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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Interesting Innovations

Elbit Systems yesterday unveilled its SKYLENS wearable heads-up display (HUD) for enhanced flight vision system (EFVS) applications. Packed in a lightweight, easy-to-install device, similar to a pair of sunglasses, SKYLENS is a revolutionary approach to meet the challenges of today’s aviators. 
Suitable for day and night operations and for all weather conditions, the system provides heads-up information while minimising the dependency on airport instrumentation. Equipped with SKYLENS, aircraft are capable of take-off and landing in low-visibility conditions and in locations that non EVS-equipped aircraft could not access previously. SKYLENS, a part of the ‘Clearvision’ EFVS family, displays high-resolution symbology and video on a transparent visor, providing pilots with cutting-edge heads-out capabilities. 
Designed and built for use by commercial and military aviation anywhere in the world, the system provides a unique solution for retrofitting existing platforms, small cockpit aircraft and helicopters. The new system, which is in advanced processes of airworthiness certification, is expected to enter into service by end of 2016.
Meanwhile, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is at an advanced stage of integration and ground testing for the EL/M-2022ES active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar—the latest addition to its best selling EL/M-2022 maritime patrol radar (MPR) family. The EL/M-2022ES AESA-MPR, developed by IAI's subsidiary and group, ELTA Systems Ltd, implements the proven operating modes of the EL/M-2022 family, together with additional modes derived from the unique capabilities of AESA technology. The radar system combines mechanical scanning in the horizontal plane with fine-beam-shifting, and full electronic scanning in the vertical plane, providing improved detection, particularly at high sea states, and enabling efficient use of the radar in air-to-air and air-to-surface modes. Using state-of-the-art signal processors, based on the latest powerful multi-core components, allows implementation of new algorithms that take maximum advantage of AESA technology. A significant improvement in target detection performance is in imaging modes such as inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) and in ground moving target indication (GMTI) modes. The system is undergoing qualification tests for airborne applications, preparing it for delivery by mid-2015 and is fully compatible with current radar installations, meaning it can easily be retrofitted on to existing Heron-1 and Searcher Mk2 MALE-UAVs.


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rad said...

HI Prasun
That 2200es Aesa radar would be wonderful on our alh or lch to provide battlle field surveilance! Being AESA it would be non jammable and not very easy to detect . Combined with its air to air , SAR,MTI etc etc we could have a advantage in the FEBA.
THat brings me to question where in earth is there space to mount a radar on the lch and alh?.

Raj Shekhar said...


Bit off the point!

Can you please tell the story of this Russian AAM missile named KS-172/K-100 of Novator?

1. Does it exist at all?

2. Is it being funded by Indian investment and India will be the main beneficiary?

3. Does it have range of more than 200 kilometers? Is AWACS killer different than AAM?

4. If India has funded its investment, have we got any technology out of it?

5. In case, if its a Russian style "joint venture", why is China buying it?

Please clarify with whatever info you have.


BTW that video of VADM Anup Singh On Indian Maritime was wonderful and very informative.

sntata said...

Dear Prasun,

DRDO successfully test fired K-4 missile from submerged pontoon on Mar-24. It is a great achievement by any means. Why has it been kept secret so far. When is it likely to be tested from Arihant?

raw13 said...

Development of Astra is a massive achievement by DRDO. How many different BVR missiles is IAF planning to operationalise?

rad said...

rad said...
hi Prasun
Thrust vector control on the astra?!. News to me , no body talked of tvc so far.Neither did the models depict that in the aero india show,If true very welcome. please give more dope on the aero dynamics of the astra. As far as i understand larger wings give greater lift and hence greater maneuverability at the cost of drag. I wouldn't be surprised if the mk2 version has a smaller set of mid body wings.Is Israel a member of the MCTR.
Its nice to hear that the israeli Indian venture is going strong, but as usual the drdo bums claim it to be desi. Now what is this news coming out that the k-4 vehicle attained as range of 3000km+! . I do remember that you had mentioned that it went to 2000km. Well if the report is true then i would believe that 4000km + is easy. This is regard to the Chinese who say that the agni 5 can reach 8000km when it was trialed for 5000kms.
[please comment.

RD said...

Things have not changed even after Admiral Dhowan have taken charge.
Instead political parties r concerned that who will be the next Army chief.

Exit polls suggest another coalition Govt. coming to power. Coalition means a bunch of blackmailing regional party spoilsports. For the sake of the country a bi-party system just like US should be implemented in our democracy.

Kittu said...

well, keeping aside the content of the news, what shall we conclude about this news in Hindu?

The question is printing the names of each and every signatory....

How does printing all those names add to the news?

Is it a gazette?
Is it a pamphlet of SAHMAT?
is it to appease someone?


Dear Prasun,
In the recent past u claimed that the population of bangaladeshi infiltrators won't be a very big population. My suggestion, u follow this link:

I want to know ur say. Plz revert back at ur earliest. Thnx in advance.

rad said...

HI Prasun

Regarding the pdv terminal homing head that consists of IIR and active radar. Isnt that a great combination for an ASAT homing head.? Especially when it is mentioned that gas thrusters were used to maneuver the vehicle out side the atmosphere.WE have a number of vehicles like the agni 4 which should be enough to reach 1000km into space for targeting low earth orbiting sats. This tech is precisely the stuff we need to make the ASAT vehicle!. AM i reading too much out of it or is it a possibility. I strongly believe we should go in for asats as i do believe in Mao`s saying that "power flows from the barrel of the gun" at least partially. China knows only that.Especially after we had flown the agni 5 there was this talk of mutual co operation !!!.

Anonymous said...

will India be interested in SkyLens?

rohit said...

Dear Prasun da : recently saw two movies 1) Lone survivor on operation red wing 2) Act of Valor both on US navy seal.

Technology and equipments is a big + for them

rad said...

hi prasun
what is the problem with the darin 3 upgrade for the jaguar , it seems the performance is not ok can you throw more light on the issue .
How good is MFSTAR aesa radar compared to the spy -1 radar and the European Sampson radar

Reddy said...

RIL and BP proceeding towards arbitration against GOI.

Something is seriously wrong with GOI.

Not because RIL and BP are honest or not, for that GOI failed to properly manage things from day one.

Previous NDA govt awarded RIL exploring rights in KG Basin in which AP's CBN played an alleged role and awarding and managing the contract is suspicious from the very beginning. CBN refused to form a oil company on behalf of AP State Govt, helping RIL gain KG Basin. In that year Gujarat Govt formed a company and participated in KG Basin exploration and for the last 10 years they are drilling and pumping gas from AP's Kakinada to gujarat through pipeline.

when things went wrong, it is wrong on the part of GOI failing to properly formulate and manage contract or allegedly helping RIL to gain from this contract.

One more thing is to assume things but not putting properly on the contract paper. This is in addition to the RIL association to the vulture BP.

End result is loss to the Indian public.

Anonymous said...

west is tasting it's own medicine in Ukraine. They installed puppet govt and labelled it as people's legitimate govt and now russia is showing what that actually means. now eastern ukraine cities are going to join russia sooner or later. russia has so many technology sites at stake in ukraine as ussr legacy and rare institues are situated in ukriane.

Unknown said...

Prasun Sir,

1 )Why cant we retire 61 odd Jaguar's which in any case are 30 year old and puts our pilots at risk moreso because even Oman too is doing the same ?
Why not instead purchase brand new Su- 34 which can be customised like flankers to meet our needs ?
2) Is INS ARIHANT ever to start sea trials this year?
3) What has happened to LCH programme and is IAF going to get it or IA ?

Eagerly awaiting ur replies .

Reddy said...

Dear Prasun,

I have an interesting question:

1. If Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam can be made an Union similar to the EU


2. A commercial Shipping channel on the lines of Suez Canal can be built between Andaman Sea and Gulf Of Thailand (50-60 km channel)

Will it make such an Union another asian giant competing with India, China and Japan in 2 decades?

Some commercial Benefits could be coming from:

1. Tourism
2. Shipping Channel Transit Fee
3. MRO facilities for American, European, Japanese, and Chinese commercial and Military Naval Vessels
4. MRO facilities for Boeing, Airbus and Russian Aviation civilian and military Assets
5. Mega Ports and Air Transit Facilities
6. Fuel and commodities replenishing facilities for world navies irrespective of country but on pure financial basis
7. International Financial and Legal center on the lines of Dubai, Singapore and London

Your thoughts please....

Reddy said...

Just an addition to my earlier post.

I forgot to ass Laos to the list and manufacturing benefits could an addition.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Will answer all outstanding queries later today.

DAshu said...

India's bad time started after Russia now Iran wooing PAK. and no body cares about US these days . mistake by MMS/sonia to go close to US.

DAshu said...

India need a clever leader like Putin and should follow blindly China without thinking twice.
no one seems to have any kind of ans to the game Mr Putin is playing in Ukrain.

sumit sen said...

dada.. When 'll our army select its agtm?? And which agtm IA is likely to choose?? Javelin or spike.. Is there any chance for new moynee portee agtm?? Thnks in adv

Anonymous said...

Prasun Da ,

Pipavav is constructing 5 new 95 meter OPVs .

Given the fact that the MoD generally prefers to give such contacts to DPSUs is there any particular reason why Pipavav was awarded this contract ?

Thanks ,

Pintu said...

Prasun Da, it seems, step to right direction, albeit in late ? Since, the same type of facility is used for long P-5, and mainly by the USA , followed by the UK, nearly half a century. Can throw some light about the usage of this type of facility as one commissioned in TBRL ,by PRC ?

Thanks in Advance

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Not only this MMR, but also the earlier EL/M-2054, which was unveiled two years ago. But not on the ALH or LCA, but on medium-lift platforms like the Mi-17V-5, which can also accommodate one internal display/command-and-control console plus an internal fuel tank. Which then brings us to other in-a-way-related questions:

1)If the DRDO has developed a 1/6th scale-model of an AESA-MMR for Tejas Mk2 MRCA, then why is this scale-model not being considered for full-scale development as an airborne battlefield surveillance sensor?

2)If the DRDO is developing ground-based S-band Arudhra & Ashvini APARs, then why is it not developing mast-mounted versions of such radars for warships of various sizes?

3)Has anyone in DRDO even contemplated such possible innovations to date?

TVC on AAMs, be they BVRAAMs or WVRAAMs, has been a fairly standard feature since the 1990s & they can clearly be seen when one visually inspects the exhaust nozzles of such AAMs. Any nav-attack suite meant for retrofit like DARIN-3 will face systems integration hiccups, especially if the MIL-STD-1553B digital databus is performing sub-optimally. The problem therefore is not with the DARIN-3, but with the databus. MF-STAR is in the same league as the Sampson, but is superior to the passive phased-array SPY-1.

To RAJ SHEKHAR: The Novator KS-172 LRAAM does exist, but has not found any customers to date, not even the Russian Air Force. That being the case, how can this LRAAM find any export customer? In addition, to date, no one in the world has developed LRAAMs capable destroying AEW & C platforms, simply because the latter’s on-board EW jammers can easily jam the LRAAM’s on-board data-link & active terminal seeker. The KS-172 LRAAM has to date been showcased only along with the Su-35, meaning an Su-35 armed with such a LRAAM can also be used as an interceptor (just like the MiG-31) only for targetting & destroying supersonic strategic bombers like the B-1B.

To SNTATA: It is a significant, but not a great achievement. Several more test-firings are reqd before the SLBM becomes operational. How can be a secret when it has already been reported on? Nor was this test-firing conducted to calculate the SLBM’s maximum range envelope. Maiden test-firings of first-of-type missiles are never meant to evaluate or calculate such parameters. Test-firings of the K-4 SLBM from the Arihant won’t take place for as long as the Arihant’s buoyancy & neutral buoyancy levels have been established & certified—a process that will be completed ONLY AFTER the Arihant’s sea-trials have been successfully concluded. And the sea-trials won’t commence until the arrival of a DSRV.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAW13: Not exactly a massive achievement, since the BVRAAM’s most critical on-board sensor—the active seeker—is imported off-the-shelf. BVRAAMs slated for procurement by the IAF & IN in future include the Astra Mk1, Astra Mk2, MICA family & Derby. WVRAAMs slated for procurement include the R-73E, AIM-132 ASRAAM & Python-5.

To RD: The three Project 16-class FFGs have already exceeded their 25-year service lives & are long overdue for retirement. If they’re flogged any further, then such results are only to be expected. Meanwhile, the first three Project 15 DDGs are also overdue for a mid-life refit, as are the three Project 16A FFGs.

To KITTU: In my view, it is always good to have such names printed, so that everyone knows who the sponsors of such a petition are. After all, one must always stand up & be held accountable for one’s POV.

