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Sunday, April 15, 2018

DEFEXPO 2018 Highlights


Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

thanks for decent coverage dada

Jasgill said...

sir is IA upgrade BM 21 rocket launcher or its just change old truck with new ashok Leyland 2, also plz upload new upgrade pic ZSU 23-4 shika and is it fire anti aircraft missile

john said...


1. For the pat 4-5 years DRDO claims that NAG test is successful and it will be inducted soon. Even in the latest report they say further tests are pending. Pls tell us what is the actual status.

2. Is there any news about HELINA induction ?

3. Army claims that NAG is very expensive. Is it true?

4. What is the status of MPATGM.

5. Pls provide us more detail about Supersonic Missile Assisted Release Torpedo or SMART programme.

6. As per Mr. Christopher except AESA radar/Pod all work related with LCA MK1A has been completed. Then why DRDO not executing AESA radar selection process?

7. Any news about LCA gun testing?


Anik said...

Prasun da
1)Gunshot detections system and Border surveillance is a must for our forces deployed at LoC. Has Army shown interest in this system and will they induct it??

2)Vem technology ATGM is same as DRDO's MPATGM or different?

3)When will NGARM be tested? Any updates on Nag and HeliNa induction?
4)Any detail about Ship Launch System? For which missile it has been made?

5)When will we see first Tejas Mk1A?

john said...


Defense Expo 2018 update :-

Pls update us about Kavery engine, AMCA Engine, Uttam Radar, Rustum 2, FICV, Pralay Testing, India Ballistic Missile defense.


Ludwig said...

Sir, Looking at the photos of SLS, I have come to the conclusion that SLS VLS system can be rapidly reloaded, and hence IN ships can carry reloads with them on their missions, am I wrong in thinking that? Also If I am correct, why has IN chosen this approach over fixed VLS which are reloaded with cranes?

Anonymous said...

Any update on MCIWS????, It was there in the last Expo. It was one of the better looking Indian firearms.

rad said...

wow thanks for the great detailed pics ,expecting more

Anonymous said...

Sir, what all operations can Tejas mkI squadrons IOC and FOC can perform once inducted?

And 155*52 mounted gun system is displayed? Can we now immediately subject it to further development and fine tuning simultaneously with ATAGS and junk looking abroad?

Has contract for ASW SW ships been signed?

The new bpj weigh 10~ kg, ceramic armour plates included?

Thanks in advance.


just_curious said...

Hi Prasun,

Guess I'm the first to comment... great pics, thanks for sharing. Kalyani's ULH artillery looks promising as do the truck mounted OFB-BEML 155/52 cal gun. Will they be inducted? read somewhere that there was a need of about 700 such ULH in total with 145 M777 procured should'nt we go for the Kalyani ones for the rest?. Which missile is the one in snaps 55-57??

Raj said...

Prasun da, very nice and informative display from Defexpo. Among all the pics I saw, yours are truly informative. Now couple of questions.

1) Which naval missile will be used for SLS 8 ton canister and 70 ton one? 70 tons with 3.2 m diameter means it is a huge missile!

2) Why our UAV/UCAV programs are in so bad shapes? China started with first drone around same time we started our Rustom project! DRDO's Netra was good till 2011 but seems like they have done nothing to improve it drastically in last 8 years! Even small companies mankes better drone than Netra.

3) China started their new long range stealth bomber and 6th gen fighter projects. While our FGFA and AMCA are still long way to have first flight. They want to field AMCA by 2035 I think by then China will have large number of 6th gen fighter and Pakistan will have large number of J-31. We are ready to pay $ 20 billion for aircrafts designed in early 1970s. Are these capabale to defeat what we will face ? like J-20 or J-31?

4) Any update on Ghatak UCAV?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


For which system is the 70-ton canister used ? If the canister weight is included in the 70T, is it Agni-5 ?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL & RAD: VMT. Hope it gladdened your weekends.

To JASSS GILL: It is just a change of truck while the OFB is supplying new-design rockets with cluster sub-munitions as well. The earlier ZIL & KAMAZ trucks from Russia had petrol-driven engines.

To JOHN: Nag ATGM has already cleared all tests & is now in bulk production. All new products when entering production stage are initially expensive but with growing orders the unit prices all come down. Nothing new about HELINA pr MPATGM. SMART is still in the design stage but is a no-brainer in operational terms. Why should DRDO undertake AESA-MMR selection process when HAL was the one to issue RFPs? No new updates on GSH-23 test-firing from Tejas Mk.1.None of the other weapons you mentioned were displayed. Kaveri turbofan is history.

To ANIK: 1) It was developed in response to the reqmts of the IA * BSF. 2) Different. Will explain later. 3) NG-ARM’s flight-tests will commence later this year. 4) You are ASSUMING that it is a shipborne launch system. Will explain it later. 5) Not this year for sure.

To LUDWIG: LoLz! No, that’s not what it was made for. The SLS is for experimental purposes only. Will explain it all later.

To VSJ: The Tejas Mk.1 as it now stands can under close air-support when escorted by Su-30MKIs or upgraded Mirage 2000Ns & MiG-29UPGs. But in terms of self-defence or protection such aircraft are vulnerable in air combat due to absence of MAWS & the new digital RWRs & lack of internal self-protection jammer. The OFB-developed MGS can be quickly developed as a final end-product for plains-based warfare. Reqmt is for 814 MGS. One cannot compare the ATAGS with the MGS because the latter is an optimally engineered product originally from Bofors AB, while the ATAGS is a home-grown product that still requires several more tests & design optimization. For instance, the Bharat-52 howitzer from Kalyani/ELBIT weighs only 15 tonnes, while the ATAGS, also built by Kalyani, weighs more than 18 tonnes. No contract has yet been signed for SW-ASW vessels. It will be later this year. The new BPJs from SMPP & MKU are destined largely for CAPFs & IA units deployed along the LoC that encounter fire from AK-47-type SLRs. For protection against sniper rifles, there’s no alternative as yet to the BPJs using metal-alloy inserts that are 20kg in weight.

To JUST_CURIOUS: The OFB-developed MGS can easily be deployed along the plains. But over mountainous terrain, the OFB’s designers are of the view that the 45-cal version of the MGS is better as it offers a tighter turning radius along winding roads. As for UFH, the reqmt is far larger because the Kalyani-developed ULH can replace all existing 105mm LFGs on a one-for-one basis. When one adopts this approach, then ammo stockpiles can be standardised at 155mm rounds & this greatly help reduce the IA’s battlefield logistics challenges. The 105mm LFGs anyway are approaching their retirement age.

To RAJ: VMT. 1) Will explain it all later tonight as explanations below the images in the thread above. 2) Because of a lacl of synchronization of operational QRs among the 3 armed services, plus the DRDO’s lack of in-field expertise on USV operations. 3) LoLz! I really am greatly amused by all this hype being created about the AMCA, especially by one ‘desi’ bandalbaaz’. When Russia is styill struggling with its FGFA/PMF, when Japan too is finding it difficult to field a homegrown Gen-5 MRCA, when even China is years away from fielding an operationally optimized J-20, how then one even speculate about a ‘desi’ AMCA??? One really needs to get serious & practical on such issues, & not be carried away by soundbytes emanating from the DRDO or anyone else.

To SATYAKI: Firstly, what was shown was only a scaled-down engineering design of the SLS. None of India’s existing range of BMs can therefore fit into that SLS. I will explain more later tonight.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Belated new year's greetings to all followers hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Kerala, & the same to those hailing from WB & the North East.

Narayan said...

Happy Bengali New Year, Prasun bhai. Following your blog since 2009

Anonymous said...

Sir, loved these pics!!!!
Kindly do tell us about "Pralay" missile, snippets of posters were being shared on twitter?

Would it be better to standardize all MGS at 155*45?

I also have a bit of confusion, some were saying it is a version of Dhanush but in 155*52 cal, if at all true, has Dhanush been upgunned or something? Or ATAGS has been mounted?


Rajiv M said...

You had earlier claimed that 'the Pralay will be a 1,000km-range loitering missile that will be powered by a turbofan for lift/takeoff and this turbofan will be expendable after target selection is made & then homing in on to the target will be a supersonic affair.'

Not according to this here

Newcomer said...

Sir your take on the "gagan shakthi" exercise..?
Was it just a regular exercise or a training exercise pointed on some objectives

The Engdoc Society said...

Great stuff and really awesome insights
1. What Mi-17 pic is depicting that round thing.
2. As per the reports doing the rounds it has been propgated defence minister has snubbed the ruskies and did not visit their stalls and pavillon.
3. What possible contracts that u foresee happening immediately post this defence expo
4. No buzz and depiction on Multirole Support Ships
5. Neither no details of ER-Barak 8, Iron Drone and David Slings From Israelis
6.Why MoD is also not projecting Pinaka and LCH in these Expos


Subho Noboborsho PrasunDa to you and your entire family.

সুমন্ত নাগ said...

Suvo Bengali Noboborsho 1425 to You, Prasaun da and every body here. :)

just_curious said...

Hi Prasun,
1 what has excited you in this def expo?
2 why does tejas mk1 have the gun using one pod space, why can't it be located somewhere in the wing root like many other fighters or in the wings like say the tucano & have space for additional pod e.g Tejas mk1a felt odd with the jammer on spj on weapon stn 6 . would'nt it be logical to be in place of the gun??
3 will tejas mk1 a carry more weapons load??

Anonymous said...

Wondeful pictures as usal Prasun sir.

My comment from previous thread copying them
"To prasun sir,

1)In p-15b destroyers can this radar be used instead of LW-08 or RAN-40L (used in iac1 vikrant) will be used?

2)how does it compare with existing systems like RAN-40L or S1850M (daring destroyers)? "

New questions--
3)So,that radar is RAWL 03, can this be used and how does it compare with lw 08, RAN 40L other air surveillance radars?

4) models of p17a show lw 08 only. Why aren't they using RAN 40L which is already going to be on iac1 vikrant and I remember you saying it provides one of the best combo with mf-star?

PS: Thanks for your wishes and same to you prasun sir and btw "Ugadi" is on 18th march ;) so very belated wished haha :)


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VSJ: What is being shown in social media is only the HEMRL copmponent of Pralay, i.e. only the rocket-powered munition launching from the loitering vehicle which is being developed by the DRDL & RCI. WRT MGS, the plains-based field artillery regiments can easily use the 155mm/52-cal so0lution, but for mountain deployments the 155mm/45-cal solution will be the optimum one. At DEFEXPO two versions of the Dhanush were shown: the 45-cal towed & the 52-cal towed. I had even uploaded those pix at the DEFEXPO 2016 thread. ATAGS is still some way away from maturing as an optimal product & the final definitive version will emerge only by 2020 at best.

To RAJIV M: What is being shown in social media is only the HEMRL copmponent of Pralay, i.e. only the rocket-powered munition launching from the loitering vehicle which is being developed by the DRDL & RCI. Hence, one must not ASSUME that the poster you’ve shared shows the complete Pralay weapon system.

To NEWCOMER: It is a regular exercise held once every 2 years.

The ENGDOC SOCIETY: 1) It shows the COMPASS FLIR turret mounted below the Mi-17V-5. The turret could not be chin-mounted due to EMI with the RDR-1500 weather/search radar mounted on the helicopter’s nose section. 2) Are you kidding. These Sitharamans & Bhamres never visited any foreign OEM’s booths at the expo. These ‘netas’ always confine themselves only to those halls that are stuffed with DPSUs. And that’s because only there do these ‘netas’ receive VVIP treatment & these ‘netas’ at the same time favour the DPSUs because each DPSU represents an electoral constituency, i.e. each DPSU not only runs an industrial facility, but also maintains residential townships, schools, hospitals & other public utilities. 3) Such expos don’t lead to any contract signature. In fact, the DEFEXPOOs of both 2016 & 2018 were used entirely for raising revenues for the local constituencies. And DPSUs like HAL were made to camp at the show-site for 3 weeks to oversee the filling up of the marshy areas at the show site with coastal sand. No wonder the MoD’s officials have no time to go around to the exhibits of foreign & local private-sector companies! 4) The P-17A FFG is a multi-role principle surface combatant. But only L & T was showcasing the Navantia-designed LPH. No other company showed LPDs or LPHs. 5) Those are featured at the Aero India expos. 6) The Pinaka was shown at DEFEXPO 2018 Y I even uploaded pix of the Pinaka-2 rocket above.

Anubhav said...

Wasnt P17A frigates planned to be equipped with 127mm guns? How is MDL displaying 76 mm guns?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JUST_CURIOUS: 1) I was impressed by the new telemetry tracking systems developed by DRDO & made by Astra Micro9wave. For instance the PATM system shown in slides above. The evolving nature of missiles from the original Astra-1, like the QR-SAM & the slightly fatter NG-ARM was another welcome development. Same goes for the Bofors FH-77B giving rise to the Dhanush-45 & the 155mm/52-cal MGS, & also Kalyani’s in-house development of the 155mm/39-cal ULH. Lastly, private-sector capabilities in precision-engineering & manufacturing has improved tremendously over the past decade but this trend can be sustained & enhanced only through the availability of trained/skilled human resources that are presently in short-supply. 2) That’s because the ‘techies’ working for ADA since inception were bereft of any hands-on experience in designing optimally-engineered platforms. Consequently, they decided to ape the design configurations prevalent in the MiG-21 & Mirage 2000, thinking it will pose less risky pathways. Hence the belly-mounted location of the GSH-23 cannon. But that should not affect the aircraft at all since the ASPJ was meant to be located internally, & not externally on a pod. 3) Nope, because the MTOW of both Tejas Mk.1 & Mk.1A remain the same. Only a higher-thrust turbofan will increase the aircraft’s MTOW & that’s why the LCA-AF Mk.2 is being developed.

To ANNA: 1, 2 & 3) The radar displayed by BEL this time is meant for use in smaller warships like corvettes & FAC-Ms. But yes, it can be upscaled for use on FFGs & DDGs. In fact, this proves that all earlier talk by internet fanboys about a ‘desi’ Swordfish LRTR was just speculation & daydreaming. After all, if such a ‘desi’ radar existed, then by now it could have been downscaled a bit for fitment on IAC-01 and the P-15A/P-15B DDGs & P-17A FFGs. So this should finally put at rest all earlier speculation about the existence of an L-band LRTR that is ‘desi’. Instead, what ought to be done is to develop an L-band version of the S-band Arudhra for warships. 4) RAN-40L was ordered only for IAC-1 & that too BEFORE the blacklisting of Finmeccanica. Since the blacklisting still continues for reasons beyond my understanding, additional RAN-40Ls cannot be ordered.

To ANUBHAV: No, those were meant for the Project 15B DDGs. And even I was taken by surprise in 2006 when I heard that the 76/62 SRGM was meant for the Project 15A DDGs as well. Because, if the Project 15 DDGs have 100mm guns, then logically the follow-on P-15A/P-15B DDGs ought to have either 100mm or 127mm guns. Also, possessing 290km-range BrahMos-1 ASCMs on such warships makes no sense if the Garpun-Bal target location radar's range is limited to only 50km & even over-the-horizon target acquisition by shipborne helicopters can at best acquire targets only 150km ahead from a flotilla of warships. In addition, it would have been easy to locate 7 BrahMos-1 ASCMs as well as up to 16 vertically-launched LACMs like Nirbhay or Novator 3M-14Es on each Project 15B DDG & Project 18A FFG. I wonder why this wasn't tried. Instead, precious space is being wasted amidships by mounting torpedo-launchers of Varunastra that can easily be accommodated internally on the Project 15B DDGs. To me, it therefore appears as sub-optimal design-engineering of the P-15B's superstructure.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Some videoclips of DEFEXPO 2018 & products displayed:

Mahindra Defence


Mobility Demo




Anonymous said...

