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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Nag/NAMICA Combination's Bulk Order Placed, BAE Systems' Mk.45 Mod-4 127mm Naval Guns Selected For Seven Project 17A FFGs & Four Project 15B DDGs


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Pakistan's Industries on Verge of Destruction:


With BAE MK45 coming, we can say for sure that 127/64 OTO Breda guns are dead?

Also how does Mk45 Mod4 compare with 127/64 Oto Melara guns? In specifications, cost and operations?

Plus, is there any plans to locally manufacture them? Like the 76mm SRGM?

Manu Singh said...


Can you explain this requirement in bit of detail??

If a naval ship can take 5 ton helicopter in the NUH, it can also take the one with 5.5 ton. So instead of modifying and accepting ALH Dhruv/Rudra in naval roles, why is Indian Navy buying a separate helicopter and create another chain of logistics??

Israeli shipyards have given ad of various ships in 1500 ton which can even take 10 ton helos. And IN ships need only small ones ??

This entire RFI for NUH looks preposterous !!

Defense Asia. said...

Hello sir,
1) who will be building these naval guns ? Kalyani in partnership with bàe or bhel haridwar with bàe.
2) where will these nag missiles gonna be based.
3) what's your take on pm modi's visit to china ?
4) Anything new on mrca Tejas mk-2.


Prasun Da,

Why was BAE chosen for the supply of the 127 mm naval gun , instead of OTO Melara ?

Thanks, Sujoy

Pierre Zorin said...

Those interested in non Western Government facts:very important to watch

Interesting discussions on Modi Visit to China

Anonymous said...

Nice development!
Few questions
1) Do you think any significant design(buoyancy, weight, internal dimensions etc) change should be needed to for changing to 127 mm gun? Will it further delay the project ?
2) Can the RAWL 02 D radar also be replaced with RAN 40L on all p15B and p17A? Can leonardo be removed from black list? What is your opinion?
3) Any thing new on SANT missile. At what stage it is now?


Glaginye said...

Hi Prasunda,

Is Astra ready? Is the testing complete. How does it fare against vis-a-vis the meteor. Will we have a greater range version of it.


Rajesh Mishra said...

So finally Pakistan666 is getting destroyed under the friendship of the Red Dragon China. Let it be so and at the earliest.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANKIT KUMAR: The OTOBreda option is now dead, period. Specs are already listed above. How can anyone ever build only 13 units of such guns. Even the 76/62s of OTOBReda were only licence-assembled by BHEL. They had less than 10% local content.

To MANU SINGH: LoLOz! Rest assured that it is paid news. How the hell can the Ka-226T ever operate in any military role in India when France has also imposed sanctions on Russia since April 2014 & therefore there are no further new industrial partnerships of a military nature between the two countries? So the Ka-226T now exists without the SAFRAN/Turbomeca Arrius engines. If the IN or anyone else in India is interested in procuring & flying such helicopters that have no engines to power them, then let them by all means procure them & try to make them fly!!!

To DEFENCE ASIA: LoLz! I have already replied to it above. Kindly read it. Thks.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Why? Because the blacklisting of Leonardo is still in place although Leonardo isn't Finmeccanica. That should tell you how 'brainy' the mandarins & ministers of the MoD are.

Intolerant Person said...

Sir I do have some questions popping up in my mind:
1.You said that Attack Helis can't be used in NE Militants hideouts,so wouldn't the Apaches equipped with FOPEN radar will make any differwnce in future?
2.Is it possible to convert IAC-1 into CATOBAR in it's mid-life upgrade in future?
3.In here Rajkot,there's rumor spreading in the Military and NCC circle that there's goona be huge Military Base in the city in future.Will that the one related to BMD system for protecting Mumbai as you wrote earlier?
4.One of my IAS friend does suppprt Russia and says that US was wrong by attacking that chemical site as it has terrible history with Iraq's WMD,what would be your counterargument...

Manu Singh said...


This is one news item in the series of multiple reports on the subject.

What is the story behind it? This rifle is 7.62x39mm at present. Indian Army is planning to convert it into 7.62x51mm and then buy 150,000 off the shelf?? Even a MoD team visited on the subject??

Bit difficult to digest !! please enlighten ??

Anonymous said...


Would even projects like the Brahmos collapse because of U.S. CAATSA sanctions on Russia and all cooperation with Russia ? What about our cooperation with Russia on nuclear submarines and SLBMs?


Narayan said...

Prasun da, What forced Kim Jong Un to go to S Korea and make peace? Will both koreas reunite as one single country? I think the only loser here is china how are they looking at these developments?

Avi D said...

Prasun what's your take on the Wuhan visit? What necessitated Modi to take this initiative and meet up with Xi?

Kapil said...

Any comments on changing scenario in Koraen peninsula? Kim Jong Un was until recently threatening war and now suddeny talking sense. North Koreas denuclearization looks imminent now. It all bodes well for India as US can now focus full time on dealing with Pakistan.

sathead3 said...

Not sure what you mean by "Leonardo isn't Finmeccanica". Isn't Leonardo the overarching mother conglomerate of OTO and a host of other companies, including the former Finmeccanica?

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
What is the effective kill zone (In km) of the Derby missile. What are we having on Tejas Derby or DerbyER?

Has any other airforce ordered Derby? Why did IAF go for Derby?

Anonymous said...

out of curiosity did any state head got these kind of reception? sir in detail expain why china appeasing india


rad said...

hi prasun

is the smaller version of the nag shown is a shoulder fired version? if so how far has it progressed . Will it be competitor to the MPATGM being developed by local industry ? why cant we have a elevated mast mounted optronics sensor on the nag carrier for better range of acquisition?. Seems a no brainer!!is it indigenous or still imported from isreal?

why are some of the future ships depicted mounted with old type of radar rather than using aesa radar apart from the MFSTAR?.

has the need of CIWS eliminated due to BARAK_8?

is it a big deal to overcome the mechanical aerodynamic problem of integration of the python 5 on the LCA, cant the Israelis help??

do you think russia will sell arms to pak to piss us off due to the PAKFA deal gone down.

what type of arms will it supply , the buggers want Su-35 etc and missiles? will they risk the indian reprisals. if so it could have accumulative down ward spiral of relation between both.

