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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

IDF-AF Becomes World’s First Air Force To Employ F-35 JSF In Combat + IAF's Jaguar IS/DARIN-3 Package Detailed

That’s right, the Israel Defence Forces Air Force (IDF-AF) has added yet another significant feather to its cap. The official announcement can be found here:

The revelation was made yesterday at the on-going three-day International Air Force Commanders’ Convention, which is being hosted by the IDF-AF’s Commander, Maj Gen Amikam Norkin, and this convention is part of the IDF-AF’s on-going 70th anniversary celebrations. About 70 air force commanders from all over the world are attending this convention, which includes a conference on ‘Air Superiority as a Bridge to Regional Stability’, which is being attended by the Indian Air Force’s Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh ‘Tony’ Dhanoa (as part of his official four-day visit to Israel from May 21 till 24). A videoclip showing ACM Dhanoa at the convention can be seen here:

Incidentally, the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) is not represented (perhaps not invited as well) at the convention and conference. But Vietnam is.
The IDF-AF’s first use of the F-35 JSF on attack missions marks at least the third time that Israel has been the first country to use a new type of combat aircraft operationally. In 1979, an IDF-AF pilot, Moshe Marom-Melnik, was the first to use an F-15A to shoot down an enemy aircraft, a Syrian MiG-21Bis. Here are two videoclips describing that aerial engagement:

Two years later, an IDF-AF pilot was the first to use the F-16A to shoot down an enemy aircraft, a Syrian Mi-8AMTsh attack helicopter.
The IAF-AF also enjoys the proud distinction of producing the world’s first and only ‘Ace of Aces’ of the jet engine era— Col Giora ‘Hawkeye’ Even-Epstein—with 17 kills to his credit. Here is the official IDF-AF account of Col Epstein’s exploits:

And videoclips describing some of Col Epstein’s memorable dogfights:

Col Epstein’s first kill came on June 6, 1967 (during the Six-Day War), when he downed an Egyptian Su-7 at El Arish.  During the War of Attrition in 1969-1970, Epstein downed a MiG-17, another Su-7 and two MiG 21s. The rest of his kills came during the October 1973 Yom Kippur War (War of Atonement). Over the course of three days (October 18-20, 1973), he downed a Mi-8 helicopter, two Su-7s, two Su-20s and four MiG 21s.  Then, on October 24, 1973, Col Epstein downed three more MiG-21s west of the Great Bitter Lake. Eight of these victories came with Col Epstein at the controls of the Dassault Aviation-built Mirage III. His other nine victories came in the Nesher, an Israel Aerospace Industries-built version of the Mirage V.
Since 2012, the IDF-AF has been conducting air-strikes deep into Syria, primarily against weapons stockpiles being supplied by Iran and meant for use by the Lebanon-based Hezbollah. In 2014, IDF-AF aircraft twice bombed shipments of China-built and Iran-supplied C-802A anti-ship cruise missiles meant for Hezbollah and Syria. On February 10, 2018 at 4am in the morning, as Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Al Quds force based at the Tiyas T-4 air base in Syria deployed a weapons-laden Saegheh drone (reverse engineered from a captured US RQ-170) into Israeli airspace, it was shot down by an IDF AH-64D Apache. Israel then retaliated by launching eight F-16Is, which blasted T-4 and the Saegheh drone’s command post with eight Spice-2000 missiles while flying over Lebanese airspace. However, Syrian air defences launched about 10 SAMs at the IDF-AF aircraft. While most of the aircraft dove low to the earth to evade the SAMs, an F-16I flying high to perform a bomb-damage assessment was damaged by shrapnel from the 478lb warhead of a V-880 missile of the S-200 Vega-E LR-SAM. Three or four additional V-880s were launched at the crippled F-16I, and its crew ejected over Israeli airspace, apparently just moments before one of the V-880s struck (this was the first combat loss of an IDF-AF aircraft in 35 years). In retaliation, IDF-AF for the first time launched its F-35I ‘Adir’ JSFs, which then blew up three Syrian SAM Batteries while evading all 14 additional SAMs fired at them.
Syria had acquired 48 S-200 Vega-E LR-SAMs from the Soviet Union in the early 1980s. The Vega-E can launch a huge, 10-metre long V-880 radar-guided missile. No less than four booster rockets propel the nearly eight-tonne missile to a maximum speed of Mach 8 to strike a target up to 150 miles away. Unlike earlier predecessors, the S-200 can guide up to five V-880s at a time towards a target, though they are not designed to engage low-flying aircraft. In September 2016 and March 2017, S-200s unsuccessfully sniped at IDF-AF combat aircraft attacking targets in Syria. In the latter incident, several V-880s sailed into Israeli and Jordanian airspace, and Israel shot one down with an Arrow-1 SAM to prevent it from landing in a populated area. Again in September 2017 an S-200 engaged an IDF-AF aircraft, but missed yet again. This time the IDF-AF retaliated by blowing up the S-200’s fire-control radar and Battery Command Post with four Spice-2000 missiles.
The Tiyas T-4 air base, between the cities of Homs and Palmyra, was once again the target of the IDF-AF’s wrath on April 9, 2018, after Russia had covertly informed Israel that the Al Quds force was trying to set up a large air force compound under its exclusive control and was planning to deploy Russia-built S-300PS LR-SAMs there. Once again, the IDF-AF employed its F-35Is for conducting the air-strike, which killed at least four advisers from the Al Quds force. One of them was a Colonel with a senior position in a group dealing with drone operations in Syria. The Lebanese television station Al-Manar, which is affiliated with Hezbollah, reported seven Iranians killed.
Tiyas T-4 hosts contingents of both the Syrian and Russian air forces. The Iranians, who operate independently, are relatively far away from the Russians and they control the air base’s western and northern sides. Subsequently, Iran moved its people from T-4 to another Syrian air base near Palmyra, far away from the area where Russia operates.
In both April 2017 and April 2018, Syrian air defences completely failed to detect and engage a total of over 160 US, British and French cruise missiles. In the first attack, 59 Tomahawk TLAMs struck Shayarat air base without eliciting counter-fire, apparently damaging or destroying five S-200 Batteries amongst other targets.
Because the TLAM—and other—cruise missiles fly at extremely low altitudes, they are extremely difficult to detect, track and intercept except at very short distances because of the curvature of the Earth and terrain features such a hills, mountains and valleys. A ground-based target acquisition/illumination radar is inherently limited by line-of-sight and against a very low-flying object, the radar horizon is short—as little as 12 miles depending on the terrain features in the area. Even from the air, look-down, shoot-down multi-mode radars are challenged due the clutter caused by terrain features. So, the Earth is not a smooth marble. Warships have an easier time providing air-defence against low-flying cruise missiles, because there are no obstructions between the radar and the target, once the target breaks the radar horizon. Over land, terrain, buildings and foliage all block the radar’s line-of-sight. The greater the distance to the radar, the harder it is to detect low-altitude targets because the chance of blockage by an obstacle, or by sheer Earth curvature, goes up. There are no over-the-horizon fire-control radars, obviously. Even relatively small changes in altitude from 1,000 feet down to  500 feet result in a reduction of the radar horizon by an additional 25%. Descending even slightly to 300 feet further reduces the radar horizon range by an additional 25% because of a simple mathematical formula. The formula for the radar horizon is 1.23 times the square root of the antenna height in feet (answer in nautical miles). That is a perfect sphere where the radar loses the ability to see the ground because of the Earth’s curvature. Obviously, for a target in the air, the radar detection range is longer because the target may be above the radar horizon.
One partial solution is to mount the radar on high ground (or rely on airborne cueing if one is very technologically sophisticated).  Thus, small, low-flying cruise missiles are simply very challenging targets for ground-based air defences to detect and engage due to the manner in which intervening terrain interferes with ground-based radars. Only short-range air-defence systems (SHORADS) are likely to have a shot at hitting a cruise missile. But just because a short-range system like the Pantsir-S1 theoretically has the capability of doing so does not mean it will on a reliable basis—as the result of the IDF-AF’s May 10 air strike vividly illustrates.
On May 10, 2018 when, in response to an Iranian rocket artillery attack (32 launched against northern Israel, especially the Golan Heights), 28 IDF-AF F-15Is and F-16Is launched more than 60 Israel Military Industries-built Delilah loitering cruise missiles (each weighing about 190kg and having 250km-range) at targets throughout Syria. In addition to numerous Iranian logistical bases and staging areas, the IDF-AF aircraft also fired on Syrian air-defences that attempted to engage them, destroying five Syrian SAM Batteries. These reportedly included older, fixed Dvina V-750VK and S-200 Vega-E Batteries, as well as Buk-M2E and Pantsyr-S1 systems and older Strela-10M and 9K33 Osa-AK short-range systems. Moscow has deployed two Batteries of its most advanced SAM systems to its base in Latakia—the S-300V4 and the S-400—as well as additional Pantsir-S1s for close-in air-defence. Though the Russian Batteries are not supposed to engage IDF-AF aircraft, and are unlikely to shoot at US aircraft (despite periodic threats to the contrary), the Russian radars have been linked to the Syrian air-defence network, thereby enhancing their radar coverage. And yet the Russians do not seem to be providing early warning cues to their Syrian counterparts about imminent IDF-AF air-strikes.
IAF Jaguar IS/DARIN-3 Upgrade Detailed
Pre-DARIN cockpit of Jaguar IS
DARIN-2 (left) and DARIN-3 cockpits, the latter being unveilled during Aero India 2009 expo
The SAMTEL-THALES HUDWAC on board the Jaguar IS/DARIN-3 aircraft will replace the existing Elbit Systems/El-Op-supplied Type 967 HUDWAC


Sanjay said...

So the S 300 and S 400
Deployed in Syria are unable to detect and engage Israeli fighters

jasss gill said...

sir, can spider sam which operate iaf intercept or destroy cruise missiles

The Indian said...

How effective have been the Russian SAM batteries especially the S 300 in tracking the F35?Any idea?What are the abilities of counter measures against such radars? Compared to such AD defences what are the lessons for the IAF in action against Pak air defences?Are Chinese air defence systems on an equivalent footing when it comes to Russian ones?Every country when it sells own manufactured defence equipment to others sells them only sanitised systems.Is this likely to degrade Pak air defences and if so to what extent?Consequently kindly spell out advantages to IAF?The situation is becoming slightly confusing with respect to the Chinese.Will China support the Pakis in the event of hostilities with India?If so covertly or overtly?It appears covert support to be more likely.What type of covert support can China provide?

ashish gautam said...

Very Nice and detailed coverage about subject sir.
Sirrr, mere last 3-4 comments to apne approve he nai kia... Of last thread.... πŸ€”πŸ€”

Hardik Thanki said...

Hi Prasunji,

Indian Air Force has so many different types of Air to Air missiles, atleast 10 different types. I want your opinion and suggestion on how they can simpfly their inventory. I mean the US has at max three type of air to air missiles and they can maximize the synergies from them by having many variants of basically same system for different tasks.
Thanks in advance
Hardik Thanki

Anonymous said...

Can you comment something on this? Do you think our armed forces will lose their advantage over them as Pakistan is trying modernise these terrorist? Isn't it's time to create havoc in Pakistan and how long will this game of cat and mouse continue?


Intolerant Person said...

Great article.But isn't Spice-2000 a PGM rather then a missile?

ARUN said...

Dear Sir

What is behind the latest Flareup on the Working boundary

Has the war begun ; unoffcially

The entire Jammu sector has been activated

Ravi_N said...

Hi Prasun,
My question is political.
Why Iran has issues with Israel? If Shias' life in Lebanon is the reason, then more Shias have been killed in Pakistan or in other Islamic countries. If Iran is supporting Palestinians through Hezbollah, but the same Palestinians joined ISIS to attack Shias in Iraq and Syria. If Iran can give up the enmity with Israel and withdraw Hezbollah from Lebanon, then Israel may cease its opposition again Iran. After all, among Islamic countries, Iran has been scientific and engineering advancement compared to rest of other Islamic countries. If we take the people of Middle East in the area of science and technology, most of them would be from Iran, followed by Turkey. Israel is not an existential threat to Iran if Hezbollah is dismantled. If there is a peace, Iran is gonna benefit more from Israel. So what are the reasons why Iran wants to have the relationship between Israel and Iran on tenterhook? Is it because of Mullahs of Iran? Thanks,


rad said...

hi prasun
coming to IRST , will it not be a good idea to use the IRST of he sukhoi of which we have hundreds. we can ask the russians to make a land based cooled IRST based on that , we can have easily double the range of the airborne one which some reports claim have a 50 km range .
That ca n be tied in to the ak-630 you are working on, to get a silent killer 30 mm AA gun??


Prasun Da,

1. This is Abhijit Iyer Mitra's take on Modi's visit to Russia, do you agree with his views ? Would love to here your point of view

2. Do private companies carry out MRO of the IAF's, IN's fighter, helicopters, transport aircraft or is it doen by IAF, IN themselves ? I was looking at ads of few pvt companies like Max Airworks, Taneja etc & they said they do MRO for helos, aircraft.



Anonymous said...

Sir, how much will CAATSA affect our purchases? Any way to skirt it?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SANJAY & THE INDIAN: Firstly, the most common misperception is that SAMs are standalone systems, i.e. one SAM system can do the job of engaging targets at low, medium & high altitudes. Laws of physics don’t allow this to happen & hence there are LR-SA<s, MR-SAMs, SHORADS & VSHORADS that need to be networked so as to create a no=escape airspace volume. S-300/S-400 are therefore primarily used for shooting down lumbering bombers like B-52s, & also for forcing MRCAs to decrease their flight altitude upon being tracked (not detected as popularly ASSUMED). But the time taken for issuance of air-defence early-warning alerts is at least 15 minutes, with the LR-SAM Battery alone taking 5 minutes to be activated. This is because a Battery’s target detection & tracking/illumination radars cannot be operated 24/7. They are usually operated for a max 8 hours per day & that too at various intervals. Secondly, even if a target is detected, it takes 15 minutes for tracking to get underway as explained earlier, & this gives enough time for an MRCA to launch high-subsonic PGMs like Spice-2000s using line-of-sight data-links for man-in-the-loop guidance & within 10 minutes the target gest destroyed. Thirdly, air-strike tactics also plays a decisive role, i.e. from which direction the attacks originate so as to have the element of surprise. So, if IDF-AF MRCAs fly westwards into the Mediterranean Sea & then turn east towards Lebanon at low altitudes & then quickly gain altituide when facing Syria, then Syria’s IADS will be taken by surprise. The same happened in September 2007 when IDF-AF MRCAs flew into the Mediterranean Sea, then turned east to skirt the Turkey-Syria border all the way to the Syria-Iraq border & then attack from the east, which Syria never expected. Similarly, see the image above of the Pantsyr-S1 beinbg attacked by a Delilah, which clearly shows the Delilah approaching from the rear. But all this requires excellent HUMINT, i.e. actionable intelligence, which the Israelis have undoubtedly received from the Russians. And that’s how in air bases occupied by the Russians, Syrians & Iranians, only the latter two’s facilities were hit with precision, leaving the Russians unscatched. That’s how things work out in the real world.

