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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Super Su-30MKI Has Taken Shape

All the essential enhancements reqd for transforming the existing Su-30MKI into the Super Su-30MKI are now ready for installation/systems integration on either existing Su-30MKIs or even new-build Su-30MKIs (about 80 of which are required).
Under development since 2009 by the DRDO-owned Defence Avionics Research establishment (DARE) and by the Russia-based JSC V Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design, the avionics enhancements will now have to undergo flight certification trials at the Russia-based State Federal Unitary Enterprise Gromov Flight Research Institute at Zhukovsky.
DARE has sinmce 2009 been developing various elements of the mission avionics suite, which include the following:
SAMTEL-HAL Display Systems has completed developing panoramic AMLCDs for installation on the tandem-seat cockpit.
JSC V Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design has already developed an X-band ASESA-MMR variant of the NO-11M Bars PESA-MMR that currently equips the Su-30MKI.
The X-band AESA-MMR will thus enable the Super Su-30MKI cockpit crew to perform interleaved operations concurrently.
The 101KS-V IRST sensor will be the same as that on the Su-56 MRCA.
The countermeasures dispensers will for the first time be able to launch chaff cartridges supplied by UK-based Chemring. Previously, only flare cartridges could be launched.
Also to be installed will be RAFAEL's BNET-AR SDR, which functions as both a communications radio, as well as an operational tactical data-link.
And finally, the propulsion system too will be enhanced, with the AL-31FP turbofans giving way to the AL-41F-1S from NPO Saturn.
In charge of overall systems integration will be the Russia-based FSUE State Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Systems, or GosNIIAS. Altogether, two flying prototypes will be subjected to about 200 hours of flight-tests, which if begun by this year-end, should be completed by late 2020.
The Super Su-30MKI airframe will also be flight-certified for flying terrain-hugging flight profiles (about 100 metres ASL), thanks to the terrain avoidance mode of operation of the AESA-MMR. Existing Su-30MKIs are not able to fly ultra low-level flight profiles since the NO-11M PESA-MMR does not have the terrain avoidance operating mode.


jasss gill said...

VMT sirji another knowledgeable thread.plz upload weapons package for Super mki in future.

get2free said...

One question will this super sukhoi bette/ equal to rafel

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for the info. on super su30mki. It seems that the AESA radar will further enhance it's detection range and tracking of enemy assets. Tell us more about this radar and the new engine.

Rakesh Kumar Sood said...

Dear Prasoon

How would you compare super sukhoi 30 MKI with rafale to be acquired on technical levels?

Deepak said...

"The Super Su-30MKI airframe will also be flight-certified for flying terrain-hugging flight profiles (about 100 metres ASL), thanks to the terrain avoidance mode of operation of the AESA-MMR."
So, additional order for more Rafale is no longer required???

just_curious said...


1- We had lot of issues wrt to Su 30 mki's when dealing with the russians - both commercial as well as technical and the fact that it also has a rather large radar footprint [old design] & also due to sanctions, not a lot of western avionics would go into it .. why should the IAF opt for @80 more. Instead just stick to upgrading the existing fleet [@180-200 to full Super std & the renaming with minor upgrades mostly on reliability front] & use the money to buy more rafales. buying 80 brand new would mean they would be up against the 5/6th gen fighters in the next 20 years.. which sounds decidedly a fatal choice..your article -- also talks on similar lines

2- Your article-- written long back in 2011 is very elaborate & an interesting read. How many of those modifcations / enhancements are now planned into the super su?

3- No mention of L or S band radars for stealth detection, any enhancement to improve stealth profile or of enhanced data fusion/HUD's from multiple sensors around the aircraft

4- guess the jammer pod will still be external.. will it be the tusker pod developed by DRDO or a new one[if yes, can you pls share the details]

5- what happens to the other upgrades -- Jaguar [will the upgrades just be limited to 63 darin 3 planes or will more jags be upgraded to darin 3 std along with other enhancements] & will MIG 27's be revived with the AL 31F engines? AND also to the proposed MMRCA 2 for 110 aircrafts .. will either be affected in any way?

6- How do these enhancements compare to Su 35 or the US upgrades of its 4th gen aircrafts [F 15 se, F18 E/F, F16 V]

Himanshu Kumar said...

Why Rafael's SDR when we have our own for the navy.

Anonymous said...

I think we can conclude that India is never going to take PoK unilaterally even if it did it will face consequences what PA has faced during Kargil War that international sanctions and pressure to vacant land and give it to Pakistan to administer.....even if Pakistan BoP has reduced to 2 billions nothing extraordinary will happen because some country will there to rescue it moreover after independence India has set defensive and restraint posture it takes real bravery n guts to do what is right regarding Kashmir. So People give up your hope of India retaking PoK through Airland campaign


Venkat said...

If Su-30 upgrade can carry out terrain hugging missions, why MMRCA at all ? Bad planning by MoD ?

The 36 Rafale should be enough for specialised strike roles. Maybe Modi govt did right by cancelling the 126 order.

We could increase Su numbers by 50-60 numbers. Then additional 50-60 numbers of MiG-29 are enough to make squadron shortage by 2025 or so.
IAF has no complaints about them.

Then increase LCA numbers.
Same with MTA, go for a tie up with Antonov bureau and make upgraded AN-32 in India. Maybe scrap C-295 deal, cut variety in IAF.

Arun said...

Dear Sir

Many thanks for this beautiful news

After many days we have had good news

My question is the same as other people

Will Super Sukhoi affect the Future acquisitions of Rafale

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JASSS GILL: Data on weapons package was already uploaded in the thread dealing with EX Gagan Shakti-2018.

