaged the almost-complete Iraqi OSIRAK nuclear reactor. Eight days into the Iran-Iraq War, this operation was launched at dawn when four IRIAF F-4Es refuelled in mid-air near the Iran-Iraq border. After crossing into Iraq, the F-4Es climbed to a higher altitude to be detectable by Iraqi radar. Moments later, two of the F-4Es peeled off and dropped to a lower altitude again to avoid radar detection. They flew stealthily to El Tuwaitha, a city 17km southeast of Baghdad, home to the OSIRAK. This was the first-ever airborne attack on a nuclear reactor and only the third on a nuclear facility in history. The attack itself caused only minor damage and wasn't successful in impeding the Iraqi nuclear programme. Two bombs hit the dome of the reactor and bounced off.  The water-cooling facility was also damaged, as were the facilities for storing and treating liquid radioactive waste. This attack did stop the reactor from enriching fissile material.  Approximately 400 French scientists, technicians, and engineers who had been working on the reactor at the time of the attack left the country in response to the bombing. Then, on November 30, 1980, three IRIAF F-4Es again entered Iraqi airspace.  Two entered first, drawing the attention of Iraqi AAA.  Soon after, the third—an RF-4E—approached to the south of the target at low level, then turned back towards the east and made a single pass over OSIRAK while being fired at by several surrounding Iraqi AAA sites. Once out of the target area, the two F-4Es joined up again and escorted the RF-4E safely out of Iraq. On December 2, 1980 an unmarked Boeing B.707 from Israel landed under cover of darkness in Mehrabad Airport, Teheran.  There, a crew-member was handed a small metal briefcase, with the instructions ‘Do Not X-Ray’ painted in English on the outside.  Inside were the photo-recon images photographed by the IRIAF RF-4E. The OSIRAK was finally destroyed about eight months later by Israel’s IDF-AF that conducted Operation Opera on June 7, 1981 by eight F-16A, belonging to both 117 and 110 Squadrons both based at Ramat David, which were escorted by six F-15As.
In 1981 itself, the IRIAF’s operational aircraft strength dropped to a peak level of less than 100, with less than one sortie per day of sustained capability, and Iran never was able to rise above this level until the end of the war. Similarly, the Army’s helicopter force of nearly 800 helicopters, which had 205 AH-1J attack helicopters organised to act as a ‘force multiplier’ (by possessing anti-armour capabilities equal to that of up to two Armoured Divisions), was nearly grounded. Despite covert spares-support being provided by Greece and Israel, the Air Force’s strength at the beginning of 1983 was close to 120 operational combat aircraft. Only 35 of its F-4Ds/F-4Es were serviceable, as were 65 of F-5E/F platforms, 15 F-14As, and five RF-4Es. By 1986 this had dropped to 15 F-5Es and 20 F-4Ds/F-4Es, seven F-14As, and no operational RF-4Es. Three C-130s were lost due to heavy cannibalisation, and only about 10% of its 17 B-707s, seven B-747s and the remaining C-130s were in operable condition.
The IRIAF lost most of its few air-to-air encounters after 1983, unless it used carefully planned ambush tactics against Iraqi attackers flying predictable paths of attack. The IRIAF also lost much of its strategic bombing capability after 1981. It launched some relatively accurate and well-planned attacks and exhibited good air-strike planning in attacking Iraqi electricity generation plants, and demonstrated considerable coordination in several attacks. Such proficiency and accuracy in delivering conventional attack ordnance, like rockets and bombs, owed a great deal to the fact that 100 USAF-trained pro-monarchy incarcerated Iranian pilots were freed from jail in the first days of the war. These pilots displayed considerable initiative and managed to use terrain-masking effectively on their approach to Iraqi targets. However, after 1983, the IRIAF not only lost its technical edge over Iraq, but the entire IRIAF could not generate more than 60 sorties per day under surge conditions. At the time the ceasefire was agreed to in 1988, the IRIAF also only had 35,000 men and its operational combat aircraft fleet then comprised 35 serviceable F-4D/E, 45 F-5E/F, 14 F-14s and three RF-4Es.
The IRIAF’s operational strength also had a very different meaning from that of Iraq. Iran could peak its strength to levels close to 100 aircraft for one day and 30 aircraft for a week, but this meant rapidly losing operational capability for a month or more. In addition, the IRIAF was never able to establish its reliability as a ‘loyal revolutionary’ force. Defections of both military and civil aircraft took place in late 1982, and at sporadic intervals throughout 1983. Unlike the regular Army, the IRIAF could not recruit and train ‘revolutionary’ leaders and remained under extremely tight surveillance and political suspicion. Arrests continued, as did the practice of holding the family of experienced aircrew/ground crew hostage, and restricting fuel to prevent defections. So many officers, pilots, and skilled personnel were imprisoned or lost that the IRIAF lost far more aircraft to accidents and poor maintenance than in combat. Throughout the war, therefore, the IRIAF served as a lesson that it is not equipment inventory that counts in war, but operational strength and sustainability.
For supporting its fleet of F-5E/F L-MRCAs, the IRIAF procured from Vietnam a total of 41 F-5E/F aircraft for cannibalising, while from Ethiopia came five F-5As and two F-5Bs along with three F-5Es and  in 1985 at a cost of $95 million. Despite this, the IRIAF was unable to maintain high serviceability/availability rates of its F-4, F-5 and F-14 fleets because the US was not supplying the much-needed spares for the F-5’s General Electric J85-GE-21B turbojets and Emerson Electric’s APQ-159 radars, the F-4’s General Electric J79-GE-17A turbojets and Westinghouse APQ-100 and APQ-120 radars, and the F-14’s Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-414 engines and Hughes AWG-9 radars. Consequently, during the Iran-Iraq War from 1980 till 1988, while the IRIAF had possessed 458 combat aircraft of all types (138 F-5Es and 28 F-5Fs 32 F-4Ds 181 F-4Es and 79 F-14s), at any given time no more than 80 were flightworthy, with the rest being grounded either for cannibalisation, or for conserving their total technical service-lives (TTSL).
Despite this, Iran was determined to operate a sizeable number of F-4s and F-5s and to this end, from the early 1990s onwards, Iran began buying out all industrial machinery required for airframe/engine refurbishment from Taiwan’s Air Asia Group, South Korea’s Korean Aerospace Industries, Hellenic Aerospace Industries, and Israel Aerospace Industries.  In 1997, Teheran announced that the state-owned Iranian Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA) was developing a domestically-produced L-MRCA called the Azarakhsh (Lightning) and six were built in the subsequent decade, out of a planned 30. The Azarakhsh, at least in its original form, was evidently a re-engineered F-5E, with uprated thrusters, reinforced wings, modified radar and improved weapons-launch capabilities. However, the Azarakhsh did not reach operational units, and the programme was terminated in 2010. 
By 2004, the new Saeqeh-1 L-MRCA was unveilled. It was an F-5—but with two instead of one vertical tail stabilisers, canted outwards. The Saeqeh-1s also have additional wing-strakes, and some sport new square jet intakes. The Saeqeh-1’s twin-tail stabilisers give the better turning and takeoff performance than the F-5E, making it a superior ‘low-and-slow’ L-MRCA. The Saeqeh-1s could, however, be armed only with AIM-9J Sidewinders, unguided air-to-ground bombs and rocket pods. The APG-159 radar’s performance was improved under the Ofogh (Horizon) project in 1999, which doubled the target tracking range of the APQ-159 from 32km to 64km. The Saeqeh-1 has been deployed to an operational unit, this being the 23 Tactical Fighter Sqn based in Tabriz in northwest Iran, from where it has been conducting reconnaissance missions. Only nine aircraft out of a planned 24 have been built so far. 
On February 9, 2015, the IRIAF unveiled the Saeqeh-2 tandem-seater variant. The HESA had previously converted 13 older F-5Es into Simorgh (Phoenix) tandem-seat OCU trainers by cannibalising parts from other F-5s. However the Saeqeh-2 is intended serve as both a lead-in fighter trainer and combat platform. The IRIAF also intends to modify its 17 remaining F-5Fs into Saeqeh-2.
Accidents and losses during the war with Iraq in the 1980s had steadily reduced the IRIAF’s F-4D/E fleet to just 10 airworthy F-4Ds and 18 F-4Es, In March 2010 HESA began to re-life its first F-4D airframe, which involved extensive structural refurbishment and internal re-wiring. Such F-4s are slated to remain in service until at least 2025. With China’s technical assistance, the IRIAF has so far upgraded six F-4Ds by installing in each of them a new navigation-attack system comprising a HUD, ring-laser gyro-based inertial navigation system, twin AMLCD cockpit displays, and the KLJ-7 multi-mode radar, thereby enabling these F-4Ds to air-launch the China-supplied C-802A anti-ship cruise missiles. 
Today the IRIAF possesses some 192 airworthy combat aircraft. These include the 10 F-4Ds and 18 F-4Es, 30 Azarakhsh (which are expected to remain in service till 2030), 20 F-7N and four FT-7Ns that were supplied by China along with 600 PL-2 SRAAMs between 1986 and 1988 and 400 PL-7 SRAAMs between 1986 and 1988; 24 Dassault Mirage F-1EQs and Mirage F-1BQs; 25 Saeqeh-2s; 24 Su-24MKs; and 25 MiG-29B-12s. 
About 120 F-5E/F Tiger-2s continue to be cannibalised, as is also the case with the remaining 100 F-4E/F Phantom-2s. The F-14 fleet’s size too has shrunk from 44 airworthy F-14s in 1988 to less than 12 today. The ex-Iraqi Mirage F-1EQs and F-1BQs and their SNECMA Atar 09K50 engines are being supported by spares that have been procured from both Iraq and Libya. 
From all this, it emerges that the IRIAF still prefers platforms of Western origin and it is for this very reason that it has so far acquired only 25 MiG-29B-12s between 1989 and 1991 along with 100 R-27R BVRAAMs and 300 R-73E SRAAMs, and 440 R-60T SRAAMs, 100 Kh-29Ts and 100 Kh-58 ARMs for its 24 Su-24MKs, six Su-25Ts and three Su-25UBKs. Also procured were 24 FILAT K/PZS-01H TLS-99 laser designator pods from China for the Azarakhsh and Saeqeh-1 L-MRCAs. Future plans of the IRIAF call for procuring close to 250 Su-30MK tandem-seat H-MRCAs from Russia.
Though the IRIAF claims to have indigenously developed standoff precision-guided munitions like the Ghassed/GBU-78, Asre-67, Yaser, Qadr, Zoobin, Kite 2000, Sattar-1 and the latest 700km-range Ya Ali air-launched LACM (unveilled on May 11, 2014), there is no evidence to suggest that any of them have entered service as of now. Instead, these are all experimental technology demonstrators and the IRIAF continues to import standoff PGMs of various types and their podded guidance systems from both China and Russia.
For flying training purposes, the IRIAF received 35 Pilatus PC-7 basic turboprop trainers from Switzerland in 1983. In addition, 25 EMB-312 Tucano basic turboprop trainers were acquired between 1989 and 1991. Between 2000 and 2001, the IRGC used these Tucanos against Taliban positions and in drug-busting operations along the Afghanistan-Iran borders. Also procured were 25 MFI-17 Mushshak piston-engined ab initio trainers from Pakistan between 1989 and 1991. Efforts are now underway to co-develop the Kowsar advanced jet trainer with Russian Aircraft Corp’s RAC-MiG subsidiary. This fleet of training aircraft indicates that the IRIAF is today capable of producing pilots for a fleet of not more than 120 operational combat aircraft.

The squadrons that today make up the IRIAF are assigned to a series of tactical-air-bases (TAB) spread across the country. These include the Shahid Lashkari Tactical Air Base (TAB-1) in Teheran, Shahid Fakoori Tactical Air Base (TAB-2) in Tabriz, Shahid Nojeh Tactical Air Base (TAB-3) in Hamedan, Shahid Vahdati Tactical Air Base (TAB-4) in Dezful, Shahid Ardestani Tactical Air Base (TAB-5) in Omidiyeh, Shahid Yassini Tactical Air Base (TAB-6) in Bushehr, Shahid Dowran Tactical Air Base (TAB-7) in Shiraz, Shahid Babei Tactical Air Base (TAB-8) in Isfahan, Shahid Abdulkarimi Tactical Air Base (TAB-9) in Bandar Abbas, Shahid Dol Hamed Tactical Air Base (TAB-10) in Konarak, Shahid Hosseini' Tactical Air Base (TAB-12) in Birjand (which became operational in October 2007), Shahid Babaei Tactical Air Base (TAB-14) in Mashhad, TAB-13 in Zahedan, TAB-15 in Kermanshah, TAB-16 in Kerman and TAB-17 in Masjed Suleiman.

First of 16 FC-1 L-MRCAs For Myanmar Takes To The Skies In Chengdu


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: WRT Afghans listening to Bollywood songs, watch Big B share is experiences of shooting in Mazar-e-Sharif during the 1980s at the height of the Afghan civil war:

Meanwhile, aggressive domination of the areas inside PoK along the LoC has made life miserable for the residents of PoK for the past 3 months. Watch these 2 interesting ground reports that were recently broadcast:

Plus these interesting interviews:

Gen Bipin Rawat

Gen Bikram Singh

How China is raping Laos:

Why China's Economy Will Be So Hard to Fix:

To PIERRE ZORIN: I'[ve posted the narrative above to give an idea of how to go about creating a national BMD early-warning network & what lessons are in store for India, where delirious fanboys are enamoured primarily by SAMs & LRTRs & are totally unaware about the criticality of terrestrial BMEWS systems.

Gaurav said...

Hi prasun
I went thru the two YouTube videos that you posted about look tHing I don't understand they keep repeating that IA is kidnapping civilians inside pok and then killing this true?how is it possible.few days back IA claimed that 2 BAT terrorists were killed ,now reports coming that these 2 were 80 years old,?how can 80 year old cross location.whats going on in love?

Kaustav said...


Does India have such OTHR systems covering our land borders? The Indian Navy, I believe, does have such OTHR systems under the Eastern Naval Command; However, I am unclear about that.

rad said...

hi prasun
shocking to see the chinese in laos. The problem in small asean states like this , there is poverty and rampant corruption that is why the chines are screwing every body around . All it takes is a few mill $ to the swiss ac of the the pm OF A COUNTRY AND HE WILL SELL IT.EX SRILANKA ! MALDIVES ,PAKISTAN, BANGALDESH AND MANY AFRICAN COUNTRIES. a friend who back packed to laos was praising the simplicity of the people and our similar cultures.The chinese bastards will change all that .

I am shocked by the advanced vhf -uhf OTH radar that iran has !! can they detect ballistic missile launches. I thought u needed large aesa radars?

what is the perception of iranins about india ? are they hostile due to religion? or just friendly for trade sake?

is it beyond our reach to make OTH radars in india? i am sure the russian would be sat linked to monitor the situation around that area?

Bobby said...

prasun , please provide detail ins of type 209 tech transfer vs scorpene subs,
1. will v able to make it by ourselves
with dmr 292a steel,

2. are v able to make propellers for ships and subs.

3. are v able to make electrie motor for submarine

4. how does 292a steel compared to hy80,hy100,hy130 steel.

5. what is possibility of building lithium batteries in india which batteries scorpene uses?

6. varunastra be fired from submarine ?? does it really affect whether its wire guided or not

Millard Keyes said...

Well Prasun you read my mind. I was going to ask you now that India is amused enough when will the powers that be start to be BMEWS-ed.

Bobby said...

Thanks prasun
i guess first time only u have covered this regarding to iran , otherwise we here nothing about iran whats happening there. all in news is saudis buying tons of arms from US.

Rafale-lover said...

Many questions as a layman:

1.If I am not wrong,we also tried to pursue OTHR from Australia but they denied.So do you think that we capable of making OTHR by ourselves? If not, what are the options for us?

2.You earler said that our BMD is atleast a decade away from becoming operational.Then should we go for Arrow-3 system of Israel for now?

3.Do you think Iranians do have better Inhouse R&D then India?

IRFAN said...

Dear Sir

Now we are in JUNE

Let us hope ; your FORECAST is true and we can see ACTION against PAKISTAN

Why are we Hesitant to use 155 MM and MBRLS

We need to Hit them so badly that They Never Dare to Fight with us Again

AVIRAL said...

Your take prasun da....Do you think that we should allow our army to fight war of others..

AVIRAL said...

Good News....DRDO today test fired QRSAM from Orissa.

kattayikonan said...

Does India have these kind of BMD early warning networks.?

Pratap said...

Gen Rawat has ruled out possibility of limited war with Pakistan. What happens to IA's PoK campaign then? Postponed for now or cancelled all together?

G Manoj said...

Hi Prasun,

This elaborate piece argues that AAdhaar data has now reached Western Govts. because it was a big scam to begin with. Please share your views on the same


Arpit Kanodia said...


