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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Highlights Of Airshow China 2012 In Zhuhai Part-1

On Day-1 of the 9thChina International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition now being held in the southern city of Zhuhai, Venezuela is believed to have inked a contract for procuring 12 Hongdu L-15 'Hunting Eagle' lead-in fighter trainers (LIFT), which will join a similar number of K-8 primary jet trainers already in service with Venezuela's air force.
In another development, China is soon expected to officially invite India, Japan and South Korea to become consortium-members for designing, building and deploying an international space station by 2020. Under this concept, each consortium-member will be responsible for designing, fabricating and deploying its own respective manned space module, totalling four in all.
More will follow in the days ahead right up to November 18 from  Will soon attach brief descriptions of each product below the following photos. 


Anonymous said...

PAF are getting a load of the CM-400. They are also being showcased at IDEAS. Seems as if jf17 can carry 2 of is becoming a potent platform....from AD to standoff strike platform. I have a feeling PAF made some good decisions!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

The aiframe of the CM-400 ASM & SY-400 NLOS-BSM are identical.

Anonymous said...

Is the CM-400 anti-ship or land-attack? When could it be ready?

Anonymous said...

1. Sir when could the J-15 carrier trials begin for Liaoning?

2. Is there a chinese indigenous carrier? Is is a copy of Varyag? when could it arrive?

3. Whats the status of the Barak-8 for P-15A DDG?

4. You've told me previously that P-15A/B dont carry any Barak-1. Are you sure of this? Given the P-15 Delhi-class DDG carries 80 surface-to-air missiles total, how can P-15A just carry 64?

Considering that missile-equipped automated CIWS like Kashtan-M is not on P-15A, how can 64 Barak-2/8 be enough for both self-defence against ASCMs and fleet-defense agaainst SAMs (when excorting carriers)?

I feel we should have 64 Barak-8for fleet-defense/self-defense and 32 dedicated Barak-1s for self-defense, or atleast an improved Kashtan-M.

5. Whats the status of the Varunastra heavyweight torpedo?

6. Sir I have asked this previously as well - What could be the actual tonnage of P15A at full load? Is it just 100 tons more than P-15 Delhi DDG?

7. Can we downsize the Shaurya NLOS-BSM a bit and convert it something like CM-400 for carrying by Su-30MKI?

Anonymous said...

Sir, It is you who in the thread , ""Mi-17V-5 Still In Great Demand", claimed the following , The Mi-17V-5 features a loading ramp (instead of the traditional rear clamshells), a starboard door (which has necessitated moving the auxiliary power unit above the door), and a ‘Dolphin’-shaped nose section under which a stabilised pod containing a thermal imager/TV and laser designator is fitted for fire-control of the Vikhr/Shturm-V/Ataka anti-armour guided missiles. The entire airframe features a high degree of ballistics tolerance and is crash-resistant. It also comes equipped with an emergency flotation system.For anti-armour operations, the Mi-17V-5 has six external hardpoints that can carry four missile launchers. For the armed air assault role the Mi-17V-5 can be armed with four S-5 rocket pods firing UV-57-32 57mm unguided rockets, or four B8V20-A rocket pods housing 20 S-8 80mm rocket pods, or two B13L rocket pods for five S-13 122mm rockets, and two S-24 250mm rockets.

Sir, pls tell where is the stabilised pod under nose containing FLIR,thermal imager,CCD camera. No such pod is there in caes of IAF mi-17v5 .

The previous Mi-17v1 used to carry 6 hardpoints or 6 rocket launchers. In Mi-17v5 the payload has increased but why has the no of hardpoints come down .Why doesnt IAF Mi-17v5 doesnt sport 6 hardpoints.

I have viewed the Mi-17v5 with stub wings fited. I couldnt spot a laser designator on portside wing.

So far in any pics of IAF Mi-17v5, i havent been able to spot Adros jammer just aft of engine mount. It also includes a NDTV video. Are these Ukrainian jammers meant to be there on all 80 Mi-17v5 ?

In a recent thread of yours you also highlighted that a third of 159 Mi-17v5 will be fitted with Israeli C-MUSIC turret and flir imagery pods . What about this .

The things you have siad in 2008 contadicts with what you are saying now and what you have in ‘Desi’ Yellow Journalism At Its Very Best. If Adros jammers are fitted C-MUSIC cant be fitted along with the previous ones.

ALL this is creating a lot of confusion.If you kindly give an explanation to all of this, the fog of confusion will be cleared.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun, There is nothing as KT-03UE IR jammer . There is KT-01AVE from Adron of Ukraine. It is available since 2001.


Rahul said...

Hi Prasun, Why cant the IAF procure surface strike missiles in the category of 140 km range like the Chinese C705KD with TV,IIR mterminal guidance . PLAAF must have huge stocks of C706KD , C502KG , C802AKG. These missiles provide ample proof of the huge emphasis placed on offensive abilities by PLAAF. There is an air-ground weapon of every segment - 25 km agm , 50-80 km glide bombs, 120+ km agm , 250 km+ air launched cruise missiles. IAF needs to closely emulate & adpot this practise. Many things are there to be learnt from PLAAF.
LCH can be redesigned into LAH .it should be made like Z-19.
Plaaf also palces much emphasis on LR sam such as FD-2000, S-400 & also on SPAAG & C-RAM systems to protect these sam batteries, static survellience radars from ARM strikes like HARM & airbases , hangars to protect aircrfats on ground from various AGM, glide bombs. A variety of SPAAGs are in their arsenal.

What happened to PROJECT SANJAY by the way ? When are you going to uplaod it .

Anonymous said...

Sir, Thanx again.

1. DRDO is again preparing to test lauch BMD endo-atmospheric interceptor. This time the target missile Prithvi will travel with a higher velocity. Somewhere I read, I don't exactly remember where that all the test were rigged. The interceptors failed to destroy the target everytime and instead the target was made to self-destruct from ground. If at all this is the case, then why is this being conducted? Is it to give false impressions to the public that R&D in BMD is going well,it is a world class product and it is ready to being operationalised.

2.Is it at all possible to use NVG during daytime to see through fog , smog and other visual impediments. When viewed during day there will be so much glares tht one can't see.

3. Mi-17 helos aren't lightning proof ??

4.Are IA T-90 also downgraded export versions of Russian T-90. Can it withstand a TOW-2 hit ?

5.What is the problem with Kashtan-M in Indian conditions ? Can't it be rectified

6. Is the recent revelations by Dr A Khan part of another massive DIP ? Are his sayings true or has it been verified by someone ? It can be another coverup to undermine Pakistan's actual nuke arsenal buildup .

