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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Highlights Of Airshow China 2012 In Zhuhai Part-2

For the People’s Liberation Army, all conceptual, doctrinal and tactical issues pertaining to tri-services integration and joint warfighting are thrashed out and articulated at the Beijing-based Combined Forces Wargaming Centre (CFWC), which was created in the early-1990s by China’s National Defense University. For the first time ever, the CFWC at Zhuhai showcased some of its multiple scenario-based applications software products (see below). If India’s three armed services are seriously interested in evolving joint warfighting doctrines, strategies and postures, then there is no other option but to first establish a similar tri-services wargaming centre under the leadership of HQ Integrated Defence Staff (IDS) where all issues of consequence will be tried out and articulated prior to being presented to the MoD for final authorisation and issuance of related directives. Without such essential simulation tools, the process of tri-services integration for joint warfighting will at best remain a distant pipedream for India’s armed forces.    
It appears that the Shenyang Aircraft Co-developed Anjian (Dark Sword) supersonic reconnaissance UCAV (below), powered by a single turbofan, recently made its maiden flight. Unveilled in scale-model form at the Airshow China 2006 expo six years ago, the UCAV sports an elongated delta airframe with highly swept aft-mounted wings, four cantilevered tail-fins, the larger two of which are mounted at the top of the main delta wing, with the other two being mounted beneath. The forward fuselage is dominated by an extremely large belly-mounted intake and two apparently retractable canards.
In another development, the PLA Navy’s Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo on November 16, 2012 confirmed that China now is developing a new-generation 40,000-tonne LHD-type amphibious assault ship (reportedly the Type 081 LHD, shown below) capable of housing heavylift multi-role helicopters like the Z-8K, as well as attack helicopters like the Harbin ZW-10, which was unveilled at the on-going Airshow China 2012 expo.
Unlike India, where during aerospace exhibitions like the Aero India series the country’s space research and applications ventures/achievements have always been relegated to some obscure corner of the expo site and where entities like ISRO and Antrix Corp occupy no more than a tiny booth (a most pathetic spectacle!), China’s space research and applications ventures/achievements have always dominated the successive expos at Zhuhai, with an entire pavilion (occupying more than a half of an exhibition hall) being devoted to various national exhibits.
In all probability, the tandem-seat FTC-2000G LIFT (below) will utilised by FC-1/JF-17 customers (like Pakistan) for operational flight conversion.
The L-15 'Hunting Eagle' LIFT aircraft (below), to be powered by twin Minshan 4,200kg thrust turbofans, will be inducted into service by the air forces of China (as the JL-10) and Venezuela.
Pakistan has 'in principle' selected the LY-80E MR-SAM (below) to replace its existing Raytheon-built MIM-23B Improved Hawk MR-SAMs.
Indonesia has already procured the C-705 ASCM (below) in both air-launched and ship-launched versions.
Pakistan Air Force's JF-17 MRCAs will in future be equipped with the CM-400AKG (below) tactical ASM.
Iran has acquired the helicopter-launched version of the CM-802AKG ASCM (below), while Pakistan's JF-17 MRCA is presently being qualified to launch this missile. Ship-launched versions of this missile are presently operational with the navies of Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan and Thailand.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun sir,

How many AAMs can pak-fa carry?

6 or 8?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

8 AAMs.

Anonymous said...

will pakistan accept the changes demanded by afghanistan on the border issue? what will india gain from it? what will be the final solution?


Sayan said...

Sir, MoD can ask private sector defense companies to manufacture the components of air launched Brahmos. These components can then be ferried to BATL for final assembly . BATL must recruit more skilled manpower.

Apart from Super Sukhoi will the rest of the upgraded Sukhoi-30 have two IRST sensors for 360-degree situational awareness ?
What new equipments were added and what was discarded in the finalised upgrade package ? Does it remain the same as stated in Super Su-30MKI: From Air Dominance To Air Supremacy.

How can Russia be ready to sell China a substantial number of NIIP Irbis third-generation radars with passive electronic scanning and NPO Saturn Item 117S engines as part of a would-be Su-35 purchase when Chinese view Russia as their no one enemy . Apart from this. PLAAF doesnt have any phased arrya radar in their inventory. Exporting such radars will not only enable them to reverse engineer this radar but also lead to a quantum leap in their abilities.

Item 117S engines have supercruise feature like Ej 2000.

What is the use of handheld ballistic shields for Army Ghatak platoons ? They are useful in counter insurgency ops and for armed police .

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun

Looking at your pics, seems China is getting some cool new weapons,both SAM ans surface to surface...What are the counter measures India sholud have??Iron dome alone cannot counter all of these. Iron Dome s range is 70km..Should india also think abt David sling now?Why india has not bought Su 35 as an alternative to MMRCA..I heard Russia had offered ...VMT

Anonymous said...

Hello Prasun sir,

1) How many F-16s does PAF currently have and how many are on order?

2) Whats the status of the WS-10G and WS-10X engines for J-20?

3) Why does PLAN neen Su-35 for? They already have J-15 which can be used for both carrier and land-based ops and which they claim has AESA why do they need Su-35 with PESA radar? Besides, they already have the 117S engine on the J-20, if they want to reverse-engineer, they can do so from it.

4) Any updates on Naval FGFA?

5) Will India get access to Meteor BVRAAM after 2015?

6) How comparable is the DRDO AEW&CS radar against the SAAB Erieye and Chinese KJ-200?

7) When could Akash Mk-2 be tested?

Anonymous said...

Sir , I have a few queries .

1. What is taking so long for contract signature of Rafale deal ? 9 months has already passed . How much more time its gonna take ?

2.Which was IAF's preferred choice between Typhoon and Rafale ? If there wasnt any restriction on money then which ac would have been selected ?

3.Which is more sophisticated and advanced Praetorian on Typhoon or Spectra on Rafale ? Which supports more features and has better jamming abilities ?

4.What will be the M88 variant on IAF Rafales and what will be its thrust ?

5.The UAE specific variant of Rafale had 14 hardpoints and not store stations. Will IAF Rafales also have 14 hardpoints and a larger intake ?

6.What is the range of WS-3,A-200 MBRL ?

7.Which MBRL , NLOS-BSM in what quanties has Pakistan bought ?

8.Will MIRES AESA have a longer air-air and air-surface range than Irbis PESA ?

9.Has integration of MILDS-F MAWS on Su-30 mki started ? Is it true that the present IRST also doubles as a MAWS in the forward hemisphere ?

10.What internal EW jammer does Su-30 has now ? How do the pilots get warning of an incoming missile now ?

Anonymous said...

Hi , Is there TERPROM Terrain Profile matching navigation which uses stored digital elevation data combined with navigation system and radar altimeter inputs to compute the location of an aircraft or missile above the surface of the earth and is also used as a warning system to prevent aircraft from flying too close to the ground in Indian Mirage 2000 & Jaguar IS ?

Is the no of FGFA to be bought reduced to 144 from 214 ?

Anonymous said...

Sir , Does FSO operate in 2 IR bands , 3 to 5 and 8 to 11 micron ?

Anonymous said...

Sir in regard to this video from CNN-IBN -

...Which features Mr. KN Vaidyanadan, DG, Naval Design, MDL, is India is working on tri-maran stealth warship designs?

If yes, what exatly is this ship supposed to be?its role??

Can you elaborate on this matter please...

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun da

Your thoughts reg. the Tejas LCA..When other countries are making 5 Gen fighter, we are still investing in 4th Gen fighters..The Tejas will just be like sitting ducks(in air).India has invested 25k in Tejas and not a single plane is with the IAF..The first flight in 2001 and now 2012, still in trials..Will the Tejas add any benefit to the IAF , apart from increasing No. of squadrons for namesake...your thoghts pls ..VMT

Anonymous said...

Sir ,

If you compare AMSAR to RBE2 AESA , it appears that AMSAR has a greater aperture , area than RBE2 AESA. But you told both have same aperture. Pls verify and tell reason .

Unknown said...


Is the IA still interested in the US's JLTV (JOINT LIGHT TACTICAL VEHICLE) as I had heard not long ago that India long with Australia had signed up to help devlop and help spread the costs. Is this still the case? And if so how many will India get?

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun da

How good is the Akash SAM..The missile looks Bulky and heavy..Not much manuverable ...Can it defeat modern day threats..Given the fact the IA and IAF has placed orders worth 5.1 Bn Dollars..Is akash worth this??.VMT

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@9.52AM: Of course Pakistan won’t accept.

To SAYAN: Private-sector companies cannot be expected to produce components for just 40 BrahMos-1 ALCMs. A minimum order of 150 is necessary to ensure one’s returns on investment. All Su-30MKIs will eventually be upgraded to Super Su-30MKIs under which AESA-MMR, panoramic AMLCD-equipped cockpits, twin IRST sensors for frontal & rear hemispheric coverage, internal AESA aperture-based RF jammers and a multi-sensor warning system will be installed. The L-band wing-mounted distributed AESA arrays will be fitted on to no more than 100 Su-30MKIs. The 117S turbofans have not yet demonstrated supercruise capabilities on any member of the Su-27/Su-30 family. Hand-held ballistic shields are useful for close-range firefights of the type that Ghatak troops are trained for. They also provide protection against shrapnel emanating from exploding hand grenades.

To Anon@3.19PM: Su-35BM is a generation behind the Super Su-30MKI that will make its way into the IAF by 2016. As for India’s countermeasures, it involves a 3-step process. Firstly, India needs to greatly improve its RSTA/ISR capabilities, both terrestrial & space-based. Secondly, India needs to induct in large numbers offensive weapon systems like NLOS-BSMs, long-range conventionally armed cruise missiles & tactical CALCMs, plus develop 120km-range MBRLs capable of carrying sensor-fuzed sub-munitions. Thirdly, the defensive component ought to include the development & deployment of interceptors like the AD-1/2 (for countering NLOS-BSMs & TBMs) & Iron Dome-type interceptors for countering long-range MBRLs.

