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Friday, February 12, 2016

Miscellaneous Updates

S-2/Arihant SSBN Showcased In IFR-2016 
Commemorative Booklet
Latest Full-Scale Models Of  NAG and HELINA Anti-Armour Guided-Missiles
Final Configuration Of NAMICA
Existing Long-Range Battlefield Surveillance Sensors & Their New-Generation Variants
IRDE-Led R & D Activities For Multiple Application Optronic Sensors
JF-17 Block-2 Light MRCA With Additional MAWS Sensor Fitment & Aerial Refuelling Probe Undergoing Flight-Tests In Chengdu


Mayur M Manapure said...

An Army officer is missing for four days and haven't been found yet. Although not the similar circumstances but this reminds me of this special forces guy who went missing in Europe in late 2014

This guy sure went AWOL and was declared an absconder. Wonder why a Major in SOF would do it.

My question is why didn't Govt or Army properly investigate this. A SOF officer goes missing and no rattle within the Defense Ministry. That's some lax attitude towards its personnel.

dushyant hardaha said...
even iran can make functional UCAV
we can't

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,

1. What's is your view on the above article. Would it be good to have Israeli contribution in our AMCA project (not very hopeful of this project - reason lack of funds).

2. What's India (DRDO - Dr. Do Little) contribution in Barak 2 missile development. Can you refer any links of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Most of India is in the medieval age
India has half the world slave population (30 million India ha 15 million)
Over 90% of India's population defecate in the open and do not have a toilet. this is the 21st century we are talking about.
Want a real look at India"? read the book "India shattering the Illusion. The Birth of New Nations. Kashmir to Elam" by Columbus Falco


Lingaraj said...

TP - Troll Pro - please don't talk rubbish. I am assuming TP is also the Anonymous above asking that stupid question. Everyone is entitled to think - whether they think of good or bad, wet and wild, that is their concern. If PKS has a B.A. degree according to BR then fine. Their thinking won't alter PKS and neither would his negation change any formed opinion. The question really is - who do YOU believe and what do YOU want to believe. The truth is sure out there so don't sit on the fence and say "I want to believe". A real example - say someone asked you according to BR fans you masturbate 4 times a day and like to eat cum on toast. Is this true? well...? what would you answer?

Anonymous said...

Sidharth, if Drdo is Dr Do Little, then wonder what one can make of your name.. stay off the kiddy stuff on the net

dushyant hardaha said...
former IB director has made explosive remark against UPA
what's your point of view

Magicbullet said...

US allows /makes headely an approved and let's him get interrogated by Indian court...parallely sells F16s to oak to fight terrorism...why are we being so naive...or...what's the big game.

rad said...

hi Prasun
IT occurred to me that if we can make a dual carriage pylon for the derby missile, it would be a fantastic fire power addition . Coupled with the aesa 2052 radar we can have a simultaneous multi shot capability for the LCA. The derby is relatively a smaller missile about 120 kg .So with the additional weight of a dual missile pylon the total weigh will be up by 500 kg approx.An LCA with wing tanks, 4 derby missiles ,2 python 5 missiles, a belly mounted jammer could really be deadly air defense asset. It is known that the test pilots who who flew the craft were pleasantly surprised by the it a workable idea?.
In fact we can get an aircraft that would even surpass the conventional radar equipped Mirage -2000-5 for a fraction of the cost in terms of air defense.
What is the nations loss in the quiting of test pilot Suneet krishna. Your comments please

DAshu said...

A captain from IN , so shall we assume Arihant is operational now .

Gessler said...


We can assume whatever we want, bhai.

The truth, however, is bloody goddamn illusive.

DAshu said...

ok Mr. GESSLER, like sir says assumption is mother of all fuck-ups !!

Mayur M Manapure said...

We have morons at both side of borders asking people not to celebrate V-Day...but when you have a President of a country asking you to refrain from celebrating it...then you realise it's Islamic Republic Of Pakistan and people in Govt don't have better things to do.

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

Please answer my Question

We are hearing about ELTA AESA 2052 for Tejas

Earlier USA was opposed to its sale

So what made USA change its stand

Secondly is this AESA deal is FINAL or there will be some new problems

When will the first AESA 2052 ARRIVE in India

And how much time will it take to be Integrated with Tejas

IS The 2018 deadline for Tejas MK 1 A feasible and achievable

Abhishek Kumar said...

Interesting article plz do read this
will be thankful if you comment on the article..

Pranav Battewar said...

Older namica had 8 ready to fire nag missiles. new one shows only 6. why so?
Also how many reloads will new namica carrier have? What is the reloading mechanism for those?

Anonymous said...


So the number of ready to fire missiles has been reduced to 6 from 8 in the final NAMICA configuration. What happened to the commander's vehicle equipped with raisable mast with panoramic sight? Has that gone through re-engineering too? Based on the last impression we saw in Def expo 2012 (probably) I thought that one needed re-engineering more badly than the NAMICA!


Arpit Kanodia said...

Sir, why 2 CoMPASS? For 360 degree situation awareness? And 360 degree capability to lasing the targets for CAS roles?

Also it is worth to reduce number of missiles from 8 to 6, and adding 2 CoMPASS pod with 360 degree Azimuth or 360 degree rotatable turret?

lachit said...

@arpit kanodia
this is norm nowdays to have 2 independent target acquisition and designation systems.
redundancy (snipers r being tasked/trained to take out optical systems to render the vehicle blind)
better situational awareness
clear cut task/role designation with zero ambiguity rolled on to sighting and targeting hardware
commander and gunner can operate independent or simultaneously depending on the situation
commander can assume the role of the gunner if required
incase of failure the other takes over or one can be slaved to the other for better target inputs at the commanders discretion
and a lot of other things

Arpit Kanodia said...


True, but Namica only able to become true hunter killer Tank Destroyer if DRDO able to increase Nag range. 4 KM is pretty low from current standards.

rad said...

hi prasun
Please explain how the targeting system works in the namica vehicle .Does the compass pod hand over the image of the target or the co ordinates and range to the Nag?.. Is it LOAL or LOBL?. There was a proposal to put the compass on an elevating mast for better range and target acquisition. What happened to that?. It makes sense to do so, as the vehicle can hide behind a sand dune and only the mast can be exposed. In this configuration the nag can also have a laser designation and laser seeker as well.Is the user trials over .The last we heard was that drdro made a better seeker for better discrimination in the desert.Is it indigenous?
please comment

lachit said...


the range of nag is 4 km or 7 km I am in doubt prasun will be able to shed light on this.

even at that 4 km I dont think it is that bad. armor to armour battle engagements r usually withen 2-2.5 km due to terrain , direct line of sight and other limiting factors.
again prasun will be shed better light on this.

by the way from the picture the commanders sight seems to be sitting on a raised mount , it would have pretty easy to install it on a telescopic mount for far better clear line of sight it not already installed.

@prasun is the commanders sight mounted on a elevating telescopic mount?
many surveillance sights r mounted in similar way so easy to do it.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MAYUR M MANAPURE: Turns out that he was abducted. Shit happens (!) anyway. Reminds me of a couple of Nepali Gurkhas of the IA who were part of a contingent accompanying the INS Mysore to New York in the previous decade, decided to jump ship & disappeared forever. They have not yet been traced. Meanwhile, do watch this hilarious tiff between a Pakistani journalist & a Pakistani Mufti:

And here’s a befitting rebuttal given to the Pakistani President:

Anyway, it is extremely good to have such controversies inside that country, since India will then be able to offer 4-day validity single-journey entry visas to all those Pakistanis wishing to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They are most welcome to do so inside India & India in turn will benefit from such tourism revenues.

And the latest from cuckoo land is that this country is also dead-set against paying interest as it is un-Islamic. Bet that the IMF, WB, ADB & China will be interested in seeing whether Pakistan refuses to pay interest on the loans already secured from these sources.

To DUSHYANT HARDAHA: None of the Iranian UAVs or UCAVs are locally developed. They only have local/native names. But they all originate from China.

To SIDDHARTH: It would be insulting to even contemplate the AMCA prior to the development of the LCA Mk2 MRCA. Israel will be far better off collaborating with South Korea for the fifth-generation KFX-2 & Japan’s fifth-generation MRCA. AS for DRDO’s inputs for the Barak-2, the entire propulsion system along with rear actuators for the tailfins was developed by the DRDO & built by BDL.

To TP: Do you think any other country the size of India or even bigger is any better? Haven’t you heard of China’s ‘Ghost Cities’ or the several abandoned townships dotting the US coastline? So stop compati9ng apples with jackfruits.

To MAGICBULLET: 8 F-16s won’t make any difference to the balance of airpower at a time when the PAF’s F-16 fleet is only 54% operational. Which means by no means is the PAF enjoying operational sovereignty over its F-16 fleet & this will become a severe headache in times of hostilities.

To RAD: In an age where even triple-ejector racks are available for heavier PGMs, which settle for twin-ejector racks for AAMs?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DASHU: All warships prior to their commissioning & during their harbour-trials & sea-trials & evaluations are totally manned by IN personnel, with an IN officer commanding the crew complement. It therefore does not mean that any such warship or submarine is commissioned into service just because it is being manned & operated by an IN crew complement. The S-2/Arihant’s commissioning date is still quite a distance away. And BTW this is the 2nd CO of the Arihant. The first CO is now the IN’s Flag Officer Submarines sitting at NHQ.

To VIJAY: Why are you getting confused & ending up confusing others as well? The US had objected only to the AESA-MMR offer for the JAS-29IN Gripen during the MMRCA competition. The US NEVER objected to anything that had to do with the LCA’s R & D effort. And again for the nth time, no such version known as the Tejas Mk.1A exists.

To PRANAV BATTEVAR: There will be 6 reloads inside the NAMICA. Reloading will be done manually.

To ARPIT KANODIA & RAD: That’s because the topmost COMPASS is used by the commander to scout the battlefield for targets, while the mini-COMPASS mounted in front of the steerable launcher is used for target tracking & designation. It is similar to the concept on MBTs using a commander’s panoramic sight & a gunner’s sight. The NAMICA is not a pure tank destroyer. It will be used to provide indirect fire-support to combat engineering teams attempting to construct bridges across rivers & rivulets. Thus, the NAG’s targets will include both hostile armoured vehicles & hostile unarmoured vehicles. Accompanying the NAMICA will be another customised version of the BMP-2 ICV that will be equipped with raisable LORROS mast.

To LACHIT: NAG has 4km-range. The HELINA will have 7.5km-range. Elevated telescopic mount for the COMPASS isn’t reqd since the NAMICA will be operating along riverbanks & the NAMICA will always be accompanied by raisable LORROS-equipped BMP-2 ICVs.

But what is indeed intriguing is the strange rocket nozzle behind the HELINA. I can’t believe the DRDO will seriously consider such a contraption. None of the other ATGMs or air-launched PGMs in this world have such rocket nozzles.

To ABHISHEK KUMAR: That is a highly speculative piece since the writer obviously has no idea about how the financial package for the Rafale deal has been worked out.

To GESSLER: More than me posting anything about ISRO, it will be far better if you could lay your hands on this authoritative, tell-all book:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DUSHYANT HARDAHA: Just skimming the surface won’t get anyone closer to the truth. For instance, it is now accurately documented that the LeT & JeM were both colluding with the sandstone smuggling mafia in Rajasthan & had used this nexus to smuggle into India both arms & explosives. It must also be noted that the arrival in India of AK-47s & NORINCO & Czech automatic pistols since the mid-1980s has been through Gujarat’s Harami Nullah route & from there the consignments made their way to Mumbai, Delhi & elsewhere. Secondly, Headley in his deposition NEVER said or implied that Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist. Therefore, in all likelihood, she was either an unsuspecting girl just hanging out with a terrorist, or at worst was an untrained & unarmed abettor of a crime about to be committed. It is widely believed that she was intercepted & apprehended in Rajasthan by the Rajasthan Police & was killed there itself. But just as there’s no conclusive proof of her being a terrorist, there’s no conclusive proof either about her being a model citizen. The real motives behind her mysterious movements from Maharashtra to Rajasthan & Gujarat haven’t yet come out in the open.

