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Saturday, August 1, 2015

New-Generation IRST Systems From China

 The above is a laser designation pod that also mounts an integral IRST sensor. 
 Shown above and below are IRST sensors that have multiple mounting options, ranging from combat aircraft to helicopters and warships.
 Shown below are multi-function optronic turrets with various mounting options.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BUDDHA: For your weekend viewing pleasure:


buddha said...

thanks sir
have a good morning

PIYUSH DAS said...

sir, can india get permanant seat in unsc in near future, given china's reluctance on this matter ?

& sir did china really offered full support to india's bid & delink its relations with pakistan if india did not support japan's bid ?
this was said by mr.sitaram yechury !

Rajesh Mishra said...

Someone is speaking completely false here. China is a hardliner communist state running fastest on the capitalistic tracks. I reiterate at least someone is making a fun of India.

PIYUSH DAS said...

sir, i was searching on internet regarding india's chances for permanant seat in unsc, & i came across this article-

In his book, "Nehru — The Invention of India," Mr.Shashi Tharoor writes that Indian diplomats who have seen files swear that Nehru declined the offer for india to have a permanant seat in unsc, back in 1955 !!!
is it true ?
but why did he do such a blunder ?

PIYUSH DAS said...

@RajeshMishra- Relax rajesh ! no one here doubts the fact that china is indeed a hardliner communist state running on capitalistic tracks.

did you even read that article ? i don't think that article makes any fun of india.
now the question here is will a hardliner communist china support india's unsc candidature ?

read the following articles, this will give you some idea about the geopolitics surrounding india's bid at unsc-

for rest i hope prasun da to enlight us furthur on this topic

Anonymous said...

piyush, the time has come to start u r blog. good luck.

PIYUSH DAS said...

August 1, 2015 at 6:25 PM

thanks bhai..... :-)

SK said...


Where did India get the 160 MW naval reactor which this guy is talking about?

Jay Bhanushali said...

Is a UNSC Permanent seat of any real significance?
I can not imagine any circumstance where all p5 members would agree on something and vote against Indian interests.UK, France and Russia didn't even sanc us after Pokhran-2.
Also if we did get a permanent seat, China would never allow sanctions against Pakistan even if all other members agreed to do so.
So,is a UNSC permanent seat really worth the effort? I feel like its more of a prestige issue for India more than anything else.
Also, if an institution claims to represent all of humanity but doesn't allow 1/5th of its people have a decisive say in its functioning,it shows that institution in poor light an reduces its prestige and not the other way around.
With India's economic rise,it is inevitable that we will eventually get the UNSC seat whether anyone else likes it or not.Its only a matter of time.
Prasun sir, what according to your view are the subtabtive benefits of a permanent seat with veto power in todays world?

raw13 said...


A real treat for you...I know you like this man, its his first article since retirement:
Gen Tariq Khan, of Pak Army. The first post has his article.

Arpit Kanodia said...

PKS Sir,

If the Alien Reproduction Vehicle is a true story, then why not USA building this on large scale for its Armed Forces.

Why they still believe in century old concepts of Tanks, Aircraft and Infantry?

Anonymous said...

my comment was meant to be sarcastic piyush

Arpit Kanodia said...

Further why not we considering to colonize the Mars via such Fluxliner aircrafts?

PIYUSH DAS said...

at 10:56 PM
ohh ! thought you mean it !

Sarcasm was uncalled for.
Anyway, thanks for criticism
meanwhile i'll try to improve.....

Anonymous said...

@PIYUSH DAS. Sir, In 1955 Republic of China (Taiwan) was the UNSC permanent member but mainland china. Nehru had been offered UNSC membership along with forced NATO membership. Same time he was threatened by USSR either to sign Warsaw pact or confront Netaji. The horns of dilemma forced Nehru to launch non aligned movement. Due to that greedy and power hungry leader, India lost the chance to become an UNSC member. Have patience, all the truths related to wrong doings by members of Gandhi family will be surfaced.


PIYUSH DAS said...


facts you're telling are thrilling
It seems that it was'nt a yes or no situation for Nehru !

like always "the devil is lurking in detail"

Anyway , things have changed a lot now. today we are not a country of 1950's which can be coerced into benefits of super power blocks. world order is changing, and is changing fast. Sooner than later india wil secure its rightfull place in unsc.

Thanks , goodnight

Anonymous said...

Here are few facts that will help to understand the realty i.r.t UNSC membership. The main sources of UN budget are here: US 28%, Japan 11%, France 7%, Germany 7%, UK 6.6%, China 6.6%, Italy 4.4%, Russia 4.4% (roughly). Out these total budget, the money flows back to US as payment against salary of permanent executive staffs, to Japan against earth moving eqpt, electronics goods and small vehicles, to France against salary of permanent executive staffs, heavy vehicles, to UK against salary of permanent executive staffs and also to a few other european countries against procurement of various eqpt (virtually not much pay back for Germany and PRC ). 3 member expansion is must. Japan and Germany will get their place.However, In case of India, her main contender will be Brazil.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAW13: VMT. I will respond in detail to this General tonight here in this thread. In the meantime, kindly allow me to return the favour by treating you with the latest from Tareq Fatah following his 4-month trip to India:

DAshu said...

really something great is inbuilt into these pakis :-)
They will simply turn any situation into either Indian propaganda or their victory is coming kinda situation.

Vikram Guha said...


(1) Is the same RAM coating used across the length & breadth of a stealth aircraft or do OEMs use different types of RAM coatings?

(2) Japan has released details of its new 27DD destroyers & states that it will have Rail Guns & DEW. Why is the Indian Navy stuck with 127mm? I do not see any plans for 155mm, leave alone a Rail Gun.



PIYUSH DAS said...

@Sanjib- thanks for reply. brazil's economy is in dire state currently. they are literally in recession, with no signs of recovery. whereas india is fastest growing economy in world. hence it seems india will be able to tip off brazil in unsc. india have had more than 100,000 Indian troops, served in U.N. missions during the past 50 years,i think we are most strong contender for veto power.

Arpit Kanodia said...

PKS Sir,

Whats your thinking on this

Indian pvt. firms exporting lakhs of body armors and helmets to foreign NATO countries, still no one ordering this for Indian soldiers?

Jon said...

Whats your take on this?

Anonymous said...

Prasun Da,

1. There was a talk that GRSE plans to build another facility in Raichak, West Bengal to design submarines? Is this true, and if yes is this project making any progress?

2. The MoD has issued RFI for the FICV to local players, who invariably will tie up with foreign companies. In your opinion which Infantry Combat Vehicle available worldwide will best meet the needs of the Indian Army?


Anonymous said...

Prasun ,
Do watch this ... sethi has done some explosive question to you is ..

1. It means that Pak fauz is a not a monolithic structure...I am sure our guys are aware of this ...How does this put us under greater strain and how do we take benefit of this fault-line.

2. Why are these revelations coming out in open now and does this have any correlation to Gurdaspur attack and the stunning statement from Rajnath singh that Pak hand is not visible in it while facts on ground said otherwise.

MR said...

Looks like things are moving in the direction PS has been predicting for quite some time. In all probabibilty Rafales will be produced, since it doesn't make any sense to call another RFP/Tender and waste another 5-6 years.

Pintu said...

Prasun Da, it always feels great to go through your log daily, now regarding

1. Chinese IRST Systems, how do they fare against their contemporary western counter parts or around the world ?

2. Do any research on IRST Systems is currently going on India ? or will India acquire same type of sensors in future ?

3. As you have pointed out about the formation of ISIS as a strategy by the USA with active support of Turkey, then why the US Journalist like James Wright "Jim" Foley, was beheaded by the ISIS ? How much Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri was involved with Daesh ?

PIYUSH DAS said...

Sir, i was reading one of your old blogs. you've mentioned that taiwan holds some $3trillion+ reserves, kept in bank of japan.
who is controlling that money ?
whose reaping benefits of that reserve currently ?
&why don't taiwan use that money to buy/develop weapons to defend itself from china

thanks sir...

Subho said...

Prasun, which of the following is the most likely reason for the new RFP for building 90 MMRCA category fighter jets in India ?

(1) That the price negotiations for the off-the-shelf purchase of 36 Rafales have run into rough weather and doomed to fail. This new RFP is a safety-net/fall-back option, should the 36 Rafales not pan out.
(2) This RFP is a scare-crow erected by the MoD to put pressure on the French consortium to submit to Indian demands on a G-2-G deal that involves purchasing 36 off-the-shelf and building an additional number in India in partnership with private Indian industry player/players.
(3) The MoD and the IAF have truly given up on the Rafales and are seriously looking at doing a new bid to facilitate procuring an alternative to the former such as the Eurofighter Typhoon or the Saab Jas-39 E/F aircraft in lieu of the Rafale.

It's rather confusing to say the least. Would appreciate your thoughts on the same please.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUBHO: It is none of the above. Trouble is the ‘desi’ journalists are an inept lot & can’t give any perspective. The RFP is for the selection of an Indian vendor or a consortium of vendors that will be selected for teaming up with Dassault Aviation for licence-building the 90 Rafales after the first 36 have already arrived from France.

To PIYUSH DAS: That money is under the custody of Japanese banks & both Japan & Taiwan are controlling it. Taiwan has got enough assets reqd for defending itself against any invasion by sea or by air.

To PINTU: 1) They are on par with what’s available from the Russians or Ukrainians. But they’re not as advanced as their Western counterparts.

2) Watch this:

3) No one said that the US controls or commands ISIS. The US only hadf strategised the creation of ISIS. If some blithering idiot wanders into ISIS-controlled territory, then this is counted as collateral damage. Izzat Ibrahim was a supplier of manpower to the ISIS only for the sake of wresting control of central & western Iraq from the Shia-dominated Iraqi government in Baghdad. By the way, as I had explained earlier, ISIS is now headhunting for obtaining foot-soldiers for its Caliphate:


And here’s a good explanation of where matters are headed for:

To MR: Absolutely right. VMT.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@9.07PM: 1) This faultline was always there since 1947. That’s why within the PA there is no legal redressal system for a Corps Commander or any other lower formation commanders. They cannot go to any court of law to challenge a promotion order. Everything depends on the whims & fancies of the COAS. 2) This has nothing to do with Gurdaspur. Instead, it is all about going after Gen Pervez Musharraf in a roundabout manner, because when Lt Gen Zahir-ul-Islam is implicated, then even his predecessor Lt Gen Pasha gets implicated, & by consequence their mentor Gen Kayani also gets implicated. This in turn leads to Musharraf since it was Musharraf who had selected Gen Kayani to be his successor. And if Gen Raheel Sharif agrees to this gameplan & decides to make the PA truly apolitical, then he could well end up with a service extension.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: 1) There’s been no progress on this front. 2) There’s no synchronisation of efforts & the IA seems deeply confused on such issues. On one hand it issues an RFI for FRCVs & then comes up with RFPs for FICV! Isn’t the FICV supposted to be a part of the FRCV project? And why is no one even mentioning anything about amphibious ICVs or APCs? Why are the IN’s inputs not being incorporated into the FRCV project?

To JON: That’s for the follow-on Rafales after taking delivery of the first 36 Rafales.

To ARPIT KANODIA: They are being ordered, but not in any coordinated manner. Same goes for the police & CAPFs.

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) RAM coatings may be either paints or composite structures. Therefore, they are applied to different portions of the aircraft. 2) IN is fairly conservative when it comes to adoption of revolutionary concepts. Till to date, no one is even doing any basic R & D on DEW like lasers for shooting down UAVs. It is actually so easy to develop such a system that uses vehicle-mounted distributed apertures of AESA-MMRs for hemispherical coverage. Yet no one has even bothered to explore such a concept. In contrast, Israeli companies like RADA Electronic Industries are already marketing such products. Do read these:

To PIYUSH DAS & SANJIB: Here’s an excellent news-item on what China is really after through electronic hackings:

To ARPIT KANODIA: When a country spends up to US$50 billion per annum on black projects, then there are always bound to be tangible results & certain successes. May be that’s the reason why till to date no one has released any photos of the dark side of the moon, not even India. But such high-end R & D can be done only in the US, & nowhere else.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SK: That's a figment of imagination on the part of the journalist who wrote that story. The IN has so far only stated that it wants a 190mW PWR (using only 44% enriched uranium, same as that used by the S-2/Arihant's 83mW PWR) for its projected 65,000-tonne IAC-2 aircraft carrier. But a 190mW PWR will be too big for a SSN, which instead requires only a 40mW PWR if it were to use more than 90% enriched HEU as fuel. If the IN goes for SSNs derived from the Scorpene's pressure-hull design, then a compact 40mW PWR will be reqd.