Has the Indian EW suites equaled the Israeli ones which were mounted before so as to be replace the Israeli ones?

in one of the videos in defexpo 2018 an Israel sales man for SCD clearly says we are ok ok to TOT for IIR tech in the make in india context. How far will that be ? will they help to set up a FAB factory ??

Ajay said...


Pakistanis and Chinese people are claiming that JF 17 will get an AESA radar very soon

In your opinion How good will it be

just_curious said...

Prasun, what do you make of the latest amur 1650 proposal by russians for P75i.

buddha said...
Why no specific standard negation process is not followed.and whatever is followed Indian air force is net losers.
And sir weaponised hawk would provide some flexibility in close air support capacity..In the aftermath of deplecting no of fighters.weaponised hawk would have provide some relief ...Your thought sir.
And what you see good in recent visit of china by PM....
Under the pretext of russian sanctions
How you see India russia defence cooperation ... Smooth or rough...
Everything on defence acquisition is moving very slowly...
Sir 2018 April got end ...When u sea retaking of POK occur and denuclearization of pakistan..
Is planning being shifted..
Or indian policy maker have not the stomach to conduct such strike ..

Rajesh Mishra said...

After NK is it the turn of Pakistan and how. Please reply.

bhoutik said...

prashun bhai eagerly waiting to hear from you about the dramatic netanyahu presentation

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANNA: 1) Nope. There will be no changes to the vessel’s superstructure at all. 2) Yes, it all can be done. Legally, Leonardo is being run by a new management & therefore all wrongdoings if any were committed by the management of the previous corporate entity called Finmeccanica. Therefore, in legal terms, while India is free to undertake legal proceedings against the Board of Directors of Finmeccanica, India legally cannot hold Leonardo responsible for past wrongdoings of Finmeccanica. That’s what international law mandates. 3) That is still another 3 years away from entering the user-trials phase.

To GLAGINYA: Yes, Astra-1 is ready. But it is a kid compared to an adult called METEOR. Astra-2 is SUPPOSED to be a longer-range variant, reaching close to 100km. But it still won’t surpass METEOR in overall performance.

To INTOLERANT PERSON: 1) I had said the reason why attack helicopters can’t be used against militants anywhere, not just in the North East, is because the targets are MILITANTS. One has to distinguish between terrorists & militants. Terrorists are those who are usually foreigners or who are irreconcilables, i.e. they will never surrender. Militants are those who can be persuaded to lay down arms, surrender & be rehabilitated. Hence, in J & K for instance, the locals who have taken up arms are called militants, while all armed Pakistani intruders are referred to as terrorists. 2) What for? What purpose will such a modification serve? 3) Possibly an S-400 Sqn will be based there. The IAF’s reqmt is for 6 Sqns of S-400s, as per Almaz-Antey officials I had met at DEFEXPO 2018. 4) Tnhe your friend has no idea of what realpolitik is all about. In statecraft, there’s no morality or fair-n-square. He should start reading Kautilya’s Arthashastra or even the Mahabharata & Machiavelli’s THE PRINCE. If he still doesn’t get it, then he will be living in a state of denial & delusion. Do pass on my advice to him for his own benefit. This isn’t the day or age where Maryada Puroshottams can exist & thrive.

To MANU SINGH: The AK-103 SLR is only one of many that are being offered to fulfil the IA’s reqmt for imported SLRs for meeting certain urgent reqmts. Just because the Ruskies are teaming up with OFB doesn’t automatically mean that AK-103 has been selected. Such assumptions must be avoided. In any case, several CAPFs are State Police forces have selected the OFB –Tricjy-developed Trichy Assault Rifle over the AK=101 & AK-103.

To SATYAKI: Not yet, because the ‘Countering America's Adversaries through Sanctions Act’ (CAATSA) is primarily aimed at new contracts that were inked post-April 2014 or contracts now being negotiated. Legacy contracts inked prior to 2014 won’t be affected, & this is the subject of the waivers nopw being deliberated upon in the US Congress. Here is more info on it:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To NARAYAN: This same jubilation was witnessed in the late 1990s when the then US Secretary oif State Madeleine Albright had visited Pyongyang & the DPRK had agreed to shut down its Yongbyong nuclear plant in exchyange for US-supplied light water power reactors. But since those reactors were never supplied, the DPRK went back to nuclear weaponisation. So let’s wait & see what happens in the near future, since China’s gameplan is to orchestrate some kind of permanent peace in the Korean peninsula so that Beijing can buold up pressure for the dismantlement of the US-Japan Defense Treaty & China wants this to happen because it is this treaty that allows Taiwan to remain as an unsinkable aircraft carrier. So if President Xi Jinping really wants to go down in history as a great leader, then he must undertake unification with China at all/any cost & he has already stated in the recent past that he will do everything possible to bring back to China all its ancient civilisational relics that are now in Taiwan’s custody. Consequently, Xi has made capturing Taiwan at any & all costs. But since he cannot militarily take on Japan & the US together, he has embarked upon the path of orchestrating a stratagem aimed at weakening the US-Japan military alliance. That is why it is no wonder that as President Trump prepares for his summit meeting with the DPRK’s ‘Rocket Man’, the US Navy is bringing together an extraordinarily large fleet that is now forming up around both Japan & the Korean Peninsula. It is happening right now.

