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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Glimpses Of Singapore Air Show 2016


Anup said...


As per And Economic times

Really ready for induction in IN. When weapon test conduct?

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,

How can INS Arihant passes deep sea test without having the DSRV vehicle.

Gessler said...

Excellent images, Prasun ji! Keep them coming!

I assume that those apertures I see under the Su-30MKM's nose are the MAWS/LWS fitments, am I correct?

I would think the Super-Sukhoi of IAF would have similar apertures in future. Btw, is it correct that Super-MKI would have a new space for a rear-facing IRST/DIRCM slot just above the dorsal air-brake?

Kunal Jadhav said...

sir,please can you confirm above report. It also says that both Bo5 and k4 have been tested. IN used Russian navy RPS Epron during testing which arrived on 1st October, which DSRV it used ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

I accept your answer regarding Turkey/syria Invasion of Syria.

But both turkey & saudi want to put Sunni dominated government in Syria. For that only, both are putting their miltary in the border.

But Russia is not going to allow it. Please see the link. It treathen to use TNW.

Now America is which side. Please comment.

Senthil Kumar

Arpit Kanodia said...


What do you think about this?

Arpit Kanodia said...

Interestingly this is the same moment when this was happened

DAshu said...

what is 1st slide ?
If F-22 are not permitted to export then why they are part of air shows ?

DAshu said...

Sir, is this a tactical retreat of a defeat ?

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

Did you get a close look at PAK FA

What is the "Inside news" regarding PAK FA regarding its capabilities

Today there is a news that IAF pilots will finally get to fly PAK FA

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANUP: The SLBM test-firings have yet to be conducted. Only deep-sea diving trials have been successfully conducted between November 2015 & January 2016.

To SIDDHARTH: OMG! Didn't you spot the Russian diving support vessel that was in full view of everyone during the recently concluded IFR 2016 in Vizag? Here it is shown taking part in the Review:

This vessel does have a DSRV.

To GESSLER: VMT. The MAWS on the Su-30MKM are from Saab/Avitronics of South Africa & do not cover the entire hemisphere around the Su-30MKM. The projected fitments of the MAWS on Super Su-30MKI will be far better in technology & hemispheric coverage.

To KUNAL JADHAV: Here's the data on Russian diving support ships & their DSRVs:

No SLBMs have been test-fired from the Arihant as yet.

To SENTHIL KUMAR: The US is on America's side, i.e. it will act in accordance with its own national interests & not that of any other country.

To DASHU: What does the filename/photo-caption of the first slide say? Raptors have been shown in expos all over the world. Recently the Tejas Mk.1 was also shown in Bahrain, even though that aircraft is not being offered for export. As for Helmand, it indeed is a tactical retreat for regrouping purposes. Just wait for the summertime when the regrouped forces, armed & trained by the IA, will kick the arses of the LeT & LeJ farts that are likely to be pushed into southern Afghanistan under the guise of Afghan Taliban by the PA.

To VIJAY: T-50 PAK-FA was NEVER flown to Singapore for this expo.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

More setbacks for China:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DASHU: Here are the two interesting panel discussions that JOYDEEP GHOSH was earlier referring to:



Vikram Guha said...

(1) So why does the BSF/Army not intercept incoming rockets,artillery and only rely on counter-battery fire-assaults? A C-RAM system should be purchased.

(2) In reply to a fellow poster you stated that IN or ICGS ISTAR platform will be different from the IAF. So which platforms available globally are suited for the IN?

(3) Is India still willing to purchase the Global Hawk and if yes will it be used by the Navy or the Air Force?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) Why go on the defensive when one has the option of going on the offensive & destroying the enemy mortar positions? 2) The P-8I is the IN's ideal ISTAR platform. The IN already has them & needs a few more. 3) Interest in the Global Hawk has come from the IN, not the IAF. Now that GSAT-7 is available to the IN, operating the Global Hawk for broad-area maritime surveillance becomes possible.

Vikram Guha said...

Thanks PrasunDa.

Why does the Indian Army have to train the Afghan army to fight Jihadi groups? The Afghans are local & probably understand their situation quite well.

Thanks again

पीयूष दास said...

SIR, some reports say that all the sister boats of INS ARIHANT will be larger than it.

some reports say that only S-5 & S-6, will be larger than INS ARIHANT.


Anonymous said...


Would the SLBM test firings fromINS Arihant include the K-4 as well ?

Santosh Kumar Sharma said...

Hi Prasun,

The poster of T-50 PakFA, is it from Sukjoi? I am curious as to why they mentioned "possible location for installation of L-band AESA radar". Do they mean , its not there and may be installed in future? Generally OEMS showing a poster of their aircraft should show what is there, and not use possible....

Also from poster it appears it has X-band AESA radar, possible L band aesa radar, X band side radars and S-band rear antenna. Have they done sufficient work on forming a cohesive picture after amalgamating all the data's from these radars. This would need lot of work, and judging from the timeline of its development, i remain a bit skeptical about the finished product. There would be lot of bugs to iron out, hope we do not again become a testing ground , without getting adequate benefits from it.


buddha said...

CSC said...

Prasunda, says that arihant also conduxted missile and weapons tests in secrecy.
How is it possible to conduct ballistic missile tests in secrecy

Also Dada, on the super sukhoi thing u answered everything except when do see those beauties start coming into India and on what kind of delivery schedules

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIYUSH DAS: That's impossible from a financial & industrial standpoint. Jigs, tools & fixtures are NEVER designed, built & procured for building only 1 platform. A minimum of three platforms are always required to be built to make the project financially viable. Therefore, S-2, S-3 & S-4 will be identical. Only the S-5, S-6 & S-7 SSBNs will be larger.

To SANTOSH KUMAR SHARMA: Yes they are, but the earlier option of installing L-band radars has been dropped since 2009. The L-band radar fitments are now ONLY FOR retrofitting on Su-27 & Su-30 families of aircraft. The slides I've uploaded above clearly prove this to be the case. The T-50 PAK-FA & FGFA will therefore only have distributed-array X-band AESA-MMR. The definitive cockpit instrumentation layout of the T-50 PAK-FA & the FGFA has yet to emerge. This is not surprising, given the contraction of Russia's economy & reduction of its defence spending. The only viable option for the FGFA therefore remains ELBIT Systems' Cockpit-NG configuration, which will in all likelyhood be selected for the Tejas Mk.2 MRCA as well.

TO CSC: Missiles & weapons, yes, these being the TEST-71 torpedoes & Novator 3M-54E Club-S ASCMs. No ballistic missiles. The Super Su-30MKIs will start arriving by late 2018 onwards, as per present plans.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: Understanding the Afghan mindset doesn't mean one also becomes adept in military tactics concerned with low-intensity conflict. Therefore, the mastering of battle drills aimed at honing the skills of the ANA's infantry is reqd, especially when operating in concert with the Afghan Air Force's ex-IAF Mi-25 attack helicopters.

rad said...

hi Prasun
MY worry is the russians will sell the conformal l band flap radar to the chinese and they wilp promptly copy that and negate any advantage we get with the induction of the super sukhoi-
Is the modern missiles like the later version o f the r-74 and the aa-12 included in the su-35 package to china?.
why cant we induct the elbit NG cockpit in the lca in the MK1 model rather than wait for 2025 for the doubtful mk2 lca?. It would be great having them instead in stead of the teeny weeny 5 inch displays. Even the j-17 has nice big displays. This coupled with the Israeli 2052 -radar , elm 8222 jammers , derby, python missiles will make it a wonderful fighter.A modified litening pod acting as an irst would complete the job.
I dare say that even the Israelis would be interested in t his low cost capable fighter.
why dont we order a sub recovery vessel , it is foolhardy not to have one with all these nukes and scorpenes comming in .
Is the stealth ac immune to l band radar signals, vhf, uhf?
Is there a project to develop bigger reactors for the future series of subs under development>

financeblogger said...

In the article above, in your query reply dated (May 14, 2011 at 10:18 PM), you have stated (In addition, have an embedded mini-AEW & C capability within a strike package oriented towards offensive air campaigns has some unique advantages aimed at neutralising the force-multiplier capabilities offered by hostile AEW & C platforms. This is an entirely standalone issue that I will dwell upon in future.)

As stated above, have you dwelled upon as a standalone article about advantages of embedded mini-AWE & C capability within a strike package towards offensive air campaign. If yes can you please share the article.

As per the above article, AESA radar is the one by V Tikhomirov Scientific-Research Institute of Instrument Design on super su-30 mki. Just want to reconfirm the same

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

The Government of India is NOT showing any URGENCY with regard to RAFALE

Does that mean that PAF and PLAAF are NO threat at all

If you recall in the Eighties -- 1982 When PAF started getting F 16
IAF went into a massive acquisition drive and Got

1) Mig 23 2)Mig 25 3) Mig 27 4) JAGUAR 5) Mig 29 AND 6 ) Mirage 2000

On the One hand IAF keeps complaining of Falling Numbers and then
MEA also starts shouting when PAF gets 8 F 16
BUT when it comes to concluding RAFALE
negotiations the Government goes into a Stupor

The Rafale saga is making India look Foolish

nio707 said...

Dear Prasun,

1. I am confused over our DM statement of that we are reviewing another plane for the replacement of mig21 and mig 27, and news of SAAB, LM hopeful in make in India offer etc etc. And the no. of Mig 21 bison is 120, say replaced by LCA mk1, so which aircraft will replace Mig 27.

2. When we talk about the replacement, does the squadron is equipped with the fighter plane of he same role. Say a squadron of Mig27 meant for ground attack role, does it need the ground attack role fighter plane as a replacement.

3. What is the status of our indigenous turbo fan engine development program. I know that the Kaveri have been delinked with the LCA project, but does the program still running as K-9+ and K-10, and when ready, it will join the squardon service, and F404, and F414 is the stop gap OR India have decided to scrapped all indeginous effort of the engine, and buy off the shelf F404, F414, and EPE for MK-1, MK-2 and AMCA if any.

4. Sir the Dassault/Romanian project IAR-95 fighter plane have a striking similarity with the PAC/CAC FC-1/ aka JF-17. The project was designed around M88 engine, with the help of dassault, Is it possible the Yougoslavia govt. sold the IPR, blueprint, flight-data to the Chendgu. Or it is based on the Soviet project of Mig 1.44 aka single engine Mig29 because how could China build the fighter plane with so much less budget, and so fast and don't need its parts even its nuts and bolts and rivets, the validation, testing and certification and join the squadron service in PAF.

