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Friday, December 15, 2017

INS Kalvari S-21 SSK's On-Board Systems & Fitments

A unique feature of each of the Indian Navy’s six Scorpene SSKs is an on-board tactical situational awareness display console (above) of the kind normally found on SSNs, SSGNs and SSBNs. On this single console, the SSK’s Commanding Officer can view overlaid electronic navigation charts, the tactical situation picture, as well as a THALES-provided track table interface to the US Naval Research Laboratory-developed display and analysis tool set, called SIMDIS. The SIMDIS is a set of GOTS software tools in use to support 2-D and 3-D analysis and visualization of the undersea battlefield. SIMDIS allows an integrated real-time view of both time-space position information (TSPI) and telemetry data, and it also provides an intuitive view of complex system interactions before, during and after an event.
The sails of the Indian Navy's CM-2000 Scorpene SSKs (above) differ from those of the CM-2000 Scorpene SSKs of the Royal Malaysian Navy (below) in both looks and content, since the former play host to the VLF buoyant cable antenna suite.
Principal Weaponry
France’s Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) has mandated that the F-21 HWT will equip all French Navy nuclear submarines. The F-21 has also been ordered by the Brazilian Navy. Naval Group has developed an important component for safe deployment: an energy pack based on an aluminium/silver oxide electric battery that needs seawater for activation—an element unlikely to be found in the submarine. To meet submarine safety requirements, the F-21 will be launched by a technique in which it is pushed out of the boat by a piston (rammer), after which a valve in the torpedo opens and lets seawater into the battery to activate it. The battery provides high energy density, and is sufficiently compact that the overall length of the F-21 HWT—6 metres (19.6 feet) long with a 21-inch (533mm) diameter—is compatible with legacy launchers. One problem with competitive torpedoes that are equipped with older-generation batteries is that to achieve the energy for their missions and countermeasures, they need long batteries, which add so much to their length that they no longer fit into launchers. The torpedo must also have enough energy left once it has reached its target to attack and sink high-value targets such as aircraft carriers and frigates. This explains the importance of the primary battery as the energy source. The UK, Russia, US and Sweden have chosen thermal systems as their energy source. France specified the electric system because it is safe and silent. In underwater missions, silence is of the utmost importance to avoid detection by the enemy. This system enables a totally silent attack.
The F-21 is digital and operates in depths of 15-500 metres, which means it can be used in littoral and blue-water operations. In shallow waters there are “parasite” sounds that confuse torpedoes, which home in on targets acoustically. The F-21 treats the sound signals digitally with the same up-to-date processing as in modern warship sonars, which enables the F-21 to largely overcome this difficulty. The F-21 weighs 1.2 tons, has a range of 50km, speed of 50 Knots., and 1-hour endurance. It can attack multiple targets and has extended fibre-optic wire guidance that is resistant to most countermeasures. The warhead contains PBX B2211, a high-impulse, high-bubble-energy, insensitive explosive that conforms to NATO’s STANAG-4439 and France’s MURAT (Munitions a Risques Attenues) standards. The torpedo uses an all-electric “fuse-and-slapper” detonation technology. Primarily used in guided-missiles, the plasma-based slapper system is more stable and safer than the conventional electro-mechanical detonation systems in most torpedoes. The torpedo configuration can be changed from a weapon to a training device by just puting an exercise section on it instead of an explosive one. One can also change the primary battery, providing it with a secondary battery based on lithium-ion technology, which is reusable a great number of times.
Localisation Of Hardware Content


vikas said...

could you please confirm the range of kalvari..according to wikipedia it is 550 nm submerged..& 6500nm it true ?
isn't 550 nm too short a distance for a submarine ?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Interesting read:

RR said...

Credit TRISHUL blogspot this is one of the best coverage of India's
new underwater machine and as usual Indian media will write what Trishul
writes. Even top defence journalists do not realise MDL is now MDSL. BZ.

Unknown said...

Prasun ji, which submarine will be selected in p75i and is there any possibility for three more scorpion class submarines?

Sumit sen said...

Dada when we will sign the HWT deal? And which AIP will be fitted in the last two subs? Or they will exclude the AIP?

Kaustav said...

The airing of the Science Channel's theort on existence of a manmade Ram Setu sinks the Setu Samudram project which would have resulted in the Indian ports taking away big business from Colombo and Singapore Ports. Guess God works in mysterious ways for others

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
Great article about Kalvari class.
In the second picture the torpedo options mentioned are black shark and Mk48. So in case black shark deal doesn't get through, can mk48 be the option?

Senthil Kumar said...


DMK started the Sethu Samathuram Project during 2006 and by this time project must have completed. Both BJP and Congress are against it and BJP Stopped this project as usual with the help of Supreme Court.

Actually this project was started by Vajpayee government. If it is implemented, Colombo port must have been closed now. During UPA Congress needs DMK Support. That's why they support it.

sinhalese Government is more smart. With Indian Support they finished LTTE. Because all Indian governments are against Tamils and their culture.

Now sinhalese govenment is with China's side. Chinese took hambantota port for 99 years Lease. Very soon Chinese Navy will be in Srilanka.

Now Indian Navy is spending Billion of dollars to protect Indian Ocean.

Very soon you will hear INDIAN OCEAN will be called as CHINESE OCEAN. Great Achievements by So called Indian Governments.

All Indian government thinks they won war against Tamils. Truly India Lost the war. One day whole Indians will wake up.

Thanks Kaustav. I am happy at least some Indians started to think.

S.Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKAS: The slides uploaded above last night details all those parameters.

To SUMIT YADAV: Common-sense dictates that if additional SSKs are reqd by the IN, then additiona; Scorpene SSKLs be acquired. This is because if India were to select an all-new-design SSK, then Indian shipyards will take at least 10 years to master the licenced-production technologiers, just as was the case with the Class 209/Type 1500 & Scorpene SSKs.

To JYOTI SEN: The HWT deal will be signed next year. All six Scorpenes will not have AIP modules until they go for their medium-refit after completing 13 years of service.

An excellent panel discussions by Pakistanis about how Pakistan’s stance on the J & K has been wrong from the ethical, moral & legal standpoints:

To KAUSTAV & S SENTHIL KUMAR: Matters are not that simple. Back in the previous decade the Setusamudram Project involving dredging of the Palk Straits was taken up in order to cut short the transit lengh of the route from the Arabian Sea to India’s eastern seaboard & this was because the UPA-1 Govt was not in favout of building an artificial deep-sea port in Kerala & was instead in favour of using Tutocorin, which could accommodate bulk carriers of containers, PROVIDED dredging was carried out. This suited the DMK quite well at that time. But by 2010 it became evident that India needed not 1, but 2 new ports capable of handling container transshipments—one on the western seaboard & another on the eastern seaboard. Only then did it dawn on the UPA-2 Govt to begin constructing a new deep-sea port in Kerala & once this happened, there was no further need for a shorter transit route from the west to the east via the Palk Straits. So, all the money spent on dredging by the SCI by then—about Rs.600 crores—was written off as NPLs & that was the end of the Setusamidram Project. Now, with these two new deepwater ports to the west (which is being being on reclaimed land by ADANI Group a short distance away from Kerala’s coastline) that will receive/send cargo from/to Europe & Africa, and at Tutocorin in the east that will receive/send cargo from/to Singapore, the US West Coast, Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan & Australia, all; the earlier plans by Sri Lanka to service the Indian container transshipment market have lost their financial viability & are therefore white velephants. So, in conclusion, collapse of the Setu Samidram Project has NOTHING to do with Rama’s Setu & it has everything to do with common-sensical plans & efforts by India to develop her own sea transportation infrastructure along her eastern & western coastlines. And hence, no need to get carried away by diabolical sentiments/emotions & outrageous conspiracy theories.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VED: If there are those who are speculating about the IN’s Scorpenes having the option to use Sea Hake HWT, then why are they excluding other HWTs available from the US, UK, Sweden & Russia? After all, they all too can be launched from 533mm torpedo tubes. So why exclude them? The reason is simple & is dictated by the laws of physics, just as I had explained several times before, i.e. the HWT’s fire-control system used for feeding fire-control solutions imto the HWT’s mission computer has to be compatible with the SUBTICS combat management system’s S-CUBE sonar suite. This works exactly like a combat aircraft’s MMR providing the initial fire-control cues for a BVRAAM. HWTs that are wire-guided (like Black Shark & even the SUT) require such interfacing so that the launching SSK does not have to veer in the direction of its target & such HWTs can instead be made to attack targets that either to their right, or left or even behind them. On the other hand, autonomous HWTs like Varunastra with acoustic homing seekers do not have this all-aspect attacking capability & therefore the torpedo-launch tubes containing Varunastra have to be vectored in a way that directly faces the target—this making the launch-submarine highly vulnerable. And the ONLY HWT fire-control system that has been integrated to date with the SUBTICS is that of the Black Shark HWT & that’s why both Chile & Malaysia sue the Black Shark HWTs on their Scorpenes & when the SUBTICS was ordered along with the 7 Scorpenes in October 2005 by India, DCNS was told by India that the Black Shark too would be ordered. It was only in 2012 that India put on hold all negotiations with WASS due to Finmeccanica’s blacklisting by the Indian MoD, but by that time all SUBTICS CMS suites had already been delivered to MDSL for installation & any modification to them would have been cost-prohivitive & time-consuming.

If an altogether new HWT is to be used, then its fire-control system too will have to be installed on-board & it should be made compatible with SUBTICS through the sharing of source-codes. And this costs a lot of money as it involves compromising on IPRs. Hence, to keep matters simple & cost-effective, the best way ahead is to either procure Black Shark HWTs, or the French F-21 HWT—both of which are now the ONLY available HWT-types that are compatible with SUBTICS.

Kaustav said...

Thanks Prasunda for the clarification,There were environmental concerns too regarding the destruction of sand bars for the Setu Samundram. It is however essential that Indian ports should atleast have the transshipment business that Colombo and Singapore took away.All in all, God works for everybody and maybe we can have a revenue generating tourist and marine attraction then.

Gopu said...

Hi Prasun,

Nice writeup as always. Will the Thales supplied optronics and display systems mentioned above make their way into India's Russian-origin nuke subs?