To SOUBHAGYA: Sadly, the weblink you’ve provided does not present any facts by way of authenticated figures. And that’s because such figures are impossible to come by. The demographic figures change due to various factors, & not just due to illegal migration. If one aims at seeking the truth, then verifiable figures need to be produced & not mere guesswork. So, where are such verifiable figures? If you ask the Union MHA, the figures it will give will not exceed more than 1,500, rest assured, & this was reported upon last year during the riots in Bodoland.

To AJIT: Anyone who owns a general aviation aircraft or even a tactical turboprop aircraft that can accommodate a tiny LRU for display processing will be able to make use of SkyLens as an all-weather precision navigation aid.

To REDDY: The book titled: GAS WARS: CRONY CAPITALISM & THE AMBANIS explains it all in lucid detail.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To UNKNOWN: That’s because in aviation parlance, there’s no such thing as being obsolete or aged. Either an aircraft is serviceable, or it isn’t. The Jaguars still have a lot of airframe life left in them to carry on for another 15 years & if they’re re-engined with F-125s, then their MTOW will also go up. The Jaguars were never known as being risky to fly. Arihant won’t proceed on its sea-trials unless & until the IN has access to a DSRV, plain & simple. And as for the LCH, it is still the IAF that is destined to be its maiden customer.

To REDDY: Making such an economic union a reality requires visionary statesmanship & decisive governance, the kind of which has been absent for the past 10 years! That’s why even a domestic industrial corridor like the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor could not become a reality over the past 10 years. Therefore, pray for the best & brace for the worst, as the saying goes.

To DASHU: Perhaps these will lift up your spirits:

To SUMIT SEN: Nothing will take off until the new govt-in-power presents its first fiscal budget. Next, the economic stagnancy & inflation will have to be tackled & minimised. Only after all this will it be possible to spend money on weapons imports. Do not forget that the equivalent of US$10 billion has been spent on this general election, therefore some money recovery will also have to be made, i.e. don’t expect monetary corruption to come to an abrupt end.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Not OPVs for the ICGS, but NOPVs for the IN. Pipavav won the bid since it emerged as L-1 (lowest bidder) during the competitive bidding process. This is just a trial contract to see whether or not the private-sector shipyards can deliver, & is by no means a trend-setter.

To PINTU: This will explain it all:

rad said...

hi Prasun
I think the reason that they have not progressed on the aesa MMR is that the 1/6 model they have developed may not be a working model.If they have developed the software and the algorithms successfully then i done see any hurdle in upscaling it.
arudhra and ashwini are israeli screwdriver assembled radars and its no joke designing a aesa radar.So we cant do them.
I dint notice any thrust vector vanes or paddles in the rear section of the astra in the pics released so far?.
If the KS-172 active radar can be jammed it cud also prove fatal as home on jam feature will be there and we cud also mount a IIR head or a dual sensor head like the Israeli stunner missile
is the data bus problem solvable or do we have to re engineer things.

Reddy said...

Thanks Prasun for that Gas Wars book suggestion. Good to know some one in India has the guts and determination to focus on these things. Normally I expect News Papers to focus on such issues but News and Media is more of business than a divine profession now.

Also just a video below:

I am impressed with the shop floor management of this russian site.

It is neat, safe and of good standard. They must be following lean and six sigma which often lacks in Indian Factory Shop Floors especially in Govt owned factories and Govt projects.

rad said...

Hi Prasun
Is the recent 17 mil $ software contract to Textron related to the data bus software problem in the jaguar
WHy does it take so long to test the nirbhay even after correcting the inertial problem?

Rajeev Chaturvedi said...

Dear Prasunda,

Why are so many people against the appointment of Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag?

His profile is stellar and the guy seems to have achieved everything possible in field. A person who commanded Gorkhas, SFF, was point person for all black ops in North East, headed Eastern Command and I am pretty sure that he must have had excellent confidential credentials. If you don't promote these kind of guys then who is eligible?

And Mr V K Singh doesn't feel ashamed of talking against it, again and again, when everyone can see that his Samadhi will be the one benefiting?

Gen Dalbir has said nothing so far in his defence, either in media or the latest fad, going to supreme court. He seems quite modest and reserve, typical of special ops officers.

So why is there so much media hostility against him? Are there things which public doesn't know? That DV ban which people are talking, honestly looks like a hogwash, in the manner it was done. Then what is Mr Ajai Shukla talking about Bikram-Suhag line? What is it that we are missing???

Please put some light on the issue, especially the story behind the scenes.


Anonymous said...

The new army seems to having the right credentials to handle our neighbours.

Anonymous said...

I have a very general question - how can the Indian taxpayer justify continued funding of DRDO unless any of its 'offerings' are combat proven ?

buddha said...
ur view sir

Kittu said...

@Anonymous May 15, 2014 at 9:35 PM

I have a request. If you are really serious about your question please do some research about the funds allocation to DRDO till today and the value of the products of DRDO.

Some hints which may be helpful:
1. Akash SAM
2. Agni 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
3. K 4

Simple logic: You do not know the value hair until you lose it.

Mr. RA 9 said...

Narendra Modi is most likely going to raise the defense budget. If so then what shall be the priorities, Rafale or something else.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJEEV CHATURVEDI, REDDY, RAD, KITTU & Mr. RA 9: In my view, Gen (Ret’d) V K Singh should be the last person to cast aspertions on anyone, leave alone the new COAS of IA, since the former has proven to be incapable of even recording his authentic DOB in his NDA application form, thereby turning both the IA & India into a laughing stock! As for the attacks from certain quarters (politicians & press reporters) against the COAS designate, there are several vested interests involved from both these quarters. Let me illustrate this with an example that has for all intents & purposes been forgotten by Indian citizens. Way back in mid-1998, just after the Shakti-2 nuclear WMD tests, the then NDA government went about in a haphazard manner in terms of creating the National Security Council & the command-and-control protocols reqd for a WMD-armed state. This had then greatly irked the three armed services. To make matters worse, the then NDA govt was involved in an opaque back-channel diplomacy with Pakistan about conflict resolution in J & K. As part of this exercise, the then NDA govt was disingenuously toying with the idea of killing two birds with one stone: i.e. firstly, trifurcating J & K into three separate states along religious lines & creating the states of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh; & then using this exercise as the excuse for doing away with Article 370 for good. Needless to say, this was a dangerous plan & there were many other ways of doing away with Article 370, but it was then appearing increasingly likely that vote-bank politics would ultimately prevail. India’s three armed services were of course totally kept in the dark about such plans, despite the fact it is blasphemous in any democracy to insulate its armed forces from any decision that concerns the issue of territoriality. But somehow, word of this leaked & the then CNS of the IN, Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat, straightaway opposed this on grounds of national security. Though his opposition only irritated the then NDA govt (after all, what could a Navy Chief contribute to the issue of conflict resolution of J & K?, the govt had then reasoned), matters escalated & became worse when Admiral Bhagwat made it known that once he became the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC), he would formally enlist the support of all three armed services & would formally oppose the Govt of India’s plan for trifurcation of J & K. What was not made clear to anybody by Admiral Bhagwat was how exactly was such an opposition to be demonstrated, i.e. by just writing a letter, or refusing to implement the govt’s policy. This obviously sent shockwaves throughout the then Govt of India & only then it was decided in great secrecy that the Admiral had to go at all costs. THIS, I CAN NOW CONFIRM, WAS THE ONE & ONLY REASON WHY ADMIRAL BHAGWAT WAS SACKED UNCEREMONIOUSLY in late December 1998 with great speed & stealth. And of course you will not be able to read about all this in any news report from any ‘desi’ news-reporter even 16 years after this event took place for reasons well-known to you all by now.

Cont’d below…

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Subsequent events, especially the Pakistan Army’s OP BADR in mid-1999 against India ended all hopes of an amicable conflict resolution in J & K & Article 370 stayed on & no one wanted to broach that subject again. But what I’m trying to say here is that there’s always more to what meets the eye. Today, we are once again faced with the prospect of revocation of Article 370. While I personally am in favour of doing away with Article 370 for the sake of treating J & K as a ‘normal’ state of the Indian republic, I will be dead-set against any plan for trifurcation of the state along communal lines & let’s all hope that the new govt at the centre does not repeat what it had once tried to do in 1998. Which then brings me to the far bigger point: urgent administrative reforms are reqd if India wants to put in place a functional command-and-control/national decision-making process in which the armed forces are ushered in as equal stakeholders (an option hated by India’s civilian politicians to date). Without this, it is of no use procuring any kind of weapon. For instance, what’s the use of developing cannister-encased ICBMs or SLBMs when the Govt of India remains dead-set against deploying ready-to-launch strategic weapons & instead preferring them to remain in a semi-recessed state? Unless & Until such core issues are resolved & everyone concerned remains in the same page, it is futile trying to decide on the procurement priorities.

Reddy said...

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da ,

The Ruskies are claiming that their Su 24 armed with the Khibiny EW system was able to completely jam the Radars/Sensors of the US Donald Cook . This allowed the Su 24 to carry out 12 simulated missile attacks against the Donald Cook .

Do you think theses assertions made by the Ruskies are true or is this just another PR exercise ?

Many Thanks ,


Thomas A said...

Hi Prasunda,

Will Modi be able to shield BJP from RSS/Sanghis ideology, now that they have brute majority?

On your clarification, Do you think any other reason why this was not reported in News?
Was this Rumor floating in some social circle/forums, were they were exchanges between journos and some informed persons?
Were their similar communication Gap in Hijacking Episode, Troop Mobilization and Kargil ?

ANKUR said...

Prasun Ji ,

Why is it that a party like Congress that has been demolished across India manages to win 4 seats in West Bengal but the BJP manages to win just 2 seats in Bengal ?

Do the people of West Bengal absolutely hate the BJP ?


kittu said...

Thank God, Modi need not depend on jaya (37 MPs) or Mamata.

Also Prasun, Pls have a look at this id and statistics observed at some news paper

these comments are by an organised group aimed at spreading a message or for social engineering.

see the statistcis

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

you will be perhaps happy to know that the topics you have been raising since long like use of submarines, sonars, warships, naval construction et all have found an unlikely support from Ajai Shukla, some of his recent postings on his blog have been exactly on those same issues.

Prasun da as i see if all goes well IN will operate 7 different types of submarines in the next 2 to 3 decades not counting the 2 Akula SSGNs (1 on lease and another to be leased), how? this is how:-

1. 4 HDW/Shishumar that still have atleast 15 yrs of life left in them
2. 7 Kilo/Sindhughosh that have 10/15 yrs life left in them & post upgrade will serve another 15 yrs
3. 6 Scorpenes under P75 that will serve till 2050 atleast
4. 6 advanced Scopenes or another class chosen through bidding under P75I that will serve till 2070 (launched after 2025)
5. 3 Arihant class SSBNs
6. 3 bigger follow on of Arihant SSBNs
7. atleast 6 SSNs to guard the 6 SSBNs

this will be a ultimate logistics nightmare & will pose serious operational handicap (i think). to avoid these the best way forward i feel is to:-

1. let the Shishumar/Sindhughosh retire without further upgrades by 2025
2. build 12 more Scorpenes with AIP (Stirling AIP may be) till 2030 launching 1 sub every 9 months after the current 6 and then add AIP module in the current lot of 6 during mid life upgrades from 2025 onwards
3. build 6 to 9 SSNs with land attack capability based on the French Barracuda class SSNs which are themselves a derivative of Scorpenes (some say land attack ability on conventional SSKs is not needed)

that way IN will have 4 different class of submarines by 2030 such and achieve/exceed the target of 30 subs decided sometime back with:-

1. 18 Scorpenes
2. 6 to 9 SSNs
3. 3 Arihant SSBNs
4. 3 follow on SSBNs

But then again Prasun da you have been advocating the use of only SSNs but i have heard some talk that the Arabian Sea is mostly a shallow depth sea, in that case SSNs cant operate in shallow depths and IN will have to operate SSKs

Also there have been people who have said that Stirling AIPs are not suited atleast for IN submarines

your views on these


Joydeep Ghosh

Thomas A said...

Hi Prasun,

When you have time, let me know your take on Site.


Thomas A said...


Also let me know your view on APCO Worldwide, Did they work in our election campaign?


Anonymous said...

Can u plz post an article about AMCA and AURA along with description of its various groundbreaking technologies and it's specification.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how come Guardian spewing venom on India and on Modi.

It has taken the role of BBC now.

Pintu said...