Whats your opinion that even now Iran started to build such BMD network, and we are not even started such development.

Jay said...

Hi Prasun, good to see you back. I was looking at the 50K crore figure for the 2 N-reactors, the deal recently "signed" during the Russia visit. It seems to me that the figure should not be higher than 25K-30K crore. And perhaps one or many defense deals are hidden in this agreement, which is always good news if that is the case, sooner the better.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GAURAV: LoLz! Those are all ISPR-directed TV programmes. No journalist can just wander into PoK on his/her own. But don’t be surprised, for yesterday at Birmingham too there were ISI-sponsored events. Just watch these:

KAUSTAV: India as yet does not possess any such OTHR system.

To RAD: Don’t be shocked by what the Iranians are doing. I have uploaded the 2nd part of the narrative above that will explain how advanced the Iranians were at one stage in the 1970s. Yers, India can develop such OTHRs too. Data Patter4ns has already developed one such radar for the IMD & I had uploaded its photo in the Aero India 2017 thread. Am now working on developing a turret-mounted land-mobile version of the Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-6-30 (which is available in plenty in India from decommissioned MiG-27Ms) six-barrel Gatling gun that can be used by the IA along the LoC. More data on it will follow later.

To BOBBY: 1) Class 209/Type 1500 SSK is history. No one wants to build it in India. 2) Yes. 3) No. 4) On par. 5) Not in the medium-term. 6) Submariners always prefer to use wire-guided HWT since they cannot be decoyed. Varunastra can be seduced by decoys.

To RAFALE-LOVER: 1) India never asked for the Jindalee OTHR. 2) Not necessary. 3) No.

To AVIRAL: No such thing will happen, rest assured.

To ARPIT KANODIA: Such BMEWS networks are a must BEFORE acquiring S-400-type LR-SAMs or PDV/AAD interceptors.

To PRAV & JAY: Yes, the SSN procurement project is being given TOP priority.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Excellent documentary by Rashtriya Rifles on OP 'Sarp Vinash' that was conducted in the summer of 2003 at Hill Kaka in Poonch:

To RAD & BOBBY: I was in Iran, in Ahcaz in particular, between 1976 & 1979 & had a first-hand eyeview on what Imperial Iran was under the Shah Aryamehr Reza Pahlavi. Though the Iranians are a proud lot, they are not arrogant. But during the Shah's reign the sheer wealth * opulence hade turned Iranian society into a decadent one. Hence the tremendous amount of equipment losses suffered by the Iranian military in the first 4 years of the Iran-Iraq war. On top of that, the army then was a largely conscript force. In the following installments I will describe how Iran rose from the ashes & where it is now headed. Will also upload a few scanned pages from an authoritative work of history on the ancient links between the empires of Persia & India since 4,000 BC. That will give you a great idea on how Iran perceives today's India.

john said...

Pls update us about latest FGFA status and Tejas MK1A AESA Radar/EW Suite.

rad said...

hi prasun
great to know you were in Iran in the shah times, i think most bloggers here wouldnt have been born at that time. I am extrapolating you would be a senior citizen like me . no offence intended.

as an amateur archaeologist we have recovered roman gold coins in south india that were dated 200 BC by the ASI chennai. invaluable treasure that is now with the GOI it was exhilarating to hold them in ones hand given the history. As well as Chinese coins in around south india. I wouldnt hesitate to believe the persian Indian link as we were the most powerful country once upon a time .

what a fantastic idea to mount the mig-27 6 barell gun on to a platform!!!! you sent sent my imagination on a technical jaunt. as it is an aviation gun it will be light and there are hundreds of them lying around for the asking .what fire power up the pak arses if fired!!!!. More over why cant it be mounted on a tatra truck and used as a air defence weapon??? we have the AESA radar of the srsam that cam be mounted and integrated ??.

No pilot on a gound attack mission will venture near when he sees a canon opening up on him with 100 a sec comming at him? wish i could join you in ur project just for the technical challenge. you will have to take into account the cooling of the barrel and the enormous recoil that will break any truck axle. best of luck please post pics of it as well.

personally i believe the chinese became cultured only after indian culture went there to china including budhism and martial arts through the budhist monk Bodhi dharma from kancheepuram in tamil nadu. The famous shaloin kung fu school has a confirmed that, they have a sculpture of the man there.

rad said...

hi prasun
i did look up the data patterns vhf radar , the transmitting elements seems to be on the ground for troposphere rather than target surveillance please clarify. Can it be extrapolated on the ground?. I believe we need a massive amount of signal processing for it ??

joydeep ghosh said...

@prasun da

nice that you are profiling Iranian capability, that prompts me to ask a few write ups from your side regarding the following:-

1. Ghadir submarines (most say they cant fire torpedo but youtbe videos posted say otherwise)

2. the Qahar 313 that all said was toy planes (it 1st PV actually did taxi trials recently)

3. the captured RQ 170 sentinel and ScanEagle UAVs that have been copied and now mass production in on in Iran

btw there are a few querries from previous thread that you can answer if you want to


Joydeep Ghosh

Chiru said...

Prasun da,

I am sure you have lot more to do, but we will really appreciate if you keep posting more materials or at least answers over queries on this blog. :)

You genuinely give us different lens to look at defense and related matters.


Pawan said...

Dear Prasunji,

Really excited to learn that you came back from tour of Israel and Iran. Looking forward as usual to great insights into strategic, military & political dynamics of these countries.

Please also share info on QRSAM & its testing. It seems things are moving quite fast on this project unlike Nirbhay.

Warm Regards,

rad said...

hi prasun
now we are getting reports that the qrsam has been fired and is to be fitted with a quad pack X band aesa radar rather than the ku band radar as believed. Please clarify
are there any real pics of the surveillance targeting radar apart from the drawing you had posted?


Whats happening in qatar sir???

Anonymous said...

Gsh-6-30 does not have adequate range (even top down range is only 3 kms, when fired upwards its effective range would be even less) and as such not good for air defense.

L-70 guns have much larger cartridge to pack more propulsive force and designed for air defense. There is a plan to upgrade the guns with radar trackers, electr-optic sensors etc


Rajesh Mishra said...

Are you the first person to have visited both Iran and Israel in the same breath?

Thehundered said...

welcome back Prasun!

1- What's the status of the Sea King Mk.42B upgrades?

"In another significant development, the MoD by mid-June had been convinced by Rosoboronexport State Corp that the total life-cycle costs of a fleet of 12 IL-78MKI-90 aerial refuelling tankers and 18 upgraded and refurbished IL-76MD-90 transport aircraft will be far less than those of 10 Airbus A330-220 multi-role tanker transports (MRTT), in addition to ensuring quicker deliveries."

2- any update on the IL-78MKI-90 aerial refuelling tankers and upgrade for 18 others deal?

Unknown said...

So glad you have started posting again and replying to us prasunji. I almost thought you had forsaken us.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JOHN: Nothing new as of now. New FGFA-related data will be available only next month at the IMDS-2017 naval expo in St Petersburg.

To RAD: I was a schoolgoing kid back then! Back then, over there no licence was legally reqd for any kind of two-wheelers & so Japanese OEMs like Honda, Yamaha & Suzuki used to sell a lot of mini-motorbikes that were household items for kids below 10 years of age! Those excavated coins can be found in the South in plenty because while northern India was being invaded all the time by foreigners, down south along the western seaboard all was peaceful & that’s why the Jews, Arab traders, Mesopotamians & Romans coming from the Red Sea all found it extremely lucrative to peacefully engage in trading activities. That’s the time when even ports like Bhatkal & Baruch flourished. Same to the eastern seaboard as well where the ports of Nagapatnam & Bimilipatnam (frequented by the Chinese & Malays) were thriving during the heydays of the Vijayanagara empire. Such places were in those days far more globalised & indescribably rich than any other corner of the world way before the advent of the Europeans.

The Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-6-30 is also used on naval AK-630 CIWS turrets. My idea is to mount it on a 6 x 6 truck & use it for direct-fire against both ground targets & also for cruise missile defence for air bases & strategic installations like nuclear powerplants. There’s no need for radar-based sensors since an IRST-type passive sensor will be more than enough. The only engineering challenges requiring solutions are the 2-axis stabilisation of the turret, recoil absorption & noise reduction. It is certainly within DATA PATTERNS’ fabrication capability to construct OTHRs. Only the physics of such radars need to be worked out.

No SAM or BVRAAM uses X-band radars, since any RF-based guided-missile first has to beam-ride (the illuminating beam is from the launch aircraft’s X-band MMR) & only in the terminal stage is the active seeker activated & this that seeker has to be of either Ku-band or Ka-band. X-band is reqd only for those sensors that are relaying on imaging using synthetic aperture techniques, like those on LACMs or ASCMs like BrahMos-1. I had already posted the QR-SAM’s Ku-band seeker (same as that on Astra-2 BVRAAM) photo in a previous thread dealing only with seekers. It is built by VEM Technologies.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: 1) Those mini-submarines desgned, built & supplied by North Korea fire the North Korea-supplied YT-534 Valfajr HWT. 2) It has the skeleton of the F-5E Tiger-2 & a superfluous outer airframe, rest assured. 3) Again, they are all PR-related propaganda, rest assured.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PAWAN: Rest assured that the Nirbhay LACM’s R & DTE process is coming out just fine. One goes up the learning curve only through making mistakes—intentional or unintentional. Hope you enjoyed watching the documentary on OP SARP VINASH. Also, it is now clear that one of the latest London attackers was a Kashmiri from PoK:

Let’s now see how the UK acts against all such Mirpuri Kashmiris who were protesting in Birmingham last Sunday!

To AMIT BISWAS: Here’s what’s happening in Qatar:

What the KSA, Egypt & UAE are doing is saying to Qatar not to preach what it itself doesn’t practice, i.e. don’t go around promoting democracy in the Arab world when Qatar itself is a monarchy. The UAE is miffed because Qatar’s foreign policy has been aggressively promoting itself as an offshore trading services centre for Iran, which hurts the UAE econonmically. If you watch the 1st videoclip you will clearly see that all the services sector staff working in Qatar are either from India or The Philippines. The main trouble will be for Pakistan, which has pledged to buy all its LNG from Doha.

To SCRUTATOR: Any hostile aircraft flying at an altitude of 3km is always engaged by SHORADS. AAA cannons are reqd only when inbound hostile aircraft are flying below 500 feet ASL. In addition, cruise missiles don’t cruise at 3km altitude.

To RAJESH MISHRA: Not at all. I know of many more who routinely visit both countries.

To THEHUNDRED: 1) Nothing’s moving on that front as yet. 2) That contract should be inked by this November.

To KAUSTAV & BHOUTIK: Here's an apt rebuttal for those self-appointed 'Hindu' freaks who have been advocating techniques for producing super-babies:

India's Child Geniuses:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

For those who are interested:


SUVO said...

PRASUN DA,Thank you.
Enlighted through you about Iran.Eagerly waiting for the last part of your article.

And many many thanks for the Excellent documentary of Rashtriya Rifles on OP 'Sarp Vinash.

Gen Bikram Singh said that Pakistan have many fault-lines.When we hitting hard on those fault lines?

Laos-is a sad story.Laos is a modern-days vassal state of China. China is building whatever Laos needs. For a price.Leadership of Laos are compromised and bound to support China.At the border between Laos and China, Boten/Mohan, on the Lao side, there is a duty-free area, the Boten Specific Economic Development Zone. This (supposedly) 34 km2 area was awarded to a consortium of Chinese developers. They have built a duty-free shopping mall, a cabaret, a (crappy) hotel, and are planning to develop this area extensively (golf club, real hotels, etc). Although this area is in Laos, everything is in Chinese. Signage, mobile phone networks, the people working there. While it is still in its infancy, this project is quite representative of what’s happening in Laos.Today, about 6 million Chinese citizens live in Laos — that’s about as much as the local Lao population.

Prasun da, if KSA led military alliance attack Iran through Pak-Balochistan then what will be the consequences?

Anonymous said...

" The main trouble will be for Pakistan, which has pledged to buy all its LNG from Doha"

dont they have opportunity to buy it from GCC allies with subsidized amount?


joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

thanks for the answers

1. btw you say Iran copying captured UAVs is PR exercize but these video/links say other wise

2. whatever is happening in GCC is basically shadowboxing between nations trying to say who is great, but my major concern is Oman, India must do everything it can to try and keep Oman by its side. Sultan Kaboos who is issueless is growing old dont what his successor will do in following his footsteps. Sultan has promoted art/music (a omani won singing reality show in India) and business with India. Proximity to gujarat or whatever many Omanis send their kids to India for study, even Sultan and Suhail Bahawan (head of largest Omani business group) had education in India. Even heard Indians dont face any problem in practising their religion. Truly Oman is a contrast to other shia/sunni gulf nations.

3. just want to ask cant the GSh-6-30/naval AK-630 CIWS be added on ALH Rudra/LCH


Joydeep Ghosh

rad said...

hi prasun
joining issue with the rotary canon, it just struck me that the 2 axis gyro stabilizing system of a tank would be more than enough to stabilize the gun while firing .

will just having an IRST for air defence give sufficient time to detect and target a low flying bogey coming in at 100 ft ? as there will be a limit on the irst, IR detection range unless it is elevated to at least 30 feet on a mast?.more over unless there is a laser range finder and ccd day camera the FCS wont be able to give accurate range, speed, elevation data to the FCS .All this seems to be a a must for air defence of course not for ground use. your comments pse .

these so called yellow rated defense journos actually work my BP up by reporting crazy things.The latest rubbish is the akash has been selected as the qrsam!!!!!@#$%^& BEAT THAT!

are you doing it of your own or has the GOI commissioned you.?

Unknown said...

Dear prasunji, I am reposting a few questions from the last thread. Please do try to help me out if you have time.

1) I have a query based on the news that the government had tried to make Hindi compulsory for all grades till 10th in all CBSE schools. You mentioned in a previous comment that the tamils had fired an ultra heavy weight torpedo against it. What did they do exactly? All I read was that they had vaguely protested against it, especially the DMK.
What kind of protest did they do? What about the other southern states?

2) How do you think the current leadership at the Centre views the southern states, especially with the embarrassing remarks by Mr. Tarun Vijay? Is the Centre trying to impose itself and it's strong hindutva ideology down south or are they showing more sensitivity?

3) What do you make of the recent beef ban? Has the bjp shot itself in the foot? Is it all just a ploy to consolidate the votes of the cow belt states?

4) You have predicted a short war between India and pak this autumn right? And you said we may take the chicken neck area. But isn't that in punjab province of pak? Won't that put us in a legal fix as it is not one of the "disputed regions"?


Unknown said...

Prasun da
I can feel that ISI is trying to reestablish Khalistan movement in Punjab...Huge amount of weapons have been recovered and many Khalistani terrorists have been arrested over a past few months.. Also I can notice something cooking amongst the khalistani organizations in Canada...What do you think, will Khalistani ghost once again rise????.......

buddha said...
China's African Gold Rush
Kazakhstan's Hard Sell

Anonymous said...

1) Sir, roughly how many mirages, jaguars and mig29 have been upgraded by now as per their respective contracts?

2) Excluding S1, How many subs will be there in Arihant class? Some media say three, some say four?

3) I am sure you have read about media going gaga over "Sukhoi crashed by cyber weapons". Having a hard time digest any of it. Your views?

4) What is the progress on minesweeper negotiations?

5) Do you think we could have bought those surplus helos that Pakistan received recently from British for our navy?

6) What is the response for latest lightweight BPJ made by Dr. Bhowmick? Have we ordered them too?



1. ISIL Targets Russia:

1A. Is this the reason behind cosying up with pakistan/ISI by russia to pursuade taliban to take on daesh in northern afghan borders??

1B. In case there is a real turmoil in the central asia caused by ISIL/daesh how wil it affect IRAN and china particularly??? Bcoz the mujhahideen themselves admitted china and america supplied weapons to them...

1C. In this video none of the mujhahideen have uttered kashmir can we assume JNK is out of crosshairs of ISIL/Daesh ??

1D. Also this AL-JAZEERA video gives us an detailed perception of ISIL/TALIBAN/AFGHANISTAN and the tussle being played out by P5 COUNTRIES...Who funds AL-JAZEERA BTW???

lachit said...


why not use the shilka (ZSU-23-4) indian upgrade (radar + optronics )as a drop in to the Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-6-30.

also the fire control systems of shilka upgrade r already in production/operational so it twill be only a matter of integration.

another point i wanted to make is that i was surprised by ur take on the designed baby issue , that is nothing but cooked up news twisted out of proportion by the seckularist presstitudes.

off topic

anyways just blowing off some steam

media in our country has become the devil incarnate himself in the guise of god.

need i remind of the rape of the nuns in west bengal where the seckularist presstitude media accused hindu brigade of the crime and their tirade continued for months untill it was proven that the crime was committed by bangladeshi muslims.

and lo ! the indian media became silent since they did not want to infringe on the rights of the wayward muslims.

few days ago there was a big molestation case in UP , the fuuking seckularist presstitudes
tried to connect it with hindus , and lo ! they fell silent when all the perpetrators were found to be muslims.

satyameva jayate my foot , not in this country

where media itself is a fuuking terrorist

Ujjwal said...

