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Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Tale Of Two Aircraft Carrier Construction Programmes

Keel-laying for Project 71 IAC-1 took place on February 28, 2009 and the hull was launched on August 12, 2013.
About 83% of the fabrication work and 75% of the construction work had been completed by August 2015. 90% of the hull body has been designed and made in India, about 50% of the propulsion system, and about 30% of the fighting capability is of Indian origin.
China’s first indigenously built aircraft carrier, known now as the Type-001A, is expected to be launched by the Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (DSIC) in Liaoning province before June next year. Keel-laying took place in late 2013 and the 65,000-ton vessel is due for sea-trials by 2019.


Anup said...


China building Air Aircraft Carrier but they don't have aircraft to operate.
And IAC-1 still years away fully operational.

Aloquik said...

Sir, In recent analysis by US engineers on IAC they said it is not a good design and won't be operational in a decade. How much of this is true?

Amardeep said...

sir, comparing to chinese aircraft carrier and ins vikamaditya. how will it perform?

Sammy said...

Did we procure the Selex radar or it was chucked out?

Kambar said...

How do we turn around our poor sphere of influence performance in Malaysia and Indonesia? Everyone there seems to be in love with the Chinese, Singaporeans and Koreans, while the Indians automatically fall below them in social rank. We used to have complete sphere of influence in South East Asia in Middle Ages. Now we're an outsider according to ASEAN.

Blackwing said...

Prasun sir, what is the current status of India's BMD program? Is it effective or just bluster?
You were highly critical of it in your previous threads. Has situation improved?

Rahul said...

Dear Sir

How many Brahmos can we fit in a TU 22 M3
India should buy TU 22 M 3

Some time back there was a news of India looking at TU 22

Anyway The Russians have CRASHED One Mig 29 K and One SU 33 very recently

Are they so badly trained and is there Aircraft carrier any good at all

Ravi said...

Dear Sir

Should the Indian Army buy 60 MM Mortars

Because 51 mm mortars have a very small range

And the Pakis use 60 MM Mortars

Similarly which SNIPER RIFLE do you think we should acquire

Recently there was a news about Indian Army looking for New sniper rifles

Thehundered said...

40 thousand fighters is quite a large force.. Afghanistan's future looks bleak.

"In recent months, the Taliban has mounted a coordinated offensive with about 40,000 fighters across eight provinces, a push financed by foreign sources at a cost of $1bn, Afghan officials say."

Rajkutty said...

Why dont we start deploying troops en masse to Afghanistan before their govt collapses from Saudi/Qatari-funded wahhabi terrorists? Tell those arab goat-fuggers to sod off of our neighbours. The Southern Army Command has nothing to do because they dont face any hostile enemies, so we should convert it to expeditionary command.

youngbengal said...


This bomb definitely belongs to TBRL though TBRL officials are not accepting the truth. which is this bomb being developed by DRDO? The bomb found on a hillock which is having higher altitude than TBRL rocket rail sledge. How this bomb gained altitude without wing? your view please.

Anup said...


Govt fast-tracks Rs 60,000-crore ‘Make in India’ project for infantry combat vehicle

TATA Kestrel may be selected.Is it possible US Stryker have any opportunity?

Vijay said...


you have written this

" Why dont we start deploying troops en masse to Afghanistan before their govt collapses from Saudi/Qatari-funded wahhabi terrorists? Tell those arab goat-fuggers to sod off of our neighbours. The Southern Army Command has nothing to do because they dont face any hostile enemies, so we should convert it to expeditionary command."

How do you propose to supply food water ammunition and other needs to our soldiers
IF we deploy them in Afghanistan BECAUSE USA was Totally dependent on Pakistan SUPPLY LINES

All Our Soldiers will die if we follow your advice

Secondly SOUTHERN Command is not just Twiddling its thumbs

It will be deployed Against PAKISTAN when ever the need Arises

It is merely based and located in Southern India

Have you heard of 21 STRIKE CORPS which is a Part of Southern Command

Rushil anand said...


1.) Only 116 Nag Missiles? Isn't that a very small order? Will a larger order be placed after they are satisfied with the series production?

2.)What moves is Modi going to play next to curb black money after demonetisation ?


Why China is against NSG entry by india .also why is China stuck to masood azhar stand so impulsively. Are. These issues going to harm India's position internationally.

Chiru said...

Prasun Da

Any truth about the news that Astra BVRAAM failed in a recent test?

Although the more recent news say they achieved 'Near-hit'.

Any insight you might want to share about this event.


rad said...

hi prasun
reports indicate that the astra is being integrated on the lca , how is it possible that the russian active radar system is being integrated with the Israeli radar of the lca?

what rational is there to call for AESA radar bids internationally when it is confirmed the LCA and jaguars will be fitted with the elm -2052? what is drdo trying to do ?.

it is obvious that no one will be as help full when it comes down to tech transfer compared to israel!.?