Sayan said...

Sir, Will you pls tell what Indian chief of air staff recently disclosed to a media house ?

Is F414 engines for Tejas mk2 already on order as mentioned in report. IAF is going for another 20 Tejas mk1. 4 squadrons of Tejas mk2 means 72 acs but IAF intends to have 83 acs.

A large team has been put to place tp fasttrack things.
What is the nature and aim of this test ?
Nirbhay will indeed be a coventional armed subsonic terrain hugging cruise missile like Babur,Tomahawk . It is being said to be developed from Lakshya. But Lakshya is too big to be a LACM in the calss of DH-1,2,3,Tomahawk class cruise missiles.

Anand said...

Hi Prasun,

You mentioned in a thread that India's HUMNINT capabilities along the LAC is weak.Aren't these tibetan guys for whom India has done so much able to provide any valuable intelligence regarding chinese activities inside TAR and alog the LAC???



Anonymous said...

Sir, The SFW cluster weapon is meant ti be used against moving armour column. Since it uses IR source to acquire and lock on its target it can be used against only mobile tanks,apc. If no targets can be found the warhead will self destruct in air at a safe distance from ground. So it can't be used against stationary , perked tanks,Ifv as the engine ain't running and their is no heat source,. It also can't be used against parked acs, vehicles,artillery pieces. An ordinary cluster weapon can be used in this case but due to the safety features. So it is very limited in its use . Sir, your views & comments pls .

rad said...

HI prasun
I think it is best that you explain the featured missiles and their specs and how they relate and endanger our armed forces and what are the counters that we could take to blunt their lead

Mr. Ra 13 said...

How many numbers of Mi-17V5 are India purchasing from Russia. Are they sufficient for the requirements.


Dear Prasun,
May you plz. give me any info regarding the indigenous development of AESA radar developed by India? Actually, I knew that Swordfish is a derivative of the Israeli greenpine radar. Is it true?Can't India develop a AESA radar from the scratch itself without the help of Israel and Russia?

Anonymous said...

Sir, Previously Brahmaputra and Godavari had RAWL-03 secondary air search radar. Now as they are fitted with EL/M-2238, have they been subjected to SLEP.When did it happen. No media reports were there.

Rahul said...

Hi Prasun, Are you in Zhuhai ? Pls have a close look at J-20 and especially J-31. Leran as much as you can about them and inform us .The various products you have posted pics of have serious implications for our country.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@6.42AM: It is for air-to-ground strike against fixed targets. It is ready for export.

To Anon@6.53AM: 1) Before the year’s end. Touch-n-go (bolters) trials have already been concluded. 2) There is a second aircraft carrier now being built in Shanghai. It will be the same as Liaoning 16. 3) Still under development. 4) P-15 DDG’s Shtil-1 is ineffective against sea-skimming ASCMs & hence the Barak-1 is installed. For P-15A & P-16B DDGs, the 70km-range Barak-2 doubles as both a sea-slimming ASCM killer & aircraft interceptor. Photos of P-16A DDG’s scale-model at DEFEXPO 2012 clearly showed the absence of Barak-1 on both P-15A DDG & P-28 ASW corvette. Kashtan-M has been a total failure with the IN. When escorting an aircraft carrier, there will be at least three DDGs & so there will be enough SAMs on board for area air-defence. 5) It is ready to go on board the P-15A DDG & P-28 ASW corvette. 6) Could well be more & one will know only after sea-trials have commenced. 7) No. But the Akash missile could.

To Anon@10.57AM: You’re getting confused between the Mi-17V-5 as certified by Mil Helicopter OKB & Mi-17V-5 as customised for IAF. Belly-mounted FLIR pod is a plug-in installation that is fitted prior to operational missions & has yet to be shown publicly by the IAF. The same goes for the Adros KT-03UE. It isn’t Ukrainian, but of Russian origin. Laser designator too is a plug-in installation & was clearly visaible when A K Antony was shown the helicopter on 17-2-2012. C-MUSIC will be on those Mi-17V-5s that are configured for VIP/executive transportation.

To Anon@12.12PM: Adros KT-03UE was shown for the first time at MAKS-2011 & also at HeliRussia 2011 & was developed by Russia for the Mi-35M & Mi-17V-5. It is nothing to do with Ukraine. KT-01AVE is already on board IAF Mi-25s & Mi-35Ps.

To RAHUL: The IAF already has Kh-59MEs, Popeyes & PopeyeLites. What is now read most are CALCMs like Taurus KEPD-350 & small-diameter bombs like AASM Hammer with optional GPS, laser & IR guidance kits. Project Sanjay’s thread will be uploaded after this thread ends by November 18. Am on my way to Zhuhai & will probably be the only Indian entity to be present there. J-20 isn’t being showcased at Zhuhai, only the J-31 is. Despite much speculation, it is clear that the J-31 won’t be aircraft carrier-based. Instead, it will be something similar in concept to the F-35C Lightning JSF.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@2.43PM: The endo-atmospheric interceptor this time could well be the long-awaited AD-1 with IIR terminal guidance, i.e. a hit-to-kill interceptor. NVGs aren’t used at daytime. In white-out conditions, there’s no other option but to observe IFR regulations coupled with GPS navigation. No flying platform—manned or unmanned—is lightning-proof. IA’s T-90S MBTs acquired off-the-shelf weren’t downgraded. Only those being licence-built are & therefore the CVRDE had to upgrade them with indigenous composite laminate armour addition. Kashtan-M is unreliable due to unresolved EMI issues. When the Shtil-1’s radar illuminators are in operation, Kashtan-M’s integral fire-control radar becomes ineffective. Only the optronic sensor works under such conditions.
Recent revelations of Dr A Q ‘Bhopali’ Khan have only vindicated what has always been suspected. That was also the main reason why both Israel & India decided against an air-strike against Kahuta in 1986 (after coming to know for sure that there was nothing at Kahuta & the real uranium enrichment facility was located at Hanzhong in China). There was a senior PAF officer who was recruited by India & Israeli in the early 1980s for supplying crucial data related to PA & PAF air defences around Kahuta, according to recent TV interviews given by Eijaz-ul-Haq, the son of Gen Zia ul-Haq.

To SAYAN: Those stories are quite old, but F414’s production orders have since been placed for Tejas Mk2 & LCA (Navy) Mk2. But there remains a question mark on the second Tejas Mk1 squadron. Nirbhay will be nuclear-armed & that’s why it is officially termed as being a ‘strategic’ weapon. HAL’s officially released data confirms that. It has nothing to do with Lakshaya & is a completely new design that’s powered by a turbofan, & not the PTAE-7 turbojet that powers the Lakshaya.