To JASSS GILL: It can, provided it is directly within line-of-sight of the inbound LACMs. Some TLAMs were shot down by Iraqi Roland SHORADS in this manner in early 1991 over Baghdad.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To THE INDIAN: The air-defence networks of Russia & China are similar in concept & deployment. LR-SAM installations are static & semi-permanent in nature, while MR-SAM & SHORADS Batteries can be moved a few times each day. To pinpoint their locations one requires non-stop ISR-based target location updates through both space-based SAR-rquipped satellites as well as airborne SAR & SIGINT/ELINT platforms. Pakistan’s air-defences are very close to the IB because of 1) Pakistan’s elongated geography & 2) most of Pakistan’s ground-based logistics/transportation networks running close to the IB in north-south fashion. Hence, once their real-time locations are pinpointed by SOGINT/ELINT platforms (manned or unmanned), then ground-launched loitering PGMs like Delilag or even ground-launched LACMs like Nirbhay can be launched to neutralise the radars, SAM installations & transportation infrastructure. That’s why instead of wasting money on fancy technology demonstrators like PRALAY, the DRDO needs to develop loitering PGMs like Delilah that can be used as both decoys (replicating the RCS of attacking IAF aircraft) as well as hard-kill PGMs when launched from the ground, but controlled by manned airborne platforms through man-in-the-loop guidance techniques from inside friendly airspace. Such PGMs are also the optimum weapons for naval coastal defence, since no DDG or FFG will ever bother to attack a coastline & instead use will be made of far smaller warships like FAC-Ms for staging sneak attacks. As for China’s stance, I have already answered this very question several times before.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: VMT. The earlier questions weren’t uploaded because they had already been answered before, & too many questions from one person, when uploaded, clutters up the comments section. It is therefore better to make one single comment with all questions of the day, instead of uploading separate questions individually.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To HARDIK THANKI: The inventory can be simplified if one family of AAMs (comprising SRAAMs & BVRAAMs) is integrated with different combat aircraft. But this can be possible only when the source of AAMs & combat aircraft are the same, i.e. one country. Since this is impossible for the next 80 years at least, the IAF will have to make do with different types of AAMs from different countries. After all, the OEM from one country that supplies combat aircraft will not share its weapons integration source codes with the country that supplies AAMs (except for when the sourcdes for both are belonging to one country or to one military alliance), especially when one comes from the West & another comes from Russia. That’s why it is utterly laughable when magazines like FLIGHT INT’L publish stories about Su-30MKIs being armed with Meteor BVRAAMs or Tejas Mk.1 using the R-73E SRAAM!

To TUSHAR: There’s no suych hardware as an untraceable cellphone or an untraceable phone number.

To INTOLERANT PERSON: All intelligently-guided missiles & bombs are PGMs as well.

To ARUN: It is the northern shoulder of the Chicken’s Neck area that has been activated. That is the Chhamb-Jaurian-Akhnoor sector. The BSF is therefore free to activate the southern shoulder of Chicken’s Neck, i.e. the Sialkot sector. Entire Jammu sector hasn’t been acticated, only thre southern Jammu area (plains) is affected.

To RAVI_N: Why? Because this has been an on-going game of sectarian oneupmanship & moral ascendancy between the Shias led by Iran & the Sunnis led by Saudi Arabia. Since Iran is committed to expanding the Shia sect, it wants to be the greatest foe of Israel so as to win the hearts of Sunnis & then have them converted to the Shia sect. This then will enable Iran to question Riyadh’s custodianship of Mecca & Medina, with the ultimate objective being to prove that the Shia sect is superior to the Sunni sect. Nor is there anything called Islamist country or an Islamist person. Practically no one practices Islam as done by the Holy Prophet & practicing it today is indeed an impossibility. In terms of scientific & engineering advancements, the Iranians are way at the bottom, rest assured. The Persian achievements were all in the pre-Islam era during the era of the Zorastrians. The Turks & the Egyptians have had far for success stories.

To RAD: Not the IRST sensor of the Su-30MKI, but long-range EOIRSTs of the type developed by SAGEM/SAFRAN, whose weblinks I had posted in the previous thread. Such long-range sensors need to be mast-mounted so that they can be raised out to an altitude of at least 70 feet above ground, or they can also be mounted on tethered aerostats.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: LoLz! Looks like hectic competition is on WRT who wins the title of ‘Bharat ka Param/Uttam/Sarvocch Bandalbaaz’ of ‘Maha Ramchhagol’! Let’s expose this git yet again:

Claim: What does one make of the Putin-Modi summit, officially described as “agenda-less”?
Reality: When the Indian PM himself mentioned the Int’l North South Transport Corridor or INSTC (a plan which was mooted decades ago to link India, Iran, Central Asia, Russia and Europe) in his Tweet, where then is there even a hint of the summit being agenda-less? Obviously the Corridor & the related Eurasian Customs Union were discussed & that’s precisely why Sochi was chosen as the venue to showcase Russia’s economic diversification & vitality in that area.

Claim: For starters, India’s engagement with the maritime quad to contain China has raised hackles in Moscow. Much of this doesn’t have to do with the formation itself, but rather with India’s verbal commitment to become more compatible with US military equipment and thereby significantly reduce the market for Russian equipment.
Reality: Even existing Russia-India military cooperation at technical & industrial levels have ensured that Russia remains India’s principal hardware supplier for the next 70 yerars at the very least, especially in the strategic arenas. This ‘Maha Ramchhagol’ has not realised that the longstanding Five-Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) involving Malaysia, Singapore, the UK, Australia & New Zealand has not prevented Russia from offering its latest weapons to all ASEAN member-states on an equal footing.

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Claim: This fear would only be exacerbated by the upcoming US ‘Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act’ (CAATSA) federal law.
Reality: Both the SSN/SSBN deal & S-400 deal are ‘grandfathered’ i.e. SSN/SSBN deals werepart of the umbrella agreement inked in 1988 while the MoU for S-400 was inked last year (in fact that’s how the US came to know about it since it was an official document acknowledged by Russia). And CAATSA cannot be applied retrospectively. In fact, the Ruskies will be laughing their way to their banks for the next 60 years, thanks to India’s decision to procure at least 12 VVER nuclear power reactors of the type in Kudankulam, plus the two coming up in Bangladesh for which India is training Bangladeshi human resources for operating them. So, India will remain Russia’s largest export customer for both military hardware & nuclear power reactors even way beyond 2090. And that explains why Putin was all-smiles at Sochi when meeting NaMo.

Claim: For India, the main issue will be the slow but sure infiltration of the Pakistan lobby in the Kremlin, spearheaded by Zamir Kabulov, Russia's point-person on Afghanistan, and former ambassador to India Vyacheslav Ivanovich Trubnikov. They have been floating ideas like “the solution to Afghanistan lies in Kashmir”.
Reality: Here the IDIOT has lost the entire plot. Russia has been trying for years to implement INSTC via Kazakhstan & western China by laying pipelines for oil/gas export to India. But China has been the sticking point due to its hold over Aksai Chin. In addition, it is now crystal-clear that the US wants nothing short of total capitulation from Iran, which means the end of the Chabahar dream for India. Consequently, the only other available route for such pipelines is through Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor & J & K, provided PoK is wrested away by India for good. That will ensure geographic contiguity between India, Afghanistan & Tajikistan. This therefore has nothing to do with any pro-Pak lobby in the Kremlin & well-meaning folks & true friends of India like Zamir Kabulov & Vyacheslav Ivanovich Trubnikov are being maligned by this ‘Maha Ramchhahol’ for totally mischievous reasons, obviously at the behest of some other party.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

More nonsensical soundbytes from delusional peaceniks:

These delusional folks don't even make an effort to understand the nature of the beast: every officer & soldier of Pakistan's military when being commissioned takes the oath of allegiance (read out from the Parchment) to FIRST protect the idea of Pakistan & then the Constitution of Pakistan. What it means is that the Pakistan Army is the sole entity to define what the idea of Pakistan is & ought to be. Till to date, that idea has been to be exactly the OPPOSITE of what India ism in order to derive a distinct identity. Consequently, if India is a secular & welfare state, then Pakistan will be a religiosity-based national security state with a single state religion. This 'IDEA' is then further stretched in all official Pakistani narratives to derive an existential threat perception, i.e. for as long as India remains s a secular welfare state, the idea/concept of a Pakistan with a single state religion will never succeed. Hence, for the Pakistani narrative to succeed, the Indian narrative should be destroyed at any & all costs. And that's exactly why in the last press conference of the DG of ISPR, the Maj Gen referred to India as Pakistan's ETERNAL ENEMY. How exactly then can one make peace with such irreconcilables?

And that is also why, from a legal standpoint, no Pakistani military dictator can ever be prosecuted for treason, for the idea of Pakistan is always legally regarded as being over & above the Constitution of Pakistan, i.e. there can never be a Constitution & legal jurisprudence unless there is first a country in existence. In pakistan's narrative, the first to be born was an ideological country & the Constitution followed much later. Hence, the idea/ideology of Pakistan takes precedence over all other man-made laws of Pakistan. In any national security state, all policy-making & narrative-building is therefore totally securitised.

These peaceniks just don't understand that while Gen/President Musharraf was making back-channel peace overtures to the UPA-1 Govt between 2004 & 2007, he successfully calibrated the violence-levels by reducing them inside J & K while increasing them all over the rest of India & in Afghanistan where expatriate Indians were targetted & killed. And they still expect that the present-pday Pakistan Army's COAS will try to make peace with India!!! These peaceniks just don't understand the difference between talks/discussions (baatcheet) that these peaceniks desire for, & negotiations (mazakharaat) that Pakistan demands.

And then there's this poece of yellow journalism:

Why the hell should the Chinese President make such a request to the Pak PM when he knows only too well that it is the Pak Army that views Hafiz Saeed as a strategic asset worthy of political mainstreaming? And exactly which West Asian country according to Xi Jinping will give refuge to Hafiz Saeed & risk the wrath of the US and even the United Nations? Syria? Somalia? Yemen?

jasss gill said...

sir, VMT for previous comments one more plz tell us what's the future of the Chabahar Port after sanctions on iran by us. many Pakistani bloggers said it is dead end

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
Is Akash missile good enough for area defence role like protecting air bases from all types of threats like bombers, cruise missiles etc..
How do you rate it against the best systems in operation around the world?

Is INS Arihant operational with K15 missiles?

just_curious said...


what do you make of this article..$92-bn-on-36-Rafale,-IAF-upgrading-80-Jaguars-to-Multi-Role-Fighter-Jets-for-$15-bn-558414

Do we need to gofor the jag upgrade now because the frames may barely last a decade more.Also,
Isn't the rafale deal no way related to the jag upgrade. I think we should go for more rafales (@4sqad)

Manu Singh said...

Dear Prasun,

What is Tyler talking about here??

Can you elaborate whether its about some US govt research item or complete UFO type thing??

Anonymous said...

Nice article Prasun sir and Israel as usual suprises everyone with their tactics, Intel, and of all their air defences and high end sensors tech.

Few questions
1)U.S. Ambassador to Israel Receives Picture of Jerusalem With Third Temple Replacing Muslim Mosques

Do you think Israel will again construct "third temple" btw it is not new for them given that they already re-constructed it once?

How significant is Jerusalem(Zion) and third temple to Zionists, Jews, Israelis? Share the significant events on this if possible.

2)From your above article:
"Russia had covertly informed Israel that the Al Quds force was trying to set up a large air force compound"

"And yet the Russians do not seem to be providing early warning cues to their Syrian counterparts about imminent IDF-AF air-strikes."

Any reason? Is it because of "jewish connections" and idealogical(zionism) or geo-political or combo of both geo-politics driven by idealogy. What do you deduce?

3) I am novice in this US-Israel-Mid East things but pls bear my question:
Why US supports Israel as its 51st state?
From the social media and recent rise alt-right and conspiracy theorists who say: "Jews(Rothschild and other court jew families of medival europe to be specific) control US fed reserve, global financial setup. They make US fight Israel's war for "Greater Israel" etc etc you might have known
How true is this?

4) Is it true that Evangelicals want global armageddon? Is that the reason for their support to the jewish state


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JASSS GILL: The Chabahar Port is up & running & will continue to be used by all those interested in reaching out to Afghanistan & Central Asia. The port is already connected by road. Only the railway tracks need to be laid from there till Afghanistan. India has leased certain berths at Chabahar for a few years but future payments in US$ currency is now not possible, so India will pay for the lease in Euros. Similarly, the railway tracks & related electrification work will from now one be financed with either Euros or with Indian Rs. Or Russian Rouble. Hence, Chabahar FTIZ will by no means end up being dead or defunct. But the more ambitious pl;an for using Chabahar for the INSTC plan for achieving road/rail connectivity via Turkey will ber affected. So, in conclusion, Chabahar FTIZ will very much function & grow as the alternative entry-port to Gwadar for servicing the markets of Afghanistan and other Central Asian Republics. Hence, leave the Paki bloggers to immerse themselves in their own self-deluding world of make-believe, which in any case is a dark bottomless pit from which there’s no escape.

To VED: Akash-1 is doing just fine as per ACM Dhanoa’s own on-the-record admission. It was NEVER meant to intercept cruise missiles. That’s the job of QR-SAM. INS Arihant has to date not fired a single ballistic missile from its VLS launch-tubes.

To JUST_CURIOUS: LoLz! Another gaseous emission from the ‘desi’ bandalbaaz! As I had explained numerous times before, the aircraft’s airframe lasts for several decades, only the engines need replacement to extend the aircraft’s total technical service life. Don’t forget the DC-3 Dakota’s example that I had given earlier. So, if the Jaguar is re-engined with F124IN turbofans, then it will be able to remain airworthy for at least another 25 years. Nor are extensive structural modificatioins reqd for accepting this turbofan, since it has been designed for drop-in installation. This explains it all:

As for Jaguars being underpowered, this is the case only when operating from air bases in Rajasthan & that too bat noontime or early afternoons, & not from any other air base elsewhere in India & this known to all since the mid-1980s itself. Hence, to claim that Jaguars across-the-board are underpowered is naΓ―ve & mischievous & downright idiotic.

To MANU SINGH: As the report clearly states, that object did not originate from this world.

ashish gautam said...

Ok fine.
I wanna rename u as Prasun "bundalbaaz's claims buster" sengupta.. 😜😜

Anonymous said...

Something off topic. Do you think that we had contact with aliens? Like many airforce pilots claim that they have seen UFOs, the Roswell incident etc? What's your take on this?


Intolerant Person said...

1.Do you think that recent case of Major Gogoi will be used for psy-ops by PA/ISI to demoralize IA?
2.Do you think there would be international humiliation of IA if proven true?

Ajay said...

Dear Sir

After last Months China Visit by PM Modi
What is the situation on LAC

Do you think that PLA will Behave properly or will they spring a surprise on us

Secondly is China Instigating Pakistan for these LOC and WB clashes

What is India's strategy now ; it looks like we have reached a dead end with Pakistan

Abhishek Dhar said...

Hello sir,

1.I wander why both our Kolkata and vishakapatnam class ships are underarmed in terms of number of vls in comparison to chinese and western ships?Only 32 baraks-especially with type 55 like ships coming into chinese service.

2.With pakfa in doldrums and china now inducting j-20 we need to get a proper 5th gen option soon.Isn't F-35 the only option since AMCA is a pie in the sky most likely as they can't even get tejas onto the field properly yet?

rad said...

hi prasun
you implied above that the r-73 cannot be fired by the lca , when we have seen videos of the actual firing ! pse explain

is the delilah operational with us?

Ludwig said...

Sir, What is the status of Integrated defence suit for Darin III?
Will the same system used on Tejas?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: LoLz! Thanks, but I’m reqd to bust not just one ‘desi bandalbaaz’, but several of them since they are increasing in number with almost each passing day!

TUSHAR: They will contact only the advanced vountries involved in cutting-edge R & D. Why would they contact anyone in India? To have their palms or foreheads read? Or to seek ‘moksha’ from India’s growing populace of Godmen/Godwomen? For, this is the state of guman-resource development in India now:

To INTOLERANT PERSON: The incident was nothing like what it being speculated about. The woman was probably an informant. So let us not stretch it a bit too far.

