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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


After a gap of 29 years, the cat has at long last leaped out of the bag and with it, a can of worms has been opened by no less a person than the present Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) of the Indian Army, Gen V K Singh. His latest televised revelations (see: finally answers the question that I have been raising since 2005: why should the Indian Army be equipped with left-hand drive heavy-duty vehicles of imported origin if they are after all being licence-built by the state-owned Bharat Earth Movers Ltd (BEML) under a transfer-of-technology (ToT) contract inked way back in the early 1980s? There are presently some 7,000 such left-hand drive vehicles in service with the Indian Army, and less than 1,000 with the Indian Air Force (IAF) that have been shamelessly been paraded during almost every Republic Day parade since the mid-1980s. But what has caused the latest furore is this: despite intense lobbying by BEML through the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) Dept of Defence Production & Supplies (DPS), the MoD and its Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) in 2005 chose TATA Motors above BEML for supplying the transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) vehicles for those Akash Mk1 E-SHORADS already ordered by the IAF, while two years ago both Army HQ and IAF HQ jointly selected the TATA Motors-built 6 x 6 heavy-duty truck as the TEL for the SpyDer-SR SHORADS Batteries on order from Israel’s RAFAEL Advanced Defence Systems Ltd. The total number of vehicles to be supplied by TATA numbers more than 2,000 if one also includes the support vehicles for housing field repair workshops. Obviously highly miffed by such decisions—especially since this has for the first time set a precedent under which DPSUs like BEML’s traditional monopoly as a supplier of such vehicles for India’s armed forces was cast aside and which could also have a domino effect in future—the Czech Republic-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM) TATRA AS, allegedly through its UK-based marketing arm VECTRA Group, decided to explore every means of regaining its monopoly status when it comes to supplying heavy-duty trucks, and the result, as we all know now, is the alleged offer by a retired Lt Gen to bribe Gen V K Singh.  
However, as expected, India’s hyperventilating broadcast news media seems to have missed the woods for the trees. For instance, the entire focus has been on this retired Lt Gen, despite the obvious fact that it is simply beyond the means of this retired Lt Gen to offer the Rs13 crore (US$2.5 million) bribe out of his own pockets. Obviously therefore, this retired Lt Gen was allegedly acting as a messenger on behalf of his principal, which can only be either the UK-based VECTRA Group, or an offshore front company affiliated to the VECTRA Group. This then leads us to ask the following questions, which I had first raised some two weeks ago:

1) How does one explain the UK-based VECTRA Group’s dealings in India with TATRA AS of the Czech Republic, when it is BEML that is the sole distributor of TATRA vehicles in India? (See:

2) Does it mean that BEML and the VECTRA Group have a financial understanding under which VECTRA collects royalty payments from BEML for every unit of TATRA vehicles sold in India, and then shares such payments with certain Indian citizens or NRIs possessing offshore savings accounts?

3) How come the VECTRA Group’s helicopter charter service is the ONLY one that has been granted permission to operate out of Greater NOIDA?

4) Isn’t it true that this helicopter charter service is also the unofficial agent/promoter in India of the Eurocopter AS.550C3 LOH/LUH?

4) Is there any connection between an Indian by the name of Ravinder Rishi (see: and the MoD-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL)?