Almost similar is the case regarding the 26/11 terror attacks. The whole truth hasn’t yet been revealed. For instance, Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) names 20 militants associated with the LeT who were actively involved in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and they still appear in the ‘fugitives’ category. They—all Pakistani nationals—include Muhammad Amjad Khan from Karachi, Iftikhar Ali of Faisalabad, Sufyan Zafar of Gujranwala, Muhammad Usman Zia of Rawalpindi, Muhammad Abbas Nasir of Khanewal, Javed Iqbal of Kasur, Mukhtar Ahmad of Mandi Bahauddin, Ahmed Saeed of Batagram, and Muhammad Khan of Balochistan. To this must be added Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, Abdul Wajid, Mazhar Iqbal, Hamad Amin Sadiq, Shahid Jameel Riaz, Jamil Ahmed and Younis Anjum who are now undergoing trial in Pakistan.

However, according to India’s NIA, the following are the real players behind 26/11: Brigadier Riaz, Major Sajid Mir, Major Samir Ali, Major Iqbal, Major Abdur Rehman Hashim (Pasha), Major Haroon Ashik, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, Muzammil Bhat, Mazhar Iqbal (Abu Kafa), Abdul Wajid, Hamad Amin Sadiq, Shahid Jameel Riaz, Jamil Ahmed, Younis Anjum, Abu Qama, Abu Hamza, Yakub, Ehsanullah, Saad Shabbir, Kasim, Hassan, Rashid Abdullah, Abu Usama, Imran, and Abu Shoaib. The last one is Indian citizen Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal.

Cont’d below…

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

And here’s what really happened:

By 2008, Commander Muhammad Ilyas Kashmiri of the JeM (formed after breaking up with the Harkat-ul Jihad-i-Islami, or HUJI) had appeared on the horizon. Born in Bimbur (old Mirpur) in the Samhani Valley of POK on February 10, 1964, Ilyas passed the first year of a mass communication degree at Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad. He did not continue because of his involvement in Jihadi activities. The Kashmir separatist movement was his first exposure in the field of militancy. Then there was the, and ultimately his legendary 313 Brigade. This grew into the most powerful terrorist group in South Asia, with a strongly knit network in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Little is documented of Ilyas’s life. However, he was invariably described as the most effective, dangerous, and successful guerrilla leader in the world. Kashmiri left POK in 2005 after his second release from detention by the ISI, and headed for North Waziristan. He had previously been arrested by Indian security forces inside J & K, but had broken out of jail and escaped. He was next detained by the ISI as the suspected mastermind of an attack on then-President Gen Pervez Musharraf in 2003, but was cleared and released. The ISI picked Ilyas up again in 2005 after he refused to close down operations in J & K. His relocation to the troubled border areas sent a chill down spines in Washington. The US realised that with his vast experience, he could turn the unsophisticated battle blueprints in Afghanistan into audacious modern guerrilla warfare. Ilyas’s track record speaks for itself. In 1994, he had launched the Al-Hadid operation in New Delhi, to secure the release of some of his Jihadi comrades. His group of 25 included Sheikh Omar Saeed (the abductor of US reporter Daniel Pearl in Karachi in 2002) as his deputy. The group abducted several foreigners, including UK, US, and Israeli tourists, and took them to Ghaziabad near Delhi. They then demanded that the Indian authorities release their colleagues. Instead the Indians attacked their hideout. Ilyas escaped unhurt. On February 25, 2000, the Indian Army killed 14 civilians in the village of Lonjot in POK after its SF (Para) forces had crossed the Line of Control (LoC). They returned to the Indian side with abducted Pakistani girls, and threw the severed heads of three of them at the Pakistan Army soldiers manning their side. The very next day, Ilyas conducted an operation against the Indian Army in Nakyal sector after crossing the LoC with 25 fighters from 313 Brigade. They kidnapped an Indian Army officer and beheaded him. This officer's head was then paraded in the bazaars of Kotli in POK.

Cont’d below…

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Ilyas’ deadliest operation took place in the Akhnoor cantonment in J & K against the Indian Army in 2002. In this, he planned attacks involving 313 Brigade divided into two groups. Indian Generals, Brigadiers, and other senior officials were lured to the scene of the first attack. Two Generals were injured (in contrast, the Pakistan Army did not manage to injure a single Indian Army General in three wars), and some Brigadiers and Colonels were killed. This was one of the most telling setbacks for India in the long-running insurgency in J & K. With Kashmiri's immense expertise in Indian operations, he stunned Al-Qaeda leaders with the suggestion that expanding the theatre of war was the only way to overcome the present impasse. He presented the suggestion of conducting such a massive operation inside India that it would bring India and Pakistan to war. With that, all proposed operations against Al-Qaeda would be brought to a grinding halt. Al-Qaeda excitedly approved the proposal to attack India. Kashmiri then handed over the plan to a very able former Pakistan Army Major from the Special Service Group (SSG), Haroon ‘Ashik’ Rasheed, who was also a former LeT commander who was still very close to LeT chiefs Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi and Abu Hamza. Haroon knew about a contingency ISI plan for a low-profile routine proxy operation in India to be executed by the LeT in the event of an all-out war between India and Pakistan. It had been in the pipeline for several years prior to 9/11, but the eventual official Pakistani policy was to drop it. The former Army Major, with the help of Ilyas Kashmiri's men, hijacked this very ISI contingency plan and turned it into the devastating 26/11 attacks in Mumbai on November 26, 2008. It was almost identical to 9/11 in that it aimed to provoke India to invade Pakistan in the same manner as 9/11 prompted the US to attack Afghanistan. The purpose of 26/11 was to distract Pakistan's attention from the ‘War on Terror’, thereby allowing Al-Qaeda the space to manipulate its war against NATO in Afghanistan.

Earlier, on November 19, 2008, Maj Gen (Ret’d) Amir Faisal Alvi was brutally murdered with multiple gunshots by a hit-team in Islamabad. In March 2009, Maj (Ret’d) Haroon Rasheed confessed to killing the Maj Gen after he was apprehended along wikth two of his accomplices after a botched kidnapping attempt. However, Haroon was acquitted in late 2010 and was released in the first quarter of 2011 and since then he has never been heard of.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Am off to attend the Singapore Air Show. Will reply to all outstanding queries from the previous thread later tonight.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

And for those interested in learning all about the PA's so-called full-spectrum nuclear deterrence, do watch this:

It confirms what I had stated earlier about Pakistan's quest for acquiring credible minimum deterrence & how despite this, such deterrence will be next-to-useless in the event the IA & IAF launch a limited AirLand war across the LoC using air-mobile & air-assault forces.

Ram Bharadwaj said...

The option for acquiring used Mirage-2000 from UAE and Qatar for IAF has been quoted by many analysts in their blogs. Many have used this option as an argument to debunk the Rafale. I recall reading an article when 12 Mirage-2000 was offered and the Vajpayee govt refused because of high price.

What is the reality? was this offer ever available to IAF?

rad said...

HI Prasun
Amid all these things, will the area covered by the nag also be duplicated by the spike missile family .which version of the spike is India getting?. will the namica vehicle get inputs from a battle field surveillance radar from a heli ?.
The funny nozzle could be that they tried to enhance the rocket motor and reconfigured the actuator system. Is it not simpler to make a laser homing missile as well like the hellfire. The turks seem to have made a similar missile and perfected it, where did they get the tech from .?.

Anonymous said...

Hello Prasun,

Thanks for the informative details; however, it smacks common sense that there was never support (of any type) provided by Indian nationals to the 26/11 terrorists and their handlers. It is no reasonably possible to sustain the operations for the duration it went on. With videos and guides it may not be possible to get the finer details of all the destinations targeted. I suppose Pressitutes had also some role in propping up the visuals live


Anonymous said...

Hello Prasun,

I wonder where Mr. Kashmiri and Mr. Haroon now; per Pakistani perspective they are quite important assets to bring about destruction of Pakistan; the level of indoctrination and motivation will make all their citizens eat grass forever.


dipan chakraborty said...

Prasun sir why is India developing 5th gen fighter? Wht amca can do which fifa cannot? Only USA and Russia has the military industrial resources to develop 5th gen fighter even western Europe don't have any concrete plan to develop 5th gen fighter Korea and Japan is developing as they have full blessing of Washington China is lagging behind by a decade to operational use such a platform I belive India will not be able it independently as we don't have the funds as well as the human resources and military industrial might required if we start now it will take at least 20 yes from drawing board to the full production your coments

dipan chakraborty said...

In any India China border dispute why folks forget skasm Valley because 1. It is geostrategically unimportant or 2. We don't want it back?

CSC said...

Hi prasun
Thanks for ur input on the super sukhoi vs su 35 question I had, very informative.

One question remains, China starts getting su 35 by 2016 end/ early 2017.

When do we see the first super sukhoi come in and thence at what rate per year and to what numbers

pm said...
sir what is your view on this article?

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,

Seems the deal is going to be happened in near time. How many units you think India should purchase. Last year learned somewhere on the Internet setting up M777 maintenance facility by BAE systems.

Dbas said...

Sec Defence Carter, Depty Sec Defence and Chairman JCS all heading to Pak before John Kerry goes to Pak for strategic dialogue. What is going on?

They are also training with saudi forces now. They have been gifted 8 f16. Agree they do not alter balance at all. reports Putin also heading to pakland soon for the pipeline project. why is pakiland becoming central to these powers? what is behind all this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

Let me get this straight. PA and associates behead IA Officers and Soldiers and we behead the Kashmiri village women. Are you sure this is correct? Is this why the Kashmiri's hate the IA so much? Ilyas Kashmiri was ex-SSG.


Anonymous said...

How will they respond if we launch limited attacks using IA/IAF? Do you think they will attack our cities in response?


Anonymous said...

Why we complain when they get 8 f16. The world media is laughing at our helplessness. We are being portrayed as helpless beggars begging the US not sell to them. We are not making friends, just looking silly.


Anonymous said...

Its amazing how much the jf-17 has come along. When can we expect to see IFR and all aspect Maws on LCA too?


Arpit Kanodia said...


No one laughing on India, you think your perception become world perception? Hell, your perception not even match with this blog, leave alone with world. Indian concerns are legitimate, and should be raised.

World is not black & white, like you thinking.

Durna said...


Mirage2K + JF17 pic, what do you think, is it a decent aircraft?

Anonymous said...

what a level of insecurity!!!
i asked a simple question as i need to know about 54% availability and still the message gets deleted!! truly credible blog we got here .... i guess what you say here is backed by published documentation.....

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@9.59PM: And what a high level of duplicity & hypocrisy! Someone who wishes to remain anonymous & yet wants to secure access to privileged information. A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

To DUMA: Decent, maybe. But potent, no way. How many sorties have to date been mounted in FATA by the PAF's F-16s & JF-17s? The facts speak for themselves.

To HOWITS: Yes indeed, the JF-17 has come a long way since its inception as the Super 7 & later the Super Sabre of the mid-1980s. An excruciating slow evolution by all standards. And India is not complaining about the mere delivery of 8 F-16s. It is actually a PROTEST because such MRCAs are not being used in conventional battles, but against Pakistan's very own hapless civilian citizens throughout FATA, which will only serve to increase terrorist incidents throughout the region.

To GANESH: Let's get this straight. Those beheaded by the IA inside POK were facilitators of terrorists & under international rules of engagement they are legitimate targets since they fall under the category of 'active combatants', be they male or female. And no Kashmiri hates either India or the IA. There was a period when they hated India for not resolving the issue in 1949 by capturing Muzzafarabad. Instead, Pandit 'Chacha' nehru only prolonged the agony by referring the issue to the UN. But times are now changing, primarily due to the worsening situation inside POK, thanks to the unrelenting pressure being applied on Pakistan by China to clarify the legal status of POK. This in turn has resulted in Pakistan committing several mistakes since 2009, the latest being the announcement of elections in POK (to be held before May 28) in which NOT A SINGLE Kashmiri political party is being allowed to contest. Only the PPP, PML-N & PTI are being allowed to do so, resulting in mayhem & bloodbaths breaking out. And here's proof of that:

Therefore, it can be conclusively inferred that POK is a living hellhole, while J & K by comparison is a paradise.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DBAS: Your suspicions are misplaced. The strategic dialogue is reqd to ensure that Pakistan is walking the talk. And only that explains why there's increasing talk about cracking down on all the 'sarkari jihadi' groups like the LeT, JuD, JeM, UJC etc etc that have yet to be officially notified by Pakistan as being terrorist outfits. In other words, the US, backed behind-the-scenes by China, has begun cracking the whip quite harshly behind public glare. And that also explains why no one from the US, China or the EU is issuing any statements anymore about requesting India to re-start Foreign Secretary-level talks. In all such issues, one always has to place emphasis on what's not being said, & not just on what's being openly said.