Gessler said...

Hi Prasun ji,

The loss of INS Betwa was just upsetting, anyway...

1) Has any progress been made in selecting a new AESA airspace surveillance radar for the Kolkata/Bengaluru/P-17A-class ships? Only one RAN-40L was bought (for IAC-1) before Leonardo-Finmeccanica was blacklisted. I'd think something like the Thales SMART-L would have to be bought.

2) You hinted the existence of the next-gen destroyer project after P-15B, the Project-18 or whatever it's going to be called, a long time ago. Now the same has been confirmed. However, the details are still vague. You also hinted at a greater emphasis placed on land-attack capabilities in the P-18 - I think I remember you saying up to 32 Nirbhay LACMs will be carried by these ships.

Are these estimations still relevant or has something changed?

3) Will the surface-warfare capability (or at least the numbers) be retained since the P-15A/B, with 16 AShM, or are we looking at any expansion or reduction of this section of missiles? Or is this too early to ask?

4) Are we actually working on developing some form of Integrated Full/Electric Propulsion (IEP/IFEP) for ships? The gas turbines & diesels can be retained, but the transmission will be different. Quieter.

5) Looking at this article of your's makes me depressed. I believe I'm not even exagerrating when I say by the time Vikrant is fully in active service, China's 2nd indigenous carrier will be in the stage where Vikrant is now.

PATHETIC pace. As always.

The question is: Just how many new Admiral Grigorovich-class FFGs are we getting under Talwar Batch-3? Three or Four? There are three incomplete hulls lying around in Russia that I know of - Butakov, Istomin & Kornilov. If a fourth ship has to come, will it be built in India by Reliance?

6) Any progress on selecting an SSN design for production? Any further details you can share about that new Russian 4++ generation concept is welcome.

7) Are we gonna just upgrade all the Candid & Midas aircraft to Il-76MD-90 and Il-78MKI-90 standard, and convert 6 transports to tankers as you said once, and be done with it...or are we actually looking to fire up yet another tanker competition? I've observed that the Boeing KC-46A Pegasus is being hawked around the internet by Boeing payroll staff.

8) What the hell is IN waiting for? They should have had at least the 16 S-70B-2 Seahawks on order by now. And I've learnt that ICG has selected the H225M (EC725 Caracal) for it's duties...I suppose this ups the type's chances for being selected as the 12-ton NMRH?

Thanks in advance!

rad said...

hi prasun

Please comment on the new VLRAAM missile that china has been developing that has a range of 400km!. its seems to be dual guided ie IR and aesa guided. T Hey could possibly take long range shots and keep opposing fighters at bay and complicate the scenario . They can over come targeting data by having a sat link to the missile .THe seeker is obviously from agat.
Time to go in for the K-1oo?

Arpit Kanodia said...

Your view on this?

""" In fact, if the military deems fit, it has all the tools at its command to actively sabotage any civilian initiative in this regard."""

Najam Sethi on weekly basis saying this that terrorism and jihadi movement that going on in J&K is indigenous.

Now he conveniently accept that military hold tools to sabotage any civilian initiated peace process.

Seems like ISI infiltrated all part of Pak media, and now even senior Pak jurnos contradicting themselves.

Arpit Kanodia said...

""""Pakistan’s military establishment isn’t ready to snuff out these militant organisations for one main reason: they are part of its India-centred security doctrine in which non-state actors, no less than nuclear weapons and a friendly regime in Afghanistan, are expected to provide critical leverage in any potential conflict with India. And this, because of asymmetrical conventional defense logistics. Short of abandoning long cherished notions of national security that form the raison d’etre of the military establishment, which in turn are based on resolving “core” disputes with India to the satisfaction of Pakistan, our foreign policy establishment will continue to be tied up in knots. """

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: LoLz! In any Orwellian national security state, deception & self-delusion go hand in hand. In a report released last week, there are now close to 62 extremist groups functioning within Karachi alone! And another mammoth weapons haul nwas made last week. Watch this:

As for what the US really thinks about J & K & what's going on there, it is all beautifully explained by General (Ret) David H Petraeus at a recent RUSI event here (watch from 0.57.19):

Jyoti Sen said...

Dada.. 1. Any progress on javelin agtm? 2. We issued another tender for sniper rifle, so which rifle got more chances of winning the tender? 3. Airchief said first Rafales will come after 3 yrs. Don't u think it's a pretty long time.

TheHundred said...

There may be hope after all..Pakistan Debt trap worsening faster than estimated before, according to the report below, Pakistan will have to borrow money to even pay interest rate with no money left for defence and gov salaries

And economic bad news keeps on coming for Pakistan

financeblogger said...

As stated, Pakistan needs to do away with terrorist organizations completely. Request your opinion on the above article especially in third para from bottom, where it has been stated
that the DG ISI has written letter to Pakistani prime-minister, stating two options
Peaceful groups of jihadis should be mainstreamed by offering goverment jobs.
Jinahdis who would not accept goverment jobs would be recruited by military after being deradicalised

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

After reading the above comments, I have following questions.