To AJAY: The situation is the same: they try to finger the IA & the IA does the same at a later date. The PLA lacls the human resources necessary to mount any kind of offensive land campaign anywhere along the LAC. It only has 3 Brigades of acclimatised troops, versus 10 Mountain Divisions of the IA. So why the hell will the PLA risk initiating a war that it knows it will lose decisively? India’s strategy vis-Γ -vis Pakistan is simple: let the suicidal decision-makers of Pakistan commit suicide. After all, most of them (civilians & military) have already obtained foreign citizenships for their families abroad & some of them have dual citizenships as well. Hence, they have no love lost for Pakistan.

To ABHISHEK DHAR: 1) Not 32, but 64. 32 in ready-to-fire mode & another 32 as standby reloads in palletised containers. 2) J-20 is still a decade away from emerging as a stealthy & supermanoeuvrable MRCA. The Rafale will thus be more than a match for the J-20. China is still in the infantile stages of developing RAM & such materials will first have to be used on LACMs & ADCMs before they are applied on MRCAs.

To RAD: Yes, everyone saw the R-73E SRAAM being fired, but did they all notice whether or not that firing was in guided mode or just in ballistic mode for the sale of testing the missile-ejection pylom? No one in India has procured the Delilah.

To LUDWIG: Have uploaded slides above WRT Jaguar IS/DARIN-3 project.

Anonymous said...


Good to know that the S-400 purchase is CAATSA proof. Curious to know whether we will have a MIRVed test (A5 Mk2 you mentioned in an earlier thread) in the next couple of years.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KRITAVARMA: CAATSA-proof? Has anyone certified it to be so?

Meanwhile, watch how North Korea stole Bangladesh's money:

Anonymous said...

I have seen these videos. It's really pathetic that exam was conducted. Also our education system needs some massive reforms.

Can shed some light on kongka la pass UFO incident? What actually happened there?


aritro data said...


1>any truth on the news of indian interest to buy TU22 supersonic bombers?

2>is the govt, taking any concrete steps against rohingyas or just lip service?

3>What is the true status of border sealing on myanmar and bangladesh border?

4>China has overwhelming number of conventional and nuclear submarines. Can india handle an all out sub attack with present assets? Or should it go for pre-emptive strikes-like PLNA base in hainan island?

Anonymous said...


Did'nt you say just some time ago that the S-400 MoU was signed before CAATSA came into effect ? Hope GoI does not buckle under CAATSA pressure and torpedo the S-400 deal and other aspects of our strategic partnership with Russia.


rad said...

hi prasun
great article on the darin 3 up grade

i dont understand why we have not used out HUD on the darin 3?

is the CIT combined interrogator and transponder cutting edge as well the SDR?

you clarified that the INS / RLG is tied in with the auto pilot and fcs and DMG . so i am assuming the darin 3 has a hands of low- low -low attack capability like the rafale ,assisted with terrain avoidance by the aesa elm-2052 ?????

if not is it a big deal to integrate so due to the radar , i assume that the when a radar is given to us it is tied in to other systems as well ?

why did we not ask the russians for integration codes for the r-73?? cost or incompatible electronics?? after all it is a good missile still.

why did we not buy the delilah as the israleis were open to selling to us. we just saw how effective and precise the missile is especially for the low sensor to shooter time .?
we can take out the like of saeed and is co horts with such a missile ??

has the asraam been fully integrated to the HMS ? is it longer in range compared to the python 5 ?

what HMS is on board?? i believe it is not Israeli??

just_curious said...

- what do you make of the recent news about RELIANCE Naval defence companies financial woes & how it may impact the LPD procurement as it is at a stage where reliance & l&t have been shortlisted and may lead to single vendor situation which may stall the project from decades..
- any new updates on QRSAM? and will it be able to replace the barak 1 short range missile defence system in the future
- will India make a sincere attempt @ buying 24 mh60R helios
-does kamov 226T stand a good chance in the naval NUH against airbus 565
- Current jaguars have just 5 hardpoints with the engine upgrades and more power can more hardpoints be added to them.. Also is drdo or anyone developing muliple weapons ejectors/launchers?

Anonymous said...

“Russia had covertly informed Israel that the Al Quds force was trying to set up a large air force compound under its exclusive control and was planning to deploy Russia-built S-300PS LR-SAMs there.”

I’m not getting full picture here why Russians are against Iran in supporting Syria?
Please bring out whole picture on whose side who are working? Right from the beginning


Pierre Zorin said...

Anna - whether it is Anna as in a girl or An na as in rice not sure- methinks the latter: Evangelicals want armageddon?! So you reckon Divinely ordained things are now on the human wish's tap? Please search Youtube about these things: Battle of Armageddon in the Bible; Why Israel is in God's plan and you will get your answers.

Pierre Zorin said...

Manu Singh please check out articles on There are videos too to watch on Youtube under UFO phenomenon by the same people.

Abhishek Dhar said...

Sir you spoke of 32 barak reloads..but whats the point? Why not just have 32 more vls..there seems to be plenty of space for it.Reloads cant defend against saturation attacks..i dont know of any modern ship that has reloads rather than vls.looks like a stupid move by IN.They have also disappointed us with undergunned kamorta class for its size and p17a again with just 32 baraks.IN brass seems obsessed with old rbu6000 which russian navy is phasing out..why wont they just use new gen anti sub systems like paket or vls launched options like asroc? IN looks clueless ..

Prranshu Yadav said...

I have a few questions related to the dicussion we previously had regarding Brahmos and Nirbhay.

1. As you said, air version of brahmos will be used to take out enemy AEWACS from long distance. But i have read that India was in the process of developing/procuring Novator K100 from Russia. As you might know K100 is supposed to be an 'AEWACS killer' with range of 300 to 400 km and is launchable from Su-30. Then why use brahmos for the same purpose?

2. You said that brahmos will use its radar to scan a wide area for enemy AEWACS. Instead of this, wouldn't it be easier to make the missile home in on the radar emissions of the AEWACS?

3. Like you mentioned in this thread, delilah has a camera that can be used to guide the missile by man in the loop from an airbrone platform. I also know that tomahawk can also carry a camera to send video of it flying towards its target back to commander. So my question is this- Is it possible to fit nirbhay with a camera and guide it in its last stage by man in the loop? Since it has a very long range, the man in the loop guidence could be done through a satellite link instead of a direct line of sight link. Is that possible?

Thanks a lot. And as usual, great article πŸ‘.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARITRO DATA: 1) That vwas only in the late 1990s & by 2002 that proposal was rejected. 2) Exactly what steps can be taken? If Myanmar is unwilling to acknowledge that the Rohingyas are its citizens, then where & how can they be deported back? Hence, whichever country in the world has Rohingyas as refugees, that country is now in a hopeless situation since it cannot send the Rohingyas to any other country unless some country is willing to accept them. 3) Work on it is underway & will be completed by 2022. 4) Conventiona; SSKs cannot operate in Bay of Bengal or IOR without obtaining steady replenishment from shore-based ports. Hence, such SSKs can easily be detected & tracked. The principal challenge comes from PLAN’s SSNs, for which the IN requires no less than 8 SSNs to neutralize the threat.

To KRITAVARMA: It is up to the US Congress to define the true scope of CAATSA. Hence, India is at the receiving end just like Vietnam.

To RAD: What is ‘our’ HUD? The one developed for Tejas Mk.1? The Jaguar IS does not need advanced HUDs as it is not a MRCA & will not have to engage in air combat. The EL/M-2052 AESA-MMR will enable the Jaguar IS to take lo-lo-lo terrain avoidance flight-paths. RLG-INS, autopilot, DMG & AESA-MMR are all connected to the mission computer & all share the same data. Russians never share their source-codes nor do they have anything like the US’ object codes that enable secondary integration. Delilah cannot be acquired for as long as the Indian MoD blacklists IMI. It is not about getting the right PGM for taking out terrorists, instead it is all about having the ability to acquire real-time information on the exact whereabouts of terrorists & the will to invest in such information-gathering means & also the means to target them with PGMs. So, how can the IAF do such targetting if the standing orders from past political ‘netas’ has been not to cross the LoC? ASRAAM has been integrated with the TARGO HMDS. MBDA has worked with ELBIT Systems to ensure this through the ‘object code’ route for obtaining source-code compatibility.

To JUST_CURIOUS: 1) Reliance is now out of the LPH competition. It is having enough trouble trying to deliver the 5 NOPVs to the IN. 2) QR-SAM is still under development & won’t be reqd to replace Barak-1s because IAI & RAFAEL are already supplying new Barak-1s to the IN. 3) MH-60R is not what the IN requires. The better option is for S-70B Seahawks. 4) No. 5) No of hardpoints cannot be changed. Only dual or triple ejector racks can be added to the pylons.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RON: The Russians are helping the Assad regime for the sake of preventing Syria from going the Libya way, i.e. total disintegration. The Ruskies favour a national unity govt & are not in favour of a single regime. The Iranian goal is for perpetuating the rule of the minority Alawite Shias in Syria so that Syrian soil can be used for arming & financially supporting Hezbollah & using Syria as a mahor logistical hub for such purposes. Hence, Russia & Iran are present in Syria for totally different purposes & thus do not have common objectives. And the Ruskies know very well how Iran has been illegally violating its agreements with Russia by supplying Russia-built weapons to Hezbollah.

To ABHISHEK DHAR: It may look like that from the outside, but the reality is different. There are space constraints for mounting the VLS cells. And no one will waste money by launching saturation attacks against a solitary warship. Saturation attacks make sense only against a flotilla but then again each warship of a flotilla will have enough SAMs on board to fend off such attacks.

To PRRANSHU YADAV: 1) Those were all speculative rumours. The K-100 was developed fopr shooting down bombers like B-52s & B-1Bs & therefore could not go beyond 250km at best. 2) And what happens when the cradar stops emitting? I had clearly stated in the previous thread that a PAF AEW & CS platform will be operating over locations far out to the west while an IAF Su-30MKI will be reqd to launch BrahMos-A/BrahMos-NG from inside Indian airspace so as not to give any early warning of such an attack. That means the missile will be reqd to travel at least 500km & seek out the targetted AEW & CS with its own eyes & years in the terminal stage. 3) Man-in-the-loop guidance makes sense only for tactical missiles like Delilah or Spice or Popeye since the launch aircraft has to stay airborne at medium altitudes for ensuring line-of-sight contact via the data-link pod. For long-range subsonic missiles, this isn’t possible since the aircraft will have to cruise at medium altitudes for more than 45 minutes, which in turn will expose it to hostile radar surveillance. Hence, long-range cruise missiles must always be of the fire-n-forget type. Using SATCOM for imagery transmission will be detected by passive surveillance systems. Hence, the best option is for ZERO RF emission of any kind till the missile’s terminal stage of flight.

Ludwig. said...

Thank you Prasun sir, for the details on Darin III, and the excellent pictures. Considering that IAF has demanded a radio altimeter on Tajas MKIA, would I be wrong in assuming that IAF is working towards the plan you described in your post on Tejas MKII as a replacement for Jaguars?
1) Sir what would be the timeline for Darin III now going forward.

2)Although it made me wonder, about what you said in the previous post, in a reply to John regarding, Tejas MK1-A & Cockpit-NG suit. Would the new MFD displays on Darin III be enough for simultaneously displaying data from targeting pods and different radar modes of 2052?

Also sir, in an Answer to Abhishek, you said Indian ships carry reloads:
3) As Abhishek has asked, wouldn't more VLS be better?
4) How does the reload process work on these vessels? Is it similar to incline launchers you showed on your Defexpo post? If not how?
5) Do these ships keep reloads for Brahmos as well?
6) Will SRSAMs and Nirbhay LACM installed on these vessels? If installed will there still be space for reloads?
7) Where does the Medium range Anti-ship missile fit in this? Will it also be installed on these vessels or only on smaller vessels?
Or perhaps for only coastal defence? Or for its aircraft? What role does navy want it to fulfil? A missile like NSM could do all the roles.
6) Also does navy have plans for a missile like SM-3 in its arsenal?

bhoutik said...

couple questions prasun bhai:

*the picture of the f-35 over beirut - what's circled red and why

*why did south korea use MF-STAR instead of the SPY-1D(V)

ashish gautam said...

Ok I will take care of your advice.
Few questions sir
1) apart from conflicting media reports regarding Maj gogoi's incident at Srinagar hotel, what inside info do you have about it??
2) why indian army & bsf r not using tanks(for directly blasting of bunkers), ATGMs & heavy artillery to suppress enemy fire in currently hot region?
3) by how much re-engining of jaguars will boost its weapon carrying capacity & current endurance?

bhoutik said...

does a Jaguar 'M' variant (the naval variant tested by the French) with F125XX engines (don't know if that program exists - if not, IN could have funded it for the Jag variant) make sense for the carrier fleet? escorted by the Migs they could be a nice combo maybe....

Pierre Zorin said...

Just thought will mention. When reading this blog I don't know why I seem to skip through a lot of comments and get fixated on the "Prasun K. Sengupta said..." part :)

Pierre Zorin said...

Definitely good idea for IA T-72 tank upgrade at Kadex
Another Nexter super product worth considering than showing off BMP II :

Ved said...

"ASRAAM has been integrated with the TARGO HMDS. MBDA has worked with ELBIT Systems to ensure this through the ‘object code’ route for obtaining source-code compatibility."
Dear Prasun,
In a similar manner can't the Meteor be also integrated on Tejas Mk1A as it is also a product of MBDA?

Do you have any info on B21 Raider? Why are we not investing in a similar project of our own.

Anonymous said...


A lot of noise is doing the rounds regarding our restarting talks with the Pak. Is it true that senior security officials are recommendin such talks? What is the reason, when we have the upper hand on th LoC ? Hope GoI decides to escalate on the LoC instead of succumbing to the same cycle of talks.


rad said...

hi prasun

Its high time we started making or buying an advanced IRST like the on that is fitted to the latest f-18 e ie the IRST. I seems that t can detect targets beyond s the range of an aesa radr ?? that is great

at least we can start now .

give us some dope on the pak irst in service

Anonymous said...

Some interesting news:

1)US envoys treated badly in Pakistan, Pompeo tells Congress

It seems US is after Dr.Afridi as Trump promised in his campaign. What will happen?

Musharraf suggests exchanging Afridi for Fazlullah

2) You haven't answered my previous question on "May 24, 2018 at 7:36 PM"


ashish gautam said...

Sorry sir I forgot to ask this question in my previous comment, u may approve it later no issues with that.
1) Why don't We use commercially available processor (latest intel I5, i7 series or snapdragon made mobile processors) , RAM(DDR4 or more latest) & Graphic card( NVIDIA GeForce or adreno Radeon) etc for using as mission computers in fighters as well s other aircraft???
2) Is it not possible that we purchase them from market, put them on our designed mother board, load our software & utilize them accordingly??

Rishi said...

Prasun Sir Ji ;

It is well known that PAF Block 52s are Based at JACOBABAD
and US has put its personnel for monitoring the PAF activities
ie not allowing Chinese to come near BK 52s

Jacobabad is a Juicy target we can knock out their latest Block 52s

Now if IAF strikes at Jacobabad and Americans are killed ; then what will happen

Anonymous said...

Sir make a post of Al Quds special forces there origins, undercover operations around the world and how n why they are designated as terrorist organisation? Especially who are training them, how they are getting weapons n money? If any present some operations in Pakistan?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Pierre Zorin said...

