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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Pakistan Navy To Procure Two COSC-Built & CSTC-Supplied 4,000-Tonne FFGs

The two FFGs will be armed with the HARBA subsonic cruise missile, which is a clone of the the Ukraine-developed KORSHUN multi-role subsonic cruise missile (whose IPR is now owned by China), which in turn is a clone of the Nobator-developed 3M-14E subsonic anti-ship/land-attack cruise missile. The HARBA is presently on-board the PNS Himmat FAC-M. The missile cannisters are almost identical to those of the PLA Navy-specific YJ-62A subsonic anti-ship cruise missile.
The Pakistan Navy also has 40 TELs that are each armed with three subsonic C-602 anti-ship cruise missiles.
The two FFGs wsill be using SR-2410C S-band multifunction radarsm and not the China-developed clones of the Russia-origin Fregat-M2EM radar that presently equip the PLA Navy Type 054A FFGs.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: Have uploaded above the slides related to the FFGs ordered for the PM yesterday. They will not be exact replicas of the Type 054A FFGs of the PLAN, but will instead be modified for littoral warfare, just like the PN's F-22P FFGs are. Had obtained detailed info on this contract last April from COSC, CSTC, CSSC, ALIT & CETC Int'l (all Chinese companies) at the DSA-2018 expo that was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. BTW, I hope you know that the German company that supplies composites-built structures for the Milgem corvette hulls is owned by MKU Ltd of India. Similarly, the TATA-owned JLR automobile manufacturing giant is also the OEM for all Land Rovers & Range Rovers serving with the PA (LoLz!). And despite all this, the PA continues to refer to India as its 'Perpetual Enemy'! Truly an 'Ehsaanfaraamosh' bunch of cretins fort relying on the Indian 'Kafirs' for military hardware product-support!!!

ashish gautam said...

Sir 1st pic mei specs vala part thoda blurred ho gya hai... Plz tell about them in comments or further updates... What do we have in equivalent or better then this in our arsenal or under production???
2) it supports integrated electrical propulsion???
3) I remember that Indian navy was considering option of integrated electrical propulsion for upcoming ships so is it still under consideration or if any update on it plz inform....

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Arey yaar, just save the picture in your HD & then open it & blow it up as much as you want to & they specs will be readable. It is just a littoral patrol FFG & the IN in fact wants the PN to have more of these since the IN has got way too many ASCMs to expend & therefore requires a target-rich enemy! 1) Not at all. In fact, China-built FFGs use diesel engines for propulsion whereas the IN's FFGs are now standardised with marine gas-turbines, meaning warships powered by diesel-engines (like the Type 054A) need to return to port after 28 days at sea for maintenance-related repairs/servicing, whereas warships powered by gas-turbines can stay at sea for 90 days without any maintenance. 3) Yes, they will make their way into the planned four LPHs & then the six SSNs.

Intolerant Person said...

Sir I think I should remind you some articles you were about to post:
1.Something related to sea-scuttle.
2.Nature of future operations of all 3 forces against Pakistan.
3.BTW,how INS Arihant is commissioned when it never test fired any SLBM?
4.Which vital peojects will have their first tests in 2018-19?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

From the 2018 Shangri La Dialogue now underway in Singapore:

To KAUSTAV: Yet another RamChhagol surfaces, this time from UP:

1 Down, 29 more to go WRT Cricket Match-Faixing & Betting:

The India-origin guy who owns an island in Seychelles:

How India helped Seychelles' security forces:

With such airframe rivetting, how can the J-20 ever be stealthy:

And this is what happens when everyone's fixated on cleaning up the Ganges River, & ZERO steps are taken for ensuring that the river does not get polluted to begin with (i.e. focussing exclusively on the cure & just ignoring the prevention aspect):

Rajesh Mishra said...

I too visited Mahabalipuram many times in last 40 to 25 years and always thought the local peoples to be devout Hindus with growing beards just for the fun. Later my friend told me that all of them were the Muslims. Now things have changed and I understand it.

Pierre Zorin said...

Thank you Prasun for notes on the previous blog. My qualm is not about defending any particular faith BUT total irritation against ignorant rants based on neo Nazi views. What you explained later - I could never have worded so appropriately - THAT is what I was trying to convey. Let's not forget it- almost everything is based on assumptions than factual investigation- pretty much like what you said cleaning up the ganges without preventing the source of pollution! I think you have summed up all this mental defficiency in a few words: "arming without aiming" "refusal to develop mindset" and can't see " the wood for the trees".
By the way if I revealed all about myself surprisingly some of the champions of Hindutva or whatever you call it will get eggs thrown in their face because they ASSUME who I say in this blog is who I am!


Sir can you write upon what the PN fleet may look like in 2025 based on currect programs?

anmol chaudhary said...

If you'll watch the Ganga video closely again. You'll notice carefully is not an evidence based conclusion but more of just photo-ops. Depleting levels, request for release of more water from nothing new.

Efforts have been and are being made to provide sanitation facilities to villages on the banks of Ganga and PREVENT pollution. Stricter monitoring of industrial pollution of the river and sanctioning for harsher penalties is in fact a deterrent action. Not ZERO. Please do not jump the gun. Read this for an outline.

Anmol Chaudhary

Anonymous said...

Some old news. It seems Pak is still pricking Iran

1)From your reply
"Yes, they will make their way into the planned four LPHs & then the six SSNs."

a)Is it with siemens help or US's? b)Integrated Electric propulsion for SSNs pls explain?

2)"With such airframe rivetting, how can the J-20 ever be stealthy:"
Interesting observation skills Prasun sir. Lolz.
So, as you said many times before j20 has a long road ahead for becoming 5th gen.
Then what about fc-31 which you mentioned as the option for PAF in future to maintain parity? I think PAF may go for TFX or may be not because of UK's RR involvement? What do you feel?


Arpit Kanodia said...


But I don't think Arbaz Khan done anything wrong. What's wrong with betting.

If they want to catch, then they need to clean who fixing the matches, and those who are involved in BCCI.

I think they made him a scapegoat. In half of the world betting is legal, why not India make it legal, after all, we cant stop betting business. At least mainstream this business and tax it. And generate a lot of revenue.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANMOL CHAUDHARY: Anyone who is really serious about cleaning up India’s rivers will always come up with a universal master-plan, and not just a river-specific plan. Second, as the weblinks you’ve posted reveal, the intention to clear up the rivers just isn’t there, as evidenced by usage of words in legislations: pollution-control & pollution abatement. All this means is that the effort is at best half-hearted & is aimed at managing a problem rather than eliminating it for good. And why so? Simply because no one has the will to ELIMINATE pollution by either closing down all the industrial facilities that discharge toxic effluents & human excreta into the rivers, or forcing them to invest in non-polluting waste disposal technologies. So the end-of-the-day mantra remains the same as it was 30 years ago: keep polluting as much as you want & we will invest in creating infrastructure at a snail’s pace that aims to ‘control’ & not –eliminate’ the menace of river pollution. This is just a mindset problem, something that only a truly enlightened leader of the masses with sagacity can overcome for good. And so far, no ‘Maii ka Laal’ has displayed such leadership attributes.

To ANNON: 1) GE-Alsthom. 2) FC-31 will face the same problems as J-20. The PAF faces & will continue to face closed doors when it comes to acquiring new-generation MRCAs from either the West or the Far East.

To ARPIT KANODIA: Whether he has done anything right or wrong depends on revelations about his intentions behind the betting process, i.e. whether he was doing for the sake of getting a kick & some goosebumps from the climax of the circket tournaments, or whether he was betting purely for the sake of making money after coming to know that the tournaments were fixed. Only detailed investigations will reveal the true intentions, since the Al Jazeera sting operation clearly shows that the match fixers work with no more than 30 interested parties who resort to bettings based on certainty of match-fixing, i.e. purely for making money. I’m all for legalising betting for all competitive sporting tournaments so that not just the rich, but also for the popor who can obtain monetary benefits legally. After all, lottery too is a form of speculative betting.

Intolerant Person said...

Sir this website looks fascinating:

1.Why were Israeli Nationals were there along with Headley shortly after 26/11?
2.I still remember an article where Israeli nationals were deported from Kerela which were suspected to be Mossad operatives.I am having a feeling that Mossad does have some interest INSIDE India.What's your take?

Kaustav said...

LOl Guess we know why that Clan of RamChagols is headed down the TUBES very fast. The Indian masses are not interested in mythical achievements ancient but rather surmounting of challenges contemporary and science technology and economic developments for the people alive today.

Intolerant Person said...

3.What is truth?Either this guy is 100% true or 100% wrong..
His previous statements:

Sorry for mistaking "3" in previous post and creating another one.Just some browser stuff.

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun, i keenly read all your posts; however, for reasons I vaguely understand, my occasional posts does not make the cut with you and do not published. Henceforth, I will avoid posting anything unless unavoidable.
Thanks, Ganesh

Rajesh Mishra said...