Dear Ankur,

Out of 62,833,124 Eligible Voters in West Bengal, total 51,622,555 casted their vote, so turn out 82.16 % was much higher than national level, 66 .48 %, out of which 2,0,313,3280, chose to vote All India Trinamool Congress which is 39.3 %, 11,72,0,997 chose to be with CPI(M) which is 22.7 % of total polled, and BJP got 86,91,765 vote which is 16.8 % of total polled, and that placed INC to distant fourth,the Party that ruled West Bengal over quarter a century, could manage to master only 4946581 votes only more than half of what BJP achieved fighting alone, that is 9.6 %, in my Home Constituency out of 1290433 total vote, the BJP Candidate finishing third, managed to achieve 287712 votes, which is 22.3%, where as the previous AITC MP, who was able to retain his seat got 514933 vote that is 39.9 %, and candidate for CPI M , who is a local lad, got 362407 vote, which is 28.08 %, now Serampore, the constituency was once a citadel of INC, changed hand twice or thrice for CPI(M), and won by TMC in 1998,1999, 2009 previously,the INC stands in the 4 th place with 86,099 i.e. meager 6.6 % , now though the township areas inhabited by the people from across the India, with majority of the non-Bengali speaking persons being Hindi speaking, the Bengali Speaking persons are over whelming majority and has a good percentage of the population keeps faith in Islam, the voting was by and large peaceful, be rest assured, now from the statistics I have mentioned from there may help to find your answer.

ANKUR said...

Dear Pintu ,

Thanks for sharing the vivid insights .

But my point is that the BJP won in most states primarily because 45 % of Indians vote for the party & not individuals . So why did people in Bengal chose TMC inspite of the fact that Mamata has not been able to bring about any development in Bengal .

I suspect that the BJP does not make an effort to win seats in West Bengal , Orissa & South India.But they won handsomely in Assam where till the other day the BJP hardly had any presence.

Best ,


abs said...

BJP has won an unbelievable mandate,
And NaMo has gone on record saying "I will break the Delhi Cabal of Status Quoists". It appears NaMo has something very big in mind, and certainly he doesn't want to remain as the just any other PM. The 272+ mandate was for a fundamental change, which based on his utterances seems quite plausible.
However as far as the National Security Apparatus goes, I'm not so sure. Its interesting that you have spoken of trifurcation of J&K
but why do you think or feel it would be wrong? given the fact that the Muslim majority parts of J&K already have high intolerance towards Hindus and anything to do with a Hindu India.
The Muslim Kashmiri youths are looking for prosperity and a trifurcation would not do much damage provided good economic opportunities are availed of and brought in those parts of Kashmir.

ButaLal said...

Kashmiri youth do not look to india for prosperity. They want to be able to use twitter, facebook, internet, mobile phones. They also love being beaten up, strip searched outside their homes on daily basis. I guess this is why all social media is banned!!!

Would love to see Modi split Kashmir, wonder what abdullah would say :-) remember what happened when you tried to steal our land for your temple in Srinagar.

Anonymous said...

PrasunDa ,

Mahindra Defence Naval Systems stated that they are developing a new Torpedo Defense System and a heavyweight torpedo launcher .

Are they developing this for the Indian Navy because they have been awarded such a contract ?

Thank You


Pintu said...

Dear Ankur, as per the latest BJP came third in all the Parliamentary Constituencies , fast replacing INC and Left as the main opposition, a lot may happen in Assembly Election, depending upon Post Election relation between two ex partners. For me, a good show by the party which had little presence in West Bengal in terms of vote share.


RD said...

Its a sigh of relief that a party has been able to seek absolute majority at the centre. Now we can atleast expect some good decisions to be taken by the govt. But still some hurdles r present. Firstly, BJP or NDA have no clear majority in Rajya Sabha. So to pass a bill in the upper house it will be a very difficult task as parties like congress,tmc,ncp,jdu,sp,etc will be up in arms as the same way the nda was doing in the opposition bench. Does this Rajya Sabha has any relevance today apart from just a means by which some looser candidates get mp tickets.

Now coming to defence deals there has been significant backlog over past 10years. Most of the deals are of high importance & needed with urgency. Considering the defence budget of India which is nearly $ 35billion, a single rafale deal will cross $ 20billion, which implies that defence budget has to doubled or increased to above75%. How this will be possible- rapid disinvestment or higher tax or ending subsidy,etc. It must be remembered that previously NDA lost in 2004 due to the issue of disinvestment & open market policy.

Reddy said...

India should expel this shitty guy

vrp said...

your comments on the news

was the plane shotdown?

sntata said...

To ButaLal of Kashmir and rest of India,

"Kashmiri youth do not look to India for prosperity".

Fine! Welcome to another 100 years of Islamic obscurantism and medieval Arab mind-set for Kashmir!

As for rest of India, welcome to an era of speedy development and all-round prosperity scripted by a man who is an amazing combination of astute politician who can gracefully turn adversity into opportunity; a charismatic leader with a rare combination of rugged common sense and visionary zeal; a first-rate administrator and a great Karma Yogi.

There will be many others, particularly of a minority community, who always want to stay as a minority community, not only in numbers but also in obscurantist mind-set, may see him as a double talking, double dealing leader, but pause and introspect, who else has the courage of conviction to ask Indian voters (Indian voters!) to rise above caste and community politics and vote for development, progress and prosperity? Today the caste and community based leaders are knocked out not knowing what hit them.

I think the youth of India, who constituted a large chunk of voters this time, realised the greatness of this election's 'mool mantra'-development-as fundamental to their aspirations for their future and the future of our Nation.

Where vested interests loudly projected him as murderer, butcher and demon, those who silently turned out in an all-time record numbers to vote, saw sincerity in his eyes, fire in his belly and dedication to motherland in his heart!

Bravo Indian electorate, especially Indian youth! An old man, who was born in British India and who has seen India's first Independence Day, and has participated in umpteen Indian elections, salutes you. Indian Democracy has come of Age.

Jaidev said...


I believe Indian Govt should take careful and gradual steps to solve Kashmir and India-Pak problem. The knot has been stuck since last 70 years so I laugh on those who expect a "jaadu" now.

See this:

I kindda agree with the author..
What do you say?

DAshu said...

really heartening to see every country is extending invitation to Mr Modi. Not only Indian people but other countries are having high hope from him I guess :)

Reddy said...

It happens in India
an excerpt from hindu news item:

" Mr. Sharma, a 1988-batch officer hailing from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh, is considered too junior to run the PMO."

1988 batch = too JUNIOR???? LOL

that too for PMO..

On the other hand David Cameron, Obama and most of the western leaders became the WORLD LEADERS by being presidents or PMs in the west.

Reddy said...

It happens in India
an excerpt from hindu news item:

" Mr. Sharma, a 1988-batch officer hailing from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh, is considered too junior to run the PMO."

1988 batch = too JUNIOR???? LOL

that too for PMO..

On the other hand David Cameron, Obama and most of the western leaders became the WORLD LEADERS by being presidents or PMs in the west, JUST IN THEIR 40s....











S Nair said...

How do you think modi will be able to manage ones like above. ☺
These guys are heavily doctrined, lacks logical reasoning.

rad said...

HI Prasun
we have to teach the BAT buggers of pakistan a lesson, by going inside and ambushing their troops as what they have done .Our special forces are more than capable of replying in kind. these jihadi mindset arse holes can never be talked sense, and thanks to arse hole man mohan and the italian female and Mr "Ban all" antony our troops have been demoralized. One good raid inside will get them into their senses.
All these secular nonsense bandied about and flogged ad infinitum is due to her not being a hindu and as her late husband being a half muslim. She can never understand the psyche of a hindu mind. I wonder which muslim country subsidizes people of other religions to go on a pilgrimage. Does pakistan give money to hindu and sikh pilgrims .Well if saudi is annoyed they have enough money and are welcome to subsidize haj pilgrime from india!.

rad said...

HI Prasun
When DRDO talks of integration of the astra missile with the sukhoi do they mean they have integrated the missile with the radar on board as well as the data link for up dates?
Or is this just a mechanical integration for the release and firing of the missile.Is their any plans to fit an IIR or a ARH head to the missile ?.

SUVO said...

Prasun da,
recently there is a news in Business Standard that "Scorpene subs to enter service without torpedoes".Is this story fake or true?
Among Black Shark,SeaHake mod4ER and F21 Heavyweight Torpedo,which is the best option for Scorpene subs?
If there any news on the deployment of SeaHake mod4 Torpedo in our Type-209 class submarine?
What is the L&T developed underwater vehicle?Is it a torpedo?
What is the latest status of BDL-built Varunastra heavyweight torpedo? Is it technically equals to the black shark or SeaHake mod4?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ABS, ANKUR, KITTU, SNTATA, JAIDEV, DASHU, REDDY & RD: The BJP’s election campaign was a classic case of fourth-generation asymmetric warfare being waged syccessfully, i.e. running a presidential-style campaign for parliamentary success through the innovative application of creative chaos theories & shock doctrines. This caught the status-quoist opposition totally off-guard & hence they were completely bowled over since they were focused more on vote-bank & identity-based politicking. Am now drafting a comprehensive analysis of the BJP’s OP-PLAN & will upload it by this weekend. The Muslim votes were made totally irrelevant since the country’s Mohemmedans were busy engaged in infighting & therefore totally lost the plot. However, their comprehensive socio-economic salvation will soon come & how it possibly comes about too will form part of my analysis.

As for J & K, trifurcation of that state is now totally off the cards & the mere revocation of Article 370 alone will bring greater material prosperity to that entire state. Interestingly, Pakistan has for the past four months refrained from raising the age-old bogey of human rights violations in J & K for a very simple, elementary reason: it is presently in the midst of drafting a bill derived from the ‘Security of Pakistan Ordinance’ which will soon confer upon the Pakistan Army the very same type of ‘draconian’ powers that the Indian Army now enjoys through the AFSPA. The Pakistan Army desperately wants such a legal umbrella before it launches a ground offensive in North Waziristan. Now, if the PA seeks solace in such a legal umbrella, then it automatically can no longer cast any aspersions on AFSPA. So there goes into thin air yet another card that Pakistan has traditionally played against India since the early 1990s.

Will answer all other queries later tonight. Vande Mataram!

Reddy said...

Eagerly waiting now for your new analysis.

Pintu said...

Prasun Da, BJP got a major chunk of Muslim Vote also, so eagerness for development casts aside religious mindset ?

rad said...

HI prasun

I found a link that may be use full to give suggestions to the modi gov

financeblogger said...

NDA has won with such a massive mandate. Expectations especially from Mr. Narendra Modi is very high.
Mandate has enabled him to take tough decisions.
Given the economic condition of the country, subsidies, government programs (NREGA, food subsidy etc), what in your opinion would be the decisions taken by him for the economy.

Reddy said...

I am just curiously waiting to see the composition of Modi's cabinet.

Whether he allocates portfolios based on skills or based on caste, creed, seniority etc.

If later is the case, that implicitly implies Modi's start to fail. It doesn't directly show immediate failing, bit it wont produce the peak results public is expecting now and given the huge mandate BJP has.

Sushma swaraj's induction could be a weak sign and is a clear signal modi can be succumbed to pressure.

Also any portfolio allocations to people who have shown pre-occupied thoughts [[[based on caste (AP), Race(TN), Religion(Hindu/Muslim), Profession (Film Stars)]]] indicates faultlines in Modi's professionalism/ pragmatic thinking.

I was reading some news articles, who could get a portfolio and almost all analysis are written based on the above said factors and in addition they said the focus could be in winning 2019 elections.
If a Govt is working sincerely the public would vote again again irrespective of the gimmicks parties play.
Hope BJP under Modi won't resort to such tactics.

Also Hindu could be anti -Modi for the reasons unknown to most of us;

Note: just scribbling under hurry. sorry for mistakes.

abs said...

Eagerly awaiting your piece.
Based on what I read from a few journos, Modi does not only pursue a Presidential Campaign style but runs a very presidential kind of administration where "There is only one minister and that is Narendra Modi, while the other ministers are only for namesake". This would mean NaMo believes in concentrating absolute administrative powers in the hands of Bureaucrats and outsiders with deep knowledge and innovative zeal.
There are already talks of a massive re-organisation and consolidation of several ministries.
What would be of particular interest to note, is how NaMo frames an assertive and strong foreign policy vis-a-vis Pakistan and China and Af-Pak. And what kind of reforms can he bring in higher administrative aspects of Defence and External Affairs.
Vande Mataram!

abs said...

Caste politics is here to stay. And I'm not against any particular caste gaining his or her share of representation and political power.
One can't pretend to be idealistic when it comes to factors such as caste and corruption.
It is heartening that those factors are getting broken in a big way. And based on my talks with a few sociologists and psephologists, the aspirational class is set to trump caste affiliations in a big way in another decade.
Having said that, caste is a dogma which requires a fundamental change in governance and a proportionate rise in opportunities, to shed. This requires the complete neutralisation of caste outfits. And it can only happen when you do a bit of social engineering to wean away loyal castes of other outfits. After which one can go ahead with positive Right Economics Centred policies and bring in the fruits of development to everyone.
RSS is actively working towards this to bring the Dalits to its fold in the Cow Belt, which has been the epitome of caste based politics in India and a significant reason for fractured mandates. What is worse is the path of Leftist economics that each of these caste groups have been made part of. For example, Ambedkar who was very much for pro market reforms has been branded as a "socialist".
So for the time being one cannot do away with caste and its mingling with politics. Because in India caste is often linked with power equations.
As for your point of choosing politics over merit when it comes to administration. Read my comment addressed to Prasunda.
Jai Hind!

abs said...

