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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

IAF Rafale M-MMRCA Costings & Platform Modification/Customisation Details

The figure of Rs.525 crore or approximately €79 million per Rafale, which the Indian National Congress has been citing, is based on Dassault Aviation’s 2007 RFP response at the then exchange rate (€I = Rs.66) and that too for only the 18 Rafales that were to be delivered off-the-shelf by Dassault Aviation. The 2007 price for each of the 18 Rafales would have amounted in 2015 to €100.85 million (Rs.765.4 crore at 2015 exchange rate of €1 = Rs 75.90). Similarly, the 2007 bid price for every Eurofighter EF-2000 would in 2015 have worked out to be €102.85 million, higher than that of the Rafale. In comparison, the average price of each of the 36 “bare/green” Rafales bought in 2016 is €91.7 million (Rs.696 crore at the 2015 exchange rate), lower than both the earlier 2007 Rafale and Eurofighter EF-2000 RFP responses. The exact price for the 28 single-seat Rafales is 91.07 million (Rs.681 crore) each; and that of each of the eight tandem-seat Rafales is 94 million (Rs.703 crore).
Coming to unit-prices of the 108 Rafales that were to be licence-assembled by the Bengaluru-based and MoD-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, or HAL (the workshare agreement between HAL and Dassault Aviation was signed on March 13, 2014), Dassault Aviation had estimated that each HAL-built Rafale will cost 2.7 times more (including Rs. 68 crore in labour costs alone per aircraft) than a Rafale delivered by Dassault Aviation. This is because not only would HAL have had to upgrade its in-house airframe fabrication and systems integration capabilities entirely through imported hardware and expertise, but the same also would have had to be undertaken by several of the private-sector and public-sector industrial entities that had been identified by HAL and Dassault Aviation as vendors. These would have included the following:
Airframe Component Providers: fuel tanks and pylons (5 vendors), tooling hardware (12 vendors), mechanical parts and sub-assemblies (21 vendors)

Turbofan Component Providers: mechanical parts, tubes and pipes (5 vendors)

Avionics Components Providers: AESA-MMR sub-assemblies,, cockpit displays (3 vendors), electronic boards (4 vendors), automated test-benches (5 vendors)

Accessories Providers: cabinets (3 vendors), screws and rivets (1 vendor), tubes (1 vendor), wiring harnesses (5 vendors)

Simulator Services Provider: 1 vendor

Ground Support Equipment Supplier: 6 vendors

Engineering, Software & Services: 13 vendors

Data Conversion Service Provider: 2 vendors

MRO Services Provider: 4 vendors
Customer-Furnished Hardware Specified For Integration With Rafale M-MRCA
All the IAF Rafales will feature 14 customer-specific modifications, comprising: 1) integration of the RAFAEL-supplied LITENING target acquisition/designation pod; 2) integration of the RAFAEL-supplied Spice-1000 standoff PGM and its related data-link pod; 3) integration of MBDA-supplied Meteor BVRAAM and ALARM anti-radiation missile; 4) integration of the RAFAEL-supplied X-Guard towed-decoy and development of its on-board location cabinets; 5) upgradation of the SPECTRA EW suite to accommodate low-band, medium-band and high-band directional jammer apertures; 6) integration of the TARGO-2 HMDS supplied by Elbit Systems (also ordered by Qatar); 7) installation of a THALES-supplied traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS); 8) installation of a THALES-supplied standby radar altimeter; 9) Optimisation of the M88 turbofan’s jet-fuel starter for operating in sub-zero temperatures at altitudes above 9,000 feet ASL; 10) increase in the capacity of the on-board OBOGS; 11) addition of weather-mapping mode of operation in the THALES-supplied RBE-2 AESA-MMR; 12) development of quad-pack ejectors for the DRDO-engineered and Spice-250 PGM-derived SAAW EMP-generating standoff PGM; 13) assistance in flight-qualification of DRDO-developed 450kg laser-guided HSLD bomb and integration of the bomb’s FOG-based inertial navigation system with the Rafale’s on-board Sigma-95N RLG-INS through a MIL-STD-1553B interface; 14) modification of the Sigma-95N RLG-INS’ coupled GPS transceiver in order to receive MIL-STD PY-code coordinates from India’s NAVIC/IRNSS constellation of GPS satellites.
Nett cost of each of the 18 fully weaponised Rafale M-MRCA in flyaway condition as negotiated by the UPA-2 government was Rs.1,705 crore and that of each meant-to-be-licence-built Rafale was Rs.4,603.5 crore, whereas the figure for each of the 36 flyaway Rafales now on order works out to Rs.1,646 crore.
Contrary to the Indian National Congress’ allegations about the Dassault Reliance Aerospace joint-venture industrial entity being the sole beneficiary/executor of the 50% indirect industrial offsets package that forms part of the  €7.87 billion (Rs.59,000 crore) Rafale M-MRCA contract, Dassault Reliance Aerospace will only be one of several key industrial players in the execution of offset obligations. This is because under any government-to-government contractual agreement, industrial offset obligations are always fulfilled by respective industrial consortiums, i.e. from the French side the consortium comprises OEMs like Dassault Aviation, THALES and the SAFRAN Group. And THALES and the SAFRAN Group are still in the process of finalising their industrial offsets obligations. Consequently, each of these three French OEMs is entitled to fulfil only one-third portion of the mandated 50% industrial offsets content.


DAshu said...

This should pacify our great PAPU now. As usual you are gain top-notch.

Harsh said...

Will share this link with thousands of people on social media and force feed their scamgress infested brain cells

The Indian said...

Prasun as usual excellent show! What are the India specific changes specified in the aircraft?You had said more will be bought. When is the second tranche being ordered?Will all Aircraft be brought up to the latest standard that is being brought out shortly?Why is the air force insisting on buying another aircraft when more Rafales should be bought?Any information about the second lot of advanced Scorpenes?

Rajesh Mishra said...

Now Pappoojee will start insisting that all the Rafale should be made only at HAL and not to be offloaded to the the big or petty-bourgeoisie.

ashish gautam said...

can i post these pics on twitter mentioning ur blog name & ur name????
tagging media houses...

Just_curious said...

There was a talk about having additional rafales @60% cost as infra cost is covered in the current cost of 36 rafales. How many more rafales can be accommodated without having to spend additionally on infra? An addon order of 54 should be made to take the total nos to 90 to cover for the newer Chinese jets in a 2frnt war scenario..which I feel is increasingly likely given that Chinese will be sucked into the black hole called paki economy

Raju Ravanan said...

let Me know our Rafales having con-formal Fuel tanks? is this True?

Anup said...

Naval Tejas flying again.So navy change mind? Or any presure from Defence Minister? Or HAL testing new features?

Satya said...

Is it true? Or has the fake news bug bitten him too?

Brown Desi said...

G'day Prasun. Though I don't pay much attention to what this fiction writer utters from time to time, this recent podcast with Admiral (retd) A. Prakash is OK, mostly because of succinct advice from the good Admiral. Really didn't like the vague questions the interviewer asked with no depth.

However; as an avid reader of your blog, for me, it will be far better informative experience, if the officer has an educated discussion with yourself encompassing all ailing areas Indian defense is suffering from.

Sincere regards,
Brown Desi

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DASHU, HARSH & RAJESH MISHRA: LoLz! VMT, but the Pappu has made the Rafale pricing from a non-issue to an issue for only 1 reason: it is a counter-attack against a similar non-issue raised by the BJP WRT AW-101 helicopter procurement. One must now accept that the AW-101 contract cancellation by the UPA-2 govt & its subsequent vilification by the BJP was an error of epic proportions, is has now been proven by the Italian trial court, high court & supreme court. Hence, in my view, both the INC & BJP have been responsible for compromising national security for their own parochial reasons & both are now equally complicit in degrading India’s national security.

To THE INDIAN: Have already uploaded above all the 14 IAF-specific modifications reqd on the Rafales.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: By all means, be my guest.

To JUST_CURIOUS: The IAF has specified a minimum reqmt for 80 Rafales, of which 60 are reqd to be single-seaters.

To RAJU RAVANAN: Yes. It is true & confirmed.

To ANUP: It is flying only in order to complete all flight-testing parameters of the LEVCONs, because the IAF has asked for LEVCONs to be incorporated on Tejas Mk.1A.

To SATYA: How Bhutan’s endorsement of BRI can be linked to withdrawal of IMTRAT from Bhutan is anyone’s guess & defies all logic. It is thus bound to be only a baseless assumption. But these are true:

BRO in Bhutan:

China Invites Bhutan to Join BRI:

China Offers Territorial Concessions to Bhutan:

To BROWN DESI: VMT. Here’s another objective reality-check:

To BUDDHA: Latest Documentary on USOs & what kind of humanoids are residing within Lake Baikal:


Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
For all Rafale lovers this is an excellent thread. Thanks for the same.

Ashutosh said...

Sir, what important matter has brought navy chief to kashmir. That too for more than a day.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Following are details of some of the main religiosity-exploiting groups taking part in Pak general elections:

Milli Muslim League (MML)
- PARTY LEADER: Saifullah Khalid, supported by spiritual leader Hafiz Saeed
- LEGAL STATUS: Banned in Pakistan for its association with spiritual leader Hafiz Saeed, who is on a U.N. terrorism list in connection with 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 166 people. Saeed denied involvement in the attacks.
- ELECTION STATUS: Candidates registered under the name Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek are campaigning with Saeed’s image on their posters and election materials.
- CANDIDATES: 260. 73 for National Assembly and the rest for provincial assemblies.
- RELIGIOUS SECT: Ahl-e-Hadith, also known as Salafi branch of Sunni Islam.
- BACKGROUND: Hafiz Saeed’s charity Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) formed the MML party in August 2017. The United Nations says the JuD is a front for Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), or Army of the Pure, which the United States and India blame for the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Saeed has a $10 million U.S. bounty on his head.

Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah Pakistan (TLYRA)
- PARTY LEADER: Khadim Hussain Rizvi
- LEGAL STATUS: Registered with Election Commission.
- ELECTION STATUS: Candidates contesting under the TLP banner.
- CANDIDATES: 566, 178 of for National Assembly, the rest for provincial assemblies.
- RELIGIOUS SECT: Barelvi school of Sunni Islam.
- BACKGROUND: The party emerged out of a protest movement in 2016 against the state’s execution of Mumtaz Qadri, a bodyguard of the governor of Punjab province who gunned down his boss in 2011 over his call to reform Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. Khadim Hussain Rizvi, an Islamic preacher paralyzed from the waist following a road accident, heads the party. In its first ever election in September, 2017, the party surprised Pakistani political elite with a strong showing by securing nearly 8 percent of total votes cast in a by-election.

Tehreek-e-Labbaik Islam (TLI), a breakaway faction of TLP, is led by Dr Ashraf Asif Jalali and also belongs to Sunni Barelvi school of thought. Both are contesting election with the symbols of crane and cannon respectively. Both TLP and TLI are contesting elections over making the blasphemy laws stricter and are attracting the vote banks of Sunni Barelvis.

Cont'd below

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ)
- PARTY LEADER: Maulana Mohammad Ahmad Ludhianvi
- LEGAL STATUS: Banned for being the political wing of sectarian militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), which has been allied with al-Qaeda and Islamic State and responsible for the killing of hundreds of minority Shi’ite Muslims. The party denies links with LeJ.
- ELECTION STATUS: Candidates are running under the name of Pakistan Rah-e-Haq party, or as independents.
- CANDIDATES: More than 150.
- RELIGIOUS SECT: Hardline Deobandi Sunni branch of Islam.
- BACKGROUND: The banned ASWJ is another name for the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), founded in 1985, which belongs to Deobandi school of Islam, which in turn was carved out of pro-Taliban Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam (JUI) party. It considers minority Shi’ite Muslims heretics. ASWJ is contesting the election from the platform of Rah-e-Haq Party belong to the Sunni Deobandi school of Islam.

Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA)
- PARTY LEADERS: Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, Sirajul Haq and Allama Sajid Naqvi.
- LEGAL STATUS: Most of the parties in the religious alliance are long-established and legally registered with the Election Commission, except for the Shi’ite Tehreek-e-Islami, which is a new name for the banned Tehreek-e-Jafria Pakistan (TJP). Islami Tehreek Pakistan (ITP) led by Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi is a representative organisation of a group of Shia Muslims. Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith Pakistan is also contesting the election under the banner of MMA and belongs to Salafi school of thought. Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST) led by Mohammad Sarwat Ijaz Qadri belongs to Sunni Barelvi school of thought. Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazlur Rehman (JUI-F) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) are contesting the election under the banner of MMA.
- ELECTION STATUS: Candidates from two major parties and more than a dozen small religious groups are contesting under the MMA alliance.
- CANDIDATES: 595. 191 for the National Assembly, the rest for provincial assemblies.
- RELIGIOUS SECT: Deobandi, Ahl-e-Hadith, Barelvi of Sunni sect and one Shi’ite group.
- BACKGROUND: The MMA was founded prior to the general election in 2002, which was conducted under military ruler General Pervez Musharraf. It comprised more than two dozen extremist religious parties from various sects. The alliance won enough seats to form the government in Pakistan’s northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and promoted a harsh brand of sharia law.

Gopal said...

Is it me or do others see a con-formal fuel tank in the picture of rafale and is it the Indian version of LGB? It looks to me there is also Indian symbolism on the tail.

Pierre Zorin said...

I reckon those advocating harsh versions of the shariah law whether deobandi or not needs immediate naasbandi so the rampant procreation of the world domination sect can come to an immediate halt.

Pierre Zorin said...

Hey here's how to make the saffron army happy:

BTW this woman also proves how narrow minded and bigoted some people in India have become because she is a Muslim Russian and yet decided to cross cultures and religion....

buddha said...
What I fail to understand why this general does not look armed force as singuals entity rather three different leg. in today's world to win a war what a country needs a well coordinated application of its force taking three sections along with cyberspace and political will.

Ved said...

Yeah I saw the conformal fuel tanks too. Prasun confirmed it that Indian Rafales would have it. More range!!!

Glaginye said...


Please allow me to tweet this to that no good Ajai Shukla.


ashish gautam said...

thanks sir.
its an amazing thread. well drafted & deeply tailored.

Sumit said...

Dada this means more than 120 Rafales were coming???

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VED, GLAGINYA & ASHISH GAUTAM: Have uploaded the final section of the narrative that clearly exposes the hollowness of all the erroneous claims & allegations being made by the Pappu-led INC. It must be noted that all such entities making such baseless allegations have ZERO knowledge about industrial offsets & therefore they have ASSUMED that licenced-production is the same as industrial offsets & hence the emergence of false equivalence being drawn between Dassault Reliance Aerospace & HAL. Industrial offsets involve finished hardware buy-back provisions by foreign OEMs, while licenced-production does not have any offsets content. Unless such technicalities are well-understood & grasped, everyone, especially the 'desi patrakaars' who have been dispensing soundbytes like headless chickens on various Indian TV channels over the past 4 days, will get totally confused & begin comparing apples with oranges.