To Anon@3.19PM: 1) See: 2) Not WS-10G/X, but WS-15. 3) PLAN requires Su-35BM for air-defence operations over the Taiwan Strait. J-15 is meant only for carrier-based operations & it has a variant of the KLJ-7 clotted-array MMR (the same as on the J-11B). 117S turbofan has not been exported to China & the J-20 uses WS-15 turbofans. 5) Of course. 6) That will be revealed only after flight certification of the EMB-145I, but on paper it is an excellent product. 7) Hopefully the first quarter of next year.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@6.02PM: 1) Nine months is nothing when compared to deals that involve military-industrial ToTs & the accompanying MHA-mandated security vetting procedures (which as I had predicted earlier will significantly delay matters). It can take up to 18 months to negotiate the final contract. Only off-the-shelf procurements are contracted within six to eight months. 2) Either way the Rafale would have been selected, since the EF-2000 is still not as matured as the Rafale. 3) Both are equally matched. 4) It will be the latest variant that is now entering service in France. 5) No Rafale variant has 14 hardpoints. The one proposed for the UAE was a paper design. 6) So far MBRL rockets haven’t been able to go beyond 180km. 7) Pakistan has acquired A100E MBRL of 120km-range & M-20 NLOS-BSM with 270km-range. 8) Not MIRES AESA-MMR, but the L-band distributed AESA arrays on the wings will have longer airspace surveillance range. 9) Multi-sensor warning system (MSWS) has already been integrated for the Super Su-30MKI in the laboratory-level systems integration test-rig. The OLS IRST can easily detect inbound AAMs in the frontal/forward hemisphere. 10) Internal jammer for countering BVRAAMs is of Russian origin. The Tarang Mk23 RWR gives warning of inbound BVRAAMs.

To Anon@9.45PM: No IAF aircraft uses TERPROM, since it is now obsolete & has been overtaken by GPS navigation. No, FGFA’s sanctioned strength stays at 214.

To Anon@10.03PM: Not trimarans, but catamarans & that too not for warships, but for survey vessels like the Makar-class survey vessels from Alcock-Ashdown Gujarat Ltd (see: The design of such vessels was imported from Australia, just as China had imported the designs for its Type 022 Hobei-class catamarans from Australia as well.

To Anon@10.59AM: Only 2 countries—US & Russia—have developed or are developing 5th generation MRCAs, while the J-20 & J-31 from China outwardly feature 5th-generation airframes but third-generation turbofans & 4thgeneration avionics as of now. The Tejas Mk1’s tandem-seat variant is an excellent lead-in fighter-trainer & at least 60 such aircraft are reqd by both the IAF & IN & I can only hope that these orders are placed ASAP. The definitive Tejas Mk2 & LCA (Navy) Mk2 will be ordered in large numbers as they will be able to accommodate new-generation sensors like MSWS & AESA-MMR & AESA-based EW suites, which even China will not be able to produce for the J-20 & J-31 until 2020.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@11.10PM: Firstly, the photos are of the Captor-E AESA-MMR demonstrator, & NOT those of the Caesar AESA-MMR, whose antenna shape is rectangular (like the Vixen 850 & Vixen 1000/ES-05 Raven), as shown during both Aero India 2011 & DEFEXPO 2012. Secondly, the Caesar & Vixen 850/Vixen 1000 both require a far lesser antenna aperture since they are swashplate-equipped & can thus be slewed in both azimuth & elevation. Bottomline: antenna aperture of the fixed-array RBE-2 is the same as that of Caesar.

To UNKNOWN: The JLTV is a technology demonstrator-cum-cpompetitive bidding programme of the US & the final winner of the competition has yet to emerge. If India is interested in procuring the JLTV, then she will have to wait for the final winner of the JLTV competition to emerge. Indian reqmt will be for no more than 2,000 such vehicles.

To Anon@2.03AM: Technologically, the Akash Mk1 is on par with the best that’s available as far as E-SHORADS goes. The Akash Mk2 with 40km-range (featuring the same airframe but using higher energetic propellant for range extension) will be comparable to the Buk-2ME MR-SAM.

RKM said...

Hello Mr Sengupta,
I keep hearing rumors in Bangalore about GTRE. Apparently they have had some sort of breakthrough in the kaveri project. They will now build an entirely new engine instead of just a core. Obviously I am taking this with a pinch of salt but i was wondering if you could verify the veracity of this information.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Sir , Thanx a lot
1.Has leads been placed for production of 126 Rafales . The latter the contract signature is done, the latter will the first jets start arriving .

2.Wont there be uprated variants of M88 with 20250 lb reheat thrust in the very first batch of IAF Rafales. French Airforce doesnt want uprated engines

3.Is Spectra capable of monopulse cross-eye jamming which requires the RF jammers to be widely separated .

4.Rafale has 12 hardpoints. There are 4 hardpoints in each wing inclusive of wingtip rails. French airforce doesnt make use of the 3rd hardpoint between the wingtip rails and the 2nd hardpoint. There are two hardpoints at the rear sides of fuselage, another centreline and one under the air intakes for LDP.

5.Will MIRES AESA have the same air-air detection and tracking range as the current Irbis-E ? Does it offer same raw performance as Irbis ?

6. L-band aesa will not be fitted into all Super Sukhoi . So these acs will rely on MIRES AESA only .

7.Will there be Ariel TRD and TsNIRTI-developed expendable active electronic decoys on all upgraded Su-30 ?

8. How can Tarang mk3 provide warning of IR BVRAAM . It only provides warning and not the distance of the threat from the ac like MAWS.

Anonymous said...

PAF have been evaluating KS-1 SAM. They may opt for this or the clone of s-300, if russia does not agree to provide the original:-). Talks with russia are ongoing.

Sayan said...

Sir, Testing of the new engine for the PAK FA in 2014. The engine will be ready in 2 years and will be available for testing in 2014. What is this new Type 30 turbofan and what advantages it will offer . As the definitive engine will be available from 2014, will IAF get its first FGFA well before 2020 say in 2016 . ?

Currently does PAF operate 82 Dassault Mirage 5 and 75 Mirage 3 ? How many of them are equipped with radar and FLIR under the nose ?

PAF is dreaming of acheiving air superiority over IAF .

Waiting for descriptionson the weapon systems.

Rahul said...

Hi Prasun ,

Is there some differences between domestic T-90MS meant for Russian Army and T-90MS meant for export as said by Igor Djadan , Igorrgroup.blogspot. Pls explain .

"India is manufacturing T-90S, with the turret and most system parallel to T-90A of the Russian Army. T-90M - is next modernisation with bigger turret and some differences in subsystems, but not produced yet in Russia. Now seems the first castomer of the export variant of T-90M will be foreign. I'm not sure if it'll be India or another countries however, but could be India as well according to the common sense."

Is HVF Avadi license producing T-90S and not modernized T-90M as said above.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RKM: Setting aside rumour-mongering, here are the stark facts:
1) When a new engine core is selected for a turbofan, ALL other modules of the turbofan also have to be changed, or re-engineered.
2) These include the annular combuster, high-pressure compressor (with much higher pressure ratio, higher isentrophic efficiency & higher surge margin), low-pressure fan, jet-pipe, gearbox & CD nozzle.
3) In other words, what one gets is a brand-new turbofan.
Usually, during a turbofan’s life-cycle, the core remains constant & it is the other five modules (minus the CD nozzle) that are replaced for extending the turbofan’s total technical service-life (TTSL). But in case of the existing Kaveri, the engine core itself needs to be replaced if higher thrust-rating is reqd. When this happens, all the other modules too have to be redesigned & replaced and consequently what you get is a brand-new turbofan design, as dictated by the laws of physics.

To Anon@12.18PM: 1) Thus far, only a LoI for procuring the first 126 Rafales has been issued by India’s MoD to France’s FGA, with ballpark financial figures quoted in the LoI. 2) Those very issues are now being deliverated upon in order to get down to firm pricing levels. 3) Yes. 5) MIRES AESA-MMR will have far more capabilities than Irbis-E, especially when it comes to simultaneous, interleaved modes of operations. In contrast, both NO-11M ‘Bars’ & Irbis-E can only operate their modes in a sequential manner. 6) Correct. 7) Yes, all Super Su-30MKIs will have such towed-decoy & expendable decoy deployment capabilities. 8) That’s the very reason why MSWS will be standard fit on all Super Su-30MKIs.

To Anon@8.08PM: The PAF’s priority is for procuring MR-SAMs, not LR-SAMs.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SAYAN: The FGFA’s definitive AL-41F turbofan will feature a brand-new engine core along with all new-design LP/HP turbine modules. This turbofan will be flight certified between 2014 & 2017, following which series-production begin, meaning the FGFA will be rolling out from its assembly lines from 2018 & after serving another two years with TACDE, will become fully operational with the IAF only by 2022 at the earliest.
AS for the PAF, its frontline MRCA assets by 2015 will comprise only 33 Mirage IIIOs upgraded to ROSE-1 standard, 20 Mirage 5s upgraded to ROSE-2 standard, 14 Mirage 5s upgraded to ROSE-3 standard, 18 F-16C/D Block 50/52, 36 F-16A/B Block 50, around 60 JF-17 Thunders & some 80 F-7PGs, totalling some 261 combat aircraft. There is therefore no way that the PAF will by 2015 have 26 available combat aircraft squadrons. Instead, the figure will be somewhere around 15 squadrons.

To RAHUL: That info is totally obsolete. Firstly, the T-90S ‘Bheeshma’ (or is it ‘Bhishma’?, depending on whether the paint scheme is from HVF Avadi or the IA) of IA is now a far better product than the T-90A due to several enhancements made by DRDO & India’s private-sector (see:
Secondly, the T-90AM/MS too will incorporate selective IA-mandated upgrades like incorporation of a Russia-origin remotely-activated landmine detonation system, plus BEL-made IFF transponder & frequency agile multi-channel combat net radio.
There’s no such MBT as T-90M. Even Uralvagonzavod JSC officially refers to the T-90AM/MS as the T-90S Modernised.

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da ,

Has India placed orders for cruise missiles from any European ( other than Russia) country or US ?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: RAFAEL's Popeye & PopeyeLite are already in service, while the IAF's tender evaluation process for procuring tactical CALCMs has not yet commenced. Only RFIs have been issued.

Anonymous said...

Should we expect some internal bays like the ones in F15 silent eagle on Super Sukhois ?

Has the orders for various components for LCA mk2 already placed like AESA, IRST etc. ?

Whats goiong on with the satellites project ? and the fibre optic network meant for armed forces ?

After Dark Sword project and the new Chinese stealth aircraft, where does India stand ? Are we taking project like Rustam 2, AURA and AMCA seriously ?

WTF is going on in MRTA project ? Has Indian side started the work on FGFA project or they are still thinking about what they wanna put on the aircraft ?