Iran 48 hours ago openly stated that Russia, India & Iran should be part of the peace reconciliation talks on Afghanistan, while Iran has also upstaged the CPEC through this:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SIDDHARTH: Ultimately, some 400 LW-155s/M-777s will end up with the IA. The 145 units is just the first tranche.

To CSC: In all probability, the first 40 Super Su-30MKIs will come directly from Irkutsk-based IRKUT Corp, because the systems integration, flight-testing & airworthiness certification will all be done in Russia. Don't forget that the Russians never shared the source-codes for the systems integration software with India & they continue to remain Russian IPRs. Logically, therefore, all systems integration activity will have to be physically carried out in Russia by Russian entities.

To DIPAN CHAKRABORTY: It's not the Shaksgam Valley alone, but the trans-Karakoram Tract. The Valley is only 1 part of this Tract. As regards the 5th generation AMCA, relax, for there's no R & D funds earmarked for actual R & D work.

To GANESH: Entities like Ilyas Kashmiri & Maj Haroon tend to 'disapper' for prolonged periods & the excuse for their disappearances are often given as "being targetted & eleminated by US drone-strikes". In reality, there's no conclusive proof that these 2 entities have indeed perished.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAM BHARADWAJ: Yes, the offers were indeed made, but the asking price was quite high, because these Qatari & UAEAF Mirage 2000-9s had low airframe-hours logged in. But that was way back in 2001. By 2004 it became evident that the price to be paid wasn’t worth it & it would be better to invest that money into an MMRCA like the Rafale. If one were to make decisions based on sanity & logical reasoning, then instead of procuring INS Vikramaditya from Russia & considering the offer of Qatari & UAE Mirage 2000-9s, the then Govt of India should have opted for building two IACs in-country, procuring about 60 MiG-29K/KUB carrier-based MMRCAs, procuring about 80 new-build MiG-29SMTs to add to the 63 MiG-29UPGs, & not upgrading the Mirage 2000s & instead using that money to procure the first 50 Rafales off-the-shelf from France, as was first proposed by France way back in 2006. That would have kept both the Russians & French happy & all the ti8me-consuming mess created by the MMRCA competition could easily have been avoided.

To RAD: I had created a thread in 2014 in which it was clearly explained that the Spike ATGM being procured was meant for the IA’s SOF elements. As for supporting battlefield surveillance sensors, do refer to the new illustrations that I’ve uploaded above. Now, if long-range optronic sensors are available, it stands to reason that corresponding long-range ATGMs also be developed. Neither the NAG nor HELINA come into this category. The only other viable option is to develop an all-new multi-role ground-launched NLOS missile that can act as both an ATGM as well as a bunker-burster. But such a missile has to be FOG-M, i.e. guided by fibre-optic cable. One such project was initiated last year by the DRDO. This missile will have a range of about 25km & will be launched from vertical cannisters mounted atop a tracked armoured vehicle. The vehicle most likely to be selected will be T-72M1, with its existing turret being removed to make way for a new turret housing up to 8 vertically-launched NLOS FOG-Ms. Accompanying a Battery of such vehicles will be a tracked command vehicle equipped with long-range TI-equipped optronic sensor for target acquisition & target designation. Fire-control & tracking will be done through the optronic sensor located inside the NLOS FOG-M & this will enable LOAL techniques to be adopted. Also being explored is the possibility of incorporating battlefield surveillance inputs from mini-UAVs that will send the raw surveillance video footage to the command vehicle & from there target handoffs will be managed & controlled using the Battlefield Surveillance System network (Project Sanjay) that in turn will use the TAC-4G bandwidth spectrum allocation architecture.

abs said...

Prasun Da,
Do the America gifted F-16s to Pakistan on the pretext of the war on terror, come with any operational handicaps? Especially given the possibility of them being used against India during the time of any hostilities.

Mayur M Manapure said...

Sir you stated in your previous thread that since FC-1/Jf-17 don't have a twin seat version and most of the 8 F-16 are twin ones so they will be used mostly for training the pilots. Is it so?

Arpit Kanodia said...


You think Ilyas Kashmiri is still alive? And now all they become active, as ISI reopened officially the new Chapter of Sarakari Jihad, so they able to save themselves from blowback somehow?

Anonymous said...

-Subho said:

Prasun, what do you make of Beoing's "Make in India" offer ? I don't think they're necessarily saying that it needs to happen around the F-18s. I think it'll be great since Boeing has a large commercial business and India could become part of their global supply chain in a big way and that'll help build the throbbing eco-system you need to eventually - "Design,Develop and Make" in India !
Beoing defence is a difficult position with most of their products in maturity/decline phase of the product lifecycle and they might be willing to collaborate on clean slate design/dev of India's next-gen platforms.

India's captive demand for commercial jet aircrafts alone is ~ 1500 units thru 2030. Add to that the need for possibly an additional 100 Apaches, 50+ Ospreys, 18-20 air-refueling tankers, an additional 12-24 P-8Is, 10 more C-17s and huge number of un-manned systems.

I think this does merit serious consideration from both sides.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ABS: Of course any imported platform will come with several strings attached. The on-site inspections from the USAF will also be very intrusive. The entire MRO & related product-support, p0lus the armament supplies will have to be imported & since this will be through the FMS channel, all spares & armaments consignments will always remain stockpiled in the US & will be supplied to the PAF on a case-by-case basis, meaning the PAF won’t be able to stockpile all these for more than a 3-month period of reqmts—this being hardly enough to sustain peacetime practice flying.

To MAYUR M MANAPURE: Yes. The tandem-seat F-16s are used for conversion-flying for both F-16-specific & JF-17-specific pilots.

To ARPIT KANODIA: To date, no specific evidence has come to light from anywhere about the demise of Ilyas Kashmiri.

To SUBHO: To me, the entire slogan of ‘Make in India’ is bumkum & totally unwarranted. Even prior to the advent of this slogan several pieces of hardware were being built in India. What matters more is what is being built & for what. If the idea was really to enable Indian manufacturing firms to become part of the global supply chain for the world’s leading OEMs, then the Govt of India should by now have introduced legislation making it mandatory for industrial offsets for ANY procurement contract, civil or military. For instance, while the MoD expects offsets in return for procuring P-8Is, what happens when A Jet Airways or Spice Air procures Boeing-developed airliners in large numbers, or an Indigo procures A321s in large numbers? Why aren’t such deals linked to the country’s industrial offsets policies? Why have such airliner deals never been leveraged? To me these are all gigantic lost opportunities from the late 1990s. No foreign OEM will come forward to design. Develop & make in India one of its products whose IPR is held by the foreign OEM. But the OEMs will come forward to participate in programmes for joint development of platforms whose IPRs are held by Indian OEMs. That’s the reason why, for instance, Russia is against co-developing the IL-214 MRTA & FGFA with India. On the other hand, if TATA wants to develop a STOL commuter jetliner version of the Do-328 powered by a variant of the HAL-developed HTFE-25 turbofan, then several foreign OEMs will be interested in becoming sub-contractors & setting up local production facilities in India. This was the industrial model adopted by both Japan & China in the past & that’s why China has been able to develop the ARJ-21 regional jetiner & is now developing the C-919 jetliner.

Santosh Kumar Sharma said...

Hi Prasun,

1)Do the same kind of restrictions apply to india for US origin equipments procured under FMS. Or since we (india) paid for these items instead of getting aid, we have some leisure. So what is the spares quantity and supply for india?

2)Among the Mig29SMT and Mirage2000, are both MRCA's or MMRCA's. I guess Mig29 is better in air superiority role and Mirage2000 in air-to-ground role. Ss my understanding correct?

3) Apart from Do-328, what are the other items (major assemblies), aircrafts for which india or indian companies possess IPRs.

4) What role will IL-76s and IL78s perform after induction of C-17 into IAF? I think we seriously erred and repeated errors of 1980s by procuring small quantities of these and have to pay through logistics..


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SANTOSH K SHARMA: 1) No, they don't. Because in India's case, the payment is made in full by India & isn't military aid. Whereas for Pakistan it is all either military aid or sold on credit, with the money being paid by Pakistan at a later date after it has begged for & obtained money from the Saudis, as was the case with the 36 F-16s it had ordered in the late 1980s. 2) The MiG-29UPG, which is an upgraded version of the MiG-29SMT, is superior to the upgraded Mirage 2000 for both air combat & precision strike. 3) Only for those sub-systems & products that have been designed & developed in India, like the LCA, LCH, LUH, ALH, etc etc. 4) They will perform the same roles after being upgraded. Some IL-76MDs will be converted to IL-78MKI-90s.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

The psy-war has already begun. Bloomberg is now forecasting that Pakistan will become a defaulting state like Argentina, Greece & Venezuela by 2017:

STOLEN said...

Sir, am I right in thinking the order for the volume search radar for the IAC-1 (the RAN 40L) that you had reported had been ordered in 2012, has now been scrapepd because of the AW-101 bribing scandel? What alternatives are we looking to fit on the IAC-1 or will it be inducted without a VSR?

lachit said...

prasun whats ur take on the JNUs idiotic students antics

also I was surprised to know how much subsidized their education is.
here people don't have the money to buy pencils and those spoiled brats r playing politics.

what is the point of creating elitist institutions using tax payers money if all they do is indulge in politics. how many of them have won acclaim for their work in the international arena.

why not use the money as a central fund source to fund students solely based on their work after through scrutiny .

I may be wrong but Indians who have really made a name for themselves have rarely been from such elitist (or aptly fetish hehehe)institutions.

why cant funds and standards be equally applicable to all institutions nationwide.
when they take my taxes they don't aply such rules bast***.
I was hoping to buy a laptop all ruined after looking at my tax report.
gonna do some tax chori hehee

this is the kartut of jackass Nehru and congress
now it is too late

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LACHIT: My take is that students regardless of their political affiliations should refrain from politicking for as long as they remain students, period. And without doubt, the JNU had since the late 1960s degenerated into an institution of infamy & today opens its doors only for certifiable retards. As for that Geelani fella, he ought to be hauled to court not for sedition, but for distorting facts & spreading disinformation with the aim of inciting hatred & violence. He frequently appears in Pakistani TV talk-shows via telephone & spreads false canards like the Govt of India trying to alter J & K’s demography by establishing gated communities of Hindus throughout J & K! And of course such remarks are lapped up by the Pakistanis & are accepted as the gospel truth. And whenever this Geelani appears in Indian TV talk-shows, not once does he demand the holding of reciprocal plebiscite inside POK. Such creatures always spit on the very plate from which they eat.

To STOLEN: It seems that contract for the RAN-40L wasn't cancelled or terminated & it will be installed on IAC-1.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LACHIT: It seems that the populace of morons isn't limited to just JNU:

Time to unleash Didi's stormtroopers against such morons!

Meanwhyile, a mere 6-month jail sentence for illegal border-crossing has instead been stretched to this:

AniluvG said...

Hello Prasunda

if Mig 29 UPG is better than upgraded Mirage in Both Aircombat and Precision Strike , Why we are not buying more MIG 29 K optimised for the Airforce . I suppose it would be cost effective and will have a life more than Upgraded Mirage.

rad said...

hi prasun
How is the mig -29upg better than the mk-2000 upg ,please detail?.
You mentioned that the pak f-16 had less than 50% availability. How is that given the f-16 good reliability?.Pak will never accept that.
If spike is for the SOF guys then why are such large numbers ordered, about 7000.
DO we have the tech, to design a NLOS missile like the spike version ? or is it another jaunt by the drdo.
Please comment upon the ARM missile being developed by drdo , I think they have used the rocket motor and the rear fin section of the lr-sam?. Do we have the tech to design the ARM head in the first place?
You have shown pictures of various LOROS systems they look too well engineered to be Indian.Or is it again screw driver tech .
The mast mounted battle field surveillance radar seems to be at a height of 30 ft approx. The radar horizon view from that height is approx 15kms. Is that sufficient ?, is it not putting the system too close to the front line ?.
Is the super sukhoi going to be an addition of the nearly 300+ sukhois ordered ?.

Mayur M Manapure said...

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,

Which plane our RM is referring.

slap said...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SIDDHARTH: He was referring to the RAFALE MMRCA & the LCA Mk.1 light MRCA. HAL will focus exclusively on the Combat hawk project.

