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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

L’Affaire De Kulbhushan Jadhav-2: A Case Of PARVAZ-E-WAHIYAT (Unmitigated Flight Of Nonsense)

The International Border (IB) between India and Pakistan spans 2,175km. The Working Boundary (WB) spans 202km, the Line of Control (LoC) spans 797km, and the Line of Actual Contact (LAC)—which India calls the Actual Ground Position Line (AGPL)—from map-grid reference NJ-9842 till Indra Kol—spans 108km. The LoC runs from a place called Sangam close to Chhamb all the way up north to NJ-9842 in Ladakh, following which the AGPL takes over. The WB lies in Jammu Division between Boundary Pillar 19 and Sangam i.e. between Jammu and Sialkot, which was part of the erstwhile princely state of J & K. It is this stretch that is known in India as the International Boundary (IB), while Pakistan refers to it as the WB, since it maintains that the border agreement (the so-called standstill agreement) was inked between the princely state of J & K and Pakistan, and not between India & Pakistan.

J & K has 734km of the LoC running through Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions from Kargil to Malu (Akhnoor) in Jammu district, while it has 190km of IB from Malu to Punjab belt running through Ramgarh, Jammu, Samba and Kathua districts. Of these, 550km of the LoC has been fenced with flood-lighting, along with 190km of fenced IB. Though a large portion of the India-Pakistan border on the 553km Gurdaspur-Jammu sector is fenced, there are several gaps (more than 40 vulnerable unfenced stretches) caused by the Ravi River and seasonal rivulets that cut into the IB. As much as 462km of Punjab’s 553km of border with Pakistan (districts include Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Tarn Taran, Ferozepur, Faridkot, Abohar and Fazilka) with Pakistan is fenced, and protected with electrified wire, sensors and floodlights. It is the other 91km for which a problem exists. Gurdaspur shares a long, zig-zagging border with Pakistan. Itis easy to infiltrate from this stretch as compared to the heavily-mined and guarded LoC as well as the IB in neighbouring Jammu. A dense fog in winters makes border surveillance an added challenge. As the border terrain is broken and forested, the rivulet beds provide an ideal cover for terrorists who can sneak in and reach the busy NH-44 highway that snakes along the border. This enables terrorists to hijack vehicles and mount rapid strikes. There are many gaps in the fencing on this stretch because of rivers flowing in and out of India. The Ujjh River enters and exits many times on this stretch. Some of the gaps are as wide as 30 feet. It is not difficult to cross this stretch as the rivers are shallow (with water reaching just above the knee) and large parts of the riverbed are dry. Quite a few times the terrorists were launched into India from Jalalabad village of Pakistan, which is close to the IB and faces Tash Lassian and Bhariyal villages in India. In addition cellphone connectivity signals from Pakistan are available on 33 patches along the Punjab border, making it easier for both terrorists and drug syndicates to communicate with one another through Pakistan-registered SIMs. In almost all terror attacks, Pakistani terrorists used snatched vehicles to attack the intended targets, mostly catching Indian security forces off-guard. The Gurdaspur-Pathankot-Jammu highway, which is dotted with a large number of defence installations including cantonments (including the 29 Infantry Division, based at Mamoon Army Cantonment), an air force base and ammunition dumps, have been the prime targets of the terrosists since 2013.

Within J & K, the Indian Army’s XV Corps, covering a frontage of 450km—which is more than half the LoC, has two Divisions—19 and 28. The 28 Infantry Division, which is the largest Division of HQ Northern Command, is responsible for four sensitive sectors along the LoC, namely, Tangdhar, Keran, Machhal and Gurez. Since the November 26, 2003 ceasefire, these sectors, at higher altitudes, have emerged as established infiltration routes. During winter months, when snow in these sectors is between 20 and 25 feet deep, the fence on the LoC gets washed away. To overcome this drawback, most of the stretch in 28 Division’s footprint has a twin-fence, one behind the other to cater for regular and intense infiltration along the deep ravines there. In simple terms, while 19 Infantry Division is crucial for operations during war, 28 Infantry Division is important for counter-infiltration. What should concern XV Corps and the HQ Northern Command are two major Pakistani objectives in 28 Infantry Division’s area of responsibility: Lipa Valley and the Bugina Bulge in PoK. Lipa Valley is surrounded by four mountain ranges: the Shamsabari, the Kafir Khan, the Kasinag and the Chota Kasinag. The most important is Shamsabari, which India dominates. If Pakistan manages to get a foothold on this range, it would then be looking into the Kashmir Valley from the top. This would help Pakistan provide better support to infiltration from this area. Moreover, if the Pakistan Army (PA) obtains a firm lodgement on the Shamsabari Range, its troops could easily roll down into the Valley at a time of its own choosing during wartime. Given the importance of the heights on the Shamsabari Range, if Pakistan indeed would intrude there and occupy the heights, the Indian Army will not hesitate to open its field artillery howitzerss in direct firing mode. Pakistani posts there have air-defence guns, and India has 105mm guns to hit the PA’s posts separated by 3km to 7km. The opening of Indian artillery fire-assaults will be the definitive indicator of an OP BADR-type operation by the PA. This will be the end of the November 26, 2003 ceasefire, something that the PA does not want for fear of alienating the Kashmiris. Similarly, Bugina is an attractive objective for the Indian Army and is less difficult to capture than the Lipa Valley. If the two PA Infantry Battalion positions, which overlook Bugina, can be captured, India will have visibility beyond the formidable Kafir Khan Range to threaten Pakistan’s Neelam-Jhelum Valley hydro-power project now being built with China’s help.

Given the fact that India maintains a near-foolproof anti-infiltration grid along the LoC, Pakistan has since mid-2013 focussed its terrorist infiltration efforts along the WB. For instance, in mid-2014, while an initial group of LeT terrorists pressed forward from Kel to Doga in PoK, and attempted to reach the Lolab Valley, a second group of six LeT terrorists was accompanied by a guide (resident of PoK) identified as Yusuf, and had pressed forward from Dudhnial to Thandapani in PoK. They aimed to reach Rajwar in Kupwara district. Another fidayeen unit had been stationed in the PoK town of Gharota, facing Bamiyal, in preparation for an attack. Large gaps torn by monsoon floods in the electrified fencing which runs along the IB in Punjab and along the IB/WB in Jammu helped the attackers infiltrate into India. Hundreds of metres of fence come down every year and the tall elephant grass (Sarkanda), which springs up after the rains, provides infiltrators plenty of cover. Cross-border firing had dropped from a peak of 5,767 incidents in 2002 to zero in 2004 and remained below 100 annual incidents through 2011. There were 57 cross-LoC violations in 2010, 61 in 2011, 93 in 2012. Infiltration attempts were 52 in 2011, 121 in 2012, 347 in 2013 and 583 in 2014. Ceasefire violations by Pakistan along the LoC India increased nine times from 2011 to 2014. Cross-border firing by Pakistani security forces from 2011 to 2013 was concentrated along the LoC.  2013 saw more than 195 ceasefire violations on the LoC. This trend saw a reversal in 2014, when 74% of the firing was concentrated along the WB. There were 583 ceasefire violations along the WB by Pakistan in 2014, a 158% increase.  The highest ceasefire violations were reported from the Jammu sector, with a bulk of them—440—in the August-December 2014 period. As many as 945 terrorist incursions from Pakistan were recorded between 2012 and 2014. Indian security forces killed 38 Pakistani terrorists in 2013 and 36 till October 31, 2014, as they attempted to cross the LoC. In all, during 2014, 174 ceasefire violations along the LoC were reported. There were 57 violations in 2010, 61 in 2011, 93 in 2012. Infiltration attempts were 52 in 2011, 121 in 2012, 347 in 2013 and 583 in 2014.

That’s why since June 2014, India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) had authosied the Border Security Force (BSF) to put into effect its ‘escalation dominance’ tactics under the ‘controlled and calibrated violence’ strategy, starting June 2014—meaning if Pakistan Rangers fired with 7.62mm rifles, then the BSF retaliated with 12.7mm and 14.5mm HMGs (the latter being extracted from decommissioned BTR-60 and BRDM-2 wheeled armoured vehicles). If the Chenab Rangers fired with 14.7mm HMGs, then the BSF retaliated with 81mm mortars. This is exactly what happened between August and October 2014. As a result, 18,000 villagers in India were displaced, while 20,000 Pakistani villagers were displaced as well. Firings were limited to two sectors (Charwa [12 villages] and Chapraar [one village]) spread along a 45km-long lateral frontage between Sialkot/Kasur and Poonch/Rawlakot straddling the WB. A total of some 31,000 rounds of 81mm air-burst mortar rounds were fired by both sides over a 10-day period inj those three months of 2014. Only burst rounds, not blast rounds, were fired. 

On January 14, 2014 the then Indian Army COAS Gen Bikram Singh said that a strong reply had been given to last year’s cross-border raids by Pakistan, referring to reports that 10 PA soldiers had been killed in Indian action across the LoC. Asked what retaliatory action had been taken, Gen Singh the said that his soldiers “have reacted well as required” and that there is an endeavour “not to escalate the situation into operational or strategic arena”. In that very same month, Masood Azhar addressed a jihadi meeting in Muzaffarabad, the capital of PoK. “There are 313 fidayeen fighters in this gathering and if a call is given, the number will go up to 3,000,” he told the rally held by telephone.

On January 17, 2014, during the 5th SAARC Business Leaders Conclave, Pakistan’s Commerce Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan visited India and met his Indian counterpart Anand Sharma, and the two sides agreed to expedite the implementation of the Non-Discriminatory Market Access (NDMA) regime on a reciprocal basis. Both sides decided to intensify and accelerate the process of trade normalisation, liberalisation and facilitation and to implement the agreed measures. Pakistan had b y then moved from ‘Positive List’ regime to a ‘Negative List’ regime comprising of 1,209 tariff lines of import of goods not allowed from India. Both countries by then also had the Preferential Trading Arrangement under the South Asia Free Trade Area (SAFTA) process. But the benefits under the SAFTA process had been partially blocked by Pakistan through  the ‘Negative List’. The meeting between Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan on May 27, 2014 held that the two countries could move immediately towards full trade normalisation on the basis of the September 2012 roadmap worked out between Commerce Secretaries of both the sides. Major items of Indian export to Pakistan had then included organic chemicals, vegetables, cotton, plastics and processed food waste, like fodder. Items of Indian imports from Pakistan included cotton, fruits and nuts, mineral fuels, wax, sulphur, lime, cement and hides. India’s exports to Pakistan in 2014 amounted to US$2.17 billion, or 0.83% of total Indian exports, while imports were $497 million, or 0.13% of total inward shipments.

In mid-June 2014, Operation Zarb-e-Azb (whose military strategy was centered around the policy of ‘Seek, Destroy, Clear, Hold’) was launched by the PA, while Operation Khyber-1 began in September 2014 (Operation Khyber-2 in April 2015, while Operation Khyber-3 was launched in August 2016). By then, 35% of the PA was fully engaged in LIC campaigns and had a deployment ratio of 54.6%, resting and re-equipping ratio of 12.7%, and the remaining 33% undergoing the training cycle. The PA had by then lost 2,795 soldiers since 2004. Another 8,671 were injured. The average officer-to-soldier ratio in combat fatalities is around 1:17 in most armies, while in the PA’s various LIC operations it had been 1:6. This was higher than the usual Pakistani average of 1:10.

Meanwhile, during the 126-day-long (August-December 2014) dharna by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) against the ruling Pakistan Muslim League–Nawaz (PMLN), there were murmurs of a coup d’état. The ISI and ISPR were both hard at work for manipulating Pakistan’s highly clientelised and politicised print/electronic.broadcast media outlets, which had received instructions from the PA’s Islamabad-based GHQ to support the ‘dissenting’ leaders and their sit-ins. The GHQ was using the media to add muscle and might to the anti-government movement in an attempt to cut Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif down to size. Other than Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha, the former DG of ISI, who is known to be a close friend and supporter of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, the other name that was repeatedly brought up by knowledgeable observers was that of Lt Gen Zaheer-ul-Islam, the then DG of the ISI. Allegedly, the two were conspiring to create a rift between PM Nawaz Sharif and the PA’s then COAS, Gen Raheel Sharif. In the past, the PM had acted against Generals whom he had differences with. It was expected that he would again act again in a similar manner, under the presumption that the dharna had the PA’s backing. But the events did not play out as expected. Not exactly. It was Federal Defence Minister Khawaja Asif who first stated that two Lt Gens were behind the political unrest that prevailed in 2014. Specifically, the Minister said, Lt Gen Islam had a “personal grievance” with the ruling party for siding with a particular media house (Jang Group & Geo TV). Asif was subsequently sidelined and snubbed at a dinner with the PA’s Generals and quickly made to learn a central lesson. Not everyone took from his experience. In an interview with the BBC in August 2015, Senator Mushahidullah Khan claimed that an audio tape obtained by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) was played during a meeting between PM Nawaz Sharif and Gen Raheel Sharif in the latter half of 2014, in which Lt Gen Islam could be heard giving instructions to raid the PM’s Office. According to the Senator, when questioned by Gen Raheel Sharif, Lt Gen Islam confirmed that the voice was his own. Senator Khan later clarified that he himself had not heard the tape. Never mind the fact that he kept referring to the ex-ISI DG as Zahirul Islam Abbasi–the Major General who had plotted to overthrow the Benazir Bhutto government in 1995, and who died six years ago–the damage had been done. Appointed on the recommendation of then President Asif Ali Zardari in March 2012, Lt Gen Islam had remained mostly out of the spotlight and yet, he had managed to cast a shadow over many major events in the last few years. The most significant of them was when GEO TV ran photographs of Lt Gen Islam alongside allegations by journalist Hamid Mir’s brother stating that a failed assassination attempt of the prime-time anchor-person was the handiwork of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. Lt Gen Islam had a strong military background; his father, brothers and brother-in-law had also served in the PA. His uncle, Shah Nawaz, was a Major General in the Indian National Army, led by Subhas Chandra Bose, and was captured and detained by the British briefly in the early 1940s. Lt Gen Islam belonged to the Punjab Regiment and he was in charge of a Division in Murree before being promoted to Lt Gen and being posted as a Corps Commander in Karachi. He was mentioned in Forbes magazine’s most powerful people list as the “new head of Pakistan’s notorious intelligence service” in 2012. “The ISI has played both sides in the war on terror and, as US troops draw out of Afghanistan, will be hugely influential in determining the region’s future,” the magazine went on to state. With the reputation of being an ‘honest’ officer and a close aide of Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, it was expected that Lt Gen Islam would continue Kayani’s policy of minimal interference in political matters.  In a subsequent TV interview, Defence Minister Asif said that the 2014 London Plan against the Nawaz Sharif government was the work of two former ISI Chiefs—Lt Gen (Ret’d) Shuja Pasha and Lt Gen (Ret’d) Zaheer-ul-Islam. In September 2014, weeks of mounting anti-government protests in Pakistan had been enough to convince five of the powerful Lt Gens (believed to have retired now) who then were Corps Commanders that it was time for them to step in and force the embattled Nawaz Sharif to resign. The five Corps Commanders had earlier met in Rawalpindi at the end of August as demonstrations raged in Islamabad. At that tense four-hour conclave, Pakistan’s democratic process was once again in peril, with the PA pondering another intervention in a country that has seen power change hands more often through coups than elections. But Gen Raheel Sharif decided that the time was not right to overthrow the civilian leadership, and moved to quell any disagreement in his ranks by overruling the hawks and declaring the crisis must be solved through politics, not force. 

However, the carefully constructed veneer of neutrality that the PA’s leadership had constructed through much of the national political crisis instigated by Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri was eventually torn apart. First came the PA’s statement on August 31, 2014—the third in a series of statements on the political crisis, which quite astonishingly elevated the legitimacy and credibility of the demands of Imran Khan, Tahirul Qadri, and their violent protesters above that of the choices and actions of an elected government dealing with a political crisis. Consider the sequence of events so far. When the PA first publicly waded into the political crisis, it counselled restraint on all sides—as though it were the federal government that fundamentally still had some questions hanging over its legitimacy simply because Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri alleged so. Next, the PA crept towards the Khan/Qadri camp by urging the government to facilitate negotiations - as though it was the government that was being unreasonable, and not Khan and Qadri. Next, staggeringly, the PA ‘advised’ the government not to use force against violent protesters and essentially told it to make whatever concessions necessary to placate Khan and Qadri. It was simply extraordinary that it was the PAT and PTI supporters who wanted to break into and occupy state buildings, but it was the government that was been rebuked. It was as if the PA was unaware—rather, unwilling—to acknowledge the constitutional scheme of things: it is the government that is supposed to give orders to the Army, not the other way around. The government had already issued its order: invoking Article 245 [empowering the Army to ensure law and order in the city]. As violent thugs subsequently attacked the Parliament building, it was surely the PA’s duty to repel them. But the soldiers stationed there did nothing and the Army leadership the next day warned the government instead of the protesters—which largely explains why the protesters were able to continue their pitched battles with the Police and attacked the PTV headquarters on September 1, 2014.

But there indeed was a method to this ‘madness’. The PA all along was using this engineered law-and-order crisis to extract from the PML-N-led federal government a promise of freedom for Gen (Ret’d) Pervez Musharraf—who then was an absconder and was wanted on treason charges for leading a coup against Nawaz Sharif’s government in 1999. Musharraf had served Pakistan as the PA’s COAS and President and is alleged to have imposed emergencies twice in his tenure—first in 1999 and later in 2007—to restrain the unamenable courts from challenging his questionable legitimacy. Coordinated anti-government protests in Islamabad since August 14 by cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan of the Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party and Islamic cleric Maulana Tahirul Qadri of Pakistan Awami Tahreek (PAT) wre thus engineered by the ISI and ISPR on the PA’s behalf to ‘domesticate’ the federal government. And needless to say, by that time, the vital issues of strategic importance and foreign affairs were being single-handedly articulated and directed by the PA’s GHQ, without civilian oversight and input. In a subsequent Senate committee meeting, Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) Senator and former Presidential spokesperson Farhatullah Babar declared: “Foreign policy on Kashmir, India, Afghanistan, and nuclear assets is being formulated in GHQ instead of the Foreign Office.”
(To Be Concluded)


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Prasun K. Sengupta said...

For those who are interested in knowing how the IA retaliates against the PA across the LoC, here's a good example, which is part of a presentation by HQ Northern Command for the consumption of India's civilian decision-makers in Delhi:

R Singh said...

What are your views on the recent killings on loc and what according to you will be a proper response to the pakistani army's "jangi junoon"?

raman said...