From your reply to ANUBHAV-

See these 2 posts from DIMDEX 2018 experience of a pakistani defence enthusiat

"One thing I learnt from INS Kolkata Visit. Brahmos requires a radar to be fired. They have installed a specific radar with which they calculate Firing solution of Brahmos......"
Q1) Is "specific" garpun bal target radar? Is there new target radar with more range available as 50km is too little?

Post 2
"On the naval version though, the target information are sent via telemetry as no radar(other than OTRs) can scan the curvature of earth for hundreds of km......."

Q2)It is saying that target info is sent via telemetry and brahmos travels the way points with MCP etc. If it is true then it is not a bad idea to have 16 ASCM and adding Network centric capabilities (provided we can integrate all data from different origin systems).
What do you say?

Q3) And I do agree having specific long range LACM is a different level(ashm brahmos will have diff warhead so not very useful as lacm any how),but our bad is Nirbhay isn't coming soon or as you said they should have gone for russian lacms.

Q4) Can finmeccanica be removed from black list anytime soon do you see any chance? We are loosing some of the best systems available?

PS: if you have free time do read the full thread it is interesting about Pak Navy sailors and officers haha.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANNA: 1) LoLz! Every ASCM no matter what its range is, is a fire-and-forget missile. Hence, helicopters used for over-the-horizon targetting (OTHT) locate the target/s & relay their positional coordinates to the warship housing the ASCMs. This in turn is fed into the ASCM’s mission computer as a fire-control solution. Only after this is the ASCM fired in the general direction of the target & at a pre-determined distance from the target, the ASCM’s actiove homing seeker is activated & only then does the missile have a fiorm lock-on to the target. All IN warships that use Russia-origin ASCMs (including ther BrahMos-1) have the Garpun Bal=E radar fitted on the front side of the main mast & earlier USSR-origin FAC-Ms have the RANGOUT target acquisition radar for obtaining firing solutions to the P-15/P-20 Termit ASCMs of 1970s vintage design. Once the ASCM is fired away, there’s no communications in any form with the ASCM from anywhere, hence such ASCMs are fire-n-forget weapons. 2) The same applies to the LACM version of BrahMos-1. All targetting data is of pre-programmed nature & the targets to be engaged are all static ones & are not of the moving-type & only due to this the top-attack mode is available. For ASCMs that have to engage moving targets, the top-attack mode isn’t available. Even the navigational waypoints are all pre-set so that the LACM version of BrahMos-1 can evade pre-identified/pre-located air-defence deployments. In other words, waypoints cannot be conveyed to any LACM once the LACM is airborne & is flying towards its target & therefore the LACM too is a fire-n-forget system. 3) Warhead for both BrahMos-1 ASCM & BrahMos-1 LACM are identical/same. LACMs possess blast-fragmentation warheads that are the same as those of laser-guided bombs. Nirbhay LACMs will be available in bulk from 2020 onwards & since the previous decade itself the IN has had more than 100 Novator 3M-14E Klub-S LACMs that can be fired from SSKs of Russia-origin. 4) Since Finmeccanica does not exists anymore (it was reborn 2 years ago as LEONARDO), there’s no need for blacklisting a company that no longer exists (only an idiot will blacklist a non-existent or dead company!) or blacklisting a company that is new-born & has an all-new management set-up. Hence, all those in the MoD who are in-charge of the blacklisting process are IDIOTS.

Anonymous said...

prasun sir,

what is the submarine shape uuv?
what is its purpose?


amardeep mishra said...

Hi Prasun!
"For ASCMs that have to engage moving targets, the top-attack mode isn’t available. Even the navigational waypoints are all pre-set so that the LACM version of BrahMos-1 can evade pre-identified/pre-located air-defence deployments. In other words, waypoints cannot be conveyed to any LACM once the LACM is airborne & is flying towards its target & therefore the LACM too is a fire-n-forget system. "

That is not entirely true, for instance Tomhawk can be re-routed in mid air.
All one needs to do is have some sort of communication between the Tomhawk with either the launching platform or satellite. The new reference trajectory can be relayed to the missile and the missile will feed into the look ahead guidance scheme to generate desired azimuth and elevation which in turn produce desired rate p,q,r and which in turn produce desired control deflections.

Harsh said...

Sir,A single RFI for both single and double engine jets. Does that indicate MOD & IAF are seeking some commonality between the two aircraft for reducing logistics burden.and if that's the case then only f-18 super hornet and gripen-e have something in common...I.e. GE f414 engines. Other than that weapons and sensors packages can be altered on one or both platforms to further enhance commonality.

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

New Year Greetings!

1. Syrian air defense intercepted US Missiles

Russia Says Syrian air defense intercepted 71 US Missiles. But US is refusing it. Which is true?

2. Another FALSE FLAG Chemical attack in Syria by US Allies

Why Russia did not take action after US+FR+UK attack on Syria.

Russia roared but it did not bite. Is Russia scared and becoming another paper tiger?


Saudi plans to Split Qatar by Canal Project. Is it internationally acceptable? What will be the world’s Response?

S. Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AMARDEEP MISHRA: The videolink you shared is for the latest version of the Tomahawk that is omly now entering service. Furthermore, it is highly improbable that such LACMs will function as advertised in a hostile EW environment, especially in the maritime domain. Such LACMs therefore are to be used against targets that have no EW capability whatsoever, i.e. terrorist hideouts & civilian infrastructure. And when it comes to supersonic ASCMs & LACMs, there's just no time left for retargetting & any form of 2-way electronic communication between any airborne platform & the missile will result in the strike mission being compromised, since the targetted vessel now be alerted about an imminent attack.

To HARSH: Rest assured that this RFI exercise is just about buying time & that's why all the OEMs are extremely sceptical about making any comment about this RFI making it to the RFP stage. As an indicator, just go to the websites of Boeing & HAL to find out if any of them have even issued a press-release about their so-called preliminary industrial partnership that was recently inked & you will see that no statement has been issued by either Boeing or HAL.

Millard Keyes said...

Meanwhile on Af-Pak border

Unknown said...

Hi prasun! I've couple of papers at AIAA(American Institute of aeronautics and astronautics) on nonlinear control and thrust vectoring. The point I was trying to make was it is indeed possible to have jam GPS signals anywhere, however that will effect all the LACMs and not just the modern variants. You see the task of navigation is more to do with geometry of the reference trajectory. You need to have set of way points and look ahead guidance scheme will tell you desired azimuth and elevation angles required for reaching the reference trajectory. You just need the set of way points that's all-- it can be relayed to it via a satellite or a UAV etc-- it'll hardly take couple of seconds. Once that reference trajectory has been obtained, the guidance scheme will autonomously steer the CM towards the final way point without the intervention of the launching platform.

rad said...

hi prasun
there are some surprises that have been depicted like the homing head of the ARM missile .I was just wondering where we go the tech from as we have no experience in designing an air to surface missile leave alone an ARM. Could you give is more dope on that program.My kudos to the guys who designed them.

i did see a tank active protection launcher , looks Israeli can you elaborate on that

again the DIRCM counter measure device which suspiciously like the Israeli music system.

what is the missile that is depicted above the brahmos pic?

when did Kalyani get into rf seekers , what seeker is the netra rf seeker? and for what application s? seems to be an other screw driver job

the active phased array telemetry system is another pleasant surprise it just ressures us that the private played can help india more than the drdo monkeys

how far has the VEM developed MPATGM come along.looks good , this is with the US seeker ?

there is a SAAB logo on the RAWl radar , i thought that was made by the dutch?? is it an based AESA?

the new LMG seems to be an old wine i a new bottle nothing new , might as well go for the best Ie negev LMG as used by the Special forces.

does the old bofors L70 mke sense in today, compared the oerlikon 35 mm guns

the mounted gun system was a real surprise what is your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Prasun da,

thanks a lot for a detailed post.

i see that in the photo of the Pinaka MKII rockets, there are lots of 'hole-like' things.

what are they for?

Srinivas R.

Anonymous said...

From your comment
"Nirbhay LACMs will be available in bulk from 2020 onwards"

Which engine will it use manik turbofan, russian turbofan, or turbojet used in the last testflight?




(1) During DefExpo 2018, GoI announced a program called Start Ups for Defence (iDeX)

Will you please provide your insights about this program ? Is there any possibility that such a program will succeed ?

(2) Does the Czech Republic play a major role in India's defence industry ? I knew TATRA supplied trucks but what about other Czech aerospace & defense companies ?



Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SENTHIL KUMAR: VMT. Raw video footage of the air-strikes as they were taking place clearly reveal that the majority of the LACMs hit their targets:

Russian & other footage showing the targets after the air-strike reveal that damage done was extensive:

Also, Russia to date has been unable to produce any video footage of wreckages of downed LACMs. In fact, Russia cannot produce such footage simply because Russia-operated air-defence systems were not guarding those sites, & only Syria-operated & Russia-supplied AAA was operating on the night of the air-strikes. Video footage of Syria-operated SAMs being fired clearly show them being fired in unguided mode, i.e. just for the sake of displaying ineffectual fireworks. So yes, Russia’s bluff has been called & all its earlier claims about protecting Syrian airspace have now proven to be hollow. What is particularly insulting is Russia’s inability to stop Syria from producing chemical weapons & all material evidence shows that it has been Syria that has been employing chemical weapons against its own citizens. And that’s precisely why Ruissia is on extremely weak ground & therefore is unlikely to protect Syrioa from air-strikes launchyed by the US or France or the UK or even Israel.

To AMARDEEP MISHRA: You’re missing the core points, i.e. how are waypoints generated, & why is mid-course correction required. Without understanding these 2 issues, it is futile to debate on how/why the waypoints will be relayed to the LACM. Firstly, when the targets are static, it is easy to pre-programme waypoints by correlating them with terrain features that can be recognized by on-board SAR sensors. GPS coordinates are not reqd since, if GPS coordinates are to be used for navigational corrections, then such coordinates will have to be obtained by manned or unmanned flying platforms flying that exact flight trajectory as the LACMs would. No space-based sensor can obtain or give GPS coordinates, they can only confirm positional navigational updates. Secondly, mid-course correction is reqd only if the target to be struck has already been struck & destroyed earlier & therefore alternate or new targets can henceforth be struck. This therefore isn’t a time-urgent reqmt for re-targetting & hence instant generation of new waypoints isn’t an operational reqmt. Alternate targets always exist & so do their navigational flight-paths inclusive of waypoints. Hence, transmitting new waypoints to an en route LACM is not at all an operational necessity for 99% of the time when it comjes to striking static targets/installations. But if the latest positional coordinates of targets to be hit are unavailable, for instance, during intelligence-based operations which obtain more accurate positional coordinates from on-ground special operations forces deep inside hostile territory, then such coordinates can be transmitted to the LACM launch platforms that in turn can use SATCOM-based data-links to transmit the new GPS-based target locational coordinates to the in-flight LACMs. In this case, there’s no need for generation of new en-route waypoints.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Why should one require any design experience whyen design patents are already available on-line? The problem was never about design, but all about production engineering/fabrication. The APS’ photo-caption explains it all. The DIRCM suite is from ELBIT Systems & BEL is only acting as the local sales agent. It is Pinaka-2 rocket. Netra RF seeker can go into any BVRAAM or SAM. The PAFM was designed by the DRDO & Astra Microwave only produced it. VEM-developed MPATGM is just a demonstration of that company’s ability to fabricate & produce such weapons. So if the MoD wants the DRDO-developed MPATGM to be mass-produced, then both BDL & VEM can do it concurrently. The SAAB logo is meant to represent some technical assistance rendered to BEL for developing the radar. The new LMG with link-feed of ammo is a far better option than magazine-fed ammo.

To SRINIVAS R: That’s for the GPS-based terminal guidance sensor. I’ve already uploaded its images above & this sensor was first shown at DEFEXPO 2016. Do check it out.

To ANNA: Long-range LACMs like Nirbhay don’t use turbojets, only turbofans. Tactical LACMs like Taurus & Storm Shadow/SCALP and several ASCMs use turbojets. The Nirbhay’s production versions will all use turbofans made by a private-sector company. Manik turbofan is meant for UAVs, not LACMs, as explained in the poster I’ve uploaded above. Do read this:

SJE-350 turbofan with a thrust of 350Kgf which is used for strategic application and is currently under manufacturing for the Nirbhay.

To VIKRAM GUHA: I’ve already uploaded above the DRDO posters related to your query. Both Czech Republic & Slovakia are involved in India through BEML.

Anonymous said...

from the video we can see that OPCW concluded that there was no chemical weapons manufacturing or R&D taking place but Syria delayed OPCW scheduled visit. So did US and its liies destroyed real target or science & tech institue


Unknown said...

Hi prasun. Could you please suggest the present situation at the loc. Do you see anytime indian army crossing the loc?Do u envisage American pressure building up any time shortly on the indian government to force then to cross the loc. Please share your thoughts. Regards tubs

TheHundred said...

In an exclusive conversation with The Indian Express, Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa said that “full credit goes to our engineers that we have built up the serviceability of fighter aircraft to 80%, compared to a target of 75%, and a dispatch reliability of more than 95% during Gagan Shakti exercise”.

Top IAF sources told The Indian Express that these numbers were significant as they demonstrated IAF’s capability to “overwhelm the Pakistan Air Force by bringing double their number of fighter aircraft in combat, and that too with significantly higher throw weight”.
At 70% serviceability for its 371 fighter jets, Pakistan Air Force is estimated to be able to bring approximately 260 aircraft into combat but they have lesser stamina and capability than their IAF counterparts.

buddha said...

15 Minutes Go Inside Russia command center (war room) : how Russia control the world
..When will India have such facilities
Sir window of war in April may..Is being shifted or the preparation is not completed on Indian side to liberate POK

Anubhav said...

One more question about P17A frigates
What will be it's secondary radar?
Are Nayan and Shakti EW suite the new names of Ajanta and Elora EW suite?

Arun said...

Dear Sir

I have a Simple Question

Given that the Current Government Takes NATIONAL SECURITY
Much more Seriously than the Previous Government

Can we Say that India's COMBAT POWER has increased by At least FORTY PERCENT
in the Last Four years

amardeep mishra said...

Hi Prasun!
Let me be very specific this time- I was specifically talking about LACMs and not AShMs. Both of them are different when it comes to guidance. For taking out static targets, the way point generated are based on spherical algorithm-- for obstacle avoidance-- here obstacle means the radar cover. The way points can be generated by a human operator or by using some obstacle aviodance algorithms. I assume your familiarity with UAVs and their guidance/control. Just like how in an ardupilot, you define a set of way points in a mission planner, the same way in Cruise missiles, you've got a mission planner where you define the way points that a CM is supposed to track. Now Terrain matching is one of the guidance schemes, but it is almost always coupled with GPS.
Long range AShMs, are guided to the general proximity of the target ship using GPS and towards the end, the guidance scheme changes from one based on spatial coordinates to lateral acceleration. PN guidance law takes over and it steers the missile towards the moving ship.
The re-routing is "specifically" for the land attack CMs prasun. It is practically impossible for missiles like Bmos and I was specifically talking about missiles like Tomhawk, Nirbhay or any of the Russian/Chinese clones.

amardeep mishra said...