Here's a reality check for all of the desi Rafale fanboys. Nothing that the French have offered is exclusive or strategically beneficial to India (beside the MMRCAs themselves.); at the end of the day, the IAF needed modern planes and the GoI was tasked to ordering those planes. Neither is the talk of France-India relations being "sanction-proof" helpful, since the days of Gaullist "non-alignment" are gone. Honestly, one of the best mechanisms in India's current defense strategy matrix is keeping the USA on board and aligned with India's own foreign policy goals.

All this speculation of Safran-GTRE engine for the Tejas is simply conjecture and no more, since it is highly unlikely that the Tejas mk2 will ever be in operational service. Like I pointed out some time ago, project management for Tejas is atrocious. And, as expected, HAL is falling behind its already lax delivery schedule for the Tejas mk1! Of course, HAL is still literally riveting parts by hand onto the Tejas mk1 so what else can one expect!!!

Since remedying the above would require DRASTIC changes in India's MoD (that certainly wont be happening in this decade for sure), the only obvious solution is for the Tejas programme to die a hard death.

gourav said...

Hi Prasoon,
Off topic but need your thoughts...

Gessler said...

Prasun ji, VMT for all previous answers and these amazing new threads!

I'd want to ask you if there is any information among your circles as to what "ARTEC" is in context of the IAF? Is it a company, a system, or something else?

Thanks in advance!

Please disregard the same post made earlier by my other handle.

Unknown said...

parsun sir off topic sir drdo arudara radar shown in repbulic day parade are indegenious or elta made sir can indian companies make frigates or destorayers engines 2 xrsam development 3 can india make barak8 seeker. 4 sir recent test of akash1s indeginous seeker your comment 5 sir sourv jha twitter say akashNG range near 50 km 6 sir whats real problem in arjun mk2. Sir your commdnt on drdo 1500hp engine they can do it or just take decade

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your answer regarding Sethu Samitharam Project. Creating two deep water ports one in East and one in west coast is correct in Business/Economical & Trade point of view. I agree to it.

Sethu Samitharam was a military project from the very conceptual stage; any commercial/civilian aspect was secondary.

But you miss the big part which is strategically advantage for India. Indian navy should go round srilanka to cross east and west coastlines of India. If sethu samithiram project have completed, Indian navy has huge advantage. Now Indian navy have to meet Chinese Navy in Hambantota port.

To Meet the New Ravana (Chinese Navy), do Rama (Indian Navy) have the power in Srilanka.

Already Srilankan Tamils are against Back-Stabbing Indian Governments. Now Sinhalese Government are against India and they are with Chinese side.(To fool & milk money from Indian governments this Sinhalese government will tell to Indians they are friendly country)

Both srilankan Tamils and Sinhalese citizens are against India. This is the naked reality.

In New Ramayana War who will win, Rama or Ravana. Lets wait and see.

S.Senthil Kumar

Anonymous said...

prasun sir,
what will be the implications of maldives fta with china for india?
what appropriate measure should india takee?


Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
Which is better Black Shark or F21?

Millard Keyes said...

Interesting comments and I have always said this is true.
I have always been saying there is NO value in India walking on egg shells as far as Israel-India relations are concerned because of the Muslims. Pakistan has started equating Kashmir with Palestine this is why it is far better for India to recognize Israeli rights to Jerusalem.

Millard Keyes said...

Prasun you said visit of Gentiloni has gently smoothed the creases caused by the AW scandal. Does this not mean that there should be no doubts about the Black Shark procurement? When do you reckon the helos would start service now that an agreement has been reached with Italy?
Seeing India and Brazil are part of BRICS, why so little interaction between Brazil's EMBRAER? Would it not be feasible to cooperate regarding transport planes and even the Tejas or a passenger aeroplane?
Seeing India possesses the German Sub blueprint, what stops their manufacture in India and fit them with latest electronics and sub systems? Surely this would deal with the submarine shortage.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV: Neither Sri Lanka now Singapore never stole any transshipment business. One can steal only something that exists. In India’s case, until the previous decade there were no plans to build any deepwater port! Nopw that such ports are coming up, market forces will dictate how things play out. Singapore won’t lose any business because all VLCCs from the Far east that are biund for South Asia & the Middle East prefer to exchange & re-position containers in Singapore. That’s what trans-shipment is all about. Ultimately, it will be the supply-demand matrix that will dictate the cargo shipment business, i.e. as long as India imports more goods than she exports, the traffic will be dependent on transshipment from regional hubs like Singapore.

To GOPU: VMT. The SSBNs of the IN are not of Russia-origin. Only their designs are. The on-going negotiations between SAFRAN/SNECMA Moteurs & the DRDO/GTRE are 100% true & the details have already appeared on-the-record. That’s because just as Dassault Aviation was initially roped in as a consultant to ADA in the late 1980s for a brief period, SNECMA Moteurs has since the late 1990s been involved in doing peer reviews of the weight-budgeted version of the Kaveri turbofan. SNECMA’s assopciation with th Kaveri therefore spans more than a decade. Now, whether matters will be taken to their logical conclusions on-board the projected LCA-AF Mk.2 is an entirely different matter, since the all-critical project management deficiencies have not even been identified, let alone be ironed out. And this is because the ruling political elite has always been & continues to be totally oblivious to the reality that is staring at all of us.

To GESSLER: VMT. The only thing that props up about ARTEC is this:

BTW, I’ve uploaded the slide above explaining the thin-line towed-array sonar that is on-board both the Class 209/Type 1500 & the Scorpene SSKs.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PAWAN MEENA: Of course they all are being made in India. But what’s the percentage of their indigenization? Are they being just licence-assembled, or have 90% of their sub-systems been indigenized while the most critical 21% of the sub-systems will continue to be imported? Akash-1’s seeker was always indigenously designed & built. The seeker now being tested isn’t a new one, but a ruggedized one because the previous seeker was not functioning optimally in areas where tropical monsoon forests exist, i.e. in the North East. Hence, extra quantum of hermetically sealed electronics was reqd. The project to develop the Akash-NG was DISCARDED 3 years ago & instead the Barak-8’s MR-SAM variant will be used by both the IA & IAF. How can anyone even dream about developing 1,500hp engine when even 800hp engines have yet to be developed? To develop engines just for MBTs is IMPOSSIBLE without first developing high-power engines meant for heavy-duty trucks, railway locomotives, warships, submarines etc etc.

To SENTHIL KUMAR: There NEVER was any military dimension, rest assured. Why else do you think the IN has an Eastern Fleet & Western Fleet, along with separate task force flotillas for the Southern Command & the A & C Command? Nor does the leasing of Hambantota Port to China-based companies translate into loss of Sri Lankan sovereignty over that port. If you want to rent out your apartment, does it then mean that you have also surrendered your opwnership of the apartment? Not are Sri Lankan Tamils anti-Indian. Only a certain percentage of the Jaffna Tamils regard India as back-stabbing, but the rest & those Tamils of Indian origin whose forefathers were brought to Sri Lankan by the colonial British do not harbor any such ill-feelings.

To PRAVIN: No adverse effects at all, rest assured. It is an economic agreement, not a military one.

To VED: The F-21 is a newer-generation HWT when compared to the Black Shark.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AGGARWAL: This is what you had asked: What are your thoughts re-the various court decisions in Pakistan? It seems to indicate that their institutions are beginning to stand up. They have activist judges, they are showing incredible courage. I feel their leaders have trapped themselves. Their whole society seems to have turned fundoo. This has resulted in local abdul wanting clean leaders and justice. Their whole direction is more fundy, including more focus on Kashmir. Jihad has been mainstreamed there. They have started to change and how will this impact us? Is this the revival of Islam as we are seeing in Turkey? If they do start to revive, do you think they will become even more difficult to handle? They only recently stuck a finger to USA by even Mushraff saying he is the best supporter of LeT.

My answer: Kindly rest assured that these so-called activist judges of ‘Terroristan’ are only busy digging their graves. That’s because there will come a time very soon when these judges themselves will be forced to be held accountable, i.e. why did they accord judicial cover to the unconstitutional military coup mounted by Gen Musharraf on October 18, 1999? What you must also take note of is that Musharraf has been giving TV interviews to various Pakistani channels every single day for the past 30 days, without any break. What does all this indicate & where are things headed? This is where they are headed:

Morover, there’s still no national clarity inside Pakistan on what constitutes terrorism. Consequently, the innocent victims of the APS Peshawar massacre continue to be glorified as ‘martyrs’ while no one wails for all those innocent Pakistani civilians in FATA who were massacred by US-conducted/Pakistan-approved drone strikes & this in turn continues to swell the ranks of those FATA-based & KPK-based tribal clans who seek revenge from Pakistan from such drone-strikes. And the PA is hell-bent on preventing the conduct of a judicial enquiry that will establish accountability for the APS massacre—which the ‘so-called activist judiciary’ refuses to take notice of suo moto. And without fixing responsibility, the National Action Plan remains still-born, & Pakistan’s self-created national religiosity ensures that extremism flourishes & continues to supply an endless cadre of anti-Pakistan terrorists who view the present national ideology of Pakistan as being un-Islamic & haram. These will provide you with far greater clarity on Pakistan’s gaping faultlines, as explained by Pakistanis themselves:

Unknown said...

Although immature journalism but highly interesting topic.It covers operation Hat untaken by Gen.Kohli of IA with CIA to plant a device which contained Pu-238 capsules.The device was planted in Nanda Devi for spying on China' Nuke program but the mission ended horribly after storm.As the device itself was found by GOI,but the Pu-238 capsules were missing from it.Several experts including Captain Kohli himself and former RA&W officer R.K Yadav wrote to GOI about this alarming situation but all in vein.The fear is what will happen if those capsules will leak the isotope and later if it will mix-up with Ganga'a water.
What's your your take on it?

joydeep ghosh said...

Prasun da

i have 2 querries from previous thread and a few new ones

1. regarding your thread i want to ask is it possible that DEWs will render Davids sling/Iron dome useless.