To RAD: First, there's the IRST on MiG-29UPG, with the upgraded Mirage 2000s lack. Second is the superior power-to-weight ratio of the MiG-29UPG. The SOF of the IA, IAF & IN will all have Spike-SR ATGMs. Designing & developing NLOS FOG-M missile is not the main challenge. Tha principal challenge is the optronic sensor & man-in-the-loop guidance technique. This can easily be co-developed with either Israel or Germany, since the latter is a pioneer in this arena, if you remember the Polyphem project. LORROS is from ELBIT Systems, while the LRSS & SEOS use thermal imaging sensor components imported off-the-shelf from OEMs like Lockheed Martin. If you were to ask DRDO officials they will not say a word about it, but if you ask anyone from VEM Technologies, then they will confirm this. Radar horizon at ground-level stretches out to 50km, so anything more than ground-level will proportionally increase the radar horizon. Yes, the first tranche Super Su-30MKIs will be new-build imports. In all, the total number of Sy-30MKIs in service with the IAF will touch the 350 mark, as I have tirelessly stated numerous times before since 2009.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANILUVG: The window of opportunity for acquiring additional MiG-29UPGs existed only in the first half of the previous decade. It isn't financially possible now. It was a lost opportunity as I had explained earlier.

rad said...

HI Prasun
Some detail on the new ARM missile please!

Will the large requirement of pilots be a problem given the huge no of sukhois to come ?.Is it better to put a non flying WSO in the back seat like in some american planes.
Will the chinese su-35 be a problem for us , how does the present sukhoi rate against it over all?.

Anonymous said...

@ Prasun Da,

what is the best strategy to weed out 'no-strings freedom' proposed by the self-assumed intellectuals in the universities. I wonder why the courts are not pressing contempt of court charges against the students who gather support for their claim that 'innocent terrorists' were hanged. My view is that the sedition charges are overdone, but instead such so called students should immediately be rusticated,degrees withdrawn and remarks entered in their prior certificates. Is it not a good way to teach every one that, while you are free to make remarks, be responsible for the remarks and the subsequent actions?

Definitely you cannot live at the expense of the taxpayers money, when you do not believe in the taxpayer's system and his/her constitution; that is shameless hypocrisy!!!

Sreenivas R.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: The ARM will largely use the same airframe as that of the Astra Mk.1 BVRAAM. The Israelis are involved in it as project consultants. Aircrew availability won’t be a problem for as long as adequate quantum of part-task training tools, cockpit procedures trainers & tactical flight simulators are acquired for each aircraft-type. Today, most of the WSOs for Su-30MKIs are not qualified as pilots. Su-35S of PLAAF will be oriented against Japan & Taiwan & will not be deployed anywhere near TAR.

To SREENIVAS R: Nowhere does freedom come without any strings attached. Freedom/rights & obligations/duties always need to proceed concurrently & hand-in-hand. And any textbook of political science clearly states that only the state will enjoy monopoly over application of force/violence, i.e. no citizen can take the law in his/her own hands except for cases of self-defence. Yes, strict disciplinary action should indeed be taken against those students who are resorting to contempt of court, for they do not realise that way back in early 2004 it was the then ISI DG Lt Gen Javed Ashraf Qazi who had officially stated in Pakistan’s Parliament that the JeM was responsible for the December 2001 Parliament terror-attack. As for Afzal’s involvement with the JeM & its J & K-based facilitators, the case was clearly proven beyond doubt through technical intelligence depositions (i.e. communications intercepts), the likes of which ignorant creatures like Arundhati Roy wildully choose to ignore or disregard. Shit happens because folks in India in general don’t bother to pay attention to the detail. For instance, just look at how the President of India—Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces—salutes different contingents of each armed service! All he does is give a ‘Pandu Havaldar-type’ salute when regulations dictate that he/she salute differently in accordance with the traditions of each armed service. Similarly, this present PM & RM also give salutes when it is clearly stated in govt regulations that no one is either to salute any civilian nor should any civilian salute anyone or any flag/memorial. The only civilian in India who can give & receive salutes from any uniformed person from the armed forces is the President. But are these regulations being followed?

dushyant hardaha said...

recently M777 gun system is finalised
my question is
will MoD interlink M777 to mounted gun system
and thanks for answering my previous queries

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

No, the ultralightweight 155mm/39-cal howitzer procurement is for an altogether different reqmt, i.e. for mountain warfare in J & K, Sikkim & Arunachal Pradesh. The MGS is for warfare in the plains. Here's the official statement from BAE Systems:

BAE Systems along with Mahindra is also helping OFB to develop the Dhanush towed 155mm/45-cal howitzer.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

And here's a piece of totally wasted investment:

I guess some of these publicly listed private-sector companies just don't realise that the Indian end-users don't want radar-guided or laser-guided SHORADS, but want only IIR-guided SHORADS like the SpyDer-SR.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BHOUTIK: No, I don't have any such database, although such data can be Googled for.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SREENIVAS R: Remember what I had stated earlier about attention not being paid to the detail? Well, all hell has broken out due to this concerning the 7th Pay Commission recommendations. Watch how Admiral Arun Prakash & Gen V P Makik have thoroughly exposed the duplicity, hypocrisy & abject administrative ignorance of Pranab Mukherjee, A K Antony & Dr Manmohan Singh in this programme:

rad said...

hi prasun
Personally I think that the airframe of the astra missile is too small for an ARM.
The Harm and alarm Missile are in the range of 250 kgs with a big warhead,so is the kh-31 missile .I hope they dont screw up again as they usually do .
Its mind boggling to note that there are arshole scientists and academy staff that are anti indian or leftist shall i say .WHy are these fools supporting these anti india students .

What is this claim of another fighter line to be made in India , what is the meaning of all this . we all know it is not viable and we are better off getting someone to help refine the LCA and produce it in large numbers.Is it possible to make another fighter?
The Saab rbs-70 may not work in indian conditions as they will smoke and dust churned up in the battle field and the laser guidance will be use less.Please comment

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,

What role likely to be assigned to Combat Hawk (which HAL is supposed to take): LIFT or CAS.

If latter, then what will be the role of LCA Mk1 (NP2) in IAF.

Siddharth said...

Contd... from above.

The Combat hawk variant: Will it be Hawk Mk 132 (tandem seat) or Hawk 200.


Prasun Da,

GRSE Calcutta is seeking partner shipyard to jointly bid to build 2 frigates for Singapore. Will you please explain

(1) Why they need partner shipyard and

(2)In your opinion which shipyards would want to become a partner to GRSE?


RASAYAN said...

The author of the article says that combat hawk is basically not needed by the IAF. Instead a CAS aircraft is the need of IAF. The reason being cited is combat hawk can be best used as a CI platform. But your article on combat hawk says otherwise...comment please!

slap said...

what is the serviceability rates for mig29 v mirage2K's in IAF. How do these compare with the likes of mig21 Bison and Su30?

buddha said...

sir will Indian version of combat hawk be combat hawk 200 standard?
will extra number of combat hawk be procured
sir will super su30mki batch from russia be addition to the already ordered near 350 unit of su-30mki ?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SIDDHARTH & BUDDHA: Everything regarding Combat hawk was clearly explained like nowhere else at:

Regarding Super Su-30MKI, the answer is YES.

To SLAP: They all hover between 60% & 65% during peacetime.

To RASAYAN: Just look at the sheer stupidity of that blogger's narrative & POV: on one hand he expects the aircraft to be equipped with state-of-the-art mission sensors & target acquisition/designation systems, & on the other he expects the cockpit to be housed within a bathtub!!! Now ask yourself this: will any aircraft equipped with cutting-edge navigation & attack avionics ever be required to physically overfly the target & drop dumb-bombs?

Both today & in future, any aircraft on CAS mission will be equipped with low-cost, small-diameter standoff PGMs that are TV-guided or laser-guided or IIR-guided. Such PGMs are proliferating every year. Hence, dropping dumb gravity bombs over a target is neither necessary nor reqd.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Are the decision-makers in GRSE in a totally intoxicated state? have they lost all sanity? Singapore possesses the capability to build state-of-the-art warships & its Formidable-class FFGs entered service long before any Indian shipyard produced anything coming even closer to such FFGs of the RSN. Do read this for corroboration:

To RAD: The ARM version of the Astra BVRAAM will have a longer booster section so that a 110km-range can be achieved. Had already replied yesterday about the so-called 2nd line of combat aircraft.

Alomoy said...

Hi Prasun,are there any takers for F-16IN and F/A-18E/F Super Hornet among the ranks of In and IAF? Lockheed is very gung ho about setting up a F-16 assembly line like the one at Fort Worth,Texas. Even Boeing has put forward such a proposal which will dovetail nicely with the Make in India scheme.

A high level Russian delegation is in Delhi and definitive talks have begun on the R&d contract of Fgfa . Can you shed some light on how much progress has mod made on that front,whether IAF has reduced Fgfa orders from 244 to 144 ? Is there any chance of IaF going for anoff the shelf delivery of a small batch of 50-55 Pakfa .

There were talks about navy going for an additional batch of MiG#29. If so how many more are to be acquired? Will they have the Zhuk fha35 ltcc aesa?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ALOMOY: No, there are no such takers. Lockheed Martin will have its hands full with avionics upgrades for hundreds of F-16s belonging to the air forces of Taiwan, ROK, Singapore, Turkey, etc etc. Super Hornets will probably be ordered by Kuwait & some more by Australia. FGFAs will be delivered in semi-knocked-down condition to HAL for cosmetic final assembly of the wings, tailfins & vertical tail. When the FGFA's airframe is to be built from machined fuselage structures into which composites-based radar-absorbing materials will be bonded, there's no chance of any local airframe manufacturing being done by anybody in India. As for numbers, they vary, like firm orders & options. Therefore, the figure of 244 will hold for the long run. But do rest assured that in terms of airframe & turbofan R & D, Indian participation will be ZERO. The IN's two aircraft carriers require about 48 MiG-29Ks & 12 MiG-29KUBs in all. Of course they will be retrofitted later on with FGA-29 AESA-MMRs.

Arpit Kanodia said...


There is a news about that India buying 3 T-50 prototypes with technological knowhow in $3.7 bn.

There is any chance that the MoD convert this FGFA program into AMCA & transfer these prototypes to ADA, and ADA come up with FGFA equipped with western avionics & engine.

This is a long shot, but if Russians really transferring IPR related data, that there is a possibility of this.

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

Can you please shed some light on the mental[toughness] training program of Navy Seals and Indian Special Forces?

I googled but did not get any great references so thought will reach out to you coz you may have some first hand knowledge.


Gessler said...

So, Prasun ji, you're saying that we'll have 350+40 MKIs totally? You said the first Super-MKI batch from Russia will be in addition to the ~350 MKIs being acquired. Or did I misread something?

This means our numbers of Flankers could be close to 400!


2) Secondly, it is being assumed that the IAC-2 carrier can accommodate 3 squadrons of fighters onboard. That means it could carry around 54 jets, 2 or 3 E-2D Hawkeyes and atleast 10 helicopters. Do you think it's possible for it to carry close to 70 aircraft overall? I think the 3-squadron strength could be the maximum capacity, and usual operational numbers would be lower.

I think I remember you saying some time ago that IAC-2 would carry no more than 50 aircraft? How do you estimate a 50-strong air wing could be divided (fighters, AEW, choppers).

3) Do you foresee the IN making use of naval UAV/UCAVs from the future CATOBAR carriers?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: The T-50 PAK-FA won't be the same as the FGFA. For starters the entire turbofan will be totally different. All that Russia will provide India with are bulkhead volume data & related electrical interfacing data so that DARE can finalise installation of non-Russian avionics & mission sensors. The entire systems integration will then be done in Russia, just like what will be the case with the Super Su-30MKI. AMCA is utopian, a farce & a joke. Only physical matter existing so far are poorly designed brochures & scale-models. Nothing beyond that.

To VIKRAM GUHA: Just Google: SERE training programme, or survival, evasion, resistance & escape.

Gessler said...

^^ I am assuming it at 18 aircraft per squadron. If it's 16 per squadron, numbers would be around 48 fighters.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: No, that's not what I ever said. What I had repeatedly stated was that the total number of aircraft belonging to the Su-30MKI family will touch the 350 mark, inclusive of the new-build Super Su-30MKIs to be delivered off-the-shelf from Russia. IAC-2 will be able to carry close to 55 aircraft & helicopters. About 45 MMRCAs, 5 medium-lift NMRHs & five AEW aircraft.IN is several decades away from launching & recovering UAVs or UCAVs from/into aircraft carriers. At best VTOL UAVs will be used first.

