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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Following a seven-year wait, India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) will later this month sign a procurement contract with Russia’s Rosoboronexport State Corp and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for two A-50EI PHALCON AEW & CS (using the IL-476-90 airframe), with each being fitted with the IAI-supplied/installed/integrated ELW-2090 mission avionics suite for the Indian Air Force (IAF).
Though the MoD had negotiated and finalised a follow-on US$1.5 billion contract to acquire another three A-50EI PHALCON AEW & CS by November 2008, contract signature could not take place until officials from both Rosoboronexport State Corp and Ilyushin Finance Corp gave firm assurance to the IAF last June that a new-generation successor to the IL-76, called IL-476, featuring a fully-digital fly-by-wire flight control system, glass cockpit avionics and PS-90A-76 turbofans, was available from Russia’s Ulyanovsk-based AVIASTAR SP Aircraft Building Enterprise JSC. 
Consequently, the follow-on order for two A-50EI PHALCONs was negotiated with both Rosoboronexport and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) by late last year. From the Russian side the principal industrial contractors will be AVIASTAR SP and Taganrog-based Beriev Aircraft Company. IAI will commence deliveries of the two A-50EIs from mid-2018.
Presently based at the IAF’s Agra Air Force Station as part of No.50 Squadron, alongside No.78 Squadron, which presently operates six IL-78MKI aerial refuelling tankers, the IAF’s first two A-50EI PHALCONs arrived in India on May 25, 2009 and March 25, 2010, respectively. The third platform arrived in Agra in March 2011.

The A-50EI/PHALCON’s EL/M-2075 mission avionics suite of these three PHALCONs includes the L-band active electronically-scanned array (AESA) radar (comprising three antenna arrays mounted in a triangular manner) contained within a radome above the fuselage. The electronically-steered beam provides 360-degree coverage around the aircraft and it carries up to 11 mission management personnel for airspace surveillance and airborne battlespace management. BARCO of Belgium supplied the 20-inch AMLCDs for the mission management suit, with Tadiran SpectraLINK supplying the secure digital data links.


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Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To R SARATH KUMAR: In the end, it will always be economic imperatives that will determine this issue. As of now, too many UK-registered companies have corporate partnerships with their European counterparts & are too deeply integrated to become untangled & separated again.

To SOUBHAGYA SANKAR: That fella is a die-hard conspiracy theorist who always falls short of providing proof or corroborative evidence to bolster his claims/theories. The only ones who will lap it all up are his Pakistani counterparts specializing in conspiracy theories.

To VIVEK: This is just the beginning. As months go by, more unrelenting pressure will be built up, especially if President Obama really wants to earn his Nobel Peace Prize & maintain the sanctity of the Iran nuclear deal.

To BHOUTIK: Yes, when equipped with EW pods like the EL/L-8222. Same IPRs are never sold to multiple buyers. It is always on a first-come-first-serve basis. As for Indonesian Tu-16s, kindly Google about it since I’m sure there are authoritative anecdotes about this. China’s first SSBN became operational decades before that of India. Liaoning’s carrier-based combat aircraft are not yet operationally ready. Even their weapons payloads have yet to be finalized.

TO RAD: Range of AESA-MMR for Super Su-30MKI & FGFA & Rafale will all be in the same envelope. These are multi-role X-band radars but they’re not optimized for airborne battle management-related taskings. For such taskings, L-band airspace surveillance radars are the most preferred ones. Israeli firms are acting as consultants for the DRDO in the arena of seeker development for missiles like the AD-1/AD-2 missiles for TMD. Meanwhile, do watch these:

TOW-2 ATGM versus T-90 MBT

Monstrous ZIL-built JLTV for Russia:

And browse through these:

Report on MH-17 Shootdown:

Messy said...

what do you think of : AP CM Naidu made an intelligent scam of grabbing 32,000 acres from farmers in the name of building a new capital, in case if you care abt that.

Gessler said...

Prasun ji, check this out -

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MESSY: No, I don't care about that at all, rest assured. You're most welcome to go all out & file a PIL for prosecuting him to the full extent of the law, if you so wish.

To SOUBHAGYA SANKAR: If R V S Mani's revelations are to be believed, along with the inferences of G K Pillai, then Dr MMS, P Chidambaram & Sonia Gandhi are liable for prosecution for wilfully subverting & compromising the country's national security. This would be nothing new, since many such instances since the 1980s have since surfaced & been written about, especially in Tavleen Singh's book DURBAR, & more recently by Subhash Chandra in THE Z FACTOR. BTW, here are the two complete interviews:

G K Pillai:

R V S Mani:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: Relax, that's paid news, Russia-style. They too have their presstitutes.

dipan chakraborty said...

Prasun sir looks like t90 been able to withstand TOW but how it will fare against javelin or spike? Looks like it's APS is not up to the mark

rad said...

hi prasun
do we have the same t-90 ERA Armour supplied to us by the russians or have put in our own system.I have read that they refused to give the tech for that?.
This allah o akbar chanting tow crew must have got he shock to see the crew scramble outside. Next time they will aim for the area below the turret and destroy the tank.

Do you think prosecution of chidambaram will hold ,as only the statement of pillai is on record and there is no hard evidence of tampering with the affidavit.
is there any improvement in the latest awacs phalcons capacity.
Ukraine has a mature seeker tech which they soldtot ehchinks , they will be happy to sellitto us surely?

JEET said...

Just across the border.

Whats the PLAAF intention here?

birbal said...

Hi Prasunda,

bhoutik asked-
" is the Su030MKI or the 'Super'- variant able to analyze waveforms in real time like the EA-6B and the Growler?"

You answered-
" Yes, when equipped with EW pods like the EL/L-8222."

My question is-
Can the DARE/DRDO make an "INTERNAL" ASPJ based on the EL/L-8222( obviousely with Israeli help) for the Super Sukhois and later use it on the FGFA just like what THALES has done for theRafales by their SPECTRA containing it's own ASPJ??

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...


I believe the land was not grabbed and i there enough on going to provide the as per agreement made, if u differ can you put forword a proof

birbal said...

Hey guys,

Watch this COOL video of the LATEST Israeli MASTERCLASS.....KNOW it yourself-

Anonymous said...

Prasun did India master single crystal blade tech for turbo fan?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Yes, the ERA armour plates are the same as those in Russian T-90A MBTs. They supplied the ERA tiles to HVF for installation. The ERA tiles were never part of the ToT package & neither was the RHA. At long distances it is impossible to take precise aim at any section of the MBT. The optronic target-acquisition/target tracking sensors are not exactly HD. It is not about physically tampering with any affidavit, but drafting an entirely new 2nd affidavit that deliberately deletes the critical contents mentioned in the 1st affidavit. Those who drafted this 2nd affidavit will be required to justify the deletions. To me, this is an open-and-shut case because the IB's technical intercepts of e-mails will back-up all claims of the IB about the late Ishrat Jahan being part of a LeT terrorist module. If you monitor what G K Pillai & R V S Mani said, Ishrat Jahan & her associates were lured into an entrapment operation by the IB, all aimed at flushing out the LeT's sleeper modules inside India. Some of these modules were operating in collusion with criminal gangs in both Gujarat & Rajasthan. Therefore, hats off to the IB for pulling of such a magnificent 'sting' operation. If my memory serves me right, up to eight sifferent sleeper cells of the LeT in J & K, Gujarat & Maharashtra were unearthed & neutralised.

To JEET: LoLz! Some of these Caucasians sitting thousands of miles away assume they know a lot, when in reality they know they know too little! Firstly, it is futile to look at just Hotan & disregard Urumqi. For, it is these 2 air bases in Xinjiang that the PLAAF has implemented its ‘Combat Air Brigade’ concept, something like the IAF’s ‘Composite Wings. In such a Brigade, interceptors, tactical interdiction aircraft, deep-strike aircraft & heavy-MRCAs are all lumped together. Thus a Brigade now has J-8IIs, J-10As, JH-7As & Su-27SKs. In Hotan the J-10As have replaced the J-7s & Q-5s that have since been decommissioned.

At Lhasa Gonggar, what is deployed is NOT HQ-9/AKD-9 LR-SAM, but the HQ-12/AKD-12 MR-SAM, a Battery of which deploys there every year since 2009 & this Battery is from Kunming, Yunnan province. It belongs to the PLAAF’s 11th SAM Brigade’s (Unit Number 95607) 21st SAM Regiment. Secondly, the early-warning radar used by the PLAAF is not the YLC-2V, but the JL-3D-90A L-band 3-D airspace surveillance radar. Only the PLA Army-operates YLC-2V 3-D S-band acquisition radars & that too with the LY-80E MR-SAM.

To BIRBAL: For the FGFA/PMF, no separate internal ASPJ is reqd since the NO-36 AESA-MMR’s five distributed arrays will enable directional jamming. For the Super Su-30MKI, ELT-568s will be installed for self-defence against BVRAAMs. For neutralising SAM threats, external EL/L-8222 pods will be used.

To Anon@1.51PM: The metallurgical processes reqd for fabricating single-crystal turbine blades is accessible to everyone. What is far more critical is the development of superalloys using earth-earth matals like Rhenium. That is still beyond the reach of both China & India. The latter is presently experimenting with only ceramics-based superalloys.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...


Gessler said...


Didn't know you read faking news! One of these days, such news would actually be picked up by the mainstream media as legit, and there would be riots in the streets.

bhoutik said...

what are your thoughts on the Project 23000E Shtorm - pros and cons. what use is the ski-jump if catapults are present?

joydeep ghosh said...


1. didnt Obama already win Nobel he can justify it by closing down Gitmo and return that landf parcel to Cuba

2. Deal for 2 A50EI what of the 3rd , also read somewhare India totally needs 15 such systems including indigenous ones not including the Embrear plaforms

3. Is it really possible that C130J Sh can do vertical flight, saw a pic think its fake

4. If analysis given in this anything goes by then F35 is far worse than even Mig29, your views

5. Think that after INS Vishal arrives with its complement of Rafale M (if at all) the SBTF will become useless, your view


Joydeep Ghosh

पीयूष दास said...

Sir, can THAAD also target ICMBs ?

Mayur M Manapure said...

Sir a documentary on Ishrat

Some awards for presstitutes

Mayur M Manapure said...

Look who's out of closet

dushyant hardaha said...

asif ibrahim former director IB
MK narayan former NSA
GK pillai
Rajendra kumar
RVS mani
AK jain
RK singh

satpal singh (former SIT head)
all are indicating toward political conspiracy in ishrat jahan case
my question is
then congress govt was trying to assassinate modi/advani with help of LeT?

COLD said...

Sir, there are a few things that are really starting to piss me off:

1) We aren't moving fast enough on this Rafale deal. Our enemies are inducting SQUADRONs of new aircraft every year and we are PHASING OUT squadrons' worth. We can't keep dithering around, it has been 4 years since we selected the Rafale- sign it for fuck's sake! And why does our Def Min keep LYING to us and insists we are only getting 36 Rafales? I mean is this not intentionally misleading his bosses (as we are as taxpayers)??