2. you have talked about accumulators, cant these be used in a way that allows carrier based jets to stand still by releasing the power for abrupt halt even if they miss arrester wires, as a concept if you remember sometime back i had shared video about C130s using arrester rockets to come to stand still

3. can you shed light on the 3 solutions related to scorpenes that were exported

4. have you decided to go on a recce to find whats wrong with Siang river

5. what i can figure from various online discussions, blogs and article is this, am i correct in these

a. its the F21 torpedo that will be selected

b. FF21 torpedo will selected not just for scorpenes but also for SSBN/SSN

c. 3 additional scorpenes are most likely to be ordered by early 2019 when the 6th sub comes out of shed

d. its the Sterling MESMA AIP that will be eventually selected for all 9 scorpenes and once again tax payers will be taken for a ride as DRDO AIP will be consigned to dustbin

6. a DRDO PUNA unit is working on a electronic fuse for artillery is it the same like earlier case of importing and assembling in India

hope to get answers


Joydeep Ghosh

Anonymous said...

is this article accurate? does history happened exactly in same way? where did IND PM in 1971 lascked strategic vision in settling whole J & K problem? will it get rectified in next year hostilities? Do u think present Cabinet committee on security gives free hand to armed forces to regain lost territories or does it happens exactly same way happened in 65,71&99? ur critical view


El.mag18 said...

Is it possible that the Plutonium capsules were removed by Indian security agencies for use in our nuclear programme. Makes me think it would be a good tactic for us to lay our hands on it. Just my 2p....

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To INTOLERANT PERSON: LoLz! Don’t fall into the trap of blindly ASSUMING that all the bullshit from R K Yadav circulating around is the gospel truth. Instead, do read the book that chronicles this operating in great detail:

The irony is that after spending huge amounts of money & human effort in the Nanda devi operation, the ultimate & best solution was found in Leh itself, when an identical passive SIGINT sensor powered by solar energy was installed & it gave far better & consistent results WRT China’s ballistic missile test-firings & underground nuclear tests at both Korla & Lop Nur. And this continues till this day.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: YES, in the time to come, air-defence systems will switch over from SAMs to high-power laser-based DEWs. 2) If they could have been or can be used, then don’t you think by now such systems would have become operational with the world’s major armed foreces? 3) Solutions for what? 4) The ‘recce’ was conducted late last month itself. It was due to a massive mudslide around the great bend of the river just before it enters AP. 5) Wait for the official announcement by the IN. No use speculating at this stage. All that I have given are the on-ground facts & the options. 6) I can give you several examples of the DRDO undertaking product development projects that have routinely appeared in various on-line DRDO publications but which have never seen the light of day. In fact, the DRDO ought to publish on-line publications in which all such product-development efforts must be listed along with the reasons why such products never went into series-production.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RON: There are several inaccuracies in that report.

Claim: Ironically, some years after it came into being, Bangladesh’s intelligence agencies, in collaboration with the ISI, the intelligence agency of the very country it broke away from, ended up training insurgents from India’s Tripura and Assam.
Reality: This started in 1975 AFTER India swore to take rebenge for Sheikh Mujibur Rehman’s August 15, 1975 assassination by creating the Shanti Bahini separatist movement at Agartala on August 17, 1975.

Claim: R & AW, created less than three years prior to the war (on 21 September 1968), was pressed into service to train the Mukti Bahini, without whose assistance the creation of Bangladesh would not have been possible. The RAW was then generously assisted by the Intelligence Bureau (from which the RAW had been carved) and, of course, the Army, in training the Mukti Bahini.
Reality: All paramilitary training to the Mukti Yodhas inside India was imparted by the BSF, not R & AW or anyone else. Later, the IN also provided training in underwater demolition techniques.

Claim: Also not widely remembered is that although Indian troops had unofficially entered East Pakistan on 21 November, well before the war officially began, overt hostilities between the two countries had started not on India’s eastern front, but rather on the country’s western front and that too by Pakistan. Based on the belief that the defence of East Pakistan lay in India’s western theatre, Pakistan launched a series of aerial strikes on almost a dozen Indian airbases located in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan on the evening of 3 December.
Reality: Overt hostilities began in the last week of November 1971 in the form of the famous dogfight involving IAF Gnats & PAF Sabres over Kharagpur in WB.

Claim: The fact is that both sides appeared devoid of clearly defined political and strategic goals on the Western front. Tragically, India did not give the western front the importance it deserved. Despite having lost Chhamb (in J & K) only six years earlier in the 1965 India-Pakistan War (which was fortunately returned as part of the January 1966 Tashkent Agreement), the Indian Army failed to defend Chhamb a second time. Shamefully, India again lost Chhamb to Pakistan and this time it was not returned.
Reality: India was told by both the US & USSR to go easy on the western front in return for going all-out in the eastern front. That was the deal that was worked out in August 1971. Chhamb area west of ther Munawar Tawi River was tactically indefensible & thus was not sought back, while several other dominating positions along the LoC were retained by India & were not given back. Turtuk too was captured for the first time in 1971 by the IA & was never given back.

Claim: Lack of strategic thinking and foresight resulted in India paying a huge cost in J & K. Thousands of lives have since been lost and thousands of crores of rupees expended to fight Pakistan’s seemingly endless proxy war in the state.
Reality: This could have been stopped in mid-1999 itself had the orders to cross the LoC & do a reverse-Kargil-type operation been given by the NDA govt & at that time both Haji Pir Pass, Olthinhthang & Khapalu could have been captured with ease.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...


This should (LoLz!) once & for all end all speculation about SUT HWTs ever arming the Scorpene SSK of the IN! Instead, this now involves the F-21 HWT from France's NAVAL Group & the WASS Black Shark from Italy's LEONARDO Group. And since the MoD had blacklisted FINMECCANICA Group, Italy can now legally claim that the FINMECCANICA Group no longer exists & that WASS is under the LEONARDO Group & thus it does not anymore come under the ambit of the MoD's blacklisting. So, it now becomes legally tenable for all of LEONARDO group's business subsidaries to bid afresh in all competitive bids of the Indian MoD.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To El.mag18: What you need to first establish is which isotope of Plutonium is used for making weapons & which isotope is used for power generation. Only after you have secured their answers will you be able to determine what is used for what & what could have transpired. So, kindly start the homework by reading up about Pu-238 & Pu-239 isotopes. And Oh! Also try to develop some respect for the laws of physics as well, as it will do you a wealth of good.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Archival footages of the 1971 War:

Banga Veer Qader ‘Tiger’ Siddiqui & Maj Gen Gandharv Nagra in 1971:

Pakistani POWs Moved To India:

Razakars of East Pakistan:

IA’s 57 Mtn Division November 1971:

IA in Munawar Tawi River in Chhamb:

Clan McNair Ship with East Pakistani Refugees from Chittagong Arrivs in India:

Bangabandhu Mujibur Rahman Interview in 1972:

Bangladeshi Refugees Airlifted Out Of Pakistan:

Bangabandhu Speech on 1-3-1971:

Bangabandhu Speech on 7-3-1971:

Bangabandhu Speech on 25-3-1971:

Bangabandhu Speech 10-1-1972 in Delhi:

Operation Search light:

Bangladesh Police Resistance on 25-3-1971:

Documentary on Mukti Bahini:

Bangladesh Story Under Three Flags:

Interview of the 'Pakistani DG that NBaMo Referred To Last Week:

Ved said...

Thanks Prasun. So till the time the HWT is finally selected the subs will be without a torpedo.!!!

Tharun said...

Do submarine carry fresh water on board or make it on board?

Wise_Ass said...


It is strange Indian Army wants a tank firing canon launched 5km ATGM CLGM but no priority for
a 155mm/120mm guided artillery shell?It can be game changer in LoC/WB mortar duels to suppress enemy fire in counter-battery roles.In LoC battle videos,it is all chaotic mix of heavy machine gun fire,mortar,AGL,40mm anti-aircraft,ATGM instead of couple of Krasnopol-type on enemy bunkers&mortar teams lased by quadcopters like Russians are doing in Syria or Saudi supported rebels using it in Yemen(Chinese GP1&GP6)!Your thoughts/insights into status if any of guided artillery/mortar shells? Why not one shot-one kill like Israelis are doing in Golan with Tamuz NLOS?

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Regarding Jerusalem Capital Issue, India Did not condemned Trump administration.
India's muted response surprised many including Arabs.

Now most of Arab ambassadors have asked India to clarify its position.

India cannot sit in the fence for long time. India will loose its respect Internationally.

What is India's answer. Please comment.

Thanks in Advance
S.Senthil Kumar

Unknown said...

Sir I am not an expert in such matters but here's the question for you:
There's news circulating that NAVAREA(something like that is issued.And speculations are there that K-4 SLBM is about to get tested.
Since I don't have any basic knowlege of that warning stuffs,can you tell us for what that warning is issued and for which time-frame?And if given,then for what?An SLBM test?
2.If Aridhaman is commisioned in near future,won't it require a SLBM test to fulfill parameters of Basic Weapon trials?
Thanks in advance Prasunji.

Anonymous said...


In your previous post, you showed slides of the A-6 and K-6. As per these older slides, the two are not identical. Have things changed since then ? That is what you seem to have asserted earlier. If so, is the definitive A-6/K-6 more like the A-6 shown in the slides or like the K-6 ?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your detailed answer. Love the links.

There have been been lots of reports of what the chinese did to Sri Lankans. Look what is going on in Gwadar:

Is this their new way or is this a case of special treatment?

What I found interesting is that when it came to giving lots, they preferred giving those to Saudis and Qatar and not Chinese. Have they created a situation where the 3 are competing to invest? If so they truly have the Chanakian genes.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VED; Yes, that will be the case till late 2018. So, technically, the Scorpene SSKs won't be operational platforms till then.

To THARUN: Do read these:

The Boiler Auxiliaries Plant (BAP) of the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Ranipet, has produced a reverse osmosis plant for use in submarines of the Navy. It has successfully completed field trials to the satisfaction of the Navy, according to A.V. Krishnan, Executive Director of BHEL, Ranipet.

To WISE_ASS: The CLGM isn't meant to be an ATGM, but will instead be an anti-helicopter projectile, like the INVAR from Russia & LAHAT from Israel.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SENTHIL KUMAR: LoLz! What exactly is there to clarify? The process of clarification is up to the ONLY 2 direct stakeholders, i.e. the Israelis & Palestinians. It is they who have to decide what & where their respective capitals ought to be. Nor has the US ever stated that UNDIVIDED Jerusalem will be the future capital of Israel. Thus, in the end if the Israel-Palestinian negotiations reach the end-state, then most likely West Jerusalem will become Israel’s capital while East Jerusalem will become the capital of the Palestinian State. Presently, even the major Arab countries have no clarity on such matters except the Sunni-dominated states that do not want the holy status of Mecca & Medina to be diluted by according equal religious importance to Jerusalem. So, there are far larger issues involving religious centres of gravity that will dictate the future status of Jerusalem & the Israelis, the US, the Saudis, the Egyptians etc etc are all aware of this reality. Hence what India thinks about this issue is insignificant at this stage & therefore India should refrain from jumping into the fray.