Gessler said...

Thanks for the clarification, sirji!

What's up with the Sagar Prahari Bal? I remember you saying that SPB will be built up into a naval infantry force of considerable strength. By what timeframe do you think such a Marine Corps-type force could reach operational strength?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: Not before 2020. It's no use raising & equipping naval infantry units unless the LPHs & their onboard NMRHs arrive first.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Full interview of RM Parrikar:

Looks like the interviewer does not understand what 'counter-terrorism' is all about, judging by some of his stupid questions & observations.

R. Sarath Kumar said...

Prasun sir, so exactly what is India going to get in the FGFA program? Are we going to get a single-seat fighter like the Russian version or will it be a two-seater? Or is it going to be two versions of the FGFA single and twin-seat?

Thank you in advance, sir.
Sarath Kumar R.

Soubhagya Sankar said...

Dear Prasun,

I would like ask the same vintage question. Which one is superior: MiG 29 or F - 16??? In its current form and set of ammunition can the IAF's MiG 29 defeat PAF's F - 16???

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To R SARATH KUMAR: It will be both versions of the FGFA that will be acquired, just like the case with the Rafale.

To SOUBHAGYA SANKAR: The MiG-29UPG, of course. Therefore, in the air superiority role as well as in terms of survivability against BVRAAMs (thanks to ELT-568 AESA-based jammers) the MiG-29UPG scores over the F-16. On top of all this, MiG-29UPGs or any other combat aircraft will never operate on their own, but will unvariably be escorted by Su-30MKIs & later the Super Su-30MKIs. So, let this be the last time anyone ever asks such a question again.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

The wonders of electronic eavesdropping:

slap said...

There are reports PAF will get another 24 F-16. That means 6 sdqns for them and 6 j17 sqdns by then too, in 2years time. Can we still dominate the skies? They have also bought HQ-16's and looking to bought HQ-9. Are these any qood?

पीयूष दास said...

Sir, Israel seems concerned about Egypt acquiring latest MIG29 & RAFALES...

They are wondering whether F35 is a match for them...

What is your take on this...
I mean does MIG29/RAFALE stand any chance against f35 ?

dushyant hardaha said...

i want to ask a question
is "free indian media" threat for national security
media glorifying terrorism
and giving platform to anti indians
they are challenging SC judgement on afzal guru
do you think india needs "media regulator"

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DUSHYANT HARDAHA: No, it isn't any threat at all. Because all this will die down over the weekend after a new issue comes up & starts grabbing the headlines. The main handicap is the inability of the Govt of India to articulate its PoV in a coherent & compelling manner. One cannot always explain away matters through the ideological spectrum. These are what need to be done:

1) Do away with the practice of students unions. Instead, encourage them to form committees or associations that can dabble in only educational matters & not engage in politicking of any kind. All political parties of India should adhere to this norm.

2) The State should do away with all laws that were drafted during the colonial era. It makes no sense to have a Constitution of independent India when several laws & regulations date back to the days of the British Raj.

3) The country's decision-makers should develop the spine & backbone to take cold-blooded, pragmatic decisions. For instance, the corpses of hung convicts like Maqbool Butt, Azfal or Kasab should not be buried anywhere on Indian soil. Instead they should be disposed off in the high seas just like the US had disposed off OBL's corpse.

To PIYUSH DAS: Israel had decided to acquire F-35s long before Egypt even contemplated acquiring MiG-35s or Rafales.

To SLAP: It was known in the mid-1980s itself that the PAF wanted a minimum of 80 F-16s. And that figure stays valid till this day. Nor will the PAF be allowed to acquire more F-16s simply because it does not have the national funds reqd for making commercial purchases. Therefore, it can acquire only the quantum of F-16s that will be authorised by the US through FMS credit-financing. Consequently, the only other option is to procure more JF-17s. But even this will not be enough to replace all the A-5IIICs, F-7Ps, F-7PGs, & older Mirage-3/5 variants. At best, therefore, the PAF's combat aircraft fleet strength will never exceed 250 units for at least the next 25 years, provided Pakistan exists until then, which I very much doubt it will judging by the ever-growing internal instability, rising unemployment, & rising intolerance, especially among the educated youth. You can gain more insights about it from this:

Arpit Kanodia said...


Almost 50% of FDI in Pakistan coming from China?

This is sustainable?, that companies still allow FDI in those projects that surely going to give losses?

Arpit Kanodia said...

And here lot of guys like @raw13 singing song of CPEC. The CPEC was reviled in April 2015. And Pakistani were dancing like it going to be economic marvel within 2-5 years.

If my logics are correct, then it should be hell of investment. But when we check figure then its only 4% increase in FDI on YoY basis. How that is possible?

Possibly my logics are wrong, or Pakistani maths is wrong.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: Yes, it is true, but it isn't leading to growth in job creation or annual GDP growth. Instead, such FDIs are only increasing Pakistan's sovereign debts. Consequently, Pakistan has to go to the IMF & WB for borrowing money to pay off such debts & this in turn makes Pakistan indebted to the WB & IMF, i.e. a perpetual, circular debt-trap. At the same time, China will flood Pakistan with Made-in-China commodities of every type, which will destroy Pakistan's domestic manufacturing base. And to make matters far worse, once Afghanistan by next year completely stops importing anything from Pakistan (thanks to India & Iran stepping in through Chah Bahr), that will be the end of Pakistan's service sector, inclusive of land transportation. Thus, Pakistan's foreign exchange earnings will be limited to only the foreign exchange remittances sent by its expatriate workforce. No wonder Bloomberg took all this into account when it recently predicted that by 2017 Pakistan will end up as a defaulter state.

To add to all this, we now have this:

And yet, despite all this, Gen Raheel Sharif, who leads an army that has NEVER won any war against its arch-enemy, can say without being contradicted by any other Pakistani that 2016 will be the end of terrorism inside Pakistan. He's indeed living in cuckoo-land! He's in for a shocking reality-check when all of Pakistan's existing Western creditors demand that the price for a financial bailout from this debilitating economic crisis is the permanent de-nuclearisation of Pakistan. And that message is likely to be conveyed to Nawaz Sharif in the US next month. Just wait & watch.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Russian Sniper Detector:

INS Viraat Decommissioned:

buddha said...

will this sniper detector be bought by defense force of India?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BUDDHA: Maybe it already has been by the SPG.

Soubhagya Sankar said...

Sorry Shaktiman!!!!! (For asking questions on F16 vs MiG29) :):))

Ravi said...

Dear Sir

Do you have any inside information on the Rafale deal

Should we be worried over the recent negative / bad news regarding Price stalemate

DAshu said...

bailing out pak completely in return of only denuclearize herself ??
No freedom for Baluchistan ? No action against PRC for giving ready made nuclear weapons to pak ? Or bail out wont be completely only partial.

bhoutik said...

is the Brahmos-II the export version of the Zircon hypersonic missile?

DAshu said...

I guess sir already hinted about E2DS when he said below in some threads back

" Furthermore, a CATOBAR IAC-2 will require twin-turboprop aircraft to function as AEW platforms as they have far greater endurance than helicopters like Ka-31. So, which platform will be selected for the AEW reqmt? "

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

1. Main na kehta tha :-) LCAmk2 not before 2025, DRDO chief has just cut 1 yr from that

2. this talk about JNSU chief Kumar speech seems to be wrong, the original video on ABP News says otherwise; may be Delhi copsk now they were wrong which is why they said they wont oppose kumar bail, AFAIK bail in sedition case is next to impossible

3. Surprising to know the behaviour of lawyers, (a goon lawyer in glass saying to journo say vande mataram then i will reply, the BJP MLA Sharma clearly issued threat on camera) clearly these fat ass low IQ people have trivalized patriotism, sanctity of court, constitution and pious slogan like vande mataram. Too many self goals by BJP, its supporters n govt

4. no one talks of the fact the RSS that shouts so much about patriotism, for over 50 yrs after independence didnt allow tri color to fly at any of its offices, when 3 guys tried they were cashered to court and harassed

5. India to buy 4 E2DS for IAC 2

6. btw still didnt get reply to querries in previous thread

7. buying only 12 ShinMaywa US-2 for IN only makes no sense feel equal no. needed by NDRF


Joydeep Ghosh

slap said...

Thank you sir for answering. They will have 84 f16s now. So many f16 are going to be replaced by f35. They could pick those up cheap. We need to make sure they dont. Also sir what about the HQ-16s and the HQ-9s? They are getting these in numbers also.

Anonymous said...

A report by Shyam Saran on his recent visit to paki hinterland, what indians dont get to see.

lots of interesting stuff here, like,

"Halfway to Lahore, we took a detour to Choa Saidan Shah, where the ancient Hindu temples of Katas Raj are located. This is an enormous complex of temples, with a history stretching back to the sixth century, but embellished with legends of a more distant past. There were originally seven temples here, known as Satghara, but only three survived."

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

Most Readers and Posters on this Blog are focussed on External Security of the
Country and High tech equipment

But the EVENTS of the last few days have shown that India's Internal situation
should be a Bigger concern

Who knew that the Pro POOR Left is ACTUALLY ANTI India in such a HUGE way

We are already aware of the Threat posed by the Kashmiris ; The JIHADIS
and Other Islamic Organisations

But The Leftists are the Real TROJAN HORSES of India who want to destroy India
to satisfy their ideological urges

madforexbii said...

Joydeep da. Rss is a private organization and the govt order was for central universities. It's like the difference between white and black. How could you compare that.
Btw ABP is showing you kanhaiya's clip of 11th feb where the students cunningly try to mislead the people off their blunders on 9th feb. This doesn't justify kanhaiya's action on 9th. Remember he's the JNUSU president from the party which organized a CULTURAL event to mourn the judicial killing of afzal guru and likes. Now i don't even want to ponder upon the fact that these are declared terrorists that the students were supporting, but the point is anti national and pro secessionist comments were raised in the event. Now this is an fact that no body can disagree. Now whom to blame first. The organiser off course. If as per Kanhaiya this is a conspiracy of ABVP then come on support Delhi police to capture them. They were right in front of you with your aides like umar khalid, lenin kumar etc. and they were not outsiders. What's stopping you disclosing them? Co-incidentally the kind of behaviours these students have shown on national media channels have definitely decreased chances of their foul cries of conspiracy theories. You hate the present govt. Ok, it happens. You can definitely exercise your freedom of expression.
You don't like SC's judgement,well you still can express it coz of freedom of expression.
But what makes you think "India Go Back", "We'll Fight Till The End Of India" "Azaadi For Kashmir" like slogans will come under your freedom of expression. Should it.? Now on what basis do you think these students call afjal guru a martyr in face of overwhelming evidences against him. Apparently they have something on the judicial system which no body else has. Then why didn't they tried to make it public in the first place instead of organising pro secessionist events. Why didn't they acted sensible and invited debates in this topic from real intellectuals Instead of acting completely moronic. Kindly Stop saving them using excuse of clouts like OP Sharma. He even got arrested and kicked from BJP if you would like to know.
And BTW I don't support the govt either coz it has so far failed to get hold of all the morons including umar khalid

joydeep ghosh said...



my university a priivate has been doing it,, that is raising national flag since decades and if you can remember MP Naveen Jindal exactly for same reason fought a lengthy court case to raise the national flag.

what matters is whether set protocol is followed or not for raising the national flag. diktat about height of pole width (207 ft) and length/bredth of flag is inconsequential.

Many private companies/PSUs/State PSUs also unfurl Indian national flag since decades.

So the question still remains why RSS didnt want to unfurl the national flag for over 50 yrs after independence

please rread the article and try to figure out the aforesaid nationalism


Joydeep Ghosh

Mayur M Manapure said...

Jats want what...every second caste wants it...But they are literally burning the whole State. It's really a shame.

Anonymous said...

Reading the US press, the f-16s are part of the 36 already approved before. 18 of this were taken. 8 now an issue because USA paying most of the money. They have an option for another 10. They will end with what you say around 100 f-16s.


isi13 said...

@all Indians

lolzzzz be smart the comments by dalit warrior says it all
he a porky from porkistan trying to be a smartalec.

yesterday was Friday , maybe he was forced to do this nautanki after the local maulvi give him a ******* hehehe for not doing the needful for his religion.

raw13 and others regularly use such Indian names to make fool of themselves and unfortunately gullible Indians.

gurudev said...