5) Is it true that the VECTRA Group had hired two retired senior service officers about four years ago for actively lobbying for the AS.550C3s?
Remember the big splash made in April 2007 when the MoD reportedly leaked news about the Eurocopter-built AS.350C3 Fennec winning the competitive bid for supplying new-generation single-engined light observation-cum-utility helicopters for the Army and the IAF? Well, the news is that this result was already known seven years ago, when HAL and Franco-German Eurocopter SA had inked a Global Industrial Cooperation Partnership Agreement in February 2005 to jointly produce Ecureuil and Fennec helicopters for the world market. Yet, Eurocopter’s rival, Bell Helicopters Textron, prudently decided to give the MoD the benefit of the doubt and took part in the in-country flight evaluations of its Bell 407 ‘Shen’ variant throughout 2006. But it got the shock of its life when in May 2007 the MoD invited Eurocopter for final contractual negotiations. And this happened even after the Fennec convincingly failed to perform as advertised during the ‘cold soak’ tests in January 2007 at the IAF’s Leh air base during which both competing helicopters’ engines had to be switched off overnight and re-started at high-altitude the following day. Apparently, the Bell 407 had no problem activating its engine with the help of the internally-mounted battery-operated starter-generator. But the AS.550B3 Fennec could not follow suit and it had to remain grounded for 48 hours, awaiting the arrival of an external ground power unit (GPU) from Greater NOIDA. Consequently, fed up with the charade of flight-tests, Bell Helicopters decided for good measure not to take part in the subsequent round of competitive flight trials. Reportedly, Bell Helicopters now believes that HAL and Eurocopter are now hand-in-league to divide the MoD’s now inflated order for LOH/LUH helicopters (for all three armed services)—have the cake and eat it as well. Nothing else can explain how HAL could have stated in 2009 that it will require a ridiculous timeframe of six years to develop a single-engined 3-tonne variant of the twin-engined 5.5-tonne Dhruv ALH! Could it therefore be that Gen V K Singh is determined to clear this mess as well and is it a consequence of all this that the OEM for supplying the LOH/LUHs has not yet been selected? It does seem so, at least to me.

Which now brings us to another reveleation made by Gen V K Singh about the Army’s field artillery rationalisation programme (FARP). But before that, it will be worth reproducing the MoD’s statement in Parliament on March 19, 2012: The Govt of India had secured the right of ToT during the purchase of Bofors FH-77B 155mm/39-cal field artillery howitzers. Though all the technological documents as per the ToT contract were received by the MoD-owned Ordnance Factories Board (OFB) from Bofors AB, the ToT was not carried forward as the dealings with the technology provider, (Bofors AB) were suspended. Further, no indent was placed by the Army on OFB for manufacture and supply of complete FG-77Bs. Capital expenditure of Rs376.55 crore (US$75 million) was sanctioned by the Govt of India in March, 2012 for creation/augmentation of Large Calibre Weapon manufacturing capacity in Ordnance Factories. Earlier on November 28 last year, this is what Defence Minister A K Antony had said at the Lok Sabha: The OFB  has been manufacturing the major components of the FH-77B, such as the barrel, breach mechanism, muzzle-break, loading trough, recoil system along with the elevating and traversing cylinders, and supplying all these to the Army as spares.

It would therefore seem that the all-important gun-trails and gun-carriages of the towed FH-77B have yet to be indigenised, and all related work to this effect has at last been initiated by the OFB’s Jabalpur-based Gun Carriage Factory (GCF). It now remains to be seen if the GCF can master the metallurgical processes required for series-producing the gun-trails and gun-carriages. Meanwhile, one experimental FH-77B incorporating all OFB-built components, along with Bharat Electronics Ltd-supplied mizzle velocity radar, fire-control computer and its AMLCD-based terminal, VHF radio, fibre-optic gyro-based land navigation system (serived from the one developed by HAL for the Arjun Mk1 MBT), direct aiming sight, and interfaces with the DRDO-developed and BEL-built ‘Shatki’ ACCCS artillery fire-direction system, is presently undergoing firing trials at the DRDO’s Balasore-based Proof & Experimental Estsblishment (PXE). The OFB has been ordered by the MoD to offer two complete GCF-built FH-77Bs for field trials that are due to take place in March 2013 and last until the end of the same year. If successful, then an order for 400 of these GCF-built FH-77Bs will be placed and executed between 2014 and 2019.  
In a related development, in response to a global RFP issued in August 2008 by Army HQ for upgradation of an initial 100 of the existing 360 155mm/39-calibre FH-77Bs, the GCF has proposed a modification package under which a new-design 155mm/45-cal barrel (which was originally developed for the OFB’s in-house upgraded M-46 Metamorphosis variant) , breach mechanism, muzzle-break, loading trough, recoil system, and elevating and traversing cylinders will be developed and offered for series-production. The competing proposal has come from the $21.25 million joint venture between Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd and BAE Systems (which was created in December 2009 as a land systems-focussed, joint venture defence company, based in Faridabad, with the company’s equity split being 74% Mahindra and 26% BAE Systems), which has proposed its FH-77B05L52 package that includes BEL-built components, along with a ToT offer that will enable GCF to receive via ToT all drawings and production-engineering data required for locally producing the 155mm/52-cal barrel, breach mechanism, muzzle-break, loading trough, recoil system along with the elevating and traversing cylinders, with the redesigned gun-trails and gun-carriages being built by the Mahindra-BAE Systems JV at Faridabad and being supplied to GCF for final assembly and systems integration. India’s Minister of State for Defence M M Pallam Raju confirmed on March 1, 2012 that the Indian Army has already placed orders for an initial 100 modified FH-77B05L52s with OFB. Further updates and announcements in this issue are expected to emerge during the DEFEXPO 2012 expo.