Modi's grand ideas don't deliver grand results because the whole nation is run by grandfathers following the grand tradition of grand apathy and grand myopia.

Manoj G said...


Just out of curiosity, does the Bible or any other Christian Holy book have any prophecy about India ? Positive , negative? Something that might happen in the future. Thanks, Manoj

DAshu said...

Sometimes I wonder suddenly what happened to everyone in Pakistan that they started telling truth which is known to everyone but nothing could be done to Pakistan internationally(Thanks to Chinks). They were, are and will continue to poke India and PA will continue to be the sole power in Pak. Dont know what they are achieving out of it .

Anonymous said...

looks like they are escaping wraith of FTAF



Prasun Da,

I've a question about warrior tribes or maybe martial race.

Is it true that some tribes/communities are born warriors ? Like Pashtuns, Slavs, Spartans, Huns & maybe Sikhs etc ? If yes, what makes them warriors by birth ?

Thank You

kishore said...

@ Pierre Zorin said...
Just thought will mention. When reading this blog I don't know why I seem to skip through a lot of comments and get fixated on the "Prasun K. Sengupta said..." part :)

I am doing that for many many months. esplly when that moron senthil is on the horizon.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LUDWIG: VMT. The Tejas Mk.1 already has an altimeter, it is nowadays standard fit on all combat/transport aircraft & helicopters & all combat-support aircraft & helicopters. What the IAF has asked for is a better-quality radar altimeter because the one on Tejas Mk.1 is of late 1990s design vintage, since the design of Tejas Mk.1 was frozen early in the previous decade. 1) First 6 Jaguar IS are already being upgraded at HAL Benguluru. 2) Of course they would be more than enough, since the Jaguar IS is an interdictor & is not an MRCA & therefore does not require all the situational awareness displays of the type that an MRCA requires. 3) Better, yes, but that depends on the volume available. On P-15A/P-15B DDGs there’s no spare volume. 4) No. Thje reloads are all cannistered & packed in pallets that are on roll-on/roll-off rollers & hence can be moved to their final destinations internally. 5) Never. 6) No. 7) MR-ASCMs are not meant for FFGs or DDGs, only for P-25A corvettes & the NGMVs & NMRHs. 6) No, because for BMD the land-based network is more than enough. Onmly those countries that are reqd to forward deploy their BMD interceptors (like Japan & the US) cloer to the enemy’s BM launch sites feel it necessary to mount such interceptors on warships that can get close to DPRK’s territory by sea.

To BHOUTIK: 1) What is it? They are active phased-array directional jammers for jamming inbound BVRAAMs from the frontal & rear aspects. On the Super Su-30MKI such jammers will be mounted INSIDE the vertical tailfins. 2) Because MF-STAR is a more flexible design when citing distributed arrays on a warship’s superstructure. In addition, the RoKN is not under UN Component Command & therefore is not under the US military command (as mandatyed by the UN after the 1953 armistice). In 1953 there was no RoKN & therefore it did not come under the UN’s US-led military command. Hence ther RoKN is not as much under the US military influence as the RoKAF & RoKA are. 3) The French tried only once to try the Jaguar IS to operate from an aircraft carrier & gave up SIMPLY BECAUSE of what I had explained in the previous thread, i.e. all carrier-based combat aircraft have to be designed around their landing gears, which the SEPECAT Haguar IS wasn’t & therefore the airframe was totally unsuitable for carrier-based operations.

To PIERRE ZORIN: Even the T-72CIA Mk.2 upgrade as proposed by the DRDO is equally good, am only surprised that it wasn’t shown at DEFEXPO 2018. But as the MoD document I had uploaded in the previous thread shows, both the T-72 & T-90S require a new cannon, preferably the 125mm 2A82 smoothbore in place of the existing 2A46 125mm smoothbore cannon, so that more heavier-alloy APFSDS penetrator rods can be used by the 125mm rounds for ensuring superior penetration effects of hostile armour. Also, since up-armouring of existing T-72Ms & T-90s increases MBT weight, the power-to-weight ratio goes down to less than 20hp/tonne. Hence the reqmt is for 1,300hp or 1,500hp diesel engines which the Ruskies now have for the T-14 Armata, so that mobility & manoeuvrability parameters are improved, since in a future war in the Chhamb-Sialkot sector fire-and-maboeuvre will be of the essence. And that’s exactly why the PA’s Al Khalid MBTs havce power-to-weight ratio of 24.5hp/tonne—superior to what the IA’s T-72Ms & T-90S can possibly achieve.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VED: Why try to compare apples with oranges? ASRAAM is IIR-guided whereas Meteor is radar-guided. For ASRAAM all that the HMDS does is look towards the target & the ASRAAM’s IIR seeker too follows suit & starts looking off-boresight in azimuth. After that the HMFS’ job ends & the ASRAAM is bid Bon Voyage! In meteor’s case, the BVRAAM has to be guided up to a certain distance by the on-board AESA-MMR until the terminal stage, when the Meteor’s own active seeker takes over. Hence the Meteor needs to be compatible with that of the AESA-MMR. So, if Tejas Mk.1A gets the RBE-2, then the problem of integration will be eliminated. But if some other AESA-MMR is selected, then much more money will be charged by the AESA-MMR’s OEM as integration fee.

To SATYAKI: Don’t worry, those are all trial balloons being floated. Nothing will come of them & they will all harmlessly explode.

To RAD: What Pak IRST? They had only claimed in the late 1980s to have developed a pod-mounted one at PAC Kamra, but it was never put to operatioal use & it got buried forever.

To ANNA: That Shakil Afridi fella was given a really bad deal. Although he is a resident of KPK province, his ‘arrest’ was staged within FATA just so that under the then prevailing FCR regulations, he would be denied a fair trial & he was thus summarily sentenced by the local political agent of FATA for 33 years in prison.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: 1 & 2)) They all use commercial INTEL processors. But those processors then have to be EMP/EMI-hatdened through customisation.

To RISHI: No US personnel are reqd to be based in any PAF air base where F-16s are located. All that the US does is conduct surprise on-site inspections.

To RON: Why go so far when there’s so much more to find out nearer to India? For instance, while almost everyone is aware of Rohingya refugees inside India, how many know about the Chin refugees inside Mizoram? Here, watch this:

To MANOJ G: When ‘something might happen’, it denotes a prediction like the ones I have made. A prophecy on the other hand means IT WILL HAPPEN.

To RANDE: It’s way too late now. The trapdoor has already given way & now it’s a journey down a bottomless pit. Perhaps that’s why in lieu of embracing KAYAMAT (doomsday, or the End of Days) folks there are blurting out the truths in bits & pieces.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: No one’s a born warrior, but yes, there are those who from birth have solid physiological constitution due to their forefathers living in inhospitable areas characterized by harsh living conditions. The rest of it is taken up by environmental conditioning, like living in areas that serve as pathways to invasions. This then contributes to the growth of & impropvisations through survival instincts that kick in during moments of crisis.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KISHORE: LoLz! Looks like you require beyond-the-horizon sensory perception to obtain a firm fix/target lock-on so as to prevent Senthil from emerging at the horizon & going ballistic like a rising phoenix, which of course will for sure be much to your disgust & irritation. Perhaps you therefore require an S-400 LR-SAM with only a Senthil-specific target recognition algorithm (LoLz!) for its Ka-band active seeker. Senthil in essence is an accha insaan. One only needs to engage him with patient dielectics,

To DASHU: It all becomes evident when reads BOTH reads the book authored by A S Dulat & Lt Gen (Ret’d) Asad Durrani, & hears all the dissections of that book, which ion essence has validated all that I had stated about Pakistan’s IDEOLOGICAL obsession of a compulsive nature with Kashmir. The book also fully unveils the ideological mindset of a regressive nature & reluctantly admits that this is the bane of Pakistan & why no one in the world buys Pakistan’s narrative on any subject. And talking about truths that have yet to emerge but will do so in future, this one concerns the Pathankot incident of January 2016: when Pakistan decided to investigate this incident, the Pak PMO entrusted this tasking to the country’s Intelligence Bureau (OB) & not to the ISI. The IB upon investigating the incident started zeroeing in on Masood Azahar but before it could lay its hands of Azhar, the ISI took Azhar into its safe custody at a safe-house in Islamabad & thus the IB was prevented from getting to the truth. And after the JIT from Pakistan had gone back after visiting Pathankot, it was the NIA’s turn to go get invited to go to Pakistan. But before the IB could issue the invitation for this reciprocal visit, the ISI initiated its operation to kidnap Kulbhushan Jadhav in order to deflect the Pak PMO’s attention from the Pathankot case & make a case for not giving the NIA question to all those detained in Pakistan by the IB & ISI. The ISI’s alibi then was this would then have created a precedent under which India would have demanded similar reciprocal access to Jadhav in case Pakistani authorities were granted access by India to Jadhav’s official IN service records.

Here are Pakistani reactions to the Dulat-Durrani book:

But a far more interesting revelation now comes a book launched 2 days ago in Islamabad. More about it here:

From Kargil to the Coup by Nasim Zehra:

The PA’s Kargil misadventure was not called OP BADR, but was codenamed OP KOH PAIMA:

So, enjoy them all & have a great weekend ahead.

Pierre Zorin said...

Manoj India is the only country mentioned in the Bible by name- the Book of Esther. With regards to prophecy - not directly but India having been a colony of the UK is bundled under young Lions of Tarshish - that is countries aligned to the UK in some form including the US. There is no 100% agreement about this but there is a huge possibility. The two groupings are supposed to be - Russia/China/Iran/Sudan/Arabs vs Israel and the West + commonwealth.
Here is some more info on the topic

ashish gautam said...

Thanks for answer & other data links.
Kindly answer my questions posted on May 25, 9:52PM

Ludwig said...

Sir, if what you say is true, why IN ships are designed in such a way?
Is this because of the lack of an integrated mast? When we look at Type 052D the 64 Universal VLS used on it very similar to MK41.

If they are able to make an ESSM style missile that can be quad packed, which many Chinese military bloggers claim is DK-10A based on PL12 Air to Air missile. They would be able to throw many more missiles from this config. Making them much more potent in fleet defence roles.

While Barak-8 is an excellent missile the number will be restricted to max 32 on one salvo. Moreover Chinese have a 24 cell HHQ 10 launcher on their vessels for sea-skimming missiles, we lack a similar system.

The only advantage I see on Kolkata class ships is that they have 2 hangars. But there our lack of ASW helicopters and slow procurement hurts them.

Manoj G said...

Hi Prasun,

So you are saying that there are Biblical prophecies about India in the Bible ? If yes, can you share a few ? Thanks.

jasss gill said...

sir, is indian army upgrade t90s or t 72 cia have trophy like systems? watching video trophy system intercepted and destroyed Russian kornet anti tank missile

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

This is how the valiant warrior who delivered Haji Pir Pass in 1965 & Chicken's Neck in 1971 gets 'honoured' by the 'netas' (from all political parties) of India:

This above all shows what exactly the priorities of these 'netas' are, & they most certainly are not nationalists by any stretch of imagination!!!


Thanks PrasunDa,

So does this mean that people from certain communities have solid physiological constitution from birth ? Interesting.

Also, they probably have some psychological conditioning as well .

While growing up, I've seen communities like Sikhs, Nagas who are aggressive ( Ugro) in their body language and attitude.

Intolerant Person said...

If you could recall,earlier I mentioned about my friend who is IAS.Now he says that Indians who are leaving India to settle abroad have no right to speak for the benefit of India.As I am myself planning to study my for my graduation abroad,he now says that I shouldn't speak anything related to India's problems like tribalist mindset or how flawed our system is in aspects like health Care which is invented largely by netas.Am I or any Indian leaving India isn't "Indian" enough that we can't speak?Reminds me of Pakistan where those who speak in the benefit of Pak. but live abroad are tagged as "Yahoodi Agent"! What's your say on this kind of mindset?
BTW,I am currently studying in 12th and every morning I check you blogs.As an Military Aviation geek,I must say,I love your blog.It's a great source of Inspiration and Learning new stuffs.

Manoj G said...

@ Pierre Zorin ,


That means ( according to the Bible) India will no longer remain an ally of Russia, but will in fact become an adversary ? Intriguing. Also Russia will invade Israel ? Equally intriguing, but it seems no timeline is provided.

I read that once Britain became totally Protestant ( during Henry V's rule) they tampered with the original Bible to suit their needs & brought about several changes especially to project Britain as a superpower for ever.

If I've understood correctly there is no agreement among various Christian groups ( Catholics, Evangelics, Eastern Orthodox, etc) on the exact time of the Second Coming either. Maybe after Russia invades Israel. Not in our lifetime , I think.

Rajesh Mishra said...

India, Israel, Russia and Trump will have to be together finally during the WW3. Armageddon is the last war of WW3, when all the huge remnant blistered peoples from Pakistan, China and Turkey will unitedly invade the North India and block the Hastinapur (Delhi) for some time. They will cross the Ganges almost at all places and advance to the South.

Armageddon = Harmagadhan = Hardwar to Magadh.

A huge army from the places like Odissa, SriLanka and whole of the South India and Indian peninsula will rise and march to the Delhi and liberate it. Then in the biggest war of the Kaliyug, this army will surround all the invaders between the rivers of Ganges and Yamuna and finish them forever.

Narayan said...

Prasun bhai,looks like The Day is approaching fast eagerly awaiting your thread on POK liberation war.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: 1) I have no inside info on this incident. 2) Because BSF doesn not have tanks & that area is under BSF jurisdiction & not the IA’s. 3) It is all in the F-125N videoclip I had posted earlier.

To LUDWIG: 1) It’s because IN warships are not as automated as other Western warships are. IN’s warships are manpower-intensive. 2) Eben Nirbhay can be used as an ASCM. 3) Ass I explained earlier, salvo-firings of SAMs from a single warship not reqd when a flotilla of warships is under attack. PLAN warships with HQ-8 LR-SAMs don’t use such SAMs for ASCM interception.

To MANOJ_G: There are prophecies & revelations in both the Bible & the Al Hadis. But the revelations about future events are conditions-based, i.e.the exactness of every future event depends on the course one takes in the present, i.e. there are 3 possibilities depending on the steps/events of the present. This is also validated by the laws of physics.

