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Thursday, March 17, 2016

SIVA IMR Pod Explained

In simple terms, the SIVA IMR pod is something similar to the ELTA Systems-developed ELM-2060P radar targetting pod, and it will be used for location of static ground targets/installations. The fact that the DRDO’s PJ-10 Project Office is the nodal agency for developing the IMR pod indicates that this pod will be used in conjunction with the BrahMos-NG (previously known as BrahMos-Mini) air-launched supersonic cruise missile.
While DATA Patterns Pvt Ltd has won the contract to series-produce the BrahMos-NG’s on-board X-band monopulse SAR seeker, the X-band monopulse SAR suite meant for installation inside the IMR pod will be produced by ECIL Ltd.
Systems integration and flight qualification of both the BrahMos-NG and SIVA IMR pod will be jointly undertaken by the Indian Air Force’s Bengaluru-based Aircraft & Systems Testing Establishment, HAL’s Nashik Division, BrahMos Aerospace and IRKUT Corp, which is the sole IPR owner of all operating software source-codes used by the Su-30MKI. Service-induction of this weapon system is not expected before 2020.
The existing SIVA HADF pods is used primarily for real-time detection and location of hostile ground-based air-defence radars, with the targetting cues then being uploaded into the Kh-3P anti-radiation missile’s on-board mission computer. This very same pod will in future also be used in conjunction with the DRDO-developed NG-ARM.  


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Sumanta said...

Many Thanks Prasun Da, for opening the world of information and enlighten us regarding SIVA MMR pod,when first test firing air launched Brahmos reported to be scheduled on next month, since as you explained, SIVA MMR POD being some thing similar to ELTA System's 2060 P radar imaging pod, so is their any possibility of Israeli involvement in development of the same ?

Gessler said...

Sir ji, I would like to repeat my earlier question here regarding AARs:

What is keeping us from ordering the A330 MRTTs? Why haven't we done that as yet? Is anything the problem?

Also, is any follow-up order for MRTTs after these six likely? If so, how many?

Would IN be interested in having AARs of it's own? Or is it not necessary?

VMT in advance!

rad said...

HI prasun
great scoop , dil mange more!. I was always intrigued by the function of the siva pod .Please confirm whether it does 2 functions ie acts as a direction finder for anti radiation missiles.In that case there should be some interface withe the russian missile kh-31p and then is a SAR radar in one package.
Then there is every chance that it will be used on the nirbhay missile . Please explain the advantage of having a SAR seeker in nirbhay compared to IIR with dsmac etc.
i suppose the Chinese also have this tech . Is there any help from outside in designing the seeker?.
I believe the elta 2060 pod is more of a recce sar pod ,what are the other functions it can do ?.
What doe IMR mean , Imaging - monopulse --radar -?
Has the seeker been certified, will russia object to it.I believe still more than 50-% of the brahmos missile is imported.will they let us do a 100% job?.
when will the brahmos NG become operational ?
wont it be more easier for the bars radar with its bigger antenna and data processing to hand over the targeting data to brahmos rather than the siva pod?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUMANTA: One must not mix up the BrahMos-NG (erstwhile BrahMos-M/BrahMos-Mini) with the BrahMos-A. They are 2 different missiles in terms of weight & dimension. The BrahMos-A is just a BrahMos-1 without the booster rocket section. R & D work on the SIVA-IMR pod was totally indigenous & had no Israeli R & D inputs. Such pods are reqd by only those combat aircraft equipped with PESA-MMRs & electronic scanning MMRs with slotted-array antenna, like the ELM-2032, Zhuk-M2E etc. That's because suchj MMRs cannot do interleaved operations concurrently, but do so sequentially. AESA-MMRs on the other hand can perform several operations at the same time. Therefore, aircraft with AESA-MMRs won't need to use the SIVA-IMR pod.

To GESSLER: The IAF's insistence on brand-new A330-220 airframes for the MRTT reqmt was deeply flawed, which jacked up the prices. Around the world, everyone else orders second-hand commercial airliners that in turn are modified & retrofitted as aerial refuelling tankers or MRTTs. Therefore, in terms of priorities, what the IAF requires are more aerial refuelling tankers & what better way of obtaining them than upgrading & modifying 6 of the existing IL-76MDs into IL-78MKIs but based on IL-476 standard, i.e. having glass cockpits & PS-90A engines. The remaining IL-76MDs too will be upgraded in a similar manner to serve as transport aircraft. In addition, in practice, IL-78MKIs are all MRTTs, because they have a Quick-Change (QC) option under which they can be configured to serve as MRTTs.

To RAD: VMT. But SIVA-HADF & SIVA-IMR are two DIFFERENT pods, only using the same body. They are 2 standalone versions, & are not a 2-in-1 solution. The Nirbhay too will have the same X-band SAR seeker, which actually is a profiling radar capable of producing targetting imagery whose quality is the same as that produced by the ELM-2060 SAR pod (used for tactical recce). IIR & DSMAC techniques are no longer fail-safe & fool-proof modes of target acquisition or navigation, since weather conditions like low cloud cover may obstruct target acquisition. Terminal navigation by GPS too is vulnerable to jamming/spoofing. Consequently, the SAR imaging/profiling seeker offers the best bet in terms of guaranteeing success & eliminating compromises through hostile RF interference of any kind. As I explained above, PESA-MMRs like BARS cannot do several functions in one go, i.e. if it is scanning the airspace ahead, it cannot operate GMTI mode or surface target illumination mode. Only AESA-MMRs can do all such functions at the same time. Had explained this several times before.

Soubhagya said...

Dear Prasun,

What is the contribution of India in Barak project??? Is it substantial??? As per web resources, I am finding that Israel is the bigger contributor. I want your view. Thanks in advance.

CSC said...

Continuing with soubhagyas thought, Prasun is it true that the drdo booster is the reason for the barak 8's lower range than the Israeli powered barak 8 er.

Also pls answer my question from the last thread about the distributed lethality concept of the usn as applicable to in.

Also why does a 7500 ton ddg carry only 32 sams in Its vls and not atleast 64.

Also since we already use the ak 630, why don't we boost them into kashtan which the navy has on its talwar class already

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Prasun Da,

Awaiting ur write up on the insidents arround 2002 , Also can we use SIVA-IMR in a UAV for inteligence gathering purpose ?

Anonymous said...

@ Subho,

Sliding Dollar : You mentioned in you post that Dollar is breaking records against all currencies. True, but how long. It was artificially created demand by Petro Dollar. Please watch the full YouTube video.

It gives the complete status of Dollar in today’s context. It is from prominent Insider Interview.

Already China stated buying the Gold. Once China dumps the treasury bonds, then the whole world will see Dollar as just a piece of paper.

Saudis are stupid. Yes partially true. The main mistake they done is they never develop their own human resource. 80 years they depend on Expats. OK. But still they also owns so much US treasury bonds & huge investment in West. Once they take back you see the tremors in many parts of US & West. Moreover Sunni is 80% of Muslims dominated by Saudi led coalition. Shite Iran is just 20%. Moreover Iran is little knowledge guys. So West & US Cannot milk more money from Iran. So your point of “Green Pastures” is ruled out.

See how US is playing with India & Paki in F16 deal. No one in this world is trusting US. Their only trusted friend is Saudi. So far both US & Saudi did all the wrong thing in this world. Now suddenly US become more honest & see its partner Saudi is doing all wrong things & Want to come out from this nexus. It is not that so easy to come out from this bad Marriage. It will pull both to ground.

S.Senthil Kumar

Sumanta said...

Thanks for answering Prasun Da, my bad, that I've got confused between Brahmos A & NG

rad said...

HI prasun
thanks for the clean up, i do realize now sar seeker is better in target acquisition but it is going to give away its presence by radar signals, in case it is jammed, is the 3gom chip capable of guiding it to he target.
It is news that 2 versions of siva pod are there! great. will this pod be handing over the target details to the ARM missiles that are being developed ?.
I dont understand why the IAF insists on a lighter missile ? the warhead will be smaller and the seeker sensor will consequently be smaller contributing to lower sensitivity.
The kh-31p,harm missile are all big , unless the drdo have made a discovery then it looks to be an under performer.
Does Israel have a dedicated antiradar missile apart from drones?
Is the seeker in the desi harm missile russian or from somewhere?.

rad said...

hi prasun
THe brahmos NG seems to have the same range , same warhead and a faster flight speed better than the basic brahmos missile .Some thing does not add up , it means that the base missile has a longer range than what is doing now due to MCTR .Is it possible to extend the range by ourselves after knowing the missile for so many years.

joydeep ghosh said...


1. main na kehta tha Chinese troops will be in Gilgit Baltistan, now they are in PoK its just matter of time they settle down in GB

2. the answer you gave to #Gessler surprised me as when i asked the below querry
'you say 'Also, six of the IAF’s existing IL-76MDs will be refurbished & upgraded into IL-78MKI aerial refuelling tankers, giving the IAF a total of 12 IL-78MKIs.' if you remember i had said long back that IAF should use IL76 as medium transport jets or tankers. but doesnt it mean A330 tanker deal is dead, IMHO 6 A330 tankers must be procured than IAF/IN/IA all will have their own tanker fleet based on numbers needed, your view'

u gave that answer ' No,, A330-200 MRTTs will still be acquired since they're MRTTs. IL-78MKI isn't an MRTT'

3. Will DCNS get green signal to setup a 100% FDI co to make AIP in India, feel India should allow that and use it as quid quo pro to cut Rafale price

your views


Joydeep Ghosh

please clarify


Jay Bhanushali said...


If done, it would transform the indian aerospace industry.

My question is, is it feasible to do this and is the indian industry capable of absorbing $75+ billion over the next 2 decades?

sumit sen said...

Dada it seems like rafale deal is in serious trouble. French taunted us that make f16 and sell it to Pak. Tell us exactly what's going on.

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

PLEASE tell us something about RAFALE

With NO Good news coming and Bad News trickling in
Our condition is becoming like a FISH out of WATER

mg6357 said...


As you stated above that Siva IMR and HADF pods are used in conjuction with PESA-MMR and are redundant in case of AESA-MMR. Also these systems will possibly be inducted after 2020.

My questions are
1. Can we use Elta-2060P pods for the same purpose as Siva-IMR ? If YES then why develop this pod?

2. Are we too late in development of these pods because by that time IAF will be inducting all newer fighters with AESA-MMR and IAF would have also started upgrading Su-30MKI to Super Su-30MKI with AESA-MMR ?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MG6357: You're getting confused. SIVA-HADF pod does not have an active seekers or sensors, only passive receivers & therefore nothing's transmitted from them. Even AESA-MMR equipped MRCAs will therefore use this pod. The SIVS-IMR pod on the other hand has the SAR so that it can operate in a standalone manner while existing mechanically scenned MMRs & PESA-MMRs can operate in standalone manner unimpeded. EL/M-2060P IMR pods need not be acquired since the in-house capability exists to develop pods like the SIVA-IMR. Only Rafale, FGFA, Tejas Mk2 & Super Su-30MKI will have AESA-MMRs, to be followed much laster by the MiG-29UPG. Until then, the MiG-29UPGs, upgraded Mirage 2000Ns & Jaguars & even MiG-29Ks will all require SIVA-IMR pods for providing target acquisition cueing for BrahMos-NG.

To VIJAY & SUMIT SEN: All that can be answered by only those who are trying to spread false canards & try to make out of nothing substantive. As far as I'm concerned, none of these are insurmountable hurdles & no firm announcement is likely until June this year.

To JAY BHANUSHALI: That can only happen if there's an all-encompassing civil aviation policy. Such a policy has been in the draft stage since 2009!!! This very same state of affaits is preventing the civil aviation MRO sector from taking off. 90% of all airliners of state-owned & provate airlines presently go to Colombo, Kuala Lumpur, Sharjah & Singapore for even routine periodic checks!