What is your views on the strategic foresight of Ajit Doval?

abs said...

1)It appears biggies like Nawaz Sharif and Hamid Karzai under the umbrella of Saarc being invited for NaMo's swearing in is a master stroke in that, it would signal the pre-eminence of India in Saarc as well as throw strategic signals to Pak vis-a-vis Afghanistan. Hearing Sharif and Karzai both are taking to the invitation positively, which is what surprises me as that would be a major give away by Pak.
2)NaMo is saved the political brick bats by the emphasis on "Saarc".So creates a win-win for India and NaMo.
3)Would love to hear of the latest developments as far as G&B and PoK are concerned wrt to the 'grand strategy' of getting them to secede to India.
4)Do You foresee a more assertive India where it uses covert means to neutralise threats like Dawood and potential terrorists under the new regime? I discount cross border raids ala Israel(though precision covert strikes could be an option) against Pak terror camps as that would reduce the goodwill India seems to have found with PoK residents.

Sorry for the numerous posts,
elections are over means a lot of pent up queries are coming your way (LoLz)

Ex Intelligence said...

@ abs

Contrary to what you said ,Caste factors were not broken in any way during this election .

Caste based discrimination existed in India for thousands of years & will exist in the years to come .

Maybe one day just like Pakistan , India too will break into a number of smaller states based on caste & community .

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun da,
ur comments on following article...


Reddy said...

spoken in the right perspective:

Rajeev Chaturvedi said...

Dear Prasunda,

Where are you and why are you so silent? Are you in touch with the new government which explains your deafening silence???

Given the policy of making an expert data bank on several aspects of Indian policy, you might be in the list on defence.

Do give us some info...

Anonymous said...

sushma getting MoD/ Defence ????


S Nair said...

Hi Prasun,
Is Swami getting finance ? what your take on the subject ?

My Opinion, Swami should be kept away any constitutional positional.|
He is a big time power hungry venom and going to cost Modi Government a lot.
From 90 this guy has hung to every party that is going to put him in power.

Anonymous said...

@S Nair,
Swamy is as capable as Modi.

Anonymous said...

also am much bothered about prasun not writing anything.
I guess he must be busy in Delhi

Ex Intelligence said...

@ S.Nair and Anon 8:39 pm

Subramanian Swamy is the biggest Turncoat of all time.
He has no morals, no values, no fixed stand, no ideals

In the past he has called Vajpayee a Womaniser and a Drunker

These tamil iyers are the most vile , evil & disgusting people on the planet .

Anonymous said...

@Ex Intelligence,
You must be anti India and anti hindu/ upper caste, given your 2 previous comments.
Coming to Swamy, one article is written by a muslim and another article is just a reprint which says about vajpayee. vajpayee is not a lord and is questionable. he is not beyond reason, not beyond logic.

attending parliament does not make someone best (basis: vajpayee best parliamentarian), he must deliver best.

i know u r nature. you will be throwing all sorts filth now on me now as i have opposed u r views.

S Nair said...

The problem with India is stupid upper caste, including mine.

Ram Jethmalani on Swamy

Ex Intelligence said...

@Anon 11:05 pm

Throw "filth" at you ?? Reading your English is a pain in the ass but I get the drift . No I will not "throw filth" at you . You are mistaking me for Swamy . In your case stupidity is it's own reward.


Caste/community does not make one stupid or intelligent . I am a U.P Thakur and I am just as intelligent or stupid as any other individual from any other community, caste or religion . That said , agree with you on Swamy. That person is "Saitan's" representative on Earth.

Pierre Zorin said...

Isn't that guy S.Swamy the one who sent a complaint to AKA re: Rafale deal citing corruption and delayed the signing?

Gessler said...

Prasun ji, right after BJP was elected into power, firing across the LoC killed Indian jawans. Now an attack has been carried out on the Indian consulate in Afghanistan's Herat province.

This is a direct attack on India right after NaMo being declared PM-designate.

And what we've been doing? Inviting Nawaz Sharif for NaMo's swearing-in ceremony?

What do you think should & would be India's calculated response to these attacks? And what will be our foreign policy cornerstone when dealing with Pakistan & militants?

NaMo sure isn't exactly the same as Sonia/Manmohan, nor the same as Vajpayee when it comes to personal mindset, so what has changed in India's outlook toward our enemies?

Eagerly awaiting answers, thanks in advance.

abs said...

If such are your views then I'm afraid you have missed out the essence of the remarkable mandate that the BJP has got this time around. And not only that, this has been in making for quite sometime.
A cursory glance at the aggregated data of all past elections holds up this crucial trend.

lachit said...

@Ex Intelligence
previously also i had come across yours posts.
it stinks of your your rotten Pakistani mentality.
i guess its now a new fashion among
Pakistani bloggers to lament about
their own fractured society and wish
the same for India.
my advice get to do something useful
or join the Pakistanis national pass time on net ie watching porn

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: Theorectically, possible, but practically this will still not degrade the situational awareness since the US relies of the network-centric cooperative engagement capability (CEC) features for early warning & battlespace management.

On another note, do read this:

Speaking of innovations, I wonder why no one has so far thought about employing the Nag ATGM’s uncooled long-wave IR sensor as part of a two-unit sensor package that could function as an enhanced all-weather vision system for both fixed-wing aircraft & helicopters. Such a sensor-fit will preclude the need for pilots acquiring proficiency in NVG-based flight operations & will also obviate the need for having NVG-compatible cockpits, especially for legacy aircraft like Mi-171s.

To THOMAS A: Kindly read this:

To ANKUR: It was primarily all about going for the low-hanging fruits, i.e. UP & Bihar, in order to acquire a critical mass. WB, TN & Odisha would have required much more legwork & consume much more time to turn the tables against the AIADMK, AITC & BJD. But, while TN & Odisha are tough nuts to crack, WB is not & if within the next 3 years the AITC is unable to show any tangible progress in terms of governance & investment inflows, then the clock will start ticking for the AITC. NaMo has already stated (similar to what I had observed two years ago) India’s North East can only flourish if Bihar, Odisha & WB flourish as well. It remains to be seen whether WB buys this logic or not.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: If I’m not mistaken, this very query was posed by you in another blog sometime back & it seems no answers were forthcoming there. (LoLz!) Before going into the bean-counting, what must be noted is that without meeting India’s energy requirements, no economic progress will be possible & to meet such reqmts, India has no choice but to increase its coal imports from Australia, Indonesia & southern Africa (since India’s abundant coal reserves have high ash content) as well as crude oil/gas imports from the Middle East (from Iran, Iraq, Qatar & Oman). Even if India succeeds in increasing its own production of gas by going big-time for deep-sea drilling (which even a cash-rich entity like ONGC has not been able to thus far, for reasons best known to itself), that too will mean that India is dependent on the sea for the long-term for its energy security. Now, only after taking such a scenario into account will it be possible to draw an accurate picture about the future roles & size of the Indian Navy & how much percentage of the annual defence budget it requires. Without such macro-analysis, it’s futile to talk about the future shape of the IN.

To ABS: Trifurcation is not on the cards anymore & instead revocation of Article 370 is, since the latter will enable India’s entrepreneurial talent to relocate to J & K with sizeable investments & this in turn will result in greater material prosperity throughout J & K. Among the youth of J & K today, there’s high intolerance towards official apathy & the state administration’s inability to deliver essential goods & services, i.e. the youth are hungry for job opportunities & material advancement. In many this, the case is similar in India’s North East. If such demands are met & fuilfilled, then the disenchantment will disappear & J & K will be eons ahead of both Azad Kashmir/PoK & Gilgit-Baltistan & this in turn will only increase the trend towards reverse-migration from the west to east.

In terms of governance, it is all about 5% policy directives formulation & 95% implementation. That being the case, one does not require a large-size Union Cabinet or even a state-level Cabinet. This is what NaMo had mastered & practiced as CM of Gujarat. Conversely, what UPA-1/2 did was to have a mega-Cabinet due to coalition politicking, in which the PMO was devoid of any executive powers. For even the simplest of decisions, an EGoM was created & such EGoMs in turn created committees & all the time was spent in such exercises, with no conclusion in sight. This is what created the policy paralysis at the apex-level. The one had the likes of Jayanthi Natarajan refusing to accord environmental clearances. Lastly, several of the Union Ministers, especially from the regional parties, refused to issue on-the-record orders/decisions, preferring instead to issue verbal orders in order to benefit from plausible deniability if things went wrong, thereby ensuring that it was always the civil servants that were held liable. Consequently, the civil services too went on a ‘go-slow’. In other words, a total ‘satyanaas’ of the central administrative fabric of the GoI.

Will answer the rest of your queries later today.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Those were already developed by the DRDO. The former is the Mareech, while the latter is the universal triple-tube launcher. Both are now being series-produced by Mahindra Defence.

To RD: You may find these interesting:

In terms of defence spending, the new Govt’s topmost priority will be to meet only those reqmts that are deemed urgent for ensuring war preparedness. What this means is not all brand-new hardware, but accretions/new hardware that will make the existing weapon systems fully operational. These will include APFSDS rounds for MBTs, additional Barak-1s to replace those whose shelf-lives have already expired, new heavyweight torpedoes (since the Varunastra is still unavailable), urgently reqd spares for all platforms, active/passive variable-depth towed-array sonars for the first three P-15 Delhi-class DDGs & first three Project 1135.6 Talwar-class FFGs for which ATLAS Elektronik has already won the competition but wasn’t awarded the contract thanks to AKA, procurement of such sonars for the remaining three Project 1135.6 FFGs, P-15A Kolkata-class DDGs & four P-28 ASW corvettes, thin-line towed-array sonars for the remaining eight Type 877EKM & four Class 209/Type 1500 SSKs & the S-2/S-3/S-4 SSBNs, two DSRVs, & most importantly, the 16 NMRHs without which no principal surface combatant of the IN can safely venture out into the high seas today. In all probability, the Sikorsky S-70B Seahawk will be selected as the NMRH & an FMS contract will be inked later this year & this in turn will serve as a double-edged lollypop for the Obama Administration, i.e. India will continue its military-industrial cooperation with the US & Barrack Hussein Obama will in turn heave a huge sigh of relief & will begin actively courting NaMo’s govt-in-power. Big-ticket items like the Rafale MMRCA will have to wait a while longer.

To VRP: No, it wasn’t.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JAIDEV: Yes, it will have to be resolved, but on what terms & conditions? Pakistan still harbours dreams about having the cake & eating it as well. If Pakistan really wants a plebiscite as mandated by UN resolutions, then it will have to first WITHDRAW from Azad Kashmir/PoK & Gilgit-Baltistan & only 6 months after such a withdrawal will be plebiscite be possible, all this as per the UNSC’s mandate. Since no one in Pakistan will vacate these territories, a plebiscite automatically becomes unimplementable. Consequently, Pakistan harbours hopes of acquiring only those chunks of territory within J & K which will guarantee Pakistan’s access to waters from the rivers & tributaries originating in J & K. This is a well-known fact & Islamabad’s future nightmare scenario is one in which India calls for a renegotiation of the Indus Waters Treaty sometime towards the end of this decade & Pakistan then is left with no other choice but to implement what it had practiced in 1989 during the Zarb-e-Momin exercises. And that’s the main reason why Pakistan has always cried foul about the IA’s increasing deployments in J & K after 1989 & why Pakistan always harps about making J & K a demilitarised area. In India’s estimation, therefore, while full-scale war between India & Pakistan is now totally ruled out post-1998, limited high-intensity war involving the IA’s South-Western & Northern Commands is the only realistic possibility. And if Pakistan decides to strike first like it did in 1965, then it will be up to India to decide how to stage a reverse-offensive & whether or not to go for PoK & Gilgit-Baltistan as well. That’s the writing on the wall.

To S NAIR: NaMo will govern the country exactly how the CEO steers a MNC, i.e. efficiently & productively.

To RAD: Such retaliatory acts have already been conducted since the mid-1990s itself. What’s reqd is a build-up of covert tri-services sub-conventional warfighting capabilities, like the now-defunct TSD of the IA. Astra BVRAAM’s integration with the Su-30MKI is inclusive of the missile’s integration with the aircraft’s fire-control system.

To SUVO: Yes, it’s absolutely true. The SeaHake Mod 4 is byfar the best there is for both the 6 Scorpene SSKs, the four Class 209/Type 1500 SSKs & the three P-15A DDGs. L & T-developed underwater vehicle is a ROV, not a torpedo. SeaHake Mod4 is far superior to the Varunastra.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PINTU: Sizeable Muslim votes in UP & Bihar went to the AAP, which is presently imploding. Religious mindsets cannot be cast aside in these two states with regressive mindsets. If you were make a serious analysis, then those states which had enacted land reforms since the 1960s (like TN & Maharashtra) have succeeded in diminishing the prevalence of caste divides. WB followed in the 1970s. Only Bihar & UP have been able to forego their feudal mindsets & hence their collective intellectual regressiveness keeps increasing. Yestereday it was Dalit, today it is Maha Dalit. Tomorrow it may well be an ‘Uttam Dalit’ or even ‘Param Dalit’. Hell, let’s even organise an Indian Idol-style all-India contest to prove who is the lowest or greatest Dalit of all, & one will still be staring into a bottomless pit.