Sk said...


Akula class submarines have 190 MWT OK-650 reactors and even Barracuda class submarines have 150 MWT K-15 reactor. Any SSN derived from Scorpene will not be less than 4000 ton (as Brazilians are doing), therefore, 150 MWT reactor looks a possibility for Indian SSNs. Any smaller SSN like Scorpene will be congested with lower internal beam and cramped toilets and washrooms. I really wonder what made Indian Navy decide to go for Scorpene which are worst in terms of space constraints. In comparison, Kilo class are much much better though their electronics/technology has become obsolete.

If 40MW PWR is needed for a SSN than why not use the existing 83MW PWR of Arihant for Indian projected SSN ? Also, are French willing to give their nuclear reactor design and cooling technology? Wasn't there a French law that forbid this kind of naval reactor transfer?? Similar to Russians as well, are they willing to give their naval reactor technology ?? Is there any possibility to copy Akula for Indian requirement??

So where is the Indian naval reactor going to come from??

Krish said...


INS Vikrant-2 is 252 meter X 40 meter without the ski jump and the landing run extension on port side. The displacement is also about 40,000 ton. This fits quite well into American Wasp class and America class LHDs. What stops Indian Navy from adding a well deck and rearrange the internal decks to convert this design into a powerful Landing Helicopter Deck (LHD)?? As it is clear by now that IN is not interested in purchasing any more aircraft carrier of INS Vikrant class. The next target is 65,000 ton carriers but the current design is a proven one by now.

However, the shipyard is quite trained and if a parallel order is given to two shipyards - one CSL and one private, IN will have 2-4 heavy LHDs, all built indigenously. CSL would need some consultancy for adding well dock but it has already acquired help from DCNS and Fincantieri in building this carrier so it already has established mechanism for support. All it needs is some imaginative thinking !!! A similar help can also be sought from American shipyards. If they can intend to help on aircraft carrier, they can also help on LHDs.

Has Indian Navy ever thought about it? What is your opinion?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Excellent analysis:

To SK: You seem to be overlooking certain details. For instance, the double-hulled Project 971A Shchuka-B (theK-152 Nerpa/INS Chakra) is an SSGN, not SSN. The single-hulled Barracuda too will have VLS cells for launching LACMs. Secondly, Russian & French PWRs use LEU, which translates into PWRs with greater volume. The PWRs used by the US, the UK & in future Brazil all use compact PWRs only because they use HEU as fuel. Scorpene SSK has 6.2-metre diameter pressure hull, whereas the nuclear-powered version of Scorpene has a 7.3-metre wide pressure hull. Therefore, there is no issue of congestion of any kind.

If the double-hulled Project 636 & Type 877EKM SSKs are 'much better' (your words), then why did Russia feel the need to design & build the single-hulled Project 1650 Amur-class SSK? Obviously the Russians too have concluded that the future lies with single-hulled SSKs. Even the Project 885 Yasen-class SSGN is single-hulled!

As I explained earlier, 83mW PWR of S-2/Arihant uses only 44% enriched uranium, which is LEU. Thus, this PWR is bigger in size. On the other hand, a 40mW PWR like that destined for the Brazilian SNBR vessel uses highly-enriched uranium (HEU) as fuel & is therefore far more compact. Therefore, through a process of elimination, it emerges that if the IN goes for the Scorpene's design (with 7.3-metre diameter pressure hull) then it has no choice but to go for PWRs using HEU as fuel, & that such PWRs are not available from either France or Russia since their PWRs all use LEU. That is as far as I can go & state, & you will have to figure out the rest.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KRISH: Logically, that should be the way ahead, i.e. the IN authorising CSL to work together with a company like Fincantieri to modify the design of the Project 71/IAC-1/INS Vikrant & morphe it into a LPH. The IN's reqmt is only for 4 LPHs, not 24. And only Fincantieri was involved in designing certain modules of the IAC-1, not DCNS. As I see it, there exists no logical reason to seek an existing or brand-new LPH design off-the-shelf from any foreign shipyard.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Here's a classic example of half-truths being published to create large-than-life figureheads:

Sundaram described Kalam’s reaction following negotiations with the French in Lucknow for an inertial navigation system (INS) for the Jaguar. “I asked them (the French) that we wanted only the gyro, and the rest we would develop. They refused and said you either take the full system or nothing—they went back. When he learnt that I had rejected the offer to acquire the entire system, he said I was biting a big slice given that even ISRO had not developed INS till then. I convinced him that I had the people who could develop the INS in-house. At that time he said, I am with you. That was Kalam. Even though he disagreed with you, he stood behind you,” Sundaram said. “Later, during the first trials of INS, he said to me, ‘Funny guys, you did it’.”

Here's the reality: The DRDO was in the latter half of the 1980s seeking from SAGEM of France the gimballed dry-tuned rotor gyro that was used by the Uliss-82 inertial navigation system, which formed part of the DARIN-1 avionics package for the Jaguar IS/IM. When the DRDO could not obtain it, efforts shifted to the US, where the gimballed dry-tuned rotor gyros were available for sale off-the-shelf from Allied Signal Aerospace (now part of Honeywell). Eventually, some 80 units of these were bought by the DRDO sometime in 1989 & by the latter half of the 1990s were successfully reverse-engineered & used on-board the Prithvi-1 & Dhanush NLOS-BSMs. That's the reason why even till this date, the DRDO has NEVER publicly shown in any exhibition the Prithvi-1's/Dhanush's strapdown inertial navigation system using such gimballed dry-tuned rotor gyros.

raw13 said...

Hi Prasun,

Would safety be a factor in determining whether to use HEU or the 44%? Why is the size of the reactor that used 44% larger?

Also as you know Royal Navy decided to continue to use conventional engines to power their 2 carriers. Do you know why they didn't switch to nuclear, considering RN remit across the globe?

wrt single/double structured submarine hulls, I understand that the single hulled are easier to build and maintain. Though the double hulled ones potentially can be quieter and harder to track by sonars. Not sure how true it is.

wrt PA, the ISI chief reports directly to the PM and only consults with the COAS. Ultimately the responsibility rests up the chain of command logically & legally speaking, with the boss, the PM (I know you have your own take wrt logic when it comes to pakistan :-) ). By the way the ISI chiefs have not always been serving Lt.Gens. The Corps commanders collectively are the top decision making body in PA. The Chief normally follows their direction. Chief is simply first among equals. As a result of this we dont have the type of infighting/witch hunts that go on in IA. Lt.Gen down PA has always been apolitical. You have to be when you are facing an opponent 3+ times your size. What has changed over the last 10-15yrs is that mainly combat experienced guys have been getting the top slots at the expense of "professional" staff officers.

Anonymous said...

You dont like this guy, but sir whats your take on it?

MR said...

Sensationalism? Or malicious reporting? Looks like a hit job on Bharat Forge. Insinuating a spot-fixing, a la IPL ?

The purported email just says " likely to be ". Since when did that start mean "will be" ? If anything, Bharat Forge needs to be complimented for planning for what lies ahead. A smart player will have a Plan B and Plan C in place, in case something goes wrong with the first choice partner.

ASHAN said...


What is your reaction to the recent reports about the MoD restarting the MMRCA completion with the orginal vendors getting new RFPs? This makes no sense to me when the GoI is in advanced stages of talks with France for the rafale. Would the MoD really be interested in inducting TWO different fighters (rafale and another)? What would be the utility in this? Wouldn't it make more sense just to make some rafales in India?

2) what is the status of the S-70B deal for the IN? These are DESPERETLY needed and making the IN continue with 40+ year old Sea Kings is criminal. The S-70Bs are a must but there seems little movement and or information on this deal.

SK said...


Thanks for your response on SSNs. Brazilian SNBR reactor is only aimed to take 7-15% LEU not HEU as per NTI reports. However, it is quite intriguing whose help is being sought in developing the Indian SSN reactor. Hope we will get details in good time. BTW has India learned anything from Akula/INS Chakra -2 lease? Since the commissioning this submarine has completely vanished from the mainstream media. I wonder what is being done with it and whether its lease will be extended ??

Further, as someone has mentioned that Rheinmetall's air defence gun is quite good. I was wondering what is wrong with the AK-630 gun? If it is good enough for INS Kolkata and INS Vikramaditya, why it is not good for the air defence of an area? Can it be combined with some indigenous air defence radar and produced in a better version ??

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,
Have a question why did India not accept the offer from UK and France for Aircraft Carrier building when both were interested in collaborating with India.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Excellent news:

Rajesh Mishra said...

It is most likely that Mulla Omar was slow poisoned by Pakistan/ISI. Omar has become more of a liability to Pakistan than an asset, so he was done with. Kindly comment.

Rajesh Mishra said...

"5.3-magnitude quake rocks Pakistan
Published Monday, August 03, 2015
A 5.3-magnitude earthquake struck Pakistan's southwestern Baluchistan province on Monday, the US Geological Survey said, but local officials said there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

The quake struck at a depth of 27 kilometres (17 miles), with its epicentre located 82 kilometres south west of Khuzdar district in Baluchistan province, where people felt the shockwave."

I hope this triggers a most severe earthquake further in Pakistan666.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJESH MISHRA: Patience, dear ol'chap. The earthquakes along the Karakoram mountain range are usually triggered in the months of September-October. As for Mullah Omar, it is most likely he died of natural illness like TB or Hepatitis B in a military hospital in Karachi sometime between January & July 2013, depending on whom to believe. Even the present-day leadership of the Afghan Taliban is proving to be a liability for Pakistan because the Rehebar-e-Shura--the apex governing body of the Afghan Taliban movement--is deeply divided & it has labelled the anointment of Mullah Mansour as the new Emir as being not only illegal, but also against the tenets of Sharia law. And to make matters worse, no one has yet been appointed as the next Emir-ul-Momineen of the Afghan taliban, a post that was held by the late Mullah Omar.

To Anon@3.59PM: I have no reason to dislike or hate or despise him because I don't know him personally & have never met him. I am only against his PoV because his opinions & deductions are not based on factoids & instead rely on conjecture. Consequently, hisd conclusions are deeply flawed & when they're publicised, they only sow the seeds of disinformation. I would therefore be more inclined to heed the views & opinions of those analysts who are objective & who are located in areas like Peshawar or Kabul, since they have their ears to the ground.

To Anon@9.41PM: Because by the time those offers were made, the IN was at an advanced stage of designing the Project 71/IAC-1. In addition, the French design was for a flat-top, whereas the IN wanted an aircraft carrier with ski-jump.

Jay Bhanushali said...

Is this a sign of things to come?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SK: That NTI report was deeply flawed, since it had ASSUMED that since the submarine’s design was French, its PWR too would therefore be of a design similar to those meant for French SSNs or SSBNs. Back in 2011 when I was touring DCNS’ facilities, I noticed that the heat-exchangers being built for the SNBR programme were optimised for operating in conjunction with PWRs using HEU. INS Chakra’s usage is teaching the IN to operate nuclear-powered submarines in deeper waters for extended durations while conducting fleet monitoring patrols or shadowing the SSNs of PLAN while they’re transiting the IOR.

AK-630M’s effective altitude envelope is far lesser than that of the Rheinmetall’s 30mm cannon. When it comes to ground-based AAA using cannons, it is both the lateral range & altitude coverage that matters most. Consequently, the AK-630M will be ineffective against attacking aircraft flying at medium altitudes.

To ASHAN: 1) Already replied to that above at least twice yesterday. 2) Sea King Mk42B way well be of 1980s vintage, but its airframe life is by no means exhausted. A SLEP of its airframe can easily be conducted & its mission avionics & cockpit avionics too can be upgraded. The same applies to the fleet of Kamov Ka-28PLs. For helicopters, while the TTSLs of the engine & gearbox are limited & cannot be stretched further, that of the airframe is not. Airframes can always be re-lifed.