2) That S-92 you posted from Singapore is SWEET, yet our PM is still being flown around in ANCIENT and unsafe MI-8s! When the hell are we going to bite the bullet and folow the US's example and piurchase the S-92 (runner up in our orginal VVIP selection) in a fast tracked deal for our PM and seniormost officals? Are we so stupid to keep gambling with their lives inviting disaster? It is clear those Aw-101s that were delviered to Palam will never fly in our air force.

3) Why the hell is the MoD not giving the greenlight to the three new prosed tri-service commands?? After Pathankot and now Pampoer it is clear now more than ever we need a unified SOCOM for our elite units but these losers in the MoD still haven't cleared it? what gives? the other two (cyber and space) are also essential and we are lagging behind the world by not having them.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To COLD; Well, it is with the deepest of regrets that I have to inform you that your ARGH has been totally drowned by the other ARGHs emanating from:

1) Those who engage in grandstanding & trying to glorify a suicide victim as a martyr, when they should instead be condemning the act of suicide.

2) Those university students who never forget to yell about their right to question the law, but who eventually end up defying the law of the land, i.e. they just can't differentiate between questioning & defying.

3) Those students who never tire of shouting slogans of "down with this, that & everything else" without even admitting that this itself is a fundamental act of intolerance. Needless to say, the only jobs for which they are eligible are those reserved for die-hard anarchists.

4) Those who will forever be willing to compromise the country's supreme enlightened national interests at the drop of a hat just for the sake of making electoral gains.

Therefore, the nett loser is the one who conscientiously believes in applying common-sense to his/her daily activities. This being the case, how can you then even dare to dream about logic emerging as the ultimate victor at the end of the day?

Even guys like the POTUS, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, have no problems of conscience when it comes to ordering drone-strikes in which many hundreds of civilians have been killed as collateral casualties worldwide. But in India almost everyone now seems to be obsessed with the idea of condemning the staged encounters of terrorists, not realising that this will open a whole gargantuan can of worms that will lead to all previous police encounter-killings of hardened criminals & paid assassins since the early 1980s being questioned & endlessly debated.

So, your endless ARGHs will fall on deaf ears, this I guarantee. Have a great day ahead!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MAYUR M MANAOURE & DUSHYANT HARDAHA: O Yaars, see the big picture: more & more retired senior civil servants are saying that the move to turn Ishrat Jahan as a martyr or as an innocent collateral casualty regardless of her affiliations was the brainchild of the National Advisory Council (NAC), whose chairperson is known to everyone. It was she who seized upon the idea to milk this issue for electoral gains. For, don't forget that all this tamaasha began after the chairperson of NAC drew first blood in terms of hurling personal insults by terming the then CM of Gujarat as a 'Maut ka Saudagar'. This was the genesis, & everything subsequent to that was deemed by UPA-2 to be both the justification & sinister motive for/behind making such personal attacks aimed at character assassination. This much is now crystal-clear & P Chidambaram & Co are now trying to clutch at straws in vain attempts to defend the indefensible. Most unfortunately, all these recent disclosures by the civil servants now conclusively proves that the PMO was reduced to a paralytic, ineffectual institution & all the strings were being pulled by an unconstitutional body like the NAC. There cannot be any more conclusive proof of the absolute subversion of decisive & purposeful governance of the realm & the denigration of the executive branch of the Govt of India. This was far far worse than the Emergency of the mid-1970s.

As for the plot in far greater & exhaustive detail, I will upload the context & explanations later today, rest assured, starting from the late 1980s & also covering the Godhra incident of 2002. And that truth will set everyone free.

rad said...

HI prasun
Are we getting elta 8251 jamming pods , are they as equal or better than the russian wing tip jammers on su-30? Can a couple of them used as ew picket like the prowler or growler ew attack ac.?

How good is the ERA armour that we are using on the arjun , is it imported or desi made.

in a video we see a syrian antitank crew get hit by a tank after he fires the missile , do we have that system on the arjun as the israleis were consultants. How about the BMS systems and net centric ,on board them?.
Is the active protection system being delayed for cost reason or otherwise.

what are the chance of chidambaram going to jail for undermining thes ecurity of the country?.

Jay Bhanushali said...

John McCain openly talking of facilitating india in building nuke subs, missile defense systems and selling f35 to india at 25:30 min.

Prasun sir, your views on this.

Arpit Kanodia said...


What you think about this?

So, we consider end game already started?

Arpit Kanodia said...
Here full article

Gessler said...

Prasunji, I think it's high time you provide a full rundown of the South/East China Sea situation, America's plans and how India fits into all this.




Will you please look into the suggestions given in this blog post pertaining to DPP 2016 and let us know if the suggestions are viable or not


Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

When I read the above article I am Shocked. Is it possible to torture one senior government employee like this way for dirty politics?

Do you believe in RVS Mani claims? Please comment.

Senthil Kumar

sweet said...

"Joint statement issued after strategic dialogue with US; Kashmir recognised as a dispute"

Quoted from :

Does the above joint statement of Pakistan and Us refer to Kashmir as disputed region? I personally don't think so. Your take on this ?

Arpit Kanodia said...

@sweet here

Interesting thing they used very general term Kashmir, not as state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Rajesh Mishra said...

When Pakistan will have all the debts in the economy and all the nukes in the stock, then will it start behaving like a Nuke-Pirate.

DAshu said...

The day is not that far when they will accept the fact that PA is the Afgan Taliban

DAshu said...

It seems they got the very painful A**e grinding recently in US.

Rajesh Mishra said...

I have seen many taxpayers talking on the defense matters since long under the spell of over anxiety. I feel that almost all of them are Pakistani. Is my assumption correct ?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SWEET: What that means is that the issue is a point of dispute in terms of how it ought to ve resolved. No statement on J & K from anywhere except from Pakistan will ever state that the territory of J & K is disputed. It has always been Pakistan that has been the main obstacle in the way of dispute resolution by refusing to vacate its aggression from PoK & thereby preventing the UN resolutions from taking effect.

To SENTHIL KUMAR: Such incidents are very much possible.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Like I stated innumerable times before, what first needs to be sorted out is what to procure & why. Only then can can the mechanics of the procurement exercises be determined, i.e. the 'how' part. Without sorting out this foundational need, everything else become futile. Consequently, even though the Scorpene SSK's production-engineering data, for instance, is being shared by DCNS with MDL, & even though French OEMs are teaching their Indian counterparts the art of welding, moulding & plate-bending, the core pieces like hardware like specialised welding rods & wiring harnesses & plate-bending machines, continue to be imported. A holistic 'Make in India' policy is still nowhere in sight.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

TO ARPIT KANODIA: The time for rollbacks is fast approaching, be it voluntary or involuntary. And the hard-knocks have already started coming from the IMF donor-nations. China for historical reasons will be preoccupied with the East & South China Seas for the next 5 years at the very least & will therefore be very much inclined to dump this basket-case called Pakistan sooner rather than later. For, if China doesn't do so, then it will stand to lose the enormous economic windfalls from Iran & like-minded Central Asian Republics. So China now has to decide how it must unshackle itself from Pakistan.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

While Pakistan was being lambasted in the US, here's what the C-in-C PACOM was up to in Delhi:

& here's what befalls those hailed by Pakistan as model citizens & role-models:

पीयूष दास said...

Sir, sourav jha tweeted couple of days ago that, 2nd QE class aircraft carrier will be offered to india for purchase...
As royal navy is not economically capable of maintaining 2 supercarriers.

I googled it & found out that royal navy is indeed in economic crunch.

They haven't even ordered f35b enough for 1st carrier, & in the house of commons many have demanded that 2nd carrier be either sold or mothballed, citing it unnecessary. & reasoning that raising a 2nd carrier battle grp will blow big hole in defence budget...
Moreover according to BAE QE class A.C. can be modified for catobar configuration also.
So is there any chance OF india buying these carriers ?

Also if BAE wins consulting contract for ins vishal then there can be design commonalities between these carriers...

What do you say !

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIYUSH DAS: If the 2nd QE-2 carrier were to be acquired by India, then where's the prospect for Make in India? What's the role to be played by the IN's Naval Design Bureau, since the design for such a carrier has already been frozen & committed to production? And why should there be any design commonality between IAC-2 & QE-2 when the IN has already decided to go for E-MALS, nuclear propulsion & MRCAs that definitely will not be the F-35 JSF? Therefore, neither the QE-2 nor the Project 23000E 'Storm' design comply with the IN's qualitative reqmts since they're both STOBAR designs, i.e. ZERO commonality with the IN's desired reqmt for a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Sangos said...

Bellingcat is a certified Russo-phobic troll site masquerading as military analysts. A disease so rampant in the decaying West and its media minions that even a child will be left amused.

lachit said...

I am curious regarding the shaurya missile, after ejection from the canister the nose cap is jettisoned off similar to the brahmos.

now I am interested to know why is the nose cap there in the first place, is it provide protection to some sort of seeker, sensor or anything else ??

can u shed any light on this.

also can the shaurya / k15 be modified for anti ship strikes?

which do u thing is more suitable nirbhay or shaurya for modification into anti ship role at long ranges via utilization of targeting data sourced from satellites , long range sensors mounted on patrol aircrafts etc.

LOST said...

Sir, what do you think then- we're just gonna go for 36 Rafales to save some face? I don't see more than this number ever entering into IAF service now. There is a reason no one from NDTV to Janes is saying we are in talks for more than 36 Rafales.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LACHIT: Because you're focussing only on the nose-cap, & therefore failing to connect the nose-cap with the missile cannister. The design is such that the nose-cap fits in perfectly with the tip of the cannister, thereby hermetically sealing the entire cannister. The overall design is same as that of the cannister-encased BrahMos-1 & the K-4/K-15 SLBMs. Therefopre, after ejection from the cannister, the nose-cap automatically separates after its built-in rocket-thrusters are ignited at an altitude of some 80 feet above the launch surface. But what must also be noted is that to date no Shaurya TBM has been shown encased within a cannister & nose-cap. At DEFEXPO 2010--the only time a TEL-mounted Shaurya TBM was shown publicly, it was shown mounted inside a cannister, but without the nose-cap.

As for long-range ASCM, the Nirbhay any day will be a far superior option. That's why even the US Navy is adopting the LRASM version of the JASSM as its next-generation smart long-range ASCM. You can watch Lockheed Martin's presentation on the LRASM on YouTube.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

LOST: In that case, all I can say is that your line-of-sight differs from that of mine. As for anyone else failing to throw more light on this issue, I can only refer them to what the RM said in a recent TV interview in which he clearly stated that he has not ruled out any option for more Rafales. Despite this, if folks ASSUME that only 36 Rafales will be propcured for the IAF, then they're either not paying attention to the detail, or are blissfully engaging in self-delusion. Either way, there's nothing I can do about it. I can at best only take the horse to the lake or pond or water stream, but I can't force the horse to drink water from that lake or pond or water-stream. Maybe you ought to give it a try.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJESH MISHRA: Allah's grace at work inside a self-styled Islamic republic:

Mayur M Manapure said...

