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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Shanghai-Based CSSC's Jiangnan Shipyard Launches First 10,000-Ton Type 055 DDG

The Type 055 DDG was preceded by the Type 052B DDGs, Type 052C DDGs and the Type 052D DDGs.

Type 052B DDG
Type 052C DDG
Type 052D DDG
Now, compare ther above evolutionary designs with the evolution of India’s Project 15 DDG family, comprising the Project 15, Project 15A and Project 15B hull designs.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Videoclips opf the Type 055 DDG Launch Ceremoney:

To ARPIT KANODIA: That particular son;g beats are a rage in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, all the CARs & of course Xinjiang, where DVDs of all Bollywood flicks smuggled in from Uzbekistan are freely available. In fact, if the Turkomens of Xinjiang were allowed to come to India vfia Aksai Chin into J & K, it could have been developed into a vibrant trade route as was the case several hundred years ago. But while China on one hand makes tall claims about its BRI initiative, it hypocritically prevents India from re-opening its Trade Office in Kasghar, which was functional until 1949 when the Communists invaded & annexed Xinjiang . Here are a few variants of the song from different countries:

Svetlana Agarval

To KAUSTAV: LoLz! It’s not complicated at all. The PLA is constructing roads inside territory that is claimed by Bhutan. So it is for Bhutan to protest, not India & hence the MEA has been keeping mum. But since Bhutan is an I(ndian protectorate, IA’s troops always collaborate with their Bhutanese counterparts. What has happened this time is that while the PLA road-building teams pushed south towards the Chumbi Valley via Damochem, the IA has cut them off by blocking their return-route by putting up camp at Batang La. Hence the shrill & paranoic tone of China’s official statements. These 2 reports will bring about further clarity:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AMIT BISWAS: Road-building activity has already picked up & Sikkim’s first airport is due for commissioning later this year. In the Finger Area, the IA is siting on dominating heights & hence the PLA is rattled by the IA’s deployment in northern Sikkim of T-72CIA tanks. The PLA’s paranoia will increase further after some six heli-bases will be opened in Sikkim & north Bengal for housing Dhruv Mk.4/Rudra helicopter gunships over the next 50 days. The same is being done in Uttarkhand as well. That’s why the PLAAF has since March 2016 been flying its Tu-154Ms equipped with belly-mounted SAR sensors along the LAC to monitor the functioning of these heli-bases & also sending its Z-9 helicopters for visual recce. The PLA, which has only 3 acclimatised infantry brigades for operating along the LAC, is cl;early outnumbered & out-foxed by the IA’s 10 Mountain Divisions & that’s why any time of force accretion by the IA (like fielding M-777 UFHs or Rudras) makes the PLA ground commanders extremely nervous & hence the high number of recce foot patrols that are mounted by the PLA along the LAC. BTW, I hope you spotted in that videoclip on Chhamb Sector the PA’s deployment of China-supplied FN-6 MANPADS/VSHORADS.

To HARSH: The orders will be placed later this year once the CCNS approves the AG’s recommendations on doing away with the existing blacklisting norms. Then the OTOBreda 126mm guns & Black Shark HWTs etc etc will all be ordered.

To RAD: Trying to learn how to build a new aircraft design is a tedious, time-consuming & hence very expensive process. It is by no means an easy task to type-certify the large workforce of engineers, supervisors & technicians for their respective vocations. That’s the main reason why HAL cannot deliver more than 12 Su-30MKIs per annum. Any licence-manufacturing involving locally-made sub-systems/components will therefore begin only 5 years after contract signature. Until then, only licenced-assembly from SKD & CKD kits will have to be undertaken. As per IAF projections, the reqmt is for 220 units.

To JAY: The buggest deficiency that hampers long-term planning of industrial roadmaps for the aviation sector (inclusive of both services & manufacturing) is the absence of an Aerospace Commission. While there’s a Space Commision, there’s no Aerospace Commission. Hence the GoI’s efforts are all disjointed & dysfunctional, like allocating funds for the SARAS project when any licenced aircraft engineer will tell you that this is a non-starter. I(nstead, what NAL should have done was team up with HAL to develop an all-glass cockpit for the An-32RE commuter turboprop & invite the private-sector to licence-build this aircraft-type for both commercial & military applications, instead of going for cost-prohibitive solutions like the C-295, which is now not likely to be procured. Secondly, since HAL is a Do-228 licenced-manufacturer, it can easily partner with Switzerland’s RUAG Aerospace to co-produce both the turboprop-powered & turbofan-powered versions of the Do-328 STOL commuter aircraft for servicing Tier-3 cities as well as several destinations throughout the North East as well as in J & K, Uttarkhand & Himachal Pradesh. In the northeast, there are several disused airfields built during WW-2 that can be upgraded & expanded to promote tourism, especially for those Caucasians & Japanese whose forefathers had fought & died in Imphal/Lohima where the war memorials of the Imperial Indian Army, Imperial Japanese Army & INA are all located & properly maintained. This then will also create more jobs downstream in the tourism/hospitality sector. However, as of now, no such clear-headed thinking exists within the decision-makers in New Delhi.

Anonymous said...

@Arpit Kanodia

No thing/person has connected the Asian countries to Indian culture better than that song "Jimmy Jimmy". I haven't met a single Russian, Israeli, Tajik, Uzbek etc who doesn't have that song in their favorite list on their iPod/iPhone !!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

How do you rate India's DDG design evolution as against China's?

Best Regards

Zaphon said...

Will the IAF and GOI agree on the procurement of additional Rafales (regardless of any decision on F-16 etc)? The infrastructure and effort seems to be in anticipation of a lot more than just 36. While funds are scarce, one senses that they may be made available for repeat orders? Is the target of 189 Rafales still planned and catered for?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJ: It looks like the Type 055 DDG sports an integrated mast containing distributed APAR apertures operating in X-/S-/L-bands. It will also carry a greater number of universal VLS cells fore & aft that can easily accommodate both VL-LACMs & VL-LR-SAMs. In other words, such DDGs will be able to form the core of a naval task force (comprising DDGs, FFGs, fleet replenishment tankers & perhaps one SSN)& will not be reqd to act as escorts for carrier battle groups. It remains to be seen whether or not each such DDG will carry 10-tonne or 12-tonne Z-18 NMRHs & in what versions, i.e. ASW/anti-ship strike or AEW. Therefore, for now the Type 055 DDG in terms of design is a generation ahead of the IN's Project 15B DDG design.

To ZAPHON: Of course. Didn't you hear from this year's Paris Air Show that the first 36 Rafales will be of the F-3R standard, whereas the follow-on tranche of 44 Rafales will be of the F-4 standard? Anyway, the IMDS-2017 naval expo got going yesterday & so let's see what comes out from St Petersburg.

buddha said...

Good to be reaffirmed at information of Indian air force will ultimately order 189 raffle multirole combat aircraft ...With F16 coming and super sukhoi upgrade .Indian air force will have upper hand in respect of Chinese air force and Pakistan...
Hope Mod will listen. To ur call of LIFT version of Tejas..
Any news regarding Indian SSN choice ..Which design will be selected..And when the work will ..
In the next decade is there any chance of Indian air force getting jet propulsion armed drone from America...
As Indian UACV ghatak would still hang in limbo of proposal and burocratic Byzantine attitude..

Bobby said...

to prasun

Is indian navy is left way behind than chinese navy, they could not even clone jalashva while chinese have 5 type 071 . cochin shipyard sitting idle. navy could not even design next carrier which would have been launched by now.

how long it takes vikrant to be ready for sea traials.its a shame on navy they are still looking to buy designs of mistral. and it will take another 10-12 years before first LDP is delivered by private shipyard as they have no knowledge of naval ships.

what will be the follow on of project 15B ??

Anonymous said...

Regarding NMRHs, isn't a 10 tonne or 12 tonne helicopter antiquated in the modern day?? The majority of the NMRH payload is nothing but super heavy depth charges. Why can't navies just get rid of the ineffective and heavy depth charges; and replace them with more of lighter (short ranged) torpedos?


bhoutik said...

i was under the impression that sensor-wise, due to the MFSTAR, Indian surface ships were ahead of Chinese ones. prasun bhai would you please do a comparative assessment of the air defence capabilities of the 15-A&B and 52D & 55.

"such DDGs will be able to form the core of a naval task force (comprising DDGs, FFGs, fleet replenishment tankers & perhaps one SSN)& will not be reqd to act as escorts for carrier battle groups" - apologies but i'm not clear on this part. ektu bujhay bolen.

the IN, i'm assuming, has been in the know about this. what are their plans.

Soikot Banerjee said...

Sir any idea on the recent OFB 7.62*51 rifle tests...has it really been rejected as ther are two conflicting reports on the same. Any updates will be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

I noticed you have rated this Type 055 DDG superior compared to Indian Project 15, Project 15A and Project 15B DDGs showing few points. Can you elaborate those points please? Plus How does stealth features of Type 055 DDG fare compared to Indian Project 15, Project 15A and Project 15B DDGs?



Zaphon said...

What really? 80 Rafales confirmed? When will contracts for other 44 be signed?

Is there an article or print reference to the same?

All I see from Paris is a set of journos and guys from think-tanks (including the author of the F-16 hit job) enjoying themselves and writing fluff.

Isn't it important that reporting on further Rafale orders be done?

So the aim is still for 189 Rafales? That is good.

On an unrelated point, what is going on with IAF SAM sqns: I have read contracts for 8 Akash SAMs already in effect, 7 more sqn contracts signed, 9 sqn of MRSAM contracts signed and 3 of Spyder SAM. Anything else confirmed planned or corrections needed for the above?

In addition plans for 16 Pechora sqn upgrades - where are those now? Thanks for all the help.

It is very confusing with the poor std of Indian defence reporting.


" BTW, I hope you spotted in that videoclip on Chhamb Sector the PA’s deployment of China-supplied FN-6 MANPADS/VSHORADS. "

LOOLz i was wondering how to stop the irritating la ilala rap song running in background the whole time......jokes apart yes it was to be seen the moment narrator went up the post to meet officers relevant to it what those are deployed for in forward post....attacking IA/BSF post or targetting IA/IAF UAVs???

Whats the reactions from IN Hqrs/DND/NSA ( MOD bureaucrats are morons indeed ) about type 55 ddg outgunning project 15B ??? I am sure " chehra utar gaya hoga sabka"

Looking forward to a crisp post from you regarding recent standoff with chinese with markings on map like you did post SURGICAL STRIKE episode against PAKSITAN for better understanding of ignorant folks like us



" Sir,

Whats your view on this

Bollywood concert in Xinjiang, must be very old. I dont think such events now can happen in Xinjiang. I think even the singer is uyghur. "

her name is Ziyoda Qokolova or you can call Ziyoda Zattuba Urumchi.