5. Sir, when MK1 LCA is going to replace Mig-21 bison, then why would IAF need the world class, 2052 aesa equipped, HDMS, Jammers, Maws, RWR, DERBY ER, capable fighter plane with long range, when they have long legged MKI and in future Rafale when they could easily settle for the 2032, Astra/R73 easily for the Interceptor role, and later improved in blocks.

Thanks and regards.

nio707 said...

Sorry Sir, I fail to ask about which second Future aircraft beside LCA Tejas MK-1 he is referring to F-16 or Grippen, but both are costly, if the former is of block 60 and later NG avataar.

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

This article by Saikat Datta expalins why Indian SFs are suffering casualties


Dbas said...


Why Indian government is not worried now compared to the 1980's when PAF got f-16?

Easy: 1 SU-30MKI is better than a 10+ mig-21. Numbers matter but what really matters is the capability. IAF's capability today is 10 orders of magnitude higher than in the 80's.

JF-17 was a relatively fast development because its based on a mature known tech and the fact that it uses the lessons learnt from the J-10 program. Also they are using the block model approach. Building the core capability and adding the more advanced as they mature and gain confidence. Its designed is modular to begin with. The whole approach was different to Tejas. If you are an engineer, you know its much easier to design something when the specifications and constraints are clearly defined. CAC/PAF did that well, IAF well, we all know.

We used to laugh how simple the JF-17 looked. Today look at the pic's of it flying with Mirage2000 in Qatar and its impressive. Similar size and performance for half the cost. They are adding A2A refuelling on the 29th of Block 2 production. What does that tell you? Pragmatic approach. IAF would want that from the word go!!! See the issue.

Their Block 3 will come with IRST and ASEA if their blogs are to be believed by 2018. That is the same time frame when our BLK1A will come out. Same with this saga of Rafael. Why do we need that capability? We dont!!! Imagine spending 10% of that money on Tejas and the systems needed to support it ratherthan running off to Israel everytime. The way things are going there will more Israeli content in the plane than Indian. If we continue down this appraoch, I want the capability now, let buy it and put it in Tejas. All we will be doing is assembly. Nothing more! sorry about the rant.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Dbas The block model approach? LMAO. These days I am hearing alot from Pakistani media.

Tell me which aircraft not followed block model approach? Just by using "Mark" instead of word "Block", LCA not following Block Model?

Or just by using "A/B/C/D & NG", Gripen not following Block model approch?

Or just by using word Super Hornet, instead of Hornet, F/A-18 not followed block model approach?
Please plz, enlighten me about block model approach? Seems like Chinese & Pakistani learnt something new.

nio707 said...

@Dbas those question was for the Prasun, for my own sake and anxiety and you jumped up and start praising FC1 aka JF-17. Now the one you are giving me lecture is an Engineer itself, and intelligent itself to know what the fuss of block improvement, and various technical limitation and problems, so no need to divert the attention.

And for the LCA Tejas been only assembly, you are making fun of the one who lays down lots of effort, hardwork, from the CFD Modelling to the Aircraft that perform in Behrain recently and should not be compared with FC-1, rather J-10 which itself is from the Lavi Project. Care to explain, the lesson learned from the J-10 itself, which was build over the Israeli FCS, FBW, may be DSI design, Tools, Modelling Software developed for the Lavi development etc.

In short, I have some queries, which I asked from Prasun Da, and would like to hear from the horse mouth itself.


Arpit Kanodia said...

@nio707 JF-17 is not equipped with Quadruplex FBW, but we can still consider JF-17 as some technological or engineering marvel,lol.

Arpit Kanodia said...

BTW, interesting thing in forums & blog, whoever is lover of JF-17 is hater of F-35, but when you ask why? Then they give you price BS, Block Model approach, lol.

But actually F-35 is engineering & technological marvel.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: Those who are speculating about the JF-17 MRCA being equipped with IRST sensors made in China are only having wasted wet-dreams. The March issue of FORCE magazine will carry my report of the Singapore Air Show that will detail for the very first time the price Russia has exacted from China for wilful IPR violations & on what terms & conditions the Su-35S procurement deal was arrived at. Therefore, export of Russian IPR-based IRST sensors for any platform outside China is totally ruled out. Secondly, The PLAAF & PLAN combat aircraft have Russia-designed IRSTs because they operate in concert with the Sura-M HMDS (which is also of Russian design & therefore now non-exportable by China) & the all-aspect PL-8 WVRAAM, which in reality is the Python-3 from RAFAEL. The terms & conditions of the ToT between China & Israel--struck in the mid-1980s==clearly prohibit the export of PL-8s. Thus, without IRST sensor & HMDS, any all-aspect WVRAAM is totally useless & therefore the JF-17 comes only with the PL-9C WVRAAM, which is not all-aspect by any stretch of imagination. Furthermore, absence of IRST sensor also prevents the JF-17 from using its cannons & WVRAAMs at nighttime, leaving only its SD-10 BVRAAMs usable which, even IF equipped with active radar seeker, can easily be jammed by ELT-568-type AESA-based jammers. In other words, the JF-17 is at best a daytime interceptor & cannot even be used for low-level airstrikes because its KLJ-7 MMR does not have terrain-following capability.

mg6357 said...


More and more foreign debt and loans for Pakistan

I have read about your prediction about Pakistan debt-trap. Seems like it will come true.
My query is what will China do to them when Pakistan fail to repay their loans ?

Gopu said...

What's the Rafale's industrial package? Just license assembly of kits or an actual piece in its global supply chain?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Those fears are unfounded, since Russia alwaysexports to China only those military hardware that’s a generation behind the best that Russia has developed. That is a proven fact-of-life. No R-74s or any other new-generation AAM is part of the Su-35S package. LCA Mk.1 cannot accommodate the Cockpit-NG package because the entire cockpit section will have to be redesigned, & new wiring installations will have to be carried out, all of which involves fuselage redesign. Therefore, beter do all this from the start for the LCA Mk.2. There’s no LDP in existence anywhere that can act as both LDP & IRST sensor. If it was technologically possible, it would by now have been available. Israelis don’t need low-cost MRCAs, because all their combat aircraft procurements are financed by the US as per the terms & conditions of the 1979 Camp David peace accords. For any MRCA that will see combat from now onwards, exclusion of IRST sensors, MAWS, HMDS & all-aspect WVRAAMs will be 100% SUICIDAL. Therefore, the LCA Mk.1 & Mk.2 will BOTH have to have such on-board sensors. Diving Support Vessel & DSRV come together as a package. Both have been selected for procurement from UK-based James Fisher Defence. No flying platform is ever immune to detection by any form of radar. Stealth means ‘low observable’ & not invisible. I have several times before stated that there’s a reqmt for 190mW PWRs for both future SSBNs & the IAC-2 of the IN.

To FINANCEBLOGGER: No, I have not yet published any article so far on that topic. Yes it stands reconfirmed. You can view it at the website of that Russian radar manufacturing OEM.

To VIJAY: Your definition of urgency need not necessarily be the same as that of either the MoD or the IAF. There’s no need to display any sense of despair or paranoia of the kind you’ve been displaying off late.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To NIO707: 1) Had already clarified this in a previous thread. By ‘Another Plane’ the RM was referring to the naval version of the LCA—LCA (Navy) Mk.1—which will be optimized for use by the IAF. The existing SP-series Tejas Mk.1 are not operational effective as warfighting assets. The IAF said so as much when it appreciated the Tejas Mk.1’s agility characteristics ‘in operationally clean configuration’, meaning in weaponised configuration, several more hurdles remain to be cleared. And since it is IMPOSSIBLE for the Tejas Mk.1 to be fitted with internal IRST sensor & MAWS, the only available fallback option is to have them on board the IAF variant of the LCA (Navy) Mk.1. Role of tactical interdiction will be assumed by Jaguar IS, while ground-attack roles will be performed by the Combat hawk variant of the Hawk Mk.132.

2) No. Times have changed & multi-role platforms are available, with the exception of the Jaguar IS. The rest are all multi-role now, but only th Jaguar IS & Rafale will have terrain-following radar modes of operation.

3) R & D work on Kaveri turbofan is on-going & will be taken to its logical conclusion. What was tested on an IL-76MD airborne testbed in Russia was only the proof-of-concept technology demonstrator’s engine core. Presently, a flightworthy version of the Kaveri is being fabricated & after its undergoes flight validation tests in Russia on an IL-76MD of the Gromov Flight-Research Institute, it will be retrofitted on a MiG-29B-12 of the IAF (only 1 such engine will be retrofitted) & test-flown, following which it will be fitted on an Tejas Mk.1 PV model for similar flight-tests. But this engine will never enter series-production. Instead, a higher-thrust derivative will be developed.

4) Already answered that several times before. The JF-17 Thunder project originally began in the mid-1980s as the Super 7 project, then became the Super Sabre. US companies at that time were involved in their R & D activities. By no stretch of imagination therefore did China develop the JF-17 entirely on its own or within a short, compressed timeframe.

5) Why are they reqd? Simple: because they’re available for incorporation now. To use Su-30MKI or Rafale for defensive counter-air interception will be a gross underutilization of their capabilities. The IAF version of LCA (Navy) Mk.1 will be a true light MRCA capable of both defensive counter-air & close air-support operations using low-cost standoff PGMs.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: Whenever one has to storm man-made structures like buildings or religious shrines, the CARDINAL RULE is always to start from the top, i.e. sanitise the topmost storeys & work one’s way down. As I had explained earlier, the SF (Para) or the MARCOS aren’t trained for such hostage-rescue operations & neither should they be. This is the job of the NSG, plain & simple. The question which no one is asking is: if the NSG could be used inj Pathankot, why was it not employed in J & K?

To DBAS: As I have explained above, no IRST on the JF-17 & no AESA-MMR either. Only now is the Rp-35 PESA-MMR entering service with the J-10B, meaning an AESA-MMR from China is at least another 8 years away at worst. Developing mission algorithms is far more complex than most folks assume it to be. Even the Russians have been unable to develop terrain-following/terrain-hugging modes of operation for either the BARS or the IRBIS-E PESA-MMRs. Consequently, procuring Rafales is an imperative that cannot be swept away. LCA’s combat radius even with aerial refuelling, & its limited offensive payload tonnage, are both highly insufficient for deep interdiction.