1. Is India overcome all his technical difficulties in building Nuclear Submarine.
2. Is the Arihant type submarine design is Indian or Russian origin.
3. Today can India design and build its future submarine program without anyone's help.
4. What is the percentage of foreign made components in Arihant and Aridhaman.

S.Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Pakistanis wailing & whining about why there's no credible evidence as yet for convicting Kulbhushan Jadhav as a spy:

Pakistan Navy’s CPEC Task Force 88:

Babur-2 LACM test-fired:

To SENTHIL KUMAR: I had put up an entire thread on the S-73 Arihant (S-2) It contains all the details. 1) Not yet. 2) Russian. 3) Not at all. 4) Close to 60% imported content.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SENTHIL KUMAR: And how do I know that the answers above vare true? Elementary. I attended the last FICCI & Assocham seminars on submarine-bui8lding earlier thi8s year & last month. Here are the papers that were presented:

1 Timely adaptation of cutting edge technology for diverse submarine systems - a structured multi
disciplinary group approach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cmde Shishir Shrotriya, ADG WESEE
2 Air independent propulsion, the role of fuel cells in supply of silent powers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cdr Ayush Khandelwal, WESEE
3 Lessons from submarine design and construction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Capt Amit Ray, SBC
4 Air regeneration processes onboard underwater platform . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Devinder Singh Pannu Sc ‘É’ & Lt Cdr H M Pradeep
5 Shock resistance estimation using transient analysis of finite element model of submarine equipment .Vishal Sharma and Cdr Sunil Tyagi
6 Study on multi effect desalination system for naval applications. . . . . . . .Lt Cdr Sahil Julka & Lt Cdr Prashant Sharma
7 Effective design of submarine equipment mounting scheme. . . . . . . . . . . . . Lt Cdr L Kaushik & Cdr Sunil Tyagi
8 Roll motion control of submarines at free surface using juxtapositioned stern plates . . . . . Lt Cdr K G Das, ND(V)
9 Application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and high performance computing (HPC)
for submarine design. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Devinder Singh Pannu Sc ‘É’ & Aniruddha Joshi
10 Integrated control systems and smart sensors for future submarine . . . . . . . Cdr Yoginder Sharma
11 Integrated construction management system . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Lt Cdr Aheesh Gaur
12 Power quality improvement at load/consumer in ships & submarines . . . . . . . . . .. Lt Cdr Aheesh Gaur

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

13 CFD Analysis of a Missile Launch from a Static Underwater Platform . . . . . . . Lt Cdr Ishaq Makkar
14 Finite Element Analysis of Residual Stress due to welding in submarine Hull. . . . . . . Lt P Nagaja
15 Dependency of Hydrodynamic Coefficients on Geometrical Considerations for an Axisymmetric
Submersible Body . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lt Nitin Sharma
16 Structural Similitude and Scaling of Pressure Vessels . . . . . . . . . Lt Harleen Kaur
17 Pump Less Hydraulic Design for Steering System . . . . . . . . . . . . Lt Cdr D K Tiwari
18 Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Composite Drive Shaft for Future Underwater Application . . . . . . .Lt Cdr Swathi G
19 Design of next generation electric drive submarines . . . . . . . . . . . Captain Arvind Ranganathan (GM Project Varsha)
20 Feasibility of using lithium titanate batteries for exploitation on board conventional submarines
and rapid charging with marine gas turbine generator . . . . . . . . . . Cdr R S Ramesh, ND(V) Cdr Ramesh Kumar Lakra
21 Non-magnetic pressure hull – future concepts for submarine design. . . . . . . . Lt Cdr Vikram Singh, INA
22 Defence research, development and production need to redesign and realign . . . . . Cdr Achal Malhotra & Cdr U P Singh
23 Project management – an essential tool for submarine construction projects . . . . . . .. Capt Doogar, CDM
24 Underwater optical wireless communication-an alternative to conventional acoustic techniques for
underwater applications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lt Cdr Ankit Atree (INA, Ezhimala)

Manu Singh said...


Can you please clear one confusion? What is the difference between the roles of the Mounted Gun System (Ceaser/Archer/ATHOS etc) and SP Wheeled Artillery ? Their roles seem fudgy and items available even rare.

Moreover, which guns are competing in the both tenders in India?

Finally, there are so many gun types being acquired from different sources, what about their logistics? Has govt thought about standardizing these guns?


Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Excellent & thanks for your Nuclear Submarine detailed updates.

Please see the link below.

Coming to Geo-Politics, India should be proactive in Next Great Game.

1. India should invest in Iran chabahar port and complete it quickly.
2. Chabahar should be linked to Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan,Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
This Five countries are landlocked and should be able to access the sea through Chabhar port.
3. By doing this India can Checkmate both Pakis & Chinese Influence in this region.