To MR: That’s the worst form of malicious reporting. Decisions to be taken by the DAC are always communicated to IDS HQ & concurrently to industrial bodies like ASSOCHAM, FICCI & CII. This news-report is therefore a straightforward case of theft of private proprietary corporate data & its leakage. Bharat Forge should do an internal enquiry on how its confidential internal correspondence was leaked, by whom & to whom. Following this, a defamation case should be filed in the courts by Bharat Forge against both Economic Times & the concerned journalist. It should be noted that this very journalist was leading a crusade against the AW-101 VVIP transportation helicopter & making all kinds of allegations & insinuations about wrongdoing. And now that all of these have been disproved by the Italian courts, this moron is still roaming scott-free, instead of being held accountable for his malicious reporting & rumour-mongering. Arseholes like these should be taken to the cleaners so that a stern message is relayed to all concerned that they should think 10 times before hurling accusations, because they would eventually be told to stand up & be held accountable for their actions.

BTW, here’s an excellent documentary on the AW-101:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAW13: Laws of physics dictate all this. It has nothing to do with safety. HEU produces greater energy in a much shorter timespan & that makes a PWR using HEU have a very high degree of reactor efficiency. Any enrichment up to 60% is considered as LEU, & anything beyond that right up to 95% is considered as being HEU. Russian PWRs & their Chinese clones have poor operating efficiency-levels & their PWRs have to be replaced at least once in the lifetime of a submarine.

The RN will no longer deploy aircraft carriers worldwide. Instead, its carriers will operate only in the Atlantic, or the Baltic Sea or the Adriatic Sea. It won’t even make it to the Mediterranean. Single-hulled submarines are sleeker & lighter & therefore can cruise faster & have greater sea endurance. Acoustic signature reduction is best achieved through usage of high-tech vibration isolation systems & all-electric propulsion. The lesser the number of dynamic movable parts, the lesser the noise. WRT the PA, the DG of ISI is dependent on his promotion entirely upon the COAS & therefore he will naturally be more beholden to the COAS than his political master. This has been the trend since the days of the late Gen Zia ul-Haq. If the PM of Pakistan is really the boss & the first among equals, then why is his COAS touring the whole world & trying to explain Pakistan’s on-going counter-terrorism efforts? Why did President Ashraf Ghani first visit the GHQ & call on the COAS, instead of first meeting with Mian Sahab? Within the PA, the COAS is not the first among equals in terms of command hierarchy. Everyone below him is his subordinate & his most trusted subordinate is always his Chief of General Staff, who instructs the Corps Commander how to vote on any issue. And from the time of his/her commissioning, every officer of the PA, PN & PAF becomes politically inclined. Why simple, just go read the ‘Parchment’ that everyone reads aloud during the passing-out parades. The ‘Parchment’ clearly states that he/she is required to FIRST defend, protect & uphold the ideology of Pakistan; & SECOND, to uphold the constitution of Pakistan. And since the ideology of Pakistan is based on a peculiar definition of political Islam (which is against the fundamental tenets of the religious philosophy of Islam, very officer & the rank-and-file of Pakistan’s armed forces is automatically mandated to ensure the perpetuation of this brand of political Islam at all costs. So, if secular-minded political parties like the MQM or ANP or PPP are seen to be gaining political ground inside Pakistan, they are then automatically branded as enemies of the state & are dethroned by Pakistan’s armed forces. It’s that elementary & simple, & not rocket science. Ask any senior officer from any of Pakistan’s three armed services about this ‘oath-taking’ & you will find out the truth. I have done so, ranging from one-star Generals, Commodores, Air Commodores all the way to four-star Generals, & three-star Vice Admirals & Air Vice Marshals, since the past 18 years.

There cannot be different types of logic or different takes on logic. For there is always only one indivisible & indisputable logic. There can be contrarian interpretations, but there’s always only 1 logical explanation.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JAY BHANUSHALI: The bigger questions begging answers are: why did the UK grant asylum to Altaf Hussain & later grant him UK citizenship? Why has the UK consistently refused to take any kind of legal action against Altaf Hussain despite repeated Pakistani legal complaints? Why has the UK granted political asylum to Harbeyaar Mari, the chief of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA)? Why does the UK refuse to extradite him back to Pakistan? Why has the UK made such long-term investments in these two individuals?

DAshu said...

Please answer these Questions
1- Why did the UK grant asylum to Altaf Hussain & later grant him UK citizenship?
2- Why has the UK consistently refused to take any kind of legal action against Altaf Hussain despite repeated Pakistani legal complaints?
3- Why has the UK granted political asylum to Harbeyaar Mari?
4- Why has the UK made such long-term investments in these two individuals?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DASHU: LoLz! You never give up, do you? Actually, those answers can only be given by 10 Downing Street. But it is obvious that the UK along with its US-based Anglo-Saxon cousins has made a conscious decision to cultivate such individuals for certain long-term objectives. That leads one to then ask: what are those objectives? And how have they shaped the geo-strategic conspiracy that is now unfolding? Most importantly, what's in it for India in terms of long-term gains & what has been India's role up till now in all this? Is this why both the US & UK have selected India to be the nett provider of security within the IOR?

One thing is sure: answers to the above questions will for sure be enough to draft a real-life Frederick Forsyth thriller!

Rajesh Mishra said...

Is it likely that the British Empire deep within their hearts must be feeling the guilt that they have thrown the Mohazirs and Baluchis in front of the wolves. This was also the eternal complaint of Badshah Khan and we now see the results in FATA and Paki NE etc. India also must be feeling it in the same way as the British.

PIYUSH DAS said...

Sir, peace accord with nscn-im is an excellent news indeed.

will this put a psychological pressure on kashmir seperatists also ?

recently geelani also condemned pakistan's annexation of gilgit baltistan.
I think seperatists also must have realised now that kashmir as a sovereign nation is a fantasy & pakistan just want to annex their land. don't they see the plight of mohajirs in pakistan.....

raw13 said...


Actually ISI chief is entirely selected by the PM. PM can ask for a recommendation, in that the COAS will forward couple of names. In Benazir's case, she even appointed a retired officer. ISI is not MI. MI is entirely under the Chief not ISI.

Look like USA + India are linking up again with ex-Guantanamo Taliban.

With respect to the oath, I have it in front of me. I think you have more confusion than any serving member of pak forces, ;-), lol.

raw13 said...

some entertainment:

it will give you insight of how we think:

AKHIL GHAI said...

Prasun Sir, it seems Nepotism still rules supreme in the NDA govt. I used to think that Ajit Doval is beyond all this.

Anonymous said...

Do you have more information on this....

Arpit Kanodia said...

@raw13 Maybe still you not able to understand what he is saying

Here for your enlightenment, check the difference of oath taking of Pak Armed Forces and NDA.

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.)

I, ____________, do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Pakistan and uphold the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which embodies the will of the people, that I will not engage myself in any political activities whatsoever and that I will honestly and faithfully serve Pakistan in the Pakistan Army (or Navy or Air Force) as required by and under the law.

May Allah Almighty help and guide me (A'meen).

Here of Indian Army:

I ( name) hereby solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India,as by law established and that I will, as in duty bound honestly and faithfully,serve in the regular Army of the Union of India and go wherever ordered, by land, sea or air, and that I will observe and obey all the commands of the President of the Union of India and the commands of any officer set above me, even to the peril of my life.

Lolz Now check the oath of your president/PM:-

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.)

I, ____________, do swear solemnly that l am a Muslim and believe in the Unity and Oneness of Almighty Allah, the Books of Allah, the Holy Quran being the last of them, the Prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the last of the Prophets and that there can be no Prophet after him, the Day of Judgment, and all the requirements and teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah:

That I will bear true faith and allegiance to Pakistan:

That, as Prime Minister of Pakistan, I will discharge my duties, and perform my functions, hon-estly, to the best of my ability, faithfully in accordance with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the law, and always in the interest of the sovereignty, integrity, solidarity, well- being and prosperity of Pakistan:

That I will strive to preserve the Islamic Ideology which is the basis for the creation of Pakistan:

That I will not allow my personal interest to influence my official conduct or my official decisions:

That I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:

That, in all circumstances, I will do right to all manner of people, according to law, without fear or favor, affection or ill- will:

And that I will not directly or indirectly communicate or reveal to any person any matter which shall be brought under my consideration or shall become known to me as Prime Minister except as may be required for the due discharge of my duties as Prime Minister.

May Allah Almighty help and guide me (A'meen).

Maverick said...

Dear Prasun,

I am from a Mechanical/Aviation background and don't have a good knowledge on Nuclear Reactors. Please bear with me,

1) My understanding is Prior to making of S-2 Arihant - Russia transferred Designs and Tech
of old Nuclear reactor used in Russian Ice Breaker. India first built a shore based
prototype with a partial hull structure and subjected it various tests for 3 years before
it was approved. This 83 MW LEU drives the 6000 ton Arihant. With a maximum sustained
submerged speed of 20Knts, not exactly high-speed when compared with Western
Counterparts. But nevertheless a step in right direction.
2) This same reactor design is scaled up to a 190 Mw output to power the 20,000 Ton S-5/6/7
SSBNs and possibly the 65,000 IAC-3 Vishal.

You have stated that a 40 MW HEU is sufficient for 4000 ton Scorpene derived SSN. I understand that HEU reactors are more efficient than LEU this is reflected by the compact size of the reactor. But the rated power of LEU (83MW) is still higher than the HEU (MW), unless the available power or transferred output to the propeller is low. How does 40MW (HEU) reactor do a better job then a 83MW (LEU) reactor in powering a Nuclear reactor.

If your argument is that you cannot fit a Bulky LEU reactor in a compact SSN then it would be perfectly logical, but wouldn't the SSN require a higher output, say a 60-70MW HEU reactor to get a high maximum sustained submerged speed of 28+ knots.

a) If India couldn't design a LEU to power its Sub's how can we expect it to develop a HEU reactor for the SSN.
b) Will any country come forward to assist in designing the HEU reactor
c) Even if India were to design and fabricate one. Again to subject it through the mandatory testing phase and incorporate modification and later manufacture it, later perform the first in series SSN to HAT and Deep Sea trials, I would estimate the SSN to be ready to commissioned somewhere in 2025-2030. Until they are ready the S-5/6/7 SSBN will be restricted to harbors.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAW13: Here is a discerning, self-respecting Pakistani who is truly mature & needs to be applauded:

While here's a description of a typical Punjabi hero, as conceptualised by another discerning Pakistani:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MAVERICK: Let’s work our way backwards since that’s the best way to logically figure out how the R & D effort of the SSBN was conducted. 1) We all know that the hands-on R & D work began on November 20, 1988; metal-cutting for S-2/Arihant got underway on January 5, 1998 and the keel-laying ceremony of S-2/Arihant’s hull took place on June 21, 1998 carrying the hull codename P-4102 at the Navy-owned Ship Building Centre in Visakhapatnam; & civil-engineering activities at Kalpakkam for the land-based nuclear propulsion plant (using a pressurised water-cooled water-moderated reactor designed by Russia’s Afrikantov OKBM) also known as S-1, or ‘Half Boat’, began in 1989, with work being completed by 1999. What this means is the transfer of all design data was completed by the Soviets by 1989 itself, following which the ATV Project Office began issuing restricted competitive RFPs to Indian industry for bidding for the fabrication of various systems & sub-systems. Final vendor selection was done transparently using, for the very first time, a short-listing process that was all videographed so that there would be no complaints, suspicions & objections. By 1994, work commenced on fabrication of all critical parts & these were first tested & inspected by the Hyderabad-based Defence Machinery and Design Establishment. Next, each of them was sent to Russia for further tests & final manufacturing approval by various Russia-based OEMs. Only then was series-production authorised in India. So, it took Indian OEMs 10 years to gear up for initiating the production process of systems, sub-systems & components all of which were already of proven design & reliability, which is simply impossible if everything (design, design validation, trial production batch & related validation, & series production) were to begin from scratch. The DAE itself is on record for having stated that it will take at least 15 years to develop & build the prototype of a brand-new reactor design. Max submerged cruise speed of 20 Knots for SSBN is quite appreciative, since only SSNs need to have higher cruise speeds to keep up with hostile fleet movements cruising at 29/32 Knots.