Is PM and MOD showing interest in IA's plan for dedicated Mountain Strike Corps ?

What is the progress on all those 3 new commands, special forces, space and cyber command ?

What is the progress of Guided missile corvette, P75I, 4 LHD and P17a projects ?

Is HAL working on LUH, IMRH and those IJT and basic trainer projects ?

Has IAF shown any interest on LCA as a lIFT trainer ? or they are considering Russian Yak130 offer ?

Please do post something about the whole F INSAS program and by that i mean not just about the F INSAS network but the new gears that indian soldiers will getr under this program ?

Is Russia gonna get the order for 3 more Talwar class ?

Anonymous said...

Prasun sir,

1) when could the SLCM Nirbhay be ready? Can Arihant carry it?

2) Any nw progress of acquisition of 9 new SSNs of foreign design like Barracuda-class or Russian 6k ton SSGN derived from Akula-I/II?

I think this new SSN if built in India with Indian nuclear reactors, torpedos and ASCMs should be named as the S-8 Sam Manekshaw-class SSN :-) What do you think?

Will IN have objection if sub is named after IA former General??

3) How do you think J-31 compares in combat against PAKFA/FGFA?

4) Why hasn't Su-47 Berkut's stealth features like S-shape inlets and flat underfuselage been implemented on PAKFA?

5) What is real maximum range achieveable with Agni-5 missile?

Anonymous said...

ADA was supposed to submit some final feasibility report to IAF and MOD in 2012 and AFTER WHICH THE WORK WAS SUPPOSE TO START ON AMCA BY THE END OF THE YEAR. aNY NEWS ON THIS ?

wHO IS GONNA PRODUCE rUSTAM UAV ? are we gonna procure Rustam-1 also ? When are we gonna test the Rustam-1 with its payload ?

Why are we interested in in new T90 when Russian themselves are not going for it ? They are interested in a new design which could be used as a base for ICVs also thereby reducing cost also ?

Why aren't we going to struggling BAE, EADS and Dassault for AURA project ? Both these companies have
Taranis, Baracuda and Neuron. These all are technology demonstrator and so i don't think these companies will have any problem in selling these projects to us. Or we can make them 25 % shareholder in the project too. US companies have also a lot of technology demonstrators, our research organisations and companies should now consider approaching these companies in economic slowdown for abandoned and tech demonstrator projects.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to follow much of news for nearly a couple months. Has drdo conducted the test for Nrbhay missile ?

Anonymous said...

Sir , Thanx again a lot .
1.Uprated engines , need to redesign airframe, larger air-intakes , more hardpoints all these must be under deliberation now .

2.I also know that an AESA is capable of simultaneous interleaved operations making it omnirole. My ques was when operation in air survellience , detection and tracking mode will MIRES aesa have exactly the same range as IRBIS-E ?

3. MIRES AESA is built on the back-end of IRBIS-E. So there will be some change in components in BARS mk3 .

4.Will all upgraded Su-30 have Ariel TRD and expendable TsNiRTI expendable decoys or those that will carry Brahmos .
5.On late model Sukhoi of Russian airforce , there are some minor changes to airframe like some edge aligning to reduce. Like RCS was reduced in MiG-29K. Are these changes there in the currently being manufactured Su-30 of IAF from HAL ?

6.Is there any phased radar deployed on any PLAAF combat acs like Su-30MKK,Su-27SKM ?

7.Is MAWS there on all PLAAF Sujkhoi-27 , 30 ?

Anonymous said...

Sir, Su-47 Berkut could have been adopted for active military service. It is an excellant platform. Atleast its design could have been adopted for PAK-FA with normal wings instead of forward swept wings. Its blended fuselage , serpentile intakes to hide engine,compressor face from radar emissions, rear facing radar . Its design is better than PAK-FA.

Anonymous said...

It also has a large weapons bay not present in PAKFA.

Hunt said...


Chinese air show is a real spectacle show casing numerous of their home grown systems.

There were many conflicting reports on the standard Infantry rifle to be selected for the army. Recently army general has said a new multi caliber rifle is in research and development with a new 6.8mm round. Is this true? then how many kinds of rifles were in development.

Apart from Nirbhay, Is another cruise missile (supersonic) in development?

Rahul said...

Hi Prasun , Igor says "T-90M - is next modernisation with bigger turret and some differences in subsystems, but not produced yet in Russia. Now seems the first castomer of the export variant of T-90M will be foreign. I'm not sure if it'll be India or another countries however, but could be India as well according to the common sense." The license produced T-90 for IA arent they the T-90M version of T-90S modernised of Russian army with bigger turret with more armour .

IA seems to have taken a deep interest in Iron Dome . So is this system going to be ordered and in what nos ? If ordered where they will be fielded, what will they protect. A new version of Iron Dome, Iron Dome 2 is now available .

Does the use of composites reduce RCS of acs ? Is there any composite used in Su-30MKI ?

Vikram Guha said...

Thank you Prasun Da .

Will the Rafale be able to carry the Taurus missile ?


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun da

Is Typhoon with AESA better then Rafale, (excluding the cost).What is the present per unit cost of Su30MKI..Is MIG 35 much really cheaper then the Su30MKI?..VMT

Sayan said...

Sir , India in 6,000-crore JV with Russia for BrahMos’ air version .Russia will supply IAF 200 Brahmos air-launched missiles . How many Brahmos ALCM are on order ? 40 as reported some days ago or 200 .

How many CM-400AKG are being procured by PAF ?Is PAF buying C602G,C802AKG, C705KD,CM-506 KG . Pls tell what air-ground weapons among those displayed at Zhuhai airshow?

Was the deal for Su-35BM inked ?

Is there really any diff between T-90MS for us and RuA ?

NO11M Bars has terrain following mode. So, Su-30 can fly low like Mirage 2000.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@9.01AM: 1) No, since the underbelly area is where the air-launched BrahMos-1 will be mounted, so no conformal weapons bays will go on the Super Su-30MKIs. 2) AESA-MMR & IRST orders HAVE NOT YET been placed, since even the selection of winning offer has not taken place. 4) AURA & AMCA is a waste of precious time & resources, since more urgent matters need to be attended to. 5) Detailed design work on both IL-214 MRTA & FGFA has now gotten underway. 6) How can anyone show any interest in a plan which which comes from only one armed service (IA), instead of being presented as a tri-services plan?

To Anon@9.06AM: 1) It will be ready by 2018. Arihant-class SSBNs will carry them as their principal strategic armament. 2) Any decision on this will be taken only AFTER the M-MRCA deal is inked with France. I donlt think the IN will like to name any of its vessels after an IA-origin officer. 3) J-31 is years behind the PAK-FA in terms of sensor-fusion & turbofan technology. 4) Su-47 Berkut was purely an experimental platform for trying out supermanoeuvrable flight concepts & it had nothing to do with TCS reduction. 5) About 7,000km.

To Anon@9.43AM: 1) How can ADA submit any AMCA-related feasibility report if the IAF firstly does not finalise its ASQR for the AMCA? How can ADA draft any such report if it does not even know what is to be developed? If indeed is expected by many in the blogosphere to submit such a report, then to me this is a sheer waste of time & money as it will be just another technology demonstrator. 2) As of now BEL will be the main contractor for producing the Rustom-1/2 UAVs, with HAL fabricating the airframes & BEL handling systems installation. 3) The latest T-90AM/MS represents the final design maturation of the T-90 MBT family is therefore greatly desired by the IA. If the road transportation infrastructure in Gujarat Rajasthan, Punjab & Jammu was all up to MLC-70 standard, then Arjun Mk1A MBTs would have been preferred by IA. 4) AURA project is another waste of time & money. Instead, all efforts must now go into developing the Laghu Shakthi turbofan by GTRE so that a twin-engined UCAV like the EADS-developed ‘Talarion’ can emerge from ADE.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@9.50AM: Postponed to next January.

To Anon@11.58AM: 1) Uprated engine won’t require redesigned air-intakes, airframes or wings. Nor will more hardpoints be added. It’s all to do with shorter takeoff lengths, especially from high-altitude air bases & from air bases in southern India. 2) Yes. 3) Yes. 4) All. 5) Yes. 6) None. 7) None.

To HUNT: In the end, an imported assault rifle/carbine family will be selected for licenced-production. The LRCM is the strategic air-launched supersonic missile that is now being jointly developed with RAFAEL.

To RAHUL: It’s not T-90M, but T-90AM/MS. The HVF-built T-90S is NOT the T-90M, since the T-90M has never existed. The existing Iron Dome is now being subjected to new challenges in Israel & it seems the system is not exactly fool-proof, even against solitary MBRL rockets being launched. Therefore, the Iron Dome needs to be refined so that it can intercept incoming barrages of MBRL rockets. Usage of composites does not in principle reduce RCS. RCS has more to do with airframe shaping. Su-30MKI’s airframe uses only 10% composites.

To VIKRAM GUHA: Yes, the Taurus KEPD-350 is qualified on the Rafale, EF-2000, F-16 & JAS-39 Gripen NG.

To Anon@9.35PM: Not at all. EF-2000’s design is optimized for air superiority & not for multi-role operations. Su-30MKI now costs close to US$72 million, while MiG-35 costs about $52 million.

To SAYAN: Initial order is for 40 air-launched BrahMos. Follow-on orders will come by in future. PAF will procure about 40 CM-400AKGs. PAF already has C-802AKGs. Visuals of all weapons showcased at Zhuhai have already been uploaded in the previous thread & on this thread. No Su-35BMs were ordered during the expo. RuA does not have any T-90MS. NO-11M ‘Bars’ does not have any terrain-following mode. For terrain-following, one requires a dedicated radar like the Antilope-5 found on Mirage 2000D. Such radars cannot perform any other role like track-while-scan or GMTI. Therefore, many air forces do not like terrain-following radars & instead prefer to go for IR-based low-level navigation pods like LANTIRN.

Anonymous said...