Which brings me to the most interesting question: will Army HQ next issue an RFP calling for the development of a motorised version of the GCF-built 155mm/39-cal FH-77B, for which OFB already has a risk-sharing joint-venture agreement with TATA Motors? It would make perfect sense if such an RFP were to be issued in the near future, since the Army’s requirement for such motorised howitzers (in 39-cal configuration) is for 800+ units, while those for a motorised 52-cal configuration exceed 1,800 units.—Prasun K. Sengupta


Anonymous said...

Prasun and fellow bloggers

Totally off topic, but worth a look.

You have said several times about India lacking any strategic vision. However in case of Iran, India has a good reason.
However India's passivity in her neighborhood is strange. Does it due to lack of any clear future strategic objectives?



Anonymous said...

" It would make perfect sense if such an RFP were to be issued in the near future, since the Army’s requirement for such motorised howitzers (in 39-cal configuration) is for 800+ units, while those for a motorised 52-cal configuration exceed 1,800 units. "
What do you mean by motorized ?? Are talking about wheeled SPG ???

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@4.29PM: By motorised, I mean truck-mounted. The confusion arose in mid-1999 when the Directorate of Field Artillery during OP Vijay out of the blue issued a GSQR for procuring pre-owned G-6 155mm/45-cal howitzers from DENEL Land Systems of South Africa, and called this the wheeled 155mm howitzer reqmt. Post-OP Vijay when it was realised that what the Army really reqd were motorised (truck-mounted) 155mm howitzers, this reqmt became known as the Mounted Gun System. Until about two years ago it was being claimed that while the wheeled howitzers would be employed for plains warfare, the mounted howitzers would be used for mountain warfare. This utter nonsense has now finally been terminated by Army HQ, which now has a unified GSQR for a motorised (truck-mounted) 155mm howitzer.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To NR: Yes, India does have damn good reasons, but who in the corridors of power in Delhi has ever bothered to articulate in convincing terms India's enlightened & supreme national interests? In my view this will be a losing game for India, since most of the Indian diaspora in the Gulf that are sending much-needed remittances back home are all in the GCC member-states, who in turn are on one side along with the US, EU and Israel. After all, the issue is about Iran acquiring n-weapons and making this the rallying point among the global Shia community and this consequently will piss off the Sunni ummah since the Saudi-led Sunni ummah has been led to believe since the late 1980s that the so-called 'Islamic' n-weapon has been developed by the likes of Dr A Q 'Bhopali' Khan purely for the Sunni ummah, and not for the entire Islamic ummah. The stage is now thus set for the prophesised sectarian clash of epic proportions, the winner of which will also become the custodian of the holy sites at Mecca & Medina. While the Saudi-led Sunnis never ever want the status quo to change, the Shias see this as a historic opportunity to reverse the wrongs of the past and gain ascendancy within the Islamic ummah.