To GOPU: It’s the latter. And not just for the IAF’s Rafales, but also for those that are likely to enter service in future with the air forces of some Middle Eastern & Southeastern Asian countries. Similar to what what Russia is now doing with HA:, i.e. United Aircraft Corp establishing a JV with HAL to jointly own & operate the Nashik-based MRO facility for Su-30MKIs & also building bonded warehouses there for stockpiling spares, rotables & consumables there & making all these available to the existing & future operators of the Su-27 & Su-30 families of H-MRCAs. Countries like Angola, Uganda, Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam will send their H-MRCAs to this JV MRO facility for mid-life refits as well.

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

As you have explained above IRST is a must for Fighter planes today

So please tell us which IRST will be integrated with LCA MK 1 A

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIJAY: The one consuming the least amount of internal volume: Skyward IRST from SELEX Airborne Systems. And for the nth time, there's no such version as LCA Mk.1A.

To VIKRAM GUHA: Some stark realities:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Excellent objective analysis of the Jat quota agitation:

Lingaraj said...

"There’s no need to display any sense of despair or paranoia of the kind you’ve been displaying off late."- that's because he is looking for something to show on the Vijay Diwas day perhaps and without anything new he will look silly.

An Officer... said...

Awww you deleted that nice little chuckler Prasun babu! I hope at least you had a grin on your face as you read it - but I understand; you had to maintain the decorum here as long as all could laugh without the politically correct vigilante groups.

birbal said...

Morning Prasunda,

Writing to you after a long time.
AWESOME explanation to all the queries from your fellow blog readers, as usual...

LOVE your PATIENCE in explaining to all of us in details the various queries...Very few bloggers do that....I think most of us would agree to that..

May GOD bless you Prasunda..

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AN OFFICER: LoLz! She isn't Russian, but a Brit.


Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Prasun Da

Cockpit with the lady looks great :-)

long time back i have commented on the SOC platforms for Avionics, I think your words are coming through ...

Looks like Israel might have left the research on propulsion and tech for building an manned war plane but
they have achieved the reliance on the avionics part, We are still taking baby steps ..

Gessler said...

Prasun ji, what do you make of this?

birbal said...

@ Technology, Photograpy and Travel-

it would be be even greater if one learns to fly in the SAME cockpit with the LADY as the flying instructor...:-):-)

Gessler said...


That appears to be a viable work-around solution for the lack of a twin-seat trainer version of the F-35.

mg6357 said...


In above comments you said that China have developed PESA-MMR as of yet and they are at least another 8 years away at worst from developing AESA-MMR.

We have developing Uttam AESA-MMR. Did we develop any PESA-MMR before to this or we developed Uttam AESA-MMR with Russian/Israeli assistance based on some existing PESA-MMR ?

birbal said...


I think then NOONE would complain about the deficiencies of the F-35,& everyone would be gunning after it...:-):-)

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Prasun da,

Does F-22 having any GTMI radar built into the wing ...

dipan chakraborty said... Sir urview on this?

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

(1) Thanks for sharing the link on Cooch Behar. Very sorry state of affairs in India. Every political party is busy instigating their community to demand a separate state.Eventaully they intend to convert India into hundreds of states with just 1-2 seats in the Lok Sabha.
Wonder why such acts of politicians are not viewed as sedition.

(2) In the previous thread you made this interesting observation: One must first delete from one’s brain the operating software called AHIMSA & install a new OS called DHARMA, whose algorithms are based on ‘logical reasoning’.

Can you please share some links from where we can learn about how to use DHARMA in the decision making process?

Many thanks,


Arpit Kanodia said...

@Vikram Guha, Simple whole Mahabharat is based on DHARMA, or empire of Chandragupta Maurya was based on philosophy of DHARMA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

Appreciate your thoughts on this open letter

Is it possible that the Pakis tracked the satphone and lights to pinpoint IA positions?

Best Regards

john said...


Lithium war coming……………........................................

The war is definitely on, and lithium prices are the immediate and long-term beneficiary. It all depends on batteries, so it all depends on lithium.

And when the wave of megafactories starts pumping out batteries—with the first slated to come online as soon as next year–we could need up to 100,000 tons of new lithium carbonate by 2021. It’s an amount of lithium we just don’t have right now.

Apple has now come out of the closet with plans for its own electric car by 2019, putting it on a direct collision course with Tesla. And Google, too, is pushing fast into this arena with its self-driving car project through its Alphabet holding company.

Then we have the Faraday Future start-up—backed by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting–which has charged onto this scene with plans for a new $1-billion factory in Las Vegas, and is hoping to produce its first car next year already.

Ensuring the best engineers for all these rival projects opens up a second front line in the war. They’ve all been at each other’s recruitment throats for months, stealing each other’s prized staff.

Anonymous said...


They track each other, listen to conversations, every day of the week. This is well known, even if pakis don't announce it like our idiot media. Nothing to worry about. IA knows the capabilities of PA. Do Not believe the shit in the media or what comes out of the politicians of all colours. As regards the victory, the less said the better.


Dbas said...


What I wrote about ASEA, etc on the JF17 is what I read on their blogs. I will believe it when we see it all. What I liked though was the road map they apparently have. There is a talk that there is also J10C in testing now.

There is also talk that they have taken delivery of number of HQ-16/LY-80 systems. These have a range of 40KM.

How good are these?

CSC said...


Now that aoa, 8g manouvering, cobham radome, bvr firing are done in tejas, what all is left for foc and what timelines do u see

JEET said...

"Broader Chinese advances in hyperspectral imaging can be expected to have a variety of military uses. Hyperspectral imaging can be a valuable tool for finding submarines and underwater mines in shallow waters. On land, they can determine the actual composition of objects to distinguish decoys (hyperspectral imaging can capture the differences in EM signature of a wooden decoy versus an actual missile launcher). In the air, hyperspectral sensors can passively detect even thermally shielded stealth aircraft. For counter-WMD missions, hyperspectral imaging can be used to detect nuclear and chemical weapons production, as well as locating the underground tunnels and bunkers that would house those strategic assets"

"During the past few years several imaging spectrometer systems are customized for various applications including algorithms for data processing, for example the Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (TIRIS), the Intelligent Missile Seeker (IMS) and the applications to lithological mapping, geobotanical mapping, development of algorithms and related information products in exploration geology, environmental monitoring and assessment, agriculture (Crop Health Monitoring), wetlands, manufacturing (Advanced Manufacturing Technology), medical photodiagnosis imaging (Small Target Detection & Search and Rescue Operations), camouflage detection, land mine detection, counterfeit currency and cannibas detection, emergency response & plume tracking, battle field monitoring of CB agents, detection of illicit drug manufacturing by products, etc. The chemical & biological defenses are among the current military applications. A military hyperspectral user who can "see deep" through the Earth's atmosphere and accurately locate and identify objects of interest on the ground in real time, will have a decided advantage on the modern battle space. For each application area, hyperspectral products are identified, the potential benefits of hyperspectral data are outlined and potential user groups are indicated. Within each of these application areas, extensive field campaigns, including data acquisition and associated ground reference for the validation and evaluation of algorithms and information products, have occurred. The laboratory and field spectral measurements (reflectance, emittance, and luminescence) of different natural resources and man-made materials are to be generated as hard copy and soft copy.

For this capability and above said applications to be exploitable, it is essential to develop hyperspectral technology with well-populated spectral library and is to be accessible in a user-friendly way by the user of this technology. In India, Hyper spectral signature studies and database systems are currently inadequate and need to be developed further."

India did develop a a hyper- spectral sensor called Hyper Spectral Imager (HySI) was
launched on Indian Mini Satellite (IMS) -1 for observations over the Earth’s surface and
on Chandrayaan over Moon but it collects data in 64 bands only unlike Us's tacsat and china's CCRSS which collects several hundred electromagentic bands.

And Recently,

India has been using satellite/aircraft based spectrometer for studying its natural resources but has it found any military/surveillance application so far Or are there any plans to realize its full potential of Hyperspectral Imaging?

Gessler said...

^^As per the above link, India will establish satellite centers in Vietnam in order to collect & process data from ISRO's IRS-series and other Earth-Observation satellites in order to help the ASEAN states obtain their remote-sensing data from Indian satellites.

Prasun ji, do you foresee a future where IRNSS navigation services can be expanded to ASEAN countries, the Middle East etc.? By adding more sats to expand the coverage if necessary?

Recently it was concluded that India will launch the first Arab Mars Mission probe onboard the PSLV in mid-2020.

And most importantly, What kind of cooperation in the space field do you foresee between us and Iran?

BTW, still waiting for your response on India coming close to signing foundational agreements like LSA, CISMOA & BECA. We would love a detailed explanation of the benefits & dangers involved (if any) of such agreements. Either as a reply, or a dedicated thread if you please!

Anonymous said...

Finally good comments fro the BBC,

"Dr Kaviraj says six decades of economic growth have produced a "relatively large and economically powerful and politically assertive modern professional middle class who support a strong nation state as a precondition for further economic growth". A substantial section of this urban middle-class continues to back Mr Modi for his muscular nationalism."


bhoutik said...

did Indonesian Tu-16 Badgers fly over Northern Australia in the 1960s?

Gessler said...


Read this as well -

Spykar said...

Sir, Is it possible in this day n age for Chinese/Paki nuclear subs to sneak up to Bay of Bengal undetected by India's naval/air/space assets? Or perhaps for that matter an Indian sub to venture close to SCS or ADIZ?

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Gesseler ISRO's chief already stated in record that the Phase 2 of IRNSS is all about ME & ASEAN.

Gessler said...


Please, can you provide the link? I'll find it useful.

VMT in advance.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SPYKAR: No, it's not possible. Within SCS, China has installed since 2012 its own SOSUS network to detect unfreindly undersea vehicles. ADIZ concerns air-defence & has nothing to do with undersea warfare.

To GESSLER: It is always possible to add more IRNSS satellites in orbit to expand the constellation & footprint of coverage. Iran has its own ambitious R & D roadmap for both satellites & rocket launchers. Therefore, Iran is unlikely to approach India, but rather be dependent on North Korea & to some extent on China.

But inside India, a new innovations-related revolution is now taking place under which Indian private-sector entrepreneurs are teaming up with their counterparts in the West & Israel to develop & sell micro-satellites & nano-satellites to various universities around the world. In the years to come, such firms will bring up to 50% of ISRO's annual satellite-launch business. One such firm is this:

In another emerging arena, such private-sector entrepreneurs are fuzing remote-sensing & meteorological data from various sources--domestic & foreign--to give regular weekly crop monitoring/weather forecasting updates to various state govts. All Indian broadcast TV channels are already obtaining daily weather updates & meteorological predictions from such firms.