Prasun! You dont actually need to fly your UAV or aircraft over the target to acquire the GPS coordinates of your target. In my opinion, it can be done using the following method-
1) Have your UAV scan for the target using a radar. The radar will be able to provide, azimuth, elevation and range to target. The azimuth and elevation of the target are relative to the UAV platform. Lets say that the range to the target is R. But keep in mind that this range R, is actually in the reference frame of radar which has been rotated by \psi in azimuth and \theta in elevation. Now using a coordinate transformation matrix you can convert R into the body frame of UAV. Once the value of R is available in body frame of UAV it can be readily converted into NED frame and from there to geodetic frame(Even Matlab has a subroutine by the name ned2geodetic). The geodetic frame is nothing but your GPS coordinates. These GPS coordinates can be relayed back to the launching platform via a secured data link from UAV to lets say Kolkata class.

Ashish Gautam said...

Sir thanks for all d pics.
1) why naval choppers r Ajib in looking when comparing to air force one's?
2) any updates on IN'S Both helicopter acquisition processes apart from Airbus offering to setup factory in India if panther is selected ?

joydeep ghosh said...

@prasun da

first 1425 bangabd er priti aar shubhechha

1. this below link should make you real happy you have been talking about it since long btw ifyou could provide any pic of it nothing better

2. regarding the answer you gave to #ANUBHAV i feel that you could have tried to hammer home the advice to upgrade the guns to 127mm mm on P15A during mid life upgrade allowing for 155 mm gun (the current standard as per you) to be installed in P15B from start, why didnt you do it

3 i still get confused with the need of ships making port calls for diplomacy what kind os designf benefits do these visits provide

4. i have a feeling that this GAGANSHAKTI exercise was meant to hone skills before impending attempt to finish off Pak conundrum but this also includes sorties on china front does IAF or planners in North Block believe any attempt to set record straight with Pak will draw China, which already has its hands full with Tibet, Taiwan, Xinjiang, North Korea and South China Sea

5. Heard USA has finally decided to share submarine tech with Taiwan, but those are pre 1960s design how much it will help Taiwan do you think

6. Iran has reportedly overhauled almost all its remaining F14s, how did they do it and are also planning to buy Su30 SM from Russia that are in true sense actually Su30mki that IAF flies, , so will IAF have some role to play as its doing with Vietnam and Malaysia

7. what happened to your IRIAF/IRIN/IRIA/PARADRAN threads you stopped at ground awaiing your navy/air force threads


Joydeep Ghosh

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

The massive Belt and Road Initiative infrastructure programme that Beijing says is aimed at promoting global trade and economic growth is actually intended to expand the country's political influence and military presence,

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RON: Let’s not overlook the fact that the US-led air-strikes took place with 48 hours advance warning which gives plenty of time to relocate any CW stockpiles. CWs can easily be produced at any pharmaceutical production facility.

To UNKNOWN: It is now clear that Pakistan is most unwilling to escalate matters along the LoC, since the IA’s deployments are pri8med up for escalation along both the north & south of Pir Panjal Range. Another critical shortcoming of the PA is the resource crunch since US financial aid has been stopped & the PA now desperately needs funds for fencing-related activities along the Durand Line. And lastly, US spares support for the PA’s ground-based assets like field artillery hopwitzers (towed & self-propelled) is unlikely to be forthcoming in case the IA & IAF undertake AirLand campaigns along the LoC & WB. It is for these reasons that the PA has been making peace overtures to India off late.

To THE HUNDRED: The PAF is now both qualitatively & quantitatively inferior to the IAF & hence, be it for tactical interdiction or air-defence, the PAF wioll be extremely hard-pressed to sustain air operations beyond 4 days since by then the PAF’s spares stockpiles will be dwindling & serviceability rate will not exceed 40% at best. On top of that, the Mirage-III/V & F-7P/PG fleets are in a sorry state & are used nowadays only for logging flight-hours & not for operational combat training. Therefore, the only tasking that will be of paramount importance for the IAF will be the grounding or on-ground destruction of the PAF’s AEW & CS platforms, i.e the Karakoram Eagles & Saab 2000 Erieyes.

To BUDDHA: When will India have such facilities? Thjat day will come when India’s decision-makers really want to make India a leading global power by getting rid of the ‘sanaatan dharma’ mindset. Right now, the mindset is so regressive that these ‘netas’ consider platforms like the AW-101 to be ‘too expensive’ & instead prefer to fly on Mi-17 instead!!!

To ANUBHAV: The radar will be the same as that on the Project 15/Project 15A/Project 15B DDGs, i.e. the THALES LW-08 radar.

To ARUN: You really think so? Despite this 4-year old govt committing itself to the lowest ever levels of annual defence spending levels? You really need to wake up from the deep slumber.

To AMARDEEP MISHRA: Waypoints generated for obstacle avoidance? That too for a BrahMos-1 that cruises at an altitude of 13km? You really need to come to grips with differences regarding navigation for supersonic LACMs versus navigation for subsonic LACMs. Can you also point out where exactly inside the BrahMos-1 is a GPS receiver & its related data-link? Long-range ASCMs have been in use long before the advent of GPS navigational satellites & both target location & obtaining of fire-control solutions have been achieved through airborne platforms like shipborne helicopters & this practice is still the predominant one for almost all navies worldwide. And like I explained earlier, re-routing of LACMs is not reqd at all for for those users that use such LACMs for attacking land-based installations of military insignificance. Neither Indian or Russian or Chinese LACMs require such inflight re-targetting. As for obtaining MIL-SPEC GPS coordinates right down to the 7th decimal point for pinpoint accuracy, I, unlike you, am not interested in how it can or could be done in theory. Instead, I focus on how it was & is being done in practice. For corroboration purposes, I therefore suggest that you do get in touch with strategic targeteers of any major military institution who deal with offensive air operations-planning & get their first-hand inputs.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: 1) Because naval helicopters are reqd to have a greater quantum of mission avionics & longer-range weapons (like torpedoes & anti-ship missiles) on-board. 2) Nothing new, except that the IN wants NMRHs faster than the LUHs.

Anik said...

Prasun da,
1)Have we supplied Konkurs missile to afghanistan??

2)Afghan police and tribals supported by their army have killed 6 pakistani FC soldiers in clashes at Af-pak border. I think we should now start arming Afghanistan with tanks and other military vehicles and aircrafts. But the question which sometimes arises in my mind is that will Iran allow indian military supply to Afghanistan???

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV & PRRANSHU YADAV: LoLz! Nowhere else in the world does there exist a second production facility for either the Rafale or F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. And what exactly is a production facility or facilities? There has got to be one each for producing airframe parts, avionics sub-systems (like cockpit avionics, mission avionics, diagnostics avionics), wiring harnesses, instrumentation, engine & gearbox, and accessories. All thgese are then reqd to converge at a final-assembly/integration facility. Henmce, when one is talking about licenced-production of a complete aircraft, then one is reqd to set up production facilities for all of the above-mentioned items that will typically involve more than 600 suppliers/ lines. And never before in the history of HAL has this ever been achieved. Aty best, only 60% indigenization was achieved & that too for the MiG-21 family & that too between the early 1960s till the late 1990s. For all other aircraft like Jaguar IS/IM, MiG-27M & Su-30MKI the level of indigenisation has been less than 50% & that too at a cost that is 2.5% higher than procuring such aircraft off-the-shelf. So, objectively speaking, is the Indian MoD’s definition of indigenisation really a logical solution? Or is it an assured/guaranteed path towards financial bankruptsy? Is it therefore not just a lollypop for the gullible? And the following weblinks clearly illustrate my point about how hollow all efforts towards the MoD-defined indigenisation has been to date:

Anonymous said...

" US-led air-strikes took place with 48 hours advance warning which gives plenty of time to relocate any CW stockpiles "
1)does it mean CW stock is still available with Syria?
2)only production facilities were destroyed?
3)why Russia doesnt care about Syria CW production n its usage on its own people?
4)what is OPCW stand on recent attack and Syria CW manufacturing n storage
5)why cant US n allies give its own intelligence report on CW production facilities in Syria if it had any or is it cooked propaganda which US did with IRAQ?
6)if they supplied enough data on CW attack then neutral UN or OPCW can investigate everything instead unleashing more than 100 missiles on Syria R&D facilities n permanently destroying there human resources infrastructure ? its like US n Russia using Syria as battlefield to test there sophisticated weapons


Kapil said...

Prasun da, Has IA avenged the recent killing of 3 of our soldiers at loc? Any info about retaliatory action by IA?

Ashish Gautam said...

Thanks for the information.
How soon do u expect disintegration of India? As there is a continuous huge rise in population of a particular religion people who still have feelings for our western neighbor... & once they reach close to 50% game is over... M gazva e hind successful...
Sorry if this question offends anyone... But this is harsh reality...
I request you to kindly answer this controversial question sir.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: 1) LoLz! Didn’t you realise by now that those nitwits had made up that story by looking at the poisters that I had uploaded 3 days ago??? So do scroll through the posters above again to see them. 2) And who will supply such 155mm guns? As it is the ‘deszi’ ATAGS is far away from maturing. 3) These are goodwill gestures for symbolism purposes. 4) Such exercises are held once every 2 years. Only past exercises of this nature were never publicised. 5) Sharing of design won’t do anyone any good, especially for countries that have never built submarines before. 6) Iran’s entire stockpile of US-supplied weaponry are used only sparingly & won’t play a decisive role during hostilities. That’s why, in order to copmpensate for the lack of deep-strike aircraft (just as is the case with North Korea & Pakistan) the Iranians have been enhancing their stockpiles of ballistic missiles armed with conventional warheads,

To ANIK: 1) Yes, a few thousands of them were supplied 2 years ago. 2) The Afghan Defence Minister was in Delhi 2 days ago. Here’s his interview:

To RON: 1) Of course. 2) R & D facilities as well. 3) Because Russia doesn’t care about Syrian citizens. It only cares about the survival of the ruling Syrian regime. 4) It will become evident fairly soon. 5) The evidence was always available & it was shared with the relevant international bodies. 6) What will such investigations achieve? It is far better as a deterrent to hit Syria hard since it was Syria that had officially declared that it no longer had any CE stockpiles & yet twice after that its local population was struck with CWs. If Syria & Russia are so sure that these attacks are all ‘false flag’ operations, then they too should produce conclusive evidence to prove their claims. If not such evidence is forthcoming, then it only means that the Syrians & their Russian supporters are lying. And where are the wreckages of the 73 LACMs that the Ruissians have claimed to have shot down? Why no photo imagery of them has emerged so far? Or is it that the Russians are silent because if they open their mouths, it will only result in Russia’s marketing efforts for its air-defence systems taking a severe hit on a global scale?

To KAPIL: Such retaliatory actions are routine in nature & are not always made public.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Population-level;s are rising for ALL Indian communities from all religious faiths. To lump it all in favour of one particular community is factually incorrect. In fact, that community you are referring to has had a decline in population growth & it now accounts for only 12% of India’s population. So where’s the threat? And what about all the so-called ‘tens of millions’ of illegal Bangladeshi settlers inside Assam? Why are no definitive figures coming out of the population registry of Assam? Is it because most of the so-called Bangladeshi settlers are in fact Bengali migrant workers (Indian citizens hailing from West Bengal) who had gone & still go to Assam in search of jobs? So, do rest assured that in due course of time all the false propaganda about unchecked migration of Bangladeshi Muslims into North East India will stand exposed.

Kaustav said...

Thanks Prasunda for clearing the hot air on all those purported tie ups being reported in the media. As usual, kudos to your coverage of the Defexpo specially of the important but lesser known critical components and sensors / detectors that DRDO /OFB / MSMEs are helping to develop and manufacture. And ofcourse the new incremental improvement seen in small weapons, rockets and weapons that would be put to regular use by our and other Armed Forces.

Kaustav said...

The variety of 155mm howitzers displayed and being made available by OFB/BF/Tata/L&T should make it feasible, budgetary funds permitting,for the Army and even the BSF to standardise on 155mm 39/45/52 calibre howitzers in various towed mounted, wheeled tracked and helicopter lifted ultra light, light(155/39), medium (upgunned130mm and 155/45) and heavy (155/52 and ATAGS) versions. Combined with the available options on Rockets (Pinaka 1/2/3, BM21 Grad, Smerch) as well as Brahmos, Nirbhay,Prithvi and Pralay (even Parhaar) type missiles, India seem to be able to provide a spectacular option of standardised artillery strike weapons both guns and missiles for internal consumption and even exports.
Is it possible also that such weapons could be developed for the Indian Navy to standardise on navalised 155mm/6inch naval guns for its capital ships (frigates and destroyers) and Pinaka type rockets for LHDs and LSTs for shore assault support in addition ofcourse to the Brahmos & Nirbhay LACMs. Does not hurt to dream ofcourse.

Ankit Kumar said...

Hi, a couple of questions
1. In next 12-18 months apart from Frigates, more Mi17, some more T90, BMP2, ka226T and maybe a couple of more flanker squadrons, do you see any deal actually being signed? Even the deal i mentioned, how many do you see actually happening ?

2. Does OFB still produce 122mm artillery ammo? And are the 122mm towed artillery of Indian Army still in active service? And what is the present status of 122mm SPH and 105mm SPH that Indian Army had? Also how many M46 has been upgunned to 155 till now?

3. What is your observations on the helicopter and SAR aircraft procurement of IN & ICG? The NUH, NMRH, U2C and MMPA programs seem to go no where now.

Anonymous said...

what do think? do think he has capability to take Tripura to Iron age?


Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,
There are two facts that you need to add regarding your answer to Ashish Gautam.
1) Hindu people from "secular" Bangladesh have moved in to various parts of India especially to Tripura and Assam since Independence for they are communal (as per the definition of Indian intellectuals aka left and East India company - congress. The demography of these states tell the story, please note Assam was a big chuck before many small states were carved out of it. I suppose any educated "communal" Hindu would not want to stay in Bengal now and we have Mo-mo-to Bhonurjee and earlier left welcoming people from religion of peace across here since it is the gateway for reaching other parts of India.
2) The parasites whom everybody know multiply in hoards and the current Rohingya story is example for the history repeating itself. The example of Bakarwal gujjars is an example where they come as nomads, clear up the vegetation, screw up culture and lifestyle of people of the region wherever they go. It is similar to a (syrian refugee) person from religion of peace breaking the sculpture in city square in some Italian city since he gets high seeing it.

In South India especially in Malabar region you see several hoards of secular Bongs (not the communal "Hindu" type) hogging everything


Unknown said...