Anonymous said...

Hope this CBI probe will get to the roots, which is highly unlikely given the level of confidence they have shown by offering a bribe to a serving Army Chief. This general is at least doing something what needed to be done long before.
one shameless general is saying it's his below dignity to comment on this topic .After all he is right ;after Adarsh that general have 0(ZERO)dignity.Only a dignified person can comment .

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun, 1. In your report it was stated that Rhee MoD has already ordered 100 OFB built howitzers. Are these of the 39 cal configuration or the LH77L05 52 cal configuration of the Tata and BAE systems joint venture? 2. According to the contract inked with Bofors in 1980 the OFB received ToT of the FH-77B. and now the OFB wants to produce FH-77B indigenously using this ToT. Will they be exact copies of FH-77B or include certain mod? Will they offer the same level of firing rate and accuracy? 4. Will these FH-77B to be manufactured by OFB to bevof the latest 52 cal L05 confg? If not then why is the OFB teaming up with TATA motors to produce the latest variant? 5. In a pic of the FH-77B in Indian Today I saw that the gun was different than the yellowish one featured in the article . That gun had a gunn carriage consisting of wheels . Also 2-3 persons were sitting top of the gun. There were many cranes attached to the gun and all loading of the shells and charges were carried out by this crane. Will not the OFB produce this variant once GCF squires the knowhow of manufacturing gun carriages ?6. What is the present range of the Bofors? The 52 cal version will obviously have more range. 7. What about the field artillery rationisation programme? When are we going to buy new guns. In the towed guns section the FH-77BL05 emerged victorious in all the rounds of trials over ST Kinetics. Does that mean when IA will procure these guns will it go for this gun? Pls reply. 

Anonymous said...

Prasun have you read the recent Press Information Bureau report from MOD regarding artillery ???

Government proposes to induct the following artillery guns in future:
(i) 155mm / 52 Calibre Towed Gun.
(ii) 155mm / 52 Calibre Tracked (Self-Propelled) Gun.
(iii) 155mm / 52 Calibre Wheeled (Self propelled) Gun.
(iv) 155mm / 52 Calibre Mounted Gun System (MGS).
(v) 155mm/39 Calibre Ultra Light Howitzer (ULH).

Whats the hell is all this ??? What is this Mounted Gun System (MGS) ?? How is it different from track or wheeled gun ??????

Remember this information is given by AK Antony.

What is the total requirements of MBRL's like Pinaka and Smerch and will these requirements be met ?? Whats with Pinaka 2 ??

I also have to ask, indian armed forces have placed huge orders for Akash SAM. Now in a couple years Akash mk2 will complete the trials and be ready for induction. So, are we still going to continue the production of mk1 or when mk2 will get ready, all the orders of mk1 will get converted into mk2 ??? Also can we just change the old interceptor with the new one or there's a huge difference between the two systems ???

Anonymous said...

What a shameless Govt and a proud army chief who has to suffer. You should raise this with Force mag, whose owner Sawheny has been busy carrying out a campaign against VKSingh to secure his own interests in the corridors of power

Anonymous said...

How strange. A general who doesn't knows his own date of birth all of a sudden starts dropping hot potatoes just couple of months before his ignominious exit.As an honest taxpaying citizen I would like to know how can such crap rise up to such dizzying heights in such a prestigious institution? The earlier chief of Army was a thief and the current one suffers from memory loss.

Another interesting angle to this article is of late a company that tom toms about it's "values" is someway or the other linked to scams big or small. Such companies definitely gives new meaning to "vales".

Anonymous said...

How para(SF) manage to get 3000 spike missile without notice of our 'desi media'

Anonymous said...

how effective is our akash missile against electronic jamming?specially against china

KSK said...