" The PLA’s paranoia will increase further after some six heli-bases will be opened in Sikkim & north Bengal for housing Dhruv Mk.4/Rudra helicopter gunships over the next 50 days. The same is being done in Uttarkhand as well. That’s why the PLAAF has since March 2016 been flying its Tu-154Ms equipped with belly-mounted SAR sensors along the LAC to monitor the functioning of these heli-bases & also sending its Z-9 helicopters for visual recce. "

Such precise confirmation from your end hatsoff to you sir.....I just hope somebody from GOI go through this and connect the dots on a large board to get the real picture and take measures accordingly

BTW my father said that all UAVs from western bases like bhatinda and naliya are being deployed in north east bases of chabua/hashimara...whats going on please elaborate....

bhoutik said...

what has iran done with the 3 nuke warheads it acquired from CARs

buddha said...
Two notable incidents...Your view ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

Where do you think the current standoff with China is headed? Who is going to blink first?

Best Regards

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AMIT BISWAS: There is NO need for redploying Indian UAVs from the west to the northeast. The IA has enough of the Super Herons that had arrived last year itself, while the IAF-operated Bombardier 5000s equipped with belly-mounted EL/M-2060P SAR sensors operating out of Charbatia in Odisha are more than enough to maintain 24/7 vigil over both Sikkim & northwestern Bhutan over the Doklam Plateau.

To ZAPHON: You can read it all here:

To SOIKOT BANERJEE: What tests? What is meant by a ‘basic test’? And if such tests exist, are there also ‘intermediate tests’ & sadvanced tests? That entire story was FAKE NEWS. Blame NDTV for it.

To BHOUTIK: MF-STAR operates in only S-band, hence the need for the L-band LW-08 on P-15A/B DDGs. The Type 055 has an INTEGRATED mast housing Sband, X-band & L-band APARs. So which of the two DDG types is more advanced as far as sensors go? IAC-1/Project 71 Vikrant will head for sea-trials only next year. It was only earlier this year that Russia began supplying all the hardware reqd for installation inside the IAC’s aircraft storage/maintenance hangar.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AMIT BISWAS, RAJ & BUDDHA: Where is it all headed for? For that, we must first establish where & how it all began. China wants to access the Bhutran-China-India tri-junction by road & rail so that it can become a part of the BICM corridor (similar to the CPEC). But to achieve this, China needs to build railway tracks & roads that can only be built through the Doklam Plateau which has been under Bhutan’s administrative control & is therefore sovereign Bhutanese territory. Contrary to what’s being shown on Indian TV channels, the Doklam Plateau isn’t part of the Chumbi Valley at all (how the hell can a plateau ever be inside a valley??? All these ‘desi’ journalists never paid attention to their geography classes in school, perhaps a unique coincidence! ). Instead, the Doklam Plateau OVERLOOKs the Chumbi Valley, which is southwest of the plateau. Here’s a map of that area:

It was on June 5 that the PLA’s Construction Corps began transiting the Doklam Plateau for roadbuilding. Bhutan & India,seeing this as a violation of Bhutan’s territorial sovereignty, immediately decided to block the PLA Party & this was done by June 7. That’s why on June 8, the IA’s COAS publicly declared that India was ready for a 2.5-front war.

China at that time itself was out-foxed & out-manoeuvred because the IA in both Sikkim & Bhutan was on higher dominating ground & the PLA would lose any conceivable military duel in that area. That’s precisely why China is now squealing with nonsensical rhetoric & targetting the June 8 remarks of the IA’s COAS. So far, the PLA has been able to mobilise only 3,000 troops opposite Doklam Plateau, whereas the IA in that area has 2 Mountain Divisions flanking both sides of the Chumbi Valley, i.e. ground-to-troops ratio is heavily in India’s favour. Furthermore, the PLA has only 3 Brigades in TAR for deployment along the LAC. If it tries to bring un-acclimatised reinforcements from the plains, these troops will suffer the same fate as that suffered by ther PLA in 1986 during the Wangdung/Sumdorong-Chu incident when more than 2,000 troops were killed by Malaria, Typhoid, Dyssentry & Diarrhoea. So it looks like this time again, India will call China’s bluff but with a great difference: this time, China will be made to lose face, unlike the quiet manner in which matters were resolved in 1986. And that too by a tiny country like Bhutan because the rest of the world (barring Pakistan) will never allow China to bully its smaller neighbour’s territorial integrity. That’s why India is keeping quite, which is only making China even more hoppijng mad.

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

It must also be noted that prior to NaMo’s meeting with POTUS at the White House, both the US Secretary of State & SECDEF had separate one-on-one meetings BEFORE the White House meeting, which is most unusual & is suggestive of an arrangement being worked out in advance that was later to be endorsed by both countries during the delegation-level talks at the Oval Office. Besides, the US is now all set to impose economic sanctions against China for not doing enough to restrain North Korea & failing to address the US-China trade deficit. So, all in all, the hawks within China’s Central Military Commission have once again displayed their shortsightedness vis-à-vis China’s Foreign Ministry, which in turn will weaken President Xi Jinping’s cult-like status that he has been assiduously cultivating since coming to power 2013. Thus, this latest Chinese move has nothing to do with India buying US-built UAS or exercising with the navies of Japan & the US, as many are speculating. Instead, it is all about pressurising Bhutan to succumb to China’s demands for territorial swaps in a manner that will be disadvantageous for India. This videoclip will throw more light on this issue (just ignore the shamefully erroneous maps):

Bobby said...

prasun , how do you rate new Russian marine turbines

i think kaveri marine turbine is dead.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BHOUTIK, AMIT BISWAS, RAJ & BUDDHA: This too makes for interesting reading:

While some of our 'desi' clowns are totally clueless about what's unrevalling on the western front:

Have also uploaded more illustrations above WRT Type 955 DDG's weapons fitments. Compare them with what's on-board the IN's Project 15A/15B DDGs & it becomes evident which DDG design has superior qualities.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

Thanks for the excellent clarifications.

Why are the Chinese ratcheting up? don't they realize they are not going to have their way this time?

For the Chinese losing face is the ultimate embarrassment, the more they keep hyperventilating the big the face lose.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

Am curious... are PLAN subs on patrol armed with nuclear tipped missiles? If yes then since when have they been doing so.

Best Regards

himanshu vij said...

Mr parsun are we heading for war ??? & What's the status of manufacturing of ammunition but OFB are the deliveries are increasing & how efficient are our T-72 AJEYA in front of Chinese light tanks ??? are OFB properly producing ammunition of t-72 tank ???.
Last is it safe to still invest in stock mkt ???
Regards Himanshu vij

Anonymous said...

This standoff with China is not good. Our hands are full. We may soon have a much much bigger role in stabilising and rolling back the talibanis in Afghanistan. Are the chinese in cahoot with the pakis to keep us down.


joydeep ghosh said...

Prasun da

i have lot of querries this hope to get answers

1. below link shows that why china is hell bent on flaring up the sikkim border as IA clearly dominate zomplri ridge, but where does jelep la come in this picture, heard somwewhere china actually wants full control of jelep la

2. while the below link states on monumental action in july with regards to air launched Brahmos, my questions are about the other points raised below

a. can 3 air launched Brahmos mini ever be carried by any IAF jet
b. once Brahmos mini is operational wont it mean the air launched Brahmos 1 carried by Su30mk1 will become uneconomical as such 42 modified Su30mk1 meant for air launched Brahmos 1 will also be uneconomical
c. sub launched Brahmos 1 via VLS (obviously full range of 550 km) or Brahmos mini via torpedo tube (290 km range) which one is best
d. sub launched Brahmos 1 via VLS may be added on kalvari/scorpene class but if Brahmos mini via torpedo tube is operational will it be added on sindhughosh/shishumar class as well

3. If you remember 2 yrs back i had said of IN ships growing in size and had said next class after visakhapatnam will have to be around 10000 tons, close to cruiser weight category, at that time you had said its not needed and IN focus should be on packing more punch in small space like talwar class. Now you yourself are saying the PLAN D55 destroyers owing to sensors & weapon package are a generation ahead of visakhapatnam class. wont it make IN compulsorily look for something like slava cruiser design or may be the incomplete moskva itself

4. i had asked these questions in your 1st iran thread, hope to get answers on these this time

a. GsH 30mm Gatling gun on 6 X 6 trucks could also be a concept for the BMPT/tank destroyer that you have said IA should go for.

b. the IN RFI for 57 MMRCA for INS Vishal states that the jets are to have folded wings and can these be maintained and powered up with folded wings. While MiG 29K, F18 SH, Gripen Maritime (if developed) have folded wings but Rafale M doesnt. Those operating from Charles De Galle carrier dont have it too. They reach upper deck via side lifts only. IN has operated carriers with midship & side lift (both old/new vikrant, viraat & Vikramaditya have them) & INS Vishal will likely have side and midship lift too. If Rafale M
is selected IN will become its largest operator, only depending on side lift wont be good i think. Will Dassault devise folded wings for Rafale M if needed

5. the USN carriers have many types of radars; 2 for air traffic & 2 for air search & 1 for landing alone why??

hope to get answers this time

Joydeep Ghosh

Zaphon said...

Thanks Mr. Sengupta.

I note though those two articles seem to be more in line with naval requirements rather than more IAF aircraft. The Reuters article alludes to it but no more.

What is going on with the IAF SAM fleet? Confirmed 15 Akash sqn & 9 MRSAM sqn ordered?

Why do IN P-15A/B vessels only have 32 SAM launchers apiece? Seems to be space for more. Are there reloads?

bhoutik said...

doesn't the AESA on kolkatas as opposed to the PESAs on board the 52&55 give some advantage to the former

rad said...

hi prasun

why cant we have our own APAR aesa radar on ships as we have already developed the L band for the
awacs, and x band fro the air defence purpose . resizing and rearranging the aperture is not a big deal?
what would be the possible roles allotted to the various radars on the PLA ship apart from air defence ?
in what other ways is electronics on the pla ship better?
are there any plans to increase the weapon load of the bramhos on board the indian ships? i feel there is lots of space still?

Arh93 said...

Prasun'da what do you think of these videos about Indo-Tibet border?useful anyway? (1) (2) (3) (5)

Arh93 said...

Also Prasun'da do you know what is Indian navy's future plan after P-15B class?A type-055 like DDG with Integrated mast?

anmol chaudhary said...

Hi prasun,
1. Sharif chairs a high level meet just after the Sikkim situation. Is this Chinna's doing ? Is the Sino-Pak axis colluding in some manner ? What could they potentially be up besides something as drastic as war that that we should prepare for ?

2. A general question I have been wanting to ask. Choose to ignore if this seems trivial or too abstract.
I have a feeling that we Indians tend to focus more on our strengths and go in denial/ignorance to some extent about our weaknesses. On this premise are the military's defensive strategies just as honed and thought out when compared to their offensive war game preparations etc. ?

Thank you for all your valuable insights.

SUVO said...

Is there any hidden connection between the ongoing Gorkhaland unrest & PLA activity in Doklam region? The Doklam area is closer to the chiken neck area.

bhoutik said...

what would your recommendations be for a follow on class to the 15Bs

Arpit Kanodia said...


Whats your view on this? Then DG-ISI Gen Pasha was helping Raymond Davis, and then putting blame on Zardari Govt.

Pierre Zorin said...