Hi prasun,

Is india's three satge nuclear program practical and beneficial?
How does the indo us nuclear deal benfit or created hurdles for it.
It will be helpful if you write an article or point links that clearly mentions the pros and cons of indio-us nuclear deal since most of the sources are not clear and honest? Also when will be FBTR of third stage completed?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@3.37AM: On paper the 3-stage process is practical, but the real hurdles are technological & financial in nature & the final call can be made only once the first prototype of the 500mW FBR (FBTR) is successfully commissioned into service early next year, followed by two more 500mW FBRs at the same site in Kalpakkam & another two more. Off late, however, the DAE has been quiet about both the 40mW FBTR & 500mW FBR, apart from stating that the potential power from the fast breeder cycle is 550,000 mW. In addition, the DAE has also not yet explained in a comprehensive manner how advanced or mature is its indigenous spent fuel reprocessing system. One needs such data in order to do a proper appreciation on the feasibility of FBRs. Then there’s the issue of safeguards & my personal view is that ALL DAE-designed FBRs should be subject to full-scope IAEA safeguards, lest the world opine that India is out to create a huge stockpile of weapons-grade plutonium. The same goes for the nine 700mW PHWRs that have already been sanctioned for & the planned AHWRs, for if they come under full-scope IAEA safeguards, then India will be able to import natural uranium fuel from the US, Australia or Niger for all of them & after burning this fuel, the DAE will also be able to locally reprocess this spent fuel for follow-on use on the FBRs. This strategy, if adopted, will make the international community through the IAEA highly supportive of the DAE’s three-step approach toward gaining core technological competencies in the area of nuclear power generation, & will also enable India to acquire several critical nuclear safety-related hardware & expertise from the developed countries, especially from the US.

Anonymous said...

VMT for the clarifications.

Anonymous said...

Is there any possibility that the west will remove sanctions on arms sales to china? What are the possibilities of western equipment like f-16, agosta subs technologies acquired by Pakistan transferred to china. There is a a lot of noise online that Pakistan is going to purchase either u214 or merlin or qing class subs?
In the event of war if enemy subs use nuclear tipped torpedos to destroy aircraft carriers or ships of navy , does it amount to nuclear attack? Does india or china or pakistan has capabilities to use nuclear tipped torpedoes?

Anonymous said...

CM-400AKG becomes Pakistan's 'carrier killer'.

Robert Hewson, Zhuhai Section:


Key Points; A new Chinese-developed very-high-speed missile has been fielded by the PAF.

The weapon has been described as the PAF's 'carrier killer'

Pakistan has fielded a new very-high-speed long-range air-launched missile that senior officers in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) have described as "an aircraft carrier killer".

The CM-400AKG is a Mach 4 plus-capable air-to-surface weapon developed in China and now in service with JF-17 aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force. (Robert Hewson) The weapon, designated CM-400AKG, was designed and developed in China by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) and was revealed at Airshow China 2012, held in Zhuhai from 13-19 November.

The CM-400AKG is now part of the operational weapon set of the PAF's JF-17 Thunder multirole fighter. "This is a mature weapon that has been fully tested. It is not conceptual. It is in service," Air Commodore Mahmood Khalid, PAF JF-17 Deputy Project Director stated. "The CM-400AKG is a very high-speed missile that is very difficult to intercept. It hits the target at Mach 4 or above and its kinetic impact alone is enough to destroy any high-value target, like an aircraft carrier."

The CM-400AKG first appeared, briefly, in public at last year's Dubai Airshow, when a placard for the weapon was placed alongside a PAF JF-17 - and then removed. The weapon itself was not shown. At the time PAF personnel acknowledged it was a new Chinese-built air-to-surface stand-off missile. However, the initial assumption that it was a derivative of the C-802 anti-ship missile has proved to be very wide of the mark.

The CM-400AKG is a 400 kg solid-rocket-powered weapon that can be fitted with either a penetrator or blast/fragmentation warhead.. It is a fire-and-forget precision-guided weapon that can be fitted with several seeker options, which are understood to include an active radar seeker and an imaging infrared seeker with target-recognition (TR) capabilities. PAF sources say the missile can be pre-programmed with digital imagery for highly precise attacks against fixed sites in TR mode, but it can also be retargeted in flight by using the radar seeker option

The range of the CM-400AKG is understood to be in the 180-250 km class. It is designed for use against fixed or what were described as "slow moving" targets. CASIC data indicates that after launch the CM-400AKG climbs to high altitude and terminates with a high-speed dive on the target. The PAF describes the missile's impact velocity as "hypersonic".

Both CASIC and the PAF note that the CM-400AKG has been developed as a JF-17 weapon. The PAF currently has two squadrons of approximately 36 JF-17s operational. A further ten or eleven aircraft have been delivered and a third squadron will be established early next year.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Firstly, CM-400AKG hasn’t yet been qualified on the JF-17 Thunder. Secondly, claim of 180km-250km range is way off the mark, simply because those figures apply only to the SY-400 NLOS-BSM from which the CM-400AKG is derived. Thirdly, any long-range fire-and-forget air-to-ground PGM can only employ active radar for terminal guidance & not IIR, simply because no missile-based IIR sensor has the kind of target detection/lock-on range (of up to 26km). Such sensors exist only on board laser designator pods & therefore cannot be made to fit on-board a missile the size of CM-400AKG. Fourthly, if the missile has a digital scene-matching system, then it stands to reason that it cannot also have an on-board active radar for terminal guidance, a fact clearly borne out by external visual examination of the CM-400AKG’s airframe. Fifthly, therefore, re-targetting in mid-flight is an impossibility. Sixthly, the CM-400AKG’s impact velocity cannot be hypersonic if an IIR sensor is employed for the terminal flight-phase. It can be hypersonic ONLY if climbs to a high altitude & undertakes a high-speed dive on the target ( mode by using an X-band synthetic aperture radar), MEANING that this performance data applies only to the SY-400 NLOS-BSM, & not an aircraft-launched PGM meant for targetting an aircraft carrier cruising at a speed of 30 Knots.
Bottomline: Either the JDW’s reporter was totally ignorant about the laws of physics, or it was the PAF unnamed officials who were ignorant about the laws of physics & were just engaged in unsubstantiated & delusional rants. The only genuine data pertains to the number of JF-17s presently in service, i.e.36, which doesn’t spell good for the aircraft’s series-production status to date, given the fact that first deliveries took place as far back as March 2007. By now, at least 90 JF-17s ought to have been in service, assuming an annual production run of just 12 aircraft.

Anonymous said...

Sir I think CM-400AKG compares to old Soviet missiles like Kh-15 Raduga etc.

1) Why has the P-28 Kamorta corvette been deprived of ASCMs while both the P-25A and P-25 corvettes are given 16 cruise missiles?

Somehoe I feel that a 2,800-ton ship like Kamorta will be under-defended with just 2 x 30mm guns and 1 x 76mm gun and 16 Barak-1 SAMs.

Will there be provision to add atleast 8 PJ-10/Klub ASCMs or not?

2) Does Nirbhay have terrain-hugging mode?

3) Some say that Nirbhay has already been test fired and that the Jan. launch is just an international demo, do their claims hold any weight?

4) Is there any missiled called Agni-V TD (the missile that has 3 stages seperated by inter-vents between one another)?

5) According to the latest claim from DRDO, Nirbhay test has been put off till Jan. becoz of modifications to the ground this means that India HAS developed booster motors for Nirbhay, right?

What is the maximum range that the 3 respective variants of Nirbhay (air-launched, ground-based, sub-launched) can achieve? And what could be the max payload?

6) Whats the progress on BrahMos-II?

What could be the max range that BrahMos-2 could achieve (of all versions).

7) Will the 4 P-15B DDGs carry Nirbhay LACM?

8) Ive heard Mauritius has placed order for 2 corvettes based on P-25A Kora, is this news true?

9) I think that the Saryu-class OPV can be converted into an excellent corvette for export market if fitted with atleast 8 ASCMs like PJ-10 or Klub.

Is India thinking of something like this? If done, the Saryu will give the chinese type-056 corvette a run for its money.

10) Whats the status of Mahindra Axe mini-hummer? Ive read on the net that an unnamed countr has placed orders for quite a lot of these vehicles. Is that true?

11) China is going to acquire the license to build the Russian Tu-22 Backfire jet bombers in-house as the H-10.

Do you have any comments to make on this?

Anonymous said...

Sir , Thanx a lot.

1.The new rifle that is to replace INSAS in IA service , will they be multi calibre rifles . Multi-calibre rifles are suitable for special forces, not for everyone.

2.Is there any automatic variant of INSAS carbine barring INSAS LMG?

3.Are BMP-1 in IA active service now ?

4. Before going to battle are laminatev armour plates fitted on the side and rear of BMP-2 for .50 ballistic protection ? BMP-2 hull can be penetrated by 7.62 mm AP rounds.

5. BMP-2 is the worst IFV among global IFV like Bradley, CV-90,Warrior . How can Army live with a IFV which offers so poor armour protection .

6. Uprated thrust M88 has a wider diameter at 31 inches. So it will require a new engine bay .

7.Is it possible to redesign Rafale into a larger ac and put it into service quickly like F-16 and JSDAF F-2 ?

8. Dont you agree that there are 4 hardpints in each wing of Rafale .Dassault says there are 14 hardpoints not store-staions. But I have counted 12 hardpoints not 14.

9.I have come across pics of PLAAF Su-27SK,J-11 with MAWS. The MAWS is there in the long portion between the engines.There is a small circular aperture on either side.

10.How can there be composites in Su-30mki . There is no composites in Su-30 of Irkut.

11. is the use of composites certified by OEM of Sukhoi-30mki ?

SherKhan said...

What is interesting from the JDW report (taken with a pinch) that PAF could well have a supersonic missile operational around the same time as IAF! There are number of reports out there quoting various specs, however PAF are in a lockdown as far has release of info goes at the moment. One thing is certain CM-400AKG will have an impact on the operational doc of IN.

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da ,

While taking a look at the SEA DEFENSE SYSTEM picture that you have put up a question came to mind. Do these US Maritime EW systems have any shortcomings that hostile forces can exploit :

AN/SLQ-49 Chaff Buoy Decoy System

As always will be thankful to you for your views .


Anonymous said...

"This is a mature weapon that has been fully tested. It is not conceptual. It is in service"

"The CM-400AKG is a very high-speed missile that is very difficult to intercept. It hits the target at Mach 4 or above and its kinetic impact alone is enough to destroy any high-value target, like an aircraft carrier."

All this is stated by the Air Commodore Mahmood Khalid, PAF JF-17 Deputy Project Director

I am sure he knows much more about CM-400AKG and its itegration with JF-17.

sntata said...

Dear Prsun,
When is FBR at Kalpakkam going to be operational? What is the present status of AHWR? Has R&D started on High-temperature reactor?

Sujoy Majumdar said...