"On the issue of delay in
delivery of Talwar class-follow-on frigates to the Navy, the Russian diplomat said "better ask about the Scorpene (submarine) delay."

His reply seems to be why is India not buying spares from Russia??

Anonymous said...

What do u make of the BARAK missile and SCORPENE Sub scams?
as both are relevant now

Anonymous said...

I have to ask this....

Does the money spend on ATV project included in defence budget or India is secrwetly paying for this ??? I am asking this because there are always some projects in defence which are being kept under the wraps and paid secretly.

Anonymous said...

What would be its range??

Could it find any real world applications?

Anonymous said...

Hey Prasun,
Which Small,medium and heavy machine guns does IA employ?

is there any machine gun in joint development with poland??

Anonymous said...

Hi PRASUN, u said the Jaguar IS and the MiG-27 are used for battlefield interdiction and fir engaging moving targets in the deep arena. But they don't have any inbuilt radar. As a result target detection and engagement will have to be carried manually by the pilot . In adverse weather conditions these aircrafts will not be able to fly over harsh terrain. Also they donot have any IRST. All these factors means 1. The MiG-27 and Jaguar will not be able to engage ground targets in hostile weather conditions and from standoff ranges as the pilot has to visually quite the target. These means they're useless in the modern battlefield. U said they are IAF's low level interdictors and they will be used to engage moving targets such as enemy armored formations in the deep battle. But in reality they will not be able to detect and track hostile targets let alone engage them. 2. They will not be able to fly at low level over complex terrain and also in poor weather conditions. 3. The modern battlefield is crawling with various types of SAM systems and MANPADs. With very sparse EW defensive equipment and lack of a MAWS and IR jammer will prove deadly. In fact there is great doubt whether they will survive the first day of war. The presence of 2 MiG-27 squadrons in Hasimara is highly ironical as the weather in the NE is bad and provides poor visibility conditions. Also during a war there targets will be in the mountainious terrain of Tibet and will mosat probably include PlA forward logistics and PLAAF airbases but they will be incapable of doing so. What the IAF should do is to fit the  MiG-27 and Jaguar IS with a multimode radar offering good SAR and ISAR modes coupled with GMTI and also offering terrain following mode, an IRST, and a comprehensive IADS as fitting the Jaguar and the MiG-27 with Litening 3 for target id and engagement and the Elta 8222 pod for RF protection will reduce the no of Hardpoints to 4 and 5 on these ace respectively ad as a result they will not be able to carry much less payload. Also the no of hardpoints on the wings can be increased with little modification. They should also be fitted with higher thrust engines. All these must be carried out if they are to remain non obsolete in the modern battlefield. I'd the IAF taking any steps on this issue. Pls reply .

Anonymous said...

nice article.

Can you tell us that whether we will be able to see the first looks of arjun mk2 during Defexpo 2012 ??? Its high time now. If you can release the picture of arjun mk2, it will be highly appreciated by your fans...

Unknown said...

Hi Prasun, a very interesting article. From what you say the state of certain procurements certainly appears to be a mess. But I think it should be said that this sort of political leaning is done in most developing/developed nations and is par for the course especially when such huge amounts of money are present.Additonally (I'm not saying it is right) but it has been noted (especially here in UK) that is is common for very senior Army officers close to retirement to be head hunted and walk into high paid jobs on completion of their service. There is not concert proof to show that deals for said companies increases towards the end of these officers' tours but it is speculated. Some questions arise though:

1) Do any of these points raised adversely affect the now long overdue foreign LUH/LOH helo aqusition which looks lely to go to Eurocopter? If not when are we to see the completion and awarding of this program?

2) what platform will the SPYDER system for IAF be mounted on? As I was led to believe it would be the TATRA but you are saying it will be the TATA 6x6. And how many of the TATA 6x6 (pictured) are on order for all 3 services.

