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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Glimpses Of 10th Airshow China Expo At Zhuhai-2


RD said...

Thanks for the elaborate description of Zhuhai Show. With these kind of array of weapons it seems China has solution to every situation & scenario arising in a war. I get a feeling that India or ASEAN countries are mere mosquitoes as compared to China.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RD: VMT. As you are now probably aware, this year’s expo in Zhuhai was an ‘aerospace’ event in name only (LoLz)! But make no mistake; only 30% of the weapon systems displayed at such expos actually enter service with the PLA. The rest are solely for export. No wonder firms like NORINCO exported military hardware worth US$38 million to civil war-afflicted South Sudan last year. Bottomline: while most prefer to stay away from trouble, there are a few that can spot opportunities in such situations to reap windfall profits by taking calculated risks, & not dangerous gambles.

Rahul said...


1.Will u kindly post some narrative regarding the pics,details abt MBT-3000 especially when Pakistan army is going for it and some more brochures .

2.DM cleared IACCS expansion and approved the construction of 4 more nodes. Besides this will this entail acquistion of any ASR and passive ESM sensors?

3.In a thread IACCS you had said that IAF had bought some EL/M-2082 ADAR to replace the old Thd-1955. So is there any operational Elm-2082 with IAF now?The Thd-1955 is functional even now.

4.Can you pls elaborate on the mobile short ranged sam which Dr Chander has said Drdo is developing now and which is more specialised for Cmd and as a C-ram. Is this the Maitri project ?As far as i knew Maitri project is almost dead in the water.

Reddy said...

your views pls..

SS said...

Hi prasunji,

Is it prudent to raise the budget allocation to defense from current 1.75 percent to 3+ percent as suggested by reports from committees.

The previous govt didn't raise the level from its 1.75 percent for 10 years giving least care to country's security.

The increase in budget allocation will give necessary power to our defense establishment to strengthen our military R&D, indigenization and many more codevelopment projects with friendly nations. VMT.

Prav said...

Thank you for the images and your info .
There is news that DRDO is working with Ukraine to design a suitable 1500hp engine for the arjun 3/fmbt . If this is true is India also trying to get ex USSR deigns cheap from an impoverished Ukraine . According to wikileaks ISRO was able to obtain blueprints of the RD 170 from Ukraine to develop a semicryogenic engines .

Anil said...

any one thinking that pakistan is helped by russia is utter foolish. usa needs pakistan as a strategic use and throw. china needs pakistan to show to world that their weapons work elsewhere than PLA. Russia is isolated so it needs to do business with states which it has never done business with. usa and china are not becoming anti-india by helping pakistan...pakistan is misusing their help...russia and india are like bed partners.

earlier afghanisthan was pro communist. it will become a communist cum capitalist in coming years....

we indians hype everthing....

we should practice realpolitik.....

SS said...

Hi Prasunji,

A C-130J costs more than twice as much as a C-295. Operational and maintenance cost wise also a C-130J costs more twice as much of a C-295. Which C-295 is a modern design the C-130J is an upgraded model of 70's. From the data available in open space one can conclude that the Tata's had rightly concluded to tie up with EADS for C-295 to mass produce it locally.

Below article also explains some insights into the comparison.,d.c2E&cad=rja


Anup said...


SPYDER ADS relay induct in IAF. There are no news & as per SIPRI delivery is uncertain.
Please give some details..

Reddy said...

the devils are looking for more destruction:

Reddy said...

@Reddy November 24, 2014 at 6:39 PM

am using this Reddy handle here for comments for long time.. if you don't mind pls try to use some other handle.

or if you insist to use this I will switch to a new one.


raw13 said...


You said only 30% of these products actually make it to the PLA, etc...

Then how do the Chinese companies get the funding to develop all these products in the first place?

Or is that they have such critical mass that these are the spin-off from their main (research) projects.

I am simply astonished when I compare the number of products that Pak/India make wrt to China in developing these products.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DINESH: It’s no big deal at all. The Ruskies are very happy now that the PA has started eliminating the Chechans & Uzbeks that were earlier holed up in FATA & Moscow now wants the PA to continue the operations, for which the PA requires sizeable logistical support like MRO support for the PA’s Mi-171s. In addition, the PA wants at least 12 more armed Mi-171s since the on-going operations in FATA are taking place in only 3 districts, with another 8 more to go & since most of these 8 are located along mountainous terrain bordering Afgjanistan’s Kunar province, the PA will not be able to mount operations without helicopter support for both air-mobility & CASEVAC. That’s why the PA will be getting from Russia Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant-built Mi-171s armed with S-5 rocket pods firing UV-57-32 55mm unguided rockets, B8V20-A rocket pods housing 20 S-8 80mm rockets, & B13L rocket pods carrying five S-13 122mm rockets or four S-24 250mm rockets. In the long run, the PAF wants to establish a RD-93 turbofan rebuild plant in Kamra.