To ANAND: No matter what India’s done for Tibetan refugees, the fact remains that China has succeeded in completely sealing the access routes traditionally used by fleeing Tibetans along the China-Nepal border. Therefore, there’s ZERO infiltration & exfiltration by land today all along the LAC as well as along the China-Nepal border.

To RAD: Will do.

To Mr.RA 13: It is 80 + 57 Mi-17V-5s for the IAF as of now. But if the IA’s AAC wants its own Mi-17V-5s for air-assault, then at least another 60 more will be reqd.

To SOUBHAGYA: The only indigenously developed AESA radars so far are the S-band LSTAR technology demonstrator & the S-band AESA for EMB-145I. CAVS & LRDE are tinkering with a design for an AESA-MMR for combat aircraft, but that will be ready for flight-tests only in the following decade.

To Anon@10.55PM: This happened after OP Parakram in 2002. News-media reports emanating from India don’t report about SLEPs for warships. They bother to draft such reports only when it comes to INS Viraat. Don’t ask me why since I can’t read the minds of such ‘desi’ nerds.

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da ,

It seems that the S 500 is shaping up to be a great SAM that will have the capability to intercpet even hypersonic cruise missile . Do you think it will be wise for India to purchase the S 500 from Russia ?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: That depends on whether there's an iminent threat to India from hypersonic cruise missiles. Right now, there isn't any such threat.

By the way, do read this:

Mr. Ra 13 said...

This was a good news, but somehow or on intent it did not get the wide publicity.

Anonymous said...

what is the range speed and weight of the CM-400 ASM??????? what kind of guidance it will carry?

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da, thanks a bunch .


Anonymous said...

Sir , I maybe confusing a bit but there are a lot of things that are to be clarified with respect to Indian Mi-17v5.

Firstly, In Clearing the mist , you said , "In fact, this very IDAS suite has also been selected for installation on the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd-built Dhruv Mk4 (Rudra) helicopter gunship and the Light Combat Helicopter (LCH), and will also be retrofitted in-country on to a third of the 139 Mi-17V-5 armed utility helicopters now being delivered to the IAF by Russia’s Tatarstan-based Kazan Helicopter Plant. These retrofitted Mi-17V-5s will also be equipped with ELBIT Systems-built C-MUSIC missile countermeasures turrets (see photo below for the installation area)."
Only those Mi-17V-5s meant to fly within the combat zone will come fitted with IDAS and IAI/TAMAM-built FLIR pods, while those employed for rear-area logistics will not. This constitues a third of total fleet. IS THE STATEMENT TRUE ? HOW MUCH OF IT HOLDS TRUE TODAY ? Coz you just said C-MUSIC will be fitted to those Mi-17V5 which are meant for VIP,executive transportation, duties.

Secondly, Adros KT-03UE was developed for Mi-17v5. So, excluding the third of fleet which are fitted with or will be fitted with the IDAS suite and C-MUSIC, all the others will have Adros KT-03UE IR Jammer. Is there Adros KT-03UE for each heli in the 2-3rd fleet.

Thirdly,How can FLIR be fitted under belly? It is nose mounted. The FLIR you are talking about is which one ? IAI,Taman electro-optic pod havinf FLIR,CCD,thermal imager or the Russian stabilised electro-optic pod.

Fourthly, What is the IAF specific Mil-17v5. What was customised for IAF. Why is there 4 stubwing mounted hardpoints instead of 6 on V1.?

Fifthly,Is there ballistics tolerance to 7.62 mm all over the airframe for IAF Mi-17v5.As you said The entire airframe features a high degree of ballistics tolerance and is crash-resistant..

Sixthly. C-MUSIC and UT-301UVE both are soft-kill IR countermeasures . Which is better ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun da, What ac carried out the sttack and what weapons were used in the recent Sudan attack .? No one is claiming anything.

Rahul said...

Hi Prasun, The total no of Popeyes, Popeye Lite,Kh-59 is too low<150. On the other hand PLAAH has atleast 600 + missiles in 120-140km category such as C705KD.PLAAF has done away with iron bombs with no guidance,which are dropped close to thetarget.Instead it has totally shifted to smart munitions with terminal guidance besides GPS or inertial navigation and launched from standoff ranges. 500+ Kh-59ME or Popeye Lite needs to be acquired. The more the merrier.At the same time ALCM with 250+ km range like Tauras is needed. At the same time all iron bomb stocks need to be replaced with AASM,small diameter bomb like standoff smart munitions. Most of PLAAF AGM,glide bombs are iir guided. perhaps so much emphasis has been placed as iir,mmw seekers xan look through weather obscurants. There are no cluster munition dispensing glide bombs as of yet in IAF inventory. Sagem,MBDA needs to produce a revamped variant of AASM with a variety of payload options from 250lb to 2000 lb,cluster munitions,thermobaric warhead & with swepth back wide chordcwings like JSOW to give it a longer reach . AASM type weapon can be carried in nos per jet through triple & dual carriage per hardpoint.
At the same time both longer range & modern ARM in the form of Kh-31PD , ALARM is much needed in quantities.

More Sukhois are being ordered in successive branches but adequate ordance for them were not ordered. IAF needs to go on a massive AGM,glide bomb,ARM purchase to replace its obsolete air-surface ordance .

FN-3000 seems to be a reverse-engineered RAM. Them Chines are D.Sc holders in reverse-engineering,copying & industrial espionage .

Shaurya said...

The stealth jet being developed by AVIC, will it compete with j-31 for orders from PLA,Or both of them will serve with differet role, or anyone of them is exclusively for export just like jf-17?


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun da

U hav always said that Boeing F18 Superhornet was the best offer for IAF MMRCA..F18 has advanced and stable platforms..But Rafale is a new one compared to F18...F18 would have cost the IAF much less then the Rafale.That money could have been spent on other IAF programmes..IAF has said that the F18 had less aerodynamics then the rafale.But Rafale will give India much needed TOT from France, Ex Radars, Kaverin engine.Nuron etc. whch US would have refused.What according to u were the main reasons for F 18 rejection r has the IAF faultered ?...VMT

Anonymous said...

Sir, Thanx again a lot.
1.Previously when endo-atmospheric interceptions were carried out, weren't they hit to kill . The AD-1 has emerged much quickly than earlier predicted.

2. Why are the T-90 that are being license produced by HVF downgraded versions of the actual T-90. We are not indulging in unlicensed production. We should get the actual product without any shortcomings.