To GET2FREE: Of course not. The Rafale comes with built-in EMP-hardening of its avionics compartments, & it is also a generation ahead of the Su-30MKI in terms of technological innovations. For instrance, the Super Su-30MKI configuration represents the mid-life upgrade stage of the Su-30MKI, whereas the Rafale is still a decade away from requiring a deep mid-life upgrade. Hence, the Super Su-30MKI will be a 4-gen + H-MRCA, whereas the Rafale even now is a 4-gen+++ M-MRCA. Hence, the reqmt for having a fleet of 80 Rafdales at the very least is remain.

To VED: Increased range is of no use if there are no corresponding LRAAMs reqd for engaging hostile targets at long-range. Hence, the only majoradvantage of having AESA-MMR is that it can enable the aircrew to perform interleaved operations, i.e. several operations at the same time.

To RAKESH KUMAR SOOD & DEEPAK & VENKAT: The above 2 replies will answer most of your query.

To JUST_CURIOUS: 1) That always happens when licenced-production is involved & hence is not specific to only Russia-origin platforms. All non-Russia avionics & weapons as desired by the IAF went on-board. Farnce & Israel never imposed any sanctions over India. Also, when selecting a brand-new avionics suite & turbofans for installation, it is always cheaper to have them installed first on brand-new platforms. 2 & 3) The wing-mounted L-band radar sensors & expendable decoys won’t go on the Super Su-30MKI now. 4) High-band jammer pods will be wing-mounted, as shown in the images above. 5) DARIN-3 will go on board 125 Jaguar IS airframes. No word yet on MiG-23BN/MiG-27M deep-upgrades. 6) If Super Su-30MKI project is accelerated, then will not be any need for 110 MRCA-2s. 6) Super Su-30MKI will be far superior to the Su-35, & will be on par with F-15SE & Super Hornet.

To HIMANSHU KUMAR: Because the BEL-built SDR is just a standalone radio whereas the RAFAEL-supplied system is a radio AS WELL AS a tactical data-link (2-in-1).

To RON: You’re counting the eggs before they’re hatched. Be it the IMF or Saudi banks, both will be reqd to offer packages in US$, which in turn will invoke a US veto.

To VENKAT: Total reqmt for strategic strike missions is 80 Rafales. 36 is just the first tranche. Both Mirage 2000 & MiG-29 should never have been upgraded & the money instead ought to have been spent on acquiring Rafales for the IAF & IN. LCA is nowhere in sight with full FOC status. Deep upgrade of existing An-32REs is the way forward instead of procuring far more expensive C-295s.

Kaustav said...


Reference to my query in previous thread....Where is the scope or availability of AMCA /FGFA/ Ghatak UCAV for atleast 2 or 3 decades?
The projected 42 squadrons are easily made up by 18 squadrons(324 Nos.) LMRCA categories of 40Mk1Tejas, 83LCAMk1A and 201 Mk2/MWF.
Another 18 squadrons (350 Nos.) of Air Superiority / HMRCA variants of the Su30Mki. The balance would-be the Dassault Darale and other MMRCA-2.

Anonymous said...

Prasun sir.. Your blog is really very informative.. Sir I just wanted to share my thoughts on fulfilling squadron strength may be by 2026 if we start now, plz analyze it..
1- ordering 90 su30mki.. As hal can make 16 per year so we can get it before 2026.
2- buying 40 more second hand mig29 and 54 second hand mirage 2000 and upgrading them
3- ordering another 18 rafale and upgrading 90 jaguars
4-ordering another 20 Tejas mk1a.

That's 360 su30+100 mig29 +100 mirage 2000 +54 rafale + 96 jaguar + 140 tejas = 850 2026..plz analyze it.. Thnkuu

Venkat said...

If LCA is far away then Mr Parrikar was right in IAF should call for single engine fighters, is it not?
Else what is the back up?

Guru said...


hey prasun can u throw more light on Uttam AESA radar ,is it functional or not.
or Still in development.

Rajesh Mishra said...

ThanQ! In this article and Questions/Answers, you have explained effectively almost all of the requisite subjectivity, objectivity and the Verbs. The matter has almost become crystal clear. Yes, SSU&SU-30MKI are really required in at least 350 Nos. and Rafale in at least 100++ Nos.

By the way the single engine MMRCA/LCA are really required or they are just for increasing the population of the aircrafts. Regarding the Tejas-LIFT it can also be good for the CAS and Tactical Ground Strike Roles. If correct, some AAPiya leader will have to sit on an indefinite hunger strike to demand the development, mfg and inclusion of the Tejas-LIFT.

Anonymous said...


In the previous thread, you suggested that the K-4 itself will only be deployed early next decade. If so, when will the 5000+ km MIRVed slbm be deployed?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV: I would not bet on any of those—especially the ‘desi’ platforms as everyone is now coming to frips with the fact that it indeed is a very tall order to obtain FOC status. Hence, far better to focus on what is achievable, i.e. Super Su-30MKI upgrade & Jaguar IS/DARIN-3 upgrade & additional Rafales.

To VENKAT: The back-up? The only other option is to upgrade the MiG-23BNs & MiG-27Ms with DARIN-3 standard mission avionics & AL-31F turbofans.

To GURU: It is still under development.

To KRITAVARMA: Are you PRESUPPOSING that the K-4/B-05 will have only unitary warheads?

Anonymous said...


I believe the K-15/B-05 750 km range slbm has unitary warheads only. The K-4 (only one of which is said to fit in a tube that fits 3 K-15's) would only be effective if it carried MIRVs. I would however, not expect the K-4 to be the definitive SLBM with 5000+ km range. Was'nt that supposed to be the K-5 or K-6 ?


Kaustav said...