More and more skeletons are coming out of the closet.

CSC said...


What according to u is expected to be the year when the last of the 36 rafales will ne delivered

Rajesh Mishra said...

Everyone will understand it easily that the ISIS and AQ are competing in Pakistan only to get few nukes in their hands. More so because the severe pressures created by Russia and US on them in Syria and Iraq are forcing them to spread in to the East and most comfortably in to Pakistan.

Vikram Guha said...


(1) You mentioned nuclear propulsion for IAC-2. So from where is this technology going to come from? Times of India reported last month that the US won't share nuclear propulsion technology?

(2) Do you think India is slowly but steadily increasing its nuclear weapon stockpile so that India can match China?


Brutas said...

Sir, when will the S-70B and A330 MRTT deals be signed?? Both have been cleared by the DAC but have gone nowhere, the S-70B in particualr is urgently needed consdiering the age (and limited number) of the Sea Kings.

We are inducting $1BN warships but not interested in matching their state of the art capabilties with a cutting edge ASW helo?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To CSC: By late 2019 the last of the Rafales will arrive if the contract is inked by this June.

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) From the DAE. IAC-2 is still 10 years away from being launched into CSL's wet-basin, rest assured. 2) The volume of India's fissile materials stockpile is not dictated by the quantum of China's nuclear WMDs. The size of China's nuclear arsenal is dictated by those of the US, UK & to a certain extent Russia. India on the other hand requires just enough nuclear WMDs to deter China & Pakistan.

To BRUTAS: DAC approval only means the selection process & contract negotiations can commence. This usually is a 3-year process. Regarding the S-70B, since Sikorsky Aircraft is now owned by Lockheed Martin, the OEM has requested some more time to come up with a new financial package & related industrial offsets package. A330-200 MRTT is not as important as the projected contract for upgrading the existing six IL-78MKI refuellers & converting six of the IAF's remaining IL-76MDs into IL-78MKI refuellers.

lachit said...


is India's nuclear arsenal less than Pakistan as reported?

I have come across Pakistani and Indian sickularist analysts talking of progressive escalation of nuclear response.
in a nut shell they mean to tell that suppose porkies launch tactical nuclear strikes on Indian formations inside porkistan then India will be measured in her response she will either withdraw , continue the thrust or at worse launch a equivalent strike on porky formations i.e. graduated response .
they say India will not retaliate in a massive way by striking at porky cities / military areas because India will not want to enter into full fledged nuclear conflict.
in a way we r surrendering to porky nuclear blackmail because we think we have more to loose.

if it is true then i find it very stupid logic and then why have nuclear weapons in the first place.

another school of thought is if porkies use tactical weapons we will only use sub kiloton devices on similar porky military targets.

why not go for full fledged all out nuclear strikes taking out 70-80 per cent of porkistan.
why not cut the tree at the roots forever and not allow history repeat itself.
in fact I am doubtful of the Indian politicians as to weather they will be even be able to authorize a retaliatory strike least they miss out on a chance to win a Nobel peace prize lozzz

Spykar said...

Sir, a few queries -

1. Is the babur lacm nuclear capable..? If it is then with its slcm variant in development, will it give pak a 2nd strike capability.??

2. What are the prospects of PN acquiring the soon-to-be-decommissioned Spanish agostas or the Turkish type209s..?

3. If the drdo has developed an AIP ..why isn't the IN installing them on shishukumar and the sindhughosh class..?

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,

Video posted by a journalist on 13 Feb 2015
of official launch of k4 missile.

Is the video authentic.


Hi Prasun,

By far the biggest problem facing INDIA is not Pakistan sponsored terrorism but the Crab Mentality of Indians. Politicians realize this all too well and capitalize on it.
This is not to suggest that all communities have this type of mentality, Gujjus, North Indian Brahmins,Marwaris, TamBrahms are certainly exceptions in a sense that they take tremendous care of other people as long as they are from their own community.
It is because of this Crab Mentality that the British were able to colonize India for over 200 years.

You will notice that westerners do not exhibit such a mentality which allows them to make progress. Until & unless we fix this very pressing issues we will continue to be screwed both at home and abroad.

Thanks for reading

Anthony said...

There are some not very nice statements coming out from the Pakistan Strategic Dialogue with the US. Kashmir and balance in South Asia being mentioned specifically. Do you think this has an impact? what is also disconcerting is that, there are reports of Tajikistan, Pakistan and Russia getting together to provide security. Security to what?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANTHONY: After reading the joint statements, there is nothing in there that I find inimical to India's national interests. Instead, the pressure is on Pakistan WRT dispute resolution, be it with India or Afghanistan. And do rest assured that none of the CARs will warm up to Pakistan's overtures. Russia is even farther away & that was why it immediately approved India's request for supplying the ex-IAF Mi-25s. All talk about Pakistan being the bridge to Central Asia (the CASA-1000 project) hinges on Pakistan's physical access to the strategic Wakhan Corridor, which belongs to Afghanistan. This corridor also shares a 108km-long border with PoK--meaning India legally enjoys physical connectivity with Central Asia. Once PoK reverts back to India, Pakistan will have ZERO access to the CARs through the Wakhan Corridor, while the Chah Bahr port in southeastern Iran will effectively become the death-kneel for Gwadar port.

Iran meanwhile has already operationalised its 12 Shahed-129 UCAVs armed with TL-2 laser-guided air-to-surface missiles & these UCAVs are flying out of Konarak Airport in Sistan-Balochistan & are always on the lookout for Pakistani 'sarkari' jihadis who are the main drugs traffickers in that area as well. The Shahed-129 is the local Iranian name for the Blue Arrow BA-270 UCAV developed by China for export.

Meanwhile, in more bad news for Pakistan, a former MQM member Mustafa Kamal yesterday revealed in a press conference that the London-based UK citizen & MQM Chief, Altaf Hussein, enjoys the support of both MI-6 & R & AW, & that the PPP & MQM joined forces in 2008 to form a coalition due to mediation done by a Pakistani who has been described as a R & AW asset. In other words, now both Altaf Hussein & former President Asif Ali Zardari are both R & AW agents, as per this fella Kamal. Inferring from all these, Pakistani analaysts are now asking if Altaf Hussein was in R & AW's payroll since the early 1990s, then surely the person who brought the MQM into mainstream politics since 2001, i.e. Gen Pervez Musharraf, also logically should be an agent of R & AW as well!!!

Clearly the PA is now on a backfoot & Pakistani politicians are cleaerly taking full advantage of this & are becoming 'Tees Maar Khans' through their jibes against the PA.

Don't believe me? Then do watch & absorb these:

Analysis of Mustafa Kamal's revelations/claims:

Mustafa Kamal's press-conference:

Based on all this, I reckon I will b e perfectly justified in requesting Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to immediately make 'performance bonus' payments to those R & AW officials & operatives who have delivered such a phenomenal success.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANTHONY: If matters continue like this, the day is not too far when the Mohajirs & Sindhis will say 'enough is enough' & will demand permanent & irreversible secession, just like what East Pakistan had done in 1971. Why else do you think the Brits are giving political asylum & safe havens to all those PPP politicians who now stand accused of corruption & financial terrorism? This is Allah's way of dispensing justice, & that too on the eve of auspicious Friday!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LACHIT, O yaar, why conjure up such doomsday theories? There's no need for them. As far as India is concerned, her armed forces will initiate military hostilities ONLY AFTER the war has already been won, as was the case in 1971. Launching military campaigns on the ground, at sea & in the air are mere formalities to be complied with, since the end-state has already been pre-determined & pre-ordained by the world's powers-that-be.

Arh93 said...

Prasun da 1} is there anything in the Indian army like (U.S Army Engineer Research and development center)? 2}Is there a possibility that in a war PLA rocket force(2nd artillery) is going to use DF-15c,DF-16 with conventional warhead? if yes then why don't we creat our own (2nd artillery core) with K-15,Bramhos,Nirbhay,Prahar,Pinaka-mk2/3? 3}Why DRDO never tried to develop a shoulder fired sam like stinger,igla? can they turn nag missile into a shoulder fired sam?

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun, The kalvari is on sea trials. Yet there is no decision on the torpedos it will carry. DM has clarified that due to probe against finmeccanica the black shark deal is still not done. Which torpedo do you expect will be inducted. Can,t we go for any other torpedo?You had already said that black shark deal will be done. Just curious as no deal signed yet.

Also need to understand how efficient is Indian VLF transmitters to communicate with submerged submarines. Can these signals be transmitted by satellites for full spherical coverage of earth?

Brutas said...

So sir, you are saying the IAF is no longer interested in the A330 MRTT even though they have selected it over the Il-78 twice now?


Hi PrasunDa,

Not sure if you have seen this. MP5 designed by OFB

IIRC, MP5 was a trademark product of Heckler & Koch. Not sure if OFB procured some kind of IPR from H & K.



Anonymous said...

-Subho said:

On the subject of the purported crab mentality of Indians and Utopia being the feifdom of the West, I have only one word of advice, watch the U.S Republican debates and I am sure it will change your life :) ! Enough said.

S Nair said...

@Prasun your views on secession in general? Scotland / Catalonia / J&K(India) / Nagaland(New agreement Signed by NDA). @what point india should consider a request of secession ? Is it civilized for majority to ask for secession due to hardships under AFSPA and racist behaviour from rest of the country?


@ Subho,

Thanks for your comment. But frankly you are comparing apples with oranges.

This infamous Crab Mentality is not to be found in developed countries. It's only in countries like India & third world states like Pakistan, Africa etc where we find this.

Ray said...

Prasun Da, Please do summarize for us what our RM is trying to say here :

"It is better to cross the bridge when the time comes... A good buyer does not put his weakness in front. He keeps his cards close to his chest. Please do not ask me to reveal the card in national interest"

What bridge?? ..what weakness?? ..and which Card is he talking about?? (Only If you can reveal that without harming our supreme national interest!)

And later,

"It was for the first time that the defence ministry took stock of military sales through an account held by the US government and found that due to "ill-management of this account, slightly less than $ 3 billion piled up"

Is there an explaination for that?

And then,

"In May-June last year, we reviewed it. We have re calibrated it has come down from about $3 billion to $1.8 billlon," he said.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAY: Yes, yesterday was the RM's official briefing to the media about the annual defence budget. Your first observation relates to a question asked by a female reporter about the Rafale deal & when will it be signed & how many will be procured & what are the reasons for the delays. In reply, the RM said that it will be unwise to reveal details of on-going negotiations & how exactly they are being conducted. Interpretation: the negotiations involve indirect industrial offsets & also quid pro quo procurements, i.e. in return for procuring X number of Rafales, France will also partner with India on producing nuclear attack submarines (SSN). Mind you, he did not say or spell all this out on-record, but that's my interpretation based on news-inputs of mine from various players & parties who are involved in the on-going negotiations.