Do Indians really focus on strengths? Might be - as PM Modi drummed up a visionary India as soon as sets foot in the country the world gets to know and see people being lynched for cows! Just when the masses were upbeat about supporting the law enforcement personnel about lynching a police officer in Kashmir here is a bunch of no hopers proving Modi's point- terrorism has no religion and doing exactly what India is accusing Pakistan for - torturing and killing its own citizens in the name of Islam. See my point? Unless the mindset is changed to 21st century, proactive and truly visionary mere rhetoric won't change anything and China can win all wars without firing a single bullet. There is no doubt even though Modi is one of the best PMs India ever had, this BJP or elements within the party with this Hindu cause is making India like Pakistan to the world - turning a great sovereign, secular republic into a fundamentalist one religion country. I have never heard India referred to as a country of Hindus before now except from Pakistani side. Today even President Trump is saying he likes Hindus, there is a Hindu coalition in the US, Israel says Hindus and Israelis are friends...India is for ALL people whose first loyalty is to India. If the PM meant is diversity is India's strength. It rends my heart to see the degeneration of the Indian secularism. the PM said, colour of passports may change over time but the blood relation with India will never be severed. Yes I get overwhelmed when the Indian National anthem is played, I get emotional when foreign dignitaries shower honour on the Indian PM, I feel proud when I see the US Marines holding the Indian tricolour high with the US Star and Stripes - I am out of India but India will never ever be out of my heart. India is on the threshold of such prosperity and advancement and yet there are people who are still living in the dark ages fighting over stupid issues like cow vigilantes?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: It vwas first revealed in 2014 in this book:

But what has been redacted from Davcies’ book was about his mission. What was it? How was he going about it?

To BHOUTIK: It should sport an integrated mast, it should carry universal VLS cells capable of launching 64 LR-SAMs like Barak-8 & 16 ASCMs like BrahMos-NG & 64 LACMs blike Nirbhay, & uit should be able to carry 2 12-tonne NMRHs: 1 for ASW/OTHT & the other for AEW & C. Most importantly, the propulsion suite should be all-electric, using more powerful gas-turbines. All radars on-board the Typer 955 DDG will be APARs, not PESA.

To SUVO: There’s no connection at all. What we often fail to admit is that the Gurkhas are polygamous & hence wherever they settle down they tend to disturb the prevailing demographic baslance. That’s precisely why they were kicked out of Bhutan from the late 1980s onwards. Now they’ve again created a crisis in North Bengal. And instead of paying attention to this, we tend to focus on the so-called millions of illegal Bangladeshis who, by the way, have still to be identified & deported from India. These are the double-standards practised by the self-styled ‘Hindutva Bhakts’. If they;’re so enamoured by Hindutva then they ought to re-settle these proliferating Gurkhas from WB into UP, Haryana, MP, Rajasthan & Maharashtra. Let’s then see how ‘Hindutva’ works in these states.

WRT Bhutan, therre’s a history behind the present standoff. Firstly, it needs to be explained & here are 2 videoclips that explain it all:

Now let’s proceed chronologically:




Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANMOL CHAUDHARY: It wasn;t because of that. Instead, it was about this:

2) That’s true, but that applies only to the political class. The armed forces are the exact opposite. The armed forcss don’t formulate national security strategy in India. That is done only by politicians with the aid of bureaucrats. The 3 armed forces chiefs therefore are only operational players, not strategic players.

To ARH93: It is already being designed.Those videos are amateurishly done because the maker of sucn videos does not possess knowledge of the locations of many other bases housing SIGINT stations, radar sites & POL storage warehouses.

To RAD: What the IN now has are P-15A FFGs each housing only 1 mast with 4-aperture EL/M-2248 MF-STAR. An integrated mast must accommodate 3 different types of APARs operating in S/X/L bands. The AESA for EMB-145I AEW & CS is also an S-band radar, as is ISRO’s MOTR. So far, only RAYTHEON, THALES & BAE Systems have showen detailed designs of integrated masts. No one else has.

To ZAPHON: How can it be connected to naval reqmts when all that the IN has done so far is release RFIs for which no negotiations are reqd, only written submissions are to be made? When the term ‘negotiation’ os used, it means there are 2 willing parties: one with a definitive offer & the other (the buyer) with a price negotiations committee. All P-15A/B DDGs will have 64 LR-SAMs, inclusive of reloads.

To RAJ: As I had explained yesterday, the members of the Central Military Commission have mis-calculated & by overruling the objections of the civilian Civilian Politburo & State Council & its subordinate Foreign Ministry, the CMC has committed a strategic blunder. Now the US has opened another front by agreeing to supply advanced military hardware to Taiwan. All in all, therefore, China is now in for some extremely rough times, especially if the US imposes economic sanctions. No PLA SSBN has to date gone on any operational patrol (with its full load of SLBMs) outside China’s territorial waters.

To HIMANSHU VIJ: If China wanted to go to war to ‘teach another lesson’ to India, it would have done so by now. Instead, it is calling for India to stop supporting/assisting Bhutan, followed by talks on this issue. This clearly means that China has no stomach for a fierce fight along the LAC or against Bhutan. And as I had explained in a previous thread, the PLA Army’s medium tanks being developed for use in TAR stand no chance against the T-72CIA. Such 35-tonne tanks are meant for use by the PLA along China’s borders with the Central Asian Republics. The heavier Type 96B medium tanks of the PLA all use air-cooled diesel engines & hence cannot operate at higher altitudes. The lighter Type 96A medium tank, therefore, is meant for use inside TAR as it uses a 740hp diesel engine that’s water-cooled, but its’s fire-control system isn’t of the hunter-killer type. The TFCS of the T-72CIA, on the ither hand, are far superior to anything now being possessed by the PLA.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ROHIT: LoLz! No Indian boots-on-the-ground in Afghanistan. Neither India nor Afghanistan wants Indian soldiers inside Afghanistan. As for the standoff, it is to be welcomed since it will once & for all prove my earlier assertions about the PLA not being 9 feet-tall, but only being 5.5 feet-tall. This could have been proven in 1986 itseklf but at that time the GoI had imposed a media blackout & hence there are many who still believe that the PLA can overwhelm its Indian counterparts b& there are several more who make a healthy living by playing on such fears through publication of error-ridden books like ‘Dragon at Your Doorstep’, ‘Dragon Knocking on Your Doors’, ‘Dragon’s Tentacles Reaching for Your Testicels’ etc etc etc. These fears are then over-hyped by US-based badarses like a Narang from some US-based think-tanks, which then serves as fodder for more overseas travel, more utopian crystal ball-gazing, more seminars, more free junkets & what not. In other words, the OVER-HYPING goes into a tizzy, causing a delusional fear-frenzy & hyper-ventilation of bizarre conspiracy-theories. All in all, therefore, a sustainable financial model that generates finances by playing upon discredited fears. Hence, the longer this standoff continues, the greater the chances of all such fears being aquashed once & for all. This also holds valuable lessons for all those who shamelessly believe that by bathing at the Mansarovar River all their sins will be washed away. Such morons will now have to learn to carry the burden of their sins & must painfully get used to the concept of atonement as articulated by the Gods of Yore.

Now listen to what Amrullah Saleh said yesterday about Afghanistan:

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: Despite my explanation yesterday about the erroneous maps displayed by NDTV, & my posting of image weblinks shoing where the Doklam Plateau is, why are you posting the erroneous weblink from NDTV? Can you explain how a plateau can exists within a valley? Can you give me only 1 such example anywhere in this world? The Doklam Plateau OVERLOOKS the Chumbi Valley below. China wants to annex this plareau because it is far easier to build roads & rail tracks through a flat plateau than through a valley where many bridges & tunnels will be reqd.

There’s no BrahMos-Mini. There’s BrahMos-1, there’s BrahMos-A & BrahMos-NG. The Su-30MKI can carry 3 BrahMos-NGs. The only realistic sub-launched BrahMos is the BrahMos-NG from torpedo tubes. No SSK can accept VLS for BrahMos-1. To date, no one has ever fired a BrahMos-1 from any SSK anywhere in this world. The IN’s concept of naval warfare is different from that of the PLAN. None of the 2 navies are likely to be involved in any naval faceoff in the surface warfare arena. Only in the undersea warfare arena the stalking will be done. How can 30mm rounds destroy a tank? Developing folding wings isn’t rocket science for Dassault Aviation. It had in the past developed such folding wings for the Alize. The Zumwalt-class DDG-21 embraces the integrated mast concept like no other navy.

Meanwhile, oil & gas has been struck in Manipur:

Pierre Zorin said...

Excellent video: what a contrast between the Haqqani terror network and Mr Haqqani

AVIRAL said...

Interesting details on Surgical strikes by Manohar Parrikar...
1) Strikes were planned 15 months in advance.
2) Additional troops were trained, equipment was purchased.
3)DRDO's Swathi LET was deployed. 40 Pakistani firing units were destroyed.

jasss gill said...

sir, indian army get new mku bulletproof helmets some media report mku helmet only affective against only 9mm, did new bulletproof helmet already junk

Pierre Zorin said...

Vladimir Putin like you have never seen before:

Pierre Zorin said...

‘Dragon’s Tentacles Reaching for Your Testicles"- is that still in its conceptual phase or a reality? Does it mean the Chinese penis is like the integrated mast with an AESA stuck on top?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: Here's the inside story of how the Raymond Davies case was resolved through the ISI's intimidation of the judiciary, as recounted yesterday by lawyers representing both the defence & prosecution:

The lawyers' disclosures are both facinating & revealing.

mad max said...

Hello Prasun,

Hope you are doing well and am enjoying reading and absorbing your views and thoughts on current India-Bhutan and China standoff.

Also totally agree with your comment "publication of error-ridden books like ‘Dragon at Your Doorstep’, ‘Dragon Knocking on Your Doors’, ‘Dragon’s Tentacles Reaching for Your Testicels’ etc etc etc" Hahaha it is invaluable.

I have a few questions and would appreciate your views/clarification/thoughts in Regards to the same.

1) China keeps on needling us in various sectors some time Ladakh, sometime Arunachal Pradesh, some time Sikkim, and also supporting the North East Rebels covertly by trainning and arms, I have seen this while I was working in Myanmar from 200 till 2004 especialy in Laisho and Mitchina. Is their no way that we can respond in Kind which will make them think twice before keeping on making adventures and needling India.

2) Can you please give your view /thoughts/ comments as to the interest of china in India's North East sector, I have read many posters on Internet but could not really digest any of their reasoning or hogwash. Would appreciate to hear for you in detail( if you could spare the time). Thank you for the same.

3) What I gather for the press and after reading your comments that The chinese want to take control of Doka La plateau , how ever if this plateau is under control of Bhutanese Army and if it is so strategically important to us as it over sees Chumbi Valley, why dont we take permission from Bhutan government and have permanent presence on the plateau as we have presence in other higher ridges surrounding Chumbi Valley? Even if the control is not with Bhutan Government would it not be possible for India to forcibly ( By keeping Bhutan Govt IN loop) take control of the plateau? what can china possibly do in such a situation? or is this not feasible?