To FINANCEBLOGGER: You may find these interesting:

To REDDY: In my reckoning, NaMo will appoint only those who can confidently deliver what’s been promised. Old haggards like Murli Manohar Joshi & L K Advani—who can only become liabilities, ought to be kept away. Let’s see who becomes the National Security Adviser & Deputy National Security Adviser.

To RAJEEV CHATURVEDI: Have been busy doing a lot of reading (almost 20 books) about prospective administrative reforms, especially those penned by former bureaucrats & diplomats, who all, thankfully, have begun putting all their thoughts & past experiences on paper for the sake of posterity. They’re all truly revealing & provide great insights into the GoI’s rulebook, i.e. the Govt of India’s Rules of Business.

To S NAIR: Traditionally, Dr Subramaniam Swamy has been a rabble-rouser, kingmaker & a party-breaker. Beyond that, he hasn’t served any useful purpose.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: On May 26 evening, the swearing-in ceremony will take place, followed by a state banquet. The following morning there will be one-on-one INFORMAL parleys between NaMo & his regional counterparts. India’s response towards Pakistan will be purely mercantile in nature, i.e. formalising the Non-Discriminatory Trade Access Treaty (renamed after Pakistan objected to the term MFN), enhancing trade linkages & perhaps inking the Sir Creek Boundary Delineation Treaty since it has been ready for signing since 2007 & its non-signature hurts only the coastal fishing communities of both countries. Beyond that, one cannot expect anything more, since if India asks Pakistan to speed-up trials of the 26/11 accused, then Pakistan in turn will ask the same for those accused of the Samjhauta Express train blasts. Actually, India does not have to do anything directly at all against Pakistan, because the PA has since the past 48 hours commenced its long-awaited ground offensive in North Waziristan, & on top of all this, there is increasing mistrust within Pakistan between the politicians & the armed forces. Read this:

To make matters more complicated, the PA is extremely demoralised & the recent bans on GEO TV’s channels was one way of shoring up the PA’s morale, since the PA & the ISI both believe that the telecasting of Indian TV channels & Bollywood movies inside Pakistan has only increased the average Pakistani’s affinity for India. Incidentally, it is extremely difficult for anyone from the PA to fire bullets against anyone chanting the name of Allah & the Holy Prophet. Back in 1976 itself, up to four PA Brigadiers had resigned when the then PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had ordered the PA to open fire against hordes of protesting civilians shouting chants about Allah & the Holy Prophet & Gen Zia then had no other choice but to declare martial law & overthrow Bhutto in order to prevent the PA from disintegrating. In terms of back-up plans, should the situation grow worse along the LoC (which I don’t think will happen), India can always increase the quantum of direct/indirect material assistance to Afghanistan as a countermeasure.

To GOURAV: What I can confirm is this: Bangladesh has definitely cracked down decisively against anti-India ultras who were previously sheltering there, & Dhaka has also cleared several shipments to the North East through the Chittagong Port & it wants to regularise this practice if India validates the Tesesta Waters Treaty. Tripura could commission its 700mW gas-fired powerplant at Palatana only because all the heavy engineering equipment was ferried there through Chittagong Port. In terms of the Look East Policy, India can expect overseas FDI only from the likes of Japan, China & Taiwan, & not from ASEAN. While Japan has bagged the Western Industrial Corridor Project between Delhi & Mumbai, China is eyeing the Southern Industrial Corridor Project that links Seemandhra, TN & Karnataka. It will be very interesting to hear what President Xi Jinping tells NaMo when they meet early next month at the forthcoming BRICS Summit.

Reddy said...

Thank God. You are back finally. I was getting tired in refreshing the page to check for updates

Now let me read on..

Gessler said...

VMT for the answers, Prasun. Speaking of southern states, what do you think could be the political future of Seemandhra (Residuary AP) and Telangana?

What is your opinion on the abilities of Seemandhra CM-designate N Chandrababu Naidu to build the state from scratch (because quite literally, Seemandhra has nothing much in terms of facilitating administration or governance, no Assembly, no Secretariat, no nothing. All that is available is a lot of natural resources).

I am eager to know your views, especially as I belong to Seemandhra region.

rad said...

hi prasun
why have we gone for the black shark torpedo when the best is the atlas sea hake-4? Will the black shark arm the german subs as well .
Does having a 150 km range seahake make sense as it seems after 50 km it has to be fed target data by satellite? Is there any submarine sensor that can detect targets to 150 km and provide fire control solution to the torpedo at those extreme ranges?.
what ever happened to the Modern sub machine gun. Instead of wasting time and energy to make a workshop grade gun. why cant we enlist small companies in the US for example to design a gun to our specs ?.
Why does germany supply advanced weapons to pakistan as they are very strict when it comes to human rights and terrorism . More over there is every chance that a sea hake will be donated to china to be reverse engineered like the mk48 torpedo.

abs said...

Was having a healthy debate with some of my friends over the Economic Model that the new regime should follow. It was interesting to note that many by default believed in a Western Free Market Capitalism.
When I said NaMo would draw much from the Gujarat Model and that Gujarat Model was more of a model of 'Social Contracts' established between the state with its subjects, they got bewildered as very few of them happened to understand the importance of a Social Contracts led model on Development Economics.
Paradoxically, it also dawned upon me that the present discourse on Development Economics is hijacked by propagators of Free Market Capitalism who view markets as the sole important factor to development. And there has been very little focus on the correct 'Social Contracts' Model that a country should follow to create a modern,developed,equitable,knowledgeable and welfarist state.
In fact a cursory glance at NaMo's speeches would show his belief(knowingly or unknowingly) towards adoption of such a Development Model. And it is from this that the 'Maximum Governance,Minimum Government' cliche has been inspired.
I also did read somewhere that NaMo draws this heavily from the Indic past rulers like Chanakya/Chandragupt,Ashoka.In all probability, therefore, what we are looking at is a very Indian Model of Development. In today's world the US mirrors closest to this kind of a development model(Free Markets by extension also could be a part of this kind of model).
Would like to have your views on this!!

Ex Intelligence said...

A majority of people who are commenting in this blog or in other sites commenting that Modi is a messiah for India are living in fool's paradise .

Fact remains that Modi is a Gujarati. A community that is in famous for looking down & discriminating against those who are not Gujaratis .

States like Odisha , Kerala, Tamil Nadu & West Bengal that did not vote for Modi will suffer immensely for the next 5 years .

Anonymous said...

I do not know whether you are an ex-intelligence from India or Pakistan. If you are in Indian Ex-intelligence, I thank God that you are not in intelligence any more.

I do not know whether you have any problems with Gujarati. Being a Mallu, I tell more about India as a whole. One thing is certain. Nobody other than Gujus have contributed to India's development since independence. Their remittance is much higher than the nearest one, mallus or Telugus. They never forget Indian culture wherever they go. When Gujus moved to US in 70s to build motels, along with the motels, they built temples.
Now about other states, In Kerala I know. It is a state that has more Muslims populations than any other states other than Kashmir & WB. It also has Christian population highest (other than Mizzoram, Negaland, Meghalaya).
Both these communities hardly vote for Hindus, forget BJP. My friend, who is Christian, was telling me that in many churches after the Sunday sermon, the letters from Bishop were read to vote against communal party (apparently BJP). See the vote percentage of Kerala

In other states that you mentioned it is all personal cult than leadership. In TN, it is either Jayalalitha or Karunanidhi. In WB, Commies vs Didi. As Prasun mentioned, wait for 3 years. You will understand how WB has been screwed up by both Commies and Didi.

Can you tell me how these states will suffer from Modi govt for not voting him to power. BJP got a better mandate. BJP knows that Kerala is the most difficult state because of religious politics. Amma can jump the boat depends on her survival.


financeblogger said...

In your response to @JOYDEEP GHOSH, you have mentioned that India's abundant coal reserves have high ash content and India will have to go for import of coal.
Following are my queries

1) Economic growth being expected in coming years and decades, if we assume coal consumption to be 100, how much will import contribute to the same?
2) What would be the contribution if any of professionalization of public sector coal companies to coal import substitution?

S Nair said...

BJP/RSS is following divisive politics in Kerala, it vote share is primarily from Hindu upper caste.
Rest are assumption float by BJP/RSS.They Sadly show Muslim/Christian in bad light for communal benefits.
Also please note, we don't have any representation of Muslim/Christian from BJP in Parliament.

abs said...

@S Nair
I presume you are a Keralite.
It amazes me to see the kind of indoctrination that the Left-Communist consensus that exists in Kerala has done to people like you.
Kerala, going by post poll figures is one of the most casteist and communal states in India.
This time the Muslims and Christians following Masjid and Church diktats and Fatwas resorted to voting en-bloc for UDF. While the Hindu castes chose to back their candidates.(Kerala Model anyone?)
It is perhaps,known to all that Kerala is witnessing rabid Wahabi Islamisation and orthodox Christianity.
As for RSS, I read several of their members and cadres have been brutally murdered. It is only natural for RSS or any org. to voice their concerns about the minorityism prevalent in a rabidly communal state like Kerala and it is quite perplexing to find a Keralite come use brickbats to refer to the victimised side.
As for representation of Muslims is concerned, it isn't really as big a deal as Left-Liberals and Marxists are making it out to be(You would happen to be one of them I presume), as, in most places the so called minorities have indeed voted en-bloc in favour of Congress or Communists Hindu or Christian Candidates notwithstanding.

S Nair said...

you are wrong,As i see RSS is tasting its own medicine.i was a BJP old timer,80's.We used to campaign similar to your comment lines.Had to move on some years back due to differences and personal loses.

Still majority of votes to UDF and LDF are from Hindus. Christian and Muslim votes come to play only in few areas.

Ex Intelligence said...

@ RaviN ,

Having worked with hundreds of Mallus during my professional life I am quite certain that Mallus are not dumb. They are incredibly intelligent except of course individuals like you.

Because only an idiot will say - Nobody other than Gujus have contributed to India's development since independence

There contribution to India have been scumbags like Gandhi who colluded with the Brits & divided the nation

and crony capitalists like Ambanis who have looted billions from ordinary Indians

A cursory trip to Mumbai will tell you that there are housing societies that only allow Gujjus .

Gujjus by carrying out business in the most un scrupulous form possible have given Indians a bad name across Africa . No wonder Gujjus were kicked out of South Africa & Kenya .

I am NOT saying that Modi will follow a policy of vendetta , but given the track record of Indian politicians there is a possibility that he will .

The fact that Modi has great ties with the Ambanis , Adanis etc (who funded his campaign)should not be overlooked.

abs said...

@S Nair
You seem elderly to me, and speaking lies or being dishonest is hardly any way to respect your seniority.
Your comments justifying the murders of RSS cadres is utterly shameful and your views smack of ala Digvijaya Singh.
As for Muslim and Christian votes becoming redundant are concerned, what would explain the fatwas and diktats while Hindus voting for their favoured castes and the en-bloc votes that the UDF received this time? This has been amply proved in by aggregated data too.
And please don't use that old trick of "I had been in BJP/RSS", it really shows yourself as a loser more than anything else for resorting to such machiavellian lies.

Mr. RA 9 said...

It is most heartening to note that most likely Mr. Modi himself is going to hold the defense portfolio along with Gen VK Singh being his minister for the states.

sntata said...

Dear Prasun,

Arun Jaitly is most possibly going to be entrusted with both finance and defence! What a master stroke! What a far sight! I am sure 'good days are coming' as far as defence sector is concerned! I will be delighted if you elaborate .

S Nair said...

@abs loss of life is deplorable.
Having said that, Current losses are like getting dose of ur own medicine, as this due to strong opposition of left against whipping communal tensions at grass root level. Political killing in Kerala were between Congress and communist fractions till our times. Most of the workers of my age moved on, having seen tragic loses at both sides.
Yes Abs, fatwas and diktats started appearing in last decade, looking back, the politics i stood in erst years contributed to it. Kindly subscribe to FB fan pages of RSS from kerala.
Lets not discuss this over here, let tomorrow judge us all.

Gessler said...

Prasun da, following up with what SNTATA said above, I would very much like it if you express your opinion/expectations on the new Cabinet and Ministers of State, what they could/should deliver etc.

abs said...