3. Why isn't CVRDE developing thick composite laminate armour blocks for the sides of the hull above the wheels like Leopard 2. The hull sides are unprotected. The front section of the sides are protected by three thin steel plates. The laminate armour plates must be some variant of Kanchan armour.

4.How can Talwar class frigates act as good SSK killer. They don't havr good sonar and ULF towed array sonar ?

5. What is the fire-control radar of AK630M ?

6.What happened to FLIR pods for Mi-17v5 ?

7. How many Condor lorop pods were procured from Elbit by IAF ?

8.What of the mentioned PGM , sam have been ordered by PAF and in what no ?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Mr.RA 13: Such surgical air-strikes don’t receive publicity unless the targetted country cries foul. In this case, since Sudan chose not to for good reasons (since admittance of its complicity in weapons smuggling for purposes of subverting a sovereign country would have invited global condemnation & sanctions), it suits Israel just fine to adhere to the posture of plausible deniability. Such air-strikes are excellent examples of how to employ offensive airpower for covert long-range air operations.

To Anon@8.19AM: Speed is supersonic, since the air-launched CM-400 is a derivative of the 200km-range SY-400 surface-launched NLOS-BSM. Guidance is via FINGS coupled to GPS receiver.


To Anon@1.08PM: Both statements hold true. A third of the Mi-17V-5 fleet is routinely used for VIP/executive transport for both the IAF & various state govts. All other Mi-17V-5s come fitted with installation kits & wiring reqd for accepting the Adros KT-03UE. And how can FLIR turrets be nose-mounted on Mi-17V-5s? Has anyone ever fitted such turrets on the nose of any Mi-8 or Mi-17 to date? If such turrets are nose-mounted, then how can one except the nose-mounted weather radar to function? That’s why FLIR turrets on the Mi-17V-5s are belly-mounted, which is different from ‘underbelly’.

To Anon@2.17PM: As the report clearly stated, the strike aircraft were the IDAF-AF’s F-15Is. Weapons used were regular LGBs.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAHUL: The FL-3000N is now the standard missile-based CIWS along with the Type 730 multi-barrel cannon. AS for air-to-ground PGMs, it remains a mystery as to why the DRDO isn’t contemplating the development of an ARM version of the Astra BVRAAM. Equally mystifying is why CALCMs like Taurus KEPD-350 are not under development. Such PGMs should have entered the development phase at least a decade ago.

To SHAURYA: Both the J-20 & J-31 are being developed under the AVIC’s umbrella. The J-20’s R & D from Chengdu Aircraft Corp, however, is funded by the PLAAF, while the J-31 from Shenyang Aircraft Corp is only AVIC-funded for export to select countries like Pakistan, Venezuela, South Africa & possibly some GCC member-states. Present plans call for the J-20 to replace the J-8II, Su-27SK & JH-7A, while the J-31 is meant for replacing members of the J-7 & Q-5 combat aircraft families.

To Anon@9.48PM: That question was specifically answered sometime last year. The IAF didn’t falter at all.

To Anon@10.28PM: 1) No, they weren’t, since the terminal guidance was by an X-band radar & warhead detonation was achieved through proximity fuzes. 2) No one will part with high-end technologies related to armour & cannon metallurgy. Therefore, Russia is no exception. 3) There’s adequate side-armouring of the Arjun Mk1/Ml1A. With the advent of APS suites, heavy up-armouring of hull & turret is unnecessary. 4) Procurement of ultra low-frequency TAS as well as ultra low-frequency dunking sonars for all IN FFGs & shipborne ASW helicopters is in the pipeline.

SherKhan said...

Amazing Pics Parsun.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SherKhan: VMT. Many more will come in the days ahead.

Mr. Ra 13 said...

So the success of 'Operation Sudan' may indicate that Israel is capable of hitting the distant Iranian targets like Natanz etc at any time.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Mr.RA 13: Not quite, actually, since aerial ingress into Sudan is easily achieved by overflying the Red Sea in international airspace prior to entering Sudanese airspace either directly or via Eritrea. To enter Iranian airspace, the IDF-AF will be required to fly long overland distances over either Jordan & western Iraq, or over western Saudi Arabia. This can be done ONLY IF the air-defence networks of Iraq, Jordan & Saudi Arabia KNOWINGLY permit the IDF-AF to transit their respective airspace corridors. Given the intense Sunni-Shia divide now prevailing within the Arab world, it could well be that the Sunni Jordanians & Saudis will allow the Jews to strike hard against Shia Iran. The other more operationally plausible possibility is of course to overfly Jordan & Iraq, since the Iraqis have no worthwhile air force to speak of & this route offers the safest air corridor for ingress into & egress out of Iranian territory.

Anonymous said...

Sir can you please tell me what is this thing that the Tata 8x8 truck is carrying?

Is it a gun of some sort?

Anonymous said...

1. Prasunji, what exactly are the different types of cruise missiles/NLOS-BSMs under development/joint-venture/purchase plans in India?

2. Will there be any more versions of BrahMos-1 after Block-3?

3. Can you provide me some information about the capabilities and deployment of the chinese supersonic missile YJ-12?

4. What is the purpose of the large tower-like mast on the starboard side deck of the Vikramaditya, why is it not present on other Russian carriers?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@4.23AM: It is Rheinmetal Air Defence’s 35mm Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk2.

To Anon@4.28AM: 1) NLOS-BSM: Prahaar & BrahMos-1’s Blocks 2/3. Cruise missiles: Nirbhay & supersonic LRCM. 2) Air-launched BrahMos-1. 3) YJ-12 was shown only once in mock-up form at Zhuhai in the year 2000 & was shown underslung on the wings of a JH-7A. It was similar in design & performance to the LRCM now under development in India. However, it never entered series-production. 4) That is a communications antenna array mast containing the data-link antennae for sending & receiving information from Ka-31 AEW helicopters as well as MALE-UAVs.

Anonymous said...

Sir Im the Anon at 4:23AM

Thanks for your reply. Does IA operate this gun presently? How many units are in service?

Can you tell me what are the weapon systems of Indian forces which will be/already are based on indigenously-built Tata/Ashok Leyland trucks?

Has the Asian Motor Works (AMW) entered the defence sector as yet?

Gessler said...

Prasun sir...

1) You have repeatedly said that IAF is looking at CALCMs like Taurus KEPD-350 for operational use. So will India buy the Taurus KEPD itself or is an indigenous alternative in development?

2) Is IAF considering any SOM-type ALCMs powered by PTAE-7 turbojet? Or will the turbofan CALCMs suffice?

3) Will Nirbhay LACM recieve any RAM coating to reduce RCS? What do you think will be the stealthier missile? Nirbhay, Babur, CJ-10 or Tomahawk?