To AVI D & KAPIL: This meeting at Wuhan was held due to an invitation extended by Xi to NaMo. Primarily, the two gareed on the near-identical economic development agendas of China & India. It was also agreed that China will not insist on India joining the land-centric BRI in return for India not objecting to China’s Maritime Silk Route. That’s because the land-based BRI passes through several areas through Central Asia & the southern Caucasus that are inherently unstable & are therefore not economic. Through the maritime route, however, seaborne commerce is by nature free-flowing & much much cheaper. And since China also sees India as a huge consumer market for China-origin products, it wants continued access to such a market & in return China has assured that a number of CBMs will be implemented for ensuring that the LAC remains peaceful & incident-free. Also, as explained above, China wants to focus more time & effort on the Taiwan issue & therefore is not at all interested in any form of military confrontation with India for at least another 3 years. But India also made it clear that China should avoid upping the ante, like avoiding Doklam-type incidents from happening. After all, India pointed out that if China really believed that the Sikkim-China border was a settled issue, then why did it ever feel the need for informing India in late May last year about its intention to build roads in Doklam which by China’s own admission is its sovereign territory? Naturally then everyone will believe that China clearly kinew that it is treading on someone else’s territory & hence the need to give advance notification about its roadbuilding activities, which as we now know clearly violated Bhitan’s sovereignty.

To SATHEAD3: Legally, Leonardo is being run by a new management & therefore all wrongdoings if any were committed by the management of the previous corporate entity called Finmeccanica. Therefore, in legal terms, while India is free to undertake legal proceedings against the Board of Directors of Finmeccanica, India legally cannot hold Leonardo responsible for past wrongdoings of Finmeccanica. That’s what international law mandates.

To RON: The meeting last year in Florida at President Trump’s estate was also a similar informal meeting.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VED: Derby production has stopped & now only Derby-ER is series-produced. Kill-zone of Derby is inferior to the kill-zone of either Astra-1 or the R-77 BVRAAM.

To RAD: That’s the Nano-Nag, meant for show only at exhibitions as a scale-model! Similar models are always displayed by BDL as well. L & T had proposed a mast-elevated commander’s panoramic sensor for NAMICA, but strangely it was rejected. The Nag at the moment as a FPA-based sensor that can locate & lock-on-before-launch froma distance of 6km & the COMPASS too can do the same. So, the Nag’s max effective range is now 6kim & not 4km. For the HELINA a range of 7km is being sought, while the SANT version with MMW seeker will have a lock-on-after-launch range of between 15km & 20km. If Russia sells any big-tocket military hardware to Pakistan, then it will immediately attract the CAATSA & that will be the end of Pakistan’s economy & the future of all those students in the US who are children of Pakistan’s senior serving military officers! The SCD-supplied FPA sensors are the ones on the Nag & HELINA.

To AJAY: Had already answered that several times before. If China is importing Phazotron JSC-supplied Rp-35 Zhemcoug passive phased-array MMR for its J-10B MRCAs & importing Su-35s equipped with Irbis-E PESA-MMR, then how come the so-called KLJ-7A AESA-MMR is not going on board China’s owjn J-10As & J-10Bs or J-11s? Would it not be common-sensical for China to first using such AESA-MMRs on its own aircraft, rather than equipping export-oriented MRCAs like the JF-17 with such AESA-MMRs? That’s the question that should be posed to all those MORONS who are making such IDIOTIC claims.

To JUST_CURIOUS: LoLz! How reality gests distorted by ‘paid news’!!! For those who don’t know, it was in 1998 that thye then GoI had decided to acquire 12 SSKs: 6 from the West & six from Russia. Hence, between 1998 & 2005 the Russians were even maintaining an SSK project office in Delhi. But by September 2005 when it became evident that India will import only six SSKs (Scorpenes) from France & will not import any new-design SSK (Amur 1650) from Russia, the Russians packed their bags & left. And since then the DRDO has been developing its AIP module that is tailored specifically for the Scorpene. So, common-sense therefore suggests that it will be financially impossible for the IN to procure any other SSK for P-75I project & only additional Scorpenes will be ordered. And now on top of that the IN has come up with the spectacularly outrageous Project 76 SSK programme!!!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BUDDHA: Here, watch this that will provide you with some of the answers:

Role of IAF in Changing Security Environment by ACM B S Dhanoa:

And BTW, Turkey has ordered only 1 Battery of S-400s but it is clueless about how to go about developing a compatible IFF system for this Battery. And this makes for even more hilarious reading:

And watch this as well: Israel details new data on Iranian nuclear WMD programme:

To MANU SINGH: You must be referring to these:

The helicopter should be twin-engine, piloted by two pilots, having wheeled landing gear and blade fold capability.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD), Government of India, intends to procure approximately 123 Naval Multi Role Helicopters (NMRH) The helicopter should be twin-engine; having wheeled landing gear, dual flying controls (two pilot seats) and blade fold capability with weight less than 12.5 Tons.

Firstly, when the IA & IAF require single-engined RSH/LUH *that’s precisely why the HAL-developed LUH is single-engined), then why the hell did this GoI select the twin-engined Ka-226T-6? This GoI needs to answer this question. Secondly, the IN has being doing just fine flying single-engined SA.316B Chetak/Alouette-3s as LUHs, so why the sudden need for twin-engined LUH? Something sure sounds fishy & it looks like the RFI is tailored to favour either Bell Helicopters or Airbus Military. Secondly, why does the IN’s RFI for LUH not mention flying training as being one of the roles to be performed by the LUH? Lastly, thast news-report you’ve weblinked clearly states that the Indo-Russian Helicopters Pvt Ltd JV will carry out final assembly and repair of helicopters, and will integrate the supply chain in India, i.e. it will only be a licenced-assembly-from-shipped-kits job & will not meet any reqmts of the Make-in-India concept since the hardware supply-chain will all be located abroad. That’s why I’ve always believd that the Ka-226T-6 offer/selection has been a massive con-job.