2) The existing PWR cannot be up-scaled to 190mW. Instead, a brand-new PWR design has to emerge so that more or less the same volume of space is occupied by the PWR’s vessel inside the pressure-hull of the projected S-5/S-6/S-7 SSBNs. Up-scaling would mean occupying more internal volume inside the projected S-5/S-6/S-7 SSBNs, which would be totally undesirable & impossible to achieve. The solution instead is to develop a new-design PWR that has greater reactor efficiency in terms of power output, while not resulting in increased physical proportions.

3) Rated power of 83mW (actually it is 85mW) is mWT, i.e. thermal energy generated; & not power generated (mWe). The 85mWT PWR using LEU generates only about 25mWe, whereas a typical 50mWT/40mWT PWR using HEU also generates about 25mWe power due to much greater reactor efficiency—an area where the Soviets/Russians have lagged behind the West.

Will any country come forward to cooperate with India for developing a PWR using that uses HEU? Why not? Didn’t Canada provide India with the 40mW Cirus PHWR that was totally unsafeguarded & not under IAEA inspection regime even at a time when India did not sign the NPT? Didn’t the US provide India with strapdown inertial reference systems using dry-tuned rotor gyros (as I had explained above yesterday) despite the MTCR regime? So yes, of course, India has options to exercise & there are countries willing to assist not only in R & D on PWRs using HEU, but most importantly, on R & D in highly efficient heat-exchangers, without which higher PWR thermal efficiency is impossible to achieve.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MAVERICK: As for the 6 projected home-built SSNs, these will see the light of day only in the following decade, because it takes at least a decade to fully test-out a compact prototype PWR on a shore-based facility (in case of S-2/Arihant, the PWR’s construction began in the mid-1990s, was completed in 1999, criticality attainment of S-1 was on November 11, 2003 & S-1 became fully operational on September 22, 2006—11 years). In the meantime, the only solution is to have on lease at least 2 Project 971A Shchuka-B SSGNs that will be used for providing protection for the S-2, S-3 & S-4 SSBNs while they at on patrol, & also for shadowing the PLAN’s SSNs while they are on patrol in or transiting the IOR.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: VMT for the detailed explanations. But don't expect an average Pakistani to to go into the detail, where the devil lies. That's why they often miss the woods for the trees & do not factor in the long-term consequences of the actions of their politico-military establishments, & thus repeatedly end up making strategic blunders.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Interesting pointers:

Pakistan tacitly abetted India’s fence construction along the LoC with restraint for years after a mutual but verbal November 2003 ceasefire agreement. Moreover, as much as 30% of the fence deteriorates every winter, and rebuilding requires further Pakistani tacit cooperation. To put the importance of the ceasefire into perspective, cross-border firing dropped from a peak of 5,767 incidents in 2002 to zero in 2004 and remained below 100 annual incidents through 2011. Although cross-border violence has been on the uptick over the past three years, it remains at less than one-tenth of 2002 levels.

In the 1980s—when subsidized by US military assistance—Pakistan spent an average of 6.5% of its GDP on defence. When US assistance dropped sharply in the 1990s, military spending reduced to 5.5% of GDP, but when US assistance spiked again in the 2000s, defence spending still fell to average 3.3% of GDP. Though Pakistan continues to invest in conventional defence, the rate of major weapons procurement and replacement has slowed considerably. From the 1950s through the 1990s, Pakistan’s offensive arsenal (MBTs and combat aircraft) grew roughly 50% per decade, but in the 2000s, this growth slowed to roughly 7%. With the lion’s share of the defence budget being consumed by salary, rations, and increasing operational costs, only 22% is left for procurement.

Pakistan’s internal threat from domestic militants—due in part to blowback for past Afghan policy choices—has caused Pakistan’s military to add or redeploy roughly 155,000 troops to its western border since 2001, intensify its LIC operational tempo, and consequently diminish its appetite for conventional competition with India.

The price to tackle militancy has been high: 60,000 civilian casualties, US$100 billion in estimated direct and indirect economic losses, and over 4,000 military fatalities (out of an estimated 10,000 total security force fatalities). Additionally, in 2011, Pakistan acknowledged that the Army had lost two Brigades’ worth of personnel to fatalities or permanent disability and temporarily lost the operational capacity equivalent to two Army Divisions.

Alongside relative declines in defence spending, new thinking expressed by officers in leading Pakistani military publications like The Citadel, NDU Journal, Pakistan Defence Review, and Pakistan Army Green Book has endorsed austerity measures; emphasised economic growth, technology, education, and management of water and energy resources as prerequisites for national power; and warned against an “economically destructive” conventional competition with India. Worried about the mounting costs and tradeoffs of Pakistan’s current national security posture, some officers have proposed heavier reliance on a more “cost effective” nuclear deterrent to “cover the gap” or openly considered rapprochement and normalisation of relations with India. Some very senior Army leaders have also expressed openness to the latter approach.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Cont'd from above...

A generational divide may be emerging between senior and mid-level officers over the relative priority of internal versus external threats, triggered by rising officers’ decade-long operational experience with counter-terrorist LIC deployments. Evidence of shifting priorities is found in the biennial Pakistan Army Green Book, which reveals how the Army understands and operates in the world. Recent essays—mostly written by Pakistani Colonels and Brigadiers, some of whom have ascended to the highest ranks of Corps Commanders—have concentrated on unconventional, internal threats as much or more than the traditional rivalry with India. The 2006 issue on “Terrorism” unsurprisingly concentrated on these issues, but over 70% of articles from the 2008 issue on the “Future Conflict Environment” and the 2010 issue on “Information Warfare” also reflected on internal security threats. One 2008 article openly acknowledges that the Taliban insurgency “is likely to be the most formidable threat faced by Pakistan in the near future.” In a 2006 article in The Citadel, published by the Command and Staff College, one Colonel suggested that “Pakistan does not face [an] external threat as much as it does from within.”

What is puzzling is that this evidence of declining aggressiveness toward India, a reduced budgetary share for military spending, and a re-orientation of perceived threats facing Pakistan has come during a period when leading theories of international security least predicted it. Many scholars anticipated Pakistan’s “nuclear shield,” acquired in 1998, would embolden it to intensify aggression, at least at the sub-conventional level. (Similar fears, citing Pakistan as a precedent, have also been invoked to justify preventive actions against nuclear aspirants like Iran). Nevertheless, Pakistan’s strategic behavior over the past 15 years challenges this conventional wisdom.

Focusing on Afghanistan and internal threats has helped spur Pakistan’s adjustment on its eastern border, but this “distraction” explanation cannot sufficiently account for the shift. Pakistan demonstrated it was capable of sub-conventional conflict on two fronts—backing the Mujahideen and later the Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan alongside Khalistani and Kashmiri insurgents in India—during the 1980s and 1990s. Moreover, changes in strategic behaviour began years before the internal threat was appreciated, suggesting the nuclear factor may bear partial responsibility. The scale and intensity of recent internal LIC operations also would not have been possible without Pakistani confidence that redeployments westward would not jeopardize eastern border security. It is difficult to draw strong conclusions from limited trend lines, but it seems plausible that Pakistan’s national security, reassured by its nuclear assets, is depending less on non-state actors, conventional competition, or frequent aggressive posturing.

To be sure, Pakistan will continue to spend significant resources on conventional deterrence, and posit India as a major threat, but it does all of this with far less intensity and singular focus than it did three decades ago. Given a tough geopolitical neighbourhood and limited resources, relying on a nuclear deterrent may be a nett positive for Pakistan’s security, but it will depend very much on how Pakistani and Indian nuclear WMD postures evolve in the coming years. Nevertheless, it is possible that in the aggregate the nuclear WMD revolution is increasing stability in South Asia rather than undermining it, and while fraught with risks, it may also continue to spur adaptations in state behavior, planning, and national security thinking.

Anonymous said...

Hello Prasun,
This topic certainly is unrelated to your blog. Hope you can reply.

Am puzzled as to why the central NDA govt is not taking the step of calling for a joint session of parliament to clear the land bill, instead of dressing it down, if current news reports are to be believed. Why not a joint session and spare the people from all these dramatics in the Rajya Sabha. Would it not be more productive for the govt to do that?

Is the govt trying to shirk it's responsibilities by not passing the bill on it's own, so that at a future time if there are any disputes due to the bill it can pass the blame around?

Has the govt determined that the bill (even though it is the right thing to do) is going to be unpopular in the states that are going for elections in the years to come?

There is no discussion in media as to why govt is taking the approach it currently does. Hope you have some insight.


Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Hello Prasun Da,

I am not sure of DM has said these words or not but in parliment he seems to have said by 2022 FOC for MK2 Tejas would be done ... When will we learn to be realistic and sincere ?


Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

In your opinion what chances do private and public Indian shipyards have of exporting their stuff given the fact that they will face tremendous competition from countries like China, South Korea and others.



joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

the answer you gave to #SK & #Maverick brings the question back again to question i sked in last thread,

1. How many reactors are outside IAEA safeguard, how much is their output and how much HEU/LEU is needed to feed the future 9/12 SSNs, 6 SSBNs

2. You say the Russian SSGNs will be used to safeguard the SSBNs untill SSNs come, but will Russia allow them to be used in wartime

3. Kashalot or Irbis, which will be the 2nd SSGN to be leased

4. I think that LCA mk2 wont get IOC/FOC before 2025 hence SP production line will be reached only by 2028/29 (, also clear is that neither PAKFA or FGFA are expected before 2030

5. My assertion that India will go for 250 Rafales may be correct, count as 36+44 by 2020 (as per you) add to it 90+45 (option) as per the rfp issued, the total is 215, add to it the supposed 35 Rafale M for carriers so in all there may be 250 Rafales flying in India

6.You once said India was likely to opt for BMPTs and more Arjun mk2, but heard nothing on it till date, any news?

hope to get answers


Joydeep Ghosh

Rithu Ghosh said...

Hi Prasun,

Below lab works done by DRDO on Railguns, Do you know any active follow up program on same ?


KP Shan said...


If you are copying your statement on Pakistan's shifting military priorities from Sameer Lalwani's article in "The National Interest", at least give a proper reference. The guy deserves some referencing for his hardwork, otherwise, your statement becomes crass plagiarism...

Jay Bhanushali said...

Pakistan official defense budget might be 3.3% of gdp but these numbers are a sham and the real figures are substantially higher.they have removed all retirement benifits, pensions,military hospital budget,nuclear wmd program budget etc out of their official defense budget and its still $7 billion. they have reduced the official defense budget only to become eligible for the IMF loans. Dr C Christine Fair explained this in her lecture i have posted above. Its a long speech but is really worth hearing.
She also explains why it is impossible for Pakistan to stop being obsessed about India because accepting the status quo is equal to accepting defeat. Pakistan only has an ideology (two nation theory). If they give that up they will have nothing,
They wont have a reason to exist.
She explains beautifully that pak army is a parasite and it is in the pak army's interest to keep Pakistan in a comatose state so its alive enough for the army to feed of it but dead enough to not resist being eaten from within. I urge everyone to find the time to at least watch this video and also if time permits, read her books.

Ved said...

What is this? Is it true ? Or just another bundalbaaz?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To USAK: That's because unlike other countries, there's no consensus within India on land reforms, & whenever land is acquired even under existing laws, almost every state govt has shirked away from its compensation/rehabilitation responsibilities. For instance, in Singapore, there's no freehold land, & all structures built there are on land that is leased for a 99-year period. Similarly, in the US, any amount of land anywhere can be acquired if the US President certified that it is imperative for national security purposes. This kind of clarity of purpose is totally absent in India. Moreover, while almost every politician or activist is a self-styled expert when it comes to criticising, hardly anyone is able to come up with win-win viable counter-narratives or alternate solutions.

To ADITYA: Even 2022 is a very rosy figure. 2025 will be a more realistic target. So far, no one has spelt out exactly how many Tejas Mk2 prototypes & LCA (Navy) Mk2 prototypes will be built for the flight-test/flight-certification process. A minimum of five flying prototypes of each & two sdtatic prototypes for fatigue-testing will have to be built.