4) Has the Z-10 attack helo actually been inducted into PLA/AF as yet? How many nos. do you soppose are in service if yes?

5) What is the range of CM-400 A2G missile shown in the thread?

6) In your TRISHULGROUP website sir, you have stated years back that an Indo-Israeli SLCM is under development. The related picture as shown -

What is the status of this missile thus far?

7) What is peak power output of the N011M BARS Mk-2 radar? And that of Mk-3 "Vetrivale" upgrade?

How much do you think this can be increased if by chance Super-Sukhoi ends up with an AESA version of the N011M? Like how France developed RBE2 PESA into AESA?

Thanks in advance, sir.

Anonymous said...

Sir what is your opinion on the development of a Pakistani nuclear submarine?

Any views?

Anonymous said...

Sir, A lot of confusions were cleared.
A few more left. And you have bypassed many ques.
Firstly, The 1/3 part of Mi-17V5 which is relegated to frontlinr duties also have VIP transportation duties . Each of them have a IDAS suite and carries MUSIC jammer.
Secondly, Is there KT-03UE available for each of the rest of Mi-17V5 ? All have required wiring to host the jammer.
Thirdly, By nose mounted, I wanted to mean that the electro-optic pod is belly mounted under the nose. The electro-optic stabilsed payload in the 1/3rd part are they Russian pods or Israeli ones. What is the model ?
Fourthly, Are FLIR pods available for each of the 3rd fleet ? Do the rest carry any such pod? What is that pod .
Fifthly, what is the specific reason of IAF Mi-17v5 having 4 instead of 6 stub wing hardpoints.
Sixthly, Is there any plans for fitting ir jammer,IDAS , flir pod for Mi-17v1.

Uptill now I have never come across a pic of MI-17V5 sporting IDAS,MUSIC or FLIR pod. Perhap IAF is yet to display them publicly.

Hunt said...


Its difficult to understand how Indian defense planners plan on indigenous efforts. In this subject the best example is Israel, where at least they have achieved self reliance in manufacturing world beating weapons (like Python, Derby) and sensors (like ELTA family of radars) relying on foreign sources for Platforms to deliver them (like F 15 and F 16). Even their submarines (German manufactured with AIP) can stay nearly 80 days (As good as a nuclear sub) and India is buying a Sub from France which can stay for 45 days max (with AIP). India has already bought German subs and manufactured in Mazagaon Docks in 90s. Why can't we go for similar class of subs?.

Sayan said...

Sir, INS Arihant will miss December deadline. The 80 Mwe nuclear reactor on-board the submarine is yet to be functional more than three years after the submarine was launched in water. The reactor is yet to produce the energy required to propel the 6000-tonne submarine.What is this problem with the reactor & with the submarine components ?The pic of the submarine given is it Arihant ? It looks more like Akula class.

India in Talks with Russia to Upgrade Sukhoi Combat Jet Fleet. So, IAF officials are at IAPO in Irkut . Has the upgrade package been finalised ? How many Sukhoi are to be upgraded to Super standard ? Apart from the carriage of Brahmos missiles and wing and fin mounted L-band AESA what are the other differences between Super & normal Sukhoi ?Is the debate taking place related to final config.

Has PN ordered another 4 F-22 FFG ? China to provide four F-22P naval ships to Pak Navy.

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da ,

The UAE entered into a JV with Russia to produce a tailor made version of the Pantsir . Why doesn't India purchase the Pantsir-S1 as we do not have any automated anti-aircraft system designated for destroying low flying targets ? Recently the Pantsir shot down a cruise missile during tests

Thanks & Regards,

Anonymous said...

Sir, I have did a lot of google searches. Didnt find anything about Adros KT-03UE jammer . Is President-S from Russia a DIRCM solution ? It mankes use of three laser head turerts for a Mi-17 helicopter. whereas MUSIC uses only one. President-S must have simultaneous multi threat capabilty which MUSIC doesnt provide. Which is better DIRCM for helicopter among the three Boldstroke DIRCM from BAE systems, Eclipse DIRCM from Selex Galileo,Northrup Grumman,MUSIC from Elbit . Does Indian C-130J uses ALQ-212 ? Because it comprises ATIRCM DIRCM.

Will IA AH-64 , IAF Chinook have BAE Boldstroke DIRCM as their standard fit or any otehr DIRCM OF IAF's choice .

abs said...

I fail to understand as to why India has no active programme for developing of CALCMs and convetional LACMs?? and instead going after developing strategic ALCMs?
Has it got to do with the failure to have a well defined war fighting strategy??
I think the Nirbhay could easily be modified as a conventional CALCM, but alas such things aren't happening.

Anonymous said...

Sir, VMT

1.CVRDE must developeThick composite laminate armour blocks for the sides of the hull above the wheels like Leopard 2 for T-90 & T-72. The hull sides are unprotected. The front section of the sides are protected by three thin steel plates.

2.What are the roles of ZW-10 & Z-19 ?How do they differ from each other ?

3.The FLIR pods for LCH and Rudra helicopter gunship is DCompass. There are lots of electro optic pods in market like EOST 45,46,etc. Is Dcompass selected on basis of performance in field trials or is it the natural choice ?

4.Is DRDO developed Mareech torpedo decoy fitted or are to be fitted on all IN FFG,DDG, corvettes ?When will the hardkill Mareech emerge .

Rahul said...

Hi Prasun , There is a need of Panstir S1 type SPAAG for IA , IAF in large nos . What exactly is needed is a customised version od Panstir S1. The current Panstir missile is not very agile and can intercepth targets manuvering at 5G. A ground launched variant of R-73M needs to be developed and incorporated in Panstir .The existing missile needs to be redesigned to increase agilty .Then it will become a truly C-RAM system capable of intercepting not only cruise missiles but also AGM , glide bombs , arm .

Is TOR a truly C-RAM system capable of intercepting all types of standogg A2G missiles and munitions ?

Which is more cpable TOR or Panstir ?
CM-506KG seems to be a copy of GBU-38 .FT-1000 SJORAD seems to be a reverese engineered Panstir S1 missile round .

Rahul said...

Hi Prasun, Is it possible to have IIR,mmW combined seeker ?

Shiva said...

Dear Mr.Prasun Sengupta,

Is India's defence relation with Russia suffering because

1) of delays in projects and cost escalation in Russia ?


2) Has India lost interest in the FGFA project and would like to reduce its in financial involvement in it ?


Anonymous said...

