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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

De-Mystifying Pakistan Army's OP Koh-e-Paima

Origins of OP-PLAN
Resurrected OP-PLAN
OP-PLAN Based on Flawed Assumptions & Brain-Dead Operations Analysis
A Series of Deceptive Military Briefings for Ignorant Civilian Decision-Makers
Political Ownership of OP-PLAN Despite Strong Reservations
Spectacular Debacle at Muntho Dhalo (Camp Badr) & Staring at Outright Defeat
Pakistan Army’s Depleting Fortunes, Military Reverses & Growing Civil-Military Discord
Complete International Isolation, Plus Fears of Indian Vertical Escalation
Clinton-Sharif Meeting That Sealed Pakistan’s Fate
Unilateral & Unconditional Pakistani Withdrawal, But No Ceasefire by India, While a Policy of Denial Led To Internal Revolts & Severe Demoralisation Within Pakistan Army
 Assessments & Lessons Learnt
Inferences for the Future
Incidentally, 1999 was not the first that Pakistan had engaged in such double-crossing. Back in 1982 another such incident had taken place, which had then led to the Indian Army and Indian Air Force launching OP Meghdoot along the Siachen Glacier. What follows below is a narration of what transpired between 1982 and mid-1984.
(to be concluded)

Escalation Ladders Explained