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: 1) Where's the proof through photos/images of PLA troops in Gilgit-Baltistan? They can well be unarmed personnel of the PLA Construction Corps who routinely wear military fatigues. IL-78MKI isn't an MRTT as yet, but after it has been upgraded with glass cockpit avionics & PS-90A turbofans & equipped with HF radio, it will become MRTT. Present;y, none of the IAF's existing 6 IL-78MKIs have HF radios & therefore they can't refuel the IN's MiG-29Ks. If DCNS wants to set up a 100% private-sector corporate entity in India for making AIP modules, then it will do so because India requires it. Therefore the leverage will be in favour of DCNS, not India's. Consequently, India being the inviting/receiving party will hardly have any bargaining cards in this matter & therefore such a business venture cannot be leveraged as part of the Rafale deal. Rafa;e's contract pricing cannot be cut or reduced now. The time to do so went past way back in 2006 when the French first offered a mouth-watering deal. And all those who participated in rejecting this offer & instead proceeded to upgrade the Mirage 2000s must now be held accountable for the hike in contract price. When the prices of Paan & cigarettes can be hiked annually without fail, it's ridiculous to expect an aircraft's price-level to stay static for almost a decade. So the sooner everyone, including yourself, stops even dreaming about Rafale's price reductions, the better. Make your future plans not on the basis of how the world ought to be, but on the basis of how it is today.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Make no mistake, no one in India can unilaterally make any changes to any version of BrahMos without Russian approval. Nor are such changes reqd. If the SIOVA-IMR pod's on-board X-band monopulse SAR sensor has range not exceeding 90km, then what's the use of using a PGM with a range of 290km? An active SAR seeker's emissions can well trigger a RWR anywhere, but the missile's direction & angle/altitude of approach can be pre-programmed in order to avoid interception. BrahMos-1 was just like its sister the Yakhont a design of the late 1980s. Today, micro-miniaturisation of electronics suites can be leveraged for reduction in airframe-size & volume. That's what BrahMos-NG is all about. Kh-31P can be used only by the Su-30MKI & MiG-29UPG/MiG-29K. LCA, Mirage 2000 & Jaguar IS won't be able to. Hence a reqmt for a lightweight NG-ARM weighing no more than 300kg. The wideband homing seeker comes from Russia. Israel does not produce any ARMs. All its ARMs are from the US.

To TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL: No, the SIVA-IMR pod can't be used for such purposes either by UAVs or manned combat aircraft, because of the narrow focal length of its X-band monopulse SAR sensor. For that the larger SAR sensor contained within the EL/M-2060P pod is used & this pod is already operational with the Su-30MKI.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SOUBHAGYA: As I’ve mentioned several times before, the DRDO’s contribution is only the propulsion system & actuators at the missile’s base. The rest comes from RAFAEL.

To CSC: Not at all. The IAF’s version of the LR-SAM will incorporate an extra booster section to achieve 110km range. Distributed lethality concept can be adopted only after total network centricity is achieved. Thus far, the IN is nowhere near such a stage. IN’s Project 15A DDGs carry 64 Barak-2 LR-SAMs: 32 in ready-to-fire mode & another 32 as reloads in stored cannisters. Kashtan-M CIWS system has been a failure & even the Russian Navy has discarded them for its Gregorivich-class FFGs.

To SENTHIL KUMAR: What's behind Russia's withdrawal from Syria?:

STOLEN said...

Sir, there is a lot of noise coming in now about F-16s to be built in India for the IAF , this is nonsense surely?

Is there a reason for so much anti-Rafale media around lately? Is this going to affect the Rafale deal? Ajai Shukla reported today the French are getting pissed off at our reluctance to sign, could they simply walk away and focus on other markets?

I think the day to sign for the Rafale has come and gone, we have lost it.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To STOLEN: Of course it is sheer nonsense. Do you think the IAF will be forced to accept an aircraft that had failed the competitive evaluations? Can you imagine what kind of repercussions this will have? Do you reckon the Indian PM was bullshitting the whole world when he had announced the decision to acquire the first 36 Rafales off-the-shelf? Do you reckon the French are so arrogant as to just walk away from the gigantic Indian market? FYI the Japanese were promised a US-2i amphibian procurement at around the same time as the Rafale was selected. So in your reckoning are the Japanese too totally pissed off with the Indians? Lastly, has any French official ever expressed his/her 'pissed off' attitude to any desi journalist to date? If not, then why are you jumping to conclusions without any substance to back them up? Haven't you learnt enough as yet from all the 'desi' bullshitting that had gone on over the last 2 months of last year regarding the S-400 LR-SAM? Why do you have eyes & yet still continue to fail to see the writing on the wall? Can't you arrive at some commonsensical conclusions of your own? Why this constant over-reliance on never-ending spoon-feeding by these headless chicken masquerading as 'desi' journalists?

STOLEN said...

Sir, I'm not worried about the IAF changing its mind- they have stuck to their guns for 5+ years now. I am concerned that these fickle polticans will be lured by the offers form LM or Boeing, Ajai Shukla reported that LM is to make an offical offer to the MoD this week. The Americans are shady businessmen- they'll undercut the French at the first chance to get India on their hook.

+ sir, all A330 MRTT operators (UAE, UK, France and RSAF) have got brand new A330s- there's nothing unreasonable about what the IAF had selected (brand new planes). Are you saying we won't get the A330s now?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To STOLEN: So in your way of reasoning the Indian politicians can be led by their noses by the wily/shady Caucasians? Do you know that Saab had made such an offer over 1 year ago & what came of it? LM's official offer isn't even remotely connected to the F-16, but to the C-130J & S-70B2 Seahawks. Told you, NEVER fall for all the mumbo-jumbo emanating from these 'desi' bandalbaazes.

There's everything unreasonable about procuring brand-new airframes at exorbitant rates for modification into MRTTs. China is buying second-hand IL-76MDs & getting them converted into AARs. The USAF never bought brand-new B.707s or DC-10s or B.767s for conversion into KC-135 or KC-10A tankers. There's absolutely no need for buying brand-new A330-220 airframes because MRTTs will never ever log in huge flight-hours, especially with the IAF because the IAF unlike the USAF or RAF or RAAF is not engaging in regular expeditionary air campaigns or exercises. Do you know how many times every year the RAF & RAAF send their combat aircraft detachments to Southeast Asia for air exercises? As opposed to this, over the past 5 years, how many times has the IAF despatched its combat aircraft abroad for exercises? Therefore don't compare the tempo of the IAF's air operations with those of the USAF, RAAF or the RAF. As matters now stand, in terms of priorities, there's simply no need for acquiring expensive MRTTs. Upgraded IL-476MDs & upgraded IL-78MKIs will do just fine. If you still want the IAF to procure A330 MRTTs, then by all means feel free to make an unsolicited project-financing offer to the Union MoF & the MoD. Let's hope you can fork out the funding from your own pockets since you so passionately are in favour of A330 MRTTs. I wish you all the very best for this.

STOLEN said...

Sir, please expand on what LM are offering vis a vis the C-130J and S-70B, this sounds most tempting for India.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To STOLEN: It is offering to set up regional MRO centres for such platforms. Once the foundational LSA is inked, such MRO centres will become a reality. BTW, I read the report of the 'desi bandalbaaz' & by the looks of it, he must have asked some really bizarre, insulting questions of a provocative nature, perhaps to elicit some kind of sarcastic response. And the answers he got were apt & well-deserved. I too would have answered such silly & nonsensical questions with equal disdain. You may recall that sometime in 2011 he had attempted something similar when asking LM marketing executives to comment about the FGFA. Such 'desi bandalbaazes' are so full of shit when it comes to such matters!!!

STOLEN said...

Well said sir.

+ Am I right in thinking that such MRO facilties would only come with a sizable order of the respective products? surely LM wouldn't set up MRO facilties in India for just 16 S-70B and 12 C-130?

And is C-130J local production not on the table for us now the MRTA is DOA?

STOLEN said...

++ Why not go for a fast tracked FMS option for the S-92 now LM owns Sikorsky? The AW-101 deal is dead and our NCA is still flying in ancient and unsafe Mi-8s, we need to take action on this issue ASAP.

Gessler said...

I always knew Ajai Shukla was a troll but in his new article, he stoops to a new low. Ah, the things people do to increase internet traffic to their sites and see their name splash everywhere.

I wonder why this guy isn't arrested as yet? He is a legitimate danger to India's foreign relations. Lolz!


Prasun Sir,

1.Australia's Lowy Inst. released a report this month, where they say that Indian and Chinese nuclear submarines are extremely noisy.

Please explain to us why Indian & Chinese nuclear submarines are not as quite as US or Russian submarines.

2. Is the speed of an ICBM maximum when it is outside the Earth's atmosphere or is it maximum when it is inside the Earth's atmosphere?


Anthony said...

Surprised to watch and read this. Was anyone on the board there? What really happened. Why did this happen?

"The match between Bangladesh and Pakistan has witnessed overwhelming support for Pakistan at the Eden Gardens here on Wednesday evening, for the first time in its post-independence history of nearly 70 years.

The support has surprised many, including Pakistani cricketers and even police officials. Nearly 40,000 people assembled to watch the ‘Super 10’ match in the ICC World T-20 in the Eden and the support for Pakistan was “overwhelming,” cricket correspondents of Bangladesh and some of the spectators said.

Azad Majumdar, Sports Editor of one of the leading papers of Bangladesh New Age, told The Hindu that he “never expected” such support for Pakistan.

“Eleven Bengalis were playing in the Eden Gardens only two days before the India-Pakistan match. We all thought that the entire support would go to Bangladesh as the defeat of Pakistan would have demoralised them before a match with India. More importantly [we expected the support] as Bangladesh was playing in the Eden Gardens after 26 years,” Mr. Majumdar said."

पीयूष दास said...

Sir, we always say that russian fighter jets have low availability due to high serviceability...

Then how come Russians were able to maintain such high level of sorties in Syria...?

Anthony said...

I have read both pro and con wrt Rafael/France. What are the chances that that boat has now sailed? Chances are UAE will also buy Rafael to replace all the M2k (around 80+), with a sort of ToT and uprated engines. This mean the production line for Rafael will be busy till 2022-4. Kuwait is also looking at Rafael seriously. Egypt wants another 12.

WRT to IAF accepting a fighter they dont want? I dont think IAF will have issues with accepting f-18s or Eurofighter. Afterall they are being forced to swallow LCA by the honourable RM. IAF will follow the diktat of the RM.

Sumanta said...

@ Anthony this has happened,, probably,

Santosh Kumar Sharma said...

Hi Prasun,

I had posted thrice some set of questions which you forgot to answer. First somehow my post disappeared, then i posted on March 15, 2016 at 6:51 AM. Can you look into it and answer the questions or if needed i can repost it here.

Some additional questions, when IAF acquires refurbished IL76MDs for tanker conversion role, how much of life is remaining in these airframes? A civilian A330-330 i guess does 2500-3000 hours of flying yearly, while military transports do 500 hours i guess (Correct me if i am wrong here). But the mission is different for military and civilian planes, with military ones being more severe, which will affect life of plane. So the refurbished IL76MDs or A330-MRTTs are expected to serve for how long?

What is the weight of Brahmos-NG air launched version? If i remember correctly in some previous posts some years before you had mentioned 2500kg and range of 300km (Correct me i am wrong here). So why IAF is trying to get this weapon, is it because of its terminal speed (Other PGMs are there with 300km range, i am assuming). Because this heavy missile needs some strengthening of aircrafts, while other missiles like nirbhay or KH-35 can do without strengthenig aircraft.

Sangos said...

I will have to give it to the Qatari Al Jazeera for a balanced debate on Syria. When Qatar is a US client state.

vishakh said...


Shortfin Barracuda Block 1A is already presented by DCNS . It is evolved from Nuclear submarine of france.

1) Its heavier but carry 30 weapons , 2 times more than Scorpene and fully Ocean Going.

2) It can be used as basis for SSN 6 submarines also as it is long submarine and 8000KM range even with conventional submarine,

Is this submarine not preferred over Scorpene by IN ??

Mr. Potato said...

When Rafale and Rubis SSN deals get finished, Russia will finish Mig-35 and Yasen at half the price. And then everyone will wonder what happened. Lol.

Lingaraj said...

"Such 'desi bandalbaazes' are so full of shit when it comes to such matters!!! " So how is it no one is asking them to dump and if constipated take more fibre for diet and if severely constipated take laxatives 2 x a day? Or would they prefer to be placed in Western jails for a month when unscrupulous 'drilling' will loosen up the arseholes?

R. Sarath Kumar said...

Hello sir, there is a rumor that GRSE has won a bid to build & supply the Philippine Navy with a "Deep-Water Patrol Vessel". Is this true or just speculation? There is no response from GRSE sources so far.

Thank you Sir,
Sarath Kumar R.

vishakh said...


Can you provide the details of the rockets and other stuff that has been cleared.