3) How do you see the aqusition of arty in IA now? Is it finally getting back on track or are the IA still in for a world of woe? And what is the status of the M777 ULH procurement? When are we to see this deal being signed and what are the likely numbers to be procured?

4) could the COAS looking to make waves before he leaves inadvertently affect the tenure of the next COAS and the next phase of IA procurement?

(next set of Qs aren't really related to your article)

5) Is production of the OFB's UBGL for the INSAS now in full swing (as reported) as I am yet to see a SINGLE pic of it in service/active duty with IA in any field/ex/unit and if so what is the rate of production and acceptance into IA?

6) The RFI for carbines, what weapon is likely to be the one selected? And will any of these find their way into SF hands or is this purely for regular IA?

7) it seems these days the IA SF has got a much freer leash for aqusitions in relation to rifles and personal kit to what extent is this true and what goodies can SF expect in the future?

8) also what is the status of the F-INSAS (I know you must be sick of being asked this) but it does seem we are all heading for a massive let down (is this true?) in terms of the program collapsing on itself and becoming yet another protracted over budget defence mess. When will we see the first unit issued with even the most basic aspects of this program? As the 2011 deadline for such as long since past with nothing coming to light and no explanation. For such a huge program there is a suspicious lack of information that is released.

9) what date will we see the entire F-INSAS completed?

10) are RR in JK being upgraded with adequate gear to keep with the times eg ballistic eyewear/shields, NVGs, knee/elbow pads etc?

11) and do regular PARA use the Tavor?

Thanks a lot friend.

Anonymous said...

Every major helicopter manufacturer is working on new generation designs like Sikorsky has X2 program, Russians have their Mi-X1, Ka-90,ka-92, Eurcopter with its X-3, uture Transport Helicopter concepts. What i wanna ask is HAL interested in working on any future design or after 4 decades of service HAL wanna work on old design like Mi17 ???

Anonymous said...

News Flash :

Project 75I will be carried out. The money allotted by GOI is 11 billion$ but the deal will be 5-6 billion$ (more money is allotted just to be on the safe side). There's a possibility that DCNS wins this contract also as they are fully set up now in India with various tie-ups. Because of delays in Scorpene project, IN is upset and it has put great deal of pressure on MOD and now its confirmed, MOD has now agreed that atleast 2 subs will be build at the foreign shipyard who will win the contract, three by MDL and 1 by HSL.

This news is confirmed accordingg to latest reports and also similar reports were coming for around 2 years now, so nothing is new here except private shipyard like LnT missed the chance.

Anonymous said...

present COAS is up to something for sure. Bypassing mr defense minister and writing directly to PM and subsequent calculated leak to media .all seems to be part of plan to clear the mess created by previous generals (especially mr kapoor). and see who are calling to remove him, leaders from JD(U) etc ... and mr Ravi is terming him a frustrated man . lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Prasun,

Could you give the status of IFV development and write a article on it(If S,Give the link) ?

Did we replace Bofors 40 mm,with what?

Could the number of missiles on SPYDER increased from 4 to 8,how many will be on next batch of which RFI was issued?

KSK said...


US base on coco islands??
I think it was given by India to Myanmar

Anonymous said...

Army Chief says Indian air-defense is obsolete .... do you agree?

Anonymous said...

there is a point in there that says what OFB produces in howitzer is it true?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11:13 PM

Where have you been ?? Mig 27 modernization started in 2003 by HAL and should be completed by now, in-fact it should have been completed by 2008.