SUMIT: No. The IAF will now be satisfied with 80 Rafales.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Another seminar on air-defence:

dilbert said...

An excellent thread, Prasun. Bravo!

Pavan Ms said...

Prasun da, I have a small doubt. The Dassault annual report mentioned the cost of the sales in 2016. But how can they report the total cost of the project, when Snemeca, Thales and MBDA have to supply their respective hardwares. Can you please clarify that how the aircraft manufacturer was showing the entire cost on his balance sheet? Is Dassault purchasing engine, avionics and weapons directly from the frenFr vendors and billing India?

Anonymous said...

Any updates on Hajipir pass capture by IA or if it doesn’t happen now then we can assume that it won’t happen for another 10 years down the line


RAT said...

Hi Prasun,
Wonderful break down of the Rafale deal indeed thanks again. One more of your predictions coming true Imran Khan's PTI emerging as larger party with fracured mandate. Now just waiting for Haji Pir. Thanks once again.


Keep us updated on Indian Army and Army games of 2018 in Russia. Especially Tank Biathlon 2018.

And there was a article in one news portal about a billion dollar deal for NASAMS purchase from USA. How much truth it has?

Prranshu Yadav said...

Will the quad pack ejectors for SAAW be compatible with the Jaguar as well? How many SAAWs would Jaguar be able to carry?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PAWAN MS: That’s because the prices of all sub-systems & components are quoted as fixed-price sub-contracts to the prime contractor Dassault Aviation, which then calculates the nett figure for platform acquisition cost. MBDA quotes separately to the vFrench DGA. India makes progress payments directly to the DGA which then forwards the payments to Dassault Aviation.

To RON: What’s the great hurry to capture Haji Pir Pass? Time is still on India’s side. Give the PA to some time to return to the barracks for rest & recuperation & then by late next month the ceasefire violations & cross-LoC & cross-WB infiltrations will dramatically increase again, which will then provide the spark for the IA to initiate its cross-LoC offensive operations. Meanwhile, the so-called economic miracle of China is now in tatters:

To RAT & DILBERT: VMT. Meanwhile, more disinformation is now being spread through these news-reports:

All these clueless ‘desi patrakaars’ lamenting the closure of BMS project have not yet grasped that the replacement for this project was initiated way back in 2014 & I had explained it all here:

TAC-4G broadband fourth-generation cellular network is based on a flat-IP network architecture which provides flexible and fast communications between many users. This includes fast-and-secure communications between different points and support of concurrent running of multiple applications, many of which require high bandwidth. The high flexibility of TAC-4G along with additional inherent capabilities such as information security, on-the-move network infrastructure, and support of multiple applications (like BMS, BSS & Shakti artillery fire-direction network), positions the system as an optimal solution for addressing the complex military communications requirements. TAC-4G also supports a wide variety of multimedia applications and allows quick and easy addition or removal of applications. It also implements the ‘network-centric warfare’ principle; allows various-level commanders the highest level of control and effective activation of various warfighting, logistics and maintenance forces; allows, real-time battlefield management and control; uses the cost-effective commercial cellular network providers’ infrastructure, which allows shorter implementation time and fewer risks in comparison to other alternatives that are not based on COTS infrastructures.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANKIT KUMAR: LoLz! Those are mere sporting events & have no operational value or bearing. Nor was there any project initiated for procuring NASAMS. As per today’s Air-Defence Seminar, both the IA & IAF are elated over the performance & availability/serviceability of the SpyDer-SR SHORADS, unlike the Russia-supplied air-defence systems like 2S6 Tunguska, OSA-AK & Strella-10M, which have been seen to be offering excellent availability only for the first five years in service, following which they start giving all kinds of serviceability problems because such systems were never ruggedized enough for operating in environments of the type present in South Asia. SpyDer-SR on the other hand has been ruggedized from the design-stage itself. And the Akash-NG now under development will have dual-mode guidance, i.e. the existing radio-command beamriding guidance, plus an integral IIR micro-seeker for accurate target lock-on in the terminal stage of flight. This same micro-IIR seeker is also on-board the NG-ARM now under development.

Tomorrow, the Indian Air Force is organising a one-day seminar on ‘Technology Infusion and Indigenisation Plans of IAF’ in collaboration with CII. Hon’ble Raksha Rajya Mantri will grace the event as Chief Guest. It is always hilarious in such seminars to see almost everyone tying themselves up in knots by discussing various utopian ways & means of achieving the ends without even bothering to decide on what the objectives ought to be, i.e. they always end up trying to apply band-aids on gaping wounds. For instance, everyone is now trying to figure out what the Defence Planning Committee (DPC) will be able to achieve when almost identical committees were created in 1986 (Arun Singh Committee) & later the Naresh Chandra Committee. No one is willing to stick his/her neck out by insisting on the articulation of an over-arching national security & military-industrialisation strategy', without which all other committees tend to become toothless.

Kapil said...

As expected Taliban khan has become PM. People in Pakistan are celebrating as if god has send a saviour for them. But they are in for a rude shock. Time for us to sit and enjoy as this drama unfolds.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAPIL: Here’s what Imran Khan NIAZI’s speech reflected yesterday:

1) His desire to establish ‘Nizam-e-Mustafa’ in Pakistan & his description of such a Nizam being the best & greatest-ever governance model only shows his ignorance or & disdain for ancient civilisational existences that far preceded the advent of Islam. Furthermore, no welfare state can be ‘Islamic’ without the existence of the Holy Prophet & that’s why even Arab states don’t use the term ‘Islamic’ to describe themselves. Only 4 countries do so—Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan—and that’s exactly why all those 4 are in in doldrums in all hyman development indexes.

2) His ‘foreign relations’ outreach started with China—a clear indication of the dictations he has been receiving from the PA.

3) His mentioning of India as the last country in his address reflects his familial disdain of India, since he is closely related to the late Lt Gen A A K Niazi.

4) His portrayal of India as deploying troops in J & K’s urban settled areas reveals his total ignorance of the J & K issue. In fact, all of the IA’s RR Battalions & their barracks are located in rutral areas close to the LoC.

5) He totally glossed over the abuse of human rights within PoK—a fact now officially chronicled by the recent UN Human Rights Commission Report on J & K and PoK. Such a mindset is only reflective of his parroting of the PSA’s self-righteous & non-factuial but ideological narrative.

6) His desire to settle the J & K issue through mutual negotiations goes against Pakistan’s stated position of settling the J & K issue under the UNSC’s auspices. He also appears unaware of the Pakistani Constitution’s Article 257 that specifies how the J & K issue is to resolved through force.

7) His observation about not blaming India for everythging that’s wrong in Baloxchistan is a subtle signal to India that the PA is looking for a way to settle the issue of Kulbhushan jadhav in a covert manner.

8) His desire to increase trading relations with India is bound to backfire, thanks to the PA torpedoeing all such moves by merely staging some beheadings of IA sokdiers deployed along the LoC, exactly as it had done from 2011 till 2013 when the PPP-led govt of Pakistan was trying to award MFN status to India.

9) Finally, he was sounding conciliatory because does not want India to boycott the SAARC Summit (slated for later this year in Islamabad) for a second time.

To DASHU & HARSH: Good analysis of the IAF's Rafale reqmt, aired yesterday:

Unknown said...

What is going to happen is the same that happened last year. Operation lead by army which killed 138 pak soldiers. Nothong remarkable for sure given the netas and their lack of ability to create an indian grand narrative worth defending. It will all be band aging and nothing more than that cause there has to be an idea of india which needs to be defended and the same is still unclear.



Pavan Ms said...

Prasun da,
Thanks for the reply. This raises an interesting question though. When UPA was negotiating the license assembly of the 108 aircraft by HAL, they had negotiations with Dassault. But since they had to send knoxkkn down kits for assembly, doesn't it mean that India had to do separate negotiations with Snemeca, Thales and MBDA? And then they would have to sign separate agreements with each, thereby raising the cost further apart from the salaries to HAL, the additional man hours and upgradation of it's facilities.
Is my assessment right? Or even in case of a license assembly (which will have to take place for the 110 fighters) the prime contractor will be the only Signee to the agreement and he will pay the other OEM's?

Arun said...

Dear Sir

When India is " Collecting " and Gathering ALL Available JAGUAR PLANES
from all over the World

WHY cannot we also buy some more Old and Second hand MIG 29s and MIRAGE 2000s

Atleast they are More capable than Jaguars

The Mig 21s and MIG 27s are a National Shame and Disgrace

buddha said...

Nice assessment of Pak Election. You are always prove right for your deep state vision minute observation and careful methamatical analysis with binary apprehension.
This is very needed article on Rafale cloud prevailed over the ignorant mass
The vdo link is awesome.
What appears is that India with 80 odd rafale could bring havoc upon enemy defence with proper utilization of assest.Hope no of rafale reaches 126 or more in next decade later half.
Regarding scalp as India is part of missile proliferation treaty signatory ...Can Indian be provided this missile with its long range capacity ..And how many approx are being procured ..
Can our nirbhoy long cruise missle be integrated with this aircraft.

Anonymous said...

My respect sir, love the precise analysis.

How do you see the air force being able to acquire more of these jets?

Mr Niazi has done rather well. Do you think he will have the unifying affect on them? Going by the social media they already seem pretty unified. Has middleclass taken hold there? They have mainstreamed their fundies (islamists), poked uncle in the eyes. He also made comment on Iran, that seems to have been really well received? Are these two rogues coming together?


Anonymous said...
Sir is this true? And why does incursion occurs when a high Chinese delegation visits India?


Suvo said...

Porasun Da,nice assessment of Imran Khan NIAZI’s speech.

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

old man has been explaining so beautifully ... use the young fella .. this young fella has been feed on TOT ......

jasss gill said...

VMT sirji once again you are right on paki election. Why IAF need another single engine fighter jet when 350 mki, 80 Rafael, 118 jaguar, 61 mig 29upg, 51 mirage 2000upg(not include tejas) in near future? Its better save money for next grn fighter jet! Why our babus and neats so dump matlab sala itna tu muje bhi pta hai or mein rheta bhe ik village mein hon, pardon me for bad language.

Ved said...

Hi Prasun,
It seems its an era of collaboration in developing future gen of fighter jets.

Japan is exploring the possibility of joining UK in its tempest programme. We already know about the Franco- German collaboration for their 6th gen fighter.

Is it time India follow suit as FGFA doesn't seem to meet IAF expectations?

What is your opinion?

Mohan said...

Prasin sir,
Did any mullah member get elected in pak election in the list you presented?

Rajesh Mishra said...

Imran Khan may not remain the PM for more than 20 Months. In Pakistan a severe rupture between the Punjabi, Jat and Pathan may get erupted.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PAVAN MS: Whenever negotiations on licenced-production take place, all members of industrial consortiums take part as opposing delegations. Thus, Dassault, SNECMA & THALES will form one delegation while HAL, BEL, BEML, BDL etc etc will constitute the Indian delegation. Weapons orders come under supplementary contracts & are not part of the contract for the platforms. In case of the Rafale G-to-G contract, India will pay money to the French DGA which in turn will disburse the respective amounts to the various sub-contractors & the prime contractor. If it is a commercial contract involving licenced-assembly, then India will pay only Dassault Aviation which will then disburse the respective amounts to various contractors.

To ARUN: What India is getting are decommissioned aircraft that are no longer in flightworthy condition & therefore they will be cannibalised for spare parts. The Jaguar IS/DARIN-3 is far more capable than the Mirage 2000 & MiG-29. Almost all accidents of MiG-21 & MiG-27M have been due to powerplant failures/malfunctions. Had they been re-engined with newer-generation turbofans with FADEC, there would not have been any problems.

To BUDDHA: VMT. The SCALP-EGs for the IAF Rafales will have 700km+ range, & not 300km. Nirbhay’s ALCM version will have only 800km range & therefore it makes no sense to arm Rafales with them. The Su-30MKI will be able to carry 3 Nirbhay ALCMs. Meranwhile, it looks like the ‘desi’ TV channels are finally latchinh on to what’s explained above in this thread:


And mind you, the offsets contract from Dassault has been awarded NOT to Reliance or Anil Ambani alone, but to a JV called Dassault Reliance Aerospace, i.e. this company will be jointly owned by Reliance & Dassault Aviation & will involve Dassault’s personnel working at the JV’s shopfloors in India & Indian personnel working at Dassault’s workshops in France. Hence, anyone who claims that only Reliance is the sole beneficiary of industrial offsets related to the Rafale procurement contract is a certified MORON.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAT & JASSS GILL & SUVO: VMT. By no means has the electorate of Pakistan been unified. In fact, voters have selected different parties to represent them at the federal-level & state-level. Furthermore, the stratagem employed this time by the PA was to field the mainstream terror tanzeems for the sake of eating into the PML-N’s rural vote-banks, which in turn led to the PTI’s vote-bank appearing to me more than that of the PML-N. In urban areas where the PTI’s opposition parties were strong, the PA & the ECP were in complicit in declaring a large number of the votes cast as being dinvalid. See these:

And so, that’s how the winning the architecture of ‘Naya Terroristaan’ was formulated. Thus, no wonder that I K Niazi did not even bother to mention the 2 greatest existential threats facing Pakistan today: 1) home-grown terrorism, which took a toll on Pakistani lives even when elections were underway; & 2) the future status of the National Action Plan, whose objective was to root out terrorism from within Pakistan. Nor was any advance warning given by Niazi about the impending dire economic outlook for the country, due to which the PTI obtained votes in its favour (since the PPP & PML-N were portrayed as national plunderers). And to top it all, when Pakistan goes to the IMF for a US$16 billion bailout package, this time the US will ask for an unbearable quid pro quo, rest assured & that’s because of on-going developments like this:

To TUSHAR: Yes, it is true as it was an incursion & not transgression, since China claims that the border with Sikkim is a settled issue. But it was a minor one since only 50 PLA personnel were involved. When it comes to transgressions, up to 600 PLA personell are involved.

To VED: Not just the UK & Japan, but Sweden too is involvced. India’s best bet therefore is to stick to France & seek Dassault Aviation’s participation in the AMCA R & D effort. But such an effort again will be one-sided like that of the FGFA, since it is only France that has the reqd deep pockets for funding such projects. India clearly does not have the reqd quantum of money for undertaking any appreciable R & D effort.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MOHAN: Yes, the MMA alliance did win. Here are the results:

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf: 117
Pakistan Muslim League (N): 64
Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians: 43
Independent: 12
Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan: 12
Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan: 06
Pakistan Muslim League: 05
Grand Democratic Alliance: 02
Awami Muslim League Pakistan: 01
Awami National Party: 01
Balochistan National Party: 01
Balochistan Awami Party: 01


KP Assembly
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf: 66
Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal: 10
Awami National Party: 06
Independents: 05
Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz: 05
Pakistan Peoples' Party Parliamentarians: 04

Punjab Assembly
Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz: 127
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf: 122
Independents: 29
Pakistan Muslim League Quaid: 07
Pakistan Peoples' Party Parliamentarians: 06
Balochistan Awami Party: 01
Pakistan Muslim League-Functional: 01
Pakistan Awami Raj: 01

Sindh Assembly
Pakistan Peoples' Party Parliamentarians: 74
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf: 22
Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan: 16
Grand Democratic Alliance: 11
Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan: 2
Independent: 02
Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal: 01

Balochistan Assembly
Balochistan Awami Party: 13
Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal: 09
Independents: 05
Balochistan National Party: 05
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf: 04
Balochistan National Party-Awami: 03
Hazara Democratic Party: 02
Awami National Party: 02
Jamote Qaumi Movement: 01
Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party: 01
Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz: 01

Hardik Thanki said...