FOE said...


Stop being delusional.

India is not going to buy any Rafale. Su-30 MKI is better MMRCA for IAF. What is needed is swift induction of LCA Tejas as they would replace MiG-21s.

NO matter how much French whine and howl, India can't pay that much. Your circuitous analysis is not helping anyone here.

birbal said...


really expressing like a FOE...:)

CSC said...

@ FOE SUKHOI 30mki is a heavy aircraft and not a medium, Thats what the M in Mrca Stands for. An elephant is bigger and stronger than a house, but it cant do the job of a horse.

And tejas in Its aesa mk1a form will be a great lca but again not a medium aircraft

So in that analysis it will be a bloodhound but again not a horse

CSC said...

Read it as horse not house pl

Arpit Kanodia said...

Arpit Kanodia said...
@FOE Use your brain (and think twice before answering it),

1) why USAF still use F-16, A-10, when they already have F-15, F/A-18, F-22 etc etc, which are more potent & can do job of F-16 & A-10?

2) One more imp. question, SU-30 is also used by Russian AF, then why they inducted or planning to induct SU-34 & SU-35. As PKS Sir say, are they bitten by mad dog?, when they have beautiful SU-30, they put money & resources in R&D of SU-34, and then spent budget's money on induction?

Arpit Kanodia said...

Your comment on this?

""According to Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, 45,008 Pakistanis were brought to the country between June 1 and Dec 31, 2013, 78,409 in 2014 and 116,165 last year, Dawn online reported.
In the past few months, 12,022 Pakistanis were repatriated from all over the world.

According to official documents, 120,393 persons were sent back from Saudi Arabia, 38,097 from Iran, 23,330 from the United Arab Emirates, 5,400 from Britain, 358 from the US, 11,248 from Oman, 9,789 from Malaysia and 6,976 from Greece during the two and a half years.
Another 4,304 were repatriated from Turkey, 1,275 from South Africa, 493 from Qatar, 485 from France, 198 from Canada, 99 from Australia, 91 from Bangladesh, 115 from China, 64 from Japan, 30 from Afghanistan and 27 from India.""

Anonymous said...

@Anthony the Bangladeshis shud have expected this after repeatedly running insulting ads of Indian cricketers..remember the shaved heads and decapitated dhoni?


buddha said...

Gopu said...

I've been hearing reports that the VK Aatre committee is stalling the DPP-2016 (erstwhile DPP-2015). The reason, unsurprisingly, is that there is a conflict of interest issue. The babus don't like the idea of private companies specializing in strategic areas because that would cut into the DPSU's territory (which they are stakeholders of).

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

I am so much worried about Indian Army decision. Earlier Indian Army accepts & inducted Akash Missiles. Now they are planning to Dump.

One atricle saying India Plan to increase Akash Production. Another article says indian army dumps Akash Missile. Then why they are increasing the production.

Please give your clear cut answer about Akash Missile.

S.Senthil Kumar

Vijay said...

Hello Sir

I just wanted to know whether DO you watch Cricket

Do you like Cricket

These India Pakistan cricket Matches are so nerve wracking

TheHundred said...

Amazing Su-30SM Full Documentary, mentions the BrahMos-NG

rad said...

HI prasun
there seems to be constant rumors of russia supplying su-35 to pakistan , is there any truth in it.Will russia antagonize India for a few hundred mill$? .Is it trying to blackmail us on something.
Is this rumor of army dumping the akash missile true? what happened to the acceptance and large orders placed etc.Whats wrong with the missile.?

Brihanalla said...

FOE = Funny Or Eccentric: "Your circuitous analysis is not helping anyone here."
The word Circuitous: adjective : roundabout; not direct: a circuitous route; a circuitous argument.
1. Who made you the spokesman for all so you can say not helping anyone here.
2. Based on the definition of the word it is what politicians do - PKS is saying YES deal is done or will be done not might be or could be or would be. So perhaps an antonym is what you should be looking for?
3. How would the Rafale deal help YOU? Are you dreaming and salivating about your membership in the mile high club aboard a Rafale doing a low pass over your High Schol Principal? LOLLZZZZ

Sumanta said...

Prasun Da, what's your view regarding this article, and how can this be contained or subdued ?

dushyant hardaha said...
what's your POV on above article

RAD said...


Its funny name you got there !!!

Brihanalla - was it the name of the eunuch in Mahabharata? or Was it the name of the Transgender which Arjun had to become during his last year of Vanwaas? Intriguing, wouldn't you agree ??

Are you a proud member of the LBGT community? If yes, then salute !!

Ashish said...


is what do you make of this: Any muslim reading this in Kashmir will think twice about siding with us.

A Muslim legislator has been suspended in Maharashtra for saying he prefers “Jai Hind” (victory to India) to “Bharat Mata ki jai” (victory to mother India). What the difference between these two declarations is, I am not really sure, but it is enough to merit punishment. On March 19 came a report that Urdu writers have been asked to guarantee they are not writing anti-India material. The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language under Smriti Irani is asking Urdu writers to sign forms which have the following declaration: “I ___ son/daughter of ___ confirm that my book/magazine titled ___ which has been approved for bulk purchase by NCPUL’s monetary assistance scheme does not contain anything against the policies of the government of India or the interest of the nation, does not cause disharmony of any sort between different classes of the country, and is not monetarily supported by any government or non-government institution.” This is what The Indian Express has reported.

Pakis have just made Holi a holiday and look at us. I feel we are drifiting shit creek

isi13 said...


"Pakis have just made Holi a holiday and look at us. I feel we are drifiting shit creek"

do u even think before u write

after porkis slaughtered raped and converted 90% of the hindus and makes a mockery of itself and people like u by declaring holi as a holiday.

do u think this token of declaring holi as a holiday will give respite to the souls millions of hindus who died and suffered there.

I wish it was in my power to make u feel the pain of those who suffered in porkistan and then ask u if this holiday bonanza is worth the pain the millions suffered.

sickularism is sick and u just proved it.

"A Muslim legislator has been suspended in Maharashtra for saying he prefers “Jai Hind” (victory to India) to “Bharat Mata ki jai” (victory to mother India). "

just do u home work before posting nonsense. it seems jackass media has jackass followers like u.

or was the muslim legislator killed , converted like it would have happen in ur beloved porkistan.

Rajesh Mishra said...

The fine and subtle difference between "Jai Hind” (victory to India) and “Bharat Mata ki jai” (victory to mother India) is that some Pakistanis under duress can prefer to speak "Jai Hind" but are never supposed to speak “Bharat Mata ki jai”.

Spykar said...

Prasun Da,

Apart from the Dornier228s and a couple of Gulfstreams and Beechcrafts in RAWs inventory, Does any of our armed forces operate (or looking to operate) such light special mission or elint platforms..?

What would be the ideal recce aircraft for our patrol, surveillance and elint needs..?

Ravi said...


It is a VERY BRAVE on your part to choose this name ; LOL

As Brihanalla was a Transgender

buddha said...

Does India order more Mig 29K
creating oil reservoirs and ordering ammunition this indicating of the great game game of 2018....retaking POk....
will this govt get adequate backup from the opposition....
will this govt help army to get rid off repairing work to private let army fully utilise its resources?

buddha said...

sir what happens to the proposal of amrecian armed drone purchase India on the track track proceed for this?
sir how can Indian army navy air-force increase their capacity of targeting in long range from the present targetting capacity

Jay Bhanushali said...


are we really committing to such intrusive inspirations by the japs?

I find it very hard to believe.
Could you please clarify this matter..

financeblogger said...

Mr. Prasun, request your opinion on the above article.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@ Jay Bhanushali

Whats new in this?, we already opened the door of some reactors to IAEA after 123 Deal. So, those reactors able to use imported fuel. I dont have data right now, but if you ask then I provide that.

There are only some reactors left that is totally for military purpose. Also, personally I think India will put all reactors based on FBTR under IAEA inspection.

john said...

Astra Microwave Products

This is regarding project Uttam, how it is progressing?
I am sure the way the speed this Uttam project is being taken up definitely this will be ready by 2017 March

with miniBrahmos we have MoU to develop the seekers and that project is on and we are working with Brahmos. We will be making the first seeker by 2017.

Brahmos is an X band not even KU-Band, various QSM and Akash Mark 2 version whatever we have plan to develop this seekers, these two are on KU-Band

precision approach radar…..

That is basically the NCNC trials are scheduled in the month of April and we are almost 80% through and then 20% the testing and integration phase is remaining and that we will complete by March and we are all geared up to meet the schedules at NCNC as per customer demand.

MVMR, mother velocity measurement radar…….

So mother velocity radar, we have already made one unit and we have carried out the first phase of testing interest range.

We are targeting by 2017 March we should be able to demonstrate this Ka-Band seeker to the user.

We are working in KU-Band seeker. But now we are taking up KU-Band on top priority.

Jay Bhanushali said...


giving access to iaea is different from giving access to the japs. we haven't even given the Americans such access.

Also, the article indicates legally binding commitment and Financial penalty on india for non compliance which we didn't even give the Americans.

Maybe i am missing something or maybe i have misunderstood or maybe the news article itself is bogus.

Thats why i wanted Prasun sir to clarify the issue

पीयूष दास said...


Here journalist are claiming that govt of india & Lockheed Martin are in serious negotiations For manufacturing of f-16 in India...

पीयूष दास said...

Do you think parrikar is doing right thing by bargaining so hard for 36 rafales ?

CSC said...

Prasun, where are you... You are sorely missed... So many Valid questions and so few answers

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Jay Bhanushali I nowhere able to find we given access to Japs (btw that is derogatory term for them) in that article, and neither in those agreements. Someone posted the links of that agreements sometime ago in this blog, but this link is handy

Jay Bhanushali said...

Japan says India’s nuclear MoU “legally binding”
Updated: March 21, 2016 00:37 IST | Kallol Bhattacherjee

Nuclear experts describe the MoU as a backdoor attempt to draw India into the NPT
Days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Washington DC for the Nuclear Security Summit, a senior Japanese diplomat told The Hindu that India had committed to adhere to the “control of nuclear material, traceability [of nuclear fuel] and consequence in case of a nuclear accident” under the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on civil nuclear cooperation with Japan signed during Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to India in 2015.

Intrusive, feel experts
Though the bilateral agreement leaves out India’s military nuclear programme, experts warn that the agreed principles impinge on India’s independent nuclear programme as they imply intrusive inspection of civilian nuclear reactors as warranted under the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The Japanese diplomat pointed out that so far, the world had to rely on India’s verbal commitments on nuclear non-proliferation, but the India-Japan MoU marked the first occasion when India came under legal obligation to uphold non-proliferation concerns.

“There were no tools to bind India, only India’s voluntary self-claimed policy existed, but now there is legally binding measures by the agreement between India and Japan,” said the diplomat, explaining that the commitments were proof of India’s peaceful and transparent intentions in using nuclear reactors solely for energy generation. He said India will be financially accountable if it is found to be violating the principles.

An Indian official who has been associated with the negotiations said the principles being cited by the Japanese were nothing extraordinary and were part of the “standard template for civil nuclear deal” that India had signed with several countries. However, he refused to address the Japanese assertion that India would have to financially compensate Japan if it violated the principles.

Top experts on nuclear affairs, however, describe the MoU as a “backdoor attempt to draw India into the NPT”.

“The principles of traceability and control over nuclear material are highly intrusive measures that will be used by the Japanese to trace the nuclear fuel that Japanese-origin reactors sold to India will contain,” says Ashok Parthasarathi, former Scientific Adviser to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The MoU may destabilise India’s established nuclear deals with Russia and France as they too may demand similar commitments previously denied to them, he said.

A. Gopalakrishnan, former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, points out that conditions on “traceability of nuclear fuel and safety of nuclear material” do not figure in the deals India concluded with the U.S., France and Russia.

“The government should not accept such intrusive provisions as these are demeaning for a country of India’s stature,” Dr. Gopalakrishnan told The Hindu. Refuting the government’s claim on the “template of civil nuclear deal”, he said: “The official template of nuclear deal did not contain provisions that might empower outside powers to carry out inspection to trace nuclear fuel in India.”

JADED said...

Sir, have you seen this shit:

Our media are corrupt motherf*ckers, how can they be allowed to print such blatent lies??

birbal said...


CSC said...

Prasun, where are you...