4) Would appreciate your update/domments/throughts in regards to Nirbhay missle as to why it is taking such a long time for it to pass all its test and how long will it take to induct Nirbhay missile. please some details.

Thank you very much and look forward to your comments/thoughts. Have a great weekend.




You are absolutely correct about the practice of polygamy among Gorkhas and how it un settles local population. Take Sikkim for example, it has completely been run over by Nepalis & local tribes are now a minority.

The reason why Gorkhas want Gorkhaland in North East is because they have realised that NE,especially NE tribals receives massive financial support from Central Govt(100% tax free income; 100% reservation(officially 85% though);education subsidies;food subsidies the whole nine)that is un paralled anywhere in India. Consequently if they can get a state of their own they too can enjoy the same luxuries from the Center that other NE states enjoy without breaking a sweat.

In fact anyone who is not a Nepali is not allowed to live in Darjeeling. The Left Front should have deported them back in the 80s when Bhutan was doing the same, instead they allowed more Nepalis to come in from both Nepal & Bhutan.

Whether Mamta Banerjee or her party has the foresight or the capability to evacuate these encroachers remains to be seen because most people capable of logical thinking were expelled by the Left Front from Bengal a long time ago.



himanshu vij said...

Still u didn't answered my quiery regarding, ofb production of ammunition & their delivery & quality has any of these issues improved.
And what's the status of Uttam AESA radar has it been Integra to LCA lsp-2 ? And if yes how is it performing.

Pierre Zorin said...

This Agarwal guy instead of landing in hot water sure landed in a hottie in Belarus:

bhoutik said...

'Dragon’s Tentacles Reaching for Your Testicles' - lolz prasun bhai, :-D cracked me up.

do u have the specs for the APARs on the type 55?

did they have any help from ukraine or elsewhere in developing them?

S/X/L bands - how would these three be used?

does the IN possess cooperative engagement capability, if not, r they planning to move towards it? do the chinese?

your thoughts on the new british carrier class, design and capability wise.

Anonymous said...

Sir, from the comments that the COAS made about fighting the 2.5 wars at the same time. Does this mean that the chief sees PAK + CHINA + VARIOUS trouble spots happening at the same time. Does this mean that our limited war could mean we have to watch our back at all times? Is the limited war even an option now? I cannot see it anymore not whilst Xi is in charge.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

More damning revelations from Pakistan about the Raymond Davis affair:

And a sulking Syed Salauddin in PoK:

To ROHIT: LoLz! Every self-respecting country has to watch its back AT ALL TIMES. Those who don't always end up paying a heavy price, like in India's case the 1993 Mumbai blasts & then the 26/11. There was plenty of time from 1993 till 2008 to secure India's coastline, but no one bothered & hence 26.11 took place. And the buffoon of an RM at that time (A K Antony) had the gall to say that India never expected an attack from the seas (despite the 1993 Mumbai blasts)!!! As long as Indians stop suffering from memory-loss relapses, the situation won't improve. Did you notice how no one even mentions the 1993 Mumbai blasts in joint statements anymore, & instead talk only about 26/11 & Pathankot? And to top it all, duffers/buffoons like the previous RM & Omar Abdullah keep belching out nonsensical & insulting soundbytes that serve to denigrade the country's armed forces.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AVIRAL: LoLz! 15 months to planb cross-LoC raids? No wonder that buffoon (Goa's present-day CM) has not yet been able to share with the Indian taxpayer any evidence of wrongdoing WRT AW-101 procurement, despite making every conceivable claim last year.

In reality, what was agreed upon 15b months ago was a policy WRT retaliatory hot-pursuit operations that will be declaratory. All tghe reqd hardware for such sxpecial-ops was al;ready available in-country in plenty. Every GOC of every Division deployed along the LoC always maintains a list of targets for retaliatory operations==be they cross-LoC raids or fire-assaults. These are always rehearsed & updated so that when the Green Light comes from IA HQ via the Corps Commander, the mission can be launched within 72 hours. Therefore, by stating that the IA had planned the cross-LoC raids 15 months ago & took that much time to implement it is pure HOGWASH & is highly insulting to the IA.

Equally idiotic are the observations of Omar Abdullah. By now he should have realised that by persistently refusing to acknowledge the conduct of the IA's cross-LoC raids of September 28/29, 2016, the PA was admitting its helplessness & was foreclosing the option of retaliating against the IA in kind. Had the PA admitted that the IA had crossed the LoC to conduct offensive operations, then it would have been under tremendous internal & domestic civilian pressure to retaliate at a time when it clearly could not, due to a highly unfavourable balance-of-forces deployed along the LoC. Hence, the PA refused to acknowledge the conduct of the IA's cross-LoC raids, just so that it would not need to mobilise for any retaliation-in-kind, leave alone war. Obviously Omar Abdullah has not been blessed with the gift of COMMON-SENSE, hence his absurd & bizarre observations.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIERRE ZORIN: There are competing titles being proposed. One is 'Dragon’s Tentacles Reaching for Your Testicles', & the other is 'Dragon's Tentacles Headed for the Tits'. The portside tit is called DOKLAM & the starboard one is CHUMBI.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JASSS GILL: Lightweight BPJs are effective only against 9mm rounds fired from pistols & SMGs. Aginst 7.62mm or 5.56mm rounds fired from SLRs they are USELESS. By now you must have realised that you along with many others have been taken for a royal ride by the factually-wrong news-reports filed by NDTV & other channels, who constanbtly whine about the lack of BPJs. In reality, the only BPJs that can stop 5.56mm or 7.62mm rounds are the ones that weigh more than 20kg. The PA all along the LoC uses BPJs that weigh 25kg each. It was revealed in a report yesterday that was filed from Uri. So watch this report & stop believing all the mumbo-jumbo being belched out by these arse-fucked 'desi' journalists every now & then:

Kaustav said...

Prasunda, thanks for the You tube video July 1 Dunya news interesting to Note the Plump Porky Major, how he pants while talking, references to the Champions Trophy Cricket Final; Most importantly the terrain and posts both visual as seen and as described.

Anurag said...

Prasun da, while I generally agree with your pov, I'd have to disagree with your opinion in the above comment.You see, we have made a hell lot of advancement in material sciences, which has allowed companies to develop lighter armor plates, the most famous one being the latest AR500 steel plates which provide NIJ Level III+ protection, which means they can successfully stop upto 7.62 NATO rounds fired from less than 10 meter distance, with the largest of those plates weighing no more than 10.5 lbs (~4.8 kg).Here is a link to the official sales page -
These are very similar to the steel plates being used by the Indian Army since quite some time, which by the way has been rather ignorantly described as being "too heavy and completely outdated" by you know who.
And do take this fact into account that you do not need to use additional soft armor trauma paddings as you would need with ceramic plates.But even if you do want that additional protection, still such a build wouldn't weigh more than 12 kgs.

Anonymous said...

And also,

3) Which air to ground missiles have been integrated with Rudra? Helina or something else?
Is Helina in service?

4) And what are our EW and ELINT and other capabilities in aerial assets?
How many such aircrafts do we posses?
There was a plan to buy COMJAM planed and ISTAR stuff too?
Kindly explain.


SUVO said...

PRASUN DA,Thank you.
You are rightly said that the "Gurkhas are polygamous".Lepchas & Bhutias are native tribes of West Bengal,not the Gurkhas.
Here some news:
(1) Locals in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) have launched a massive agitation against political and military leadership of Pakistan.

(2) China's new heavy-lift rocket its carrying heaviest ever satellite fails in flight.

(3) China says 1890 treaty backs claims to Doklam plateau at trijunction.

India can claim Kailash Parvat & Manas sarover is the Place of Lord Shiva. So Tibet belongs to India & it is an Indian Part.

accidental loser said...

Hello Sir,
The newest of the lightweight ceramic or even lighter high performance polyethylene plates are also certified upto Lvl 4 multi hit protection just as any other steel armor plate at a fraction of the weight. A standard off-the-shelf pair of Lvl 3+ polyethylene plates rated for atleast 6 FN-FAL shots weigh as much 3Kgs only and the Lvl 4 pair weigh as much as 4 Kgs total. Yep, That light . So a standalone plate carrier armour even when based on ceramic plates offering Lvl 3+(.308) multi hit protection won't weigh any more than 5 Kgs. Throwing in Side armour plates, collar and groin protection kits will add up as much as 3-4 Kgs depending upon level of protection desired. Fancier soft armour protection for arms and kevlar trousers are also available for anything around a Kg. The balistic helmet and knee-elbow protection will add only around 1 and 1/2 Kgs. In short Sir, an effective modular body armour for protection against assault/battle rifle rounds, without sacrificing mobility, can be designed within a weight constraint of 8Kgs, economically and can be upgraded as and when required with add on protection.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV: LoLz! Glad you enjoyed it. Here’s another one of those reports that show off the snipers & their UK-supplied RPA-50 sniper rifles:

To ANURAG & ACCIDENTAL LOSER: That advances in advanced materials is an on-going affair cannot be denied. But the point often missed is this: what constitutes optimum ballistics protection & under what conditions? This is where the debate gets totally skewed because one refuses to properly identify the target & the weapons used by snipers for targetting. For instance, in areas along the LoC where the threat of attrition casualties being caused by sniper fire is the greatest, BPJs & BPHs are mandatory. Secondly, sniper-fire encountered is now overwhelmingly from 12.7mm AMRs & not from 7.62mm SLRs. Thirdly, when assaulting enemy strongholds, the assaulting infantry never wear BPJs or BPHs, but only shrapnel-resistant vests. Hence, contrary to widespread speculation, the amount of BPJs & BPHs reqd are not for the entire IA, but only for those personnel deployed along the LoC. During numerous field-trials of various types of BPJs using various types of metallic & ceramics-based inserts, ALL OF THEM had failed to pass the tests. Only those inserts made of the DRDO-developed JACKAL alloy (used for up-armouring the BMP-2 ICVs) passed the tests. That’s why even TAML or MKU use the JACKAL inserts when it comes to supplying BPJs to the IA. All the steel/ceramic inserts tested in India under field-conditions have failed so far. I myself have been using the OFB-made BPJ containing front-n-back JACKAL inserts since 1992 & they’ve never failed me so far.

To VSJ: 1) Only HELINA. 2) Today, ELINT & ISTAR platforms are one & the same. The IAF operates 2 Bombardier 5000s equipped with Israel-supplied sensors.

To SUVO: Here’s the videoclip of the protests in PoK:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Interview with Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary:

Ground-report from Gwadar:

Israel, India & Geopolitics of West Asia:

India-Israel Ties Analysed

Sectarian Strife & Internal Security Woes of Parachinar:

buddha said...

himanshu vij said...

Sir please answer my question as well regarding ofb ammunition delivery & quality has it improved & what's the status of Uttam AESA radar integrated with lsp-2 ? And yesterday tejas sp-6 has started flying & sp-5 will likely to for next month so does this means that the production line of LCA is stablising & has the level of indigenization increased, by the way of outsourcing.
Regards Himanshu vij

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell us how effective the NIA raids in the J&K have been? It doesn't seem to have stopped people from calling on mobs to thwart the Army from neutralising trapped terrorists or from the mobs from forming.