To VIKRAM GUHA: Experience & past track-record tell us that India-built naval vessels have been exported only when they were gifted by the Govt of India. Thus far, no Indian shipyard of any type has ever won an export contract on a competitive basis. This trend is unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: 1) That information is easily available & you will have to Google for it. 2) No. Only for usage during peacetime. 3) Kashalot. 5) No. Not more than 189. 6) Never said any such thing about BMPTs. Had instead said that it is possible & viable to domestically modify the IA's existing T-72 medium battle tanks into heavy armoured support vehicles like the BMPT.

To RITU GHOSH: Only laboratory-based research has been undertaken to understand the physics behind the concept of EM railguns. Nothing beyond that. Not evgen a technology demonstration exercise.

To K P SHAN: Never stated it was my statement. Never stated that I was the author of those observations. If you were really so concerned about crass plagiarism, why didn't you post the weblink yourself? You ought to first practice what you go about preaching.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Composite IAF/Army Aviation air base at Panagarh, West Bengal, was commissioned yesterday:


Of the seven additional C-130Js on order, six will be based there between May 2016 & may 2017.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JAY BHANUSHALI: It gets even better! Watch from 24.36 till 42.16 at:

Even the entire gamut of fiscal performance statistics are totally fudged & distorted, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Pls read this article.

If China wants to bring Sri Lanka into its side, China could have done many good things, such as loans with very low interest rate, employment opportunities to Sri Lankans so that people of Lanka will be attracted towards China than India, especially considering anti-Sri Lanka agitation by some Tamil politicians. They lost that great opportunity to bring Sri Lankans into their camp. Now look at the Sri Lanka now. The people of Lanka will be in debt. They understand the sinister design of China. Now Sri Lankan's only hope is India >> Japan > USA. In that order. I know a Sri Lankan family, who said his father's agriculture land has been taken by Chinese companies for the so called "development" and so far, he has not got any benefits nor any jobs.

Now you look at the "would be" Chinese investment in Pakistan. Do you think China will offer you at an interest rate below 0.25%? Do you think Chinese companies will hire 80% of its workforce in Pakistan from Pakistan?

I dream about a scene: a group of Chinese engineers eating pork surrounded by Pakistanis? Will the Pakistanis entertain that scenario or will kill the Chinese? BTW, Will you give shake hand to those Engineers, Mr. Raw13?

Prasun, could you answer RAW13's post on a retd Pak general's comment at the beginning of the comments?


prateek said...

see this photo...

i have been wanting to ask you from quite sometime now that why do indian army personnel & other security forces use mobile phones for communications during operations. ?

in the above photo also , one can see the soldiers carrying radio sets , but still they are using mobile phones , one can hardly think that they are making calls to friends or family.

could you please tell us about the communication devices used by indian army in battalions and downwards..what types of radios there vinatge , technology & that if the are old are they in line for replacement ?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAVI N: LoLz! Very good find indeed. VMT. When the Chinese first approached Sri Lanka for building transshipment ports in Colombo & Hambantota, they told the Sinhalas that these were meant for storage & transshipment of containers destined for the Middle east & East Africa. In reality, the Chinese were aiming for the Indian market. Now that the transshipment terminal in Kerala (being built by Adani Ports) is coming up, all the investments of the Chinese in Sri Lankan ports have now become white elephants. Similarly, the Chinese are now claiming that the Gwadar port infrastructure too is aimed at the Middle East & East Africa, & the buffoons in Pakistan are buying this lollypop wholescale! The Chinese are also trying a similar lollypop to Iran by offering to upgrade port infrastructure in Bandar Abbas in Iran. In reality, some of what the Chinese are aiming for is amply described here:

And kindly rest assured that I will reply to RAW13's earlier post with multiple references. I'm waiting for the third module to be captured or killed--one of 3 that had infiltrated into India on July 24, 2015. One went to Jammu & was busted yesterday, the other went to Gurdaspur where it was liquidated, while the third module is still holed up somewhere in Jallandhar. Their telephone conversations using THURAYA SATphones have already been intercepted & triangulated & it is a matter of time before that module too is located & cornered.

To PRATEEK: Those using cellphones are CRPF personnel, not IA personnel. The CRPF personnel in J & K who are past of the rear-area counter-infiltration grid wear olive-green outfits. They don't need to use encrypted tactical radio communications of the type used by the IA & RR formations.

prateek said...

sir ,
i am damn sure that both the people talking on the phone are indian army personnel..u can even see a "majors" rank tab on a guys shoulder.

what i am asking is that why do they use cell phones at all ?
whether they are IA or CAPFs ?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PRATEEK: Tactical radios can be used only when there's a mobile field tactical communications grid present, & such grids are not available everywhere, especially in rear areas. That's why although one can see wireless tactical radios for short-range comms (not more than 15km range effectiveness), it is better to cellular comms for distances that are longer than 15km. In fact, the IA's first new 4G tactical comms grid to be deployed in the North East is all cellular-comms based & will make use of mobiles with built-in encryption algorithmns.

Meanwhile, do watch this hilarious programme on how once the entire Pakistani federal cabinet was sold out to the idea of water-kits being used for powering automobiles:

Rituraj said...


You buy this?

rad said...

oh yes they can defeat the f-22 also

Jay Bhanushali said...

Interesting article on the indradhanush exercise and the capabilities of the su30 mki

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RITURAJ: The article is flawed in many respects. The PAF F-16s don't possess IRST sensors or all-aspect WVRAAMs (of either US or Chinese origin), a critical vulnerability when engaging in air combat (in accordance with the look first-shoot first principle when cruising in hostile airspace) with either Su-30MKIs or MiG-29UPGs. The Su-30MKI's only vulnerability as of now is the absence of internal MAWS & internal jammer for neutralising radar-guided BVRAAMs. This vulnerability will be overcome with the advent of the Super Su-30MKI. The MiG-29UPGs have ELT-568 jammers for neutralising BVRAAMs, but do not possess MAWS. But MAWS can be retrofitted on the MiG-29UPGs in future.

To JAY BHANUSHALI & RAD: During friendly dogfights between the Typhoons & Su-30MKIs, the latter's supermanoeuvrability features will be of enormous benefit when reqd for flight trajectory-shaping during the 'merge' component of the dogfight, especially in terms of ensuring that 'energy usage' is optimised throughout the dogfight & there are no vulnerabilities as a loss of energy during the flight manoeuvres, i.e. the agility quotient of the Su-30MKI remains superior.

Point to be noted is that during such friendly engagements, only gun-versus-gun scenarios can be simulated, & not dissimilar air combat using the HMDS/all-aspect WVRAAM combination. Therefore, as a cautionary note, even friendly exercises like EX INDRADHANUSH should not be taken as a serious example of realistic dogfights.

raw13 said...


The comments you posted (by another author) on Pak direction are in the right direction, that we dont send over people to kill indians but still some aspects are looking at events through highly tinted indian glasses. They are more in line with your fellow indian M.K.B than your usual thinking, so well done for making the leap to reality ;-).

If you think where most of the US funds went during the Musharraf era, nukes, more nukes, reactors, more reactors and delivery systems, lots of them. Since then our focus is more internal, because we are no longer worried about the Cold-Start, etc..., however by upgrading the capabilities of the FC/Rangers, Pasban/Mujhid forces we actually are in quite good position. The troops need to take combat ops is higher today than it was 15-20yrs ago, apart from the above forces we have really reduced our tail and increased mechanisation. All in all the indian dream of being THE dominant power in the region will remain just that!

Wrt to Chabhar port and hajigak iron mine in Afghanistan, look at my comments for the last year...Iran doesnt trust India, you backstabbed them in a flash and showed no remorse. Not only that, we in pak have decided to take into account their interests on one condition, no india. In our part of the world, we judge our friends by their actions, not words and we have long, long memories. In Afghanistan you are a non entity after spending billions, without USA/NATO combine to protect your people. All in all you are isolated in your own region.

raw13 said...


In Pak, if you watch our media, you will know we are not a people with our heads stuck in the sand. We are well aware of the Chinese investments in Africa and elsewhere. Not all are the same and impact/perception is not the same. You have to bear in mind that we have been working with the chinese in Pak for decades. The relationship we have with them is not the one they have with SriLanka. Just look at how the Chinese Presidents wife was dressed when they visited our national colours and his letter to Pak people. Many of these chinese working in Pak, are able to comm in urdu. We respect them a lot and they do the same. Otherthan that, the planned money spent in Pak for CPEC is not loans. This is why Modi is having sleepless nights. Also you need to look at the projects. They are all infrastructure, port and power.

financeblogger said...

The above article mentions lot of work being done by India on combat lasers. Request you to elaborate on the same.

Given what is written in the article, how do you rate the feasibility of combat lasers being onboard fighter aircrafts around 2030?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAW13: And yet, despite all the bombastic bravado coming from you, a country like Pakistan, armed with WMDs, is still totally unable to deter US drone strikes inside sovereign Pakistani territory! So kindly spare your irrational rants for dessimination at tomorrow's post-lunch Khutba in you local masjid/madrassa.

Whether Iran or Afghanistan trusts India is for these countries to decide & they will certainly not be dictated by Pakistan or anyone else. NATO's ISAF forces never protected any Indian interests inside Afghanistan; India's ITBP contingents have & are providing proximate security. As to whether or not India means anything to Afghanistan, just listen to what this former Pakistani Pashtun diplomat recently said, starting from 30.30 till 34.00:

If you do have long memories, then don't expect the Afghans, Russians, Tajiks & Iranians to have short memories either. They do have the sovereign right to demand their pound of flesh from Pakistan for all the mayhem created by Pakistani Mullahs since the 1980s. And Afghanistan especially cannot forget that Pakistan refused the use of its territory for transporting India-built power-supply transmission towers meant for Kabul, which then had to be sent via Iran from 2006 till 2009. And no self-respecting Afghan will EVER forget that India-supplied nutritional biscuits meant for Afghanistan have never been allowed transit through Pakistani territory since 2002. It will take at least another 20 years of atonement by Pakistan before it starts earning any kind of Afghan goodwill.

Lastly, don’t ever forget that Afghanistan & India have enjoyed "centuries-old ties", while India-Iran ties are civilisational, spanning more than 4,500 years. Pakistan, being born in 1947, can’t even dream about the depth of such ties, leave alone match or overtake them. Despite all this, if you still stubbornly persist to dwell in cuckoo-land, you’re most welcome to do so at your own peril. And based on recent arrest & liquidations of infiltrating armed Pakistani nationals inside sovereign Indian territory, rest assured that Pakistan next month will be taken to the cleaners, shredders & undertakers during the annual UN General Assembly session. No wonder the MQM is now working overtime to establish a firm foothold in the US while concurrently inviting NATO’s intervention in Karachi to save the 1.5 crore Mohajirs.

All China-financed projects under CPEC will have to be paid back by Pakistani taxpayers with interest. Just because credit-financing is being resorted to for start-up operations doesn't mean no-payback. Therefore, for all intents & purposes these are loans. No one in India is sleepless over the CPEC. Just wait for the following 2 months for the earthquakes & landslides to begin along the Karakoram Range. Obly then will one know who is suffering from insomnia.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To FINANCEBLOGGER: The wingtip-mounted combat lasers will be anti-WVRAAM DIRCMs, similar to the miniaturised ones developed by ELBIT Systems, which were displayed at Aero India 2015. Rest assured that no such R & D work is underway in India on such systems. If there were, even as technology demonstrators, the DRDO would have gone guns blazing in trying to publicise them.

Arpit Kanodia said...

PKS Sir,

Whats your thinking on this?

Pintu said...

It seems Retd. General is smoking some weeds.

Anonymous said...

Mr. PKS,
Lolz at your comments! u said "And yet, despite all the bombastic bravado coming from you, a country like Pakistan, armed with WMDs, is still totally unable to deter US drone strikes inside sovereign Pakistani territory!"
so how has ur wmd stopped u from 26/11, khalistan movement, kashmir etc. As far Pakistan is concerned Searcher UAV was shot down if u remember!! and we indeed also shot down russians col rutskoi alexander vladmirovich (they being super power) u cant even fight the chinese....
Yes India which was created on 15 th Aug 1947 is 4500 years old and it had alliances all around like it had with china!!! same afghan alliance when afghan's invaded india .... definitely you have a long history with them.
u said about all transit related stuff!! tell me why Pakistan should give you that transit..... its your problem and your effort for them !!! or why dont u make a drone and let it fly over Pakistan to transit these products!!!
Plz teach this in ur Dharam shala all the lies you right here......