To INTOLERANT PERSON: 1) It is called NOTAM, i.e. notice to airmen, issued by the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation’s DGCA. 2) How can any vessel of that type be commissioned in the near future? INS Arihant was commissioned 9 years after its launch & it will take at least 4 years for the second SSBN of this type top be commissioned.

To SATYAKI: Both A-6 & K-06 are still in the technology demonstration stage & haven’t even entered the prototype development stage. Hence, between these 2 stages, several changes/modifications will take place before the definitive variants surface.

To AGGARWAL: So far only China has been allowed to invest in Gwadar. And that’s not because of Gwadar’s business potential, but more for turning Gwadar into a safe haven for those Chinese citizens working throughout the Middle East & Africa who might have to be repatriated back to China in large numbers in case of emergencies. In such situations, Gwadar will be used as the transit point where Chinese citizens will be repatriated to by boat & by air & from there they will be airlifted back to China via Xinjiang. That’s why China wants to fence off the entire perimeter of Gwadar. A similar role will be played by the PLA’s logistics base in Djibouti.

To VED: Have uploaded above the brochure of the F-21 HWT along with a brief description.

Prranshu Yadav said...

Sir, I had asked this question in previous thread but you probably missed it so I am reposting it here.Do you think Dr. Santhanam was right in saying that the testing of a thermonuclear device in 1998 had failed and consequently India only has fission weapons? And are the 6 nuclear tests conducted by India enough to master nuclear weapons technology considering that China conducted around 45 tests?

Ravi said...

Prasun Sir, An article in NYT, whose link is given below, tells about a $22 million US government funded program which was investigating unidentified flying objects. According to Harry Reid, former Senate majority leader, “Much progress has been made with the identification of several highly sensitive, unconventional aerospace-related findings,”.
Program’s director Luis Elizondo told “there was a need for more serious attention to the many accounts from the Navy and other services of unusual aerial systems interfering with military weapon platforms and displaying beyond-next-generation capabilities.”

My question to you is that from past several months I have been following stuff related to UFO on the internet and have read many articles and watched several videos, but these stuff were about UFO sighting only and I am still clueless about their intention, their purpose are and what they want from us. So can you please suggest a few good books and video links about their intention & purpose and reason behind their interest on us.

Anonymous said...


VMT. Is the India Today article correct when it says that the K-6 project was initiated only in Feb. 2017 ? What was the govt. doing after the first A-5 test in 2012 in that case ? Is there a deliberate design to slow down our transition to a credible deterrent?


Capt said...

How does Varunastra(Sub version) compares itself with the F-21 HWT?

Anonymous said...

As per the F21 Slide under Safety, it mentions that the Silver Oxide ALuminium primary battery electrolyte starts only after salt water enters it, which means that as long as the torpedo is inside the submarine it has no chance of being activated. What happens if there is in the situation that the torpedo section of the submarine is damaged and water floods in. Does it create a situation of explosion by that as the torpedo comes in contact with salt water. Could it result in explosion or does it have a fail-safe system to block saltwater contact in case of the fornt section has a breech.

The thought came to my mind about the explosion of INS Sindhughosh although it maybe that the Torpedo's in them do not use Torpedo's with AgO-Al primery battery ... (I don't know).

2) A different question altogether. In this links, the sniper gun is that IA's type or is that from the British snipers who were part of the Indo-UK joint military exersize in Rajasthan ..


Devopriyo said...

Hi Prasun,

Is this genuine news or fake news

Sushant said...

Can you please clarify the surafce to air warfare capacity of Kolkata class destroyers , whether they carry 32 barak 8 or 64 barak 8 and if they carry 32 barak 8 arent they underarmed or is it being deliberately underarmed to obfuscate ita capabilities??

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

TO Prranshu Yadav: Yes, he was right. That’s because cold-tests in the laboratory can never compensate for hot-tests conducted in the field. China conducted more tests because it had to develop a far greater type of nuclear WMDs that had to be deliverable by various means. In addition, China’s R & D community never had the kind of military-technical or military-industrial access from either the US or Europe or the USSR for developing both nuclear warheads & their delivery means. In India’s case, such total denial of access was not the case.

To RAVI: That NYT story was probably inspired by what the US recentl;y released & here it is:


To SATYAKI: Conceptual design work on the A-6 & K-06 was initiated way back in 2006 itself & this hasd included MIRV design/development as well.

To CAPT: Read my explanations above. It’s all detailed there.

To KANE: Even if the weapons compartment is flooded with sea-water, such water cannot enter the HWT unless a valve is mechanically activated & hence the HWT retains its inactive status. As for sniper rifles, the IA has only 7.62mm Dragunovs & NTW-20s. The one shown on the pix belomgs to the British Army & it has also been exported to Pakistan.

TO Sushant Makhnotra: 32 in ready-to-fire mode & another 32 stored as reloads. Total of 64 per P-15A/P-15B DDG.

To DEVOPRIYO & RAD: The SANT is actually the TV-guided version of HELINA that can engage targets out to a distance of 12km when fired from attack helicopters flying at an altitude of 1,000 feet ASL. Fire-control cues are provided via 2-way data-link by the COMPASS optronic turret mounted on the LCH & Rudra helicopters. Check out this missile’s photo above, where it is shown attached to an RPV.

To RAJESH MISHRA & KAUSTAV: Very interesting read indeed:

This latest book details all the recently declassified documentation originating from MI-6, which prove behind a shadow of doubt that Pakistan had by 1979 faced 2 insurmountable difficulties WRT enriching Uranium to HEU: First, Dr A Q ‘Bhopali’ Khan was unable to construct a Chemicals Plant in Dera Ghazi Khan for creating Uranium Hexafluoride gas ; & Two, , Dr A Q ‘Bhopali’ Khan was unable to procure from the US-based Emerson Electric Industrial Controls the high-speed electrical inverters that controlled high-speed alternating current (AC) electric motors required for operate the gas centrifuges at very high speeds. Consequently, Pakistan struck a deal with China under which the latter agreed to supply 50 tonnes of Uranium Hexafluoride gas off-the-shelf in return for ALL the components & sub-systems that Dr A Q ‘Bhopali’ Khan had obtained from the UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. All these were airfreighted by the PAF to Hanzhong, where China’s efforts to master gas centrifuge technologies had begun in 1977 and by 1981 China had managed to series-produce supercritical centrifuges using maraging steel. These were installed at the Hanzhong Enrichment Facility at Xian. Thus far, China has built two such indigenous centrifuge cascades thast together represent about 700,000-800,000 SWU per year. The Shaanxi Uranium Enrichment Plant (located at 33°15’42” N, 107°25’49″E) receives the Uranium Hexafluoride gas from the Heping Gaseous Diffusion Plant. Thus, there NEVER was any uranium enrichment facility in Kahuta, not even a pilot plant as it had been speculated before.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

This nitwit who had ended up confusing everybody earlier this year by totally misreading Dr Shivshankar menon's interpretation of India's NFU doctrine, is later this afternoon all poised to further confuse his audience WRT North Korea's nuclear WMNs!!!

Kaustav said...

VMT Prasunda, The facts presented by you makes this unified Chi-Pak nuclear weapons program even more scary. Both Nations along with N.K. have indulged in criminal acts of WMD proliferation, technology theft and numerous illegal activities and trades. Horrifyingly, China seems to be as much a Rogue State as it's client vassals Pakistan and N.K. with the terrifying acknowledgement that today no nation on earth can challenge PRC or even isolate them.

Kaustav said...

Also in the context and Pakistan's war mongering about a South Asian blowup,would it not be prudent for India to enter into the existing 36 Rafael MMRCA type agreement and quickly acquire off the shelf purchases of a total of 6 squadrons of Rafael MMRCA and 6 squadrons of F16 @18 aircrafts per squadron and reach the IAF target of combat squadrons. The LCAs and AMCA could be developed at the usual leisurely hamhanded Indian pace 😁 to replace other older combat jets when necessary. Even the FGFAs would be needed to replace the Su30mki far into the future with many changes in technology already visible on the horizon.

Prranshu Yadav said...

So has this affected India's ability to present a credible nuclear deterrent? We do have fusion boosted fission devices right?

Unknown said...

Rather newbie question.
Can't the Varunastra be integrated into the Scorpene SUBTICS?

Also has there been any improvement in the range and speed of Varunstra after this,

rad said...

hi prasun
how can a helina which has a range of 8 km reach out to 12 km plus ,just with a tv guidance ? has the missile been basically modified, elongated etc for increase in range?
bear with me pse i could not find the link about the missile.

i assume it is a 2 way rf data link, so that ca n be jammed ??

is there any rfi out for sniper rifles or the MOD is waiting for more jawans to be shot ?

Rajesh Mishra said...

"Pakistan struck a deal with China under which the latter agreed to supply 50 tonnes of Uranium Hexafluoride gas off-the-shelf in return for ALL the components & sub-systems that Dr A Q ‘Bhopali’ Khan had obtained from the UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland."

This stark fact was overlooked by many and not bothered by almost all in the world. I always suspected the collaboration of NoKo in this matter and now it is sure that Pakistan, China and NoKo all were involved together in this sinister nuclear drama.

Anonymous said...

ur insights on this?


Anonymous said...

"Consequently, Pakistan struck a deal with China under which the latter agreed to supply 50 tonnes of Uranium Hexafluoride gas off-the-shelf in return for ALL the components & sub-systems that Dr A Q ‘Bhopali’ Khan had obtained from the UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. All these were airfreighted by the PAF to Hanzhong, where China’s efforts to master gas centrifuge technologies had begun in 1977 and by 1981 China had managed to series-produce supercritical centrifuges using maraging steel."

why did US along with western European intelligence services were sitting duck and let this happen? why did they not a joint mission to stop this deal?


Anonymous said...


