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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ASPJs Developed For Tejas Mk1 & MiG-29UPG

The Ministry of Defence-owned Defence Research & Development Organisation’s Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE) has developed a family of internally-mounted self-protection jammers in cooperation with Italy’s Elettronica for installation on board the upgraded MiG-29UPG and the Tejas Mk1 light combat aircraft. Being part of the integrated defensive aids suite (IDAS), the jammers are lightweight and compact, yet powerful, and are meant to be targetted against continuous wave (CW), pulse and pulse-Doppler emitters. At the heart of the capability is a digital, software reprogrammable radio frequency memory (DRFM) that is used to deceive and jam coherent multimode airborne radars. The DRFM incorporates both the RF and memory sections required for digitising and storing signals of interest, as well as the techniques generator. On the MiG-29UPG, the jamming suite uses Elettronica of Italy’s Virgilius family of directional jammers, which make use of active phased-array transmitters for jamming hostile low-band (E-G) and high-band (G-J) emitters. Other systems features include a wide- and narrow-band signals reception, monopulse amplitude direction-of-arrival, direction-finding, threat identification/classification capabilities, a multi-domain (range, velocity, noise and amplitude) techniques generator, CW and pulse repeater channels, a steerable combined output signal, interfaces for a countermeasures dispensing system, host platform avionics in-flight data recording for post-mission debriefing and maintenance, and field-programmable threat library. The EW suites for both aircraft types receive emitter signals within the 2GHz to 18GHz band and transmit across the 6GHz to 17.5GHz frequency range. The MoD-owned Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) is presently series-producing the jamming suites as well as the related radar warning receivers.

For escort jamming purposes, the Tejas Mk1 and MiG-29UPG are expected to be equipped with ELTA Systems’ EL/L-8251 jamming pod, which offers wide frequency coverage between 1GHz and 18GHz.—Prasun K. Sengupta


rahulka said...

Look at the professionalism by BEL, portraying LCA as Mig-29 in first picture. Kudos to the guy who made this ppt.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To rahulka: Am glad you noticed the discrepancy in the BEL poster. But BEL's 'professionalism' doesn't end there. During Aero India 2011 when I visited BEL's booth and asked them about the scale-model of the coastal surveillance system (CCS) that was on display, two BEL employees in attendance there claimed that it was an indigenous system that was on order. When I corrected them by saying that it was Saab TransponderTech of Sweden that had been awarded a SEK116 million contract on November 24, 2010 by the Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships (DGLL) for supplying a national CSS stradling the entire Indian coastline, and that this was publicly announced by the DGLL, the two employees did'nt know where to hide their faces! The same thing happened when I showed them a brochure of the handheld terminal of ELBIT Systems' battlefield management system, and asked them how come an identical terminal was being displayed at the BEL booth as an 'indigenous' product. Worse was to follow, when BDL officials during Aero India 2011 privately complained to me about the methods adopted by BEL for being made the prime contractor for the IAF-specific Akash MR-SAM's production programme.