To RAD: Let the Akash Mk1 be test-fired in Mizoram or Leh or in Sikkim against the Banshees. That will be the final proof of the SAM’s robustness & reliability. Firing from ITR doesn’t prove much. MSOW can easily be derived from the Nirbhay CALCM/strategic ALCM project. Only re-engineering work needs to be undertaken to achieve this. CX-1 is indeed powered by a turbojet, not a turbofan. India no longer needs GLONASS, now that IRNSS is being deployed.

To GESSLER: 44 10-tonne NMRHs & about 22 x 5.5-tonne N-LUHs. 12-tonne NMRHs will be abiut 32. Dhruv will not be available as a naval multi-role platform & its earlier nose-mounted search radar configuration is inherently unsafe & therefore its nose-section requires a deep redesign.

To PIERRE ZORIN: Will reveal them all in good time. However, for the time being, just rest assured by the fact that NOT EVEN one of the ‘Gora’/’Firangi’/Caucasian journalists hailing from AWST or FLIGHT INt’l or JANE’s even had any clue about such questions, leave alone answers to them!!! Makes me wonder exactly how they manage to justify their pay-cheques & travel allowances.

To VISHAKH: Pakistan IS NOT buying any new MBT. IA’s T-90S medium battle tanks will be upgraded through selective installations sourced from both India & abroad.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PAWAN: Question of India ‘annexing’ POK doesn’t even arise. How can anyone annex what already belongs to it? All UN resolutions affirm the legality of the Instrument of Accession, meaning that the princely state of J & K had on October 25, 1947 legally become part of the Indian Union & by consequence, this includes Gilgit/Baltistan as well.

To ANILUV: AFAIK, no other blog like this exists.

To PRAV: There was no duplication of effort at all. Nor do two separate types of rocket-motors exist. The Barak-2s in use by Israel use the same hardware as those of India. No one from the IA is interested in a MBT powered by 1,500hp engine. And why should the DRDO be developing such engines when it itself is of the view that FMBTs of the future will be lighter & weigh no more than 50 tonnes? So how does one square off the 50-tonne FMBT reqmt with the requirement for 1,500hp engine? Therefore, it looks like those within the DRDO who are belching out soundbytes on such issues aren’t quite sure about what exactly the operational reqmts are & are therefore making blind guess-estimates.

To TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL: For the moment, they are. As I had consistently stated, what the IA requires most are motorised truck-mounted 155mm/52-cal howitzers in large numbers, perhaps as many as 2,000. The figure of 814 is just the initial tranche. As for Arjun Mk1As, as many as 400 need to be ordered & efforts must now be accelerated to develop a larger calibre 120mm barrel that is smoothbore. The TWMPs & ERA tiles need to be done away with as well. Superguns are relics of the past in an age of long-range PGMs like LACMs/CALCMs/SLCMs.

To RAHUL: 2) No. 3) Not yet. THD-1955s being ATC radars are now being replaced by ATCR-33-S and Sir-S primary/secondary surveillance radars and their related joint air traffic control and reporting centres (JATCRC). 4) That was the Maitri project, which no end-user in India now wants.

To REDDY: It just goes on to prove that the New Silk Route does not traverse through Gilgit/Baltistan & has nothing to do with Gwadar Port as well. No one in their right mind, after all, will build roadways & railways passing through seismically unstable areas like Gilgit/Baltistan.

By the way, do watch this excellent Q & A session with former Afghan President Ham id Karzai:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SS: A spending-level of 2.5% per annum will be more than enough, since the spending levels on infrastructure developments like roads & railways along the border areas are all the responsibility of other ministries. The same goes for defence-related R & D as well.

To SS: One never relies on such data when calculating life-cycle costs. Because, for instance, acquiring the C-295 will entail the setting up of a dedicated MRO facility to cater to the C-295 & for the end-user this will be over & above the cost of setting up an MRO facility for the IAF’s already-acquired C-130J-30s. Furthermore, the 56-aircraft requirement is a non-starter since it requires an order for at least 65 aircraft in order to break-even as far as licenced-production costs are concerned.