VMT Prasunda, the shortfall of the Mk2/MWF can only be met by either Dassault Rafale/MMRCA-2 imports in the long run and immediate upgrades of the DPSA Jaguars & Mig27. The Mirage 2000 and Mig 29 upgrades, an expensive mistake maybe, but are already under way. Thanks again.

rad said...

hi prasun
at last discussion on fighters!

why is the l band and the s band wing aesa modules not coming now? integration problems??

the high band jammer pod seems to have no lugs for wing pylon carriage , so i assume that 2 will be carried on each wing tip . there were pictures of russian ac having wing tip pods like the f-16 . so what is the correct configuration? is there a low band jammer as well?

what will be the upgrade cost per ac.?

you mentioned the rafales avionics are emp hardened , does it mean the others are not
? can i assume the the rafale is immune to a emp weapon attack?

now russia is offering long range a missile based on the r-77 ie ramjet and er version and they seem to be intent on playing a zero sum game by exporting it to china and india.I feel we will be compelled to get it as china will get a small no for copying . what is the right decision.?

ashish gautam said...

Wow an excellent article sir. Very informative. Was waiting for it for a long time....
Kuch sawalo ki jhadi...
(1) since I don't know much about details of su30mki design etc, but I wanna know that can It carry missiles as well as bombs using quad missile launchers just like rafale & eurufighter utilising full load capacity or upto 7-7.5tons of load???
I haven't scene any such pic of it in such configuration so in super Sukhoi configuration is it possible??
(2) sincrnew engine is having more thrust & 10% less fuel consumption then old one so what increment in load capacity & range can be expected?? Keeping same internal fuel capacity.
(3) any structural changes for increment in fuel capacity??
(4) during this upgrades all present aircrafts will undergo deep over hauling also??
(5) New HUD? which enables IR image superimposition on HUD??
(6) new engine's TVC is pure 3D or enhanced 2D?
(7) new AESA ka total angle coverage Kitna rhega?? jaise Gripen vale ka 110°hai....

Anonymous said...

1)Do a critical evaluation of the performance of defence PSUs in India.
2)What needs to be done to make India truly self-reliant in defence production?
Sir give a crisp answer with what present MoD is pursuing in making them move towards self reliant


Prranshu Yadav said...

Great to see super Sukhoi program going ahead and IAF interested in 40 more. It just seems the logical thing to do. Anyways, here are a few questions I have.

1. I feel that scrapping of decomissioned IAF planes is immensly wasteful. Don't you think that instead of being scrapped the decomissioned airframes should either be put in a boneyard like the US does or converted into suicide drones like China does?

2. What kind of UAVs, satellites or other reconissance platforms will India use to identify targets for missiles like Brahmos and Nirbhay deep inside enemy territory?

Suvo said...

Prasun da,thanks for Super Sukhi update. Please share your views about "Referendum 2020 Khalistan".And how India should dealt with it?

Tej Dhillon said...

Is there any info on reducing the Radar Cross Section at all and, if so, by what level of reduction? Thank you!

McCarthy said...

is India clueless on Madives?

Srinivasa Nanduri Ramanujam said...

Hi Prasun,

Excellent write up as always.

But I have a different question. You have written about Afghanistan before. And you know more about what's happening then many so called journalists.

What's happening now, first Farah and now in ghazni is quite disturbing. What are Pakitan China Iran and Russia upto.

Why this sudden well planned attacks. And for how long will Pakistan get to terrorize others and get away like this.


Sumit sen said...

How many su 30 mki will be upgraded to 'super' standard? If 80. Why not all mki's??

just_curious said...


1 if wingtips are to be used for the high band jammers then that is 2 weapons points short.. is the super su to use multiple rack ejectors to compensate for that?
2 U have shared pics of the cockpit layout model which looks similar to the Su 35.. is that what will go into Super su as well or is it just for representation
3 what excatly ails tejas FOC.. gun firing, mid air refuelling are what looks pending .. why are they so hard to accomplish ? anything else apart from these 2?
4 - Will tejas mk1 A be fitted with upgraded Kaveri engine in the future as a part of mid life upgrade? ref --
5 - Prasun, can you please share more details on this.. what would these be comparable to..

Anonymous said...

Sir finally a wrap up of a fascinating mystery? Or someone has the perfect individual harassment technology now, tested in Cuba?

Meanwhile new unexplained sounds continue

And more

Adding to the famous noise I read about as a kid, the Taos Hum.

Pole shifts, spy attacks, hysteria or experimentation?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KRITAVARMA: K-15/B-05 will not be operationally deployed, instead the K-4 will be with MIRVs. The definitive long-range SLBM with 8,000km-range is still under development for the projected S-5/S-6/S-7 SSBNs.

To RAD: Because they’re not reqd. With RAFAEL’s data-links such airborne battle management cues & vectors can easily be received from A-50I PHALCON AEW & CS platforms. Jammer pods will be wingtip-mounted, but not sideways& will instead be underwing at the wing trailing edge as shown in the slides above. Low-band jammers aren’t reqd since a dedicated low-band jamming pod is all that will be reqd in a flight of 4 or six attacking aircraft for jamming the long-range airspace surveillance radars. High-band jammers will take of illuminating radars of SAM networks. This is what escort jammers do:

Upgrade cost will be one-fourth of the per-unit acquisition price of a brand-new Su-30MKI. No, others are not EMP-hardened. No aircraft is immune to EMP. Only the level of damage can be minimized. There’s only EMP-resistance, not EMP-immunity. The IAF requires LRAAMs like Meteor from Russia since Meteor can’t be integrated with Su-30MKI’s avionics suite. China has developed its own LRAAMs & is not getting anything from Russia.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Russia already has dual-launch.quad-launch pylons for bombs as shown in the first slide above. Similar pylons for carrying 3 bombs have been developed for under-wing application & are used by MiG-27Ms. Similarly, dual-launch pylons are being developed by DRDO & HAL for SRAAMs. 2) With AL-41F turbofans, the Super Su-30MKI’s max weapons load will increase by 20%. 3) What for? It already has aerial refuelling probe for receiving fuel in mid-air. Abb sirf aur AAR refuelling tanker chahiye. 4) Yes. 5) Yes, from SAMTEL-HAL Display Systems (same as that on Jaguar IS/DARIN-3). No need for IIR image superimposition since terrain avoidance won’t be by visual means (as is the case with F-15s & F-16s using LANTIRN-2 pods), but by AESA-MMR. 6)2-D only. 7) Same as that of the existing NO-11M Bars.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RON: 1) LoLz! What is there to critically evaluate? Just get the GoI to stop running any & all PSUs, defence or otherwise. Period. When the Mauryan, Mughal & Vijayanagara empires never had any PSUs & yet they had prospered for considerable periods, then why the hell should PSUs exist in the 21st century? Just look at the PSUs in Russia, which are perpetually sick, while those of China are not getting bankrupt due to the ongoing US-China trade wars! 2) How can anyone ever become 100% self-reliant? Yes, China & Russia can, but they both have lost the technology race against their Western counterparts. And on top of all that India has got ‘netas’ like Yashwant Sinha & Arun Shourie & several more still believe that acquiring licenced-production rights from foreign OEMs will ONE DAY enable HAL to design its own home-grown MRCAs!!! If such ‘netas’ have still not learnt lessons from all the combined licence-production projects running on since the 1950s, then chances are that no ‘neta’ in India will ever draw the correct lessons from history. Only when such ‘netas’ are dumped forever will there emerge some hope for the dawning of common-sense.

To PRRANSHU YADAV: 1) Scrapping of anything is WASTEFUL & downright ARROGANT. If the Israelis can still use Centurion & M-48 tank hulls fitted with various new-generation customised turrets, then why can’t India? Why did the IA get rid of its AMX-13 light tanks in the early 1980s? Could not a few AMX-13 hulls, along with those of the Centurion & Vijayanta tanks been given to several IITs, IISCs & polytechnics for the students there to learn about military vehicle automotives & then devise various home-grown solutions for automotives, fire-control systems & vectronics? Fione. Let them take evcen a decade to come up with solutions, but had this been done, then by today we would have had re-engined & upgraded AMX-13s serving as light tanks or carriers of Nag ATGMs throughout the North East! It is the sheer arrogance of the average Indian mindset that frequently assumes horrifying proportions. 2) Only overhead recce satellites in LEO orbits & equipped with 2.4-metre wide lens (like that on KH-11s & Hubble space telescope & the July 31-launched Gaofen-11 satellite of China (you will be able to read all about it in FORCE’s September 2018 issue), along with LEO-orbiting SAR-equipped satellites like RISAT-2/Polaris/TecSAR will be able to deliver the kind of imagery reqd for both tactical & strategic targetting.

To SUVO: What referendum? If it is Khalistan that is wanted, then such a country will also be reqd to incorporate Nankana Sahib, which lies inside Pakistan. Do you reckon Pakistan will therefore advocate the creation of Khalistan? Of course not. The UK’s approval for granting permission for the protests in London has more to do with India’s needless needling & intimidation of Dubai-based Christian Michel. Because after the whole world has accepted the legal verdicts given by all 3 Italian courts, India is the only country refusing to read the writing on the wall & insisting that 2 + 2 is not equal to 4, but is either 3 or 5!!!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To TEJ DHILLON: Arey yaar, why is there a need to reduce RCS when the aircraft will be capable of radar coverage avoidance through terrain-hugging flight profiles & on top of that 2 high-band jammers will be carried along with EMP-generating SAAW standoff missiles?

To McCARTHY: Not clueless at all, but India is still supplying the long-rope to Male that will eventually come in handy when it comes to economically strangulating Maldives. So just wait & watch the fun.

To SRINIVASA NANDURI RAMANUJAM: What Iran & Russia are doing is to arm the Afghan Taliban in order to pit them against ISIS-affiliated elements emanating from Pakistan. At the same time, both Russia & India are arming & training the ANA to take on the Afghan Taliban. India now has the least to bother about Pakistan since Pakistan is already now well ahead on a suicidal course. For I am already foreseeing the day when Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi will be branded both deomstically & internationally as a heretic for going against the basic tenets of Islam & committing blasphemy like declaring that he wants to usher in yet another Riyaasat-e-Medina & that too in the absence of the Holy Prophet/Paigambar!

To SUMIT SEN: All existing Su-30MKIs will be upgraded.

To JUST-CURIOUS: Dual-ejector racks for SRAAMs have already been developed by Russia & are also being co-developed by DRDO & HAL. 2) That is the definitive cockpit display configuration as shown by DARE at Aero India 2017 expo. 3) The GSH-23 cannon’s integration validation on the Tejas Mk.1 will give enormous problems. It would have been better to go for NEXTER’s 20mm cannon as that on the Mirage 2000. 4) Neither Tejas Mk.1 or Tejas Mk.1A airframe will be capable of accommodating any uprated version of Kaveri since the air-intake configuration is already frozen. Kaveri turbofan, unless certified for flight, cannot be used for powering any model of the Tejas. Has the kaveri received its certification of airworthiness from any aviation regulatory authority (like CEMILAC) from anywhere in this world? 5) They bwill be of the same type now being delivered by Larsen & Toubro.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Rafale Deal For Dummies:

Excellent discussion on Arjun family of MBTs:

Abram said...

Doesnt Rahul's allegation that Reliance Defense is in experienced and was born out of the blue hold its ground ?

Anonymous said...

The linked news item claims that the strategic missile programme will be capped once the A-5 is inducted, with no follow on missiles on the drawing board. Could it be that MIRVs and further developments would be put on hold, keeping only a minimum deterrent?


rad said...

hi prasun
talking of jamming , can the elta 8025 jammers take care of the aesa chinese
surveillance radars that have been supplied to pak? I believe it is extremely difficult to jam the aesa radar?

can you give us dope on the new longrange missiles being offered, some russian fellow says that the missiles will be offered to all su 30 users?

why is the 23 mm canon bad? on the lca? it has been used for a long time on all ac and proven .what is the exact reason? gun gas ingestion? it is bang under the intake.