Hi Prasunji,

I have been trying to formulate some solutions for the Indian Air Force tankers and AWACS aircarft trobules.

1) Niw that C17 have arrived, I think IAF should think about swaping some of its IL-76 for IL-78 tankers and Phalcon awcas program. Say 7 aircarft in total, of which 5 exchanged with Russia for 5 tankers and 2 to Israel for 2 AWACS.

2) Another scenario can be that since DRDO is working on A330 based AWCAS program. Israeli can be asked wheather they would modify some second A330 from markets for both Phalcon AWACS and tanker-transport conversions as they have experience doing that to B767 aircarft.

3) Since Israel is already providing modifying conventional B767 aircarft as tanker-transport. I think Indian Air Force must try and look at it and must also try to convince DRDO to select a Boeing platform for AWCAS program. One major benefit would be that Boeing has an MRO facility in Nagpur for its aircarft and so maintaince of Boeing paltforms will in India and so greatly reduce turnaround time for maintenance.

Please give your opinion on all three solutions I have suggested and what you think is the best option for Indian Air Force tanker and AWACS program.

Thanks & Regards

Hardik Thanki

just_curious said...

Prasun ,

- On engine upgrade for mig 27's .. one article ( states that the Al 31F engine was rejected by the IAF after a few tests due to poor desgin implementation of the aircraft's under carriage. There is another article which talks about MoD spending 155 cr on EW upgrade for the jet for which it was pulled up by the CAG.. are these both true if yes, then how will it now be possible to make these upgrades. Also if IAF were to opt for this option what all changes to hardware,avionics, EW, sensors etc would be reqd. Can the darin 3/ LCA glass cockpit be fitted into mig 27's to make it more modern? would it have the same effect as that of F125N engines i.e higher thrust & higher load carrying capacity.. what would it cost & its tentative timeframe .. BTW another author echoes what you had been saying ... he also talks about re-engine of mig 23Bn's

-will the long overdue Jaguar engine upgrade finally being given the official nod this year? Also will it need an avionics overhaul to use multiple ejector racks?
- Any likely progress on the Su 30 upgrades on the sidelines of brics. if not, then when?
- in the previous thread you had confirmed that there was litle progress on developing LRSAM / MRSAM due to IP issues.. which is shocking .. how to get it resolved..

Pierre Zorin said...

One of the best documentaries on Mumbai terror attack - do you know Prasun if they know who the Brother Wasi is? How is it the US spared no money to prosecute Milosevic, Karadzic and Mladic yet not doing enough to nab those sitting in Pakistan under the PA's patronage like that Brother Wasi? I can guarantee he is an ex-ISI personnel. At the same time, how is it Israel never eliminated those behind Mumbai attacks seeing they killed Israeli citizens and Israel usually never forgets revenge?
Whether the IA takes any action against Pak or not, going into the minds of the terror masterminds, I have a feeling they are cooking something big and knowing the lethargy of the Indian leadership they won't be able to prevent another horror. I have grave fear for the Indian PM, especially an election coming up soon and the PA/ISI would not want a stronger PM to do anything against Pak.

ashish gautam said...

Your comments on this report, written by any urban Maoist hopefully.

rad said...

hi prasun\

a recent write up indicates the sukhoi and the heron uav were brought down close to the chinese border by ew means , may be a burst of EM pulses . It looks too suspicious.

It is not possible to effeminately know that it did not happen as we dont have monitoring stations to detect that .What are you r views

RAT said...

Hi Prasun,
You have recommended that MiG 27 could be upgraded with DARIN 3 and current engines from Sukhois of IAF. Exactly how much time would it require for this upgrade to take place and when can one expect atleast 2 squadron available? Please reply

Mohan said...

Prasun sir,
1.Is this true ,india is buying nasmas for air defence? Why not mrsam barak 8 be use inset of this?

soi said...

Any truth in the news?

Soikot Banerjee.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To HARDIK THANKI: 1) If the IAF really wants to wage wars along 2 fronts, then it requires a minimum of 11 AEW & CS platforms like A-50I PHALCON, which would require six IL-78MKI aerial refuelling tankers. And these tankers will have to be dedicated to only supporting the AEW & CS platforms. In total, the IAF requires no less than 28 aerial refuelling tankers of which 22 will have to be used only by combat aircraft. The IAF reqmt for C-17As is 16 platforms. But with only 11 available, the strategic airlift fleet is deficient. What’s reqd are turbofan-powered STOL transports (& not turboprop-powered C-295s) capable of ferrying ammo & ground-support equipment whenever the IASF’s combat sqns move from one theatre to another. 2) Folks in MoD have very expensive tastes & that’s why brand-new A330-220s are being sought. 3) The A330-220 has already been selected by the DRDO as the AEW & CS platform. As for MRO of military transports, the IAF prefers to undcertake such MRO activities at its own BRDs.

To JUST_CURIOUS: I had repeatedly stated in the past that such dubious & malicious news-sourcs must never be quoted or referred to, because thay are devoid of both common-senbse & have no respect for the laws of physics. For example, if the AL-31F was already demonstrated as a drop-in installation on the MiG-27M, then exactly what has it got to do with the aircraft’s landing gear? After all, the re-engined MiG-27M did take off & land with the AL-31F, meaning its landing gear also worked flawlessly. The problem was the belly-mounted EL/L-8222 EW pod that was proposed by DRDO & HAL without consulting the IAF’s Operations Directorate & hence that entire project was a dud & I had explained it in the previous thread as well. Also, if the R-29-300 turbofan did not give any problems to the MiG-23BN, then why was it problematic for the 125 (not 165) HAL-built MiG-27Ms? How come the Sri Labka Air Force is not facing any such problems with its MiG-27Ms? That’s because of the HAL-built components on the R-29B-300 turbofansm i.e. poor-quality hardware supplied by HAL. Hence, once again, refrain from quoting nonsensical & preposterous news-sources & instead go to the source-report from the OEM, like this:

MiG-27M Re-Engining:


Gilgit-Baltistan Unrests 29-7-2018:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIERRE ZORIN: Once cannot compare war criminals with terrorists. The latter has not even been defined as yet by the UN & all countries have their own definitions of terrorists/terrorism. Secondly, that CNN documentary was aired soon after the 16/11 attacks & hence was devoid of any forensic material evidence. The best revelation of the entire event is this documentary, which I had weblinked several times before but evidently you gave it a miss each time:

To RAD: LoLz! Firstly, there’s no ‘border’ between China & India. There’s only an LoC. Secondly, lasers can’t be beam-steered. So, if the UAV & Su-30MKI were both well inside Indian airspace, then how exactly can a laser beam be fired straight from the ground in Tibet? Iven a laser effector over Mt Everest will find it impossible to locate a Su-30MKI that’s just taken off from Tezpur or Chabua or anywhere else in India’s North East.

To RAT: Not just MiG-27Ms, but also the MiG-23BNs. The airframes of both have 90% commonality. The job can easily be done over a 5-year period. Watch these:

MiG-27M Re-Engining


To SOI & MOHAN: LoLz! NASAMS was competing against the SpyDer-SR. The latter is far superior because it uses both Derby & Python-5. Furthermore, the Ashwini LLRTR has been developed specifically for both the SpyDer-SR & QR-SAM. So don’t read such FAKE NEWS because that very news-item states that India will have both the DRDO-developed BMD interceptors as well as the S-400. Now they have to make up their mind over which of the two BMD systems is superior or inferior. Is the S-400 superior to the ‘desi’ BMD interceptors? Or is it the other way around?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Here are the facts:

Claim: What is surprising is that one of the biggest defence offset contracts went to a company, Reliance Defence Ltd, which was constituted only 12 days before (March 28, 2015) the announcement of purchase of 36 Rafale aircrafts by PM in France on 10th April, 2015. The company Reliance Defence Ltd. did not have the license to manufacture fighter aircrafts at that time.”
Reality: No purchase announcement was made on April 10, 2015. What was announced by NaMo was the decision to begin G-to-G negotiations for procuring 36 Rafales. India’s Cabinet Committee on National Security does not come into the picture during the negotiations period, nor is the Committee’s approval reqd for beginning such negotiations. Only when all negotiations are concluded is the contract document sent to the Committee for formal approval for contract signature.

Claim: However, he said that RIL had issued a press release a year earlier on February 16, 2017, to announce that it had secured the offset contract in the Rafale deal. “Even Dassault Aviation in its Annual Report 2016-17 has claimed that ‘offset contract’ is being executed by Reliance.” Surjewala said.
Reality: The press-release uploaded above clearly states that one of the key executors of the offsets obligations will be the JV Dassault-Reliance Aerospace, & not solely RELIANCE. Hence, it cannot be ASSUMED that the entire quantum of the offsets obligations will be met by either RELIANCE or the Dassault-Reliance Aerospace JV. So, either the INC’s Sirjewala fella does not understand how precise the English language is, or he purposely wants to project himself as an ANGOOTHA-CHAAP MORON!

Claim: “My questions to the government are as follows: Can Reliance and Dassault Aviation sign an ‘offset contract’ of Rs.30,000 crore without the approval of the defence minister? Has the ‘offset contract’ been countersigned by the ‘acquisition manager’ of the defence ministry? Why have the six-monthly audits by DOMW not been conducted? Has the ‘Acquisition Wing’ submitted an Annual Report to ‘Defence Acquisition Council’? Can a private corporate entity and supplier of the defence equipment in the largest defence deal of the country be permitted to wholly gloss over the Defence Offset Contract Guidelines/Instructions,”
Reality: No offsets contracts have been signed as yet by anyone. Only the Dassault-Reliance Aerospace JV has been formed. It is STUPID & mischievous to ASSUME that the entire 50% offsets quantum will be fulfilled by only 1 JV entity when THALES & SAFRAN Group have already stated officially that they too are negotiating with their Indian counterparts for fulfilling their offsets obligations.

Bottonline: Surjewala & Co are either unaware of the Rules of Busin ess of the Govt of India, or are deliberately distorting facts like the Pappu did in Parliament by lying, for which a privilege motion must be brough against him ASAP.

ashish gautam said...

Yup I read it completely. Facts have been distorted completely. They ewann make it scam case for upcoming elections. Lets see what happens...
1) Is it practically possible to flush out illegal Bangladesh's living in india???
2) Since u know bengal region better then me, tell me is it possible for BJP etc to get TMC out of power in next Vidhan sabha elections??

Enigma said...

Greetings sir.I love reading the insights that you provide on various matters.I wanted to ask you a few questions:
1)Do you think that Imran Khan will be Zia Ul-Haq V2.0?He is known as Taliban Khan and during the elections,one of his party leaders(and future finance minister)Asad Umar was seen meeting the founder of Harkat Ul Mujahideen(Fazlur Rehman Khalil)and Asad Umar praised him later.
2)Will the Indian operation to capture PoK in the upcoming days happen alongside a multinational coalition operation to denuclearize Pakistan as you had said in 2015 or will they happen at different times?
3)After India gets back PoK,will China be willing to negotiate with India wrt to Shaksgam Valley(Pak had ceded this territory to China in 1963)?
4)What does China want in exchange for allowing India to become a member of the NSG?

Rajesh Mishra said...

Now it is almost clear that IAF is not going to get the Tejas/LCA-Mk1/Mk1A/Mk2/AMCA/FGFA in near future. So apart from the Jaguar, are they going for any re-motorization and up-gradation program of Mig-27/Mig-23 or not.

Piyush Hundia said...

Dear Prasun Sir,

With the current Rafale issue which is raised by INC, I find the silence of NDA amusing and considering that very limited response have emanated from the NDA, begs me to ask the following questions:-
1. The NDA is actually clueless on how to explain Indian Citizens / INC about the deal in a way which does no harm to NDA and is within the purview of the contract signed with French Government.
2. The NDA wants INC to focus on this topic for some time now (and maybe use this as a decoy and use this time for something else??) and when it is convenient for them, they would maybe try and answer it or even go one step ahead and file a case against the NDA and come clean out of it before the elections come, resulting that the INC would have spent a lot of time and energy on something which resulted in zero political capital or even negative capital.

Your views please!

Rajesh Mishra said...

BTW, a copy each of this your report along with the comments shall be kept at proper places in the Parliament and the 10-Janpath.

BENO said...

1.when do you think the RFP for fighters jets for the airforce will be floated?
2.are there any headway regarding the indigenous AWACS INDIA project?
3.when do you think the contract for shallow water asw corvette be signed? there any progress in the army air defence guns contract?

Gessler said...

Hi Prasun ji, a couple questions:

1) What exactly is the status on the SSN program? I believe you drew an inference a while ago that its possible India was already in possession of the design, but has the construction of the boats itself been funded yet?

2) Is the Next Generation Destroyer still on the drawing boards? If so by what time can we expect the detailed design stage to be completed? I'm currently not expecting to see the first ship before around 2030.

3) Is the planned expansion of MDL (see link below) being done with the intent of being able to build combatants like the NGD aka Project-18 or is it just a routine capacity expansion undertaking?