Regarding FMS, everyone in the media was totally confused because they simply do not know how the FMS system works. Here's how it works: after inking a FMS procurement contract, the buyer immediately makes a wire-transfer via SWIFT of the initial down-payment (20% of contract value) to the US Defense Dept's account in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The Defense Dept in turn transfers this money to the US prime industrial contractor that builds the hardware. Under FMS, India cannot make direct payments to the US OEM (just as India cannot directly pay Russian OEMs, but has to pay Rosoboronexport which in turn disburses the amount to the Russian OEMs). When it comes to progressive payment tranches as well as payments kept as deposits for obtaining prompt spares support, the international norm is to keep this money in an escrow account so that the principal amount gathers interest, & release the money by wire-transfer once the contract has been fulfilled. But inb India's case, the MoD's bureaucrats knew next-to-nothing about escrow accounts & therefore ended up making progress payments directly to the US Defense Dept (which do not gather any interest), leading to a pile-up of India-paid US$ with the US DoD. The norm is to release money from the escrow account ONLY after 2 criteria have been met: 1) Factory Acceptance Tests of the hardware; & 2) Pre-Delivery Inspections prior to the hardware being shipped/ferried out. But it now appears that officials of the MoD were unaware of such norms until recently! Now, corrective action has been taken & therefore more liquidity is now available to the MoD to make payments for hardware purchases in US$ for a lot of non-US products. Inference: A K Antony & Co were criminally negligent while discharging their duties, plain & simple.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: LoLz! That's not an MP5K clone or derivative at all. Here are some MP5Ks:

That photo is one of the prototypes proposed by one of the OFB factories when participating in the MSMC/JVPC competition.

To S NAIR: I can't speak for other countries, but what I do know for sure after having visited areas/states in India under AFSPA is that the majority of Indian citizens in the North East & J & K are totally against secession because in all their immediate contiguous foreign neighbourhoods, chances of survival are far far worse, leave alone leading a civilised existence. In J & K in particular, the only protests one witnesses every Friday afternoon are in Srinagar’s Habba Kadal locality, the hub of Kashmir’s political turmoil for more than two decades now. Is this one area representative of the whole of J & K? Does the All-Party Hurriyat Conference have any representation from among the Shias of northern J & K, the Buddhists of Ladakh or the Hindus from Jammu & the Kashmir Valley? Answer to both is NO. That being the case, there will be no takers anywhere in the world for secession being demanded by only a tiny crossection of a community. As for racist attacks, should the Biharis demand secession just because they're ill-treated in Maharashtra?

The reason AFSPA is there in Nagaland & Manipur is to prevent opposing tribes from engaging in mutually destructive bloodbaths. Had it not been for AFSPA, the Indian NSCN-IM & the Myanmarese NSCN-K would have continued slaughtering each other. Why else do you think students from the North East flock to educational institutions in Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad & Bengaluru? Why don't they go for higher studies somewhere in Myanmar or Bhutan or Nepal or Kunming in China? No one's stopping them. And yet they don't because they know only too well that they will be far worse off in foreign lands, even as students.

Ray said...

VMT. Now Will the industrial offsets also entail the Pelamis wave power? or maybe partnering India for the Aura Ucav as you must know Bae and dassault recently moved a step sloser.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAY: No. Industrial partnerships will involve SSNs, as I have spelt out above, plus in other related military areas like MGS (truck-mounted 155mm/52-cal howitzers) & 8 x 8 wheeled APC.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PRAKASH RAVI: If indeed the 'crab mentality' was a pan-Indian phenomenon, then one would have seen Indian ghettos springing up wherever there exists a sizeable Indian expatriate population. But that has not been the case, meaning the 'crab mentality' is not part of any Indian's DNA. This mentality has been fostered through educational & political conditioning since the 1966 till 1991 by the Congress party & this in turn has INDUCED such a mentality among most India-based Indian citizens. It was all explained in a humourous manner by the Indian PM 2 days ago in Parliament. Here, watch the explanations:

Ray said...

In that case Parrikar has got a nice hand and this handshake will go a long way to solve some of our strategic headaches.

Ray said...

A Mistake, Its not the Pelamis but the OTEC by DCNS. India especially the IN could sure use some green energy for its bases like the tidal turbines and the floating wind turbines apart from the otec already coming up at the Andaman.


Hi Prasun,

Appreciate your explanation but plz do note that Indian "ghettos" do exist in several Western countries. You will find them in New Jersey, California, London, Sydney etc. Initially they found it difficult to find accomodation in White neighborhood & so created their own townships. But that's not the point.

The population of Indians from any 1 community is not all that huge in foreign countries for them to fully exploit their Crab Mentality. 2/3 of PIO/NRIs in the west are Punjabis, rest are Telugu and some Tamil and they maintain their separate identity.

I hate the Congress & Left and wish them a painful death. That said, fact still remains that Indians(with a few exceptions highlighted in my 1st post) have a disgusting mentality that compels them to pull each other down.

And I do not know how Modi can help either.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PRAKASH RAVI: You're right about the clusterisation of Indian communities in countries where acute racism prevailed from the 1950s till the early 1980s. But such Indian communities were never exclusionist & alienated from other communities whenever they were given the chance to integrate, & were by nature not inward-looking. I have seen crab mentality or clanish mindset prevailing more among the Ceylonese Tamils than on Indian Tamils residing abroad, especially in Southeast Asia & Europe (the Panakotte/Mochakotte divide).

Yes, the crab mentality/mindset is disgusting & especially in a democracy which by its very nature is a noisy phenomenon. But one must also realise that such a mentality/mindset can only be fostered, nurtured & prolonged whenever there's a lack of an overriding national narrative. As a rational, common-sensical person, I cannot plan my existence on perceptions of how the world ought to be, but instead I must plan based on how the world is now. Consequently, I do not for even a moment believe or assume that a single person like Modi will be able to singlehandedly achieve societal transformation/social re-engineering within 5 or 10 years. What has taken 66 years to build & mature cannot be undone within a decade. At best, a minimum of 25 years is required to effect a generational change of mindsets. And again there's no guarantee that Modi will preside as PM for a 25-year period.

To RAY: At the very least, the MoD now has a RM who is discerning & is willing to take his job seriously & earn his monthly salary & perks, unlike all his predecessors over the past 66 years!

birbal said...

".....A K Antony & Co were criminally negligent while discharging their duties, plain & simple."

I LIKE that Prasunda...
It's HIGH time we RISE guys......That's why i think the PRINCIPLES of Kautilya as written in Arthasastra are VERY IMPORTANT, specially NOW...To me it's NOT about speaking loudly at the top of your voice BUT in a manner in which everyone hears and GETS the message LOUD & CLEAR.....BE SMART, THINK SMART

Pierre Zorin said...

Let me tell you except in the metros, rural and regional Australia and New Zealand to some extent, Indians are not understood or known at all and ignorance prevails. Don't know about US, UK and Canada where there are huge numbers of Indians but I have to combat mindsets that very tactfully keep me out of the inner circle. My wife was recently asked by a nurse, "Indian men are wife beaters, does your husband beat you?". Nearly everyday someone asks me "what is your nationality "? Almost twice the number always checks if I am Sri Lankan or a Pakistani - don't even know a bigger country is in between them both! Mindset from the cold war era lives on and they actually are more sympathetic to Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It is only financial clout that India has started wielding that is changing some reservations as more Austraian businesses are gearing to grab some of that.

CSC said...

Prakash ravi

2/3rds of indians abroad are Punjab, rest are tamil or telegu...

Did u just pull that data out of the place in ur body where the sun does not shine...

Far more than can mentality it is the PSUEDOS, that are Indias problem.

People who know very little yet talk very authoratively and loudly.

Do travel and see the world pls, I have loved and shot as a documentary film maker in 39 countries.

Indians abroad are a mix of gujarati and punjabi businessmen (Btw the patels that dominate the phonebooks are not punjabi), large numbers of migrant workwrs from bihar/ eastern up and knowledge workers from bengal/ tn/ ap/ karnataka....

This is just a bread list and exceptions abound like mallu migrants in the gulf

buddha said...

sir in news very confusing statements are coming out that A Japan-India defense deal over the procurement of 12 ShinMaywa US-2 amphibious search-and-rescue aircraft for the Indian Navy
is facing additional delays and an uncertain future

please illumine us with the right information

Vikram Guha said...


1. This is funny. Our friend Dr.Bandalbaaz must have visited your blog yesterday and today managed to copy & paste your thoughts on "defense money" parked abroad.

2. Meanwhile in reply to Sujoy Majumdar you stated that it is not an MP5. Now ARDE is saying they have designed corner shot rifles. Here is a pic

3. If India has to increase its nuclear arsenal to lets say 1000 warheads, will GOI face any problem in getting hold of enough uranium or plutonium from abroad since India doesn't have enough uranium reserves?


R. Sarath Kumar said...

Prasun sir, when do you foresee the India-China disputes getting sorted out? Will they ever be sorted without military action by either country?

If they do get sorted through dialogue, what would be the state of affairs then?

Would it be possible for India & China to work together as economic/military allies sometime in the future?

Thanks in advance,
Sarath Kumar R.

Anonymous said...

Satpathy said :

The demographic of Indian emigres in the West varies widely. For example, the largest proportion of Indian immigrants in the United states today are people with advanced degrees who emigrated for high-tech jobs. Up until the 80s, the Indian population in the U.S was dominated by the Patel community who ran Dunkin Donut shops and motels and a smattering of Punjabis who first came here through Canadd and either ended up as farmers on the West Coast or operated Indian restaurants. That changed dramatically in the 90s and thereafter. This trend changed dramatically in the 90s as immigration laws started to change and become more stringent. Since the 90s, hundreds of thousands of Indian high-Tech workers and doctors (even though a number of India educated and trained physicians did came over right after the Vietnam war) and the cream of the crop from top tier Indian Universities started to come over for either to pursue graduate degrees or to work in the burgeoining Tech industry in the U.S. Today, most of the Indians in the United States falls in the latter category of Indians who are highly educated, have top notch jobs and are very well respected for their talent and skills. Even in non-metro cities of America today, if you identify yourse;lf as "from India", a typical comment from the other ed would be - " You must be a Doctor or an Engineer" or " Oh you guys are just too smart" !

Also, the so called "Crab Mentality" within communities is not as prevalent. I guess, the more educated you are, the less marginalized you feel, and there is less of a need to cluster around each other and form Indian Ghettos". The Indian immigrant in the U.S is cosmopolitan, upwardly mobile, highly educated and is the top ethnic goup in terms of average family income in the U.S - yes, we surpassed the Japanese community a few years back ! That said, there may be still some pockets in NJ & CA and IL (Chicago) which are comprised of mostly blue- colored, non-college educated Indians but they are a minority today.
I have never traveled to S.E Asia, or Australia or the U.K for that matter, so i would not be qualified to speak how things are in those countries. I have lived in the U.S and can speak from first hand experience as to how things are here in the U.S. Canada again is a different story !