Sir, One thing is clear. If PLAAF comabat acs are allowed to come within 140 km of an Indian airbase or other vital military infrastucture, it will recieve a volley of PGM and after some time will cease to be an airbase or military infrastucture with destruction of all equiments. On the other hand if Indian AIrforce jets come within 50 km of any PLAAF airbsae it will be toast. 50 is too judicious. 120 km seems to be fair a no.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun da

Is Sikorsky Black hawk better then Mi 17 V5 for IA AAC??Will the IN choose the F 35 as future carrier aircraft over the Su PAKFA/FGFA..Su PAKFA is much bigger then the F 35 which can be a disadvantage for the former for carrier operations...VMT

Sujoy Majumdar said...

Hi Prasun Da ,

Given the fact that IMI has been blacklisted by the MoD , will it affect the development of the Prahaar missile as it is largely derived from the Israeli missile EXTRA and IMI is participating with IAI & DRDO in the Prahaar missile project .


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@7.28AM: How can this gun ever enter service with anyone in India when Rheinmetal Air Defence is presently blacklisted? That photo was of 2009 vintage. Presently, only the SpyDer-SR is mounted on TML-built trucks. ZU-23-2 AAA is mounted on Ashok-Leyland Stallion.

To GESSLER: 1) No one in India is developing any kind of subsonic CALCM as of now (which is really stupid!). 2) For any CALCM with a range of up to 700km, turbofans are preferred to turbojets. IAF is presently only considering the Taurus KEPD-350 & Storm Shadow/SCALP 3) All long-range strategic cruise missiles have RAM-based airframes & the Nirbhay will be no exception. 4) Z-10 is already in service with three separate helicopter regiments. 12 have been supplied so far & a total production run of 150 is envisaged. 5) CM-400 will have 100km-range. 6) That project was scrapped in 2009 itself. The IN wants a sub-launched Nirbhay. 7) 4kW in scanning mode & 1.2kW in illumination mode.

To Anon@9.03AM: Utter hogwash. Don’t believe such rubbish.

To Anon@10.10AM: 2) Yes. 3) IAI/TAMAM FLIR turret, not Russian. 4) No. 5) Purely MTOW considerations. One cannot carry 6 pods & 26 soldiers at the same time. 6) IR jammer is already there on Mi-171.

To HUNT: The Israeli SSKs definitely don’t have 89 days of submerged endurance. In fact, all existing fuel cell-powered AIPs have been problematic. The most efficient & trouble-free AIPs have been the Stirling Engine-based ones & that’s what the IN will go for when it orders the S-80 Super Scorpenes. Presently, there are no AIP-powered SSKs with the IN.

To SAYAN: The Arihant’s PWR had gone critical three months ago. That’s not the problem. Following internal steam generation, several check-outs have to be carried out & this takes time, especially establishing the SSBN’s centre of gravity & buoyancy levels. Only after all this has been established & calibrated will by next January, the Arihant will be able to go out to sea. Super Su-30MKI upgrade was finalized a few months ago & the next tranche of 42 Su-30MKIs to be ordered next month will be of the Super Su-30MKI standard whose cockpits will host panoramic AMLCDs. I’m not aware of another 4 F-22P FFGs being ordered for the PN.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: Of course the IA has automated self-propelled SPAAGs, these being the ipgraded ZSU-23-4 Schilka & 2S6 Tunguska-M. Cruise missiles are best shot down by SHORADS (both IIR guided & radar-guided) & have been shot down since February 1991.

To Anon@1.53PM: All present-day DIRCMs for combat aircraft or transport aircraft/helicopters like C-MUSIC only one director. The C-MUSIC version with three laser directors is for business jets & commercial jetliners. IAF C-130J-30s are hard-wired for accepting DIRCM, but presnelt don’t have them on-board. Boldstroke-type DIRCMs are usually on-board SOF-qualified or CSAR-qualified helicopters. The CH-47F Chinooks for the IAF will be for rear-area logistics only.

To ABS: Although CALCMs & conventional GLCMs already exist in the form of BrahMos-1 & the Nirbhay has bright prospects for further evolving into a conventional SLCM, what is most regrettable is the failure of the IAF & IN in the 1990s to ask HAL to develop a follow-on turbojet to the PTAE-7, & failure to ask GTRE to develop the ‘Laghu Shakthi’ turbofan. Had these happened one-and-a-half decades ago (instead of 2007), then by today the DRDO would have been able to produce both tactical & strategic cruise missiles. It therefore does appear to be the case that the IAF & IN took too long to absorb the lessons of the wars wages since 1982 (Falklands campaign, Israel-Syria war & OP Desert Storm) & this indeed was a fatal blunder. The consequences of all this include: failure to equip combat aircraft with integrated self-defence suites (this was rectified only AFTER OP Bijay/Safed Sagar), & the failure to induct standoff PGMs in adequate numbers.

To Anon@6.46PM: 2) ZW-10 is a dedicated heavy attack helicopter, while the ZW-19 is a light attack helicopter-cum-recce platform. 3) COMPASS FLIR turret was selected because of the JV between HAL & ELBIT Systems. 4) Mareech is already in service starting with the three Project 17 FFGs.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAHUL: Pantsyr-S1-type AAA systems are reqd to engage only low-flying targets that in any case cannot engage in high-G manoeuvres when cruising at such altitudes. Using SHORADS to engage gliding PGMs or ARMs is a loss-making proposition & that’s why no one has tried to develop such hard-kill weapon systems, & have instead preferred to deploy soft-kill countermeasures. Instead, it will be more cost-effective to have a layered air-defence network in-depth that will dissuade the combat aircraft from contemplating the launch of such standoff PGMs. Both TOR & Pantsyr-S1 are optimised for engaging low-flying combat aircraft, helicopters & cruise missiles. The FK-1000 SHORADS’ SK-1000 SAM was originally developed as an extended-range FL-3000N missile. Leave alone combined dual-mode seekers, tri-mode seekers have already been developed for the JAGM by Raytheon & Northrop Grumman.

To SHIVA: Of course not. Project cost escalation is a global phenomenon & is not specific to Russia.

To Anon@11.38PM: Mi-17V-5 powered by VK-2500 engines is a much better option that any version of the S-70 Black Hawk & that’s the very reason why Sikorsky isn’t marketing the Black Hawk in India. If IAC-2 displaces 65,000 tonnes, then the FGFA will be an ideal choice as a carrier-borne fifth-generation MRCA. F-35B JSF on the other hand is ideal for carriers like the IAC-1.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: No, it won’t because IMI’s role was that of a project consultant & its assignment in this capacity had been successfully concluded by the time the blacklisting took place. The projects most badly affected by IMI’s blacklisting are those of 37.5km-range Pinaka Mk1 & 40km-range Pinaka Mk2 MBRLs, since both type of MBRL rockets make use of IMI-made trajectory correction systems (TCS), which can no longer be imported.