Well Prasun is there where Prasun should be...DOING his own BUSINESS..collecting information, having fun,..and MOST importantly knowing the TRUTH.

CSC said...

@ birbal
He d9es all that while sharing his knowledge with us.
That was the question...

SR said...


The Missile that is being integrated on Tejas MK1 is Derby ( old version ) or I-Derby ER( Dual pulse Extended range new version)?
Also could you please let us know the current situation of the Tejas MK1A induction? there are no new airframes completed by HAL also there is no news on integration modifications to vanilla MK1. Kindly update us.
Many Thanks in Advance..

Sumanta said...

Prasun Da, in your previous thread, in replying the query raised by RAD & GESSLER , you have stated present Agni - V as tech demonstrator, as I quote, "The photo is that of the K-15, not K-4. The K-4 is shorter & stubbier. For any land-launched ICBM from a MAL, the SLBM variant will be a better choice than the existing Agni-5 ICBM technology demonstrator"------ Can you explain, or share your Point of View, the reason behind it being a Technology Demonstrator only ?

Also, the missile was scheduled to have 2nd Test fire from Canister, no news regarding that till date

AniOne said...

Hi Sumanta,

I believe you are talking about this test.............

Again, the article says that missile was tested earlier this month but no dates whatsoever mentioned.

Sumanta said...

Thanks AniOne, but I have mentioned the test firing of canisterised Agni V.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To CSC & EVERYONE ELSE: Just got back from a hectic 5-day working-trip to Russia during which the following were visited:

JSC Rubin Central Marine Engineering Design Bureau (SKB-18) in St Petereburg

JSC Afrikantov Experimental Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering (OKBM) Nizhny Novgorod

Izhorsky Zavod, at Kolpino, near St Petersburg & the Nizhny Novgorod Machine-Building Plant

Concern AVRORA Scientific and Production Association JSC in St Petersburg

The Ruskies are coming with a bang!!! The above-mentioned companies have frozen the design of a 4++ generation single-hulled SSN that Russia will be series-producing at the Amursky Yard (formerly shipyard No. 199) at Komosomolsk-na-Amur in the Far east. And this very SSN is most likely to be selected by the IN for series-producing by Larsen & Toubro at Kattupalli. This SSN will use several India-made sub-systems & components already on-board the S-2/Arihant, meaning the 2,500-odd Indian OEMs who are already certified to produce Russia-IPR-owned sub-systems & components will be able to do the same for the SSNs as well, thereby resulting in significant cost-savings. The Integrated PWR will have life of 36 years & will be rated at 45mW Thermal. Submerged displacement of this SSN will be close to 5,000 tonnes. All-electric propulsion system will be used, thereby doing away with clutches, reduction gear & transmission coupling for the propeller. It will be qualified to launched both 533mm torpedoes & BrahMos-NG ASCMs from torpedo-tubes. If the Govt of India later this year inks this landmark deal, then the Russian OEMs will immediately start sending the detailed design drawings done with Dassault's CATIA software CAD software to L & T, which in turn will commence a virtual design of this SSN at its virtual-reality submarine design facility.

In addition, all R & D work has been completed by OKBM on a 175mW Thermal Integrated PWR & all-electric propulsion system that will be offered for the IAC-2 project.

Will resume blogging later today after catching up on some urgently-need sleep.

Meanwhile, all those 'desi' pubby/shubby/unni journalists spreading rumours about the IN leasing Project 885 Yasen-class or Project 971 Kashalot SSGNs, EAT SHIIIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIJAY: Arey yaar, why take so much tension when watching such competitive cricketing tournaments? And why you never went through this ordeal when the Pakistani Women's cricket team trounced the Indian team in Delhi? And no, I don't like cricket & therefore I don't watch such matches. BTW, watch how this Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch promised to strip-dance had the Pakistani men's cricket team won against India:

And now watch here as a totally cursing psycho-wreck after Pakistan lost the match:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: Watch how Dr Samar Mubarak Mand publickly berates & pooh-poohs Dr A Q Bhopali Khan, & proves beyond a pale of doubt that Pakistan's 1998 WMD tests never used enriched uranium:

And watch A S Dulat humouring this dimwit Pakistani programme anchor 2 days ago:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Watch these weapons being fired in slow-motion:


Prasun da,

No news on planned upgrade of 17nos ASW Helo SEA KING B of IN?

Has it been cancelled and the Sea King will be retired early?

पीयूष दास said...

WoW !

You've returned with a bang bang news ...

If OKBM reactor is selected for IAC-2, doesn't it mean that Russians will become natural choice as partners for IAC-2's construction as well !!

dipan chakraborty said...

Which one is better product Barracuda or this new Russian sub?

dipan chakraborty said...

Which one is better product Barracuda or this new Russian sub?

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

You mentioned the integrated PWR of the SSNs will have life of 36 years. Will it use HEU? How often will they need fuel recharge?

Best Regards

Jay Bhanushali said...

PWR with 45mW thermal seems quite low for an SSN. Barracuda has a 150 mW reactor.And Will it have pump jet or propeller? Will it launch Brahmos NG from torpedoe tubes or have VSL?

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

How do you COMPARE KHIBINY EW JAMMER with SAP 518 Jammer

Has IAF had a look at KHIBINY

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

This is continuation of previous comments about Akash Missile.

1. Now what is happening in Akash Missile Program.
2. Why “New Indian Express” is always writing some shit about Indian Products.
3. R this medias are paid agents ?
4. Is there demand for Akash Missile?
5. What is the status of Akash – 2?

Please give me more details about current status of Akash Missile.
S.Senthil Kumar

lachit said...


lolzz how did u stumble on the crazy Qandeel Baloch video

hehehe !!!!!

boys wil be boys lolzzzz.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

What happen to UAE MARS mission. First they came to India for Launch.
Now they went to Japan.

S.Senthil Kumar

Gessler said...


Hahahahahahahaahahaha. Prasun ji has been caught with his pants down!

@Prasun K. Sengupta

Sir ji, we are all waiting for a full thread about the results of your Roosi visit! By chance, have you seen any model of this new 5,000-ton SSN? Is it similar to this old model you showed on your previous blog, although I don't think they're from the same agency?

पीयूष दास said...

Sir, you've said that

"companies have frozen the design of a 4++ generation single-hulled SSN that Russia will be series-producing at the Amursky Yard (formerly shipyard No. 199) at Komosomolsk-na-Amur in the Far east.

Does it mean that india & Russia will use same class of submarines ?
Why Will Russia start producing another type of SSN when it already has production line of yasen class SSN?

FOE said...


Please accept my congratulations on you getting invited from Rubin design bureau and other submarine design and manufacturing institutions of Russia. I don't know what you do but you must be deciding on the P75I program or Indian SSN program to be given such invitations.

Now, if they are giving 45mW thermal reactor then it must be a high enriched PWR with sufficient power to accommodate SSN's demands for power surge. Then you claim, they are also developing 175MW PWR for IAC-2. Getting two nuclear reactors and their design from Russia when they gave a lousy reactor for INS Arihant, that too after 20-30 years of haggling, seems a bit surprising.

I hope you are not manufacturing facts but here, on this blog in general, people would like to get some hard evidence in the support of your claim. Otherwise, this claim would be nothing but another bundlebaazi !!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Piyus Das
...because the Yassen class of subs are too expensive ( about $ 1.6B a piece) and the Russians reckoned a smaller, more cost-effective sub would be the way to go in the future. That outlook also aligns with what the Indian Navy wants and there you have it.


Anonymous said...


What really happened at the IronFist 2016. There are some interesting stories coming out? If they are true then its something to really worry about.


sumit sen said...

Dada tell us something more about Russian new ssn. And if this deal accepted what will happen to the french ssn deal with india? Any info on rafale deal?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SANJEEV KUMAR: Nome of the OEMs—Sikorsky or AgustaWestland—have any upgrade package available for the Sea King. Therefore, the IN’s Sea Kings will have to be retired from service ASAP. The S-70B Seahawks will be their natural replacement.

To PIYUSH DAS” No, it means the Russians will be involved only in design & validation of the propulsion package, just as Fincantieri was for IAC-1. Both India & Russia will use the same design SSN, but the Indian SSN will have India-built hardware & some imported from France, like photonic masts.

To DIPAN CHAKRABORTY: Barracuda is an SSGN with VLS cells for launching SCALP LACMs, while the proposed SSN will be a pure hunter-killer of hostile submarines, & will also be able to launch BrahMos-NGs from torpedo tubes for anti-ship strike. The SSN will therefore be much lighter & smaller.

To RAJ: The SSNs will all have lifelong PWRs. No mid-life refueling reqd, meaning they will use HEU enriched up to 65%. Russian fuel cores unlike their Western counterparts do not have pure cores using only 1 type of enrichment, meaning the inner portion of the core has 25% enrichment & an outer portion of the core that is enriched up to 65%. For the S-2/Arihant, it works out to 21% & 45% since the PWR used on the Arihant is a third-generation design & hence after e decade of operations, the fuel core requires replacement. But not so on the SSN.

To JAY BHANUSHALI: Barracuda is an SSGN, not SSN. Secondly, Barracuda’s fissile core uses LEU, not HEU.

To VIJAY: We don’t require such pods. The ELL-8251 escort jammer is a far better solution.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: The older photo was that of a derivative of the Project 971B SSGN. The SSN has been designed by RUBIN. It will be hydrodynamically more sleeker & will externally resemble the Project 705 Lira Alfa-class SSN. But the new SSN will be lighter & sleeker as it will be single-hulled & it will have far greater automation features. For instance, it will have photonic masts (most probably from THALES) & no periscopes, which in turn eliminates the traditional helmsman, planesman, chief-of-the-watch and diving officer by combining them into two stations manned by only two officers. The 46mW Thermal 4th-generation PWR was tested way back in 2006 by RUBIN & OKBM & has since been considerably refined. It was originally developed to cater to the Russian Navy’s reqmt for a new-generation SSN that will protect the flanks of the Project 955 SSBNs as pure hunter-killers, leaving the Project 885 SSGNs nto focus exclusively on shadowing & targetting hostile carrier battle-groups. For it must be recalled that the former USSR always operated several types of third-generation SSNs, & the most prolific of them were the Project 671 Yorsh, Project 671RT Syomga & Project 671RTM Shchuka SSNs—all of which have been decommissioned & require replacements.

To FOE: VMT, but the PWRs for the S-1/Half Boat, S-2/Arihant, S-3 & S-4 all belong to the third-generation of PWRs from Russia. And no, they weren’t acquired after 20-30 years of haggling. Negotiations lasted from 1982 rill 1989 after which the agreement was inked. The acquisition of production know-how lasted from 1990 till 1998. These are the accurate timelines & everything else that has been published so far is pure speculation.

To SUMIT SEN: There will be substanti8al military-industrial French inputs into the 6 projected SSNs of the IN, like Sigma-40 RLG-INS, photonic masts, vibration-dampers, VLF comms antenna winches, etc etc. In other words, all the France-origin hardware already on board the S-2/Arihant will also find their way into the SSNs.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: Regarding Akash-1/2 SAMs, the following have to be borne in mind:

1) The DRDO took 20 years to devfelop this SAM system & in the end the missile turned out to be just a reverse-engineered 3M9ME missile of 1960s design vintage.

2) The Akash has never been test-fired from any of its probable deployment locations to date. Only from the ITR in Odisha. If I were an end-user, I will be totally disgusted & demoralised by this.

3) Any Army requires MR-SAMs only when it has to operate up to 90km inside hostile territory & has no assurance from the air force about guaranteed air supremacy. In India’s case, since after May 1998 such deep-penetration scenarios of the IA are no longer reqd or desired for its 3 Strike Corps , the reqmt also has to change. What the IA therefore requires are far more SHORADS like the SpyDer-SR for combatting standoff PGMs like the LACMs. Furthermore, since SAMs like the Akash-1 can operate only in the plains & not over mountainous terrain, the IA has no use for them since in future, the IA’s only offensive warfighting scenarios all call for fighting on mountainous terrain, be it across the LoC or the LAC. Therefore, in future one must expect even the 3 Strike Corps to be reorganised & restructured into smaller warfighting formations.

4) The Akash-1/2 SAMs have a large deployment footprint when one takes into account associatyed logistics/product-support vehicles. This poses a huge burden both financially & operationally. The DRDO miserably failed in anticipating the need for cannister-encased SAM rounds that can be deployed with ease. The Akash-1/2 on the other hand have to be taken out of their cannisters & loaded on to their TELs, which reduces their service-lives. The cannister-encased Barak-2s on the other hand have no such limitations.