Mumbai attacks by David Headly, CIA and MOSSAD is the same thing as the Israelis destroyed the WTC and Pentagon. Obviously this is pure muslamic terrorist propaganda.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To INTOLERANT PERSON: You need to grasp the following: 1) the existing official Pakistani narrative being fred to Pakistani citizens is that the 26/11 terror attacks were false-flag operations enacted by R & AW, CIA & MOSSAD in order to implicate Pakistan. This brazen narrative then relies on 2 spectacularly ridiculous books for circumstantial corroboration, which are:

Just as Arundhati Roy wrote her delirious assessments about Afzal Guru (by not even bothering to examine the evidence presented in the Indian trial courts), these 2 books too spell out only conspiracy theories & are devoid of facts. And why so? Because the material evidence was presented in-camera by Indian prosecutors. And why so? Because the evidence in the form of SIGINT intercepts came from the US National Security Agency & the UK’s GCHQ & India is by law prevented from disclosing the sourcxe of such evidence due to the mutual legal assistance treaties that India has inked with the US & UK. Hence, those who are not directly involved with the case will be not be given access to such evidence or their sources. Hence all the needless conspiracy theories floating around by ill-informed & ignorant authors of such discredited books. And that’s also why Pakistan continues to delay the trial in Islamabad’s special anti-terror court by the evidence given by India to be placed before the court & refusing to obtain Zaki ur-Rehman Lakhvi’s voice sample (it seems according to Pakistani law the accused is entitled to refuse consent for obtaining voice sample). Lakhvi’s voice was recorded by the GCHQ from VOIP intercepts during 26/11 when the planners in Karachi were in contact with Lakhvi who then was in Muzaffarabad. It is all now detailed in this book & the author is the person who led the investigations at the Pakistanu end:

2) And exactly how the GCHQ succeeded in conducting SIGINT intercepts was revealed by Edward Snowden & the methodology is explained in great detail here:

And as for David Headley’s movements, it is all explained here by his former Morroccan wife:

So there it is all. There’s thus no more room for speculation & peddling of disinformation WRT CIA, MOSSAD or R & AW & false-flag operations. SIGINT intercepts are of an all-digital nature & cannot be forged—something that those Pakistanis who are known to disrespect all laws of physics will never be able to make sense of. These IDIOTS don’t even realise that whenever a ground-based GPS receiver sends a signal for GPS positional update to either NAVSTAR or GLONASS, there’s a ‘digital handshake’ that records all such requests for positional updates & this also logs in the time & place from where the requests are sent. This info is stored in the servers of the GPS service provider & can be accessed if reqd & that’s why everytime a GPS receiver is recovered from Paki terrorists inside India, it is always sent to the US FBI for analysis, i.e. finding out details of the ‘handshake’ that shows from where the GPS receiver was first used. Most Pakis don’t understand all this & hence they accuse India of creating false navigation maps on such GPS receivers, not realizing that navigation maps are totally different from the recorded datums, thanks to the servers recording the time & place of the ‘handshakes’. Hence, one needs to understand such technologies in detail before peddling wild conspiracy theories.

Sambarta Dutta said...

Wait. Which German company is owned by MKU? What's its name?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GANESH: For reasons unknown to be, sometimes some comments end up in the SPAM box which I do not open in any case. So the only way to get around this may be a bit of rewording in order to end up in the right place from where it can be published. So kindly give it a try. Meanwhile, here are some interesting links:

Rohingya Influx in Manipur:

Assam Youth Joining HuM:

And coming up: Special Operations India 'Pathankot'

To SAMBARTA DUTTA: A simple Google-assisted check by you would have revealed this:

Why do you sound so surprised?

Pierre Zorin said...

For a smaller country than India, Indonesian defence force equipment makes a pleasant read: Surely with longer borders than Indonesia, India should have had a better inventory for its massive army! I guess once again Indonesia makes decision whereas India makes deliberations - that would be the difference you reckon?

Jay said...

Hi Prasun, this has not become a daily and serious occurence along LOC and IB:

Do you think if there will be any massive response from our side soon or will it wait until the 2019 general elections are over?

Hardik Thanki said...

Hi Prasunji

What is the status of AWCAS program of Indian Air Force. 3 phlacon and 2 Drdo built systems are operational, so should not IAF go for more DRDO type AWACS. Also can you please clarify a bizzare news that IAF wants DRDO A330 AWCAS under development to also act as a Tanker. I think the IAF wanted mid flight refueling but news item says that IAF requested Aireal Tanker capabilities, I mean where is the space available in AWACS after electronics are installed.

Thanks in Advance
Hardik Thanki

SK said...


1) WRT to Radars which combination is more potent/suitable when in comes to Ballistic Missile Detection and tracking for Indian Terrain

Israeli Terra Radar system compromising
a) ELM-2090U ULTRA UHF band radar
b) ELM-2090S Spectra S-band radar

Israeli EL/M-2080 Green Pine L-Band Radar

American AN/TPY-2 - X Band Radar (Component of THAAD)

European MFCR X-Band & SR - UHF Band (Components of MEADS)

I understand that each band has its own pros and cons

2) Does Indian Armed Forces operate Thales Ground Master 400 Radar, wiki states India has 20 systems but never came across any reports that confirms this.

3) Till date how many of the EL/M-2084 MMR/Arudhra have been inducted by IAF

4) Also how many of the THALES-built GS-100 LLTR been inducted till date by IAF.

সুমন্ত নাগ said...

Prasun Da, first many thanks again for another informative thread,

However, it appears that PA is really devoid of any human characteristics or spineless invertebrate,needs to be decimated once and for all:

2) a) Regarding recent test firing of SFDR, is it really Indo - Russian joint development as claimed by Sputnik ? b) ET reported that this Test has only achieved partial success :

"Sources have told ET that the Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet (SFDR) test carried out on Wednesday succeeded only in the initial booster stage but did not activate the second leg that is crucial to propel a missile for a longer distance. As result, the missile crashed before the technology could be fully tested"

What is your view on the above stated matter ?

3. Regarding today's test-firing of Agni V, is it really pre-induction trial as previously reported by new Indian express:

Kindly share your views, and thanks in advance.

bhoutik said...

you raised concerns about events at socotra and now INS Sunayna is being sent there on HADR mission - is it just an HADR mission or a presence op. as well - meaning is there a political objective as well and have your concerns been heard by the powers that be and are the wheels moving to rectify the situation

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,


Saudi Crown Prince MBS Missing.

After April 24 Toy Drone attack in Riyadth Palace, there is no news about Saudi Crown Prince.

Many are speculating that he is dead or injured.

Please comment.

S.Senthil Kumar

Intolerant Person said...

Thank you sir for the explanation.Now I understood why that "Lal Topi" wala "Commando" was alleging RSS and MOSSAD for 26/11.Lolz.
BTW,new Camo. of A-5 is similar to that of Iranian Missiles.Sirji can you get video of latest A-5 test?DRDO hasn't released any video of ICBM testing since a long time.

Prranshu Yadav said...

A few more questions regarding brahmos if you will...

1. I have read that a few years ago brahmos block 3 sucessfully destroyed a hardened target at pokhran firing range. Does this mean brahmos block 3 can penetrate hardened aircraft shelters?

2. What will ultimately be the max range of brahmos? I read claims ranging from 450 km to 600 km to 800 km at various places.

3. Assuming that brahmos launchers are about 100 km away from border to avoide enemy artillary, roughly how many Chinese and Pakistani air bases will be within the range of ground launched brahmos?

4. By observing various military bases on google maps and images, i have noticed that ammo dumps are usually highly dispersed with several small hardened facilities containing small amounts of ammo spread over a large area. So roughly how many brahmos/nirbhay missiles will have to be expended to take out such facilities? Will the economic exchange ratio be worth it?


bhoutik said...

the Boeing that will be fitted out for VVIP flights - aren't there concerns of espionage there - how will comm. sec. be ensured

Srinivasa Nanduri said...

Hi Prasun,

Will S400 deal go thru, if not, will America agree to provide a customized Arrow3 / thaad? And work with india on Indian BMD?

If so how will it affect India Russia relationship.

Also, with American aggression against Iran, what future does INSTC and chabahar have?

Srinivasa Nanduri

Anonymous said...

1)Prasun Sir, do you have more info on rocket torpedo of PLAN ET80/Yu8?
Will it be integrated on VLS of PN's type-054a?

2) Is PN getting CSIC 4000 ton frigate based on type054a or type054a

3)See this comment by some pak veteran in pak defence forum on Midget subs

"There are many existing and evolving OPS and PLANS for SWATS. By discussing your scenarios further we can jeopardize them. Lets just say that the future employment of SWATS in PN will be quite a surprise for the potential adversaries."

What is he talking about?


Intolerant Person said...

BTW sirji,a journalist(not that India Today guy),is claiming that DRDO is working on another unnamed missile with MIRV Capability.Do you have any info about that?Will it be A-6?

Kapil said...

Prasun da, when is the thread on POK war coming? Looking forward to that.

Unknown said...

Hello Sir,

1. We have Rockets which can launch Satellite in Space, why we don't have Rockets/missiles with the range of 12k-13k km? I think it's time to work on it, as India is ready for that process..

2. We should start working on MIRVs and MARVs


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JAY: The response was immediate & proportionate.

To HARDIK THANKI: The A330-220 AEW & C platforms can fly non-stop for 12 hours withj aerial refuelling & therefore there’s just no spare fuel capacity available for offloading to other aircraft, rest assured. Hence all talk about the AEW & CS platform acting as an AAR as well is FAKE NEWS.

To SK: 1) All those radars will work perfectly well over any terrain. Terrain does not affect radar performance, atmospheric anomalies do. 2) No, not a single one was ever procured by India. 3) 12. 4) 18.

To SUMANTHA NAG: 2) When the news-report itself quotes the DRDO as saying that this test-firing was to prove only the operating effectiveness of the booster, where then does any question arise about the test being only a partial success when the ramjets were not meant to be tested at all this time? The shitty news-reporter is thus contradicting himself, isn’t he? 3) Yes, one more test-firing is reqd before its service-induction begins.

To BHOUTIK: It is an HADR mission to recover 32 Indian fishermen who were stranded there, as confirmed by the IN spokesperson’s twitter account. I had no concerns about Socotra or the UAE’s presence there. I only had ideas about milking the situation there in India’s favourt & the UAE will definitely make use of India’s capacities to sustain its presence on that island, rest assured, since my ideas were very much appreciated & correctly assessed by the powers-that-be in Lutyens’ Delhi.