Arpit Kanodia said...


Firstly hatts off to your sheer intelligence.

Lolz, you comparing a nation violating your sovereignty in broad day light with signboard we are coming with Terrorist attacks. ROFL.

Really hats off.

Secondly where that shot down, if I remember correctly then it was over Lahore. Lolz. Did I need to explain further that after 15 yrs what India doing with all recce sats and MALE UAVs?

Anonymous said...

LMAO man...... u have really shown ur intelligence !!! the comment was in response to comment above stating WMD and drone strike (which had no co-relation to remark by raw 13) (so i gave the exact response to Mr. PKS).... so in other words u have ridiculed in PKS as well lolz!!!! Keep it up mate

Arpit Kanodia said...


Wow, now no correlation.ROFL. Since 1999, Pakistan claiming that he secured herself from sovereignty violation and any territorial change which is not in favor of Pakistan because of WMD. Even Iran is much better than Pakistan without WMD, in securing sovereignty and borders.

This is matter of fact, as all Pakistanis are, you are confused too that what you want actually.

Lolz, btw, tell me for what purpose a country develop WMD? To have such sovereignty violation on its borders? You are pretty well intelligent.

Anonymous said...

@ arpit
lolz typical indian strategy in discussion to change the topic !!! hahahaha why would i give a damn about you comparing iran with Pakistan (by ur logic japan is better than india with no nukes and women are safe to walk around in japan than india?? lolz)..... man u are delusional :P ..... thanks for the compliment but you shouldnt have!!

Anonymous said...


some food for thought for our peace-loving neighbours.


rad said...

hi prasun
I find it difficult to believe that the su-30 mki got the upper hand in Indra dhanush all the time as reported by vishnu som, may be a good number of times.To say that it is a better dog fighter than the typhoon--personally i would take it with a pinch of salt.The only advantage is of course is the zero AOA limits for the su-30 b y which the nose can b e swung around at any airspeed is a great advantage. The typhoon has better agility and thrust to weight as during the last exercise the chief of RAF publicly announced "we got them". I t would b e nice to hear reports from the other side as well.
I think it is a crime not to fit maws to the su-30 still,I am surprised that you mentioned that they dont have ecm internally. But the ac has those antennas on the leading edge and strakes in the front , please clarify .
I do believe that the superior aim-9x is on the pipeline to pak for the f-16.
could you please post o a pic of the wing tip mounted laser elbit had displayed in aero 2015. Or provide a link

PIYUSH DAS said...

Sir, when i asked you about whether su30 mki is better than typhoon & you did'nt answered, i had a bad feeling that su30 may be inferior to typhoons; but i think i've got my answer now.
they have beaten typhoon with a scorecard of 12-0 !!!
su30 was able to shoot them down even when two typhoons were pitched against one su30 !!!

but sir, then why serviceability & FOD were such a big issue in red flag exercise in US. i think those exercises were tailored against su30 mki, to show russian planes inferior.

& sir can you plese tell me about the l band radar on t-50pakfa. can it be used to detect & track stealth planes ??

Arpit Kanodia said...

Lolz, @Anonymous obviously the security conditions of Japan is far far better than India from obvious reasons-that is USA. BTW, who told you Japan have no nuclear umbrella?

Maybe you got high after reading this.LoLz

MQM asking help from Indian ambassador. Maybe Mohajirs started to consider themselves as more Indian rather than Pakistanis.

raw13 said...


do you mean this:

I didnt even see this in Pak media. VMT for the info.


You guy are already the laughing stock of the world...what with banning porn and then realising that the acute male to female ratio means that no indian woman will ever be safe, it was unbanned. Bring it to UN...they may actually let you into the UNSC, for entertainment ;-)

wrt drones, just look at what was agreed by Mushraff. Its well documented. Why dont you guys trying sending your drones, see what we will do to them....Oh wait you already did ;-)

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@4.21PM: Dude, you have just displayed both your way-below-average-IQ as well as cowardice. Did India yell anytime at all about its WMDs being a deterrent against sub-conventional terrorist attacks? On the other hand, even a small SOF operation mounted by the IA inside Myanmar evokes outbursts, squeals & threats from Pakistan about usage of WMDs for deterring SOF operations mounted by India! Learn to compare apples with apples, unless your way-below-average-IQ is posing a serious intellectual impediment. The day is not far when Pakistan's nuclear WMD-related bluffs will be called by a coalition of the willing, of course by Allah's grace. And finally, do log in next time with a decent verifiable Handle, so that you are able to stand up & be held accountable for your PoVs & opinions. Be both a man & a gentleman. Or is it too much to expect from you?

Finhally, a point to be raised by you for tomorrow's post-lunch Khutba: do ask China to provide incubatory financing to Sultan Bashiruddin Mehmood (the first Director of Kahuta-based KRL) for a project start-up that calls for harnessing the fiery power of Jins (Jalladhs/devils) for solving Pakistan's energy crisis. Who knows, he may even be able to come up with the 'mother of all WMDs', which will finally compel the US to terminate its drone attacks inside Pakistan!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAW13: India being the laughing stock? Well, why doesn't Pakistan too compete in this arena to overtake & outdo India & claim total supremacy??? That's why, as a friend;y advice, during tomorrow's post-lunch Khutba, do make a humble request to Pakistan's all-weather Chinese friends to provide incubatory financing to Sultan Bashiruddin Mehmood (the first Director of Kahuta-based KRL & later also a PAEC Director) for a project start-up that calls for harnessing the fiery power of Jins (Jalladhs/devils) for solving Pakistan's energy crisis. Who knows, he may even be able to come up with the 'mother of all WMDs', which will finally compel the US to terminate its drone attacks inside Pakistan!

SK said...


1. Can C-295 LTA aircraft land at DBO and other high-altitude ALGs? Can it also supply military loads like An-32 or there is any dimension problem? What is the status of the contract as of now?

2. What happened to RUSSO-Indian MTA?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: What such nitwits don't realise is that India can survive & carry on without Mumbai or Delhi. India's greatest advantage is her sub-continental size hinterland. But can Pakistan survive without Islamabad & Karachi?

To RAD: That's why I had stated that only in gun-versus-gun dogfight scenarios without any airborne battle management inputs from AEW & CS platforms, the aircraft with on-board IRST sensor & TVC nozzles for supermanoeuvrability will always have the upper hand due to its superior agility quotient. That's precisely the reason why Eurojet GmbH too is developing TVC nozzles for the EJ-200 turbofan. Su-30MKI has no internal jammer & that's why the EL/L-8222 ASPJ is used. Only the IAF's MiG-29s & IN's MiG-29Ks have internal jammers. On the Super Su-30MKIs the ELT-568 will be installed.

As for the PAF, leave alone the AIM-9X, not even the AIM-9S is approved for export by the US. Also, the PAF's ASPJs are devoid of programmable DFRMs.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIYUSH DAS: FOD is an issue with the Su-30MKI's AL-31FP turbofan, since its turbine-blades are susceptible to damage from the ingestion of stone pebbles. Therefore, there has to be 1-minute gap between successive takeoffs of each Su-30MKI flight (comprising two aircraft taking off at the same time side-by-side). There was no conspiracy at all to portray the Su-30MKI as being inferior during Ex Red Flag. You can read all about L-band radars for Su-30MKI at:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SK: Of course the C-295 can land in & take off from DBO & all other ALGs. It will be proven for sure after it goes to all those ALGs for demonstration flights once its selection is formally announced. So far no contract signature has taken place. The IL-214 MRTA project is making progress at a snail's pace. By now at least the first prototype should have flown. The Ruskies have stated that manpower constraints from HAL's side are to blame for delays in finalising the aircraft's design.

bhoutik said...

sorry this is kinda off-topic...

your opinions on the 'out of India migration' theory and the 'aryan invasion' theory?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BHOUTIK: Most of these theories originated from 19th & early 20th century British archaeologists & Indologists. My personal view is that such theories cannot be proved beyond doubt, especially in light of recent excavations thanks to the availability of advanced remote-sensing technologies. Personally, I'm therefore more inclined to lean toward the discoveries related to continental Kumari Kandam & its linkages with ancient Mesopotamia during the age of the Sumerian civilisations more than 100,000 years ago.

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

(1) Today ISIS carried out another suicide balst in a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia. Is Saudi Arabia purposely using ISIS to target Shias?

(2) Is India really negotiating with Russia for the lease of the Yasen class sub or is it another case of yellow journalism?



Prasun K. Sengupta said...

RAF Typhoon & IAF Su-30MKI in Ex Indra Dhanush 2015:

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) No. KSA will never do that on its own soil. These are disgruntled, die-hard Salafists who are rebelling against the Al Saud dynasty. 2) No Project 885 Yasen. Only the Kashalot. The IN doesn't have the manpower to spare for learning how to operate & maintain an entirely new class of SSGN. As it is both the IN & ICGS early this year requested the private-sector shipyards not to deliver the ordered warships ahead of schedule (which the shipyards want to) due to the prevailing manpower shortages.

Rajesh Mishra said...

Is it that the Zero IQ people have the longest memories and if so then which gene or something else is responsible for it.

bhoutik said...

do you think sanskrit ws born in India or brought in?

Abhay Jain said...

Prasun sir,

I don't seem to understand the reasoning behind the intensity of current attacks? plz shed some light on it.

What is so-called Modi-Doval doctrine viz-a-viz pakistan?

What will be the next move of India if any?

Has NAL Saras gone for good as no more news lately? Will they even complete that project as a tech demonstrator?

Do you see any indigenous civil airliner in foreseeable future? how long will it take to mature our aviation capabilities likes of advanced countries? I am not saying likes of Boeing or Airbus but why can't we have a company likes of Bombardier or Embraer?

Is there any serious research going on in the field of Directed Energy Weapons in India?


Abhay Jain

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

An education curriculum rife with distorted history exacerbates Pakistan’s already serious internal tensions, according to new research commissioned by the US Institute of Peace.

Pakistan’s Education Crisis in Context:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJESH MISHRA: It isn't about longest memories, but rather possessing only selective memories whilst existing in a time-warp, a.k.a. suspended animation. In other words, living in cuckoo-land.

How else does one explain this contradictory baloney: Pakistan rejected India’s assertion that a LeT terrorist captured alive after a terror attack in Udhampur yesterday was of Pakistani-origin and asked India to refrain from making “accusations”.“We have also seen media reports and I will not offer any comment on that issue. We expect the Indian authorities to share information with us on the claims that are being made in the media,” Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson Syed Qazi Khalilullah said on the arrest of the terrorist Mohammed Naved Yakub in India.

On one hand, the Pak Foreign Office is rejecting that the captured terrorist is a Pakistani national, presumably after cross-checking with NADRA's national registration database for Pakistani citizens. If that's the case, then there should be no need at all for Pakistan to ask India to share information with us on the claims that are being made in the India media. For Pakistan, this ought to be a closed matter. But why then is it seeking additional information about the arrest from India? It is thus obvious that the Pak Foreign Office is in total confusion & has not yet realised that it is making diametrically opposing statements about a single incident. Leave alone IQ, anyone with common-sense can see through such contradictions.