CSC said...

Hi prasun

Pls tell me if the super su 30 mki can have a dead/ sead optimised version with
Conformal fuel tanks
Internal weapons bay
High performance ew suite with enhanced rwr and jammers
360 degree irst
Standoff anti radiation and emp missiles
High percentage composite body and ram coatings

Along with the uprated engine, aesa radar, optimized for pak fa next Gen missiles and bombs

financeblogger said...

Mr. Prasun,

Long while ago, you had mentioned about Indian Navy delegation being shared with mind blowing designs at imds 2013.

Have you uploaded those designs. If yes, can you share that article?


Prasun & Pierre Zorin thanks for the insights.


Appreciate your insights as well. It's good to know that you are having a pleasant experience in the US. What I have felt in the US & UK is that "India" is not a nice word. India grabs headlines for all the wrong reasons- starvation, unemployment & of late rape.Several Indians face racist problems even today. Sureshbhai Patel case is a classic example where the judge refuse to punish the policeman.

All that aside I was basically referring to our Crab Mentality at home. This mentality leads to favouritism and eventually mediocrity. Generally speaking, such things do not happen in the West(though they do discriminate against people from other races).

China, Japan, Singapore made great progress because they were able to address such social issues. If India has to make progress we need to change our [crab mentality]mindset.

bhoutik said...

have you read Subir Bhowmik's 'Agartala Doctrine'? if u have - do u agree with the recommendations?

CSC said...

Well the arihant and tejas with elta 2052 aesa are nice but this is what people have done 10 to 30 years back
Prasun I am sure u have read tyler rogway's analysis of uss Jimmy carter and of the f 117 nighthawk.
Do we really have so much catching up to do

Arpit Kanodia said...

As you predicted.

But this is most hilarious thing, I m dying from laugh.

buddha said...
sir comment on the report

madforexbii said...

He already did to "RAY" only yesterday. Kindly check the comments history.

Anonymous said...

I decided today not to read hindu paper again, instead I would like to go for outlookindia

good bye hindu.

Anthony said...

Lots of interesting stuff:


One thing looks to be sure, things will change big time in the next 5 years. May be your predictions are about to come true.

R. Sarath Kumar said...

Also, sir, do you think Donald Trump could win and become the US president? If not then who will get the seat?

Thank you again,
Sarath Kumar R.

Ray said...

Prasun Da, Thanks for spelling it out the other day. But even with our RM being so decisive and discerning and all..don't you think our MoD ought to do something like this:

We have lots of eligible contenders.. with maybe S. Pichai topping thei list here...

Ray said...

Just like Suresh Prabhu roping in Ratan Tata for a kick..

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAY: The foundations need to be right, for starters. For instance, the Defence Minister needs to be made responsible for the defence of India, instead of the Defence Secretary. Secondly, the Secretary for Defence Production & Supplies need to be morphed into the Secretary for Procurement & he/she should not be a sitting board-member of any DPSU, to as to ensure a level playing field between the public sector & private sector OEMs.

To R SARATH KUMAR: It doesn't matter who becomes the next US President. The occupant of the White House is always Presidential in terms of first & foremost securing the supreme enlightened national interests of the US.

To ANTHONY: It seems M K Bhadrakumar is slowly but eventually veering towards some of mt points of view.

To ARPIT KANODIA: Yet another amusing phenomenon is that despiter all the recent talk in the West about the existence of gravitional waves in space, no one from ISRO or National Science Congress or DRDO or anyone else is even broaching the subject of electro-gravitics.

To CSC: Do read these revealing analysis of F-35 JSF flight-testing & air combat tactics development by the Royal Norwegian Air Force:

To BUDDHA: Do watch these:

To BHOUTIK: Yes, I did read it & many of its provisions are already under implementation now. For instance, NaMo anytime now is due to go to Agartala to inaugurate the new Internet gateway for the entire North East, which was possible only after Bangladesh agreed to allow the fibre-optic cable to transit through its land & enter Tripura, after originating from Chittagong's coastline.

To FINANCEBLOGGER: All; those lisdes were uploaded way back in either 2014 or last year itself.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIERRE ZORIN: LoLz! About ‘beaters, you ought to have told them in India there are both wife-beaters & husband-beaters, depending on whether one belongs to a patriarchal or matriarchal community. India being a free country, one is free to choose whether one wants to whack or get whacked (LoLz)!

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) All those journalists were present at the RM’s press-conference, but none of them understood the FMS system & its application methodologies, & were totally foxed by the term ‘escrow account’. That’s why all these ‘desi’ journalists had gone into a tizzy. I had done a US DoD-conducted 3-month diploma course way back in the early 1990s on the FMS system, & had subsequently even passed on all the related paperwork to the Indian MoD. But it looks like today’s MoD officials have either forgotten all about it or are suffering from selective amnesia. 2) CORNERSHOT is just a mechanism, not a weapon by itself. It can host various types of small-arms & targetting optronics. Consequently, anyone with a mind inclined towards electro-mechanical innovation will be able to devise such a mechanism.

To R SARATH KUMAR: Sometime by 2025 perhaps, the dispute will be sorted out. Not before then. Disputes are NEVER sorted out through dialogues. Disputes are always settled through negotiations in which there are 2 parties: the stronger & the less-powerful. That’s why whenever one strikes a deal, one always says “we have a deal”, meaning one never states whether a deal is a fair one, because no deal is ever fair to both parties.

To SATPATHY & PRAKASH RAVI: Whether or not anyone has a crab-mentiality is not the main issue. Instead, it should be all about self-introspection & objective analysis about what India really is. For instance, is she an underdeveloped/developing country, or is she a highly developed country in an advanced stage of decay?

To CSC: The concepts of both SEAD & DEAD themselves are undergoing transformation due to the availability of standoff PGMs with EMP generators. Therefore, combat aircraft in future will no longer feel the need to go directly into harm’s way by exposing themselves to hostile AAA. Su-30MKI doesn’t require CFTs because it has appreciable internal fuel capacity. Internal; weapons bays too are not reqd because of the standoff nature of the PGMs to be carried. High-performance EW suite is already in the pipeline for the Super Su-30MKI. 360-degree installation is possible as is high percentage of RAM coatings, but the same cannot be said about composites because they’re not reqd.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Kaustav Bhattacharya said...

Dear Prasunda,

The news doing the rounds is that the NSA of Pakistan had communicated the matter besides the Intelligence agencies getting the information through their usual channels.

Is this Pakistan trying to "Have it's cake and Eat it too" or is Pakistan truly in a cul-de-sac with nor other way out? Their recent liberal noises, admissions in the USA and trying in general to get into everybody's diplomatic good books seem to shoo a change of tactics. But what is the compulsion?

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Prasun Da,

Awaiting your story on 2002, and pre happenings please post as soon as possible .. just wanted to get freedom in true sense ..
Have great Maha Siva Ratri... :-)

Gopu said...

The army still hasn't understood the "lean and mean" concept. Unrelatedly, the FICV project looks promising with how it is structured.

RASAYAN said...

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Looks like Russia already supplied Yakhont missiles (Brahmos Missile) to Iran.
Later Iran supplied it to Hezobollah figters.

Brahmos Missile is a joint venture betwen India & Russia. Without india's permission
how russia can supply it to other countries in different name. Looks Russia is cheating India.

Please give your comment.

Senthil Kumar

Arh93 said...

Prasun da 1)What is the delivery time frame for these 2 new A-50EI AEW & CS? 2)What kind of ELINT/ESM/ECCM/EW improvements these 2 new aew&cs have vis-a-vis older 3? 3)Why DRDO never tried to develop a shoulder fired sam like stinger,igla? can they turn nag missile into a shoulder fired sam?

CSC said...


You will be the first to agree that along with high accuracy standoff pgm and emp weapons, the world is also seeing a proliferation of long range, high accuracy and high speed with a strong no escape zone Sam system like S 300,400,500... Thaad, sm 3/6, hq series of China and such.

That is why the advanced super hornet with cft, internal weapons bay etc was designed till the f35 navy could be fully operationalized.

I am thinking that since we have done some good work on composites for tejas, if we could add composites and internal weapons bay along with the other upgrades planned for the su 30mki, we could have a really good aircraft that would be relevant in most war theatres till 2040 odd.

After all the biggest issue for this magnificient machine is its Rcs other than the fob issue ofcourse

Ashish said...

To understand why Pak is doing what it is doing:

पीयूष दास said...

Sir, ek baat batao

It is said that nuclear weapons render region uninhabitable for centuries...
But people are living in Hiroshima & Nagasaki & cancer rates are not wreaking any havoc either...

So Are nuclear weapons overrated ?

Unknown said...

Hi prasun !
I know its off topic, but what is your assessment of budget 2016 ?

TheHundred said...

Prasun I Would like to hear your opinion of this subject, i remember you mentioned that the Army being bloated but after reading the articles below, the situation seems to be different. Thanks.

"At the regiment level the manpower crunch is starker and pressure even more severe,” the commander said. “Over the years, vehicle drivers for instance have been trained as electricians, or to fire ATGM, man radars, double up as nursing assistant for injuries since number of battlefield nursing attendants have been cut down. Some are trained as mechanics to repair vehicles on the spot,” the officer said and added “every infantry unit has been skinned, flab doesn’t exist.”

Similarly, artillery and mechanised units have been crunched and the number of men in non-combat supply and service arms – like Army Supply Corps, Ordnance – have been cut over the years."

The Army firmly believes there is no alternative to “boots on the ground” given its lack of cutting-edge military technology in several arenas. The force, after all, has to guard two long, treacherous borders with China and Pakistan as well as conduct counter-insurgency operations in Kashmir and northeast.
“China is going in for a 300,000 troop cut in the 2.3 million-strong People’s Liberation Army by 2017 after 30 years of a major technological upgrade. We are nowhere near that stage,” said a senior officer. "

After having undertaken “optimisation of manpower” four times in recent years, the Army however says there is very little scope now unless the force acquires “cutting-edge technology”.

G said...

In addition to the article "TheHundred" given links to

Isn't this a non - issue, would an army prefer a person to have multiple roles so as not to stretch the ranks of specialists too thin? especially in a combat situation. This is similar to what i read in the book "starship Troopers" by Robert A. Heinlein,where even the cook and the Chaplain is combat trained "Everybody Drops, Everybody fights"

mg6357 said...


Look at this Pak Finance Minister Mr. Dar saying,"Will not roll back nuclear programme even if debts swell to $100 trillion".

I just simply can not believe that Pak civil leadership is that stupid. I mean do these people have not seen the consequences of becoming a defaulter nation like Greece or is this just an ego taking priority over the simple commonsense ?