Which torpedo is this? Is the news authentic?
Thanks, regards

asd said...

Dear Prasun,

Pakistan is ethically always wrong. But despite of that why Abdul Basit always flaunt his confidence and dominate; whereas the Indian ambassador to Pakistan is not doing fine (as I don't come to know in media). Your view please.

Unknown said...


Gaurav said...


This explains a lot of things

buddha said...
What is your view sir on the agreement

Sidharth said...

Prasun da,

Apparently Insas Mk1C 7.62x51mm is the Ghaaatak rifle from OFB.

How it is revolutionary.

Why we have not the OTHR - what stopping us.

Arh93 said...

Prasun da (1) Looks like paki army don't want to disclose their casualty. (2)Also do you think a invasion of Qatar possible

mad max said...

Hello Prasun,

Thank you for your reply to my earlier post and hope you had a wonderful trip to Israel. Wanted to know your thoughts in regards to the latest test conducted by DRDO in odisha of QR SAM is it a factual Indian missile made totally by DRDO without any external assistance r is it an missile imported from Israel or made with Israeli assistance and labeled as Indian product? Your thoughts and insight on this please.

Secondly Is India going to go ahead with development of MAITRI missile with France for navy or has it been put in cold storage. your thoughts and inputs on this.

Thirdly, I read sometime back that L & T and MBDA of France have joined hands to develop missile systems in India, can you shed some light on this as to what type of missiles etc.

Lastly in your post about Iran and subsequent answers to varous posters above that India does not have OTHR radars, does GREENPINE radar that we procured from Israel not fit in that category, what is the difference, can you please explain.

Thank you very much for your post and for taking the time out to reply back. Look forward to your reply.

Much appreciated.


Kapil said...

Why did they decline when they can simply give a fake figure - less than actual fig of cource? Could you share the number of PA dead with us and Mr Rabbani

We know IN is looking for 7 missile corvettes. Is the Karakurt Russian proposal for that under Make-In-India?

SUVO said...


(1) WION interviews Bashar al-Assad.

(2) New US strategy to ensure 'terrorists never retake Afghanistan'.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GAURAV, ARH93 & KAPIL: It’s elementary: that portion of PoK along the LoC is labeled by Pakistan as being Azaad J & K (AJK), meaning it is an independent country as per Pakistan’s definition, even though there’s no post of Defence Minister in the AJK Cabinet! Consequently, Pakistan officially admits that the PA has only a token presence inside AJK & the bulk of the ground forces there are the so-called Mujahid Battalions made up of Kashmiri natives that are officially classified as militias & therefore are not reflected in the PA’s official ORBAT. If the PA were to officially list its casualties along the LoC, then this charade will be demolished & the truth about the Mujahid Battalions being in fact composed entirely of non-Kashmiri Pakistani citizens will come out, which in turn will give the excuse to the IA to further increase its deployment footprint throughout J & K. As for guided-missile corvettes, the IN’s preference is for designs from Germany, France & Sweden.

To MAD MAX: The QR-SAM/SR-SAM being developed by DRDO is in fact a vertically-launched Astra-1 BVRAAM but with a DRDO-developed Ku-band active seeker. Previously, the DRDO lacked the expertise for developing vertically-launched SAMs but after the experience with the Barak-8 LR-SAM project, the DRDO mastered the science of designing & fabricating the thrust-vector control nozzles, thrusters & related electrical actuation systems that are required for VL-SAMs. Hence it is now possible to produce home-grown VL-SAMs of all types, SHORADS, MR-SAMs & LR-SAMs. That, in a nutshell, is what’s happening now & therefore it becomes illogical & uncommercial to develop a brand-new SAM like Maîtri & thus the Maitri SR-SAM project has become redundant & has therefore been junked. The MBDA-L & T industrial tie-up is about new-generation ATGMs to replace the Milan-2s/-2Ts. Ther EL/M-2080 is a LRTR, i.e. tracking radar whereas the OTHR is more of an early-warning sensor with far greater range envelope.

To BUDDHA: My view is common-sensical: why the hell should India waste time discovering gas fields in far-off places like Iran when it has not done so far more nearer to home, like near Chittagong (Chottograam) or in Indian waters in the Andaman Sea? Why can’t ONGC Videsh strike a JV with its Bangladeshi counterpart to co-develop a Joint Development Authority-type corporate entity? If Myanmar & Thailand are extracting gas from the Andaman Sea, why isn’t India? As for Iran, beggars can’t be choosers, i.e. Russia has made an offer that Iran can’t refuse, i.e. Russia has agreed to barter Iran’s gas for weapon systems that Iran seeks from Russia in large numbers, i.e. S-300PMU2 LR-SAMs, T-90AM MBTs & Su-30MK H-MRCAs.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASD: Abdul Basit’s recent TV interviews are all PR-related in order to explain his service track-record in India, since he will be replaced very soon. These are all routine matters. In Pakistan, however, the local broadcast media is never allowed by the ISPR to interview any resident Indian High Commissioner. This is because the ISPR does not want even a shred of doubt been sown into the minds of an average Pakistani about Pakistan’s double-dealings. And especially now, when the PA is facing heavy criticism from the public about its crusades against bloggers & impartial investigative journalists after the DAWNLeaks incident. Just watch this:

To UJJWAL: You must be referring to this:

Such remarks only portray this or any other RM as being totally ignorant about the laws of physics. Let’s now proceed step-by-step: that the RM felicitated the ‘engineers & scientists’ means that this event had to do something with the DRDO, since the IN or MDL do not possess any scientists. Secondly, since the Scorpene’s SUBTICS combat management system’s software is proprietary IPR, it means the SUBTICS’ torpedo fire-control component cannot be changed or modified by anyone from DRDO or IN or MDL for the sake of making the HWT compatible with the SUBTICS (which comes straight from DCNS France after being fully integrated/interfaced with the WASS Black Shark HWT). This then leads us to conclude that there was no test-firing, meaning the HWT wasn’t launched toward any specific target in any guided manner because the SUBTICS was never able to provide fire-control solutions for any HWT other than the Black Shark. From this, we can conclude that the HWT that was successfully ejected from the Scorpene’s torpedo-tube was the Varunastra HWT & not the SUT HWT which had earlier failed its ejection tests from the Scorpene. Bottomline: ejection from a torpedo tube doesn’t mean the Varunastra HWT is functionally integrated/interfaced with the SUBTICS CMS. Furthermore, since Varunastra isn’t wire-guided, it cannot be adopted as the preferred HWT for SSKs or SSNs.

To LACHIT: Because the Gatling gun six 6 barrels can churn out far more rounds at far greater speed than a twin-barrelled ZU-23-2. A 30mm CIWS in land-based configuration requires only an optronic target acquisition/tracking & fire-control system when the target to be destroyed in the air is a cruise missile. The Schilka’s upgraded FCS is meant for engaging airborfne targets that can take evasive manoeuvres, like combat aircraft. How can Satyameva Jayate be practiced when Govts of India have ensured that M K Gandhi resides only along the buttocks of Indian citizens (assuming their wallets containing Indian currency with M K G’s mugshot are in the rear trouser pockets)? In addition, just look at the ‘Netas’ who, after being barred from using red beacons on their vehicles, have now overnight replaced the beacons with sirens!!!

If you want your spirits to be uplifted, then I suggest you watch this videoclip showing Pakistani Pakhtoons breaking their TVs en masse last Sunday after last Sunday’s ICC Champions Trophy tournament in Birmingham:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AVIRAL SINGH: Kahlistan is history from an ideological standpoint, since there are no native takers within India’s Punjab state. Hence, despite all the huffing & puffing in the UK or Canada or the US, there will be ZERO impact on the ground inside India.

To RAD: CIWS for base air defence are always installed on dominating ground & are not located at sea-level. Hence, there will be unrestricted field-of-view for passive IRST sensors. For MBTs, the 2-axis stabilisation is optimized for a moving vehicle, whereas for truck-mounted CIWS, there’s no reqmt for the vehicle to be on the move while firing. This CIWS is being co-designed with ARDE.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: None of those video-clips show any functional flying UAV or UCAV. All of Iran’s UAVs & UCAVs are of Chinese origin & belong to the Wing Loong & Nimble Loong families. 3) What for? They already have NEXTER’s 20mm cannon. The GsH 30mm Gatling gun has tremendous recoil: when fired from a MiG-27, the aircraft’s speed gets reduced by 22 Knots evertime the gun is fired.

To RON: If that was possible, it would have happened a long time ago. In fact, it is far cheaper to obtain gas from Iran. Yet, that hasn’t happened. Anmd that’s why even India is procuring LNG from Qatar, not from the UAE or anywhere else.

To SUVO: These 2 reports have just been released:

Yousaf Raza Gilani & Rehman Malik offered to share NADRA records to US & UK in 2009:

This confirms what I had stated 3 months ago about how India comes to know the identities of slain Pakistani terrorists inside J & K within hours of their being slain.

Meanwhile, while Pakistan’s installed electricity generation capacity of 24,900mWe, actual generation is only 13,600mWe leaving a 5,300mWe shortfall. Load-shedding in Pakistan’s rural areas is now between 16-20 hours while in cities the load-shedding is for 12-16 hours on a daily basis. The federal govt owes Rs.260 billion to the IPPs while the circular debt is now Rs.400 billion. The IPPs in a newspaper ad yesterday warned the Govt of Pakistan that if the outstanding debts aren’t settled soon, then they will be forced to cut production by 11,000mWe during the on-going Ramadaan/Ramzaan. This only proves that Allah, like all other Gods of Yore, is neither all merciful nor compassionate nor forgiving. All Gods believe in the dictum of: you shall reap only what you sow. No ifs or buts or exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Regarding QR-SAM, you said that it has 'vertically launched Astra-1' missile.

But if you look at the QR-SAM launcher, it appears like the missiles are not launched vertically but at an inclination.


joydeep ghosh said...

Prasun da

you said

They already have NEXTER’s 20mm cannon. The GsH 30mm Gatling gun has tremendous recoil: when fired from a MiG-27, the aircraft’s speed gets reduced by 22 Knots evertime the gun is fired.

well in that sense its better to put this gun on the back of APC/BMP/Kestrel instead of 6X6

you will be happy to hear this, hizbul infighting is on the rise and looks like without arresting Zakir Musa IA can eliminate the terrorist (something you suggested)

Oh btw this jackass has now setup Taliban e kashmir

a big news
tw do you remember i had told around 2 yrs ago that India should recognize Somaliland as independenjt nation & help it stand upon its feet in t=return for setting up a military outpost,well looks like UAE has took up the idea and has built a army/navy base in Barbera
& may use it to launch attacks on Yemen.

Though India didnt have to do that but if India had taken that it would have helped it control piracy as pirates again become active

you views please

Joydeep Ghosh

rad said...

hi prasun
great that arde is also involved. but you do need some form of range ,speed and elevation input to the FCS to calculate the lead and elevation!!

or as suggested above, the zs-23-4 fcs can be integrated. What is your work share of the project? ie if it is not classified!!.

is it the same canon that the kahstan uses ??I believe it is manufactured or screw driver assembled by the OFB!!??

Millard Keyes said...

My confusion is - after India was divided a train load of dead bodies with only 1 survivor arrived in India - from Punjab. Unless I have mistaken they were all mostly Sikhs. So why, despite India having some top Sikh gentlemen in the army, Air force and as ex-President and PM, there will be a push for Khalistan and ISYF go on ISI's take? Should not the Sikhs instead demand Punjab be united from Pakistan to India? All the Sikh Gurus were Hindus anyway and brave Sikhs and Indian military go hand in hand. Just can't understand.... It also seems this guy Trudeau is more a menace than help in India-Canada relations.

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Qatar Crisis Worsens.

Turkey is planning to Send Army. What is India's Position if Qatar ask for Security.

S. Senthil Kumar

Millard Keyes said...

Those of you who are interested please have a read of this :
some of the verses quoted explains why people like Zakir Musa, Al Qaeda and IS are on the rise.

BTW Prasun it appears Saudi Arabia alone forms a defexpo/aeroIndia/maks/Farnborough show combined. Every imaginable weapon is in their store whether they know how to use or not. Wish their inventory was India's!


Sir your views on this report???


Time has come for IA to mobilise heavy artillery/MBRL across LOC...whats your view sir??? This will give good target practice for dhanush and M777 undergoing trial currently to show off their might

Ujjwal said...

If that said BPJ is already selected for armed forces? How is its quality in comparison with those developed by MKU and TAML in terms of technology and efficacy?
Thanks, regads

Harsh said...

Hello prasun sir, I hope you are doing fine.

I have only one question. You must be aware about the Pakistan defence website ( It's indulged in 24*7 ugly propaganda.

As a concerned citizen I want the GOI to block it. Is there any way to get it done. Which authority should I approach.

Plz reply.

mad max said...

Dear Prasun,

Thank you for replying to my post it was very informative and give a better understanding. Thank you very much.

A couple of quick questions:

First Does India have OTHR currently if so what is the name so can do some read up on it or is in the process of developing one. What is the benefit of OTHR( sorry for the dumb question).

Secondly you mentioned that India is favoring designs of Germany, Sweden and France for its missile corvettes, any particular reason , I thought that Indian navy was designing it in house in their design division please shed some light on this.

Thank you again and very much appreciate your taking the time out to reply back,

Rafale-lover said...

You said that Iran was and is on India's side if it comes to India-Pakistan conflict.
But I read a book named "Mission RA&W" written by Ex-RAW Officer R.K. Yadav in which he wrote an incident were Kashmiri youths were been brain-washed in an Iranian Madrasa which was caught red-handed by RA&W.What is Iran's interest in Kashmir in going anti-India?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SCRUTATOR: All conceptual illustrations or videoclips of the IA’s QR-SAM TEL are of 2016 vintage. Matters have progressed far beyond that since then. Why? Because as the terms suggest, QR-SAMs & SR-SAMs are meant to be quick-reaction weapons. If an airborne target like LACM is detected by a land-based radar or optronic sensor at the horizon, there is at best only 44 seconds to react for ensuring a head-on interception. Within 44 seconds, it is impossible to swivel any SAM launcher & achieve fool-proof lock-on before launch. It is not possible for either IIR-guided SAMs or RF-guided SAMs. And it’s for this very reason that new-generation QR-SAMs, be they from Russia or Europe or South Korea, are all vertically launched.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: Tracked vehicles WILL NOT be able to absorb the recoil force, rest assured. Whenever conceptual designs are undertaken, all such factors are computer simulated before detailed design even begins. And I’m more than a year ahead of such simulations that were undertaken. It is not Somaliland that needs India’s assistance, but Somalia that requires support. Pirates ALL hail from Somalia & not Somaliland & the reason why piracy originated from Somalia was because the Somalis were helpless against all ocean-going fishing trawlers from Italy, China & Taiwan that were illegally operating inside both Somalia’s territorial waters & its EEZ. It all started with a few angry Somalis seizing an Italian trawler & the Italians quickly agreed to pay money as compensation so that their vessel could be released. This incident is what led to the spread of piracy originating from Somali waters. What India should have done was to help rebuild the Somali Navy or Coast Guard, thereby helping Somalia thwart the plunder of its offshore marine resources. The navies of UAE & KSA are more interested in using Berbera as a staging area for interdicting those Iranian vessels that ferry weapon supplies to the Houtis in Yemen.

To RAD: All those parameters are already available from the IAF & mu7ltiple performance simulations have already been conducted. My inputs are in the form of ‘conceptual wisdom’, I.e. conducting scientific operations analysis based on exhaustive user-experiences & user-expectations, & undertaking comparative benchmarking with similar systems operational elsewhere, following which all such inputs are fed into the detailed design processes for the projected weapon system solution. All cannons for various combat aircraft of both the IAF & IN have since the 1950s been imported off-the-shelf. Even the GSH-23 cannons for the LCA are second-hand, i.e. they were earlier used by MiG-21Ms & MiG-21bis of the IAF.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIERRE ZORIN: 99% of the folks arriving by train from Pakistan were non-Sikhs. The Sikhs were NEVER massacred because most of the Sikhs residing in areas that are now in Pakistan had fought in the 2 World Wars before & after their discharge from the Imperial Indian Army, they were permitted to retain their weapons & hence no one dared to screw around with them. And like I said before, the term ‘Hindu’ is a British construct & has never had any religious connotation or sanctification injh any religious text.