5) But the IA does not require Barak-2s either because the IAF’s Barak-2 MR-SAMs & Barak-8 LR-SAMs will always be there to provide air-cover. Even in China, for instance, the PLA Army has decided to use only VSHORADS & SHORADS as integral air-defence assets, leaving the MR-SAMs & LR-SAMs to be operated by the PLAAF.

6) The next bombshell will therefore come from the IAFm which will follow the IA in rejecting the Akash-1/2 in favour of the Barak-2/Barak-8 combination. And no one will be able to object, since the Barak-2/Barak-8 too have been projected by the DRDO as being SAMs with indigenous content, thereby totally neutralizing the ‘desi-versus-phoren’ arguments.

Arpit Kanodia said...


If these SSN are hunter killer, then these are going to be equipped with spherical sonars. Am I right?

Also isnt 45 MW-Thermal is bit low to power 5000 tonne submarine, when older Rubis class which is 2600 tonne propelled by 48 MW (dont know that is electric or thermal) .

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To FOE: Before eulogizing the Tejas Mk.1 & wishing away the Rafale, the following will have to be taken into account, which you have conveniently forgotten to:

1) The production/acquisition costs of the Tejas Mk.1 as it now exists. Without obtaining this figure, no one can benchmark it against the acquisition costs of the Rafale.

2) DRDO’s utter failure to produce an operationally configured MRCA, & instead putting forth an aircraft developed of, by & for scientists.

3) The IAF’s refusal to take ownership of the tejas Mk.1’s R & D process, unlike the IN whose LCA (Navy) Mk.1/2 projects are far more sophisticated with achievable targets.

Also, you have failed to take account of the decommissioning of the MiG-23BNs & MiG-27Ms as CAS aircraft. It is due to this that the Jaguar IS has to step in as the CAS p0latform & that’s exactly why the Jaguars have been armed with Textron CBU-105 SFWs. This in turn leaves the slot for DPSAs totally vacant & that’s where the Rafales come in. Show me a single piece of paper that authorises & certifies the Su-30MKI to undertake terrain-hugging deep-penetration sorties. You will NEVER come across any such authorisation, that I guarantee. Nor can anyone blandly state that in future air wars, there will be ZERO need for terrain-hugging DPSAs.

Conclusion: View the scenario through bi-focal optics, not unifocal. And only after that decide who’s being delusional.

To JOHN: Wow!!! The Uttam AESA-MMR’s R & D process began in only 2011 & you expect everything to be ready by 2017??? So what you’re claiming is that all the US, European & Russian OEMs were nothing but a bunch of dimwits wasting decades on R & D on various AESA-based radar solutions, & India has come up with this fantastic R & D solution with a five-year timeframe. And on which airborne testbed will this Uttam be flight-tested? Mind you, an airborne testbed not only has to accommodate the radar, but also the entire performance monitoring/recording instrumentation, avionics, & space for the techies manning such hardware. Do you think any Tejas Mk.1 PV or LSP or SP aircraft will be able to welcome all this on-board???

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: It will be spherical sonars for both SSNs as well as all other future warships of the IN as well. That's precisely why the cylindrical-array HUMSA is being rejected by the IN, which believes that the DRDO does not possess any expertise on spherical sonar R & D & all future sonar suites for warships b& submarines will be imported, most probably from France's THALES. Rubis has 48mW Thermal PWR. For running a 5,000-tonne SSN, 25mW Electric is all that's reqd.

nag said...

Dada if 20% ruled applied to 48mWT then the output will be 9.6mW. 25mW will be more than 50% efficiency which is almost impossible to reach. typical land based reactor efficiency is less than 40% so navel reactors will be less efficient than than. is it 48mW or 48mWT.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To NAG: No, such 20% rules don't apply because the overall power output in mWe depends on 1) the PWR's energy density , i.e. what combination of LEU & HEU is used to make up the fissile core; & 2) the thermal efficiency of the heat-exchanger. In fact, land-based reactor efficiency too is undergoing enhancements to super-thermal levels due to advances in heat-exchanger technologies. In any PWR for SSNs or SSGNs or SSBNs, the fissile core is n ever 100% HEU or 100% LEU. It is an optimum mixture of both depending on the thermal efficiency demands of the heat-exchanger. In other words, the most sensitive technology is not so much the PWR design, but the sophistication of the heat-exchanger.

nag said...

i got this from

पीयूष दास said...


Sumanta said...

Prasun Da, in your previous thread, in replying the query raised by RAD & GESSLER , you have stated present Agni - V as tech demonstrator, as I quote, "The photo is that of the K-15, not K-4. The K-4 is shorter & stubbier. For any land-launched ICBM from a MAL, the SLBM variant will be a better choice than the existing Agni-5 ICBM technology demonstrator"------ Can you explain, or share your Point of View, the reason behind it being a Technology Demonstrator only ?

also what your view on present situation arising out of radicalization towards extremism of the youths in South Kashmir ?

Thanks in advance.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@nag You are comparing not just apple with orange, but apple with grapes. Firstly PKS talking about HEU vs LEU, and specifically for marine nuclear reactors, not Nuclear power plant vs Coal based powerplants.

Also the definition of HEU & LEU is very different in military context & in civilian context. In civilian context, powerplants operating over 20% considered as HEU, but in military context even 45% not considered as HEU. Read these

financeblogger said...

Mr. Prasun, request your opinion on the above article. Also kind request for response to following questions and how much truth is in it?

1) As stated in the article, is the Pakistani army GHQ at Rawalpindi capable and has resources for the above?
2) In the article, its stated that violence in Haryana was deliberate and funding was from narcotics ring in Punjab and Rajasthan and planning was in Dubai and Mumbai and there is proof via intercepts and travel records to identify the ring leaders.
3)The people responsible for violence in Haryana are being protected by Hawala dealers.
4) GHQ Rawalpindi 10 point plan to destabilise India
5) Narcotics lobby in India has promised funding such plans and in some cases has even paralysed the working of security agencies, including the police and paramilitary.
6) UPA era policies has caused serious issues wrt to employment.
7) 2016 is going to be a crucial year not only for BJP, but more importantly for India.

nag said...

You misundwestood both my question and dadas and. fully understood parsunda ans. That 20% I mentioned is not about enrichment level but of efficiency. 48mWt reactor does not produce 48mW due to laws of thermodynanics. I still have doubts as i have not seen any documents but im convinced with parsunda's ans

Arpit Kanodia said...

@nag Now I get it, yeah you are right about 20% efficiency in marine reactors. But that 20% efficiency is very ambiguous, and also very old data based on reactors of 70s and 80s. Also that data doesnt include efficiency of which nuclear reactor, of HEU or LEU(mostly used in icebreakers)?

Arpit Kanodia said...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

SUMANTA: LoLz! So you want me to spill the beans about what’s behind all the presentations that Dr V K Saraswat gives to academic institutions all over India? Alright, so here goes…

Firstly, kindly study the photo of the SLBM silo fabricated by Larsen & Toubro here:

Now kindly study the photos below from Dr Saraswat’s presentation on SLBM & ICBM



As you can see from the above, the schematics of the SLBM & definitive Agni-5 bear more than a close resemblance.

Now, if you can make friends with Google (as always recommended by SRINIVAS R), then kindly seek out images & schematics of the R-39 Rif SLBM & compare them with those schematics of the great Dr V K Saraswat. You can view one schematic of the R-39 Rif SLBM here:

Lastly, check out the official website of JSC MIC Mashinostroyenia, which comprises eight strategic companies: NPO Mashinostroyenia (Reutov, Moscow), JSC Production Association Strela (Orenburg), JSC Permsky Zavod Mashinostroitel (Perm), JSC Scientific and Production Association of Electro-Mechanic and JSC Makeyev State Rocket Center SKB-385 (Miass, Chelyabinsk), FSUE Avangard (Safonovo, Smolensk), FSUE Ural Research Institute of Composite Materials, or UNIIKM (Perm), NII Electromechaniki (Istra, Moscow) and Concern Granit-Electron (St Petersburg).

This military-industrial conglomerate today is Russia’s largest & most prosperous developer of SLBMs & ICBMs. So, if I were to develop ICBMs & SLBMs through industrial partnership, then this is the conglomerate that I will team up with, with my eyes closed. And this is exactly what was done on February 12, 1998 to give birth to BrahMos Aerospace, the front entity meant for camouflaging the real R & D objectives of the DRDO’s Project Sagarika.

As to why Russia would help India, Moscow’s motivation is simple: if China could obtain from Ukraine all that it wanted for advancing its strategic nuclear weapons R & D projects, then there’s no way Russia will allow China to have its cake & eat it as well. So what better way of exacting revenge than by helping India maintain technological parity in the strategic weapons domain with China.

Now, do you at last get the whole picture?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Su-35s for Pakistan? Are you serious? FYI the Russians have not yet forgotten what Pakistan did in the 1980s when Afghan Mi-24s & Mi-25s & Soviet Su-25s that either defected to Pakistan or were shot down inside Pakistan were promptly shipped to the USAF's Edwards AFB for detailed inspections & analysis. Do you therefore think that Pakistan will not repeat history with Su-35s or Mi-35Ms? Where are those four Mi-35Ms that everyone was claiming would be sold to Pakistan? Have they already entered Pakistani airspace & are resting at an Army Aviation base?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

BTW, Larsen & Toubro's virtual-reality submarine design centre is in Gurgaon & has been operational since 2006. In fact, it was developed jointly with RUBIN.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To FINANCEBLOGGER: LoLz! Folks never cease to compose conspiracy theories! Rest assured that India's 'refusing-to-develop' mindset is totally indigenous/desi & has no 'phoren' content. It is a self-inflicted wound & therefore does not require any external hostile party. For as long as there will be opportunistic politicians within India who constantly clamour for reservations of all hues & refuse to condemn acts of suicide (choosing instead to blame others for suicides), all such wounds will be self-inflicted, period.

Rajesh Mishra said...

It appears that the Tejas-Mk1 (Modified) is finally going to move ahead. Also that the Rafale and Tejas-Mk2 seem to be fading in to the distant future. Moreover the ghost of Mig-35 is being awakened again.

If these are facts, then in your revered opinion where this all leads to.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJESH MISHRA: Not the Tejas Mk1, but the LCA (Navy) Mk1's version for the IAF. The Mk2 project is still a few years away from going into full-swing. MiG-35 is for the Russian Air Force. Nothing to do with India. But Russian Navy is going ahead with service-induction of MiG-29Ks.

Sumanta said...

Thanks Prasun Da for opening my eyes.

Sumanta said...

Happy Doljatra and Holi to Prasun Da and everybody here.

rad said...

hi prasun
great analysis regarding the reply to sumanta. Will there be a 3rd line of SSN production if the project 75i goes ahead ? does not sound economical.
Actually what ails the su-mki serviceability?. is it the very short life span of spares or is it mismanagement ?
Have the elm 8251 jammers started to arrive?.
Has the LCA sp-1 been given to the IAF test team to learn and ope-rationalize tactics?.
what will happen to all the orders placed for the akash sam so far? if they get rejected ?.Why is the army rejecting them now ? obviously they would have known in advance the capability of the barak sams before placing orders for the akash?.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks. Great analysis about Akash Missile current status.

I heard Akash-2 is going to come with Indigenous Seeker. If that is the case it is one more milestone in defense technology.

As per your analysis, in near future both IAF/IA is going to reject both Akash-1/2 & go for Barak-2 & 8.

If that is the case, India cannot develop any product individually. R & D Technology is always learning & evolution process.

If every time whatever DRDO developed is rejected with good reasons then we cannot blame DRDO. It is utter failure of Indian Planning & Mindset.

At least India should ensure in Barak 8 Project, Israel should transfer complete technology to India including Production technology & process so that we can learn some technology.

Do you agree with my comments?

Once again Thanks

S.Senthil Kumar

rad said...

hi prasun
THe hjt-36 seems to have crossed the spin barrier as reports suggests . What about the al-55 engine it was reported a dud .Thats quite surprising given the engine expertise of saturn company?>
Does the air foce want it , or is hal trying to ram it down the throat again. Have the IAF taken a decision to use the pilatus for stage 2 training.?
Why is the IAF introducing women fighter pilots ? are we in shortage ?. What role due you think they will be assigned in a war scenario.Or is it to show case to the world like pakistan.
PLease post lot off goodies from the defexpo

Sumanta said...