Oh Boy.......are things slowly but surely moving towards some sort of bigger confrontation.....with all the media (and Government) sources pushing it........and moving the emphasis away from internal Kashmir issues to broader India-Pak ones.......

and.....I think this time (again) the IA will not, as usual, let this incident go unanswered.....only this time they might 'publicize' it to (i) hype up Indian Public Opinion further; (ii) Humble the PA further/give some strength to Sharif ??

Nice video (though we do not have timelines on it/so do not know when these happened).....hope the Indian Media gets hold of these........

Shankar said...

Sir why dont we use heavy Artilerry Immediately after such incidents

And even today that is the day after the news is just 7 Pakistanis killed

We need a Bigger revenge and retaliation

AVIRAL said...

Prasun da,
Here is another vedio. The display shows the date as 26th April 2017 and the vedio was uploaded on 29th April 2017.

The Engdoc Society said...

Good info
Ron has a very valid point, why do not we just occupy these posts after destroying them and do the area domination

Xeno said...

Some more vids of India decimating Paki posts last season

Arpit Kanodia said...

@The Engdoc society

Because they are not allowed to cross LoC.

If they are allowed and capture post, then what IA was doing in Kargil?

Furthur if IA is allowed to cross LoC and capture territory, then why not capturing Skardu?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To R SINGH: If you would have read the previous thread you would have realised that the PA always resorts to such mechanisms in order to sabotage any forthcoming event. In this case, it is the SCO Summit Meeting in Astana, scheduled for this July. That’s why Sajjan Jindal flew to Islamabad & then to Murree, which was a deviation from his Visa that was approved for travel to only Islamabad & Lahore. The timing of this incident was also significant since it happened on the day Turkish President Erdogan began his official visit to India. India knew in advance that Erdogan will try to hyphenate India & Pakistan together. This proved to be true when Erdogan in a TV interview before arriving in India had called for end to the violence in J & K and starting a multilateral dialogue involving India and Pakistan. However India maintained that it had never shied away from holding bilateral talks in line with the 1972 Shimla Pact and the 1999 Lahore agreement and said the main issue in J & K is of terrorism. “We should not allow more casualties to occur and by strengthening multilateral dialogue, we can be involved, and through multilateral dialogue, I think we have to seek out ways to settle this question once and for all, which will benefit both countries,” Erdogan had said in an interview to news channel WION. Erdogan’s statement on J & K was clearly in line with the Pakistan-Turkey Joint Statement issued during his November 16-17, 2016 visit to Islamabad when he expressed support for UN resolutions regarding J & K. So, keeping in mind the Turkish PoV WRT J & K, India had expressed strong support for sovereignty and territorial integrity of Cyprus which has a decades-old territorial dispute with Turkey. Welcoming President Nicos Anastasiades of Cyprus on April 28, 2017 PM Narendra Modi had reiterated India’s historic support to maintain territorial integrity of Cyprus when it faced Turkish invasion in 1974. But what the Indian PM should have done (which he failed to do) was clarify in a supplementary answer during the joint press-conference that just as Turkey does not have the heart to negotiate through a multilateral mechanism WRT Kurdish issue, the same principle/standard applies WRT India’s policy on J & K, i.e. no appeasement of terrorists. Had this been done, then that would have effectively neutralised all that Ergogan had uttered before & this would also have exposed Erdogan’s duplicity WRT terrorism.

To do to this requires clarity of thought & unity of purpose, which India’s ruling politicians still lack, as I have just explained. Only a person with strong & righteous convictions will be able to take such a stand & detail it to the public. To further muddy the waters, Arun Jaitley had said that the "sacrifice (of the two killed) will not go in vain" and the Indian armed forces will react "appropriately" to the "inhuman act" of the Pakistani troops. Hasn’t he realised even now that Pakistan wants India to ‘react, whereas what’s reqd is for India to ‘act’? So, when one is faced to contend with such decision-makers who can’t even fathom the fundamentals of a situation, how then can they be expected to come up with appropriate responses?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAMAN: LoLz! Relax, nothing of that sort will happen. We all have been through this since mid-1999. That videoclip showed the fire-assaults immediately after a beheading on November 16, 2016. Firing was done with 81mm mortars, 106mm RCL guns & Bofors L-70 40mm cannons.

To RON & ENGDOC SOCIETY: And what if the PA counter-attacks in strength? Do read up all about vertical escalation & ways of ensuring escalation dominance.

To SHANKAR: Read up all about the November 26, 2003 ceasefire & what was verbally agreed upon by both sides. Both sides had agreed to use only light cannons & mortars in case of cross-LoC shelling. No 105mm or 130mm or 144mm howiuzers were to be used. The day they’re used, the ceasefire immediately comes to a permanent end. And when that happens, one cannot allow to trade artillery fire-assaults since iot becomes a financially wasteful battle of attrition with no tangible gains for either side. So, once any one side decides to use field artillery howitzers, then that side has also to figure out the end-state, i.e. on what favourable conditions & terms will such duels end. Hence, the side initiating the field artillery fire-assault will also be reqd to bring in offensive airpower to prevent the enemy from building up forces in the rear for staging counter-attacks, & also quickly capture vital territory (like the Haji Pir Pass) while also being perfectly ready to undertyake lightning AirLand campaigns lasting no more than 4 days for capturing areas like Chicken’s Neck in case ther PA decides to counter-attack from Sialkot/Pasrur. This is known as escalation management. And that’s why before the September 28 cross-LoC raids, the first thing that was done was to place the IAF’s Southwestern, Western & Central Air Commands on full alert.

To VSJ: For the IA, all three are on 1/3rd basis. Only 30% of the IA’s manpower is deployed throughout J & K.

To RAD: Do go through these:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To THEHUNDRED: Here’s what needs to be done:
1) Set up a national tri-services wargaming facility that will be part of the NDU at Guragram (Gurgaon).
2) Set up a tri-services Operations HQ at a secure underground facility similar to what Russia & China have done.
3) Formally announce that full-scale conventional wars are history & should RIP whereas the focus of tri-services integration should be solely on LIC, be it along India’s borders or out-of-area contingencies.
4) These LIC scenarios should dictate the details of the consequent joint warfighting doctrines & hardware procurement/development practices.
5) Get the 3 armed services to outsource all their MRO reqmts from private-sector with guaranteed performance-based logistics contracts. All naval dockyards, base repair depots & EME Workshops should be sold to the public/private sector partnerships . The armed forces should contain only fighting personnel, not support personnel.
6) Strictly adhere to unified common-user QRs when procuring hardware. One cannot procure different radios/ICVs/APCs/small arms/sensors/PGMs for each service.
7) Disband the IA’s HQ Southern Command & re-allocate its resources to both HQ Western Command & Southwestern Command.
8) All DPSUs should be publicly listed & the MoD should retain only 1 Golden Share in all of them.
9) These DPSUs should form industrial alliances with both the domestic private-sector & foreign OEMs for developing greenfield infrastructure for providing MRO services not only to Indian end-users, but also to those who are within the IOR (which is what the Kickleighter proposals had entailed way back in 1991!).
10) All intelligence agencies like IB & R & AW should be given legal cover through national legislation & their functioning should be accountable to Parliament.
11) All attack helicopters—heavy & light—should become IA-commanded/owned/operated. IAF should get out of the business of immediate battlefield air-support/battlefield air-interdiction.
12) A tri-services psychological warfare/information warfare dominance agency for operating in cyberspace needs creation.

If the above are done, bulk of the macro-level defiencies will be overcome.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To XENO: Dronesof any size won’t work as their optronic sensors can’t look through foliage. Only FOPENs will provide persistent surveillance.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions! Did you ascertain the authenticity of the documents? Will the Naxals be hanging out atop 100 feet-tall tress or will they be perched on the ground? FOPEN can locate human beings as well. Read the contents of the product brochure.

To KAPIL: The USSR, which had designed the IN’s Vizag naval base, had way back in the early 1980s itself prepared a similar proposal for a shipbuilding facility in what is today known as Bheemunipatnam.

To ANTHONY: LoLz! That’s the height of terminal stupidity.

To SRINIVASA NANDURI: The SOPs themselves are WRONG! Why should any army be fighting terrorists armed only with AK-47s, UBGLs, hand grenades & possibly RPG-7s? That’s the job of paramilitary forces like Assam Rifles or RR. Yet why are the CAPFs like BSF & CRPF being used? The RR by the late 1990s itself should have become a permanent paramilitary institution, so that it freed up the IA for focusing exclusively on offensive operations/campaigns INSIDE enemy territory. How can anyone ever expect an army to develop a defensive mindset & think only about garrisoning itself in every conceivable way?

That’s why I have repeatedly stated that India’s decision-maskers since the early 1990s, from whichever political party they may have hailed from, all all been scoring self-goals by totally failing to understand the threat & its nature. And that’s what probably got LACHIT totally pissed off.

To RAD: ESM suite for EMB-145I NETRA is the same as that on Dhruv ALH. LCH & LIH, i.e. from SaabTech & Cassidian (who did not develop the sensors, but they were originally developed by AVITRONICS of South Africa & then this company was bought over by Cassidian & SaabTech. So the RWR. LWR ^ MAQWS are all of South African orifin but are now being marketed by Sweden & Germany to India! The encryption modem & transponder for the SATCOM is also imported, i.e. from Israel’s ORBIT.

To THEINDIAN & RON: Every nuclear reactor in the world has its own unique fuel burn-up signature, which is also to be found inside the fissile materials. You can learn all about it by watching the Hollywood flick THE SUM OF ALL FEARS.

To PIERRE ZORIN: That’s why I have repeatedly given figures describing the PA’s deployment footprint. The PA therefore can’t attain parity with the IA in quantitative terms. Bring in the IAF into the equation & the military balance gets further lopsided in India’s favour. Already the PAF is feeling the heat & thus yet another PAF Mirage-3 crashed yesterday in southern Punjab.

Xeno said...

Regarding Dawn Leaks fiasco,

Many Senior Journalists in Pakistan see the DG ISPR's statement as undermining of the PM's constitutional authority under Official Secrets Act, Sec 3, and make the present govt. responsible for the leak and then proceeded against the PM under the Official Secrets Act, the subsequent step is to outlaw the PMLN govt by imposing Martial law under the provisions of the Pakistan Army Act and the Official Secrets Act, i.e. IF Nawaz Sharif doesn't resign himself which he has already refused.

The ultimate dichotomy being that Dawn leaks has brought Pakistan to the position where either the elected govt continue being the head of the state or their Armed forces being officially labelled as a "Rogue Agency".

Coup d'tweet to Coup d'etat.

How do you think this game of Jumhuriat is going to play out ? What should be India's Role?

Xeno said...

But both the CARABAS and the FORESTER are SAR based airborne FOPEN radars, though it seems it can only be integrated on rotary wing UAV platforms.

Check this too, Lockheed Martin TRACER

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To XENO: Both these UAVs can't provide persistent coverage of the reqd area. When reqd from 9am till 5pm, FOPEN surveillance coverage is best afforded in a cost-effective manner by FOPENs mounted on raisable hydraulic masts. CARABAS & FORESTER mounted on UAVs are more suited for battlefield coverage where the flight-duration is 45 minutes at most.

Here are some clips showing the Pakistani side of the LoC:

Pakistani Bunkers along LoC:

LoC in PA’s Gultari Sector:

To RAD: BAE Systems' futuristic Flight Mission Simulator:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA & RAMAN: Yesterday being the 6th anniversary of OP Neptune's Spear, some new revelations from Pakistan:

If another such operation were to be launched in future to kill Ayman al-Zawahiri in Karachi, then surely the US will not deploy its CBGs on the coastline of Karachi since this will alert the Pakistanis. This then leaves only 2 options: either fly directly from Oman or from a CBG off Oman, whih is a longer & dangerous route, or take a much safer route by flying its helicopters from a location anywhere in India's Gujarat State (since LEMOA now allows this to happen), fly safely over land & head for Karachi, while the IAF keeps the PAF busy elsewhere in Rajasthan by staging sudden air exercises.

And some more video-clips:

MOAB Aftermath in Nangarhar:

Russia's FOAB:
TLAM BDA in Syria:

Russia's EW Weapons:

Russia’s Plasma Weapon

Xeno said...

Meanwhile on the border

".. Dhuan Dhuan Kar Denge Bairi de Mulkh do
Ek Ghante Di Manjoori sannu De De Sarkaar..."


1 【 Hasn’t he realised even now that Pakistan wants India to ‘react, whereas what’s reqd is for India to ‘act’? 】

1a . That's the whole point ... They act and we react like some reaction turbine.....

1b. Why can't it be the otherwise, we act and porki react???Last time in uri ia became target of sarkari jihadis at the behest of isi/pa ghq and alas surgical strike was conducted against sarkari jihadi only???
Why can't ia take the ball directly to pa ghq/isi court rather than conducting surgical strikes to kill filthy jihadis....That itself emboldens pa coad/isi dg that ia can't retaliate directly against itself....So it's better for ia to wear bangles rather than hyping about there capabilities while they lose their soldiers everyday... They must be missing tsd kind of covert ops dept to undertake missions against pa ghq/isi....They should learn something from israel...

2. 【 Already the PAF is feeling the heat & thus yet another PAF Mirage-3 crashed yesterday in southern Punjab.】
It seems paf has started prep for some hot pursuit by ia and iaf and punitive action can't be expected from ia anytime soon ..What's your take sir

3.ragrding emb145 vs saab 2000 my question wasn't about the platform but the performance of onboard aesa radar and systems of emb145 vs saab 2000 and zdk aewcs of paf???Request you to share some info about it... Regarding gs100 from Thales i just wanted to know whether it has been inducted and if yes where is the first sensor deployed.... engines IN20 VERSION for tejas mk1a are yet to be ordered , what's the future of the program now and what about foc of tejas mk1 , it seems everything has come to halt after patrikar left raksha mantralaya....

4a. Any possibility of meteor integration to tejas mk1..

4b. Any update of mirage 2000 upgradation programme being done at hal bengaluru...

4c. Air launched brahmos trials to be expected when sir????

5. One personal request why don't you conduct some seminars/web talk show about such military/strategic/security affairs... Also you can share your contact details to let viewers/like minded pupils like us to invite you for giving lectures in colleges or some kind of other interaction

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

BTW, when OP Neptune's Spear was underway, the then Commandant of PMA KAKUL in Abbottabad was a Lt Gen by the name of Raheel Sharif.

Xeno said...

On the issues surrounding the Dawn leaks and the current Indo-Pak situation

And on their western border,

"On Tuesday, the international relations commission of the Afghan parliament said that the ISI chief’s trip to Kabul was an attempt by Islamabad to stop the blacklisting of Pakistan due to it being an alleged state sponsor of terrorism.

“Pakistan is now in a situation where there is fear that the country will be declared as a state sponsor of terrorism. Therefore Pakistan is trying to improve its relations with Afghanistan."

Pakistan in a precarious position now, internally as well as externally from all the four sides.

I think this is what is called a Padmavyuha/Chakravyuha formation in Indian hybrid military warfare parlance.


1. Sir in case there is no internal volume iaf can pursue hal to make a conformal type arrangement for ols/irst sensor...or atleast a permanent new pod station can be made in a lsp for outfitting a podded version of irst/ols sensor and trial begins asap to clear for foc config.....your views sir

2. Going by the size of nose of tejas it is certain that even if aesa radar is installed the total no of T/R elements would not be high, will it cause any sub optimal performance of aesa if installed

3. what spj tejas will use eventually to dodge off AMRAAM???

4. CAPTOR E AESA it seems will be taken up for integration with eurofighter by raf in next decade as they are going for integration of meteor with the mechanically scanned radar....does this indicates that aesa radar for eurofighter is yet to be tested and perfected or this is cost saving exercise.if the former is true then imagine how much time uttam aesa will take sir????

4a. It seems trump baba isn't in favour of lm shifting f16 line to india.that leaves gripen in fray only for competition....that would last nail for the tejas mk2 coffin........and it appears for me that gripen is the most optimal solution for iaf even though rafale is best but operating more two engine fighter will drain iaf budget in future ...... .its radar, ew capabilities, data links,high availability , optimal design, weapon in common with mirage and rafale. perfect combo.and large order will definitely bring down the cost of acquisition and operation....your say sir.....

5. i believe GOI should go for strategic takeover of saab aerospace division along with deep pocketed 2-3 indian private sector and create a consortium to take it over and get all related projects IPR which will be immensely helpful for a defence projects in india .also talent from saab could be used for future indian aviation projects..your say


1. Sir whats the future of aw 101 in india...considering this is one of the best options for navy lph/lpd heavy lift NMRH helicopters and also for heli borne aewc versions......and also about the 3 iaf vvip aw 101 lying in palam???considering that mod encashed the bank there any way of this deal be reconciled??

2. yesterday i saw juan carlos 1 lph/lpd video ,


in this we can see heavy lift chinooks are landing, cant IN go for repeat contract for the same for it nmrh rather than searching elewhere......also v22 osprey could be seen landing.on it....... it would be the best aewc platform for IN carrier/lph/cbg.whats your take??

3. also considering the turkish and canberra class of australian lph/ are r8 sir lnt and navantia consurtium is ahead for IN navy lph/lpd tender......i just hope they get it but only concern is that filthy gujju will be preferred by pheku for this contract to get some mullahs for elections........i just hope reliance doesnt get it..also actual mistral is short of length than IN requirements...sir your opinion???

4. does IN needs the ski ramp in its lph/lpd....also is podded propeller is better or shaft propeller is better???

5. any updates about scorpene heavy torpedos ??

Pierre Zorin said...

Finally I read in IDRW what you said some time ago- how Gripen E would mean death of Tejas Mk II. Common sense isn't it why would one want their equipment to have a competitor? Unless they wanted to badge the Gripen E as Tejas of course.
As well as this finally some sense out of Mr S.Swamy who said Pakistan should be stripped of MFN status. You said that some time ago too Prasun.

joydeep ghosh said...

Prasun da

the points raised by fmr RAW chief Dulat are valid with regards to Kashmir,

i think he mirrors exactly what i said before that once both sides take hardline stance it becomes impossible to turn back for any of them.

your favorite wipping bag :-) Ajai Shukla/Broadsword says IA may use Brahmos in cross LoC strike, is it ever thinkable. he also says IA moved 155 mm guns close to border.

Brahmos reminds me that Livefist/Shiv Aroor says it will have a 900 km range, is it viable and if true whats the use of Nirbhay missile then


Joydeep Ghosh

Anup said...

Dear Sir,

As per your comment to kill Ayman al-Zawahiri in Karachi..
India truly allow US to do it.And reaction from Pakistan if India allow US.

Shankar said...