Meanwhile, after inking the COMCASA with the US, India inks a similar agreement with Singapore:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: The over-worked Price MBS is merely taking a personal leave-of-absence to spend some time with his family, since he has been working non-stop for the past 3 years, rest assured. In the meantime, far more interesting developments are taking place. For instance, the UAE has inked a strategic npartnership pact with Russia & has pre-empted Qatasr’s efforts to procure S-400 LR-SAMs:

And Russia & Israel have successfully talks aimed at removing Iran’s presence from southern Syria:

And in Iran there’s growing widespread civilian unrest:

To INTOLERANT PERSON: Here’s a copy of the 1st Dossier that India gave to Pakistan on 26/11 investigations:

In that one can really see all the material forensic evidence from the readouts of the GPS receiver & the Thuraya SATphone. Remember the ‘handshake’ mechanism I had explained yesterday. Well, the printout is all there. The A-5 was painted in desert camouglage colours. I guess then that both India & Iran possess deserts. DRDO will release the video later.The other MIRVed BM being developed is the 5,000km-range SLBM. Meanwhile, do have a good laugh after reading this advertisement:

It does appear that the PN really believes that it can be bullied by the IN!!!

To PRRANSHU YADAV: 1) Of course, because its terminal velocity at supersonic speed & in top-attack mode is quite high. 2) 550km. 3) Just get a map & draw an arc which has calculated the circumference based on the BrahMos-1’s 550km-range. 4) Ammo dumps, if targetted by cruise missiles, will require more than 100 such missiles for total destruction per ammo dump.

To BHOUTIK: How can there be any surrepticious gadget installed on the aircraft when all the work is being conducted in the presence of Indian officials who will be stationed at the Boeing plant?

To ANNON: 1) It is 1970s-era torpedo technology. Such torpedoes are not vertically-launched. 2) The former. The headline of the thread says it all. 3_ He’s talking about sneak attacks, which are not possible when the target is Mumbai, but which can be attempted if the targets are along the Saurashtra coastline. But even then, such attempts will be detected quite early because the IN has already procured seabed-based underwater sensors from Israel for both harbor surveil;lance & coastal surveillance.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV: Looks like someone has at last picked up what I have been stating for the past 1.5 years (about how Gorakhpur has been left to rot when it could instead have been transformed into a magnificient & economically thriving border-trading hub connecting Nepal):

So to appoint a priest whose political career began with the Ram Janmabhoomi movement was a grave error. No sooner did he take charge than Yogi Adityanath concentrated on closing down businesses on which Muslims and Dalits relied for jobs. Meat factories and butcher shops were ostensibly closed for being unlicensed, but many licensed businesses suffered as well. Killings by Hindutva vigilantes in the name of saving cows began around the same time as did killings and attacks in the name of ‘love jihad’. It did not take long before all talk of ‘parivartan’ and ‘vikas’ was forgotten. So, within a year of winning an incredible three-quarters of the seats in the UP Assembly, when elections were held for the Lok Sabha seats of Gorakhpur and Phulpur, voters expressed their disenchantment by voting BJP candidates out. In Gorakhpur, this was an attempt to send Yogi a personal message since his candidate was made to lose in a parliamentary constituency that he himself had won for 20 years. Yogi could only have been plucked out of Parliament and made Chief Minister for Hindutva reasons, because a quick tour around Gorakhpur and its environs should have been proof that Yogi lacked administrative skills. As someone who has travelled to some of the most dismal, filthy places in our ancient land, I can report that Gorakhpur is hard to match in terms of dirt and decay. An MP with basic administrative skills could have rectified much of this just from his constituency fund.

rad said...

hi prasun
i think what you said about the meteor missile no t being able to integrate with Russian planes has finally hit home to jingos due to MBDA refusal to integrate it on to the su-30mki!!

Again as u said people do not understand the the test was only for the booster of the sdfr as as no one will test the ramjet on the first test itself .i will not be surprised if they are more booster tests.

I have a strong feeling that the SDFR will be configured like the meteor missile with 2 inlets as the pic is one sided and the inlet is too small for a missile of that size if there is only one, due to air flow disturbance to the inlet in a turn. what are ur views??

is america hinting that india is free to tie up with israel or usa for BMD with the thaad or the arrow series of missile ? personally i would go fro the arrow series. what options does india have because of the pending sanctions?? ur views??

Unknown said...

@ Prasoon 7:07AM

its an interesting article that you have quoted from the journalist Tavleen Singh. But one needs to rationally approach such pieces talking of threats to incumbent government, whichever it may be or not. The author suggests basic administrative skills to the UP Chief Minister when the same author never laid such benchmarks to Akhilesh Yadav, Behen Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav. When goondas and history sheeters can be voted as Chief Minister of UP, a priest yogi adityanath seems a lesser evil to me. But then that what Tavleen should be more candid about. Tavleen mentions that Gorakhpur could be cleaned up by using MP constituency find. this fund is of Rs. 3 Crores and one wonders whether such amount is sifficient for clean up or not? to my limited understanding its not. now lets look at some ground factual reports on reasons for loss:

1.) Loss in Gorakhpur. One of the reason sighted was the crack down of CM Aditynath (a bad administrator according to Tavleen) on Cheating Mafia. resulting in lots of parents, relatives voting against BJP cause their kids could not pass through. But sure this step should not have been taken as according to Tavleen Yogi adityanath is a bad administrator. But then who is a good adminstrator and does good administation have any dorect correlation with vote getting in UP!. point 2 below will give some hints on this.

2. Kairana election is less on administrative skills and more on caste alliances. Gujjar, Jat, Dalit and Other Backward Class (OBC )votes plus muslim Gujjar and muslim non Gujjar. Now when one looks at other opposition parties against the sole BJP candidate, the caste alliance would not have been in its favour. Would have appreciated if Tavleen could have put more light on it for a better balanced reporting.

But then the pertinent question is why so much hating of yogi adityanath, a priest and a bad adminstrator. what qualifies one to be a CM and a good administrator. if Tavleen can vouch for Rahul Gandhi, am pretty sure she can also vouch for adityanath. Atleast he is a self made man. But then the question remains unanswered by Tavleen, what qualifies a person to be a good administrator???is it sitting like with Tavleen in her airconditioned office writing out articles, or meeting her in her cock tail parties and impressing her about ones credentials. to my understanding a self made man, is a good administrator because he has to work hard for it. Just like you Prasoon are a self made man. But i am telling you if you become a CM and wear saffron clothes, tavleen will also start writing articles against you and lecture about your administrative credentials. it is simply agenda driven vs fact based journalism. the two poles of quality vs mediocre authorship.

Newcomer said...

Sir i have seen the Video in which 2 persons killed on CRPF vehicle hit..
Sir Our soldiers are treated badly over those areas and still we are doing nothing.. The situation is burning above the melting point.. Some thing needs to be done immediately and still no one responsible is acting or doing any thing..
Our soldiers must be given shoot on self protection over such occasions..
Why are we still not acting..?
I know some big steps must be taken to have some what permanent solution to the issue like unifying Kashmir..
Nothing is happening no one is looking for at least a temporary solution to the present aggression of the peoples over the area.. You are the very sensible person I found best to share my thoughts/Concern in this issue..

buddha said...
There seem to be great bonhomie between russia and european giants.


TO UNKNOWN: " it is simply agenda driven vs fact based journalism. the two poles of quality vs mediocre authorship. "

I agree with you buddy... I am not supporting anybody...but yes in comparison to other UP CMs Yogi adityanath is the best option....journalists are fed by the crony capitals generated from black means by political they present alienated views only in favour/against the poiltical rivals....

Harsh said...

Sir, can you please tell the approximate numbers of various types of cruise missiles in Pakistani inventory like raad, babur?
When will our lacklustre attitude in defence preparedness end?
Pakistan will add 4 type 54a by 2021 and 8 s20 subs by 2025. Don't you see the capability gap reducing. Pakistan's 11 subs by 2025 vs our 17-18. Also they have another 4 milgem in pipeline from Turkey subject to loan approval.

Intolerant Person said...

Excellent explanation sir.BTW,here an interesting line said by that Gafoor fella in recent ISPR briefings:
"We are afraid that future wars will be fought on the issue of water."
I guess once again your words are coming true as if I am not wrong,you said that IWT's scarpping can be used as a trigger.And I watched many programs and now almost every channel including GEO,ARY,92,etc are highlighting alarming situation of upcoming water crisis in pakistan.Subsequently, this would also result in high amount of load-shedding or even shut down of many vital industries as without sufficient water,their electricity prices will touch the skies.

Rajesh Mishra said...

1) I think that Trump shall make friends with Russia, Europe, Israel and India and enjoy life. If at all the war is to be fought then a common front against the global muslamic terrorists and the Chinese Han Fascist expansionist empires is readily available.

2) If US has security pact with KSA, India has it with Qatar and Russia is building it with UAE, then what this all means and what are the consequences. Kindly reply.

Kaustav said...

Very True Prasunda, Ofcourse the points apply to politicians and administrators across the board. All politicians and ministers are big on talk and low on action. As we have seen, the voting system punishes them sooner or later. Unfortunately it boils down to us being resolutely REFUSING TO DEVELOP COUNTRY AND PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

Sir, I have been meaning to ask you this for sometime...
The recent Kashmiri civilian death that happened on the 1st and the way that was covered by some foreign media, like..

The last para "Most Kashmiris support the rebels' cause while also participating in civilian street protests...". Now I am not sure if that is indeed the case, I thought this would be unbiased media. You would also come across some twitter handles espousing the Kashmir cause, and not lot of which are fake or Pakistani - some environmentalist or human rights watcher...Looks like Pakistan has had a head start in propaganda warfare on Kashmir, what's your take.

On a related issue, sometime back, on a panel discussion, former diplomat G Parthasarathy said that there are a lot of "foreign agents" working in Kashmir. Is that true...and I am not talking about Pak / ISI agents.


ashish gautam said...

What am asking u seems To b lil bit strange....
Question is if the Nuclear weapon testing is started again by USA Russia China etc.... 1) Do u think india too will conduct a nuclear test in such a situation??? 2) Do the politicians of both BJP & INC have guts??
In case if u answer is yes... (3) then also tell ur opinion regarding type of test means underground or underwater or surface test??
4) Fission or fusion or both??