4. Next India should play a proactive role in making Iran-Kurdistan-Syrian Port city of Latakia route to reach Mediterranean sea.
India should start working with Kurds. Kurds are supported by US, Russia and Israel. Kurds are the Game Changer.

5. And India's next enemy is Turkey. We Should keep the turks on hooks. Else we will pay price for it. Paki-Turks relation is more danger than Paki-Chinese Relation.

Finally India and Iran can play the next great Game in Middle east and Central Asia.

Please give your comments.

S.Senthil Kumar

Vikram Guha said...


I realize you have to take care of your business but please do answer the questions that have been posted in this thread & the previous thread. Not only is this the unique aspect of this blog but more importantly no one else will be able to answer those questions.

Many Thanks,


Aloquik said...

Sir is it right that j20 has been inducted in plaaf as some chinese on internet are making claim with pics?

Anonymous said...

1) Prasun sir India bought 5 s400 systems for 6bn$ this year whereas China bought 6 systems last year for just 3bn$. Why the increase in cost for us?

2) How is our BMD coming along?

3) Is China HQ9 and HQ19 capable of shooting down Agni series?

Thehundered said...

Prasun you were right about jobless growth under the UPA in the last 10 years.

During the NDA rule (1999-2004), real GDP grew by 27.8 per cent, annually 5.5 percentage points. Annual money supply, that fuels inflation, by 15.3 per cent. Prices by 23 per cent, annually 4.6 per cent. Asset prices rose only moderately in those five years. Stocks rose by 32 per cent; gold by 38 per cent. Taking Chennai as an illustration, land prices by 32 per cent. Jobs rose phenomenally, by almost 60 million. The NDA also turned in a surplus of $20 billion in 2002-04 in the external sector, after decades of unending deficits, save in two years in the late 1970s.

Now come to the UPA rule under Dr. Singh, the economist Prime Minister. In the first and best six years of the UPA (2004-05 to 2009-10), before it was hit by scams, real GDP grew by 50.8 per cent, annually 8.4 percentage points — one-and-a-half times NDA’s. The world celebrated Dr. Singh. The UPA was intoxicated by the “high growth” story. But how many jobs did UPA’s high growth produce? Believe it or not, just 27 lakhs against 600 lakhs during NDA’s five years, according to NSSO data. UPA achieved one-and-a-half times NDA’s GDP growth, but just 5 per cent of its job growth. Dr. Singh now bemoans that Mr. Modi’s demonetisation will stifle jobs!

The external sector deficit was $100 billion (against NDA’s $20 billion surplus).

Why was the UPA’s high growth jobless? The well-kept secret is that huge asset price inflation, not production, passed off as high growth. In the first six years of the UPA, stock and gold prices jumped by three times — annually by 60 per cent. Property prices doubled every two-three years.

The Reserve Bank of India noted that two-thirds of the Rs.1,000 notes and one-third of the Rs.500 notes — that is over Rs. 6 lakh crore now — never returned to banks after they were issued.

bhoutik said...


* - us-uk carrier cooperation - what is this about and what could it lead to or result in in the future?

* - J-15 firing YJ83K AShM

is the j-15 capable of taking off from liaoning with this load? if so, does it change your assessment?

* - did this really happen?

* - 3 039Bs are currently undergoing outfitting at Wuchang shipyard. are they meant for pakis?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- - PLAN SSN 'escorting merchant ships' in the gulf of aden

i have 2 say, france and china are the most dedicated pirate hunters out there, sending carriers and SSNs. such selfless service for global prosperity and humanity

Thehundered said...

Prasun are the 400 Bofors howitzers with the Indian Army still operational or have they all been cannibalized for spare parts? I was just wondering because if the Danush artillery gun was developed using Bofors Howitzer blue prints then wouldn't they be able to make spare parts for the original Bofor guns to keep them operational? Thanks.

Thehundered said...

Prasun what do you make of this new development..

Russia now says it regards Taliban as a "national military-political movement"

"Iran denies any ties with Taliban, but Afghan officials have recently accused Tehran of not only harbouring families of senior Taliban commanders, but supplying them with sophisticated weapons that are destabilising the country."

Anonymous said...

The dodgy ones have already found ways to get the new currency:::

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The reality is everyone is connected with everyone else. There are ways and means to by-pass anything the gov throws at these people because they are not the select few but are in quite large numbers and have serious connections.

Does anyone still think demonetisation will have any impact otherthan giving us some forced exercise by having to wait endlessly in queues?


Rajesh Mishra said...

I too agree that Paki-Turks relation is no less danger than Paki-Chinese Relation.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

OMG! The most stinging indictment to date on Pakistan's inability to comnat home-grown terrorism, thanks to the now-fully exposed state sponsorship! This report reveals it all:

And here's the analysis of the report:

No wonder the Ruskies & Iranians are all now arming the Talibaan & try to rescue them from Pakistani influence & even perhaps in future unleash them against the Pakistani extremists themselves!!!