To RAW13: You were proudly claiming that no country apart from pakistan had as yet condemned the Gurdaspur terror attacks. Well, the US has now joined Pakistan. Here's the proof of that for you to read, watch & listen:

To BHOUTIK: That question again presupposes that the Aryan invasion theory was true. Like I said before, try to find out all you can about Kumari Kandam. It's all here in thie blog somewhere.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ABHAY JAIN: The most likely reason is that these ‘sarkari jihadis’ have gone totally beyond the PA’s control & are openly challenging the writ of Pakistan’s law & turning Pakistan into a total international embarrassment, thereby accelerating a declaration by the UN of Pakistan being a terrorist state. If the PA claims to be in total control of its sovereign territory, then this should not happen, but unfolding on-ground developments prove otherwise. Thus, the country being attacked has every right to defend itself through punitive retaliatory attacks & this is authorised by UNSC’s Resolution No 1267. Therefore, expect India to asymmetrically escalate by resorting to heavy mortar shelling of the Pakistani areas adjacent to the IB in Jammu that will cause proportional loss of Pakistani lives. This is part of India’s dissuasive deterrence doctrine at the sub-conventional-level, whose implementation will also prove to the world that any attempt by India to normalise bilateral relations with Pakistan only fetches diminishing returns. No one in their right mind will even dream of normalising relations with a country’s whose Army refuses even transit rights for humanitarian relief aid destined for struggling & war-torn neighbouring countries.

NAL’s SARAS was given an indecent but quiet burial about 4 years ago. NAL being a research institution was never capable of developing a well-engineered aircraft of any type. Development is always best left to those who are doing this for a living 24/7, i.e. entities like HAL. Any homegrown civil airliner will be financially unviable & totally cost-prohibitive. Look at how China is struggling with its ARJ-21 regional airliner. Even Japan shies away from such projects. As for DEWs, do read this:

raw13 said...


if after a month an indian newspaper reports it, it must be true ;-). Its like a father saying to his hurt daughter dont worry, after a month she was injured. Should make the daughter think.

You are wasting your time with these US think tanks. Most of these people have never been to Pakistan or can even think of understanding us. They have no comprehension of our resilience or our sense of being. Most of these think tanks are in a state of shock that they tasted defeat in Afghanistan with all their money and might, by few hairy men and their backers. You see a Pakistan guy, doesnt need to be taught that he is so and so. He knows it the minute he is born. That he is king. It is what my father taught me, it is what most Pak fathers do and it is what islam also teaches us. Bow to no man. With the genes that my people have, you will fear us for a long time to come.

Even with our thick genes and education we still make it to:

where are you guys?

Abhay Jain said...

prasun sir,

thank you very much for replies.

You are trying to imply that PA has nothing to do with these recent attacks?

What is the future of INDO-Russia MTA or Is it dud too?

I read above article when you posted it.
What I meant to say is ground high energy laser defense system likes of iron beam and Raytheon's?

KALI (Kilo Ampere Linear Injector) is being developed for any defense application in mind or It is just a scientific research project?


raw13 said...

This is something you should read, on the impact and difficulties of CPEC:

Our country is changing for the good:

...and another one, on where we are going:

I agree if we improve our education, we will go places.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Another PA Aviation Mi-17 crash, this time at Mansehra:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ABHAY JAIN: If you understand what 'sarkari jihadi' means, then you will be able to draw the correct linkages between the PA & entities like the LeT, LeJ & JeM.

Did anyone from the DRDO or DAE ever state that KALI had weaponisation prospects?

raw13 said...

yes an, air ambulance.

what do you make of this:

Rajesh Mishra said...

Shri PKS: Your reply was Great.

raw13 said...

not sure if this will be released everywhere, watch the trailer:

Some creative people here.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAW13: 1) Anyone who nowadays uses terms like imperialism or socialism is a certified moron & views matters through blinkered vision. 2) LeT's genesis & subsequent mutations i9nto JuD etc etc have been extensively documented by information-/data-gathering agencies like the NSA & GCHQ, & such data was subsequently used to corroborate all that David Coleman Headley had confessed to. This was iron-clad evidence which was subsequently revealed by Edward Snowden. Sop, there are no buyers for any denials from LeT or JuD. 3) How many know for a fact that the RSS has a Muslim wing composed exclusively of Muslim youth? 4) Violence always begets violence, be it the Muslims turning against the Sikhs in NWFP & Rawalpindi prior to Partition, or a certain section of the Muslim community of Godhra town blatantly breaking the law of the land by burning railway coaches. Of course such Muslims never bothered to find out whether or not there were any non-Muslims in those coaches. Had all this not happened, there would have been no communal clashes in Gujarat in 2002. 5) S A R Geelani weas never the mastermind of the attack on the Indian Parliament. The Supreme Court was presented with clinching evidence (SIGINT intercepts) against the JeM & the guy who weas later hanged was a wilful co-conspirator. S A R Geelani was arrested & detained wrongfully just for possessing open-source data on the ORBATs of the militaries of India & Pakistan that were available on-line from the website of a Pakistani defence magazine! Strange, ridiculous, but very much true. 6) The attacks on KSEW & Naval Dockyard were carried out by target killers acting on behalf of interest groups that had been denied their share of commissions related to the purchase of the 3 Agosta 90B SSKs. 7) Sri Lankan cricket team was targetted by the LeJ. 8) Zabiuddin Ansari aka Abu Jundal's voice samples have been perfectly matched with VOIP intercepts done by the UK's GCHQ while doing real-time recording of the 26/11 attacks from the terminal of Zarar Shah.

Bottomline: It is quite possible to lose objectivity when analysing a chain of events. This is where clinching evidence emanating from forensics plays the pivotal role, instead of brain-dead conspiracy theories. It is also evident that there are Frankenstein's monsters like LeT, JeM & LeJ that have since 2002 mutated into forms that are beyond the control of Pakistan's authorities. This is why the recent spate of terror attacks in Jammu & Punjab by Pakistani citizens is most likely an obvious attempt by these mutants to sow further suspicion & discord between the two countries, just as was the case during 26/11. For, one must not forget the likes of Hafiz Mohd Sayeed constantly targetting the Sharif brothers over the past 4 months & making them the object of his anger & scorn.

sweet said...

"what do you make of this:"

ever bothered to read the article? ever bothered to even read the previous articles of the clown you quoted?Just because she has drawn Pakistan into the open and exposed with bare facts, Pakistanis are out like wolves to grab just a single piece of shit that goes against her. But in the process, they forget even to read that the article mentioned was retarded to level that it deserves no comment.

"She was, in short, directed to focus her essay mainly on the party accused by India for having mounted 26/11. Surprisingly, she nowhere mentioned in her testimony that LeT has emphatically denied responsibility for 26/11."

Now we have to trust the "emphatic" claims made by terrorists? just like how emphatically Pakistani authorities denied the existence of bin laden?.....hahahaha

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SWEET: Most of the Pakistani commentators invited for taking part in panel discussions on some Indian TV channels yesterday had to walk out prematurely after failing to defend the indefensible.

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,

Lobbies are setting and getting up against Rafale

rad said...

hi prasun
its nice to hear that the aim-9x is not approved to pak and still better that they dont have the programmable dfrm for it ew system.
please join the issue of the indra dhanush and comment on the the results.The raf seems to have vehemently rejected the one side 12-0 cricket score type of results.For one i dont belive it either. There seems to be no progress in teh talks of the
super sukhoi upgrade , what is happening?.
Very informative article by carlo kopp on L band aesa for the super sukhoi.

Arpit Kanodia said...

PKS Sir,

The Pakistan not allowing us simple transit rights to Afghanistan, even when the case was the humanitarian crisis.

So, how we expect Pakistan will give the transit rights to TAPI and allow the gas supply to India?

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

Economic Times reported today that Tiger Memon called up his mother in Mumbai and said that he will avenge Yakub Memon's death.

You probably have seen the huge 30,000 strong crowd who attended Yakub Memon's funeral. So there is clear evidence that he still has support and they can carry out terror strikes around India.

Please share your thoughts.



Rithu Ghosh said...

@ Vikram Guha what a logic, Lakhs attend thackeray funeral, which was conducted with state honor. So their is a clear evidence of terrorist being support by people and state.

Read Justice Srikrishna Commission report when you have time.

"One common link between the riots of December 1992 and January 1993 and bomb blasts of 12th March 1993 appear to be that the former appear to have been a causative factor for the latter. There does appear to be a cause and effect relationship between the two riots and the serial bomb blasts.

Tiger Memon, the key figure in the serial bomb blasts case and his family had suffered extensively during the riots and therefore can be said to have had deep rooted motive for revenge. It would appear that one of his trusted accomplices, Javed Dawood Tailor alias Javed Chikna, had also suffered a bullet injury during the riots and therefore he also had a motive for revenge.

….Mahesh Narain Singh who was heading the team of investigators who investigated into the serial bomb blasts case…… also emphasises that the serial bomb blasts were a reaction to the totality of events at Ayodhya and Bombay in December 1992 and January 1993 and the Commission is inclined to agree with him."

Rajesh Mishra said...

In nutshell Mohammad Bin Quasim, Mahmood Gajanavi and Mohammad Ghory should not have invaded India. They should have remained contented with themselves.

raw13 said...


I put up that article which questioned Ms Fair, because she did not manage to answer any of his questions. I dont judge which author is better. Thats why I asked Mr P's opinion. Thing is what she writes and how she writes is not the work of an academic professor, where proof is given and not un-named hearsay and conjunctures. Nor is her work able to stand any scrutiny in any court of law in any country. Her big problem is that with every article she is simply regurgitating info from indian ministry of (dis) information. Its gotten to the point where even serious indian analysts dont take her seriously.

@Prasun, did you know Mughals used to have large regiments of Hindus and Rajputs to kill other Hindus. It doesn't make it right, does it? What RSS, Hinduvata and Modi did was simply Genocide and its why he could not enter USA or most civilised countries for over a decade and those killers are still living the bollywood dream. After his PM'ship you know he still wont be able to enter USA, etc...because his immunity will go. It could be why he is constantly touring the world. By the way I believe that the greatness to any society is determined by how they treat the under-privileged and minorities.

Jay Bhanushali said...

The RAF source also stressed that the Typhoons had effectively been fighting “with one arm behind their backs” as they did not make full use of their more advanced weapons systems.
tony Osborne, the London bureau chief of Aviation Week, also suggested caution when dealing with the Indian claims. “These cricket-style scores claimed by the IAF look impressive but should be treated with caution and certainly not as a realistic gauge of combat capability,” he said.
Prasun said: Point to be noted is that during such friendly engagements, only gun-versus-gun scenarios can be simulated, & not dissimilar air combat using the HMDS/all-aspect WVRAAM combination. Therefore, as a cautionary note, even friendly exercises like EX INDRADHANUSH should not be taken as a serious example of realistic dogfights.

The brits say: Today [though] the aim would be to engage aircraft like the Su-30MKI from long-range before the two could come together in a dogfight.”
Even the Indian pilot admitted the SU-30s were “less successful” in the longer-range combat exercises.
The Iaf had said: Asked about the performance of IAF pilots in these Large Force Engagements, Group Captain Srivastav told NDTV his pilots performed “fairly well” though “quantifying [the results] is difficult”. It was not unexpected for the IAF to “lose” one or two jets (over all the Large Force Engagements put together) given that the movement of each formation was directed by fighter controllers coordinating an overall air battle.

Conclusion: 1)the brits are not denying what the IAF pilot said and Prasun sir confirmed ie in a purely old fashioned dogfight using only gun vs gun engagement the su30 mki beats the typhoon every time.
2)If however one uses dissimilar air combat using the HMDS/all-aspect WVRAAM combination then the results might be quite different.
3) if BVR combat is allowed then there will be mixed results with no clear frontrunner.
4) if AEWACS are also allowed then the Phalcons of the IAF would prove superior against the RAF E-3 Sentry thus giving IAF the edge.
5) So if all this is considered together then the contest is more or less evenly matched with IAF having a slight edge over the RAF
Ps: Prasun sir, feel free to correct any mistakes in my observations and i request you to give your expert opinion on this topic.VMT in advance.

dushyant hardaha said...
Sir what's yours POV on laser armed fighter aircraft

GREMLIN said...

That's that then:

The deal is all but dead, I guess it's time for us to start talks with the Germans/Brits for the Typhoon?

We are a nation of utter morons- we have the money but are unable to even purchase what we want because of one imagined reason or another.

And where is this super-duper defence minister? What exactly has he done in a year? Almost nothing, all pending defence deals that were there when he took over are STILL PENDING!!

WHEN, not IF, China comes we are going to get a serious tonking.

Sweet said...

"because she did not manage to answer any of his questions."

She hasn't answered my questions either even after a month or so. As an academic, they're not spending their entire time sitting in-front of the computer waiting for emails to answer all the questions.