The 83 Tejas RFP is out it appears from the HAL statement out today. It would be interesting to see the details of this RFP... What do you expect it to show.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

TO Prranshu Yadav: Of course not. Boosted-fission MIRVs are more than enough to ensure credible minimum deterrence.

TO Primordial Pete: Varunastra HWT isn’t wire-guided. Submarine-launched HWTs need to be wire-guided.

To RAD: The 8km-range limitation is for the fire-n-forget lock-on-before-launch HELINA using IIR seeker. Usage of a TV seeker for lock-on-before-launch helps extend the missile’s range & hence the photo of the SANT/HELINA-ER clearly shopws an extra 2-inch plug at the rear just before the exhaust nozzle. A true fire-n-forget version of SANT/HELINA-ER will emerge only after the MMW seeker (like that on the Brimstone) is perfected.

To ROBIN & RAJESH MISHRA: It was neither overl;ooked nor was it glossed over. In reality, the Ford & Administration at that time had offered Pakistan a deal under which the PAF would get 110 Vought A-7 Corsair tactical interdictors as part of an economic/military aid. But this offer was rejected by Pakistan’s then PM Z A Bhutto because he then was harbouring dreams of indigenously producing nuclear WMDs with the financial assistance of the ‘Muslim Ummah’ & labelling them as ‘Islamic’ nuclear WMDs. As a result, the US & UK decided to stop Dr A Q ‘Bhopali’ Khan’s efforts to install gas centrifuge cascades in Kahuta & confiscated several critical components that were already ordered by Pakistan, such as the high-speed electrical inverters. That’s what crippled all efforts by Pakistan to produce even 20% enriched uranium & even those centrifuge cascades built by China at Hanzhong can today produce only 20% enriched uranium, and not HEU.

To KANE: The RFP specifies almost all the desired platform survivability features that I had explained in the thread dealing with the LCA-AF Mk.2.

sbm said...

Hi Prasun - do you have a link to the RFP?

I am hearing it includes SPJ and MAWS as part of the fit for the Mk.1A.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SBM: LoLz! It is an RFP meant for only 1 recipient, i.e. HAL, thus it is a restricted one & will not be available on-line. In the RFP, both technical & financial aspects are specified & therefore, compliance with performance parameters will be mandatory, while in the financial component, HAL will be reqd to cater for life-cycle cost figures. It also remains to be seen if the RFP specifies only prototype development, meaning no series-production orders will be placed for the 83 units until the prototypes are fully certified as weaponised airworthy platforms.

MAWS & SPJ has been specified but the preference is for an internal ASPJ, since a pod-mounted external SPJ cannot be used during air combat. At least 4 MAWS sensors & four RWR receivers are reqd at the very least (though six is the optimum number) to ensure coverage of frontal & rear hemispheres. Similarly, for the distributed ASPJ transmitters, four apertures are reqd for frontal & rear protection against AAMs. If the protection-level is to be extended to include threats from SAMs, then six RWR sensors, six MAWS sensors & six jamming transmitters are reqd for internal installation.

সুমন্ত নাগ said...

Prasun Da, thanks again for yet another informative blog, an off topic question though:

What might be the cause of recent reported dangerous level of turbidity in Bramhaputra River in Assam ? While our politicians and most newspapers are blaming China ?

Thanks in advance.

rad said...

hi prasun
there was this crazy report of a Chinese collaboration to make microbolometers in india under collaboration , any truth?.

how far have we progressed on the mmw active seeker for the helina ? who is making it ?,is it as complicated as the astra air to air seeker ? i do remember reading that the drdo had conducted a flight trial of the nag with an active seeker some years ago ?

is there any advantage in making a ku band seeker vs the local ka band seeker for the astra ?? or is it vice versa?

i believe the maws will be the one jointly being developed by eads for the lca or is ot the saab stuff?, and the internal spj the one being collaborated with israel . how will is i t compared with the present el-8222 jammer.? how deep i s the collaboration? hardware software? will they teach us the crtitcal algorithm ?

Anonymous said...


Are you saying that the Pakistani deterrent is by and large a figment of imagination? By what you say, it appears that a handful (not more than a dozen or so) of Chinese IRBMs under tight Chinese control constitute this deterrent.


RJS said...

Dear Sir ,

In your esteemed opinion , do you think in its current shape , HAL built Tejas LCA Mk1a will be in a position to comply with your recommendation of 6 MAWS , RWR sensors & 6 Jamming transmitters respectively ?

Thanks in advance .

Regards ,

Ankit Singh said...

India votes in favour of UNGA resolution calling upon US to withdraw its recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel.
Why such support to palestine when they have never shown support for kashmir and in turn supported pak narrative, atleast abstaining from vote would have been fine.
Your view sir?

vikas said...

Sir, have the p15b destroyers been delayed ?

is this true ??

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why a light weight fighter that is meant to replace the Mig-21 is supposed to have the technology that even our heavy fighters do not have.

Surely its an overkill for Tejas to have 6 MAWS , RWR sensors & 6 Jamming transmitters respectively?

Which of our current crop of fighter aircraft has that? Even the f-16 doesn't have all of these.

We are setting ourselves up for another epic failure.

This aircraft will always go in the company of others, much bigger aircraft.


Anonymous said...

Sir what are the defensive suis on Su30 mki? How many SPJ/MAWS/RWR are present and does space volume exists to install internally if they are absent?

Does using AESA MMR on Super Su30 will aid in terrain avoidance flights etc too?


Jasgill said...

DADA, thnx for previous qas, does IA upgrade 122mm BM21 rocket launcher

Rajesh Mishra said...

Now I suspect that not only the few deterrents of Pakistan666 but also the nukes of NoKo are under the control of China the Red Dragon.

Rajesh Mishra said...

India's tactical support to the Palestine is actually a strategical support to the Israel.

Devopriyo said...

Hi Prasun,

Is this the derivative of Astra that you were taking of? How long before this is inducted?

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

India Finally vote against US in Jerusalem Capital Issue. More than 120 Countries are against this move. India have no other choice to go with the international tide.

US will get angry against India. Se we can expect US will give some lollipop to Pakistan to punish India.

S.Senthil Kumar

Millard Keyes said...

MPatel = Munaf Patel?
What you are saying is like - why do people need flushing toilets when the old LOTA and a hole in the paddock would suffice.
Why MAWS and RWR? well, imagine you are "doing" your neighbour's wife. MAWS and RWR are like the warning you need to ensure if the man of the house suddenly comes home you have enough time to put the pants on and run out of the back door.
Jamming transmitters like- well, stopping your mother in law calling every morning at 6am when you are snuggling into your wife


Gundam said...

Prasun Da,

Read today an article

China’s “String of Pearls”: The encirclement of India & how to break the chakravyuh?

The author seems to be pointing to a grim situation really wrt to OBOR and String of Pearl? How accurate is that?

Pls comment on this article.

The solutions in economic front wrt to ASEAN and BIMSTEC - Can those be implemented?

What about the military solutions?

Wrt the overall all topic and recent issues in news for Maldives , Nepal etc- how do you read that?

Is China doing so much to really contain India? Why is our government sleeping?

Gessler said...

Hi Prasun ji,

VMT for previous replies. Have a look at this paragraph from the linked article:

" Glavkosmos, which specializes in rocket and satellite solutions, has said it would be ready for global launch before the end of next year. "It will also find its way to India soon,” said Vitaly Safonov, general director deputy, Glavkosmos. "I think we will come to it, because in a globalized world, co-operation between countries is also important". "

Can you throw some light on what Mr. Safonov is implying when he says Glavkosmos will be coming to India? Is he talking about expanding & offering services from existing Russian infrastructure in space? Like GLONASS etc. Or is he hinting at something else?

How do you see space cooperation between India-Russia (and also India-Japan) evolving in the future? I remember reading you saying something about India, Japan and other countries coming together for a mission to clean up large portions of space debris. Any other interesting fields we are planning to work on together with JAXA?

Also, do you think India can get into any serious project alongside Japan/ESA with regard to re-usable launch solutions?

Thanks in advance!

Kaustav said...

So the Porkis kill four, nearly five, of our soldiers and we are to take it lying down with the usual suppressive fire. We have to smash those posts and get confirmed kills of staff officers besides foot soldiers ASAP, this month itself. The part of revenge being a dish best eaten cold can be taken up in the New Year 2018, when we can change the LoC for good.

Pratap said...

4 soldiers martyred in ceasefire violation by PA in Rajouri. There were media reports of mutiation of bodies but IA has denied those reports. Time for IA to destroy their HQ and comn centres. Destroying posts not enough.

Pawan said...

Dear Prasunda,

Has latest K-4 test resulted in failure as reported by Mr Coup Theory expert?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Interesting debate on Pakistan's full-spectrum credible minimum deterrence & plans for employment of TNWs (Hatf-9/Nasr) along the Ravi-Chenab Corridor:

To PAWAN: This is the source-material:

The 'test' wasn't a failure, but rather was aborted before launch.

To KAUSTSAV & PRATAP: Kindly read this document:

Unusually harsh language has been used for the very first time, with terms like 'Jihadist Terrorists' being taken.

To GESSLER: GLONASS isn't reqd anymore by India after the operationalising of the IRNSS constellation. Glavkosmos was referring to its plans for making use of Sriharikota's launch facilities for its rockets. In addition, a trilateral venture on a G-to-G basis between India, Israel & Russia already exists WRT development of hypersonic propulsion solutions & RLVs.

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: Whay should tghe US get angry with a country that is one of the few countries to have full diplomatic ties with Israel? Also, India had ensured that Bhutan had abstained. So in all forms India delivered as she was expected to. POTUS will be far more angry with those countries that enjoy no ties with Israel & on top of it are hell-bent on the destruction of the State of Israel, i.e. the Pakistanis who are trying to be anti0US/anti-Jew despite knocking at the doors of the US everytime with a begging bowl.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: Yet another reason why both the US & Israel love India:

And why China is now attracting the wrath of ISIS:

And a detailed revelation of Qatar's Perfidy:

Interview of the Afghan Interior Minister:

And the latest think-tank to be born in Pakistan, squarely for the sake of anti-India brainwashing:

Centre for Global and Strategic Studies founded by former DG-ISI Lt Gen (Ret'd) Zaheer-ul Islam:

And totally delirious 'research papares' emanating from this 'think-tank':

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

IA Indigenisation Roadmaps:

IN Indigenisation Roadmap:

IN Naval Aviation Indigenisation Roadmap:

IAF Indigenisation Roadmap 2016-2025:

HAL’s Indigenisation Efforts:

It does appear now from the above that the so-called indigenisation efforts for platforms like Su-30MKI were limited to only airframe construction, with the highly-critical rotables & consumables being accorded secondary status in terms of importance!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Expose on the PN's Agosta 90B SSK procurement scandal. For the US$1.2 billion contract, $49 million was paid as commissions & bribes:
PN Vice Admiral Javed Iqbal

Millard Keyes said...

