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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sudarshan LGB's Components


Anonymous said...

Is the seeker indegineously devloped or imported ?? i heard its based on Paveway series some of which India imported and reverse engineered.

Anonymous said...

Sir, Are all this clicked in ISC in Kolkata? Will it remain on Tuesday ?

Why isnt DRDO developing an IR, mmW glide wing version of Sudarshan with 60 km range ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun da

Some of the pics from ISC kolkata....Sudarshan LGB seems to be moving fast..If sucessful it will be a boon for IAF..By the way DRDO guys told that the Pinaka 2 will have 60 km range and unguided..pinaka 3 will be guided with more range...Ur views..VMT

Anonymous said...

india had orderd paveway 2 from america...was used extensively in 1999 war...i read that india had also used laser or gps guided excalibre type bofor rounds in 1999 war it true...tell me about it.. Does India hai gps , laser,etc munithon..which are they.....? What are pinaka's variants and there range..? Are the guided..?

Anonymous said...

To anon at 8:37 pm. Will ISC be there on Tuesday ?

Gessler said...

@Mayank Raj

The guided artillery rounds India used in Kargil are Krasnopol-M rounds from Russia.

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

Has India ever ordered the 9M117M1 Arkan Tandem HEAT missile from Russia ? These missiles are affordable and if fitted to any infantry fighting vehicle they can well punch over their weight .


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@6.50PM: It is indigenous. Developed by IRDE.

To Anon@7.54PM: No, not at ISC, but at DEFEXPO 2012 in Pragati Maidan. At the ISC’s Pride of India expo such components fabricated by private-sector companies are never displayed. Sudarshan LGB’s rocket-powered version will have a range of some 30km. IIR & MMW seekers are being developed by DRDO, but will take a long time to mature as fully-developed sensors.

To Anon@8.37PM: Not from ISC 2013, but from DEFEXPO 2012. I’m only aware of a new 120km-range MBRL being developed. And it won’t be called Pinaka.

To MAYANK RAJ: First LGBs to be procured by the IAF were the BGLs from Matra Defense (now part of MBDA) for Mirage 2000s. Then came the Paveway-2 kits for Jaguar/DARIN-2 & MiG-27UPGs. India has to date not imported any GPS-guided artillery rounds. Only laser-guided artillery-launched projectile is the Krasnopol-M. There’s only one Pinaka MBRL rocket with 37.5km-range on the plains (which can go up to 46km in the mountains). Efforts are on to develop a 40km-range variant.

To Anon@10.32PM: No, only till tomorrow. So hurry, rush, dash, sprint, fly….!

To GESSLER: Krasnopol-Ms were imported in 2000, AFTER the conclusion of OP Vijay. Read my earlier post at:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

This is an interesting report. Looks like somenone has begun peeling off the banana.

Already mired in controversy due to massive cost-overruns, the Scorpene project—India's first conventionally developed submarine—has been hit by another torpedo. The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has launched an inquiry against Scorpene project head, Commodore (retired) Gopal Bharti, following a complaint alleged financial irregularities in the project. The identity of the complainant is being withheld under the Whistleblower's Act. While the first of the six submarines were to be delivered to the Indian Navy by Mazagon Dock Ltd (MDL) last year, the deadline has been pushed to 2015. Interestingly, even as the probe is underway, MDL—in contravention of service rules—allowed Bharti to take premature retirement on January 1, 2013. The whistleblower listed out a slew of financial irregularities including one in which Bharti took his son abroad on public money. Another serious charge is he purposely delayed placing orders for about 170 of 300 items—called Mazagon Docks Procured Items — essential to build the Scorpene. Sources say orders for the items, worth around 138 million, could have been easily placed in the three to four years when Bharti headed the project. Incidentally, defence Minister A K Antony has already cited red-tapism as a reason for the five-year delay and massive cost overruns of not less than a few thousand crores. Bharti allegedly made a false claim and pocketed 900, ostensibly to purchase train tickets on a 2008-visit to France when in reality, the cost was borne by DCNS, the French partner in the Scorpene project. The complaint has listed out how DCNS then issued a credit note asking MDL to reimburse the train ticket expense, but which they mysteriously cancelled later. Another serious allegation against the retired commodore is about the disappearance of 15 of over 30 high pressure specialized underwater valves from his department. The complaint says Bharti, while shrugging off the responsibility, put the onus on his juniors. "MDL is learnt not to have made any enquiry on how the valves disappeared, or who will bear the additional cost," said officials. Commodore Bharti, director ( Submarine and Heavy Engineering), however has vehemently denied any wrongdoing. "I don't know of any CVC inquiry against me. The allegations made against me are by disgruntled individuals and are baseless," he said. The MDL spokesperson, too, denied the allegations of irregularities or of the CVC inquiry. "Bharti has been relieved as per service rules with necessary permission of the competent authorities," the spokesperson said.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: No, they haven't been procured because there's no 100mm gun barrel that's in service with the IA.

ArunM said...

Sir, But those pics were actual scale models.

You have been to a no of aerospace expos and you have seen with your own eyes, photographed and collected brochures of RACR of F-16, ES-05 Raven. Can you tell the differnce in aperture sizes of RACR for block 60 and RBE2 . To me in 2D oval shaped RACR seemed bigger. F-16 nose is also a lot volumnious and offers more frontal area than Rafale . This can be ascertained seeing the frontal pics of both the acs. I have compared them many a times. Only you can provide the ans regarding aperture size.