Dear Sir

You yourself in your Post After Surgical strikes had written
about Field Artillerry Assaults in various sectors

You can check your Article

Similarly it is well known that Bofors Guns and 120 MM Mortars
were used when there was a near Two month conflict after September 29
Surgical Strikes

So Now Please also tell us that How many Pakistanis
we will kill for our Revenge to be done

SUVO said...

Thanks for your as usual detailed article.
Eagerly waiting for retribution.

Meanwhile ambulance service for cow in Lucknow started.


Sir you said in nov 2009 blogpost that you will upload MiG-29 versus F-16C close combat capability analysis by General Dynamic... I could not find it can you once again upload those presentations or if you have uploaded pl let me know time period of upload

Rajesh Mishra said...

Pakistani army and terrorists are doing their job. We should do our job i.e. kill them more and more.

Xeno said...

1) What's this for-

2) Vietnam manufacturing Anti-Stealth Radars under ToT! J-20 fighter reaching maturity?

3) Interesting developments-

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AMIT BISWAS: 1) No, I’m afraid no one from the political class has as yet realized the OBJECTIVE GROUND REALITIES. Within 15 days of assuming office, the present-day GoI should have 1) ordered a strategic defence review aimed at transforming the minimum credible deterrence posture to one of credible minimum deterrence. 2) Ordered the 3 armed services to formulate joint operations doctrines. Were both these done? NO. Is this present-day taking national security matters seriously? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Had it been serious, a new full-time Defence Minister would have been in place by now. Is this GoI in possession of an articulated over-arching national narrative? DEFINITELY NOT. And that’s because it as well as all other mainstream political parties does not even understand how to diagnose the problem. As a result, we have flawed diagnosis like these:

You will realise that while both are mentioning ‘talks’ with the disaffected Kashmiris, NONE of them are addressing the moot point, which is, political autonomy can NEVER be the solution for a trunciated J & K State. And that’s because when the Indian Constitution guaranteed political autonomy, it was for the entire undivided J & K & this was so because the rights of ALL the stakeholders of undivided J & K needed safeguards, i.e. those for Sunnis, Shias, Buddhists & those who call themselves Hindus. Of all these stakeholders, only the Ladakhis have secured Autonomous Hill Council status while the Sunnis & Shias cannot unless & until PoK inclusive of Gilgit & Baltistan bare reunited with J & K State. Thus, those who are advocating autonomy for J & K as it now exists are deliberately misleading the Indian public for reasons best known to themselves. As for the affected residents of Kashmir Valley, how come those very stone-pelters are more than willing to join the IA in the tens of thousands? If they had genuine political greviences, they should have been conscientious enough to shun such institutions. But they’re not, indicating the problem lies elsewhere, i.e. they want ‘Mukti’ (liberation) from their existing environment. It is just that in Urdu & Kashmiri languages there isn’t a word for Mukti & hence the youth are using the second-best available word, which is ‘Azaadi’. This becomes crystal-clear when you hear the youth of Kashmir in this programme:

2) Read my previous thread in which the intervals between the beheadings & revenge killings are clearly explained. 3) Both AESA radars have similar performance parameters. 4) Work is progressing as scheduled on developing the 1st prototype of the Tejas Mk.1A. 4A) No way. 5) Not possible, as I’m far too busy with my recce taskings. 6) Conformal or pod-mounted IRST sensor will only increase drag & curtail the Tejas Mk.1A’s agility. THE USAF & USN find podded IRST sensors useful since their target5s are the Russian bombers like Tu-95 & Tu-22M2. 7) T/R element quantum never dictates any AESA-MMR’s versatility. 8) Captor-E is already ready & flight-qualified. Delayed integration with Meteor BVRAAM has nothing to do with Captor-E. 9) Why should Sweden approve Saab’s takeover by any foreign company/country? 1) F-16 versus MiG-29 comparative operating parameters hasn’t been uploaded anywhere as yet.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIERRE ZORIN: Rest assured that NO single-engined MRCA of foreign design will be procured to supplement the Tejas Mk.1A. Why? Because of the inevitable financial impossibility, nothing else.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: Both Dulat & Narayanban are living in cuckooland enjoying their post-retirement life. That’s why they’re spectacularly unaware of the objective ground realities. And why the hell should India develop a 1,000km-range missile if the BrahMos-1 can already attain 900lm? That’s the question you should pose to those ‘Bandalbaazes’ who are making such outrageous claims.

To ANUP: Why not? The UN resolutions explicitly call upon for India & the US to do so.

To SHANKAR: You, it seems, lack an eye for detail. This is what I had stated last September: Shortly after dusk on Sptember 28, the IA’s light field artillery and mortar strikes at locations inside PoK, like Bandala, Samahni and Tatta Pani, from locations like Mankote, Balnoi and Nangi Tekri in the Krishna Ghati sector, and from Richhmar Gali in Tangdhar sector. The diversionary laying of light field artillery and mortar strikes at locations inside PoK, like Bandala, Samahni and Tatta Pani sent the PA into a tizzy and it has yet to recover from this common-sensical shock-and-awe tactics.

Not a word about any 130mm or 105mm or 155mm field artillery howitzers. What was used were Bofors L-60 & L-70 cannons in direct-firing mode. And why are you craving for revenge? Leave it to the IA to extract revenge. Why this hyper-ventilatiion whenj it comes to seeking vengeance? Why does such hyper-ventilation never surface when the country is bereft of a full-time RM? Where is the hyper-ventilation when, instead of educating Indian citizens of all the barbaric atrocities of the PA in Baramulla & Skardu & Poonch that were committed in 1947/1948, the present-day GoI decides to spend time & resources on churning out Aadhar UID cards for cows? So, just as this GoI has got all its priorities upside-down, you too seem to have fallen victim to this rope-trick. Hence, before you seek revenge, you should first access whether or not this GoI understands the meaning of revenge, leave alone the ways & means of seeking it.

To RON: Another surgiucal strike will only bring about more beheadings. This is not about disciplining a spoilt child through spanking. Therefore, expect more BAT attacks:

And see for yourself these despicable politicians contradicting each other:

And A K Antony is having memort losses now, when he says the only BAT attack during UPA-2’s rule was in 2013. As my previous thread explained, the first such attack during UPA’s rule took place in mid-2011.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUVO: VMT. Also, when these ‘desi netas’ visit Kedarnath, they seem to be making all the song-n-dance about nonsensical rituals, while paying scant attention to the science behind such structures. It’s all explained here:

Like I had observed earlier, it’s all about misplaced priorities.

Very interesting video-clips uploaded last night:

India's Tryst with Space:

PA’s COAS Met Iran’s Foreign Minister

Iran-KSA Tensions

Anonymous said...


1) If GoI has not initiated the transformation from minimum credible deterrence to credible minimum deterrence, would MIRV testing on Agni-5 and development of longer range SLBM continue to be stalled without GoI sanction ?

2) Could those advising `dialogue with separatists' be beholden to inimical interests rather than just confused people ?



Sir what about the LHD queries??

Anonymous said...

how do you detect movements of people wearing Ghillie Suit? is IA using obcelete thermal imagers in LOC?


Anonymous said...

when will HAL be getting 1st prototype of this bird? explain about new turbofan goes under this bird and next gen materials used like ceramics? is it even compared to western counterparts?


Anonymous said...

I am constantly surprised why we give them a super status. Look at all this talk of BATs. We have just as capable troops. Our recon units, our para's. We all this coverage, we simply put ourselves under pressure, why?

Those that want conflict, please go and fight, like their jehadis. Show your courage, where it matters, on the field not in cyberspace. If there is war, even if it remains to J&K, expect 1000's of dead. LoC is a war zone, all reports from there suggest that their troops are well prepared and equipped. That is not our biggest problem. It is that we are losing the J&K people. The younger generation are more like the pakis and every year the conflict continues, it will be the case even more.

Prasun sir would love to have your thoughts on how you would resolve this issue of winning the hearts and Minds in J&K?



Prasun da,
What do you think about this::

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AVIRAL SINGH Those living in Pakistan sent $4.90 billion to India, $4.79 billion the previous year and $4.67 billion the year before that, according to the World Bank. People in Pakistan sent almost $5 billion to India in 2014, according to World Bank estimates, making it one of the largest sources of remittances to the world’s second-most-populous country. The number is astonishingly high considering direct remittances between the rival countries are highly restricted. What makes the estimate more incredible is that the World Bank says it happens regularly and the amount sent to India is going up. Indian globe-trotters aren’t piling into Pakistan to work on code or construction, in fact only a few thousand Indians go to work in Pakistan each year. The Reserve Bank of India estimates that only around $1 million was remitted to India from Pakistan through official channels in the year ended March 2015. Pakistan is home to more than 1.4 million people who were born in India. However, these immigrants are not your traditional non-resident Indians. They are a remnant of partition when colonial India was split and millions of people moved as they picked a country or were kicked out and displaced by violence. The World Bank attributes a large slice of India’s annual remittance income to Pakistan because there is such a large group of India-born citizens there. The money also flows the other way, according to the bank’s model, as there are around 1.1 million Pakistan-born people living in India. The World Bank estimates Pakistan received remittances of more than $2 billion from India. The billions of dollars flying back and forth between the two countries are from the same place as the rest of the world’s remittances: family and friends supporting each other across borders.

To RON: Any thermal imager can look through dust & smoke, but not through mist or fog. New turbofan will be available ONLY AFTER it has obtained its certificate of airworthiness.

To SIDDHARTH: If India's going to lose South Kashmir, then why is the IA carrying out combing operations there in the apple orchards? Why not just leave it as it is?

To XENO: That's an anti-radar drone, similar to the HARPY from IAI. After IAI refused to refit & upgrade the HARPYs that were sold to the PLA in the late 1980s, the PLA decided to have them reverse-engineered & cloned.

SUVO said...

Watch this. specially from 3.14 to 5.50

His body language speaks the truth.

Xeno said...

Check these

‘Voices from the Belt and Road'

Indian tech firm pledges to hire 10,000 US workers

Buddha's Birthday celebrated in China

US immigration policy to hit IT industry in India

I hope you have fun reading the comments section. Totally decimated the chinese state propaganda. All thanks to you (& China Uncensored)

Xeno said...

Regarding the mystery drone, Chinese forums saying it can fire torpedoes/missiles for large surface/maritime target. Why should such a low flying drone be a anti-radar drone? How will it get the targeting cues?

Xeno said...

By the way of all these and by the fact that information is such a big part of Hybrid Warfare, I hope that the concerned ministry of GoI recruits a dedicated wing to counter all the dis-information and the propaganda being spread by China and Pakistan. And that informed "Desi" junta, should contribute towards it, in their free time.

Sidharth said...

Prasun da,

Who will be the end user - Tavor or IWI ACE (7.62 x 51 mm) will be the standard issue assault rifle for Indian Army.

Anonymous said...

Does our IB and RAW and MI sleeping or what? Why didn't they do anything till now? why cant CERTin,NTRO,R&AW stop broadcasting this channels without even JK govt knowing? allowing seamlessly making this state as breeding ground for extremists,fundamentalists.


SK said...


1) The four LPD's cleared by MOD to be built by the Private shipyards be it L&T or Reliance the delivery date quoted in the news report is 8 years from date of order and thereafter one vessel delivery every 2 years. Is this correct ? If it is true then a 8 Year delivery period is very long. That too when L&T has built a very modern shipyard with modular construction.

2) Which platforms can be expected for the aviation component of these LHD's and in what configuration.

Anonymous said...

COMAC's C919


from Ind perspective with growing regional connectivity(UDAN)kick started with whom should we partner from which we can gain economically and strategically?Ruskies or Chinese?


G.Nirodh Kumar said...

Should India have considered this instead of the Embraer?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SATYAKI: 1) Why should developmental work on MIRVs, ICBMs & SLBMs be stopped or stalled? I see no reason for such stoppages. 2) No one is advising dialogue with separatists like those belonging to the APHC because the separatists have nothing to do with the on-going agitations.

To ANTHONY: Before hearts & minds can be won, mental de-toxification should take place & this can only be achieved through hard power, i.e. force. It should be made clear that only the State has the monopoly over the application of violence—that’s a universal rule followed by all welfare states. A perfect example of this was witnessed in Mathura last year when the writ of the state was challenged & the state responded with full force against all those non-Muslim anarchists. Although the Hindu Pandits have been forcefully evicted from Kashmir Valley, how many of them have resorted to stone-pelting in order to show their anger or dissatisfaction? Clearly this idea of ‘Intifada’ has been imported from outside India & it must be made clear to everyone that every Intifada will suffer the same fate as those Intifadas that have been launched since the late 1980s in the West Bank of Israel. And no one will be there to shed any tears. And it is also very true that Mehbooba Mufti is a ‘softie’ who has constantly shied away from taking the tough steps necessary for re-establishing the writ of the law of the land & that’s why there is bound to be a coup within the PDP. Leading to a change in party leadership. At the same time, the GoI should evolve a counter-narrative that should show the Pakistani Muslim tribal raiders had plundered & burnt Baramulla & Skardu in 1947/1948 & how China treats its Muslim citizens in Xinjiang. That will teach the ignorant Kashmiris several things about what torture really means, what de-humanisation is all about, & what awaits them in case they want to break free from India while havinf delusions about political independence. It is time to show them all the true predatory nature of China & Pakistan.

To SUVO: LoLz! On one hand he claims to be an Islamic scholar & on the other his soundbytes are the very anti-thesis of everything that Islam stands for. No wonder this arsehole is not even invited nowadays to any mainstream TV channel of Pakistan.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To XENO: Well done! Keep it up! WRT drones, I don’t go by what others claim or feel about such hardware & instead I tend to rely more on what the hardware’s OEM says because that’s authentication for me. Nor is it a low-flying drone, as proven by the peculiar design if its air-intake above the airframe. It is thus a loitering attack drone with a top-attack flight-profile in its terminal flight stage.

To SIDDHARTH: The SOF elements of the 3 armed services as well as the Cobra Battalions & Assam Rifles & ITBP. One one hand that ‘desi’ reporter claims such IWI-supplied weapons are not being used by the armed forces, but only by the paramilitary forces, & then on the other is the claim that such weapons were used in the corss-LoC raid last September! Does this reporter mean to say that these cross-LoC raids were carried out by paramilitary forces??? That should tell you how stupid & inattentive these reporters are!!!

To RON: Everyone concerned knows about it. That’s why Iran’s PRESS TV was banned in J & K in 2011 itself. Its Mehbooba Mufti who has prevented the crackdown on these cable TV operators. Hence her own partyfolk are plotting against here & want her removed as the PDP’s leader. Neither C-919 or MC-21, because both of them will take years to be certified by FAA or EASA & India’s DGCA does not recognise airworthiness certifications of China & Russia for commercial aircraft. If one wants regional commuter aircraft for regional connectivity, then better to go for RUAG Aviation’s Dornier Do-328/Do-338 variants. Watch these:



To SK: That news-report is totally wrong & therefore highly misleading. Any LPH (not LHD or LPD) will be reqd to host at least 6 12-tonne NMRHs, meaning either H-92 Superhawk or AW-101.

To G.NIRODH KUMAR: I had written about it here:

A far better option for the NETRA AEW & CS platform would have been the Bombardier 5000.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

IN RFI for WECDIS for Submarine:

IAF RFI for 7.62 SLR & UBGL:


IAF RFI for 9mm Pistol:


IAF RFI for Armoured Vehicles:

And this was the Op-Ed that was blanked out yesterday in Pakistan:

Meanwhile, it is now crystal-clear that Pakistan has thrown its lot with KSA & this is now definitely an anti-Shia alliance. Consequently, cross-border shelling along the Iran-Pakistan border has been on the increase as Pakistan has refused to hand over to Iran those Iranians who are the surviving leaders of Jundullah & its offshoots. Now expect Iran to use its resources for arming the Shias of Gilgit-Baltistan & attacking the Sunni settlers of Pakistani origin in that region & by July this year one will see high-intensity sectarian strife breaking out there, thereby stretching the PA throughout PoK, while the IA begins a sustained AirLand campaign of destroying terrorist sanctuaries deep inside PoK. China & Russia, both of which are eager to court both India Iran since Delhi & Teheran are big spenders & lucrative markets for both Moscow & Beijing, will therefore take a step back & watch this unfolding bloodbath.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Meanwhile, the PAF will investigate corruption involving several hardware procurements since the year 2000:

I know for sure that corruption had occurred in 5 deals, 1 involving the US & 2 involving Italy & 1 each involving Indonesia & Sweden. These are:

In 2002 the PAF added four CASA CN-235-220s to its inventory. The deal for the aircraft was finalised in June 2001 at a cost of $49 million with Indonesian Aerospace (PT Dirgantara Indonesia), which makes CASA CN-235-220 under license from Spain. Earlier, in May 1998, the Nawaz Sharif government had dropped plans of buying 10 CN-235s from Turkey due to financial constraints.

24 Falco (Hawk) tactical UAVs were bought from Leonardo/Selex ES in January 2007.

The MBDA-supplied 25km-range Spada-2000 Plus SHORADS using semi-active fire-control guidance for base air-defence. Ordered in 2007 at a cost of 415 million Euros, all 10 batteries (inclusive of 750 Aspide-2000 missiles) were delivered by 2013. In addition, a product-support facility was established by MBDA and the PAF in 2009 in Karachi. The first Battery became operational in February 2010.

In June 2006, the PAF ordered four Saab 2000 AEW & CS platforms and two Saab 2000 executive transport aircraft. The first such platform became operational in late 2009, followed by three more in 2010. All four ex-Air France Saab 2000s were refurbished prior to being converted into AEW & C. Also delivered were up to six ground receiving stations. Saab is providing an ILS for these six aircraft for a 35-year period. The Skr6.9 billion order for these four platforms was placed in June 2006 under Project Horizon, but the contract was renegotiated in May 2007 and its value was reduced by Skr1.35 billion. The first aircraft was delivered on December 8, 2009, with the second following on April 24 April last year.

In December 1988, Pakistan ordered 11 additional F-16A/B Block 15 OCU (Operational Capability Upgrade) aircraft (6 x A and 5 x B models) under the Peace Gate III programme. These aircraft were purchased as attrition replacements and fully paid for, In September 1989, plans were announced by Pakistan to acquire 60 more F-16A/Bs. A contract was signed in the same year under the Peace Gate IV Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme, for the delivery of 60 F-16s for $1.4 billion or approximately $23 million a piece. By March 1994, 11 of these F-16s had been built and were directly flown into the Sonoran desert where they joined the 11 Peace Gate III aircraft in storage. A further six aircraft were stored by the end of 1994, so that a total of 17 aircraft (7 F-16As and 10 F-16Bs) of the Peace Gate IV order are now stored. A stop-work order affected the remaining 43 F-16s of the Peace Gate IV contract. Thus, a total of 28 F-16s were embargoed by the US despite receiving a hefty price of $685 million. These were eventually delivered only in 2007.