Prasun Da,

You must have heard that the MoD has formally requested BAE for the M 777 and so a deal will be signed soon . But how can such a deal be signed when there were NO competitors in this trial ? This reminds me of the Air Force who bought the C 130J & C 17 without going in for a competition. I believe the arms lobby is at work here . Please do share your views.


Sayan said...

Sir, What is included in 6000 crore JV with Russian for Brahmos air-launched version ? if 40 missiles are to be procured why is the cost 6000 crore ?

In Irkut official website the follwing is given , The aircraft features an automatic piloting capability at all flight stages including low-altitude flight in terrain-following mode, as well as individual and group combat employment against air and ground/sea-surface targets. What is meant by terrain follwing mode ?

What is meant by NO11M BARS has a 60 km rear tracking mode ? What is this rear tracking ?

How many CK705KD missiles is PAF procuring ?

Is IA planning to buy BTR-4 ?

What is the difference between sar imaging, doppler beam sharpening and real beam mapping ?

MKI likes to paint itself on other radars because of its huge RCS...but when you try to get a lock on MKI...It jams the signal... Is this true ?

Anonymous said...

Why is the condition of SB131 so dilapaidated.The paint is old .It seems to be worn away wheras SB042 is new .

Ankur said...

Prasun Ji,

There were reports that India and Russia will co develop a Future battle tank .The two sides have were reported to have already had preliminary discussions on the issue, according to UVZ Director General Nikolai Malykh.

Any update on this front .


Anonymous said...

1) Is India really planing to aquire BTR-4's ? I recall you mentioned that there is a requirement for tracked ICV not wheeled ones.

2) Are there any plans by the IA to equip their BMPs with APS there by increasing their survival chances in hostile environment. Can't Indian Pvt sector produce new Gen ICV with foreign collaboration.

3) How does the Abhay IFV fare against BMP 2/3's and Western Contemporaries like Bradley. Are there any plans to install a APS in future on Abhay's if it make to production stage.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@9.05AM: 1) Because the sole role of the P-28 ASW corvette is to conduct ASW operations within territorial waters. P-25A corvettes on the other hand cannot perform ASW roles. Barak-1 is not there on P-28 corvettes. 2) Of course. 3) Not at all. Such test-firings cannot be kept a secret since NOTAMs have to be officially issued to all national/international airlines at least 1 week in advance in order to have the available airspace corridor reqd for such test-firings. Therefore, those claiming that the Nirbhay has already been test-flown are obviously smoking something which none of us don’t ever. 4) No. 5) It is actually due to the unfavourable weather conditions prevailing in the Bay of Bengal, nothing to do with the launcher. No missile due for its maiden test-flight is ever fired from its definitive operational launcher. 6) Estimated max range is 1,200km. Max payload is immaterial since it will carry only tactical n-warheads. 7) Nirbhay is a strategic (i.e.nuclear-armed) cruise missile & therefore it won’t make any sense for a DDG or FFG to carry such weapons. 8) I wrote about that last year itself in this blog & also uploaded a photo of it in my DEFEXPO 2012 thread. 9) No Indian shipyard can ever compete with either a Chinese or Russian shipyard in terms of delivery schedules & systems integration deadlines. 10) Dunno. 11) Utter boulderdash & nonsense.

To Anon@1.33PM: 1) It won’t be multi-calibre. 2) Yes. 3) No. 4) No. 5) Good question. 7) Nothing like this happens quickly. 8) Yes. The no 14 includes the hardpoint for Democles LDP, but this hardpoint can’t accept weapons. 9) Those are RWR antennae, similar to those mounted on the JF-17. MAWS is there on the stub-wingtips of the ZW-10 attack helicopter, whereas on the ZW-19 there’s no MAWS so far. 10) Composites-built airframe structures are there even on the Su-27, leave alone the Su-30MKI. In terms of materials content for the airframe, they account for only 10% & this has been the case since the 1980s.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SHERKHAN: I wonder why the PAF has to be in ‘lockdown’ mode as far as info on the CM-400AKG goers, since a lot more information has been officially given by its OEM to CCTV channels. If anyone understands Mandarin, then it will clearly emerge after listening to such interviews that the claimed terminal velocity of this missile is Mach 5.5, while the range envelope—depending on launch altitude-- is between 100km & 240km. As for the advent of such missiles having an impact on the naval doctrines of those navies that operate carrier battle groups, I don’t foresee such a possibility. This is because gone are the days (like in 1971) when a carrier battle group had to cruise only 25nm away from hostile coastlines while launching/retrieving carrier-borne combat aircraft. Today, a distance of 150nm will have to be maintained despite the availability of 24/7 AEW & C capabilities. In an IN versus PN conflict scenario, a chain of TELs housing the PN’s 290km-range C-602 ASCMs backed up by P-3C Orion Update 3 MRMR/ASW aircraft will be deployed to deter the IN’s carrier battle groups from approaching Pakistan’s coastline. But the PN’s main challenge will be to breach the IN’s close-in anti-ASCM air-defences, which will be the Barak-2 MR-SAMs & EL/M-2248 MF-STAR AESA volume search radars on board at least three P-15A DDGs that will accompany each aircraft carrier, plus such weapons & sensors mounted on the aircraft carrier itself. Even if one considers the prospect of air-launched missiles like CM-400AKG being used, one will require at least 24 such missiles to be launched in swarms from 12 JF-17s (backed up by at least one Saab 2000 AEW & CS platform) in order to overwhelm the IN’s close-in air-defence systems. In fact, that’s why the PLAN had acquired four Type 956E DDGs (each with eight Raduga-built Kh-41 Zubr supersonic ASCMs) since, as per Soviet naval doctrine, it would take at least 24 supersonic ASCMs (fired concurrently from warships, SSGNs & Tu-22M3s) to overwhelm the air-defences of a US Navy carrier battle group. Will the PAF therefore be able to simultaneously deploy 12 JF-17s with 24 CM-400AKGs & a Saab 2000 AEW & CS, or will it, along with the PN, launch a combined forces attack with C-602s & CM-400AKGs? In either scenario, the element of surprise will be lost very early since the C-602 is not exactly sea-skimming, while a flight of 12 JF-17s will be easily located by Ka-31 AEW helicopters while the JF-17s are still 250km away from the IN’s carrier battle group.
That is why I can only conclude that the PAF has gone for the CM-400AKG not for the sake of using them against naval targets, but against fixed land-based targets like industrial installations & transportation infrastructure, since it has realised that CALCMs like the Ra’ad & the PA’s Babur will no longer be effective against the IAF’s air-defence systems like the EL/M-2084 AESA-based early warning/engagement radars & SpyDer-SR SHORADS combination, & the Barak-2/ELM-2258 combination. But then again, if the Barak-2 can successfully supersonic inbound ASCMs, then there’s no reason why its land-based variant won’t be able to intercept inbound supersonic CALCMs like the CM-400AKG.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: If you read the scenario that I’ve outlined above, you will realise that only a saturation strike by employing ‘swarm’ tactics will possibly be able to overwhelm the air-defences of a US Navy carrier battle group. But today, only the PLA Navy can field such anti-ship strike weapons in such large numbers, while during the Cold War era only the Soviet Navy had such capabilities.

To Anon@10.51PM: Oh I do agree that he knows more about the CM-400AKG & its integration with the JF-17, but his statements would make anyone have grave doubts about his ability to comprehend the complexities associated with planning an offensive air-strike against a carrier battle group. Therefore, it is best that instead of him revealing his ignorance, someone from the PN ought to give an informed appreciation about ways of engaging carrier battle groups.

To SNTATA: FBR should on on-stream by next April. A prototype each of AHWR & HTR is under construction, I reckon, although I may be wrong.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: In case of a sole-source scenario, a govt-to-govt-deal is to be struck, according to the MoD’s DPP guidelines. While in Russia’s case, even when it comes to such govt-to-govt deals the Russians frequently engage agents & consultants for both the OEM & Rosoboronexport State Corp (although in India’s case Moscow now agrees to abide by the Integrity Clause compulsorily contained within each contract document), in case of the US, the LW-155 howitzer deal will be routed through the US Dept of Defense’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) channel and consequently ALL contract-related documentation will be available to any US citizen from the US Congressional Library under the Freedom of Information Act. In short, what this means is that when it comes to FMS deals (like those for the C-130J-30 & LW-155), there is Zero (0) possibility of any financial corruption or overpricing taking place.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SAYAN: Because the Rs.6,000 crore figure is not for just 40 missiles, but a hell of a lot more (almost 400). Don’t forget that the IN too wants a lighter & shorter version of the air-launched BrahMos-1 for its MiG-29Ks. That statement from IRKUT Corp refers to the ability to synchronise the Su-30MKI’s autopilot with the radar altimeter & GPS-based inertial navigation system, so that low-level (not terrain-hugging) flight is maintained. Rear-tracking mode refers to the NO-11M’s ability to track receding airborne targets that are flying away from the Su-30MKI, instead of flying head-on towards the Su-30MKI. PAF isn’t procuring any C-705KD. Indonesia’s TNI-AU is. No plans are on hand to procure BRT-4s.

To Anon@1.31AM: Photo of SB-131 was taken when the sun was high over Yelahanka against a clear sky, hence the ‘baked’ complexion. SB-042 on the other hand was photographed in the UK against a cloudy sky & surrounding green vegetation. Hence the visual differences.

To ANKUR: That would be interesting wouldn’t it? Especially since the CVRDE (& not the IA) is overconfident about developing a 50-tonne FMBT, while the Ruskies want to develop a far more heavier MBT powered by a 1,800hp. I therefore looks like the IA is at last reading the writing on the wall (that I had predicted last year itself) & leaning in favour of an FMBT that will be far heavier than the present-day Arjun Mk1A!

To Anon@2.19AM: The report clearly states that Ukraine plans to offer its BTR-4s to India. It never states what the IA’s reqmt is. However, one can infer that Ukraine has come to know of the IA’s intention to procure 100 wheeled APCs & has therefore stated its inclination to participate with its Indian industrial partner in a future competition, which will also see contenders hailing from Romania, Russia, Germany, Poland, Finland, France & the UK taking part. It will be a competitive bidding process, no doubt about that. Reqmt is for wheeled APCs, not ICVs. Presently, APS is not specified as standard fit for the IA’s FICV programme. But in the years ahead, APS will definitely go on board wheeled & tracked ICVs on a global scale. Abhay ICV was purely a technology demonstration programme & was never meant to go into series-production. Therefore, it was a vehicle designed & developed only by scientists & engineers, & its design was never optimised for production-engineering.