That Kolkata story touched my heart. Something bright at last out of a dying city. Like in India, it is quite clear that the Muslim problem is actually a politically instigated event all over the world. From the partition of India to trouble in the ME and Afghanistan, politicians are fanning hatred and radicalism to achieve their own and party objectives.

Millard Keyes said...

Prasun I asked before asking again: why is the IN reluctant to field the HDW subs that India has blueprint of and secondly a new question: seeing the bulk of the subs are Kilo class what is wrong with inducting the Krasnodar kilo subs which even tricked the NATO observers with its stealth?Is it not far better to build on what is already there than constantly introducing new technology for which there are no MRO facilities?

kargil said...

Dear Prasunji,


You said "Have just uploaded the section dealing with the SR-75 Penetrator's PDWE-based propulsion system. Later, I will upload data & diagrams of the Northrop Grumman Switchblade manned morphing Mach 3 loiotering interdictor, the Star Raker & Black Star single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) aircraft, and on Saturday will upload the most interesting part of all--that dealing with the Flux Liner ARV & its down-to-earth physics" on your previous thread "That's Air-Power for you!-1

Eagerly waiting for your rebuttal on Dr. Ashley Tellis papper on IAF Air Power and additional information on Black Star SSTO as well as Flux-Liner ARV as well as your assessment & informed opinion between Indian Navy & PLA Navy.

Also based on your reply of previous thread still waiting for the thread on Russian Black Projects or erstwhile USSR in response to US black projects.

Also please provide the conclusion part of following threads

1. "High-Altitude Manoeuvre Warfare: Perpetuating Unparalleled Feats-1"
2. "High-Altitude Manoeuvre Warfare: Perpetuating Unparalleled Feats-2"
3. "NORINCO-Built Medium/Main Battle Tanks Explained & How They Stack Up Against India's India's T-72CIA Medium Battle Tanks"

Hope for positive reply.

Thanking you,


Harsh said...

Can u give a statement on final fate of kulbhushan jadhav??



(1) Thanks for sharing the Indigenisation Roadmap of the IA,IAF and IN. However, I'm quite sure that Govt of India doesn't have the money to purchase even half of the hardware that the armed forces want even 10-15 years from now.

(2) Is it true that one of the major reason (apart from bad governance at the local level) why eastern indian states are poor is because resource rents from these states are expropriated as Central Govt. takes & invests all the money in Delhi & Mumbai only ?

(3) I saw that You tube video that you posted about a Muslim taking care of a synagogue. Frankly that is an aberration & not the norm. A significant number of Muslims in Bengal commit heinous crimes regularly, primarily because there is tremendous pressure from the TMC on the police not to make large scale arrests of Muslim. A criminal lawyer told me yesterday that 9 out of 10 major crimes in Bengal is carried out by Muslims.

As far as Bengal itself is concerned it is run by a bunch of extortionists who were previously with the CPM & now they are with the TMC and BJP. No wonder then not a single industry comes to Bengal. Forget startups or large factories, even if you open a Pan shop in Bengal the very next day these extortionists will appear demanding money. Those who refuse to pay are either abducted or killed.

Thank You



Prasun Da, NPOL,Kochi has released a ToT for an Advanced light towed array sonar (ATLAS)

While the ToT mentions that they are looking for Indian manufacturers it is probably not possible for any local company to develop such sonars. So which foreign companies do you think will respond to this ToT ?

Regards, Vikram

Anonymous said...

@Pierre Zorin,

LOL, those were some analogies. IAF is not like a person. If IAF wanted to poke someones wife, it would send in its best 150 Million plus Rafales. For the mother in law, it would send the beast SU-30MKI. The way you are thinking then every aircraft would have same capabilities. Excellent but very expensive.

@Prasun, what do you make of the reports that China-Pak are looking to use Renminbi for bilateral trade? China is their biggest trade partner (~$15Billion 2015-16). The comments directed by USA and Pak at each other point to what you had suggested. Do you see a major breakup? Do you see USA delivering them the Ah-1Z choppers?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIERRE ZORIN: Of what use are the blueprints when the human resources reqd are not there to transform the blueprints into hardware? All the technicians & engineers trained & licensed by HDW in the 1980s left MDSL—the-shipbuilder—way back in the late 1990s itself & since HDW was till 2005 was not allowed to conduct any business in India, there was no one to retrain & certify any new batch of engineers, technicians, welders. And since by then the Scorpene SSK had been selected for licenced-production, there never was any finance orhuman resource pool available to simultaneously build 2 separate types of SSKs. As for bthe nine remaining Type 877EKM SSKs, they have only one-third more life left in them. When compared to their Western counterparts in terms of underwater performance, especially in submarine warfare parameters, the Class 209/Type 1500 & Scorpene SSKs are far superior. All talk, therefore, about the Type 877EKMs being ‘super-quiet’ etc etc are just rumours that have been publicized through pulp-fiction novels & Hollywood flicks.

To SATYAKI: What I’m saying & have been saying is all a matter of record in several threads & all I’m now doing is producing corroborative material; evidence to support my assertions. Now whether this constitutes an imaginary deterrent or a credible deterrent is up to you to interpret/misinterpret.

To RJS: No, it won’t be able to. Has it been able to, then there would never be a reqmt for the LCA-AF MK.2.

To ANKIT SINGH: There have been several times when both Arab Sunni countries & Shia Iran have supported India’s stance on J & K. And with Pakistan’s exception, not a single member-state of the OIC has ever insisted on raising the J & K issue or the UNSC Resolution No.47 for discussion in the UNGA.

To MPATEL: The term ‘light’ was first coined in 1973 but it was never classified as being lightweight as you allege. Classification of aircraft-types into L-MRCA, M-MRCA & H-MRCA is done on the basis of BOTH MTOW & payload-carrying capacity, & not just the weight of the aircraft. Secondly, it is stupid to ASSUME that the replacement of the MiG-21 will have characteristics that are similar to the MiG-21 of 1960s vintahge design, especially if the replacement is sought in the 1990s. And why is it an overkill to have an integrated EW suite for self-protection when ALL MRCAs being series-produced today (& which were designed in the 1990s) all possess such integrated suites? The F-16 Block-60s, Mirage 2000-5s & even the IAF’s upgraded Mirage 2000Ns possess such suites.

To VSJ: The Su-30MKI has an internal jammer for self-protection & has six RWRs. There is enough space inside to install MAWS sensors. Once the internal jammer is removed (they will be relocated in the wingtips) the MAWS sensor suite will have adequate volume inside for installation.

To DEVOPRIYO: Yes, it is.

To KAUSTAV: Revenge has been taken. 3 PA soldiers martyred by IA:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To HARSH: The events of yesterday in Islamabad’s Foreign Office was a needless TAMAASHA & thus was fit only for internal/domestic consumption. And it was to be expected from a country that is the veryu negation of all that Islam stands for. Hence, all that emanates from there are lies. For instance, Mohd Ali Jinnah was born on October 20, 1875 and not on December 25, 1876 as is officially claimed. Similarly, Mohd Nawaz Sharif was born on April 1, 1949 and not on December 25, 1949. Then we come to the FO’s press conference, in which the spokesman Dr Faisal himself stated yesterday that there are several dots that still need to be connected WRT Kulbhushan Jadhav (like why everyone there cannot say JADHAV & instead continue on with YADAV or YADEV!). If that is the case, then how the FGCM of Jadhav was concluded & a sentencing announced earlier this year? Couldn’t he have remained as an undertrial until all the facts were unearthed? Here’s the press conference:
Then there is this medical report:

Did the Dubai-based hospital relocate to Islamabad for the medical tests, or was KJ sent to Dubai for being subjected to medical examination? Or is it just a poece of fiction? If it is, then Pakistan is now involving the emirate of Dubai into another controversy. Then there was the hostile questioning & harangueiong by Pakistan’s ‘desi’ media that can be seen here: (watch from 6.48 till 11.27) (watch from 1.00 till 1.22)

It is indeed admirable that both the mother & wife of KJ did not publicly display any emotion, they didn’t snap & the Indian diplomatic officials escorting them were highly professional in maintaining their silence & poise.

Then there are false canards, such as KJ’s recorded confessions. For, It is a global ptactice that even if anyone confesses to committing a crime, it is still mandatory to produce corroborative material evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed. No where else in the world does a mere confession amount to a legal conviction. But all this won’t be understood by the retarded Pakistani journalists. And there is another false accusation that surfaced yesterday about KJ being responsible for Karachi SSP Aslam Choudhry’s killing, when it has since been established that he was killed by his driver:

Ane here’s another outrageous allegation being made here (watch from 30.35 till 32.07):

Are we to really believe that the Pakistani FO will allow any Indian diplomat to go to Charki in Balochistan without being subjected to any surveillamce? And will any Indian diplomat be stupid enough to leave Islamabad for Charki with bags full of cash for disbursal to the Baloch separatists? And especially when every foreign diplomat in Pakistan is reqd by law to give advance information about such visits to the Pakistani FO so that they can be accorded security cover by the Pakistani law-enforcement agencies? And finally there’s the Pakistani insistence that KJ is a serving IN officer & yet no one in Pakistan has to date been able to produce any documentation which proves that KJ is still serving with the IN.

Unknown said...