@S Nair
Sir, I have requested you to not resort to lies. It amuses me to see how you resort to blatant lies for a man of your age(as you have claimed).
Your justification of political killings falls flat when rabidly communal Islamist organisations are made to gain foothold in Kerala. While the same political leaders pander to Church leaders for ensuring en-bloc voting by means of rabble rousing. All this while turning a blind eye to organised conversions which are often done with overt or covert state support. These to me have far reaching, often detrimental, consequences for the fabric of any state. And yeah it is much more and way above what some anonymous 'fan pages'could do.
Therefore justifying political killings to ensure zero political space to opponents, masqueraded as 'Holy War against Communalism' could fool blokes who stay in la la land but not those who go by facts on the ground.
Lastly Fatwas and Diktats could not have made sense in the classical way in Kerala because of the non-presence of so called 'Communal' BJP as is the case in states such as Karnataka.
Therefore your erroneous arguments tend to show that either you have been smoking something or being a loyal Leftist/Marxist, who as usual never fail in passing off with their Machiavellian lies.

Rajeev Chaturvedi said...


Can Mr Arun Jaitley carry both ministries, along with other smaller corporate affairs and commerce ministries? Defence needs a full fledged visionary leader itself.

If he took independent charge, he would be more than enough. But both ministries, together, seems a big task..

Or NAMO is waiting for an opportunity for a technocrat eventually?

BTW what happened to Shourie and Subramaniam Swamy?

raw13 said...


I like your continuous belief on two things, maybe its the indian genes:

1. PoK/GB love india --> let me tell you. You couldn't be further from the truth. Also no pakistan is allowed to buy any land in PoK/GB, they can only rent. Also it is one of the most developed areas of Pakistan.

2. That pakistan only has 12 nukes given by china --> I forwarded your details to US states department/CIA, etc...

3. The hunting season is about to begin in afghanistan. Scalping is in fashion again, apparently.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ex-intelligent
In UK Gujju girls love paki boyz. Infact in university all a paki has to do is look at a gujju girl, even the ones from africa that go there to study. When it comes to indians they turn their noses up, Caste, parental issues, etc

Anonymous said...

It is really surprising and worrysome that people who are blaming casteism/racism are themselves taking up the racist lines in this blog. One thing is most sure, people of every denomination (caste, state, religion, wealth) has subsection who see themselves as chosen one and denounce others. But that doesnot generalize that these people as a whole are that. Let it be Rajastani, Marathi, Hindi or a Keralite or Tamilian. As a whole the population is looking for progress and own wellbeing. Ofcourse when governance is missing people immediately try to get in safenets of their lobby (caste/religion). I guess the blog is badly missing Prasunda and has become a place where trolling has become routine.

On a separate issue,Prasun da, do you think the adoption of a very harsh quick response by the Chinese against recent terror attacks is the right way of quelling insurgency. Ofcourse the Chinese are more resolute in actions, but is it not like cutting the problem but not its roots. Also in another note, where do you think Ukraine is heading to. Now that a moderate leader, willing to talk to Russia has been elected, but at same time separatists at East Ukraine are not moved. Will it lead to a civil war like situation there, I guess Russia for now would not actively try to support the separatists as they did with Crimea.

Sreenivas R.

DAshu said...

process to loose J&K has began . it's better to let it go and make rest of India prosper.if people of J&K wants to get independence or be part of PAK, let it be so.

Reddy said...


what a naive view that was.

Do you think pakis stop with J&K?

Thomas A said...

Hi Prasun,
This looks Sweet. Are we going to get the money. what are the probability of arbitration spoiling the sport ?

Reddy said...

Hi Prasun.
We are waiting for updates from you on the hot happenings in India.

Am not impressed with the Cabinet and for that matter, I didn't know much about the Ministers capabilities as most of them are new or with untested abilities.

Hopefully, most things might be left to Technocrats as per my guess.

And the biggest relax to me is to remember your words:

A pack of donkeys perform better when lead by a Lion than that of a pack of Lions lead by a donkey.

rad said...

to anonymous @ 7.47

Stop this shit you paki, i have lived in the UK and it is not true though you may wish to believe so.
There are instances that happen both ways but a pakistani girl might get killed for marrying outside the religion. Unlike others. In 1984 when i went to east ham in london for the first time you rarely saw Hijab , but today even 5 year old child is forced to cover herself in hijab.I got the shock of my life as i saw waves of children in Hijab going to school leave alone grown women. The point is you treat your women as sex objects even in the west .
You are the most hated race in The UK, Its time you buggers got kicked out to of europe , the english are learning their lessons the hard way buy being nice to rabid dogs , well they will bite and are biting and they dont know what to do unlike america and france .Your women are more repressed so dont give this shit of race ,castesim, parental issues etc.

raw13 said...

Actually for the Paks, kashmir is really the issue. Indians will tell you its water, its this or its that. But thats indians trying to rationalise it, in economic terms why pakistan is doing what it is doing. For the Paks its morethan that, its about kith and kin. Its about the freedom of their brethren. Otherthan kashmir we don't look east. We have no desire on any other part of india.

If the issue over kashmir hadn't happened, i think today you would have similar situation to europe. Soft borders. We would make fun of each, compete economically and on the field of sport ratherthan hatred. Question is can we change course from where we are today?

Militarily we will never allow india to dominate the region. Thats the beauty of TNW and others. Its indias bad luck that they live next to a nation whose basic instinct is pride and revenge.

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

i have a feeling that IAF will buy up 2/3 dozen Mirage 2000 from France or other countries (not UAE) in very near future, in fairly new or in conditions that can be upgraded to UPG standard. why i say so bcoz IAF is rapidly losing the confidence on Mig21 (post recent crash) and will want to stop flying them by year end if possible.

I say so bcoz Rafale are still good 7-8 yrs to arrive in squadron numbers, and the fact that PAF is steadily ramping up its F16 numbers may well force IAF to go more Mirages in the meantime to not just shore up numbers but also bring parity with PAF, your views please


Joydeep Ghosh

Anonymous said...

Hey, today is a no-moon day.. that means it's the time for you to take the medicines...

RD said...

The questions again arise about how much fruitful does upgrades of old defence equipments are of. With recent crash of upgraded mig21 bison its highly debatable about adaptability. Once an IAF pilot said that upgrading migs is like that of upgrading ambassador cars with NOS & microcontroller based engine controls. The condition is similar for submarines & other equipments.

How do you rate the performance of Ka-28 & Ka-31 helicopters of Indian navy.
Will it compete for light utility class or multi role class. They are cheap compared to other competitors.

Anonymous said...

this blog is quite good even though most of the topics are on china and china-india issue.

rad said...

to raw13
I wish you have many dreams in your sleep about kashmir, no harm at all The only sphere in which you can beat india is terrorism , i concede defeat on that!!. Your country was born out of hate and and is reaping the consequences .You people cannot think of any thing apart from nukes .This stems from a deep inferiority complex that pakistan has regarding india. I dont blame you because of 1971 and other incidents , you will never learn.
The one thing that glues your country men together is the hate for india, no problem welcome.You cannot develop at all dreaming revenge. Good for us.As for militarily trying to equal india , you can dream as well.

Vikram said...

@ RAW 13

You love the Kashmiri people so
you are free and welcome to take them to Pakistan PROVIDED they want
to go that HELL called Pakistan

Indian Kashmiris are pampered by Indian Government and they have become Lazy

So they will never go to Pakistan

An as far as the territory is concerned we are NOT giving you an inch

And for getting WATER you have to behave like GOOD boys or we can turn off the Tap

Vikram said...

@RAW 13

You have talked of PRIDE

WOW A failed state which has made
Talks of Pride

And REVENGE ; well you can keep DREAMING

You have ALSO Talked of TNWs and that You will NOT ALLOW India to Dominate Pakistan

What Domination
We simply OWN YOU

Just LOOK AT THE FACES of your
Corps Commanders when they sit down for a meeting

They ALWAYS have a WORRIED; fatigued and SAD LOOK on their Face

Because they KNOW their OWN Capabilities and India's Capabilities

Here is a link

Haryvanam Kiran said...

All the positive signs for an Incredible India:


rad said...

Hi Prasun
What does HAL mean by firing advanced weapons when they have not fired the derby missile? and the 23mm cannon. LGB were dropped long time ago , i wonder what are they referring to .

raw13 said...


Have a look at this:

Its about project 706.

@Vikram, take a deep breath now. Thats a good boy ;-)

SS said...

Seems like the Abdullas and the PPP leaders want to have the all the cake for themselves. Now at Mr. Ajit Doval at the helm of the affairs it'll be interesting to see how many pieces the cake is cut into (So that J & K becomes the State of mind for both Abdullas and PPP leaders) VMT.

Heberian said...

Hello Prasun:

Hope you have been well.

When you have time, please let me know what you think about :

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

rad said...

to raw13
I do see your inferiority complex becoming more exposed .Who on earth denied you guys have the bomb ! the whole world knows it . so what ?? if you feel like jerking off because of that, please do. I was speaking to an army officer who knew things, i will leave it that .I asked what are all these reports of pakistan having more nuclear stockpile than india as per some western reports , he started rolling on the floor! all he said was do you believe that shit!.and he described to me how india secretly went nuclear , the same secret exists ,all this talk about nuclear command and control are a hogwash for western agencies. we are a bigger country far more advanced and we have been at it for such a long time .He told me that i would be amazed if he revealed what he knew. I hope you know that we are getting uranium from the free world and we have in fact excess stuff which is why your all time master is building nuke plants for puppy dog like you , china is also concerned!.After the agni 5 missile launch china started talking of being responsible neighbors! Thanks Mao" Power flows from the agni missile".
I hope you realize this MAD concept that existed thru the cold war and that will also apply to India Pakisan. This rubbish of using tactical battle field nukes on your territory comes from a sense of insecurity and apprehension .It is clear that any adventurism by some jihadist general who wants to go to heaven and screw 72 virgins,will mean the end of pakistan , of course india will be effected badly. But my question is what is the point of nuking india when you are not going to be there.??

AniOne said...


Very bold move.............

your feedback

Defence expert welcomes Govt. move to allow 100 percent FDI in defence

raw13 said...


so your army officer started rolling on the floor? you have him well trained! Everything you say wrt MAD and Indian nukes is correct. No one will contradict you, no pakistani will do that. We don't belittle our opponent to feel big ourselves, this is not in pakistani character. The doco was for intelligent guys who want to learn the history of pak nukes from an independent source and why they succeeded.

Vikram said...

@ RAW 13
LET us face the facts

There is too much hatred between India and Pakistan

And ONE day we will have a WAR

The problem with Pakistan is to
MAKE India believe in its Nuclear

Modi will call your BLUFF

You started the kargil Conflict
When India kicked you hard
YOU went back crying

But you did not use your NUKES

After that 2001 and 2008 we
were pressurised by USA because it would have affected their Afghanistan campaign

ALSO in 2008 we were concerned about CHINA attacking in North east India

So now we have prepared for a TWO FRONT WAR

And seeing our preparation CHINA will stay out while we give you a TRASHING

After MAY 2011 when OSAMA was discovered in PAKISTAN ; You have LOST ALL Credibility

Now US will NOT Rescue you

The Reason there was SO MUCH
Panic in Pakistan when MODI came to power was BECAUSE
Pakistan KNOWS that Now India will

And the WORST Part is that NOBODY will come to save you

Anonymous said...

Uk's news papers; bbc, guardian, telegraph, independent, dailymail, are making a hell out of Indian rape and muder cases by bringing dalit issue to the forefront and trying to malign Indian image as much as possible.

ofcourse we have faults in our society but these uk papers never leave any slight opportunity to show India in a bad light.

rad said...

to raw 13
You guys are so mental that even a trained officer will roll on the ground!
well i happened to see a Tv channel, and when one of your so called strategists was asked for his opinion about the invitation of Nawas sharief to delhi, the fellow started talking about nukes!! instead!! it took some time for the average viewer to understand what was happening!! such is the inferiority complex , the fellows name is some ,pirzada ,baldy guy.
A young student asked him why was he talking of nukes when the question was about our PMs invitation to your PM, and the fellow kept on trying to equate pakistan to india in all spheres except the population!!. The sad thing there are good people with sense also there but they get shot ,like the tv anchor.
You should worry more about the taliban rather than india.

rad said...

Yes we have to accept the shame of rape and murder but india being a democracy it will be highlighted.Its not that in UK rape or murder does not happen. Personally i feel it is the judicial class including the supreme court that has let the country down by pussy footing rapists and murderers,terrorists and the like, and talking about human rights for criminals. I wonder what will a judge do if his daughter gets raped and murdered, will he say it is not the rarest of rare cases and let the rapist off with a life term of 14 years!
some times i feel we have to take a part of saudi law and the Chinese kangaroo court law and summarily execute such people and make this country a safer place.

Reddy said...

off late, Prasun has a lot of pruning work to do in this comments section.

Ex Intelligence said...

The UK is the most ANTI INDIA country in the world after Porkistan .

The UK never forgave INDIA for destroying the British Empire . Therefore , these ass fucked Brits take tremendous pleasure in writing condescending articles about India .

sathead3 said...