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: You are still seemingly fixated on the twin-ramjet configuration of the Meteor BVRAAM. There are other PGMs with such configurations, i.e. the ASMP-A. Have a look at this:

Now try to connect this with the DRDO’s description of the SFDR project being part of India’s ‘strategic’ missiles programme (i.e. nuclear warhead-armed).

To NEWCOMER: This is happening because SOPs are not being followed to the last detail about preventive safety precautions. Everyone seems to be talking about tremporary solutions because no one is taking the trouble to understand the nature of the beast & secondly, there’s no ‘neta’ as yet who has the moral courage & sagacity to face the truth & explain it all to the citizens of India. These ‘netas’ go all over the world giving lectures while utterly failing to grab the bull by the horns in their own home-turf. In other words, they are living in a state of self-denial, just as the Pakistani civilian/military rulers are.

To AMIT BISWAS: Always resort to common-sense & rely on the foundational laws of the cosmos before jumping to convenient conclusions based on a state of denial. One such foundational law states that people always get the rulers that they truly deserve. What it means is that if the natives of UP are totally fucked-up, then their rulers too will be totally fucked-up, be they from the BSP, SP or BJP or any other party. And of course, if one wants to further quantify for reasons of objectivity, then one can get into a detailed analysis about who is the most fucked-up out of all these fucked-up ‘netas’. And I can provide compelling assessments which will prove beyond a shadow of doubt why this self-styled Yogi masquerading as a ‘neta’ deserves the title of the most fucked-up ‘neta’ of UP to date.

To HARSH: About 100 Ra’ads & 300 Baburs. How can Pakistan add 4 FFgs by 2021 when its own statement states that it has signed up & contracted for only two FFGs? PNB will have 11 submarines only by 2028. Do you reckon that the IN will not procure any more SSKs between now & 2028? And how can MILGEM corvettes or T-129 attack helicopters be supplied by Turkey if the US is unwi8lling to finance their procurements anymore? Furthermore, is it a givfen that the US will authorize the export to Pakistan of advanced weapons to go on board the MILGEM corvettes?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To INTOLERANT PERSON: VMT. By raising the water issue, what Pakistan is trying to do is to convert its ideological claim on J & K (which no one, especially the UN, does not recognize) into a political one that is more palatable to some countries. But then again, Pakistan will then have to clash with China as well, since it was China that quietly & without informing anyone had in the previous decade built a dam on the River Indus northeast of Ngari prefecture. This, then disqualifies Pakistan from creating a dispute on political grounds, i.e. whichever way it chooses to go, Pakistan will face to face with a stone wall.

To RAJESH MISHRA: Only positive consequences, i.e. while the GCC member-states will continue to look to India as a thriving market for their oil & gas & also a supplier of skilled human resources reqd for running their respective service sectors, Iraq & Iran will too will try to woo India to buy their oil & gas & will also resort to barter trading by buying back India-made goods & India-produced commodities. After all, why should India not enjoy the best of both worlds? That’s what I certainly would do.

To ANJAN: These ill-informed reports are always drafted by those who have set foot only in Srinagar & have not ventured beyond the city. Statistically, the trouble-prone areas within Kashmir Valley are not even districts, but 3 Tehsils. And what percentage of J & K’s landmass do these 3 Tehsils constitute? Every foreign Embassy/High Commission in delhi knows about this reality & hence no one except Pakistan is bothered. The ‘foreign agents’ being referred to are the APHC card-holders & sympathizers, most of whom hail from the Jamaat-e-Islami political party that owes allegiance to the Jamaat-e-Islami parties of Pakistan & Bangladesh.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: 1) Of course India too will resume testing in that case. 2) Yes, because if they don’t, then the awaam/citizens of India will do a ‘maha dhamaaka’ over these ‘netas’. 3) All tests worldwide will be underground or underwater, depending on what kind of real-estate is available & for which country. India does not need to conduct any underwater tests since the desert of Pokhran is available. Only those countries that do not possess desert-type real estate end up conducting underwater tests. 4) Both.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To UNKNOWN: Before dissecting others, let’s start with YOU, since charity begins at home.

Firstly, your handle ‘UNKNOWN’ exemplifies that you are shy of being a man & standing up & being held accountable for your own words & deeds. You always find it safe/convenient to hide behind anonymity, thereby running away from taking responsibility. This is symptomatic of a a psychologically insecure person with a very low degree of self-respect/self-esteem.

Secondly, you are shying away from examining a standalone case involving the ‘Yogi’ on its own merits/demerits. Instead, you are resorting to the ‘whataboutery/whataboutism’ attitude, thereby trying to compare apples with oranges. For instance, no one from INC or SP or BSP gave slogans of ‘Sabkaa Saath, Sabkaa Vikaas’ nor did they promise to deposit Rs.20 Lakh into each Indian citizen’s bank savings account. Neither did thay ever claim that Hindus can never be terrorists. But this self-styled & dhongi ‘Yogi’ did so & over & above that, the kind of hate speeches he gave over the past 20 years is proof enough for him being incarcerated in prison with hard labour for at least 20 years. Here are some of his utterances to refresh your ‘Ghajani-type’ memory-losses:

And FYI ALL those employees of OFB Ishapore & their support-teams who smuggled out weapons for the Maoists were all HINDUs, as were those Maoists. Statistically, more than 90% of those caught spying for countries hostile to India have also been HINDUs.

Thirdly, is the ‘Yogi’ really a self-made man? Have you read his bio-data? If as you claim he is a priest, did he inherit his priesthood from his ancestors or was he anointed as a priest when he was an UNKNOWN? Do find out the facts before making utterly false tall claims.

Fourthly, what qualifies one to be a CM and a good administrator? Elementary: just read the Rules of Business of the Govt of India where all such guidelines are mentioned, & then interact with the constituency’s Block Development Officer, District Collector & District Magistrate in order to ensure judicious & productive spending of an MP’s annual developmental funds. That’s the formula. If a ‘neta’ cannot even comprehend this despite being an MP for 20 years & that too in a town that is THE MAJOR trading hub between India & Nepal, then he/she has no right to become an MP/Neta representing that town, leave alone being a CM. So does this all mean that a Mayawati or Kanshi Ram or Mulayam or an Akhilesh are far better options? Of course not, no one—neither Tavleen nor myself—has ever claimed so to be the case. Hence, kindly do not go overboard when pointing fingers at folks like Tavleen, who are only demanding that ‘netas’ be held accountable for what they’ve verbally promised to do. As of now, the likes of the ‘Yogi’ are no better than Mian Mohd Nawaz Sharif who, when asked about fulfilling unkept promises, often end up saying: “Arey bhai, hum jasbaati kaum hai, aisi bahut si baatein kehe datein hai” (we are a sentimental bunch of folks & therefore we make many such utterances & promises from time to time). Hence, let us all not even try to paint the ‘Yogi’ as a fallen angel from the heavens who will usher in Ram Rajya in UP & I have already explained above to AMIT BISWAS why it is futile to have such ridiculous expectations.

Lastly, let me kindly reiterate that I have nothing personal against you, but I do have have worries about your prevailing mindset because it may well impede you from achieving your well-intentioned objectives. That’s because a ‘refusing-to-develop’ syndrome is always born out of a ‘refusing-to-acknowledge-the-problem’ attitude.

Intolerant Person said...

Just incase someone in this blog wants to be "Mard-e-Mujahid",this manual can be handy:

ashish gautam said...

Indeed u r right sir.... If such situation arises janta govt mei joote marna start kr degi!!! 😂😝😜
Sir btw do u think it will happen in future? If yes then any time frame u predict??

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Nowasays it is not necessary to conduct actual tests, since enough data-points are available for conducting near-perfect simulations. i.e. cold-tests. This applies to the US, Russia, UK, France, China & India.

Meanwhile, eher are some more interesting developments:

Programme on S-400 LR-SAM:

Programme on Gilgit-Baltistan:

View from PoK

View of J & K Youth Who've Shown The Mirror to APHC:

DG ISPR's Press Conference Yesterday:

DAshu said...

So finally Pak annexed Giglit-Baltistan and made its 5th province . Your initial time line to take back PoK was probably apt(April-May window), but now it's beyond reach due to China's backing and China's wish to change the status of disputed region and we all know China owns Pak . To me the way Pak without fear declared it to be its 5th province says too much about its confidence that Indian leadership won't retaliate militarily . Is my assessment of the situation correct?

Kaustav said...

Prasunda, VMT for the video. What this bitter Young Man from Kashmir says so passionately applies to all hate-mongering identity politics exploiting opportunists across the spectrum and country right from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari - Please share his simple message across the country, ofcourse the silent masses know the truth.

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,

I must say that you are one of the best to provide insights on defense matters through dispassionate blogs to sundry like me consistently. I would plead not to venture into the realm of politics and religion as much as possible in this blog.
As you always mention we get leaders what we deserve. No need to talk about UP chief minister since it is not a coincidence that all have ganged-up against him and his party. None of the pressitutes open their mouth against anybody else (literally none). They have zero credibility and it is an open secret.
About Camel Nath the MP from Chhindwada (3rd son of Indira as he was introduced to the super intelligent electorate); I suppose he was born in well to do family and he has built a business empire; in spite of that we all know the economic (I do not consider others) status of that region. In fact as satire, I heard from one of the loud mouth pressitutes that World bank headquarters will be moved to Chhindwada due to its financial clout!! Nothing, literally nothing can be told about the Vanga nadu (as called in Tamil), since last 40+ years it is growing at a streaking pace of 35% per year flat ever since Ajay kumar Mukherjee took over the reins. Thanks, Ganesh

Unknown said...