Thank you prasun sir

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To HARSH: Three pther points need elaboration: First, Jadhav obtained a passport (E6934766) from Pune in November 2003, which identified him with the pseudonym, Hussein Mubarak Patel. If that's the case, then how come Pakistan still refers to him as Kulbhushan Jadhav? Second, since Iran has not raised KJ's issue with either India or Pakistan, then it is fair to conclude that KJ's abduction/kidnapping did not take place inside Iranian territory/Oranian airspace/Iranian territorial waters. So where did the abduction/kidnapping take place? This point is very important because Harish Salve in his deposition to the ICJ at The Hague had stated that KJ had been abducted from inside Iran. So does this mean that KJ was lured out of Chabahar & that Iran has since shared evidence of this movement with India? If this is the case, then will India present such evidence with the ICJ at the appropriate time? And is Iran cooperating with India behind-the-scenes because it wants to even the score after this event:

And finally, since KJ was brought to the Pakistan FO for yesterday's meeting, this means he was not being held in any prison, but at the detention centre of the ISI's HQ, located at Aabpara, Islamabad on Shahrah-e-Soharwardi.

To VIKRAM GUHA: For the TAS suite, various vendors have already built various sub-systems & components. Hence, what the DRDO is now looking forward is one primary contractor that can act as the final industrial integrator where the final-assembly of various sub-systems & components take place. It can be either BEL, or Mahindra Defence or Larsen & Toubro or TATA Power SED. This EoU is quite surprising, since in the past all such work has been given to BEL based on the non-competitive nomination process.

rad said...

hi prasun
It is being confirmed that the lca is going to have the elm-2052 aesa radar a nd not the desi aesa radar. What happend to the thales aesa radar offer ?

As the radar out put is going to be massive ie data links , ground mapping, jamming and Air to air modes simultaneously how is the local existing display cope ?

what ever happened tot he better increased thrust f404-in20 engines that have bee delivered already as per contract? how will they integrate it into the lca -mk 1A without the intakes and other structural mods?

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

1. looks like your prediction for D0228 as civilian feeder route plane has turned correct, i think in all probability the Do328 will also be built and cleared for civil flight in India, once again your prediction will come true

2. reports say Kulbhushan Jadhav was tortured is evident from the fact the injuries visible in pics released by pak like brusises in back of head, missing ear lobe, can India use this as evidence in ICJ against Pak

3. that my assumption about F21 has turned true hopefully my other assumption come out true

4. i was referring to the slide 30 where it has been written that 3 solutions for DCNS partners have been exported to global DCNS partners, can you shed light on them

5. no that its confirmed that IA/IAF will both fly AH64E & LCH now the requirement for mid air refulers for helicopters arise, do the AH64E & LCH have refueling pods attachedd? also
IL 76/78 cant be used, for it Mi26 or Mi 17 with detachable refueling module is needed. I think India should go for additional Mi 26 as mid air refuelers for helicopters, whats your opinion.

hope to get answers


Joydeep Ghosh

Anup said...


Your prediction comes true...
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL)-manufactured Dornier 228 to be used for civilian flights.

Kaustav said...

Kulbhushan Jadhav's illegal incarceration and the sordid uncouth behavior meted out to his wife and mother by these Porkistani vermin is another festering wound for the Indian psyche which will only be healed with the blood and guts of the Porki Army Officers and General Staff....

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
Request your detailed analysis of

What is the most realistic partnership scenario of AMCA?

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
The above annual report of ADA posted by me also mentions integration of DASH IV helmet mounted display and sight already completed. Isn't Targo the HMDS selected for Tejas???

Anonymous said...

Sir how does our IAF crash rate compares to other air forces? Are they too high?
How much do the Pakistani mirages and F7 see flight time? do their sister service's ageing Agosta 70 and Tariq class are also put to sea sparingly?

Also a bit off topic.... Wrt to artillery battery sizes, does it matter to use light guns in plains? I can understand them being used on mountains and heli deployed, but (if available) can the medium/heavy battery not do all the roles of light battery in plains theater?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV: Have uploaded the slide above showing the site of the latest cross-LoC raid conducted by the IA. Technically, it is referred to as a 'Declaratory Retributive Counter-Force Action'. Targetted was an outpost of the PA’s 59 Baloch Regiment under Rawlakot-based 2 AK Brigade that comes under Murree-based 12 ‘Chinar’ Infantry Division that comes under Rawalpindi-based X Corps. To the south of 59 Baloch Regiment lies the 24 Frontier Force Regiment.

And as expected, there has been total denial from 2 different Pakistani parties. While the DG-ISPR has claimed that no IA soldier had crossed the LoC, the Pakistan Foreign Office's statement was hilarious:

"Firing by Indian forces in Rakhchikri sector of Poonch district had "provided a cover for the planting of IEDs [improvised explosive devices] by non-state actors", which resulted in the martyrdom of three soldiers, a press release issued by the FO said. The FO "categorically rejected" claims in Indian media that Indian forces had crossed the LoC to attack Pakistani troops."

What's interesting here is that the Pakistani FO has admitted that some human beings from the Indian side of the LoC did cross over. And this is the first time the FO is alleging that 'non-state actgors' had originated from the Indian side, since up until now it had always claimed that such non-state actors who were defying the Pakistani state had always emanated from Pakistan. What is also interesting is that the PA had initiated this latest round of cross-LoC raids, starting with the December 24 incident & another one a day later--this clearly indicating that the PA had no intention of mentoring any kind of goodwill to be generated through the meeting between KJ & his mother & wife in Islamabad on December 26. Instead, the PA was hell-bent on scuttling any such effort & this formed part of a trend that was initiated by the PA since 2008 (refer to my chronological listing of such events in an earlier thread:L'AFFAIRE KULBHUSHAN JADHAV).

And now again we have the PA's denial, of the IA's latest cross-LoC raid, meaning the PA has no intention yet again of initiating vertical escalation in order to re-assert its moral ascendancy along the LoC. Clearly, the initiative now lies with the IA in terms of climbing the vertical escalation ladder on a sustained basis, since the war reserve stockpiles have now been sufficiently replenished.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH & ANUP: VMT, but it needs to be noted that Do-228-202s assembled by HAL were flying with civilian airlines like VAYUDOOT since the 1980s. What has now been approved is the NG version of the Do-228-202 that hosts a glass cockpit (AMLCDs coming from Canadian Marconi) that was first shown at the Aero India 2015 expo. However, DGCA certification of airworthiness of this version of the Dop-228 isn't enough for securing hull insurance coverage. What's reqd is either FAA or EASA airworthiness certification that can be endorsed by the DGCA. I'm sure if HAL pays some money to the IPR-owner RUAG Aerospace, then this can be arranged. If not, then those who are willing to procure Do-228s will continue procuring them directly from RUAG Aerospace, which now is available in the Do-228-212NG version.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

China’s Surveillance Network:

Across the country, 170 million CCTV cameras are already in place and an estimated 400 million new ones will be installed in the next three years.

Anonymous said...


If indeed the K4 abort was because of the battery draining (shorting internally?) as soon as the launch command was given (as mentioned in the Manu Pubby article), how can it happen that DRDO cannot recover the missile from the canister ?

If the battery is the only issue, wo'nt it be possible to recover the missile and test it again in a few weeks ?


Millard Keyes said... - this tells of a recent event where the Krasnodar apparently gave high-tec chasers from NATO a slip. No doubt at all Western subs have had longer life-span and technology but I think the Russians are fast catching up.
Shame about the HDW subs- like always India sat on her hands so long that the blueprints were wasted. Had a visionary proactive government utilized them IN would have had at least half a dozen subs in addition to the existing....

Parvesh said...

At which bases, new su30mki squadrons being raised? You said earlier, they will be raised in Hashimara and Tanjavur

Unknown said...

Prasun Da,

What do you make of this?

What are the geopolitical implications for India if Iran agrees for something like this?

Anil k said...

Where America still rules: The idea that Trump is accelerating US decline is demonstrably wrong in vital respects

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

prasun da , do u think that those special forces of pak shown in videos shared by you would have been used to hijack the ship of KJ ...?

Anup said...

How many more BMD test req. to complete the project? Third test in a year.

rad said...

hi prasun
give us more dope on the recent AAD intercept and the reality . Should we be proud of it or they are hiding something. A s you said before it was controlled conditions , is it better to shoot down our own agni 2 type of missiles for a change and be more realistic.
what about he missile active radar is it russian ?

can we extrapolate the tech by making a bigger missile like the s-400 type ? of course i am assuming the target detection ,tracking, targeting radar data is available to the BMS system.?

what would be the range of the sam version of this missile if converted so>?

Narayan said...


1) How long will this kabbadi go on at the loc? PA is under pressure on Afghan front with soldiers dying every 10-12 days. Attacks in Balochistan are increasing despite heavy PA presence. Pakistani economy is almost into the ground. IA claims to dominate the loc. Why not take advantage of all these and decimate PA in Kashmir once and for all?

2) What is giving Pakistan the confidence of defying US so openly despite stern warnings? Is it just China, or America's past (all talk no action) policy also to be blamed? Even on Jerusalem they have taken leading position to gather support against US at UNSC.

3) Will Kulbhushan rot in Pakistan forever? Or is there any possibility of him returning home? Because these two are likely future scenarios as I don't think Pakistan will hang him (or kill him in custody).

Rushil said...

Hey Prasun

Any update on our own Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle?

anupam said...

Hi Prasun,

Today read about china's test of hyper sonic glide vehicle. Please enlighten us regarding the tech and progress china and other countries including India is making. Also the news report says china will be ready with vehicle by 2020 which I really doubt and need your confirmation.
Also can DEW target a projectile moving at hyper sonic speed ?

Anupam Dutta

Black box said...

Hi prasun,
Regarding LIGHT COMBAT HELICOPTER how do you review the latest production ready model ? Read your old article on it where you had highlighted the deficiency like absence of fly by wire etc are those problem s fixed,what's your take on it .

Ravi said...

Dear Sir

Could you please Write something about the Steps that India needs to take
on the LOC to Dissuade the Pakistanis from Breaching the Cease fire

Or is the Hope for Peace on the LOC totally Unrealistic

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

This is the Swiss carbine now being inducted in large numbers for all RR & IA Ghaatak platoons:

Meanwhile, as expected, the PAF continues to disregard the continuing US drone-strikes INSIDE Pakistan:

This conclusively proves that the Haqqani Network is very much entrenched within FATA, i.e. OP ZARB-E-BAKWAAS is now being exposed in its true form by the Trump Administration.

Millard Keyes said...

A very interesting interview in 2012

Unknown said...