What about aperture size of ES-05 Raven & RBE2 ?

Why did Dassault designed such a small nose ? They could have kept the nose dia the same as Mirage 2000.

Is it true that UAE airforce found out that RBE2AA had an inferior range to their blk 60's APG-80 ?

I had gone through a lot of pics of blk 60 and Rafale nose but still couldnt figure out how both thier nose areas and their apertures are equal .

Ans pls.

Anonymous said...

Sir, Thank you. What are they displaying at the DRDO stall ? Will all DRDO R&D related ques be answered by them ? Did you find out anything new about Nirbhay ?

Anonymous said...

Sir, Who is a G designation scientist in DRDO ? Is DRDO stall worth visiting ? Whar the start and end timings ?

Gessler said...

Hello Prasun ji,

nice article.

1) Do you have any pictures of the DRDO-developed multi-caliber weapon? If so, please post it!

2) I have heard in some circles that Nirbhay debut launch will be next week. Is that news true?

3) How is the SAM version of Astra BVRAAM coming along? If it fructifies, can we shelve the Maitri project?

4) Any news regarding the GRSE-built Landing Craft Utilities?

5) What is DRDO's progress on developing canisters for Agni-4, Agni-5 ballistic missiles?

6) What is coming after Agni-5?

7) What is your view on these so-called pakistani ICBMs "Tipu" and "Taimur"?

8) When is pakistan going to test shaheen-3 IRBM?

9) Whats the status of the tank-launched CLGM?

10) Is IAF looking to order any follow-on MRTTs after the first 6 Airbus A330s are delivered? If so, how many more?

Gessler said...

Thanks for the heads-up about Krasnopol.

Sayan said...

Sir, Russia pushing India to buy BMP-3 vehicles and shelving homemade FICV project. is it true that IA is not satisfied with BMP-3 which is a 3 decade old design . Why not go for CV-90 ?

Why did IAF choose A330 over IL-78 air-refuellers ?

Will IA get its OFB developed FH-77 45 cal howitzers within 3 months ?
Why is OFB expanding production capacity of Pinaka rockets from 2000 to 5000 rounds? Only a few Pinaks are in service with IA . What are the two new Pinaka rounds now in developement ?

Did you found out something new about Nirbhay cruise missile from your visit to ISC ?

How many Barak-2 will P-15A have ? Isnt LR-SAM's range 120 km ?

Has R&D for a customised improved Iron Dome to suit IA's need already commenced ?

How will MAWS be fitted to Super Su-30 ?Will apertures be embedded in airframe ?

Unknown said...


Do yoy still have hopes for a March 31st (or before) 2013 signing of the Rafale deal? Recent reports say a 5% cut in the Defence budget will lead to the MMRCA deal being pushed back until mid/late 2013 or early 2014.

Any truth to this?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARUNM: You can’t compare the nose-section of an F-16 with that of Rafale, since the former was designed for a mechanically-scanning & moving antenna & therefore the antenna-array of RACR or SABR are much smaller in size too, when compared to the RBE-2 or even Vixen-200/ES-05 Raven or APG-79. Once can get an accurate estimation of the nose-section’s size only when one is standing right next to the nose-section of a combat aircraft.

To Anon@11.45PM: All kinds of DRDO-developed products to date, but not the ones that are still being developed.

To GESSLER: 1) They’ve already appeared elsewhere quite some time back in other websites. 2) Don’t know. 3) There’s no such project for now. It was only my own suggestion. 4) Still under fabrication. 5) Still under development. 6) Only the SLBM. 7) There are no ICBMs coming out of/for Pakistan. The only new products likely to come out in future will be cannisterised IRBMs & MRBMs like the DF-16 & DF-21. 8) There’s no such project. 9) It is the LAHAT & it has been ready since 2008. 10) No.

To SAYAN: 1) No. 2) Because A330-200 is a MRTT, whereas IL-78MKI is just an aerial refueller. 3) Two OFB-developed 155X45 towed howitzers are already available for firepower & mobility trials. There are no plans to build another two of them. 4) Every year MBRL rockets & MBT rounds are reqd for replenishing those stocks that get consumed during various live-firing exercises. 5) Nothing new about Nirbhay ALCM/SLCM. 6) P-15A will have 48 Barak-2s. IN refers to this missile as LR-SAM. 7) At this stage the DRDO & RAFAEL are only holding exploratory talks on Iron Dome’s projected enhancements. 8) Had already posted before in an earlier thread photos of MAWS sensors fitted on main underwing pylons of Su-30MKIs.

To UNKNOWN: Yes I do.

Anonymous said...

your view on this article

Vikram Guha said...

Thanks PrasunDa.

Regarding Krasnopol . Is the IA procuring any more Krasnopol now that Glonass guided Krasnopol are available from Russia.


ArunM said...

Sir, As F-16 was designed from beginning to have a mechanical scanning radar isnt it supposed to have a larger nose than Rafale ?

Why is RACR or SABR have a small aperture compared to Rafale's RBE2 ? RACR and SABR can make use of the large cross-sectional area of radome.

Akhil Suri said...

Hi Prasun ,

Has India and Russia signed a nuclear power plant construction deal worth $45 billion ?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: Not to the best of my knowledge.

To AKHIL SURI: Not yet. But there are firm plans for procuring another four VVER-1000 PWRs from Russia for Kudankulam.