On the other hand, Pakistan has also taken few billion dollar loans in respect to improve their infrastructure like roads, railways,dams and electricity etc. How many projects of these nature do you see coming to life in the short to medium time period ?

Anonymous said...

@ TheHundred,

though your question is to Prasunda, i am putting my views here.

It may be true that our soldiers are having more jobs than they can handle, especially due to lack of technological upgrades, but on the other hand if we keep such big army it will never be possible to have the money to do tech upgrades.

second issue is that many of the jobs (like Barber, cook, canteen supply, routine clerical) can be done by civilian contractors. this has been identified as possible areas to cut the numbers. The soldiers deserve good pay and comfort, but that is because they are doing a great job. to extend that attention to less demanding jobs will make bad investment of money. Remember that pension is an area, where money drains. More less demanding jobs in army, the more drain in salary and pension - this can be better utilized to technological improvements and to improve the condition of our soldiers.

In the liberal democracies, governments have to trust its civilians. To think like in the 80s that only sworn in government staff are capable of maintaining integrity does not hold water in 2016. Civilians can and must share the workload, at times of peace and war.

With Op Parkaram itself we learnt the hard way that mobilizing million strong army for big wars is not feasible in the 21st century, nor might be required.

I wish all the capable young men are able to serve the military, so that there are jobs, pride and camaraderie among all. But wishes are one thing and sustainable are other.

Sreenivas R

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GOPU & THEHUNDRED: The report in TOI was derived from a far more detailed feature published in INDIA TODAY. Here it is:

lahori said...


You people do not understand the mentality of Paks. It is not like indians!!!
Look what they did to USSR and USA/NATO combine.
That requires big balls and will power that does not exist in the indian gene pool. Therefore how can you understand?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LAHORI: LoLz! Big balls & willpower does not exist in the Indian gene pool? If that is indeed the case, then why all this on-going uproar & panic within Pakistan about R & AW's extensive penetration within Pakistan? Why all the allegations about Indian meddling in FATA & Balochistan? FYI there will be a TV programme aired later tonight on DAWN NEWS that will for the first time reveal all that has been compiled by Pakistan's security agencies concerning India's penetration within the highest civilian & military circles of Pakistan. Just yesterday at a seminar in India former Lt Gen Tariq Majid told an Indian audience that the PA has always been petrified about India's intentions vis-a-vis Pakistan, i.e. whether or not India wanted to erase Pakistan off the world map. So, before you shower any further self-bravado & make bombastic claims about guts, balls, hausla, jasbaa etc etc, do get yourself injected with a reality-check about prevailing ground-realities. And then decide whether or not to map the mindsets & mentalities of Indians & Pakistanis.

What came about as a consequence of needless Pakistani meddling in Afghanistan in the 1980s & for the past 15 years is a Pakistan today whose financial capital karachi is bristling with 1 million unregistered small-arms that even the Sindh Rangers since 1993 haven't been able to unearth. You may well choose to hail this & enjoy it, but it doesn;t mean others in the world will. Finally, if you wish to get yourself educated about the warning given by India's High Commissioner to Islamabad in 1993 to the then PA's COAS Gen Abdul Waheed Kakkar, then do watch & absorb this:

Arpit Kanodia said...


Thank God we dont have sucg gene pool which call its own citizens as declared Dushman after bombing there houses, using 500 KG bombs against them, allowing US to use drone, moreover making them refugee in there own country, and after that "Dushman ke Baccho ko Padhana hai".

Arpit Kanodia said...

PKS Sir,
This is some different question. Ali Haider Geelani who is son of Ex- PM of Pakistan Yosuf Raza Geelani. He was abducted in May 2013, and its been 3 years now, and still no one able to find him or his body. But still this high profile case is low profile, and no one, no one interested in finding his son. How that is possible that Ex- PM son is abducted, and no one interested?

There is any possibility that ISI kidnapped his son & killed him, just to take revenge against Ex-PM, who bypassed Establishment with India.

TheHundred said...

Thanks Sreenivas and Prasun.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@lahori Lol. What I say about this, okey. Even after when IA's officers refused to attack Kargil (which is pure and pathetic lie from you), and mutinied against IA HQ in New Delhi . Against all odds still pathetic hindu baniya Army succeed in achieving military goals, not just in 1999 but also in 1971? And this warrior race not even able to succeed in achieving strategic goals even by using sub conventional war?

In that case warrior race was & is always Indians, that able to achieve goals in any conditions and against all odds, even when Indian Army refused to attack but India still succeeded in capturing those heights. LMAO.

Santosh Kumar Sharma said...

Hi Prasun,

Small questions:
1) In your description you have mentioned the aircraft as IL-476-90. What does the -90 indicate. Is it for ELW-2090 radar or a special variant for IAF?
2) What are the improvements in ELW-2090 radar compared to 2075 radar?
3) The previous three A-50 and IL78MKI have D-30 engine or PS90-76 engine?
4) Other than the cockpit and engine are there any other changes compared to IL76 that IAF operates. Does it have higher MTOW (Maximum take off weight) compared to IL76. If they are different structurally then spares would also be different, and adding to headache of IAF in terms of logistics.


Rajesh Mishra said...

It has been written in Mahabharat that the nuclear weapons make the land barren only for 12 years. Can Pakistan withstand this situation.

Gessler said...

Prasun ji, can you confirm if the missile in the picture below is the K-4 or not? Apparently it's from the 2014 test, pic said to be revealed in early 2015.

Gessler said...

Also, I want to add : do you think there's gonna be a land-based variant of the K-4? I think it'd make for an excellent IRBM in a canisterized TEL.

Secondly, what's the progress on the S-5 SSBN-class? Anything new?

Thirdly, do you believe anything was taken forward WRT the SSN project between India & France?

rad said...

hi prasun
the pic of the k-4 seems unusual , the rocket exhaust seems to be from th e cap rather than the nozzle . Is this a doctored vdeo?

Siddharth said...


Full video is here

Posted in Feb 2015

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD & GESSLER. The photo is that of the K-15, not K-4. The K-4 is shorter & stubbier. For any land-launched ICBM from a MAL, the SLBM variant will be a better choice than the existing Agni-5 ICBM technology demonstrator.

To PIYUSH DAS & RAJESH MISHRA: Only if a nucklear detonation takes place on the surface will the area remain uninhabitable for centuries, like Chernobyl. But nuclear warhead or n-bomb detonations do not take place on the surface. They are exploded about 35,000 feet above the surface so that the blast-effect is spread out over a far greater area. If Ground Zero (area above which the warhead is to be detonated) is a plateau then the radiation & blast effects tend to spread laterally & the radiation can escape. But if the detonation takes in a valley, then the surrounding mountains ensure that the blast-wave & radiation tend to reverberate due to the confined nature of the terrain.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Here are the 2 programmes aired yesterday which allege that R & AW has penetrated throughout Pakistan:

The programmes are quite hilarious, in that everyone admits there's no admissible evidence against India & all allegations are emanating from confessional statements made by Pakistani citizens.

To SANTOSH KUMAR SHARMA: 1) The 90 stands for the PS-90A turbofan. 2) Operating software enhancements. Hardware stays the same. 3) Existing A-50EIs have PS-90A turbofans. IL-78MKIs & IL-76MDs have D-30. 4) Of course if higher thrust-level turbofans are used then the MTOW will also increase. How will the spares support problems increase if the D-30s are completely done away with & use is made only of PS-90As?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To CSC: The Su-30MKI's underbelly can indeed be transformed into an internal weapons bay. But large-scale incorporation of composites-built structures into the airframe will change the CG of the aircraft while in flight & will therefore be quite unnecessary. Composites can be incorporated on large-scale into any airframe only when the aircraft is in the detailed design stage & the CG parameters are fixed & frozen at that stage.

To SREENIVAS R: Even the product-support & training reqmts can be met by the private-sector & theherefore the armed forces don't need to possess their own repair workshops, base repair depots, naval ship-repair yards & simulation centres. All these can be outsourced from the private-sector. The armed forces should therefore only be fighting forces & should not feel the need to possess 'back-office' infrastructure & human resources. This alone will free up appreciable levels opf existing military manpower while at the same time give healthy businesses to the public/private sector military-industrial entities.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SENTHIL KUMAR: No Yakhonts have been supplied to Iran or Syria. Only Indonesia & Vietnam have Yakhonts.

lachit said...


I am never interested in politics but I am curios to know, will this kaniahya the jnu lady Dianna will have any impact on coming polls . online news websites report there is widespread support for him even trains were stooped.

what's ur view .
thank god I was not selected in the military , to have died for such countrymen , it would have been heart wrenching

dipan chakraborty said...

Chinese experts say Russian RS 26s warhead can constantly change trajectory is it possible? Your views

Anonymous said...

@ Prasun da,

thank you.

by what factor our military can offload their expendable jobs, i mean as a percentage of budget. Certainly such jobs will create more investment and efficiency from private entities, which will in turn make life lot easier for our uniformed citizens. I am wondering why such win-win situation is not adopted by our military.

on another note,
do you think this invention a really incredible one. It says it may be able to even offer power for vehicles.

Micro solid oxide fuel cell makes drones fly more than 1 hour

Sreenivas R

पीयूष दास said...

Sir, you said that K4 will be shorter...

Shorter than what ? K15 ?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LACHIT: LoLz! 'Students' with self-adorned ideological blinkers who don't even know how much it costs their pockets to buy chappatis & lentils (daal) will always end up as losers in the eyes of history, just as the Naxalites of the 1960s & 1970s were/are/will continue to be. Such folks as well as all those who engage in wanton arson & communal strife have to get one reality inside their thick skulls: only a citizen's birth certificate can be obtained as a birthright without any preconditions. No application is reqd to be submitted for securing a birth certificate. For EVERYTHING else--voter's ID card, passport, driving licence, UID card, ration card, school/college/university admittance, etc, applications have to be submitted, meaning these are ALL PRIVILEGES extended to the citizens by the State/country. All these therefore cannot be demanded as one's birthright. Consequently, being privileges, these are are CONDITIONAL, meaning there's give & take. It thus means as one can be accorded such privileges ONLY if one fulfils his/her end of the social contract by abiding with the laws of the land. If the social contract is broken by the citizen, all these privileges can be revoked/withdrawn with immediate effect. Therefore, there's no such thing as unconditional freedom of speech or unconditional freedom of expression. Freedom always goes concurrently with obligations. And as long as these fundamental dictums are not taught & explained in a sustained manner to schoolchildren from a very early age, there will be steady rollouts of folks like Kanhaiya Kumar, Sadhus/Sadhvis/Yogis who will never tire of behaving like headless chickens.

To DIPAN CHAKRABORTY: That is physically impossible. Only S-type manoeuvres are possible when the warhead tumbles back to earth at high speeds. But these again are steady manoeuvres & by no means constantly abrupt. No tandav dancing by them.

To PIYUSH DAS: No. Shorter than Agni-5. Typically, a SLBM won't have length of more than 10.5 metres for the sake of being accommodated inside a SSBN's pressure hull.