Prasun Da,

What is the latest update on Kaveri?
Have the Indian and French engineers made any headway or are we being too hopeful?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VSJ: Yes, they are higher because 1) of the predominance of legacy combat aircraft fleets that do not incorporate fail-safe sub-systems like fly-by-wire flight controls. 2) For such aircraft flight simulators were never acquired. Light Regiments have only 105mm howitzers & 120mm mortars that have far shorter ranges than medium artillery. Hence, preference is always given to medium artillery howitzers as they can deliver a greater quantum of destructive firepower.

To RAD: How can the selection of on-board avionics for LCA Mk.1A be completed if HAL received the ASQR from IAF HQ only 2 weeks ago? In fact, how the hell did HAL float such tenders without even receiving the ASQRs? Looks like HAL was therefore proceeding under several presumptions & not on the basis of laid-down, specified factoids. All LCA MK.1s are powered by F404-IN-20 turbofans. Only the TDs used the F404F2J3s. The LCA MK.1A too will use the F404-IN-20 turbofans. Hence, there won’t be any difference in the thrust-to-weight ratios of LCA Mk.1 & LCA MK.1A.

To SATYAKI: The SLBM now is like unexploded ordnance. What will happen if the SLBM while being taken out of the cannister suddenly goes live & its ejection booster goes active? Also, can you find out why the US & Europeans prefer to use the gas-ejection method for its SLBMs, while the Russians use the booster rocket to fire while the SLBM is still inside the cannister?

To PARVESH: Just compare the data on the IAF’s decommissioned squadrons with data on such squadrons being re-equipped & that will give you the answer.

To PRIMORDIAL PETE: That is a no-brainer since Gwadar & Chabahar were never meant to be complementary. What the Chinese are suggesting & that too extremely shamelessly is that all cargo being unloaded at Chabahar be sent by road to Gwasar from where they will be sent by road to Chaman & from there into Spin Boldak into Afghanistan. Andf the excuse given by China & Pakistan will be the uncertain internal security situation in south-western Afghanistan. But this is a no-brainer because of all other problems that the Afghans have explained in great detail here:

To ANIL K: Not only that, but the Almighty has now ensured divine intervention by pushing the Palestinians into the embrace of the LeT/JuD:

Thus, one by one now all the pieces of the puzzle are now falling into place top prove beyond reasonable doubt that Pakistan will henceforth be ideologically inclined to place its nuclear WMD arsenals at the disposal of the Palestinian cause, thereby posing a clear, direct & immediate existential threat to Israel. And that will be the perfect excuse then to use all available coercive means for de-nuclearising Pakistan anytime next year. The Lord indeed works in mysterious ways!!!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL: Of course his disappearance was enforced! He was definitely entrapped in the high seas in international waters off the Makran Coast. Imagine an Indian citizen roaming around freely in Iran’s Sestan-Balochistan & not being tailed by any Iranian intelligence agency….is this even possible? So how the hell can anyone cross over from Iran into Pakistan via Avaran when the Iranians themselves have constructed multiple barricades on land all along the Iran-Pakistan land boundary? And surely if he was being tailed & was finally captured by Pakistani agencies, surely the latter would have videographed the entire event & would have shown it as undeniable proof. So where then is the need to rely on a series of single-person confessions? And now there is chatter emerging from Dubai stating that KJ was being shadowed by the Pakistanis from 2014 onwards at around the same time they started shadowing Iranian agents like the Pakistani Baloch citizen by the name of Uzair Baloch who is now in custody in Karachi. And do watch what the Pakistani Foreign Office’s DG for South Asia had to say yesterday about the December 25 meeting:

This DG clearely states that they still don’t have several pieces of the puzzle & that’s why Pakistan’s Foreign Office had officially requested the Govt of India to to pass on a copy of KJ’s naval service records just to find out whether or not he is still serving with the IN! In other words, Pakistan has nbo material evidence to prove that KJ is a serving officer of the IN—a claim that Pakistan still clings on nto.

To ANUP: At least another 15 more tests are reqd. So, until 2025 such tests will continue.

To NARAYAN: 1) This will continue till the snows start melting in March next year. After that the entire LoC will heat up & possibly the Haji Pir Pass will be the first significant feature to be captured for good. But by then, the multilateral effort aimed at militarily de-nuclearising Pakistan would also have begun. 2) Where’s the defiance? I donlt see any such defiance. Has the PAF shot down any US UAS that are routinely conducting drone-strikes inside FATA? Has Pakistan stated that henceforth all its overseas remittances from expatriate Pakistanis will have to be in Euro or Yuan currency denominations? Has Pakistan begun converting all its forex reserves into Yuan? Have all Pakistani students studying abroad have decided to stop going to Europe & the US & are now beginning to go to China or Russia for further studies? 3) Yes, for he knows far too much & if the truth about his enforced abduction ever comes out in the open, then Pakistan will forever become a paraiah state in the eyes of the whole world.

To RUSHIL: Both ISRO & DRDO are still trying to validate various hypersonic propulsion concepts, so emergence of a full-fledged vehicle is still a long way away.

To ANUPAM: All those are conceptual scale-models. China is still decades away from cominh up with functional glide-vehicles of this type. High-power DEWs can target & engage high-flying hypersonic bodies with great ease.

To BLACK BOX: I haven’t come across any illustration showing the LCH’s third prototype.

To RAVI: Have already explained it above. How can anyone evr expect any peace prevailing along the LoC since it is only a TEMPORARY CEASEFIRE LINE? International law does not specify or mandate that there should be perpetual peace along such lines since they are not international boundaries.

To PRIMORDIAL PETE: Wait for the 2016-2017 Annual report of ADA to surface. Everything will be codified in that report.

Gopu said...

Excellent dissection of Russia's current state for the lay reader:

What's troubling for India is, if Putin goes under in the next 20 or so years and Russia faces another 1991, that most of India's defense equipment will be rendered unserviceable, as DPSUs contribute almost no value added to Russian imports. Paradoxically, it seems like India wants to spend billions more on Russian equipment that can not be maintained inside of India. At the very least, the Russians should cough up the $300 million spent on the FGFA, so that the MoD can reallocate funds for Rafale-NG whenever they come out.

Instead, what needs to start now, is a comprehensive effort to transfer maintenance of these Russian origin weapons to the DRDO and private sector. After all, the engineering of these weapons is relatively crude/simple.

Something else that intrigues me, is why are the majority of these US-funded think tank/ policy organizations for India filled with people like AShley Tellis and Bipin Naranyan? Are the Americans fooling themselves or do they think that Indians are really gullible?

rad said...

hi prasun
i am happy that there was a direct hit to the incoming prithvi missile by the aad for the reason that we have perfected the algorithms and the fusing tech which is hitech . Can these be extrapolated to other systems like the future AAM and IIR missiles and future long range sams?

Again this success makes me wonder why cant we collaborate with israel and make a s-400 type sam ourselves rather than spending billions and giving the russians a grip on us for every bit of nut and bolt on the s-400 for decades to come ?.

As we have joined the MCTR there should be no problem with the tie up, and uncle sam will be too happy if we dont buy the s-400 from russia . If there is any country that can make a n equal to the s-400, it is the Israelis and they have all the tech already developed in the course of the arrow missile development . The Israelis will be too happy as they will get money for there future development programs . I feel it is a win win situation. Am i missing something here ??

Anonymous said...

" entire LoC will heat up & possibly the Haji Pir Pass will be the first significant feature to be captured for good. But by then, the multilateral effort aimed at militarily de-nuclearising Pakistan would also have begun."

i have a couple of question?
1) have MoD has given clear directives to armed forces to take back Haji pass because u had cleared mentioned back then that lack of clear directives on 65,71 & 99 has led to loose our territory?

2) is there any co-ordinated and synchronized efforts between armed forces to doing this task


Unknown said...

Prasun Da,

Great refer, saw the video with Sartaj Aziz and the Aghan Ex Commerce minister and Deputy FM.

Such hypocrisy befits only the pakistanis.
Throughout the video, Sartaj Aziz obstinately blaming India and Afghanistan and keeps saying the issue is not political and then says untill the relationship between India and pak improves they will not allow any Indian product into Afghanistan.
He shamelessly contradicts himself in the very same sentence.

It was clear to the Afghans by then that Pakistan held the right to essentially bully them through unofficial embargoes while simultaneously limiting their options to only Pakistan but piss and moan when Afghanistan wants to look for opportunities in India.

All Aziz wanted was to maintain the status quo by "resolving" the trade disputes through "regular talks" which the Afghan deputy FM said are as good as empty rhetoric as they don't guarantee any results.

I really hope we can take advantage of this and expedite the process of those railway projects in Iran and through route 606.

Also, I read a few months back that some Chinese company was providing cranes for Chahbahar.
Do we not have heavy engineering companies that can do the same?

This dilly dallying may cost us.

gourav said...

Hi Prasoon,
When K9 Vajra will be inducted into service? Is it specifically made for flats?

bhoutik said...

where's india comparatively

Anonymous said...


How can the Pakis give nukes to enemies of Israel? Those nukes are Chinese and under Chinese control.


avi85 said...

@TRISHUL Great coverage on INS Kalvari!! I would like to request you to please contact Naval-Group and take permission to photograph the cutaway model of the Scorpene Submarine, such that the photos & video show complete inside details of each compartment of the Scorpene Submarine and add those photos & video to this article. As an example please see --
Keep up the good work, Jai Hind!

avi85 said...

The Indian Navy should have had the foresight to incorporate FC2G AIP at the time of construction of the Kalvari Class Submarines, I hope they incorporate it into all six subs of this class in 2023 when they are due for major overhaul.
In my opinion, the best option for AIP Scorpene Submarine (AM-2000), would be FC2G Fuel Cells + Li-Ion Batteries (at the time of construction by replacing Submarine's Lead Acid Batteries with Lithium Ion Battries). The Scorpene AIP Submarine could operate for 6 days underwater on Li-Ion Batteries and on the 7th day FC2G Fuel Cell would recharge the batteries while powering the submarine for the duration the batteries are being charged. This would give the Submarine at least 8 weeks of submerged endurance! Li-Ion battery technology has progressed enough over the years that they can be added to submarines to replace the lead acid batteries! China & Japan are progressing with intigrating Li-Ion battery into submarines, Naval Group should offer this if they want to beat the competition.
Would like to know your thoughts about this. Thanks in advance.