Prasun @12 59 pm

Cause I was typing from mobile and a little in hurry forgot to mention my name. In any case it was never my case to couch for either ram rajya the way you believe it to be through yogi adityanath. I am ready to give point by point rebuttal to your points provided a) the arguments be on merit and no personal attacks. In fact you need not worry about me or my manliness or my ability of judgement, rather follow point 2. 2) kindly remove the comment moderation from your blog.




" Always resort to common-sense & rely on the foundational laws of the cosmos before jumping to convenient conclusions based on a state of denial. One such foundational law states that people always get the rulers that they truly deserve "

Agree with you but here the point isn't about criticizing//defending any politician...but selective targeting of adityanath. The beauty of democracy is if people dont deem perfect anybody as ruler they have the right to uproot them ...and same case happening now with BJP...if they dont fulfill the promises made they will be wiped out definitely.....

but my point is nobody should do selective targetting of anyone out of political/personal vendetta....for eg. i have never observed you/tavleen criticizing mamta banerjee for having people like anubrata mondal in tmc sprouting out hate speeches as if it is very regular. I have never seen ayone criticizing arvind kejriwal who is considered anti graft crusader but alas he enjoys the company of convicted criminals like lalu/sharad pawar..this is only one instance...there are countless such other examples....but nobody bothers to highlight such plights with same yard stick as of adityanath's case

THe point is about double standards being followed by most of the media houses / journalist to set their political vendetta agenda.....if people are having so much problem about bjp/adityanath hate speeches...they would vote them out....

"Hence, let us all not even try to paint the ‘Yogi’ as a fallen angel from the heavens who will usher in Ram Rajya in UP & I have already explained above to AMIT BISWAS why it is futile to have such ridiculous expectations."

regarding ram rajya I guess no political leader in future will be able to do any justice abt it as it is not practical and no one could satisfy the evergrowing aspirations / wishes of 1.2 billion exploding population having different cultures and mindset...

but see the tone of tavleens writing as if all the wrong things happening in this country is because of Mr narendra modi....she is more interested to predict when mr modi will fail/or mr modi will become prime minister again in 2019 or not?? if waiting for his downfall script written by others.....why bcoz it creates sensational news that could be put on some prime time show/ OP ED pages of newspapers

so the bottomline is just bcoz some people dont agree with you/tavleen doesnt mean that they have a " refusing to syndrome " phenomena....yes you/tavleen may have grievances against adityanath ...which is well within your right....yes he may have inefficiencies / the end of the day he is human only not "angel"....but he deserves a chance....

and last but not least...i am not a "keyboard ninja" ....lolz

BROWN DESI said...

With Boeing teaming up with HAL and Mahindra, its quickly becoming evident that India will proceed with F18. However, it will be a painstakingly slow process and there will be a time period where our country's defense will be left wanting. What do you think will be correct course of action to MOD to take.
Brown Desi

Arpit Kanodia said...


I didn't read your whole comment , I skipped lot of things.

Just want to ask a simple thing, what's all with his dress. One might deduce he trying to portray something with his dress.

He wanted to be saadhu sant? Then what he doing in material world? Isn't then one person spiritually try to leave this material world?

Or he trying to portray he is more Hindu than those wearing simple shirt pant?

Does a simple shirt pant or even a coat make a one person less Hindu?

Is he a Yoga guru. Like Ramdev baba? Then he should open an aashram instead of wannabe politician.

That's where his dhong lie. And that's why I call him dhongi baba.

Charitra Fata said...

You forgot that Unknown calls you PRASOON when clearly you write Prasun...
Secondly as examples of Refusing to develop mindset - some in this blog representing the fundamentalist radicals in BJP, RSS are always citing missionaries, Christians, Dalits whatever as if one's religion is affiliated with one's patriotism. If that were the case I reckon we should immediately start a CBI probe into ACM Fali H Major, Bikram Singh, FM Sam Maneckshaw, Adm Dawson, ACM Dhanoa, ACM Antoine de la Fontaine, Giani Zail Singh, APJ Abdul Kalam, Fakiruddin Ali Ahmed, Dr Manmohan Singh, Lt Gen JFR Jacob just to name a few because these guys were/are Sikhs, Parsis, Jewish, Muslims and Christians - this only can mean they are actually traitors! Why we ought to hang the person or persons who spread the myth about the late Nirmal Singh Sekhon and Abdul Hamid....these really did not happen. Get my point?

bhoutik said...

what is the psychosis driving the author here -

Vikram Guha said...


(1) The Indian Navy had issued last month this RFI for the procurement of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV)

Which foreign USVs do you think can satisfy the specs of this RFI ?

(2) Do you believe that these defense industrial corridors that are coming up will serve any purpose ?

Thank You


Anonymous said...


Prasun da, how much of Mig29 and Su30mki engines have been indigenized respectively?
And what is the import content?
There was news

They claim building from scratch? So 100% barring except import of strategic alloys? Any links to support that?

Intolerant Person said...

Sirji I was browsing through one the YT videos and I found one interesting:

1.He says that countries can place Kill Switch in the weapons and in the times of crisis,they could shutdown any complex military weapon e.g. Aicrafts,Radars,etc.This could be a threat to India incase we refuse to tow any policy of that country in future.Do you think this is series threat?Incase in future,suppose India uses American weapons without US's nod,then they could make their weapons useless?Then doesn't it make GOI more puppet?

2.Do you think India should legalize as-well-as subsidize small arms for commons which are semi-auto.(if not full auto)like Slovenia,US,Israel,etc to reduce Home Invasion,Sexual Crimes or extortion?

Intolerant Person said...

3.And sir,pardon for again forgetting to add,what if Pakistan destroys one of the dams of India?I am asking this cause there's alot of noise about this in Pakistani Media and ISPR propagandists including that Lal-Topi.Here's an example:

Anup said...

No offense
Defence news please only in this blog.


Prasun Da,

Remember just last week I was asking you whether some tribes/communities are born warriors like Pashtuns, Sikhs, Slavs etc .

I’m here in Shillong stuck for the past 1 week because of the ongoing large scale violence against SIKHS.

Khasis attacked Sikhs to dislodge them from their land. In the past too such violence has been unleashed by the Khasi tribes against Assamese, Syletis, Nepalis/Gorkhas, Marwaris & others. None of them fought back, but guess what SIKHS are fighting back. The ratio is 1 Sikh : 100 Khasis & yet Sikhs are fighting. Sikhs heavily outnumbered.

So I suspect there is a certain mentality, physical prowess that makes communities like Sikhs stand out as warriors.


Rajesh Mishra said...

If India takes over the POK inclusive of GB and allows the China to make the proposed road through it, then is it possible and what will be the consequences?

Vikram Guha said...


I am sorry. I posted the wrong URL. These are the correct ones :

(1) Unmanned Surface Vehicles (along with simulators)

(2) High Endurance Autonomous Underwater Vehicles


Great_Admirer_of_yours said...

1..What is the current sstatus of fgfa ,has iaf succeeded in bargaining its share of technology with Russia.
Since we are so dependent on russia why again continue with russia , why not with US , Japan which seem to be more cooperative at current times.

2..when we say TAKING POK ,are we including Gilgit baltistan
After investing so much heavily on Cpec,Gwadar, will China allow this to happen,they will loose so much.Wont their intelligence be not able to warn beforehand.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DASHU: GB has NOT YRET been declared as Pakistan’s 5th province & the last rumours of such a development came out only in May 2017 ^ not since then. Thus far only FATA has come under Pakistan’s Constitution & that too after FATA had merged last month with KPK. China is already on record for having stated late last month that the issue of GB is a bilateral matter between India & Pakistan. This was stated after India made it crystal-clear that if China disputes India’s sovereignty over the entire PoK inclusive of GB, then India will reciprocate the gesture by abrogating its One China Policy & also starting to make claims on Kailash Mansarovar. This was conveyed during the tete-a-tete at Wuhan.

To KAUSTAV: Totally agree with you. I also heard today that folks (especially senior citizens) queing up under the scorching heat in Kolkata to pay their property taxes had reached the KMC E-Citizens’ offices by 9.30pm yesterday in lieu of the outlets opening at 10am as stated by the KMC. But guess what! The office premises & payment counters open only at 10.30am & when the folks start going inside, they are given token numbers in which the time is given as anything from 10am till 10.10am!!! I am assuming here that this ‘prathaa’ has been going on since the days of Left front rule & some old but detestable habits are indeed to change. Why can’t the buggers instead open their offices at 9am & close by 2.30pm during summertime is beyond me.

To GANESH: LoLz! It’s not about ganging up against anybody at all times, but rather about holding someone accountable for his/her utterances/promises made. This is perfectly admissible in any democracy. Folks like Tavleen have written 2 thick books in which the rot prevailing during the years of rule by the INC was thoroughly exposed. And that includes the way in which the likes of Kamal Nath (one of the late Sanjay Gandhi’s cronies since the mid-1970s) have built their financial empire. But I like the model followed by South Indian citizens, who in extremely rare cases allow a party to be in power in the southern states for 2w consecutive terms. This in fact at least partially ensures that the govt-in-power at least makes an effort to deliver something, if not everything that it had promised.