What must be noted is that the deal for the 28 F-16s and the six Saab 2000 aircraft were financed 90% by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For instance, out of the $685 million for the 28 F-16s, $500 million came from Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...


1) Development work inside the relevant labs of MIRV/ICBM/SLBM may continue, but testing could be stalled.

2) There are reports that the recent Agni-II test was unsuccessful. Could this be because the low rate of testing allows quality control problems to go undetected ?


Kaustav said...

Exchange Offer - Gigit Bautistan (etc...Haji Pir, Chicken Neck) to India for gifting Tawang to China....Inc in a Lifetime Offer....Underwritten by retired Chinese and Indian high officials......lolwaa

Xeno said...

Belt and Road pipelines in Myanmar come with social projects

Pierre Zorin said...

In your answer re: the AEW&C platform you referred to your old article that is the Gulfstream aircraft not Bombardier 5000. Do you mean Bombardier 5000 would have been an even better platform? You also said in that old article the IN were ordering the G550 as proven platform - what happened? I don't remember IN receiving any?

Pierre Zorin said...

Mehbooba Mufti will be a softie - what else do you expect from BOOBs!LOLLZZZZ



Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Excellent Analysis of President Erdogan's India Visit:

Pratap said...

Sir, Pakis are having border clashes with all 3 neighbours - India, Iran & Afghanistan. I think time has come for Iran, Afghanistan and India to develop common understanding on this and spank Pakistan together in future.

Rafale-lover said...

1.What's your say on this interesting development:
I though Russia-China were Bhai-Bhai.But this development says something different.

2.People were expecting that Qamar Bajwa would be pro-India cause he worked with ex-COAS Bikram Singh in Congo.What changed his attitude.

3.I noted one thing that Armies which use American weapons do have better Kill:Casualty ratio then those who use Russian. For example,Afghan Army do use American weapons and Indian Army use Russian weapons but ANCA does have less causality then IA in fights.Why so?

4.Why recent Agni-2 test failed?

5.What's your choice on INSAS replacement out-of these two: Galil ACE or Ak-12?

6. You wrote in your one of the old article about KGB's activities in India in past.
You mentioned a book "The Mitrokhin Archive Volume II: The KGB and the World."So how many volumes do exist which are written by Vasili Mitrokhin, a former senior archivist of the USSR’s civilian intelligence agency, the KGB?

Pierre Zorin said...

Bandalbaaz mentions Chinese Ambassador in a very accommodating mood. If what the guy said is true, it has to be the first when China denied putting Pakistan first, mentions Simla agreement and acknowledges China's response to the Dalai Lama visit was hot headed. Do you think India's current policy of not bowing down to China is paying off and a clever mercantile country has decided India offers a better economic benefit to China than Pakistan's friendship on ideological grounds over NEFP which is in a way very energy sapping for China as Pakistan offers nothing in return? This of course doesn't mean China would disown Pakistan but I think being cornered by the US-Japan-Australia and concerned ASEAN nations and Russia vying for prospective Chinese market they might have rethought their foreign policy. From the China Uncensored programme not sure how accurate it is- apparently Zian Zemin was very pro Pak and N Korea and had corrupt cronies all over which this guy Xi Jin Ping is battling with. In fact it is believed Zemin started North's N programme. I personally think North Korea is bluffing. The so called ICBM is a display only model with nothing inside and the sabre rattling is very akin to Saddam Hussein where the Coalition were apprehensive of the Republican guards and Chem weapons - turns out within 48 hours there was total riot!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SATYAKI: 1) I don’t see how. 2) Agni-2 is already being junked in favour of Agni-4.

To PIERRE ZORIN: Plans for acquiring the G-550 AEW & CS were cancelled in 2009 itself, 6 months after this platform was showcased during the Aero India 2009 expo.

To RAFALE-LOVER: 1) I had always stated that Russia shares an uneasy relationship with China because China, through its North Korean footsoldiers, has since the early 1990s stolen lots of Soviet-era IPRs from the Far East & this all the North Korean ballistic missiles one now sees bear a remarkable resemblance to Soviet-era BMs. 2) No one was expected that. Everyone had said last year that 1 person at the top cannot transform an institution’s mindset. 3_ Totally wrong. Both Vietnam & India used USSR-origin weapons to inflict very high casualties on their enemies during wartime. 4) Because it is an obsolete system. 5) the 7.62 Ghaatak. 6) Kindly Google it up. Make friends with Google.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AMIT BISWAS: LoLz! Such ‘recce sorties’ are not confined to ‘hostile territories’, but cover the entire IOR as well due to the steadily changing situational dynamics. Take, for instance, the 39-member Islamic military alliance, whose terms of reference are still yet to be disclosed. Yet, it had been decided way back in early 2016 itself that Raheel Sharif would be heading it & thus when he was offered a 1-year extension as COAS, he refused it because what he was asking for was the conferment of the rank of Field Marshal. His request was accepted & since the Saudis have plenty of favours to be returned by Pakistan due to the various IOUs extended by the Saudis to Pakistan since the early 1990s, Pakistan today has no choice but to support Saudi Arabia’s impending land invasion of Yemen. All Pakistani TV channels are now wailing & whining about it, but it’s too late. Pakistan has deliberately decided to support Saudi Arabia, which in turn means working against Iran.

Crown Prince Says Saudi Arabia Hates Iran Because of Imam Mahdi:

KSA Preparing To Invade Yemen:
KSA Forces Enter Bahrain:

Also to be noted is that when President Hassan Rouhani undertook his first foreign trip of the Iranian New Year, it was to Pakistan, which began March 25, 2016 & he was then accompanied by the head of Iran’s central bank, the governor of Sistan-Baluchistan province, and the foreign, interior, industry, energy and health ministers. But his 4-day trip was cut short to 2 days when Gen Raheel Sharif, through the ISPR, tweeted about his complaint to Rouhani about the Kulbhushan Jadhav incident—meaning the Gen did this at the specific behest of the Saudis, who had biught over the Gen as well by then. So how has Iran retaliated? Firstly, it has encouraged Gulbaddin Hekmatyar, who was in self-imposed exile in Teheran, to go back to Afghanistan in order to neutralise the Afghan Taliban & ISIS. Secondly, it has ratcheted up tensions with Pakistan in Sistan-Baluchistan & is also encouraging Afghanistan to do so (i.e. the Chaman cross-border firings). Next will come the increased sectarian clashes in PoK’s Gilgit-Baltistan areas.

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Such strife is inevitable because of the prophecies made by the Holy Prophet Mohd that were recorded in the Hadiths. Unlike the Qur'an the Hadiths were not quickly and concisely compiled during and immediately after Prophet Mohd’s life. Hadiths were evaluated & gathered into large collections during the 8th and 9th centuries. In the Sunni branch of Islam, the canonical hadith collections are the six books while in the Shi'a branch of Islam, the canonical hadith collections are the four books

The Shias believe that at the end of the times for non-Muslims, that they should prepare the world for the coming of the Imam Mahdi (also known as Muhammad al Mahdi) who would establish genuine Islamic rule. Apocalyptic Muslims have long believed that the appearance of Mahdi would coincide with a civil war in the lands of Sham [Syria], which will destroy the country. In addition, Iraq will be in engulfed with domestic militia wars. They also believe that other non-Muslims in Europe, Ukraine and Russia will become vulnerable to Muslims and Islamic rulers. The Shiite clerics of Iran believe that Mahdi is the child of Muhammad, the “hidden Imam” and the 12th Imam. They argue that Muhammad al Mahdi was born thousands of years ago and disappeared to reappear later when certain signs emerge. The Holy Prophet’s prophecies can be read here:

Interestingly, the prophecies deal only with the 3 Abrahammical faiths: Judaism, Christianity & Islam & therefore the prophecised conflicts are limited to Europe, the Caucacus & portions of Russia, the Middle East & Central Asia. Thus, nothing will happen east of the River Indus & Sindhu River & the Holy Prophet too considered areas east of the Hindukush mountain ranges to be paradise.

So, if the Saudi-led military forces invade Yemen by June-July without UNSC authorisation & Iran retaliates by sponsoring high-intensity sectarian strife, Iran will not like to be at the mercy of a Pakistan armed with nuclear WMDs. And only 3 countries can help Iran: Russia by supplying advanced weapons to Iran, China by continuing to keep Iran supplied with consumer products & services, & India by continuing to purchase Iranian crude & above all by launching high-intensity military campaigns throughout the LoC & WB between early July till late September—more than enough time to recapture PoK while preventing Pakistan from engaging in nuclear blackmail in the region. So, as you can see, I have my hands full for the next 4 months.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV: Hold on, reserve your judgements until you see this:

North Korea Warns China:

Now by all means laugh to your heart's content!

Anonymous said...


Then why go for a test of A-2 after 2 and a half yrs if it is being junked in any case ?


Satya said...

I cant believe you are basing your prediction on Quran and Hadiths. You have often dissed Hinduism and Shri Ram in your replies. Why so much affection for barbaric and violent ideology like Islam?

nag said...

As usual you were bang on target regarding cpec and pak army moral.

Anonymous said...

So you say, India will recapture PoK by September this year? Grabbing PoK(if somehow we did it) isn't going to reduce terrorism.... On the contrary, they would intensify fact of the matter is... India will never be able to lay hands on PoK and Pakistan will never be able to lay hands on IhK
The sooner we realize this, the sooner will peace bloom and prosperity pervade in South Asia



1. Sir do you think think this islamic alliance has any teeth to show???

2. Also what would be the role of russies , chinkies and uncle sam in it and yes israeli bhais in this yemen playground for sunnis...

3. Some low intensity conflicts may be expected but I do not believe GOI will mandate IA to capture POK without expecting retaliation from PA or some mischievous act of chinkies...

【 Do u still believe the pheku gang really have balls to act rather than react 】....

In this regard no other than indira gandhi to be respected for her role in 71 , 77, 84 roles...


6.suppose the campaign itself starts what will be the role of IAF AND IN in it.

7. Any news from recce of Gobi desert and Tibetan plateau areas

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIERRE ZORIN: LoLz! In such matters there is always a quid pro quo. Let me explain what was NOT said/mentioned:

1) He recommended striving for “an early harvest on the border issue while maintaining peace and tranquillity in the border areas”. (as part of it, China wants India to cede territory in Aksai Chin & also surrender the Tawang Tract).

2) aligning China’s “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) initiative with India’s “Act East Policy”, and restarting talks on a China-India Free Trade Agreement. (this is meant to provide the much-needed business activity for the ‘white elephant’ projects at the Colombo & Hambantota container transhipment terminals).

3) The envoy suggested that the two sides agree to demarcate the Sino-Indian border in Sikkim. (This will enable China to fence the Sino-Indian border in that area so that Tibetans fleeing TAR are unable to enter India through Sikkim seek refuge in India, since China has already completely fenced the border with Nepal).

4) If Indian friends find the name of the CPEC improper, I personally think we could change it into the China-Pakistan-India Economic Corridor or South Asian Economic Corridor”. (India was NEVER against CPEC. She is only against the usage of PoK territory for implementing CPEC).

Ram Bharadwaj said...

Prasun is it true that India is on the verge of signing an agreement with Russia in the FGFA

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

Since you have a sound knowledge of the Islamic Hadiths does it mention anything about India's future & that of China ? I did go through the link that you had provided but could not find any information related to India or China.

Hope you are doing good.



Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Rafale-lover said...

1.Do you believe Aliens exist? I mean you posted UFO-related links above.
2.Just a layman's question, but do you think "Illuminati" exist consisting of 13 families who control whole world?If so,then what can we do?
3.You wrote an article in past saying that India's economy is going towards a trouble. What's current situation? I mean, personally I feel that when we did reforms in 1991, something has changed.Don't know what but when I look at pre-91's India,I came to know that people were more happy with their own country then today were our population is victim of unhappiness at their own country.Even lower then Bhutan, Pakistan and BD. Can you explain?

Gd said...

Hi Prasoon,
As you predicted...

buddha said...
things are pretty bad on western part of pakistan........retaliation is expected soon...

Jay said...

Hi Prasun, regarding the P-75I contract what are the next steps. I remember reading about the annexure in your article about the N-reactor deal with Russia and then for the 6 follow-on SSNs post Yasen-class (quite revolutionary).

So does it constitute the P-75I requirement. IN is already behind its needs considering the upcoming sub retirements and additional 2-front scenarios.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SATYAKI: Beats me. It was yet another waste of the Indian taxpayer’s money.

To Anon@12.24PM: Well, in India & for Indians, the far-fetched often become the reality. Maybe that’s why most Indians are perpetually at the Almighty’s doorsteps asking for favours, instead of making use of their own integral hardware (brain), soiftware (intellect) & user manuals (various holy scriptures).

To SATYA: Why are you equating a prophecy with barbariarism oir violence? The Bhagwad Gita too was revealed on a battlefield before the outbreak of all-out war, so does that mean it preaches or glorifies violence? If yes, then it is nothing but a twisted & perverted weay of thinking. As for the Ramayan, to me it is nothing but a gigantic soap-opera that never had any religious sanctity & that’s why whenever the PM gifts ancient texts to his foreign counterparts, he always goes for the Bhagwad Gita, & nothing else. Then there’s the controversy about which of the Ramayanas is true: the one from Valmiki or the one from Tulsidas. Ultimately there’s the claim from Thailand that the real birthplace of Rama is Ayyuthya in present-day Thailand. So by all means the delusional entities like Messrs. Uma Bharti & Co are more than welcomne to declare war against Thailand!

And as I had explained several times before, one has to distinguish between religion & its diluted forms like sects & cults. It is all explained here:

When one is unable to do so, then spiritual/intellectual/material regression sets in & the resultant end-product is this:

And this:

And this:

And when it is all beyond control, folks prefer to turn a blind eye & instead seek solace in this:

To NAG: VMT. Here are 2 recent ground-reports on how well (or how bad) the situation inside FATA is today:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ALOK: It took the PA 7 years after 1971 to regain its composure & similarly the losses of hige chunks of territory once again will reduce the PA to a pathetic state in deep trauma. What you are referring to use only application of military force, whereas what I am referring to is application of military power, i.e. 2 distinct opposites. You need to learn from Afghanistan that can draw a firm line & decide that there can never be enduring reconciliation with irreconcilables. Only after this realisation dawns in can practical steps be taken to neutralise the enemy for good—something which India has NEVER been able to achieve since 1948.

To AMIT BISWAS: 1) Having the teeth or the bark doesn’t mean that it’s possible to bite as well. 2) Everything so far has transpired just as the Prophet had prophecised. Thus there are reasonable grounds to believe that the rest of his prophecies will come true. 3) China has already become sober & wants a share of India’s economic wealth. Leave alone the GoI, it is the people of India through its Parliament that had mandated the recapture of PoK way back in February 1994. 4) In every conventional war scenario that has been wargamed even by the US, the end-result has always been the same: the PA had been decisively defeated. How can India-registered aircraft be hijacked & from where? No repeat of 26/11 will take place as the western coastlines have already been secured. 6) Everyone will pitch in. 7) News is flowing in twice every day from all possible fronts/theatres.

To VIKRAM GUHA: As I had explained yesterday, thr Prophet considered the lands east of the Hindukush mountain range as being akin to paradise. That’s because the Prophet was a merchant/trader by profession & he had visited India by sea quite a few times in his lifetime, mostly to the ports of Dwaraka in Gujarat & possibly Bhatkal in Karnataka & Cochin in Kerela. India & central/eastern China will remain unaffected, because In India Sufism prevails & Sufism is nothing but the same as the civilisational treaty that was worked out by the Muslims & non-Muslims during the Prophet’s time in Medina & Mecca. But there will be violent upheaval in Xinjiang since it traditionally has been a part of Central Asia.

To RAFALE-LOVER: 1) leave alone me, the Mahabharata itself states that there are 2,000 planets in our Galaxy alone that host intelligent life. 2) No, I don’t believe in this conspiracy theory. 3) The situation is quite bad. All it takes is someone like Rahul ‘Pappu’ Gandhi, Jayanti Natarajan & Jairam Ramesh to do some fiddling & there repercussions are terrible, as explained here:

If folks were more happy in the pre-1991 era then what explains the large-scale migration of Anglo-Indians to Australia & Canada in this period? What explains the large-scale migration of Sikhs to Canada & the UK? Why were there more insurgencies in that period? Does all this indicate that people inside India were more happy then?

To BUDDHA: Watch these:

UFOs over India:

Future of Afghan National Army:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BUDDHA: Now now reading this book:

The Los Angeles Air Raid on February 24/25, 1942 opened an unprecedented chapter in the evolution of the US Navy. In response to this incident, a covert research program to investigate the feasibility of exotic antigravity propulsion technologies was developed. In addition, Navy operatives were embedded in Nazi occupied Europe to learn about the Germans' advanced flying saucer programs, and they discovered the Nazis were receiving assistance from two extraterrestrial groups with very different agendas. The debriefing of the operatives took place at Naval Air Station, San Diego, led by Rear Admiral Rico Botta. He instructed a -Disseminator of Naval Research and Information-, William Tompkins, to take confidential briefing packets to select think tanks, corporations and university departments around the country. Later, Tompkins worked with a number of leading aerospace companies to design massive spacecraft for a secret U.S. Navy space program, and was fatefully assisted by extraterrestrial visitors described as -Nordics-. An extensive number of documents substantiate Tompkins' claims of the existence of a covert Navy program created to study, design and build deep space battle groups. They became operational in the 1980's.

Kaustav said...

LOLWAA & More Prasunda, More incentive & sage advice from retired Cheeni diplomats for lily livered Indian strategists...

Take back Gilgit-Baltistan etc. from Pakistan and free membership offer of CHINA INDIA PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR.

Ofcourse Tawang shall have to be gift packed for Chinese silence while India tries to get back territory in POK. (Guiding Chinese philosophy of What is ours is ours (Aksai Chin, etc.) What is yours (Tawang) and what you want (Pok)
can always be discussed...Chinese Win Win philosphy.) If India had any strategic balls, we would have demanded a DMZ in Tibet with free cross border trade and people to people flow between India and Tibet on traditional grounds of Kailash and shared Indo-Tibetan cultural affinity. But then India hardly dare propose while China freely disposes.

Pawan said...

Dear Prasun da,

Thanks for showing true picture to Satya and many others including me.