To SREENIVAS R: Roughly 25% can be offloaded. As for fuel-cells, the Israelis have been using them (they're the pioneers in this field) for mini-/micro-UAVs since 2009. Such fuel-cells are now also being used by Russian infantry forces in the Arctic Circle for supplying power to electronically controlled heat generators inside lightweight winter clothing. This could definitely be adopted for those IA personnel deployed along the Saltoro Ridge in Siachen. BTW, all tents being used by the IA in that area since the late 1990s have all be supplied by Russia.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Watch this about the 'Gumnami Baba' from Faizabad:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LACHIT: Here's another JNU idiot who's presenting historical distortions:

And an equally gullible audience responding to her fictitious rants.

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

DIPP issued 12 defense licences to Reliance today.

Is there any eligibility criteria that new companies have to fulfill in order to be granted a licence for defense production by DIPP?

I could not find the details in the DIPP website or any GOI website, therefore thought will ask you for an informed opinion.



lachit said...


that lady is a govt. professor OMG

and the JNU brain dead audience are even clapping to her nonsense

they all are even dumber than me considering I still have not been able to crack a govt. job exam oh man.

and here is a professor and her meritorious Dumbo's.

she does not know that the international maps shows the actual LOC those under India as part of India and pok as part of Pakistan.
internationally everybody is maintaining status quo.
and this is no way shows that internationally everybody thinks J&K is not a part of India.
plus it is pretty much useless to ask the Dumbo's to read about UN resolutions , cold war politics , Oropolitics I think their one track meritorious brains will explode while encountering the harsh and bitter truth.

these JNU sheebas (my favourite south Korean slang hehehe)are big time ignoramus and idiots.
why the hell the f**cking media cant just ignore them.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: The compliance norms are all mentioned in the DPP guidelines. DIPP is is useless & defunct body, just like many other central govt depts. Let me give you an example of how distorted the central govt machinery works: if I want a few foreign architect acquaintances to do just a visual inspection of Hyderabad House in Delhi, then first I will be told to get a no-objection certificate from the MEA. After obtaining that, I will be told to get a similar certification from ITDC, & after obtaining that I will be told to get yet another certificate from the CPWD! Same for the forthcoming DEFEXPO 2016 expo. Those foreign journalists who have expressed interest in attending & covering the expo have been asked to seek authorisation from the MEA! Now, what has the MEA got to do with DEFEXPO???

To LACHIT: On the contrary, the media should highlight such incidents, so that someone files a PIL at a court of law against such mischievous lecturers/professors & challenges them to prove their assertions with admissible material evidence. If they fail to do so, which they will, then they should pay financial damages, which will make them bankrupt-for-life! This is the only way to teach such deviants that the freedom of speech is never unconditional. One must always stand up & be held accountable for one's utterances, especially when soundbytes are uttered in public.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

BROWN DESI said...

Hi Prasun; please do share with us the details about the warning you mentioned given by Indian HC to PA's COAS. I have tried to locate literature on it but to no avail.
Brown Desi

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

Just came across and wanted ur thoughts on it... Perhaps even a detailed post on the PLAN similar to ur analysis of the RECMF a few years back....

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BROWN DESI: That's because there isn't any literature from the Indian side as yet. This incident was narrated by former Pakistani Interior Minister Lt Gen (Ret'd) Moinuddin Haider (during Musharraf's reign) on March 7 in a TV programme, which can be viewed here:

Start watching from 30.34 right till the end. The person who had warned Gen Abdul Waheed Kakkar was the then Indian High Commissioner to Islamabad Satinder K Lambah.

Prior to that, Ambassador Ronen Sen had warned both the US & Pakistan that the Ojhri Camp ammunition blowout of 1989 was no disaster, but had been made to happen for a reason.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Anyone wants to know why the Balochis don't fit in with Pakistan? Well, then watch this presentation on what's written in the Sociology textbooks for Grade 12 (Junior College) students of Pakistan & how come this has been taught for the past 25 years:

Shocking, to say the very least. Similar derogatory remarks ap;pear about Sindhis, Sikhs & Hindus. And this is the centrally approved textbook! Watch from 10.39 right till the very end.

Jay Bhanushali said...

this is super depressing to put it mildly. paki elites are creating an entire nation of dimwits. i feel Pakistan will remain a problem country for at least the next 50 years even if they start correcting all such nonsense. but if they don't, then no amount of Chinese investment is going to help them prosper.

Lingaraj said...

Did anyone realise yet Raw13 has morphed into lahori? I reckon the handle Raw13 was used by two friends or brothers that's why we used to read titillating and often serious comments in a mixed bag. Now all bets off, all pants down lahori has emanated from the ashes of Raw13 chanting Bol Hori Bol Hori main houn Lahori...

Pawan said...

Dear Prasunji,

Reading your blog is a delight. Though due to my other commitments I am not able read much about latest happening in defence & statecraft, reading your blog is part of my daily routine.

As per a media report Tejas will test fire Griffen Missile. Is it possible that this missile is matched with CAS version of BAE Hawks?


RASAYAN said...

Weapons Testing From Indian Navy's Boeing P-8I Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PAWAN: VMT. It is the Griffin-3 LGB, not missile. The Griffin-3 is the standard LGB of the IAF. All Jaguar IS, Su-30MKI & Mirage 2000s equipped with Litening LDP can fire the Griffin-3 LGB.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Santosh Kumar Sharma said...

Hi Prasun,

I had posted a question to you, surprisingly it got deleted. Ok so reposting again:

In reply to my query on "March 8, 2016 at 11:45 PM" you had replied on "March 9, 2016 at 6:22 PM". I have some questions regarding your reply:

1) In your 4th point you have mentioned "How will the spares support problems increase if the D-30s are completely done away with & use is made only of PS-90As?". While in 3rd point you mention "Existing A-50EIs have PS-90A turbofans. IL-78MKIs & IL-76MDs have D-30.". So are the existing IL76MD and IL78 going to be upgraded to PS-90 engine, otherwise the spares problem will remain.

2) Second if the MTOW is going to be increased, then is there any change to Landing gear and its fittings. If yes then that would also entail different spares and tires probably. Kindly confirm if this is the scenario.

3) Do we possess TU-204R or E-8C type aircraft for SIGINT and ELINT missions.

4) You have explained in your previous posts why IAF went with different aircrafts. My question this time is regarding Navy, why we went for two different Anti Sub a/c Tu142M and IL38s. Is it because only these were available when we had the requirement.


Jay Bhanushali said...

prasun sir,
i have a question,
instead of wasting money on Stealth UCAVs shouldn't India focus on a truly indigenous multi role transport aircraft similar to the c130j and have a c27 like smaller variant of the same and have them in both turbofan and turboprop version. different variants could be built to replace everything from avros, an32,c130, etc..

every aircraft in the 10 to 20 ton cargo capacity for armed forces, civilian and vip use could be replaced by this.
no need to buy c295 for either iaf or indian navy and no need for the Russian il 214

engines can be imported initially but i am sure it wont be too difficult to build engines( both turbofan & turboprop) for a transport aircraft from the experience gained in the kaveri project.

if the entire current an32 fleet is upgraded i dont see a need for the c295. they can always buy a few c130j and ew145 for immediate needs if necessary

this indigenous Multi role aircraft could be put into series production by 2030 if we start design phase by 2017.

Is this feasible or am i being too naive and optimistic?

I would love to read your views on this
please do reply.
VMT in advance.

RASAYAN said...

Hi Prasun,

1)Full scale war between India and its neighbor is unlikely as mentioned by you. How important is the statement made by IAF that they don;t have the numbers to fully fight two-front war. Do IAF wants to put pressure on RM and PM by making such comment time to time?

2) You mentioned that the Griffin-3 is standard LGB for IAF. What about Sudarshan laser-guided bomb and their capability. They are also in the inventory of IAF.


dipan chakraborty said...

Some says north Korea don't have nuclear weapons. But they detonated a large conventional bomb mixed with radioactive. Particles to present a nuclear detonation I wonder if Pakistan had done something like it? Your views plz

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,

Why IAF is so reluctant to consider the DRDO NGARM. Is it missile size or weight or range?

Can you please enlighten us all bloggers.

Akash Ks said...

prasun.., can we expect NGARM as a cross between barak 8 propulsion & kh 31A seeker..drdo tenders shows that it has radome of 315 mm dia..bigger than astra missile..

Common Sense said...

Prasun, has the reporter missed an extra zero somewhere? If it weighs 140 kg, it would be the lightest ARM in the whole world: Even the LCA could carry around 6-10 of them!

It seems France is holding out for 90 more Rafales (36+90). Will this "new arrangement" make more sense than the original process.

Anup said...


CCS clear two deep-submergence rescue vessels.

When they deliver DSRV. Please provide some details about DSRV.

Anonymous said...

Is Rafale the second line of jet as mentioned by RM some days back?

Prasunda please clear the air.

Anonymous said...


Why is the Iranian President going to Pakistan before visiting India? Almost every month one of their minister is in pakistan. Is something cooking?


पीयूष दास said...

Huh !!!

Rajesh Mishra said...

The Eastern Alien Angels were requested to spare complete elimination of Pakistan with Brimstone and Charcoal if it houses only 1000 Jews living happily therein. The Angels paused a little and said solemnly that even 1000 Jews do not live happily within Pakistan. It is being thought out to reduce this figure for further negotiations.

john said...


Is DRDO-NGARM is too heavy (140kg) or Import lobby working against it?.

Is there any other issue with missile other than weight for IAF rejecting it ?.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JOHN: Has the IAF said that it has rejected this NG-ARM?

To PIYUSH DAS & RAD: These are equally interesting:

To ASHISH: Why? Simple, he wants to read out the Riot Act to his Pakistani counterparts. The Iranian Foreign Minister already visited India last year & again this year, & the Iranian NSA comes to India once every 3 months. Now what does all this tell you?

To ANUP: Just go to the website of James Fisher Defence & read up everything about the DSAR.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JOHN: Consider the following facts:

Mach 3.5 Kh-31P weighs 600kg & has 110km range.
Mach 2.3 AGM-88 HARM weighs 355kg & has 150km range.
Mach 2.4 ALARM weighs 268kg & has 93km range.

The DRDO's projected Mach 2+ NG-ARM weighs 140kg & has 60km-range. Its broadband seeker is of Russian origin. What this means is that the heart of this weapon (seeker) is imported, & only its propulsion system, blast-fragmentation warhead & FOG-based inertial navigation system are locally developed. The range of 60km is clearly deficient & needs to be raised to at least 110km.

mg6357 said...


In this report Mr. Noronha, Head of Tata defence answered some questions about FICV and Kestrel. This increased my confusion.

1. Has Kestrel already been selected as future FICV ? If not then will kestrel be procured separately apart from FICV winner ?
2. What is the difference between FICV and FRCV ?
3. For which competition Tata has formed JV with Bharat Forge ?
4. What will the roll of OFB and DRDO in these competition because few days ago there was a news that no matter who wins OFB will have serial production facility. If this is true then private sector roll remains only as a R&D facilitator and nothing else.