As for LSA & CISMOCA & BECA, there are ZERO negative pitfalls for India. On the contrary, they will all result in more revenue-generation for Indian firms & greater job creation opportunities. This is exactly what Singapore & Djibouti have already done. Above all, inking of such foundational agreements (all of which are similar to what India had already inked before with both the USSR & later Russia) will enable India to gain access to several strategic technologies & capabilities similar to what India had obtaining & is still obtaining from Russia. Not many may know that when India had leased its first SSGN, the 20-year old K-43 (Project 670 SKAT), in 1987, India had to sign a separate bilateral agreement under which 1) the USSR's nuclear submarines operating in the Indian Ocean were permitted to dock at Vizag in case of emergency repairs; & 2) the USSR's SIGINT vessels disguised as fishing trawlers (that were operating in the Indian Ocean) were always calling at Vizag to be refuelled & replenished.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JEET: Obviously all optronic & radar-based sensors developed for civilian applications have military uses as well, since all these make use of dual-use technologies. But in terms of radar-based sensors, there are some shortcomings that persist. Not many would know but the radar which found water on the moon on India’s Chandrayaan mission, was actually provided by Raytheon.

To CSC: Derby BVRAAM firing was done in an unguided manner, i.e. the EL/M-2032 MMR was not used for target illumination & mid-course guidance. Python-5 WVRAAM has yet to be fired with the help of TARGO HMDS. Most importantly, the design of the IAF-specific version of the LCA (Navy) Mk.1 has yet to be frozen. All the milestones you've mentioned apply to only the Tejas Mk.1--the version that has been rejected by the IAF for large-scale procurement & only 20 of them are being procured. The 8 G you've stated applies only when the Tejas Mk.1 flies in CLEAN operational configuration, meaning without any weapons on-board. Of what use is pulling 8 G in such a configuration?

To DBAS: Please, kindly refrain from quoting 'talk' from any Pakistani chat forum if you want to preserve your intellectual reputation. I have uploaded in this thread the photo of the Rp-35 PESA-MMR that is only now being flight-tested on the J-10B. The Ruskies had refused to supply the Rp-35 unless & until China agreed to pay liquidated damages for violating several Russia-owned IPRs. So let us not speculate about anything called J-10C. Similarly, why do you think the FD-2000 LR-SAM is no longer on offer to Turkey for export? Simply because the Ruskies again had serious objections, since the HQ-9/AKD-9/FD-2000 LR-SAM was a re-engineered version of the S-300P. Now Beijing is having to cough up liquidated damages for supplying some FD-2000s to Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan a few years ago. In addition, FD-2000, J-15, etc will never ever be showcased or offered for export abroad as promised by China to Russia. Lastly, HQ-9 is the PLAAF version of the LR-SA< while HQ-16 is the naval LR-SAM. Both use the same type of missile. Therefore, HQ-9/HQ-16 are not the same as the LY-80E MR-SAM, whose existence in any open domain was first revealed by me, & no one else in this world. And LY-80E's max slant range is 70km, nothing more & nothing less.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: Let me answer the 2nd question first. DHARMA is all about employing divine WISDOM in day-to-day acts of righteousness. In layman’s terms, what it means is that if an unintended error of judgement or mistake is meant, it can invite forgiveness. But if willful sinning is perpetrated, then punishment or atonement must follow. In other words, decisions must be made in a cold-hearted manner & not with emotional extreme prejudice. This is what is enshrined in the Bhagwad Gita & even in the Holy Prophet’s Al Hadis musings. Epics like Ramayana & Mahabharata, on the other hand, narrate only the various instances of application of DHARMA without elaborating on the rationale for such application. The concept or philosophy of AHIMSA, on the other hand, deals with ceaseless compassion without fail, i.e. there’s no scope for any check-and-balance or any form of equilibrium. Consequently, when applied to administrative statecraft or international relations, AHIMSA becomes a highly self-defeating & destabilizing tool. It can also be argued that since AHIMSA is the creation of a mortal human being (M K Gandhi), it is devoid of all-knowing divine wisdom.

Now, to your 1st question. An over-arching national narrative continues to elide India & keeps Indians in general clueless about certain ‘red-lines’ because the educational curriculum of schoolchildren fails to teach that India’s citizens can enjoy their fundamental rights ONLY IF they abide by the terms & conditions of a ‘social contract’ which states that all citizens will have to comply with certain non-negotiable obligations if they want to enjoy their fundamental freedoms. Hence, while citizenship & a birth certificate are one’s birthright, acquiring access to a ration card or voter’s ID card or a UID card or a passport or a driving/firearms-carrying licence are all privileges that can be extended only by the State. These cannot be demanded.

When it comes to sedition, what several of our politicians do not realise is the difference between citizens voicing dissatisfaction with an issue or event or incident; & voicing dissatisfaction with the existence of a State or Nation or Country. Thus, while an Indian citizen can engage in sloganeering against BJP or RSS or Congress or CPI/CPM or any non-state entity (like what some students in JNU were engaging in on February 11), no Indian citizen is entitled to challenge the existence of India or the Govt of India or the IA or any other govt entity, as was done on February 9 within JNU. Video footage available on Social Media has conclusively proven that the 8 people who were chanting anti-India slogans were all outsiders, i.e. not students of JNU. A now-underway manhunt by the law-enforcement agencies will definitely unearth them soon enough.

Whenever students & US citizens protested in the US during the Vietnam War in the 1960s & 1970s, none of them chanted slogans about destroying the US or the White House or the Presidency. Similarly, anti-war demonstrators in the UK before the invasion of Iraq never chanted slogans about the destruction of the UK or the then govt of PM Tony Blair. I therefore am greatly baffled whenever a legal luminary like P Chidambaram fails to spot such differences & decides to condone sloganeering against the State/Republic of India, be they from students of JNU or LTTE sympathisizers in TN, or Khalistan supporters from Punjab.

Cont’d below…

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Another disturbing trend that is both appalling & highly disappointing is the attempt by several politicians, especially from the Congress & the Communist parties, to portray recent student suicides as being induced through man-made conspiracies. What such nitwits don’t seem to grasp or are loathe to admit is that any act of suicide is Voluntary, not involuntary. Any person is driven towards suicide when he/she has lost all moral courage & all motivation to survive & fight matters out in the midst of adversity. He/she is therefore beyond all hope & utterly overwhelmed by despair. At best, therefore, one can only express regrets about a suicide victim, but also disdain about such an act being committed. For, no religion or way-of-life philosophy teaches anyone to abandon the journey or life mid-way through suicide. Instead, one is reqd to fight it out through superior character & strength of one’s conviction. I can immediately recall 2 such instances of Indian citizens where human ingenuity & persistence has handsomely paid off:

One concerns Retired Capt B K Subbarao, who, despite being wrongly implicated & framed by powerful authorities, decided to take the challenge head-on & after nearly a decade of fighting in the courts of law, he won decisively. The second example is that of Mohammed Aamir Khan, whose 14-year struggle to seek justice has paid off & is recounted in his memoir, which can be viewed here:

It is therefore high-time that Indian politicians stopped making heroes out of suicide victims & blaming all & everyone standing on two feet for these suicides.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MG6357: What the LRDE is developing is only a 1/6th scale-model of the AESA-MMR, which is officially called AESAR-FCR. That’s the designation used by LRDE in its product-brochure. No mention of an UTTAM at all. Secondly, whenever any airborne MMR is being developed anywhere, the developing agency/company must have access to an airborne testbed, which can be either a jetliner or a bizjet. Does any DRDO lab possess any such flying testbed? No. Secondly, no one in the world has as yet developed AESA-based MMR as a standalone product. Instead, all global OEMs have always developed a family of airborne radars using AESA technologies, such as AESA-MMR for combat aircraft, AESA-MMR for battlefield surveillance& maritime surveillance mounted on manned aircraft & UAVs, shipborne multifunction radars, & lastly MAWS & active jammers. Has any laboratory of the DRDO adopted such a well-proven & universal product development roadmap? No. Therefore, in light of all this, any talk of the DRDO developing an AESA-MMR is pure hogwash & baloney. At best any on-going effort is just aimed at developing a laboratory-level technology demonstrator, & not any operationally viable product. These are undeniable hard-facts & therefore they will be hard to digest for jingos.


To DIPAN CHAKRABORTY: Yes, the conclusions are accurate. The US Navy does urgently need to acquire a greater number of new-generation SSNs.

To RAJ: Firstly, it always pertinent to acquire the facts. And here they are: XV Corps had decided to assault Tiger Hill on the night of 3/4 July 1999. For operational secrecy reasons, the GOC 8 Mtn Div had informed only XV Corps HQ about it. Not even the GOC-in-C Northern Command was aware of the date & time of attack. The task was entrusted to 8 Mtn Div’s 192 Mtn Bde’s 18 Grenadiers & 8 Sikh Battalions. The task involved attacking concurrently from the east, west & south, with the FH-77Bs & BM-21 Grad MBRLs commencing their fire-assaults at 6.30pm. At 9.20pm on July 3, the GOC 8 Mtn Div, Maj Gen Mohinder Puri received a call in 192 Mtn Bde’s OPS Room from the GOC XV Corps.Lt Gen Krishen Pal. Afer this call, Maj Gen Puri asked the deputy Cdr of 56 Mtn Bde Col S V E David, to find out if anyone called Barkha Dutt (then working for Star Plus News Channel) was anywhere in the immediate vicinity. It was soon discovered that this lady was giving a live commentary of the field artillery fire-assaults on Tiger Hill while being seated right next to the Brigade Traffic Checkpost in Drass. Maj Gen Puri then met her & after some kind words of advice from him, the lady was told to proceed to an underground room & rest for night. The only surprise & concern therefore was about her live-reporting about the commencement of the preparatory field artillery fire-assaults. She never had any clue about the plan-of-attack or its execution details. Thus, from an operational standpoint, the operation was never compromised to any degree by any stretch of imagination by anyone. And usage of SATCOMS of any kind by anybody had nothing to do with it at all. It is all documented in detail in the book KARGIL: TURNING THE TIDE By Retired Lt Gen Mohinder Puri on page 91-92.

Secondly, it can of course be argued that Barkha Dutt should have done her homework on the concept of embedded reporting & why was it resorted to throughout the 1990s since OP Desert Storm. She ought to have exercised self-restraint for ensuring that operational security wasn’t compromised in any manner for at least 8 hours since the commencement of the field artillery fire-assaults. And Army HQ too should have directed HQ Northern Command to draft & enforce media management rules of engagement (ROE) by adopting & enforcing the embedded reportage procedures. It can thus be safely concluded that both the IA & Barkha Dutt failed to do their respective homework in such matters. Thankfully, there were no negative repercussions of any kind due to this incident.