To JASSS GILL: Of course, APS is included in the upgrade package. Trophy & Iron First APS suites were both exhibited at the DEFEXPO 2018 expo as shown fitted on T-90S MBT scale-models & I had even uploaded their photos.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Yes, especially those hailing from mountainous areas, who also have long lifespans because they from birth drink the freshly melted waters from the glaciers that are rich in the 27 minerals reqd for a strong body constitution. By the time such waters reaches the plains through rivers, the mineral content gets greatly minimised.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To INTOLERANT PERSON: LoLz! Looks like he belongs to the ‘Indian Arseholes’ Service’! But I assure you that he’s not the only one. In fact, anyone who really wants to transform India has first to transform the administrative processes. For instance, the administrative processes now being followed & implemented dated back to 1861 & were introduced in the aftermath of the 1857 uprising by Lord Robert Cornelius Napier. The 2 specific acts were the Indian Councils Act of 1861 & the Indian Police Act of 1861. Both were patterned on lines of the then British rule over Northern Ireland & were therefore draconian. One can read more here:

These 2 Acts were legislated right after 1857 to bring in efficient administration in the country and to prevent any future revolts. These Acts has continued despite Indian being transformed from a British colony to a sovereign Republic. India’s National Police Commission, 1979-81 (NPC) felt the need for reform and hence it went on draft a Model Police Act in its Eighth Report submitted in 1981. Unfortunately, this proposed bill, which was developed as a response to the context of the times, and addressed to end some of the ills that plague policing has not been adopted by any state despite the Indian Supreme Court mandating its acceptance in the late 1990s itself. Similarly, for public administration, the colonial Brits used to have a District Magistrate (DM), District Collector (DC), District Labour Commissioner (DLC) & the Police District Superintendent (runnin g the Special Branch) as the 4 essential pillars. However, in independent India where local self-govts exist & Mayors exist for metropolitan cities, the posts of DM & DC are not reqd at all. Instead, Judicial Majistrates & District Development Officers are all that’s reqd, with the Mayor or Panchayat Leader being directly answerable to its constituents for public administration performance. It is due to this that today in India people in general are still fearful of the Police or CAPF & avoid them, instead of embracing them as protectors of communities. Hence, the Police forces too have become victims of political manipulation by being made answerable to the state govt machinery. Hence they are hated & not trusted. So, if anyone claiming to be a leader who wants to transform India is LYING about his/her intentions unless & until he/she is determined to do away with the 2 Acts of 1861 & in their place bring in India-specific legislations. So far, no one has shown the guts/balls to do this. An that is the ultimate test of who's a nationalist/patriot & who isn't.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Dawood Ibrahim's Indian Cricket Match-Fixers:

When Gwadar Became Part of Pakistan:

Gwadar Today:

How ISI Tails Foreigners:

Pakistan’s Dire Economy

(US$1 billion borrowed from China last week & talks on-going for borrowing another US$3 billion)

South Waziristan Today:

North Waziristan Today:

Latest Report on MH-370 Crash:

just_curious said...


- Can you pls share the link for "T-72CIA Mk.2 upgrade as proposed by the DRDO" or the name of the thread where you have shared the details.. what additions are to come into this upgrade.. will the automatic turret displayed in def expo be apart of it as also will it now have APS system ? will the main gun be upgraded? which is the most advanced T72 version .. is it the latest T 72B3M?
- How easy is it to upgrade the main gun of a tank..can the main gun of arjun mk 2 be upgraded to a 130mm one or the 152 mm one -which is to used used on armata T14
- you mentioned in your reply to me on Jags that new weapons stns cannot be added but IAF did add the overwing stn .. also why cant the wingtips be used like many other fighters?

Ludwig said...

Sir, Thank you for bringing this to the notice, I have gone on a quick wiki check and Indian ships have larger complements than there Chinese counterparts.
Sir considering this:
1) Why haven't Indian Navy embraced automation, wouldn't that reduce operational costs for Navy?
2) Would Project 17A still have higher automation considering Fincantieri is banned, and if yes why are they under armed in comparison to Shivaliks? (32 Barak8 vs 32Barak1+24Shithil)

3)I was thinking about Ran40-L and Leonardo. Do you think some movement happened during the visit by RM?

4)What are Indian Navy's plans for an Integrated Mast? Considering there is some interest in IN by looking at the author?

5) What about Quad packing missiles, can China build a missile like ESSM, wouldn't this allow them to field more missiles?

Arpit Kanodia said...


What's your opinion about D company involvement in match fixing.

He saying 60-70% of matches are fixed and very big players from Aussies, Eng and Ind are involved.

Pierre Zorin said...

Manoj G you might like to see this:

Have a read of these:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JUST_CURIOUS: There are nop dedicated weblinks for T-72CIA Mk.2 upgrade or T-90S upgrade since the packages has not yet been finalized. No automatic turret was displayed at DEFEXPO. Only 12.7mm RCWS was. It is not possible to upgrade the existing 125mm smoothbore cannon, If it were, then by now both the Russian T-72s & T-90s would have incorporated the latest 125mm cannon seen on the T-14 Armata MBT. So, if the Indian MoD is having dreams about a bunch of Indian engineers succeeding a new-generation ‘deso’ 125mm smoothbore cannon for the T-72 & T-90S, then whosoever such folks are, they are living in cuckooland, rest assured. There’s no need to increase barrel diameter of Arhun MBT’s 120mm rifled bore cannon. Just an upgrade to smoothbore will suffice. And IAF NEVER added overwiong stations on Jaguar IS. The aircraft was designed from the outset to have such stations for the Matra R550 Magic-2 & AIM-9 Sidewinder SRAAMs, as can be seen here:

To LUDWIG: Automation is capital-intensive, but it will eventually find its way into the IN’s warships as more & more vertically-launched weapons are introduced into service. Fincantieri was never banned. Finmeccanica was/is. P1-7A FFGs have greater firepower than P-17 FFGs. P-17 FFGs have 16 Barak-1s. P-17A FFGs don’t require Barak-1s since Barak-8 is sufficient to do the job. Only 1 RAN-40L has been ordered & already delivered for IAC-1. Integrated Masts will be on future DDGs & FFGs now on the drawing boards. Why should there be a need for quad-packing ESSM-type missiles when VL SAMs like Barak-8 are already available?

To ARPIT KANODIA: That’s precisely why I stopped watching all cricket matches since mid-1987 & since then I have had no interest of any kind in such tournaments. Just imagine if there was a Nobel Prize category for conducting the world’s ‘Best Do Numbari Dhanda’, how many such prizes India-based Indians & NRIs would have consistently won by now, of course with the Pakistanis also vying for the same honours in their quest for achieving full-spectrum ‘strategic parity’ with India!!!

ashish gautam said...

Thanks for info sir.
Sir for 2019, ab ki bar clearcut majority to modi sarkar or to united/divided opposition??

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Indians must STOP making mistakes of their own & trying to blame others for all of India's woes. For example, the camp office in Biratnagar has been a bone of contention between the two countries. Nepal has been maintaining that the temporary office that was set up in 2008 June to repair and maintain the Kosi dam in the wake of floods and breach at some points was converted into a defacto consulate office. At least two letters from the Nepal government to wind up the office six years ago did not receive a response from India. But apparently, Indian PM Narendra Modi, during his recent visit agreed to Oli’s demand. An announcement about the removal of the office was made last week.

In India's polarised polity, it is no surprise that there is no patience with glass half-full, half-empty assessments. It is either the Kaliyug climax round the corner or Ram Rajya redemption on the horizon. No one is bothered about structural reforms & hence industrial growth gets decapitated due to this:

So this being the case, how can India attract foreign investors? Therefore, read this:

ashish gautam said...

Hmm ryt sir. I didn't expected such a detailed answer though. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜œ
Somewhere I have a feeling of Rahul Gandhi k assassination ki....
Coz if congress loose 2019 completely... They won't hesitate fr getting this done too... & then Priyanka will take over reign in Congress... Who is known To be much more wiser then this national toy... Let's see if ram rajya on horizon or Kaliyug climax or conversion of india into Islamic nation on horizon.... Only time will tell....

Glaginye said...


I was reading recently that the sale of S400 also has an additional tagged item. The FGFA. How far is this true?

How can India circumvent the US sanctions on this one. Will Uncle Sam give us a waiver?

Are we buying any UCAV's from US. Will Congress ratify the sale?


Arpit Kanodia said...


What's your opinion about Gilgit Baltistan order

Intolerant Person said...

1.Looks like Turks are gone nuts:

Some question arising from Spy Chronicles book:
2.Asad Durani says:
In military terms, a surgical strike would normally be something like dropping
special services 200 km behind enemy lines to carry out a spectacular attack against
a sensitive target: a nuclear installation; a GHQ; or Osama bin Laden. Shelling
across the LoC and a raid a couple of hundred metres inside enemy territory to kill
a few goats would not exactly meet the criteria. But then the bigger purpose—a
political one—could be fulfilled. That’s why for some it’s a genuine surgical strike,
for others a political surgical strike, and for yet others a fake surgical strike. In all
cases it serves a strategic purpose.

What's your say?I thought this book was 100% true....
3.Is it true?:
Dulat: Our biggest failure against Pakistan is that we’ve not been able to turn
around an ISI officer or have an ISI officer working for us. Or not to my knowledge,
at a level where it counts.

4.Here's what Durrani says:
Durrani: One thing in common between the two are the media wars. They even
finance TV channels in the belief that these will work for them. They have no idea
how to go about it.
The first such channel was an Indian one, it was paid.
Dulat: Who paid it? ISI?
Durrani: ISI came to the field much later.
Dulat: He’s saying an Indian TV channel was sponsored by an Indian intelligence
Durrani: By RAW. If I remember correctly, 25 million dollars. In those days it was
not a small figure.
Sinha: Even today it’s not a small figure.

What was the name of that channel,can you figure it out?
Hope you don't won't find trouble while reading such long comments.Thanks.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: LoLz! If India becomes an ‘Islamic’ nation then it will be the world’s first nation to attain this status, since no one else has to date. Even during the Holy Prophet’s time it was an Islamic civilization that had prevailed & that too because the Prophet was guided by divine wisdom. He never claimed even omce that he was a superhero, instead he just admitted that he always applied common-sense & logic. And after his demise, the direct communications connection between a mortal human being & divinity was lost forever & therefore none of the other subsequent nations or states like the various Caliphates could claim the status of being ’Islamic’ in the absence of the guiding divine wisdom. Hence, they were all Muslim, but not Islamic. And since then there have been no Islamic states in practice either, only in name. But those Arab countries that claim to be inheritors of the Prophet’s Islamic heritage themselves don’t ever claim to be Islamic, because they know the difference only too well. Hence Jordan, from where the Prophet’s Quraish tribal clan originated, today prefers to describe itself as the Hashemite Kingdom, while the Saudis stick to just ‘Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’, & the UAE, Oman etc etc describe themselves as Emirates. So, only those who like to oversell or over-portray themselves as being superior Muslims use the tag ‘Islamic’ when describing their countries, for example Afghanistan, Iran & Pakistan. And that’s exactly why Allah always punishes them for such wrongdoing by never allowing such countries to prosper & flourish. And that’s also why only a thoroughbred IDIOT will try to convert India into an ‘Islamic’ nation. Unfortunately, several world leaders fail to grasp these finer details & consequently they always make use of terms like ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islamist’ in the wrong context, thereby further confusing their audiences & these in turn result in inter-faith debates/discussions turning extremely toxic.

As for the INC, it can function, perform & prosper ONLY IF not a single member of the Gandhji dynasty is vested with executive authority. There are level-headed party stalwarts like Kamal Nath who can steer the INC back into the tracks of sanity & rationality. Both the fourth-generation ‘Pappu’ & ‘Puppy’will only steer the INC along a suicidal course, rest assured. This will be a great loss for India, since a vibrant democracy always requires a rational opposition to always keep showing the mirror to the ruling party, & not just spending time taking irrational & FIZUUL potshots.

GLAGINYE: FGFA is still a long way away, even for Russia, leave alone India. Yes, the US Congress will ratify any proposal by the US Defense Dept for selling UAVs & UCAVs to India.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: The local inhabitants themselves are calling it yet another retrograde step in order to skirt the real issue of fundamental rights, which are being denied to the inhabitants of PoK, especially after the mainstreaming of FATA has now been ratified by Pakistan’s National Assembly & KPK’s Provincial State Assembly. And after the release of movies like RAAZI & the publishing of the book co-authored by A S Dulat & Lt Gen (Ret’d) Asad Durrani, a lot of home-truths will soon force the residents of PoK to launch their own home-grown ‘Intifada’, which will be far more bloodier than any other one witnessed anywhere inside J & K. While there won’t be mass graves, there will be a lot of unclaimed decapitated bodies (masakshuda laash) within PoK, mark my words.

Meanwhile, I have at last acquired substantial details on the incident concerning Dubai’s Princess Latifa:

She had fled the UAE by road to Oman & from coastal Oman had taken a RHIB for joining up with a yacht waiting in international waters. The yacht then set sail for India, with Goa being the intended final destination. Since it was a yacht, it h\could not head for deeper waters & therefore had to navigate through shallow waters (about 40 miles from the coastline) off the coasts of Pakistan & India. The yacht shut off its AIS transponder (using INMARSAT satellite constellation) in order to prevent itself from being tracked in real-time. But the INMARSAT SATphone was being used for communicating & this in turn allowed UAE authorities to track the yacht’s movements. The UAE then asked India for help in apprehending the occupants of the yacht by filing a red-corner notice through INTERPOL. From the Saurashtra coastline, a flotilla of ICGS OPVs began shadowing the yacht, with one OPV housing a UAE naval VBSS team that was allowed to embark on-board. About 50 miles off Goa, seven ICGS vessels surrounded the yacht, following which the VBSS team from the UAE got airborne on an ICGS helicopter & then slithered down in to the yacht to take into custody the occupants, who were then apprehended & taken for about a week to an isolated quarantine area of the ICGS somewhere in Daman or Diu, following which they were deported by air to their respective countries. And so far, the country under whose flag the yacht was sailing has not accused India of carrying out an act of war in international waters by preventing the yacht’s passage at sea. So, this fabled & intriguing ‘incident at sea’ is now a closed chapter.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: The reason they were taken to Daman or Diu was because these are Union Territories whose police forces are answerable to the Lt Governor, unlike a police force of a state where anyone being kept in detention has to be recorded & this generates paperwork & records (since law-enforcement is a state subject with no interference from the Union govt). In a Union Territory, such regulations can be waived so to prevent the existence of any paperwork & consequently, no recorded evidence xeists.

To JUST_CURIOUS: Watch these:

Asal Uttar:

Brown Desi said...

I don't think our politicians have heard of "Once bitten, twice shy" proverb. Even though we have suffered so much at our security installation, ruling govt continues to make idiotic decision for petty vote bank politics:

How can one rationalise such events.?

Brown Desi

ashish gautam said...

Pappu & puppy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I don't think congress k suicidal ko they will stop by leaving the chair...
I didn't mean that much Islamic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I only meant Muslim.
1) su30 k dono engine nozzle k center mei jo conical chiz lagi hai what is it? Some radar or for aerodynamic balancing etc?
2) spy chronicles ki pdf online leak Ho gai hai... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ€“πŸ€“

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun, the sterlite episode is straight out of Tamil Nadu politics must do steps to loot money, which is currently in desperate need. Currently no one is bothered about development there since everyone sees the opportunity to climb on the head of others, this is once in a life time opportunity else they will always be under the feet. The people's mentality there is no different from a Bengali or Bihari since once upon a time they had good leaders and everybody had good times.
Hint all trouble started when Vendanta wanted to expand, which involves loads to be fed and since the company refused, professionals were brought in and end state is closure, now the company should pay through its nose to restart operations. The reactionaries should pay the revolutionaries


rad said...

hi prasun
my wailing about IRST have been noticed by the DOD!!! and have approved making irst for the su-30 and other types . how are we going to go about it especially for the su-30 mki , will the ruskies help ??

even if we did it on our own may be 10 years down the line how do we integrate it into the FCS?

what are ur suggestion for IRST make in india??

USA is again proving itself to be a very unreliable partner once again. due to this caasta shit . how will it contain china ?? who is it actually against?

the are black mailing us for supply of reaper drones . can Israel give us the same capability with its drones?

just_curious said...


thx for the links shared...

the following article ...

talks about MOD sanctioning development of Long Range Dual Band Infrared Imaging Search and Track System (IRST). Now it was just yesterday or daybefore that the US navy put up an article on how supposedly fa/18's could achieve tracking at distances father than their aesa radars using long range irst but using multiple fa/18's .. question is does drdo or any other instution have the capability to produce this kind of hardware/software?

- US congress trying to browbeat India on s400 potential purchase..what are your views on this ..

Anonymous said...