To ANUP: SIPRI is equally unaware of many more such developments.

To RAW13: Most of the weapons showcased are only prototypes that have yet to pass their operational qualification trials & tests. Companies like NORINCO are diversified corporate entities that have more than 50 business subsidiaries & together they account for more than US$60 billion in annual revenue earnings, of which some $7.5 billion comes from annual weapons exports. With this type of corporate existence/functioning, developing new-generation weapons is not an insurmountable task for the likes of NORINCO.

Prav said...

If there was no duplication of effort what is the origin of the rocket motor that Israel used in its august 2013 test of its missile .
While at the same time there was so much talk about "indias" version of the barak8 being delayed due to DRODO having problems sending the locally built motors to Israel . Or are the rocket motors an Israeli design to begin with ?
I would suppose a "future" MBT would need a hp/tonne approaching 30 . Like the japanese type 10 has 27 hp per ton .
Also appropriate considering that DRDO is confident of overshooting its weight limit of
50 tonnes(LOL).
Do you envision fibre optic cable guided NLOS misile fired from the barrel of the FMBT . Could such a missile be integrated into thr tank that will obviously have an autoloader ?

joydeep ghosh said...


Prasun da I am trying to answer some of the real questions you asked in the last thread

1) probably is not finding it easy to sell most of its products that are sometimes blatant copies/clones of various OEMs as such China is taking calculated risk in not only selling products to conflict areas as well but also trying to garner better revenue through piggy back sale (sell one product and get another product at lower price)

2) & 3) China became so gutsy of displaying a scale-model of its J-15 carrier-borne MRCA and the Russian reaction to such an exhibit was muted (probably) since Russia is facing crippling effects of sanctions and China just bailed out Russia with a huge oil deal that will help Russia keep itself running?

4) & 5) they look more or less the same as for the avionics upgrades as part of their mid-life upgrades better to get clarity from Ukranians (I think)

6)either they are copied from Russian or still a long way away from being effective

7) probably these were targeted at export and since they didn’t get any good response last time so they may have put these in bacburner

8) & 9) & 10) cant figure them out

as for pics in latest thread can you please explain pics 8, 22, 26


Joydeep Ghosh

Pawan said...

Dear Prasunji ,

Thanks for answering my question. I was trying to ask as how will India pacify China If India want control of POK because china would not digest this fact that we cut its link to Pakistan through Gilgit-Balistan.

Gessler said...

VMT for the answers sir ji. However which 5.5-ton helicopters could we buy for the Navy?

Even the AS565 Panther is only 4.3-ton.

Jay Bhanushali said...

Also sir, will the iac-1 have ka-31 or will there be another competition for aew helicopters for iac-1?

Jay Bhanushali said...

In the last thread you had said,
"Together, the 5.5-tonne, 10-tonne & 12-tonne NMRHs will number 123. Over & above this are the 4.5-tonne N-LUHs for replacing the SA.316B Alouette-III/Chetaks."
In your response to Gessler above you said,

"44 10-tonne NMRHs & about 22 x 5.5-tonne N-LUHs. 12-tonne NMRHs will be abiut 32. "
It doesn't add up.Am i missing something. Could you please clarify.
Very many thanks in advance.

SUVO said...

What is your thinking about PM Narendra Modi's Foreign polilcy about 12 pacific island-countries.PM said that-this region is strategically important to us but long neglected.
(2)Is the door is closed for Bharat-52 towed gun?

Mayur Manapure said...

Sir, what the hell is Mamta Banarjee up to...does she want to wage war against government of india..and what's all about questioning the integrity of can someone drop to such levels for electoral gains even when it compromises National security and endanger the lives of Innocent Civilians... Is she ill advised or she is literally 'mentally ill'....

Soorya Narayan said...


Indian test pilots and nuclear scientists are being killed/ found dead in mysterious circumstances . It is affecting India's defence sector as good scientists will no longer be attracted to work in this field . Who do u think is behind these attacks and why arent they being stopped ?

Dinesh said...