Pratik said...

Hi Prasun,

Will the Chinese Su-35S be getting the standard fit L band conformal aesa arrayas part of its mission sensor suite ? Until now our mki had a quantitative advantage over their Chinese counterparts in terms of radars and avionics suite. Looks like its about to change with them getting Irbis radars.

Are L175 Khibiny m wingtip pods and SAP 14 support jammer pods part of that deal?

Rp-35 has a detection range of around 120-140 kms for a 5sqm target . Our EL/M-2032 radar on Tejas can manage to detect a target at just 85 kms. Isnt it a significant disadvantage for us?

Kaustav said...

Dear Pratik

Where does this practice of comparing apples and oranges stop? What the Rp-35 PESA or other things shall do for their respective combat aircraft need only be taken in consideration for the whole potential scenario and certainly not on an one to one basis by comparing aircraft intended for different roles and maybe different theatres.The EL/M-2032 shall do for the LCA/Tejas what it has been intended to do. Let us first get these birds deployed and operational with the Indian Air Force.

pradyush81 said...

Ajay Shukla mentions the below in his article on LCA's Bahrain outing :"Authoritatively detailing the Tejas’ performance parameters, the IAF says: The LCA has a very competitive and cotemporary operational envelope. It is capable of operations up to an altitude of 50,000 feet and a maximum speed of 1.6 Mach at [high] altitudes or 730 knots… at low levels. The aircraft [can turn at] +8G to -2.5G (which allows it to U-turn in 350 metres) in operationally clean configuration… or +6G to -2.5G with other external stores.”

How does lca's 6g pull with external payload compares with other contemporary fighters.

पीयूष दास said...

sir, who do you think will win contract for ins vishal ?
america ? or france ?
is india working on HEU reactor ?
in how many years we should be able to make 190mw reactor ?

CSC said...

Prasun, can't resist replying to ur statement "what good is 8g in a clean configuration"

When u have exhausted the missiles on ur 7 hard points and are making it back to base for replishments its a bloody good advantage when u r did going enemy fire... Lol but true

Also to guys comparing el 2032 to rp 35, GUYS LCA will have Elm 2052 aesa almost around the same time, 2018 by when the first squadron of su 35 enter service

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

Really appreciate your elaborate explanation. I just have one thing to say. By far the biggest security challenge to India’s integrity and sovereignty comes from the political parties both left and right of center.

Take Bengal for example. In order to settle petty political scores, the Congress & CPM encouraged Nepalis to demand Gorkhaland, some tribals in North Bengal to demand Kamthapur and Muslims to demand a separate state. Today, BJP is encouraging these same factions.

Now I realize, this is election season & post election such encouragements will cease for 5 years. However, the political atmosphere becomes so vitiated that people from different communities simply cannot exist together. In Darjeeling today, there are just 3-4 families that are not Nepalis. All the other communities were expelled.

The situation is no different in other states. Communities like Jats are being encouraged to ask for separate states, similar demands are gathering momentum in western and southern India.

Already India is a complex country that is just beginning to take shape after centuries of colonial rule and to make matters worse political parties are playing Divide & Rule political games. Imagine every single community in India asking for a separate state, India will be divided into 100s of pieces.

The idea of our left leaning, right leaning parties it seems, is same as that of the Brits- create so much hatred in the minds of various communities that they cease to co exist.

Frankly, I am very concerned about India's integrity and security in the long run.

Thanks & Regards,

dipan chakraborty said...

Prasun sir what is the status of Dr do developed 1500hp diesel engine

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

Please Answer my question

How does Indian MIG 29 UPG and MIRAGE 2000 UPG Compare with
Chinese J 10s ( All J 10 ie A / B / C )


Sir As far as DR Subbarao is concerned He suffered because in the early Nineties
there was No Social Media or the TV Anchors who could Blast away any Issue or opposition

But UNFORTUNATELY for the Subbarao Family ; His SON too suffered in JAIL
for nearly Five Years that too In the USA very recently and
Indian Government could do nothing about It

Dr Subbarao should have had the Foresight That
when he Belittled a Powerful group of People
That too in front of Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi ;
That He would be marked out for Revenge

Dr Subbarao ultimately prevailed Because the MOD and NAVY
did not allow his Ordeal to continue

But If there is Somebody who really deserves SYMPATHY are the
people whose lives were destroyed by the SAMBA SPY case

Dbas said...


Thats a surprise to know HQ9/16 use the same missile. I guess they have different levels of fuel?

All the docs on the internet including this vid of the test shows LY-80 to be exactly the same as HQ-16.

Is Ly-80 a land/export version of HQ-16?
If the slant range of LY-80 is 70km and if its based on S-300P as you suggest, its a serious threat?

Spykar said...

Does The Indian Navy have any active plans to develop such a SOSUS network along the Indian Ocean apart from the IUHDSS protecting the ports? Does the acoustic advantages of nuclear/AIP equipped submarines makes such a network unfeasable/obsolete? With so many Remotely-operated/Autonomous platforms available(from SAAB, IAI,and you name it) Or in development(like DARPA'S DASH, HYDRA and ACTUV), Is our Navy considering such Unmanned Surface/Underwater Vehicles for ASW roles?

Gessler said...

Prasun ji, we're looking to acquire the EMALS from US for the IAC-2, but if we look at the development debacles surrounding this critical piece of technology, I can't help but ask : Will these problems iron out eventually? Or is it possible that it could have some persisting glitches? Such problems could prove very costly.

Please go through this article :

VMT in advance.

Ravi said...

Dear Sir

With regard to the US presidential race ; Who will be better for India

Clinton or Trump

Sir do you think that F 16 s to Pakistan are just a carrot for them to cooperate on Afghanistan

MANY Pakis themselves say that when The time comes for DELIVERY
US would stop it on some pretext or another

birbal said...

Prasunda what SEEKER Technology are they talking about?

What CRITICAL 'know-why' Israel will provide?

rad said...

Hi prasun

what do you make of the reports of a multi billion tech transfer deal with Israel? seems Huge.

Is the radar data base for spice missile our own or it has to be from israel.?

Is there any plan to deploy sosus systems in India have we made them ?.Is it HItech?.
I hitnk we have to deploy it around Andaman and nicobar to track the chinese subs.?

will the rp-35 pesa radar to china be able to fire only russian weapons or its sd-10 as well.

buddha said...
does Indiia or Russian airforce has such kind of tactics

Anthony said...

Interesting take,

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BIRBAL & RAD: You mean this piece of shit--classic yellow journalism:

Firstly, the 250 Spice 1000 PGMs were contracted for way back in 2013 & it was mentioned during the Aero India 2013 symposium by Dr V K Saraswat. Secondly, will anyone undertake any critical ToT for just 250 missiles? Thirdly, NaMo will first go to Saudi Arabiam then the Iranian President will visit India & then the Israeli PM will visit India. That's the sequence. So, kindly don't fall for the shit being trolled out by some 'desi' journalists.

Rp-35 will be used in conjunction with PL-10 & PL-12 AAMs.

To RAVI & ARPIT KANODIA: This is proving to be a weekend with ultimate ironies. Browse through these:

United Jihad Council Chief Syed Salahuddin's son rescued by Indian security forces in Pampore attack:

Those living in Pakistan sent $4.90 billion to India last year, $4.79 billion the previous year and $4.67 billion the year before that, according to the World Bank.

To GESSLER: Any path-breaking technology takes time to mature enough for application. Rest assured that all these shortcomings will be ironed out & the final end-product will be fine-tuned to suit the IN's specific reqmts.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SPYKAR: Of course such plans have existed since the previous decade. Any country possessing SSBNs, SSGNs or SSNs must have a SOSUS network. Once the foundational CISMOA agreement is inked, then India will get to work together with Japan & the US to develop a customised SOSUS network. Meanwhile, expect a PLAN SSN to surface in the near future somewhere in the IOR, especially near the Horn of Africa. The Type 926 submarine support ship Liugong Dao 865 is currently Colombo. Do see this:

To DBAS: Despite my explanations, you are still ASSUMING that the HQ-16 & the LY-80E are one & the same. The designation HQ-16 is the naval designation while the HQ-9/AKD-9 is the PLAAF designation. BOTH are IDENTICAL LR-SAMs. I repeat IDENTICAL. LY-80E is classified as MR-SAM, while HQ-9/HQ-16 are LR-SAMs. The videos are uploaded by jingos who have recorded news-broadcasts from China's state-owned CCTV channels. In none of them the term HQ-16 or LY-80E has been used so far.

To VIJAY: MiG-29UPG & MiG-29K are superior to the J-10A. J-10B is still undergoing flight-tests while the J-10C does not even exists as of now. Mirage 2000 without IRST sensor will be at a disadvantage against both J-10A & J-10B.

To DIPAN CHAKRABORTY: The 1,500hp diesel engine meant for MBT application was never developed by the DRDO. It was Cummins Diesel who developed it.

To CSC: It seems you've overlooked the fact about the missing MAWS on the existing Tejas Mk.1. No aircraft without MAWS will be able to even begin undertaking evasive 8 G manoeuvres unless & until it first knows that it is being chased or being engaged with AAMs from the rear hemisphere.

To PIYUSH DAS: Why the US or France. Can't India's CSL build INS Vishal?

To PRATIK: PLAAF's Su-35s won't have conformal L-band radar fitments. EL/M-2032 MMR's target detection range will exceed 110km, but even then any light MRCA like Tejas without IRST sensor will be at a distinct disadvantage vis-a-vis IRST-equipped MRCAs like the J-10B.

birbal said...

Thanks Prasunda.

What to do Prasunda??It is YELLOW journalism ALMOST everywhere in India, SPECIALLY related to defence becoz i think NOONE does anything to scratch the surface let alone go DEEP into the matter...and hence we are compelled to put the wrong information to you to get the RIGHT answer from YOU...:-)

Sumanta said...

situation in Pakistan cotton market

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

@birbal sahab the Jurnos do scratch but each others back ... then i do not what else

madforexbii said...