P.S. Have a laugh at this pic of F-16 doing a 'stand-in' for Rafale at the Mumbai INC protest:

VMT in advance!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Trust me when I say that the only reason why the INC is raising the issue of Rafale is because the INC was wrongly targetted by the BJP WRT AgustaWestland AW-101 helicopter procurement. So, if no one raises the AW-101 issue anymore, then everyone will fall silent on the Rafale as well. As for the so-called illegal Bangladeshis, I can assure you that in the end there will be ZERO (0) persons identified as illegal Bangladeshis. Why & how come? Elementary: this is one of those issues about which every politician will say: !Aw man! This is too fucked-up a case & since it’s beyond repair, I will not get fucked by it.” And the reason is that this was never about identifying illegal Muslim BVangladeshis at all (as had been claimed earlier by the likes oif Arun Shourie & L K Advani), rather it is all about identifying only the linguistic minority communities, i.e. the Hindu Bengalis who had migrated from both WB & East Pakistan as well. So now at last once the final list is released, this great bubble will burst & then one will have to decide what to do with these tens of lakhs of Hindu illegals, especially since the BJP has all along claimed that Hindu migrants will not be treated as illegals. So let’s see what excuse the BJP has for the indigenous natives (Ahoms) of Assam in terms of declaring the Hindu Bengals migrants from WB & East Pakistan/Bangladesh as illegals. What the AASU in the 1980s wanted was an Assam only for the native Ahoms. That dream was nevere meant to come true because the indigenous Bodos had to be accommodated & settled in the plains & valley-floors. So now will Assam be only for the Ahoms & Bodos? So now will all these ‘illegal’ Hindu Bengali migrants be thrown out of Assam & be forced to migrate to WB for good? This is what happens when the ‘netas’ don’t think too far enough & prefer to make short-term gains, which results in enormous long-term disasters. So now you decide whether or not the natives of WB will vote for BJP or TMC in 2019. And had the Muslims back in 1947 not elected to join India, then today there would have been no Siliguri Corridor, since that area was always Muslim-dominated. Kuch samajhey abb, ki asli muamla kya tha aur kya hai? So watch this, which explains everything:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ENIGMA: 1) Look, every person in this world is the end-product of his/her socio-religious conditioning from Day-1, regardless of whether or not one ius a graduate from Oxford or Camridge. I K Niazi, like all Pakistan, is part of four successive generations of Pakistanis who have been taught since the beginning of their school-going days that India is all for Hindus & not for Muslims & therefore India is against all Muslims & therefore all Indians are non-believers/infidels/Kafirs. So why should anyone who has been taught this non-stop since the early 1950s harbour any goodwill towards India? Commoin-sense & logic dictates that every Pakistani will harbour ill-will towards India & will have deep-rooted fears about India since Pakistan is a natioal security state that by definition views any policy decision in a securitised manner. That’s why the DG of the ISPR has no qualms about declaring on Live TV that India is Pakistan’s perpetual enemy. And to date, no one has questioned him or has officially stated that such remarlks are not Pakistan’s official policy, not even I K Niazi. So I’m always shocked whenever the average Indian citizen still continues to harbour hopes of giving normalised relations with Pakistan. Is it because such Indians find it fashionable to remain blind or utopian? When will they realise that this isn’t about only 1 Kasab, but about 8 crore Kasabs that India has to confront? When will they admit that a welfare state like India can NEVER reconcile with a national security state like Pakistan? Did welfare states of the West reconcile with national security states like Imperial Japan or the former USSR? So unless I K Niazi succeeds in transforming Pakistan from a national security state into a welfare state, all hopes of peace between India & Pakistan is just wishful & self-bleeding thinking. 2) Not necessarily. Timeframes could differ, since such an endeavour is akin to a Toger first stalking & chasing its prey until the prey tires down & is exhausted, following which the Tiger attacks the prey with ZERO resistance & minimal effort. 3) China has already officially stated that it will do so once the final status of PoK is determined. 4) China wants India to sign the NPT as a non-nuclear weapons state.

To RAJESH MISHRA: So far no decision to re-engine & upgrade the MiG-23BNs & MiG-27Ms has been taken by either IAF HQ or the Union Govt.

To PIYUSH HUNDIA: Actually, it is the NDA-2 that has dug its own hole to sink into. Had the Govt revealed the details of this contract in an open press-conference & had it also spelled out how exactly the indirect industrial offsets mechanism would have worked out, thgen none of the present-day controversies would have arisen. Now the NDA-2 is paying a heavy price for its misplaced hubris.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BENO: 1) Not this year, rest assured. 2) Nothing substantial. 3) Later this year. 4) None. Everyone is waiting for the ARDE to roll out its solution, which is a twin-barrelled L-70 fed by twin chain-link 40mm rounds.

To GESSLER: 1) No funding for hull-construction has been approved so far. 2) It is in the detailed design stage & hull cinstruction will begin sometime in 2022 as per present plans. 3) The expansion was overdue due to the need to accommodate the concurrent/simultaneous hull-constructions of both DDGs & FFGs. At one stage in the 1980s MDSL even had plans for setting up a Greenfield shipyard in Mangalore for building the SSBNs now being assembled at SBC in Vizag.

And finally, I’ve been proven right by this Tweet, which confirms that what is now being trialled is the Arjun Mk.1A, & not the Arjun Mk.2 that will lighter by 6 tonnes as it will be built with HNS:

And have also sent identical e-mails to all these ( asking them what’s all the song-n-dance about the HVF taking 30 years to fully indigenise the V46-6 780hp diesel engine of the T-72M1 medium battle tank! After all, the first licence-built T-72M had rolled off HVF Avadi back in 1988.

Also, do read this:

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Sidharth said...

Prasun da,

Apparently an eye opening for our western neighbour. Tune sweet to Indian's ear.

Gessler said...

Many thanks for the answers and the links, Prasun ji.

Some questions to follow up on what you said:

1) Are we looking to implement any breakthrough technologies like pump-jet propulsion and spherical bow array sonars in the SSN program? And I believe photonics masts will be present? What's the extent of French cooperation/participation in the SSN program?

2) I also remember you saying way back when that the USHUS sonar present on Arihant S-2 is only there as a place-holder pending arrival of a new type. What exactly is going to be the definitive sonar system for Indian SSBNs and SSNs?

3) Can you speculate on the dimensions and displacement of the NGD/P-18? Roughly, do you expect to see basically a "stretched/improved" Project-15A/B design with length not exceeding 165 meters and displacement not exceeding 8,000 tons or do you see something along the lines of Chinese Type-055 with length reaching 175-180 meters and displacement of around 10,000 to 13,000 tons?

4) What exactly is the utility/intended application of the BEL-developed S-band Naval Missile Defence Radar (NMDR)? What ship-classes are likely to be fitted with this?

5) Is a 120mm Smoothbore gun mandated as required for the definitive Arjun Mk-2 MBT? Or will even the Mk-2 continue with a rifled-bore gun as well?

6) The only plausible way forward for India to obtain true next-generation fighters appears to be entering into a collaboration agreement with France/Europe. Either as part of the Airbus-Dassault fighter development or asking France to pretty much sit in the driver's seat of AMCA program.

But when will India's Babudom realize this? Leave that - when will India's DPSUs realize this? The PSUs seem happy to make their 3-D models of AMCA and deluding the nation (and themselves) as to their capability of delivering what they promise.

All this appears set to ensure that India does not receive the next-gen fighters it needs at least 10 to 15 years later than it should have.

7) What exactly happened here?

When will they be through playing these games? Meanwhile, it appears L&T is easily poised to be the likely winner here with Navantia's Juan Carlos I design. All the troubles that RNAVAL is currently in, I doubt they could really win with the Naval Group's Mistral design.

Again, VMT in advance!

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,

With regard to your assessment on the the NRC results; I sense sarcasm in your statements and predictions; as per me, the simplest way to curtail the illegals is to make sure the law is implemented at its whole and make sure non-Assamese no do not have the right to buy property as prevalent in other states. Bottom line is there is no place for aliens anywhere in India. Alternatively, the thing called Mo-mo-to Bhunurjee can welcome them to the heaven called West Bengal or Banga as per the proposed name; even better is to resettle them in the newly formed islands off Bangladesh owing to the Ganga and Brahmaputra carrying fertile soil.
I myself see so many religion of peace aliens in ghettos of South India. Gaswa-e-hind is very much happening due to these illegals. Thanks, Ganesh

Kapil said...

Mike Pompeo warns against IMF bailout for Pakistan. What would be options and consequences for Paksitan if IMF decides to oblige?

BENO said...

1.will MDL build additional scorpenes under p75i programme as there is no word from the government after opposition from the private companies?
2.Inspite of the Congress allegations regarding the Rafale deal is it possible for India to order additional rafales in future?
3.which contender do you see as the frontrunner in the naval utility helicopter procurement? it true that iaf has shown interest in an178 for the an 32 replacement?
5.regarding the status of helina missile,has it been fully developed or it is still under development?
6.are there any works ongoing regarding the development of integrated masts?
7.does India possess advance night vision technology?

ashish gautam said...

Thoda thoda smjha sir.... Mamta Ko thok q nai Dia Jata? She is such a white collrc terrorist....
Krva do accidental surgical strike using non state actors...
1) What's update on IN'S pocket bettleships project?
2) It also gonna use IEP?
3) v have a sufficiently strong economy now... Why govt doesn't increase defence procurement budget to 2 lakh crore etc level... Paise ki kami nai hai govt pe to...
VMT for info about Bengal...
System smjh nai ATA vha ka... Phle communist government ab Bangladeshi made terrorist govt....



A couple of points about the NRC in Assam :

(1) Out of 40 lakhs who have been identified as illegals, most are Hindus , a few Muslims according to Assam Govt. This is weird because census data clearly showed that Hindu population across Assam has decreased & Muslim population has increased.

(2) A common trope that does the round in North East is that they were independent states that India forcefully took over. While it's true that most of the North East were never a part of India ( even during the days of Mauryan or Gupta Empire) it's equally true that most of these tribals are migrants or invaders themselves from China & SE Asia.

(3) In 1874 in order to tide over Assam's revenue deficit, Dhubri, Goalpara, Sylet and Cachar were added to Assam from Bengal by the Brits. Even today, these are the areas where Hindu Bengalis live & Assam Govt has been trying to get rid of them since 1947.

(4) Lastly, approximately 12.5% of India's GDP is invested in the North East, whereas the North East contributes less than 1% to India's GDP. Instead they impose racist methods like Inner Line Permit, Residential Certificates, 80% reservation to keep people from other parts of India away from NE.

The North East is a huge economic sink hole. Crores of Indian taxpayers money is thrown here by GoI without any reciprocal benefit. NE states are fighting for independence for the last 70 years. Ideally Govt of India should let them go.
The only reason GoI does not let go of the North East is because they fear [unfounded though] that a few other states might also want to secede. It's in the greater interest of India to let the NE go, else we too will disintegrate like the Soviet Union under the sheer weight of this liability.


Sumit sen said...

Why IAF selected Alarm missile?? Its a pretty old missile. Britain retired it recently.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: VMT. 1) Those aren’t breakthrough hardware anymore, but have been well-proven for the past few years. The IN’s four Class 209/Type 1500 SSKs are the first ones to have photonic masts, followed by the six Scorpenes. The Type 877EKM SSK INS Sindhukirti upgraded at HSL in Vizag already has a photonic mast supplied by US-based L-3. France’s contribution will be in the form of components like SIGMA-40 RLG-INS. 2) USHUS is the name of a family of sonars & as new-generation transducers become available from BEL, they will be incorporated during refits. 3) The Project 17 DDGs will definitely have greater displacement, reaching 10,000 tonnes due to the need for housing Nirbhay-type LACMs. 4) That radar is meant for future guided-missile corvettes like the NGCs & also the NGMVs. 5) Smoothbore cannon has been mandated for all future MBT acquisitions by the IA because of far lesser maintenance/servicing reqmts & also for superior barrel-life. 6) Totally true. 7) It is evident now that Larsen & Toubro/L & T is the sole bidder, leading to a single-vendor situation. That’s what caused the MoD to panic & postpone any further developments on the LPH procurement effort.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: LoLz! Judging by your answer, it seems you have still not grasped what the extent of the NRC fuck-up is. I will explain it below. As for WB/Bengal, everyone’s quite happy with the TMC & no one wants to ever bring the Leftists/Communists back to power.

To KAPIL: Here's more data on the US warning to Pakistan, & what the US is up to in the Indo-Pacific Region:

This is exactly how strangulation works, resulting in complete, unconditional capitulation, pretty much like the way a Tiger tires its prey out before pouncing for the kill.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GANESH: The entire NRC effort is totally wasteful & portrays India as the world’s laughing stock. For instance, how come folks in the 1st & 2nd drafts don’t get mentioned in the 3rd draft? Why is the name of Guwahati University’s Vice Chancellor missing in the 3rd draft? It is therefore obvious that the NRC’s compilation methodology was flawed from the outset & its implementation is even more flawed. The greatest comedy of errors is that such a NRC is being compiled for Assam when all-India NRCs have been available once every 10 years in the form of the national Census. So, if illegal foreigners have to be identified & isolated, then all that is to be done is to look for names in each district that are not mentioned in the previous Census & that will help identify all the unknowns who may be hiding. This alone will drastically reduce all hardships now being faced by Assam’s inhabitants/residents. So why was this not done? Why spend Rs.1,200 crore on creating a separate database for a separate NRC? In any case, the truth will soon come out, some of which are as follows:

1) The Hon Supreme Court had failed in the late 1990s to issue explicit directives for NRC compilation. Hence there’s no way of distinguishing between a SETTLER before & after 1947, a MIGRANT, & a REFUGEE. Consequently, everyone has been lumped under the term ‘ILLEGALS’, which is causing utter conbfusion & obfuscation.

2) Both Hindu & Muslim Settlers from East Pakistan/Bangladesh arrived in post-1947 Assam, Tripura, WB & Meghalaya till 1965, when India’s borders with Pakistan had allowed free movement of people. They subsequently became naturalised citizens of India.

3) Only 9 million refugees (Hindus & Muslims) entered India from East Pakistan in 1971 & most of them went back by 1972.

4) The last big exodus of Bengali Hindu Bangladeshis to India was in 1993 after the Babri Masjid demolition & by the late 1990s, the total no of Bangladeshis that had settled throughout northeast India between 1947 & 1998 was an estimated 10 million, of which 9 million were Hindus. These constitute the bulk of the folks without proper identification papers. And in 2016 when the exchange of the enclaves (chit mahals) took place, 99% of Muslim Bengalis residing in them opted for Bangladeshi citizenship, while 100% of Hindu Bangladeshis opted for Indian citizenship. In addition, whenever communal violence rocked the Brahmaputra valley, the Bengali Muslim settlers always chose to go back to Bangladesh for good.

5) Primary reason for the rise of Bengali Muslim population in Assam has been inter-state migration, i.e. settlers & their succeeding generations migrating from the highlands of Meghalaya & Tripura to the Brahmaputra plains due to these 2 states launching affirmative action projects aimed at the social uplift of the indigenous tribes.

6) The only refugees arriving into India’s northeast are the Rohingyas & all of them are clever enough to get themselves with the UNHCR & almost all of them throughout India now possess UNHCR-issued identity cards. Yet, despite this, the Central Govt continues to mouth platitudes like “we will make all efforts to send them back to Myanmar.” In my view, that day will never dawn because Myanmar refuses to recognize tham as its citizens.

Lastly, it is due to all of the above that Gen Bipin Rawat, the IA’s COAS, had rightly stressed the need for mainstreaming all the Bengali-speaking Muslims of the northeast, because he knew only too well that such NRC compilations are exercises in futility & will not usher in any permanent solution.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GANESH & SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Now the truth has finally emerged from Dubai:

If this is really what this Govt of India up to (i.e. framing someone through manufactured evidence) then this will forever prevent India from seeking the extradition of runaway/absconding Indian citizens. Looks like short-term political expediency is once again severely compromising India's long-term national interests.