Prasun Da, what is your view regarding present situation in South Kashmir, is it so grave as depicted by media :

Thanks in advance.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Not 3rd line, but 2nd line. Project 75I will morphe into an order for additional 3 Scorpene SSKs powered by AIP using Lithium-Ion batteries (i.e. the DRDO's money-wasting project for an indigenous AIP system will be terminated in the very near future). There will be only two lines for nuclear-powered submarines: SSBN & SSN. L & T will be prime Indian contractor for both. There's nothing wrong with the Su-30MKI. What is reqd is the creation of a MRO facility that contains a bonded warehouse with pre-stockpiled spares & rotables/consumables. Of what use is the SP-1 when it lacks the on-board MMR? Reason the Akash-1/2 is being rejected by the IA is because all 3 armed services have been told to prioritise their procurement decisions. No army or air force in the world today can afford the luxury of procuring SHORADS, MR-SAMs & LR-SAMs in one go. Financially it is impossible. IAF doesn't want the HJT-36 or the HTT-40, period. Very soon the RM will bring the hammer down on these two monery-wasting projects. Personally, I have no objections to women entering all streams of combat in the armed forces. This should have been done a long long time ago in the 1960s itself. It makes no sense if one worships warrior-goddesses but has second-thoughts about allowing women to go into full combat. Such hypocrisy makes no sense to me at all.

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: Lert me offer an analogy: will you prefer to use a DRDO-developed rudimentary telephone instrument of the type invented by Alexander Graham Bell at a time when cellphones are freely available? The same is the case with Akash-1/2. It is 20 years too late in coming. The end-user cannot be blamed for rejecting it. If I were the end-user, then I would insist on the Akash-1 being test-fired in the North-East, at Thoise in northern J & K, at Pokhran in Rajasthan, & at Rameshwaram in TN, before committing to place firm orders for this SAM. The same applies to the Rajendra L-band BLR & the Rohini S-band CAR.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUMANTA: Relax, all parts of J & K are in good hands & matters are under control & that's why all the Hurriyat leaders being feted by the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi yesterday & were being stuffed with oily/spicy cuisines to celebrate Pakistan's National day on March 23. Minister Prakash Javadekar went there as the official representative of the Govt of India for a few minutes, exchanged pleasantries as per protocol. I of course have no time for attending such functions/banquets, but my manned/unmanned assets were there doing persistent, full-spectrum surveillance of this event, rest assured.

पीयूष दास said...

Sir, inference of your views about akash missile, IJT sitara, HTT-40 etc, seems to be like-

"Whatever developed indigenously is either DUD or VINTAGE !"

I really Wish & Hope that you're wrong...

But in case you're right, can you tell us what measures must be taken to improve this condition !

Or you're suggesting that we will never be able to develop military industrial complexes like France, USA or Russia...

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Your comments are highly appreciated.

Choices are
a) Alexander Graham Bell time Telephone Instrument - Made in India by Indians
b) Latest Smart Phones – Made in Foreign Country by Foreigner

If I am a military man I will select the option b) Latest Smart Phone. (No Military man will take a chance)

If I a patriotic Visionary I will select option a) Alexander Graham Bell time Telephone Instrument.

As a Visionary I want Indians to learn & start doing the basic things.

Crawl – Stand – Walk – Run – Sprint is the Evolutionary Cycle.

Current DRDO is in Crawl-Stand stage. Visionary want DRDO to move to next stage of Walk-Run. Later in Sprint mode.

Now Visionary needs to audit the DRDO way of working. More Private Partnership with DRDO is needed. And force the DRDO more accountability & axe the Team if they not deliver in time.

But all Indians including Armed forces should support DRDO to move to next stage.
DRDO/ISRO/DAE/ICAR/CSIR are the Pillars of Indian Scientific Achievements. This institutions should never fail. Maybe Late but not never.

S. Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIYUSH DAS: If you want things to improve, then the first place to start is inside the brain, i.e. change of mindset. And I can also state without any hiccup that this is a herculean task. Decades of conditioning & creation of flawed foundational precepts cannot be done away overnight or even within 5 years. If you read Pranab Mukherjee's part-2 of his 3-part memoirs, you will discover that in the 1980s the policy used to be "favour the NRI's/PIO's money & wealth for FDI, but don't ever allow the NRI/PIO to be the owner of an India-registered business/corporate entity!" Where else in the world has such a bizarre & mind-boggling policy ever been implemented? Also, do France, USA or Russia host junk-status universities like JNU that roll out ideological washouts? Or do they host world-class academic centres of excellence that produce professionals?

Conclusion: Without getting the foundational precepts right, anything built atop a filmsy foundation will always collapse like a house of cards with the slightest nudge. Example: in 1953 amidst much fanfare the Hindu Code Bill was introduced in Parliament; & in 2015 in response to a RTI request, the Govt of India says that it has NO/ZERO idea of the origin of the word HINDU or what is the definition or meaning of the word HINDU.

My prescription: always get the basics right by working out the finer details, for the devil always lurks within the detail. Do this, & everything will place in place.

birbal said...

.....It makes no sense if one worships warrior-goddesses but has second-thoughts about allowing women to go into full combat. Such hypocrisy makes no sense to me at all.

Wel said Prasunda....I like it..

birbal said...

..... Without getting the foundational precepts right, anything built atop a filmsy foundation will always collapse like a house of cards with the slightest nudge....

Very well said Prasunda...Ask any buider, what makes any building STRONG?? they will always reply- it's the FOUNDATION my dear friend along with a STRONG framework..Happy Holi..

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: With due respect, DRDO/ISRO/DAE/ICAR/CSIR are NOT the Pillars of Indian Scientific Achievements. They never were. None of them ever invented the gun, or gunpowder, or nuclear power reactors or satellite launch rockets. They have only MASTERED the technologies & foundational scientific precepts that were developed OUTSIDE India. And this trend continues. Mastering a technology that was developed abroad through scientific research does not ever qualify as an indigenous scientific achievement.

Back in the late 1940s & early 1950s it was the TIFR that, through its own in-house R & D, developed India's first supercomputer that was 100% desi in conception, design & content. It was developed for the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) for doing number-crunching calculations in support of the 5-year economic plans. Do you want to know what treatment was meted out to this path-breaking scientific achievement? A bunch of arseholes in the ISI decided that the ISI should not extend R & D funding-support to TIFR for developing such supercomputers, because the ISI wasn't mandated to develop supercomputers, but to merely engage in calculations-related activities!!! And thus the entire R & D effort of TIFR was permanently & comprehensively buried & its relics are still preserved at TIFR's museum in Mumbai!

If this is the state of prevailing collective mindsets, no amount of sloganeering or day-dreaming by individuals will be of any help. And that's the reality that we all have to live with, since no farishta/angel will ever fall from the skies to redeem the situation.

birbal said...

"....If this is the state of prevailing collective mindsets, no amount of sloganeering or day-dreaming by individuals will be of any help. And that's the reality that we all have to live with, since no farishta/angel will ever fall from the skies to redeem the situation."{

That's the BITTER truth...Alas, we all have to live with..
It's sooo HARD to change one's own mindset, think of changing the mindset of a billion Indians...uummm, i think i have to call GOD for that...even God would say DAMN that was easy as pie..oops i must have said that was real HARD..:):)

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your comments.

Yes. I heard this TIFR Supercomputer story 10 years back and got upset. Imagine in 50’s India is able to come out with Super Computer, today India will be a technological Leader in Science.

We lost a great opportunity. Still Indian Mindset has not learned the lesson.

To do course correction, what is your advice & Suggestion for Indian Policy makers and greater Indian Scientific community?

Do you have any plan & Idea? If yes you can approach the right person in Indian policy making body. Each individual contribution can change the trend.

Today anywhere in the world Indians are respected for their work dedication and ready to do all types of work. Most Indians give cost effective solution also. But at the end of the day Western countries wins the race. This is the sad story.

In my personnel opinion, India lacks Visionary Leader.

S. Senthil Kumar

Ashish said...

J&K is safe because we have the manpower. If we cut the manpower then there will be issues. We have tried very hard to win hearts and minds but I feel each time undermined by either politicians or journalists from Delhi. The result is that the new generation is worse than the previous. I have not yet met a Kashmiri, otherthan Dogra's that has anything pro India.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Distance between Kolkata & Kathmandu is 650 KM. Now China is offering alternate port transit which is 3000 KM away from Kathmandu. 5 times far away from Nearest Indian Port.

Is it economically feasible for both China & Nepal or Is it a political gimmick to threaten India?

Every body in the world takes India for granted.

Please comment.

S.Senthil Kumar

Ashish said...

I like the way you clear away the false bullshit and speak. We have been paying through the nose for ToT since the 1960's. Yet our neighbour through their limited resources have buildup better capability in building and enhancing defence products than us. I have to admit being envious of the JF17's. They have been exercising against the M2K-9, F15s, F16s, Su30, J11s, and J10s. How good is it? Well its good enough for Paf not to go for the J10s. Does that mean anything? Not much for us except that I would have preferred Tejas to be doing the same and be ahead of them.

@SSK, China is creating options for nations that had no options before. Thereby eroding our influence.

ARH93 said...

Prasun'da again a great post. I actually need some clarification from you. [1]As much I know preliminary order for Barak-8\mrsam for iaf is 18 firing unit.So it mean 3 squ (1squ=6firing unit/launcher)? [2]How many squ of Barak-8 IAF is going to induct eventually? [3]what happened to that 1000kg glide bomb with 100km range? IAF want to induct it or not?

Prav said...

So with this new Russian proposal/JV of a 5000 Ton SSN , what happens to the DCNS(french) option of nuclear scorpenes that you mentioned some time back ?

rad said...

hi prasun
I thought the Sp-1 had the elm-2032? why on earth did the IAF take delivery of a non radar ac?!.
The akash will be burden in the battle field with umpteen support vehicles , reloaders,generators check out,tankers ,etc .Any one of them can get hit and the efficiency of the system will be down.
will it be more efficient if a aesa radar was tied instead of the rajendra and CAR etc with a active seeker like an IIR or radar in the nose make all the investment worth while

how did the chines suddenly develop and flight test a massive aircraft like the y-20 ?

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Prasun da is there any typo "Back in the late 1940s & early 1950s it was the TIFR that" in the quoted statement ?

Arpit Kanodia said...

Sir there is any significance of this

Arpit Kanodia said...

This law also talked about military contingency plans with India and amended FOREIGN MILITARY SALES AND EXPORT STATUS UNDER ARMS EXPORT CONTROL ACT, and included India.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH: How good is the JF-17? Well...apparently not good enough for the PAF's CAS to fly it at flypasts. The CAS still prefers to fly the F-16 during the March 23 flypast. Don't believe me? Then do watch this:

To TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL: No typo error at all. There's even a documentary available on DVD that chronicles this whole affair!

To PRAV: The French option now calls for France to supply for these SSNs of Russian design force-multipliers like RLG-INS, photonic masts etc etc. The French never developed PWRs for Scorpene-class SSKs. The Brazilians claim to have developed one, but it's unproven & untested. The Russian PWR on the other hand is tested & is a far more credible option. I'm told this option is being pursued by India with great urgency.

Akash said...


1. The Project 705 Alfa used a 155 MWt heu pwr. It had a submergd displ of just 2700 and was capable of speeds of 50 knots. So isnt a 45 MW pwr a little less for a 4000 ton sub?

2.Arent we kkeasing another Akula class sub? This was widely reported by both our media and theirs and in a RIR Kadakin confirmed that indeed negotiations were going on for another Akula 2. So what happened to this option?

3. You say we are going for this option with great urgency. So, is it almost certain that we will be going for this new Rubun JSC designed SSN and L&T will manufacture them at Kattupali? Are we goibg to sign this deal in the coming fiscal?

4. Will we go for just 6 SSN as was originally planned or scale up the orders?

5. Is there any relation between the 3C22 Zircon hypersonic missile whose testfiring has just begun and our Brahmos-2? Are they the one and same missile?

6. In a recent One India report, it was reported that HAl is increasing the outsourcing of Tejas modules to private companies. Tenders have been issued for manufacturing the front, central, and rear fuselage. And the wing is currently outsoureced. Which organisation provides the tejas wing? Is it TAML? Besides them are there any other private aero structures manyfactures who can provide CFC modules of such high precision?