To SENTHIL KUMAR: What is happening against Qatar is just a warning shot across the bow. It is inevitable that Qatar will have to compromise & fall in line. If Qatar requests food aid from India, then India will willingly oblige, since India now has foodgarins far in excess of her domestic reqmts & hence the farmers are agitating against the low prices of their agricultural produce. Therefore, this Qatari crisis should be seen as an opportunity for India to play a constructive role so that some of India’s own domestic woes are also neutralised. That’s will be the common-sensical way of doing things.

To AMIT BISWAS: FYI, all those spokespersons of the IA are mostly from the Army Supply Corps (ASC), i.e. they can’t tell the difference between a 120mm mortar & 155mm howitzer, leave the difference between a T-72M1 & T-90S. Back in 2006 during EX Vijayee Bhava, I had to give a dressing down to one such ASC officer who was the media relations officer for that exercise & who at that time was labeling a T-90S as a T-72 tank!

To UJJWAL: If this ‘desi’ solution was that good, then believe me companies like TATA or MKU would have already bought the IPRs for this invention & would have mass-produced it by now. And such lightweight BPJs are useless against 7.62mm rounds. That’s the reason heavier BJPs are used & the reason they are heavy is that they contain 2 curved tiles of Jackal armour that are inserted in the front & rear & only these plates can stop 7.62mm rounds.

To HARSH: You should approach the Union Ministry of Information, led by Arun Jaitley & assisted by Col (Ret’d) Harshvardhan Rathore.

To MAD MAX: No OTHRs of any time are located or available inside India for immediate use. It can be developed in-house & it will take 3 years to develop it. IN’s Directorate of Naval Design has its hands full & does not possess warship designers/architects in large numbers.

To RAFALE-LOVER: No Iranian Madrassa ever brain-washes anyone to undertake suicide attacks or Jihadi adventures against Indian non-Muslims. They only brain-wash those who are meant for use against Israel or against select Sunni targets. That’s why 5 years ago an Iranian group was involved in planting a limpet IED on the automobile of the Israeli Defence Adviser in New Delhi as retaliation for the MOSSAD’s suspected role in assassinating 5 Iranian nuclear physicists inside Iran.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIERRE ZORIN: Watch these:

Afghanistan’s Bullets & Burqas:

Kabul is bracing for an all-out, no-holds-barred gladiatorial war against the Afghan Taliban.

China Hosts International Technology Expo:

While China gives pride of place to its space industry, it is the exact opposite in India, where ISRO has always had a pathetic presence at successive Aero India expos.

And further new revelations about how the UK & USA succeeded in obtaining Pakistan's NADRA national citizens' registration database:

Lastly, this is the Pakistani Madrassa patronised by the Haqqani Network:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD & SENTHIL KUMAR: Few quick historical lessons:

How Powerful Is Qatar

How Powerful Is UAE

How Powerful is Dubai

How Dangerous Is Saudi Arabia


History of Afghanistan

History of Iran

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Several folks have been wondering what Iran has to say about the Kulbhushan Jadhav affair. Now the Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan has finally made some official statements, which can be viewed & digested from here:

What is equally noteworthy is the Ambassador hinting at two specific dots ained at confirming a conspiracy: that the ISPR deliberately was acting as a spoiler when it publicly mentioned the KJ issue as cropping up during the meeting between then PA COAS Gen Raheel Sharif & President Rouhani in March 2015. It seems Raheel Sharif did so at the behest of the Saudis & in return the Saudis agreed to return the favour by appointing him as the head of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-led Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT) & even appointing him as an Honorary Field Marshal.

Anonymous said...

That's really interesting and cool if QR-SAM missiles are redesigned for vertical launch and are equipped with thrust vectoring nozzles!! The launcher will still need to raise itself to 90 deg before launch, right??

Also, the Helina missile has its nozzle jutting out of the missile body (unlike Nag's) - does Helina also have thrust vectoring nozzle??


rad said...

hi prasun

i am wondering why drdo with all its scientists , nobody even thought about this
ciws project.? I was given t o understand by late GP capt perumal that any initiative by any body, how ever brilliant it may be was viewed with suspicion . This killed any iota of initiative by the officers. Even suggesting a hand held gps in th e cockpit as back up ,was doubted!
This was when he revealed that the Canberra recce sqdr had no gps device as back up , subsequently when he got hit by a stinger in the kargil war he had to navigate by compass and follow the Mig-29 as all avionics had shut down.
i believe the ciws will use a tatra 8 wheeler, an the local made TATA truck take the recoil? how is it compared to the tatra?.what i s being used?.when do you envisage completion of project?
what would be the range ? various types of ammo on the 30mm have diff flight characteristics ex HE ,Tracer, sabot,? how to integrate that ?

Is this project a proof of concept? will the army give orders if successful? will u be a co producer ?
OFB web page claims to make the rotary canon for ship ciws ak-630? are the 30 mm rounds made in india?

will it be a contender for the anti aircraft gun requirement like the oerlikon -35 mm etc what would be the cost effectiveness compared to it??

i believe we would require around 500 such systems.

Ludwig said...

Sir what is the status of SSN program, what is the French contribution, if any. Will there be an influence from the barracuda?

Thehundered said...

Prasun how much longer will the IAF be able to keep Mig-27's and Mig-21 bison's flying? and
when will P-15 destroyer SLEP begin? Thanks!

"India and France are currently holding key negotiations on the sale of 30 retired Jaguar Strike Fighter Jets from the French Air Force reserve. France has already decommissioned the SEPECAT Jaguars from its Air Force.

The negotiations underway are to buy 30 of these formidable fighter jets in as it is condition condition from France and the Indian Air Force plans to use the 30 Jaguar Jets for spares to maintain its current Jaguar fleet."

john said...

Thanks for the reply.

The Lilium Jet – The world's first all-electric VTOL jet

ISRO working is on Electric propulsion for future rockets.

Is DRDO/HAL working on Electric propulsion for Heli/planes/armored vehicles ?

Is Prospina less capable version of NAG ATGM ?

buddha said...
A War Between the US Vs China Would Be World War 3 And Might Be Hard to Shut Off
Very gd analysis...

rad said...

hi prasun
give us some details of the active radar that is to mounted on the Akash mk2 missile . Is it a version of ku band radar made by data patterns?

how is the AESA radar version of the rajendra coming along pse give us details of it , who is making the TR modules ?

is The CAR 3D radar also being replaced by an AESA radar?

will it be financialy viable to make a solid powered missile for the akash system as we seem to Have the all the tech lined up? This would make the missile less costlier to make and maintain as well, and less complicated. No body seems to be going the ramjet way?

is the recent su-mki crash confirmed as CFIT ? what are the chances of a cyber attack or a microwave pulse stack on the jet from across the border?

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

1. GsH 30mm Gatling gun on 6 X 6 trucks could also be a concept for the BMPT/tank destroyer that you have said IA should go for.

2. the IN RFI for 57 MMRCA for INS Vishal states that the jets are to have folded wings and can these nbe maintained and powered up with folded wings. While MiG 29K, F18 SH, Gripen Maritime (if developed) have folded wings but Rafale M doesnt. Those operating from Charles De Galle carrier dont have it too. They reach upper deck via side lifts only. IN has operated carriers with midship & side lift (both old/new vikrant, viraat & Vikramaditya have them) & INS Vishal will likely have side and midship lift too. If Rafale M
is selected IN will become its largest operator, only depending on side lift wont be good i think. Will Dassault devise folded wings for Rafale M if needed

your views


Joydeep Ghosh


1. What's the deployment time required for QRSAM while moving at full speed from target detection to first missile launch? In 44 secs as you have mentioned it can stop, deploy the supports, raise the canister and launch the missile??

2. How does QRSAM compares to aster30 / NASAMS /Spada 2000 system in terms of performance?

3. What about the progress in next two Phalcon AWACS after deal sign??? Modi visit to israel will solve the issue, us sanctions prohibiting russian il76 to be used in phalcon systems??

4. You had earlier suggested to use cooled seeker for NAG and HELINA to DRDO to increase its target locking effectiveness during day time in hot weather at greater distances...Now we are hearing that reduced range version of popsina/nag to be tested...whats going on sir???

5. Regarding Torpedo launch from scorpene it seems somebody is covering their asses after you exposed that SUT torpedo has failed ejection tests..bcoz all this news of successful torpedo tests came into mainstream media after you revealed about it...

6. OTHR radars are for detecting ballistic missile?? bcoz as i know radar signals are LOS propagating , so for 3000 km range OTHR it wont detect CRUISE MISSILE/FIGHTER/HELICOPTERS flying below horizon level wont be detected by whats the the difference between tracking radars like MPR/GREEN PINE/THD 1955 VS OTHR

and finally the most important one...

Since last few months , everything is happening at a very faster pace for us to understand......

resurgence of ISIS in Afghanistan,
Iran Pakistan border skirmishes, Iran warning Pakistan
Afghanistan Pakistan border skirmishes,
bombing near Iran embassy in Afghanistan by haqqanis/ISI,
reconciliation between turkey and Russia over Syria at a time when they supported opposing forces,
Saudi attacking Yemen,
trump visiting saudi for his first official trip
GCC countries boycotting Qatar,
Iran parliament attack,
and of course indo pak loc skirmishes

is there any line which connects all these dots??


and also how secure is INDIAN AADHAR biometric database ??? considering the NADRA episode i am sure indians too must heve been approached by western agencies to get their hands on such precious data

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your reply.

Iran's One of the greatest Zoroastrianism. Iranians are slowly losing their ancient past.

Worth to watch.

S.Senthil Kumar

Jasgill said...

sir, your silence on mki crashed make dout for us , is chinu really down mki without firing single bullet

rad said...

hi prasun
there is another easier way for fire assaults on pak position ie take some BMP -2 vehicles that are not battle worthy and park them along the LOC with Pak and blast the bastards.They will definitely try to take it out with anti tank missiles and that i s when the bmp can retreat back into a protected bund bunker position below the sight o the antitank crew, so shoot and scoot!! they should all fire at the same time so that the pak anti tank crew dont get to target from other positions.
another way is to bring up old bofors 40mm aa guns and blast them!!
your comments pse

Pawan said...

Dear Prasunji,

As per charter of SCO members will respect territorial integrity of each other. Would it have any effect on Kashmir issue?


Anonymous said...

@ Prasoon

the indian army chief has said the country is ready for a 2.5 front war. What are we waiting for now? once the monsoon sets in the farmers will start sowing the crop, movement of tanks/heavy equipment will affect cultivation. please suggest what is limiting the action against pakistan.

thanks and regards


MAHESH said...

Hi Prasun,

The pyramids in Egypt like the Great Sphinx are more than 2500 years old as confirmed by carbon dating.

So why are there no such buildings, monuments from the days of the Ramayan or Mahabharat ? I realize that the Ramayan, Mahabharat took place before 2500 BC but there should be some evidence of monuments etc build during that period.


Millard Keyes said...

One guy I hear was saying Iraq stripped two passenger planes and shifted all its WMD to Syria 6 weeks before the invasion flying in and out 86 times or more but because they were passenger planes were not checked! He claims that is the stock pile that was buried in Syria somewhere now falling in the hands of IS and Al Qaeda terrorists. This is why UN inspectors found nothing in Iraq. Any truth in this claim?

Somu said...

Ramayana & Mahabharata written 2,500 years are a retelling of the chronicles of protohistory. It took place before 12000 BC, the last ice age.

Unknown said...

Coz, it's highly unlikely the epics actually happened bro. Atleast not in as grand a scale as is mentioned.
You are absolutely right about the sphinx. It's even older than 2500 years ago. It's about 4000 I believe.
According to legend, the mahabharata war occurred in the 32nd century bc. So we should have had some evidence, if it actually occurred like it is said in the books. Like the ruins of indraprastha or hastinapura.
But contemporary historians estimate the mahabharata war as a minor conflict between rather small tribes that occurred in the 8th century bc. So it's possible that these small never really built anything that could have survived so long since we know that most ancient hindu temples were built of wood and hence have long since crumbled and decayed.

Arpit Kanodia said...


This is impossible to carbon-date Sandstones which used in Pyramids of Giza or Sphinx.

The reason, one can tell geological date of sandstone, not when these sandstone used to construct Pyramid.

Rajesh said...

Plato in Critias tells that Rama is equivalent to 9600 BC when the ice age was collapsing.- Rajesh Mishra

bhoutik said...

does saudi arabia possess nukes? any agreements, plans or cooperation regarding nukes with pakis or china?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MAHESH, SANJAY SHARMA & RAJESH MISHRA: Our ancient ancestors had left behind detailed astronomical references that record the time of events that transpired in both Ramayana & Mahabharata. Here are some of those computational calculations that can now be performed with great accuracy:


When did Mahabharata War Happen:

Defeat of Alexander of Macedonia in India:

And this (Aryan Controversy: is a well researched presentation. The Aryan hailed from a region north of the Caspian Sea who migrated to the Indo-Gangetic Plain & became settlers. It is said that the Rigveda was composed on the banks of the Amu Darya River in today’s Tajikistan by the Aryans as they were on their way towards the Indo-Gangetic Plain. It must also be noted that the colonial British Indologists then were propelled to negatively visualise the Aryans as invaders due to the then prevailing imperial rivalry between Czarist Russia & Britain & hence the birth of the term ‘Aryan Invasion’. In reality, the word ‘Arya’ means he/she who is a noble being. Therefore, such folks clearly couldn’t be hostile conquerors or barbaric invaders as the Brits had then sought to propagate. Nor is it true that the Aryans introduced civilised behaviour/values in India. For at that time the Indo-Gangetic Plain was sparsely populated & that’s because ancient Indian civilisation had flourished in the southern part of India which at the time of Ramayan was inclusive of the continental landmass called Kumari Kandam. This automatically does not mean that only a Tamil civilisation had reigned supreme in Kumari Kandam. There could well have been an as-yet undiscovered civilisation of brown-skinned people practicing a totally different religion & also having a totally different writing script. But as far as Kumari Kandam goes, it to date finds mention only in ancient Tamil literature. Conclusive evidence will only emerge after extensive underwater archaeological explorations are carried out in the region between The Maldives & Mauritius. But since India does not possess such deep-sea DSRVs nor is in a position to make such devices, it is best left to the Caucasians to yet again inform us Indians of our rich past! That’s also one of the reasons why China is actively conducting such undersea exploration in the IOR, i.e. they’re looking for ancient Chinese shipwrecks just so that they can stake a ‘civilisational claim’ to the Indian Ocean.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MAHESH: My questions about India’s past are more down-to-earth in nature. For instance, if indeed India had a rich & highly civilised heritage, then it would have been logical to see such practices & value systems being transmitted from generation to generation till this date, as is the case elsewhere in this world. But we don’t see any evidence of this in large parts of India. For instance, why in total violation of all hygienic norms we still find folks pissing/shitting in the open & openly proliferating garbage in large parts of the country, with the probable exception of the North East, J & K & the majority of southern India? Where did such bad habits originate from? And who taught all this to the natives of India & in which period? In the BC era? In the AD era? In the midlevel era? Over the past 250 years? And what prompted the natives of India to so easily discard their ancient ‘civilised’ practices (that is, if they indeed were prevalent in ancient India) in favour of the present-day unhealthy practices?

To ARPIT KANODIA: Watch this video from 0.31.45 till 0.32.6:

Kindly note that not a single of the visiting Head of Govt (except the Pak PM) at Astana had their Military Assistants in tow in the hall.

To KUNAL: The UNSC’s annual session gets underway in late September 2017. The window for any offensive operation in the J & K theatre is therefore from October till December.