“ residents of PoK to launch their own home-grown ‘Intifada’, which will be far more bloodier than any other one witnessed anywhere inside J & K.“
It’s easier said than to be done. To launch this kind of militancy PoK need money and weapons when do they get these things? and again training,logistics support? Whenever they try launch militant activists PA will ruthlessly come down heavily,sanitise and control the whole situation. Whereas militants from j&k get support n training from PA
Need some explanation?


Anonymous said...


Looks like INC and its clones (in the form of assorted regional parties) will be back in power in 2019: a united opposition is too much for the BJP to overcome. Then Rahul Gandhi may well become a PM. Hope our nuclear deterrent survives such an outcome as well...


john said...


Is there any proposal for Non-stealth AMCA and Stealth AMCA from IAF ?

Non-stealth version can be inducted fast to restrict Squadron depletion and later stealth version can be inducted after perfecting stealth tech.


Arpit Kanodia said...


But according to that French dude, the soldiers not even speaking in arabic(not even a single word), but English, all the time. And they were using Tavor assault rifles.

I dont know if UAE Special Forces use Tavor.

All the evidences pointing out that those soldier were also Indian, and might be from MARCOS.


in terms of hp/tonnes t90s/t72s are underpowered against al khalids......what are the other features that goes against t90s/t72s while combating al khalids in future wars

Intolerant Person said...

1.What are Israeli commandos does in AFG.?

2.I wrote a comment yesterday,It didn't got approved,hope this time it will be.My main question was,in the book Spy Chronicles,Durrani says that RAW created a media propaganda channel in India worth $25 Million.Which channel was that?

Very much thanks.

buddha said...
Partition of India and the forgotten question of Baluchistan | Tarek Fatah

Really we are living with an amputeed identity of being Indian.
What I feel 2018 window of denuclearization of pak and liberation of POK gilgit baltistan is being shifted in the next half of the coming decade.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GANESH: So its is once again a Niyamgiri (Odisha) redux!

To RAD & JUST_CURIOUS: My response remains the same that given on May 19, 2018 at 3:10 AM: That questionnaire is not just about making/fabricating IRST sensors, but is also about developing an IRST sensor. And that’s exactly why one question asks whether the sensor will have 40% indigenous material content. And this makes the entire Make-in-India comcept totally useless. The local content should have been at least 85%. But no one in India can design, develop & series-produce such sensors in such limited quantities (the IAF wants only 100 as per the document). At best, therefore, it should have been NOT a standalone IAF reqmt, but a combined IAF/IN reqmt under which such IRST sensors are also meant for installation on warships, as well as on IAF & naval & IA bases (as an element of passive target acquisition/fire-control systems) for air-defence purposes. This is but one prominent example of how stupid & regressive the MoD’s though-processes are, & those who’ve drafted such querstionnaries are totally clueless about business economies of scale when it comes to military industrialization. And why limit the installation of IRST sensor installation to just the Su-30MKI? Why doesn’t the document mention other combat aircraft, like LCA-AF MK.2 or MiG-29UPG? It’s a really stupid & nonsensical way of asking for practical & affordable solutions.

Conclusion: Insisting on only 40% local content means the end-product will be of imported design/IPR. I therefore won’t be surprised if the final end-product is of Russia origin, i.e. the same IRST sensor that’s been developed for the FGFA. After all, if sensors developed for the F-35 can find their way on F-16s & F/A-18s & F-15s, surely then sensors developed for the FGFA can go on board Su-30MKIs. In a country that has not even been able to develop indigenous FLIR turrets reqd for Rudra or LCH or Namica, theh how exactly can one expect the very same country to develop a new-generation IRST sensor? Give it some thought by applying common-sense & you will reach the correct conclusion.

As for CAATSA & S-400, then why not India officially ask the US for selling the THAAD to India as compensation?

To RON: Who has ever claimed that militants go to PoK for weapons training? Firstly, militants are the local Kashmiri youth & hence they are not labelled as terrorists. Only those armed Pakistanis who cross the LoC & enter J & K or northern Punjab are called terrorists. Secondly, the local militants are snatching the weapons used by Indian security forces, meaning they conduct their own training in the apple orchards of J & K. Thirdly, according to J & K State Govt records, 4,587 youth had crossed the LoC for arms training in the early 1990s. Of these, 489 youth, including 15 during the present PDP-BJP tenure till 2016, returned through the Nepal border. As for financial support, the inhabitants of PoK have enough relativces living in Europe & Scandinavia & money isn’t a problem. Weapons can always be acquired through the Wakhan Corridor.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KRITAVARMA: What makes you assume that an opposition party will place curbs on India’s strategic deterrence?

To JOHN: That is exactly what the LCA-AF Mk.2 is meant to be. One cannot develop a common airframe design & then make it non-stealthy, because stealth features are in-built & cannot be taken away from any airframe.

To ARPIT KANODIA: Why the hell should any VBSS team speak in Arabic when the only Arab-speaking passenger on-board that yacht was the Princess? All else were non-Arabic. Nor does the Frenchman specifically identify the weapons used by the raiding team as being Tavors. He could therefore well be referring to those ICGS personnel on-board the ICGS vessels who were armed with Tavors. It would have been Indian personnel had the boarding been conducted inside India’s territorial waters. But in international waters, i.e. within India’s EEZ, the powers are only for policing & hence boarding a vessel that is registered with another country constitutes an act of war UNLESS the yacht contains drugs or illegal weapons consignments. But since the INTERPOL Red-Corner notice mentioned only kidnapping, India was therefore obliged to render only combat-support, & not be the party engaging in direct force intervention.

To AMIT BISWAS: In all other areas, the T-90S has the same capabilities as the Al Khalid. The T-72’s 125mm smoothbore cannons, however, have lower chamber pressures than those of the T-90S & this prevents the T-72’s cannon from making effective use of 125mm APFSDS rounds, i.e. the velocity of APFSDS rounds is lower than 1,600 metres/second. Whereas the rounds used by the PLA reach 1,700 metres/second while POF claims that its round can achieve 1.710 metres/second.

To INTOLERANT PERSON: 1) That is FAKE NEWS. 2) The ISI has claimed since the late 1990s that ZEE NEWS was created with R & AW’s financial support.

To BUDDHA: Now that general elections in Pakistan will take place on July 25, the PA is reqd to provide protection for the 20,000+ polling booths on that day. Hence it yesterday contacted the IA through the DGMO link in order to ensure that the PA receives less heat from the IA along the LoC & WB during this period leading up to July 2025. And as if on cue, the domesticated ‘Kuttas’ of the PA, the APHC, too has suddenly become conciliatory:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: 1) The tailboom’s end contains the compartment housing the two drag-chutes. On the Super Su-30MKI the top of the tailboom will house a MAWS sensor while the bottom section will house an ELT-568 active jammer for neutralizing BVRAAMs. 2) Here’s the weblink for the free download of the book:

TheHundred said...

Prasun, why did India agree to this? Does this mean its business as usual with India staying on the defensive and with pakistan continuing to bleed India, by sending in unlimited supply of terrorists, just as it has done in the previous decades with no consequences? Why are they not continuing the pressure on the LOC and IB on Pakistan army?

"Both the DGsMO agreed to ensure that henceforth the ceasefire will not be violated by both sides. It was also mutually agreed that in case of any issue, restraint will be exercised and the matter will be resolved through utilization of existing mechanisms of hotline contacts and border flag meetings at local commanders’ level,” it added.

"But the ceasefire pact had begun to fray in recent years with the Indian Army stressing the Pakistan Army-ISI combine had used the interregnum to bolster its anti-India terror machinery and push as many infiltrators as possible into India."

Anonymous said...


A level headed leader from an opposition party may not like to curb our deterrent. My cooncern is specifically about the influence Sonia and Rahul Gandhi would have on such matters (especially, if Rahul Gandhi becomes PM).

1) Rahul Gandhi has shown himself to be sympathetic to leftist NGOs and other such activists. Such activists have been attacking industrial development in general, as well as activities related to our nuclear programme (Uranium mining in Jaduguda, enrichment in Challkere, etc). I apprehend a boost to such NGO action that indirectly constricts our military nuclear program (including enrichment for submarine reactors).

2) He openly condoled Praful Bidwai's demise on twitter, which no other politician did. Indicates an ideological attachment to nuclear disarmament. Such people are likely be inclined to place the maximum constraints on the deterrent that they possibly could.

3) Repeated trips abroad whose purpose is not transparent. Could he be getting briefed or trained by handlers from other countries?

How valid are such apprehensions? I would not have such apprehensions about traditional opposition leaders such as the Mulayam, Mayawati, Lalu, etc. The congress old guard such as Digvijay Singh, Kamal Nath etc, would also be level headed if (and that is a big if) they are not puppets of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi...


DAshu said...

-"Hence it yesterday contacted the IA through the DGMO link in order to ensure that the PA receives less heat from the IA along the LoC & WB during this period leading up to July 25"- what was that ? will IA going to oblige them ?

aritro data said...\

Have a looK prasunda. Prophecy of Nostradumas coming true!!!

ashish gautam said...

Ok thank u Sir. Yeah I already downloaded it, just informed you

rad said...

hi prasun
china is crying hoarse as usual aboout india developing a port in sabang. How well can we use it strategically to contain china ?

will there be missiles based there due it being a naval base ? monitoring radar station??

can we put an under sea sosus system from point indra to sabang to monitor the chinese subs?

will Indonesia crack under Chinese pressure not to allow us .?

what would be the best way to make IRST in india in ur opinion?? and collaborate wih whom ? obviously as we have no experience in IRST will the software and hardware effort that has been put in the development of the nag missile help?


ashish gautam said...

Is it possible to make super su30 mki convert into an aircraft with 360° radar coverage???
Like by nose mounted radar antinna covering 90°, wing tips 90° each & then using any place at rear end to cover last 90° of quadrant. Then all these antinnas connected to main processor using fibre optic cabling which does further processing & feed data to pilot via computer??
Though if its possible to put the wing tip antinnaes into the fuselage then it would not make wingtips busy.
Just tell ur point of view about it.
Hope I didn't insulted physics in it. 😜😜

Intolerant Person said...

1.Sirji,what do you think about Agni-5's design's source: Topol-M or R-39 Rif?
2.I was reading some books related to Kargil including one written by then COAS.Do you think in future,we could try killers of Saurabh Kalia or Ajay Ahuja for war crimes or any PA Generals?Otherwise it would be mockery of their families who are seeking justice.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To THEHUNDRED & DASHU: I’m afraid you’re unnecessarily jumping to conclusions. Neither the MoD nor the IA has NEVER said that the LoC’s pro-active domination will be terminated. So what the statement saus is that if there’s no ceasefire violation from the Pakistani side (be it mortar shellings or covering small arms fire for terrorists to cross over), the Indian side too will have no reason to open fire. After all, the IA at the LoC has never opened fire just for the sake of giving fireworks displays. And I had already explained yesterday why the PA wanted to change its tactics for temporary reasons. But it seems some Delhi-based former Generals have not yet managed to connect the dots:

To KRITAVARMA: You are mixing up the concept of universal nuclear disarmament (to which even this govt subscribes) with that of unilateral nuclear disarmament & thus bringing in irrelevant fears like those associated with the late Praful Bidwai. 3) Whenever he travels abroad, if there’s an Indian Embassy in that foreign country, then that Embassy always gets that foreign country’s security agencies to give protection to the Pappu & that’s because he is still in the hit-list of the Sikhs. I still remember in the 1980s when he was studying in Cambridge, he had assumed the name of Raoul just to protect his identity. But when this news broke out, folks like Dr Subramanium Swamy WRONGLY ASSUMED that he had taken up Italian nationality & thus he began a character assassination project for which Swamy till to date has not been able to produce any supporting valid documentation. Therefore, since the Gandhi family-members till this day face such mortal threats to their life, it is almost an impossibility that any of them will ever try to become PM of India.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: The Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) is highly interested in the kind of OPVs built by GSL & L & T & want to manufacture them under licence. Therefore, it is likely that a shipyard may be established at Sabang where such vessel construction can take place. Indonesia also wants to build a coastal sea surveillance system like the one India has now got. Indonesia also wants 12 new-generation medium-power air-defence radars like ARUDHRA & also wants India to upgrade the 12 BEL-built PSM-33 Mk.1 radars that it had imported from India in the late 1980s. SOSUS network in Andaman Sea was installed by the US in the previous decade itself. What’s the best way of making IRST sensors in India? For starters, devise plans for all 3 armed services going for long-range IRST sensors for different applications, which will ensure healthy demand volumes. Only then can local industry be expected to come forward to do their bit. Did you know that when Kalyani Group asked the MoD for time & space & some ammo (to be paid fopr) for field-testing its range of 155mm homegrown towed howitzers, the MoD did not even bother to reply to this letter of request. And when Kalyani Group wrote to the US govt for similar access to facilities & services, the US responded positively within 30 days & ensured that all of Kalyani Group’s requests were complied with & all cooperation extended? That’s what makes the difference & that’s how much fucked-up the Indian MoD is at the moment.

In any case, plenty of ‘dope’ for you to consume & get hooked on from the seminar on air-defence that was held in Delhi yesterday & was conducted by CENJOWS. Will upload all the data in the next thread starting June 1, 2018.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Arey yaar, why are you getting carried away so much by X-Box-type video games? Do you want the Su-30-MKI to serve as a can-do-all vehicle for Batman or Iron Man? Has anyone else in the world ever tried giving 360-degree radar coverage for any MRCA? Such coverage for IRST sensors is fine, but definitely not for radars.

To INTOLERANT PERSON: 1) Agni-5 & its family members are all of gomegrown design. 2) All their deaths were already avenged by the IA during cross-LoC punitive raids that have been carried out since the year 2000. I have already spelled them all out in a previous thread. Hence, no one in India is interested in pressing war-crimes charges against the PA. And here are some new revelations of the PA’s OP KOH PAIMA of 1999 & how mych Nawaz Sharif knew about it:

rad said...

hi prasun
will israel
allow us to export the arudhra to indonesia , being a muslim country??

can we extrapolate the desi EON-51 electro-optical FCS on board the sarayu class and further make it in toa IRST given the sensing , tracking algorithm that have already been developed , i believe by VEM technologies?

denying kalyani group to even test their guns in india definitely is due to an anti national group that is working overtime to stop him, it could be drdo gov officials as they will not get kick back. Baba did vent his frustration to a tv channel which i saw .
why did the US gov give him the range to test ? is it to know the gun? or purely commercial?
i believe his US partner mandus will have done the job

tell us more about the pinaka 2 with active guidance system that was test fired , cep etc , how far has the smerch clone come around>> i believe we are making one locally ?

i believe the great Tamil king raja raja chola and his family line conquered Indonesia and large parts of SE asia right to cambodia . which is why there are a lot of hindu based temples and culture which Muslim Indonesia have adopted.
do the Indonesians feel proud to be Hindus once up on a time ? or are the sunnis trying to erase it like Afghanistan?

you mentioned that the US had already deployed sosus in the anadamans where is it laid and where does it terminate on land for data analysis?

do you believe that the LCA mk2 will over come its excessive drag , weight problems or is it inherently a bad sad design with not much to do ?

rad said...

hi prasun
i just happend to see the product portfolio of VEM technologies, it is just mouth watering thatthey make so much high stuff. How much is local and how much is imported .
obvioulsy they dont make the IR and ccd sensors .

the rate themselves among the top EO makers in the world??

how will you rate them against players like controp etc?

just_curious said...


your views on the following article ..

what i'm not clear is itt talks about nozzle less booster and not the ram jet feature which is supposed to be the usp of the missile.. I understanding is the nozzless booster is similar to the booster which is used on i derby -er or barak 9 er for increasing range and Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet tech is yet to tested.. you thoughts...

rad said...

hi prasun

more on this sfdr missile that has been tested pse . SAM or air to air or both? how long in the development ? i believe it is a version of the ramjet powered r-77 missile that Russia had developed and not brought ito service .
will it be collaboration like the brahmos??