To UNKNOWN: If no personal attacks will be contained in any of your comments, then there’s no need at all to remove the comments moderating mechanism. I will upload all such healthy comments of yours. But the mere fact that you want unrestricted & unedited access to the comments section makes me cast doubts about your intentions that will no doubt be reflected in your comments. And it is not about typing your name. Instead, it is all about registering your name with a service provider so that if & when the need arises, you can be traced & located. That’s what I mean when I say ‘stand up & be held accountable’.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AMIT BISWAS: Who has selectively targetted Adityanath? Haven’t I targetted other ‘Ramchhagols’ as well? Had you asked me any questions WRT TMC or hate speeches originating from TMC, I would have gladly given my views. In fact, I have given several such views in several previous threads over the past 2 years & that includes those WRT Kejriwal as well. Anhd I will continue to write about those who conveniently desists from applying common-sense & instead resort to sentimental rants & whataboutism. And if as you say Adityanath is human & is liable to falter, then he & his leaders above should have added that precondition when promises were being made about ushering in economic growth & promising to deposit Rs.20 lakh into the bank accounts of every Indian citizen. In any case, no human being can keep faltering successively for 20 years, especially if he/she represents a constituency for 20 straight years. If he/she demionstrates such a track-record, that can only mean that he/she suffers from some congenital defect. And this also applies in equal measure to those MPs representing Rae Barielly or Amethi. And what about the natives of WB, who had kept the Left front in power for more than 30 years until the Front made the state not only industry-free, but also ensured that WB remained a perpetually financial basket case/bankrupt state? And rest assured that if states like Andhra Pradesh or Bihar can’t get any special status in order to secuire extra finances from the Centre, then for sure even a BJP-ruled WN will be unable to secure such assistance/funds since the Centre will never make any exceptions. So, can we then conclude that the native residents of WB en masse suffer from a unique congenital defect that’s beyond hope/beyond despair? Or is it because because they all worship Goddess Durga who is portrayed as having 10 weaponised hands (and hence the levels of extreme violence in WB) & had she been portrayed with another nine heads, then perhaps greater sanity & common-sense would have prevailed among the nativce residents of WB? To jury is out there on this issue & not even the likes of Amit Shah have been able to figure it out as yet.

To BROWN DESI: If Boeing can team up with HAL & Mahindra Defence, then why can’t a similar consortium be created for producing the LCA-AF Mk.2? The answer: just privatise HAL & give it the same powers as a Larsen & Toubro & one will see positive results pouring in. But the ‘netas’ will never make any suich attempts, since every DPSU & PSU is not just an industrial entity, but they command virtual constituencies & run/finance schools, colleges, hospitals, townships, public parks etc etc. It is this jinx that needs to be broken once & for all.

To ARPIT KANODIA: And all this while I thought Adityanath favoured saffron-coloured outfits because he wanted to seen being compared to those astronauts/cosmonauts/taikoonauts who wear saffron-coloured protective vests when returning back to Earth! Had this been true, then ‘Biplabism’ would perhaps have had some serious takers (LoLz)!

BTW, I’ve uploaded above a few more slides pertaining to the PM’s order for the two 4,000-ton FFGs, especially WRT the weapons & sensor suites.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BHOUTIK: Maybe he too got highly flustered & irritated after being forced to queue up under the scorching sun to pay his annual property tax! What else can it be when a person throws common-reason into the dustbin & starts comparing apples with oranges & does not even answer why China is today the world’s No.1 producer of folks seeking political asylum abroad while tens of millions of Indian Muslims supposedly faced wuth persecution don’t even bother to approach the UNHCR for seeking refugee status abroad. In India’s polarised polity, it is no surprise therefore that there is no patience with glass half-full, half-empty assessments. It is either the Kaliyug climax round the corner or Ram Rajya redemption on the horizon.

To VIKRAM GUHA: Here are the OEMs & their products:

DICs will be viable ONLY IF financial viable * operationally necessary projects are undertaken. Not otherwise. For instance, the MoD will have to come to some common ground in terms of making the FRCV & FICV projects compatible, instead of treating them as standalone projects that contradict one another. Similarly, for the T-72MCIA Phase-2 upgrade, one will have to continue with those MSMEs that have already contributed to the Phase-1 upgrade project. One cannot say that for 700 T-72CIA the IA will have to go with one set of sub-systems suppliers while for the remaining T-72Ms awaiting upgrade the IA will be forced to opt for a whole new bunch of OEMs for supplyoing similar sub-systems but from different countries (just bercause they have teamed up with an OFB or a BEL or a BEML), thereby not promoting commonality of sub-systems between the Phase-1 & Phase-2 T-72CIAs.

To ANI: Kindly read that report again. Nowhere is it stated that the AL-31FPs were built by HAL from scratch or were 100% indigenous, or were built with LOCALLY-SOURCED raw materials. And this is what the CAG report states: Of the 43,000 components that go into a Su-30MKI, 31,500 components—or 73%--are now being built in India. Further indigenisation is blocked since the India-Russia contract mandates that all raw materials that goes into the Su-30MKI--including 5,800 titanium blocks and forgings, aluminium and steel plates, etc--must be sourced from Russia. The contract also stipulates that another 7,146 items like nuts, bolts, screws and rivets must be sourced from Russia. HAL has also partially indigenised the Su-30MKI’s AL-31FPs, which are built in Koraput, Odisha. 53% of the engine by cost has been indigenised, with the remaining 47% consisting of high-tech composites and special alloys--proprietary secrets that Russia will not part with. Even so, HAL builds 87.7% of the AL-31FP’s components in India. Neither RD-33-3 nor RD-33MK turbofans are being made or licence-assembled by HAL.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To INTOLERANT PERSON: 1) LoLz! Sounds like an avid buff of Hollywood flicks! The kill-switch has to be manually tuened on, i.e. that was what was done when a US Navy EP-3 that had collided with a PLAN K-8II near Hainan island was forced to make an emergency landing in Hainan & just after the EP-3 had landed, the mission-crew inside manually activated all the kill-switches that resulted in all on-board mission avionics being short-circuited & burnet beyond repair. The videoclip of thyat is still there on YouTube & it was CNN-produced news-report. 2) No. Because in a polarized society whose members almost always think from their hearts instead of their heads, that will be disaster for India. 3) Just weatch the movie DAMBUSTERS & you will realise how big a deal it is to destroy dams & that too in this day & age when the IAF enjoys commanding quantitative & qualitative lead in air-defence artillery & defensive counter-air tasked MRCAs. So those desperately reading Kalmaas & offering Namaazes for such things to happen will eventually find out that they will be the first ones to get vapourised in the event of a next round of Indioa-Pakistan hostilities.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Unlike the Khasis & Gaaros who are constantly at each other’s throats, the Sikhs are not only physically tougher, but they are also a cohesive lot due to their religious brotherhood which in turn is tinged with a sense of collective self-defence at all costs to the last man.

To GREAT ADMIRER: 1) Exactly what ‘desi’ technologies does any Indian entity have to offer for the FGFA? If such technologies & sub-systems are all sourced from the West, then how exactly can they end up on the FGFA in an era of CAATSA-type sanctions? Why should Japan come to India’s assistance for developing the AMCA or anything like that when India cannot even make up its mind on whether or not to go for far less complicated platforms like the US02I amphibian? 2) PoK is inclusive what Pakistan calls Azaad J & K + Gilgit-Baltistan. China hasn’t invested in CPEC. It has invested in Pakistan’s economy by reducing Pakistan to a debtor country. But Pakistan is prevented by international law from offering PoK as collateral for financial loans.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Now the idiots in Islamabad & Rawalpindi will be forced to come to terms with the actual legality of the issue, as opposed to viewing it ideological blinkers on.

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,
Thanks for your response; this will be my last comment on the politics that is being discussed in this defense blog. I believe, historically the people of UP have been the leading lights of India North of Vindhyas (other ones being Biharis, who follow the Surya marg - Mitras if one wish to follow western proof as one referred until 4 century AD). My hypothesis is the current political leadership wants to shore up the psyche so as to prepare for progress, since it is too fragmented currently and need cohesive thought to bind them; outsiders (including me) think their political leaders are out of their mind. Please bear in mind, it is not a single vote that decides whether Yogi Adityanath is a good administrator or not; it is not fluke that he has been a winner; definitely not the way we saw in Vanga nadu during Panchayat election, where there joy of dance and song of democracy where 35% were elected unopposed. When expectation is sky high, the feeling of God descending to solve all problems in seconds takes over. About the 15 or 20 lakhs in each pocket will be true in terms of savings to each individual and not like eating Ilsa/Illish free from Padma river everything for eternity.
Now about Southern states of India (where I have my roots); agreed that political parties get chance to loot in turns. I never visited any place beyond Nashik and all the progress (or the semblance of it) is because of the people alone (with exceptions like beloved Wodeyar of Mysore, who provided vast tracks of land like where current BEL and HMT offices exists to the central government to setup the public sector enterprises). This has been possible since the rel~igion-of-p~e~a~c~e does not have a big role to play; unlike in UP where the seeds of secession were sown earlier, which split India in 4 pieces (including Myanmar). We had the privilege to hear Mr Mounmohan singh saying muslims have the first right on all Indian resources; even if the current administrators do nothing, India will progress and right culture inclined people would definitely not want the previous dispensation to come back again. One biggest take away is the conversion industry is in dire straits.
Thanks, Ganesh

Ganesh said...

Continued from my previous post
In democracy, everybody is entitled to an opinion; however, when India is culturally polluted with plus and moon, stars, where their agenda (when they are in majority) is to undo the privileges of others (recollect several tens of years ago when Farsi, Latin was important than Indian languages; English as medium for knowledge share was first introduced in India when they had the thought that Latin is best suited); it does not matter the ways and means to achieve the goal; since the players will never follow one set of rules.
It is crystal clear that pressitutes are one among us and they are sellable commodity like any others; however, when they act they are higher mortals thats where the problem; they go into trans where non-BJP governments are in power and become super democratic citizens when money bags are not provided. Personally, I do not mind them since they have lost their credibility even if they are selling the truth.

just_curious said...

How is it that porki friends like turkey & china are developing advanced weapons at rapid pace.. [the FN 3000 system in the photos u shared looks to be a replica of the US phalanx system with sea ram missiles..]. how is it possible for them to get hold of all the hardware/software tech so fast or are there weapons just props with no real tech assocaited??

also why are the europeans helping turks.. when they know that the current turk president/leadership is no EU/west supporter & has indicated militant islamist tendencies while dreaming of recreating ottman empire..
strengthen-turkeys-ties-with-france-italy/ ..

there is a strong probability of all these lansing into paki hands as well or could be deployed by turks/chinese to support pakis
what are the

Unknown said...

material and spiritual are two wings of the same bird and need to be balanced and always co exist. One is not exclusive to the other. Did Lord Krishna or Lord Ram quit material world??? do some more research. vivekananda wore saffron robes, was he a dhongi??? grow up



Unknown said...