Hi Prasun,
What way can India do to integrate SAARC together (leaving Pakistan)? As Pakistan will always be a stumbling block towards that integration? By trying to become a permanent member of SAARC China (with d support of quite a few member states) will it in anyway reduce India's remaining influence to nil?
Hope u could help me out.
Thanks in advance.

rad said...

hi prasun
Is the upgraded zsu-23-4 going to have a missile launch facility as well, Please give us more dope on the upgrade zsu-23.
Rather than going in for a small no of ATAS lfta sonars from germany why cant we equip all our ships at one go rather than doing it in piece meal and rendering them vulnerable.It would be a good idea to team up with them for the next gen VLF towed aray sonar .
Is the french stuff as good as the germans. Why does germany give hitech weapons or for the mater france to pakistan when they know one sample of the weapon will be hand over to china for reverse engineering .You may never know that china can use pakistan as a conduit to obtain hitech by financing the deal partly .

vishakh said...


I have some questions :

1) Will Arjun Mk1A/ArjunMK II latest version, will have APS ?? if yes which one .

2) Is India planning to purchage 354 T09 AM tanks for China ??

3) Total Number of T90 Am tanks that will be there ?? Will India convert current in production tanks T90M to T90AM??

4) Will India take T90S tanks upgrade in India with DRDO or Russia T90AM will be used as reference.

5) Does any current tank in IA has APS and how many number ??

6) Has IA decided to upgrade more t72 tanks or more T90 /Arjun Tanks ??

7) How are things on FMBT any thing decided or still on paper ??

Jaded said...

So sir, the AW-101 is as dead as a dodo and I see the IAF is continuing to fly their aged fleet of Mi-8s and mi-17s for the PM but this is obvosuly not a long term solution given they are very quickly coming to the end of their service lives (within the next 18 months iirc).

I've not seen the IAF issue a new RFI for a new tender for a new VVIP helicopter so what exactly is the IAF playing at? They are letting the nation down by acting with such indifference. They should have issued a new RFI by now but they have done nothing.

As a result we are no closer to having a VVIP helicopter for out PM and other senior govermnet officials and thus are putting their lives at risk.

The media is silent on this matter, does it not concern them that in 18 months the Mi-8/17 fleet currently used will be grounded and then what will the PM use? Will he have to use private helicopters which is obviously unsafe and they won't be secured enough.

A disturbing state of affairs, the IAF is paralysed on the matter it seems and we are nowhere near getting a new fleet of VVIP helicopters.

vishakh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Biswajit said...

I don't know how many of us or d media or experts noticed this but PM Modi said something very significant regarding Pakistan (indirectly or very deft diplomatic move) that:
"The bonds will grow through Saarc or outside it,
among us all or some of us":- Modi.
It says everything. Pakistan can co-operate or get
themselves alienated.

vishakh said...


1) Is India DRDO developing Arudhra Radar with same name as ELTA 2084 radar ?? What are the parameter for the same ??

2) What is Ashwini radar charactertics , is it AESA radar?? Will it be equal to GS100 Radar from France??

vishakh said...


1) Is BMS are deployed in Tanks in India ??

2) Is it fully Operational (BMS) in Tanks with Tactical Internet from TCS ??

3) IMI can help reduce weight of tank Arjun and How much ??

4) What are the specs of New BEL delieveed Low Level Air Defence shikla ?? Would it be able to work in todays enviornment ?? Can it Fire SAM>??

raw13 said...

SAARC can become like the EU. Infact I think, it can be many times bigger and more powerful. Its location and cultures can allow this region to be the true centre of the world. However this will not happen without political maturity. If you have noticed in SA no one takes the long term view. We are still in who has the biggest **** mentality mode.

With Modi's attitude of I am the biggest ****, the smaller nations are even more wary of India's embrace.

I will give you a simple example (military one): various nations is SA have been at wars for the past 60+ yrs, yet not a single one is able to make a rifle its army uses or wants to use it, willingly. Now compare that with Singapore, Israel.


Prasun Da,

ASW helo requirement @ 44x10t + 22x5.5t + 32x12t=98 helo

98 helo can be broken up as 18nos for 3 carriers+32 for 19 frigates+ 20 for 10 destroyers+12 for 12 corvette+ 16 for 16 750t asw corvettes by 2025 fleet.

32x12t helo to 10 destroyers and 2 carriers.

44x10t helo to 19 frigates+ 1 carrier+ 4 corvettes.

22x 5.5t helo to 16 750t corvette+ 8 corvette.