And here’s another con-job:

The world over armies are going for truck-mounted meteorological radars, while the IA is still happy to launch balloons!

rad said...

hi prasun
i am surprised on your take that the astra has a better killing range than the derby? could you explain with facts? The new derby i s being marketed as being nearly 80 % in performance compared to the meteor. More over the new derby seems to have a software defined radio seeker which i interpret as a AESA active radar.

given all these facts how can a start up missile make India with no experience make a missile better than the battle hardened Israelis??

has SCD of israel transferred tech fab which is the most important thing to India?

can Russia stop us from fitting the brahmos on other platforms?

i believe the next sub will be of scorpene derivative with bhramos and Indian AIP as you have mentioned the our AIP is custom built for the scorpene dimensions .

rad said...

hi prasun

in gagan shakti it is reported that the su-30 were data linked and guiding other fighters including the LCA . What is the data links they used ? is it universal like the link-16?? I

i remember Israel offering its data link free of cost !! what was the catch in it , that they could monitor all day ?? Is our data link as good as the link -16? regards hack-ability and security ??

If china and pak were monitoring our exercises would it be not prudent to have a barrage jamming in the direction of those awacs monitoring us?? especially on sensitive freq?

how tough is it to jam An awacs especially a aesa radar awacs? i heard the Russians have some pretty good stuff to do that like the krushka

dilbert said...

And watch this as well: Israel details new data on Iranian nuclear WMD programme:

Hi Prasun,

Out of curiosity, do you believe these accusations from Israel/US about Iranian duplicity in the nuke deal? I know the Iranians can be sneaky and devious, but for that matter so can the Israelis/Americans.

Putting aside the question of whether Iran has the legal right to pursue nuclear weapons, I want to know what you think about whether they actually are.

I'm not looking for proof/evidence etc., I just want to know your personal opinion / gut-feel about what they are actually doing.

Personally, I feel that the world cannot afford the risk of a second Islamic state with nuclear weapons -- one is quite enough of a problem, thank you. We don't need a second Pakistan. In fact, we should be trying to de-nuke Pakistan (but of course, that is a separate topic for a separate discussion).


Anonymous said...

Small question how did pickup these?
What kind undercover operations Mossad is undertaking?
What the hell Irgc is doing while Mossad is picking up these ?
How these large volumes of data are brought back without any major incident?
Man Israel really pissed off Iran supreme leader by displaying everything in public ?


Prranshu Yadav said...

What do you make of this sir?

Intolerant Person said...

Lolz.I read put your reply to him and he was kind of pissed off.He then resorted to the the rents like US is built on "terrorism industry",while India is better than US cause we are strong believers of Ahinsha and Jivdaya,and it's greatness of India that we don't use Military like that of US.
He further said that it's because of Britisher's subjugation that we are not devloped.
Eagerly waiting for your response.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: LoLz! The Derby had a range of only 46km & was optimized for use against specific legacy aircraft like third-generation MiGs & Sukhois. That’s why RAFAEL was forced to come up wioth the Derby-ER. Astra-1 from the outset was meant to be similar in performance to the R-77 of 1990s vintage. Ansd why should a semiconductor foundry be reqd for making FPA-based sensors? Instead, why not just import the SCD-built chips reqd for making FPAs? Why should Russia prevent India from mouting BrahMos family of missiles on non-Russia platforms? SSKs can have BrahMos, but not the vertically-launched BrahMos-1 for sure. It will have to be the torpedo-tube-launched BrahMos-NG. The data-linking was concerning only voice transmission/reception. No other type of data or imagery was exchanged by platforms during EX Gagan Shakti 2018. Today only the upgraded Mirage 2000Ns have Link-16-type data-links. The Super Su-30MKIs will receive such data-links in future. Resorting to barrage-jamming in peacetime & that too against aircraft flying in their own friendly airspace is considered an act of war!!! AEW & CS platforms can be jammed, provided several hammers with high transmitting power are installed on board aircraft like IL-76 or B.767. Nothing smaller will suffice.

To DIL:BERT: For starters, what was disclosed yesterday was known to most way back in 2011 & the IAEA even publoished a report about it:

Iran has NO LEGAL RIGHT to pursue or even undertake nuclear WMD-related R & D efforts for as long as it remains a signatory to the NPT. The same also applies to North Korea because, even though Pyongyang unilaterally walked out of the NPT, international law states that no one party can abrogate a treaty on its own, i.e. BOTH parties must agree to part ways. In North Korea’s case, the IAEA & the UN didn’t want to abrogate the NPT with North Korea & therefore, technically & legally, North Korea is still reqd to adhere to the NPT. As for Iran, for as long as it adheres to its national narrative about it being the global protector of Shias worldwide, then it will always perceive itself as being subject to an existential threat from the Sunnis & therefore the Mullah-influenced Iranian decision-makers will never even consider making an all-out surrender like Gaddafi’s Libya had done. Iran therefore will go all-out to create an aura of being a ‘virtual’ nuclear weapons power. And this will not change unless & until its next-door neighbour Pakistazn is comprehensively de-nuclearised. But the Israeli disclosures are interesting in the sense that it will once again raise the spectre of the dreaded China-Pakistan-Noprth Korea-Iran nexus not just in the arena of nuclear WMD development, but also about ballistic missile proliferation. Hence, the coming days & weeks will see more revelations being made, with the heat building up especially against China & North Korea & Pakistan.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RON: These are not unilateral covert ops undertaken by a single country. They are multilateral in nature & involve several countries, like the operation that uncovered the Dr A Q ‘Bhopali’ Khan-led nuclear WMD smuggling affair in the previous decade.

To PRRANSHU YADAV: Just disregard it.