Akash said...

7. It is being said that during the night demonstration a Mirage 2000 didnt drop its laser guided bomb at IronFist 2016 due to bad weather . Now the Mirage was carrying a Litening 2 LDP and it has a FLIR which provides a good reso pic of the target area and being in mid wave iR it can see through fog and clouds. So whatis the bad weather abortion all about

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AKASH: 1) Didn't I repeatedly state that it is IMPERATIVE to clear the finer details first before jumping to any conclusions? Then why are you comparing a 2nd-generation SSN to a 4==-generation SSN? Why compare a double-hull SSN with a single-hull SSN? FYI the Project 705 Lira SSN was developed in the 1960s at the height of the Cold War, it remains the fastest of its kind till this very day. Its propulsion system was so powerful that it required an overhaul after a single high-speed mission, & even if it could operate at unrivaled elevations, was ridiculously expensive to operate & had a lifesoan of only 10 years.

2) Didn't I repeatedly state that it is IMPERATIVE to clear the finer details first before jumping to any conclusions? What was on offer was the K-322 971 Kashalot, whose keel was laid on Amur Shipyard on September 5, 1986, the vessel was launched on July 18, 1987 & commissioning took place 30 December 30, 1988 with the Soviet Navy's Pacific Fleet. It was removed from active service in the late 1990s to undergo overhaul and modernization. Do you want such an old SSGN to be leased?

3) Yes, yes, yes.

4) Only 6 for now.

5) They're one & the same. The Russia-based developer & OEM is one & the same as that for BrahMos-2.

6) It is TAML for now. Kemrock may step in at a later stage. Meanwhile, all R & D work on the LUH has come to a standstill until the Govt of India & MoD clarifies whether it will be the LUH that will be ordered for the IA & IAF, or the Ka-226T.

7) You're ASSUMING that a LGB can be guided only by LDP. Many a time, LDPs are not available & the best option is to use a ground-based portable laser designator used by IAF Garud personnbel. If such a designator suffers from a malfunction, then the strike mission has to be aborted. So do check with those idiots spreading needless rumours about why exactly the mission was aborted during EX Iron Fist 2016.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: All over the world (except in India) the aircraft developer always freezes the MRCA's design at the prototype stage itself, meaning the complete avionics suite is available, it is integrated & flight-tested. Only in India for reasons that defy common-sense, even the LSPs, leave alone the PVs, of the Tejas Mk.1 are devoid of MMRs & internal self-protection jammers. What is even more baffling beyond belief is that while the Martin Baker ejection seats were selected way back in the mid-1990s, the land-based rocket sled test facility for testing the ejection mechanisms & cockpit canopy severance systems weren't available until 2014! Do you or does anyone else have any explanation for this?

No amount of additional tinkering with the Akash-1/2 along the lines you've suggested is financially worthwhile unless & until the missile round is encased within a cannister. So its high time the Akash-1/2 is given a decent burial ASAP to make way for the Barak-2/Barak-8. The same also applies to the HTT-40 BTT. Hell, even the Afghan Air Force has opted for Super Tucanos. HAL should be asked to produce firm orders from export customers for the HTT-40, failing which the project should be terminated. The IAF's PC-7 Mk2s are here to stay for the next 25 years at the very minimum. One cannot be whining & wailing about the Rafale's high procurement costs while at the same time keeping silent on the needless & wasteful expenditure on projects like HTT-40 & HJT-36. Throughout the world respected air forces have opted for the BTT + AJT + LIFT solution. By opting for the IJT, the IAF will only prove that its human resources (future fast jet pilots) are intellectually incapable of transitioning from the BTT to the AJT. Can this be worn as a badge-of-honour by the IAF?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: Do you really want to know why the West always wins the race? It's because countries there take their homework seriously & always work out the finer details first & foremost. Those countries that learn from their own mistakes eventually become success stories; & even more successful are those countries who learn from the mistakes made by other countries. The US & USSR/Russia never invented rocket technologies or the television; they learnt it all from the Germans & then proceeded to make path-breaking innovations. Similarly, it was the US that invented the fax machine & cellphone, but the Japanese, South Koreans & Taiwanese & now China that have emerged as path-breaking innovators.

Can you show me any TV serial produced in India that eulogises the achievements of India's scientists or mathematicians? On the other hand, innumerable serials are churned out about Gods, Goddesses & historical Emperors & Kings. That itself shows how misplaced contemporary India's priorities are. Even a biopic of the mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan has to emerge from the UK, & not from India. Why? Clamouring for a visionary leader is a very tall order indeed, because nature's law states that we always get the leaders that we truly deserve. Consequently, no visionary leader can make revolutionary transformations unless & Until Indians citizens are knowledgeable enough to embrace such transformative precepts. It's that simple, & it ain't rocket science.

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

1.Project 17A Stealth Frigate cost stands at US$1.3B per ship. As a comparative - the most recent US DDG-51 variant runs US$1.7B. How come the cost of P 17A is so high?

2. James Fischer,UK was given the contract for the submarine rescue vessel. Why didn't MoD call for a tender?

3. This report in Economic Times describes a Integrated Anti-Submarine Defence Systems ( IADS) that Reliance-Thales wants to sell to Indian Navy. What is a IADS?

Many Thanks,


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) That's due to economies of scale. How many P-17A FFGs are on order & how many DDG-51s have been procured in all? Secondly, in foreign shipyards the fabrication workforce works in 3 shifts, whereas in India it is only a single shift. 2) James Fisher won only after submitting its response to the IN's tender. It wasn't a sole-source contract award. 3) It is similar to the Maareech system & BDL-built WASS C-303S Torpedo Countermeasures System. Nothing revolutionary. Maareech will in future be upgraded through the incorporation of RAFAEL's Torbuster hard-kill torpedo defence system.

Vikram Guha said...

Thank You PrasunDa.

One last question.

Many DRDO Engineers, Scientists are sent to study weapons development, aircraft development etc in renowned universities in US, EU, Israel and Russia.

Why is it despite all such training/education they cannot design cutting edge weapon, aircraft, electronic systems in India ?

Thanks again,


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: It's elementary: all those sent to or being sent to such institutions abroad are sent to learn only about EXISTING products/technologies. None of the foreign institutions teaches any foreigner anything about what's beyond the horizon that is presently within R & D incubators. On top of all this is the all-pervasive 'BHOOTHNATH' called ToT that is clinging on to everyone's shoulders (including in this blog) & one that almost everyone keeps harping about in India, without realising that ToT involves only technologies & products already developed somewhere else & therefore it serves to teach only how to re-invent the wheel. ToT never teaches anyone to graduate to the next level that involves the development of futuristic products/solutions. Furthermore, all ToT transfers involve only licenced-production processes & practices. ToT NEVER involves the sharing of the art or science of learning how to make futuristic innovations. And that's because these innovations are money-spinners that help sustain the ever-increasing costs of R & D. So, if an OEM wants to retain the MARKETING edge, it will never teach anyone else how to think & what to think about. The inexhaustible number of jingos in India need to take heed of this stark reality.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

TO BIRBAL/PALLAB: Even if you were to seek/call GOD for advice or redepmtion, God will in all likelihood turn back & say: "I have given you both the hardware (brain) & operating software (intellect), as well as the user's operating manuals (Vedanta philosophy & Dharma code of conduct). So you have to figure it all out with these available tools. Therefore, buzz off & wear your shoes off & stop pestering me."

Anonymous said...

I think PAF chief was an F-16 pilot in his younger days? Did a simple google search. Is it possible for him to fly the JF-17 when he never converted to it?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

No, it's impossible. Also, it's obvious he doesn't trust the JF-17. If he did, he would have taken the trouble to convert & obtain type-certification on a JF-17 simulator. Therefore, all indications are that these guts-in-uniform in Pakistan always blatantly show their preference for Western products over Made-in-China products. All Pakistani military officers prefer to go to senior command-and-staff courses in Western capitals, & not to Beijing. Guess they hate the prospect of learning Mandarin! And all this has always totally pissed off the Chinese.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Everyone in Pakistan is going ga-ga about this:

Security forces in Balochistan on Thursday claimed the arrest of a man who is 'a serving officer in the Indian Navy and deputed to the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).' The man was arrested during a raid in the province, a security official who declined to be named since he was not authorised to speak to the media told DawnNews, giving no details of the exact location the agent was arrested from. He said the 'RAW officer' had been shifted to Islamabad for interrogation, as he was suspected of involvement in various acts of terrorism and other subversive activities in Balochistan. "The spy had links with separatist elements in Balochistan," said the security official. The official added that the individual was also involved in acts of sectarian terrorism and terror attacks in Karachi. Balochistan Home Minister Mir Sarfaraz Bugti confirmed the arrest of an Indian spy from the southern part of the province. "The arrest has proved Indian involvement in Balochistan", Bugti said. Bugti added that the Indian spy was sponsoring terrorist and subversive activities in Balochistan. Bugti last year claimed RAW and NDS are behind the funding and training of Baloch Republican Army (BRA) militants.

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Thanks Prasun da for your confirmation so my debate cdac guys on TIFR issue few years back was right .... also ur comment "March 25, 2016 at 1:05 AM" was spot on

Mayur M Manapure said...

PrasunDa....I used to think RAW was the most boring External Intelligence agency (after IK Gujral) action at all.. but our beloved neighbor always proves us wrong. It's always fun to read such Unicorn pissing rainbow kind of stuff.

birbal said...

Prasunda said
....."I have given you both the hardware (brain) & operating software (intellect), as well as the user's operating manuals (Vedanta philosophy & Dharma code of conduct). So you have to figure it all out with these available tools. Therefore, buzz off & wear your shoes off & stop pestering me."

I couldn't STOP laughing at the comment BUT that's the TRUTH everyone, I mean those who are still believing that India could become like the US or France or Israel or Japan....I really wish my country India to not only become like them but overcome them BUTT as Prasunda had written yesterday-
" If you want things to improve, then the first place to start is inside the brain, i.e. change of mindset."

Imagine after independence our OWN Vedanta philosophy & Dharma code of conduct were taught in schools, GUYS we Indians would have been way above everyone....BUT alass our foundational precepts were WRONG from the very beginning...
So as Prasunda had always said a wishful thinking will ALWAYS be wishFOOL thinking if one doesn't get the BASIC fundamentals right..

Keep up the GOOD work Prasunda...we always are with you..

Have a NICE day.

Kaustav said...

If HAL had been faster off the mark then , and it certainly was not impossible, India would have had the HTT-40 as the BTT, the HTT-36 as the AJT and a twin-seat Tejas/LCA AF MK1 Trainer (or NP MK1 Trainer)as LIFT would have been the ideal three stage trainer for the Indian Air Force.

It was not as if it was not forseen both the HPT-32 as the Stage 1 Basic Trainer Aircraft and the Kiran Stage II Jet Trainer were already long in the tooth the HPT-32 being actually a piston aircraft!! Normal producr replacement and development cycle would have ensured that the HTT-40 and the HTT-36 would have filled up these roles. But the lack of planning from HAL and maybe the IAF too ensured that such simple attainable projects were not taken up, executed and developed in time, necessitating the need for exports. Even today with the ADA brochures stating that the FOC Compliance of Air Force Mark 1 Trainer by December 2015 would ensure that a supersonic LIFT for Stage III training be available .

Of course if wishes were horses and beggar would ride, today HAL could have been in the market providing the entire gamut of Trainer Aircraft for Stages 1, 2 and 3 Training to not only the IAF but also for the export market.

My queries were Prasun da -

(1)Is it possible for HAL to try and offer these Trainers in the open market or has the boat already sailed for the Stage 1 (Basic Trainer) and Stage 2 (Jet Trainer) and it is too late as these projects are nowhere near completion?

(2)The second part of course being Stage 3 Supersonic LIFT seems very possible with maybe the Kaveri being available within 5 years and a creitable Indian product would be available on the Market both for the Indian Airforce as well as Overseas Exports.

Thanks and Regards

Note - Your news on the SSN brought tears of joy in the eyes of 2 generations of (Uncles & Brothers) mine, the first sailed on the Foxtrot Kalvari S23 and the latter on both the Russian Kilo and German HDW class with one of then also working on the construction of the Arihant Class. My uncle wistfully said that finally we would have a Nuclear Sub on continuous patrol though finally this news of SSN was the one that will fulfill their vision.

birbal said...