We will still require 58nos 12t helo utility version for 44nos for LPH+ 9nos for support ship+ 5nos for LST.

Total requirement of 12T NMRH is 32+58=90nos and thus it justifies local production.

NLUH requirement of 100nos RFP can be very well be filled by HAL luh naval wheeled version 40nos of which can be single engine and rest twin engine which will have to be developed by HAL.

spanky's Blog said...

Hi Prasun,
Do you think that the writer has some valid points


lachit said...

@raw13 said...

it is just a matter of opinion, if EU or any union had in its rank a country like Pakistan (whose sole existence is hate India centric)nothing fruitful will ever happen to them.
" ****With Modi's attitude of I am the biggest ****, the smaller nations are even more wary of India's embrace***** "
let them be, in statecraft it is always my country right or wrong.
personally Pakistan is a aberration not only for S Asia but for the whole world.

rad said...

HI Prasun
Now we are hearing that that the AIP for the scorpenes is hydrogen based and not phosphoric acid based as thought earlier and that some hand holding is being done by DCNS.
Again some joker claims that drdo is converting a AAD missile for the CMD program,
ARE these guys out to make the normal reader nuts!!
What are the actual facts

raw13 said...


Your prediction of an order for LY-60, proved correct. 3 Batteries have been ordered.


Look at WWII and the deaths in europe. Hopefully this will put things in context for you.

lachit said...

"Look at WWII and the deaths in europe. Hopefully this will put things in context for you"

well i simply fail to see the context,
ww2 has no parallel with the present situation in S Asia.

pakistan has always gotten away with all kind of provocation, genocides for the last 60 years because of spineless indian leadership full of misplaced notions of morality, which has always considered the common indians as expendable.
now we have somebody who has the guts to pay pakistan back in its own coin and u pakstanis start hallucinting all kinds of horror movies .one of the movies was of nsa chief ajit being a terrorist(simply enjoyed it).
please keep them comming after a hard days work we always appreciate comedies from the star of the ummah.

Gessler said...

Sir ji, news is that German major ThyssenKrupp is looking to sell off it's submarine business.

If allowed to sell outside of the EU, I believe any big Indian conglomerate like Larsen&Toubro (L&T) could be interested in acquiring the company?

Your views?

Bold said...

Sir, have you seen this news:

what a sorry state of affairs.

The Mi-8s are coming to the end of their useful lives very soon and their reaplcment is nowhere in sight. What exactly is the IAF playing at? Are they going to wait until we loose our PM in a helicopter crash before they issue a new set of RFI/RFP?? Why are they sat on their behinds as each passing day the Mi-8 VVIP fleet is ticking closer to their end of service date??

The way I see it we only have one option left- a fast racked FMS deal for the S-92 (the L2 bidder for the original deal), it seems to meet the requirements of the IAF and could be delivered fast.

No more wasting time the GoI, MoD and IAF need to get to it, stop endangering the lives of our senior most officials.

VP said...

Thanks or the earlier replies,
Sir some more questions
1)the navy recently received the 6th P-8i, but a few months back a Pentagon report pointed out that the P-8 was not effective in submarine hunting and long range intelligence reconnaissance missions,it went unnoticed by IN and the MOD while the US has started upgrading their P-8s with additional sensors and systems to make the system effective and free from flaws,has the IN and MOD even known about it.if yes have they acted upon the issue,we blame Russia for delivering us inefficient weapons which surprisingly helped us win wars effectively but this is just cheating.
2)And what's the rap about IAs interest in Sosna-R system, some sources claim they have already inked the deal while some say that IA has shown interest and will ink the deal fireplace the Sterla-10 systems.

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

Please answer my Question

The Russia China deal for S-400 SAM
has been Finalised

Why DID NOT India look at S 400

How will China's S 400 Affect India

Anonymous said...

Sir off the topic question
1)As India was denied ENR tech by NSG cartel even after opening up majority of its Nuclear Reactors for IAEA
Could this govt.'s recent embracing of Mr. Obama bring fruitful results on this issue, or it will just remain a political stunt by BJP.
2)Moreover nothing fuss emerged about this issue in the recent past, has this govt. also went in state of amnesia on Nuclear Power Production Issue?
3)What are the status of U mines of Cuddapa and Meghalaya.
4)Has the money going into Nuclear Fuel cycle R&D increased or is still almost null.

Anonymous said...