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Prasun da, I hope your promise about Russian research on exotic propulsion and advance flight tech ?? long back you have promised to post also waiting for your analysis of possible 6th gen aircraft tech.

Unknown said...

If you let go north east states for your so called understanding of history I am pretty sure that you will also have to let go of Punjab, then Jammu and kashmir, then ofcourse tamil nadu, karnataka, merely and so on so forth. Letting go of any one state will disintegrate the republic which is a federation of multiple states. Also what is the ultimate aim of political independence??to my understanding it is prosperity or high income, the reason why desis suck up to enter developed countires. So if I am a from.north east india called main land india I will simply reject any proposals of.seperatipn of states from.the union.



Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun, thanks for responding; regarding the youtube link from India today channel; I wonder how much is true, since anybody can talk anything when left off the noose; classic is the female partner of Abu Salem, when in Portugal and all those innumerable souls when out of India call it with many names. There is a media war and presstitutes from both Times Now and Republic TV versus NDTV and India Today are not telling the complete truth. It would require thorough cleaning of the system to get rid of sycophants of East India company aka Congress.
Regarding the aliens (especially from the religion of peace) do not have any claim/right to stay in India. I would prefer them out through whatever the means it takes; India should be for Indians and the government must follow it every time. It is pretty much clear that Banga has a successful and thriving industry of providing all legal documents to these aliens. No wonder the leader who threatens civil war is the best choice of the people there (at least those who really voted). All the best. Thanks, Ganesh

buddha said...
Will our coast guard be interested in such boat

just_curious said...


Any updates on the status of HTT 40 certification? there was some news about IAF exploring KT-1 trainer from S Korea. Apparently due to high cost of procuring additional pilatus trainers.

Rajesh Mishra said...

I could not find it, so please inform whether the LCA-MK1 has so far passed its live gun firing test or not?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GANESH: LoLz! Even if it is not true, the fact remains that all 3 Italian courts have since decxlared that there was no corruption of any sort involved in the AW-101 procurement for the IAF. It is high time we all accept this verdict & stopped speculating any further. If not, then we had better admit that we all like like that utopian Ram Rajya in which Sita is denied any defence & hence the only way to prove her innocence is to walk through fire & over burning charcoal. So let’s forget all that the Indian TV channels air & instead respect the verdict of the Italian courts. As for illegals residing in the northeast, before blaming the various state govts, one must ascertain exactly how do such illegals escape detection by the Central govt-controlled CAPFs that are patrolling the IB. If this shortcoming is overcome, then no state govt will have any role in legalizing any illegals. As for the repercussions of any faulty NRC compilation effort, it is all explained here:

To BUDDHA: Not the ICGS, but the IN.

To JUST_CURIOUS: LoLz! The list to yet-to-be-certified HAL-developed platforms seems to be growing: HJT-36 IJT, LCH, LUH & now the HTT-40. All logty promises made about acquiring the certificate of airworthiness within 24 months has since been proven to be unfulfilled. I guess those who claim about the IAF evaluating the KT-1 will be the very ones who will foot the annual expenses for the IAF possessing 3 different BTTs: PC-7 Mk.2, KT-1 & HTT-40!!!

To RAJESH MISHRA: Had the test been undertaken, then by now the DRDO would have gone to town with all sorts of announcements & back-patting, rest assured.

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,

Thanks for responding again; let us cast aside the Ramayana and talk about the present issues. My point of view is law of the land has to be enforced and I am nobody to enforce anything currently, it is just that I am using your forum to convey my line of thought; however, if I get Zia-ul-haq moment of transition from prayer mat in Beirut to army chief in Rawalpindi, I will definitely gallow Zulfiqur aka the aliens and traitors of this country on my terms. Indian laws (with all its flaws) is important than Italian court's pronunciation since it is against East India company dynasty and it is no "Rama Rajya" here for them.

I have no grouse against any state or its people; however, the hypocrisy is holding up people to grow and help our country. I like the narrative of IT in India from the communist slogans like "don't feed computers, feed hungry mouths" during the days when punched cards were used to feed instructions to IBM computers. This helped people called cyber coolies to grow the value chain to develop products in India now for multi-national companies; 80% of successful Adobe products are designed and developed in India (Gurugram). Another example of the knitwear industries surviving in Banga in spite of the golden rule prevalent there for the past 45 years. Thanks, Ganesh

Satya said...

Prasun ji, how did NASAMS-2 deal happened? There were no talks about it now suddenly we have agreed to acquire unknown number of batteries for 1 billion dollar. I think even you did not have any info about it.

Sumit sen said...
Dada which fighter we gonna select??


For the benefit of people who are not aware of the North East, it is those states that have always considered themselves to be independent countries that are Occupied by India. Consequently they have been fighting for secession. They have killed hundreds of innocent people from outside the North East.

Humor me, when did any of these incidents take place in Punjab,J & K or South India ? When did these states impose restrictions on the entry of people from outside their state ? When did these states refuse to pay taxes ? When did these states kill hundreds of people from other parts of India? The sectarian violence in Punjab & J & K were always supported by Pakistan.

Even today hundreds of people ( tourists, labourers ) were beaten up in Shillong & Manipur by local tribes for no reson whatsoever, except that these people were outsiders.

The thousands of crores of Rupees that are wasted by Central Govt. in North East if invested in UP, Bihar will make these states as progressive as South India or Gujarat. If this money is invested in Defence , India will have a world class military industrial complex.

North East people ( especially tribals() consider themselves Indians only when it comes to taking facilities like 100% tax free income, 80% reservation and a hundred & one other subsidies. People in other parts of India are not urgrateful , freeloaders as these North Easterners are.

North Eastern states have been fighting for secession for the last 70 yrs. This has NOT encouraged any other state to fight for secession.

ashish gautam said...

ok i understood your point abt it. but in my personal opinion all the Bangladeshis especially from so called peaceful religion should be thrown out of India.
It was reported in this issue that "The LCH does not yet have radar, but HAL intends to develop one before mass production begins."
1) So what is update on development of a longbow kinda radar for LCH??
Any characteristics of it??
2) Also educate me about longbow radar, its latest India Specific version.
VMT for earlier info. Seems u skipped to reply regarding ton pocket battleship question.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GANESH: You have explained what OUGHT to be the case in legal terms, which no one can dispute. What I have explained is what is the issue all about & how it is most likely to play out. And no, it is not Bengal, but Jharkhand, that has a thriving industry in producing legal documentation that are acquired under fake identities. But like I explained before, it is the responsibility of the central Govt to ensure that no one enters India illegally & that should be the main loophole that needs to be plugged. If that fails, then no one can fault any state for legalizing any alien.

To SATYA: Has it indeed been signed? Has the winning prime contractor already announced the securing of the deal? Or has any OEM officially announced that its product has been selected? Has the GoI confirmed the signing of the deal? If the answer to all this is NO, then we all must admit that no such deal has been signed or even approved.

To SUMIT SEN: That depends on the selection process. No one can now speculate on what the final outcome will be.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: It is tribalism mindsets in the North-East that has prevented them from being mainstreamed & adopting a settled way of life. And this has been prolonged due to the very poor emphasis placed by successive Central Govts on the kind of education that propagates an over-arching national narrative. As for Assam, the targetted minority communities have historically been the Bengali-speaking folks--regardless of whether or not they are non-Muslims or Muslims. And it is now again being re-emphasieed by the ruling state govt there, with their leaders saying that the NRC is all about safeguarding their ‘culture’ & heritage, meaning it is not so much about being reduced to a religious minority, but more about being reduced to a linguistic minority. And that’s precisely why the writing on the wall states that 99.9% of those who are declared as being ‘stateless’ in the final list (not draft) will be non-Muslims, i.e. Bengali non-Muslims. So what happens then? Will these stateless folks be forcibly driven out through coercive means? If yes, then, then where will be their only remaining sanctuary be? WB/Bangla of course. And will this turn into an unstoppable tide, meaning similar forcible evictions will take place in Meghalaya & Tripura as well. With similar outcomes? Very much possible, since the precedent will have been set in Assam. So can it therefore be inferred that a civil war-like situation will arise? Absolutely, since there could well be a backlash against North-Easterners studying in large numbers in several educational/academic institutions in WB/Bangla. And is that why Didi is getting the jitters? You bet, & she has very good & legally justifiable reasons for voicing her worst fears. And lastly, creating a brand-new citizens’ database in stead of making good use of the already-available Census database proves beyond reasonable doubt that those who proposed & initiated the creation of the NRC wre devoid of both BASIC Common-Sense & SOUND Common-Sense.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: I’m afraid the Indian Supreme Court won't agree with your ‘opinion’, because the law does not define an ‘illegal’ on the basis of religion. So, if at all the ‘illegals’ are identified, it will have to be on the basis of their country-of-birth & so the almost 10 million non-Muslim Bengalis from Bangladesh too will have to be deported. But that is only 50% of the saga. Will Bangladesh accept all these folks back? NEVER, just as Myanmar is now refusing to take back all those Rohingyas now located inside Bangladesh as refugees. And that’s also why all the Rohingyas already inside India have no chance of being deported back to Myanmar. And needless to say, if I were to be one of the TMC’s decision-makers, I would exploit this situation to the hilt by portraying the BJP as being both anti-Hindu & anti-Muslim (since the Supreme Court will insist all Bangladesh-origin folks be sent back, regardless of their religious affinities). And this will be totally unacceptable to every Bengali hailing from WB/Bangla. And why so? Simply because everyonme else seems to be overlooking the fact that it was these very Bangladeshi Bengalis (both Muslims & non-Muslims) who had united to create Bangladesh out of East Pakistan from 1952 till 1971, thereby discrediting Pakistan’s 2-nation theory once & for all. It is therefore very sad that most folks in India are forgetting all this & are instead falling prey to the polarising propaganda of some political parties. In fact, if an audit were to be done on the number on Muslim Bengalis who have proudly served with India’s armed forces & CAPFs over the past 80 decades, the figure that will emerge will horrify all those who are resorting to untruthful & religiosity-inspired polarizing propaganda. So don’t get carried away by such propaganda & instead analyse & access such issues by using both basic & sound common-sense in order to reach the logical conclusions. And since the BJP has totally lost the plot WRT NRC issue, this will rightly be exploited to the hilt by the TMC & even if the most ardent supporter of the BJP in WB/Bangla will now see merit in the TMC’s arguments against the NRC. If I were in Didi’s place, that’s how I would choreograph my strategems. So for now, it’s game, set & match to the TMC.

In any case, since Bangladesh has now officially stated that the issue of Bangladeshi illegals is India's internal matter, when decoded, it means that Delhi has already assured Dhaka that there will be no adverse fallout from this NRC issue, meaning no one will ever be deported back to Bangladesh. I'm now sure that NaMo must have explained Sheikh Hasina that Bharat Varsh mein do kism ke insaan rehte hain: ek jo dusroo ko ullu banaate hain, aur doosra woh log joh hamesha ullu bann na chahte hain (in India you will fiund 2 kinds of people: those who take others for a ride, & those who are ever-willing to be taken for such rides).

As for the LCH, where exactly will such a radar be located? Because there’s no space for it on the nose or the chin, or at the main rotor masthead.

ashish gautam said...

hmmm i know that "Supreme Court" won't agree with my "Opinion".... though i have right to express my opinion that's what i did here...
Let's see what happens.... i feel massacre of this particular community seems to b done especially in Bengal region where Hindus r declining & they are increasing like insects though in a democracy like Bharat its not technically possible to do.
That's why only I asked for its clarification.
1) Btw to be adjusted on masthead does it require a new rotor design??
2) Why don't we see a fan tail (shrouded type) in successful attack helicopters like Apache, Mi 28?? & yes why didn't HAL used this technnology in its LUH??

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,

Thanks; as per my understanding there is bigger game being played with the NRC politics; according to me what happened in Muzaffarpur is going to get repeated; uproot a plant and make it stateless; with specific industries requiring labor of certain kind and with Indian economy on a firmer footing will help to get necessary clout to move to next stage of reforms for growth.
With regard to your reference of manufacturing the documents for aliens; my rant is Banga is not even number 1 in that.
With regard to aliens from (original) banga (not the Gotis Banga); if there were so passionate to join India; they should concentrated in Chittagong and its surroundings or Sylhet and joined India like Crimea; not by infiltrating like this.
You think Didi is winning by her theatrics, the Sindhis and Hindu Pathans integrated here without any fuss when they have suffered greater loss in every count; Mo-mo-to antics will fall flat in Banga (Gotis land) itself. Thanks, Ganesh

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Yes, one has a right to voice his/her opinion, but at the same time such rights must be accompanied by OBLIGATIONS as well. An opinion that incites hatred or engages in rumour-mongering cannot be condoned. This is the kind of social contract obligation that most Indian citizens always violate & this in turn leads to bloodbath. For instance, where are the official figures stating that the so-called Hindu population in any Indian state has declined due to increases in Muslim population & that such increases have been due to illegal migrations of Muslims from neighbouring countries? Can’t it be that it is the conversions of indigenous Hindu Dalits that has caused such a decline? And if true, then why blame other countries for such trends? As for facts, it is the Union MHA which has revealed that between 1991 & 2011, 30,000 immigrants from Bangladesh went to Assam, of which only 3,000 of them were Muslims. In 2013, 5,234 immigrants were deported back to Bangladesh, whereas in 2017 only 51 were deported.

And what's this all about the tail-rotors of the Apache & Mi-28 being shrouded? Where have you spotted such shrouds in those platforms?

To GANESH: Demographic patterns are never developed through deliberate human intervensions, but are rather shaped by socio-economic realities, just like the case of Crimea. Furthermore, it seems to be overlooked that India’s borders were created by the colonial Brits in less than 60 days in 1946—hardly the time reqd for any community to congregate in one particular geographical area. Those who were prosperous during pre-partition days (like Sindhis, Hindu Oathans & Bengali Hindu landlords) had enough financial resources reqd for ensuring trouble-free & legal migrations. But they constituted less than 1% of the estimated 7 million migrants that had to criss-cross during Partition. Hence, it is no use now to be wishy-washy about how things ought to have been, because no one can undo what has already transpired. What’s the need of the hour is to ensure that an existing situation does not get worse.

Anup said...

DRDO Conduct Supersonic interceptor missile test fired off Odisha coast.

Rajesh Mishra said...

Somehow I feel that the ISI like anti-national elements have been activated in India, who are trying to increase the splits in our nation at various fronts.

North Vs South is silently and slowly getting aroused. The rift and so-called contradictions between the East and North-East are getting instigated. The ISI may be interested in creating the HUTU Vs TUTSI in Rwanda like situation in the North-East. It is high time that the center may intervene suitably to crush such undemocratic and inhuman activities.

ashish gautam said...
In this article Muslim population increment & have Hindu population decline in bengal is clearly mentioned.... Which clearly shows that bengal soon gonna be a Muslim dominated majority state....
Though reasons vary from Hindu massacre to conversion to running away etc....
Arey bhai they don't have tail rotor shrouded I know....
I was confused regarding use of shrouded design in regular attack helicopter but on doing lil bit research I found that it's usually used either in civil work or in case of ful combat role like it has been used in commanche & z19 which r kinda dual role, reconnaissance as well as attack choppers...., Though it got Ltd success in military services for the reasons I don't know....

