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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Know Your Weapons

INS Satpura’s Fitments Explained

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By the way, Vice Admiral Robin Dhowan (whom I had first met in 2003 in Langkawi during the LIMA 2003 exhibition when he was commanding officer of INS Delhi, which was taking part in the expo) on August 31 became the new Vice Chief of the Naval Staff (VCNS) and Vice Admiral V K Soni (to become the Chief of the Naval Staff after Vice Admiral D K Joshi—the present FOC-in-C Western Command—who will become the next Chief of the Naval Staff after Admiral Nirmal Verma) took over as the DCNS.  Vice Admiral Patnaik has become the Chief of Naval Personnel and there’s speculation that VADM Chopra (who once was the favourite of the present CNS Admiral Nirmal Verma to become the VCNS) will instead relieve VADM Anoop Singh as FOC-in-C ENC (he was the first CO of INS Delhi and I had the opportunity to meet him on board this DDG in December 1997 (this was its maiden voyage and she sailed straight from Mumbai to Langkawi for the LIMA 2007 expo) along with the then Cmdre D K Joshi who then was India’s Defence Adviser in Singapore and who also went to Langkawi at that time to get a feel of INS Delhi) to on October 1. One also wonders who will be the next DG of ICGS--VADM Murugesan or VADM Biloo Chauhan.

Is This The Latest Avatar Of The T-90 MBT?

Looks like the MBT’s turret now houses a new-generation commander’s panoramic sight as well as a remote-controlled machine-gun. For more information on the T-90, kindly visit the following two sites:


Mr. Ra said...

If so, such modifications were long deserved on T-90.

Austin said...

Prasun,yes thats one of T-90AM prototype , it will be officially disclosed on Sept 8th.

And the pictures are of one of the prototype of winter 2010 , the newer prototype has some changes with the turret.

Some of the recent picture reveled of the prototype

Indeed it has Commander Independent Thermal Sight and many other innovation including a new gun with new autoloader for longer APFSDS and rear turret bustle.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Mr RA & Austin: Let's carry forward the discussions on the T-90AM MBT on to the latest thread.