"It is now clear that Pakistan is most unwilling to escalate matters along the LoC, since the IA’s deployments are pri8med up for escalation along both the north & south of Pir Panjal Range. Another critical shortcoming of the PA is the resource crunch since US financial aid has been stopped & the PA now desperately needs funds for fencing-related activities along the Durand Line. And lastly, US spares support for the PA’s ground-based assets like field artillery hopwitzers (towed & self-propelled) is unlikely to be forthcoming in case the IA & IAF undertake AirLand campaigns along the LoC & WB. It is for these reasons that the PA has been making peace overtures to India off late. "

the above comment read with the present news makes it apparently clear that although this is the most opportune time to integrate entire J&K in the India, our politicians fed with the pseudo history of non violent freedom struggle, will never have the balls to take militarily what belong to us as ours. what a futile defensive mindset which boasts of decision makers who have under their belt the 4th largest military in the world. J&K issue will never be resolved this way and secessionist forces will remain only temporarily dormant in J&K. the military has been made a chaukidar to primarily kill and hunt terrorists within indian territory rather than taking the battle to the enemies heart.



Ludwig said...

Thanks, sir, I was wondering what is the purpose of SLS?
I read this article
Which lead me to think what I stated earlier.

rad said...

hi prasun
what ails the qr-sam ?seems to be rolling out of control . I dont understand why this is happening as the basic air frame seems to be the same .I do see a tvc vanes at the bottom of the missile , can you please confirm that if there is a TVC which i suspect for
better maneuverability??.

what advantage does the asraam give compared to the python 5 ?

the pinaka 2 seems to have canards for maneuverability , is it Israeli or european tech? how is it coming along ?.

has the torbuster bee selected for our Subs?? makes sense.

the submarine depicted carries 2 underwater vehicles along side, what is the concept , special forces carriage or something else?. what make is th e submarine supposed to be ?.

The Indian said...

Excellent job as always!My compliments.
1)I wanted to know about the submarine model photos that you had posted.What is the submarine and why has it been shown?
2)Any important discussion that you had at DEFEXPO that was worth it.
3)What is the reason that India China are once again talking to each other.
4)And why are the US and Nato after Russia?There has to be a deeper reason than the simple poisoning of an ex spy?
5)Why are we not purchasing more AWACS from Israel?
6)Emmanuel Macron came here for something important.What was it?Other than what is already in the public domain.
7)Any chance of more Scorpenes?

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your Reply.

Syria Chemical Attack is more likely FALSE FLAG attack

Since start of Syrian War there are many Chemical Attack. Every time US allies blame Syria. But they never proved. And there are many evidence in public domain that retired US army persons are working with ISIS and Al Nusra Front and supplied the CW.

Many time US Congressman RON Paul proved that it is False Flag attack.

Following Points to be considered before coming to Conclusion

1. Already Bashar Assad is winning the Syrian War.
2. Why he need to take Risk by using CW.
3. Now US Allies don’t know what to do and how to start next front for Iran war.
(KSA and Israel Pressure. Saudi failed in Yemen War. Hezbollah is getting stronger in Lebanon)

4. Last week attack looks stage managed to send the ground troops. See the below link now Saudi Arab army is ready for war

5. If US knows the exact place of CW why it did not give the evidence to UN and International Inspectors. Most of these attacks were carried by White Helmets guys who are sponsored by UK.

S.Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV: VMT. Yes, development of a 155mm/52-cal naval artillery gun does make sense & I’ve been harping about it since 2007 AFTER there was a proposal made by Nexter Systems of France to the OFB to co-develop such a system. In terms of field & rocket artillery systems, the IA now seems to be awash with excellent options, i.e. Dhanush-45, Dhanush-52’s towed & MGS options, the ATAGS that will mature early in the next decade, M-777 UFH, Kalyani group’s ULH, OFB’s M-46 upgrade kit, domestic production of BMCS charges, adoption of new-generation rockets from Russia for BM-21 Grad & Smerch-M MBRLs, plus the Pinaka-2 rockets with GPS-assisted terminal homing. The only itrems awaiting arrival are the 4th generation MP-ATGM & longer-range MMW radar-guided SANT missiles that can be air-launched & ground-launched & can also be fired by shipborne helicopters against ground & maritime targets during littoral warfare operations. As for innovations-based spinoffs, now that both the DRDO & military end-users have reposed confidence in my 2009 suggestion to morphe the Astra-1 BVRAAM into the NG-ARM & QR-SAM, there’s another suggestion of mine made in 2009 as well that is finding acceptability, i.e. modifying the rocket-powered standoff anti-airfield weapon (SAAW) that is now being developed as an air-launched DEW for suppressing air-defence networks, into both a ground-launched & air-launched PGM that is TV-guided & which can be particularly useful in blasting dug-in enemy positions in high-altitude mountainous terrain (like Tiger Hill, Thagla Ridge, Tololing, etc etc). During the DEFEXPO 2018 I had some interesting meetings with both DRDL officials as well as Kalyani-RAFAEL officials about it. In addition, the option of integrating the vehicle-mounted version of the OFB-built AK-630M six-barrelled cannon with the ‘Uttam’ AESAR (for fire-control) for base air-defence was also discussed in great detail as a ‘mission-mode’ project being jointly executed by the DRDO & OFB. So yes, there are several common-sensical options that can easily be implemented with the existing military-technical/military-industrial expertise already available in-country.

To ANKIT KUMAR: Bulk of the deals to be signed will involve locally developed innovative systems. I already explained earlier why the procurement of Ka-226Ts is a no-brainer & an impossibility, just as is the case with procuring the HAL-developed HTT-40 BTT. 2) No. All the products produced by OFB are clearly liosted in the OFB’s website. Only 40 M-46s were upgunned by OFB with kiits supplied by ELBIT Systems/Soltam. 3) The name of the game today is standardisation. One cannot procure different platforms for different services, especially for the ICGS & IN. If the ICGS requires MP aircraft, then it should opt for a scaled-down version of the P-8I LRMR/ASW platform. Similarly, the ICGS & IN should opt for a common NMRH platform. Procurement of diverse platforms by different end-users will only invite financial ruin & logistics nightmares.

To RON: Proof of the pudding lies in its eating. Let him prove his assertions with empirical evidence. Or else it will be just a claim that lacks credibility.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GANESH: 1) LoLz! If ‘Hindu’ or ‘non-Hindu’ human resources from WB or any other Indian state are moving to other parts of India, it is purely because of the demand-supply chain. If no one employs them, anymore in the southern or western states, then they won’t go there, plain n simple. 2) As for the multiplying communities you refer to, there’s another way of examining this trend: what if the Muslim population’s percentage increase is not due to reproductive multiplication, but is instead due to more of the ‘Hindus’ converting to other religions, like to Buddhism or Christianity? Don’t you reckon that is a distinct possibility worth considering & factoring in. As for the nomadic Gujjars & Bakarwals, they are in such insignificant numbers that they don’t make even a dent in the local economies. So the cire reason for communal tensions in areas in southern Jammu is something else, i.e. absence of adequate job opportunities being made available in J & K. And these very nomads have often shed their blood for India. For instance, do watch this:

I therefore am deeply saddened by your baseless assumptions about the nomadic Gujjars & Bakarwals. I can only hope that you will arrive at the right conclusions after watching that videoclip.

To LUDWIG: A single vertical launcher for a 7-tonne ballistic missile makes no operational sense. That’s why it is nothing else but a part of a shipborne platform to be used for test-launching BMs meant to be used as targets, i.e. a BM being launched from the A & N island chain for being intercepted by BMD interceptors. You need to look at the SLS from that perspective.

To RAD: LoLz! Nothing ails it, rest assured. If any missile or PGM tubles, it means the fibre-optic gyro has malfunctionjhed & needs rectification, that’s all there is to it. All rocket-powered PGMs & missiles have TVC vanes, especially air combat missiles & SAMs. Pinaka-2 rocket uses MBDA-supplied terminal guidance system that was first shown at DEFEXPO 2016. Torbuster was shown for the very first time in India. Of course the IN requires such weapons. The submarine is a special devlivery vehicle for MARCOS. The two smaller submersibles are swimmer delivery vehicles or diver propulsion vehicles.

To THEINDIAN: 1 & 2) Already explained above to KAUSTAV & RAD. 3) What’s the harm in talking if China wants to be more accommodative to India’s concerns? 4) Because NATO cannot accept Russia’s annexation of Crimea & therefore costs have to be imposed on Russia. 5) The order for 2 more A-50I PHALCONs is not yet signed & needs to be inked ASAP. 6) It was about cooperative security management of the IOR. 7) For all intents & purposes the P-75I project will now be Scorpene SSKs fitted with DRDO-developed AIP modules. And now there’s the official P-76 project that calls for the indigenous design & development of SSKs. To me, this is not reqd & Project 76 should i9nstead focus on developing & producing SSNs. I have several brochures to upload & these will contain much more data on the DRDO-developed AIP module. Will try to upload them later tonight.

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: LoLz! If they are, then why are Syria & Russia not sharing their evidences? Whjy are they keeping quiet & not going to the UNSC with their evidences? Do any of the Syrian rebels possess combat aircraft for air-dropping such CWs?

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Read through the lines Dada, my thought or idea seems to have occurred to you long back

Kaustav said...


Once again practical common sense ideas. Lovely and achievable in realistic time frames as compared to rail guns and hypersonic reusable missiles. Thanks


Prasun Da,

Despite all these RFI/RFPs etc , eventually isn't it true that for decades, defense contracts are awarded to those companies who have the deepest pockets & the deepest possible relations with the party in power ?

So all these competitions are just a gimmick created by GoI to fool gullible people into believing that the best company actually got the contract.

The future isn't going to be much different either in an inherently corrupt country like India.



Anonymous said...

Sir, is it not possible to develop Good qty of quite stealth nano hunter killer submarines of 500-1000 ton class(or May b less) , having crew of 6-8 guys, 12 super-cavitation based torpedoes in 4 launch tubes, AIP based propulsion along with a backup DG set, motor based system to run its propeller mainly meant to hunt down enemy submarines for IN???
Ashish Gautam

joydeep ghosh said...

@prasun da

1. i think Kalyani group can develop naval version of 155 mm howitzer using its Bharat 52 as base since IA is more interested in OFB/DRDO developed Dhanush 45 towed/MGS and ATAGS 52MGS/towed guns, why bcoz the ATAGS though may be ready for induction by 2022 the Bharat 52 production line that Kalyani bought lock stock and barrel will remain unused so better to use it to develop the naval 155 mm gun. if developed by 2022 it can certainly be retrofitted during mid life upgrade on DDGs ad FFGs even only thing to consider would be hydrodynamkics of the ships, your POV

2. about what you said to KAUSTAV

2a. these SAAW are already heavy and costly, wont the modifications you suggested make it more heavy and even more costly?

2b. regarding the 6 barrel cannon, does the below link talks about the same thing or its different?

2c. what happened to you idea of working with Mig 27s cannon?

2d. the below says KRAS is working a lot of missiles and its sub system but will IAF go with them

3 the answer you gave to LUDWIG makes me wonder why cant SLS be used to launch the naval version of 600 km Prithvi 3

4. regarding the answer you gave to GANESH I fear time is not far when Indiu's upright Swastik will tilt like Nazi Swastik and lead to true xenophobia with Indians being highly impressionable and gullible to play in to hands of few who wish to rake up hate against other communities.

5. regarding what you said to GANESH i would also like to share personal experience, recently a kolkata born actress on twitter literally accused WB CM of sheltering Rohingya terrorist, (its a different matter she hasnt lived in kolkata for long doesnt like bengali food or films) i tried to reason with her that when doesnt know full facts about plighjt f Rohingya she should not say such things, i also tried to share some links that were reports by international organizations that say Rohingya are facing genocide in Myanmar,

what happened next was unthinkable, the pseudo nationalist / ultra nationalist jumped in her support and tried to abuse/silence me. i tried to reason with them that calling all Rohingya as terrorist is wrong, tried to show them links where aid agencies say that Rohingya are denied basic healthcare, education, job, not allowed to run business r even go fishing. But these adament just kept arguing that all Rohingya are terrorist and threat to India. Tried to tell them that India is also not clean as RAW had once helped the Arakan terror groups in Burma even LTTE in sri lanka but when they went rogue RAW conducted Operation leech at their base in A&N islands. But still trolls and abusers continued to rant and some even had balls to accuse me of being a disciple of Mir Jafar, that is when i realized its a futile to reason with half baked brains

6. problem is the trimurti that runs this country all invoke Vivekananda but they forget that Vivekananda never talked about exclusivity or inclusion instead always about inclusivity and inclusion as according to him India assimilates every one into itself, i curse the day that sindhi was born and fear the day is not far when India turns into 1930s Germany


Joydeep Ghosh

Rajesh Mishra said...

Shri PKS: Please see to this.

Is it real that the Saudi dynasty has the long hidden Israeli or Jewish connections?

rad said...

hi prasun
as pinaka 2 is a guided version how are the target co ordinates derived and fed to th e rocket and what would be the probabale cep of it.

Unknown said...

what is the diameter of the combustible case section of a 120mm round.

Arpit Kanodia said...

Here to those who were shedding crocodile tears in North vs South .

And they so easily forgotten west and East.

Millard Keyes said...

Prasun re: Syria what you are not asking are these questions: 1) Basher Al Assad with the help of Russians were winning in the said area attacked with chemical weapons - WHY would he do that when he was getting control of the town? He would have know the furor that would cause and retaliation that would take place weakening his position. Or could it be that the losing side knew that the only way to bring Assad down is to do something that the US will surely retaliate and that would be their best bet in eliminating him as well as weaken the Russian position? 2) In a court of law if there is any reasonable doubt and there is an absence of direct witness there will be no conviction possible.How it is different to Syria? I can't bash my neighbour up because I suspect he was the one throwing garbage over my fence without any proof. 3) The US and allies and their agents are keeping a very close eye on Syria. If they could bomb suspected chemical weapons manufacturing facilities they would have know then that either Syria is still producing such OR at least knew there locations. Why would they then not hold Russia and Syria accountable before the US well before the alleged attacks? How would Syria move its CW stocks when observed by the West and Israel? If CW can be manufactured anywhere - how it is impossible for anti Assad elements to do precisely that to create upheaval at the expense of some collateral damage aka innocent people - that is sacrifice a few for greater good for them - Syria minus Assad? I have been closely monitoring the events in Syria and it is quite clear something is not right and the West is playing exactly per script. It's a bit like Saddam Hussein's WMD stockpile. The whole of Iraq was under surveillance and yet Bush used the fear factor to get rid off Saddam.

Millard Keyes said...

Senthil- I did not read your comments before posting mine but amazingly they fit like a glove! I don't think Russia or America want Syrian people, they want the Syrian territory for their own end game. It's the innocent Syrians that are being made pawns of this political power struggle.
Russians did not claim they shot down any missiles - their equipment did. There are footage on You tube that show some missiles being hit although the claimed number is clearly exaggerated because the missiles were fired in salvos from several directions.

Millard Keyes said...

Prasun with regards t the question, "Do any of the Syrian rebels possess combat aircraft for air-dropping such CWs?"- no but their supporters do. The fact Syrian airspace is being constantly violated by the Western allies gives plenty of opportunity. However, a more plausible explanation is - synchronised attack. The white helmets or similar groups were forewarned about any Syrian air assaults and all it needed doing was to explode a CW synchronised with bombing raid. Russia and Syria can't provide evidence for the same reason Western allies can't provide clear evidence other than assumptions. But given all these reasonings as mere conjecture, even if Syria used CW- the question still remains as in any crime- MOTIVE. Why would they do that- what is the advantage - why not use a more covert means than an obvious air assault in front of thousand pairs of eyes - what more suicidal action could Assad take to ruin his own position that he is so strenuously strengthening?