I am really pained that while under UPA it was Islamisation+corruption creeping in now its hindu version of same is making in-roads in Govt functioning.. Unless something is done this will ensure that we go nowhere as far economic and spiritual progress is concerned.

I am sure If Krishna be alive today his next Mahabharata would against these so called Hindutva etc . Same way if Mohammad come back on earth his first jIhad would be against all so called muslim countries from Pak to Iran to KSA.

Also I am slowly realising may be why so called immortal spirituals being living in Himalayas or else don't interfere in this non-sense.


Sudipta said...

Historically just like other civilizations we were supported by Devas/Angels/Aliens. So why did they stop supporting the Indians now (They are supporting USA). Is it because we pray them as god for our personal gain only and not for society or humanity.

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
Will PAKFA be the next major acquisition for IAF putting to rest further orders of Rafale and single engine fighters?

Is AMCA be going to be a reality? What is the update on it as on today?

I searched on Google but no real information on Ghaatak 7.62*51 could be obtained except some writeups and YouTube on 7.62 *39 version which has been issued to Kerala and Karnataka police. Can you share complete data and image of Ghaatak 7.62*51 rifle.

Sanjeev Kumar said...


I am always open to new ideas as all laws are open ended that is subject to modification as new evidence comes up.

The future as prophesized are never fixed but flexible and subject to change according to this book if you believe in spirits?

Laws of the Spirit World

Srinivasa Nanduri said...

Hi Prasun,

You say Chinese have sobered up, but the offer given by Chinese envoy is very superficial and nothing new. What can be according to you a final settlememt of borders for both to agree upon.

Also, can we run away from trade with China. The more India is trying to move away, the more China is trying to grapple us.

One of my malaysian Chinese colleague visiting India during a conversation said India is not ready for final settlement with China and the intellectual smugness with which he was saying negative things about us in a patronizing way really irritated me. They think we do not deserve nsg, and dalai lama is equal to pak terrorists.

How can one change narrative, when our own idiot columnists write articles like this:

Maybe some truth in these articles, but I never see such critical articles about China published anywhere.
Instead of critizing, why don't they offer what solutions they have?

Srinivasa Nanduri

Pratap said...

Sir, would like to know your opinion on this report. Do you think India can benefit if Indian cos acquire Westinghouse?

Anup said...


Finlay,as expected."Iran warns will hit militant 'safe havens' inside Pakistan"

Any update on Project 17A & Project28 remaining 2 ships?

Rafale-lover said...

1. You said in above comments that Islam doesn't have any violent content in it's scriptures.But today if we see,almost whole world except non-Muslim countries are hating Muslims resulting the rise of Ultra-right govts. in all-over west (except France).So what's the reason for so much hate? I mean if we even look at SE-Region,every minority group is oppressed in both BD and Pak. which are Muslim majority country.So don't you think that instead of playing victim card, they should accept their mistakes? (Hope no one takes offense here.It's just a simple question.)

2.There is a very serious problem that 100s of 1000 of Illegal B"Deshis entered India and now they are creating trouble in India.Especially in Assam, WB, Tripura and other NE states.GOI has recently stated that they will seal whole BD border till 2018-19.But how can we identify and deport back all those who already entered and got Aadar Cards or Ration Cards with the help of corrupt officials? What's you suggestion?

3.Do you think like US or Switzerland or other Western countries,we should allow keeping weapons for civilians?

4.Do you think that current Judiciary(Judge) system should be replaced by Jury system just like US?

5.Is Right-to-Recall(which is today in US) a better option for India?

Anonymous said...

you would like to see:

finally got to know tri3b is



is it the beginning of IRAN-PAKISTAN saga of conflicts

SUVO said...

the Game is on.
Iran threatens to cross Pakistan border to hit terrorist safe havens if attacks continue.

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

Thanks for sharing those links related to UFO sightings in India. You probably have noticed this observation (in one of the links that you shared) made by one of the individuals who keeps regular track of UFO sightings:

I’m intrigued by why many sightings are from Rajasthan and West Bengal

Very intriguing indeed.



Xeno said...

Indian Army Retaliates In This Video? Destroys Pakistani Bunker Post BAT Action?

Xeno said...

MOFA: China willing to work with US on a denuclearized Korean Peninsula

Bird's-eye view of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

China-Pakistan joint venture facilitating energy development in Thar Desert

7,000 people evacuated as record-breaking rainstorm hits south China

Xeno said...

Request the visitor in Mon PKS shrine to "Share your thoughts on the Belt and Road Initiative" Thoughtful persons only.

Xeno said...

Just for gags! Seems people already discussing about me!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JAY: Project 75I is unsustainable & unaffordable—plain & simple. That’s the writing on the wall, just as is the case with this flimsy balloon being floated by many about yet another 4th-generation MRCA to be imported. And those who are floating it stand to gain by raising expectations & making moiney from advertisements/advertorials. The IAF wants more Rafales, wants to re-engine & upgrade its Jaguar IS, wants additional 8 A-50I PHALCON-type AEW & CS, convert 18 of its IL-76MDs into IL-78MKI tankers, wants more CH-47D Chinooks & wants as many Barak-8 MR-SAMs as it can get. Procurements like MANPADS/VSHORADS, MRTTs & Akash-1 SAMs etc etc will be cancelled permanently. Prioritising will now being the buzzword & yesterday the Union FM/RM invited FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM to come together to propose a way out of the logjam WRT strategic industrial partnerships. This is another way of putting the cart before the horse, akin to applying band-aid over gangrene. Unless the fundamental transformative struxtural reforms are first carried out, everything else that’s to be tried out will tantamount to the tail wagging the dog!

To KAUSTAV: VMT, but also do note that before TAR was annexed, it was Xinjiang that was annexed a year earlier & the Indian Trade Mission in Kasghar was forcibly closed. And this former Chinese envoy was also China’s Ambassador to Pakistan. And this is where he made those ludicrous observations:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PAWAN: VMT. AQctually, all this hypocricy about ‘Gau Rakshaks’ is just another ‘dhandhaa’ (money-making business) so that ageing cows can be destined for journeys into Bangladesh can be sold off & a quick buck made. The far deeper malaise is the utter disregard for the law of the land. For instance, take this:

These MLAs & MPs like that grounded/non-flyable retard/nitwit from the Shiv Sena are not even aware of what the laws, rules & regulations of this country are. For instance, this mentally retarded MLA from UP does not know that when he is intimidating a Police officer, he in reality is challenging the authority of India’s President, since all Police officers serve at the pleasure of the President & are therefore not even authorised to salute any civilian official. It is such MLAs & MPs against which criminal cases must be filed & they should be punished with extreme prejudice. No MLA can ever claim he/she is a greater/higher public servant than another public servant like members of law-enforcement agencies.

To VED: What PAK-FA? What FGFA? How will India, for instance, be able to integrate a South Africa/German/Sweden-origin MAWS on to a Russia-origin airframe when Western sanctions imposed on Russia since April 2014 prevent any such Western-origin hardware being sent to Russia for installation on a Russia-origin platform? Similarly, all components whose IPRs are owned by the West can’t be used on India-developed avionics LRUs destined for the FGFA. That’s also the reason why the contract for 2 additional A-50I PHALCONs has been unable to be inked & that’s why the contract for 4 Project 1135.6 Batch-3 FFGs also remains unsigned. All these legal angles have to be examined before taking the next step forward. And I don’t see this happening & therefore the FGFA like the IL-214 MRTA will have to be shelved for the time-being. The IAF therefore will now be free to order more Rafales.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SRINAVASA NANDURI: 1) There cannot be any final settlement strictly as per China’s terms & conditions. 2) It is China that needs India more, & not the other way around. 3) Malaysian Chinese like their Singaporean counterparts in general give a damn about what China thinks or does. Only the Chinese who have settled in East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) are a bit more passionate about links with the PRC. 4) In general, India’s ’desi’ journalists & columnists can at best grasp only 30% of the objective ground realities & hence their distorted conclusions/inferences. Hence they don’t even realise since the day Pakistan’s Constitution & its Article 257 was ratified in 1973, India has been in a state of war with that country. Similarly, administrative autonomy can only be granted to an entire State, & not a trunciated one. This was one of the most critical conclusions of the report prepared by the 2010 panel of interlocutors & that’s why that report remains classified & not in public domain. The conclusion then reached by the Centre was broadly along these lines:

In other words, the trunciated state of J & K cannot enjoy more autonomy than any other state of the Republic of India. But then again, who raised all the false hopes/expectations? None other than A B Vajpayee, who had infamously/shamelessly stated that he would accept a settlement within the boundaries of ‘Insaaniyat’ (humanity), thereby throwing the country’s Constitution into the dustbin by implying that the Constitution was inhuman or biaised against J & K. When such people are subsequently asked for explanations, they defend themselves by saying: “Is Khitte ke hum log jasbaati insaan hain, jasbaat mein bahut kuch bol dete hain’ (we people of this region are an emotional lot & therefore we make a lot of emotionally charged statements/remarks.” So, how can a nation beset by such ‘leaders’ ever start thinking straight/logically?

Similarly, only a blithering idiot will believe that China will be in a position to merge all its 3 naval fleets together & concentrate solely on India within the IOR. Using such ludicrous benchmarks for comparing the China-India military balance is the height of stupidity.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PRATAP: Not the whole of Westinghouse, but only that subsidiary that deals with PWRs.

To ANUP: 1) That will happen but not with Iran acting on its own. It has to be synchronised with a spike in tensions along the Durand Line & the LoC, so that the PA is thinly spread along 3 fronts & cannot concentrate with full force on any 1 single front. For Shia Iran, it is unthinkable to have a Sunni neighbour armed with nuclear WMDs. Afghanistan too is terribly uncomfortable with a Pakistan armed with nuclear WMDs. The only stabilising factor is a nuclear WMD-armed India. This synchronised rachetting up of tensions by Afghanistan, India & Iran is known as ‘shaping up thre battlefield theatre’.

To RAFALE-LOVER: 1) That’s your assumption. I said no such thing. Read my earlier comments again. 2) All those reports were totally false & untrue & were spread at a time when the Chitmahals/enclaves were in existence. Ths situation today is totally different. 3) I’m not interested in such issues. 4) No need. It used to exists in India too but after the famous Nanavati case the jury system was terminated in India. 6) Of course.

To SUVO: Here’s the sequence of events:

Afghan-Pak Ties Analysis:

Iran-Afghanistan Ministers Meet:

Iran-Pakistan Tensions Increase:

IRAN Warns Pakistan:

Maj Gen Abdul Raziq of ANA Speaks at the Border Flag Meeting:

Now try to connect all these with what the IA’s COAS had said last week about seeking strategic partnerships with Iran & Iraq.

Also, watch these:

Murder, Money & Mayhem in Maldives:

Nooren Leghari’s Confession:

To XENO: That video-clip was from last month. It shows a Konkurs ATGM being used, along with HE rounds fired from 106mm RCLs.

Anonymous said...

He claimed that to game a machine, "only the motherboard needs to be changed and that can be done in 90 seconds.
what is your say on this is it true or another bogus?


Xeno said...

"How will India, for instance, be able to integrate a South Africa/German/Sweden-origin MAWS on to a Russia-origin airframe when Western sanctions imposed on Russia since April 2014 prevent any such Western-origin hardware being sent to Russia for installation on a Russia-origin platform? Similarly, all components whose IPRs are owned by the West can’t be used on India-developed avionics LRUs destined for the FGFA."

-----Isn't that why the agreement on the joint collaborative development of the FGFA? Doesn't the Su-30 Mki has Western-origin avionics too? Just asking.

SUVO said...

PRASUN DA,thank you.
can not understand the language of 2nd & 5th video.

Here is:
(1) Chinese firms violated Pakistan's laws, customs during construction of CPEC.

(2) Which Armored vehicle is best suited for IAF Commandos? Your views.

nag said...

Dada take a look. Some one found a big secrect. Did he visit here 🤔

Black box said...

Hi prasun,
Was reading an article on japanese MBT type10 ,since it weighs 48 tons is it medium size battle tank like t90 or it it a bigger one like Arjun mk2 mbt.if it is a larger MBT how have they achieved to make it so light.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RON: Sure the motherboard camn be changed in 90 seconds. Buy can it done in total secrecy inside a voting booth that is flooded by political party & EC observers? Or is the buffoon alleginbg that this can be done by the EC officials in connivance with any ruling government? If yes, then what about the seals that are put on every EVM in everyone’s presence after the voting is over? Is the nitwit alleging that even the seals can be replicated or cloned? Does the arsehole have any videographic evidence or any other material evidence of ALL THESE having taken place anywhere in India? If not, then he is hell-bent upon portraying himself as someone in urgent need of psychiatric assistance, since he can no longer insult the collective intelligence of the whole country.

To XENO: LoLz! Typical attempted oversimplification, so allow me to go deeper into the complexity & lergal obligations related to IPR-sharing: Su-30MKI co-development deal was inked in 1998, The Western sanctions were applied in April 2014 & these sanctions were not with retrospective effect. Sanctions apply to only those deals inked AFTER April 2014. The FGFA co-development contract has not yet been inked & so if it is inked it will fall in the post-2014 category where sanctions apply. Western OEMs have inked contracts for sharing IPRs with only India & therefore this does not empower India to share these IPRs with any other country, be it Russia or anyone else. The same terms & conditions apply to the yet-to-be-inked Super Su-30MKI contract, which is also a victim of the sanctions at the moment. However, if HAL succeeds in installing the MAWS fitments on a Su-30MKI without the airworthiness approval of Russian authorities & the Sukhoi OKB, & if in future such an aircraft crashes, the Russians will refuse to be a part of the accident investigations team & will also refuse to be held liable for any fatal air crashes involving such HAL-modified Su-30MKIs because the Ruskies will say that HAL had tinkered by the Su-30MKI in an unauthorized/illegal manner.

To SUVO: It’s in Pushto language, but the voice of a translator can be heard.

To NAG: LoooooLLLLLzzzz!!! Such retards do tend to wake up for short moments from their deep slumber, then let out a fart & once again go back into deep hibernation.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To XENO: The same legal; clauses apply to 2 other deals that will NEVER translate into contracts now: the one for four Project 1135.6 Batch-3 guided-missile frigates which were due to contain several sub-systems from UK, French & Finnish OEMs, and the Ka-226T deal that now can no longer be powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada-supplied engines. For those who don't know, the Ka-226T has been certified only with P & WC engines.

nag said...

You are always bulls eye. When i tell my friends what i learnd from you they all laugh but i always had the last laught on them.

Rafale-lover said...

1.Sir do you think F-35 is a disaster? This guy got some good points:

2.What's your prediction on F-16 v/s Gripen fight for MMRCA which is upcoming?

3.Why in the world are we keeping relations with Palestine? Don't you think it will hurt Israel?

4.Do you think that cutting all relations with DPRK was a correct step?

5.How effective is J-20?

6.Why aren't we looking for Long-Ranged bomber like Tu-160 or Tu-22M3 for roles of Deep-strike into China?

7.Do you think Tibet will ever become free?

Xeno said...

Was also wondering that why don't you start a Youtube channel? with all the video resources you have in your hard disk! Doesnt take much time compared to what you spend watching them1 Would also be a nice educating experiance for all of us and more.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Xeno said...

Sorry for the cheap publicity, but there is nothing in the world as satisfying as stopping Pakistan and China in their tracks.

India’s top court upholds death sentences in 2012 Delhi gang-rape case

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor promotes cooperative projects

China-Pakistan coal reserves cooperation represents potential of CPEC

They have gone all silent now.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Kulbhushan's case in ICJ, the press release only states that India has requested for a stay, but I could not find any reliable info that the stay has actually been granted (even though the all Indian media sites are saying that the stay has been granted). Maybe I am missing something??


Anonymous said...

On second look, the tweet by Sushma Swaraj is probably reliable that the President of ICJ has called for a stay on Kulbushan's case....


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

ANALYSIS: The IN committed a big mistake in the previous decade when it procured the USS Trenton (INS Jalashwa) LPD instead of procuring the 4 ex-US Navy Avenger-class GRP-hulled MCMVs (derived from INTERMARINE's Lerichi MCMV design) that were then on offer.

ANALYSIS: Any such debate is futile & waste of time unless & until the MoD creates a tri-services national warfighting simulation facility in Guragram (Gurgaon) where numerous conceptual scenarios can be played out before selecting the optimal solution, JUST as Russia & China had done so in the previous decade.

ANALYSIS: Am glad that this clown has at last stopped his brazen championing/canvassing of the OBOR & has decided to focus on India's latent potential & existing deficiencies.

Deepak said...

Sir, i want to ask u something, since Russia needs China financially​, and now as they are really close in terms of military too, we can say that Russia is In somewhat China's influence( which is debatable), and also that we are getting closer to America and west, which is not what russia wants , so looking at media reports it looks like we are not as close as we were, and also the growing closeness between Russia and Pakistan, ( a Russian federation security cheif visit at gwadar ), All i want to ask is are we loosing Russia??? Coz if we are do we have to face greater consequences for this
And 2nd -> is our timing for tilting towards west is bad.?

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

What will be future for CPEC after India recaptures POK? How would China react?

Best Regards

Kaustav said...


If Kulbhushan is already dead or in a state where he may not be presented to the world at large, the shit hits the Pakistani Fan.

Anonymous said...


1) If the FGFA and Project 1135.6 deals shall not come through, does this mean that our strategic relationship with Russia is being cut due to western sanctions ?

2) Why not purchase a few PAK-FA off the shelf without any western components ? Raffles will never equal the J-20/J-31, the latter may even find its way to Pak. Are we going to sucked into a dependence on the US ? That comes with too much ideological baggage.

3) The west will never help with nuclear submarine development/ SLBM development the way Russia does. Letting go of the Russia relationship will drive them totally to the China/Pak axis, which is not in our interest.

4) The west is behind Russia in certain aspects of Mil. Tech. does the west have a Brahmos equivalent ? Not that I know of. It does not matter to the US given the nuclear deterrence they wield. The remaining western powers are military lightweights.


rad said...

hi prasun
wiki says the ka 226 i s powered by turbomeca engines, does it mean the deal will go thru?. has france also sanctioned russia?

russia boasts that the ew equipment can jam awacs as well, can they be taken out by arm missiles?

pse explain why the IAF wants smaller lighter anti radiation missiles when the world over the ARM tend to be big with a bigger warhead.I am afraid it going to go the astra way
how effective is the chinese arm based on the sd-10

Rafale-lover said...

Unconfirmed reports originating in Iranian prime time that Mr. Khulbhushan has already been hanged & pak army waiting for the right moment to put it out in media to lift demoralised paki janta.
Even Afghanistan has acknowledged & accepted Iranian secret intercepts.