@Joydeep Ghosh

between u and me

I have never liked Gandhi so does it make me less patriotic than u/other Gandhi follower.
I am not trying to defend RSS,
but the question ur asking is kind of a double edged sword,
few national newspapers r on the payrolls of foreign intelligence and such , does anybody including u dare question them , it is easy to follow the crowd and pick the most convenient target isn't it.

as for nationalism I would rather follow RSS than congress , samajwadi party BSP TMC etc any day,
do u know mulayam singh yaday was a mole for porky ISI during his tenure in the center , but everybody conveniently forgets about it. IB RAW knew about it.

let me put it this way

god forbid if ur ever in a road accident , then 99%of the time no middle class , upper class (economic)will even look at u , it is the ignorant , uneducated , poor lower class (economic) people who will help you.

similarly if god forbid something like Syria happens it is the rag tag untouchable crude RSS who will end up helping the helpless Hindus while the majority of the secularist will flee abroad , and with the police helping the remaining politicians and the rich , and also with the army busy at the borders.

think about it.
it is high time to separate the wheat from the chaff

abs said...

That RSS never hoisted the National Flag for 50 years, is as big a myth as any. Consumed by those who are as gullible as to believe in the leftist liberal media outlets.

abs said...

// this talk about JNSU chief Kumar speech seems to be wrong, the original video on ABP News says otherwise; may be Delhi copsk now they were wrong which is why they said they wont oppose kumar bail, AFAIK bail in sedition case is next to impossible //
ROFL! Based on what evidence does Joydeep Ghosh announce that the Delhi cops were 'wrong'?
Was it based on the forensic analysis of the video grab, done by a few private leftist liberal media outlets, who have a ZILCH credibility in so far as issuing authenticity certificates are concerned?

// Surprising to know the behaviour of lawyers, (a goon lawyer in glass saying to journo say vande mataram then i will reply, the BJP MLA Sharma clearly issued threat on camera) clearly these fat ass low IQ people have trivalized patriotism, sanctity of court, constitution and pious slogan like vande mataram. Too many self goals by BJP, its supporters n govt//
Since it is a question of IQs, any person donning their leftist liberal douchebaggery hat, would not know and understand that for the common ordinary men, nationality is an identity, anyone insulting it will face an upheaval, as has been the case now. People have a right to express their angst, at least as much as the anti-constitutional remarks made by JNU and co.

The self-goals have been indeed scored. NOT by the BJP or the government, instead by the liberals. This is a game they are bound to lose, hence the dogged efforts to turn the focus of the issues from the speech and incitement and instigation to incidents where the lawyers heckled the anti-national. Anyone, suggesting otherwise, has an IQ no more than that of a water buffalo. This much is easily ascertained.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@abs People like Joydeep Ghosh dont know the realities, this is as simple as that. Yes, this is surprising to me that why now? I have seen lot of hate speeches in JNU which were against India. But VC & Campus save there arse most of time, I dont know why this time VC allowed police to enter in Campus.

See, JNU is the place where every student is fan of Che Guvera & supporter of Palestine, and everyone hate MK Gandhi. If you know anybody from JNU, then you know what I mean. And when you ask reasons, then another bullshit & hogwash. But you dont find anything in DU. Even BJP recruit most of ministerial candidates from DU.

And about that video, that video is as original as Kasab video was on CST Station's CCTV. So, dont fall in fallacies.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Joyadeep Because they believe in Bharat, not in India. And geologically India is not Bharat.

But tell you what there are no buyer of this philosophy.

Arpit Kanodia said...

Bharat ceased to exist on 15th August 1947. And India is just successor state.

Vikram Guha said...


This is a really good article. So heartening to know that Machine Intelligence is killing those scum of the earth Pakis

Reminds me of an old Bengali saying: Choocho mere haath nongra kori na



Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SOUBHAGYA SANKAR: What you must take note of is that ALL F-16s worldwide that are fitted with slotted-array antennae from Northrop Grumman are NON-MONOPULSE & therefore are highly unreliable when detecting/tracking airborne targets. This situation will be rectified ONLY AFTER the AESA-MMRs like APG-83 SABR become available for retrofitting. Secondly, since the F-16s (with the exception of those of the UAEAF) don’t have IRST sensors, such F-16s are next to useless at nighttime because they can’t visually spot their targets (even when vectored by ground-based ATC) & consequently their on-board IIR-guided WVRAAMs are totally unusable. Thereforte, nighttime scrambles by F-16s for defensive counter-air operations are never undertaken by any F-16 operator (except the UAEAF). And that’s exactly the reason why during OP Neptune’s Spear in May 2011, the US JSOC’s SEAL Team 6 DEVGRU team was able to successfully refuel all four of its helicopters (2 x Black Hawk & 2 x Chinook) INSIDE Pakistan at a location north of Abbotabad AFTER completing the mission, i.e. on its return-journey. Because JSOC knew only too well that even if the PAF managed to scramble its F-16s from Sargodha, they would be totally blind in the night skies & would never be able to undertake any aerial engagements or interceptions.

The MiG-29UPGs & Su-30MKIs, on the other hand, have passive IRST sensors that enable them—when guided by ground-based military ATC or AEW & CS platforms--to stealthily sneak in behind hostile aerial intruders & engage them with WVRAAMs because such aircraft’s aircrew also wear HMDS. Therefore, for all-passive target detection/target-tracking/target engagement, the IRST/HMDS combination becomes imperative & devastating for nighttime defensive counter-air operations. Which in turn means that if anyone wants the Tejas LCA to become a true daytime/nighttime MRCA capable of undertaking counter-air operations, then inclusion of an on-board IRST sensor is IMPERATIVE. Without it, the Tejas will be reduced to just a daytime interceptor when it comes to counter-air operations.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAVI: All the information is contained in the interview of RM Parrikar whose YouTube weblink I’ve already posted above.

To DASHU: Once Pakistan is denuclearized, it will then automatically become known exactly what was the source of Pakistan’s nuclear WMDs. As for Baluchistan, the independence movement is supported mostly by the Europeans & the US for it is they who support the BRA & BLA & host their leaders. India offers only moral support, but political & financial support for the Baloch separatists comes from the EU & US.


To JOYDEEP GHOSH: 1) I had stated that immediately after the Aero India 2015 expo. In addition, no new-design aircraft can take to the skies unless its airframe is first subjected to structural fatigue-testing on the ground. Which means EVEN IF the Tejas Mk.2’s design is completed by 2017, the first airframe will have to undergo fatigue-testing till 2019. Thus, flight-testing will begin in only 2020 & will continue till 2023 at best. Only if all goes well will series-production commence by 2025. 2) I’m sure surveillance videography is available & will establish the truth of what happened & in what sequence. 3) The Delhi Bar Council should be approached to initiate strict disciplinary action against such lawyers. 4) Folks are missing the woods for the trees. Flying a mammoth flag from a long flagpole isn’t indicative of either patriotism or nationalism nor of national prestige. What needs to be done is to take steps to ensure that whenever any foreigner in a foreign country sees an Indian tricolour or Indian passport, then that foreigner should have positive things to say about or reminisce about India. Only then will India’s flag & national emblem & everything e;se about India will be universally accepted, appreciated & applauded.

To SLAP: It is not for anyone to procure such aircraft cheap on an as-is-where-is basis. I had already explained why. All of the PAF’s F-16s have been procured through FMS channels & therefore unless the US State Dept approves, no one will be able to sell their F-16s to Pakistan. No HQ-9s or HQ-16s are being acquired by Pakistan, only the LY-80E MR-SAM.

To Anon@4.20PM: What a stupid observation you’ve made! Is Shyam Saran an Indian citizen or a foreigner? In addition, several Indian citizens travel to Pakistan every year & publish their travelogues.

To VIJAY: Today it is acknowledged by most in India that while other political parties are akin to skin cancer, the Left Front parties are all akin to the far deadlier Bone Cancer or Leukemia or Galloping Cancer!

To MAYUR M MANAPURE: That’s right. It is an economic unrest, plain & simple, & has no sociological or political connotations.

To ISI13: LoLz! Folks like RAW13 don’t even understand the meaning of the word Dalit. Hell, if I were to relatively compare my socio-economic status with those of Donald Trump or the Sultan of Brunei, then I too would stand exposed as a Dalit.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GURUDEV & ABS & ARPIT KANODIA: Let’s get to the bottom of the matter, i.e. genesis. The confusion is being created by those pseudo-intellectuals (they’re not liberal or secular-liberal by any stretch of imagination) who owe their prominence & economic sustenance to the Congress & other like-minded political parties that have since independence created a gigantic faultline in India’s national narrative. What do I mean? Take, for instance, the fact that while the majority of Indian citizens are since early childhood are taught all about DHARMA as articulated in the Vedic texts & the Bhagwad Gita, such teachings are almost totally overshadowed & even subverted by gospels related to AHIMSA, which is all about making limitless compromises in ideals & principles that have stood the test of time. It is this gaping, fundamental intellectual contradiction that prevents the emergence of an all-ecompassing national narrative. And to date no one has even dared to delve deep into this matter & objectively try to remove the contradictions through compelling counter-narratives. As a result, all shades of ideological blinkers are only serving to further muddy the debate.

To VIKRAM GUHA: They’re facing an ever-increasing list of problems. Do read this:

dushyant hardaha said...

so called "intellectuals" of JNU
even tried to celebrate massacre of 76 crpf jawans in cg

joydeep ghosh said...

@gurudev @abs @arpit

dont b so pms

if kanhaiya kumar is really guilty he will be punished, if not he will get out with clean slate but it definately doesnt allow anyone to threaten their families

keep a sane mind and wait for reports to be made piublic

btw a few point

1. nirmala sitaram, is a JNU alumini

2. bassi who was supposed to eat carrot of CIC has been literally disowned

3. NHRC has said that Kanhaiya kumar was beaten at patiala house court and then letter circulated by cops was written under duress by kanhaiya

4. delhi copps say they wont oppose kanhaiya bail, something next to im[possible in sedition case ,if the cops hasd so much proof why wonty they oppose the bail

so lets just sit back and wait for investigations to complete and think logically before passing judgement


joydeep ghosh

lachit said...

@joydeep ghosh

no disrespect to u

but to tell the truth ordinary people in this country have become tired of aya gaya nathu lals and presstitudes making issues out of nothing.

democracy has been stretched to its limits so much so ordinary people are starting to feel nauseated.

day in day out people create controversies with active support from the presstitudes to suit their purpose and in the process the real issues facing the ordinary people are left unvoiced and unheard.

who is this kanhaiya kumar jackass?
some social activist scientist technocrat thinker,
he is none of this .
he is just supposed to be a student who purpose is to study.
is he doing that ?
no he want to play politician or worse a jackass turncoat or a clueless nitwit who wants to create needless trouble for the country.

every person in this country has something to say and if this was to happen then the country will go to blazes.

many of the so called intellectual sickularist leftists ultra-feminists presstitudes politicians suffer from 2 major diseases

1.MAHATMA syndrome
(consuming fetish to gain fame / a few minutes of limelight at the expense of the sufferings of others )
2.educated illiterate (praha likha unpar gawar) syndrome
(a elitist belief where they think their degrees/position gives them superior intellect and that less privilege persons r bound to agree to them like slaves. I am sure many of u would have come across such educated persons (majority) in high positions whose manners/behaviours/actions r worse than a dog, unfortunately uneducated people(majority)r more reasonable and helpful )

prasun pointed the problem at the root (DNA) ie dharma ver ahimsa which frankly will flow over the head of the intelligent fools hehehe

while I gave u a much easier real to life understanding.

so Kanhaiya kumar can die tomorrow I/others will simply NOT care because he dug his own grave letting outsiders manipulate him like a 4 year child.


every second far better under privileged Indians r dying but who cares because nobody will get their "MAHATMA" moment to bask in glory AND flaut their superior intellectual stupidity before the millions of less brainless ordinary Indians. LOLZZZ

(I was in Assam for a few years, there every 2 bit organization and intellectuals/activist like kanhaiya jackass calls for bandhs/chaka jam over trivial issues , sometimes 3 times in a week. just think about the daily wage earners nobody gives a damn.
it is so much misused that after 2-3 continuous bandhs the headlines in the local newspapers would be "today Assam is open".
lo karlo bate yei koi headline hai lolzzz )
yea sab soch ne se behter hai 4-5 peg marke so jao is desh ka kuch nehi hone wala jar se kharab ho jaya hai.
and right now I am going to do just that cheers !!!!!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LACHIT: LoLz! After consuming those pegs, do watch these splendid programmes on the IA's Siachen operations:

Secret Of Siachen

Silent War of Siachen

Gessler said...