Brown Desi said...

Hi Prasun, I was reading an article from Lt. Gen. P Katoch and he mentions that during Sochi Summit, Pres. Putin has advised PM Modi to shelve the S400 Plan and Russia is now in talks with Pakistan for joint development of FGFA. Granted, that Pakistan has neither the funds or the experience for it and given the their current state country will soon be on begging tour across the globe. Don't you think it would be wise on Indian leadership's part to not put all eggs in one basket and completely alienate Russia, simply to woo US; which is on collision course with European countries as well. With Russia's such attitude, India will be surrounded by 3 major hostile countries.
Brown Desi

Rajesh Mishra said...

Nice. Within last 2-3 days you have magically cleared all the dust that was lying there for the dozens of years.

If SSU-30MKI is really successfully accepted then the MMRCA-2 is likely to be closed. Will this be justified or the MMRCA-2 shall be scaled down to some extent for some really useful reasons.

Suvo said...

Prasun da,thanks for the reply.I have another question.According to Iran,the US send ISIS militants to north afghanistan & Caucasus region.Is it true?

get2free said...

Vand Mataram Sir,
What's your view about Gathak UCAV.


ashish gautam said...

Thank you for clarification sir.
Happy 72nd independence day. may God bless us all. U keep on writing all this stuff always.
Sir, now with an AESA radar what increment in tracking & engaging range of aircraft can be expected? (If happens so).

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUVO: LoLz! Forget about what the Iranians & Turks say nowadays, since their currencies have no value now & both their economies are coming crashing down. And Pakistan will soon join them to complete the troika, is we are to believe what the Interim Pakistani Foreign Minister said yesterday:

And in the ground-report from Gwadar (aired last Sunday), the Pakistan Marines detachment in Gwadar openly stated that all the Baloch rebels have found sanctuary in Iran:

This proves once & for all that Iran has been operating for a long time in destabilising Balochistan. Not India, not Afghanistan, but Iran, which as per the first YouTube link above, has still not forgiven Pakistan for sending Gen (Ret'd) Raheel Sharif to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So these two weblinks clearly state all the facts from the Horses' mouths, & let there be no more doubts & speculations on such issues anymore. And looking at the visuals of Gwadar Port, it now looks like a PoW internment camp, with Guard-Towers sited every 100 metres.

And here's the programme in which Pakistan's Interim Defence Minister said last week that he had already finished drafting the defence policy for the to-be-constituted new Pakistani federal govt:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ABRAM: Firstly, it is not Reliance Defence that has been selected, but rather it is DASSAULT-RELIANCE AEROSPACE that has been selected. This company is jointly owned by Dassault & Reliance. Secondly, it is Dassault that chose Reliance. So if the PAPPU has any queries WRT the selection process, i.e. why Dassault chose Reliance & not HAL, then that question should be posed to Dassault, & no one else. An unnecessary ruckus was created in Parliament by the PAPPU because he refuses to acknowledge that 2 + 2 = 4.

To ASHWATTHAMA: I don;t place any reliance on such erroneous news-reports. Tjere can be various version of an ICNM or SLBM. Plus, in that news-report, the ‘desi’ reporter canlt even tell the difference between an RF seeker & a proximity fuze!!!

To RAD: Which are the AESA-based surveillance radars that China has supplied to Pakistan? As for escort jammers, this is the one:

The R-37M that was originally designed in the 1980s has been upgraded & is on offer for members of the Su-30 family of H-MRCAs. Different cannons has different operating characteristics, especially WRT recoil forces generated. A twin-barrel cannon will generate more such force than a single-barrelled cannon.

To BROWN DESI: If that is indeed the case, then why has India asked for exemption from CAATSA for the S-400 deal? FGFA was India-specific. There is no FGFA without India. What now exists is only the Su-57 PMF, which is already fully developed & doesnlt require any further enhancements. So, better not get carried away by the speculative perceptions & assumptions of others.

To RAJESH MISHRA: VMT. The Super Su-30MKIs, along with S-400s & Barak-8 LR-SAMs will be more than enough to ensure the in-depth air-defence of India’s airspace. In the meantime, development of the LCA-AF Mk.2 should be accelerated & the airframe must incorporate heavier landing gears (like that on the NLCAs) & LEVCONs, along with a MAWS suite & internal ASPJ & Cockpit-NG & AESA-MMR & Dhruti RWR.

To GET2FREE: What about it? It doesn’t exist inj any physical form as yet & let the ADE first operationalise the Rustom-1 & the Tapas UAVs. Only then can anyone say anything about stealthy UAS platforms.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: AESA-MMR is not reqd for increasing tracking capacity or detection ranges. If AEW & CS platforms or ground-based GCI provide targetting cues, then where’s the need for using AESA-MMR for target detection? Why advertise one’s position by keeping the radar on? Might as well as keep it switched off. That’s why in the history of air combat no BVRAAM has ever destroyed the target at max range when AEW & CS coverage wasn’t available. Long-range detection/tracking for LRAAMs is reqd only when the targets are high-flying & lumbering bombers like B-52s or Tu-95s or Tu-16s/H-6Ks. In India’s case, Chinas won;t use its H-6Ks since the IAF will be having the Barak-8ER & S-400s for long-range interception of such high-flying aircraft.

Interview of ex-R & AW Secretary Vikram Sood:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

And everyone enjoy their independence day by watching these:

Anonymous said...


VMT. Was concerned b/c Shishir Gupta appears to have `sources'. Which means that some elements in the bureaucracy may be promoting such hare-brained ideas like capping the strategic missile programme with a single warhead A-5 and K-4. Hope such mistakes never happen.


Ved said...

Happy Independence day to all.