SUPPOSE, If the reports are true. What should be next?

Daedalus said...

Prasun Sir, can you shed some light on this report.

The Engdoc Society said...

Pakistanis are buying advance frigates from Turkey, what ramifications it will have on IN and India Turkey relations. By What Time they are able to comission the same in PN.
And Lastly dada when do we expect to get the deal signing of further talwar class frigates

The Engdoc Society said...

Dada one more request is there
Ek comparison karo na with data (if u can find time) IAF with first 5 Strongest Air forces + IA with first 5 strongest Armies + IN with First 5 Storngest Navies + Indian Special Forces with First 5 Strongest Special Forces

Where do we currently stand, what are our expectations and where we can be in next 5 years time vis-a-vis others

I know aap ke analysis of data SAB se authentic hogga, request keep this write-up in your near future work

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SCRUTATOR: All that will be known next Monday when the ICJ reconvenes. As of now no srtay has been granted by any authority in Pakistan.

To DEEPAK: I have seen nothing to indicate so far that India & Russia are losing each other. Russia has deep misgivings about China, especially WRT Chinese & North Koreans repopulating the Russian Far East. Lastly, Russia has always been & will be a Euro-centric power, & will never become a true Eurasian power.

To RAJ: By all means let CPEC continue MINUS the contiguous land connectivity. China can always access Pakistan through the maritime route.

To KRITAVARMA: 1) How can such a conclusion be reached? As it is India cannot continue procuring both Rafales & FGFAs in parallel, not to mention the Tejas Mk.1A. So the FGFA will have to be sacrificed for at least a 10-year period. 2) The J-20 is still an experimental aircraft that will take at least another 7 years to mature & it still won’t be able to hold its ground against the Rafale. Dependence on the US? Hasn’t it always been there since independence? Or are you blissfully unaware of it? All ‘ideological baggage’ is whimsical & delusional & doesn’t exists on the ground. 3) What makes you say all this? How many experimental nuclear physicists of the DAE/BARC have been trained in the West since the early 1950s? And how many by the USSR/Russia? Russians being Orthodoix Christians will NEVER forge any axis with either a rabidly Sunni Pakistan or an aethist predatory China. In fact, Orthodox Christians always regard the Sunni Ummah as posing an existential threat, while they are quite comfortable with the Shias, just as India is & hence the IA COAS’ recent statement aboiut India’s need to forge strategic military partnerships withg Iraq & Iran. 4) Do read up all about hypersonic missiles developed by the US in the 1960s itself & by the West Europeans in the 1970s.

To RAD: Yes, that’s absolutely right, the Ka-226Ts are powered by Turbomeca engines, & not P & WC engines.

Yes, France too has sanctioned Russia. Those ARMs with home-on-jam capability can knock out EW jammers on the ground. Lighter ARMs are reqd for L-MRCAs & M-MRCAs. Heavier ARMs like Kh-31P are for H-MRCAs.

To RAFALE LOVER: You need to read the previous thread which explains everything.

DAEDALUS: It’s all true. That’s how the MoD’s Joint Secretaries with no knowledge on military-industrial matters function.

To THE ENGDOC SOCIETY: LoLz! Do you really think China will allow the PN to buy warships from anyone else? Where’s the need for additional Talwar-class FFGs? Can’t more Project 17 FFGs be acquired?

Anonymous said...


Maybe the west trained all our physicists who were trained abroad. But the west never gave nor will give any `consultancy' for nuclear submarine/SLBM development like the Russians probably did. For this reason the relationship with Russia is crucial. Maybe PAK-FA off the shelf rather than with western components would help keep the relation in good health.


Rad said...

Hi prasun

Pak is not threatening iran with nukes unlike it does to india ata drop of the hat, in spiteof iranian threats.?

Rad said...

Even supposing the frigate deal goes thru , will the us, german , and other countries allow turkey to export thier weapons and subsystems to pakistan?

rad said...

hi prasun
the IAF seems impressed with emb-145 awacs ,true ?,will they be ordering more which makes sense as no headway seems to be happening on the airbus version.

is the airstrip built in the southern Maldives owned by china or only a construction contract??

can a different gov in male be friendlier and reverse the one sided favour to china?

Sarabvir Singh said...

Prasunda, what do you make of this JV between IMI and Punj Loyd?

They say its to produce Tavor, Negev MG, X-95 as well as the sniper variant of the Galil both for the Indian market and export. What is the viability of this JV specifically for the Indian market seeing that the Ghaatak is the front runner reading many of your previous posts.

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
In what manner will the next Rafale order be made? Will it be again G2G model or MII?

Please also elaborate on the Strategic Partnership Model for single engine fighter and for submarines. Are we still considering Gripen or F16?

What about submarines? Who are the likely OEM candidates and which subs will be on offer?

Check out @livefist's Tweet:


<< >>

whats your take sir about this figure of rafales servicability...

Anonymous said...

1)Sir what's the truth then, behind all the statements about Milgem corvettes?

2)Also, how many T90 tanks have been ordered in total including license assembly and direct purchase?

3) You said in comments long ago,
something along the lines that we will need specialized combat vehicles that provide firepower qhile allowing IGB to maintain momentum in battlefield. What types do you allude to? BMP-T etc?

4) What will now be done to makeup for all the purchases that are now in limbo due to sanctions on Russia?

Thank you :)


Arpit Kanodia said...


Whats your opinion about this?

Its now look like Najam Sethi properly become a guy of ISI.

Rafale-lover said...

Sorry to spam this section but I think you forgot my these questions:

1.Sir do you think F-35 is a disaster? This guy got some good points:

2.What's your prediction on F-16 v/s Gripen fight for MMRCA which is upcoming?

3.Why in the world are we keeping relations with Palestine? Don't you think it will hurt Israel?

4.Do you think that cutting all relations with DPRK was a correct step?

5.How effective is J-20?

6.Why aren't we looking for Long-Ranged bomber like Tu-160 or Tu-22M3 for roles of Deep-strike into China?

Anonymous said...

There has been lots on noise about the purchases from Turkey, will anything ever come of it?
How advanced is the Turkish ship building and other defence industry?


Arpit Kanodia said...

Also what's your view about this?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KRITAVARMA: It will do you some good if you were to check my previous threads dealing with such issues. Firstly, don’t start floating terms like MAYBE since it alludes to WISHFUL THINKING. Secondly, do check out the kinds of non-Russia hardware on board S-72/INS Arihant/S-2. It is all there in a 2014 thread. Thirdly, there is a wealth of literature (not on-line) written by former Indian diplomats about how India has maintained strategic military-industrial partnerships with France since the late 1950s till to date that are similar to India-Russia partnerships. So do read them & digest them before reaching any further conclusions. Also, PAK-FA/T-50 is not what India has paid for. It’s the PMF/FGFA for which money has been paid & the turbofans for this aircraft are more than 5 years away from receiving their CoA. Also, Russia is increasingly investing in India’s hydrocarbons sector & it is no longer dependent on military hardware sales for earning foreign exchange revenues from India.

To RAD: Haven’t you already heard the Saudi think-tankss in their TV channels claiming that the KSA’s military forces have already wargamed a military land invasion that will enter Iran through Pakistan’s Balochistan province? Do tune in to Al Arabia on YouTube to learn more about this. And Iran in retaliation 3 days ago test-fired its HOOT (VA-111 Shkval;) supercavitating torpedo in the Straits of Hormuz. Any Indian should be elated IF the Milgem corvette between Pakistan & Turkey goes through. Don’t you know that all the composites-built sub-structures on such corvettes will be supplied by the Germany-based subsidiary of MKU Ltd? That’s money/rokraa flowing into India, man! If the deal is signed, then you should buy MKU’s shares from the stock market. I would, for sure. IAF wants AEW & CS okatforms that can stay airborne for up to 14 hours per sortie. Can the EMB-145 do that? Does it have the type of mission crew complement that can undertake such long-duration missions? The airstrip is owned by the resort-owner of the island, & not by Chiona. The airstrip is used only by 20-seater commuter turboprops. No govt in Maldives can afford to be anti-India in any manner because the island-chain depends on India for supply of value-added perishables as well as for medical services provision.

To SARABVIR SINGH: It is a smart move that has obvious commercial benefits for both industrial parties. But their prime targets now are the CAPFs that have huge demands for IWI-developed weapons, especially the BSF & ITBP, followed by the SF of the IA, IN & IAF. They pose no challenge to the Ghaatak, which will be the standard SLR for regular infantry forces of the IA.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VED: It will be the G-to-G model, but the OEMs are free to outsource systems & sub-systems from French & Indian vendors who will be part of the global supplier chain for their French counterparts. There canm NEVER be a strategic partnership solution & I had explained it all to the combined seminar of CII, FICCI & ASSOCHAM. Why? Because I first need to identify what to buy & in what quantum & where will they be used/applied, & only then can I procced to the next stage of deciding from where to acquire such hardware & how to go about it. There are no shortcuts & it is this scientific, logical sequential; approach that is applied worldwide, except in India.

To AMIT BISWAS: What’s there to take away from such a stupid story? Unlike India, Framce had never inked a supplementary performance-based logistics support contract & hence the low serviceability levels. So don’t assume that the low serviceability levels are due to hardware performance deficiencies.

To VSJ: 1) Any Indian should be elated IF the Milgem corvette between Pakistan & Turkey goes through. Don’t you know that all the composites-built sub-structures on such corvettes will be supplied by the Germany-based subsidiary of MKU Ltd? That’s money/rokraa flowing into India, man! If the deal is signed, then you should buy MKU’s shares from the stock market. I would, for sure. 2) 1,400. 3) Only BMP-T type of vehicles. 4) I have already submitted my recommendations to the MoD & CCed them to the Union MoF.

To RAFALE-LOVER: 1) If you believe that the F-35 is a disaster, then you will also have to concede that all those countries now taking deliveries of F-35s are either IDIOTIC, or their decision-makers have all been bitten by mad-dogs. 2) My only prediction is that there will be no such flyoffs. Why? Because it is UNAFFORDABLE. Why is this so? For that you will have learn both classic & modern economics. 3) In what way does it hurt Israel when Israel itself is officially committed to the two-state solution? 4) Were such relations bringing any direct benefits to India? DPRK is publicly not just against the US or RoK, but against the entire UN. 5) No one knows. Not even the Chinese do. 6) Why should I need such aircraft when I have access to loing-range precision-guided air-to-ground missiles of various types?

To ANTHONY: Any Indian should be elated IF the Milgem corvette between Pakistan & Turkey goes through. Don’t you know that all the composites-built sub-structures on such corvettes will be supplied by the Germany-based subsidiary of MKU Ltd? That’s money/rokraa flowing into India, man! If the deal is signed, then you should buy MKU’s shares from the stock market. I would, for sure.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: That nitwit is profoundly senile. Musharraf’s 4-point formula had called for holding a referendum to determine J & K’s final status after 15 years, not 50 years. Secondly, the only truth he says is that Pakistan will NEVER stop regarding India as a hegemonistic state EVEN IF the J & K issue is resolved, meaning Pakistan will NEVER seek normalisation of bilateral relations with India. What that idiot doesn’t explain is why? And the reason is both countries have diametrically opposing foundational ideologies: Pakistan is hell-bent upon making the 2-nation theory (i.e. a real-estate meant only for people of 1 single religion) credible while India is hell-bent upon proving the credence of its all-inclusive democratic process. That idiot perhaps needs to see this videoclip showing tenms of thousands of Kashmiri Muslim male & female youth queing up for selection of J & K Police’s new intakes:

And then we have ‘desi’ idiots like these who always find comfort in living in self-imposed states of denial:

This is the very same idiot, you will recall, who had once said that the US & USSR never went to war because they were thousands of miles apart, i.e. she doesn’t know anything about the Bering Straits!

As for the LoI, listen to how Pakistani businessmen & economists last night were wailing about Turkey’s refusal to ink a preferential tarrifs agreement with Pakistan. This was a significant programme because for the very first time in layman’s terms it portrays the true & frightening state of Pakistan’s tottering economy:

I hope as you absorb its contents you won’t stop laughing until your trouser falls off!

Then we have this wonderful interview of the Afghan Ambassador to Islamabad:

Then we have Waziristan’s IDPs protesting yesterday:

And lastly, we have the PAF's ACM Sohail Aman calling on PM Nawaz Sharif yesterday:

Why? Because the PM will leave for for China May 12, 2017 to attend the two day Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, beginning in Beijing on May 14 & on the sidelines of this event, the PM will ask China for the speedy delivery of 30 more JF-17s & 12 JFT-17s since the F-7Ps & F-7PGs & Mirages are now crashing at alarming rates.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see someone else criticize Jyoti Malhotra. She used to dither a little from neutrality earlier, but now she seems to have gone completely rouge and talks very much like an agent of Pakistan. I've seen her 'webisodes' and participation in few talk shows - she's either lost her marbles, or found some silver(from across the border)!!

Here's me giving her a tongue lashing on the Kulbhushan issue...


Anonymous said...

"China has moved from a participant of globalization to a main leader,” “It’s Globalization 2.0.”

How do think this meeting is going to change the Dynamics of global economy? particularly in CAR?


Anonymous said...

during his stint as RM what kind of operations or cross-LOC missions did he authorize against PA?


lachit said...

prasun any info regarding the naga accord

what is all this talk of separate constitution judiciary etc

has modi got nuts

why not maintain statues quo

with time eventually these odd 5000 militant group will die out.

they r already into it via extortion , levys , etc

Rafale-lover said...

1.I was reading your old blod Trishul-group were you said that Ka-52 is better then Apache.So do you think buying Apaches was a mistake from IAF?

2.You said that Iran is going to be against Pakistan abd maybe US would consider Iran for it's Logistic transport to Afghanistan.But here's the news that US is still giving Aid to Pakistan under Donald Trump:

And, Recently United States Secretary of Defense, James Mattis said that an alliance of Arab and other Muslim countries to counter Iranian influence was a positive development:

In this case,how can US can be allied with Iran?And if not allied,how would it transport it's logistics to AFG?And not Iran,then will this US-Pakistan nexus continue for Logistical supply and continuing Aid?If yes, then how can US go against Pakistan?

3.You earlier said that India doesn't have proper facilities to test Stealth Aircrafts.But according to Annual Report of DRDO 2016-17,they made a facility named as Open Range RCS & Antenna Measurement Facility (ORANGE) whose details are written as following:

"ORANGE has capabilities
for full scale Radar cross section (RCS)
measurement, RCS reduction and antenna
measurement facility from UHF to W band
of frequencies."

So don't you think that this facility can be used for AMCA? Infact, even in Video shown in Aero-India 2017 on AMCA, they showed AMCA's scaled-down model going under RCS tests.
And now according to ADA Chief, they are currently making 1:1 scale model of AMCA which will be completed before the end of this year.So do you think AMCA is slowly becoming reality with French/Israeli help as said by ADA-Cheif?

4.Suppose if NAL Saras is successful in June-July's Flight tests,do you think it would be game-changer for India's Aeronautical Industry cause even Mahindra is collaborating with NAL.

rad said...

hi prasun
the emb 145 seems to have the ability to stay airborne with 1 refueling for 10 hrs which i s pretty decent . My point is why are denying ourselves the benefit of awacs when it is going to take at least 10 years for these guys to deliver a larger awacs.
If the IAF i s pleased with the performance then i think it is doing a good job especially when the armed forces are always critical of drdo product, then why not.

i hear the awcas is going to have a 4 sided array rather than a 3 sided triangular array like in conventional awacs. what are the advantages of justifying the cost with extra TR modules .who will make the radar dome for us then.?

do we have the option of the klub cruise missile from russia if the drdro fails to deliver? will russia supply them ?.

why are we acting coy rather than collaborating with Russia for cruise missiles like the brahmos .?

Rajesh Mishra said...

Derby test fired from Tejas:

Pratap said...

Prasun, has the time come to revive Ikhwan? If i were a local terrorist or violent separatist/Islamist i would have feared them more than the army and police. They did a solid job in early 90s by assisting the army in eliminating Paki terrorists. They are locals and hence best suited to deal with stone pelters and pro Pakistan elements there. In fact why was Ikhwan disbanded in the first place? Pls give a detailed answer. Thanks.

SUVO said...

read this:

Rajesh Mishra said...

Live history of South Asia in short:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SCRUTATOR: Well Done! Here’s another example of the kind of historical distortions that folks like her & Mani Shankar Aiyar brazenly engage in & propagate:

To RON: The only chan he will be a growing number of countries whose manufacturing sectors will be wiped off from the face of this Earth, all for the sake of sustaining China’s manufacturing sector. No cross-LoC strikes were authorisedc by this Pahalwaan. All he did was whenever he visited Siachen Base Camp, the PA used to commence firing their 130mm howitzers & when he happened to be there he used to instruct the IA officers there to immediately retaliate.

To LACHIT: Don’t believe all those rumours. The Nagas are a confused lot because the NSCN-IM adheres to a bizarre mumbo-jumbo mix of Communism & Catholicism that makes sense only to their founders. This in turn has confused all the Naga tribes & hence none of them can think straight & consequently states like Manipur too get affected.

To RAFALE-LOVER: 1) Of course. And the IAF should not have operated attack helicopters after 1986 when the MoD in writing had promised that the IA would henceforth operate such machines. The LCH too should have gone to the IA while the Mi-35Ps should have been upgraded to Mi-35M standard & be re-engined with VK-2500 engines. 2) It’s aid for civilian law-en forcement agencies. I never said that the US will use Iran for logistics support. What I had said was that the US would outsource its logistics support from India. 3) Which will come first? LCA Mk.2 or AMCA? So if RCS measurement is reqd, which of the two will be subjected to such tests? So how can AMCA become a reality when the LCA MK.2 itself is awaiting RCS measurement tests? Therefore, those making all kinds of tall claims about anything to do with AMCA need psychiatric counseling. 4) How can an aircraft designed by, of. For scientists ever become a functional practicality? Through mere supposition?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: As I had explained SEVERAL times before, the 10-hour endurance includes 2 hours of transit flight. So actual mission endurance is only 8 hours. IAF wants 2 more A-50I PHALCONs yesterday. I had already uploaded the photo of a CAD of the 4-array design of the A330-220 AEW & CS platform in the Aero India 2017 thread. The Nirbhay LACM project has been a success & will continue to be so.