If the govt. is serious about defeating terrorists, why are they allowing their OGWs to operate with such impunity?


Technology, Photograpy and Travel said... Check this once

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said... check this once

rad said...

hi prasun

" I myself have been using the OFB-made BPJ containing front-n-back JACKAL inserts since 1992 & they’ve never failed me so far. "
could you explain the circumstance when you had to use them!!

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said... ... Please check this

joydeep ghosh said...

@prasun da

1. your views on the following piece about Rafale jets

seems to be a generation leap to me

2. india china bhutan tri lateral jostle

it talks of 1890 deal but if 1998 sino bhutan deal is considered the previous deal is basically void

3. US warship uping the ante in SC sea

this is perhaps 1st time US ships went so near paracel isles & i think now USN ships will edge ever closer to these disputed isles


Joydeep Ghosh

RAT said...

Hi Prasun,
So finally China agreed that Tibet was a country by pointing out to treaty of 1890. Well what more to come 5000 year old document claiming Japan integral part of Ming or Chow Ming dynasty LOL

Manu Singh said...


What is your ground-level assessment saying? Chinese reactions are getting harsher and shriller. Do you think they are looking for a war? Is a war,even if limited', coming soon?

Anand said...

Hi Prasun,

How good are India's defences alon the Siliguri corridor?


rad said...

hi prasun
my observation on the qr sam . The fixed canards near the nose to help high angle of attack control. The leading edge of the midbody wing is tapered to a more 45 degree angle so less drag. The rear control fins are more tapered to tip so less drag.There seems to be TVC in the rear looking at the exhaust plumes much like the prahar missile.
In all possibility it could be the air frame of the astra 2 !!. some dope on the qr sam pse!Any comments Prasun??

talking of the AMR rifles, USA gave them the barret 107 mod .50 inch rifle to fight terrorists!! they seem to be the best .50 rifles around for cost defectiveness.i believe the IA uses some soviet block stuff, when will they ever learn?? Jacal armour or anything cant stop a .50 round!

Rahul said...

Dear Sir

In your Opinion what can India DO in the Next Five years in terms of Defence Preparedness
so that China just STOPS even thinking and talking of War

On the one hand we say that This is India of 2017
and on the other we take Decades to finalise our Arms purchases

Anonymous said...

So BPJ are issued at LOC and to counter insurgency units?

What is issued to standard infantry earmarked for offensive operation? Only shrapnel protection vests?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To HIMANSHU VIJ: When firm orders are placed for ammo stocks reqd for the next 3 years, obviously QA-/QC-levels will be far bettere, as opposed placing orders for ammo supplies reqd for only 12 months as was the case during UPA-2. How can any MMR go on-board any aircraft unless & until the environbment control system (ECS) has first been developed & tested? Have you come across any MMR being flight-tested anywhere in this world right from the outset on any combat aircraft prototytpe? Or instead, have larger airborne testbeds capable of gousing real-time trend-monitoring systems been & continue to be used all over the world? Every developmental process is sequential & successive steps cannot be overrun or leap-frogged or bypassed.

To AJS: That’s not the role of NIA. NIA is only an investigative agency. Law-enforcement & crime prevention are the roles of J & Police, which is doing a splendid job on-the-ground, as evidenced by the phenomenal number of informants it has for producing actionable intelligence, on the basis of which the terrorists are being cornered & eliminated by the day. By this SAeptember all these terrorists will be eliminated & no one else will bother to join their ranks.

To RAD: My job takes me to various types of conflict zones where I am reqd to wear BPJs. Astra-2 being a BVRAAM is not reqd to pull high f-forces, unlike the VL-QRSAM.

But this is good news: The Vice Chief of General Staff (Air), Afghanistan National Security Forces, Lieutenant General Abdul Wahab Wardak meeting the Union Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs and Defence, Shri Arun Jaitley, as well as the IAF’s CAS in New Delhi on July 03, 2017

And here’s the hi-rez pix of the QR-SAM’s test-firing:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MAD MAX:, RAT, ANAND & MANU SINGH: It is being increrasingly clear that the timing of the PLA’s incursion into Bhutan was definitely linked to NaMos visit to the US, which came about 10 days after the irregular PLA troop movements inside Bhutan’s Doklam Plateau. It was in anticipation of a poor visit to the White House (in which case the calculation went horribly wrong, since the meeting of PM Modi and President Donald Trump went rather well), as Beijing had WRONGLY ASSUMED that the US was going to be satisfied with China’s PoV regarding North Korea. But the US did exactly the opposite & has upped the ante against China on almost all fronts. For Beijing to cite an 1890 colonial-era agreement on Sikkim is being seen by India as not just intended to take a maximalist position in the dispute, but also to obfuscate the main issue of PLA's violation of the status quo in the region. This fits in nicely with China's almost habitual strategy to create a smokescreen of victimhood, even as it itself encroaches upon disputed territory. In addition, China is deliberately conflating 2 separate issues—the delineation of the tri-junction points and PLA's forcible attempt to change the status quo by building a strategic highway through Bhutan’s Doklam Plateau. The PLA's violation of the Doklam status quo is the central issue that has triggered the current standoff, but Beijing is seeking to mask this by spotlighting the issue relating to the tri-junction points. All three countries have a different take on where exactly the tri-junction is located and the dispute awaits a negotiated settlement among the 3 parties. Beijing believes it is located at Gamochen, 20km south of Batang La, the place Bhutan believes to be the tri-junction. However, to mount pressure on India and stake a maximalist position, Beijing has released dubious maps laying claim to areas that are south of the tri-junction points as determined and perceived by Bhutan & India. It is through such a maximalist position that Beijing is alleging that IA troops crossed over to the Chinese side. There's also a third issue—that of the Sikkim-Tibet boundary—which Beijing has raised to deflect attention from its attempt to build a road through Doklam for military purposes. On the Sikkim sector, as New Delhi has pointed out, India and China reached an understanding in 2012 to discuss and finalise that boundary's physical demarcation on-ground under the Special Representatives framework. In this context, for Beijing to cite an 1890 colonial-era agreement on Sikkim makes little sense other than to confound the real issue at stake. Therefore, that colonial-era accord is of no direct relevance to China's road-building through Doklam.

To MANU SINGH: China’s verbal soundbytes remind me of the dog that constantly barks, but never bites.

To ANAND: Already explained it above as well as several times before. The IA has 10 fully acclimnatised Mountain Divisions, whereas the PLA has only 3 fully acclimatized Mountain Brigades. Only those who are periodically acclimatised can sustain themselves at such altitudes for prolonged periods. Hence, if the PLA brings in troops from the plains of Sichuan ir Yunnan provinces, most of them will fall sick very quickly & will end up more as a logistical liability, & not as warfighting personnel.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: 1) So you totally lapped it up as the gospel truth, did you? Bandalbaazes always produce bowlderdash & fiction, period. For instance, take synthetic collective training simulators. Such simulators from both DASSAULT Systemes & SOGITEC came way back in the mid-1980s when the Mirage 2000H/TH started arriving. These are actually known as CBT b& PTT—computer-based training tools & part-task trainers. And such CBTs & PTTs have already been developed for the LCA Mk.1 & have been shown at Aero India expos since 2015! Then there’s the claim that the Indian Rafale is a strategic delivery weapon for air-delivered nuclear missiles. Here, the Bandalbaaz is ASSUMING that since the Rafales of France carry ASMP TNWs, the IAF’s Rafales will do the same. In reality, the only nuclear warhead-carrying PGM that will be air-delivered will be a version of the Nirbhay LACM, which will be launched only from Su-30MKIs. Then there’s another BIZZARE ASSUMPTION: With India’s upgraded Mirage 2000 jets to hold fort for another fifteen years as our nuclear delivery aircraft, the Rafales explicitly take on that onerous role next. In reality, only the Mirage 2000TH tandem-seaters were tasked with delivering unitary nuclear-armed gravity bombs & that too till 2007. After that, all such bombs were decommissioned & strategic deterrence has since then relied only on a range of ballistic missiles. Then there’s another totally erroneous ASSUMPTION: Traditional pre-mission tabletop planning and charting will be replaced by the Rafale Touch set of touch-screen simulation tools will allow IAF mission planners to easily and quickly project scenarios on true maps with dynamic constraints including load-out, fuel, area denial etc. In reality, SAGEM has been supplying such tools to the IAF for the Mirage 2000s since the late 1980s & are known as SLPRM (Système Local de Préparation et de Restitution de Missions) mission planning and debriefing system. Here are those tools:

Similarly, for the Su-30MKIs, such tools have been supplied to the IAF by RADA of Israel.

Cont’d below…

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

As for naval Rafales, it is now well-known to those who take a serious interest in such matters that the IAC-2 project is OFF. It is way too expensive as of now, & matters won’t move unless the US succeeds in perfecting the problematic E-MALS system. Leave alone the IAC-2, even the four-unit LPH procurement has been deferred. So why the hell should the IN proceed with procuring twin-engined MMRCAs (be it Rafale or Super Hornet) when the host aircraft carrier itself is unavailable? So, enough of this hogwash about the IN’s RFI for 57 MMRCAs, since from 2001 onwards at least four successive RFIs of this kind had been sent in the past. Now here’s the reality-check on the state of funds (excluding the liabilities now to be incurred from the waiving of farmers’ loans): India’s defence budget for 2017-2018 is one of the lowest, including the budget at 1.63% of GDP when national growth has averaged 8%. What is alarming is the capital allocation for force modernization, which in real terms is a 5% decrease over last year and is insufficient to meet even committed liabilities. This year, the revenue amount is also likely to fall short, which includes salaries, allowances and military stores. The crowding of one-rank-one-pension (OROP) and the anomalous award of the 7th Pay Commission have put pressure on the capital account. Although only the IA got a 10% increase in the modernisation account, its plans and programmes are nowhere near takeoff. Of the 24 modernisation schemes, 11 are critical, which are in various stages of acquisition. The strategic switch to indigenisation has decelerated modernisation as deals worth Rs.50,000 crore are stuck for want of strategic partners in the ‘Make in India’ transformation. The IAF’s combat aircraft strength of 30 squadrons in 2017 will drop to 28 in 2018, and then nosedive after the MiG-21/MiG-27M fleets begin decommissioning in 2019. The IN has plans to assemble an armada of 212 warships and 458 aircraft and helicopters by 2027, compared to the present 140 warships and 235 aircraft. This year’s allocation for the IN’s capital account is around Rs 18,000 crore, whereas committed liabilities are Rs 22,000 crore. While India’s current defence expenditure is US$50.9 billion, China’s defence budget is $153 billion. China also spends nearly $160 billion on internal security compared to India’s $15 billion.

Pierre Zorin said...

is that Drhruva J son of S.Jaishanker? Looks similar....

Pierre Zorin said...

How was your virtual tour of the Partner defence show Himanshu Vij? Surprising you had no questions for Prasun from that.... :)

Pierre Zorin said...