To PAWAN: Of course not. Because even the US, UK, EY, Central Asian Republic & Russia are of the view that PoK is legally a part of India, while China officially sits on the sidelines but everyone knows on whose side the Chinese are on.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIERRE ZORIN: It’s totally possible. Take, for instance, this:

Operation Scorch Sword was the air-strike carried out by Iran’s IRIAF on September 30, 1980, that damaged the almost-complete Iraqi OSIRAK nuclear reactor. Eight days into the Iran-Iraq War, Operation Scorch Sword commenced. At dawn four IRIAF F-4Es refuelled mid-air near the Iran-Iraq border. After crossing into Iraq, the F-4Es climbed to a higher altitude to be detectable by Iraqi radar. Moments later, two of the F-4Es peeled off and dropped to a lower altitude again to avoid radar detection. They flew stealthily to El Tuwaitha, a city 17km southeast of Baghdad, home to the OSIRAK. This was the first-ever airborne attack on a nuclear reactor and only the third on a nuclear facility in history. The attack itself caused only minor damage and wasn't successful in impeding the Iraqi nuclear programme. Two bombs hit the dome of the reactor and bounced off. The water cooling facility was also damaged, as were the facilities for storing and treating liquid radioactive waste. This attack did stop the reactor from enriching fissile material. Approximately 400 French scientists, technicians, and engineers had been working on the reactor at the time of the attack left the country in response to the bombing. Then, on November 30, 1980, three IRIAF F-4Es again entered Iraqi airspace. Two entered first, drawing the attention of Iraqi AAA. Soon after, the third—an RF-4E--approached to the south of the target at low level, then turned back towards the east and made a single pass over OSIRAK while being fired at by several Iraqi AAA sites. Once out of the target area, the two F-4Es joined up again and escorted the RF-4E safely out of Iraq. On December 2, 1980 an unmarked Boeing B.707 from Israel landed under cover of darkness in Mehrabad Airport, Teheran. There, a crew-member was handed a small metal briefcase, with the instructions ‘Do Not X-Ray’ painted in English on the outside. Inside were the photo-recon images photographed by the IRIAF RF-4E and these were to be used to conduct Operation Opera. The OSIRAK was finally destroyed about eight months later by Israel’s IDF-AF that conducted Operation Opera on June 7, 1981 by eight F-16A, belonging to both 117 and 110 Squadrons both based at Ramat David, which were escorted by six F-15As.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Spent the day yesterday doing some reading about an event that took place 35 years ago:

Between June 6 and 9, 1982 seven Syrian MiGs were shot down by the IDF-AF over Lebanon. Operation Mole Cricket 19 was a combined SEAD/DEAD campaign launched by the IDF-AF against Syrian ground-based AAA targets on June 9, 1982. By the end of the day, the IAF had destroyed 17 of the 19 SAM batteries (comprising Kvadrat and Strella-10M SAMs) deployed in the Bekaa Valley and shot down 90 Syrian MiGs with minimal losses. 29 MiG-21s, MiG-23BNs and Su-22s were shot down that day. That night, the IAF destroyed the Syrian Army’s 47th Armoured Brigade north of Baalbek as it was moving south, and the following day, the IAF destroyed six other SAM batteries, two that remained from the operation and four that the Syrians moved into the Bekaa valley that night. By June 10, 1982 the IDF-AF had shot down 82 aircraft without losing any in air combat. By the time of the ceasefire took effect, the Syrians had lost 30% of their air force in just one week of fighting for a total of 88 aircraft shot down. Of those 88 kills, 44 belonged to F-15As and 33 belonged to F-16As. 96 IAF-AF combat aircraft of the IDF-AF were involved in this air campaign. Israeli losses have never been fully admitted, but it's believed to include one F-16A, one F-4E, one Kfir C2, two A-4s and some utility helicopters.

For those IAF air warriors who are interested in going into the detail of this path-breaking air campaign, do browse through this:

And do watch these related videoclips:

Operation Mole Cricket 19:

Operation Opera June 7, 1981:

IDF-AF Readiness:

IDF-AF’s F-15s:

1979 Air War over Lebanon

F/A- 18 versus MiG-29

History Of IDF-AF

Made In Israel


Dear Prasun,why arab fighter pilots perform badly against IDF-AF?

Unknown said...


If window of operation is from October to December when UNSC sits, will that then not be physically difficult considering the onset of winters. I guess the government has no appetite to take the offensive on a land that legally belongs to us. What has UNSC to do with this? Weren't earlier wars done when UNSC was not sitting. Like taking haji pir in 1965 in July. Please advise what is specific with UNSC sitting? And whether the Govt has the will power to conduct these operations. Because by this I guess even 2018 year will be missed.



lachit said...

"For instance, why in total violation of all hygienic norms we still find folks pissing/shitting in the open & openly proliferating garbage in large parts of the country, with the probable exception of the North East, J & K & the majority of southern India? Where did such bad habits originate from? And who taught all this to the natives of India & in which period? In the BC era? In the AD era? In the midlevel era? Over the past 250 years? And what prompted the natives of India to so easily discard their ancient ‘civilised’ practices (that is, if they indeed were prevalent in ancient India) in favour of the present-day unhealthy practices?"

no offense, but do u think europeans , africans and chinese civilizations at that time where doing anything different ?

i know for a fact that europeans in the medieval period in cities and towns used to shit in pots in their homes and then empty the shit pots into the streets unmindful of the fact that half of the shit ended up on the pedestrians walking by not to say of the "civilized" habit of littering the streets .

in the rural areas they were shitting everywhere

it is from the Indians that Europeans learnt the habit of taking a bath everyday.

some regions where people take a dump in the open especially in the agricultural fields has a reason . i was in UP rural where i asked the people bluntly why they shit in the open.

they told be they do so becz shit acts as a manure in the fields .
i had asked why some take a dump at the railways tracks or nearby bushes , they told me reasons could be many , distance to the fields , convenience etc.

if u were in Kashmir u will see Kashmiri women carrying shit pots early in the morning to dump them in their agricultural fields .

only different the Kashmiri take a shit in their homes in pots ( dont want to freeze their ass in the bitter cold outside i guess ) and dump them later .

basically civilizations world over took a dump where ever they fancied , they were infact worse in their hygiene than india

only during modern times due to india being colonized, lack of awareness etc some indians (in rural areas ) were not able to change their habits for the better .

i must point out these very people in rural areas have the hospitality equivalent to a kings . i have experience it my self in UP long ago.

in india things take time to change , habits take longer

@prasun why so pessimistic about india ?

hehehehe lolz

Anonymous said...

Prasun, to be precise, the meaning of the word Arya means, one who does not get into fighting or trouble. That's the literal word meaning in Sanskrit. It can be inferred as an educated, scholarly, noble person.

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your comments about KumarI Kandam.

Graham Hancock spoke about Kumari Kandam existed in his book. And as per his predictions first tamil Sangam at 9,600 BCE, exactly towards the end of the last ice age. This is the time of Ramayana.,983308,983310

15th Century Kanda Puranam in Tamil gives the reference to Kumari Kandam.

Once Kumari Kandam/Lemuria submerged, humans started moving towards other part of India, China and further North towards Central Asia, Europe , Russia etc., settling there. (Nova Story starts from Here) From there many new civilization started. Later Again humans from Anatolia Present day turkey (Indo European) groups started moving towards Indo Gangetic Plains via Iran/Afghan and started settling in India. Already 10,000 years native people are living in India called as Dravidian. Again New people started arriving in India which is called as Aryan Migration/Invasion theory.

To Summarize, people from KK started moving towards all parts of the world. Initially they are black in color and spoke one language and worshipped same set of Gods. When they undergone different climate, terrain in different regions, their shape, color changed and new language started emerged. (Most Likely Aramaic, Latin, Hebrew, Sanskrit etc). Now when they came back & settled in India they are fair than the native Indians. This is the basics for Aryan-Dravidian Divide.

If you study the Etymology of the Word “YATRA” …

YA+TRA = Ya means South in Tamil and Tra Means Trarai which is land.

South Trarai.

After the Kumari Kandam/Lemuria submerged People started worshiping the Southern Direction.
From there the word Yatra gets the meaning of Pilgrimage worshiping the Ancestor who died in the deluge.

S.Senthil Kumar

MAHESH said...

Hi Prasun,

If the Rigveda was indeed composed on the banks of the Amu Darya River in today’s Tajikistan by the Aryans (as you said) then how come it mentions the river Ganga and even Saraswati?

The river Ganga finds mention in the Nadistuti Sukta, Rig Veda 10.75.5-6 also lists the major Rig Vedic rivers:

O Ganga, Yamuna, Sarasvati, Shutudri ( modern name: Sutlej), Parushni (modern name: Ravi), hear my praise! Hear my call, O Asikni (modern name: Chenab), Marudvridha ( modern name Maruvardhan), Vitasta (modern name: Jhelum) with Arjikiya and Sushoma.

Senthil Kumar,

You wrote that - "Initially they are black in color and spoke one language and worshipped same set of Gods. When they undergone different climate, terrain in different regions, their shape, color changed and new language started emerged. (Most Likely Aramaic, Latin, Hebrew, Sanskrit etc). Now when they came back & settled in India they are fair than the native Indians."

While colour certainly changes based on exposure to sunlight, shape takes thousands of years to change. Also, why would these migrants from Kumari Kandam who had migrated to different corners of the globe, come back & re settle in India again? Just curious.


MAHESH said...

Also, I forgot to mention that DNA tests carried out by several institutions both in India & in the West have clearly stated that Indians do not share most of the DNA of Europeans.

So if Aryans indeed came from modern day Russia or Central Asia then a significant number of people in India would have had most of the DNAs that Europeans have.


buddha said...
Published on Apr 15, 2013SMX-26 is a small submarine designed for operation in very shallow waters, in littoral zones not usually accessible for conventional submarine operations.

SMX-26 can remain on the sea bed for long periods, continuously monitoring its environment, before attacking its target with the appropriate assets.

Its shape ensures precise, safe progress in very shallow waters, enabling operation in water less than 15m deep. Its 2 shaft-lines and its 4 steerable and retractable azimuth thrusters give the SMX-26 extreme manoeuvrability and the ability to remain in a stabilized position near the bottom or just under the surface in swell.

The SMX-26's capacity for long discreet surveillance is also noteworthy. It is capable of 'landing' very quickly on all types of sea bed thanks to a extendable wheeled 'undercarriage' system, and lurking on the bottom, deploying hoses to the surface for air and power. Its embedded and deployed sensors maintain a complete watch above and below the surface.

The SMX-26 can take rapid and effective action, including the deployment of 6 special forces divers at depth or at the surface for catching targets 'in the act'.

It also has 2 mast-mounted weapon systems: a 20mm cannon for policing capability and missile launch container for anti-aircraft self- defence. Its main offensive armament comprises 2 heavyweight torpedoes and 8 lightweight torpedoes with heavy warheads.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To UNKNOWN/KUNAL: If that’s the case then why were the wars of 1965 & 1971 in the western front fought in the same timeframe, i.e. from September to December? Have you given thought to this?

To LACHIT: Have the European, Africans & Chinese ever claimed their civilisations to be as old as those of India’s? Go to those countries that have had ancient civilisations, i.e. Egypt, Iraq & Iran & you will see that there too public pissing/shitting is non-existent & great emphasis is placed on personal hygiene & cleanliness, be it on the streets or on railway platforms or inside public transport vehicles. Civilisations have indeed faded away due to the inevitable administrative stagnation/decadence that sets in, but positive value systems never have—be they in urban or rural areas— this is what is known as heritage. Consequently, the so-called ‘lack of awareness’ definitely should not exist within ‘spiritually endowed’ societies like those claimed to be existing in India since ancient times. Bottomline: it is not about pessimism, but all about accepting the hard/stark realities & facing the mirror without any hard-feelings. Hence I classify myself as a ‘pessimistic optimist’.

To SENTHIL KUMAR: Kumari Kandam should not be confused with Lemuria. They are 2 distinctly different pieces of land masses, as explained here:

Nor can it be stated with authority that humanity flourished only in Kumari Kandam & nowhere else at the same time. After all, if one were to go be material evidence, then the earliest script available for deciphering was that found in ancient Mesopotamia, i.e. the Sumerian script. To date, no material evidence has emerged to prove the existence of a corresponding script anywhere else. Even in Tamil literature, there’s no way as yet to prove the age of such literary works since the knowledge was verbally transmitted & was not put down in writing at the actual time of an event occurring. Hence, most of the literary works that are now often quoted for reference were scripted/written only over the past 250 years & by that time much of the authentic essence was almost totally lost. The ONLY way, therefore, to prove the authenticity & historicity of all that has been written so far is to undertake deep-sea archeological explorations in the northern & central Indian Oceans. Until then, no conclusive evidence will be available on which to base one’s assertions.

To MAHESH: You are ASSUMING that the Rig Veda that exists today was exactly the same as that composed in ancient times. The ancient texts were verbally transmitted from times as yet unknown & therefore no one can state with certainty when exactly the 4 Vedas were originally composed. Therefore, do try to find out when exactly was the FIRST written version of the Vedas available. That in turn will reveal the CONTEXT, i.e. how medieval perceptions & assumptions got intertwined with the original verbal versions of the 4 Vedas. And also do check out if the Vedas were mentioned or extensively quoted in either the Ramayana or Mahabharata or Bhagwad Gita . We can’t go by mere 21st century assumptions as they will prove neither authenticity nor historicity. For instance, exactly how old are the Hindi & Urdu languages in both written & verbal forms? Exactly when were the first novels/literary works written down in Hindi & Urdu? I’ll give you a clue: up until August 15, 1947 the only 2 official languages used for public administration throughout undivided India in colonial India were FARSI & ENGLISH.

Y . LALITH said...


In this very blog you have wrote about Kumari Kandam on several occassions. However, even prominent Tamil analysts like M Seshagiri Sastri, CH Monahan, K. N. Sivaraja Pillai, K. A. Nilakanta Sastri & K K Pillay among others who studied ancient Tamil literature in great details concluded that Kumari Kandam is a hoax.

Gaurav said...

Hi prasun
There is a report in media that our part time DM might cancel the Sikorsky nmrh that true? Now these RFPs have become meaningless with almost all tenders been canceled..few days ago SRSAM tender was canceled..the country s defence modernization seems painfully slow.your thoughts pls..also you said that army has ordered 4 regiments of spyder Sam..then why the SRSAM tender was floated? Is army getting the spyder sam?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Y LALITH: Proof of the pudding always lies in its eating. If a hoax is to be proven, then it must be established that Kumari Kandam never existed & the only way to do so is to go down to the depths of the Indian Ocean as I had explained earlier. There is no other substitute & until then we will have to live with a 50:50 scenario of it existed/it never existed. No one can say with 100% certainty that it existed or it never existed.

To GAURAV: That RFP has to be cancelled because the price quotation's validity has already expired. In fact, both Sikorsky & its new owner Lockheed Martin had honoured their pledge of not changing the price quote for 3 years! How much more can their generosity be stretched? Why are you mixing up SR-SAM with SpyDer-SR? The naval SR-SAM (for replacing the Barak-1) & Army/IAF QR-SAM (for replacing the OSA-AK) are identical & same & are RF-guided. The SpyDer-SR is IIR-guided for only the Army as replacement for the Strella-10M IR-guided SHORADS. So don't mix up all the different categories of SAMs for different end-users.

anupam said...

Hi Prasun Kaveri engine has not been able to provide required thrust for lca. so why dont we design a platform for the engine rather than engine for platform. Something similar to A10 warthog or Textron AirLand Scorpion. Is it possible or just my wishfull thinking? I am not very educated in defence & scientific matters , my knowledge comes from reading your blogs.

BROWN DESI said...

Hi Prasun,
Avid reader of your blog...great information supplied as always. My query is pertaining to India-Iran partnership for Chabahar port connectivity to Central Asia. The project has suffered massively due to near criminal neglect of desi Netas and Baabus. Under the current volatile circumstances it is looks like the project could be halted for good as IRAN may further cop bans from Trump administration. Trump has found it hard to back track on P5+1 agreement so he may choose to punish Iran this way; with India's interest getting decimated in crossfire. Did you note of tongue lashing from Jean Claude Juncker of EU to Trump.

financeblogger said...

Should the following article should be considered piece of yellow journalism.

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Yes I agree that KK & Lemuria are different land mass.

To do the real research of ancient India, Granda is a Must. Even if anyone want to do details study of Tamil Sangam Literature or Four Vedas we should start from GRANDA script.

The poems of the Siddhars are in the form of folk literature during medieval period. So at that time communication is using singing. Most of the Tamil literature's are in poems. So the language is called as PA KATHAI.

PA means Song. KATHAI means Story. PA + Khathai becomes "PAKRIT". Using this language ancient form of Buddhism is preached during Asoka Period.

If you study the Etymology of the Word “Bhagavad Geeta”...

Those who sing and tell the stories in ancient India are called as Bhagavathar. In each temple and in each village @ night they will sing and tell the stories of ancient epics to the people.

Geetham Means Song. So Bhagavathar + Geetham become “Bhagavad Geetha”.

After Jesus Prosecution, Rome's Ancient religion was replaced by CHIRITIANITY and Ancient Indian Religion replaced by current HINDUISM. This happens in 5th Century AD during Gupta Period where caste system was introduced.

Yes I agree that we need deep underwater oceanic research to bring all the facts. But 100% I can assure you that India will never do this. You know why. So called SANSKRIT Scholars indoctrinate the world and Indian Society that everything started from Sanskrit. But they know the real truth. They will never do or never allow others to do.

Please see the below Link.

Even Graham Hancock requested to do underwater research in "POOMBUHAR" but Indian gov. denied permission.

In Gulf of Kutch Gov. allow to do research but not in Poompuhar.

S.Senthil Kumar



IIRC, you had once stated in your blog that you have to travel to North Bengal & North East India . What is your take on this latest Gorkhaland agitation?

I understand for non Nepalis, Darjeeling is extremely dangerous & non Nepalis are regularly assaulted. A neighbor of mine in Kolkata was stabbed by Gorkhas last year simply because she refused to sell her property to them. Fortunately she recovered but others are not always that lucky.



Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Mahesh,

Your question is “Also, why would these migrants from Kumari Kandam who had migrated to different corners of the globe, come back & re settle in India again? Just curious".

Naturally humans start moving to more greener pasture especially they try to settle near rivers. Indus valley Civilization, Sumerian Civilization are some examples.

Once they came out from KK, Adam-Eve, Noah story starts evolving. Human’s known primary gods are Shiva (Nimrod), Parvathi (Semiramis), Murugan (Tammuz), Rama, Krishna etc. During Sumerian Civilization there is lot of religious fighting going on against Multi-Gods. One God Phenomenon started evolving and Pagan worshiping is opposed. From here Abrahamic religions started evolving where messiahs like Moses, torah, Jesus, bible, Mohd, Quran started evolving.

One set of humans who accepted the new phenomenon of One God, start believing and stayed back and Israel/Judah/Jerusalem is their promised land.

Another set of humans which are against the phenomenon of One God start moving back and they come through via central Asia/Iran and start settling in their ancestors Land which is India. Now this outsider is called as Aryans and native people in India are called as Dravidian. During that time new religions like buddisim, zoroastrianism also started evolved in this regions. Another reason for migration is Trade between ancient Romans and south India.

Tamil & Egypt Connection.
Iravatham Mahadevan Indoligst confiemed tamil script in Engypian Priymaids.

If you study the Etymology of the Word “Pyramid”...
In tamil it is Perum + Medu. Perum Means Big and Medu mean Rise (Upper Place).
Perum+Medu becomes Pyra+mid = Pyramid.

You referred some Tamil Scholars and mentioned that KK is a Hoax. First tell the scholars to read the great Epic "Sillapathikaram" which is the Kannaki Story.

Present day kerala is celebrating Kannaki as god.

In Sillapathikaram, it was mentioned that one “Ezhuthanga Nadu” (7x7 =49 countries) existed and ruled by Pandya Kings. Now tell me where is this 49 countries located. Epics clearly says that “CRUEL SEA” took the Pandian Kings Land.

Many Sangam age poems & Literature talks about KK. Need complete verification without bias before coming to conclusion.

S. Senthil Kumar

Unknown said...

1) One question prasunji, why would the Chinese scour the ior for their shipwrecks?
It is well known that China being an ancient maritime powerhouse had vibrant trade relations with India via the sea. So there are bound to be shipwrecks of the Chinese in the ior just as there probably are Greek, roman and mesopotamian wrecks.
Why would that be significant? And how would that give the Chinese a claim to the ior?

2) Also I read that some Chinese military hawk commented a while back, that the Chinese will eventually need the andaman and nicobar Islands to make their SLOC safe. Any truth in this? And will they in the future try to take them from us, when they are strong enough?


Anonymous said...

what is going on in middle east and when ISAF led by "Field Marshal" Raheel sharif is going to invade IRAN via Baluchistan?

what outcome do u expect from this meet ?can NAMO build same personal rapo he built with Obama?


Srinivasa Nanduri said...

Hi Prasun,

What is the truth in China building Diamer-Bhasha dam for Pakistan to spite India. How true is it and if so, will IWT stand this?

Seems a lot happening btwn India and China and media is either speculating it wrongly or over exagerating it. Whats the truth behind it?

And a friend of mine working whose father works in GCF, told me that, GCF is building an MGS vesion of Dhanush. How true is it?

And will Namo sign MPATGM deal when he visits USA in next couple of weeks. And whats the idea behind scrapping S70B helos. They are one of the best available. Why did MOD scrap it. Is it because of funds?

Srinivasa Nanduri

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Sanjay Sharma,

Please don't get confused about Chinese Andaman Island Claims. Please read the article.

Chinese is testing Indian Mindset. If You (India) plays game in South China Sea then I (China) will start the game in Andaman Islands. This is the message given by China.

That's why as Prasun Quoted china is looking for any Ancient Chinese proofs in IOR which can be used for future IOR Conflict.

S.Senthil Kumar

Anonymous said...

Hello sir. I had some questions.

1) What is the internal security budget of Pakistan?

2) How many mig29, jaguars and mirages 2000 have been upgraded till now?

3) Are the current SPYDER systems meant for IAF only? Will Army order more?

Thank you very much.


Jay said...

Hi Prasun, Do you have any thoughts on the recent SU-30 MKI crash in Arunanchal. There are some articles out there suggesting some unusual circumstances. What concerned me was the fact that the pilots were not able to eject, which as far as I know has not happened before in a SU-30 MKI crash.

Arpit Kanodia said...

Sir ,,

When we able to see the induction of Nag?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: This was the last of the 4-stage user-evaluations of the Nag/NAMICA combination & the entire system, i.e. Nag ATGM & the re-enfineered NAMICA TELAR are now cleared for mass production.

To JAY & RAD: Controlled flight into terrain (CFT) happens only when pilot disorientation occurs, meaning a pilot may well FEEL that he/she is flying straight & level with the sky above, but in reality the aircraft is upside-down with the nose pointing towards Earth. When this happens, the pilot FEELS that he/she is gaining altitude when in reality the aircraft is headed downward toward approaching terrain & a collision takes place in an instant. This happens when the aircrew is NOT TRUSTING the on-board instruments like the artificial horizon & attitude indicators & is instead willing to trust what one sees visually. This usually happens when bad weather suddenly appears & visibility suddenly drops to ZERO, leading to pilot disorientation & mis-judgement, especially among pilots with few flying hours in operational combat aircraft. Any experienced pilot will then automatically begin trusting his on-board instrument displays for maintaining situational awareness. In case of the latest Su-30MKI crash, 2 factors need consideration: 1) did the aircrew get totally disoriented due to sudden onset of bad weather & if yes, then did this cause loss of situational awareness that in turn led the Su-30MKI downward even at a gradual incline, i.e. the aircrew deciding to distrust the attitude indication instrumentation? If yes, then this is 100% human error. 2) Was the IAF’s ATC controller monitoring the cruise altitude of the Su-30MKI? If yes, then was enough time available for the controller to alert the aircrew about any unusual change in the Su-30MKI’s altitude in an area where it was known what the minimum permissible altitude ought to be? I therefore will not even bother to consider any other conspiracy theory related to China.

As for the aircrew being unable to eject, this again is fairly normal. For instance, 2 Su-27s and an Su-27UB of the Russian Knights aerobatic team crashed into terrain outside of Cam Ranh, Vietnam, killing 4 team pilots. The 3 Su-27s crashed into a mountain on their way back from the LIMA 1995 airshow in Langkawi, Malaysia, on December 12, 1995. The crashes were caused by bad weather and pilot error. Three other Su-27s which were flying in formation with those that crashed managed to avoid a collision at the last minute. Six Su-27s and an Ilyushin Il-76MD support aircraft were returning from a Malaysian airshow, stopping at Cam Ranh for fuel, flying in an echelon right and left of the Il-76MD. During the landing approach, the Il-76MD passed too close to terrain and the three right-echelon Su-27s crashed. The remaining aircraft landed safely at Cam Ranh.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SRINIVASA NANDURI: US wants India to send 15,000 troops to Afghanistan:

Are 2 Small Islands owned by Egypt or KSA (latest intra-Arab spat):

Will reply to all other outstanding queries later today, rest assured.

Unknown said...

Prasun da
Why US wants our troops in Afghanistan when they themself are pulling out their troops ?? Should we send our troops to fight the dirty wars for others?? Do you think we will be able to achieve what US failed to achieve? Will we be able to support our troops with necessary equipments fighting far away from India...

Millard Keyes said...

The latest craze - Antarctice
By the way I have no doubt that the civilisation that perhaps remains buried under the ice is a Tamil one :)

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Hello Prasun Da,

My comments are not reflecting on the blog, I had asked few queries on the PAF Pilots involvement in Arab Israel Conflicts, and can IAF train with Israel AF for betting their Air to Air skills and Air to Surface Skills

Arpit Kanodia said...

Lol @Pierre Zorin.

Maybe civilization also in Mars is Tamil
Watch this

In India, culture and ethnic groups change by traveling only 50 KM. Even languages changes. Let me tell youeven the name of Chaat (Indian junk food) changes by just traveling from Delhi to Agra.

When such diversity exist, How we even consider such things. How this is even remotely possible in past only one civilization existed.

BTW, why only considering Tamil? Only one ethnic group exist in South? Do the Telugu, Kannad and Malayalis came from Planet pluto?

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Israel Victory in 1967 is a Miracle. Next Egypt lost the war because of over Confident. 50 years completed.

In 1973 war, Egypt got partial success in start of war. But they start loosing because of Israel's Ariel Sharon cleverness and Egypt's back stabbing Syria.

We should not underestimate any small country. Today's Qatar is a good example.

@Technology, Photograpy and Travel
I read sometime ago during 1973 Arab-Israel war some of Indian military service man was used by Israel military to translate Pakis Airforce messages.

I dont know whether it is true or not.

Maybe Prasun can give more details about that.

S.Senthil Kumar

buddha said...$116_million_deepstrike_contract_us_army_81406171.html
Does India need this type of weapons

Millard Keyes said...

India can not afford to put boots to the ground in Afghanistan because ISI will use the same tactics they were taught by the US during Soviet occupation and manage to unite all the splintered Taliban and other mujahedeen troops in the name of nationalism. This will do to the Ghani government same thing it did to Najib's.

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Arpit Kanodia & Pierre Zorin,

When someone put one theory and trying to show proof & evidence, viewers have multiple options.

Option 1: You can accept it.
Option 2: You can reject and ignore it.
Option 3: You can reject the theory and challenge it with counter theory showing evidence/Proof.

After long chatting I can understand that my theory/View affected you personally, religiously, linguistically. My assumption is you don't have counter theory/view with evidence/Proof.

Please I am asking you again, you don’t want to believe me. Please start looking various sources and verify it without bias.

Just listen to the people Like Dr. Zakir Naik, Subramainam samy, NS Rajaram, Rajiv Molhotra.

But Dont accepts all what this guys are saying. Don’t get indoctrinated. You start verify all the theories and come to conclusion.

Referring Pluto, Mars and Antarctica etc. will not help you guys. Please don’t insult anyone in this world. This is the mother of all problems of the world.

S. Senthil Kumar

Anonymous said...

What is the final configuration of Nag missile? Propellant for 4 kms only with no RF link??

Before the latest Helina configuration (with no side thrusters) was developed, the Nag missile in Helina configuration had a stretched body (to accommodate more propellant for 7 kms range) and RF link (and it also had the side thrusters). Why isn't this configuration standardized for ground launched Nag? Wouldn't it be good to have LOAL capability in Nag too??

Further, the similarities between Nag and Helina will help with mass production too..


Anonymous said...

Dear Senthil,
you said ," In 1973 war, Egypt got partial success in start of war. But they start loosing because of Israel's Ariel Sharon cleverness and Egypt's back stabbing Syria."

Egypt was on top of things, it was only after SR71 flights over sinai that information was relayed to israelis and brig gen ariel sheron and he attacked the defense gaps. (taking sinai)
Defense gaps were made because the syrians were getting a beating in valley of tears, and Anwar sadaat ordered egyptian army to get out of the sam covers and attack israel. Gen Saad AL Shazli was against it but had to obey the order."

Secondly israel said it will do operation joshua that is nuking cairo and damscus, hence the Americans came to the aid with all weaponry.
But you have to agree that the way egyptians crossed the barlev line and water pumps and attacked with a defensive weapons like ATGM. it was ingenuity at its best


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

What are your thoughts on this article?

Best Regards


prasun sir

Have you attended this seminar during aero india 2017??? If yes do you have the slides of the presentation??

Sir as per drdo it has developed the supply chain capabilities in partnership with psu BEL and pvt. ASTRA it believable???

It say performance of AESA radar is constrained by the available resources on platform like power and cooling system .....It seems LCA like small platform will not provide sufficient power and cooling system performance leading to sub optimal range of UTTAM AESA views sir???

It says roof top testing has been performed and it is ready to be installed onboard lca pending certifications.....earlier you said no airborne testing has been taken up by DRDO yet for uttam radar...... has drdo has started testing it on airborne platform ???is roof top testing is ok for final intedgration with lca????
whats the optimum test cycle followed by leading radar OEM in other countries??

looking forward to your views sir


BTW sir which side porkis will choose between KSA & QATAR??....catch 22 situation indeed....qatar orders 36 f15 for whopping 12 billion$ .....god its costlier than owr own rafale....also is it true that al jazzeera is funded by qatar emirs???

Millard Keyes said...

After Antarctica here is another phenomenon
Somehow I don't think it is a new Tamil political movement on the horizon :)

smith said...

Hi Prasun Sir,

Please find the below article link related to the Qatar crisis that I have read recently.

There are few highlights and I would like to have your views on the same.

1. Trump ensuring the formal lifting of Iran's sanctions is replaced by an informal blockade.
2. Qatari proposal to help Iran develop its side of the North Field/ South Pars gas field.
3. Qatar had originally been hoping to build an LNG pipeline to the Mediterranean Sea via Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey but the crisis in Syria blown up the plans.
4. Qatar bound to look east to Asia – already their biggest customers – for their LNG markets. But most of the existing eastbound LNG pipeline infrastructure is controlled by Iran.
5. In 2012, Iran began to accept yuan for its oil and gas payments, followed by Russia in 2015.
6. In 2012, the People's Bank of China announced it would no longer be increasing its holdings of US dollars, and two years later, Nigeria increased its holdings of yuan from 2 percent to 7 percent of its total foreign exchange reserves.
7. This could literally spell the beginning of the end of US global power. The dollar is the world's leading reserve currency, in the main, only because oil is currently traded in dollars & dollar is effectively ‘convertible’ into oil, the world's number one commodity.
8. This is one reason why the US was so keen for Saddam Hussein to go after as he began trading Iraqi oil in euro.
9. Hence the USA and it's Arab friends have shown urgency to pre-emptively punish Qatar for its likely move towards a joint venture with Iran to supply Asia with LNG priced in yuan.

Also your views on USA who knows about Wahhabism, the sectarian ideology behind IS, Al-Qaeda and the Saudi state... USA use this to create environment for it's business, to be a unipolar power by strengthening dollar with the help of number 1 commodity Oil.

Reading this article creates more questions and confusion like

US want Iran's route for it's Afghan operations via India (Logistics agreement)... so is US or it's Arab friends going to really​ attack Iran or this is just pressure build up.

Also Pakistan & China CPEC formal agreement in 2013 to build up road and development of naval port which is basically for assembling the Chinese sub of Russian design that could be armed with single nuclear missile. Is this done keeping in mind that Shia & Suni are going to clash under USA created environment?

Did Chinese saw this coming and planned to keep both Arab and India under pressure (killing 2 birds with 1 stone)?

Did (USA) KSA and India saw the Chinese plan evolving so the KSA replaced Chinese missiles with Indian one, once they have finished the shelf life?

India delayed the development of oil blocks which were allocated by Iranians and now Iran has planned to give them to other country.

Did Iran saw the USA and it's allies plans evolving and so it was pushing hard India to develop the port before it gets struck by USA moves?

Would you please put some light on current Arab crisis and above few movements which happened from 2012 till now are they interrelated with each other? Are there any other movements which we have missed?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SCRUTATOR: The VLS cells are always kept vertically positioned when operationally deployed. They remain horizontal only when being transported cross-country on the TELAR vehicle, such just the Barak-8 LR-SAM is. NAG ATGM has thrusters for flight trajectory stabilization since it does not have its owen on-bvoard integral fibre-optic gyro, i.e. it is a 1980s vintage design derived from ATGMs of the 1970s. HELINA is a more contemporary design incorporating FOG & thus does not require thrusters.

To AMIT BISWAS: 1) QR-SAM does not deploy in the way you imagine! Those imagines deployments happen only in Bollywood flicks. Any SAM system is always in launch-mode the moment it is deployed at any operational location. 2) Aster-30 is LR-SAM, & not a SHORADS like QR-SAM. Spada-2000 uses inclined launchers. 3) How can the US sanction Russia for a product like the A-50I that is devoid of any US-origin hardware content? 4) N AG ATGM always had a 4km-range. What’s so ‘reduced’ about it? 6) No OTHR or BMEWS radar is ever used anywhere in this world for detecting/tracking LACMs.

How can any MMR be installed onh any operational platform if it hasn’t been certified beforehand by being flown on-board an airborne testbed? The only such testbed is a Do-228 of CABS that can accept only a belly-mounted radar?: Can the AESA-MMR for combat aircraft ever be belly-mounted? In the history of MMRs, has any of them ever been tested from any rooftop? Only those radars that are mast-mounted on naval warships can be tested from rooftope as long as the building with this rooftop is sited atop a hillock. The reason why HAL has floated RFPs for an imported AESA-MMR for Tejas Mk.1A is because it knows the LRDE or CABS do not have the in-house expertise reqd for developing environmental control systems (ECS) reqd for cooling the AESA-MMR’s T/R modules & related processor LRUs. Then there’s the challenge of developing algorithms for weather monitoring, traffic collision avoidance & terrain obstacle avoidance modes of operation. In other words, if US, Russia & European countries spent more than 15 years developing all this, can anyone expect India to do it all in 5 years?