Anonymous said...

IA is pushing for some 80 modernisation schemes. Do you have any ideas what are these ? Some of them we all know are FINSAS, BMS and a few such networks, new rifles, artillery, VSHORAD, helicopters, UAVs.

In the beginning of this year, IA floated RFP or RFI (don't remember) for MRSAM, QRSAM, VSHORADS and loitering missiles. What are the projected requirements and whats the progress or this was just to get some information ?

IN and infact all the 3 services are looking for HALE UAVs. Anybody offering it to us considering only operational HALE UAVs are US origin and few european programs which haven't entered into production yet ? What is the projected requirement and what the progress ?

IAF also sought information on UCAVs. What is the requirement ? Is somebody offering it to us (i mean US or any other country which has a project underway)? Is IAF working with ADA on AURA project ?

Whats the progress of Nirbhay UAV ? You said before that it will follow the trajectory of a cruise missile. What role this UAV is gonna play in the operational doctrine of armed forces ? What is the flight cieling or the endurance time of this UAV gonna be ?

I heard there are plans to build both LIFT and basic trainer. Any information on this ? Also i would really appreciate any inside scoop on Kaveri project and drdo's talk with Snecma on the possible JV. Can we expect an agreement between these two by the time MMRCA deal is signed ? Also when can we expect the MMRCA deal to be signed. Are we gonna sign the weapons deal alongwith MMRCA. I know you must have told this before but i cant find it, which version of M88 is going on indian version of Rafale. I am asking this bcause French have already started the work to start replacing a powerful and more economic and fuel efficient version of M88 from 2015.

As you have said that there is no point on working the projects like AURA, they should work on Rustam and its variants. I also agree, we don't have manpower and industry to support or build such a project.
But i also don't understand why isn't India utilizing the defence companies of the struggling Europe ? If China wasn't facing bans they would have gone for every project that European companies are working on.
BAE, EADS, Dassault and SAAB, all have some UCAV projects and most of them have HALE UAV projects also and most of them will remain technology demonstrator. Even alot of US projects stay in the form of tech demonstrator, we could easily find some projects which could help our other projects. In return we can make these companies technology partners. Some components can be made in these countries thereby generating jobs there and in return these projects will get political supports in these countries. We have a now a good relationship with these countries thereby ensuring success of such projects. India can also purchase major stakes in some of the critical defence companies especiall;y in the sector where we lack.
German naval industry is struggling and they wanna join hands with french but politics is not letting this happen. There's no problem why Germany can't join with some indian shipyard. Same goes for BAE also.
Don't forget Spain, Spain is at its worst stage, we should use this. Although Navantia's order book is decent with orders from Latin, America, Europe, Middle East and Australia but Spain is desperate and will don anything for any amount of help that they can get. India should come forward and salvage whatever she could from the EU crisis just like China did during USSR crisis.
But the shame is no-one in India (the ones who have the power) bothers to think. Looks like there brain stop working when it comes to the nation's defence.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask there were alot of projects in US regarding stealth aircrafts. Quite a few prototypes were developed by Boeing also which were rejected but doesn't mean they were not stealthy. Can India not approach US government for those projects ? wE CAN MAKE bOEING PARTNER. That project saw alot of investment but was rejected in favor of LM's design. This will generate jobs in US, will help our industry and aerospace sector and will do no harm to their defence tech considering those projects got cancelled.
In short can India approach US and European countries for those projects which were rejected or were just technology demonstrator ? We could just purchase the rights for those projects or pump some money to restart those projects.
Considering the status of our unmanned aircraft sector and how far ahead is China. We can definitely ask for projects like Taranis or Baraccuda. They are never gonna enter production. Even AURA and Taranis are just technology demonstrator.
Europe needs India AND India needs Europe.
We can get a very good deal from Europe, way better than what we got from Russia in FGFA project.

Anonymous said...

Considering the slow pace of FICV project there were concerns that FICV might even be scrAPPED. Is it possible ? Can we expect a good new generATION design from our design ? UK and Canada both have a somewhat similar project like FICV why don't we join them. SWe might be able to reduce the cost of project and even get a better project. We should not forget that our companies don't have experience in ICV building.

Also IA is planning to equip all its battalions with atleast 3 mini UAVs. Around 1000 mini UAVs will be purchased. Does our indigenous mini UAVs satnd a chance ? There are alot of them now.

Whats the progress of HSTDV project ? When can we expect the first flight ? HSTDV is tech demonstrator, what drdo is trying to achieve in this project and were can we expect the use of technologies developed during this project ? Also can we expect drdo to demonstrate launch of satellites in the near future based on A5 platform. I am asking because drdo is saying they can launch small sat. through Agni 5 platform for short quick launch during war time if necessary.

There's also a lot of buzz about reusable missiles in the scientific community about which Dr. Kalam said few months back. Has there any project, may it be technology demonstrator in this field ?
I talked to a senior ASL scientist about it, he was excited about it but didn't answer med when i asked about existence of any project.

What technologies India is working on for its 5th gen fighter aircraft (AMCA), despite what you and i think, this project will go on and AMCA will enter production, unless ADA fails to build it or govt. scraps the project ? Can India build the airframe for a 5th gen fighter aircraft because whatever we say, Chinese have been able to develop a stealthy design and were able to build airframe much better than Russians.

What can you tell us about the FADEC build by indian labs ? I think CVRDE and a couple more labs have build one for Kaveri project ?

If Kaveri project gets sanctioned then should we expect a new engine meant for a 5th generation aircraft or we are gonna build it for tejas ? From what i have read about Kaveri, its a very good engine, but can drdo manage to build it on their own if Snecma deal doesn't work out ? Considering its gonna be thrust vectoring and tejas will be able to super-cruise anytime.

I read a couple papers published on AVATAR project, its an unbelievable project. Can India pull this off ? Is there any plan for military use of this project. I mean like the speculations on USAF X37B.

What can you tell us about KVAND VTOL Shtil UAV ? Is it just technology demonstrator ? wHATS THE PROGRESS OF Mig SKAT ? Any chance it will get developed by 2020 and India could buy it ?

IAF is one of the world's larget 5 airforces and i don't think our laboratories have even build dummy bombs for its use. Is there any plan drdo will now start working on missiles for IAF ? Astra project is there and there's one LGB and now Nirbhay is coming. Apart from this, a couiple months back in an interview Dr. Saraswat said they will start work on anti-radiation missile also. Is it true ?

Is there gonna be a shipborne version of new longer range supersonic cruise missile ? If not is there any missile planned for IN's submarines and surface fleet other than Brahmos which is already under production.

Russia was suppose to provide the first two Super Sukhois in 2012 and by the end of the year we were suppose to test the air-launched Brahmos. When can we expect delivery ?

Are there any plans to revise modernization of Mig29 and instead equipping them with aesa ?

Anonymous said...

Can we expect JAPAN'S help in our AMCA and FGFA project ? They have their own aesa and its good one. Can we expect help in radars also ?

Is US gonna help us in developing our missile shield ? And if they do should we expect or will we expect because of some reservations in military as well as political circles ?

Anonymous said...

Sir , Sukhoi-30SB 131 have got a paint job. Paint has worn away from the very top of the tail fin . Some portions have gotten dark. There is no uniformity in painting. The colour in some parts have faded . It appears as if it is in use for years.

Anonymous said...

Sir, Thanx again a lot.
1.What happened to all the BMP-1 in IA service ?

2.Why isnt IA subjecting its fleet of BMP-2 IFV to a deep upgrade with substantial armour upgrade. They are moving coffins in today's battlefield.

3.What is the use of X-band SAR in Brahmos LACM ? GPS coordinates of the target building can be fed into the inertial nav system and the missile will fly to this point ?

4.HAL recently opened a avionics manufacturing facilty in Kerala . It is named Strategic .... but this doesnt mean that it builds electronics ofAgni series of missiles. Nirbhay is supposed to carry a variety of payload. It is ans to Babur LACM.

5. The fifth pic from top shows MAWS on J-11B. So if there is MAWS on J-11 , there will be MAWS on Su-27,30MKK .

6.What is the likely counter to PAF CK400AKG. The current no of Baral-8 ordered is too small to cover HVP and HVA .

7.Besides LRSAM PLAN has FN 3000 CIWS on every of its ship .IN must also do this.

8. Besides PLAN ,IN has has many DDG and FFG armed with Brahmos which can launch an attck with 24 ASHM in swarm to saturate close in air defenses.Ther are Brahmos in Rajput class DDG.

Anonymous said...

Hi, The first batch of 50 Sukhoi-30 were to be sent to Irkutsk in 2012 and delivered in 2014 . What happened to that ? Will the new engines support all-axis thrust vectoring .

Sujoy Majumdar said...

Prasun Da,
VMT . However the M 777 had failed the field tests as laid out by the IA , so how did it get selected . Is it because there were no ther competitors?


Ankur said...

Thank You Prasun Ji.

Does this mean that a JV with Russia is on to co-produce a FMBT.


Anonymous said...

Prasun any information in civil aviation from the Zhuhai show will be welcome.
Very impressive:

Sayan said...

Sir, Targets that are receding away are tracked at much lesser ranges than those approaching head-on for NO11M. Why is it so ? The target ac is having the same RCS both from frontal aspect and rear aspect ? Is this the norm for all airborne radars ?

UFO sightings inside Indian territory bordering China raises security concerns.
Surprisingly, the radar could not detect these objects indicating that they were nonmetallic. If something is non-metallic the radar cant detect it. This is bullshit. Non-metallic structures also have RCS. There were reports that these were lanterns . What happened to it ? These cant be brought down with MANPAD as it doest have a heat signature .

Why so much sightings are taking palce nowadays ? Previously there werent so many sightings . Locals of the area claim they have seen some objects moving on the ground .

Are there any slight changes to airframe of Su-30 in the manner of Su-35BM to reduce RCS ? The special coatings that are there on Su-35 are they being applied to IAF Su-30 ?

What extra advantages canards provide over full thrust vectoring ? Why were canards deleted in Su-35BM ?After Su-30 is upgraded to an will canards be deleted ?

Has the PLAN Su-35BM deal taken place ?

Among the various air-ground glide bombs , missiles displayed at the airshow what were ordered in what nos by PAF besides CM200AKG .