Vikram Guha said...


In this list of Expression of Interest under Make 2 Projects, the Army wants Manoeuvrable Expendable Aerial Target (MEAT).

Will you please state which Indian companies are likely to bid for this proposal ?



Zircon said...

Hi Prasun,

Thanks for the suggestions.

How credible are the contents of the book Eating Grass by Brigadier Feroz Hassan Khan?
Mr Khan has served in SPD. So I reckon, what he says will be quite interesting.

Regarding the S-400 procurement, I have something to ask.
I have gone through your previous threads on IAF's procurement of S-400. You had said that Almaz Antey teamed up with IAI and IAI was offering its Ultra series of VHF and S band radars for the purpose of early warning and tracking.

You had attended Defexpo 18. What did you learn about this in this regard? Is the airforce buying 2 C-22 and 12 C-6 Ultra radars as part of the S-400 deal?

And regarding CENJOWS, am looking to the new thread of yours.
Please, have a detailed section on the Indian Ballistic missile defense system. I am curious as to what Dr Reddy had revealed regarding this program.

How far is phase 2 of the bmd and the AD-1 and AD-2 missiles in developement.

And what about our deployment plans since two radar sites are being established at Alwar and Roopnagar districts of Rajasthan.

aritro data said...


Did you see the results of the bypolls again? Yu said BJP would win in 2019 because of fragmented opposition but these news paints a different picture.

How serious is christian conversion issue in india and effect on indian govt/culture future?Your opinion???

bhoutik said...

*how capable is the SOSUS system in the andaman sea? would appreciate any data (in layman's terms for novices like me) you can provide to enlighten us. does it compromise IN's movements? and how do they access the data? Do they have stations somewhere close by where they hook up to a cable landing point?

*nutty article -

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARITRO DATA: Bypolls for Parliament & State Assemblies always produce different results. One cannot treat elections for Parliamentary seats with elections for state legislatures. Converting to any religion has no effect on the country’s future if all citizens believe in the Constitution. The bogey of faith-based conversions is always raised by those who have no faith/trust in the Constitution. The far greater threat to the masses are the self-styled Godmen & Godwomen who are always manipulative for the sake of enriching themselves by capitalizing on the ordinary citizen’s fears & emotions.

To ZIRCON: As I had stated earlier quite a few times before, no one from Pakistan can reveal the whole truth about that country’s nuclear WMD programme origins, since the truth will contradict the established & official narrative put forth by that country. The S-400 package inclusive of IAI-developed radars still stands as it is, however, whether or not it will proceed depends on whether India succeeds in negotiating with the US WRT CAATSA. I’m sure now that even IAI will be asked by the US to detach itself from the S-400 offer. India’s homegrown BMD system is still decades away from realizing its developmental goals & that’s why the S-400 was selected in the first place. The radar sites in Rajasthan are from cruise missile defence, not for BMD.

To VIKRAM GUHA: To date, only L & T has been granted approval for commercially marketing the Lakshaya PTA, which too is an manoeuvrable expendable aerial target.

To JUST_CURIOUS & RAD: As that story says, SFDR is part of the strategic missile programme. Hence, it cannot be a BVRAAM. The term strategic denotes nuclear WMD-related, i.e. the SFDR will power an ‘air-delivered munition’ with nuclear warhead, i.e. something like the vFrench ASMP. SFDRs when undergoing development t are always test-fired in a surface-to-air mode just as the initial firings of Astra BVRAAM were. But this does not mean that the SFDR will be used by SAMs or AAMs.

To RAD: The ARUDHRA meant for export is one developed by the DRDO, & not the EL/M-2084 of the IAF, which is also called Arudhra. Pinaka-2 data was already uploaded by me at the DEFEXPO 2016 thread. And no India-based kingdom or ruling dynasty ever conquered any territory in Southeast Asia. The kingdoms of Srivijaya in Sumatra & Majapahit in Java worshipped Indian deities & practiced similar rituals as those prevalent in ancient India since the time of Asoka. Indonesia isn’t a Muslim country, but a country with majority Muslim population. The country’s Constitution only states that the citizens of Indonesia believe in the concept of one universal Almighty whose name isn’t even mentioned. Similarly, in Malaysia, Islam is denoted as being the Official religion, & not the State religion.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BHOUTIK: I had explained it all in 2016 itself! Here it is:

The US more than any other country understands what India is all about at the grassroots-level & has since the 1960s always empathised with India & her national security interests.fears. This is because the US has a unique system under which it encourages its youth to travel across the world under USAID sponsorships immediately after passing out from the colleges, following which such students do grassroots-level social work & internships with charity-based NGOs & back in 1971 several of them were seen working selflessly at the various refugee camps through WB & the North East. It is through such people-to-people contact that the US-India relationship was grown from strength to strength since the 1950s. And this trend continues. And that's also why those Indian citizens desiring to migrate abroad for enhancing their careers always prefer to go to the US. Only those who want a laid-back & status quo existence end in Australia, Canada & New Zealand. That's why when some folks ignorantly try to compare the influence that the US makes among Indians with the influences made by China or Russia, they are really living in cuckooland by not realising that by nature both Mainland China & Russia are isolationist by nature & therefore they do not embrace the rest of the world with an open mind.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...


The first device, estimated at 25 to 30 kilotons, may have been a boosted uranium device. The second was estimated at 12 kilotons, and the next three as sub-kiloton devices. The sixth and final device appears to have also been a 12-kiloton bomb that was detonated at a different testing range; a US Air Force “Constant Phoenix” nuclear-detection aircraft reportedly detected plutonium afterward. Since Pakistan had been working on a uranium bomb and North Korea—which shared or purchased research with Pakistan through the A. Q. Khan network—had been working on a uranium bomb, some outside observers concluded the sixth test was actually a North Korean test, detonated elsewhere to conceal North Korea’s involvement although. There is no consensus on this conclusion.

dilbert said...

Hi Prasun,

A few follow-up questions from what you posted here in the last day or two:

As for CAATSA & S-400, then why not India officially ask the US for selling the THAAD to India as compensation?
1. Do you think the US would grant this request if it were made by GOI? 2. Is the THAAD system effective and worth getting or just some American marketing b/s?

SOSUS network in Andaman Sea was installed by the US in the previous decade itself.
3. Does India have access to some or all of the data from this network? I gues what I'm asking is: was this SOSUS network installed to spy on CHina or to spy on India?

Intolerant Person said...

Sir I am clueless about SFDR.You said in earlier blog post that it's for different missiles(If I recall correctly).Means it's just a prototype for testing it's propulsion or whole Missile is new itself?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DILBERT: Why not? If the US can sell it to the UAE, then why not India? After all, India is now a full-fledged member of the MTCR. That means even the Arrow-1/2 interceptors can be procured by India. 2) Yes, India has access to the data. SOSUS network can detect underwater activities of all submarines, be they Inbdian, Chinese, Russian US, UK or French. If you want to be No.1 in this world, then you will be reqd to keep tabs on everyone without exception.

To INTOLERANT PERSON: The popular assumption is to see illustrations of SFDR & then blindly tie it with Meteor BVRAAM's design. And that's exactly what is happening & they are all WRONG in their assumptions. SFDR is a propulsion concept that can be applied to various types of missiles. Its first application will be on the supersonic air-delivered munition (hence the SFDR being a part of India's strategic missiles development basket), & later it will find its way on the NG-ARM. Even medium-range ASCMs can incorporate the SFDR.

rad said...

hi prasun
I dont understand the logic of making another supersonic curies missile like the french one ,as we have already got the brahmos and it does not take much to put a sub kiloton nuke into it. so why the duplicity and waste of money??

i t would make monetary sense to make a long range ramjet aam?

why cant we take up the ramjet powered aa-12 and do it the brahmos way?

Pierre Zorin said...

It's a real shame that people like this ARITRO DATA lives in a country like India. Mate you need to convert to Islam and start demolishing other cultures and maintain a red neck. have you had any decent education? By your English questions sounds though one of those people who was well protected who made sure your own family gathered more than the rest of the needy! Or are you like the India Prasun calls, Refuse to Develop mindset? The only reason Congress and the like are making headway is because of BJP people like you - saffron militants. Go READ what conversion means then start asking rubbish questions in this or any other blog. An intelligent person such as Prasun - your views are an insult to his intellect.

Manoj G said...

Hi Prasun,

You replied to a poster that Russia & China are closed socities while the US is an open society & embraces the rest of the world with an open mind.

While it's true that Russia & China are closed socities the US is generally open ONLY for people from Europe & not people of color from Asia & Africa. This explains the tremendous popularity of Trump. Even Trump said they want more people from Norway ( read Europe) & not from Mexico, Asia & Africa.The generally perception in the US is that black, brown people are reducing white people to a minority. Despite gaining independence 175 yrs before India , it is only 5 decades ago that miscegenation laws were abolished & even then segregation is very much prevalent across US.

I was a techie in the US ( 2003-2015). Indians too are not liked in the US & the UK. We are seen as unwanted migrants or job stealer. In contrast what I've seen in China is that there is no deep seated hatred for India. In fact they want to shift several factories to India but the incompetent Govt of India is clueless as to how they can be accomodated. Unlike US & China I haven't been to Russia so I won't comment, but I heard from Indian students who lived there that xenophobia, racism is quite rampant out there & like several East European countries Neo Nazis, White supremacist openly roam the street & attack dark skinned people. That's why I never travelled to Russia or East Europe.

Pierre Zorin said...

Not sure if you posted this above but makes me ashamed of the game of cricket - but I am sure this is happening in almost all sports....

Zircon said...

Hi Prasun.

Thanks. We need to start a kinetic campaign against Pakistan to denuclearise it and also seize back PoK.

Regarding the Su-30MKI, does it carry a customized version of EL/L-8222 internally?
Then why is there a need to have wing tip mounted high band hammers on the Su-30mki.

The Indian Navy's upcoming fleet of six SSN are supposed to be based on the Russian Husky class. Does this SSN displace as much as the Husky is said to displace.

And has construction of the first in class SSN for the Navy started?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIERRE ZORIN: VMT. Here's more about it:

rad said...


seeing the pictures released of sfdr it seems to look more like a sam or an air to air missile rather than a bigger ASMP like weapon!
i dont understand why it has such a large booster , which definitely cannot be used in the air to air role as it is depicted

your views pse

Anonymous said...


If the U.S. stays firm on CAATSA, what happens to the S-400 deal as well as other strategic cooperation we have with Russia?

My apprehension is that if we do not stay firm on proceeding with the S-400 (finding alternate means to bypass CAATSA), Russia would be pushed into the camp that is hostile to us and would emerge as a supplier of cost effective and efficient weapons to Pakistan. We would be pushed fully into a the status of a U.S. vassal like South Korea: fully dependent on the U.S for weapon supplies. All this leverage will enable the U.S. to constrict our strategic weapons programs as time progresses.


rad said...

To piere zorin
you have asked Arito Datta to read about what is conversion, i am ignorant as
he his as well, in this regard . Would you be kind enough to explain the meaning of conversion in this forum as a devout christian to educate all of us non believers , skeptics and the like>.

Arpit Kanodia said...


Today Pakis signed the contract for 2 Type 054A, what do you think about this?

I think 054a is really a potent frigate.

rad said...

to Manoj G
I empathize with you on racism , it has been there and it will always be there till mankind is around in the form of color , language , religion, habits, beliefs etc.

it is ingrained into our genes( my view) !. i would say thru the process of evolution .

but i do believe we Indians are as racists as others as well. Take for example how many of us will accept a black african as our son inlaw in all good faith from the heart??? i dont think so
how many of us will accept inter cast marriage of our children especially to a so called dalit? we can call it a from of racism as well.

even among Christians there is racism .Upper cast Christians will never marry into a dalit christian family in the south. i dont know about the north.

politicians rant about this day in and day out , how many of them have got their children married to another caste member?.

so my friend we have to live with it and time will have its own answer.!

aritro data said...

PIERRE ZORIN -KINDLY WATCH UR MOUTH!!! the only reason i am not using the choicest gaalis i have in my mind is because of respect for prasunda. For your info, i am a simple middle class family with middle class background. What the hell do u know about my education--did your family pay for it??

About your rant about me having a red neck,convert to islam and other rubbish-- I am from kolkata where everyday i hear about the effects of rohingya votebank created by our mamata didi. Illegal immigrants and evangelists pose a serious threat by altering demographic balance.Many parts of rural Bengal have become muslim majority and driven hindus out.kindly come here and find our for urself.

I asked prasunda TWICE both times because i saw clear VIDEOS of what was happening.Not because i am --in your words-- A RAM BHAKT. Do I have to ask your permission to ask my opinion?



To Prasunda, I am extremely sorry for ranting and extending the thread uselessly,but some insults can not be tolerated,particulary from KNOW IT ALLS.I still had more questions regarding this but I do not wish to engage in future mud slinging.If You wish i will refrain from asking anything in future on this topic

Prasun K. Sengupta said...


Dear Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces,

Salutations to you,

In the entire 1.3 billion people of our nation, it is you and you alone, who take the oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of India. Rest all, including the Vice President/PM/Cabinet Ministers, take an oath that they would bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India; that constitution that is preserved, protected and defended by you.

Now; Mr President; how do you preserve, protect and defend the constitution? (Not that Your Excellency, is not aware of it!) Firstly, by interpreting correctly the articles in the constitution. Secondly, you would also bear in mind the Oath taken by the constituent assembly on 15 Aug 1947 for framing the constitution; that this ancient land attains its rightful and honoured place in the world and make its full willing contribution to the promotion of the world peace and welfare of the mankind. The preamble of the Constitution is also clear that all the liberty, fraternity, dignity, justice, social, economic and political equality is given to the people ensuring the ‘the unity and integrity of the nation’. The last of course is a non-negotiable factor in the Constitution; because if the nation does not exist; what use is its constitution? Further, if any doubt arises regarding the interpretation of constitution; you could refer it to the Supreme Court for final interpretation, to aid in your decision making.

Next; how do you protect and defend the constitution, if any government in power subverts it? As all the Police and Central Armed Police Forces are under the Government of the day; what is the ultimate force available to you to protect and defend the Constitution? It is the Armed Forces; which empowers you to fulfill your constitutional obligations, considering a remote possibility that you have to use the hard power. It is for this reason that the Armed Forces of the Country are not a part of the Government in power. You are its ‘Supreme Commander’ precisely to enable you in the extremes of contingencies, to fulfill your constitutional obligations. I have alluded to this clause in my previous writings as well.

Now, let us see; what oath is taken by an officer of the Indian Armed Forces? In addition, to bearing true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India; to faithfully serve in the regular army of the Union of India and go wherever ordered by land, sea or air and observe and obey all commands of the President of the Union of India, and the commands of any officer set above him; even to the peril of his life. Hence, all the powers that an armed forces officer exercises are derived from your constitutional position and authority. You are the fountainhead of constitutional power that is wielded by the Command structure in the Armed Forces; even to the peril of their lives. Here, the officers and all ranks give their lives and limbs in the performance of their duty, to preserve the sovereignty and integrity of our nation by going by land, air or sea. The entire command structure of the armed forces is constitutionally derived from your supreme presence and authority.