To INTOLERANT PERSON: LoLz! Such folks by nature are highly insecure & are also characterized by a very low sense of self-esteem & hence their desire for always withdrawing under a cuccoon. And thry also choose to remain oblivious of historical factoids. He ought to realise that what the US is doing today used to be done throughout India’s past by the likes of Asoka, Jaichanf, Rana Sangha (who had invited Babur to invade India so that the Khilji-led Sultanate could be overthrown) & the Vijayanagara empire. The concept of utility of military force application for purposes of subjugation/coercive compellance was always applied by various kingdoms/sultanates/empires throughout the past 2,000 years within the Indian subcontinent by both the indigenous natives as well as foreigners. The Brits left India 70 years ago. Why then hasn’t India been able to transform herself into a fully developed country since then? After all, all those countries that were totally ravaged by World War-2 had become fully developed within a mere 25 years after WW-2? So what stopped India from attaining a similar goal?

rad said...

hi prasun
regarding data links, i remember after cope india exercise with the yanks, when they got a nasty surprise .I remember the debrief by some yanks that the indians were data linking the su-30 to the mig 21 which bounced them.?

The basic su-30 did come with a Datalink to each other if i am right .

was the datalink purposely not used ? i also remember the su-30 did not use their links when they went to america for exercises to avoid compromising .

you said the mirage 2000 upg had a link 16 type link , is it french or indian ? can it connect to other fighters like mig-29 etc?.

what about the datalink 2 which was developed in india . what is the basic datalink that connects the awacs and fighters.? the air chief said that the gagan shakti was more of a net centric affair. Pse explain.

panic said...

Sir, LUH of HAL has folding rotor blades.

Will there be a variant of Dhruv Helicopter, with a folding rotor blades??

Why is HAL not keen on having an ASW variant of Dhruv with folding blades?

Since there is a requirement for the same in Indian Navy.

Or, is it beyond Hal to retrofit folding blades on Dhruv??

Sir, what according to you, is a best way forward for Navy, to quickly acquire some ASW helicopters.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: What you are referring to is the earlier Russia-supplied Su-30K, 12 of which were later sold to Angola. The Su-30MKI doers not possess such data-links. Mirage 2000N’s data-link comes from THALES & the same will be on the Rafales as well. MiG-29UPG doesn’t possess such data-links. Link-2 developed by the IN is for naval applications & its mode of operation does not include airborne battle management. Ex Gagan Shakti 2018’s network-centric aspects as explained by the IAF’s CAS involved the IACCCS & its various ground-based early warning sensors, plus joint command & control of AirLand operations involving paradrops by the IA,plus immediate air-support provision to the IA.

To PANIC: Dhruv ALH has already been demonstrated with folding main rotor blades & folding tail-rotor section. But the Dhruv ALH still suffers from limited flight endurance due to fuel limitations. The only way forward is to either develop a modified airframe with MTOW of 7 tonnes, or to develop conformal fuel tanks. Immediate available alternate option is to acquire either new-build S-70B Seahawks, or to buy mothballed Sikorsky SH-3s from the US & then upgrade them with help from Sikorsky & GE, as I had explained earlier. In fact, the maritime surveillance sensor package (SAR radar & FLIR turret along with a locally developed winch for the dunking sonar) developed by the DRDO for the Rustom-2/Tapas MALE-UAV can easily be first installed on such upgraded helicopters. I had proposed this to the MoD way back in 2012.

buddha said...
What sort of aircraft will this hybrid one be..
Will it be possible to make new one with such hybrid.
If possible can It be expected that Usa will offer it to india ...Too.

smith said...

Sir any update on Super Sukhoi 30MKI. Does US sanction on Russia is going to effect this upgrade as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi sir,
1) Any research is being done by NAL or HAL etc in field of high speed propeller type tail rotor based design of helicopters??
2) in the HAL LUH are we going to have on on board EO POD for targeting purpose?
3) will HAL arm its LUH within 2-3 years of it'd induction?
4) what is gonna be its endurance?
ashish Gautam

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BUDDHA: The F/A-22 Raptor is is any case due for a mid-life upgrade since its design was frozen in 1998 & its on-board computers all use Pentium-2 chips! As part of the mid-life upgrade the Raptor will be equipped with panoramic AMLCDs similar to the ones on the F-35 JSF, plus the IRST sensor which the Raptor now lacks. It is similar to the F-35-derived add-ons now being offered by Lockheed Martin on the F-16 Viper Block-70 for the IAF.

To SMITH: The Super Su-30MKI's design configuration has been frozen & it should get underway before the year's end. This upgrade project was conceptualised way back in 200 itself & formes part of the original contract for Su-30MKI procurement & therefore the US sanctions won't apply retrospectively.


Despite all the politiking on this issue by the likes of TIMES GROUP and their headless chickens now working with REPUBLIC TV, the inking of these foundational pacts is thankfully now a foregone conclusion. Meanwhile, Pakistan continues to become further brittle from within:

Balochistan: Asia’s Blackhole:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

As EX Gagan Shakti 2018 was coming to an end, the PLAAF commenced its own EX Golden Dart:

rad said...

hi prasun
i am aghast that the su-30 and other fighters have no data link???? this is a basic force multiplier for any decent Airforce worth its salt , i wonder what on earth is going on. what was the report the su-30 were guiding the LCA in gagan shakti ? by voice???

now that brings me to the question of how are the fighters linked to the awacs?? if there is no datalink?? dont you think that it is a serious situation? i understand the target data of enemy fighter and vector to the intercept was by digital burst mode? with a click of the controller mouse??

is it true that the porkis have bought another 3 awacs from Sweden??

are their f-16 data linked to each other , how does a a chinese awacs guide the f-16 then apart from the jf-17.

what was the reason for omitting the data link on the mig-29 upg ? are we waiting for a local link to be developed??

what do you think of the turbo shaft engines being developed ? how successful are they? do they give the rated output as designed unlike the kaveri?

whats your view on the tapas UAV how long will it be before service?

how is it compared to the heron? the tapas engine bay looks really badly designed .seems bulky and square, offering the greatest drag! what are the sub systems that are ready like the SAR radar -optic pod, esm , ew data link satellite com dish etc?

Anonymous said...