@ Prasoon 4:04AM There are many of my replies that you have not loaded in your blog. My problem with Tavleen is that she is stereotyping India in the cow, caste, curry paradigm. this is a western lense and not indian. India is too diverse to be sterotype in this gau rakshak, lynching syndrome phenomenon. And i know as a fact that even in UPA era these things were happening. Just that a journalist ecosystem was not reporting it. Now here below is a more well nuanced analysis of the kairana loss based on caste dynamics which is intrinsic to Uttar Pradesh politics.

i am perfectly fine in yogi adityanath or BJP loosing elections as no body in this world is an angel or a messiah. But, i feel uncomfortable when india is stereotyped using western lenses. probably i dont suffer with a low sense of self esteem to look at india and its political processes through the cow, cast, curry syndrome.

i very occasionally in a year give comments in blogs including yours. Hence i don't feel a need to register my name etc anywhere. Further blogs are merely to share ideas and discuss them w.r.t to the topic under discussion. nothing more nothing less. None in this blog solicit to meet each other or develop relationship beyond blogging, that’s why they are blogging in the first place. So these comments like stand up and be held accountable or getting traced are out of place. In so far a tracing me or anybody else is concerned let it be with the security agencies. And in so far as standing up and being held accountable for ones views is concerned, let the other bloggers judge it.

Best Regards

New Delhi

Anonymous said...

Is it true? What are your thoughts on this?


Anonymous said...

Some interestings news---
Marco Rubio,US Senator for Florida.
"Our bill named the Asia Re­as­sur­ance Ini­tia­tive Act #ARIA would go a long way to standing up to #China aggression by af­firming our al­liance with #Aus­tralia #Japan #SouthKorea & call­ing for deeper mil­i­tary & eco­nomic ties with #In­dia & #Taiwan "

Taiwan MOFA reaction-
"#Taiwan is a front-line state in the defense of democracy & rules-based order. Thanks @marcorubio & other #US senators for proposing Asia Re­as­sur­ance Ini­tia­tive Act. #ARIA will help like-minded countries check authoritarian #China’s expansionism & safeguard the #IndoPacific. "

1) What fo you think of it Prasun Sir, there is much buzz going around SCS, ASEAN, Sea of Japan, DPRK and recent Shangrila Dialogue'18?

2) Ajai Shulkaji's comments-
"With China relations stable after Modi-Xi summit, India slashes participation in Exercise Malabar. Last year, with Doklam face-off on, India sent 9 ships for Malabar 2017. This year, just 3 warships, with no carrier or submarine. Navy says Guam is too far. "

What do you think? Isn't it the norm of sending 3 ships if it is near Japan? Btw why INS kolkata isn't going for RIMPAC? Is it because it is under Western Command and RIMPAC/ Malabar near Japan are under Eastern Command?

3) The recent Mission Based Deployments said by CNS Lamba do they also effect deploying kolkata class ships that far? As they might be near the vital Persian gulf and W.Indian Ocean?

4)From your reply--
"It is 1970s-era torpedo technology. Such torpedoes are not vertically-launched."
But that cgi video shows RUM-139 VL-ASROC type VL torpedo

So,ET80 is a bluff as shown in cgi?


Sangos said...

Pappu can be forgiven for selectively taking the '20 lakh deposit' NaMo speech as literally true. Else every child(who knows some Hindi), can make out it was a metaphor. Listen again...

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

What are US troops doing in Yemen?

As per Saudi, Yemen is a Iran backed Shia Nation. They don't want another Hezabella like organization in their backyard. So they are attaking

Next UAE occupied Yemeni island Socotra.

Now US troops in Yemen.

My question Is there any bigger game going in Yemen?

S.Senthil Kumar


Thanks Prasun Da. Very erudite comments. It is the Khasis who want every one (who is not a Khasi), out from Shillong. Garos have no problems.

You are absolutely right about Sikhs. I've seen this myself. Apart from being physically tough they have a deeply entrenched sense of collective brotherhood. I feel Gujaratis, Marwaris also have this feeling of brotherhood within their community. This explains why they are successful in business. We Bengalis are exactly the opposite. I,me, myself. Rights only no duties. No wonder we are languishing economically & maybe even socially.


Intolerant Person said...

1.Do you know what's in Reham Khan's book as whole Pakistani media is making noise about it.Especially ISPR-backed journos and media-persons.
2.Sir I noticed that you mention Rudra for combat roles.What's so special in Rudra that isn't in LCH?
3.As now American sanctions are there,it seems accusation of Verba is not possible.What's best alternative?

@Sujoy Majumdar,As a Gujarati,I can say that such brotherhood is there but only upto an extent.In my POV,,Gujaratis are successful because we are much more open-minded to every migrant.There are several thousands of north-easterners are working here but I never heard any complain of racism or atleast hurtful treatment to them,not even from any Bengali or Assamese.But unfortunately,sometimes this isn't reciprocated and we have such kind of statements/incidents:

I don't know how a signboard with different language than native one can be a threat to anyone.

Srinivasa Nanduri said...

Hi Prasun,

Just as you predicted "MoD's top decision making body, #DAC, to considering nominating #MDL to build 6 modern submarines under P75i program tomorrow. (Source: @sneheshphilip )"

So 6 more scorpene subs for Indian Navy.

Srinivasa Nanduri

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JUST_CURIOUS: China never achieved anything within a short timespan. It started modernizing way back in the late 1970s & the fruits were visible only 18 years ago, i.e. about 25 years. It involved a mixture of both hard-core industrial espionage & tremendous investments in industrial upgradation/expansion. As for Turkey, no single weapon systems of that country is 100% homegrown & all of them involve enormous imports of off-the-shelf imports. And that itself acts as a severe limiter of Turkey’s operational sovereignty options. And consequently, whether all this end up in Pakistan’s lap makes no difference to anyone.

To UNKNOWN/KUNAL: You really need to address the detail, from which you’re running away from. For example, who is this PRASOON? Not me, for sure & hence all those comments you claim to have posted in this blog could well have ended up at another blog run by PRASOON. Secondly, how can you even dream about comparing Swami Vivekananda with the ‘dhongi’ Yogi? Did the former ever give on-record hate-speeches against any particular community? Did he enter mainstream national politics & engage in politiking? All this indicates that you are as muddled up as the imbecile who is the current VP of India, who had preached a lot in one IE Op-ED (, but each & every such ‘UPDESH’ (advice) continues to be systematically violated by the Dhongi Yogi in question. Would you like if everyone judged you by a single wrong step taken by you while disregarding all your past good deeds? Because that’s what you’re prescribing for the likes of Tavleen Singh. It is thus obvious that you have not yet read the 2 books written by Tavleen to date on the Gandhi dynasty. Blogging by registering one’s true identity is a matter of conviction & righteousness. Those who blog under assumed identities obviously have something to hide, like not being held accountable for their observations or comments that often are of a malicious nature—a trait which you’re exhibiting & which evidently is derived from the West, so kindly be careful when accusing others of using ‘Western lenses’. The cyberlaws of India are sufficiently robust for catering to defamation cases & rants like the ones from you against the likes of Tavleen can well be taken care of not by security agencies, but the concerned law-enforcement agencies. And the websites you’ve quoted (PGGURUS) is the best example of it, especially after the owners of that site alleged in a news-report that I was associated with the AW-101 deal just because I had written in an article back in 2008 in which it was explained how & why the AW-101 would emerge as the winner of the competitive bidding process. You’re free to ask that writers of that story about the consequences that followed after making ill-informed insinuations about me.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To TUSHAR: No, it isn’t.

To ANNON: 1) There are several levers through which pressure can be applied by the superpowers against China, which describes itself as only a ‘developing country’. 2) Totally erroneous inference by the ‘desi bandalbaaz’. Whenever the IN has been the host navy, the IN’s SSKs have participated. Since Malabar 2018 is being hosted by the US, USN SSNs are taking part, along with JMSDF SSKs who have to traverse shorter distances when transiting from Japan to Guam. It has nothing to do with India’s reluctance to sending SSKs due to any external pressure, just is just a logistical issue. If India had SSNs then the IN would well have sent them for the exercises. 3) Those deployments concern patrolling the Sunda, Lombok & Makassar Straits through which PLAN SSNs & SSKs transit when entering the IOR. 4) It is an animation. The actual product has yet to emerge & when it does, it will also emedrge that such rocket-assisted torpedo dispensers are employed primarily for coastal awrfare & not for warfare in the high seas. Hence, such weapons are for self-defence, & cannot be used for offensive power-projection.

To SANGOS: Well, in that case, why has no one from the BJP come out to officially state what you’re claiming to be the case? Can you contact them to clarify matters, so that we all will then believe your claim?

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: US SOF elements have been operating in both Yemen & Somalia for the past 15 years, as have the CIA’s Predator/Reaper drones. Meanwhile, here’s are 2 interesting reports:

Russia, Iran Jostle for Influence in Syria:

Qatar Crisis 1 Year On:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Not just Bengalis, but Indians in general, whose educational curriculum had a lot to say about the independence movement struggles & about fundamental rights, but sadly no one explains till this day that no right anywhere in this world is absolute & that rights go parallel with obligations & responsibilities. And that’s exactly why the country’s sanitation. hygiene & cleaniness indexes are in such a sorry state & why most Indian citizens are unaware of the existence of something known as ‘social contract’. Every ‘neta’ never falls short of delivering sermons by invoking Swami Vivekananda’s name, but no one explains exactly why & how such sermons need to be translated into actionable realities!