To UNKNOWN: Kindly stop spreading conspiracy theories about Chinese involvement in the previous Su-30MKI crash, since such theories are a violation of the laws of physics.

To RAD: LoLOz! BMPs along the LoC overlooking the PAS’s posts? FYI the PA was the first in the mid-1990s to use its Red Arrow-8/Bakhtar Shikan ATGMs against IA, especially at nighttime & the target of those ATGMs bwas always the ‘langar’/kitchen.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANUPAM: This is what is actually happening: on May 16 SAFRAN officials had an extended meeting with the DRDO in which SAFRAN clearly stated that if India wanted to learn how to produce military turbofans, then the starting point should be NOT the Kaveri, but the M88-2. SAFRAN has therefore proposed that as part of its Rafale-related direct industrial offsets provisions, it is willing to team up with GTRE to co-develop a derivative of the M88-2 for both the LCA Mk.2 & the AMCA or the FGFA.

To BROWN-DESI: LoLz! Donald J Trump is a self-made man & a highly successful businessman who is adept in identifying & exploiting faultlines of his adversaries. He ain’t a politician by any chance & therefore he is not at all as deceptive as career politicians are. What he has done is he has brought out the faultlines within the Muslim Ummah out into the open while at the same time playing on the Sunni-Shia divide. And he like all others in the US dealing with national security, knows fully well that ALL the terrorists that carried out the 9/11 attacks were ALL Sunnis, not Shias. That’s why while Trump may blow hot-n-cold over Iran, he ain’t going to punish Iran by any means, rest assured. These are the strategems employed by big countries for their own supreme national interest. Just look at what Trump has achieved so far in his short tenure: securing orders for military hardware worth US$110 billion from the KSA & now $12 billion from Qatar! That’s what I call performance. He is not only being presidential, but is also creating job opportunities for his country’s citizens. Wish the Indian politicians could do that as well, instead of ebgaging in mere sloganeering.

To FINANCEBLOGGER: Of course it is yellow journalism. Why should anyone duplicate military-industrial production capacities through this discredited idea of bstrategic partnerships that is essence is anything but strategic industrial partnership? Why should the MoD waste money on teaching another shipyard how to bui9ld submarines when MDL and L & T are already accomplished submarine builders? Why should another private-sector clone of HAL emerge? Isn’t it more commercially viable to allow all DPSUs to become p;ublicly listed so that they can choose their own strategic partners from the country’s private-sector? Why does the GoI have to indulge in such needless micro-management? Does it imagine itself to bbe the only one in India blessed nwith all-knowing wisdom? And why is it now biting the bullet & allowing privatisation ofa loss-making parasite like Air India? Will the GoI have to wait till all DPSUs also follow Air India’s footsteps & become loss-making? We indeed have a bunch of retards sitting in the Union MoF & MoD who always believe that it’s the tail that always wags the dog!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Not only Darjeeling, but any other place in India where the writ of the law of the land is challenged & illegal weapons staches are maintained becomes a dangerous nplace. Only by demonstrating ZERO Tolerance against such anarchists (like the Gurkhas of North Bengal) will law-n-order prevail. No citizen can ever be allowed to breach the laws of the land. If the Gurkhas want to do so, they are more than welcome to do so in any other country, but never inside India. Meanwhile, here’s an interesting read on China’s activities inside WB:

And if anyone’s really interested in knowing all about India’s North East, here’s a scholarly work that is now available & I highly recommend it for reading:

To SANJAY SHARMA: 1) That’s because countries who consider themselves to be maritime powers always take great pride in their past successes & therefore they go all out to preserve such legacies. In China’s case, the CPC wants to prove to its citizens that it is re-discovering the country’s lost pride & successes so as to brand China as a civilisational state. That same is the case with the European & Scandinavian maritime powers of the past ages. Whenever possible, they always refloat some of the those vessels from the depths of the seas, like Lord Nelson’s vessel. The Scandinavians take pride in the refloated vessels of the Vikings. It is only in India that the country’s intellectual/political elite come out as the worst hypocrites wsho never tire of sloganeering about India’s part glories but who do little to preserve such glories. The GoI will spend thousands of crores for building am offshore, larger-than-life statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji, but won’t spend a Paisa on trying to re-build a full-scale replica of a naval vessel of the type used by Admiral Angre, or by the Cholas or by the Vijayanagara dunasty!!! That’s what should piss off any proud & patriotic Indian. 2) The SLOC along the Malacca Strait is as safe as it can ever be. Nor can it be closed down by anyone who wishes to interdict China’s merchant marine ships transiting that Strait, because it is an international waterway whose legal status is protected by the UNCLOS Treaty.

To SRINIVASA NANDURI: OFB’s GCF is indeed working on a truck-mounted version of the Dhanush but it is at least another 6 years away from rollout. As I had explained several times before, no Indian weapons procurement bdeal has ever been signed OUTSIDE India. Such contracts are always inked in Delhi in the MoD.

To AVIRAL SINGH: India will never send any troops to Afghanistan because even Afghanistan does not want it. Instead, Kabul wants India to increase its training programmes for ANA personnel.

To TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL: That issue was discussed at length 2 years ago & I had then even posted 2 videoclips of the PAF pilot’s interview.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SCRUTATOR: The NAG’s design & performance parameters are now obsolete. It was designed by the IA’s Scout/Recce Platoons accompanying the EME’s Combat Engineers whenever bridges had to be laid across canals on the battlefield & when there was the danger of enemy MBTs or ICVs impeding the laying of such bridges. Today is the era of fibre-optic wire-guided vehicle-launched & joystick-controlled NLOS-BSMs with ranges of 15km that can do a lot more than an ATGM like Nag, while staying safe from hostile attack helicopters armed with ATGMs (that will be held at bay by SHORADS or VSHORADS.MANPADS). Here are 2 such examples, one from China & the other from Japan:

Anonymous said...

Understood, that Nag has side thrusters. But my question was if the current Nag has RF link to accomodate LOAL (like the interim Helina missile design which was essentially Nag missile, with side thrusters, RF link etc.)



This chinese and japanese ATGM looks so modern and the launch vehicle is light unlike NAMICA....whats the optimum timeframe for a weapon platform to move from conceptual stage to induction as followed by Foreign india it takes three decades.we are so poor in decision maing alas

Regarding QRSAM my assumption were based on the fact that it is to be deployed along with moving columns of army and to protect them from aerial threats. as and when threats are detected by radars lauchers are deployed and missiles would be launched just like this

SIR whether the QRSAM has the ability to fire on move as in the case of TOR M2E ??

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun

Manchester Bombing False Flag, Pushing the War on Terror

Looks like another False Flag Attack. Output, Internet, independent voices and private News Service is going get censored.

Please comment on this false flag attack.

S.Senthil Kumar

Arpit Kanodia said...

Finally, whoever destroyed Phobos 2 in 1988 are also Tamils.

Arpit Kanodia said...

Further, after 26 years of this incident, Curiosity rover captured this Tamilian aircraft in Martian sky during a night in 2014.


any truth about this one prasun sir

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AMIT BISWAS: That video-clip clearly shows the TOR-M2E coming to a cimplete halt & then firing the missile, following which the camera, not the TELAR moves. Atmoured.mechanised formations always advance laterally & in-depth right within the engagement envelope of a layered air-defence artillery network. And such formations never advance more than 10km/14km per day in-depth. So where's the need for the AAA network to be re-positioned if the engagement envelope of this network is 30km in-depth? Therefore, don't get taken in by the all the marketing gibberish that's shown as videos.

To SCRUTATOR: Do refer to the Nag ATGM brohures I had uploaded in previous threads dealing with previous Aero India & DEFEXCPO issues. All the performance/operating specs are mentioned there.

To SENTHIL KUMAR: False-flag operations are always conducted by national-security states, not welfare states, because in case of the latter, secrets can be kept, which is not the case with the latter. That's why, for instance, there's no definitive information about the origin & supply network of all the RDX & AK-56s & related ammo, IED detonators, primers & fuzes that were deposited on Maharashtra's coastline for the 1993 Mumbai bomb-blasts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Sengupta,
When you update your writing, could you please put the date of updating? That would make like little easier when people like me visit your blog occasionally.

Senthil Kumar, MKK is going to die soon. May be you should apply for DMK chief position.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Nag missile. My question was a little rhetorical :-) I should have been more lucid.

What I wanted to ask was why Nag couldn't be the interim version of Helina - as in with an RF link to facilitate LOAL, with a 7 kms range (and of course the side thrusters).

I agree that the future of such missiles should be like NLOS Spike missile. If not the fiber optic cable, the RF link provides similar functionality (although in LOS). Nag missile with 7 kms range and LOAL would be so much more potent. I am at loss to understand why such a missile (even when present and tested) will not be the missile that will be inducted!!


Ravi said...

I say, folks, why are you wasting Prasun's time in discussing archeology and Partition? We need him to explain defense stuff. Don't distract him! BTW, pyramids (the 3 big ones) are 4600 years old. Egyptians kept very detailed records. Their stuff has lasted because the desert is very dry. Our climate is heck on buildings. Also BTW, Oxygen 18 dating shows Indus Valley civilization may be 7000 to 9000 years old. Also the old timers moved around like crazy. They're now saying North America was probably settled 14,000 years ago, possibly from Australia Only way we'll get proper answers is time machines, except they cant go back in time before they were invented! Its really very frustrating.

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Iran Plan to buy 150 Jets from China.

Already Ideological war started between Saudi & Iran.

S.Senthil Kumar

Millard Keyes said...

I beg to differ on that issue Prasun. I work for the government not in a national security state and yet even at the very basic level I am required to keep secrets. At my level things are not hushed up, simply not mentioned. As soon as you raise such an issue it is dealt with under code of conduct and other federal laws. Whilst a lot of conspiracy theories abound, the United States and the West have proven time and time again their reluctance to tell the truth and manipulate the media to provide a sense of reality and truth when it is anything but. Whilst national security states hush up and use repressive measures often physical, non national security states (I don't think Welfare states exist any more other than in theory) use other subtle and manipulative measures to keep information on a need to know basis. Most people don't know what they need to know because powerful bureaucracy rubs shoulders with media bosses to ensure ordinary folks look at and believe what they want them to believe. However, on the positive side, there ARE independent folks who do find out the truth albeit many years later but by then the birds have flown.



Thanks for sharing those 2 links.

Re North East India, I can vouch for the fact that it is a huge burden for India. A huge percentage of India's GDP is invested out there, India gets back nothing. The tribals are running a freak show in NE. Across India they pretend to be the victims of Racism be it in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or South India while in reality they have been running genocides across the North East.

Despite having converted into Christianity they get not just 100% reservation, but also 100% tax free income, free education, free health care - the whole nine. And who bears the cost of such extravagance ? Ofc the gullible Indian Tax Payer.

I found this great article on twitter today, if time permits please do read this piece - I Am A Communal Hindu, I'm Not Apologetic About It



Kanchan said...

A person who reads a lot is knowledgable and if he/she can have an open mind then that can lead to "awareness". The person who can balance both has wisdom.

This link is particularly for Mr. Senthil Kumar, and also others, for an interesting read.


smith said...

Is US or any other country still conducting patrols in the Spratly Islands area to press the freedom of navigation or are those patrolling stopped?

What are the countries doing who are bothered about the Chinese artificial island and how could that be countered?

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Thanks dada ,, will check it, once more on MK2 Tejas how is the Cockpit Program going and the new gizmos inside the fuselage !!

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Kanchan,

Last Ice age happened 12000 years ago. This is the time of Ramayana. After this deluge Nova stories starts with Sumerian, IVC and Abraham Era. Now very soon "NEW RESEARCH" will tell that there is no deluge happened and DNA study proves it.

Our current human civilization is 12,000 years old (From Ramayana to Today). You article says north Indians settled 65000 years ago. Very Good.

Can you get answer for the following questions.(You can use DNA Research also)

Q1. Which PERIOD and by whom Caste system started in India. (Four Varnashrams)
Q2. Can you show Caste System is mentioned in Vedas.
Q3. When GOD told to Whom I divided Indians into Four Categories.
Q4. Whether this Four varnashrams is only for Indians and for other countries also.
(I hope chinese are sutras because they do all things for the world)
Q5. So called SASNKRIT is mother of all languages. Can you prove it.

My friend Kanchan we are leaving in Fake World today. Just watch the following manchester videos. How today Main stream Media is cooking stories.

All research will come out and give same result today. Because this results suits today's political condition.

S.Senthil Kumar

Rajesh Mishra said...

The historically greatest volcano Mount Thoeba/Toba explosion occurred around 70000 Years ago. By this time the Nag peoples from Ethiopia have already arrived to and settled in India and especially South Indian peninsula. This explosion covered whole of India under many feet of the fallen ash. This human population and civilization faced a great danger of the longtime genetic bottleneck effects and it is estimated that our global human population has further evolved out of surviving only ~2000 persons. Then these survivors started believing in things like Deva (God) and apocalypse.

Thoeba >> Doeba >> Deba >> Deva >> Dev = God

Arpit Kanodia said...

Lol, this guy don't even know, the last glacial maxima happened 27000 years ago. 18,000 years ago ice started to melt.
And ice retreated fully around 14,000 years ago except in Antartica and Artic.

But, he created new facts, ice age happened 12000 years ago. LoLz.

lachit said...


"Re North East India, I can vouch for the fact that it is a huge burden for India. A huge percentage of India's GDP is invested out there, India gets back nothing. The tribals are running a freak show in NE. "

everybody got a mouth and everybody got a ass ,

it seems in ur case it got mixed up

Kaustav said...


Saurav Jha has an unusual take on Pralay missile project being a solid fuelled replacement for the Prithvi (Rather the solid fuelled P-III OR a NLOS-BSM version of the PDV ABM) The name Pralay does more justice to an Anti Ship Missile System as you have stated Pralay to be.

My question is what with the Agni-1P in the works and the liquid fuelled Prithivis getting long in the tooth, why should India not field NLOS-BSM versions of the PDV - P-III and ADV - Prahaar both as conventionally armed strike weapons as cheaper alternatives to the BRAHMOS? The kite flying by DDR/Saurav of speculative matching of different projects can certainly be washed away with a ton of Saltbrine

joydeep ghosh said...

@senthil kumar

remember 'knowledge is like a underwear you must wear it but its not necessary to show it' so dont keep on giving counter to others who nit pic on your knowledge

@arpit kanodia

mocking aint funny not on this blog

@prasun da

you said everything about iran AF but virtually nothing on its Navy like how did Iran overhaul its kilo subs without outside help. Also heard Iran is now building subs ofincremental weight class after ghadir a 600 ton sub & now they are going for a 1200 ton as well as a 2k ton sub.


1. you repeated the osirak attack matter twice here

2. info on pic 19 what are those, pic 49 seems engine for tomcat

3. this unusual friendship between shia Iran & sunni Qatar is all business to control the worlds largest gas field & once again kuwait is playing ungli master (my opinion). btw i think the way Iranian militia & iran backed iraqi shiite militia are operating in southern Iraq i feel in next decade there could be uprising to merge shia dominated south Iraq with Iran that Iran will happily oblige to (if north kurd dominated Iraq declares independence). in that case Saddam Hussein will be proved correct (if i am not wrong he had said once all the brutality he did was to keep Iraq as one, & you loosen it iraq will disintegrate)

your view on the below

1. GsH 30mm Gatling gun on 6 X 6 trucks could also be a concept for the BMPT/tank destroyer that you have said IA should go for.

2. the IN RFI for 57 MMRCA for INS Vishal states that the jets are to have folded wings and can these be maintained and powered up with folded wings. While MiG 29K, F18 SH, Gripen Maritime (if developed) have folded wings but Rafale M doesnt. Those operating from Charles De Galle carrier dont have it too. They reach upper deck via side lifts only. IN has operated carriers with midship & side lift (both old/new vikrant, viraat & Vikramaditya have them) & INS Vishal will likely have side and midship lift too. If Rafale M
is selected IN will become its largest operator, only depending on side lift wont be good i think. Will Dassault devise folded wings for Rafale M if needed


Joydeep Ghosh

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see history being re-invented. You don't need to re-invent. Just be.
Learn from your cousins next door who are comfortable in their skin.


Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Rajesh Mishra,

You are 100% Correct. Ancient India is called as East Ethiopia. After the explosion only limited peoples survived.

From there humans started worshiping God. Humans first god is Siva lingam. What is Siva lingam? It is Male and Female Sex Organs. They start worshiping it to increase their population.