So, Prasun ji,

KSA has just claimed that it has nuclear weapons.

News is just breaking. This is good for India. Let the Iranians know who gave nukes to their sworn enemy. And let them also know how this country that provided KSA with nukes actually came to be in possession of said nuclear weapons. But I think they know all this already...they're concerns will only grow now.

Minus not 1, but 2 points for the Pak-China group I would say!

Somnath Mukherjee said...

So the F16 radar is "unreliable" for airborne threat detection?the primary air defence fighter in the USAF?

Further,a fighter without IRST is useless for night ops? I guess no one told AF around the world most of whom operate fighter without IRST.including india which didn't have IRST b4 Su30.

john said...

Thanks for the previous replies.

Would like to know about your assessment about Syria.
1. Will Turkey block black sea entry/exit point to Russia
2. Will Russia use nuclear weapons.
3. What is the fate of Saudi prince Salman. Saudi Army is against Syrian invasion.
4. If Syria is attacked will Iraq send troops to support Syria.
5. Who else will come to support Russia.

Looks like prophecies of St. Paisios (Died 1994), St. Joseph Vatopedi (Died 2009) and St Kosmas (Died 1779) becomes true.

rad said...

to Lachit

well said, kanaiah kumar should be castrated nothing less.These pseudo mutual arse kissing cancerous bastards should be eradicated from the country .

They are barely out of their teens and think they know the world. we need more bhagat singhs in this country to wipe them of the face of the country.

This fellow rahul ghandhi supports him , little does he know for garnering pseudo secularists and minority votes he is loosing face with the majority.Like AK Anthony correctly said that defeat off the congress is mainly due to the anti Hindu agenda that the congress had taken up in the name of secularism!.

If any body says some thing about a politician in face book then he can be thrown in jail like what Chidamabaram`s son karthik did to 2 girl students, but if you burn the country flag and idolise terrorists thats freedom of speech ,! WTF is happening!!!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SOMNATH MUKHERJEE: Major air forces around the world traditionally operate two types of combat aircraft: a cheaper aircraft like F-16s & a more expensive one like the F-15E or F-15SG or F-15K or members of the Su-27/Su-30 & MiG-29 families. Primary air-defence combat aircraft of the USAF was the F-15 & now the F-22, not the F-16. Furthermore, IRST sensors began proliferating only since the 1980s, not just in the former USSR, but also in the US when the carrier-based F-14s began using such sensors. Since then the Rafale & EF-2000 have appeared with IRST sensors, as have the South Korean F-15Ks & Singaporean F-15SGs. The first IAF combat aircraft to incorporate IRST sensor was the MiG-29B-12, & NOT the Su-30MKI.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: Here's the future of anti-ship cruise missile defence:

It can also be used for base air-defence. No need for AAA cannons.

rad said...

HI prasun
The Pal f-16 shot down our UAV in the night time if i am right .

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: No. It was in daytime & cannon-fire was used.

To GESSLER: If the Saudis have had nuclear WMDs for only the past 2 years, then it can be safely concluded that these WMDs were obtained off-the-shelf from Israel, & not from anywhere else. In all probability the solid-fuelled ballistic missiles too came from Israel. Looks like the prophecy of Nostradamus is coming true, after all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Saudis decided to test within weeks. Is it true. As per your comments, saudi's got from Israel means what happend to Paki bomb.

1. Did pakis decided not to give to saudi?
2. Tomorrow the same bomb will threaten Israel. (This is always history).
3. In that case what israel will do?

Please give your commets.
Senthil Kumar

rad said...

HI Prasun
It is a known fact that the saudis funded the pak nuke program and got missiles from china, what makes you say that the same were from the Israel.From the jewish state??Surely The US would have caught on?.

Soubhagya Sankar said...

Dear Prasun,

Salute to you.... Awesome explanation of MiG 29 vs F 16.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: The Saudis did fund Pakistan & even provided the US$500 million for the 32 F-16s ordered in the late 1980s. But the Saudis never funded any nuclear WMD-related R & D for Pakistan simply because no such R & D ever took place there! All of Pakistan's nuclear WMDs & their ballistic missile-based delivery systems have come off-the-shelf from China. Therefore there's no way any nuclear warhead in Saudi Arabia's custody is of Pakistani origin. Just follow the timeline of the secret Israel-Saudi Arabia parleys, when they began & then try to relate it to the 2-year period of nuclear WMD possession that the Saudis are now talking about. Of course Israel won't part with its most prized possession without US approval. A far bigger game is being played out in which 2 + 2 doesn't add up to 4.

To SENTHIL KUMAR: Where is the need for the Saudis to test any nuclear warhead if they're of Pakistani origin, meaning they were tested way back in May 1998? Obviously if there's a need to test a warhead, it means the warhead is of new design that has never been tested before. And Israel never exploded/tested any of its nuclear warheads so far. Hence, perhaps, the need for the Saudis to test something they have received from the Israelis.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Interesting observation:

Arpit Kanodia said...


As you explained earlier, if Israel already given them the most valuable thing, then why GCC asking Indian help in providing security to them or like launching MilSpec SATs for them?

Isnt that would be helpful for them that they contact Israeli or American directly?

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,
Israel provided Nukes to KSA something very hard to gulp. But if you are quoiting, must have some fact.

Mayur M Manapure said...

Umahh has another reason to celebrate. Saudis got the nukes from Yahoooodi...
1)Sir, how would Iran react now that its Sunni brethren has the Nuke. What will be its affect on the Nuclear deal with Iran.
2) What's the use of international agencies which stops the proliferation of nukes.
3) Wouldn't China justify its proliferation of nukes to Pakistan now that Israel has done same with KSA.
4) Another attack claiming the life of 5 of us. What the hell is going wrong? Where are we faltering. I know there's no instant solution but couldn't we do the same to Those Pindi based arseholes. Fed up of seeing young of us returning in coffins. We have a spymaster NSA. At least something good can be expected from him.
5) You said Sukhoi's WSO aren't trained as Pilots. Are they picked up from engineering branch?
6) Any news on Arihant's sister ship?

lachit said...


why GCC asking Indian help in providing security to them or like launching MilSpec SATs for them?

lollipop to the Indians hehehe for our support on this issue

Arpit Kanodia said...

@lachit I dont think so about lollipop.

India is the only country whose relations are awesome with Israel & KSA & Iran & USA & Russia. There is no other country like that in world.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: I had explained this sometime last year, but let me refresh: the GCC member-states want to train their local human resources with India’s assistance. Why India? Because Indian expatriats in all the GCC member-states, unlike Pakistanis, stick to their jobs & brief & don’t spend time preaching about Allah’s virtues or the virtues of any other religious theocracy, i.e. the Pakistanis always piss off their GCC counterparts whenever they engage in grandstanding among other Muslims by claiming themselves to be descendants of Pirs (related to the Holy Prophet’s bloodline) & in an arrogant self-righteous manner claim that Pakistan’s interpretation of the Quran Sharif & Al Hadis are the purest & indisputable. Now, just imagine how this will go down especially with the Arabs, since Islam was born in the Arabian Peninsula & the Holy Prophet was an Arab! It’s like teaching one’s grandmother how to suck eggs!!! I recall an incident in the early 1990s when there were detachments from both the IA & PA deployed to Somalia (from their respective Punjab Regiments) under UN auspices, during which the PA personnel used to visit Somali villages distributing copies of the Quran Sharif & also whispering to the Somalis that the next-door Indians were ‘ evil Kafirs’. This was the PA’s way of winning hearts & minds! But the Somalis soon realised that the IA’s medical & engineering detachments were their real benefactors by engaging in humanitarian relief operations without bias.

Now coming to the details. The GSAT-7 satellite is multi-purpose & has both multi-band comms transponders & an optronic early-warning sensor. The US satellites are role-specific, not multi-purpose. The Israelis don’t possess such satellites since they rely on the US for early-warning inputs. Naturally, therefore any reasonable customer will favour the Indian solution. In addition, the UAEAF is inclined to procure—just like India—the Rafale MMRCAs & Scorpene SSKs as well & therefore Indian human resource assistance becomes imperative. Furthermore, if a an Indian private-sector company teams up with its UAE counterpart (which has access to the UAE’s sovereign wealth investment funds) to assemble & extend through-life product-support for the Rafale fleets of both the IAF & UAEAF, then this becomes a win-win situation from a financial standpoint. This is what has been going on behind-the-scenes & that’s why negotiations have been protractive. In the coming months all this will come to light, rest assured.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SIDDHARTH: Why is it hard? Or so hard? The Arabs are pragmatic. Their view of world history is quite different from the rest. According to them, the Earth was first a ball of fire, then came the ice age, then humanity was born, then came Allah, then Allah gave crude oil & natural gas to the Arabs. Next came the money from these natural resources. Immediately after that the Arabs got Mercedes Benz & BMW & Lincoln Cadillac, etc etc etc. Arabs always believe in hard-nosed bargaining because they calculate & judge their supreme enlightened national interests in a cold-hearted & rational manner. This used to be the case in ancient Bharat too, & that’s why the Pandavas had no qualms whatsoever about annihilating their cousin brothers. But today all this has been forgotten. DHARMA philosophy has been replaced by the bleeding-heart AHIMSA school-of-thought & hence decision-making in India up till now used to be made using all kinds of ideological or sentimental blinkers. Therefore, to understand the Arab thought-process & mindset, one must first delete from one’s brain the operating software called AHIMSA & install a new OS called DHARMA, whose algorithms are based on ‘logical reasoning’.

To MAYUR M MANAPURE: 1 & 2 & 3) Firstly, this may well be just a Saudi bluff. So far no one from the KSA’s govt has made such statements. 4) Look at it like this: how many Pakistanis have been killed by fellow Pakistanis since 2002? Roughly, for every 1 Indian killed since then due to terror-strikes, more than 10 Pakistanis have died under similar circumstances. And this will continue till 2018, rest assured. 5) Nope. They’re all fast jet-qualified aircrew. 6) Undergoing final hull-assembly at SBS.

To LACHIT: Unlike Pakistan, India never believes in putting all its eggs into a single basket. It is all beautifully explained here:

I guess after reading it, it will time for gulping 4 pegs.

Prav said...

@Prasun : Can you go into detail about what exactly will be the transformation of the armed forces ( specifically the army) the the PM spoke about when he said , we cannot depend on valor alone ? You owe us as much especially when you admonish us about missing such details :)
I recall that you were working on a write up of Indias renewed maritime strategy , will you post that soon or have you relegated it to the backburner?

lachit said...

LOLZZZ 4 pegs only for Sundays I will stick to lollipops for now

thanks for the link , the article shows India is following her interests, a very balancing act if I must say and it should be.

high time chanakya niti (Arthashastra) was made part of the Indian educational curriculum , personally I feel it would lead to drops in murder rates and unnecessary conflicts/misunderstandings among the general population.

buddha said...

what is the status of israel combat drone indian airforce intended to purchase?
what is the status of indo0israel missile of electronic warefare that you once mention would be of 100km stand of range?
sir one foolish qstn: i once read that america turned their old phantom f14 aircratf into automated one without having pilot.....can such thing if possible be done with any old or new ndian aircraft..with israeli help or american help....
sry for foolish qstn sir....
thanks and regards

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PRAV: The RM in his interview had briefly touched upon it. The YouTube weblink was posted above. It is all about rightsizing the armed forces. For instance, Japan's GSDF, responsible for homeland defence, is quite lean & mean, while its ASDF & MSDF are far larger, reflecting the country's regional & global interests. The MSDF alone operates 100 P-3C Orion MR/ASW aircraft! Similarly, in India's case, rightsizing is the need of the hour, because long gone are the days requiring total mobilisation for full-scale conventional wars. In future, only local theatre-level skirmishes or high-intensity conflicts will take place under nuclear overhangs & therefore, the ground forces need to be of the quick-reaction type, i.e. air-mobile, heliborne & highly mechanised. The same applies for the future naval infantry as well. Unmanned platforms of all types will be in widespread use as force-multipliers, ranging from MALE-/HALE-UAVs for battlefield & maritime surveillance & AEW, to seaborne UAVs capable of undertaking ASW sweeps in both shallow waters & in the high seas. In other words, missions that are dry, dull, persistent, dirty & dangerous will be done by unmanned platforms. Existing rapid-fire AAA cannons will give way to laser-based directed-energy weapons on both land & on-board warships. The Kalibre cruise missile's 'desi' derivative--Nirbhay--will have to use the same airframe & AESA-based target imaging radar but with mission-specific target recognition algorithms for land-attack or maritime-strike from the sea & air. And all these tools should be at the disposal of integrated, tri-service battlespace theatre commands. Only after all this has been agreed upon will a Chief of Defence Staff be able to fully function.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BUDDHA: Both the HARPY & HAROP drones are in service. The EMP-generating standoff PGM should begin flight qualification trials this year. It's QF-4 unmanned drone version of the F-4 Phantom. It can be done in India, provided the airframe life of the old or decommissioned aircraft has sufficient flight-hours left. The Israelis way back in 2007 had offered to convert the IN's Alouette-3 helicopters into NRUAVs. But the In rejected this option. My gut feeling is that innovation & out-of-the-box thinking for technological solutions is not encouraged at the institutional-level within the armed forces. The inclination therefore is to opt for solutions for which the foreign OEM has already done all the homework. That perhaps explains why none of the three services has its own R & D institute or university, unlike what prevails in China & elsewhere. To depend on the DRDO for all solutions is naive to say the least, because the DRDO does not possess the technically trained & experienced personnel of the type churned out by the armed forces. Consequently, for instance, when the ADA was asked to design & develop the LCA for the IAF, it do so, but without practical operational inputs from the end-user. As a result, while it does superb aerobatics, it fails as a weaponised platform, i.e. an aircraft designed by, for & of techies only. Fortunately, the naval version of the LCA did not tread this path & has benefitted from practical inputs from the IN because the IN took ownership for the LCA (Navy) from Day 1.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Forensic analysis of videography is now revealing that all the hoo-haa involving JNU was nothing but the handiwork of presstitudes. And almost everyone fell for it, especially folks like the Congress' Yuvraj with single-digit IQ. It's all explained here:

Vijay said...