Anonymous said...

Hi for q better political alternative will u vote for arvind khehriwal and support him as I feel the defense industry in our country can't change with the existing corrupt government.

Anonymous said...

Sir, A lot of confusion was dispelled away.
Firstly, What is the model of IAI,TAMAM FLIR pod in Mi-17v5.Secondly, Are all Mi-17v1 fitted with IR jammer or only those that are subjected to frontline duties .Is this the result of the lesseons learned from Op Vijay ? Thirdly, which IR jammer is fitted ? Is it effective against Stinger,Anza mk1,mk2 and current gen MANPADS? Fourthly, When used only in armed role , are six rocket pods carried ? Fifthly, What is the ballistic tolerance of the cargo bay , entire airframe as this helicopter has lots of ballstic tolerance built in .

Saran said...

We hope in this DIWALI all the asuras against INDIA WILL BE DESTROYED and should bring all the strength and luminous to the people of our country,.
especialy i like this festival because all the people are interested in crackering like atom bomb,rocket flower pots, stars, three shot, 7 shot,sudarsan,etc,. (symbolically destroying the asuras)

Vikram GUha said...

Thank you Prasun Da .

Happy Kali Puja to you and your family .


Anonymous said...

Sir, Most DIRCM available today use more than one directors barring C-MUSIC. All USAF C-17 and some C-130 are equipped with AAQ-24 Nemesis which has between 4 to 6 turrets distributed all over the aircraft. Boeing Chinook use ATIRCM system in which there is a pointer tracker(director) on each side of the airframe.

Among helicopter use DIRCM like Northrup Grumman ECLIPSE, BAE Boldstroke , ATIRCM ,Elbit MUSIC which is a better system ? What DIRCM system will IA Apache have ?

What DIRCM system was specified for C-17. Soft-killed IR jammer have outlived their usefullness and can no longer defeat modern MANPADS. So DIRCM are essential.

Anonymous said...

if PRC can give ready made nuclear bomb to pak. what is stopping them to give an operational nuclear submarine to them to screw India

Anonymous said...

Don't you think F-35C/B would be better than PAK-FA for the navy? The PAK-FA doesn't look that stealthy I have my doubts concerning its effectiveness in combat.

Anonymous said...

waiting for the descriptions

Sujoy Majumdar said...

Prasun Da ,

Wishing you a very Happy Diwali and Kali Puja .


Rahul said...

Hi Prasun, Why is engaging gliding PGM ,ARM a loss making proposition ? ARM, gliding PGM are equal or more costly than the missile round.Tor was designed keeping in mind the threat from US LACM,ALCM AGM-86 & HARM.This is stated by Russian spokespersons in the promotonal,marketing videos of these sysyems .o it can effectively intercept them. PanstirS1 was designed with PGM, glide bomb in mind. It also has cannons. Many intercepts are made using the cannon.

Both TOR and Panstir were designed to engage low flying targets in mind. Then why is the missile round of Tor more manuverable ? It is capable of gaging targets manuvering at 12G.

The other truly cost effective and capable C-RAM system is a variant of Rheinmetall Skyranger Skyshield C-RAM. It will take care of everything from mortar rounds to PGM to cruise missiles. It has been designed for military camp , imfrastucture , airbase protection.

A combo of Skyshield + Iron Dome or Iron Dome + Panstir S1 will make hell of a C-RAM , inner layer defense for protection of HVT assets.

Are sopgisticated spectrally balanced IR decoy like Rheinmetall DM 69 A2 , Birdie , Cirrius which can decoy IR seeker with 2-colour ratio discrimination in service with Sukhoi-30,Mirage 2000 ,& other combat acs of IAF ?

Wishing you and your family a Happy Kali puja.

Anonymous said...

Sir has work on SLCM version of NIrbhay begun?

Is it possible to use the booster motor of the BrahMos Block-2 on Nirbhay?

Anonymous said...

When I saw this post from you, I said "Oh.. holly cow!" Then you mentioned, more is yet to come before Nov 18. I said "Ohh.. sh!t" Then after reading the comments and GoI efficiency & responsibility, I said "Ohh.. F?ck!"

Anyway, have a Great Time in Mao's land. Say Hi to new party leaders.
Of course, pls keep on posting more pics. But have a kind request - if possible, indicate what is what. I know it is time consuming. But your blog is much much worth reading than India's toilet newspapers.

BTW, what would be the new Communist leaders look towards India?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Prasun, I wanted to ask, "How would the new Communist leaders look towards India."

sntata said...

Dear Prasun,
Wish you happy Diwali and Kali Puja.
Here is a piece of high-tech gizmo developed by IRDE for our infantry jawans which appears to offer a big advantage in the battlefield:
Wish you will give your valuable opinion.
Wishing you bon voyage to China.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@9.27AM: Providing purpose & decisive governance requires a lot more than what IAC is now indulging in. The last thing India now needs is a 21st century form of pseudo-Gandhian economic isolation. To successfully run & manage a nation one needs technocrats, not anarchists. Just read what’s happening across India’s borders in the PRC:

To Anon@10.41AM: 1) MiniPOP FLIR turret. 2 & 3) Only those for air-assault operations will be fitted with Adros KT-03UE jammers. However, all Mi-17V-5s will come hard-wired to accept such jammers. 4) Mi-17V-5s are never used in only-armed roles since the IAF does not use them as attack helicopters. 5) Ballistics tolerance levels are all compliant with NATO MILSPEC standards.

To SAYAN: Don’t worry, for even the Asuras will find today’s India an intolerable place to inhabit since the subcontinent is no longer a paradise worth residing in.

To VIKRAM GUHA: VMT & the very same to you & all your loved ones.

To Anon@12.17PM: AH-64D Block-2 LongBow Apaches & other attack helicopters don’t require DIRCMs. DIRCMs are reqd only when aircraft & helicopters have to carry high-value cargo/guman assets over very hostile airspace. IR jammers & expendable IR countermeasures are still the favoured items for helicopters.

To DASHU: The answer is simple: the PLAN does not have enough SSNs & SSBNs to spare for anyone else. Hence, it was decided by the Pakistan Navy to procure six Qing-class SSKs powered by Stirling Engine AIP & armed with Babur SLCMs.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@1.22PM: Whatever one has seen about the PAK-FA is not the final shape of things that will emerge. A lot more will go into the production-series PAK-FA & FGFA in terms if low-observable technologies that will be applicable to the airframe, avionics & engines.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: VMT & the very same to you & all your loved ones.