Later they started worshiping Murugan. If you watch Murugan it has star symbol attach with it. Star is nothing but Male and Female sex organs joined together. This is the Star of David which becomes the symbol in Israel Flag. Today you can see Qumaran Caves in Israel. (Muragan another name is Kumaran)

666 Number is also associated with Murugan Star. In ancient Babylon empire Murugan is one of the main god. (Tammuz). Once Abraham is against multi god they treat Murugan as Devil.
6 - Corner, 6 - Triangle, 6 - Face

Another thing if you watch Murugan is having Vel Instrument in his hand. Vel is nothing but Sperm of Male.

Later Humans start worshiping Parvathi/Meenachi/Pachiamma which is Goddess of Fertility.

Bottom line all Gods are created by humans for their survival & society.

S.Senthil Kumar

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Rajesh Mishra,

Before Kumari Kandam is submerged Mankind did not worship IDOL. After the deluge Idol Worship is brought by Murugu from African which is Murugan.

After KK Delugue, Novah took two things with him. One is Shiva and another is Kali.
Non-Idol Worship is not started by Abrahamic Religions like Judaism & Islam. It is already practiced in KK.

If you study the Etymology of the Word Jahova, Yahova, YHWH are nothing but Shiva.

Ya+ Kovan >> YaKova >> YaHova >> Jahova >> YHWH

Here Ya Means South and Kovan Means King which is Siva which deformed to Jahova. And Dhakshinamoorthy Means Southern King which is Shiva.

Jews like Black color because they are Kali Worshipers.

If you study the Etymology of the Word islam

Eesa + Lama >> EesaLama >> IsaLama >> Islam (Easa The Prophet)

Here Eesa Means Ancient Name of Siva and Lama Means Prophet.
Islam is nothing but Shiva Worship.

So Non-Idol Worship is practiced in KK Before Abrahmic Religions.

S.Senthil Kumar


It seems army is having too many black ships...i used to think only air force officers were more and more skeletons of army are coming out

rad said...

hi prasun
will you be in paris for the airshow!

Santosh Kumar Sharma said...

Prasun, you mentioned in your reply to anupam at "June 16, 2017 at 6:21 AM" that
"if India wanted to learn how to produce military turbofans, then the starting point should be NOT the Kaveri, but the M88-2".

How will this approach be any different from the licensed manufacture of russian origin engines that HAL has been involved with. Is Safran willing to share or teach details of the hot section technologies?

Unknown said...

Please be more specific sir. Who are you addressing your question and who are the cousins??

Arpit Kanodia said...

@joyadeep ghosh

If you have any problem with my comments, then that is your problem, not mine.

I mock anyone, who try to create history from nowhere, and try to show racial and ethnic superiority over others, and try to create larger than life figure. If you have any problem with this, then that is your problem.

And as for presenting facts and countering this argument, I presented the facts long long ago in this blog. After that, this guy not uttered a word for a long time about this BS. But he is back again. LoL.

But, I dont see the purpose to present facts right now. That is futile.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA, BUDDHA & SENTHIL KUMAR: These should be far more interesting that speculative notions/perceptions of 'worshipping; detties & ritual worship:

Ancient Artifacts:

5 Mysterious Ancient Spaceships:


UFO & Alien Evidence in Southern India:

Decoding Konark Sun Temple:

Decoding Indian Gods:

How Was Kailasa Temple in Ellora Caves Built:

Indian Sculpture Shows Shapeshifting Reptilians & Ancient Astronauts:

Ancient Technology & Time-Travel:

Strange Pieces From Baltic Sea Anomaly:

Mystery of Taj Mahal Architecture & Construction:

Millard Keyes said...

I usually ignore rants- but these ridiculous fantasy from the Hon Senthil Kumar deserves a comment:
If you study the Etymology of the Word Jahova, Yahova, YHWH are nothing but Shiva.
Ya+ Kovan >> YaKova >> YaHova >> Jahova >> YHWH
Here Ya Means South and Kovan Means King which is Siva which deformed to Jahova. And Dhakshinamoorthy Means Southern King which is Shiva.
Jews like Black color because they are Kali Worshipers." - I don't know what you smoke, what strange fan boy books you read and who is giving you X Files like revelations buddy but for the sake of sanity please refrain from speaking utter baloney - things you don't know personally. The fact you are reading Jehova's Witness site tells me you have no idea what you are doing. My advise therefore is from the book of Proverbs:Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent.(Prov 17:28)

Millard Keyes said...

I know Prasun (or PrasOOn apparently) India doesn't want all eggs in one basket- but seeing there are MROs for current fleet of Soviet era machines, was it not more cost effective to get more Mi-8AMTSh as replacements for older Mi-8 helos because I am assuming the weaponised pods can be attached/detached as needed? This with Mi-17V5 perhaps also with weaponised configuration would have suited the IAAC?
mi* is meant to have newer all weather avionics. I just think throwing money everywhere makes no sense unless absolutely necessary. By the way the new Australian LPDs are out of action already due to some technical glitch and would only be available in the next couple of months.

Millard Keyes said...

Those videos (except the Taj one)were ruined by that fellow's voice and pseudo-American accent - I don't know if he resides in the US because he is neither in India nor in the US as far as his accent is concerned.



Low life north eastern tribals like you who survive on reservation and racism often makes such comments. That's what keeps you people tribals.

Anonymous said...

Sir is this true we are "losing" land piece by piece?
Your views on this.


Anonymous said...

The PM has a habit of springing surprise on unsuspecting folks all the time. The issues with Trump could be complicated and the cards PM holds are not as good as with his last visit to US. Do you think that the big-card announcement - that he is prone to do - could end up with a commitment for the F-16 deal to go through. If that is the ideal choice for India or not is another issue.

I see Zee News is already speculating heavily on this ....and they could have a point.


Prav said...

Did the recent kudankulam deal with Russia pave the way for the new reactor for the INs new SSNs ?
Also.. You had mentioned that the nobody in the world uses single engined aircraft off aircraft carriers ... However the f 35b/c are single engined.Indeed the carrier aircraft used by the IN in the past were all single engined .. Is there more to it than just the number of engines ?

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Joyadeep Ghosh,

Forgive him. He is deeply disturbed by some facts. Any gentleman will never mock anyone. He will counter argue with his views/evidence. This is not his problem.

Because 1500 years many generations are indoctrinated by false theories.
Please see the Link below. How Great SANSKRIT Scholars will manipulate the facts.

The Great Indus Valley Decipherment Hoax

N.S Rajaram Great Sanskrit Scholar is very famous for the horse seal fraud.

Mr. Arpit Kanodia says “I mock anyone, who try to create history from nowhere, and try to show racial and ethnic superiority over others, and try to create larger than life figure. If you have any problem with this, then that is your problem.”

He is telling to you that I am showing racial and ethnic superiority. Ok. Please see the link below.

This is one of the famous Malayalee (Kerala Website).
How he talks about the Kerala Nambuthri bhramin and their racial attacks on other humans.

1500 years kerala low caste women cannot wear blouse. Wearing blouse is allowed only for Brahmins. Because Bhramins are born on Head of the so called GOD. If I ask when and to whom god told this there is no sound from this genius people. When we start showing facts and evidences this genius people will say Tamils are showing racial and ethnic superiority.

Mr. Ghosh you know one thing. In India you can convert to any religion. But you cannot convert to any caste. Because it is by berth. This is Indian constitution. This is not racial. This is gods gift to Indians. If you see for all the problems in India this is the Root cause.

S.Senthil Kumar

Gd said...

Hi Prasun,
What's your take on recent F-16 news?
It's more like MoU or more than that?
How F-16 will be used against China and Pak if inducted?

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Sujoy Majumdar,

With Great respect I am writing this comments. You said the following quotes.

"Re North East India, I can vouch for the fact that it is a huge burden for India. A huge percentage of India's GDP is invested out there, India gets back nothing. The tribals are running a freak show in NE. "

Solution: Yes India is spending billions in NE of India. You are saying maintaining NE is huge burden for India. Very good. I will give you easy solution. You don’t want to spend a single penny.

Just give freedom to all those NE States and make them separate country. So India don’t want to spend any money. Let them maintain their affairs. Free of burden for India.

Next You quote to lachit..

“Low life north eastern tribals like you who survive on reservation and racism often makes such comments. That's what keeps you people tribals”.

Who are tribals.?

Before Aryan came India is a wealthy country. Once Aryan came they started to divide the native Indian society into caste based system. Those who donot agree to this terms ran & stayed in the jungle. They are called as Tribals.

See Orrisa, chantisgarh.., they are great people but because of invasion they stayed in the jungle.

Solution for Reservation and Racism issues:

Just declare in India there is no Caste and all Indians are single caste and accordingly change the constitution. Tell Mr. Modiji to declare it. Once it is done you can remove all reservations in India. For your information only in Tamil Nadu 69% reservation. Other states are less than that.

Dear Honorable Pierre Zorin,

You said “I don't know what you smoke, what strange fan boy books you read and who is giving you X Files like revelations”.

I am surprised to hear from you that my comments are like revelations. Ha…Ha… Ha..

My friend I am reading many books and checking many facts which are in public domain.

And finally you said “My advise therefore is from the book of Proverbs:Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent.(Prov 17:28)”

You are saying don’t talk or don’t tell anything and keep quite. Why?. This is my view and my comments. What is bothering you.

S.Senthil Kumar

Bobby said...

Do think 20 billion for Single jet and 8_10 billion for naval fighter is worth spending which is 30 billion dollar combined

When we can make su33 in india
Why navy rejected naval lca when they already knew it's capabilities so what was the point investing money in its development

Lastly chins has building y20, c919 etc why not we are able to make or even start assembly of airliners in ����

Russian is willing to do 50 50 venture with China for wide body airliner and heavy lift helicopter y didn't. Russians went ahead with Indian on mrta


Dear Mr. S senthil kumar....We all blog readers visit trishul blog to read some new/interesting about defence/strategic affairs/geo political situations and discuss about them.....but i see you are more interested to preach your philosophy.....fine thats is your right, may be you are more intelligent and spiritual than all of us here

but i believe better option would be to create your own blog, write whatever you wish and share the link it with like minded people and please pardon us with your jargon about south india better / north india inferior ok.....I hope i am clear to you... and yes please dont take it as ego issue just like last time

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

Tata & Lockeed Martin have signed deal to fight single engine deal (supposedly) and make F16 block 70 in India under Make in India but what is the use when IAF doesnt need it

btw looks like we both have quite similar taste in mysterious things

@prasun da, @arpit @senthil et al see and get surprised especially no 3 & 5


that is why i said you need to stop giving counter point for every thing, btw the matter you took up this link will bolster your knowledge

let me tell i do know some more facts but i dont have links to prove them, here's what happened

the low caste women were not allowed to cover their breast as per parampara / tradition especially in south kerala. whenever a upper caste men would come walking by the dalit women were supposed to stand still as if presenting their breast, the upper caste men could do anything they like and if they didnt like it they would cut off their breast with a knife they used to carry. After the british came & asserted their power, the lower caste women started doing the same in front of british men (circumstances made them powerful than upper caste keralite). The MC / BC british who themselves had done lot of disgusting things were shocked to know about this parampara / tradition. they then passed a law but the travancore royals calmly said this is parampara / tradition, and let it continue, (dont know if i am correct) it is said that the british threatened to push women into sabrimala if this parampara was not stopped only then did the tranvcore royals relented and agreed to accept it. but still it took the relentless efforts of social reformers like sri narayana guru & others that this practice slowly came to a complete halt in early 1900s


the air corridor between India and Afghanistan opened today hope a lot of changes taking place vis a vis afghanistan and India.


Joydeep Ghosh

Unknown said...

Shut up man, they are Indians just like you and me.

@ LACHIT : Dear friend, please ignore this person. You don't need to prove your self to anyone.
You are an Indian. The citizen of a future superpower. Your people have a great history to be proud of, including fighting the British and Japanese and defeating them. As an Indian you are also the heir of one the oldest and greatest civilisations of all time. And your ancestors, in the ancient kingdom of prajyothisha (I think I messed up the spelling) were part of this great culture since the mahajanpad times.

Rajesh Mishra said...

Some of us seem to be alien mysterious persons but Indians among us are requested not to talk anything divisive against India. Sorry for the interruption and Thanx.

lachit said...

sometime when we walk the streets we will be accosted by street dogs

cant waste time on them , let them bark , this is what they r good at.

funny thing about aholes who throw shit at others don't realize that they are themselves in shit so much so that they have become a part of it.

the ahole needs to get back to school and learn about the reservation quotas distribution between SC OBC ST Minority before shitting from his mouth. and also needs to know about tribes in west bengal orissa madhya pradesh chattisgarh jharkhand etc etc.

@Sujoy Majumdar

phorashuna shudu korle manush hoi na , shobhab , bebahor , bhodrota , bhalo chinta dharona deya hoi, baaba ma nai neke ?

u wrote "Low life north eastern tribals like you who survive on reservation and racism often makes such comments. That's what keeps you people tribals."

and in bengal there r lakhs and lakhs of bengalis who r in jobs using SC OBC ST quotas .

last time i visited bengal ie barshat and other places , every 3rd person bengali i met was a SC or OBC

what about them ?

using ur fucked up logic they r tribals too then, and by implication (as ur a bengali) that makes u a tribal too. LOLzzzz

see now, we both are tribals only difference is that ur a mentally unfit tribal.

anyways why not try shitting on them, since they r your neighborhood bengalis maybe family too ?

dont have the balls ?

i guess in your case,
in addition to the ass and mouth mixup ,
your testicles and your brains also got mixed up .LOLzzzzz

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Me in Paris at a time when France & the UK are under attack by ISIS & other arseholes??? I prefer to dwell is more peaceful & serene environments during such turbulent times. In any case, there's a lot happening in the Asia-Pacific than in Europe. Here, watch for instance the first 10 minutes of this computer simulation of what Arjuna saw, as per the Vana Parva, which is the 3rd of 18 books of the Mahabharata" (of course once again it is the Caucasians who are educating us about our own past):

In the Indralokagamana Parva section of Vana Parva, the following can be read & deciphered:

And then there are these:

Stargates & Portals Worldwide:


To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: I'm afraid your assumptions abou the inhabitants of India's North East are dead-wrong. I will explain in great detail later tonight. Suffice to say for now that the disaster was created by the colonial Brits through the Treaty of Yandabo in 1826 that marked the beginning of British expansion in the region, till Partition in 1947. I also recxommend this book for reading, for it explains in great chronological detail the history of the colonial province of Assam, which had then included most of modern Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh:

lachit said...

@Sanjay Sharma

Pragjyotisa or kamrupa

do u know during Mahabharata ,the king Bhagadatta of Pragjyotisa who sided with the kuravas had in his army about 2-5 lakh chinese soldiers from china, in slokas these were referred to from being "Chinas" and "yellow-colored".

Pawan said...

Dear Prasun ji,

1. Is IAF & GoI again embarking on path of non sense by deciding to acquire one more platform (F-16/Gripen) when there is no funding available for buying more Rafales. If possible which platform is replacing which legacy platform. Earlier I thought Tejas would replace MiG-21/23 but now talk is about F-16/Gripen for replacing MiG-21.

2. Is there any plan in place for replacement of Jaguar in 10 years or so?

3. Do you agree with assessment made by Mr. Sawhney and Ms Wahab in their book "Dragon on our footsteps" about India not in position to win decisive war against Pakistan leaving aside China as we are not military power just military force.


Anonymous said...

This piece on Islamic Republic of Iran’s RMA is nothing short of encyclopedic. I hope Irans powers that be, do not prevent your visit the next time.




Please note, I'm not making any assumptions. I am living/lived in the North East as an outsider for 3 decades and whatever I've said is based on what I have observed & experienced.

Most people like myself who came to the North East from mainland India have left (with the exception of a few people from the mercantile community) because they have been attacked, killed across North East.

Yesterday here in Shillong, 3 migrants from Bihar were killed by local tribals. Their only fault was that they were outsiders. Till date local tribals are not allowing us to get registered for Aadhaar coz they fear that will entitle us to stay forever.

Uranium mining in Khasi hills - Local tribals won't allow it coz they don't know how to do it & so "Indians" will get the job.

I can go on & on but I've no intention to spam your blog, already people logging in with multiple usernames are doing it & then there are those whose consultancy business survives on the answers you provide.



Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Turkey send military to Qatar. Turkey is ready to send it to Saudi also. But Saudi rejected the offer.

Now Turkey Saudi relation is going to get affected. After Russia threatens Turkey with Gas supply, Turkey went to Qatar for Gas supply. That may be the reason for Turkey sided with Qatar.

Now turkey’s military is going to fight whom?. Against KSA/UAE. Can you share your idea what will be next set of actions in this dispute.

S.Senthil Kumar