Your comments on these
1)Collapse Of 259 Ton Goliath Crane At GRSE To Impact India’s Most Advanced Warships Program
2)Govt wants Fata mainstreaming by May 31: PM

What are the implications from this so called "fata mainstreaming" on Afghans, PTM, CPEC china-pak, BRI thru afghan with India&China on board e.t.c?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Hardik Thanki said...

Hi Prasun,

Please could you provide an update on the C295 deal, whether it was signed or not.

Anup said...

LCA Navy completele dead?

Intolerant Person said...

1.Sir wouldn't it be better if IN gets it's own Shore-based strike platforms from IAF like Jaguars rather than completely relying on IAF for such roles?
2.Why Indian Armed Forces is distancing itself from Russian Arms(evident from all their RTIs which demands NATO-specs)?
3.Is is possible to insert IA forces inside Balochistan region with Naval routes in case of future conflict?
4.If you could recall,Pakistan's PPP politician Sharjeel Memom was accused of coordinating with Iranian Intelligence to burn Karachi.What's the reality? What's Iran upto incase of Pakistan?

Intolerant Person said...

My apologies, It was Asim Hussein, not Sharjeel Memom...

Anonymous said...

Something fishy invoving NDC manager of pakistan

"Spy agencies told to come up with report on missing scientist"

Justice Athar Minallah of Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday expressed concerns over the failure of spy agencies to trace a scientist working for a sensitive installation who was allegedly abducted along with his spouse over three months ago.

The petition alleged that Mr Hassan, general manager of the National Development Complex (NDC), was abducted along with his wife by unknown people from their G-11/1 residence early on January 12 in front of their children, Hibban, 7, and Safwan, 4.

Q1)Is it counter intel op of isi or an act of foreign intel agency?
Q2)Is it related to pak nukes and its link with iranian nukes and mossad???
Now see this:
1)Tariq Masood, Muneeb Ur Rehamn at Pakistan Navy Ship Tipu Sultan
2)Naval Chief of Pakistan Invited Us At Dockyard (Story) - Mufti Tariq Masood | Al Huda
3)if you have time see replies in this thread "Pakistan Navy invites Islamic Scholars on Warship"

Some pakistanis are saying all these molvis are from deobandi(salafi) sect not shia/barelvi sect lolz...

Q3) How deep is this radicalisation in pak military and PN in general (al qaeda hijacking PNS ships,pns mehran base attacks with inside help etc)?
It seems they didnt learnt much from earlier mistakes. Hope we can use it to our advantage. What do you feel?
Q4) Or is it again trying to bring ttp or other extremists close to military establishment given that pak military is stretching too much be it afghan border(ptm), iran border(baloch, lashkar jhangvi), indian LOC??

Q5) do you see any change in china's stand(at present/future)w.r.t masood azhar & "NSG inclusion" from recent understandings(wuhan meet)?
Q6)Why can't we eliminate these hafiz saeeds,azhars etc like mossad? Or do they serve us more by roaming freely in pak giving bad pr as UN designated terrorists in open?
Q7) Will pak be placed in grey list of FATF or not?


Goutam said...

should India sign the COMCASA/BECA agreements with the US and if India does , what are the implications of it , regarding India's independent foreign policy .

ashish gautam said...

While announcing defense budget Why govt does not divide defense budget in 2 parts?
1- defense operation budget including salary, pension, operation cost etc.
2- defense modification budget including allocation of money for upgradation, modification etc.
Though DRDO etc should be allocated separate money for their work.
Kindly clearify

Vikram Guha said...


(1) In the previous thread you said that the Pashtuns in Afghanistan are pro India. So why didn't the Afghan Taliban which is predominantly Pashtun storm the Indian Airline aircraft that was hijacked to Kandahar & free the hostages ?

(2) Will you please provide a brief write up on the Navy's Project 76 (P-76)

(3) Now that the BAE's 127 mm gun has been selected over OTO Melara, will major changes have to be brought about on the frigates, destroyers where they will be placed ?



Rajesh Mishra said...

Anyhow Pakistan is in a rapid swirling motion and now it wants the help from Russia before going down in to the deep.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: LoLz! You are again ASSUMING that since NATO member-states all fly data-linked MRCAs, therefore that should be the standard for everyone else! Two-way airborn e data-links are employed primarily for gaining superior situational awareness bwhen operating in hotly contested airspace. Why? Primarily for achieving deconfliction when a large number of MRCAs are operating, i.e. preventing mid-air mishaps & downing by friendly fire when both sides employ force packages exceeding 60 aircraft each, which is close to totalling 120 MRCAs in a small airspace. In the sub-continental scenario, such an event will NEVER take place when the PAF, IAF & even PLAAF are involved & at most each side will field not more than 8 combat aircraft in any kind of offensive strike sortie. Consequently, the pilots wi8ll not at all require the big tactical picture for situational awareness, & will instead require only those voice alerts from AEW & CS platforms that give out the hostile aircraft formation’s speed, bearing & altitude. So, voice-based vectors will be transmitted by radio from AEW & CS platforms to the airborne combat aircraft. The IAF’s ACM in the videoclip on his presentation had thus clearly stated that net-centricity had been achieved only with IACCCS on the ground. He never said a word about airborne network-centricity.

I had already confirmed the acquisition of additional Saab 2000 AEW & CS platforms by the PAF last year in the thread dealing with the Kulbhushan Jadhav Affair. PAF F-16s or JF-17s don’t possess JTIDS-type data-links. The PAF Saab-2000 & KE-8 AEW & CS p0latforms all communicate via voice-based radios, just loike the IAF does. Turboshaft engines’ cores take decades to develop. In India’s case, it will take 10 years from the start of testing the first engine core in a test-cell, & that too if no less than 4 engine-cores are running continuously at any given time. Before even considerin g the Tapas MALE-UAV, one should ask whatever has happened to the Rustom-1 tactical UAV. I can’t plan my jogging schedule unless I first master the walkathon. .