Jay Bhanushali said...

seems like hal just wants spoon feeding. 50-50 jv will actually be license assembly with a few desi sub systems. What a shame. by the time this bird enters production India will be 3rd largest economy but still wont have a single truely desi civilian aircraft

Ashish said...

is this real sir?

Pakistan will seek to purchase another 10 Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Block 52 multirole fighters from the United States after recently concluding a deal to buy eight of the aircraft.

A "decision in principle has been made to buy 10 more F-16s", a senior Pakistani government official told IHS Jane's on 7 March, while adding that "the exact timing to place an order is yet to be decided".

The US Department of State approved in February a sale of eight fighters - two single-seat F-16Cs and six twin-seat F-16Ds, along with associated equipment - for about USD699 million. The deal was opposed by some members of the US Congress on the grounds that Pakistan had not done enough against insurgents and terrorist groups active in Afghanistan.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MG6357: 1) No. No one in India has ordered the Kestrel. How can an order be placed when user-evaluations haven't even commenced? 2) Tracked FICV is an infantry combat vehicle carrying infantry soldiers inside. Tracked FRCV project will use a common hull for developing two main types of vehicles: the FMBT & a tank support vehicle like the BMP-T armed with ATGMs & 30mm/40mm cannon. The FICV thus becomes a battle-taxi ferrying infantry & its turret will be armed with 30mm or 40mm cannon, & a remote-controlled mini-turret with 12.7mm MG & 40mm grenade launcher. 3) Google it. 4) OFB will undertake final-assembly of the vehicles, just like it had for Ashok Leyland's Stallion trucks.

To JAY BHANUSHALI: It is just another waste of the Indian taxpayer's money, just like the HTT-40 project. But at least HAL has now painfully learnt that it cannot produce the Regional Jetliner proposed by NAL because that jetliner was a product of, by & for scientists only. Same story as that of the SARAS.

To ASHISH: That's because the PAF's first 40 F-16A/B acquired in the 1980s will have to be decommissioned from service starting 2018. Don't forget that.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To COMMON SENSE: Laws of economics state that the more one orders, the lesser will be the unit-cost. So what's so surprising about it? I had been predicting this for a long time now. Only the 'desi' journalists had been going around confusing everyone!

Gopu said...

Why are most of these DRDO developed missile products import substitution-oriented, inferior versions of Russian products? Why not buy a complete package IPR from Ukraine? Ideological blinkers haven't stopped China.

Jay Bhanushali said...

I also don't understand why we need to buy the ka226 even for paramilitary?
just go for bulk production of th HAL LUH @ 60 aircrafts per annum when its ready and buy the HAL Cheetal in the mean time as a stop gap.

as far as the naval utility helicopter is concerned. is it soooo difficult to modify a dhruv for naval use? Why import 120+ helis when we can build a desi option? The navy can live a few more years without modern utility helis. just buy the s70b for the largest ships. no need for as565 Panther. Naval alh is possible if sincere effort is made.

TheHundred said...

BSF: India's First Line of Defense Documentary By National Geographic

part 1
part 2

TheHundred said...

No chance of these joining Indian Navy right Prasun?

Russia in talks with India to sell three Project 11356 frigates

"So far, we are fulfilling the works under state defense order and building these ships. At the same time, we’re holding talks on the possibility of selling these frigates to the Indian side," the vice-president of the United Shipbuilding Corporation

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To THEHUNDRED: No chance at all, UNLESS they re-equip the vessels with all those weapons & sub-systems already on board the Batch-2 FFGs. And if this is done, then the per-unit cost will go up exponentially. Nor will any of them be built by any Indian shipyard. The Batch 3 FFGs, IF ACQUIRED, will be built by Yantar Shipyard JSC in Kaliningrad, rest assured. Most probably these 3 vessels will be sold off to Algeria.


Prasun da,

DRDO NGARM radome tender has specification width of 32.5cm and length of 60cm.

It can be inferred that it is of 500Kg class missile and 140Kg weight and 60km range is false information.

Anonymous said...


I may be wrong but I think the F-16A/B from 80's have all been upgraded to block 50/52+ via (MLU?) and they bought some from jordan too. The f16 numbers look to be 90-100.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH: Avionics suites can be upgraded, but airframes & engines of the F-16A/B cannot be relifed repeatedly. How many countries today are still possessing F-16A/Bs of 1980s vintage & what's their serviceability rate? Ask the Nordic countries & find out why they're anxiously awaiting the F-35 JSF. A simple math will prove my point.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SANJEEV KUMAR: Even 500kg is too high a figure. A more realistic figure will be somewhere in the range of 280kg. Externally, the NG-ARM resembles the ALARM.

Vivek said...

Prasun da,
Can u pl enlighten us on what's going on btw Saudi n Iran n position of USA n Russia on it, is pak trying to give nuke to Saudi, where does Iran nuclear deal fit into this, has USA switched sides and left Saudi due to Isis, there's a tectonic shift happening, pl correct me if india playing the game right n vl we emerge stronger n net beneficiary...... Regret if asking too much, basically need to know what's happening out there at macro level.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIVEK: In that case you ought to watch this, which was aired last night:

Looks like the KSA-led alliance is now pitted against the Russia-Iran-Iraq-Syria alliance. The grand clash between Sunnis & Shias is now awaited. If Turkey fully commits itself to the KSA-led alliance, then Russia & the US will most likely support the creation of an independent Kurdistan comprising the areas of northeastern Syria, southern Turkey & northern Iraq. Will Prince Salman of KSA turn out to be the 'crazy' Arabian prince as prophecised by Michel Nostradamus? Will Putin be the 'anti-Christ' as prophecised by Nostradamus? Will the Iran-led Shia alliance commence its march down to Mecca & Medina from the Al-Hind Square (that's right, Al-Hind was the name given by Saddam Hussein to its victory square over which hangs two crossed swords, with the name Al-Hind being given to honour Iraq's friendship with India, since Bharat since ancient times was always referred to as Al-Hind by the ancient Mesopotamians & their present-day Iraqi & Persian/Iranian successors), as prophecised by the Shia clergy more than 1,400 years ago?

Interesting times indeed! K Senthil Kumar, do kindly take note of these observations as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your info regarding Sunni-Shia War. Making of Kurdistan is in the minds of George Bush & Tony Blair. They have multiple Plans in middle East. One such plan is Kurdistan.

Already Kerry told that if Syrian Peace plan is not working, Plan B is Splitting Syria in Sectarian Lines.

Now the question is, Putin ready to Break Syria? Based on this answer things are going to move.

Once More thanks for your comments.

S.Senthil Kumar

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

The Pakis are Boasting that they will get ALQ 500 EW systems from
Spanish Company INDRA for their JF 17

How True is that

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Regading India-Saudi Relationship, recently Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir told that India-Saudi is ‘Strategic Partnership’ and Paki-Saudi is "Historic ally".

In this context what is ‘Strategic Partnership’ between India & Saudi and "Historic ally" means just ordinary relationship like other countires?.

And recently Paki did not support Saudi by Militarily meaning saudi is going to wash its hand with Paki.

Please comment.

S.Senthil Kumar

Kunal Jadhav said...

Prasun Sir,
Is it possible that to counter India's nuclear triad China will sell SSBN to Pakistan ? This is what China did after India Pokhran tests. Even if China try to do this will the world powers like USA,European Union,Russia will let China do this ?

dipan chakraborty said... Looks like a radical us foreign policy change is underway!

Sumanta said...

Prasun Da, kindly share your views on the matter:

CSC said...

A very interesting naval warfare story that is now emerging from the US Navy is the concept of distributed lethality to combat modern a2ad systems.

For a nation that is soon to have a 2 aircraft carrier fleet with 4 more stovl 40000 ton carriers disguised as msrvs, it is an interesting proposition

But for that to happen every ship in the fleet needs strong offensive and defensive fire power... With the klub/ brahmos/ nirbhay trio backed by possibly k15, k4 and blackshark (hopefully soon) the offensive part seems sorted.

But with just 32 barak 8, the anti air component seems very weak.

When there is so much space on the ddg 15a and 15b series and the shivalik followons, why not add another 32 or is the navy waiting for an extend range version with a uvls as a mid life for 15a and a fitment into 15b and new 17a.

Also a ciws like the kashtan or searam is needed as a tier 2 between the barak 8 and the ak630.

What do u think

Arpit Kanodia said...


If Iran asked India & Russia (as tit for tat for KSA exercise) for some major naval exercises in Arabian Sea & land exercises in Iran, will India commit itself? Also in return, India can ask some incentives from Iran to rile up Shias of Pakistan.

Rajesh Mishra said...

Please keep your seats reserved in advance. Shia will retaliate strongly against the 34 Sunni Regiment at or near Dhabiq. Victorious Shia will march south to get Yemen. Mhodi Sahib alias Mhahdi Sahib will be invited to lead the huge prayer that he will oblige. Jews will be singing their songs.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe 80's f16 are still flying, even if upgraded via MLU. This is why i wondered why we are upgrading mirage 2000's and mig19s. They are the same age as these 80's f16s. Do you think its better to scrap them and just buy more new fighters? I have seen some of our mig29s years ago and even then they looked like they were on their last legs.


Kumar said...

Prasunda, love you and your observations. Thank you very much.


sbm said...

What's the real story behind this ? Is the IAF SAM force going to be weakened or was the planned procurement excessive and could be replaced by more Akash SAMs?

What will actually be acquired ?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SBM: LoooooLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZ!!! These 'desi' journalists NEVER cease to portray themselves as 'thoroughbred arseholes!!!

Now here are the facts-of-life:

1) Today, MR-SAMs & even LR-SAMs like Barak-2 have engagement envelopes that can totally perform ALL roles performed previously by radar-guided SHORADS--a point I have been making for the past 3 years.

2) IIR-guided SHORADS & VSHORADS cannot provide air-defence against cruise missiles & UAVs & inbound standoff PGMs. At best, only cruise missiles can be intercepted by IIR-guided SHORADS.

So what's the solution for all 3 armed forces? You can read all about it in DEFEXPO 2016's show dailies & in FORCE magazine's April 2016 issue. But the future lies in solid-state HEL-based DEW. BAE Systems, Boeing, Raytheon, Rheimnetall, MBDA, RAFAEL, RADA & even the DRDO (i.e. its Aditya project) are all offering such systems for air base air-defence, anti-ship cruise missile defence, etc etc. That's where one should put one's money when it comes to new-generation SHORADS.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Looks like Saudi USA Relation is in bad condition. May be US want to go against Saudi.

Above article is from Prince Turki Al-Faisal who is former intelligence chief for many years.

Do you see something is cooking between West & Saudi relations in the current context.

Please comments for this post and my earlier post.

S.Senthil Kumar

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