Sujit said...

Prasun sir, if elta 8251 is very effective then our su30mki is more than capable of handling anything.why then are we thinking of stealth aircrafts and rafale type high cost aircraft?? Please clarify sir..
And sir there are reports that israel used SUTER ew against syrian radars during operation orchard.sir is suter real?? Can it really hack air defence system? If yes then is india having any such capability sir? Cauz my personal thought is it wud make stealth aircraft redundant..thnku sir.

Pierre Zorin said...

Prasun babu were you suggesting some Indians raise their national flag on a different type of a hoist watching " provocative" belly dances by stunning beauties?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHWATTHAMA: Well, as we all know now, his ‘sources’ are of the dubious kind. They always were, are & will always be.

To SUJIT: Because the nature of the threat is always changing & is not of a static nature. Although the Super Su-30MKI will be far more capable, it still won’t be able to operate five sorties a day, which the Rafale can. No SUTER was used by the IDF-AF. Instead, DEW version of the Spice-250 was used to knock out the radars of Syria. Had SUTER been used, then the IDF-AF’s F-15Is would not have been reqd to fly along the Turkey-Syria border for the sake of avoiding engagements by Syrian SAMs.

To PIERRE ZORIN: Well, I had to do that because I had an inkling about the depression that listeners & watchers of the PM’s speech (delivered from the ramparts of the Red Fort) would be subjected to after listenting to the PM’s soundbytes, which are analysed here:

Any self-respectong leader whose country’s sovereign territory is under someone else’s illegal occupation would have made at least some mention about the pledge once every year on Aiguist 15 to recover such territories back by any & all means. But it seems India’s ‘netas’ as expected mostly choose to live in a state oif self-denial & are loathe to admit their past mistakes. Instead, one sees endless chest-thumpings & self-pattings. In contrast, if one attends any kind of diplomatic function hosted by the PRC anywhere in this world, the end of the keynote speeches delivered during such events always, without fail, ends with the pledge to secure re-unification with Taiwan by any & all means. Hence, belly-dances are always far more preferable & palatable than displays of hypocricies by India’s political ‘netas’.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BUDDHA: Do go through these:

Ancient Vimana Discovered:

Ancient Gates of Warangal Fort:

1.000-Pillar Temple:

Mamandur Caves:

Idols of Ramappa Temple:

Did Ancient Civilizations Use Advanced Communication Devices:

Bicycle Carved 2,000 Years Ago:

3,000 Year Old Statue Reveals Advanced Technology:

Vettuvan Koil:

Srirangam Temple:

Latest PLA Army Day Video:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Anonymous said...

What do you think about this? Could Xi Jinping's troubles tempt him to start a 1962 like aggression later this year?


Enigma said...

Prasun da,

Seems Pakistan Armed Force now has Mi-35 in his arsenal.

Sujit said...

Thnkuu prasun sir for replying.
Sir, u said that russia has developed a brand new ssn design and this is going to be sold to india for our ssn project.sir is the agreement still intact or india is going alone? M not able to find the name of such project.
And sir will kolkata and vishakapatnam class destroyers will be armed with nirrbhay vls or xrsam in future?? Cauz i think they are low armed with respect to their tonnage..even japanese destroyers are heavily armed..thnkuu sir

ashish gautam said...

Ok thank you for clearing my doubt.
Sir, just saw these pics on Twitter...
Check out @TemjenAo’s Tweet:
Why indian govt doesn't orders airforce or army to blow up camp hebron etc such locations which are being used to run a parallel govt in nagaland???
Since I don't know much about Nagaland issue I request you to kindly let me know about it, & apart from geographical issues what r other issues which stop Indian forces or govt from using air land compaign???
Coz u can see they all bloody carry assault rifles etc.... Kinda fully equipped terrorist they r.... That too in a uniform... Pls tell.

Pierre Zorin said...

I hope Prasun you realised it was an innuendo and said in a lighter vein like I always do ;)
India by now should be known as not only a RFD but also a RFL - refuse to learn - nation
I have written to the Israeli PM what he intends doing about those who killed the Jews in Mumbai seeing they are safeguarded by ISI and Israel always gets their targets no matter where in the world. I asked this because I said India is all talk with zero action so it had to be him avenging the innocent lives lost.

Anonymous said...


Came across this article my Rohit Saran in TOI and also in Economic Times.

Rohit Saran is the executive editor of TOI and has been the same for Economic Times and India Today.

What's your opinion on his idea as proposed in this article.


buddha said...

Thanks sir..It is pleasure for me to get your references .
I will sure go through this by the week end.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

And this is the air-strike that the former CAS of the IAF is referring to:

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
Are the scorpenes getting any HWT in near future or will it be SUT that is going to be all. Earlier you said that the Blackshark HWT can be the only choice due to the CMS compatibility. May be the F21 could also be an option. Your views please.

A couple of months back read it in news that IA in an urgent mode had sent some it's officers to global vendors for emergency purchase of assault rifles, carbines, sniper rifles etc. Has any thing really been purchased or was it a fake news?

Some time back had read that NSG has selected Sako 7.62*51mm sniper rifle. Which is the actual model and has the NSG got any till date?

Anonymous said...
Without consulting executing agency ...without knowing strengths and this PM can make such a tall promise? Compare it with JFK speech? What is your say on this
2) I don’t have any hopes for reintegration of PoK with J&K


VMT for the update on Super SU30 MKI.
Would you please clarify what is the difference between chaff & flare...

And,what is the fate of NOVATOR K100 missile? Has it been abandoned?

Thanks in advance.

Ashis Acharya

Prasun K. Sengupta said...