Aloquik said...

Sir cpec showing some results

Anup said...

It's true?

Plz answer previous questions when you are free.

Rajesh Mishra said...

Afghan govt. may need to form a patriotic front with the right minded elements. Most Taliban then not associated with Pakistan will be happily joining it. This patriotic front is most likely to be supported by India, Russia, Donald Trump and Iran as well.

Blackwing said...

Prasun sir please help me with these queries when you are free.

1) Are the Agni 3/4 kept in silos or constantly moved around? Which other way do the SFC use, to keep the Agni missiles safe from a Chinese "decapitation strike"?

2) Are our nukes kept mated with the missiles always or separate like Pakistan?

Thank you for answering my previous queries.

Srinivasa Nanduri said...

Hi Prasun,

Why is Congress politizing army chief's appointment. And what is govt's rationale for selecting Lt. Gen Rawat over other two?

Also, China is said to put permanent hold on masood azhar in UN and is actually working on clearing path for Pakistan's inclusion in NSG. Is India helpless here? Even Russia is taking a new narrative on Afghanistan. Looks like Modi should do a strategic retreat and rework on his diplomacy.

Your thoughts on this pls?

Srinivasa Nanduri

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BHOUTIK: LoLz! As the saying goes, "eyes you have & yet you do not see". The photo clearly shows the J-15 armed with a solitary ASM & it is not YJ-83 but the C-802AKG with IR seeker, meaning it must have a data-link pod to transmit the image of the target to the launch aircraft. The J-15 shown clearly does not have such a pod. Secondly, will any sane naval warfighter send a J-15 armed with just a solitary ASM & no AAMs for self-defence? Do you see any AAM on that J-15? If there aren't any AAMs, then why?

To ANUP: Desi Bandalbaazes never tire of offering lolypops! The Agni-1 & Agni-2 all had strapdown inertial reference systems for navigation, which were available since the 1960s. These were globally replaced since the late 1970s by inertial navigation systems using ring laser gyros. So, what's being used now for Agni-4 & Agni-1P are 1980s-era technologies. As for all-composite structures & fuel-tanks, if all it takes are 3 test-firings to validate their designs & structural integrity, then this is a feat unequalled by even developed countries. Consequently, the only other inference is that these components/structures are all of validated designs of foreign origin, i.e. someone else has tested & validated them through several test-firings before releasing them for export to India. Hence, all that India is reqd to do is to create the industrial production engineering eco-system for series-producing them.

Of course all this is glossed over by the desi bandalbaazes who are clueless about both the laws of physics & the industrial production engineering complexities.

aniz said...

Dear prasun,
With regards to Agni tech , is it of Russian or German origin ?

What is ur opinion on 8 subs deal of Pakistan from
China . How do you rate those subs ?

Why our missiles are heavier and shorter range in Agni series

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANIZ: Not German, but Russian & Israeli. The structural parts have come from Russia for ICBMs & SLBMs & IRBMs & LACMs, while OEMs like IAI/TAMAM have supplied the RLG-INS. The Stirling Engine AIP-powered SSKs & SSBs for Pakistan all belong to the Type 032 Qing-class family, namely the S-26 SSK & S-30 SSB. They are not part ofthe Yuan family of SSKs. The 3 Yuan-class SSKs recently floated at Wuhan all have snorkels, meaning they don't possess AIP.

Kabir said...

How does India purchase parts for weapons of mass destruction from Russia so easily? Do Russians just say yes when we ask for nuclear weapon parts (lol)? And the CIA of the USA does nothing to stop us, ie: killing our nuclear scientists?

If we can ask the Russians for anything (lol), when will we get 2500km cruise missiles, bomber planes, and 14000km ICBMs?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KABIR: LoLz! Who has ever said anything about buying parts off-the-shelf from Russia? It was a mutually beneficial business deal for military-industrial cooperation at a time when the USSR was suffering from a global oil glut & the Chernobyl disaster had taken place & the Soviets were in deep financial crisis due to the above & the continuing civil war in Afghanistan. At that time, striking such a strategic cooperation deal with the promise of buying up to 36 PWRs for power generation made pretty good sense to both countries. China did the same with Ukraine after the USSR's breakup. So matters are not as oversimplistic as you make it appear to be. It's not like going shopping for takeaways from a shopping mall. And why the need for bombers? Do France, the UK or China possess any such strategic bombers for delivering nuclear WMDs?

Thehundered said...

"Rawat told the senior officers that the raids were important and needed to be carried out to ensure that there was a credible response to the September 18 terror attack on the military camp in Uri in which 19 soldiers were killed. The strikes had achieved their limited objectives, but he said that he was not happy with the limited range that the Indian Special Forces had. In his view, he told the attending officers, Indian Special Forces had a long way to go before they could achieve deep penetration surgical strikes, like the one carried out by US Special Forces when they took out Al Qaeda’s Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in May 2011."