Anonymous said...

im not against development but is it really necessary to lay out whole new highway instead of upgrading existing one?


Ludwig said...

Sir what do you think of this :
Have they finally learned what you have been saying since ages? Or is it a new kind of stupidity? Please enlighten us.

rad said...

hi prasun
what happened tot he project of mounting a 30 mm rotary canon on a truck for offensive fire support on the LOC and air defense??

Narayan said...

@Rajesh Mishra modern day Saudi Arabia was Jewish kingdom before Muhammad spread his religion by sword. So not just the royal family but majority of ppl in thay country have Jewish link/ancestry.

buddha said...

Should India Buy Russian Mig 29 ?

WION Gravitas: Used MIG-29 jets for India?

Will tensions between Moscow and Washington spark another world war?

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun and Pierre Zorin,

Syrian Chemical Attack: This is what happened in Douma

Actually there is no Chemical attack in Douma. It is just a Propaganda. White Helmet guys started shouting that there is a chemical attack making the public panic and they started pouring water on peoples Head and creating a war like Scenario and made the people believe that it is a chemical attack by Assad. Entire things are stage managed filmed and aired in western media.

Public Response

Journalist Questioning

Doubts raised

Saudi Ready to send Troops

Same old story Tonkin Gulf 1964, Saddam's WMD 2002-2003, Ghouta 2013 and Khan Shaykhon 2017.

S.Senthil Kumar

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,
Firstly, thanks for your response. As an individual I respect each Indian patriot regardless of their religious affiliation.
Secondly, any Hindu is free to follow other religion as per their choice; however, this does not mean that Hindus should be in defensive about their way of life and should have more rights to pull people out of ditch and bring them to mainstream. The policies of East India company aka Congress and the so-called people/working class parties called left have done immense damage to the way of life of so called Hindus. Allowing the Christian institutions to hold on the land (encroached by the barbarians) for conversion business after independence is a crime on the majority culture and less spoken about the religion of peace the better.
Thirdly, I have never visited Bengal; however, based on the interactions and the reading about them makes me feel that two generations of people are lost for nothing; the capable people from there prefer to move out to greener pastures when possible; this I refer about the "communal hindus" as labelled.
Fourthly, when Bengal becomes super highway for people of religion of peace to enter from all directions to move in and get all the identities of Indians, it is common sense that there is nothing for them to stay in Bengal itself and flood every place in India since it has become BIMARU economically. Classic example was when Maharashtra government around 10 or 12 years ago wanted to push back the proven Bangladeshis back to their country, the intellectuals (now called award wapsi gang) along with the people class government worked against the deportation.
Fifthly, if people's heart bleeds for Rohingyas, why don't they use their brilliant capabilities to carve out homeland in Bangladesh or Burma and go along settle there? These bleeding hearts will never raise a voice against Bangladesh hindus whenever they suffer. These same bleeding hearts if capable should have ensured that Chakmas had their homeland protected in Chittagong and adjoining areas and never would have let Sylhet become part of Bangladesh.
Finally, I do not have anything to preach or advice anything to anybody, since I believe, if I am self-made and stick to my hindu principles, I will grow and then use all the tools to make my country great; I will live and enjoy the peace and prosperity along with my deserving hindus. The traitors who claim as "Janou dhari brahmin and talk the virtues of religion of people but still keep Bhonurjee as surname" and their followers will have no future. Thanks,Ganesh

Anonymous said...

More and more it is looking like a staged event as Senthil and Pierre Zorin says:
The boy that was shown in the White helmets video that was the only "evidence" used to stage the attacks by US, France and UK was identified and interviewed. Also a well known reporter, Multi-award winning journalist Robert Fisk, went and interviewed local in the absence of an Syrian minders in Douma. He found NONE of the local saw or felt any evidence of CW effects.


Rajesh Mishra said...

@Narayan: There is no doubt about the Saudi Arabia being a Jewish kingdom before Muhammad, but the doubt is whether the ruling dynasty is still a Crypto-Jew or not?

Ganesh said...

Hello Joydeep,

If the swastik is made to tilt it will definitely. Please consider that there is limit to everything, if it goes over the brim, changes are bound to happen whom-so-ever it may be. You are free to keep your virtues and thoughts; however, if you think your intellect is greater or better than others, it goes awry. It is forthright to win against people who play by the rules with honesty and forthrightness; example Buddhists of 5th or 6th century in Tamilnadu and Adi shankaracharya; however, for people (of religion of peace and their hindu namesake sympathizers) who do not follow the mutually set rules and can do anything, the same needs to be applied to them too; do not crib about it if you are a spectator, else do your part in the war for better quality of life.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: 1) Kalyani Group isn’t the IPR owner of Bharat-52. ELBIT Systems/Soltam is. It was all explained during DEFEXPO 2016. Kalyani owns only the IPR of Bharat-45 as I had explained in a dedicated thread back in 2016. OFB & DRDO could develop 155mm howitzer solutions because it had the base design for the FH-77B. Developing a shipborne naval artillery gun requires expertise in heavyweight turret design & fabrication that no Indian company possesses. Hence an industrial partnership with a foreign OEM is mandatory. 2A) How will it become heavy? What new material additions will be necessary for the options I had suggested? 2B) That link is hogwash & a hodgepodge of insane conclusions. How can a single-barrel naval gun be transformed into a high-rate-of-fire air-defence gun? Secondly, the need of the hour is new-generation smart rounds. For instance, the IA is clearly talking about AHEAD-type rounds. Watch this:

Sound common-sense dictates that both the IA & IAF opt for a common solution instead of choosing different solutions. Hence, just wait a little longer for this IAF reqmt to be withdrawn & e new combined RFP to be issued in future for both the IA & IAF. 2C) It is the 149kg 30mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-6-30 rotary cannon and a mission-specific prototype is now being readied by ARDE. 2D) That is fake news. It has nothing to do with KRAS, with is just a manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. The story is about Kalyani acting as RAFAEL’s agent in India for marketing the SpyDer-SR & Spike-MR. 3) Exactly what utility will a single BM launcher on a warship have? Does it make any sense? Has anyone attempyed something like this for wartime use before? 5 & 6) It is better not to waste your time arguing with hallucinating idiots (or even hearing from them, like the present-day CM of Tripura), of which there’s no dearth in India at present. Instead, it is far better to enlighten yourself with these:

6) Even the present-day VP of India reckons that Swami Vivekananda represented the Hindu religious right!!! He obviously is too retarded to know the difference between Hinduism (as he perceives it to be) & Vedantic philosophy. Maybe hye hjad missed this:

Hope that brings about some laughter (LoLz)!

To RAJESH MISHRA: Are you surprised? Almost all of the members of the Semitic race owe their origins to ancient Mesopotamia & hence all their religious or sacred texts have more or less similar historical narratives. They are all explained here in great detail:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: GPS coordinates are derived from overflying UAVs or tactical recce aircraft or even RSH helicopters. Then they are fed into the micro-processort of the GPS receiver on the rocket. CEP will be less than 10 feet.

To PIERRE ZORIN: Basher al Assad isn;pt interested in re-conquering all the lost territory because he knows this is impossible. Instead, he is focusing only on those areas that house significant populations, leaving the rest of the dessert/arid areas close to the Iraq-Syria border untouched. Consequently, all he is reqd to do is to force the rebels holding out within the populated areas to surrender or retreat & the best way of doing it is to strike terror within the civilian populace (by selectively using CWs) who in turn will force the rebels to flee. That is how shock & awe are achieved when waging psychological warfare. Whether or not Syria was capable of manufacturing CWs after 2015 or whether Syria failed to account for all its stockpile of CWs (before surrendering it to Russia for destruction) will become known in the near future, rest assured.

To RON: What if the existing highway cannot be broadened or strengthened? Have you thought about that?

LUDWIG: The name of the entity to be formed will be different when matters take firm shape. It has been in the works for the past 2 years, when work on it should have started way back in May 1998! Anyway, better late than never & the paperwork from such an entity should be declassified & placed before Parliament for debate, so that it becomes an institutionalised practice. If not, then some future govt (especially the Congress-types) will just disband such an entity without much thought & thereby cause incalculable damage to the country.

To RAD: It is the 149kg 30mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-6-30 rotary cannon and a mission-specific prototype is now being readied by ARDE.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

EX Gaganshakti 2018:

SMPP’s BPJs at DEFEXPO 2018:

These 2 OEMs are the principal suppliers of IRCCDs & FPAs to the DRDO & BEL:



Arjun Mk.2 at DEFEXPO 2018:

Ashok Leyland's Medium Bullet Proof Vehicle:

Ashok Leyland's LSV:

Ashok Leyland FAT 6 x 6:

Data on Pakistan’s Arms Imports:

rad said...

hi prasun
good to hear news about the rotary canon . Is it made in India? as OFB claims for naval applications or screwdriver tech again ?.What would be the most critical tech we have to master to make there types of guns?

SUVO said...

Thanks for your Defexpo-18 coverage.
Any news of Fire-support combat vehicle & T-55 based 120mm breech loading mortar turret?

soi said...

Hello Prasun da,
Thanks for the post on Expo.
Seems like new things are coming up:

1.[] COnsidering it is out by Ajai Shukla, what Credibility of the news, fake or true? If FGFA is really cancelled, what next F-35 or AMCA?
2. Regarding the CIWS, you said that an Uttam AESA mounted with AK-630 rotary cannon is being considered, anymore detail about that, when are we supposed to see it or it will go on trials, bit more information is welcome?
3.Which UAV is supposed to use the Manik engine, any ideas on that?
4.Any detailed info from the expo about OFB-BEML-BEL Dhanush 155/52 MGS?
5.Another mysterious thing [] the official website of BEML shows WICV more of a APC similar to Kestrel but is not kestrel, any idea what is it?
6.There has been lots of show of TATA kestrel, what are the odds of ever seeing it in the army?

Soikot Banerjee

joydeep ghosh said...

@prasun da

thanks for the sane advise and fine answer, just 2 questions

1. you say Tejas mk1/mk1A lack MAWS, it is that difficult to install MAWS on thejets' spine from behind cockpit to tail'

2. 30mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-6-30 rotary cannon and 2 breach loaded 120 mm mortar atop the Vijayanta/T55 chasis can be very useful in any offensive thrust into enemy territory

your views


Joydeep Ghosh

Ashish Gautam said...
1) Real or fake news?
2) Kindly answer answer previous question too.

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,

Just got the news that Col Purohit was fixed by the East India Company aka Congress as indicated by the Army; however, I wonder what the bleeding hearts will say about it since he is "communal" since he is hindu by birth and does not belong to the religion of peace. Glad that I am able to put my thoughts here; however, my blood boils with helplessness that the day is not near for retribution for others. I suppose you have hinted earlier about what happened, may I request you to shed some light.

I hope Zia ul haq moment will come soon, wherein the person busy using the prayer mat in Beirut becomes Pakistan army chief and wipes out the person "ready to eat grass for 1000 years" within one year in that post :)



Prasun Da,

(1) If a foreign defense company registers itself in India as a pvt company & thereafter decides to enter into a JV with an Indian Pvt defense company or a DPSU will the JV still be 49% for the foreign company & 51% for the Indian company ?

(2) As far as getting orders for Indian defense companies are concerned, eventually, does it simply boil down to lobbying ? In other words the companies that lobby more effectively gets the order ?



Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: You are getting mixed-up between the airborne 30mm 6-barrel cannon of the MiG-27M & the shipborne AK-630 6-barrelled cannon. The former was never built in India, whereas the latter is still being licdence-built. Most critical technology that requires mastering is cutting-edge metallurgy.

To SUVO: None of them were shown in any form at the expo.

To SOI: 1) Will answer it in detail below. 2) That was just my own idea & it remains to be seen if the DRDO & OFB will pursue it to make it a reality. 3) The scaled-down version of the Ghatak UCAV that will be used for developing the full-scale Ghatak’s flight-control laws. 4) Had already uploaded its brochure above. 5) That was shown way back at DEFEXPO 2014. 6) IA has already ordered 89 of them.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: Yes, it is indeed if the MAWS sensors are reqd to face forward & backward.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: If such small SSKs were found to be useful for sub-hunting, then don’t you reckon all the world’s SSK manufacturers would have churned them out in the hundreds to date? Instead, why have they developed larger SSKs? Surely there must be some logic in favour of larger SSKs & zero-utility of smaller SSKs for sub-hunting.

To KANE: It does not matter what appears ro be or not. Just wait for the definitive proof to come out. Russia had in the past tried several such disinformation tactics, like refusing to acknowledge the evidence of the shooting down of MJ-17 by a Buk-M2 SAM.

To GANESH: LoLz! That Col Purohit was being made the fall-guy was evident in plain sight from day-1 itself. But one really has to get out of the whirlpool created by the term ‘Hindu’, since it tends to drive everyone into a tizzy & that too when no such words exists in either any religious/sacred text or even in the ancient epics. Instead, all resources & time ought to be channelled towards the understanding & implementation of the ‘Dharma’ code of conduct as enshrined in the Bhagwad Gita, i.e. adherence to the core fundamentals. If one does this, all social & moral insecurities of several communities will disappear & this will give rise to the emergence of ‘model citizens’, i.e. true law-abiding nationalists.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SOI & ASHISH GAUTAM: About the FGFA, here are the clarifications:

Claim: The proposal for India and Russia to jointly develop an advanced fighter--the eponymous Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA)--has been formally buried.
Reality: From the outset, there was NOTHING to co-develop. Russia had already frozen the design in the previous decade itself. Hence, it was always about substituting Russia-origin avionics like integrated EW suite & airborne data-links with India-origin ones.

Claim: They said India might possibly join the project later, or buy the fully developed fighter outright, after it entered service with the Russian Air Force. Much of this money was earmarked for Indian production facilities for manufacturing 127 FGFAs, and for India’s work share in developing advanced avionics for the fighter.
Reality: LoLz! If no one in the world has so far licence-built 4th-gen MRCAs, how can one even dream of setting up a second production line for 5th-gen MRCA? Sadly, this ‘lie’ about co-production was being peddled until now & there is no dearth of suckers who can wholeheartedly absorb such untruths simply because they have no respect for the laws of physics & economics. Even the option of buying FGFAs off-the-shelf from Russia is no longer valid because India would then have had to send its homegrown avionics subsystems (with appreciable foreign content) to Russia for systems integration (as was the case with Su-30MKI)—which is impossible now due to Western sanctions imposed on Russia. Hence, if FGFAs are reqd by the IAF, then they will have to come fully built-up & flightworthy from Russia with 100% Russian content.

Claim: Indian aerospace designers also cited the FGFA experience as essential learning for developing the indigenous fifth generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA), which the Defence R & D Organisation (DRDO) is pursuing.
Reality: Again, a totally WRONG ASSUMPTION. There was always ZERO Indian inputs WRT design of the FGFA’s airframe & avionics architecture.

Claim: Broadly, flying branch officers of the “French school”–whose careers have centred on Mirage and Jaguar fighters–have tended to oppose the FGFA. Meanwhile, officers from the “Russian school”, their careers grounded in the MiG and Sukhoi fleet, have supported the FGFA.
Reality: Total hogwash. The ere were no such opposing schools of thought & the IAF as a whole desired a fully-functional FGFA.