Mig 27 Upgrade :

Enhancements will include the installation of an advanced EW suite and modern avionics systems, such as secure communications, datalinks, and night-vision goggles - all of which will be procured through an international tender later this year, according to a MoD official. Requirements for the EW suite call for a modern radar-warning receiver (RWR) integrated with automated chaff/flare dispensers and possibly an internal jamming system. Systems already selected for the upgrade include the Vinten (now Thales) Vicon optical reconnaissance pod and the Rafael Litening II forward-looking infrared (FLIR)/ laser-designation pod, both of which are already in service with the Indian Air Force. Elbit Systems will provide a digital moving map. The other avionics and mission computers planned for India's Su-30MKI multirole aircraft are to be incorporated in the upgraded MiG-27 aircraft as well. HAL is already under contract to build 140 Su-30MKIs over the next 17 years using technology transferred from Russia, including the Phazotron No11 M phased-array radar and OLS-30 electro-optical system, said a senior HAL official. Mission computers, meanwhile, will be supplied by India's Aeronautical Development Establishment. In terms of armament, the upgraded MiG-27 will carry R-77 and R-73 air-to-air missiles, to be procured from Russia. According to sources, the Russian Komar radar pod with lightweight version of Super Kopyo radar is currently being evaluated for installation aboard India's MiG-27s. Current plans, though, call for only selected "formation leading" aircraft to receive both the Litening II and Komar pods.

Anonymous said...

check this

Pierre Zorin said...

KSK you read it wrong. The US drone base is to be on Cocos or Keeling Islands which is an Australian territory off the NW coast...NOT the Burmese one near India.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11:13 PM

Jaguar Upgrade

LEE said...

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10:39 pm, I already know of the upgrade. It's just a phony upgrade . Of no real use. After all the internal EW suite consists only of RWR and chaff flare dispenser. The dispenser is not automated since there is no MAWS. Afterall the RWR is a sort of ESM. It only shows the bearing of emitter . It cannot detect passive missiles and also semi active homing missiles. Also it gives no idea about the range of threat. What I am talking about is an integrated radar and FLIR package. The Komar pod doesnot provide a great many air-ground modes. Also u said thatLitening LDP are to be fitted. They are the 3 version. I myself am aware of this. It's fitting and the carrying of Elta 8222 pod provides only 4 hardpnts. Also NVG are suitable in flying under adverse weather conditions and in low terrain. What us required is an onboard FLIR or deducted TFR pod.

jaylen watkins said...

Thanks for this exceptional post. Much educative one.

Joint Venture Contracts

KSK said...

Good to see atleast someone is developing 52 caliber howitzer which is needed .... hope they are successful

@PierreZorin thanks for pointing it out :)

Anonymous said...

Which VSHORADS will win???

cant DRDO make one itself its not a very high tech itme!!!!

Anonymous said...


The goondas of Indian news media have taken up the Rafale cause it seems, but the screaming headline seems to lack substance and all it seems to be related to the 'dissent' issue with two CNC members more than a month back.

A couple of famous defence journos have also claimed that the negotiations with Dassault may be on hold until enquiries are completed. Do you think this is true or is a nasty game afoot to muddy the waters?

Anonymous said...

Hi the IA is facing critical ammunition and war reserves shortages. There is a shortage of anti tank rounds, rockets for Smerch, and other critical ammo shortage. Also the General is claiming that the Army air defence inventory is obsolete. So are anything is taken on an emergency footing to solve these problems. The general has said that the IA now is impoverished to face the modern armies of Pakistan and the PLA. Are we purhasing immediately anti tank rounds from IMI. Also are we purchasing any MR-SAM to replace our existing inventories of SAMs. The general masses are afraid are afraid as to we will not be able to fend off an immediate attack and now we are lying defenseless.

Anonymous said...

Guys looks at Tata's proposed FICV model :


I just saw a video of arjun mk2 on the web. Its on CVRDE/DRDO stand, i guess. The point is you talked alot about the turret which was redesigned by Israeli companies but in the video no physical change appears to be visible. So what is it ??? Please give us your revised specification of arjun mk2 because older ones seems to appear wrong.

Anonymous said...










Anonymous said...

Add FGFA and IMRH to this list

Anonymous said...

This explains why the India blinked in the face of PA during Operation Parakram and lost 800 men in the process. And after mumbai attack the IA told the government they were not ready to attack and didn't fancy getting another bloody nose. THE CHIEF IS TOO HONEST.