To ANNA: 1) This is exactly what happens when the lowest bidder gets to win the contract! From the photo, it appears that one of the 2 supporting spans on either end gave way due to structural failure/fatigue. A clear case of shortchanged work on the part of the crane’s supplier. 2) Wanting something & achieving it are 2 separate topics. What will happen by May 31 is only the passing of laws that will enable FATA’s residents to be subjected to the same laws under Pakistan’s criminal procedure code that other Pakistani citizens now enjoy. That means only the Brit-era FCR regulations will become defunct, but FATA will take decades to be merged with another existing province.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To HARDIK THANKI: The IAF’s CAS last week in his presentation (see the videoclip) had clearly stated that the C-295 deal is still being negotiated.

To ANUP: Yes. Unless there’s a change of mind later & the IN goes for LCA-IN-Mk.2 as a shore-based MRCA.

To INTOLERANT PERSON: 1) Yes, that will be a common-sensical move. It will do away with needless duplication, like maintaining 2 separate storage depots (1 for the IAF & 1 for the IN) for the AGM-84 Harpoon ASCMs. Simi8larly, while the IAF has its own B.737 BBK flight simulator, an almost identical flight simulator has been acquired by the IN for its P-8Is. These are but some examples of how money is wasted. 2) Because when it comes to tech-intensive platforms, thye Ruskies are definitely falling way behind Europe & North America. Then there are human-resource constraints inside Russia as well, since the best brains no longer are condemned to remain inside Russia & are free to migrate abroad permanently. 3) What for? To be butchered? The question to be asked is what will a future war in the subcontinent be like? And where will it be fought & how? Without answering such fundamental questions, all talk about theatre commands or new warfighting doctrines is immaterial, useless & utterly futile. 4) Those were all trumped-up charges meant for achieving the political engineering goals of the Pakistani military establishment. The ouster of Nawaz Sharif too is very much a critical part of this political engineering process now underway, similar to how the IJI alliance was created by the ISI in the early 1990s.

To ANNA: 1) He isn’t a scientist at all, but an engineer. The NDC deals with ballistic missile final-assembly. As his family-members have stated, he was picked up by agencies like the FIA probably because hew was corresponding via the Internet with some non-state actors that could be either ISIS or some other anti-PA outfit like Al Qaeda. 2) What’s so surprising about that? If Pakistan was created in the name of Islam & to protect Islam (whatever they mean), then surely the PN is part of the Pakistani State as well. 3) Radicalisation has been on-going since 1947 itself. That’s what the 2-nation theory is all about. 5) No. 6) Why the hell should India eliminate them when they serve India with good enough reasons for embarking upon a just war aimed at capturing PoK? But as to whether India’s civilian ‘netas’ have or have not yet grasped this reality, is a completely different matter.

To GAUTAM: Well, if India wants US-supplied military hardware, then India will have to comply with regulations that have been mandated by the US Congress. Such regulations are not specific to India & apply to all countries that import US military hardware. So where’s the reason for India to get miffed?

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Of course the splits are always announced. But that still does not solve the problem of financial resource crunch. Where will the additional money come from? There is thus only 1 option left on the table: pension-related reforms. For example, how can anyone possibly justify a soldier serving in-service for only 15 years but earning a pension for the rest of his life? If an officer serves with the armed forces for only 40 years, then why should he/she get a pension till his/her death? At most, he/she should not receive pension for more than 30 years after retirement.

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) Did the Govt of India authorise or ask the Taliban to storm the hijacked airliner? That needs to be answered first. 2) It’s all there in the April issue of FOPRCE magazine. 3) None at all.

Srinivasa Nanduri Ramanujam said...

Hi Prasun,

Regarding AESA radars in IAF. If standardization is key then don't you think elm2052 and its next gen variants should be considered for Tejas mk1a, lca af mk2, super sukhoi 30mki, f16 blk70 (if selected), etc.

And why is drdo not tied up with elta for gan based elm 2052 or advanced variants of elm 2052. Wouldn't it be cost saving measure and path for sure shot quick success?

And when will super sukhoi project start. Isn't it overdue already.

Srinivasa Nanduri

just_curious said...

1-recently the IAF chief mentioned that there was no interest in the F 35. why wouldn't the IAF be interested when multiple nations are putting faith in it including the US and given that they could be useful against China with the FGFA petering out and AMCA still a concept? India cud always demand their pound of flesh in f 35 parts manufactring if we plan to opt for them in siziable numbers[say the 110 rfi] .also if maintainance cost is an issue how is it that some of the members cuntries are able to afford it say turkey?
2- what is the status on vshrod & who are the contenders with a high probability of winning the tender
3 - what baffles me is that tenders for small/medium ticket items are also stalled .. is the financial state so bad or is it plain incompetence of the armed forces to utilize funds? eg - re-engine of jags or upgade of il76/78 fleet to md90a stds etc..

Pierre Zorin said...

No offence to the person, but I hate this question: "should India sign the COMCASA/BECA agreements with the US and if India does , what are the implications of it , regarding India's independent foreign policy". Beggars can't be choosers. Independent foreign policy sure- go fend for yourself. The US policy states if you want cutting edge tools you follow our policy - otherwise buy only an edge with no cutting power. Weird mindset in India. they signed for exactly the same thing for VVIP plane but doesn't want to budge for ordinary foot soldiers! Too worried about what would people think - too worried about a sanctimonious moral high ground. No wonder Indians are not liked in most countries- India seems to equal dragging one's feet. A nasty nation for procrastination.

Anonymous said...

Prasun do you think depleted uranium(DU) penetrators can be used in future? DU has some excellent anti tank properties and it can be used as du armour also.


Unknown said...

sir, how many spider sam oprate iaf?

just_curious said...