Politicians in general work for themselves but on behalf of people they represent. Their interest remains supreme and if at all they serve the interest of the people, it is by default; more often as a by-product, of their fulfilled self-interest. While, undertaking such exercises they have no remorse or guilt. It is an accepted fact that all politicians look after their families and extended families once they seize the political power. Rarely you will find a politician in our country, who do not have his sons/daughters/spouses/relatives as their political proteges. Families of Mulayams/Lalu/Nehrus have perpetuated family legacy in the political arena and made it their family business enterprise. Even spinsters like Amma/Didi/Behenjee have close relatives in their inner political coterie; the only exception so far has been PM Modi, who has kept his relatives at bay but by no means immune to close political coterie, of ‘yes-men’. There is no doubt that some ministers are performing brilliantly; however, some have been kept only to acquiesce and nod at everything the PM/PMO/NSA suggests. One such minister is our Defence Minister.

Ms Sitaraman is known for her generosity and selflessness. ‘Generosity’ seems to run in her family, where they are conservative by nature and are most generous with things, which they personally do not own! In the current instance; she has ordered to hand over defence land worth 282 crores of 16.52 acres in return for notional land worth 209 acres worth 488 crores in the outskirts of Bangalore. It appears to be a good bargain but the truth is that Karnataka Government Cabinet has not yet passed a resolution to hand over the alternate land. It simply means that they are not handing over the land as it is notional, as of now. Notwithstanding, they would immediately take over the defence land. She feels the return of the land can take place later, as she personally cannot bear to see the suffering of the people of Bangalore. How altruistic? Indeed, kudos to her, for experiencing the pain of the people of Bangalore. It does not need the genius to visualise that the alternate land will never be returned. The most prized commodity in Bangalore; is the land and there is seamless cooperation among the land sharks, corporates and politicians. In the present case, the defence land has already been ordered to be given to the Government of Karnataka and the latter are under no hurry to return the land as their projects would have been done and the MOD with its inherent lethargy would take decades, even to send reminders and the ‘defence land’ is gone for good. Ms Sitaraman very well knows it. She has taken an oath to be the Defence Minister of Indian Union but her innate spirit of doing good, more so by giving some one’s property to someone else and surreptitiously deriving personal benefit; is the game that she has played too often. She has done it with roads in 62 Cantonment and now she is bent upon bartering defence lands to state governments and extracting her pound of flesh. In the first instance, she ordered the Service Headquarters to dispense the Cantonments completely and convert a small part of it into ‘Military Stations’. The master plan is to barter defence lands and sell the same and use it in the ‘Consolidated Fund of India’. The white money gets deposited; however, what would happen to the black money in the deal? Which political party and individuals would be its beneficiaries? The Defence Minister need to answer it? She very adroitly has asked the Service Headquarters to recommend the case, to show it to the public that the proposal has come from the service headquarters.

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

I hope the general public knows that India is the only country in the world that does not have serving defence officers in the MOD. Those, with no clue on defence matters, are advising the beguiled defence minister as to what to write and where to sign? Of course; her willing compliance has steadily destroyed the morale of the Armed Forces, for which she is paid to keep it high. In her perception; the very fact that she is the Defence Minister; she is the owner of all the defence lands and property with the service headquarters and she has the full liberty to use it, as she pleases. She is also known to be generous and she actually feels that if the Defence Land can be made good use by the public; then why not? However, the same generosity does not extend to the private property owned by her spouse and herself.

The Defence Minister; conspicuously lacks a political base. Her passport to power is the largess thrown at her by the PM. She has entered the Cabinet through the backdoor entry from the Rajya Sabha, soon after the formation of the Modi Government. She has already been in the Rajya Sabha since 26 Jun 2014; the first two years representing Andhra Pradesh and the next two year representing Karnataka. Her generosity will also show her loyalty to the state from where she has been elected in Rajya Sabha and also assuage the hurt feelings for shifting Aero India from Bangalore to Lucknow. The secret personal deal is that the Janata Dal will support her candidature from Karnataka, should she seek re-election from the state, after retirement in 2022. The support of Janata Dal has been assured to her. Otherwise; even if she really wanted to give the defence land for public use; why pray; it was given without handing over the equivalent land to defence? If, it has been delayed for several years then what is the tearing hurry now? If the state government wanted it on a fast track; what stopped the State Government from finishing the formalities and hand over the land of equivalent value simultaneously with the taking over of the defence land? Even a congenital anosmatic person, would smell a stinking rat in the deal?

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Her next move is to do likewise in Telangana. She has already given green signal to KCR government that she is a game to hand over any defence assets to the government. She has already taken the first step by opening the roads in Cantt to the public and has come in the good books. She has said that another 160 acres of defence land for two skyways in Hyderabad would be handed over in Karnataka style, as she really cannot see the people of Hyderabad suffering. Her motherly instincts again go out for the long-suffering people of Hyderabad: Why not give them the defence land to alleviate their distress? After all, she is the defence minister; only in name, and her main interest lies in rehabilitating her spouse and also secure captive votes for her in Rajya Sabha; in case the Karnataka formulae does not work. Even the PM is trying to rope in KCR as an ally in the next parliamentary election? Then, what is the hitch? Why not hand over the prime defence land to the KCR government? The latter is also aware; how important he is to the Union Government? He is asking for ‘Bison Parade Ground’ to construct his new secretariat as the present one is not as per Vaastu. Ms Sitaraman is already smacking her lips to strike the deal. After all, if the defence assets have to be used for political purposes; then why not? She will get a pat from the PM and what a great day it would be; the honour and appreciation coming from the PM himself! For several days and nights, she would be in a bliss; glowing with pride for bartering the prime defence assets for political expediency. Her partner in the deal would be DGDE: In the recent case, the CAG has indicted DGDE where an ‘Old Grant Bungalow’ in Ranikhet meant for housing defence personnel was given to run a hotel. To add insult to injury, no rent was levied on the hotel keeper. The CAG has also said that it is not the first case and such lapses were noticed in the past as well. DGDE is as compliant to the Defence Minister as she is compliant to the PMO. With such a great set up at home; do you really need enemies? No doubt; charity begins at home and generosity is self-serving?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...