RAT I am glad that you smell rat in China's territorial claims. Chinese maps and claims change like weather. It won't be long when the Global (read Chinese) Ties will claim the entire Mongoloid peoples came from China hence their countries are wrongfully taken away from mainland China and the People's Liberation Army, Navy and Air Force would start liberating these traditionally Chinese peoples from bondage!
Given India's budgetary constraints, a better defence is ambivalence. Do they or don't they is a better defence because no one knows unless they tried...similar to what North Korea is using right now.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VSJ: Infantry involved in offensive conventional warfare operations NEVER don BPJs. Nor did the SOF units that conducted the cross-LoC raids last September. Wearing such cumbersome BPJs affects foot mobility. Only those who are responsible for manning perimeter observation posts & static bunkers wear BPJs. Check the hundreds of video-links I have posted so far showing Afghan, US, British, Indian & Pakistani infantrymen conducting operations in various theatres & none of them show any of them wearing BPJs when on the move during conventional warfare-oriented missions. Only when close-quarter battles take place within urban areas or built-up rural areas are BPJs worn, because in such operations there's minimum movement by foot & that too within a 100-metre radius. That's also why the NSG wears BPJs when conducting counter-terrorist operations inside enclosed areas.

To RAT: 'Desi' journalists writing pulp-fiction novels should never dabble in such matters:

Type 041 Yuan-class SSK in IOR:

These arseholes don;t even know that the SSK has been in the IOR since last April & had even sought berthing facilities in Colombo when NaMo was visiting Sri Lanka last May! A Type 815G intelligence-gathering ship, Haiwingxing 852 of the South Sea Fleet, was spotted in Indian Ocean late last month, and this vessel will monitor the India-US-Japan Malabar naval exercise in the Bay of Bengal from next week. . India’s P-8Is and surface warships sighted Luyang III class destroyers, hydrographic research vessels and fleet replenishment tankers. The presence of a Type 041 Yuan-class SSK was also established by the sighting of Type 925 Chongmingdao 3-2, a submarine support vessel. after an operational turnaround in Karachi since April.

51 Terrorists Killed in 45 Days by J & K Police SOG & RR:

PoK's Puppet President Embarrassed in London:

How PoK's residents wanted to cross over to J & K in 2005:

Civilian Atrocities in PoK:

This is the most interesting one:

Note the paranoic security conditions inside PoK & contrast that with the relaxed internal security scenario inside J & K (both are shown in the above videoclip).

Syed Sallauddin's Confessional Interview:

To SANJAY SHARMA: Is Hindi Being Thrust Down the Throats of non-Hindi Speaking People? If Yes, Then Why?:

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Excellent backgrounder on Gorkha Land Issue:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Those who want to download & read the book 'The Contractor: How I Landed in a Pakistani Prison and Ignited a Diplomatic Crisis' by Raymond Davis can do so here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

I think there is some motive behind making this books freely available online even before it is published. Dont' you think so?

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

As a layman, can you explain why ISRO does have higher success-rate then DRDO or HAL? I kbow their work is totally different but still I feel that succes-rate of ISRO for every new project is higher then that of HAL or DRDO.Can you explain why so?

himanshu vij said...

Arre yaar , what's your problem �� ? I didn't had any virtual tour , but it seems u had one & what else u wanna say ? I m not getting it. ��

AVIRAL said...

Prasun Da,
This article tells about some problems in the radars of AWACS but fails to clarify which one Phalcon or NETRA.. Can you please clarify..

Sanjay Sharma said...

Thanks for the link prasunji. But if like to know what is your opinion on this matter and whether you think this may lead to problems for Indian integrity?

Manu Singh said...


Why did IAF reject F-16 during the MMRCA competition? What were the main shortcomings?

HOw will those shortcomings be taken care of in this F-16V Block70 version?

BTW is IAF's MMRCA final evaluation report in public domain?


BROWN DESI said...

I found the info on this blog pertinent to the current Indo - China tussle.

The Chinese are definitely acting without any provocation to alter the status quo and want us Indians to bend knee. I say Tough Titties... choke on this suckers..


Brown Desi

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. This was quite educationa as usual!!

But sir, what is the status of 2 extra Phalcon deal?

And also, i was curious, and i couldn't get an answer, but how do naval MRH perform anti submarine role?
I can see them doing transport, SAR etc but can they add/remove dunking sonar, torpedoes etc for ASW if needed?

Thanks once again,


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJ: Possible, if you were to go by the conspiracy theories of nitwits like Hamid Mir. But this is not the 1st revelation on this issue & 2 nother books, one in the past & 1 just out, make near-identical revelations, making it a total of 3 books saying the same thing.

To MANU SINGH: Elementary: the IAF wanted an MMRCA that would be a cutting-edge deep-strike interdictor & the Rafale with a 9-tonne offensive payload carrying capability was unmatched. The F-16 being single-engined could never comply with the IAF’s desired endurance/payload capacity/survivability specifications. And those IDIOTS who are unaware of the F-16’s future growth potential ought to do some reading-up on the F-16AT/Falcon-21 project that was ready AS FAR BACK AS 1990 itself!!! And hence that ‘desi’ nitwit journalist has shied away from even naming/identifying these so-called veterans. Therefore, for all you know, it is a cooked-up ‘fake news’ just to fill up the newspaper’s column! I am more than well-aware of all such dirty-tricks resorted to by these ‘desi’ scumbags. These so-called ‘IAF veterans’ will therefore be much better-off spending their time on post-retirement chores like knitting or bird-watching. No evaluation reports dealing with any of India’s armed forces are ever put up in the public domain as per the terms/conditions written down in all the respective RFPs.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AVIRAL: Here are the nonsensical claims of that nitwit of a writer that stand discredited:
Claim: India has no demonstrated expertise in this field, nor does it have universities that teach systems integration.
Reality: The systems integration of the IAF’s ASTE that were complemented since the late 1980s by DARE are well-proven & it all began with the development of DARIN-1 avionics suite for the Jaguar IS. On the naval front, WESEE has been handling systems integration work since the early 1980s, starting with the Project 16 Godavari-class FFGs.
Claim: Then of course is the fact that Israel refuses to share source-codes for any product that has to be integrated with Russian systems for operational security reasons – always problematic for a country like India where most systems are Russian.
Reality: NO COUNTRY shares source-codes, but all do share object codes that enable systems integration to be achieved by adopting the open-architecture avionics suite concept. That is how the EL/M-2070 APARs got on board the A-50I PHALCON AEW & CS & also how the Litening LDPs got on-board the Su-30MKI. Hell, even Nirbhay LACMs & BrahMos-1 MRCMs—both Russia-designed—have RLG-INS supplied by IAI’s TAMAM Division! Do I need to give any more examples to demolish what this arse-fucked nitwit has belched out with obviously malicious intent whose only purpose seems to be to denigrade the reputation of India’s armed forces?
Claim: The naval MF-STAR radar and long range Barak missile which India paid for and was meant to co-develop are manufactured wholly in Israel, India having failed miserably in its development share.
Reality: MF-STAR was integrated to the combat management system of the warship jointly by WESEE & IAI, while the entire engineering effort for developing & building the main mast for the MF-STAR was done by the IN’s DND/Naval Design Bureau & MDL & this effort was in fact shown in great detail at DEFEXPO 2016.
Claim: Indian AWACS radars have abysmal performance since India’s atrocious engineering “talent pool” cannot develop the matching signal processing algorithms.
Reality: The L-band EL/M-2070 APAR for A-50I PHALCON comes with its own signals-processing algorithm. There was nothing for India to develop in this matter. The APAR on the EMB-145I NETRA is an S-band system for which no matching signals-processing algorithm was available from Israel & was therefore developed in-house by LRDE & CABS along with related systems integration source-codes reqd for the related IFF transponder, SATCOM uplink/downlink, data/voice secrecy encryption software, & integrated self-protection suite, & hence the long R & D gestation period for this project.

Bottomline: There’s no dearth of arseholes hell-bent on spreading disinformation. Much like those Indian arseholes who still peddle ISI-origin conspiracy theories about Israel wanting to seek access to IAF air bases in order to bomb Kahuta in the early 1980s.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AVIRAL: Also, the Barak-8's co-development contract called for the LR-SAMs navigation/guidance systems to be co-developed by IAI & RAFAEL, while the DRDO was to develop the propulsion system. This was done by bthe DRDL in cooperation with Indian piblic-sector/private-secftor companies. Godrej & Boyce even has a press-release in its website that reveals the company's involvement in engineering & fabricating the rocket motors for the Barak-8. BDL does final-assembly of the Barak-8, while about 10 companies, who are ALL sub-contractors for the Akash-1 SAM production effort, are also proiducing various sub-systems & components for the Barak-8 & ALL THESE were shown during both DEFEXPO 2016 & Aero India 2017.

Just because these ill-informed 'desi' nitwits don;t or can't attend such expos doesn't mean that no military-technical engineering or no military-industrial production is taking place inside India. Seeing is believing & that's precisely why such expos are organised in India!!! So kindly go on TWITTER & give HELL to these nitwits that persistently ooze out maligning disinformation designed to suit their own malicious intentions.

SUVO said...

PRASUN DA, Thanks for the vedio clips.
Gilgit Baltistan Documentary 2017 is excellent.What a beautiful land!

Prior to 1971 war Indira Gandhi make world opinion in favour of India.Modi now doing this?

Pierre Zorin said... -
Himanshu Vij: 4 days ago
nice video , I like your channel & have subscribed it too ! by the way Indian company reliance defence too have signed a contract with serbian defence Company

VINOD KUMAR said... Prasun Sir, please analyse this report.

rad said...

hi prasun
what is this conflicting reports about t he performance of the local gun that was rejected by the army but the local manufacturer says, functioned flawlessly? where lies the truth??

any news about the furture IIR version of the qr-sam ? should be good enough for our anti cruise missile defense ?

when do you think it will enter service ?. any inputs from foreign firms? sub systems etc??

Pratap said...

Sir, PM Modi is in Israel and some pending big defence deals for missiles and drones will signed between both the countries. But beyond these bif=g stuff, why dont we seek Israeli expertise in high tech to make LoC unbreachable like Israel-Gaza border for Paki terrorists and their tunnel detecting techology among other thighs to strengthen our position in Kashmir? I'm sure Israel would be happy to share it with us.

buddha said...
Some interesting incidents taking place ..ur view sir

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasunda

What are the chances that "IWI Ace 52" becomes Indian Army's next standard rifle?


Rajesh Mishra said...