Anurag said...

@Prasun da,
I have a few question to ask.

1.As per current Army Chief Gen V.K.Singh,the army is critically short of Air defense ammunition-WHY so when OFB is producing air defense ammo of every calliber like 23mm,30mm and 40mm ammo as per their official website??!!

2.The army chief also told that early warning sencors of IA is 97% obsolete-then why can't we induct customised versions of Sword Fish LRTR??

3.LRDE is still strugling with its Arudhra MPR.Can't they produce a scaled down version of Sword Fish antena and fit them with the same S band T/R modules of the DRDO AWACS??Isn't it feasible??

4.As per recent DRDO reports,they have mastered active radio frequency seeker technology-then can't they fit such seekers on Akash Mk2??

5.On the OFB official website many optical sencors like red dot reflector sight,passive infrared sights are mentioned-are they developed by OFB??

6.And lastly,IA is testing various assault rifles to completely replace INSAS assault rifles-Why so??I thought INSAS was fine when compared to other ARs chambered for 5.56X45mm NATO ammunition!!

PLEASE try to reply.
THANX in advance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Anonymous said...

What is that...seems very unaerodynamic..

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun, where r u? no replies for quite some time.

THINK TANK said...

Dear Prasun Da
Y men in corridors of MOD not goin for ARCHER rather goin for older version of Bofors Guns. Archer is best Howitzer available 2day in the market & will surely fulfill our needs. Next its only Gun in the market which needs less man power..that too will help our Artillery men, where man power is decreasing. Archer will surely fulfill demand for next 20 years, through timely upgradtion. And for ultra light GUN I still believe Singapore Technologies have better Gun than F-777.Kindly have urs view on this.

Anurag said...

Hay Prasun da,where are you man??We are all waiting for you here.

Anonymous said...

HI PRASUN, why are u in deep hibernation? It's the summer not the winter season. Pls reply to all the comments. We are waiting for quite a few days.

KSK said...

Whats new with that?
cant the anti-ship variant used against aircraft-carriers?

Anonymous said...

Prasun is this Rifle world class?

Why is it not ordered in high numbers?

Anonymous said...

I think Prasun has been warned by ex-DGMI Tejinder Singh, who is also in news for "bribing the chief" issue, to not continue with blogging.

Anonymous said...

Guys be patient.... I think Prasun is busy collecting informatin about current and future defense projects in the DEF-EXPO which is being held in delhi.

So expect some good informative posts once the EXPO ends or after the induction of INS Chakra.

Anonymous said...



Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To All: Just got back from DEFEXPO 2012. Was there from March 27 till yesterday. Took more than 2,100 photos of ALL posters & information boards, plus the usual load of brochures. Plenty of updates on naval and army force modernisation programmes, especially in the areas of field artillery, SSKs, SSNs, BMS, F-INSAS, EW, etc. Kindly bear with me for the next few days so that I can upload the DETAILED updates about all that I've gathered & learnt. Also took part in two closed-door restricted seminars on indigenous warship design/construction, and on the DRDO's BMD project.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To All: And by the way, DEFEXPO 2012 wasn't dull by any chance. There were plenty of new revelations & exhibits, provided one knows what to look for.

saurav jha said...


Really looking forward to your posts as an "esteemed" Person has already termed this year's Expo as the dullest...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Sourav Jha: You won't be disappointed, this I can promise.

Anonymous said...

I am Anon @April 1, 2012 1:12 AM. Thanks Prasun for the efforts you put for collecting the details at DEF EXPO. I expected the same. Looking for exciting posts in the future from the information collected.


Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,
Thanks for story on the local manufacture of the FH77B Bofors gun by OFB. I would like you to push for OFB/MOD to employ foreign/outside specialists who were involved in FH77B manufacture in Sweden so that OFB specialists are not bribed to screw up the manufacture of this gun (a very real possibility).