By Ret'd Lt Gen P G Kamath

Dear Xxx,

I respect all views as different views make a healthy society. Firstly, if you have read my article I never said all the 1.4 million people living in Cantonments are encroachers. The MOS of MOD has reported to the Parliament there are over 10000 acres defence lands have been encroached. Many Old Grant Bungalows and leased property have been taken over by illegal occupants. When I said encroachers, it is them. In your little understanding, you have concluded that all the civilians residing in Cantonments are encroachers. Civilians have lived in Cantonments, are living in Cantonments and will continue to live in Cantonments. The ire is against the illegal occupants. I can respond to each of the issues you commented, but I frankly do not feel that I need to convince you. What takes the cake is your comment “General, civilians in Secunderabad are so fed up with the Indian Army, we avoid you like the plague”. This beautiful sentence you have written is adequate to gauge your poor upbringing and your faulty education.

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Firstly; The Army units, which are in Secunderabad are not permanently located there. They come from operational frontiers after having served for three to four years and come for training and reorientation before they go to the next operational area. Secondly: At any one time our 15000 Kms of land borders, 7500 Kms of Coastline, over 1000 islands, and 2.5 million Sq Kms of ‘Exclusive Economic Zone are defended night and day from threats that could emanate from land, air, seas, underwater, and space. The Armed Forces defend it so that our country is safe and ungrateful people like you, can sleep peacefully in their beds, where they can take security for granted. The existence of Security is never felt and only its absence is felt. When your parents were cohabiting in the safety and security of their home and conceived you; the security for them during the happy and intimate moments was provided by the Indian Army. When you were born, it was a happy day at your house and people rejoiced to welcome you, into this world: To enable your happiness it was Indian Army guarding the frontiers so that all of you could celebrate. When you put out your first step and blabbered your baby talk; your parents were the happiest people on earth that was facilitated by the Indian soldier defending your frontiers and providing you with the required security. You went to school, breezed through your adolescence and moved from school to college and those happy days where you did not have a care in life; because the Indian Army guarding the frontiers in snow, rain, winters, summers in deserts, mountains, jungles, high altitude areas and glacial frontiers were accomplishing their mission. You did not have to worry a bit about your security. All these years you spent in our country without even knowing that soldiers mount vigil round the clock so that your carefree days are indeed your carefree days. Now, you have moved out of the country despising the soldiers who protected you and enabled you to become, what you are today. Even now, should anything happen to you the Indian Armed Forces will come to your aid? You know thousands of our countrymen in distress have been evacuated from the foreign soil due to conflicts and natural disasters. Your parents are probably at Secunderabad, should anything happen to them due to communal riots, natural disaster and it is beyond the civil administration to address it; rest be assured the Indian Army will save them and provide relief so that you can see their happy faces again as and when you return. You are in an alien land and I have no doubts that you will work there and subsequently settle there. You will plead, beg, importunate, stand in a queue and impress the immigration officer to extend your visa or apply for a green card. I wish you success. However, due to some unfortunate reason should you return to your motherland, you would be welcome without a question and the Indian Army, which you hate as plague, will continue to give your security and safety so that you can pick up the threads of your life again. I rest my case. You are welcome to continue with your diatribe. I wish you well and please concentrate on your studies as these times will never come again. God; bless you.

buddha said...

the 600km-range air-launched supersonic LRCM that is also now under development (for delivering tactical nuclear warheads), ....A line from 2012 thread of yours....
Has this project been postponed ...

DAshu said...

To be frank all the so called defense ministers are miserable, inadequate, but she is giving very tuff competition to the guy from Goa who had mastery in hunting down the invisible hand

DAshu said...

Pierre Zorin said...

EUREKA! This could be India's public peeing problem solution- the first part of the video....

Unknown said...

the root cause of this malaise in India is lack of an indian grand narrative. the israeli grand narrative is clear to the dog on the street that israel is the homeland of jews and its identity in essence is jewish. all other minorities in israel like the muslim arabs have to reconcile with this. now when jehadi terrorists attack israel or israeli citizens it considers this attack as an attack on jewish identity or on the israeli grand narrative. this mobilises right from the dog on the street (metaphorically) to the isreali prime minister and IDF in action.

in India what is the narrative. NOTHING. Infact the history i learnt in NCERT books was that india has amalgamated all different cultures brought by foreigners whether the Mughals or British. so all invasions were good in India as we indians enriched our culture with mughlai cuisine, british tea/food habits, lovely architectural wonders like the Taj Mahal/Red Fort etc. Hence this implies that if earlier invasions added value to our culture the present ones like westernisation, maoism, islamism etc would also add value. Hence, people in the indian media/academia etc defending all these foreign concepts. So when india is physically invaded across LoC by a failed state like Pakistan, what do you think the dog on the street to the minister in delhi would do? how do you think he would react? he would do nothing but to be at the defensive as there is no grand narrative across the nation to defend. infact there would be political parties, intellectual and media cronies who would cast doubt even on surgical strikes declared officially by the military. did you not observe this. why is it that there are so many differences and conflicts resulting in India being a RTD or RTL? because you dont have fuckin grand narrative till date. Even the amercians have a grand narrative known as AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM. Even Pakistan has a grand narrative, albeit flawed and self destructive, of an islamic state of subcontinent muslims with india (dar ul harab) being its enemy. it is under this grand narrative that Pakistan as a nation state has worked since 1947 and hence its aggression towards india and Indias meek response due to its want of a grand narrative. Now how long will such a grand narrative take to establish? god know. So my suggestion is that understand the root cause of the problem and accordingly develop perspective. And avoid making the cardinal mistake of comparing a nation without a grand narrative to a nation with a clear and unapologetic grand narrative like israel.