To PRATAP: There’s no need for them. The Ikhwaan was created when the first 30 RR Battalions were still being formed. Today there are 60 RR Battalions. So, there are no manpower problems. What is reqd is the willpower to undertake from next month onwards till August a sustainment cross-LoC offensice campaign that will bring the PA to its knees. Don’t forget that the PA is highly feudalistic by nature & owns more than 6.3 million acres of land for various agrarian & industrial purposes & it will therfore the last entity on Earth to resort to the usage of any kind of nuclear WMD either on Indian soil or Pakistani soil, because if it does, it will lose all its prime real-estates.

SUVO: VMT. Now watch this informative video-clip about how difficult it is to fence off any boundary to India’s west:

Philippines-China tensions simmer over underwater plateau:

Afghan National Army Starts Firing inside Pakistan’s Kurram Agency:

And this is what the IA needs to study & analyse:

Rafale-lover said...

1.Sir when can we expect XR-SAM to be a reality?

2.How is Astra(the one with Indian Seeker) is compared to other BVR Missiles like Derby or PL-

3.Recently, an American Media house published an article claiming that Ayman Al-Zawahiri is living in Karachi.If so,then can we expect an OBL-type raids again?

4.Should we locally manufacture M-4 Carbines?

5.Recently Trump govt. dropped plans to have EMALS for it's upcoming new class of Aircraft Carrier.So do you think India should go for EMALS (if) Vishal is really going to be reality?

6.You said that US can attack Pakistan with Long-Range bombers when India does have war with Pakistan.But Donald Trump didn't even placed ban of Pakistan on Immigration list.So it doesn't seem to be anti-Pakistan.In such scenario,how and why will this happen?

7.If we will drop FGFA or delay AMCA, don't you think our Air-Force will remain backwards compared to PLAF in Modernness cause China already started to induct J-20 which is Fifth-Gen.Fighter.And till the day we will have AMCA or FGFA or any Fifth Gen. Aircraft,don't you think whole world will have Fifth Generation Aircrafts? And Ultra-Modern countries like US,Russia or possibly even China could have started work on Sixth Gen. Fighter? If so then our AF's capability or Deterrence will be completely ruined and remain backward? So what is the solution of this mess?

Arpit Kanodia said...


Why our sympathies, I mean Indian sympathies are only for Pakistani Ahmaddiyas, and not for Barelvis.

While there is an open season in Pakistan to kill Barelvis.

"""The victims of Sunday’s attack belonged to the Barelvi sect, which has previously been the target of anti-Sufi violence. Hardliners such as the Taliban or Islamic State have carried out major attacks on Sufi shrines because they consider them heretical."""

And I think only Indian Barelvis and Indian Shias condemned the Saudi Arabia for bombing Yemen.

SUVO said...

British army's new mixed strike brigade is interesting.Till we have no wheeled armoured vehicle.
Is the final composition of IBG ready?

Pakistan army, ISI pushing Sindh towards civil war: Altaf Hussain

And finally, Zakir Moosa is not a Hypocrite.

Jay said...

Hi Prasun, thx for your earlier reply regarding my P-75I question. I agree that the IAF requirements are most urgent. Essentially we need to focus on major force multipliers first - fighter jets, AWACs, submarines....and the simultaneously follow-up on the other many other items e.g. even basic equipment for IA soldiers needs major upgrades.

I do feel that for fighter jets we should have a two pronged approach - induct more of the formidable Rafale and Sukhoi jets, and simultaneously increase product of LCA Tejas perhaps from the sanctioned 16 to even 32 and junk the single engine fighter jet RFP. Already private industry is progressively contributing more to LCA Tejas.

Also, Govt should sanction AMCA, it will be a long drawn effort but a partnerhip perhaps with Rafale or other major player could be win-win for both, since Europe does not have a 5th Gen project currently sanctioned. The reality is that there is no shortage of money, in fact after demonetization the tax base increased by additional 4 million folks and many others were forced to pay taxes on undeclared income. And GST would provide a significant economic boost and also boost Govt. revenues.

I agree with you that Govt needs to move faster and more importantly in a more structured way to increase private sector participation. But after quite a while of waiting, even some good news like L&T winning the contract with Hanwha for artillery guns provides a ray of some hope :)

One thing though is that why is the Rafale practically at the same price as the 5th Gen F-35. Is it because of low production numbers, or trying to extract higher profit margins etc.

Arpit Kanodia said...


What is the role of military in bilateral talks? Even if Pak Fauj want to sit in meetings, then they shouldn't sit in civilian clothes?

What's the purpose of sitting in bilateral talks in full military uniform, what message Pak want to give?



1a. I am wondering why IAF didnt went for SPYDER MR with better radar features than SR....also any further orders from iaf for spyder??? How is the SPYDERS SR system performance in comparison with PAF SPADA2000??

1b. Will it be inducted in army too???

2. would like to hear from you....How strong is PA/PAF air defence strength all along from sir creek to siachen vis a vis IAF/IA capability areawise....what would be the IAF/IA strategy to destroy the AD/EW radars of PAF/PA in case of any hostility to enable themselves to operate.

3. Whether IA has any plans undergoing to take over the attack helicopters from IAF albeit with IAF pilots on deputation to it rather than current scenario....

4. looking forward IAF it seems has decided to re-prioritize the acquisitions....which system purchase will be junked by IAF during this prioritizing???

5.can we expect some systems/technical like ISRO GSLV mk3/ K9 VAJRA T/PODDED VS SHAFT propulsion --best solution for IN LPD/LHD???...
<< >>

5a. what is holding back IN to go for all out electric propulsion for future DDG/FFG/CORVETTES/NOPV/FLEET tanker platforms built in indian shipyards???

6. It seems IA is going for 6 new regiments of PINAKA...why not PINAKA 2 being inducted ???
suppose even if it is not matured / may take time for production streamlining/urgent requirement by army , still they may go for split order of 3 and 3 regiments each of PINAKA AND PINAKA 2???

7. any updates about swathi WLR vs american wlr performance???

8. What about NMRH of navy..ORDERS WILL BE PLACED BY MOD WHEN????

9. any info about recent refusal by sri lanka for chinese navy sub docking??? the sub must be in it under IN/USN surveillance???

10. any progress in mounted gun system tender???

11. what are the indian specific enhancements being undertaken for 36 rafales apart from israeli HMD?? doesnt thales have its own certified HMD??will they provide source codes for integration of BRAHMSO NG/AASTRA/NGARM/SMART DAAW integration on board rafales

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAFALE-LOVER: 1) Only in the following decade. 2) That will be known only after firing trials. 3) Of course. 4) What for? 5) IAC-2 project has already been suspsnded for now. 6) Why issue bans when the US Homeland Security Dept already has real-time access to all CIQ facilities of Pakistan through the PISCES network? 7) J-20 is nopt 5th generation MRCA by any stretch of imagination. Even China officially refers to the J-20 as a 5th generation MRCA. If you want FGFA & AMCA, then kindly by all means raise the necessary R & D funds & don ate it to the GoI, because the GoI doesn’t have such funds.

To ANTHONY: LoLz! How can that be when the fate of the Indus/Kishgenganga River itself is at stake? To make such projects a reality Pakistan needs to define the legal status of PoK, & if not, then PoK even today is ripe for falling into India’s lap forever.

To ARPIT KANODIA: Several Indian Shias have also gone to Iraq, fought against ISIS & have come back in 1 piece. As for the men-in-khaki amidst the civilians, that chap is the PM’s Military Secretary who started accompanying the PM in all overseas trips AFTER the UFA Summit of August 2014. Surprisingly, Pakistan is the only country whose civilian PM has a serving military officer (a Brigadier) serving as Military Secretary, just like the Pakistani’s MoD’s Defence Secretary always has to be a retired Lt Gen from the PA. This same Military Secretary was also present at the UNGA last September, if you recall. This is the PA’s way of keeping close tabes on the civilian rules of Pakistan. Meanwhile, here’s a wonderful programme that thoroughly exposes the OBOR & CPEC:

To ANIK: You say QR-SAM when the sticker on that model says it is NG-ARM!

To SUVO: Not yet. The doctrinal debate is still raging on. And here are the 2 video-clips of Zakir Musa:

Now the APHC’s members will fully realise how their rants & provocative speeches/sermons during Friday prayers have created such predatory monstors. If left to me, I would ensure that the likes of Musa were caught alive & then mentored & turned against the APHC, call it the Anti-Climax Ikhwaan that will wage wars of attrition against the followers of HuM & APHC.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JAY: The financial situation is nowehere as rozy as is believed or assumed to be. The topmost priority now is to ensure sustainable growth rates prevail & therefore there’s ZERO availability for projects like AMCA or FMBT or FRCV or IAC-2 or even LPHs/LHDs. It will all become evident in the coming 3 months, rest assured. Rafale’s price is higher only for the 1st tranche, since a lot of supporting infrastructure costs are also involved.

To AMIT BISWAS: 1) They were shown at Aero India 2013 itself. 2) India’s SpyDer-SRs make use of Python-5, not Derby. They will replace the IR-guided Strella-10Ms of IA. 3) PAF won’t last beyond 4 days of all-out high-intensity combat. Radars nowadays can be both destroyed or suppressed by ARMs, EMP weapons & EW jammers. 4) IA had drafted plans for acquiring attack helicopters way back in 1986 itself. 5) Wait & see. Have already replied to iot above. 6) LPHs will have all-electric propulsion system. 7) Swathi WLR is a full generation ahead of TPQ-37. 8) Pinaka MBRL can fire both Pinaka-1 & Pinaka-2 rockets. 9) Where’s the money going to come from for NMRHs?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJESH MISHRA: It was only on May 12, 2017 that the Zoji La Pass was opened:

This now paves the way for the IA top up the ante all along the LoC for a sustained 90-day period starting June 2017. This is why the PA is panicking. Witness the number of times the PA’s COAS has visited the LoC after September 29, 2016:

October 9, 2016 Gen Raheel Sharif visits the Haji Pir sector.

December 2, 2016 Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa makes his first visit to the LoC in Uri sector after visiting HQ X Corps in Rawalpindi.

February 21, 2017 Gen Bajwa visits troops on the LoC at Mattewala, Munaawar sector.

March 24, 2017 Gen Bajwa visits the LoC in Kel sector and forward posts at Sharda in Neelam Valley.

April 30, 2017 Gen Bajwa visits the LoC in Haji Pir sector

May 13, 2017 Gen Bajwa visits troops deployed along the LoC Line in Nakyal Sector.

Nakyal Sector:

And here’s the IA’s counter-bombardment yesterday in the Samanhi Sector:

The only reason for these was to shore up the sagging morale of the PA, which after 1971, 1984 & 1999 has been loathe to do battle with a professional army like the IA. That’s why the PA had made a big fuss of the DAWN LEAKS episode since that news-report for the very first time tantamounted to an official endorsement or acceptance of the PA preferring to use ‘sarkari jihadis’ instead of regular soldiers against Pakistan’s professional adversaries. Now, if the PA decides to junk the ‘sarkari jihadis’ for good, then it will have to incur unacceptable casualties/losses when fighting against the IA & IAF. And this is EXACTLY what now awaits them.

Meanwhile, the 25th PLA Escort Naval Fleet that had left its homeport of Zhanjiang in southern China’s Guangdong Province for an escort mission in the Gulf of Aden on December 17, 2016, finally arrived in Madagascar for a 5-day visit on May 12 after finishing a four-month mission in the Gulf of Aden and Somali waters. The Fleet comprised two Type 054A FFGs Hengyang 568 and Yulin 569, a Type 903 tanker Honghu 963, and two Z-9EC helicopters.

PLAN Fleet in Madagascar:

The 26th PLA Escort Naval Fleet, comprising Type 054A FFGs Huanggang 577 and Yangzhou 578 and the tanker Gaoyouhu 966 from the PLAN’s East China Sea Fleet departed from Zhoushan City of east China’s Zhejiang Province on April 1, 2017 and arrived in its mission area after successively passing through the Miyako Strait, the Makassar Strait, the Sunda Strait and the Indian Ocean. This Fleet also contains a Type 041A Yuan-class SSK and that’s why the Fleet avoided entering the Malacca Straits, which requires all submarines to surface while cruising through this Strait. This PLAN SSK has since been trailed by at least 3 submarines: 1 IN Class 209/Type 1500 SSK, I French Navy SSN & 1 USN SSN.

Meanwhile, tensions between Manila & Beijing are rising once again. Philippines Sends Warships to Benham Rise:

And finally, the Indian Navy in Israel:

Anik said...

Sorry.. Prasun Da..Instead of giving the link of QRSAM I gave you of NGARM.... Here is the QRSAM launcher displayed at an exhibition held in Pune...

Pierre Zorin said...

"Israel-India relations and its regional/global implications"

rad said...

hi prasun
as predicted bu you , the qrsam with mbda seems to be most probably scrapped with the advent of the qrsam made in India.

the published specs is mouth watering --- two way datata link, aesa fc radar, multi target, bigger missile than astra up to 30 km engagement, and the most interesting is the aesa x band missile active radar, net centric etc etc!!

this means that the future of the akash sam is in doubt? given the above specs.

will it be based on the astra -2 ?

what i dont understand is how did we jump the gun by making a missile aesa radar when we have not even mastered the tech of making a normal planar radar? any inputs from our friends from Israel??

give us more dope on this.

Anand said...

Hi Prasun,

1. India has officially refused to participate in the OBOR summit.Will this take some sheen off the OBOR initiative?Chinese seemed quite desperate to take India on board.They are using OBOR to market China as the Asian leader leader to counter India.

2. Other countries willing to taker part in this initiative - doesn't they realize that OBOR is part of China's expansionist and imperialist plans.Look what's happened to Sri Lanka.Why are these countries falling into this trap.Are they threatened by China to join.

3. Why is Japan, a traditional enemy of China , sending a top level delegation.The US and Russia also seems to have followed the line.


Pratap said...

Sir, Bajwa is at the LoC again. And amid cease fire violations by PA, here's a four line press release by ISPR Full phati padi hai. First two lines make it clear that IA have inflicted heavy casualities and retribution has been taken. Last two lines indicate that they have anticipated IA's forthcoming dash to POK. Agree?

Kaustav said...


I guess India has started finally the process to recover and secure Kashmir territories and cut Pakistan to size or humiliate their army. We now have to be ready for sacrifices due to Pakistani and fifth column strikes in India....Godspeed and Goodluck to the Indian Forces and wish political sagacity and wisdom to our political democratic representatives to ensure that the Forces are backed adequately with diplomacy and hard negotiations to retain our gains and control reverses. JAI HIND.


In the sci fi movies sum of all fears ...(which i saw this afternoon on you recommndation) Does US has records of the signatures of Indian/russian/chinese/other than US reactors???

Also in the movie scenes, the list which shows savvanah has trombay cirus reactor on it

Does any other country has this database???


In december 2014 you had posted that

<< In India, the country’s three armed services have decided to do away with radar-guided SHORADS altogether and instead procure the Barak-2 vertically-launched MR-SAM. For CMD, India is on the lookout for IIR seeker-using SHORADS to meet its SL-QRM and QR-SAM requirements. Similarly in Singapore, the SAF has not sought any replacements for its Rapier radar-guided SHORADS, and has instead procured the SpyDer-SR from Israel for CMD. The fire-and-forget SpyDer-SR uses Python-5 missiles equipped with IIR seekers.>>

If SAF can use SpyDer with python 5 IIR seekers for CMD what stops IA CADA to follow suit and stop GOI/DRDO wasting money developing QRSAM??

Also QR SAM is being developed with ku band seeker. so it means india will buy another type of QRSAM from abroad with IIR seeker?? Wont it be good for CADA to insist for both IIR seeker and KU band seeker versions to be developed for qrsam that can be launched using same launcher and stored in same type of canister ??

what is the advantages of Ku band seeker and advantages of IIR seeker vis a vis there disadvantages??? PLEASE do reply for this one definitely



PRASUN SIR HAS ALREADY EXPLAINED THAT The QR-SAM will use a surface-launched version of the Astra-1 BVRAAM and it will use a Ku band seeker developed by DRDO’s Research Centre Imarat (RCI) and produced by VEM Technologies.The target detection and engagement radars are being developed by the DRDO’s LRDE laboratory, while overall systems integration is the responsibility of Bharat Electronics Ltd.

so why again this question of astra 2, aesa missile radar, israel ???
All sam battery will be net centric with SOTM AND ROTM capability its nothing new
and akash 2 will be taken care of by MRSAM / BARAK 8....



IN SSK AND USN SSN following CHINESE SSK is undestandable , what is surprising that french navy SSN lurking behind chinese future wont be surprised that russian , japanese and even south korean and malaysian navy ssk trailing chinese ssk???

how long since you have been tracking this trailings of Type 041A Yuan-class SSK by other nations ssn/ssk must be following them the moment they entered IOR....also this trailing by 1 IN Class 209/Type 1500 SSK, I French Navy SSN & 1 USN SSN are in isolated standalone manner or coordinated trailings...since you said " atleast 3 submarines" do you expect any other country trailing these submarine in IOR albeit independently??

buddha said...

Aircraft Carriers History:
Best Of Largest Aircraft Carrier Discovery Documentary HD 2015:
Tanks of World War I and II:
The Russian Naval Force Documentary:
sunday watch....learnt a lot ...

Rajesh Mishra said...

Now you are requested to declare that Afghanistan and Iran are ready to attack Pakistan from western borders. This will enable Bajwa to make tours of those distant borders and fire many mortars, cannons and bullets etc.

Arpit Kanodia said...


I am unable to understand, why such anger, and what for? Why beating a body which is already dead?

And further, horrific situation is, Police was present on site when mob of students beating him, but nobody dared to stop them. Then why state of Pakistan paying Police?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANIK: Here’s the QR SAM video. Watch from 0.39:

To RAD: Akash-1 was the re-engineering of of 1960s vintage KYB/KVASRAT SAM! QR-SAM as the name suggests is a rapidly deployable system for land forces & air forces, which Akash-1 never was.