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANUP: Is it still only supersonic? Why not hypersonic? Or is that speed already ‘reserved’ only for the S-400?

To ASHISH GAUTAM; LoLz! Alright, time for you receive some elementary lessons in mathematical calculation. First, what is your definition of ‘soon’? 5 years? 10 years? 50 years? Because the data reveals that Muslim population of India has increased by 0.8% over a 10-year period, while in Bengal the growth has a higher rate–1.77% in 10 years. So, if you do the math, how many decades will it take to attain even a 100% growth rate of Muslim population in Bengal? 50 years? 100 years? 150 years? Can these all come under the category of ‘soon’?

Secondly, if illegal migration from Bangladesh is to be blamed, then how come the 2 districts nearest to Bangladesh--Nadia and North 24-Parganas—the Hindus still outnumber the Muslims? In North 24-Parganas, the country’s most populous district with 10,009,781 people, Hindus account for over 73-lakhs and Muslims over 25-lakhs. In Nadia, Hindus account for 37 lakhs while Muslims 13 lakhs. This incremental increase, which is in sync with the growth of population in Bengal, thus buries the illegal migration theory once for all.

Thirdly, the Union MHA records clearly indicate that the proximity of the districts of Murshidabad, Malda and North Dinajpur to the Muslim-dominated districts of Kishangunj, Purnia and Katihar in Bihar are responsible for the substantial Muslim presence in those 3 districts of Bengal. Over the past 4 years, even Muslims from Jharkhand & Kerala have gone to those 3 districts for Madrassa educational purposes. Here again these are seasonal migrants & are not permanent inhabitants. Thus, it will be better to stick to facts based on official data, rather than weave senseless conspiracy theories. And once such hair-brained conspiracy theories gain populatity, then events like these take place, thanks to convoluted mindsets:

Lastly, there’s no such hardware as shrouded rotors. If a shroud exists over tail rotor-blades then how will air be able to go in? Hence, it is called FENESTRON-type tail-rotor like on the Z-19, RAH-66 Comanche or Dauphin/Panther or Ka-62.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

For those who are seriously interested in understanding what the NRC for Assam is all about, here are a few primers:

Srinivasa Nanduri Ramanujam said...

Hi Prasun,

Today I met my friend who works in HAL. He was cursing modi for no new orders. He said a new version of sukhois are on drawing board and still no order for them. That HAL proposal for H225 we're rejected because of political motivations and hals tie up for f18 is not serious considered. He feared that if modi comes next time he will privatize Hal. I showed some of your comments on the blog about HAL and he was shocked to see so many details. Did you know LUH is not progressing well and it's because of lack of funds it seems.

Is it true that c295 procurement to replace AVRO by govt., has been put on hold? And there is a possibility that MOD instead is considering upgrading AN32s it has to AN132 and also procure AN178. And that this order will go to Anil Ambani's company. Another modi conspiracy to take away Hal orders, per my friend.

He was very upset about Hal future.

How worried should he be and is it that bad to privatize Hal? And will it ever happen?

Srinivasa Nanduri

Pratap said...

Prasun ji why are you undermining the threat Bangladeshi Muslims pose to people of Assam and our national security? The problem is so grave that even SC had to say this This is jihad by migration. Many Assam districts have already become Muslim majority. What do you think situation would be like 15-20 years down the line? If we dont act now, Assam will turn into another Islamist hellhole like Kashmir. We got a glimpse of it in 2012 when Islamic extremists wrecked havoc across Assam.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PRATAP: LoLz! So after ASHISH GAUTAM above, it is now your turn to present ASSUMPTIONS into facts. Do read what the SC has observed: “The silent and invidious demographic invasion of Assam may result in the loss of geostrategically vital districts of lower Assam.” Now, do you know why the SC used the word ‘may’ & not ‘has’ or ‘will’? Because even the SC was not convinced about the arguments put forth by Sonowal & Co. The word MAY means 50-50, i.e. it may be or may not be. It is thus not a conclusive statement of fact. So let us get the terminologies right before proceeding. Next comes the quantum of illegal migration. Kindly produce any definitive document of reference that undeniably proves that illegal migration running into lakhs or millions has taken place every year or once evry five/10 years. After all, the Central Govt’s CAPFsguarding the IB are the best sources of such info that can easily be revealed by the Union MHA. And yet the Union MHA’s successive annual reports fail to reveal this & instead have only revealed the figures that I had given above. Also to be noted is that that are no inaccessible areas like Tora Bora mountain range in Assam where any illegfal immigrant can stay hidden for prolonged periods. Consequently, since they are residing in the Brahmaputra plains & such areas are all covered by state police forces, the local SHO of any police chowki/thana will come to know about the locations of clusters of illegal immigrants within hours, not days or weeks. Consequently, such folks will be easily identifiable & they will need to be interned in detention camps. That’s how any police force works in any country worldwide in settled areas. In Assam, where are such internment camps? How many of them have been set up & how many illegals have been detained so far? As an example, it was in April 1971 that the BSF began erecting up to 14 internment camps in Assam, Tripura, Mizoram & Meghalaya solely for accommodating PA soldiers & that was 7 months before hostilities broke out. And even that wasn;t enough to house 60,000 PA soldiers & many of them had to be sent by rail to Agra & Ambala! So to house even 4 lakh or 40,000 illegals supposedly now in Assam, there would have by now been hectic construction of such internment camps throughout thje North East on a war-footing. And yet we do not see any such activity. Why? Because no instructions have been issued by any authority of the GoI. And why not? Because this GoI & any other GoI knows only too well the truth, which is the max no of illegal immigrants that can be caught, identified & deported back per annum is not more than 60. And that’s exactly what the Union MHA’s records reveal. So, if you can present definitive evidence or even assessments of demographic aggression being committed by any of India’s neighbours, then kindly present them. But in their absence, don’t cry foul or make insinuations about undermining India through non-existential threats or disinformation like “Islamic extremists wrecked havoc across Assam”, when in reality the violence was started by the NDFB Bodo separatists. Just present any official data from the Union MHA to substantiate your claims, just as I have done. If you don’t have such data, then just admit it.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SRINIVASA NANDURI RAMANUJAM: LoLz! VMT, but you must admit that even during the ‘golden age’ reigns of past rulers like Asoka, Vikramaditya, Sher Shah Suri & Akbar, there were ZERO state-owned businesses or industries. EVERYTHING was in private hands. Now if this was bthe successful formula then, then why can’t it be applied now as well? Why should any govt run & finance any industry? HAL & all other PSUs should have been privatised by the late 1960s itself & if this was done, then by the late 1970s itself India would have attained developed nation status & she would have been the leader of the ASEAN grouping! Problems with LCH & LUH are the lack of skilled/experienced manpower, especially for flight-testing. One Wing Cdr Unni Pillai can just do so much at any given time. Hence, the flight-testing & subsequent airworthiness certification flight regimes have had to be staggered, with each step being taken in a sequential manner & not in the ideal concurrent manner. As a result, the weaponisation process has gotten terribly delayed as well. Immediately after weaponising the Dhruv ALH into Rudra, HAL should logically have developed an 8-tonne variant of the Dhruv ALH & a scaled-down single-engined version, which it did as the LUH. If blame is to be apportioned, then it must be distributed between successive Raksha Mantris since 2004, successive Joint Secretaries (Air) of the MoD, & then the HAL CMDs. Upgradation of An-32REs to An-132 is an excellent idea that can jointly be implemented by HAL, NAL & DARE. But no, neither An-178s nor C-295s will be procured. Instead, additional C-130J-30s will be procured to take the total fleet strength to 40.

Bottomline: HAL can have an extremely bright picture if it is totally privatised & 99% publicly listed so that it can quickly develop & sell homegrown platforms & products. And just as past Indian empires didn’t crumble due to 100% private ownership of businesses/industries, in the same way the present-day Republic of India won’t disintegrate or vapourise due to the privatization of each & every existing PSU.

R.A.T said...

Massacre sound like more supremist type of mindset. All wrong is done by political people from that region from very early days for sake of surviving this is just an outcome of all ideas that were and are being pumped into people residing there. I will never support Massacre or cleansing but extremist should be eradicated for sure.

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun, I disagree with your views on time taken to congregate people in one region/place permanently at a faster pace; consider Chittagong hill tracts, Lahore, Karachi, Yazhpaanam (Jaffna) and others; how long it took for their respective governments to populate their favorites. Another example, in India how long does it take for a new locality or city to get "religion of peace" place to setup a sound box to shout 5 times daily? When East India company has a policy to say one particular community gets first right on all Indian resources and implement it by letter and spirit, the statistics presstitutes does not wash the facts. Do you expect the aliens to stay put in one place and wait to be action. I have read the escaping Pakistan soldiers were given refuge and hidden inside India during 1971 war from being captured in the land of milk and honey called banga by people of religion of peace.
The best change in the narrative is even dynasts have started visiting temples and we don't hear people in conversion business to proclaim to have harvested x number of souls every week and get highlighted by presstitutes. We don't get to hear people to proclaim that they are from religion of peace rather than Indians. The aliens and their ilk occupy every place where they can multiply faster (like parasites) destroy it to move on to a new place. For now, Assam is better than Banga and soon northern Kerala will be the favorite. Thanks, Ganesh

Ram Bharadwaj said...


The ADA is conducting trials of NLCA-2 with the arrestor hook. Is it a case of "too little too late"? Can the NLCA become a Trainer aircraft for carriers?

Unknown said...

Just finished reading Shiv Kunal Verma's - 1962 THE WAR THAT WASN'T, impressive reading.
I know China's Western Theatre Command has Troops - 54th Mechanized Infantry Brigade,Lhasa/Tibet, 52nd and 53rd Mechanized Infantry Brigades,Nyingchi/Tibet(opposite Tuting) in ACCLIMATIZED condition.
I wanted to ask you what is the Force Composition OPPOSING THEM from Tawang(in west) to Anjaw(in east).
Kind regards,
Jai Shankar Singh

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Expecting people to have Obligations, is asking them to think before they write or speak. You will always struggle with our people. No one is taught to think, take ownership, they only know how to follow. Now in India no one is safe, not even the goats. I hate to say it, but our so called culture has lead us to being a sick society. The affect of over population and the gender imbalance was predicted, so were their consequences!


Unknown said...

You should always look at crime statistics on a per capita basis. You should also know that there are more than 6 lakh villages in india but only 12000 odd police stations in them. Yet crime is so low? In case you don't believe per capita statistics travel there and see for yourself. I have been in quite a few villages and found them very safe. No problems. Try them out. Always compare per.capita crime statistics. Once you do that you will find the West a pretty terrible place. But then hardly.any indian acknowledges this as I had told earlier, Indians lack a sense of self respect and self belief and hence always criticise themselves and glorify outsiders.



Kaustav said...

While I do believe that the NLCA-2 or the NP-2 is a single seater Naval Prototype 2, a single seater fighter variant of the NP-1 or NLCA-1 which is a tandem seat trainer.
However the NP-2 is a robust design and it would have been nice had the design been adopted for the Mk1A of the LCA due to the larger volume available behind the pilot, Levcons and better landing gear. Though, of course it might have higher radar visibility as a trade off due to the hump which might accommodate more equipment.

However, I believe, the STA-1 status is the real bit of good news. Though it will have strings attached, it presents the biggest opportunity to develop the Indian Military Industrial Complex, if combined with sensible business policy.
Unfortunately, while the world is again looking to help us up, we ourselves are digging our own graves, be it vendetta politics, sectarianism or lynching.

Pierre Zorin said...

India always had Muslims along with other religions and except for political parties stirring up strife, largely Indian Muslims have been some of the most moderate folks UNTIL ISI and political leaders collaboratively stirred up Kashmir and rest of India and export of wahabism started indoctrinating young Muslims not just in India but elsewhere.Today India's constitution remains a stalwart of secularism and example of unity in diversity and yet certain elements within India just like Slobodan Milosevic, are desperate to create a "pure Serbia" like India and this is the biggest threat facing India than external aggression. Chinese and Pakistanis are simply funding the latent unrest but the inspiration is coming from within India herself! Indian leadership at all levels is all talk very little action. People must take ownership for safeguarding their national interests. Give you an example - a Pakistani had a You Tube channel running tirading against India, had a picture of an anus on the Indian tri-colour to emulate the Ashok Chakra and called his channel something to the effect of Narendra Modi gets it up.... I saw it and reported to You Tube and within days he has been forced to change the channel and take the offensive picture. Sure he still abuses India but has to now do within You Tube guidelines. Yet many reading this blog will think of nothing to attack me and any Christian accusing of weird things that like Prasun said, is a rumour with no factual basis. So who is a patriot? One that mouths off or one that does something to protect his motherland?

Intolerant Person said...

1.Recently HAL tested RUAV.But the level of that RUAV is very low.Even Chinese University Students can make such RUAVs.It's so humiliating.And what's more embarrassing is that same DPSUs will project it as a major milestone.Your view?
2.Aero India to be shifted to UP.One more political stunt?Like that of Defexpo?
3.Several schools burnt in GB.Indications?
Very much thanks in advance.....

Gessler said...

VMT for the previous answers, Prasun ji.

Following up:

1) So there WILL be spherical sonars and pump-jet propulsion on the Indian SSN class?

2) Are there any pictures available of the INS Sindhukirti with L-3 photonics mast? Previously uploaded on this blog or otherwise?

3) Are the photonics masts for the 4 Shishumar-class SSKs coming from same vendor (L-3) or from France (Thales)?

4) Recently, its being stated that Mazagon Dock Ltd., in cooperation with Naval Group, has offered the Scorpene-class SSK design for the Taiwanese Navy submarine building proposal, being referred to as the "Squid-class":

What's your take on this offer? Does MDL now have permission to build any Scorpene-class vessels ordered by anyone in the world? What level of autonomy do we really have with this design?

VMT in Advance!

The Engdoc Society said...

Dada superb super information yaar
Hats off to u really

Need ur views on this report

Seems like LOC is going to be up in flares in coming weeks and ur prediction of retaliation and premptive strikes by IA Seems to be nearing and who know we might capture Chickens neck area as well
Seems like politician will want to keep the media channels and public busy and guessing

Dada one more request is there do folowing articles and enlighten us with your expert views and judgement:

1. Indian Armed forces vision and Your expert views on strategic space based assets
2. How can we put in place special forces command and what assets will be needed
3. How can IAF achieve 45+ squardons strength in future and it's relevance to our threat prevention
4. No is Missiles rolled out till date from Indian Factories

Srinivasa Nanduri Ramanujam said...