"A senior insider told this reporter that for Modi, the appointment of his first Chief of Army Staff was a crucial decision. The prime minister wanted an officer steeped in the art of counter insurgency, and also with considerable experience on the Line of Control – a key factor in his calculations in his aggressive Pakistan policy."

"The CDS will report to Parrikar on matters of warfare and defence strategy for all three forces, taking stock of available nuclear technology and its financing in the prevailing geopolitical climate."

Rex24 said...

Prasunji please answer these doubts for me.

1) What is the range, warhead weight and speed of the yj 12? Info on the Internet varies widely?

2) Is the Barak 8 capable of shooting it down? Because the Israelis designed to shoot down the yakhont which has Mach 2.5 speed?

Please answer these questions when you find time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

what is ur detailed assessment of Modi selecting Present armed forces chiefs and Spy chiefs?
were this political r Apolitical appoints?

Anonymous said...


What this shows, above all how close India-Russ relationship is. No western nation would ever give India access to technology to produce Agni. There would be too many hoops and strings attached. Yet is surprising how quickly Indian media attack Russia.


Anonymous said...


Sir what do you make of the following 2 articles: What can be done to makesure that it does not happen. Once all these developments start, they too could end up growing at 5-10% growth. Is there a way of getting rid of them?


Ajay said...

The structural parts have come from Russia for ICBMs & SLBMs & IRBMs & LACMs""

What structural parts? I heard they come from the private industry in collaboration with DRDO and other labs

abs said...

You have always argued that the larger Geo-political dynamics of Middle Eastern countries,and Afghanistan, NWFP are driven by tribal factors which ride on certain Geo-political vectors.

Do you have any essay or book in mind which could throw details about the various tribes preferably from pre-Islam times and how these Tribalistic factors have influenced geo-politics in the recent times?

Mukund said...

Russian Envoy to Turkey was assassinated by a Turkish Policeman who shouted "Allh o Akbar." Is it the beginning of World War III? This reminds the situation before World War I when Astrian Monarch was killed by a Bosnian Serb.

Lately, Russia has been more closer to Turkey even though Turkey killed two Russians so far. Turkey has been turning to another Pakistan and Police is highly religious thanks, to Erdogan and his party. So they will never forgive anyone who killed the fellow Muslims.

What is going to happen?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AJAY: Read my earlier comment: "As for all-composite structures & fuel-tanks, if all it takes are 3 test-firings to validate their designs & structural integrity, then this is a feat unequalled by even developed countries. Consequently, the only other inference is that these components/structures are all of validated designs of foreign origin, i.e. someone else has tested & validated them through several test-firings before releasing them for export to India. Hence, all that India is reqd to do is to create the industrial production engineering eco-system for series-producing them."

To ABS: Will reply in detail to all your outstanding questions in great detail over thew next 24 hours.

To RAJ: There was a seminar in Delhi yesterday in which Gen John Nicholson was the main speaker. He too confirmed yesterday that the bulk of ISIS recruits operating inside Afghanistan today are of Pakistani origin & the Uzbeks & Chechans too somehow tend to keep coming into Pakistan & from there travel to Afghanistan. So if China thinks it can pacify or stabilise Pakistan when Pakistan's own Federal Interior Minister has been implicated by a Pakistani judicial commission of hobnobbing with proscribed organisations/groups, then all I can say is Good Luck to Beijing.

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Is it True.

The following is from 'Midas Touch' post in Hindustan Times -

"See the difference -

Doval spoke with Flynn a few days ago, when Flynn invited Doval for a meeting. Doval arrives in Washington on Monday & within a few hours after arrival, joins Flynn for the scheduled meeting before returning back to India the next day.

Whereas, Syed Tariq Fatemi (who is the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Foreign Affairs) went to Washington uninvited, desperately made several phone calls to the Trump team & stayed there for two weeks, but failed to get any meeting with any of the Trump team members, inspite of desperate efforts failed to get an invitation for his boss Nawaz Sharif to attend Trump's inauguration...and now returned to Islamabad a disappointed, dejected & frustrated man, after wasting two weeks in USA & after spending a vacation on tax payers' money."

Please Comment.

S.Senthil Kumar

Animesh said...

Why there is no plan of China India Economic Corridor by karakoram?

Anonymous said...

Reality correctly described by you and by the Judicial Commission. The current PML-N are in bed big time with the Fundies. Everyone and their auntie knows this. All their ops are being run from the Central and Southern Punjab regions. FATA is practically a no-go for these guys now. There is a major nexus between FATA and these regions. Same mullahs, same hardcore HANAFI outfits. These outfits have links with the SAME SECTS in Turkey, Central Asian Republics. Its all the HANAFI belt, that runs from Pakistan to Turkey.