To ANAND: It’s actually not OBOR, but the Belt-n-Road Initiative (BRI). India, the US, Japan, Taiwan & South Korea have not sent any VVIP to the Summit in Beijing. China isn’t countering India. Instead, it is actong solely in its supreme national interest that involves securing its immediate peripheries in Central Asia, Inner Mongolia & southern China. For only in these areas that cost-effective road/rail land connectivity makes sense. It doesn’t make an y sense with Pakistran or with Europe by any stretch of imagination. Have you or anyone else here has ever asked why only in Pakistan’s Punjab province there are 6-lane highways being built, but when it comes to CPEC-related roads in PoK & balochistan, only 2-lane roads are being built? So where’s all the freight container traffic disappearing in PoK & Balochistan? Answers to commonsensical questions like this will clearly expose all the hype surrounding CPEC. Russia is participating because China has agreed to merge thje BRI with Russia’s Eurasian Cuistoms Union initiative. And as to what horrors await all those countries eyeing Chinese finances (they’re all loans & do not represent FDI or anmy other form of investment), do listen to this Pakistani anaylsis:

Alarming After-Shocks of China’s OBOR Investments:

To AMIT BISWAS: This database is easily available with the IAEA, even when it comes to unsafeguarded reactors. QR-SAM is meant to replace the IA’s existing OSA-AK SHORADS while the naval QR-SAM will replace the Barak-1s. IIR-guided SHORADS are reqd by the IA & IAF primarily for protection against cruise missiles, while the IA’s QR-SAMs will replace the Akash-1s. Ku-band seeker takes time to be activated & lock-on to inbound cruise missiles due to very little warning time available. IIR seeker has faster response time & can even lock-on to inbound cruise missiles. The French Navy & Royal Navy have mutually agreed to take turns in deploying their undersea warfare assets to the Horn of Africa & IOR.

To ARPIT KANODIA: Whay? Because, as I had stated several times before, they are all part of a lesser evolved human species. Nothing else can describe such barbaric behavior.

To KAUSTAV: India’s 5th columnists are already there in Beijing NOW, led by turncoat creatures like Sudheendra Kulkarni. Listen to his anti-Indian PM rants yesterday as part of an interview given to a Pakistani TV channel here:

And here’s some good news:

Excellent update on the IAC-1/Project 71/Vikrant:

To PIERRE ZORIN: This only happens in ‘Incredible’ India:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PRATAP, KAUSTAV & RAJESH MISHRA: Here’s the military balance along both sides of the LoC:

Pakistan’s Rawalpindi-based X Corps, is made up of the 23 Infantry Division, 12 Infantry Division, 19 Infantry Division and Force Command Gilgit-Baltistan, and has some 100,000 troops. In India’s case, in Jammu & Kashmir the IA 225,000 troops along the LoC & 40,000 along the LAC. In addition, 60 RR Battalions with 65,000 soldiers are availabler. All come under the Udhampur-based HQ Northern Command and include the Leh-based XIV Corps with 3 Infantry Division and 8 Mountain Division; Srinagar-based XV ‘Chinar’ Corps with 19 Infantry Division at Baramulla & 28 Infantry Division at Gurez; XVI ‘White Knight’ Corps in Nagrota, Jammu with the 10 Infantry Division at Akhnoor, 25 Infantry Division at Rajauri and 39 Infantry Division at Yol. Lastly, the dual-tasked Ranchi-based XVII Corps is available with 59 Mountain Division at Panagarh & 72 Mountain Division in Pathankot. There are also 8 pre-selected & built-up launch-pads (including 3 in PoK) for SRBMs containing both conventional warheads & nuclear warheads. These all ALL be destroyed within minutes by BrahMos-1, followed by heliborne air-assault teams being rapidly deployed to capture & secure the nuclear warheads—a tactic that has been rehearsed over the past 2 years with US & Israeli operational inputs & hence there was NO TV coverage or press coverage at all of the two such exercises carried out in both 2015 & 2016. Perhaps these were ‘Joint Force’ rehearsals involving Indian, Israeli & US troops. I will leave ot at that.

Further north, the Chhamb Sector will once again attract the PA’s attention, for it was here that out of the 4,900 PA troops killed in the west in 1971, 2,500 alone were killed in this sector. The IA had then made a critical mistake when the then GOC XV Corps Lt Gen Sartaj Singh failed to display superior operational art by failing to switch his Corps-level formations when reqd to do so. Thus, while the IA’s 10 Infantry Division under Maj Gen Jaswant Singh was prevented from going on the offensive, the 26 Infantry Division under Maj Gen Zorawar ‘Zoru’ Chand Bakshi weas allowed to just shake its legs immediately after it had captured Chicken’s Neck. Had 26 Infantry Division & its reserves like armoured Brigades & field artillery Brigades been placed at the disposal of 10 Infantry Division after the capture of Chicken’s Neck, then the IA could, by December 8, 1971, been a mere 10km away from the Marala Headworks (confluence of the Indus/Kishenganga & Jhelum rivers) & some 25km away from Mangla. The IA learnt this bitter lesson the hard way & this same mistake will never again be repeated.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Construction of Boeing's first overseas final-assembly facility of B.737 started on May 11, 2017 in China’s eastern port-city of Zhoushan. Upon completion in 2018, the plant will deliver 8 to 10 B.737MAX each month.

Asia's First Automated Container Terminal at Qingdao

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

1. your views on below link, is it technivally possible to make anti ship version of K15

2. i just learnt that IA let go of Haji pir in 1965 bcoz it didnt have access to a vital bridge east of the pass, is it true

3. IIT bombay has done it hopefully its put to good use by DRDO & others instiutions

4. now that zozila pass is open you say its the start of a campaign to stop PA at its game forever, if i am not wrong this scenario was being war gamed since 2006

5 a. what no one is saying that by cutting PA to size is one thing but the actual target IMHO is China bcoz if that exactly happens as you say it will have a domino effect in gilgit baltistan & then in Xinjiang as well as Tibet. It is for this reason a worried China is trying its best to supress the uighurs like stopping them from using muslim names for kids is just obne of them

5 b. if i remember correctly HH The Dalai Lama had said he may die in Tibet now if that has to happen this will only happen if Tibet is free. It is for this reason when the now 81 yr monk (previously visited 2009) visited tawang this time the Chinese were scarred shit, where he has already predicted he will be reborn after death.

6. Tejas Mk1/NLCA mk1 are both unsuited for IA/IN needs, why cant DRDO/ADA/ADE work on their LIFT versions to export to other countries, and develop NLCA mk2 as land based maritime strike jets for use by IN as well as exports

7. If IAF refuses to handover Apache/Mi35 to IA why is it not possible to develop a dedicated ground attack version of LCA mk1 and hand it over to IA just like Su23/25


Joydeep Ghosh

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

Since you visit China regularly can I please request you to shed some light on this topic. This article says that West Bengal & Eastern states will benefit from China's OBOR but Central Govt is not allowing Bengal to make progress.



Rafale-lover said...

Sir I think you forgot to approve my question.If you allow, these were the questions:

1.I had seen many RT Videos on Russian Special Forces as-well-as regular troops fighting in Chechnya very similar to Kashmir situation.I noticed that Russian forces do use very similar tactics as Indian Army.Sir that seems we are following Russian model.Why don't we follow Israeli/American model to fight Urban War which does have way less causality then Russian Army?

2.Why are we so obsessed about 7.62 for fighting Urban War when US,UK,Israel or even Russian Forces do use 5.56 rounds?

3.Sir you wrote about 7.62 round's and 5.56 round's importance and use, but what is the use of 6.68 rounds in an Assault Rifle?

4.What's your say on today's Hague Fight? Are we on the upper-hand?

AVIRAL said...

Articles written by idrw are just a piece of crap.

Alok Mehta said...

How can it be that only you are privy to such detail account of a future assault by India on Pak??And inspire of beans being spilled by you the assault still happens inspite of element of surprise being lost ?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: 1) How many times will such questions be asked? If it was possible, wouldn’t the world’s major powers have developed such BMs by now? Has China to date demonstrated any such ASBM against a floating target? 2) Total hogwash. Under the Tashkent Agreement both warring countries were to restore the1949 CFL’s status quo, i.e. neither side was able to hold to to any captured territory. 3) Read all about it here:
4) It was being wargamed only since June 2014 because from that time on the GoI began taking my theatre-wise strategic recce inputs seriously. That wasn’t the case before because the UPA-2 govt preferred to hibernate in cuckooland. 5A) That may be an unintended & inconsequential consolation gift. 5B) Are you saying that Tawang lies inside Tibet? 7) It will eventually happen, now that pseudo-IITians like the previous RM are out for good from the MoD. And BTW he also has not kept his word on unearthing all the commissions related to the AW-101 deal. Hope you send him a letter to Goa to remind him to keep his promises. 7) The IA has already decided to go for 114 units of the LCH.

To VIKRAM GUHA: How can WB benefit when countries like Tajikistasn, Sri Lanka & Laos have already ended up as basket economies at the total; mercy of China? China in reality wanted to embarrass the GoI by encouraging some state govts of India to attend the BRI Summiot in Beijing & if this had succeeded, then by now the GLOBAL TIMES would have gleefully published news about it just to show the Centre in bad light. That was the Chinese gameplan & it accordingly had approached a Tibetan Buddhist monkl based in Kolkata to invite the Chinese Ambassador to India to visit Kolkata on the eve of Vesak Day & officially invite ‘Didi’ & here delegation to attend the BRI Summit. But folks like me immediately got wind of it & cautioned both the Centre & WB State Govt against falling into this Chinese trap. Fortunately, good sense prevailed & this devious conspiracy by China was foiled in time. The news-report you’ve quoted is ‘paid news’ that was published by 5th columnists at the behest of the PRC Embassy in New Delhi.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAFALE-LOVER: 1) Really stupid question. Russia didn’t engage in COIN in Chechnya nor did the IDF engage in COIN in Gaza. They both engaged in LIC under which the 100-gun concept is used to flatten & demolish all built-up structures with or without people inside them. 2) Again, it’s all about COIN & not LIC. 3) Dunno. 4) That India has the upper hand is being explained by several Pakistanis here:

Pakistan’s submission was low on facts of the case & full of self-righteous rhetoric which will eventually make Pakistan a prisoner of its own words, just as was the case in 1971. India’s petition was total;ly focussed & when the time comes, India will be only too happen to go into the merits of the case that will discredit the FGCM. For instance, while Pakistanm claims that Kulbhushan Jadhav was caught with false identity, the fact remains that Pakistan has no proof of this & therefore it had issued a Note Verbale to India on March 21, 2017 in which it said that consular access will be considered after India replies to queries sent on January 23, 2017, like did Hussein Mubarak Patel have a second Passport. And rightly smelling a rat, India refused to give the clarifications desired by Pakistan, which is now on a bind because it will find it impossible to table any credible material evidence when the ICJ decides to go into the merits of the case. That’s why Pakistan was arguing yesterday against the ICJ’s jurisdiction WRT this case. The Indian sisde is ready to table all evidence that will prove that KJ was kidnapped & his freighter was hijacked in the high seas in an act of state piracy (as I had explained in the previous thread), For, it cannot be that KJ was captured inside Pakistani land because then Pakistan will be reqd to prove that at that time even KJ’s 3,400-tonne freighter was cruising over land! And mind you, the 3,500-tonne freighter too is missing along with its crew complement. Hence, to all those MORONS whining & wailing & speculating about why Iran hasn’t supported India’s submission to the ICJ, they must bear in mind that Harish Salve in his submission yesterday ALWAYS referred to KJ’s capture inside Pakistan as ‘alleged capture’, meaning there’s no evidence of any type to prove that KJ was arrested over any land.

To ALOK MEHTA: Only the Almighty can answer those questions, since you won’t believe me no matter what I say. So, kindly make arrangements to establish contact with the Almighty & for that you will be required to submit an application along with multiple proofs of your identity, like your Birth Certificate, Passport, Voter’s ID, Aadhaar UID card, PAN Card & Driving Licence. As you may be aware, Indian Gods of Yore like the GoI refuse to accept any 1 all-encompassing ID as proof of identity/citizenship & insist on multiple proofs of identity/citizenship. So all that I can do for now is wish you Good Luck!

Meanwhile, here's more alarming revelations about CPEC emanating from Pakistan:

Rafale-lover said...

Sir just look these two clips.You might get it that what I was talking about:

Israeli Forces Urban Warfare:
FSB Spetsnaz of Russia:
and Lastly,Russian Regular Forces in Chechnya:

In that FSB Documentary, I noticed that they were fighting in a similar way to Indian Army; Using Armed Robots,Shooting from Distance rather storming Building,Taking Shelter behind APC,etc.
And if you look at Israeli Documentary, you will notice that they just storm any building regardless of it's population. Infact they made a "dummy" city to train their new-bee soldiers.That's were I was indicating.

And sir according to Indian Time,when you remain active?

Ravi said...

Dear Sir

If and when an operation is launched by India ; will we declare it or
will we wait for Pakistanis to go running to UNSC

It has been Fifteen days now ; this wait has become so boring

Devopriyo said...

Again Prasun's predictions coming true

Pierre Zorin said...

Rafale-lover: Sorry Prasun doesn't approve any questions. It goes through Committee of Public Inquisition and Curiosity Branch. I have the honour of assessing approval requests and then I pass on to Prasun for consideration and answer :)'

Prasun you heard of the saying that some people fight over a dead man's shoe - that is what I learned from the video - despicably, insensitively done. You would expect the opposite to show honour to a martyr.

rad said...

hi prasun
why is america selling its soul to the chinese by shifting the b737 to china? havent they learnt a lesson?

you mentioned that you cautioned the center and state about Chinese plans, in what capacity do you advice them? and i am surprised they listen to sense sometimes especially the WB government!

what do you make of the bombay iit chaps making a thermal imaging chip , i think that is truly great!!but can they make to milspecs?

SUVO said...

(1) China's long term plans to turn Pakistan into its Economic Colony.The blueprint of a Chinese takeover. CPEC master-plan revealed.

(2) New policy will apply both to Afghanistan and Pakistan: McMaster

(3) Ex-army man’s wife expresses anguish over attacks on soldiers, sends a 56-inch BLOUSE to PM Modi

Rafale-lover said...

@ Pierre Zorin Is he a diplomat or does he work in MoD?I mean what's his profession?
His analysis are bull-eye every-time.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAFALE-LOVER: Unlike their Russians & Israeli counterparts, the IA NEVER fights against civilian urban populations in its own territory. COIN operations are never undertaken in urban areas, but only in rural areas like the villages & forests of J & K & in the North East. Hence, the Russian or Israeli examples have no value for the IA when it comes to COIN operations inside India. I am neither in the MoD nor in the MEA. I’m just a ‘Glimmer Man’ offering a glimmer of hope to all those who have eyes & yet they do not see.

To RAVI: Just wait & see what happens. You can’t possibly expect matters to be honky-dory in just 3 years when more than 8 years prior to that were spent in total neglect & without any preparation for immediate war preparedness.

To RAD: I advise them only in my capacity as an ordinary commonsensical person through coherent inferences & probable conclusions. It is no secret that China has been trying to sabotage India’s BCIM & BIMSTEC regional trade connectivity plans for the past 5 years. China wants to be the first to achieve trade-related road/rail connectivity with Nepal, Bangladesh & Myanmar at India’s expense at all costs, even if it means making Nepal, Bangladesh & other countries totally bankrupt. For instance, it has sought to promote trade connectivity with Nepal by giving the excuse of India’s port in Kolkata being totally inefficient. It’s all detailed here:

China’s plan is to extend rail connectivity to India’s UP & Bihar states THROUGH Nepal & Sikkim (so that West Bengal becomes irrelevant to Bihar & Sikkim) & West Bengal; in turn puts pressure on the Centre to approve Beijin g’s plan for creating a rail/road connection from WB to Bangladesh to Myanmar—all these being built solely by Chinese manpower & industry & making India’s Kaladan Project totally unnecessary. This was Beijing’s grand gameplan. And it was for this very reason that China out of the blue has now offered to demarcate & delineate only the Sino-Indian border in Sikkim, leaving the rest of the LAC undemarcated & Undelineated!

A similar tactic was used to convince Sri Lanka to build deep-water ports in Colombo & Hambantota. Beijing successfully conned Mahinda Rajapakse to order the construction of such ports/container transshipment terminals by telling him that India could never have any comparable ports/terminals anywhere along India’s coastline. One only has to keep one’s eyes open & observe all that’s going on & if this happens, the necessary conclusions can easily be reached. But ultimately, one has to enter the adversary’s mind in order to understand how that mind functions. For this, one has to read & understand not THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu, but a far more revealing treatise called THE 36 STRATAGEMS, which is compulsory reading by all Chinese civilian/military readers. It can be studied here:

So the next time you come across some arm-chair specialist quoting THE ART OF WAR, you can rest assured that he/she is a total fraud when it comes to figuring out the Chinese mindset.

To SUVO: In these 2 videoclips, another Indian 5th columnist has been exposed after she claimed that India is engaging in a 0-sum game with China WRT OBOR/BRI. She doesn’t even know that even though China is part of the ARF, it still has serious territorial differences with most of its ASEAN partners within the ARF. In other words, she is now turning out to be as retarded in her though-processes as her father:

Rafale-lover said...

Sorry to ask a non-Defence related question.
But when I read your articles, I find that you do meet big diplomats and leaders even though you said you aren't a diplomat.So my question to you is, I see, since Cold-war era,India's Soft-power and Soft-image infront on whole west is somehow bad compared to China.
Cause even if we look at the Western Societies, they do have more Positive Image of China then India.Even when India is a Democracy and China is a Communist-cum-Dictatorship.
And especially these days,there's a special type of attention given by Western Media on India's bad image and many terrible problems like Woman's Safety,Sanitation Problems,Intolerance,etc.I admit that these are Actually the problems we do have in our society,but the way Western Media is over-reacting to all those problems,somehow I feel that India's image infront of Western Society is going very terrible.We can even feel that on Social Media.So, as a person who do know international norms,can you figure out and explain to a layman like me what's the real matter? Where China went right and we went wrong.Why is China's soft-image is better then India's?

bhoutik said...

*was evgeny petrenko working for the russians?

*is the Ummer Fayaz incident unprecedented? a serving army officer - this cannot be allowed to be normalised - like the frequent killings of jawans.

* you mentioned the French Navy SSN tracking the Yuan-class SSK of the 26th PLA Escort Naval Fleet, and the brit-french agreeing to take turns deploying their SSNs in the IOR. what are the objectives for these deployments?

* ---- prescription for 'fairness'. wtf!!! how are mobs not beating these people up!

*whats your take on the "tracking point" assault weapons. is this the future?

*the 'CBL' link you posted about the 36 stratagems - couldnt help but chuckle at the way the author - obviously of euro origin - was presenting their culture as dhoa tulshi pata. the stuff on china was right. but lol - the authors effort at presenting themselves as sooo righteous and all. funny (and disturbing). - sorry, irrelevant rant i know - just moner kotha prokash korlam ei ja.

Arpit Kanodia said...


Whats your opinion about trincomalee port & India-SL railway/road links, connecting Rameshwaram with SL?

I always see in SL's English media about doubting the intentions of India. Like we want to make them our 30th State.

SUVO said...


Pakistan's unknown tunneled nuclear weapons storage facility



what types of coaches attached with army rakes starting @ 02:10 duration of this video which are very unusual type of bogies??

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