Now I understand that the Gods were really in India. Otherwise what else can explain that we succeed in great Mars missions but miserably fail in LCA/Tejas, Arjun MBT and even in the latest Assault rifles.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BROWN DESI: There are already signals coming out of Beijing about de-escalation & the futility of armed confrontation. For instance, this:

What is interesting is that these think-tanks & the PLA only mention 1962 & 1967, but not 1986 when the Wandung/Sumdorong Chu incident took place during which the PLA was completely out-manoeuvred & out-foxed by India’s armed forces. In fact, this was the longest standoff that lasted from 1986 till 1993 (& not the Depsang Incident of 2013 that the ill-informed ‘desi’ news anchors are harping about). And since the PLA had ‘lost face’ then, this incident is NEVER studied or analysed till this day in any PLA Academic institution. In addition, at a seminar in Delhi yesterday on India-ASEAN Relations, all ASEAN delegates were extremely supportive of India’s standing up to China & drawing the red-line:

At the same time, India now needs to give a reality doze if the bitter kind to the UK:

The UK must realise that it is high time it stopped playing vote-bank politics with the Mirpuri Muslims that were resettled in Birmingham in the 1960s when they were displaced from Mirpur due to the flooding of all their villages when the Mangla Dam/Masrala Headworks was being built inside PoK in the 1960s. That Bastard Masood Khan who is the self-styled puppet President of PoK used to be Pakistan’s envoy to the UN & so he’s a Pakistani citizen & not a son-of-the-soil from PoK & therefore has no right to forment anti-India passions in the UK (this was also done in Birmingham during the ICC Champions Cup tournament). If the UK doesn’t take preventive measures soon, then it is only staring at another bloodbath taking place inside the UK & India will also never shy away from turning the economic screws against the UK.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VSJ: The 2 additional A-50I PHALCONs have not yet been ordered. The 1st order has to be placed with Russia for building the aircraft. This hasn’t happened. All 10-tonne & 12-tonne NMRHs have dunking sonar, operator console & acoustic signals processor, MAD boom, search radar, FLIR turret & twin launchers for lightweight torpedoes.

To SUVO: It is already happening worldwide. Now Iran has also upped the ante, given the steady increase in Shia killings throughout Pakistan & PoK since the past 1 year.

To VINOD KUMAR: I had already explained it all to AMIT BISWAS in the previous thread. Do check it up. When Iran refers to Kashmiris, it is about PoK, not J & K.

To RAD: LoLz! Why do you persist in gobbling up all the shit being churned out by these ‘desi’ arseholes from NDTV? Did you stop to take note that in the 2 mischievous news-reports put out by this channel to date, that nitwit has NOT EVEN ONCE identified the alleged ‘failed’ SLR by any name or model no? Why is that so, you ought to ask. And the answer is: he doesn’t have a fucking clue about what he’s belching out, just like he was clueless when it came to the issue of BPJs reqd by the IA. So, always do take a deep breadth every time you come across such baloney & don’t jump to any conclusions based on someone else’s erroneous preconceived perceptions. For this ‘classic’ yellow journalism.

To NIKHIL: The day that happens, it will be the most insulting day for India’s armed forces, rest assured. The OFB-built Ghaatak is the best solution & time will prove that I’m right. If you still want to believe all the shitloads of stuff being dessiminated by the likes of NDTV (like this:, then there’s nothing else I can do about it.

To PIERRE ZORIN: This RELIANCE company excels in signing MoUs, but NONE of them ever get translated into firm contracts or i9ndustrial JVs. So you & I also might as well ink an MoU to co-develop & fabricate a high-speed escalator connecting the Earth to the Moon! And come up with a new book titled: How the Elephant’s Tusks Punctured the Dragon’s Testicles/Tits.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PRATAP: There, you too are going off in a tangent! How many times did I state in the past that whenever any Indian Head of Govt goes abroad on official visits, no military procurement contracts are inked? Didn’t I always say that such contracts are always inked inside India? Why is this so hard to penetrate one’s skull? Will I now be reqd to acquire a drilling machine to drill a hole into the skulls of those who can’t digest the facts-of-life? FYI all this talk of deals involving Spike ATGM & Heron-TP is being spread by only one TV channel (India Today) whose programme anchors are now heavily into churning out pulp-fiction novels based on fantasies & such erroneous news-reports are meaznt to serve as marketing tools for their shitty novels. Haven’t you realised all this as yet? Secondly, where & against whom will any Indian operator use armed UAS platforms? Can you specify? Israel & the US both use armed UAS against those ragtag terrorists who don’t possess any SAMs or combat aircraft. In India’s case, which of India’s enemies does not possess SAMs or combat aircraft? Didn’t you see the videoclip whose weblink I had posted 4 days ago that showed Pakistan possessing FN-6 MANPADS as an anti-UAS air-defence system in the Chhamb Sector? Now can you grasp the real picture & draw some sober/ common-sensical conclusions? And what makes you even dream about any security perimeter being ‘unbreachable’? Has Israel been able to completely stop Hamas from launching MBRL rockets from Gaza? Has Israel put a complete stop to such rockets being smuggled into Gaza? Has anyone else in the world been able to develop/deploy ‘unbreachable’ security perimeters? So please, stop conjuring up PlayStation-type gaming scenarios that never work in the real world. One of the very best tunnel-detectiopn technology has already been developed by Larsen & Toubro & it comprises a vehicle-mounted ground-penetrating radar that can detect both tunnbels as well as buried mines. It was shown at DEFEXPO 2016.

Finally, here’s the official list of NaMo’s engagements in Israel. Note that not a single defence/military security-related deal/contract/MoU signature is listed:

I hope this puts an end to all the ‘desi’ media-generated speculations/hype concerning the issue of either Spike ATGM contract or contract for Heron-TP.

Gopu said...

Nice comparative data on PLAN and IN DDGs and FFGs.

One trend that you highlighted shows that the INs FFGs have grown to the same tonnage as DDGs. This begs the question as to why we need two similarly sized platforms rather than a singular platform of the same size with a modular weapons load.

Future DDGs should be hold LACMs and some long range SAMs, in addition to the existing mix of MRSAMs and ASHMs. This DDG would be 10-14 tonnes.

Therefore, future FFGs should max out at 8 tonnes and serve as the escort of taskforce fleets.

If the above is the IN's evolutionary design logic, then the IN would also need a 4000 tonne modular corvette (NGMV/ASWC) to defend littoral waters from traditional and asymmetric threats and deal with brinkmanship from our more aggressive neighbours.

Also whats with the QRSAM? It looks like the lower half of the MRSAM got glued to the R-77 or something.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Have just uploaded above all relevant maps pertaining to the China-India standoff in the Chumbi Valley along the tri-junction. This will enable a better understanding of what it is all about.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

The first military hardware acquired from Israel were six ex-Singaporean Searcher Mk.1 UAVs that were vrarely used by Singapore & had been traded by Singapore in exchange for Searcher Mk.2 UAVs. The IAF got the Searcher Mk.1s at a very good price, along with a training package.

Dr Kalam began visiting Israel in 1996 & had made 3 trips to Israel before May 1998. All these trips were concerning the development of a multi-tier BMD network & it was in 1996 that design work began within the DRDO on the PAD/AAD interceptor missiles. More about all this, plus where matters are headed for in future can be read in my article appearing in FORCE's July 2017 issue.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: These folks in north Bengal are an extremely unruly & anarchic lot. Just look at how they were assaulting the Police personnel:

Such folks who have no respect for/fear of the law of the land need to be dealt with in the strictest manner with extreme prejudice. Only then will they learn to fall in line & stop challenging the writ of the state.

Pierre Zorin said...

that Reliance stuff was to show Himanshu Vij did visit the You tube Partner Expo :)
Aside that - I like that book idea- might help me make as much money as Ambani!
We better hurry and find a SP to sign up that JV ha ha ha
BTW been watching Modi's visit to Israel. I have never seen a foreign PM extend such warmth, personal touch and welcome. I reckon Modi and Netanyahu hit it off as genuine friends. Even the press conference was so informal! I never knew Chacha Nehru did the honourable thing like Oscar Schindler saving Jews from the holocaust in Europe. I didn't even know film actresses were of Jewish origin! Plus nearly everyone in Israel unashamedly named Pakistan as source of terror into India even on i24. The funniest comments at the press conference from Netanyahu was- he will start doing Yoga and when he does his Thalassana and turn right he would see India as the only democracy to his right and he expects Modi to do the same when turning left and seeing Israel. The old adage- between Bangladesh and Marrakesh these are the only 2 democracies. Plus what was fascinating is the PM of Israel mentioned his uncle who was a teacher at the Israeli Institute who mentioned to the PM, Mr Ramanujam was perhaps the greatest mathematician of all times! Yet in India like you said no one gives a hoot about this genius!


Prasun sir sorry for late reply as I met with an accident.

first of all thanks and hats off to you for very detailed comparison of naval FFG/DDG between china and india...and finally you listened to my request to put slides of maps of indo china standoff...which is precise and one stop solution to get a clear picture...once again thanks for your effort, where else we could find those sharp and clear analysis/location of could have done it for commercial assignment but you chose to put it in public domain first shows a lot about you intent.....
thanks a lot once again

1. I would like to know about the IN options to tackle type 55 DDG?? Is india looking for LIDAR class russian DDG designs or some european design to counter it in future...and when we should expect any decision from MoD , GoI in this regard...

2. Also i Would like to know how more than two bands of radars help for naval ships like having X,L,S band radars for what purpose ?? can't a single band do the job ??/ and what are the advantages and disadvantages of different radar bands??

3. Instead of adopting concentric radar mast for different bands of radar cant we go for two or more radar masts each housing different radar bands for future IN ships...

4. also why doesnt IAF go for such fixed MFSTAR type active phased array instead of mechanically steered AESA array of ELTA 2084/ARUDHRA AESA RADAR

why the hell qr sam is fired in slant position rather than vertical launch?? I am again confused , last time you said for quick reaction velrtical launch is optimum...please elaborate..



6. Why doesnt IAF go for Boeing 737 Wedgetail platform / 747 platform with GE 90 engine if more power required for installing israeli on top of it instead of relying on IL 76 from russia to be delivered

" FYI all this talk of deals involving Spike ATGM & Heron-TP is being spread by only one TV channel (India Today) whose programme anchors are now heavily into churning out pulp-fiction novels based on fantasies & such erroneous news-reports are meaznt to serve as marketing tools for their shitty novels. Haven’t you realised all this as yet? Secondly, where & against whom will any Indian operator use armed UAS platforms? Can you specify? Israel & the US both use armed UAS against those ragtag terrorists who don’t possess any SAMs or combat aircraft. In India’s case, which of India’s enemies does not possess SAMs or combat aircraft? Didn’t you see the videoclip whose weblink I had posted 4 days ago that showed Pakistan possessing FN-6 MANPADS as an anti-UAS air-defence system in the Chhamb Sector? Now can you grasp the real picture & draw some sober/ common-sensical conclusions? "

7. Why dont you counter shiv aroor/ other bandalbazez directly for spreading misinformation...BTW i seriously wonder day by day his reporting is going haywire.....I mean who writes and read those fantasies I really wonder....but I do appreciate your efforts to share
Is it authentic trail...i mean can we trust his version of stories???

8. Also those MANPADS are only for UAS or can be used against IA post located above horizontal line of sight of PA post?? I did asked earlier u didnt replied

9. " This is the most interesting one:

Note the paranoic security conditions inside PoK & contrast that with the relaxed internal security scenario inside J & K (both are shown in the above videoclip). "

Can we ever visit Hunza valley / gilgit / deosai in our lifetime without passport as indian citizen???