Dear Sir
Please DO NOT give your sympathies to these Anti Nationals of JNU
on the basis of One "Doubtful " Slogan and video

There are several OTHER videos floating around
which Are ABSOLUTELY Clear about the other slogans that were raised

While Pakistan Zindabad MAY NOT have been their Slogan BUT
There is NO DOUBT about the Following TWO slogans which are
really the MOST provocative and NASTY ; and ABOUT these Two there is NO DOUBT
that they were indeed the slogans on JNU campus

These TWO slogans have LED to this HUGE Public Anger all over India

These Two slogans that were shouted are

1 Bharat Tere Tud Honge Inshallah Inshallah

2 Bharat ki Barbadi Tak Jung Rahegi, Jung Rahegi

There was Also One slogan AGAINST the Supreme Court
It was

Afzal Hum Sharminda hain ; Tere Qatil Zinda Hain

What they meant to say was that The Supreme Court had Killed Afzal

Vijay said...


Correction :

The First slogan was

Bharat tere Tukde Honge Inshallah Inshallah

By the Way Those RATS have Resurfaced in JNU

IF they were so innocent why did they RUN away

JNU has been the Den of such Anti Nationals for a LONG time

It was the First Time They were Caught on Video and hence are Now running scared

On TV these JNU guys say these words


What the Hell do they mean : What is left to debate and discuss

Mayur M Manapure said...

Looks like resignation was for another reason. A leftv leaning person wouldn't want to work in Zee Media after all.

rad said...

hi prasun

The porkis seem to be making a lot of plutoinum for bombs ,if they did not know how to make one then why are they making bomb grade plutonium?.

you were talking of the aesa based radar of the kaliber missile , are the russian missiles equipped with aesa radar ?, why cant we ask for them . Do you think drdo got help from them for the nirbhay ?. if so why are these fools still sleeping on the project firing one every year ?. what wold be the cost of nirbhay missile approx?.
I feel it would be better off sending a hundred nirbhays to target sargodha or jacocobad rather than risking ac and men , it would be cost effective rather than sending ac and risking pilots. Is it capable of taking out a hardened ac shelter precisely? with its present sar seeker?. Making 1000 of them would definitely bring down the cost like what the US does.
It pains me to see such valiant special forces sacrifice their life, while trying to take out jihadis. Even a dumb fellow knows a head on charge is going to cost lives.Cant they bring in MPV vehicle that are bullet and grenade proof to enter the building ?. THen wear them out for a week and then take them on after they run out of food and and sleep . what about bullet proof shields ? every counter terr unit uses it ?? There are indian made ones as well. They could also lob gas grenades from far to make life hell.After all we have time on our side and these bastards usually carry dry food for a week most. ROV can be sent in to asses the situation etc.why the hurry ?.
you were talking of EMP PGM`s , Indian or some one elses?. when did they start this ?.Again i hope it is not a jaunt by the drdo. Why cant we get the help of russians, they seem to be leaders in this sphere. After all the will fall for it given the right price?.

Prav said...

@ Prasun -- Thank you for the answers .
@ Vijay -- Lol go read the article again .. The gist of which is ... Congress , Kejriwal and the rest of the usual suspects blamed the ABVP for chanting pro Pakistan slogans based on this very video . Which has been debunked as of now ... leaving the idiots with egg on their faces . But then again Im sure they will simply try to brazen it out.

aarya said...

Hi guys why so many of our officers geting killed in CI operations just yesterday 2 captains and 2 jawans got killed and only 1 pig died 😭

rad said...

hi prasun
I was just watching the funeral of the officer on tv and it seems to have been hit i n the me it means he was not wearing a bullet proof vest !! i really dunno what it happening !!.young people like him are too joshed up to care for personal safety. I wish the army re writes it SOP in encounters like this . What is your take on this operation .what should be done to avoid casualties like this.

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

1. UAEAF is inclined to procure—just like India—the Rafale MMRCAs & Scorpene SSKs as well, if true then Persian gulf will be choked by submarines from Iran and UAE, but reportedly whatever oil UAE has is likely to finish in 20 yrs so why submarines UAE is likely to be trade hub amply supported by US forces

2. the super hardened bunkers that house missile TELs of Iran have reporedly been built in every major cities, does Iran really need them after P5+1 deal

3. If really Israel-Saudi nuke deal has happened, then the question i raised in last thread about KSA spreading its petro fueled version of islam basically boosting militancy and no ones stopping them, you said a lot of behind scenes work is going. Is this that kind of work that will stop KSA from spreading petro fueled version of islam through madrasa funding

4. AFAIK Russia had supplied some sort of jammer to Iran that was used to down RQ170 drone, can that really be done. Iran reportedly is mass producing copy drones of captured Scaneagle and Sentinel drone, is it true

5. why everything has gone quiet on Nirbhay missile front


Joydeep Ghosh

Ravi said...

Dear Sir

The Pampore encounter is a very sad and disturbing event

In this Pampore encounter the building taken hostage
is a SEVEN storeys tall building with One Hundred Rooms

So what was the NEED for our Paras to RUSH in given that all the advantage
was with the enemy

Since it is an important building we cannot bring it down ; Agreed ;
but what about the NEEDLESS Loss of Lives ; TWO Captains have been Killed

It looks like there is an Intense Inter Unit Rivalry in the Paras

The 21 Para went across into Myanmar ; so 10 Para wants to prove its Mettle
by storming a Seven storey structure

The senior officers must step forward to prevent this Needless deaths of Very
capable officers
Sir You may Recall that In the KERAN encounter a few years ago ;
it went for Two weeks until those Terrorists died of exhaustion and fatigue

That time the media was calling it Kargil 2 but atleast we did not loose our men
in that Keran encounter

That Area of Keran encounter was also quite large and the area
had forests ; ridges ; rivulets and was very close to the LOC

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your reply.

After the Saudi war exercise, do you expect Saudi & Turkey will invade Syria.

Please comment.

Senthil Kumar

dushyant hardaha said...

sir don't believe in "indian express" report
IE actually anti india express
IE report on ‘terror boat’

Spykar said...

Anybody know anything about this:

A PTA?.. Loitering Missile? ..Surveillance UAV

IDN quotes -

"Equipped with modern snooping devices, this aircraft can peep 200 km inside enemy territory by staying 50km within the Indian side and pinpoint the exact location of the enemy's human targets or defence targets, which can then be relayed to ground units or fighter aircraft for precision targeting."

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SPYKAR: LoLz! That is a scale-model of the P-15 Termit ASCM.

Anonymous said...


perhaps a good reason is that the building was having civilians at the time when the terrorists entered. The last thing the forces want is a hostage situation. A more pertinent question is why the big building did not have adequate security measures even being in JK, and how the terrorist managed to bring in the ammunition inside the building.

Sreenivas R

Govind said...

In one of your above comments you have mentioned about the fact that Israel has never tested any of their nuclear warheads and hence Saudi Arabia will have to do it all by themselves. Plz do clarify because I've heard about a secretive Israel-South Africa nuclear test known as the "VELA INCIDENT" which took place in 1979

buddha said...

I have watching isreali war vdo on youtube and got the impression that it always has existential threat from arab countries....
what is ur opinion sir......does it really face today that it has been facing since its inception

buddha said...

Arpit Kanodia said...


Also add the Narre Takbeer!! Allah Hu Akbar.

How the Pak Fauj's war cry reached in JNU? They even know the meaning of this? They even know the Shia Sunni aspect of this? They even know why Zia replaced this?

madforexbii said...

Do you consider a shot from little sidewards of the ballistic plate area as well. Or even a volley fire on the plate. Either way it will penetrate.

madforexbii said...

Prasun da,
Do have a look on the background writing on the wall to the extreme right. Seems you can only explain it.
Thank you.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIJAY & DUSHYANT HARDAHA: I have no sympathies whatsoever for anyone indulging in any kind of politicking on any topic within the confines of any academic institution.

To RAD: Again I have explained this numerous times: the fissile material from the 4 PHWRs at Khushab is all sent to China for reprocessing. That’s why there’s no fuel reprocessing facility or heavy water production facility anywhere inside Pakistan. The Nirbhay is a Russia-assisted re-engineered version of the Kalibre strategic cruise missile. It is impossible for any R & D facility of India to conduct the first test-firing of such a missile within 5 years of commencement of R & D (2007-2012). Just calculate the distance from Jullundhar to Sargodha & Jaisalmer to Jacobabad. It is extremely easy for the NrahMos-1’s Block-2 version to target the HAS & hangar installations at these two PAF air bases. Can any MPV or ICV/AIFV ever negotiate the staircases? The SF (Para) forces aren’t trained for hostage-rescue operations. There’s no such training module for them. Soldiers are trained to capture their targets using any & all means at their disposal with minimum friendly casualties, meaning no restrictions on the usage of firepower. Inside buildings such tactics & SOPs are totally useless. Hence the casualties incurred by the SF (Para). Hostage-rescue/counter-terror operations inside built-up areas/structures is the speciality of the NSG’s SAG & SRG detachments. They should have been used for this operation. Just examine the high tempo of operations maintained by units like the GIGN & GSG-9. The more they operate in real-life missions, the better their proficiency. But in India the opposite seems to be the trend, leaving the NSG elements to focus 98% of their time on training & bodybuilding! Had already explained all about the SAAW EMP PGM in a previous thread.

To AARYA & RAVI & SREENIVAS R: Kindly read the explanation & reason above.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: Persian Gulf is neither a river nor a lake. There’s room for plenty of SSKs & SSNs to operate. TBMs, IRBMs & MRBMs can always be armed with conventional warheads. That’s how TBMs were used in the 1980s by both Iran & Iraq against one another. All operational Iranian drones are of Chinese origin, rest assured.

To SENTHIL KUMAR: Turkey does not want to invade Syria. It only wants to undertake surgical strikes against the Syrian Kurds, just like Turkey used to do so in northern Iraq. Saudi Arabia does not have the kind of expeditionary capability or the manpower-levels reqd to invade any country & hold any captured ground.

To GOVIND: Yes, there was a test of a 3kT tactical nuclear weapon conducted on a South African island in 1979. It was an Israeli design but was fabricated by the South Africans with Israeli assistance.

To BUDDHA: Yes, it does, albeit to a far far less extent today, since Egypt is now a friendly country, while arch-enemy Syria is today toothless.

To MADFOREXBII: It shows how the SAR-imaging P-20/P-22 derivatives of the P-15 ASCM are capable of almost top-attack against warships in the terminal stage, which enables the ASSCM to barely attain supersonic speed during the final plunge.

Sangos said...

Are we being taken for a ride with the PAK FA based design?