Claim: In co-developing the FGFA, HAL was expected to deploy its experience in working with composite materials, which were to replace many of the metal fabricated panels on the PAK-FA. India was also expected to participate in designing the 360-degree active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar.
Reality: A spectacularly outrageous ASSUMPTION of the ‘desi bandalbaaz’ that defies all known laws of physics. Airworthiness certification reqmts/imperatives of all-metal airframes are totally different from those built with composites, especially if the airframe’s centre-of-gravity is affected & the consequential radical changes in the flight-control logic of the FBW digital flight-control computer. Hence, if the metallic airframe parts are to be replaced with composites-built parts, then this will involve a brand new airworthiness certification & airframe fatigue testing regimen starting from scratch—a financially cost-prohibitive & time-consuming process that no one else in the world has attempted before.

Claim: In addition, the FGFA’s foreclosure means the loss of $295 million that India sunk into its “preliminary design phase” between 2010-13.
Reality: It is not a loss at all. Such expenses incurred can easily be adjusted against the off-the-shelf price quotes of 127 fully-built FGFAs to be supplied b y Russia, which is what will eventually happen.

Anik said...

Kazakhstan's Senate ratified protocol enabling US to use KZ Caspian Sea ports of Kuryk & aktau to transfer its troops to Afghanistan. Given US tensions w/ Pakistan,agreement w/ KZ should come as alternative maintenance route for US going from Azerbaijan via Caspian to KZ,UZB.

Ashish Gautam said...

Ok sir thank u for information clearance.

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
If IAF is not satisfied with FGFA why would it buy fully built 127 FGFA???

Why can't the money be adjusted in other deals??

just_curious said...

Hi Prasun,

-Why can't India, Japan & S Korea jointly develop 5th gen aircraft... as each is trying on their own & possibly realizing that its diffcult to do so.. they can rope in boeing who desparatly need a new aircraft to save their fighter division, and also the fact that they were the only ones aprt from lockheed to make a stealth jet..
- Any updates on indigenous 1500hp tank engine, 1200kw copter engine or other such initatives at the expo?
- both tata & leyland lsv's look cool which one would pass the muster..can both be bought
-wud withdrawing from FGFA have an impact on bramhos hypersonic development? cud russia play traunt?
-were any of the next gen pgm's being developed by drdo showcased at the expo?
- I feel IAF shud buy additional rafales [@54 for a total of 90] rafales outside of the rfi.. to supplement or replace older su30mki..what is your take & will they?

just_curious said...

what are the chances of India getting the predator C drone, now with the US more open to sell armed drones to 'allies' ..

rad said...

which one of the rotary canon will be mounted on a truck ?

i believe the one on the the mig -27 would be a lighter option? do our mig -27 have the canon , i heard they were stopped due to extreme vibration .are you still involved or the arde is going alone , and what would be your part of the system.??

how are you going to cool the system? unlike the ship borne stuff which is water cooled?

ok now integrating an aesa ie the indian one which is unproven , how can we do that?

i would rather go for an enhanced package that is on the upgraded ZSU-23 schilkas. Small compact and proven aesa radar and optics that go with it.

do we have to engineer a whole diff electro mechanical azimuth and elev drives for the e gun as a replacement for the old russian stuff ? how difficult is that .how do we model and realize the massive recoil of such a gun?

how cost effective is this against the oerlikon 35 firing ahead rounds

personally i am happy that the ffga is cancelled india should not get into a situation where the russins demand cost for spare many times more for th e su-30 and other weapons from russia.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VED: LoLz! The IAF will be satisfied with the FGFA ONLY AFTER the PMF version enters service with Russia’s own air force. Right now, not even pre-production prototytpes of the PMF have emerged. So why is everyone jumping to premature conclusions?

To JUST_CURIOUS: Why not? Simply because the 4 main characteristics of 5th-gen MRCAs—stealth/low observability, super-cruise, supermanoeuvrability & sensor fusion technologies—are areas in which only the US has achieved near-complete mastery. And all US OEMs are bound by US Congressional legislation that prevents the OEMs from sharing their expertise on 5th-gen MRCAs with any other foreign country. 1500hp engine? Are you kidding? The country’s industry has not been able to go beyond 700hp engine development, nor has there been any country in this world which has opted to develop 1,500hp diesel engines only for 1 application, i.e. for MBTs & related vehicles. All OEMs worldwide that have developed 1,500hp engines for MBTs have also been tasked with developing & supplying similar engines for diesel locomotives, heavy-duty trucks, earth-movers, etc etc. A country that tries to develop 1,500hp engines only for armoured vehicles will find it impossible to finance the R & D reqd for such an effort. I have already explained above that India has withdrawn only from the so-called co-development of FGFA. There are still firm plans for procuring 127 FGFAs off-the-shelf. So why should Russia play truant? Instead, it has every reason now to laugh its way to the bank. All PGMs being co-developed by DRDO that were showcased at the expo have been highlighted in the slides above. It was never about India not acquiring turboproip-powered UAS from the US. Instead, it is all about India’s military possessing the SATCOM-based capabilities reqd for controlling such UAS. Hence the loss of GSAT-9A is a huge setback for India’s armed forces.

To RAD: Both types of cannons can be truck-mounted. Of these 2, onlky the OFB-built AK-630M can be used for effective base air-defence. All IAF MiG-27Ms & MiG-27UPGs jave the internally-mounted cannon. Air-cooling is always the best option & is the universal practice. I*ntegration with AESA radar isn’t a problem at all. If Bofors L-70- can be integrated weith Flycatcher or Atulya FCRs, then where’s the problem with systems integration? The DRDO-developed AESAR has already been tested from rooftops for acquiring & tracking airborne targets & all related algorithms have been developed & qualified when it comes to operating from a static platform. China also has a similar product, called the LD-2000. See this:

Schilka’s rate-of-fire is only 1,600 rounds per minute. AK-630M has a much higher rate of fire, close to 4,000 rounds per minute.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

The world has long considered China a juggernaut of economic strength, but since the global financial crisis, the country's economy has ballooned in size, complexity and risk. Once dominated by four state-owned banks, the nation's financial system is a tangle of shadow banking entities, informal financial institutions and complex corporate funding arrangements that threaten growth, stability and reform efforts. The country has accumulated so much debt so quickly that economists increasingly predict a financial crisis that could make 'Brexit' or Greece's economic ruin seem minor and could undermine China's ascent as a superpower. Earlier this year, President Xi Jinping issued an urgent call for reform that gives the country until 2020 to transform its economy - a vaguely-defined objective that most economists agree is unrealistic. Whether or not China will be responsible for the next global recession, as some experts forecast, the fate of its economy will have far-reaching consequences for the rest of the world. Yet the inner workings of China's financial system are still very much a mystery to most outsiders. Now more than ever, as the country's slowing economy is being felt around the globe, it is essential to understand how China allowed its economy to become so mired in debt. China's Great Wall of Debt is a penetrating examination of the country's opaque financial system and the complex factors - demographic shifts, urbanization, industrialization, a pervasive over-reliance on debt-fueled investments - that have brought the country to the brink of crisis. Anchored by stories of China's cities and its people, from factory workers and displaced farmers to government officials and entrepreneurs, the narrative will take readers inside the country's ghost cities, zombie companies, start-ups and regulatory institutions as McMahon explains how things got so bad, why fixing the problems is so hard and what the economic outlook means for China and for the rest of us.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV: The following are the items that are still awaiting indigenisation by OFB:

And the following are items that are in the process of being indigenised:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: 1) Even if a foreign OEM registers as a pvt ltd company in India, when it comes to striking industrial partnerships or alliances, the agreement will still be have to be signed by the parent foreign OEM’s HQ, as stipulated by the DPP. That’s because the India-registered pvt ltd co is just a subsidiary of the parent foreign OEM. The first JV with 49% foreign equity was struck in February 1998 with the creation of BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd. Therefore, I’m unable to understand why since there’s been all the fuss & frothing about raising foreign equity stakes to 49% in India-registered companies involved in military hardware production. As far as the law goes, the law allowing 49% foreign equity in military production businesses has been in force since early 1998 itself. So it seems most folks either have very short memories or have been totally ignorant of prevailing ground realities. 2) It used to be the case in the days of the Cold War & especially WRT lobbying by the then-USSR. In fact, the Congress obtained the bulk of its funds from Indian companies that were NOMINATED by a core group of functionaries led by Rajiv Gandhi since the early 1980s for supplying various raw & fully processed commodities to the USSR under the Rupee-Rouble trading scheme. The late Dhirendra Bhahmachari was one the prominent ‘dalals’ who was then recommending his favourite Indian companies to the USSR’s Trade Representative Office in Delhi for securing the various commodity-supply contracts every year. The enire modus operandi has since been revealed in great detail in the book THE Z FACTOR by Dr Subhash Chandra Goenka, the owner of ZEE Media. Presently, the procurement processes are far more transparent & are available for critical scrutiny. And that’s precisely why the Russians are steadily losing lucrative contracts in India. The Ruskies are especially wary about signing on to the ‘Integrity Clause’ contained in each military procurement contract.

The Ruskies & even the Ukrainians have never been used to competing on a global scale & instead they prefer to function as oligarchs. And this is where they stash their wealth:

BTW, did you know that cinema halls in Kashmir Valley have remained shut for 27 straight years:

And have a look at these nitwits in the UK:

How easily have they forgotten that when their community was being slaughtered from Rawalpindi all the way to Multan & Sialkot since 1946, it was only in post-partition Inmdia that their ancestors were welcomed with dignity & honour. Looks like they are destined for a harsh form of detoxification to be administered in the near future by Her Majesty's Govt, just as the bulk of the Caucasian Canadians have now realised that they have all this while been breeding some lethal snakes in their own backyard.

Gopu said...

@ Rajesh Mishra

Yes, the house of Saud is. Do you think it is a coincidence that the Saudis usurped power from the ruling Hashemite dynasty (now the rulers of Jordan, but previously they ruled both the Hejaz and Palestine) right around the time that the European Zionist movement was gaining steam? Muslims have been utterly bamboozled by the Saudi's Wahhabism effort, now an Israeli-sponsored effort to inflame the Middle East and corrupt the Islamic faith, and hence why Muslims around the world have such low levels of self esteem.

Some modern context:

War in Iraq, so-called Arab-Spring (sponsored by Cambridge Analytica, who elected pro-Israel Trump), and the fake revolution/War in Syria are all part of this end-game. Best India closely observes these events, before nefarious forces try to do something similar in India. Cambridge Analytica is gearing up to elect Pappu to office, or to at least create severe electoral stalemate and hence dysfunction for five more years.

@ Prasun

1) Did India end up transferring Agni-3 to SA? You suggested something to this effect a few years ago.

2) FGFA/PMF is a no go for the IAF. The last Russian fighter that IAF will buy is the Super Su-30, which itself is 5-10 years from maturing as a stable upgrade package. It will take at least 15-20 years for an operational all-Russian PMF to emerge, which is honestly too late for the IAF to consider.

Anyways, it is a fundamentally wrong approach by the MoD to 'placate' the Russians with useless/ overly expensive junk, like 4 more Talwars, Ka 226, etc.

That said, Russian small arms, including snipers, AMRs, AGL, RPGs, are still considered to be very reliable and cost-effective. Buying small arms from Russian OEMs through nomination might be an alright idea, provided that a private company is selected as the principal partner for any Make-in-India schemes and ammunition. OFB can make the Made-in-India logo, since OFB workers' paycheck do not depend on orders or being economically competitive either way.

Russian Helicopters are another possible venue of cooperation. The HAL MRH isn't going anywhere soon. Mil 38 and KA-52 might be good options, the navalized variant might not be worth much though.

That said, strategic arms collaboration *SHOULD NOT* be tied to conventional arms purchases.

3) The new IAF RFI is an improvemnt to the previous joke MMRCA competition, but it still makes several mistakes, like you pointed out. The largest mistake is the focus on setting up an assembly line and the 'ToT' buzzword, when the focus should be on making MMRCA 2.0 sustainment (ie: spares, rotables, etc.) and weapons subsystems an exclusive Make-in-India affair. This will go far as a long-run guarantee of operational and sovereign control over the platform.

Anyways, the only two choices are Rafale or F-18, whether or not the MoD realizes this is not my concern.

And yes, I have to deal with these Khalistani types on a daily basis. It is frustrating to say the least... they should be considered terrorists by the UK, Canada, and the USA in my opinion. All they do is drive taxis and manage gas stations/motels, do drugs/ gang-related activities (not in the USA but this is what I hear elsewhere), and listen to rap and other degeneracies...


Thanks Prasun Da.

(1) I read that the Ruskies deliberately delay programs and TOT in order to sell India more finished units and spares. Is this true.

(2) Regarding the lobbying part isn't it true that Ambains, Adanis, TATA win several defence & civil contracts because they have tremendous leverage over the political parties in power ? And since these companies fund the campaigns of parties, in turn they reward them with massive contracts ?

As always will look forward to your erudite insights.


Senthil Kumar said...


You quoted "Best India closely observes these events, before nefarious forces try to do something similar in India. Cambridge Analytica is gearing up to elect Pappu to office, or to at least create severe electoral stalemate and hence dysfunction for five more years".

1. Today India is following the footsteps of Saudi Government. Indian PM Visit Israel giving the signal that India is no more with Palestine.

2. Nefarious forces are comfortable with BJP than Congress. Reason Indian Institutions are getting dysfunction day by day by present BJP Government and already India is getting weaken internally.

3. Regionalism, linguistic, North South divide, Rich-poor divide, resource wars and cultural clash are in the Rise.

S. Senthil Kumar

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
Is the current RFI for 110 fighters constitute both single seat and twin seat fighters? If yes how many companies to whom the RFI is issued make both versions?

Is it finally going to be Asraam and DerbyER for Tejas?

Parthasarathi said...


Request an update on the INS Vikrant ! Long time there is absolutely no news.

Best regards,

Ashish Gautam said...

Hello sir, how r u?
I read this on a fb page about RFI for 110 fighters.
“This RFI only outlines the fighter’s requirements for the service but there is no firm commitment from the government and it is not a firm procurement proposal,” one MoD official told Defense News.
1) how true is it?
2) if its only a process to acquire information regarding aircrafts etc, then why even r they doing it? Why simply they don't give a follow on order of Rafael? Is it possible that follow on order is not being given because of 2019 elections & fear congress doing fake propaganda of scam & affecting election outcome?
Kindly clearify.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GOPU: 1) Nope. They are still inside India. 2) Russian AGS-30 AGL is already being licence-built by OFB. As for MRH, the Kamov OKB’s Ka-92 is a good option for co-development. 3) Insisting on purely military industrial offsets from military procurement progreammes is a no-brainer, since the offsets quantum will NEVER be absorbed due to sheer capacity constraints. The thrust should always be to leverage military procurement projects by obtaining industrial offsets that benefir the commercial aviation sector, since that sector can benefit from high production volumes within a short span of time. In any case, that’s exactly what Japan & later China did.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: 1) That’s not true. But Russian supply-lines are indeed tardy & inflexible simply because unlike their Western counterparts, Russian OEMs simply lack the global commercial outlook & the Russians by nature are not globally inclined. Hence the tradional markets of the USSR-era continue to be their present-day markets as well. 2) Not ture either, but it is these very companies that have deep pocjets & hence are able to mobilize the necessary financial resources reqd for offering quick solutions that are vetted & exhaustively tested by the armed forces before being inducted into service.