1 is India using/developing carbon nano tube reinforced carbon composites for tejas.. similar to what F 35 uses? how good is our capabilities in developing composites w.r.t leading defence equipment manufacturing nations
2 any updates on Arjun mk2 & CLGM missile being developed for it. Is MK2 held up just for the missile firing issue?
3 Will India opt/get the predator C armed UAV from Genral atomics now with the relaxed rules for selling armed drones by US

Prranshu Yadav said...

Are the Agni 5 and K6 two seperate programs? I have read that K6 will have MIRVs and Agni 5 will be operationally deployed only after it can carry MIRVs. Wouldn't it be more economical to just develop one common missile for launch from submarine as well as land?

Anonymous said...

I want your facts n analysis on this

What is take on this? Just asking why doesn’t our history books talk about B R Ambedkar? Why his history was erased from all academics?


Anonymous said...

1.What do you think about the capabilities of pvt. Shipyard like L&T, Reliance, ABG & others and why they are not getting any major orders from GOI.
2. What is the current status of indian navy 4 LPD programme.
3. Any information on K4 SLBM.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SRINIVASA NANDURI RAMANUJAM: Ideally, the EL/M-2052, first selected for the Jaguar IS/DARIN-3 upgrade, should also have been selected for the Mirage-2000 & MiG-29 upgrades, as well nas for the Tejas Mk.1A. For the Super Su-30MKI it was already agreed back in 2000 that the Russians will replace the front-end PESA antenna of the RLSU-30 MMR with an AESA antenna. The US never allows core avionics substitutes on-board its MRCA platforms & hence no non-US MMR can go on board any US-designed MRCA. The ‘Uttam’ AESA-MMR of DRDO can go on board the LCA-AF Mk.2 in case it emerges as a fully mature MMR. But I am of the opinion that the ‘Uttam’ should first be developed as a ground-based target-search/fire-control radar for air-defence artillery systems for all 3 armed services because the reqmts for such systems are large & therefore offer economies of scale for series-production. Super Su-30MKI upgrade project will take off before the year’s end.

To JUST_CURIOUS: 1) For the IAF the topmost priority is the Rafale & both FGFA & F-35 are not so important simply because even with the Rafales the IAF will be several notches above the PLAAF’s capabilities. 2) There’s just no need for VSHORADS competition, since the Igla & Igla-S have served all 3 armed services very well indeed & the Verba from Russia is the optimum replacement. This is what the GoI should have committed to at the G-to-G level, instead of making the biggest mistake of committing to acquire the Ka-226T-6 LUHs. 3) Yes, there’s a severe resource crunch. And it is all due to past mistakes, such as deciding to upgrade the Mirage 2000s & MiG-29s. Had such mistakes not been made, then by now thjere would have been enough monmey to procure additional Rafales as well as 50 more Su-30MKIs. Similarly, instead of procuring AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, the Mi-35Ps could have been upgraded to Mi-35M standard while there would still have been enough money left for procuring the HAL-developed LCHs, Rudras & LUHs for the IA in far larger numbers. Also, instead of making this huge blunder of procuring C-295 transports, additional C-130J-30s are reqd, for as many as 30 more of such transport aircraft. Investing in diverse foreign-origin platforms only makes matters cost-prohibitive—a common-sensical conclusion. 4) Such cutting-edge R & D on composites is in the very incipient stages in India. 5) CLGM is now undergoing firing trials. 5) Armed MALE-UAVS are a must when used for anti-piracy patrols over the high seas.

To ANNA: DU projectiles confer only a 15% improvement in penetration capability & that too for 125mm APFSDS rounds. For unitary 120mm APFSDS rounds, the tungsten-alloy rounds are quite effective even now. But for the future the debate is still ongoing about the superiority of DU-built penetrators.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To UNKNOWN: About 2 squadrons as of now.

To PRRANSHU YADAV: 1) Yes they are separate projects, but the K-6 will also morphe into the A-5 Mk.2 with MIRVs.

To RON: Nehru never insulted Gen Thimmaya in any way. But yes, Nehru did embarrass the General in 1959 when, without consulting the General, Nehru suddenly announced inh Parliament that henceforth the IA will take over the patrollinhjg of the entire India-China border, i.e. the so-called ‘Forward Policy’ that was implemented without any prior preparation & deliberation & hence the severe lapses in 1962. Gen Thimmaya’s squabbles were primarily with Krishna Menon who never got along with all those officers who were trained by the Brits, i.e. the KCIOs or King’s Commissioned Indian Officers. At that time there used to be a practice that only the KCIOs will get the annual one-month fully-paid leave that would be spent in the UK. This practice was done away with only in the lastter half of the 1950s. Post-August 1947, Jinnah’s portrait should never have been hung on any wall anywhere in Indiam, since even officially Jinnah has never been the poster-boy for any post-independence GoI. I’[m surprised that the AMU did not go along with this.

To KOUSHIK: 1) Reliance is now bogged down in lawsuits against the previous management of Pipavav, due to which delivery of the 5 NOPVs is stalled. L & T has received contracts from the ICGS & IN. ABG, Bharti & other pvt sector shipyards are all bankrupt & cannot receive any new orders. There’s no money to procure the four LPHs.

Goutam said... . pakistani experts talking about forcible denuclearisation of pakistan . whats your opinion on this ?

ashish gautam said...

Sir, since IL-76 Have started growing old, is IAF planning any replacement of these big boys? Am asking coz C17 production line has also stopped so which modern aircraft of weight carrying capacity >=50tons will b ideal for IAF?
2) Do you see any major military action/war in Indian subcontinent by period of 2025??

Indian said...

Prasun sir will there ever be large scale induction of Arjun tanks by the Indian army? IA should take the cue from IAF which is now supporting LCA and its further development. Don't you think IA should do the same wrt Arjun tanks?

Anonymous said...


Wo'nt an MIRVed variant of the A5 be easier to develop, say, in the next two years than the K-6 (which has length constraints as well) ? I expect the K-6 to take at least a decade to develop.


The Indian said...

Again someone is using my handle to ask questions!Hence beware. What is the latest on the K6 issue.