Anonymous said...

Hi, Is Royal Saudi Airforce buying 84 F-15SE Silent Eagle from Uncle Sam ? With 84 F-15C , 70 F-15S , 87 Panavia Tornado IDS, 24 Panavia ADV , 72 Typhoon they have a much capable and qualitatively and quantitaively superior airforce than us.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between APC and ICV. Other than being wheeled or tracked.

Mr. Ra 13 said...

What I am afraid is that the Russian 1800 HP FMBT will be a developed version of the Arjun-Mk2. Whereas the Indian 50T FMBT will be a developed version of the T-90AM.

Then both will be able to exchange their products in due quantities and as desired. Lol...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@9.44AM: 1) Yes, I do know what these 80 separate projects are. 2) RFPs have already been floated for QR-SAM & SL-QRM, but not for MR-SAM. The three armed services are interested in only MALE-UAVs for procurement, not HALE-UAVs. 3) For UCAVs, the plan is to develop it indigenously & have it powered by twin ‘Laghu Shakthi’ turbofans. No ASQRs have been issued for AURA. 4) The UAV version of Nirbhay will be used for simulating the flight-paths of cruise missiles so that air-defence gunnery crews of the IA & IAF can hone in their intercept skills. 5) LIFT is already available in the form of the Tejas Mk1 tandem-seater. 6) The very same version of the M88 that will be series-produced by 2015 will also be on the IAF’s Rafales, since only that version of the M88 will be produced at that time, & not any other version. 7) The economies of Europe may be struggling, but that does not mean that the military-industrial entities of Europe too are suffering, since they all have healthy order-books. Germany’s TKMS doesn’t have any problems joining hands with Indian shipyards, but it is India’s MoD that is trying to play the role of regulator & preventing DPSU shipyards from choosing their own preferred foreign industrial partners. 8) Spain has for all intents & purposes secured the order for six S-80 Super Scorpenes equipped with Stirling Engine AIPs for the IN.

To Anon@9.56AM: If even Japan can’t have access to such stealthy combat aircraft prototypes (due to US Congressional restrictions), how can anyone expect India to get them? The same holds true for European aerospace companies as well. No one will part with their very best for any export customer. In the US, almost US$100 billion is spent each year on several Black Projects, which is enough to keep the US military-industrial firms running profitably. They don’t need money from India in return for supplying such cutting-edge products to India.

To Anon@11.31AM: 1) The FICV project won’t be scrapped, that’s a given. Thus far, the TATA proposal for both wheeled 8 x 8 & tracked FICV appears to be the best, thanks to its German military-industrial partners. 2) ELBIT’s Skylark-1E mini-UAV will be ordered in bulk, thereby increasing the size of HAL’s order-books. Domestic developers of mini-UAVs don’t stand any chance. 3) HSTDV & AVATAR will become a reality only in the following decade since India does not have the quantum of funds available or the skilled human resources for initiating a full-scale R & D programme of such complexity. 4) Not re-usable missiles, but re-usable UCAVs of the loitering-type. It was the infamous ‘desi mass-media’ that got it all wrong (what else can one expect!!!) & after failing to understand the concept of a loitering UCAV, went ahead & erroneously branded it as a reusable missile, without bothering to check if this term constitutes a fundamental violation of the laws of quantum physics & quantum mechanics. 5) India will be building the FGFA’s airframe, what’s so complex about it? China has only managed to build a stealthy airframe, but has yet to develop several other low-observable technologies that make use of plasma physics. The Russians are far ahead in this area & one will see its applications on the FGFA. 6) FADEC was built by BEL & developed by DARE & GTRE. CVRDE designed the Tejas Mk1’s gearbox. 7) First two Super Su-30MKIs will be available for flight-testing by 2014.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@11.35AM: How can Japan get involved with the FGFA when both Japan & Russia are technically still in a state of war & have yet to ink a peace treaty after WW-2? Bottomline is that no one in this world will help anyone by supplying know-how & know-why in return for buying their products off-the-shelf. The OEM will give everything that’s reqd for setting up local MRO facilities, but will never part with design & manufacturing technologies.

To Anon@12.47PM: 1) decommissioned. 2) Deep upgrade is the BMP-2KA programme for which the MoD is seeking private-sector sub-contractors while insisting on BEML becoming the main contractor, which the private-sector does not want. 3) It is the SGH X-band SAR from GRANIT JSC. 4) Nothing is or will be strategic avionics unless & until India designs & produces her own microprocessors & semiconductor circuitry. 5) That’s not MAWS, but laser warning system. 6) CM-400AKG can easily be countered by Barak-2 MR-SAM. How can any JF-17 armed with CM-400AKG ever constitute any threat to Indian HVAs & HVPs when the JF-17s will for sure be intercepted before even entering Indian airspace, thanks to the IAF’s ever-expanding IACCCS network? 7) Not every PLAN warship has LR-SAMs & FL-3000Ns.

To Anon@1.21PM: AL-32FPs of the first 50 Su-30MKIs have already been sent to NPO Saturn for TBO while the airframes are being sent to IRKUT Corp for MRO. TVC of the AL-31FP stays the same.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Imagine a weapon system that has been successfully been proven in combat by three different armed forces failing the field evaluations in India!! This happened because the IA’s GSQRs were totally ‘anokha’ & were detached from reality. Once the GSQRs were re-drafted to become more realistic, the LW-155 was issued with a compliance certificate by the IA’s Evaluation Board.

To ANKUR: Not yet.

To Anon@5.12PM: You can obtain all of it from the on-line show dailies published by McGraw Hill’s AW & ST magazine.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SAYAN: Frontal RCS is always much greater than rear-RCS for any combat aircraft. Even metallic objects can remain invisible to radar due to manipulation of the gravitational field. Those luminous objects are not lanterns since lanterns cannot orchestrate their own intelligent flight-paths. Canards & TVC are reqd for supermanoeuvrable flight regimes, but the availability of super-agile within-visual-range AAMs has reduced the emphasis on supermanoeuvrability. Su-35BM sale to PLAN is still on the table & nothing has been signed.

To Anon@10.47PM: F-15SE Silent Eagles are destined for not only the Saudis, but also for South Korea & Singapore, & maybe Kuwait. The F-15Cs will in all probability be decommissioned along with the Tornado ADVs.

To Anon@11.20PM: AS the names suggest, the ICV functions in tandem with MBTs as frontline contact-level armoured vehicles, whereas the APCs are with the following second-echelon forces & hence are lightly armoured.

To Mr.RA 13: That is precisely the reason why I had suggested quite some time back that the IA mandate the CVRDE to first develop the Arjun Mk2 with Cummins India’s 1,500hp diesel engine as part of a continuous product improvement programme, so that this MBT becomes available by 2016 & at least 600 of them are acquired. Each of these MBTs ought to feature a vectronics suite integrated by a MIL-STD-1553B databus, APS, BMS, & IFF transponder. LAHAT laser-guided ATGM will not be reqd since the Army Aviation Corps will soon have its own helicopter-gunships armed with Mistral ATAMs for hunting & shooting down hostile LOHs & attack helicopters. Almost the very same package could be applied for the TANK EX project, involving some 800 T-72M1s. On the other hand, the Arjun Mk3 featuring a MIL-STD-1553B digital databus for integrating the vectronics suite, stealthy turret & equipped with a 140mm smoothbore main gun (co-developed with Russia) & powered by a 1,800hp engine developed jointly with either Cummins India or with the Russians ought to be developed for service-induction by 2023.

By the way, do read these:

Incidentally, a computer-generated video-clip taken during the aerospace expo in Zhuhai showed a swarm of WZ-600 'Blue Shark' UCAVs attacking en masse the INS Vikramaditya.

Anonymous said...

Hi, The first 50 Su-30 were shipped to Irkutsk for periodic MRO and not for undergoing the Super upgrade program .In your post 'Super Su-30MKI: From Air Dominance To Air Supremacy' you said they will be going for upgrade .
"and also accommodate two uprated Lyulka AL-31FP turbofans. The AL-31FP, presently rated at 126kN with afterburning, will offer 20% more power when uprated by NPO Saturn—its manufacturer--and will have a total technical service life of 6,000 hours, instead of the present 2,000 hours. The uprated engine will also employ a larger diameter fan, redesigned key hot-end components and cooling system technologies to permit reduced thrust lapse rates with altitude, which in turn will permit supercruise flight regimes. Also to be incorporated into the uprated engine will be new-generation full-authority digital engine controls (FADEC) as well as all-axis thrust-vectoring nozzles (±15 degrees in the vertical plane and ±8 degrees in the horizontal plane, with deflection angle rates of up to 60 degrees per second)."

So is this data on the thread erroneous? Uprated AL-31FP wont have all axis thrust vectoring and supercruise contrary to what you reported there.

SK said...

Didn't you recommend that the IA consider the lighter but powerful Gas Turbine engines for the Arjun MK3 tank while back.
Now you are suggesting India develop one with Russian collaboration. Why the change of heart ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun da

Reg the VSHORAD competition, Igla and MBDA mistral are heat seeking SAM s whereas SAAB RBS70 NG is laser guided SAM. Which do u think is better Laser guided or heat seeking and why?Reg the QRSAM competion u once mentioned probable vendors to be Dheil IRIST SLM,SPYDER,VL MICA and Russian Vityaz.Dont u think the IA should go for at least 35KM range SAM,For short range we have Akash and Spyder. Apparently South Korean Cheongung SAM is a varient of Russian Vityaz,the SAM seems good.Intersting VL MICA and SPYDER SR/MR SAM are in service but the IRIST SLM and Vityaz will enter service by 2014..Which do u think will eventually win..VMT

Anonymous said...

Hi, Has contract signature for 84 F-15SE for Royal Saudi airforce taken place or are they intent on buying Silent Eagle ?

What other military aircrafts are they buying ? South Korean AF hasnt placed any orders for F-15SE.

Anonymous said...


1.In BMP-2K deep upgrade the turret is getting an upgrade with new fire-control systems and new ATGM .

2. Is there any upgrade to the armour package of hull and turret included in the package ? Are extra add-on armour blocks to be fitted ?

3. When will this upgrade start ?

4. I didnt want to know the SAR seeker of Brahmos LACM.What is the use of X-band SAR in Brahmos LACM ? GPS coordinates of the target building can be fed into the inertial nav system and the missile will fly to this point ?