Shouldn't we be acutely ashamed at the continuing issue of rapes and lack of security for women instead of finding fault with foreign newspapers who report on them?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: If you’re based in or hail from Seemandhra, then you’re indeed a lucky bloke. Why? Simply because when things have to be built from scratch like land-based infrastructure, this time around there won’t be any kind of muddling one’s way through. Instead, all newly-built infrastructure will be ‘smart’ from their very inception. Don’t forget that Seemandhra being a coastal state enjoys certain connectivity advantages that landlocked states like Telangana doesn’t. This alone acts as a moneyspinner. Secondly, the entire Seemandhra-TN coastal belt will have a swanky new heavy industrial corridor for which both China & Japan are interested in financing. Thirdly, in future the entire industrial eco-system reqd for sustaining the production of SSNs & SSBNs will be located along this belt & it could well be that this coastal area will become India’s largest integrated shipbuilding hub. Furthermore, offshore gas from the A & N island chain will have to be parked/stored in LNG terminals along the Seemandhra coastline & this in turn will result in several upstream & downstream industrial investments. All in all therefore, good days are indeed ahead for Seemandhra.

To RAD: Black Shark is no longer in production & therefore cannot be acquired by India. 150km-range for any torpedo is totally meaningless, even if the torpedo is wire-guided. MSMG is still undergoing user-trials with various CAPFs. Sea Hake won’t end up in China, rest assured.

To ABS: Free-market capitalism ended two centuries ago with the demise of the East India Company. Today, all markets are regulated/guided in one way or another. In India’s case, Western-style free-market capitalism has existed since time immemorial, but was straitjacketed during the decades of the licence raj. With proper incentivising, free-market capitalism can indeed lead to inclusive growth, PROVIDED the reqd infrastructure in terms of road/rail/ports transportation hubs & spokes, ICT connectivity & e-governance are present. And this is all that the Centre & state govts have to provide. For all the rest of the ingredients, private entrepreneurship will then step forward to provide solutions. For instance, in a country where 60% of the population is rural-based, there’s plenty of scope for innovations in areas like solar energy generation/transmission, biomass conversion, development of solar energy-based machinery like water pumps etc etc. This constitutes a market like no other. In my reckoning, the DRDO will make far more money by developing such solutions (like biodigesters) wothoin a short timespan, than it will by developing & commercialising the various weapons production technologies.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To EX INTELLIGENCE: Vindictive politics can be practiced only at the state-level, & never at the national-level, even if wants to, especially in a country as big as India.

To FINANCEBLOGGER: 1) 40 imported & 60 indigenous production. 2) Only other alternatives are hydropower, nuclear power & gas-fired industrial facilities, followed by solar power & wind power. Public-sector coal companies will have to be either broken up as exploration & distribution entities, or switch over to gas. Personally, I’m a great believer in nuclear power generation & expect the Govt of India in the coming months to order indigenously developed & built PHWRs & PWRs in large numbers. Another 24,000mW of nuclear power can come from plants of Russian, US & French origin, all of which will be accompanied by project financing.

To S NAIR: Out of the 19 Muslim MPs in the previous Parliament, 10 of them did not even utter a word during any of the sessions, meaning they were totally unproductive. Personally, I will be the least worried if a Muslim or Christian were to become India’s PM one day. Why? Simply because whosoever becomes the PM is bound by the country’s Constitution in every facet of his/her functioning within the corridors of power.

To SNTATA & GESSLER & RAJEEV CHATURVEDI: These are still early days & matters will become much more clearer once the budget is tabled in mid-July. The post of Defence Minister is a full-time job & hopefully be next month a permanent choice will be made & hopefully a strategic defence policy review will be undertaken in earnest. But for the moment, since the daily job at the MoD is all about according financial clearance for already vetted procurement files, having a Finance-cum-Defence Minister will definitely help.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAW13: You’re free to circulate my conclusions/assertions to anyone you may deem fit, but don’t expect me to pay you any commissions/fees for acting as an unsolicited middleman. Hurting season has indeed begun in Afghanistan, especially after the slaughter of the LeT terrorists by the ITBP in Heart. By all means bring em’ on, & they will all meet the same fate, i.e. born-in-Pakistan & died a miserable ghastly death in foreign soil & presently hurtling down a bottomless abyss where not even one virgin damsel lurks (leave alone 72!) And as for J & K being all about kith-and-kin for Pakistanis, is that why the Afridi & Hazara tribes went on unrestricted pillage & plunder throughout J & K soon after 1947? A rather strange & sick way for Pakistanis to show the kindred spirit! Militarily, India already predominates South Asia. The balance of power has already changed since late 1999 & that’s exactly why Pakistan’s previous policy of using terrorism as a negotiable instrument of state policy too has backfired after 9/11, since India-Iran & Afghanistan have joined hands since then to stoke the flames inside Baluchistan & elsewhere inside Pakistan, don’t you get it?

To DASHU: Exactly the opposite is the reality, rest assured. Will explain it all in the next thread.

To THOMAS A: Of course money will be lost since AgustaWestland will claim financial damages due to premature contract cancellation.

To REDDY: Good days are indeed dawning, if the Govt of India were to authorize 100% FDI in defence R & D & product/platform/customisation. Will dwell more upon this in the next thread.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: Buying 13 or 26 F-16s does not amount to ramping up the fleet strength. Instead, the idea is to have minimum baseline serviceable fleet of F-16s & such a fleet strength can never tilt the balance of airpower against India.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RD: Upgrades are undertaken only when the platform attains its half-life. And such upgrades are good for only up to another 20 years. Ka-31 AEW helicopter is good for both AEW & OTHT. But the Ka-28PL does not qualify as a NMRH. The S-70B Seahawk is a far better NMRH. I’m expecting the contracts for the 16 NMRHs, plus those for the CH-47Fs & LW-155s to be inked before the year’s end.

VIKRAM: Chill out yaar…don’t let your BP rise over such trivial matters.

To SS: For the post of NSA, someone from the Foreign Service will be a far better choice. IPS officers can always serve as Deputy NSA.

To HEBERIAN: VMT. Will dwell upon this issue at length in the next thread, kindly rest assured.

TO ANIONE: Good days are indeed dawning, if the Govt of India were to authorize 100% FDI in defence R & D & product/platform/customisation. Will dwell more upon this in the next thread.

Jokerman said...

I'd like to ask a question no one seems to ask so Prasun hope this squeezes every bit of information out of you ;) If there are 72 virgins ready to serve the faithful what have these 72 virgins done to deserve such a fate? I mean talk about staff shortage! There would be cranky "faithful" muslims waiting for hours to be "served" won't it? Secondly, is it just waitressing or more than that? Is there erection in paradise? If so how long would the virgins remain virgin if they are serving the 'faithful 'day after day? If this is what awaits the faithful and the martyrs it would make sense if the final word instead of Allah hu Akbar is replaced by "paradise here I COME "and slip into the nevernever with a massive ejaculation ( I use the term as in the old English meaning with modern connotations attached)- what a fate for lifelong misery of harbouring hatred and blood-thirst! Better these guys go and stick it in a pie and enjoy it here and now - ROFL.

Zia Ul Haq said...

The question that has always perplexed me is, what about those women martyrs who blow themselves up for the jihad?

Do they get 72 virgin boys? Cant be fun ...

rad said...

to ZIa -ul -haq

I agree to the suggestion of zia ul haq. God is impartial so he will provide the women jihadis who blow themselves up with 72 teenage boys!
Believe me it will be fun for women if it can be fun for men!!!

rad said...

hi prasun
If the sea hake has a 150 km range and is useless why did they make it in the first place . There ought to be some advantage of giving targeting data by a satellite to a torpedo?
Do VLF towed sonars detect subs to that great extent?.Is there a European equal to the vlf freq dunking sonar of the s-70b?

Rajeev Chaturvedi said...


1. This talk about 100% FDI makes me bit uncomfortable. Maybe you will help out here. See, Chinese have never gone for any FDI but they are fourth largest defence exporters in world. Russians developed their defence industry on their own, Why do we need so much FDI? Why can't we let our private industry go whole hog into it and once they have a basic level of efficiency through tie up and tech transfer,then we could have opened it up. Recently, as you have seen, Swedes outsmarted TKMS which was trying to kill Swedish submarine industry. So, Please help me out here in understanding the benefits of this policy.

2. What is your opinion on Nripendra Mishra and Ajit Doval? Will they be able to instill confidence in our depressed and morale broken bureaucracy?


Reddy said...

will DRDO, HAL, ISRO lost all it's staff once 100% FDI allowed in India?

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da ,

It's good to have you back .

(1) The Ruskies have already started weapons testing for the PAK FA . However, the first prototype for India has not yet arrived . What do do you think is the reason for this ?

(2) The IAF Chief has given a presentation to NaMo about the immediate requirements of the IAF . Do you think the MMRCA tops that list & will the NDA govt sign this deal towards the end of this year ?

(3) Are there any plans to extend the Southern Industrial corridor from Andhra Pradesh to West Bengal ?

Many Thanks,


Pintu said...

Ok, another right move seems:

for prompt decision making & implementation , a positive sign after a long time, a single party majority rule led by dynamic leadership till now.

Prasunda, can we be optimistic about clearance of the fund needed for completion of Phase -II & III of IAC now ?

Kittu said...

1. There was a talk earlier about Dawood's Real Estate business in Bangalore itself/alone (other than Mumbai, as mumbai has shard pawar as his benami) will account for 3 Billion USD. Hope NDA will look into it.
2. Modi should get a list of some 2000 products which we import into India from west and ASEAN countries and then should give loans to 2000 SMEs in association with Unis/Engg Colleges, SSIs etc for R&D to manufacture such products in India itself.
3. Also Modi should identify some 200 products for the purpose of exports which we are already not doing. I was reading paki sialkot manufacturers supplying 11 million soccer balls for adidas and other brands. This should be one of the product which we should snatch from pak even though we are also manufacturing adidas soccer balls. In the same sense we should identify similar cases in all countries for possible opprotunities to grab and provide cheaper facilities for exports.

abs said...

An interesting piece on Ajit Doval:
The decision to have Doval as the NSA perhaps raises the following few possibilities
a)India could look at restarting its covert operations capability inside enemy territory
b)Uncorking of the Sub-Conventional warfare doctrine by leveraging Balochistan and may be Iran in G&B, with covert strikes in PoK(Perhaps something that has made Dawood go into hiding in the Af-Pak).
c)More focus on Homeland security and creating or building internal anti-terrorism capabilities.
d)It would be interesting to observe what happens to the Mullahs running indoctrination camps in madrassahs and Masjids.
e)How the politicians who are hand in gloves with IM operatives are dealt with.

Apart from this I would hope NaMo undoes the Lutyens' Dilli ecosystem by sanitising the Academia-Intelligentsia-Think Tank Left-Liberal consensus off what it exists now in VCs,Think Tank heads,Bureaucracy and media.
With an emphasis on nurturing and re-writing the fraudulent history that the above nexus feeds off.

Another article in here makes a few interesting points:
a)"Nehru's secularism was like a mirage, a trail of false hopes. The minority status created a psychological shell in the minds of Indian Muslims. If for 65 years someone keeps telling you that you are a minority, what will your mind be like? Congress wallowed in electoral gains earned by demonizing the 'political other', the BJP. Now, that dark era of pseudo-secularism is over."

b)"A big benefit would be the fall of the mullahs or middlemen who appropriated the Muslim mind... Seeing Modi's leadership, there is little chance of any middleman's survival. That will make Muslims use their own brains," Shaz said.

I do get a hunch that NaMo is going to target the Azlaf Muslims, who have been since ages trampled by the Ashrafs, who are now fanning Wahabi thoughts inside the Indian Muslim community.
In this context would be interesting to note how NaMo cleanses Indian Muslims of the Wahabism that has taken deep roots in places like UP,Kerala and WB!!

Mr. RA 9 said...

At Mohan-Jo-Daro it may relate to the elimination of Andhak and Vrishni races by Shalva in one simple strike after MahaBharata.

Mr. RA 9 said...

Since Modi Jee is the same entity as Mohdi Saheb or Mahdi Sahib, so he can be expected to know well in advance that ultimately what he has to do with the ashrafs and Azlafs, Shia or sunni or the pakistan, Afghan, arab or the Turks. We can rely on him in a democratic manner.

Ex Intelligence said...

Racist in the US attack Indian spelling bee champion

abs said...

Are you the erstwhile Ra13? You might have changed your handle, but your typical posts do tend to give you away!! (LoLz!)

Mr. RA 9 said...

Thanx! Yes, I am the erstwhile Ra13.

Pintu said...

Good news are coming, just watching DD News Mr. Prakash Javadekar, Minster of I & B, as well as Minister of Environment & Forests, stated to clear the Defence Projects that faced hurdle in Environment Ministry.

Pintu said...

So, the DRDO's new missile test range should be a reality now.

abs said...