Prasun da;
Through a contact i found this price break-up of Rafale deal. now he did mentioned that there could be some differences in the actual figures but with li'l or so deviations. Also i couldn't confirm if the figures are in euro or $ so i'm taking the liberty of going with $ as it's being used so far for all govt-govt FMS deals of India. now coming to the main part, the price breakup is as follows
1. 36 Airframes( with basic weaponry) = 3.6 Bn
2. IAF specific Modifications = 2 Bn
3. 2x Airbase infrastructure Modifications = 2.8 Bn
4. Spares support & training = 1.5 bn
total = 9.9 Bn
now Indian side is negotiating for
1. 25% reduction in base price of Aiframes or, 0.9 Bn
2. 0.5 bn reduction in cost of spares support and training.
3. 0.4 Bn reduction in cost of IAF spec modifications.
4. 0.6 Bn reduction in cost of Air base infrastructure development
totalling a 2.4 Bn reduction for a final price of 7.5 bn. but French side has only been agreed to an 8 Bn or so amount. So this's where the deadlock rises.
what's your take on this ?

birbal said...

@ Technology, Photograpy and Travel

Well said...:-):-)

CSC said...

When do we see maws, IRST and rwr on tejas and where they being sourced from and what are their specs. Pls expound

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To CSC: When? The day the design of the IAF version of the LCA (Navy) Mk.1 is frozen. MAWS is the MILDS from EADS/Cassidian, whereas the IRST sensor will be from either Selex Airborne Systems or from Russia's UOMZ. Specs were all uploaded in an earlier thread dealing with previous Aero India or DEFEXPO expos.

To MADFOREXBII: Rafale is a French product, not US. FMS procurement channel is only for US-origin products. Pricing quotations from BOTH EU & Russia have been in Euros (not US$) since the previous decade. And the price estimations are all speculative, to say the least. Why? Because no one in their right mind will buy only 36 Rafales for an air force the size of the IAF, rest assured. Facts will emerge only after the FY2016-2017 budget is tabled in Parliament.

To BIRBAL: Just imagine the irony: everyone frets, moans & groans whenever the speculative figures (like Rs.61,000 crores) for the Rafale MMRCA deal are published, but no one behaves similarly when speculative figures like Rs.60,000 crores for mere 250 Spice 1000 PGMs + 164 Litening-5 LDPs are quoted! That's how stupid these 'desi' bandalbaazes are.

पीयूष दास said...

but sir indian navy has sought foreign assistance for construction of ins vishal in indian shipyard. they even issued RFI to 4 shipyards regarding this !!!

hence i'm asking which country has max chances of winning contract...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Foreign assistance is only for design consultancy, i.e. doing a peer review of the detailed design done by the IN's Naval Design Bureau.

lachit said...


EL/M-2032 MMR's target detection range will exceed 110km for ? (5sqm targets or less)
I heard it is near 150 km for a 5sqm target but need ur confirmation.

and can u speculate what will be EL/M-2052 target detection range for a 5sqm target

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LACHIT: Target detection ranges can always be boosted through increased power outputs. But is it necessary? After all, during defensive counter-air missions inside friendly airspace, airborne battle management will be directed & conducted by ground-based intercept control (GCI) stations. Therefore, during such missions what matters far more is effective radar tracking ranges, i.e. between 100km & 80km which is a BVRAAM's effective engagement range. Inside hostile airspace, the role of GCI is taken over by AEW & CS platforms. Therefore, in the final analysis, in BVR air combat, radar tracking range is all-important, & not radar detection range.

lachit said...


I found a brochure issued by CETC
where for a 5sqm target the KLJ-7
up looking detection range >= 105km
down looking detection range >= 85 km

do u think in these years KLJ-7 or its variants (v2) have improved their range , if yes how much ?

and now a rookie question
with the newly installed quartz nose cone will the elm 2032 in LCA be able to achieve the target detection range of 110+ km ( i.e. the actual operational detection range of elm 2032 ) or is it limited to 80/85 km as being reported in the media reports.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LACHIT: LoLz! And that brochure was first uploaded by me way way back in 2008! No, the performance has not been improved as there's no need for it. Even the target detection range of the 'BARS PESA-MMR remains at 130km. The same is the case with the Rp-35. Yes, with the new quartz-based radome from UK-based Cobham, the detection range will be more than 110km but less than 120km.

lachit said...

what is the difference between tracking range and detection range?

AFAIK tracking range means the distance at which it will be able to keep continuous tab (plot a track based on position and velocity and keep it updated continuously, even include a future predictive track ) on the hostile against clutter and background noise.

then how is it different from detection range ? (does it mean it gets a one time ping on the radar only)

can u clarify in layman terms

Anonymous said...

any ratan tata fans here?

lachit said...

"Inside hostile airspace, the role of GCI is taken over by AEW & CS platforms."

what happens when we don't have adequate nos of AWACS ,or if our AWACS assets r taken down or jammed (possibility always there especially in the case of china)
then the fall back option ?
why not have a decent tacking/detection range in the first place where, even without AWACS inputs we can get into hostile air-space ,
or maybe I am missing here something lolzz the SU30MKI can it provide inputs to say LCA for targeting hostiles in enemy air-space.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LACHIT: In MMRs using mechanically-moving slotted-array antennae like those on the KLJ-7, EL/M-2032, Zhuk-M2E & RDY-3, the radar can perform only 1 function at a time. It can either engage in target detection, or it can do target-tracking. In the track-while-scane mode, importance is given to tracking, with detection becoming of secondary importance because the radar antennae cannot move in azimuth & elevation for performing both functions at the same time. Furthermore, when a BVRAAM is being provided with mid-course or even terminal-course guidance if a semi-active BVRAAM is being used, then the MMR's antrenna has to stay fixed for target illumination, i.e. it cannot perform either target detection or target scanning. Similarly, when doing ground-mapping, no airborne target detection can be performed. Thus, MMRs using mechanically-moving slotted-array antennae can only operate in various modes in a sequential manner, & not simultaneously or concurrently.

With AESA-MMRs, this problem is overcome & does not exist, since different transmit-receive arrays can concurrently perform several air-to-air & air-to-ground functions (1 function per transmit-receive array) at the same time.

In case of absence of friendly AEW & CS battle management support, a flight of Su-30MKIs & especially the Super Su-30MKIs will be performing the air dominance role by engaging in barrier combat air patrol (BARCAP) while flying at higher altitudes, while the interdictors like Rafale or Jaguar IS will be using terrain-hugging techniques to avoid detection from ground-based air defence networks. The Su-30MKIs & Super Su-30MKIs will thus be acting as the early warning eyes & ears & will be in charge of airborne battle management inside hostile airspace.

LCA Mk.1 will never be used for any type of interdiction. It will used primarily for defensive counter-air & close air-support missions.

lachit said...


thanks for the info

and lolzz my last question for today

jf17 has block 1 and now block 2 is in testing.
the porkis are claiming a block 3 stealth / semi stealth versions (lolzz) which they claim is in the pipeline .
do u think the jf17 can be made into a stealth / semi stealth version via airframe changes / a deep re-engineering in the future or is it mindless speculation.

SPYKAR said...

" The Haiyan UUV is an underwater glider, which can dive under 1,500m below the ocean surface, for up to 30 days. These 70kg drones (or future militarized versions) could be deployed enmass by Y-8Qs to provide a quick but long-term sensor solution, in areas like the Taiwan Straits, against enemy submarines during war time."

What happened to L&T's UUV?

IN's P8I equipped with such drones can be a gamechanger in the Indian Ocean. I guess nowadays Navies are relying more on MAD and real time sonar coverage for submarine hunting.

CAE's AIMS AN/ASQ 508A MAD which equips the P8I is also available on the S-70 B and the C-295MPA(which I think should be IN's obvious choice along with the IAI's AEW&C version).

Another option could be to mate CAE's new MAD-XR (weighing just 1.5kg) & EO/IR sensors with long endurance unmanned drones networked with the P8I's and the US2's to keep them out of the bay. IA could use a similar system to detect variety of targets such as armoured vehicles or artillery.

Unknown said...

Why saving his life? What the purpose? Or there is any trojan horse angle in this also?

@lachit Let them make Quadruplex FBW system first, and in Blk 2 they only added new MAWS & a refueling pod. No AESA, no new engine (in 2012 Porkies were dreaming of European Engine in Blk 2 and saying as Indians kicked out Europeans from LCA and bought jetengines from GE, so Europe going to sell them). Whenever I read stuff like that, I die from laugh.

And if you want to know there height of imaginations aka idiocies then check this site

Hell, these chaps are even dreaming of buying Sylver VLS, Aster missile etc etc for F-22P, further they even dreaming of somehow Pak Navy posses SSBN.

But seriously if you want good laugh read that site.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LACHIT: LoLz! That so-called stealthy Block 3 of JF-17 was nothing else but fan-art by some jingos. Hell, even a tandem-seat JFT-17 operational conversion trainer has yet to be rolled out! No wonder out of the 8 F-16 Block 52s being sought, only 2 are F-16Cs & the remaining six are tandem-seat F-16Ds.

To SPYKAR: FYI the Haiyan UUV is just a ROV containing a side-scan sonar for shallow seabed mapping. And no, it can’t be air-launched or sub-launched. So please don’t get carried away by someone else’s wild speculation.

To UNKNOWN: Who’s saving whose life?

JEET said...

India's not far behind in the hyperspectral war...

GISAT to be launched late this year would be the India's reply to china's CCRSS .

It will compliment the CARTOSATs and the RISATs and provide near real time pictures of Indian landmass.. image every 30 minutes at 50 m-1.5km spatial resolution in about 220 EM bands..In comparison, the CCRSS has a resolution of 15m covering 384 bands.

But I guess , it will do the job of watching across for the LAND based TELs and Diesel electric submarines beyond the borders and on the IOR

JEET said...

Sir, Sounds Silly but please share your opinion on the Freemasons and "The New World Order" in today's context / There seems to be a large network of Grand Lodges all over India with ritual meetings and a very updated website.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JEET: For locating & positively identifying vehicles like TELs, armoured vehicles etc, one requires a resolution of 0.9 metres or less. GISAT does not have such resolution. It will therefore be used only for monitoring the Indian landmass in real-time for weather monitoring & natural disaster (like forest fire) monitoring. Freemasons do exists, but they are not resposible for any kind of New World Order.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Excellent series of articles on the Siachen Glacier issue:

lachit said...


lolzz I am quite familiar with their "un-natural" claims regarding jf17 , I remember coming across debates on twin engine versions of jf17 with v type tail fins is sure a paradise on earth minus the 72 virgins for porkis

lolzzz u should visit riaz haq musings. he the comedian version of madrassa educated dumbocrat. he is a double PhD holder in twisting facts and figures.

only yesterday I cam across a TV interview posted in youtube where a general (ex)was saying that Pakistan is the heart of the Muslim nations.
lolzz I was thinking more like the shit-hole of the Muslim countries.

those porkis r sure crazy .