To RAHUL: VMT & the very same to you & all your loved ones. When it comes to deploying an entire network of sensors & weapons reqd for intercepting just PGMs, then it indeed becomes a much more costlier proposition. TOR-M1 & Pantsyr-S1 provide battlefield air-defence in support of friendly manoeuvring land forces & can thus intercept subsonic cruise missiles, but will be unable to defend against incoming PGMs like JDAMs & JSOWs, since the enemy will first be inclined to launch air-launched decoy drones followed by standoff PGMs in large numbers in order to saturate a fairly decent ground-based air-defence network. Therefore, the best option is always to strive for air dominance, i.e. preventing the attacking aircraft armed with PGMs from entering the defended airspace by intercepting them with manned combat aircraft.

To Anon@5.15PM: Yes, R & D work has already begun. BrahMos-1’s booster cannot be used for Nirbhay.

To Anon@8.38PM: To make matters simple, I have renamed the photo-files to give a fairly good idera of what each photo is all about. Wherever available, I’m also trying to attach corresponding information posters. As to how the PRC’s new-generation leaders perceive India, well, there’s a new ‘Look West’ policy all set for unveilling once the new Politburo & State Council (equivalent of the Union Cabinet) is in place. This has already been conveyed to India through luminaries like Dr A P J Abdul Kalam (see: And as for some background on the PRC’s new-generation leaders, this may be worth reading:

To SNTATA: And I wish you & all your loved ones the very same. That news-item was known to me since DEFEXPO 2012. Will give further updates on it (including photos & brochures) under the new thread on ‘Project SANJAY’ later this month, since this kit forms part of the Battlefield Surveillance System.

Mr. Ra 13 said...

Red Dragon China seems to be developing every type of weapons that the whole rest of the world can imagine.

We will also have to accumulate the weaknesses of China.

Anonymous said...

Sir is any naval gun system in development in India for future frigates/corvettes/destroyers?

Will P-17A frigates have a 127mm main gun? What company will supply this gun?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@6.03AM: None whatsoever. P-17A FFG will have the same OTOBreda 76/62 SRGM as those on the three P-17 FFGs.

Anonymous said...

Sir , Kerela to assemble BrahMos air version. Isnt production of 12 air-launched missile per year very very small a no ?

What new equipment was added and what was dropped from the upgrade package of Sukhoi-30 that was finalised last month ?

What is the use of handheld ballistic shields for Army Ghatak platoons ? They are useful in counter insurgency ops and for armed police .

Chinese J-31 stealth fighter for global market. As soon this fighter is operational, PAF is likely to order large quantities of it dont you think ? Theres a need to fast-track R&D on FGFA .

China resumes talks with Russia on Su-35 purchase.
Is China really going to order Su-35S?
'A large Russian delegation met Chinese representatives on the eve of Airshow China in Zhuhai to make an additional presentation on the Su-35. United Aircraft president Mikhail Pogosyan and Russian air force commander Gen Viktor Bondarev were among the members of the Russian delegation.' You are there in Zhuhai ? Is the sale of Su-35 to PLAAF their intention behind their presence at Zhuhai .This will not only increase the no of Su-27 30 in PLAAF but will also enabme Chinese military industrial facilities to come up with their own phased arry radar and super-cruise engines as Irbis-E and Item 117S are to be exported .

How can Russia be ready to sell China a substantial number of NIIP Irbis third-generation radars with passive electronic scanning and NPO Saturn Item 117S engines as part of a would-be Su-35 purchase when Chinese view Russia as their no one enemy .

Rahul said...

Hi Prasun , For what particular reason is Tor M1 missile round more agile than Panstir S1 round? TOR M1 is said to be able to engage targets manuvering at 12G.

Having Panstir S1 with an improved agility missile at major IAF airbases may be beneficial . Is IAF,IA interested in Iron Dome ? Iron Dome 2 is now available which futher increases the types of targets to be engaged.

The best way to implement C-RAM protection is to intercept hostile acs at 150-200 km from the area to be protected.

Are sophisticated spectrally balanced IR decoy like Rheinmetall DM 69 A2 , Birdie , Cirrius which can decoy IR seeker with 2-colour ratio discrimination & can replicate the aircraft in IR spectrum in service with Sukhoi-30,Mirage 2000,MiG-29,Jaguar IS & other combat acs of IAF ?

What is the range of FT series of glide bomb ,TD-500 ?

Is Item 117S turbofans included in IAF Sukhoi-30 upgrade ? China is going to buy a sizabale no of Su-35.

Anonymous said...

Sir when will the Indian FGFA fly?

Anonymous said...

Prasun da, i've got a couple of questions for you here...

1) How many missiles can FGFA/PAKFA carry in internal bays?

2) Is the Tikhomirov N-050 AESA ready yet? Ive heard PAKFA commenced flight testing of the new radar a couple of months ago.

Will Super-MKI have the same radar?

3) Any plans for 360-degree IR situational awareness like EO-DAS for PAKFA/Super-MKI?

4) Any stealthy nozzles for FGFA on the anvil? The current nozzles seem the same as Su-35.

5) How many OCT trainer variants of LCA are flying currently?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@12.43PM: Exactly how many air-launched BrahMos-1s do you want to be produced per annum in a country where labourers are extremely hard to come by even for constructing roads for the BRO in the North-East? J-31 is at least another seven years away from entering production & given its huge procurement cost, no one will order them in large numbers, especially Pakistan. And it is not the PLAAF, but the PLAN that wants Su-35BMs. Consequently, the number of Su-35BMs to be procured won’t be more than 40.

To RAHUL: All vertically-launched SAMs & NLOS-BSMs are req’d to have more agility, but no manned aerial targets manoeuvre at 12 G. Pantsyr-S1 doesn’t require such agility since it is not vertically-launched & it is designed to engage targets flying at low-level, where high manoeuvrability is not resorted to by either cruise missiles or manned combat aircraft. Glide bombs typically have a range between 35km & 50km, depending on launch altitude. There’s no need for 117S turbofans since the AL-31FP itself can be upgraded to produce 20% additional thrust.

To Anon@8.37PM: Hopefully by 2016.

To Anon@9.15PM: 1) Depends on what type of missiles are to be carried. 2) It is being flight-tested & fine-tuned. 3) FGFA & Super Su-30MKI will both have two IRST sensors for 360-degree situational awareness. This was announced by the then CAS of IAF on February 11, 2011 at the Aero India expo. 4) They are being developed. 5) Only one, I think.

Anonymous said...

After looking at these pics one realizes that China is rapidly gaining it's place in the Sun.