5.What has taken the place of BMP-1 in IA ?

6.Which one is IA's preferred choice among Spyder-SR,VL Mica,Iris-SLS ?

7.What is the SL-QRM requirement ?

8.As Sukhoi airframes have been sent to Irkut , the no of operational acs in the squadrons have come down. When will deliveries start ?

9. After upgradation , AL-31FP will have horizontal axis TVC capabilties . You said so.

10. What is the status of GTRE-Snecma JV for Kaveri engine ?

11.The 80 modernisation projects of IA are they part of Project Sanjay ? Waiting for this thread. Hope you will provide some details about these projects.

12.What is the reason behind saying IAF's ever expanding IACCCS network ? Are more new radars being procured ?

13.As part of 42 Super Sukhoi procurement will they be weapons purchase of R-77, R-73,R-27,Kh-31,Kh-59,EW pods ?

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

As always thanks for everything . This new development that you have reflected :

"a swarm of WZ-600 'Blue Shark' UCAVs attacking en masse the INS Vikramaditya."

is probably the the most vivid indication that China does have military designs against India. Still some people here will tell you that there is no tension between India & China and the border has been very peaceful for the past 50 years.


Unknown said...


Is india getting SPYDER systems? And if so how many total systems will india have? And which systems is this the SYPDER replacing?

Also what vehcile will it be mounted on in Inida? TATA or TATRA?

I have heard it is already in use in India but if this is true why have we not heard any press relases or seen any pics of it in India uptil now?

Unknown said...


I have heard that the IA will strat reciving the first of 60,ooo assualt rifles and 40,000 carbines by 2014- will these orders eventually signifcantly increase to quipe the entire IA? 100,000+ weapons is only enough to equip a fraction of the entire IA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun da

Is the Iron Dome really capable of intercepting 155mm artillery shells, apart from rockets..Any idea?VMT

Sayan said...

Sir , What is plasma physics ? What is its application in stealthy combat acs like PAK-FA ? How plasma tech works ? What particular thing will it do in PAK-FA ?
I knew stealth is achieved through airframe shaping, application of RAM , edge re-alignment , active cancellation RF techniques .

One thing you are always overlooking and not answering:
The RCS of Su-35BM is greatly reduced in comparison to Su-30 through RCS coatings and some minor changes to airframe. Are these airframe modifications and special coatings there in IAF Su-30 and HAL manufactured ones ?

IA can buy Russian Tornado-G MLRS to replace its BM-21 Grad MLRS . How many Grad launchers are there by the way ?
IA can also ahve 120 km guided MLRS Tornado S which employ GPS navigation.

India to integrate K-15 missiles into nuclear submarine soon. Is the K-15 really under production for Arihant ?

Is INS Chakra a fully operational vessel where India has full sovereignty. Can it be used in war ?

Delhi eye on Israel ‘Dome’. Can you more about it. Why are IA officials so interested in it.

Anonymous said...


1) Will Nirbhay LACM be canisterised? Or contained in a box launcher like Prahaar NLOS-BSM?

What truck do you think will carry the production-variant missile?

2) What is this gun shown at the OFB pavilion at Defexpo-2012?


Is this the RCWS for Arjun Mk-2?

3) Whats the progress on deploying Aslesha & Bharani radars atop hills in the chinese border to monitor helo movements?

4) What is max speed of the CJ-10 LACM land-based version?

5) Does India operate any Kh-15 Raduga or similar missiles?

6) Whats the better jet in combat? - Su-30MKI or J-15?

7) When is the scheduled ski-jump takeoff of N-LCA?

Mr. Ra 13 said...

Obviously the David's Sling and Iron Dome have failed to some extent. We should learn some instantaneous lessons here.

However I am unable to understand whether the Israel is attacking on Gaza or the UFO's are attacking the Gaza.

What a so-called humanitarian crisis again!

Anonymous said...

@ Prasun
Why do you think the USA scrapped the sale of EL/M-2052 AESA radar for the LCA?

Anonymous said...

1) Sir you've said previously that a gliding version of Sudarshan LGB is in development. Any progress on that?

2) What are the missiles and weapon systems that Vikramaditya will carry for self-defence? Does it have the 9M337 Sosna-R missile?

Will Barak-1/2 be integrated into Viki afterwards?

3) You have said in your "Indian Navy poised for further expansion" thread that IN is looking at 16 shallow-water ASW ships of foreign design, to be built by as yet 2 unidentified shipyards.

What vessel do you think will have the edge in the competition? Gowind-class or VISBY?

4) Whats the progress on LCH TD-3?

5) What about the 120-km Pinaka version? How far has that gotten?

6) Is there really a SAM derived from AAD-1 called Ashwin?

7) What exactly are Indian Armed Forces going to deploy in the Andaman & Nicobar Is. to enforce a naval blockade at the Malacca Strait?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@10.34AM: The information contained in the 'Super Su-30MKI: From Air Dominance To Air Supremacy' thread was valid at the time of its drafting. Events took a different turn early this year because the IAF changed its mind & decided to import the first 50 Super Su-30MKIs directly from IRKUT Corp, while subjecting its first 50 Su-30MKIs to just a routine overhaul after they had reached their TBO limits, thereby reducing the time these Su-30MKIs would have to remain out of service. These refurbished Su-30MKis will thus not be upgraded into Super Su-30MKIs.

To SK: Why the change of heart? Because that’s the only way of facing reality. Developing a gas turbine-based powerplant for Arjun Mk3 would have taken at least a decade of R & D. The IA, on the other hand, is not willing to wait that long for its FMBT & has therefore for all intents & purposes to make do with a heavier FMBT, instead of accepting the CVRDE’s proposal for developing a 50-tonne FMBT. That at last explains why Army HQ never drafted a GSQR for its FMBT & instead had released only a preliminary PSQR. The Army has thus decided to ride piggy-back on Russia’s FMBT-related R & D programme mainly perhaps due to Army HQ’s reluctance to give CVRDE a chance to come up with an FMBT in less than 8 years.
Then, there is also the issue of placating Russia by announcing some big-ticket joint R & D programmes during the forthcoming visit to India of Russian President Vladimir Putin, starting December 2. The Kremlin was extremely pissed off with the raw deal that Sistema (a Russian company that is part of the MTS cellular phone services operating within India) had received after the 2 G fiasco, especially since Sistema’s existence in India was once hailed by Russia as being a prime example of Russian companies that had nothing to do with weapons technologies or hydrocarbons (Russia’s traditional export commodities) making profitable investments abroad.

To Anon@11.10AM: For VSHORADS/MANPADS, the MBDA-built Mistral will be a good choice. For QR-SAM, my personal choice would still be the SpyDer-SR. Akash Mk2 SAM’s engagement envelope will exceed 35km & will reach almost 40km.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@1.15PM: Contract negotiations are still underway for both Saudi Arabia & ROK.

To VIKRAM GUHA: I wouldn’t take such graphic audio-visual presentations that seriously since they’re terribly flawed in terms of detail. It was just meant to be an eye-catching presentation.

To UNKNOWN: All into related to SpyDer-SR is contained in a thread uploaded in 2011. TATA-built vehicles are used as TELs & TATA has already circulated photos of such TELs. Maybe they will be showcased at the next RDP on January 26, 2013.
As for small-arms, if the type selected is a brand-new family, then one can rest assured that their procurement will be preceded by at least three years of rigorous competitive firing trials, which has yet to commence. Therefore, only about 20,000 M-4 carbines could well be procured (since its firing trials had been concluded three years ago).

To Anon@8.56PM: No, it isn’t.

SAYAN: Application of plasma physics is what makes the B-2, Black Manta, etc stealthy & supersonic. RCS can never be dramatically reduced by RAM coatings, since the biggest generator of RCS remains the airframe’s air-intakes. BM-21 GRAD won’t be replaced or retired until there are sufficient numbers of 155mm howitzers in service. 120km MBRL is now under development by ARDE. A 700km-range K-15 SLBM is a very cruel joke indeed in the name of a survivable sea-based nuclear deterrent. A far better sea-based survivable deterrent will be 1,200km-range SLCM version of the Nirbhay. As for K-15, it is far more better to produce it as the Shaurya TBM. INS Chakra can be used in wartime but only as a surveillance platform & not for launching any offensive weapons. India has had her eyes on Iron Dome since 2007.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@10.22PM; 1) Of course, every missile that’s fully assembled & is in ready-to-use condition has to be cannisterised. The box-launcher of Prahaar shown during DEFEXPO 2012 was only to illustrate the concept & it was not the real & final configuration. TATA-supplied TELs will be used for Prahaar. 2). Can’t open the file. 3) Already done. 4) Mach 0.7. 5) No. 6) Su-30MKI, since J-15 uses slotted-array KLJ-7 radar. 7) Dunno.

To Mr.RA 13: The EL/M-2084 radar of Iron Dome can located & track rockets that are long-range (like the Fajr-5) but is unable to track those that are short-range or are in the air for very brief moments. Therefore, in case of rockets fired from long-range MBRLs of the types in service with India’s immediate neighbours, the EL/M-2084 & Tamir rockets will produce the desired results. As for Gaza, rest assured it is indeed the IDF that’s engaged there, since UFOs don’t produce any kind of humming noise of the kind that can emanate from only UAVs & UCAVs (LoLz!!!).

To Anon@5.55AM: Not for the LCA, but for the JAS-39 Gripen IN.

To Anon@6.08AM: 2) Barak-2 MR-SAM. 3) Both of them are leading contenders. 6) No. 7) BrahMos-1’s air-launched, ship-launched & ground-launched versions should suffice.

Balsh said...

In one of your articles, you stated:
"Present plans call for the Pakistan Army to deploy two three Missile Groups each of the Abdali and Ghaznavi (grouped under two separate Artillery Brigades (these being the Hyderabad-based Missile Brigade South comprising Missile Groups 25, 35 and 40 and the Sargodha-based Missile Brigade North comprising the 14, 28 and 47 Missile Groups) during hostilities, with all missiles being armed with conventional HE or FAE-based warheads."

How accurate this information is? May I ask the source of it?

Anonymous said...

Have to say, best technical info on military hardware and tactics I have seen on anywhere on the Web. Simply a great read.

Dinesh (TRISHUL Fan)

rad said...

HI Prasun
Tata is bringing out a 155m gun , whom have they collaborated with?

what is the status of astra missile

please explain the rifle competition going on said...

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