JEET said...

The panchromatic cameras onboard the CARTOSATs have a sub 1m resolution (0.25m on board the cartosat 3). This along with the sub 1m X-band SAR and the C band SAR of the Risats must be providing a comprehensive picture for the battlefield commander.

ANd Now, with the hySI camera onboard the Gisat, which can break wavelengths of light down into hundreds of bands revealing remarkable details about the target being imaged ..useful in detecting bunkers, decoys, camouflaged vehicles and in the wake & IR signature detection of surface ships/submarines in the waters waters.

JEET said...

Do you see India Buying the Global Hawk..?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JEET: Of the two RISATs, only the imported RISAT-2 can qualify to have military applications. Optronic payloads, especially like those on the GISAT, are 100% useless for all the possibilities that you've mentioned. Finally, no one in the world uses optronic sensors for detection of warships or submarines from space. If you've developed an optronic payload that can do so & possess its patent, then by all means feel free to call for global tenders from the US, Russia, China etc etc for buying your patent & see what the response is. Good luck.

bhoutik said...

could u shed some light on the chinese SOSUS network. did they design it themselves, had help or acquired/gleaned info through espionage?

why does India need us and japs for building it? can't russia be roped in? would countries like us or russia that help India build it have enough knowledge of the capability to compromise it's effectiveness against their own vessels in times of conflict?

India did well developing in house sonars. pleading ignorance here, but how related are these 2 fields and couldn't the same talents be recruited to help build the hydrophones that designed the sonars?

rad said...

hi prasun
you mentioned the target detection range of the bars -pesa on the su-30mki is only 130 km .There has been a constant flow of info regrading the detection being well over 250 kms. It makes sense as the bars has a massive radar diameter hence better transmit and receiver gain, please explain.
The 2032 radar brochure says that the detection range is 80 nm which i s approx 150 km .Surely the Pesa bars radar can do better?.
The transfer of seeker tech was mentioned a long time ago , does it include the active radar seekers of missiles,if so why are we not seeing that being tested on astra etc?
Dont you think we need AESA low level radars today like the jy-11 that the chinks have . These can be elevated an improve low level cruise missile detection performance . could be of great use in a cruise missile defense shield..

bhoutik said... - in this video,it is mentioned that the boats were turned autonomous by outfitting them with a sensor and software kit developed by NASA for the Mars rover. now, the rover being designed for the chandrayan2 mission, is ISRO developing something similar for that? and if so, can it be applied in similar fashion?

mg6357 said...


According to these tweets the defence budget is Rs. 3,41,000 Crore (around $50 Billion) with pensions included and the money alloted for capital expenditure is Rs. 78586 cr.(around $12 Billion)

How do you justify this capital expenditure given that we have to finalize few big deals like Rafale, M-777, A-330MRTT, more P-8I etc. ?

and Why this is a Worrying news that Revenue to capital ratio in the Defence budget this year is 74:26. (as pensions have been included) ?

पीयूष दास said...

sir, twitter page of ET-DEFENCE says "4.8% defence hike, if pension bills are included"

ye to bohot kam hai...

does it mean that most of the deals will have to wait till next year or so..

how are we going to fund SSN PROJECT, 3 SCORPENES, 36 RAFALES, S-400 etc etc

JEET said...

Of course GISAT will have military application for Recon and gathering intelligence (since it will make use of the dual use technology). Long wave (LWIR) and MWIR sensors have long been a staple of military applications. SWIR cameras open the third and final window in the infrared spectrum, only recently been made practical by the development of Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) sensors. Being on a low earth geostationary orbit it provides real time data unlike the Risat which has a revisit time of 4-5 days. More Sats with Increased resolution and more spectral bands and are on track with the LISS4 and LISS-5 atop the upcoming Cartosats and Resoursesats. HySI cameras will be progressively improved for resoulution according to isro, bringing it on par with the Pleiades and the French SPOT sats. See the possibilities yourself:

"9-meter resolution
allows the detection of a ship, but 3- to 4-meter
resolution may be needed to determine the type of the
ship (e.g., ‘‘submarine’ and even finer resolution is
needed to determine its class (e.g., Oscar). The many
sources, some quoting from others, show rough
agreement as to the resolutions needed for the different
tasks. s. However, the tasks to which they refer are of
the most rudimentary nature. Military consumers of
remotely sensed data are really not interested in
detecting, identifying, or analyzing particular objects.
They care about such tasks as mapping, forecasting,
targeting, and verifying. The ground resolution needed
to perform these tasks is not so clear-cut, and
deficiencies in image quality can in some cases be
made good by virtuoso performance of the image
interpreter’s art. For example, ships too small to be
seen at a given resolution could, if under way, be
detected via their wakes. Fences, themselves an indicator of the nature of the facility they surround,
can be detected by the way they channel foot traffic
(and the paths it creates), and by its effect on
vegetation, while dummy installations are given
away by the absence of foot traffic in their vicinities
or the lack of snowmelt on their roofs. In a most
remarkable instance of detecting the non-resolvable, J.
Skorve found a set of seven Soviet submarinecommunications
antennas in an 80-meter Landsat
picture. Although the antennas themselves cannot be
seen, the snowflake pattern created by their bases,
their stays, and their stays’ bases is some 1,700 meters
across. Skorve apparently deduced the function of the
antennas from their large size, which bespeaks a long
wavelength most suitable for communication with
submarin es."

rad said...

hi prasun
will it be a good idea to get the krashuka 4 ew jamming system there seems to be great respect for it in the west , will they sell it to us? have we any equal jamming system?.Is the story of a su-24 jamming the aegis radar of uss donald cook true?.

Spykar said...

Sir, your perspective on the Exercise North Thunder...

Reportedly about 150,000 soldiers, 2,540 warplanes, 20,000 tanks and 460 helicopters are in action in the largest military exercise in the history of the region involving Saudi regional allies including Pakistan Turkey Oman Qatar Maldives and even Comoros. What is its objective? Is a military alliance taking place to invade Iraq?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JEET: Care to elaborate on what is meant by 'low earth geostationary' orbit?

JEET said...

My Bad Sirji, its on GEO orbit at about 35000km.

But that doesn't take away my case sir.

Are you still contesting the possibilities that the feed (though at a low
resolution) from HySI cameras when fused/overlaid with the data of LISS, PAN and MX cameras Of the numerous IRS satellites orbiting at LEO, will have possible military applications :

Gathering information about battlespace;
Discrimination between targets and decoys;
Defeating camouflage;
Early warning for long range missiles and space surveillance;
Detection of weapons of mass destruction; and
Detection of landmines
Detection Of Biological n Chemical agents

Arpit Kanodia said...

Arpit Kanodia said...
Sorry for not being specified, that Unknown was me. I was asking why saving son of Syed Salahuddin?

@JEET Have you lost your mind? Using GEO orbit for spy sats?

No one on planet earth use Earth Observation Sat for Early Warning of Ballistic Missile Launch, that need IR sensors. Read this and try to understand why Russians developed this.

Also no one planet earth use sats to detect landmines ( maybe on Mars ), even sats in LEO are useless for this purpose. Further, again no one use Recce or Earth Observation sats for detecting Biological and Chemical agents,

Also, please enlighten me how you use Hyper Spectral Camera for Spy Sats? Did anybody put the Chemical agents in open, so it reflect the sun light and HySI able to detect?

Arpit Kanodia said...

And if you thinking those sats on GEO going to have large sensors that consume large power for Military application, then answer is no, they dont. India still not developed Radioisotope thermoelectric generator.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JEET: Which IRS-series satellite is on LEO? All are on polar sun-synchronous orbit. Like I said before, you're proposing something not done before by anyone else. Still, I give you the benefit of the doubt & if you've succeeding in devising anything extraordinary & have the patent to prove it, then by all means commence your lobbying for the Nobel Prize for Physics! In the meantime, do first engage in some basic homework on the topic of ocean reconnaissance, & for starters, read this:

To ARPIT KANODIA: The rescue operation wasn't meant for just the son of Syed Sallahuddin, but for all civilians trapped inside. By mere coincidence, one of his sons just happened to be there as he's employed there.

JEET said...


I didnt call it a spy sat. With HySi It just gives certain new military 'applications' to our already available Remote sensing/Earth obsrvation data from the EO sats on LEO.

Because this technology has matured enough with the development of cooling sensors i reckon.

It all there .Please go through these links:

"These “hyperspectral” imaging systems, have the potential to discern much additional information in the scene, contributing to the detection of camouflaged or concealed targets, ocean bottom features, small-plot crop plantings of interest to drug interdiction efforts, detailed structures in clouds, and other highly detailed image features of
military interest.

Whereas panchromatic sensors combine all the light they receive into a single image and
multispectral sensors sample light in several nonadjacent color bands, hyperspectal sensors sort incoming light into a hundred or more mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive ‘‘bins. The detailed spectral information thus captured allows for detailed
examination of the scene, especially with regard to identifying particular materials in the scene by their unique spectral “fingerprints.”

For space based ballistic Missile detection using EO sats see this:

2 are already operational.

JEET said...

IMS`(wich carried the experimental HSI) SARAL Resourcesats Cartosats Oceansats Risats all orbit in LEO.

JEET said...

Im not proposing or trying to patent, prove or devise anything new. Im just connecting the dots you fail to see

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JEET: Do us all a favour & proceed to the ISRO website to see with your pair of eyes on which orbits the RISAT-1 & Cartosats operate. They're all in polar orbits. None of them are in LEO. Only the imported Risat-2 is in LEO. Being actually able to do it & having the potential to do it are at polar opposites. That's what you need to do to connect the dots. To date, no one at positioned satellites with optronic payloads of any kind in geostationary to achieve what you're assuming can be achieved either on the Earth's surface, or underwater. All rely on either LEO or polar sun-synchronous orbiting satellites equipped with SAR. If you still persist on trudging ahead on this beaten path, then kindly produce some research papers showing that all this has already been achieved & applied & is already operational.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@JEET Please describe what military application can HySI can provide? Also describe how you want to use HySI during nights?

And please this time dont change your position like pendulum. You want to detect what? Ballistic Missile Launch, Ballistic Missiles Launch Pads, Decoys, Tanks, Infantry, Mines, Martians, Aliens or a whole new planet? Please tell me what you want to detect? Because all things are Light Years apart from other?