" Your news on the SSN brought tears of joy in the eyes of 2 generations of (Uncles & Brothers) mine,... My uncle wistfully said that finally we would have a Nuclear Sub on continuous patrol though finally this news of SSN was the one that will fulfill their vision."

Hey Kaustav NICE to hear that..

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL: VMT. Here's everything from the horse's mouth regarding supercomputing R & D conducted by TIFR:

To KAUSTAV: VMT. Actually, HAL had been developing a BTT called HTT-35 way back in the early 1990s & it was even shown at an Aero India 1994 expo. But it was the IAF that thern refused to take ownership of this project! The IJT reqmt originated only when regressive politiking between various political parties prevented the IAF from acquiring the Hawk AJT way back in the late 1980s. The first competitive evaluations between the Hawk & Dassault's Alpha Jet had taken place way back in 1987. Therefore, denial of both the HTT-35 & the Hawk led to the reqmt for an IJT. But matters changed a decade later when the Hawk Mk.132 AJT was finally acquired, followed by the PC-7 Mk2, making the IJT reqmt totally unnecessary. Of course HAL is free to continue developing the HJT-36 for export, but which other air force will order it when the IAF itself hasn't?

Stage-3 LIFT flying training is the principal reqmnt today that's still unfulfilled. And this void has to be filled up ASAP with a supersonic tandem-seat aircraft. One cannot wait for the Kaveri to surface, since it will do so in flightworthy form only in the next decade.

As for SSNs, this was an inevitable procurement from the day India decided to procure a fleet of SSBNs. And that's because SSNs are only ones capable of providing flank & rear protection underwater whenever the friendly SSBN is on patrol. Unfortunately, several 'desi' journalists are portraying the IN's SSN procurement plans as being a reaction to China's SSN patrols within the IOR. Like I stated before, several Indians have this innate aversion to grapple with & grasp the finer details, especially the doctrinal operational ones.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MAYUR M MANAPURE: Some Pakistani news-agencies are claiming that the apprehended person is a Commander Yadav.

Gopu said...

Insightful words as always!

1) Why does Russia no longer use the R-39 Rif if the RSM-56 is no where near operational?

2) Last year we discussed the Rafale and F-18 SH. Your main objections to the SH was that the US Senate would not approve the sale of nuclear reactors. But it turns out that the French package neither comes with these. I'm fairly sure that American companies can supply photonic masts and such, so there is nothing astonishing from Thales SA that would warrant strategic leverage. So at the end of the day the Rafale deal will go down as one that made sense only from a political perspective (if political sense makes any sense at all).

Mayur M Manapure said...

Yeah. They are claiming his name is Kulbhushan Yadav, Commander in IN. So he is blurting something and ISPR is transferring the same stuff to the Media. Indeed very very professional. -_-
But if he is what Pakistanis are saying then God give Strength to Him.
Sometimes back you said that DIA not RAW was active in that region... Is it so?

G said...


Reading the the IJT is not required, but still we see the Kiran MkII still being used in training, this can being seen in the Reports on the training of the Women pilots

Shantanu kumar said...

Hello Prasun sir, what do you think would be the approximate timeline for this new ssn project. Also do you think there is any improvement under the current government?

Anonymous said...

if any of you want to see pic of the latest PAk equipment and some nice shots of Islamabad

@Prasun, seems like they have inducted Z-10P and likely to co-produce it, aka jf17. How woudl you compare the Z-10?


Arpit Kanodia said...

That guy is indeed Indian, and also ex navy officer.

Arpit Kanodia said...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GOPU: 1) That's because newer SLBMs like the RSM-52 & RSM-54 were becoming available for the Soviet Navy's frontline SSBNs (Project 941 Akula SSBN & Project 667BDRM Delfin SSBN). 2) The French are still very much relevant because of their willingness to supply hardware for the SSNs of Russian design. For instance, spherical sonars made by THALES will be more suitable than those from Russia because the latter's won't be optimised for operating in the warm waters of the IOR. Similarly, photonic masts are prersently available from L-3 KEO of the US & THALES of France, but of these two only the French ones will be exportable to India. The US won't give export licences for its hardware that's meant for installation on-board submarines of Russian design, be it the SSN or even the Type 877EKM SSKs.

To G: Yes, the HJT-16 Kiran Mk2 is still in service, though in very diminished numbers. It will be totally phased out of service by the year's end.

To SHANTANU KUMAR: The reqmt is quite urgent & the first SSN will have to enter service before the 10-year lease of the INS Chakra/K-152 runs out early in the next decade.

To RAD: Nope, the Z-10 won't be licence-built, since no more than 20 will be acquired. It's a medium attack helicopter & not a heavy attack machine like the AH-64E Apache LongBow.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MAYUR M MANAPURE: No personnel from the DIA or R & AW will ever operate in hostile territory with his/her passport, rest assured. One carries a passport only for the sake of legitimate entry through a legitimate customs/immigration facility so that the visa can be stamped on it. Of what use is a passport for someone who's meant to be infiltrated/exfiltrated covertly? Stupid Pakistani authorities should ponder over that for a moment before jumping to conclusions.

Mayur M Manapure said...

Well that's what I was wondering. Now I am waiting for the ISPR to fall on its face with its claim. If he's legitimate business man made a scapegoat, we should reciprocate and do the same. Let the Pakis learn some lessons. They will surely fall in line when some of their citizens are allegedly apprehended near some super dupper secret sites.

Mayur M Manapure said...

iDK why you guys are jumping the guns. nobody has us by the balls. We have dozens of Bhuka Nanga Paki jihadis which can be paraded on daily basis. Kyo itna hyper ho rahe ho.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MAYUR M MANAPURE: The propaganda machine is now on an over-drive. Watch these:

The 1st video is quite interesting.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

More conspiracy theories regarding the above:

Kashyap said...

chakra is on lease till 2022. so are you saying the new ssn will be comissioned before 2023? seems impossible to me . considering arihant took 2 decades and even the scorpene took more than a decade to enter sea trials. If we really manage to build it in 5-7 years, it would be some sort of a record. I hope I am wrong but it seems much more likely that the first of these 6 subs will enter service post 2025 at the earliest.

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
The 155mm 52 caliber tracked howitzer selection is done. We all know it. What about SPH competition between [Elbit Bharat Forge] Atmos and [Nexter L&T] Trajan systems? Who do you think has a bright chance?

Also need to know why Tejas fired R73 instead of Python 5 in Ironfist? Is R73 better than Python5?

birbal said...

Hey guys,
NICE article on Indo-Israel co-operation, Make-in-India policy and other facts including those which are ECHOED by Prasunda in previous comments...

Anonymous said...


If SIVA IMR is a SAR pod like ELM-2060P, then it should be helpful in target acquisition for all kinds of PGMs, air-to-ground missiles etc. Why Brahmos-NG only in particular? Further Brahmos NG will have a range of 300 kms; not sure if SARs can map that far ahead. Could you please clarify.


Techy said...

Hi PSK Sir,

I had a doubt about P-17 Shivalik class ships. All sites apart from Bharat Rakshak describes it having 2 × 2 DTA-53-956 torpedo launchers. But all available images are inconclusive and we are not able to determine if it really has any torpedo launchers? and if yes then where it is placed? Can you please help to create the confusion? If you can confirm about torpedo launchers along with any images, that would be very helpful and much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Techy Yeah I had the same question. Unable to find those torpedo launcher. Maybe there are no torpedo launcher on P-17.

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Prasun da

May be like parama acharaya saying " we have attained freedom but yet to attain freedom " Freedom from all bondages of -ve and self deceit , and lack of using our intellect ...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To TECHY: The torpedo tube launchers are there but they're internally mounted amidships below the top-deck, just as is the case with the project 1135.6 FFGs. They're not mounted externally as is on the P-15 & P-15A DDGs. Hence one cannot spot the launchers through visual examination of the external structure.

To OMINCURIOUS: You're assuming that BrahMos-NG or BrahMos-A will always be launched in a straight line up to 290km. In reality, if a target is acquired from the front, the missile will navigate to its target via waypoints, adopting a circuitous flightpath so as to confuse the enemy.

To VED: The Nexter is the most preferred candidate on all technical & financial parameters. That's why it was won all international competitions where competitive bidding was conducted. The one from TATA Power SED/DENEL Land Systems hasn't even been ordered by the South African Land Forces.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KASHYAP: If that's the case, then the lease of INS Chakra will have to be extended. Simple.

bhoutik said...

could the Gadanki Ionospheric Radar Interferometer be used as an OTH radar?

Santosh Kumar Sharma said...

Hi Prasunda,

You answered lot of pending queries, but somehow missed my query posted on "March 18, 2016 at 5:17 PM". Can you please answer it.

Anonymous said...

our guy's passports, are these real?


BEMUSED said...

Sir, as part of my teaching module we have been learning about the practicalities of MAD and nuclear delviery at a policy level. Something that is central to MAD is credibility and where you have a NFU policy survivabilty plays a MAJOR factor in the credibilty of your second strike option.

Now, from what I understand, India has a NCA headed by the PM. And thus India's second strike cabilty is dependant on these NCA members surviving any first strike- this may be possible when they are in Delhi I'm sure the PM has access to underground shelters. And even when traveling within India the IAF BBJs are protected from EMP and have very capable comunication suites. BUT, the major weak link is the rotary wing transport of the PM and members of the NCA. From what I understand they are still making do with 30+ year old Mi-8s and the latest news reports from a year or two ago were that they were at the extreme end of their lives (ie months from retirement) and with the AW-101 deal scrapped there has been no real concrete solution provided. The requirements of the helo the PM/NCA are to fly in is to be highly surviable (ie cutting edge self defence suites and ideall 3 engined) and with excellent communictions suites so as to be in contect with military/SFC commanders at any time but the Mi-8s currently in service and even our latest Mi-17V5s do NOT fit this bill.

Are we not playing with fire here? Are we not denting the credibilty of our nuclear strike response? THis is a strategic issue but no one seems to be raising it. We are in a seriosuly dangerous postion but no corrective measure exists. Since the AW-101 deal was scrapped in 2011/12 I haven't heard any IAF or GoI/MOD offical even mention plans to address this shrotfall, are we doing nothing about it???

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

Even if Brahmos NG and Brahmos A were to take a circuitous path to their targets and as such their effective range was reduced to 100-150 kms, the signals from SAR pod would be incident on the (distant)target at a very acute angle of around 5 degrees (even if the aircraft was flying at 50,000 ft)!! I don't think the signal reflection (for imaging/mapping) can be effective at such acute angle of signal incidence.

Me thinks that SIVA IMR may be more suited for regular PGMs & standoff weapons, and not particularly Brahmos. I am not an expert,but curios!!


STOLEN said...

Sir, what HMS will be used for the LCH?

ARH93 said...

prasun'da as you answered a question about torpedo-tube launchers on p-17 Shivalik class.I want to know why IN never showed any interest in acquiring RUM-139vl ASroc type torpedo as RBU-6000 range is shorter than rum-139 also it is a torpedo not a depth charge?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARH93: Far better than any ASW mortar round is an active hard-kill system like the Torbuster, since it provides a higher probability of torpedo destruction.

To STOLEN: The Targo HMDS. It is a multipurpose HMDS that can be used by both attack helicopter pilots & MRCA pilots. Just like the TopOwl HMDS family from THALES.

To OMNICURIOUS: Yes, very much possible, but the targets will have to be static structures like bridges or radar stations or power generation facilities or refineries. For attacking such targets with lighter PGMs like rocket-powered LGBs or GPS-guided bombs with glide-kits.

To BEMUSED: Yes, one is playing with fire, just as one is by clinging on to the dictum of 'minimum credible deterrence', instead of graduating to 'credible minimum deterrence'. The issue-at-hand on nuclear deterrence, therefore, is a far more deeper issue than it has been made out to be in India's case.

To CURIOUS: No, the name has been photoshopped. The original passport image was shown yesterday in HEADLINES TODAY.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your Comments.

Regarding Syrian War, After Henry Kissinger met Putin following events have happend.

a) Russia Withdrawl from Syrian War (Partially)
b) US Declared ISIS as Terroist Org.
c) Turkey is sidelined.
d) Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal Slams US.

Do you find next US-Russia Plan getting ready?

S.Senthil Kumar

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