Sir , what's the utility of this so called SAARC satellite
Will India provide free transponder services to SAARC nations, when India still is not having sufficient for her own use.
Sir, is this govt. working in direction to reduce countries such as Sri Lanka Nepal to just vassal states by making them overdependent on India or are they still capitalising on oppurtunities neglected by India.

DAshu said...

seems you are not getting enough time to visit here .lot of questions are piling up for you.

KapilJ said...

Busibess Standard/Ajai Shukla is suggesting that Pilatus is not keen in providing maintenance support for the 75 aircraft beyond 3 years. Surely they don't expect to win order for another 106 with this attitude. Shouldn't this be their responsibility or is HAL playing games?

Anonymous said...

if rafale deal is progressing and signed what would be the blackholes one can expect mr prasun to drain resources from india?

what kind of such leaks has implanted in earlier deals with russia/france/swiss/us?

after signing the deals they refuse saying something and dragging india to courts?

could you pls list such instances and how much it costed india? such a blackholes/ leaks in deals can save us to repeat such mistakes in future deals such as rafale.

what I knew is (ofcourse very little):

russia refused TOT in T90 and refused to provide english literature

russias air craft carrier

cryogenic engine

swiss after sales support and parts

aw 101 saga

scorpene saga etc

and numerous deals I do not know much about.

KSHITIZ said...

sir please give detail on marcos and their f insas type upgrade.what is their current weapon loadout?

Pawan said...

Dear Prasunji,

I know that you may be busy but still request you to spare some time to answer our queries.

I am waiting for your analysis of Ashraf Ghani's paradigm shift with Pakistan and Rahil shariff's US visit.


SS said...

Hi prasunji,

A committee to estimate the leftover service life of INS viraat. Seems like the navy is interested in acquiring second carrier based on vikrant design quickly.

Also with godavari class frigates and rajput class destroyers nearing their service life. Is there any proposal to acquire more capital ships constructed by private shipyards? What about a lighter frigate design based on kamorta hull with naval brahmos mini as the primary armament which can be acquired in good numbers. VMT.

SS said...

Nice article on how we should build our R&D culture and develop cutting edge technology.

Why not Govt itself regulate accreditation agencies like AICTE to grade universities and colleges based on their scientific temper (How many research papers published, how may scientific projects it is driving/driven successfully with public and private enterprises, the schools fields of excellence) rather than some bribed news magazine/daily ranking universities/schools based on the highest average pay package gained by students of those schools.

DRDO should simply raise the bar of its selection process by simply admitting ONLY PhDs (Only PhD holders should be made eligible to enter in to an institution like DRDO, DRDL, RCI and similar premier research labs of country). It should be a level playing field for meritocracy rather than an institute of accommodation for social justice (Unfortunately the sole reason why all Govt institutions were filled with regressive attitude)

The simple rule should be the higher the scientific grading of an university the more rightfully it is entitled to more central funds to expand its scientific edge (Naturally the institution will be a magnet for more private funding)

With some many fields of technologies there will be enough space for every one (Universities) to pioneer in selective fields. VMT

SS said...

Whoa... Who's this 'SS'...

SS said...

Whoa I am SS but who are you? SS for Stupid Shit?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

For those who were unable to attend the IDEAS-2014 expo in Karachi:

Pawan said...

Dear Prasun ji,

Please comment on why India not part of London conference when it is investing so much in Afghanistan and any disability in Afghanistan will have impact in India.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PAWAN: How come you have reached such a conclusion??? Minister of State for External Affairs & former COAS Gen (Ret'd) V K Singh represented India at the Conference.

Pawan said...

Dear Prasunji,

Thanks very much. It is sigh of relief that India was represented there but it is a low profile presence, when Pak was represented by non other than PM Sharif.


P.S. - I would request you to write about strategic-Geopolitics issues also as you have amazingly clear and comprehensive knowledge about these issues.

Anonymous said...


as per a recent clarification the government has it that a retired person should be referred as "Maj Gen. The Name (Retd.)" and not "Maj Gen. (Retd.) The Name". They added that the rank is not retired even when the person retires and is conferred for life.

I know that you have your own style of writing, and you are the only person i know of who uses the word "irregardless"! a rare usage as such. I just wanted to share a piece of information and did not intent to correct you.

Sreenivas R.

MPatel said...

Thank you for the links Prasun. Seems like they are making good progress in locally producing defense products.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Answers to the unanswered queries above will be posted tonight in this thread.

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