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: For your weekend viewing:

Indian Civilization’s Untold Story:

Dating of Ramayana & Mahabharata

Myths about Sanskrit:

Myth of Aryan Invasion of India:

Estimating Date of Ramayana:

Vijayanagara Empire Explained:

To VED: 1) The RFI is a no-brainer, rest assured. Matters will move ahead ONLY IF the RFP is issued. So let’s wait until then. 2) That appears top be the case. In any case, the AIM-132 ASRAAM is already in IAF service, arming the Jaguar IS/DARIN-3 aircraft.

To PARTHASARATHI: Only that the twin elevators supplied by UK-based McTaggart & Scott have now been installed, and interior hangar equipment is also installed. Now the RAN-40L radar is to be installed. The radar had arrived in India 2 years ago.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: 1) That is always the case. The RFI is not a call for financial quotations. It is just a query for obtaining technical information. Price quotations are called only through the issuance of the RFP. 2) There can be no scam involving G-to-G agreements & that too with an European country like France since there are now strict EU & OECD laws/regulations in place precisely to avoid such allegations. And that is also why all similar allegations levied against AgustaWestland PLC are also baseless & mischievous. All those BJP functionaries who had & who still continue to level accusations of wrongdoing in the AW-101 helicopter deal therefore deserve to be crucified. Those arseholes neither understand corporate law nor do they consequently possess the gift of sound common-sense.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

This is how covert black-ops are conducted, of the type that INDIA TODAY, CNN-News-18 & REPUBLIC TV always yearn for!

Unknown said...

Yes in the media these things are being played. In reality the things are quite different. Here in delhi nobody believes in north South divide.

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun, thanks for your response. Technicality of definition of Hindu is of no consequence, I am certain that there is concerted efforts to break the unity of different castes for the electrol benefits even at the cost of national progress. This is my last comment on this topic, please don't bother to respond.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your reply on IAC 1 Vikrant

Q1) What will the possible time line for sea trails and final commisioning?
Will it be ready by 2020 really?

Q2) What is the air component of IAC 1
mig 29ks or rumored rafale M modified for STOBAR (some say rafale M can't fit in elevator due to lack of foldable wings)?

Q3) What will be the best aircraft considering various factors(cost, commanility, training, capability, spares e.t.c) for use on IAC 1?

Q4) IAC 2 should also be a bigger/ improved STOBAR type instead of CATOBAR as the existing manpower, infra, technology e.t.c can be used and cost may decrease just as done by Royal Navy building 2 Carriers of similar design or the PLA Navy? What is your opinion?

Q5) If not,Do CATOBARS really matter for operational capability of Indian Navy as some say they provide AWE&C launch capability but we din't have any thing comparable to E-2 and fuel and weapons payload also increases compared to STOBAR?

Q5) Finally do carriers really matter for "Indian Navy" as some "analysts" say it may become a liability in time of war? Your opinion on this?


Bhoutik said...

* your views on this -

* related question - why was the RFI for the T-3 sent to BAE? what 5th gen tech do they have?

* how effective are/will these ground based CIWS systems be against supersonics like Brahmos?

Unknown said...

Hi Prasun,

What is happening between India and China. This bonhomie looks unnatural and hurried.

With one minister after other visiting China and now Modi said to travel next week, it looks bizarre and confused. Can you please shed your thoughts on this.

Also, are we really buying license production for ak103. Don't you think ace galil is a better option.

And finally your assessment about Indian latest aircrafts procurement saga, will it be f18 or f16.

Srinivasa Nanduri

Anonymous said...

What's your thoughts about Pm Modi's upcoming visit to China. This is definitely not a routine visit.


Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,

My view of government functionaries visiting China is to get them to stay away from supporting Pakistan when India retakes Gilgit, Baltistan and POK?



Thanks Prasun Da.

(1) Does the India-Russia relation have any future ? Outside defence there is hardly any trade between these 2 countries & trade is unlikely to pick up. Culture too is very different & Indians won't settle in Russia for the next century at least. Russia helps India in some strategic programs like Nuclear subs but as India's economy continues to grow, soon Europe, US will also start to offer such tech to India.

(2) Shouldn't the revenue sharing arrangement between Centre & State change ? Currently Centre takes 64% of revenue & state gets just 36% ( Modi said will raise this to 40% but hasn't happened yet). Why can't state keep 85% of the revenue & Centre get 15%. Centre getting max share of revenue was created to prevent state from becoming financially independent & thereby preventing them from breaking away from the Union.



Narayan said...

Prasun da, Japan is seeking help from US and Europe to build it's stealth fighter based on an existing design. So has Japan terminated the development of its indeginous F-3 shinshin stealth fighter? If so then why did they fail despite being so technologically advanced country with history of building state of the art military hardware?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GANESH: Interesting reports on the prevailing ground-situation in Jammu & why there is unease & unrest there:

To ANNA: 1) We can only go by what has been officially stated by the IN. 2 & 3) Again the IN has repeatedly confirmed that MiG-29Ks & Ka-28PLs & Ka-31 AEW helicopters will make up the on-board aircraft complement. That’s why Russia was contracted to supply all the internal hangar/maintenance bay hardware off-the-shelf for IAC-1. 4) I will not evfen dream about IAC-2 unless & until the IN first finalises the procurement of the four LPHs. 5) If aircraft carriers are reqd for operating round-the-clock, then they also require ecopnopmical round-the-clock AEW coverage that can only be provided by E-2D Hawkeye-type platforms. For this reason CATOBAR top-deck is imperative. 6) Any country aspiring to become a great maritime power must possess aircraft carriers. That’s the lesson drawn from past & contemporary history.

To BHOUTIK: 1) Speculative news-report. 2) RFI is for 4th-gen MRCA, i.e.Eurofighter EF-2000. 3) Totally ineffective. For intercepting supersonic LACMs/ASCMs, MR-SAMs are reqd.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: 1) Russia by nature is a Euro-centric power, not an Eurasian power. However, Russia will continue to benefit from a growing Indian economy by supplying both military hatdware as well as nuclear power-generation plants. 2) No arrangement is permanent & is therefore reqd to change in keeping with times. However, different states are in different stages of development & therefore a strong Central arbiter is often reqd. For i8nstance, what will a state like WB do with 85% revenues when the culture of that state serves to promote only de-industrialisation?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SINIVASA NANDURI RAMANUJAM & SUMIT & GANESH: Here’s a shallow analysis of the latest development:

If one wants to go deeper, then the fo0llowing will have to be considered:

1) China wants to enlist India’s support WRT Korean peninsula issue. If the Korean openinsula is to be denuclearised, then that can only be achieved if there’s a peace treaty (replacing the armistice) inked between North Korea & the UN, because the 2 parties signing the armistice in 1953 were DPRK & the UN. Hence, China desperately requires India’s support in the UN to lobby for the peace treaty to be inked. But will the US & Japan permit the inking of such a peace treaty? Will North Korea be agreeable to making permanent peace with Japan? If y6es, then what will be the future of the US-Jaspan military alliance? All these possibilities require much brain-storming in order to shape the di9plomatic efforts at the UN.

2) China is seriously interested in exploring a new & more secure BRI land-link all the way to the Persian Gulf via northern Afghanistan & Iran, ending up ast Chabahar FTIZ. What this means is that China is having serious concerns about the CPEC’s land corridor passing through Gilgit-Baltistan because it has correctly appreciated that just like the on-going Pashtun PTM protests, the natives of Gilgit-Baltistan too have begun organising themselves for launching sustained mass civil disobedience against the occupying Pakistani forces, all this being in responses to the unchecked foprcible land-grabbing being done there by Pakistani officials. Even Iran had advised China to joing forces with India to explore the possibility of BRI land-route to the Persian Gulf.

3) China off late has been deeply miffed with Pakistan’s recent efforts to jump into the lap of the so-called axis of Russia & Turkey, i.e. all the recent talk by Pakistani officials about requesting Russia to supply T-90S tanks & Su-34 MRCAs. China views such moves by Pakistan as constituting a virtual betrayal & therefore wants to send a strong signal to Pakistan that any such moves by Islamabad will only invite disaster, i.e. China joining forces with India to defang & denuclearize Pakistan. In any case, China is now seen as the final arbiter of Pakistan’s economic survival for the next few decades to come, along with the IMF (without whose financial assistance Pakistan cannot pay off all the financial loans that Pakistan has taken from China’s financial institutions for the CPEC). So, the final trap for Pakistan may well have been set by China, but China still requires India’s assistance in decisively dealing with Pakistan, since Islamabad still hasn’t drawn the correct lessons from its past mistakes & continues to blame everyone else for all its ills:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Jasgill said...

sir, you said that BJP win in 2019 elections because no opposition but last four years BJP flop modi s achhe din convert to worst din for indian society, south indian stats are not happy with new dheli j&k is worst in time we punjabI also are not happy with Hindu ideology, dalit and west Bengal are also clashed in modi govt, so if modi govt in pover next election then what's India's future my grandpa always said to me india is not a country as nature but a union with poverful center govt & now I personally think india s future is not safe under so called modi shit

Unknown said...

Dear prasun in terms of denuclearization of Pakistan militarily, when kind of time period or year you think would the same most probably happen. Do you envisage 2018 as the right time? Or it is more of waiting job with diplomatic efforts sufficient to make Pakistan eschew it's nuclear ambition. Please give your opinion.




(1) Thanks Prasun Da. Interesting to know that Russia can still sell military H/W to India in the near future, given the fact that India is moving towards EU & US at a rapid pace. Even RFP's specify NATO standards not Russian.

(2) Regarding West Bengal & industralization, while it's true that for the last 4 decades the state is being run by a bunch of despots, please note that Central Govt. triggered de industralisation in Bengal in the '60s itself. Industrial licences were given by GoI to companies in Maharashtra & Gujarat & those from Bengal were regularly rejected. Then came the double whammy of freight equalization. Slowly industries moved to the western part. Sr. Journalist Ranjit Roy in his book "The Agony of West Bengal" had described all these events vividly.

Even Bihar & Odhisa that were never under Left rule hardly have any industries. Basically GoI takes away 64% revenue from all states ( except North East) & then invests the money in Delhi & Mumbai only. This explains why Delhi , Mumbai have always been the fastest growing areas in India. Only exception is the region between Bengaluru & Hyderabad where all defense, aerospace & space institutes were set up in 70s. Consequently, the IT industry could take shape in these two cities.



Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Qatar vs KSA+UAE+Bahrain+Egypt

After Saudi announcing Saudi-Qatar Canal Project, now it is UAE's turn to complain about Qatar.

What is really cooking between Qatar vs KSA+UAE+Bahrain+Egypt.

Please give your comments.

S. Senthil Kumar

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,
Thanks for the update on China; however, something is amiss since China wants India support, it would have come to India rather other way round. There is unusual silence from Presstitutes on Pakistan.
Thanks, Ganesh

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JASSS GILL: LoLz! I don;lt understand how these are the worst days for India at a time when the economiy is growing, the unrest isn’t inside J & K but is confined to only 3 districts of the Kashmir Valley, & all the daily reportings of domestic upheaval have always existed for the past several decades. Only difference is that nowadays people get the news at the speed of light, but statistically the quantum of violent crimes has actually gone down a lot over the decades. So much so that in fact yesterday the AFSPA was withdrawn from Meghalaya, with more such developments to follow i8n northeastern India. The Maoist insurrection is in its last breath, while life for citizens of India is getting less complicated due to the doing away of several archaic laws & regulations. So,even if NaMo/BJP is counted upon as being the lesser of all other evils, then it means that NaMo/BJP will be in power beyond 2019. No country in the world is NATURAL in either formation or character. Instead, a core set of foundational beliefs bring together different folks in order to form nation-states. And on the other hand just look at the various centrifugal forces pulling against one another in Pakistan. Today, where are all those internet fanboys who were celebrating the liberation of FAT from those who until 2014 were being called as miscreants by ISPR, but have since been labelled as terrorists? Yesterday it was the Mohajirs & Balochis who were demanding AZAADI, today it is the Pashtuns & tomorrow it will be the natives of Gilgit-Baltistan. So yes, Pakistan’s future & its shitty two-nation theory are in tatters & all those British & Canadian Sikhs too will bear the brunt of the punishment that the Almighty will unleash against all self-righteous bigots. But folks like you need to worry more about problems like this that is afflicting the Punjabi Sikh community in the UK:

So, kindly stop shedding crocodile tears about India & start worrying about your own frontyard & backyard. Charity, after all, always begins at home!

To UNKNOWN: The process has already begun. Just look at the parlous financial state of that country. The military option is always the final nudge that’s reqd to make that country go hurtling down the cliff. Rest assured that matters are definitely moving ahead in the right direction & everything’s as per schedule.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: 2) Those domestic moves are necessited by 2 factors: the British decision to abandon almost all its colonies east of the Suez from 1957 onwards, & 2) the emergence of the Middle Eastern states (that today constitute the GCC) as major spenders & consumers of commodities & services. In addition, the adoption of an isolationalist posture by Communist Burma since the early 1960s also contributed to the economic downfall of WB. Had India become a founding member of ASEAN way back in the latter half of the 1960s, matters along India’s entire eastern seaboard would have been much better in terms of trade & commerce.

To NARAYAN: LoLz! Japan is in no way abandoning its indigenous 5th-gen MRCA development & in fact it has already inked an R & D partnership with the UK to explore 6th-gen MRCA concepts.

Ankit Singh said...

Why didn't India took part in founding of ASEAN?
GOI has now started inking contracts with those countries for its northeastern states
A lot of opportunities were lost since the inception of India.
Some One should definitely write a book on all the opportunities lost by India or GOI, would be a best selling. :D

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasasun da

i recollect its been nearly 10 yrs since we have been interacting on this blog, earlier you used to be very optimistic, but now it seems little bit of pessimism has crept into your blogs and answer, like your comments about IAC2 / new MMRCA tender and numerous other like optimal use of systems and weaponization. there were many times i asked you please change the colour contrast of your blog, sometimes it hurts the eye.

a few questions still

1. comments you made to SINIVASA NANDURI RAMANUJAM & SUMIT & GANESH prompts me to ask a few questions like:-

1a. why should India help china when it doesnt help us to enter NSG or get masood azhar declared global terrorist, isnt it time we force China to quid pro quo with Pak

1b. you talked about Chinas debt creating problems but a country that uses debt as a tool to turn other countries to its vassal states, below link gives some idea about its economy but a nation that has bought US debt hundi wouldnt have figured it (should have asked it to economist but since you raised it asking you) said to GANESH 4) I will not evfen dream about IAC-2 unless & until the IN first finalises the procurement of the four LPHs. why both are meant for different ops requirement

1d. no modification has been or seems will be done to the new MMRCA tender that asks for 10 hr flight, toilet, budy refuelling et al, i still believe the only jet capable of doing it is Su34 so why cant it be selected

2. what is happening with NKorea, has the despot been through eureka moment or it is Trumps style of gherao-ing China by first cooling down NKorea then Iran then Pak then finally China, already a trade war has started

3. India plans to gift obsolete weapons to friendly nations read Afghanistan, but whats obsolete for us (60% perhaps) can be useful for Afghans or even Bhutan

hope to get answers


Joydeep Ghosh

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Indian Navy’s list of new Make-in-India projects:

1 Deep-Sea Side-Scan Sonar Towing Winch (AON Granted)
2 Upper Air Sounding System (UASS) (AON Granted)
3 Diesel Engines for Boats (150-350HP)
4 Main Propulsion Diesels (5-10 MW)
5 Shafting and Propellers
6 Expendable Underwater Targets (AON Granted)
7 High-Speed Low-Flying Targets
8 Electrolysis Based Hydrogen Generator (AON Granted)
9 Digital Beamforming Based Satellite TVC (DB2ST) (AON Granted)
10 NVG Adaptation Filters and Image-Intensifiers (AON Granted)
11 1-phase and 3-phase inverters (AON Granted)
12 Detonator N5 MK2 for CDSC 0.5Kg with VH2 based composition (AON Granted)
13 Electronic Fuze for Anti-Submarine Rocket RGB-60 (AON Granted)
14 Conformal Array Line of Sight Communication Antenna
15 Low-Noise Waterjets for Surface Platforms
16 Light Weight Composite Material Portable Diesel-Driven Fire-Pumps
17 Compact Diesel Generators for Survey Motor Boats
18 Portable RPA Downlink Receiver with Display
19 Materials for High Pressure Fuel Pipelines
20 Universal Proximity Direct Action and Graze fuzes for Gun Ammunition of 76mm to 127mm. (AON Granted)
21 Limpet Mine ‘MK 414’(7Kg)
22 Limpet Mine ‘MK 430’ (15Kg)
23 Float Smoke and Flame A/c 3.5 lbs No.2 Mk.2

Harsh said...