Hi Prasun,

What do you make of the below report. If true, BJP govt is really destabilizing India. Both via NRC in North East and by scrapping 35A in Kashmir.

I can't believe they can do this without thinking of consequences and international backlash.

Srinivasa Nanduri

Rajesh Mishra said...

Sorry for being out of the subject, but I have suddenly found a weird linear connectivity between the Sabar/Munda tribes of Bengal/Jharkand >> Maa Vindhyavasini Temple of Mizapur (UP) >> Ayodhya Dynasty >> Indus Valley civilization and script >> Fall of Indus civilization >> Migration of Sabar (Serb) tribes ultimately to establish Serbia.

Sorry for the disturbance and I do not want this subject to be continued here.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Interesting debates on Pakistan's future financial challenges:

To UNKNOWN: It is NOT that criminal incidents in rural India are low, rather the reporting of such incidents in the police chowkies/thanas is low, & on top of that politicised police forces even refuse to register FIRs. It is only through the media that unreported incidents come to the limelight, like this:

To RAT & TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL: An ominous reason for increasing global warming & other unheard-of incidents (like changing human behaviour), primarily due to the on-going swapping of magnetic poles:

Meanwhile, yet another instance of industrial espionage by China comes to light:

While Russia becomes more isolationalist:

And Beijing is up to its old tricks about marginalising India within ASEAN:

But Xi Jinping is now facing increasing opposition from Chinese academicians:

Ganesh said...

Hello Pierre Zorin, The narrative that muslims were always present in India is true; like in Parangi pettai of Tamilnadu and in parts of Kerala for around a millennia. However, they multiplied so much (by whatever means) screwed the environment where ever they are. The East India company aka Congress sold 50% of pre-independence India in pieces (East, West Pakistan, Burma, Sri lanka and parts of Afghanistan and Tibet) and still you claim that India is to be further divided since they litter everywhere?
Now since conversion business branch has been opened in Kerala for illegals/aliens, expect them to multiply further and marginalization of indigenous communities there.
Coming to patriotism, it is fine as long as India first is followed; if you prescribe that christians and muslims of more patriotic than others; you can continue live in cuckoo land, since even East India company aka Congress has also starting fooling everybody by saying their nut case chief is "Janeou dhari Hindu" and does electoral temple run . Thanks, Ganesh


Dear Prasun Sir, I go through your blog whenever I manage to be free. Both area of coverage and depth of coverage are really extra ordinary. Thank you very much for sharing with us your immense knowledge.
It makes me extremely sad seeing the way the Rafale deal is being jeopardised by our opposition Leaders. I am sure none of the leaders actually think that there is any wrong doing in this deal. This gives some idea why this nation was ruled by outsiders most of the time.
For 14 India specific modifications 1.7 B Euro is being charged. That is more than 100 million Euro for each modification. For the understanding of common people like me, would you please elaborate, how charges for these types of modifications are negotiated. Charges are mostly for expert mandays required, or significant amount goes for additional hardware required for making these modifications, and testing the effectiveness of the modifications.

Anonymous said...

Sir, what are the reasons for cost increase to $930 millions for 6 Apaches as compared to previous 22?

Have we signed for 11th C17 and also 13th C130 (for crash replacement)?

Would follow on C130 orders see reduction in unit costs, if local infrastructure to handle them is already up and running?



Avi Das said...

Hi Prasun, wrt NRC, you might enjoy this write. It reflects what you stated.

Ganesh said...

No wonder thewire is East India company's aka congress new pressitute ilk. Not one word about the traitors. Cheers, Ganesh

Pierre Zorin said...

Ganesh you probably did not read my earlier posts. I am saying exactly what you are saying - India is a secular country and loyalty should always be to the country first. That means regardless of anyone's faith, one should not be judged whether their faith reflects their patriotism. Some people are trying to portray that unless one is Hindu they are not devoted to Mother India and this is what I strictly oppose because not only this is wrong this is unconstitutional.
Secondly I wasn't referring to whether Muslims were in India, I was referring to the fact that Indian Muslims were always moderate and got along with the general community - until now. Radical wahabism and other political stirrings is destroying this fabric.
Hope I clarified things a bit better.

Unknown said...

Under reporting of criminal cases in rural or urban india is not new to india. In fact the reporting of.crimnal.cases is low present in other countries too as can be seen from link on rapes below

Further millions of.crimes in the USA were unreported as can be seen from.the link below:

Further another statistics on the extent of violence used by American cops

Now here is the comparative of how Indians tackle a crisis vs others:

There is a difference in the orientation of societies and these nuances need to be appreciated. This does not imply that problem of crime has been tackled successfully in india. It remains a challenge as much as in other countries. But the difference is a.society with family as a strong pillar of support compared to societies driven by individualism. If crimes in rural india were too high and grossly undereported then we woild have seen a collapse of rural.indian economy on account of law and order problem.. hence I always suggest people to visit rural india and then look at statists after understanding the societal.set up.



Ganesh said...

Hello Pierre Zorin, agreed thanks; I beleive and follow that every Indian has all rights and responsibilities towards India unlike Congress/East India company's policy of aliens first. Secularism is a bad word for me, since it means non-Hindus/aliens superiority and primacy. The so-called moderates broke India into pieces and that Cha-Cha felt Hindu Nepal's merger offer of then King Mahendra will hurt his image. India is turning positive for good towards economic growth for indigenous people and does not need a begging bowl like setting up of Christian Medical college in Vellore and John's hospital in Bangalore with square kilometers of land for their conversion business. Thanks, Ganesh


Prasun Da,

The MoD has launched the Defence India Start Up Challenge

I found it interesting that they are interested in prototypes of Portable Laser Weapons because even countries as advanced as US, Israel have not been able to build such weapons



Rajesh Mishra said...

Actually the success of the 911 has everywhere in this world overnight changed the attitude of the global muslamic terrorism on to the sterner side. Accordingly as per the natural reaction the opponents of the global muslamic terrorism everywhere too have shifted towards the sterner sides of their nationalism and patriotism. Christians in India really have nothing much to do in it and it is their own duty not to unnecessarily get entangled into any small complex and express it as any serious matter. If Christians have anything really to worry, then they should worry for Europe, Canada, US, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. India is poor but it is paradise for many.

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

1. this MQ-25 Stingray can solve a lot of Iaf/in problems with regards tlo aerial refueling, your thoughts

2. the Paltan movie by JP dutta about 1967 Nathu La battle is set for relase, you once said years ago to write about it, can you do it.

3. Why is India going for NASAMS II


Joydeep Ghosh

aritro data said...

your views on the new chinese electromagnetic rockets artillery on indian border??

Unknown said...

Pierre zorin let's.dive a.little.deep. what does loyalty to the country means? Loyalty to the concept of mother india or loyalty to constitution? Does loyalty to india as mother implies loyalty to.constitution?is reference of india as a mother allowed in certain religions like Islam or Christianity which do.not permit idol worship. In that case if country comes first then what does.that country mean when none have ever read even the indian constitution. What do you mean by the country if not the mother. And if it agitates with my religious faith what should be my reference point to keep the country first and be a patriot. In my understanding without a nation's grand narrative these concepts of patriotism will vary from community to community. Answer to my above questions would also clarify why aggressive conversion industry is being propped up by western governments.



just_curious said...

Prasun, a lotta of q's hope you have time to answer all :)

1-read the following -- to understand what is the govt upto.. China is only going to up the ante & Russia will not stand in its way.. why is the govt being flippant .. the fear is that US will lose patience & interest in India... The Govt may end up drowning being neither here nor there..
2- what is India's plan B to counter any u-turns by Iran or the Afghans due to Chinese throwing money at them # the behest of the pakis or for their own interests in Gawadar..ditto in the Indian ocean region - which btw is already underway in Maldives & Seychelles
3- --- talks about china making Hamantota its military base in an indirect way .. it also has an interesting point which talks about china gaining more ports in pakistan
4- why would all major nations make their military base in Djibouti - same place/country.. Read somewhere that France had one probably the US or one another EU nation also have there base along with China. Aren't they @ the risk of compromising each other?
5- what all weaponry could India expect because of STA-1 status including joint development projects
6- Read that the Russians now want pacts similar to the so called foundation agreements with the US.. if true, would like to know your views & analysis of the same
7- India cleared RAFAEL & IMI from Israel from the list of orgs with which arms deals were restricted. Why is Leonardo & Rheinmetall still on the list when nothing substantial has been proved against them .
8- what you had mentioned in one of your article regarding tejas mk2 dev is happening with the news that the IAF will now oversee Tejas dev.. what can be expected from this move & will it result in a cheaper tejas mk1a? and more involvement of private industries?
9-why do the brits play traunt with India - the recent report about Uk not entertaing India's request t block the so called sikh referendum by khalistanis in UK plus the fact that every India fugutive feels UK to be a safe haven.. do the brits still nuture a soft corner for the pakis?
10-Finally ... any pics & specifc deails you can share of the Force motors LSV selected by the india army .. the Ashok Leyland lsv promos displayed during the defenceexpo 2018 looked cool & promising.. what was the clincher for force motors [its vehicles typically have a merc engines of a prev std.. not all that indigenous :)]

Mohan said...

Prasun sir,
This article really hit hhe nail



DAshu said...

Does CAG report on P8-I hold any truth ?
Btw I K Niazi is divine for poor neighbor, he immediately got hope of getting back 200 Bill dollar from Swiss and suddenly whole of that country oozing in confidence out of sky. Guess they are readying themselves to eat second lot of contaminated grass.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GANESH: Be it CHT or even Assam, the migration of Bangladeshi settlers had commenced during the colonial era itself, with the Bengali settlers in Assam doing the bulk of the hard work to bring a huge quantum of the state’s real estate under productive cultivation. As for Lahore, Karachi etc etc they were due to large-scale swapping of population which saw non-Muslim dominated areas becoming Muslim-majority areas & vice versa. Jaffna too never witnessed drastic demographic changes overnight. As to how such changes occur, it is all explained here:

Nor is it true that PA soldiers were given refugee either by Bangladeshis as a whole, or by an Indian Muslim. In fact, only the Razakars of East Pakistan were complicit in such acts. The bulk of the Muslim Bangladeshis were instrumental in decisively & finally disproving Pakistan’s Two-Nation Theory in December 1971 & for that every Indian citizen ought to owe a debt of gratitude to today’s Bangladeshis.

To RAM BHARADWAJ: Every R & D effort must always be taken to its logical conclusion, even if the end-product will never enter service. But the test-points derived serves as the foundation for developing other platforms in future. That’s what is happening with the NLCA-2.

To UNKNOWN/JAI SHANKAR SINGH: IA forces deployed in the North East are made up of XXXIII, III & IV Corps. In short, the IA’s forces in the North East far outnumber their PLA counterparts in that area.

To INTOLERANT PERSON: 1) LoLz! Too little & too late. Both the BSF & OTBP are already using DJI Phantom mini-UAVs supplied by China! 2) Of course it is. But be it in Bengaluru or Lucknow, the MoD will screw-up on its execution as it has always done, since by Day-2 of the expo, it becomes an absolute Tamaasha since by then there’s no distinction between a trade/business visitor & the selfie-seeking DPSU employees who are not meant to be present on the Trade Show Days.

To GESSLER: 1) Yes. 2) No. But I did upload an L-3 KEO poster in an earlier thread showing the photonic mast fitted on to INS Sindhukirti. 3) From Cassidian/ZEISS. Had already uploaded their photos in 2014. 4) That’s absolute HOGWASH/BALONEY/BANDALBAAZI. The Scorpene SSK contract of the IN only specified licenced-production. There was no ToT or no transfer of any design data for any portion of the Scorpene’s hull.

To THE ENGDOC SOCIETY: The LoC will definitely heat up in the very near future, rest assured.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SRINIVASA NANDURI RAMANUJAM: The NRC’s drafting was conducted with Neolithic efficiency.

As per the 2011 language census, the number of Assamese speakers has decreased to 48% from 58% in 1991 while Bengali speakers have increased from 22% (1991) to 30%. the highest number of deletions, percentage wise, has been in the districts of Nagaon, Darrang, Bongaigaon and Kamrup Metro, where it ranges from 25 to 31%, with Darrang district heading the list. By contrast, the deletion figures are substantially less in districts like Morigaon, Karimganj, Goalpara, Barpeta, Cachar which have always been seen as dominated by illegal infiltrants from Bangladesh. The NRC has finally put the seal of citizenship on 90% of the people of Barak Valley. This is also true of most of the other districts of the Brahmaputra and Barak Valleys where large masses of people long seen as illegal migrants from Bangladesh and looked upon with suspicion have now been cleared of stigma and accepted as citizens at par with the state’s indigenous people.

Both Article 35A & Article 370 were meant to be temporary measures & were never meant to be implemented in perpetuity. Even if both these articles are scrapped, the end-result will most likely be an anti-climax, i.e. no widespread protests will break out in the Valley.

To ASHIS ACHARYA: VMT. Not just politicians, but also the ‘desi’ media buffoons are always involved in muddying the waters. Here is one such example:

The cost of modifications is inclusive of India procuring the non-Frenmch hardware from other OEMs & supplying them to Dassault & THALES for systems integration. Then there are the series of flight certification tests & weapons qualification trials involved, inclusive of hiring of firing ranges.

To VSK: Because the IA is procuring a higher quantum of armaments, plus lots of ground-support hardware reqd for deployment in several brand-new heli-bases to be used exclusively by the IA. 11th C-17A has been ordered, but nbot the replacement C-130J-30. Yes, follow-on C-130J-30s to be ordered will see a fall in per-unit costs.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To UNKNOWN/KUNAL: Resorting to whataboutism does not resolve problems, nor does it reflect accurate benchmarking. Indeed crimes in rural India are abbormally high due to social inequities, & this is when the law enforcement agencies enter the fray to get corrupted. Here’s 1 example:

Furthermore, it is primarily rural folks who are contracted for committing heinous crimes in urban areas, especially in Bihar, UP & Haryana. It is only when law enforcement agencies are totally devoid of any political intervention that they are able to produce best results, like this:

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Both the US & Israel had developed such 3-D printed dazzler weapons long ago. It also remains to be seen if any of such start-up challenges will end up in a workshop for mass-production. In a country like India such portable dazzler weapons will be more in demand if they are designed for dazzling & setting on fire the effigies of Ravana on Ram Navami Day!

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: 1) LoLz! In which century will such a ‘miracle’ take place??? 2) OMG! Not another hyper-ventilating Bollywood flick like BORDER! I never wanted to write anything about the Nathu La incident because it has already been written about a lot. Here are some of them:

BTW, looks like the Pakis are now releasing their own answers to J P Dutta’s flicks. The latest one glorifies JIHAD inside J & K. Do take a look to find out what ‘Nayaa Pakistan’ will turn out to be:

To ARITRO DATA: LoLz! To date, has an EMRG used as field artillery demonstrated any degree of firing accuracy or firepower consistency? Secondly, the mere fact that such cannons will be able to attain a range of 200km means that such cannons will be sited deep in the near, i.e. 150km inside China. So all that is reqd are aerostat-mounted radars that can also be used as WLRs if need be to accurately plot the trajectory of the incoming projectile, following which airpower can be used to target such cannons.