10. finally whats you take on this "" ... do you still believe the intent of muslims in india are good enough to coexist with hindus like us...also see the apathy of of police and district administration taking cue from mamata begum to not fire upon them wereas they are firing upon innocent gurkhas....i seriously believe you are on wrong side of critisizing gurkhas by calling them extremely unruly & anarchic lot for taking head on WB police for what they really deserve...a kick in their balls and butt... atleast they dont target army / paramilitary persons whereas these muslims are lot more anarchaic i believe...time will come when hindus may have to migrate to other states like bangladesh partition...seriuosly situation is really bad there....

Its long post but please do reply... I am bed ridden so I dont have other time pass activities other than surfing defence news posts

himanshu vij said...

Me prasun the lza Tejas production line seems to be stablising coz sp-6 is out of production line & sp-5 would be coming out next month so has the level of indigenization increased by outsourcing ?
And seems Slovakian company tatra again won in making bit trucks in India , the recent flight testing of the qrsam was on tatra truck u can see the images & the earlier image which appeared over the net was of a ashoka leyland truck ! Why the hell these guys go for a costly imported truck when the same could be completely manufactured in India with less cost and complete indigenization ? And what is the time frame of expected induction of qrsam system in our armed forces.
Regards Himanshu vij

mad max said...

Hello Prasun,

Thank you very much for your post on my comment it was an interesting reading and very Insightful. Thank you again.

On another note, I am sharing a link of an article in economic times recently, would love to have your thoughts/feedback/reaction on what the articles author is conveying. Look forward to your thoughts.

Many Regards.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

1) For needs of an atgm, there were news of Spike failing in hot day conditions in desert? Is that true?
What other options do we have to equip rest of infantry with latest atgm? Javelins were too costly?

2) What do you think is in store for WB and Kerala wrt security situations caused by both Jihadis and illegals migrants settling in comfortably?

3) I read an old 2015 article by you about armed North Easter group who have been placed in government sanctioned areas with permission to retain weapons?
What is the situation today as some new accords have been signed and NSCN K leader dying?
Do you think we are sitting on a tinderbox waiting for a spark in addition to already active insurgents there?

Your truly


Rahul said...

Dear Sir

We first need to save Bengal from Islamists

Right now we are focussed on Doklam Plateau
whereas In Bengal the Internal Enemy is showing its true colours

Aviral said...

What a piece of shit by pro Chinese lobby in India.

The writer on one hand is praising PLAN and on the other hand calling Indian army obsolete. He says that we should follow policy of appeasement to cool down current stand off.
Your take prasun da?

How should we tackle China in Dhoka LA??

sbm said...

If I might interject - neither the PM nor RM nor any other minister is the accounting officer responsible for signing contracts for any ministry.

sbm said...

Also, much is being written about the IAF having a squadron strength of only 32. While we may at times disagree with analyses on their forum, BR has a good record of tracking the IAF squadron strength: If we discount Tejas squadron, then 36 (No. 221 recently activated on Su-30MKI) are available. What do we know about the deployable PLAAF strength vs India?

SUVO said...

(1) Former Chinese nuclear engineer: 'We’ve been transferring nuclear technology to Pakistan'.

(2) Gen DB Shekatkar to IndiaToday:

(3) Claude Arpi : China believes the best form of defence is attack.

ConcernedCitizen said...

Hi Prasun,

Would you please talk about any possible purchases of HALE HAS systems that you are aware of. I thought one of the main motivations towards pushing for India's MTCR membership was to buy Global hawk or it's marine variant.

Anonymous said...

This is a moment to show our true character. If this was Pakistan, we would be jumping up and down to teach them a lesson. 56 inch chest to jaw for a tooth! But just because its China, we have the tail between our legs and are look for any excuse to d-escalate? Where are all these warriors gone? Remember we have advantage over China militarily on Land and Air. So support your Army!!!


lachit said...

west bengal is a lost case

Hindus r in minority (on the way)

they will be slaughtered between islamists and jihadi didi led state forces

look at Kerala, Assam

fuuck even nagaland to a small extent

Tamil Nadu same, only difference not getting publicity .

in these states no go areas for law has increased thousand times.

best hindus start packing their bags for Indian ocean

or grow some much needed balls

we r looking at Syria part 2 in India



(1) Thanks for the link. I'm quite certain that the West Bengal Govt. & police do not have the courage or even the intention to take action against these troublemakers.These criminals commit terrible crimes & then escape to their safe havens in Bangladesh & Nepal.

(2) In their book - Dragon on Our Doorstep: Managing China Through Military Power Pravin Sawhney And Ghazala Wahab wrote that India may have "Military Force" but Pakis & China has the all important "Military Power". Consequently they argue, leave alone China, India can't even win against Pakistan.

Will you please provide some insight on this



nag said...

Chinese going trying damage control. Their bluff got puntured

No dispute with Bhutan in Doklam area: China

Anonymous said...


Does LCA MK II conform to L-MRCA requirements? If yes, How does LCA MK II fare compared to F-16 and Gripen E/F (NG)? If LCA MK II fails to comply with L-MRCA requirements can you elaborate on the shortcomings please?

Thanks and regards,

Anonymous said...


Does LCA MK II conform to L-MRCA requirements? If yes, How does LCA MK II fare compared to F-16 and Gripen E/F (NG)? If LCA MK II fails to comply with L-MRCA requirements can you elaborate on the shortcomings please?

Thanks and regards,

Gopu said...

Check out this new LCS launched by the US Navy. Wonder why we dont use rails to launch our ships.


The problems that India faces have more to do with the street shitters of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and WB, regardless of whether they are Arab or cow worshippers.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GOPU: The QR-SAM is the product of the born-again COMMON-SENSE that has begun pernmeating through the DRDO, thanks to my uncompromising taunts about it since 2009 WRT developing a common airframe for BVRAAM, SAM & ARM applications with minimal but critical external modifications. The previous SR-SAM proposal from MBDA was always a no-brainer since it wasx nothing but just a souped-up Matra Super 530D semi-active BVRAAM.

To SBM: Those figures are way off the mark. MiG-27Ms in-servcice? That too at Hashimara, which is now closed for upgradation/expansion? Only MiG-27Ms in-service are those that had been upgraded to MiG-27UPG standard.All MiG-21bis have been decommissioned. MiG-21M squadrons too are severely depleted since the MiG-21M uses the same R-11 engine as the MiG-21FLs did & therefore bthe TTSLs of the R-11 engine too have begun expiring. One Sqn of MiG029B-12 is grounded due to on-going upgradation to MiG-29UPG standard & the same is the case with a Mirage 2000 Sqn. The operationally available sqns for the IAF are now closer to 31.5. Starting late this year, the remaining MiG-21Ms will be decommissioned, followed by MiG-27UPGs in 2019 & by 2022 the last of the MiG021Bisons will be decommissioned.

To CHADA: O yaar, why are you cracking your head on the China-India standoff? As the analogy goes, suppose you’re sitting on a pig, it is the pig that will squeal, not you. The same’s happening WRT China & India, with China doing all the squealing because it has had to reply not to India, but to tiny Bhutan, this in turn resulting in loss of face. And unlike China, India has NEVER said anything about teaching any country any lesson, be it Pakistan or anyone else. Who is India to teach any such lesson when Allah is already teaching Pakistan the lesson of its life! Just look what has transpired over the past 24 hours: in response to my warning to the UK of a violent blowback, the Birmingham City Council has cancelled the so-called Burhan Wani event. Here, watch this in order to chill-out:

To AMIT BISWAS: VMT. Will answer your’s & all other outstanding queries later today in the new thread.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUVO: Hatf-9 Nasr Test-Fired. Why? Just in order to pour cold-water over India’s Cold Start doctrine & that too by increasing the rocket’s range from 60km to 79km (LoLz)!

To LACHIT: Don’t worry, for a born-again Lachit Barphukan will yet again rise like a phoenix to save both Assam & Bengal & even the rest of the North East (if that is of some consolation to you) from these marauding barbarians, whosoever they may be, Muslims or non-Muslims. So, take it easy & have fun!

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: I already did, when I gave comparative figures of the annual defence & internal security spending-levels of both China & India. China today is suffering from severe internal hardships due to macro-level economic mismanagement. Hence, today if any moron from the CPC were to arouse any nationalistic passions against India, the people instead will blame the CPC for making China weak vis-à-vis India due to the prevalence of widespread corruption inside China. That’s why even a country like North Korea can threaten China & get away with it. So, if China can’t ‘teach a lesson’ to North Korea, does anyone really think it will be able to ‘teach India a lesson’? China has thus lost face to almost the entire world & if it so much as twitches anywhere along the LAC, it will have to brace itself for receiving a severe & decapitating blowback from India, just like it had happened in 1986.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GOPU: LoooooooooLLLLLLZZZZZ! Not just the street-shitters, but also the street-spitters & owners of domesticated petss. I have lost count of how many I have had to whack so far after catching them red-handed while they were spitting in public areas. Just the other day I had to remind owner of a pet-dog to carry a plastic-bag so that it could be used to store the excreta of the dog after the dog had answered nature's call! Somehow, such pet-owners are of the view that it is perfectly normal for their pets to shit/piss just about anywhere where they want to. I have not come across a single Indian citizen to date who can quote me the rule/regulation of any municipal corporation anywherein India on such matters. That's how low the public awareness-levels are on matters of basic hugiene, especially in urban India.

Then there are those morons who habitually shirk away from elementary homework. For instance, NDTV has no qualms whatsover in showing maps proclaiming that the Doklam/Dolam/Donglang Plateau lies smack at the Bhutan-China-India tri-junction:

And here's CNN-News-18 claiming that the RUKMINI satellite is monitoring Chinese naval activity in the Indian Ocean:

The morons there are obviously not aware that RUKMINI is in fact the GSAT-7 communications satellite in geo-stationary orbit, & IS NOT an overhead recce satellite used for ocean surveillance.

smith said...

Hello Sir

The current visit of namo with trump is the final seal for India to go ahead for the strike in gilgit and baltistan in the coming months? Also the recent visits to countries like France Israel and Russia can be looked in the same way. did India also addressed her military requirements under this visits with signing up of the multi billion dollar deals for the future if yes how.

How is f16 deal going to effect the lca development?

Will be waiting for your valuable views and comments on the above and on my previous questions.

abs said...

"The problems that India faces have more to do with the street shitters of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and WB, regardless of whether they are Arab or cow worshippers."

This is just plain arrogant and horribly ignorant. We have had overt or covert religious oriented separatism wherever Hindus have become a minority. Do you imagine the Islamic separatist movement we witness in Kashmir if Hindus were a majority there? The answer is easy to figure out. Such lazy analysis of problems to the point of dismissing them mockingly, is troublesome and deeply unsettling precisely because we pay for it with the innocent death of countless armed forces personnel and innocent Hindus.

Kindly refrain from exhihibiting such moronery. You are very welcome to go settle in a Sulla ghetto, it is frankly very easy to sermonize from your ivory towers.

CuriousCapri said...

prasunda, there is a lot of confusion on the status of indian made assult rifles.It starts with their names & their status. there is ghatak, there is Excalibur, then there is the drdo/arde multi calibre rifle- MCIWS. Are they any good & why is army hesitant to support them