Here is one more article suggesting people close to Dawood in Maha Govt. had alerted of IB's plans to eliminate Dawood using Chota Rajan.
While previously you had stated this to be a result of lack of coordination between Intelligence agencies. The broader point is, if Indian Politicians and Govt. machinery have been compromised?

Kittu said...

yesterday Turky talked to Russia over crimea and today we got this news:

Uncle SAM at work..

prateek said...

sir ,
i came across this article on this blog

sir i'll like you to please read the last two comments on this article..

they are really true are they ??
the people who have written this sure seem to have military connections.
it is all the more disturbing coz the blog author is an former CO. & he doesn't take any objection to it.

1) do u think british army really pukes at our proffessional acumen?
2) do we really promote less than avg infantry officers to brigadiers?

3) i can't list everything..but it will extremely satisfying to have a line by line review of both comments..atleast the gist of it.
coz being an indian it really hurts & worries me. I would like to know the reality from somebody like you.

thank you

Reddy said...

Allowing Nepalese, Bhutan and Burma students to gain admission into Indian Educational Institutions on par with Indians (Not as International Students) will bring them into our system. India should conduct entrance exams in their countries and should charge equal fee as domestic students.
Easier way to engage them at the root level and for future orientation towards India.

Bhutan case is already on the similar lines it seems..

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JOKERMAN & ZIA UL HAQ: In reality, there are no virgins waiting in the afterlife. The myth about 72 virgins has always been a concoction by the very same type of Maulanas who keep spreading the myth about Alexander of Macedonia having failed to conquer Afghanistan, when in reality Afghanistan never existed in 323 BC & it came into being in only 1747 under Ahmed Shah Abdali.

To RAD: No version of the Sea Hake has a 150km-range. A full-scale model of the Sea Hake Mod 4ER was displayed at DEFEXPO 2014 & going merely by its external dimensions, it is physically impossible for this torpedo to have such a range envelope. Receiving targetting data by SATCOM is impossible since the torpedo is cruising while submerged & it does not dangle any comms wire above-the-water for receiving such data. Ultra low-frequency sonars have a greater detection envelope than the FLASH VLF sonar from THALESRaytheon (which is available on the S-70B).

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) Main reason is the unavailability as yet of the definitive powerplant for the FGFA. 2) Topmost in the IAF’s wishlist is the reqmt for 12 aerostat-mounted airspace surveillance radars, followed by the reqmt for importing in flyaway condition at least 40 (not 18) Rafales, service-induction of the Barak-2 MR-SAMs, & the 15 CH-47F Chinooks. 3) There is a plan for an altogether separate integrated Bihar-WB-Odisha industrial corridor.

To PINTU: Since apex-level decision-making has been streamlined, matters will move faster for sure.

To PRATEEK: Those two comments are mere oversimplifications, to say the very least, kindly rest assured. As for the blog owner, he couldn’t be bothered to educate anyone, least of all those who register comments there. Poor JOYDEEP GHOSH is still awaiting his answers to questions he had posed last month! (LoLz)

Will answer all other queries later tonight.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJEEV CHATURVEDI: 100% FDI in defence will have no takers, rest assured. No one else in the world allows such FDI & India won’t be the exception either. Promoting any level of FDI in defence NEVER facilitates any ToT. It only creates a few job opportunities but that too for only finite periods & not on a long-term basis. Only in very select areas will FDIs flow in & that too AFTER a product has already been selected for procurement but which requires customisation. For instance, based on data I’ve obtained from the IAF’s historical archives, it emerges that the Folland Gnat, despite being licence-built by HAL, had a fundamental design error & consequently its Aden 30mm cannons frequently got jammed due to malfunctionings of the link-cartridge feed mechanism. As a result, on several occasions during 1971, despite the IAF Gnats manoeuvring behind PAF F-86s & assuming optimum positions for scoring gun-kills, the Gnat was unsuccessful in scoring kills because at the critical moment the Aden 30mm cannons jammed. This deficiency was NEVER overcome even after the Ajeet entered licenced-production. Had the OFB formed up a JV with Royal Ordnance in the late 1960s for perfecting the Aden’s ammunition feed mechanism & licence-building it, then such a problem could well have been overcome. Similarly, AFTER a piece of hardware has been selected for service-induction in large numbers (like NVGs or even UAVs), then their OEMs should be encouraged for setting up MRO-related & product customisation-related JVs with an appropriate Indian OEM, for only such JVs will ensure in-country product serviceability & hardware availability/reliability in both peacetime & wartime. If the Govt of India wishes to encourage FDI in defence manufacturing for the sake of creating new jobs, then all it has to do, for instance, is to dust of the several proposals finalised in the mid-1990s & implement them. One of them, for example, was prepared by the US & called for establishing dedicated ship-repair facilities in both Vizag & Kochi for supporting the global deployment of US Navy warships. Today, this can be easily done if Japanese shipyards are allowed to team up with their Indian counterparts (like CSL ion Kochi & L & T Shipbuilding in Tamil Nadu) & offer such warship MRO facilities/services for not only the US Navy, but also Japan’s MSDF. Similarly, TATA should be allowed to set up a C-130J depot-level servicing facility for not only the IAF’s C-130Js, but also for those C-130Js of the USAF, US Navy & US Coast Guard that are deployed throughout the IOR. Such small steps will go a long way in creating tens of thousands of new jobs within India over the next 36 months.

Gessler said...

Prasun, check this out -

Any comments? I don't get the rationale behind buying Hinds in this day & age, except for hunting some TTP or other insurgents.

vrp said...

1. is it true that Russia is selling MI-35 helicopter to pakistan? what is the reason for change in their policy?

2. Is it true that an SU-24 flew many times over a US aircraft carrier and the aircraft carrier guns/ missile could not lock on it? is the new russian radar jammer is so effective?


Biswajit Pattanaik said...

Hello Prasun Da,
1)Do u think that Mr. Gpoinath Munde was killed in preplanned accident. What's ur take on it?B'Coz i feel something fishy here.RIP Munde sir's soul.
2)Can DRDO make universal IRST for Army, IAF & IN?
3)Can't ADA fit a EOTS like system on the nose of Tejas MkII?
Thanks in advance.

Biswajit Pattanaik said...

What's this deal that Russia has lifted the ban on Pakistan? What' ur take on this? Are they really going to export wepon to them? Will NaMo intervene in this deal?

Jaidev said...


1. Rafale deal seems to be coming to close very soon, as reported today. Is that aircraft still necessary for IAF? What about its cost? What would happen to LCA and AMCA? Instead of giving a push to LCA and AMCA with private sector participation, what is the rationale for going for a deal which is near about 30 billion USD?

2. Seems HAL RSH/LOH is gradually shaping up and has matched its deadlines. Then what is the need for another 197 light helos which will, in any case, not come before 3-4 years? by then, HAL LOH would be on the scene?

Why is this misguided procurement getting a push in the new government?

Please explain.

Kris said...


Any internal news on

1. AVRO replacement?
2. Project 75I submarines?
3. LHD aquisition?

Has the requirement moved a bit?

It was reported that INS vikrant (new) has not got the money to be finished. We thought it was on course and doing well. It was coming for trials in 2017. Now what happened? DID AKA messed vikrant too?

Ranjit said...

Dear Prasun,

Can you please enumerate what are the benefits India would get out of RAFALE deal?

Specific advantages which will justify the humongous cost???

Anonymous said...

Prasun da,
is it possible to reduce the number of 126 Rafales to say only 40 from OEM(no licence production at all). I agree that per unit cost might increase, but does it pose any legal problems, especially with other contenders. The money saved (which actually we donot have) on Rafales can be spent on raising Tejas squadrons or even better on FGFA or Su-30, later in the decade.
I am also surprised by the sudden demand for RSH. Is it a very urgent situation here, especially since we dont have enough money.
Some one made a point in other blogs that some of the menial jobs in military can be outsourced to cut the over all cost to exchequer, do you see merit in it.

Sreenivas R

cartoonist said...


Will Rafale aircraft will be obsolete by the time its fully inducted? Many defence forums making fun of the aircraft? Saying it has vertical rudder and no stealth which will be outdated in 10-15 years. They say its no match for Chinese J-20. Also its engine M88 is under-powered and inferior than Tejas MK II engine.When the world is moving to F-35 why we moving to 4th generation? Its radar is weak too.

So why are we buying?

Anonymous said...

Prasun Da ,

Just wanted to share 2 interesting developments with you & other fellow posters .

(1) It looks like the relation between Russia & China is not going down well in SE Asia . Vietnam has abandoned Russia-made weapons in a new round of defence tenders as payback for Russia's aborting of oil and gas development activities in the South China Sea at the behest of China .

(2) Japan is encouraging Australia to sign a deal for the joint development of weapon systems . I think INDIA too should sign such a deal with Japan


Vikram Guha said...

Thanks PrasunDa

1. So , this means that the 117 engine will not power the FGFA ?

2. Why did the IAF even sign such a deal when they were not satisfied with the powerplant.

Suvo said...

Prasun da,
How good the Japanese Soryu class SSK, Izumo class helicopter carrier and Type 10 main battle tank.Indian armed force have any interest in the above stated military equipment?
Japan has history of building submarines.Is the Soryu class ssk is ideal for the replacement of kilo class or Project 75-1.

Anonymous said...


The funny thing is you are not only cartoonist, but also the cartoon itself. Thanks paki for visiting us.

Rajeev Chaturvedi said...


Rajeev Sharma talks about a Russia-China-Pakistan alliance to take care of Afghanistan.

Where do we fit in this? Is something wrong with Russia? I am not against them supplying weapons to Pakistan as even France, UK, Germany, US all do it so why only we isolate Russia.

But somehow, the feelers between NAMO govt and Russia don't seem clear. What is your reading?

Anonymous said...

Indeed people tend to mix thing:

The durani empire:

It was not just Afghanistan but also the current state of pakistan and some if Indian khasmir. The boundary between india /pakistan is actually was the boundary of Durrani empire with India.

seems like he was born in Multan and died in Toba Ma'ruf.

Ex Intelligence said...

Many in INDIA even the well educated individuals are either unable or un wiling to accept that the only desire the West has is to break up India into a number of smaller nations .

The Anglo Saxons in particular have fear for the Russians , disregard for the Chinese & Hatred for Indians.

raw13 said...

I think PA is looking to buy some more Mil-17's and possible looking at mil-28 and mil-35 for the COIN ops on the western front. PA has already found that the cost of operating/reliability of mil-17 is very very good. They already had few mil-25 and know how effective that is. Russia has agreed to supply with soft loan. Russia will not make the same mistake as it did in the 90's. This time it will look after its interest by being involved positively. It has just seen what Pak did to USA. So it win win for both Pak and Russia. India is irrelevant, Modi or no Modi.

Mr. RA 9 said...

All dices seem to be jumping in the favor of Pakistan666. But it is at the verge of a sure death.

Kittu said...

@ Ex Intelligence


""Russia has agreed to supply with soft loan""

..soft loan..soft loan.. softloan..


cheap trick failed

rad said...


hI Prasun
What was he compulsion of Russia supplying mi-35 to pak, its quite clear that they want to get back on india for the sale of apache , and chinook helis!
I am not concerned with the weapons but with the lifting of embargo, especially when pak was the main reason for the destruction of the erstwhile soviet union,Russia does not have honor for is service men who were killed in Afghanistan and is like a prostitute !!
The deal will be only about 300 Mill$ , is it worth being unfriendly with india for that?What is the best thing to do .

Reddy said...

Pak must be clearly told, either they have to take action on terrorists targeting India or ready for war..

Gessler said...

Any comments on the below RFI, sir?

Apparently an FSS with anything upto 40,000 tons displacement is being sought by IN.

What do you think could be the possible contestants?

raw13 said...


I was really hoping that Modi would give ganja Sharif a good slapping but he was too nice. I don't think there will be any support for terrorists in Pak against india if india stops terror acts against pak. Even on this blog and ex-coas of IA have confirmed terror acts by india against pakistan, what do you expect pakistan to do, smile and take it. Thats not our character!

and by the way IO Kashmir is not part of india. It is a disputed territory, so we will support the people there asking for their freedom.

@kittu, indeed it is not an ideal situation and beggers can't be choosers!

Anonymous said...

you and your thought process is flawed and rotten

Anonymous said...


disputed by how many parties? India, Pakistan and China (Aksai Chin) right?. So why are you shying away from saying that 'we will support their (J&K's) merger with pakistan' (because it is a party in the dispute) instead of saying 'we will support their freedom'. Perhaps you know too well that there will be no takers of that merger. Also, i see you used the localized term IOK rather than J&K to mean that the freedom/dispute is applicable to Indian side, and not to the whole J&K including Gilgit, Baltistan and Aksai Chin. If the concern is freedom, the entire princely state of J&K should be the talking point and not just the Indian Kashmir. You cannot eat the cake and have it too...

Sreenivas R

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