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Now; when an armed forces officer has so much power to order his men to make supreme sacrifice; there is also a moral angle to it. This moral authority has to be claimed by an officer by his own dint of hard work, sincerity, dedication, professionalism, selflessness, and camaraderie. It is this moral authority that makes a soldier, to give his life to the nation. This authority has to be earned by an officer all by himself, and even you, cannot help in this exercise. It is for this reason, he swears by Chetwode Motto “First, the safety, honour and welfare of your country come first, always and every time Second, the honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next. Third, your own ease, comfort and safety come last, always and every time”. Practicing this credo gives him the moral authority. His mission is supreme. The raison d’Γͺtre of his existence is to fulfill his mission. Then, meet the needs of the troops he commands, keep them physically fit, mentally alert, and morally straight and train them hard to win wars. He has to keep them passionate and inspired. It is this ‘X’ factor that is the battle-winning factor, where he places his ‘country and cause’ before ‘self’. The last thing in his mind is, his own life. It is for this reason; the ratio of officers to soldiers casualties is the highest in the Indian Army, vis-Γ -vis other armies of the world. Our officers lead from the front. You just attended the ‘Passing out Parade’ of NDA. Your speech was an inspiration to the entire Indian Armed Forces; more so, when you told the cadets that the Armed Forces is not a job but a ‘calling’. It encapsulated the essence of thoughts and emotions of the ‘Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces’. It was precisely two days earlier that the RM of Union of India was destroying the command structure and cohesiveness of the Armed Forces.

Her unilateral orders to open the roads in cantonments and military stations for civilian traffic to pander to the vested interest of few MPs, has made these stations unsafe for the families of soldiers. The RM does not know that thousands of families of soldiers live in these stations, as their husbands are serving in far-flung field areas. The soldiers in their trenches mount vigil during night and day, in sun, sleet, rain, and snow because they know that their families are secure in Cantonments and Military Stations. Now; when he stands vigil on the LC/LAC or stalks the enemy on patrolling or crouches in an ambush; or negotiates a crevice in Siachen, he would also worry of the safety of his family: Thanks; to the RM; who is quite oblivious to his concerns.

What does the soldier look for? He looks towards his commander for seeking security and safety of his family, separated from him by a three to seven days journey. More often, to come to the road head from the operational areas he takes from a couple of days or more. The commanders in the line of command are helpless as the command structure has been made so brittle and helpless due to a decision that was taken at the highest level in the government, without taking the views of stakeholders. Now, soldiers cannot trust their own officers for giving security to their families, when they are separated from them. The bond between the commander and his command has become tenuous. All that the minister wants to do is to earn brownie points from the local MPs, who in turn want to gain cheap popularity in their constituencies. Does, she not realise that these ill-considered and hasty actions could jeopardise the safety of families and enfeeble the command structure? The Kalu Chak massacres, Pathankot Airfield strikes, two attacks on Sanjuwan military station, and several others do not chastise her exuberance to mollify a couple of MPs?

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Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Mr President; with utmost respect to you; it is also your duty to ensure that the bonds of moral authority are strengthened so that the Armed Forces can rise to your expectations, in the hour of need. It is precisely this moral authority that the Ministry of Defence’ is trying its best to destroy. The RM’s naivety is weakening the edifice of the armed forces; the last bastion of the nation.

If she really wants to improve Cantonments; please tell her to take over hundreds of bungalows that have been leased to influential people for 99 years on the lease, in Cantonments and Military Stations. These leases have long expired and these encroachers continue to occupy huge premises in Cantonments in collusion with the Defence Estate Establishment and her Ministry. Tell her to free cantonment lands from mass encroachments, facilitated by land mafia and defence estate officials. Tell her to ensure all illegal constructions close to military stations and cantonments are removed that pose a threat to those establishments. She does not even come to the aid of a field formation headquarters in Nagrota, where Mr Nirmal Singh; the speaker of J&K assembly is constructing his house illegally next to the Ammunition Depot. However, when she has to heap misery on thousands of families of soldiers; she jumps the gun and issues orders.

If you do not truly believe me; may I request you to task the concerned intelligence agency to gauge the morale of troops and officers of the Armed Forces, consequent to this decision. Your Excellency; the Armed Forces crave for your intervention. I have no doubt that you will not let them down!

Yours sincerely

PG Kamath (Veteran, who has served for four decades in the Indian Army)

Arpit Kanodia said...

Lol @Zorin sahib.

Let it go, you need to say this is a very serious issue.

Inquisition is coming back. And Pope declared a Crusade against Kafir Hindus.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: Your's truly late yesterday arranged a meeting between ARITRO DATA & PIERRE ZORIN at bthe border outpost at Suchetgarh & finalised the terms & conditions * modalities for a lasting permanent truce between the 2 warring parties & both parties agreed to implement the ceasefire in letter & spirit.

To RAD: You seem to keep forgetting that BrahMos isn’t meant to be nuclear-armed—that was the precondition for creating the JV. As for the SFDR, what is being tested is not the missile per se, but the ramjet propulsion system. Only after that is over will it be mated with the definitive missile body. Hence, do not judge the final end-product through the visuals of the test-missile’s body. The same was the case when Astra-1’s propulsion system was initially tested. The final airframe of Astra-1 turned out to be totally different. Also, as I had stated yesterday, the SFDR propulsion system can be mated with different types of missile airframes depending on specific reqmts, such as long-range air-to-surface missile or an anti-radiation missile or even an anti-ship missile. And each such application will feature different airframe designs.

To SATYAKI: Again, you’re jumping to needless premature conclusions. Firstly, since China now virtually owns Pakistan, how can you ASSUME that Pakistan will prefer buying Russia-origins LR-SAMs or MRCAs or MBTs? Will China ever allow that to happen? Secondly, as I had explained earlier (I just cannot figure out why you folks can’t digest it or remember it), Russia isn’t dependent on India for earning revenues from military hardware sales. Russia instead will be earning far more revenues from India by making India the largest export customer for its VVER-1000 nuclear power-generation plants (12 in all) & for its SSBN/SSN designs. As for South Korea, didn’t you know that South Korea had purchased several types of Russia-built military hardware in the early 1990s & its MR-SAM is in fact a derivative of the Russian Vityaz MR-SAM? And South Korea continues to procure force-multip[lier hardware from Israel as well. So there’s no total dependency on the USA for such military hardware.

To ZIRCON: There are no internal jammers on the Su-30MKI for self-protection & hence wingtip-mounted jammers are reqd. Now that’s only for self-protection. The other type of podded hammer is known as the escort jammer that is meant for jamming high-power/medium-power radars. Seld-protection jammers, on the other hand, are reqd for jamming the fire-control/engagement/illuminating radars that guided SAMs & BVRAAMs, as well as jamming the terminal-stage active radars of BVRAAMs. Hence, one must not get confused between self-protection jammer & escort jammer. As for SSNs, yes, they will be smaller in size & will not displace more than 4,000 tonnes. The IN-specific SSN is still in the detailed design validation stage that is being conducted in Russia. It’s prime job will be anti-submarine warfare, i.e. seeking out & destroying hostile submarines. This is unlike the Type 877EKM Kilo-class SSKs whose main job is to seek out & destroy surface warships & merchant marine vessels. This SSK was never meant for engaging hostile submarines & therefore the IN had to procure the Class 209/Type 1500 SSKs & later the Scorpene SSKs that are specifically designed for hunting & destroying hostile SSKs.

prasad said...

why does the military families need to be in cantonments? They can live in their respective villages and towns and cities. the cost to live can be given to them separately or can be included in the salary. isn't as simple as that? and soldering is just a job. ask any nepali who is working for india and british. if pakis pay decent money and recruit them they wont mind joining them, it's just a job for them. no hard feelings for them.

RJS said...

With all due respects to you and Prasunda , the demographic profile of India stands thus - 15% SC , 15 % ST , 15% Muslims +5 % other minorities ( Buddhists , Sikhs , Christians) , etc.

The SC , were considered outcastes till the Pune Pact between Ambedkar & Gandhi circa 1932 ...

...the continuation of which despite grave reservations by Ambedkar then led to the adoption of the Constitution. Incidentally, Ambedkar was recommended by Gandhi to Nehru / Patel to be the architect of the Constitution . How much of it was due to the exclusivist policy adopted by Jinnah & the ML is anyone's guess . Moreover , most of the Anti conversion & anti cow slaughter premises in our Constitution ,be they innthr form of acts or directive principles were framed by the Constituent Assembly devoid of any participation of the Sangh , with a marginal participation by the Hindu Mahasabha and other allied organisations .
.This was the situation on adoption of the Constitution.

Cut to 2018 , where you have Abrahamic minorities running the roost playing on fault lines of the Hindu community which includes the SC according to the Pune Pact but not all the ST's which of one included the ST's are largely dividend between the Christians and the Hindus .

Pls look at the growth rate of the Christians in Arunachal Pradesh . Kindly look at the demographics of that state in 1980 & today .There's a three fold rise in their population. ..

I'm not even referring to the missionary activity in Tribal States like Jharkhand or Chattisgarh .

The thrust of the matter is that in the current model of successful achievement which is purely material and Western based - those societies have had a single religion , ethnicity , language and Democracy implemented thru the suffrage of a minority of the educated landed class before universal adult franchise through the 20 the century due to various agitations were accepted .

Look at China. In the next 2 decades they would smoothly transit to what Western style democracies were exactly a 100 years ago around 1920-30 in Europe . Like Europe they've implemented economic reforms for their nation to a decent GDP ( Nation/ per capita ) , have an overwhelming single ethno linguistic group - the Han , with no central religion .

Now compare that to us - where we think we are a Hindu majority ,with a plethora of ethno linguistic constituencies , not much economic heft , regional differences , etc .

What holds together ????????

We can either accept sterile arguments as the Constitution or go by conventional means of a single largest ethno religious majority which is confident about themself and allow the minorities to thrive .

Isn't there where the RSS comes in ?

Thanks in advance.
Regards ,

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RJS: Your beginning paras best illustrate the prevailing confusions, contradictions, self-denials & obfuscations—all of which contribute to the total avoidance of clarity of thought & whose end-result is the onset of ‘refusal to develop’ mindset. For instance, why are you lumping SCs & STs with religions? Don’t SCs & Sts follow any religion? Are they all atheists? So please, get the foundational precepts right so that an objective benchmarking across-the-board is possible. Next, coming to the Hindu community, there’s no such monolith. The northern-southern divide in terms of idols worshipped & rituals observed is enough proof. Here again, SCs & STs are viewed as separate societal classes & castes, & if religion is taken into account, the majority of them swear allegiance to Buddhism or Christianity. And so what if majority of Arunachal Pradesh’s inhabitants are Christians? Has that made their patriotism-levels go down? Can you quantify such a reduction? If I recall correctly, all those Bastards from WB & Bihar who were involved in smuggling out small-arms from OFB Ishapore were ‘Hindus’, none of them were Muslims or Christians. Even in the West, there are sufficiently deep religiosity-based faultlines, i.e. Roman Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox Christians, etc etc. Eben amongst Caucasians, there are racial faultlines such as Anglo-Saxons versus Gauls versus Slavs. About China’s future, there cannot be any political transition towards democracy because societal values there aren’t all-inclusive & hence the bogey of Han predominmance coupled to the gospel of perpetual pre-eminence of the Communist Party of China always wins the day. Lastly, therefore, what exactly is the definition of Hindu majority? Can you define & quantify it? If matters are as you claim to be, then why do folks from Bihar/UP/Jharkhand continue to be banged-up by Marathi-speaking folks in Mumbai? Why are such folks now also targetting the Gujaratis? Why are ‘Hindu’ folks from Rajasthan or Haryana claiming to be endowed with superior qualities than ‘Hindus’ hailing from the rest of India? Is an Assamese ‘Hindu’ lesser in any way compared to as Rajput? So let’s not glorify diuscredited assumptions like ‘largest ethno religious majority’ & instead learn to accept that every ‘Hindu’ hailing from different states is in a minority when living outside his/her home state. Let’s also learn to get rid of fears brought about by thoughts about ‘being in a minoroty’. Instead, in the era of nation-states where the rule of law that’s guaranteed by the Constitution reigns supreme, let’s put far more faith & acquire more awareness about the ‘social contract’ between the rulers & the ruled. Let us all also learn to l;earn several lessons on self-respect & proud patriotism from India’s micro-minority communities like the Parsis & Sindhis, who have NEVER claimed any reservations or dole-outs from any GoI despite becoming extinct communities, & yet they always walk & live with their heads held high & not even an iota of loss of self-respect & self-esteem! Those who claim to be part of the largest ethno religious majority therefore have a lot more to learn & absorb. And lastly, the only mantra of every citizen uttered in front of their rulers should be: ‘just make it worth our while to remain as proud citizens & we in turn will fulfil our part of the social contract’. Now, exactly how difficult is that to comprehend & abide by?

Pierre Zorin said...

Aritro Data: well truth hurts doesn't it? It is ok to mouth off illiterate stupid factless and paranoid delusions about others at the expense of your own mother land and not prepared to face facts. Swearing? Go ahead make my day punk. When you can't argue you will always will resort to stupidity. Yu and people like you are making India a laughing stock to the world. In fact I will be raising this issue with specific world leaders so the days of this unnecessary bigotry and jingoism ends in India - IF foreign investments are sought for. So the choices as I see are these: get a life or go back to the caves you and people like you belong

Unknown said...

@prasunda how can social contract work in a country that is relationship driven?how can a constitution be properly abided to since its modelled on western/British concept?laws are meant to improve the welfare of the society as they are supposed to be derived after studying the society. Now when indian laws are basically western laws or Roman laws, will such laws improve the welfare of the society which is neither western not Roman derived? So will the allegiance to a constitution which derives it's inspiration from western societies tend to resolve India's problems which are atypical to it? When foreign invaders like mughals or portugese forcefully converted their religion there has to be some reason behind it?I am sure answer to these questions can illuminate a lot of minds. But the blog is for military matters, and we should focus on that.



Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To UNKNOWN: As I have explained several times before, in an era of nation-states, it is impossible to lead a civilisational state of existence. Today’s laws are all universal & that are underpinned by UN covenants to which all nation-states subscribe. To even question whether or not social contract can be functional therefore tantamount to one questioning whether refusal to pay income tax or property tax is illegal. British laws on taxation & division of land holdings were in fact derived not from Roman laws, but from the practices followed during the reign of Emperor Akbar & later by Maharaka Ranjit Singh. Hence, to even suggest that legal legislations & constitutional provisions are all sourced from & inspired from the West is absolutely wrong. Yes, forced religious conversions did take place in the past & if someone who had converted today feels the need to undo such conversions of his/her ancestors, then they should be free to revert back to what they feel or believe was their original religious faith. It should be a totally voluntary effort.

bhoutik said...

"British laws on taxation & division of land holdings were in fact derived not from Roman laws, but from the practices followed during the reign of Emperor Akbar & later by Maharaka Ranjit Singh" - never knew this prashun bhai. would you please suggest some reading material on this.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BHOUTIK: Even the British bureaucratic administrative structure for district & provincial administration was an almost exact replica of that introduced by Emperor Akbar. All these are explained in these books:

If you were to take Google's assiatance, you will come across several more anecdotal references.

youngbengal said...

Prasun Sir, here is the link for downloading pdf file of the book authored by Mr Steve Coll

RAT said...

Hi All,
I am not a weapons expert however let me try to explain integration of two equipments manufactured by different countries it's simple it's like getting iOS Bluetooth working with Android with a guarantee it will work seamlessly every time now multiply this difficulty many more times that's how we can achieve radar from one country work with weapon of other.
Prasun came back to blog after a year glad you are still trying to answer all questions thanks and keep up the work.