Ever for fucking once sent any mails to academics on any research agenda? You've got to send dozens and dozens of emails to academics and professors whom you think would be interested to make you part of their research team, and out of those dozens, only a 1 or 2 every reply back.

"Thing is what she writes and how she writes is not the work of an academic professor, where proof is given and not un-named hearsay and conjunctures."

As an academic, she has done wonderful job documenting and recording all the evidence needed to corroborate her work.

"Nor is her work able to stand any scrutiny in any court of law in any country."

Court of law?When did she become an investigator of crimes?
She has been invited all around the world by various organisations and universities to give lectures.
She has also testified before United States Congress many times.

"Her big problem is that with every article she is simply regurgitating info from indian ministry of (dis) information. Its gotten to the point where even serious indian analysts dont take her seriously."

No serious Indian "analyst" has ignored her marvellous work.

Huh? regurgitating info from Indian ministry of (dis) information you say?

Funny, because she claimed that her work is based on vast collection of Pakistan army green books, journals and publications she has amassed over the years, which were written by and for consumption within Pakistan army circles. on the contrary, she is on record saying that Indian army publications having nothing to reveal about except talk the same things which the Indian govt. does. She quite clearly stated that she doesn't use Indian source at all.

"After his PM'ship you know he still wont be able to enter USA, etc...because his immunity will go. It could be why he is constantly touring the world."

I am waiting for a day to come when US and EU become serious and kick out all the Pakistani politicians from entering their territory for the incompetence,apathy, inaction and gross negligence over the crimes happening under their rule.Its high time Pakistani politicians are kicked on their arse. Modi pales in comparison to musharraf.

the US and EU should start imposing restrictions on Pakistani army and ISI heads for a start...

Anonymous said...

Mushraff dont have blood of women and children on his hands like Modiji. Only Modiji has the distinsion of being aqussed of genocide by many countries and not allowed to enter..

Mayur M Manapure said...

^^^First learn to type in English.... And if you don't know the spellings... Google it...moron😑

Anonymous said...


Absolutely damming report of the Eurofighter published by the UK Audit Office yesterday. States it is even worse than thought.

raw13 said...


Even the Russian's are getting in on the act.

@sweet, I agree, I too cannot wait for the day when they start kicking out corrupt Pakistani Politicians from europe, ME, USA. I dont see it happening though, they steal so much money from Pak public that benefits these countries. Infact if you guys start doing it with our politicians, you will have many supporters in Pak. Would be great if Modi instead of carrying out genocide on the innocent muslim women and children of Gujrat, did it on our Politicians and their families. Amen!

Subho said...

Prasun, it appears that the French and Russians have managed to settle their dispute over the Mistrals. The French are going to reimburse the Ruskies and return Russian equipment and in return the Ruskies will allow the ships to be sold to other customers.
There's one set of report that states potential customers could be Brazil,India or Vietnam:

The UK Telegraph is however reporting that its the Chinese who've offered to buy both :

Your thoughts please...

SK said...


What is the exact cost of each Agni-5, Agni 4 and Agni 3 missiles, whenever they get into production? How much time it takes to make one missile?


Anonymous said...

Rafales are coming have no doubt about it also the MCA is going to be collaboration not solo project. Indians may be behind in technology but are good at financial analysis they know how the US is feeling about the Raptor and why F-35 came into existence.

Pintu said...

Yeda Yukub Dead.

CSC said...

Dear Prasun

What is the status on the super sukhoi Upgrade... Is the zhuk ae radar being installed already on the mki...
Is there an engine Upgrade possible to give the mki super cruise ability
Are the latest bvraam missiles of the 77 family installed on the mki

PIYUSH DAS said...

sir, does pakfa also has any sort of plasma stealth feature ??

i found this video on youtube, which says that plasma feature works for micro-seconds, & is intended to break missile lock-on.(at 28.29 min).
also plasma port is shown on pakfa at 14.44 min

raw13 said...

A speech by Dan Feldman:

Shows where USA interests are. Should be an eye opener for your NSA and MoD. How do you see india fit in this scenario?

Lots of interesting info coming out from the latest IAF-RAF exercise. Seems like IAF boys have done themselves proud. This simply tells me, forget the Rafael, go for more MKI's and co-develop an equivalent of F-15E and you have commonality in your fleet....but off course it means less kickbacks. For the low end get LCA in numbers....again no kickbacks.

Jay Bhanushali said...

We are going for more mki's,we will most likely keep production on at a rate of 12-14 aircrafts per year till 2025 to 2027 following which the series production of the fgfa will start at the same assembly line in Nasik.
Iaf will end up with 320 to 360 of them.
The super sukhoi upgrade will in all likelihood start before 2020.
Even if we buy rafale in large numbers, its the mki which will remain the premier air dominance fighter of the iaf.
The rafale is for an entirely different role as Prasun sir has explained several times before. The iaf needs at least 50 squadrons by 2030 as prasun sir had mentioned earlier. the upgraded migs,mirages,jags will make up 10 to 12 sqd. Lca1 and lca2 hopefully will make up another 5 sqd. Add to that 30 sqds of the mki and rafale. And finally 2 to 3 sqds of fgfa. If this is done we would barely reach the desired force levels by 2030 after which the lca2 and fgfa will start replacing the mig29,mirage and jags.This is a very reasonable and realistic projection and i am not being overly optimistic.
I would also like to say that this is entirely a defensive posture because the chinese would have an airforce thats at least 1.5 - 2 times as large and paf will in all likelihood have at least 20 squadron if not more.
The gov of india should come up with a concrete long term defense acquisition plan and set up a long term defense pool which guarantees the capital for buying these assets,so the defense services can buy what they need when they need it without the shameful delays and cost overruns.
And as far as kickbacks go, if the deals are government to government(which they are in case of su30,rafale and fgfa)
Then the chances of corruption are more or less zero.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SIDDHARTH: Those are all paid-for stories to fan speculation & give rise to conspiracy theories.

To RAD: Those aerial engagements were friendly one-on-one duels & were not part of the official component of the air exercises. The real intent of any such exercise, even Red Flag, is to get to know one another’s SOPs, compare them & analyse them so that some common operating procedures can be evolved in case in future the two air forces are reqd to operate together as part of a coalition of the willing. Super Sukhoi deep upgrade programme involves a lot of laboratory-testing, particularly WRT EMI cancellation. That’s followed by at least 500 hours of flight-tests for final validation of the upgrade package. And the flight-test regime hasn’t even begun.

To ARPIT KANODIA: India already stated last month that it doesn’t want to be a part of TAPI. Let it just be TAP. India wants the pipeline to be routed through to Iran & then a seabed pipeline will link it to India. It’s all here:

To VIKRAM GUHA: That news-report has since proven to be utterly false. And the quantum of mourners was 15,000 divided into two separate groups that brought the total number to some 20,000 & 99% of them were conscientious objectors to the death penalty. No one so far has gone on record as having contested the guilty cerdict pronounced by the Indian trial court.

To RITHU GHOSH: Re: One common link between the riots of December 1992 and January 1993 and bomb blasts of 12th March 1993 appear to be that the former appear to have been a causative factor for the latter. There does appear to be a cause and effect relationship between the two riots and the serial bomb blasts.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------That was the most silly argument ever to be ruled as admissible or plausible by an Indian court. Because, under a similar cause-and-effect scenario, will it be justified for the people of WB to engage in murder & mayhem of WB state govt officials in order to avenge all the material losses they’ve suffered from due to the recent heavy monsoons? No causative factor can therefore be used as justification for any Indian citizen to seek a monopoly over violence. That monopoly is always vested with the State & should never be challenged as per the social contract entered into between the citizens of India & the Govt of India.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAW13: You’re totally wrong. Mughals never used to have large regiments of Hindu Rajputs just for the sake of killing other Hindus, just as the Chugtai Turks (Mughals) fought against fellow Muslim Turks & the Turks fought against the Afghans, all Muslims. And to make matters worse, you are blaming Modi, Hindutva etc etc on the basis of heresay. Unless & until a court of law proves such allegations right, they are simply speculations meant for spreading falsehoods. For instance, make a simple comparison of how many were killed in Gujarat in 2002 & how many were killed in 1971 in East Pakistan. The figure of 300,000 for the latter clearly qualifies as genocide because that has been conclusively proved by the Govt of Bangladesh & not any Indian. Sop, if anyone wants to try any Indian citizen on charges of genocide, then the same will have to be done for those involved in the 1971 bloodbath inside the then East Pakistan while also trying the PA’s officers of that time for wear-crimes. If Pakistan is agreeable to this, then by all means feel free to howl & squeal at the ICJ in The Hague against Indian citizens as well. And FYI, NaMo never submitted any visa application to visit the US. Before he could submit his application, he was requested to refrain from applying. That’s why no wrong was committed by the US & therefore before the 2014 general elections, there was much bonhomie between NaMo & US Embassy officials in Delhi. In any case, if any Pakistani Muslim genuinely feels that NaMo was denied entry into the US or Canada or the UK, then the question that arises is why did China allow entry to NaMo twice when he was CM in the previous decade? Why did China not show any solidarity with Pakistan? Maybe that’s why no Pakistani politician has so far officially stated on the record that NaMo was responsible for the breakdown of law-and-order in certain parts of Gujarat in 2002.

For the average Pakistani Muslim, an oversimplified conspiracy theory on the Gujarat riots always leads him to wrongly assume that communal violence of any kind in India only reinforces Pakistan’s need for the two-nation theory. The reality is totally the opposite: Pakistan will never have a non-Muslim as the President, or the PM, or the House Speaker or the PA’s COAS or the PAF’s CAS or the Navy’s CNS. Contrast that with India’s track-record thus far & any layman will conclude that the two-nation theory was doomed to failure from its very genesis. That’s why perhaps even the late Maulana Moudoodi never sent any of his kids to any madrassa for getting themselves educated.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JAY BHANUSHALI: Whether it is E-3 Sentry or A-50I PHALCON doesn’t make any difference. What matters most are the pilot proficiency & the tactics used in conjunction with specific force-multiplier weapons. That’s why the Israelis have always prevailed over their Arabian adversaries in such matters.

To Anon@7.24PM: Ask the Shia Muslim folks living in Drass, Kargil, Kaksar, Turtuk & Batalik & they will tell you the opposite hold true. That’s why a fair amount of such folks since 1999 have joined the Indian Army & that’s also why the AFSPA is never applied to these areas. Get you facts right before blabbering like a terminally stupid moron next time.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: VMT. Here’s the complete report:

To RAW13: Of course they should & even I support that. But they have proceeded wisely. The Ruskies have limited their involvement up to Lahore, not beyond that. They will NEVER do any such thing in Gilgit-Baltistan out of respect for India’s concerns.

To SUBHO: Those LPDs were optimized for operating in Russian arctic conditions, not in the warm waters surrounding India. So India is ruled out. China has its own LPDs & LPH designs under construction. Vietnam doesn’t need them.

To SK: Each missile costs about Rs.25 crore. Each can be fabricated over a 6-month period.

To CSC: No super-cruise ability. Only 20% extra thrust from each of the two AL-31FPs.

To PIYUSH DAS: Nope, no such thing. Only active cancellation techniques are under development.

CSC said...

Could you please also answer the question amit when we can expect to see the zhuk ae radar on the mki and what the expected rate of Induction will be of the super sukhoi

rad said...

hi prasun
I believe that the the controversy of who won in indra dhanush exercise came about due to the RAF chief Dalton , boasting that "we won" in the last encounter as i distinctively remember. That would have pissed off our guys. They would have studied their losses and let go of the full potential of the su-30 mki this time to take revenge .Any way all said and done , the air forces of the world would definitely take notice of the proficiency of the pilot and aircraft combo and earn us a healthy respect .We just reinforced ourselves as one of the top air forces. Within the fighter jock community mano mano ie one on one dog fight is the ultimate for the them.Pak jocks will at least realize the folly of calling themselves the b est in the world as they always do and then eat their words.
I believe the typhoon will always triumph at present in the long range scenario with the meteor missile and advanced ecm. THat is till we get the aesa and advanced missiles to go with them. Will the virgillus EW suite b e sold to us with a capacity to jam the meteor missile?? i think not .Please comment.