Punjab Rangers have been up tooled and trained to take these boys down. Shahbaz stopped the previous push for the op. It will happen and it will be ugly. They (rangers) have already put few markers down, they wipe out the whole family each time. That is the only thing that is holding these guys back. They know the red lines. The tension with India has complicated things quite a bit. Also the Punjab police are thinning out some of less connected ones to keep the rangers away, but we are ONE attack away now and PML-N know it.

Chinese will never have any security role in Pak, they will simply be eaten up. If you have been reading some of the urdu press, you would know that Chinese are ensuring at each level that they keep the public on their side. They are making sure they employ mainly the locals. Many of their people in Pakistan speak urdu. It shocks people when they see this. They are well protected but they interact with locals, in urdu. They are also making sure, along with the permanent establishment that CPEC succeeds, regardless. The whole country is FOCUSED on this one thing.


Chiru said...

Looks like the Nirbhay cruise missile failed for the 3rd time and this one is a serious failure just minutes after the launch. What's you take on this? Is it a design failure or component? How long till we see Nirbhay being inducted into service?

Rajesh Mishra said...

I think Turkey is trapping Russia to get help from them for the Turkish-Arabic invasion on Italy and capture of Rome. Is this possible???

Anonymous said...

indian missile tests are facing back to back failures. is russia not cooperating these days with delhi?

Rahul said...

Dear Sir

The Nirbhay Failure is very depressing

There are Other ALTERNATIVES for Arjun Tank and LCA Tejas
but Nirbhay was something that we needed Yesterday

Now we need to buy KALIBER Missiles from Russia At the earliest

Stupid DRDO

Gessler said...

@RAJESH MISHRA - Sir ji aap thoda Harpic try karo. Bilkul Mountain-Dew jaisa taste hai.

SR said...

Hello Dada,

Heard spme rumours that, Rafale order is going to bloat with MII and there might be Rafale-M ordered for IAC1 with uprated engine. Kindly let us know if true or further info.


Murli said...

I feel very sad at what is happening to the forces. The babus have them completely at their mercy. With the PM and RM, they are getting a raw deal, morally and financially. How true are the rumours that the new COAS is related to our esteemed NSA? If this is true it is devastating. They would have done more harm that PA could have done.

Anonymous said...

Along with a disturbing rise in attacks on Army camps across Jammu and Kashmir, the Line of Control and the International Boundary in the State are also alarmingly tense today. Do you think India’s surgical strike across LoC was a strategic mistake?

ur detailed views?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Reliving December 1971:

Anup said...

Just watched news on ndtv about T-90 (Just ordered ) they are without active protection system. It's true!

Varunn said...

what the fuck is wrong with NAMO ?
why the hell is he taking such a huge security risk ?
is there nobody in the govt. to talk him down from doing this charade ?

you can see alot of buildings in close proximity..does spg secure all these buildings ?
are these places where where namo gets out of vehicle adequately sanitised ?

please tell briefly..concerning it's a serious matter.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANUP: You must be referring to this story:

Now, what’s wrong with this story? For starters, no contract has been signed to date for acquirinjg the T-90MS, leave alone licence-manufacturing. Secondly, has any T-90MS been subjected top any in-country firepower/mobility trials as mandated by the DPP? No. Thirdly, majority of armoured vehicles attacked in Syria or western Iraq were targetted with RPGs, not ATGMs, with the targets being the rear section of tanks & their side skirts. This only happens when fighting in urban terrain & was first witnessed in the late 1990s in Grozny, Chechnya. Will the IA’s MBTs ever operate in such built-up areas? Never. In fact, IA’s armoured formations will always be accompanied by both RSH aeroscouts & Rudra gunships that will locate & engage hostile dug-in infantry who are armed with ATGMs (like Blue Arrow-7 or HJ-8E Red Arrow or TOW or Red Arrow-9A) & RPGs. Consequently, APS suites for the IA’s MBTs are not a priority. That’s the reality that should have been explained. But since that ‘desi journalist’ isn’t a domain expert by any stretch of imagination, he became delusional & therefore reached bizarre conclusions. All that the IA’s MBTs require are retrofits of laser warning systems & IR countermeasures systems of the type fitted on Arjun Mk.1A MBTs. And that’s why a version of the LEDS-150 self-protection suite is being proposed by the partnership of TATA Power SED & Sweden’s SaabTech for the T-90S & T-90MS. The IA has learnt its lessons from OP Pawan of the late 1980s & will NEVER allow its armoured or mechanized forces to be ambushed inside urban lopcalities of the type in Syria or Chenchnya or Mosul—a fact that this ‘desi journalist has not factored in & therefore he requires urgent psychiatric counseling!!!