Why did the navy settle for the 76mm gun on project 17a in spite of the 127mm? Same going to happen with project 15b?

Anik said...
According to above article:
1) 6 out of 8 tejas were operational during Gaganshakti excercise and each aircraft carried out 6 sorties daily.
2) Serviceability of surface to air missiles was 97% and for fighter jets it was 80%.

Looks like we are soon going to have our National Security Strategy.

Anonymous said...

To Sujoy (I am a layman in economics this is what I know. Hope it helps your doubt of china holding US debt.)

"There's been a lot of attention in recent years over China rising to become one of the largest holders of U.S. debt. China's share of the debt is sizable -- about 7% -- but it's hardly the largest holder of U.S. government bonds.
The top holder by far is U.S. citizens and American entities, such as state and local governments, pension funds, mutual funds, and the Federal Reserve. Together they own the vast majority -- 67.5% -- of the debt."


There are many reports similar to it google why US debt doesn't affect US economy.

1)US debt is in US Dollars backed by global oil trade, a world reserve currency backed by US military to mitigate any threat to its(petro dollar) dominance.
2) They have good history of repaying debt that is why low interest rates compared to small, unstable economies China gives credit.So, China can debt trap pakistan, maldives type countries not US. I think Japan also has highest debt but mostly domestically owned.
3) The basics of US economy are strong
it is a "knowledge based economy" as Prasun frequently says and it is 3rd most populous country which can manufacture and design basically anything to economic scale like china.


The seeker said...

Ravi said...

What do you say about Ajai Shukla's latest Modi and Doval tirade?

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In any self-respecting private firm, employees responsible for such a demonstrably failed policy would have been sacked long ago. But the architects of this LoC stalemate -- Doval and Modi --- remain ensconced in their offices. It is left to the voters to act in India's interest.

Jasgill said...

sir, what's the status on upgrade an32 did air force upgrade all an 32? 2. did air force acquire more c130, or how many c 130 operate by air force

rad said...

to Jass Gill
you mentioned that you were not comfortable with Hindu ideology ! what are you trying to say , do realize that your forefathers were once hindus? i also know that there are families in punjab that some members are hindu and sikh as well in a multi plural society.

what is the ideology that you are against? may i know . In what manner has the sikh religion been affected ? apart from the likes of brindanwale and other hate mongering terrorists who massacred hindus for just being Hindus?. Clearly you are trying to divide the nation as majority and minority where the minority enjoy more rights.

to put your brain in the correct perspective i will recall a fact that many dont know .
There is a sikh gurudwara temple right down south in Tamil nadu in a place called Rameswaram which is nearest to sri lanka. This is a pilgrimage destination for hindus. i am assuming you have not heard of it ,given your ideology.

DO you know guru Gobind Singh traveled to the south to help the Hindus who were persecuted by the muslims? well you can come to Rameswaram and pay respects in that Gurudwara. So Obviously the guru whose tenents you follow never discriminated Hindus. So follow his teachings . since the independence of India there is a hindu leader for the first time who is putting things in the right perspective and people like you are uncomfortable . grow up you cant to anything .BY the by i am a not a bjp member neither do i accept some of the hate some arseholes are dishing out in skewed version of Hinduism
So stop this ideology bullshit.!!!!

Srinivasa Nanduri said...

Hi Prasun,

Thank you for your reply.

There are In the last few days many articles that have come up which said India has cowed down against the onslaught of a fiery China and now it is negotiating a way our from a position of weakness. They have ridiculed Modi Govt. for its wrong handling of China. About NSG about Masood Azhar about CPEC and about Pakistan.

Some of these folks praised Modi for Doklam are now saying it was a big mistake and it hurt India beyond comprehension and that a Modi wary of Chinese reaction had to give up.

Some articles like below are a little balanced but still not totally covering the situation. Can you please shed some thoughts on this.

Srinivasa Nanduri

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANKIT SINGH: All successive GoIs headed by Pandit ‘Chacha’ Nehru till that headed by Rajiv Gandhi were responsible for this.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: LoLz! It has always been about objective ground realities that keep on changing & hence there has never been any scope for being emotional. As I stated many times before, future planning must always be based on what the world is likely to be, instead of how the world ought to be. 1A & 1B) Whay are you ASSUMING that this summit meeting is about going to China’s help? 1C) It is about prioritizing the procurement schedules. There’s no money for pursuing the 2 projects concurrently.

To HARSH: Yes, those indeed are rather mysterious decision & they were probably taken to help BHEL’s fortunes.

To ANIK: LoLz! A lot of folks, especially the ‘desi’ media-persons, are ASSUMING that the DPC will spearhead national security strategy formulation. In reality, this is far from the truth & neither is the NSAB intellectually empowered to undertake such an exercise. The universal practice worldwide is to first obtain inputs from the various stakeholders on issues like enery security, food security, maritime security, military security, internal security, financial security & economic security. For such an over-arching national security architecture, all the Secretaries from various concerned ministries should be the members of a committee. No such developments can be discerned as far as the DPC goes. For instance, there’s no mention at all about the Union Ministry of Home Affairs & Internal Security! Hence, one ought to be extremely careful on issues like the DPC & no one should be overzealous in jumping to erroneous conclusions, like the the ‘desi’ media-persons have done.

To RAVI: LoLz! It is a classic case of the blind leading the blind. For instance, the TOI news-report claiming that the LoC ceasefire is in tatters is totally misleading, since ALL the ceasefire violations have taken place south of the Pir Panjal mountain range in southern Kashmir Valley & Jammu. This in turn means that only 10% of the LoC is witnessing calibrated firepower exchanges. Secondly, such exchanges have always been attrition-based in natire & therefore have always resulted in stalemates & consequent draw-downs. If at all blame has to be apportioned, then it must be done so objectively, i.e. all previous GoIs starting from February 1994 must be blamed, especially in the aftermath of the all-party parliamentary resolution which declared that PoK ought to be reunited with J & K at all costs & b y any means necessary. Despite such a resolution explicitly giving the green-light to India’s military to plan for such a war-scenario & execute it, all those GoIs have successfully failed to financially support such a war-plan, especially post-May 1998. And this is exactly what caused India’s conventional military deterrence strategy to fail against Pakistan & that’s exactly what emboldened Pakistan to launch OP Badr in early 1999. And this point is exactly what the Kargil Review Committee totally glossed over (due to political pressure at that time) & refrained from explaining/highlighting, choosing i8nstead to focus on peripheral issues like ‘intelligence failure’, thus missing the woods for the trees.

dilbert said...

Hi Prsaun,

Re. your comment to Jasss Gill: "LoLz! I don't understand how these are the worst days for India at a time when..."

These are, in fact, pretty good days for India; they are terrible days for Commies, AAPtards, Congress-bhakts and Khalistanis in US/UK/Canada.

Rajesh Mishra said...

Please see:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DILBERT: VMT. This further reinforces what I had stated earlier:

Strangers in their Own Land:

Abdul Rahman Makki insults Guru Nanak Dev:

And for those interested in India's nuclear policy, do watch & absorb this:

Challenges to India's Nuclear Doctrine by Vice Admiral Vijay Shankar:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Demonstrated Russian EW capabilities in Ukraine & Syria:

just_curious said...


-Should India join the franco-german project for next gen aircraft by merging its amca project into it.. the timelines are pretty much the same for both & it could be cost effective as it will become a multicountry project alternatively should india rope in the swedes for co-developing amca?

buddha said...
It will create an impact on indian economy....Your opinion sir.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJESH MISHRA: LoLz! Those are fragments of TLAMs that hit their targets. In their desperation for safeguarding the marketing effectiveness of their SAM systems, this was what the Ruskies are now dishing out.

To JUST CURIOUS: That tie-up is for a 6th-gen MRCA (and not 5th-gen), similar to the tie-up between Japan & UK.

To BUDDHA: What needs to be asked if whether India allows spouses of expatriates working in India to be gainfully employed in India. Only then will you understand what the issue is all about & what's the global norm when it comes to such issues.

Ved said...

Hi Prasun,
The RFI for P75I has been responded by which foreign firms till date? What are the choices on the table and which offer as per your opinion will be the best option unless you think the RFI will be we withdrawn altogether in favour of SSNs.



1.Why are the Pashtuns suddenly agitating in Pakistan ? Taliban is overwhelmingly Pashtun & they are big time INDIA haters. They have always been close to the Pak army, so why are they revolting against the Pakistani establishment which in any case is controlled by the army ?

2. Govt of India has always tried to get Western Govts to accept more & more Indian migrants as IT workers etc. Why doesn't GoI realize that Western govts. are unwilling to do so because they feel Indian migrants will be a big onslaught on their job market & their culture. Instead GoI should develop the domestic Indian market. Don't you think so ?



Rajesh Mishra said...

Your answers and logic are profound.

At the same breath I feel that Trump, Putin, Assad, Israel and the Crypto Kingdom all are basically on the same side. And BTW Donald Trump is the last trumpet. Lol...

Ankit Kumar said...

The Navy has issued a new RFI for 3 Cadet Training Ships of around 4000 Tons.

What is the status of ABG Class Cadet Training Ships? Weren't they supposed to be in service by now?

Also what is the status of the cadet training ship of Coast Guard?

panic said...

Sir, why Indian navy is Ok with 76 mm Oto Melara gun on board P 17A Frigate.

Why can't they go for Oto Melara 127 mm instead??

just_curious said...

Prasun ..

there was suddenly a spurt of small arms companies [ss-lmt, carcal, iwi, thales etc..] tying up with local cos to manufacture assault rifles & CQB's .. who do you think will & does the OF 7.62 x 51 mm assault rifle stand a chance?

Anonymous said...

This movement has been around for few years. The movement was setup by the Mehsud tribe. In the offensive against TTP, Pak army/FC has hammered the Mehsud and allowed all their enemies to hammer them, take their property, women, etc..., basically dishonored them in the eyes of other people. Remember Mehsud were feared even by the other Pashtun. Now they are a desperate lot, trying to survive any way they can.

Mehsud are trying to expand the movement...when they realized that young people supported them after the Karachi incident and it looks like they have succeed by their last show in Lahore.


DAshu said...

Isn’t it ironic a Congress president reminding PM Modi PoK being Indian territory after almost gifting away it to Pak dictator through MMS

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

The MoD on April 27, 2018 approved procurement proposals worth around Rs.3,700 crore, which included the indigenous Nag ATGMs and 127mm calibre naval guns for warships from the US. The Defence Acquisitions Council (DAC), chaired by RM Nirmala Sitharaman, gave the go-ahead for the acquisition of around 300 Nag third-generation ATGMs and 25 NAMICA tracked carrier vehicles, together worth Rs.524 crore. The DAC also approved the procurement of 13 127mm calibre guns from BAE Systems of the US for over Rs.3,000 crore. These guns, which have a 24km range that can be further extended by using ERGMs (extended range gun munitions), will be fitted on board newly-constructed warships (seven Project 17A FFGs & four Project 15B DDGs) to provide fire support and engagement of targets on the land.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VED: I reckon you’re mixing up RFI with RFP. RFI is only an information-gathering exercise. If the RFI isn’t followed by an RFP, then the RFI process automatically lapses & becomes defunct. There’s no need to withdraw the RFI. And RFIs are never withdrawn. Only the RFPs are either cancelled or are followed by through competition evaluations.

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) The Afghan Taliban has never been opposed to India & neither have the Pashtuns on either side of the Durand Line. Don’t forget Khan Abdul Gharraf Khan. It is only the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) made up mostly of Pakistani Punjabi cadres that has been opposed to India. 2) You need to distinguish between foreign migrant IT human resources & their SPOUSES. Are the spouses of India-based expatriate workers allowed to engage in gainful employment in India? If not, then why should India expect theUS-based spouses of Indian IT professionals based in the US top engage in gainful employment as well? I can tell you that within ASEAN, the spouses of Indians working in ASEAN countries are not allowed to seek any type of employment. Those spouses are only allowed to work with charitable entities/NGOs & that too entirely for free, i.e. they don’t get to earn money, only spend their time productively.

To ANKIT KUMAR: ABG has been a declared bankrupt for a long time now. So it has not been able to deliver anything to the IN so far. And the IN has already recovered some liquidated damages from ABG since then.

To DASHU: L LoLz! Well, nowadays it appears that folks who are masquerading as ‘leaders’ are making a beeline for proving their stupidity & also for turning India into the world’s laughing stock. Take, for example, the CM of Tripura, who on onje hand claims that ancient India had space applications satellites & internet but rather strangely, he opines in the same breath that in ancient India women were bereft of cosmetic make-ups & had to make do with cow-dung & ash:

He is also of the view that a typical Indian woman or chaste lady should be dressed in the same way as Goddess Lakshmi or Saraswati, as if he possesses some undeniable photographic image/photo of such Goddesses to prove his point. Earlier he had stated that in order to prove who his parents are, all he has to do his to make his parents say that he is their son, & that will be the ulti,mate proof. Someone then should ask him why is it then that when kids in India go through the process of enrolling in schools or kindergartens, their birth certificates are also asked for. Won’t it suffice for the parents to just verbally certify who their kids are, if one follows the twisted/distorted thinking process of this CM of Tripura? Needless to say, not only is he a certified & demonstrable ‘akkal ke dushman’, but he is an insult to every Bengali living on this planet & most importantly, through his whimsical utterances, he is only inviting insult upon his own parents & his querstionable upbringing!!!

Ankit Kumar said...

Any idea what's the status of vessels they were building? I mean wasn't steel for atleast 1 vessel cut?

And also does it simply mean that IN won't get any of the 3 ABG CTS?

PLUS, another query, the Scorpene currently in service can only fire Exocets and deploy mines, right? It still doesn't have a torpedo? Any idea about how much time more will be needed?

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Dubai Princess Escape

Is Indian Coast Guard attacked private yacht. Is this story true.

S. Senthil Kumar