BTW, you know how many types of sats needed for detecting the missile launch or how many sats needed for simply tracking the ballistic missile? For the sake of your enlightenment

Arpit Kanodia said...

And for the sake of argument, also please describe how much power these HySI sensors gonna need to search product line mines(which also covered with sand). And this power can be fulfilled with Solar Panels?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: It's no use arguing with idiots who believe that geostationary satellites are in low-earth orbit, or that ISRO's IRS-series satellites are in LEO. This syndrome can only be summarised as "having eyes & yet not being able to see".

JEET said...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BHOUTIK: Last year in a thread I had uploaded some slides on the Chinese SOSUS network. It was based on technologies developed by Ukraine. China bought all related IPRs from Ukraine. Russian expertise in SOSUS networks isn’t as good as that of the US & Japan. Even for undersea communications, the IN’s VLF Comms facility at INS Kattaboman is from US-based Continental Electronics. Do you foresee a future conflict between India & the US, or India & Russia? All Indian R & achievements in the arena of sonars of all types HAVE ended with the HUMSA-NG. That horse has been whipped for far too long & NPOL has expressed its inability to develop new-generation sonar suites & that’s why the sonar suites of INS Vikrant/IAC-1 & all 4 Project 15B DDGs & seven Project 17A FFGs will be imported off-the-shelf. HUMSA-NG is an iteration of the original APSOH & therefore, being a baseline legacy design, one can only stretch it to a certain extent. After that, an all-new design is called for & NPOL is unable to graduate to this stage. Why else do you think the Mihir & Nagan projects were abandoned?

As for ISRO’s Mars Rover, a lot of the critical control & comms systems like data modems are being imported.

To RAD: 250km or 305km range detection applies to airborne targets like Tu-204s or A330s or B.777s. Not combat aircraft with RCS of 5 sq metres. No one supplied any seeker technology. All the seekers for Astra Mk.1 BVRAAM were imported off-the-shelf from Russia’s Agat JSC. JY-11 is a planar-array system. The Samyukta Mk.2 EW system is there, so no need to import anything similar.

To MG6357 & PIYUSH DAS: The allocation is more than enough. Payments for off-the-shelf hardware procurements are made in successive tranches on a progressive basis. No one pays the entire amount in one lumpsum. I have stated several times before that increases in defence spending are unsustainable if one wants to both modernise & expand. It can be only one of the two that goes ahead. One cannot keep raising new formations with existing manpower-levels. If manpower quantum increases, then the capital account spending will decrease proportionally. Then there’s the drought in 16 states for two years in a row. On top of that there’s the global slump in crude oil prices, which means some of India’s biggest trading partners in the GCC have far reduced buying power to import from India. Same is the case with ASEAN, whose member-states have been badly hit by the recent spate of Chinese Yuan devaluations. Add to this the depreciation of the Indian Rupee vis-à-vis the US$, which impacts on India’s ability to import products & commodities. Above all, thanks to the last 3 years of UPA-2’s rule, folks like the Yuvraj & Jayanthi Natarajan almost scuttled all major industrial development & infrastructure development projects, which now has resulted in non-performing loans piling up with state-owned banking & lending institutions. If these institutions are not recapitalised, then industrial/infrastructure development will grind to a halt. Consequently, social instability will increase, leading to widespread rioting & breakdown of law-and-order. Therefore, perhaps in anticipation of all this, the Govt of India this year has decided to hike internal security spending by 24.56%, with the bulk of the funds being earmarked for the CAPFs.

Radical solutions are therefore called for, if the armed forces want to shift their respective force modernisation efforts into high-gear. The PM had said so as much last December on board INS Vikramaditya. If radical measures aren’t adopted ASAP, then efforts like the raising of 59 Mountain Division at Panagarh under the Ranchi-based XVII Corps, & the 72 Mountain Division at Pathankot under the Leh-based XIV Corps in Jammu & Kashmir, will remain mere pipedreams.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

rad said...

hi prasun

I dont understand the the fact that the bars pesa radar has the same radar rang as the smaller elm-2032?.What would be the range of the aesa radar of the super sukhoi?
I do remember you saying that there was a agreement with the Israeli to supply seeker tech?.
I story of an su-24 jamming the USS donald cook radar true, please throw some light.

JEET said...

Shaping The Land Battle Through Remote Sensing And Satellite- Imagery

SPYKAR said...

Lingaraj said...

Looks like this Jeet guy wants to win as his name suggests. The trouble is when you want your last word you are left all to yourself and all by yourself in a small room...and the problem then is when you fart a lot you get stuffed in your own methane emissions! ha ha ha ha

Anup said...


Your comment please :-

CCS clears acquisition of two more AWACS

R. Sarath Kumar said...

Prasun Sir, what do you think about the future of UK? Is it going to remain as part of the EU or will they choose to part ways in the upcoming referendum?

And what about the integrity of UK itself? If UK gets out of EU, is it possible that Scotland would again want to split and individually join the EU again?

Thank you Sir
Sarath Kumar R.

Soubhagya Sankar said...

Dear Prasun,

Today R V S Mani has done some startling revelation against CBI and UPA govt in Ishrat Jahan case. I think UPA govt. would have made India a tasty chicken leg piece for China and Pakistan.

Vivek said...

Prasun da,
Another of ur predictions has come true, kerry has told pakis to reduce their nuclear arsenal...... More would follow from Obama to nawaz next month
Just wonder though if this woulld actually be taken to its logical conclusion and pakis denuclearized

bhoutik said...

is the Su030MKI or the 'Super'- variant able to analyze waveforms in real time like the EA-6B and the Growler?

can the same IPRs that Ukraine sold to China be bought from Ukraine?

do i foresee a conflict with Russia or US - no. still, operationally i don't think anyone can be comfortable with any other country with that kind of insight into their systems. unless ofcourse they are allies like NATO countries. but in the absence of any other choice i can understand. how many could have predicted the 7th fleet sailing into the Bay in 71. i understand our predicament, just bothers me thats all.

btw, u missed a question of mine - did Indonesian Tu-16 Badgers fly over Northern Australia in the 1960s?

and what do u think are the possible scenarios that might emerge after the Antarctica treaty expires in 2048? are the major powers thinking that far ahead? is India?

the Harrier carrier with IN service had limited strike power. but the MiG-29K equipped Vikramaditya and the Vikrant have real strike power. right around the time Vikramaditya came into Indian service, the chinese got the liaoning going. and their under construction carrier seems close on the heels of the Vikrant. is this just a coincidence or are they closely following Indian developments and acting accordingly? similarly the Arihant is getting ready close on the heels of the first Chinese operational SSBN (correct me if i'm wrong - were the earlier ones operational or effective?) - the timelines are so close! India must be keeping very close watch on the Chinese developments. - am i reading all this right? or are these developments happening independent of each other...

Arpit Kanodia said...

@JEET Even after stupidity you showed here, which is beyond to comprehend but I dont want to go there. Are you here for some personal vendetta, are you trying to settle some score? Or are you suffering from some OCD problem?

Even if you are right and PKS is wrong, then what you trying to prove? Why you wasting time on this blog when you already enlightened with truth? I am unable to grasp, but why?

I suggest as you found something new, and to keep this Eureka moment alive, you should write a research paper instead of wasting your time here.

Prav said...

Oh my God please stop Jeet ..Do you even know why many spy sats don't even have solar panels .. because they orbit so low that the drag from the upper atmosphere can cause them to loose velocity and cause them to de-orbit. They fly circular orbits as low as 200 Km from the earths surface and you compare that to a sat that orbits 35000Km away from the earth ? If you still can't comprehend it .. 200 Km is a lot less than 35000Km . I doesn't matter what sensors you use a GEO sat is useless as a recon sat.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: This JEET fella is (LoLz!) suffering bipolar disorders reinforced by pendulum-like mood-swings. Hence he can't distinguish LEO from geostationary orbit, & his reliance on terminologies like low-earth geostationary orbit. Consequently, as per his mumbo-jumbo inferences, a hyper-spectral optronic sensor will produce the same results, regardless of whether it is LEO or geostationary orbit. One can therefore only guess what the credentials are of the educational institution that produces such byproducts. Had he been smart & discerning, then he would have focussed more on the applications of hyper-spectral sensors when used by satellites in LEO or polar sun-synchronous orbit. Instead, he keeps rambling about GISAT having ground target recognition applications. Next he will propose developing Keplar-like/Hubble-like space telescopes & orienting them towards Earth to find out whether a TEL has tyres supplied by MRF or Goodyear or Continental!

lahori said...

I dont get these types of statements. Who supports these guys to attack Pakistan? Is it India?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LAHORI: You will get convincing answers to your queries from only two authoritative sources: First, Pakistan's Federal Investigations Agency (FIA), which has filed the chargesheet in a Pakistani court regarding the 26/11 terror attacks; & 2) Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which refuses to make public the contents of the so-called 3 dossiers that it claims to have submitted to the UN regarding India's alleged interference in FATA & Balochistan. So far, only one Pakistani journalist/analyst, Zahid Hussain, has gone public by saying that he saw the FIA's chargesheet & therefore there's more than ample proof about the involvement of Pakistanis in the 26/11 terror attacks. As for non-state actors & their activities, is it really possible for such actors to train in semi-urban & urban areas like Karachi's coastline without arousing any kind of suspicion from the various Pakistani law-enforcement authorities & that too in an area crawling with Pakistan Navy & MSA establishments?

Similarly, if India really wanted to make life miserable for the PA throughout FATA, she could easily have supplied the TTP with shoulder-launched MANPADS like Igla or HN-5 to shoot down a few AH-1S/AH-1F HueyCobra helicopter gunships. But has that happened so far?

On one hand, Pakistani authorities & think-tanks constantly claim that the writ of the Afghan govt & all its agencies does not go beyond Kabul, & on the other hand these same folks claim that the Afghan NDS & India's R & AW have unrestricted & unfettered access to all the borderlands facing Pakistan without any threats to their lives from either the TTP or the Afghan Taliban! Now which of the two theories would you like to believe?

lahori said...

Then PA could also return the favour by supplying the same to separatists all over India. Imagine a 777 landing at an airport gets hit.

Reality is that you have DM who loses his credibility everytime he opens his mouth. That was the point of my query.

In Pakistan yes these people can do much without rousing query. Lot of Pak is empty and our people very private.

Sumanta said...

^^^ lolz.. Problem is that your very country that already lost credibility.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LAHORI: There are no separatists in India. There used to be till the 1990s, but not anymore. Only ill-informed Pakistanis delude themselves into imagining the existence of such separatists in India.

Anonymous said...