To RAHUL & CHIRU: It’s all about deficient industrial QC-levels. It’s all explained here: The failure was caused by the wing-deployment problem in the second stage of the missile. The booster engine in Nirbhay's first stage started working. The missile lifted off from its launcher. But it started veering dangerously towards one side in less than two minutes of its lift-off. This is a hardware element issue. This is a reliability issue with a component (most likely a failure of the actuators controlling the foldable wings). In a normal mission, the contraption will take off vertically like a missile, then a mechanism in its first stage will tilt the missile horizontally and the first stage, with its booster engine, will jettison into the sea. Then the second stage with the turbo-engine will start cruising horizontally like an aircraft with its wings spread out at a subsonic speed of 0.7 Mach.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ABS: The best available books for reference on the subject are:

Will reply to your previous queries later tonight.

To SENTHIL KUMAR: This is a really fascinating documentary on the shadow wars being waged now in the African Sahara:

How the US tried to negotiate with the TALIBAN for securing the TAPI line pre-9/11:

And an equally information discussion on the Dalai Lama's Rashtrapati Bhavan Visit on 11-12-2016:

And finally, Bangladesh and Iran close ranks with India in boycotting yet another conference in Islamabad:

To ARPIT KANODIA & BUDDHA: You may find this interesting to read:

And the latest from Pakistan is that electricity generated from the China-supplied solar mega-farm will be sold at the whopping rate of Pakistani Rs.13 per unit.

To ANIMESH: Of course there was, but not through the Karakoram but through the Chumbi Valley & Siliguri Corridor, & also via the maritime silk route by using the deep-water ports of Colombo & Hambantota (because in India there are no natural deep-water ports, although they can be built on reclaimed offshore islands like China has done off Shanghai). But, just like the CPEC, China wanted to milk India & was offering concessionary loans & project funding at 6% interest rates & no industrial role for any Indian industry or manpower. Therefore, India rightly rejected such offers as they were one-sided in terms of recurring benefits.

Rahul said...

Dear Sir

Today there is a news that the Government is considering CLOSING down the
Nirbhay Missile project

What is your view on it

Anup said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for reply.

abs said...

Thanks Prasun Da.
I await responses to my earlier queries, kindly do so at a time most convenient to you :)

Anonymous said...

for anyone interested, some nice pics:

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your comments.

Recently I am watching Tarek Fatah’s most of the speech. Looks like he is talking some naked truth about the topics.

One such Topics is Ghazwa-e-Hind. He is telling that this is a hidden truth and in final battle islam will destroying india. He credited Zaid Hamid in the above video which he is the only guy talking truth.

Please comment on this.

S.Senthil Kumar

Unknown said...

Dear sir.
1) Does India have any ballistic missile program after Agni 5 and k5? Angi 6 or surya?

2) Does the PM and his commanders have any bunker to retreat to avoid or survive a nuclear attack in the event of a war like the US president?

3) Is it true that we imported 6 S300 system in 1994 to avoid a pak nuclear attack? Are they still active?

4) How many Indian cities are now covered by our BMD?

Sanjay Sharma said...

Dear sir,
1) Does India have any ballistic missile program after Agni 5 and k5?
Like Agni 6 or surya?

2) Does the PM and his commanders have any bunker to retreat to avoid or survive a nuclear attack in the event of a war like the US president?

3)Is it true that we imported 6 S300 system in 1994 to avoid a pak nuclear attack? Are they still active?

4)How many Indian cities are now covered by Indian BMD?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@4.29PM: And despite such diversity, there's unquestioned, TOTAL unity on one issue, which can be seen as road graffiti throughout the Upper & Lower Hunza valleys. For those who have not seen them, I have uploaded such visuals as a collage above, as the bottommost slide. Presumably the Pakistanis have engaged in such artistic activities to please the inbound Chinese from the KKH!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Will this brighten Boeing's chances of marketing the Super Hornet in India?

Let's wait & see what comes next.

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,

Once you said regarding closing of C-17 aircraft production line close. If India requires further C-17 aircraft Boeing will ramp up it production.
Do you think India will exercise for more C-17s.

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

Can you please clear the mist surrounding the recent approval that Govt has given for the purchase of equipments:

1.The government also gave its approval to procure 1,500 defence systems that will be placed on top of armoured vehicles. Which systems are these?

2. From which companies is the Govt planning to purchase assault rifles, sniper rifles and machine guns for the Special Forces?

3. This report says, India's SF are decades behind US & Israel because they lack the equipment & technologies. Can you please elaborate what equipments, technologies the Indian SF should purchase ASAP so that they are at par with Western SFs ?

Thanks & Regards,


Anonymous said...

Evidences of Kumari kandam maybe?????????

ur views


rad said...

hi prasun
good news about the smart anti airfield bomb. A version of the spice 250 ??? with emp ??

I find it hard to believe the drdo guys did it on their own!!! specially after the nirbhay mess.
will Russia provide the tech for the kaliber missile or will they act hard to get. What is the best way to get out of the nirbhay mess and have an operational missile as soon as possible. What is the best way forward.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Ron Actually I want to be this right.

On day, we able to prove Kumari Kandam will be the greatest day for this country,