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun, thanks for the youtube link; let us all cry aloud over the grave injustice done to the first citizens of India and make sure the third citizens (Hindus) plough all their resources to breed them like mosquitoes and build Ghaza-e-hind or encourage another partition and not the least hail all the presstitutes who make such one sided propaganda and may be provide them Bharat ratna. The tribe of this thought process is reducing for good. Let me give my version, Shivajinagar in Bangalore until 15 years ago was a vibrant business district and the first citizens of India came in hordes to be make it a junk yard and beef business center where in only the second (christians) prefer going there for business. Thankfully some land is with third citizens giving toe hold to maintain the temples there. I assume you consider aliens as trees whom planted in one place stays there for eternity and they do not group up and assimilate with others for harmony and growth of everybody. When their breeding exceeds the location capacity to loot they find newer pastures to breed and pollute other places too.
I presume until aliens came in, Assam was a tribal area where people did not know anything about life and civilization until it was brought by hard working aliens. As our beloved Mounmohan said, they have the first right on all Indian resources. Let us all work earnestly towards that.
I will stop posting anything in this blog; I am very thankful for the defence material you collate and share; will continue to read them; I will not give in to any provocation and when I get Zia ul haq moment, I will do the needful and until then prepare. Thanks, Ganesh

Pierre Zorin said...

aggressive conversion industry is being propped up by western governments" - therein lies your misunderstanding and bias. There are more atheists, agnostics and immoral materialistic people in the West than in Asia. In fact materialism is actively promoted by the West and the immoral lifestyles are passed on as standards to covet. If there is anyone actively promoting non Christian values it is the West. Homosexuality is rampant and so is non family values. So to claim Western governments have any interest in religion is totally baseless and downright dumb. Equality in the West means do what you want as long as you vote a government and identity with a particular country. Eastern religious- whether the real faith or not - have always promoted altruism, morality, adherence to laws of the land. To put it simply- Jesus said give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is God's. One can't be more clear about one's obligations to one's country and one's obligation to one's faith.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AMIT BISWAS & DASHU: No, the CAG Report is full of holes & erroneous conclusions. And that’s why no one has ordered the A319 :RSR/ASW platform while there already are several operators of the P-9 Poseidon platform worldwide. As for the Karmapa, here’s the latest:

Plus these:

SUVO said...

here Dalai Lama said:


Thanks Prasun Da.

1. So will you please share your views about this Defence Stratup Challenge Program ? Do you believe it will be successful ?

2. How does China win contracts for the Indian Army ? The Company DJ Phantom, whose drones are used by the Indian Army is a Chinese company. Do they bribe MoD to win contracts?

Thanks again

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: 1) I already did yesterday. While it is easy to cime up with innovations, they always remain EXPERIMENTAL until they are optimally engineered & are accompanies by a series of safety & operational certification/usage documents--which cannot be produced by start-ups. That's previsely why several Indian start-ups that had invested in UAV/UAS/RPA products have not succeeded in marketing their products inside India.

2) Why is it necessary to win contracts from any Indian govt-level end-user? The DJI Phantom is after all a civilian product. If you want to buy it online in India, you can do so from here:

If you want to buy it in Kolkata, you can do so from here:

As for general info on this drone's availability in India, kindly read this:

Rajesh Mishra said...

Just asking a fundamental question, which I forgot to ask earlier. What are the capacities and usefulness of LCA/Tejas-Mk1/Mk1A against China in Eastern front and Tibet. Kindly reply.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJESH MISHRA: That will be known only AFTER the Tejas Mk.1 gets FOC status, which is still FAAAAARRRRR away. The Tejas Mk.1A right now is only a paper design. Unless the first prototype is rolled out, one will not know from external looks how capable the Tejas Mk.1A will turn out to be.

Meanwhile, 3 new musketeers (Yashwant Sinha, Arun Shourie & Prashant Bhushan) have now emerged to further display their UTTER LACK of domain expertise WRT Rafale deal:

And I'm still waiting for that Shourie fella to ne confronted about his earlier practices of yellow journalism when he had alleged in the previous decade that tens of millions of Bangladeshis had illegally settled down in India! It is high time one held such persons accountable for their actions & utterances!!! As for Yashwant Sinha, he ought to first get a handle on running his own family before demanding any accountability from anyone else or anything else. Such discredited entities are so desperate to become born-again netas that they will portray the country as the global laughing stock at the wink of an eye.

Ashutosh said...

Sir-STA-1 status is ver less of a bargain for reduced/no oil export from iran.

Pierre Zorin said...

David's sling

Anonymous said...


This report here seems to refer to the K-4:

There were claims that an attempt in Dec. 2017 to launch it from a pontoon failed. This report claims a second attempt later failed similarly. How do such difficulties crop up when the K-4 has successfully launched from a pontoon before? Also, pop-up trials must have been done before launches.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...


To SATYAKI: There are 2 types of underwater test-launches: one to test the experimental cannister-encased SLBM only from a pontoon, & the other to test the production-standard SLBM when fired from a pontoon-hosted VLS cannister identical to that on a SSBN. The last 2 reported failed test-launches pertained to VLS-related technical malfunctions, & not SLBM-related malfunctions. The SLBM has so far worked just fine during previous test-launches. Only after the VLS silo mechanism's operating parameters are validated & certified will the launch-tests move on to the next phase, i.e. from the SSBN itself.

Rajesh Mishra said...

Those who are opposing the Rafale, they do have a method in their madness.

26 years back all HAL employees were very much happy with the LCA and they were convinced that LCA will never come in their service life. In fact I never believed them. I lost.

Anonymous said...


Is it confirmed that VLS related malfunctions scrubbed the last two attempts or is it hearsay ? One report last year talked of a battery being shorted or drained. Hope these things are still not stuck with quality control issues.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJESH MISHRA: The questions being asked by the ‘3 Musketeers’ are nothing but an explicit demonstration of their TOTAL LACK of both basic & sound common-sense. That such elderly persons open their mouths in such a manner nowadays only demonstrates the on-going process of regression of the mindsets. And equally regressive are the perception management efforts of certain lements of the Govt of India, as demonstrated here:

As for the LCA, the present-day situation is nothing but a glaring reality about what happens when evolutionary approaches are not adhered to (i.e. total rejection of the laws of nature, leave alone the laws of physics). What does this mean? Well, after learning hard lessons from the second-generation HF-24 MRCA’s R & D labours, the Govt of India in the 1980s should have opted for developing a third-generation MRCA (by increasing the size/planform of the Gnat’s airframe) instead of a fourth-generation LCA. But no, how easy it was for the then political leadership to fall prey to all the sweet-talk from the DRDO’s technocrats! That is what sealed the fate of the LCA & now matter in what form the LCA manifests itself—Tejas Mk.1 or Tejas Mk.1A—the end-result will only be failure because the evolutionary laws of nature cannot be overruied or manipulated or disregarded. So, in the end, it is not HAL’s fault, neither the DRDO’s fault. Rather, it is the collective political leadership of the country that should be blamed for disregarding the laws of nature & having ZERO respect for the absolute sciences. Nor are the Gods of Yore forgiving, hence they always insist on ATONEMENT (praaeschitth). No sin can ever be washed away or forgiven, as per the divine laws of creation. And that’s why I keep on harping about accepting the tandem-seat version of the NLCA Mk.1 as a LIFT.

To SATYAKI: The Battery that got drained was INSIDE the VLS rig & it was all about EMI affecting the electric circuitry that resulted in the malfunctioning of the gas-based ejection mechanism. There will always be QC-related issues worldwide, & not just limited to India. But the beauty of such initial failures is that there is greater rigour in terms of developing fault-finding diagnostics & also ensuring that all elements of the system go under a microscope so that the definitive end-product emerges as a reliable & fail-safe solution. Hence, rest assured that things are not stuck or suspended, rather work is going on unimpeded.

Vijay Rajbhar said...

What is the source of this information? Please suggest.

Anonymous said...


Its not just the fault of the DRDO officials going for the 4th Gen aircraft. You know how the forces think. They want the latest, the best that money could buy. What you are asking that DRDO follow the same approach as every other manufacturer went through, is tantamount to being an anti-national. LOL. We Indians as ever, over dream, over promise and don't deliver. Majority are doing this, can't really just pick on DRDO. They know their customer is constantly dreaming as each new fighter aircraft magazine arrives from abroad. Its a catch 22. Customer (IAF) wont buy what DRDO is capable of producing and DRDO is unable to produce what the customer wants, but we must indigenise. Sometimes its just worth reading about the success of other 2nd & 3rd world nations to see how they are doing.

One approach is that defense budget that accounts for such a large % of our gov revenue is cut (not talking GDP here!). It will force a behavioral change. We are a 3rd world nation yet have an airforce that most 1st world nation don't have. Why, Non of our enemies are as capable nor have we used that airforce for any advantage. Why are we throwing our money down the drain? Damn I too sound like an anti-national now!!!


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAT: You are obviously totally unaware of what the IAF's proposal for the LCA was back in the mid-1970s. Yes, there were two competing LCA R & D proposals: one from the IAF/HAL team, & one from the DRDO. So do read up all about them before reaching erroneous & ill-founded conclusions.

To RAJESH MISHRA: Looks like the Super Su-30MKI proposal is now under active consideration, with the first batch of 40 new-build aircraft from HAL being ordered before the year's end.

Ankit Singh said...
This man never fails to amaze. untill this man stops BJP is going to win hands down

Anup said...

All confidential information leaked.

IAF Going to order 40 more SU-30MKI
(Sorry about the link from u know)

Ankit Singh said...

Read it in somewhere in issue of Vayu, where the HAL and the airforce wanted Ajeet to be the basis for LCA and all the design studies were conducted but it wasn't fructified.
Is it true?

Rajesh Mishra said...

It is gladdening to read that the Super Su-30MKI proposal is now under active consideration, with the first batch of 40 new-build aircraft from HAL being ordered before the year's end. This may go in a big way to maintain and increase the nos. of squadrons. Now I am happy and HAL may also be happy. ThanX.

Srinivasa Nanduri Ramanujam said...

Hi Prasun,

Regarding additional 40 sukhois why stop at 40 when they can order for more to fix the slipping fighter numbers. I remember reading here that India might get up to 350 sukhois then why this delay. Is it related to budget constraints?

As per k4 SLBM and nirbhay cruise missiles, when they be inducted. By 2020? And will their be a 2500 km nirbhay in near future?

And what do you make of below article, China hedging it's bets in Indian periphery and do not see any reaction from Indian govt. Chinese COC with Asean is worth a look, they basically want to turn SCS into Chinese sea.

Srinivasa Nanduri

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANUP: LoLz! Not for the Rafale, but for the Mirage 2000s being upgraded. Also, the MAWS is from South Africa’s AVITRONICS, which is now owned by SaabTech. In all, the info is quite old & much much more comes out from the Aero India & DEFEXPO expos. Like I had already stated from 2009 onwards, the Russia-India umbrella agreement of the year 2000 specifies an overall Su-30MKI fleet of 350.

To ANKIT SINGH: Are you sure you read it in VAYU, & not in this blog? Because this is what I had uploaded quite a while ago:

To RAJESH MISHRA: Will upload the latest data on the Super Su-30MKI project later tonight in a new thread.

To SRINIVASA NANDURI RAMANUJAM: Rest assured that the total number of Su-30MKIs to be eventually procured will touch the 350-mark. The SLBM & SLCM won’t be inducted into service by 2020, but early in the following decade. Nirbhay’s range won’t exceed 1,200km as of now. China is now in a beleaguered state both WRT relations with the US & also with ASEAN with the exceptions of Cambodia & Laos. The dirty tricks played by China since 1949 are known to everyone & therefore ASEAN will not fall for such tricks. And lastly, some interesting discussions:

Aditya Kamble said...

Dear Prasun

Anonymous said...


If the K-4 is itself going to be inducted early next decade, when will the MIRVed 5000+ km range SLBM get into service ?


Vimal Bhaskar said...

Hi prashnam,
May I ask what will be the use of m88 Kaveri in the future, which probably mature in for it to find any space in any platform ,the project has to commence after that , right?.
Or will it form the basis for any offset work share of india on next gen assault/euro fighter that india may acquire at a operational stage.
Think india won't join any fighter program , even if it joins dassault fighter program ,i fear india may end up same as fgfa, and eventually import.

Kaustav said...

So that's how the coin falls :

(a)18 Squadrons worth of Single Engine a total of 324 LCA/MWF versions @18/sqn of 40Mk1+83Mk1A+201MWF/LCAMk2.

(b)18 Squadrons worth of a total of 350 numbers of various Su30MKI Versions for the twin engine Air Superiority / HMRCA role.

(c) 06 Squadrons of MMRCA which would be 02 squadrons of the Dassault Rafale a on order and an additional 80 MMRCA-2 order which should by any stretch of logic mean more Dassault Rafales.

(d) 05 Squadrons or 90 LIFT of the NLCA-1 versions would make it logical in addition to the 05 or 06 squadrons of 106 numbers of Hawk Mk132 AJT.

The above projection gives 42 fixed wing combat squadrons and 10-12 squadrons of combat capable LIFT/AJT.

My query is Prasunda, where is the potential for either the AMCA or the FGFA or even the Ghatak UCAVs for atleast 2 or 3 decades. Even if the LCA-Mk2/MWF is a dud or failure, it can only be substituted in a reasonable time frame only by MMRCA-2 purchase over the next decide. Similarly if the Tejas LIFT does not pan out, it can only mean Hawk or similar AJT imports / licence mfg.

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Who is going to blink first China or US in Trade War.

But one thing is sure, world is going to face biggest recession.

What are the effects for India. Please comment.

S.Senthil Kumar

Intolerant Person said...

Sir what is your opinion in the Canada-KSA relations meltdown?
Who is at the wrong side?Is it Prince MBS or PM JT?
Thanks sir.

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

@Aditya Kamble
Again as baisc analysis, number of nuclear reactors and capacity of the fuel, how many of them are breder reactors, how many of them produce plutonium, if its uranium processing plant what type they are .. gas centrifuges or laser ones, what is the capacity to extract as ore for that country(in house and purchase) what kind of chemical factories all these go into the study, Dada please correct if i am wrong


Ankit Singh said...

Sorry, My bad Prasun Da.
Looks like i made a goof up.

Ricardo Nunes Barbosa said...

Will the Indian Rafale adopt the R-77?

Unknown said...

It is bound to be China beyond doubts. What do they have to negotiate with the Americans in so far as trade is concerned China is an export dependent economy. Hit them in the exports and they will panic, which they already are.



Unknown said...

It's simple. They intellectually masturbate.