To INTOLERANT PERSON: These explain it all:

2) Rudra has the same weapons package & mission-sensors as the LCH. But so far the IA has yet to officially order the LCH, which has been ordered only by the IAF to date. The IA will start inducting Rudra & much later the LCH on a large-scale AFTER the IA finishes constructing its own aviation air bases. 3) There are options available from France, South Korea (with dual-colour IIR seeker) & even the FIM-92 Stinger, which is being procured for the IAF’s AH-64E Apaches.

Meanwhile, this is what’s going on inside Pakistan now:

To SRINIVASA NANDURI: Here’s what we know so far: 1) The MoD has selected MDSL to build 6 new-gen SSKs under Project 75I. 2) The IN wants to use only-the DRDO-developed AIP module on the 6 SSKs. 3) This AIP module has been engineered with Naval Group’s assistance so that it can be seamlessly integrated with the Scorpene SSK’s hull. 4) Naval Group is acting as consultant for both MDSL & DRDO for ensuring that the MAREEM AIP module of the DRDO passes all its developmental milestones in a time-bound manner. So, if we now connect all these dots, it does mean that a newer generation of Scorpene SSK powered by the MAREEM AIP module will be procured for the IN.

And now it seems China has removed its offensive weaponry from the reclaimed islets in the SCS:

And now it is being claimed that the ‘Husky’ will be a double-hulled SSGN:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

By P G Kamath

The Raksha Mantri’s press conference raises more questions than, what she has answered? When she was asked; whether the army was consulted before the announcement of a ceasefire in Kashmir; she says it is the decision of the Government of India and we all will abide by it. She neatly dodges the question. She adds that she respects the announcement made by the Home Minister, however, the army would retaliate if provoked by terrorists. It also means that if few terrorists pass by and they do not fire at the army; the army will not fire at them, as they are only permitted to fire on being provoked? The respect she has for the Home Minister is by choice and convention, but she is actually paid to respect the National Security. Going by her choice of words neither the Army nor she, were a part of the decision. It was done by the Home Minister in consultation with the PM and probably the NSA. Hence, the main stakeholders in J&K; the Army came to know of the decision after it was made? Even a totalitarian government like China has a better system of consultation, as the Chairman of Chinese Military Commission is Xi, himself.

Second, her straight-faced response that there is no shortage of ammunition and there is no shortage of funds; indeed, shows her composure and equanimity in moral crises. She had refined her fine art since the time she gave her permission to Chief Minister at Srinagar to file an FIR against an officer for doing his legitimate duty and later backing out of it. She reels out data on money spent for capital acquisitions but fails to reel out the allocations for the current budget 2018-19; the election year. It is indeed a clever move to obfuscate the question.

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

It was in April 2018, during the Army Commanders Conference, The Army Chief had told the Press that some expensive critical ammunition will not be bought due to budget constraints and they would even be inadequate for 10 days warfighting. Earlier in Mar 2018, the Army Vice Chief had highlighted to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence that allocation of ₹ 21338 crores for modernisation is insufficient even to cater for committed payment for 125 ongoing schemes and emergency procurements. He had also affirmed that the army has 68% of vintage weapons and equipment. Either the Army Top Brass is lying to the press and Defence Parliamentary Committee or the Raksha Mantri is prevaricating to the nation? Just a day before her press conference there was a news report that the Army had cut down the requirement of assault rifles from 8 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs due to budget constraints. However, the Minister straight-faced continues with her parody that there is no shortage of funds. To quote the famous TV anchor: The Nation certainly wants to know; the Truth!

The Defence Ministry has been reduced to an errand boy. The formation of Defence Planning Committee has clipped the wings of the ministry in operational matters. It is a good thing to happen; seeing its past track record. Now, the Minister is not even consulted; though she is a member by default of the Cabinet Committee on Security. Her opening of roads in cantonments shows her lack of concern for the security of separated families of all ranks, who are serving on the borders. Just look at the Minister’s justification; 80 of the119 roads were opened to civilian traffic as they had not followed the procedure. The Minister is more bothered about following procedures rather than assessing the underlying security threat. The procedures are routine measures and they can be regularised by follow up paperwork. Look at the irony, the minister comes heavily on the Local Military Authorities for not following procedures. She is not really worried about the reason behind the closure and their security implications. For the minister and the bureaucracy, the procedures are more important; Indeed! the security aspect of families is a minor issue, not worthy of consideration vis-à-vis the ‘Watertight Procedures’. Who will tell the Minister, is she opens up even one road the number of sentries at each junction of the road would increase manifolds. If this is not done, the civilian vehicles would roam around ad nauseam in the unit lines, on side roads leading to armouries, separated family quarters, fuel dumps and ammunition magazines. In order to prevent such a situation, several additional sentries have to be deployed to restrict the traffic to the main arterial roads. The troops, would only be doing sentry duties and not training; they would also not be able to go home each night as the number of sentries would have increased manifolds. She keeps quoting the Director General of Defence Estates; without doubts, he heads one of the most corrupt and dysfunctional organisations, ever conceived and existing.

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Does the Minister actually think that defence ministers since independence did not know their job and she has come to redeem all the ills of Cantonments? She justifies her decision by a number of conferences she held before she took the decision; in which she says the President of Cantonment Boards were represented by their Vice Presidents. It is such a clever statement to camouflage the truth from those ill-informed stating the uniformed fraternity were represented. The President of the Cantonment Board is a local military commander, who is vested with responsibility and accountability for the security of troops and their families. The Vice President is an elected representative, whose main interest lies in opening the cantonments and make it a thoroughfare as his interest lies in pandering to his electorates, who elected him. The Minister very cleverly talks to the Vice Presidents of 62 cantonments and takes the decision, though a handful of uniformed army personnel of the services headquarters was there, who are not aware of the local situation in any of the cantonments.

The minister cannot cleanse the corruption in the Defence Estates, she cannot get the illegal encroachments ousted from Cantonments and defence lands, she cannot reclaim huge bungalows with expired leases located in cantonments and military stations, she cannot get the illegal constructions removed, which have come up close to sensitive installations and pose a security threat; however, she uses her sagacity to browbeat those in uniform, as they are subject to the Military Law, and do not have the power of collective bargaining, as other citizens have in this country. Definitely, the Minister is in the election mode; security of military families does not inspire Votes!

Unknown said...

Shameless ministry of defence.



Arpit Kanodia said...

Movie about Omar Sheikh

gourav said...

Hi Prasoon,
Will it be reality?

varun said...

sir, whats there for us in the ceasefire ?
when we can give PA a tough time while it is busy in pak elections ?
shouldn't we exploit the PA's position and exploit it, teach it a lesson ?

ashish gautam said...

Just read your article about drdo made AIP module on Force magzine website. Very nice article sir & ur drafting skills are also far better then most so called journalists...
The present drdo made AIP module can propel submarine for 25 days but not at full speed. So my question is that the upto what endurance, capacity & stealth profile the present generation AIP modules of other countries/companies can perform??
I remember that u once told that next generation AIP MODULES will be able to completely propel submarine on their own including high speed till 40 days endurance etc & the DG set would be there on sub for backup purpose only.
For 6 more submarines which IN wanna procure soon u told that the they too will b scorpenes only as infrastructure required to produce them has been developed on MDL so kindly tell me that the next 6 one's will b improved version of present one's in terms of stealth, offensive capacity, endurance, displacement, defensive aids, automation etc??
Though they will b by default equipped with drdo made AIP module that's sure.
For those who wanna read article article written by sir in force

just_curious said...


what is ur view on the following ..

Also, what is happening on the drdo snecma collabration on Kaveri.. it seems to have got stuck ..

Arpit Kanodia said...


They only saying HPR that provide the capability of 360 degrees without mechanical rotation. Sir, which radar is this?

I am thinking Arudhra MPR. But I think that requires mechanical rotation.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...


Thanks PrasunDa.

1. You are correct, our mediocre education system that focusses on rote learning without understanding is the major culprit. Most Indians do not analyze things. They just don't have that capability, consequently they lack common sense as well. Look at the way they drive for instance. In very few countries will you see such a$$hats behind wheels.

2. Bandalbaaz is saying that MoD has scrapped weaponry development subsidy for Indian firms , consequently Indian firms won't make anymore


Sorry for sounding dense, I could not capture what you meant by brotherhood among Gujaratis extends to a certain limit only. If time permits please elaborate. I see Marwaris are very tight too, in fact most if not all move only with members of their own communities.

Regarding the video URLs that you have shared of MNS pulling down Gujarati signboards in Mumbai, please note that MNS, Shiv Sena, BJP, Congress survive on extortion. I understand the owner of that Gujarati restaurant refused to pay extortion money to MNS & they started to target his restaurant claiming he is an outsider. Language issue just an alibi to gain sympathy among Marathi voters.

Also, do NOT believe what the media tells you. They are as corrupt as politicians & bureaucrats. They are hand in glove with political parties & will only sell their agenda. If you need information on any subject & the matter is important to you, please do the research yourself rather than relying on media.



Ship said...

@Prasun K. Sengupta

Which radar they are talking about when they mention "12 high power radar"?

Vikram Guha said...


This link that you have posted about Air Cushion Vessels

Are these hovercraft ? And which company is going to supply them ?

Many thanks

ashish gautam said...
1) Just saw it, konsa approval Hai ye sir? Kya Hai item isme??
2) & 24x7 working of high powered AESA radars is possible? AESA coz post mentions no mechanical rotation of antinnae...
Kindly clarify

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: Yup, OMERTA. But that fella was sentenced to death by hanging a long time ago but has not yet been hyanged despite Pakistan lifting the suspension on death penalties in late 2014.

To GOURAV: It already is & it was unveiled at DEFEXPO 2018. I had already uploaded its photo. And kindly don’t confuse me with the likes of PRASOON Joshi, for I’m not the type that composes depressing & self-pitying couplets after disasters like the 26/11 terror attacks.

To VARUN: These will help you understand matters better:

In addition, all the talks have been held since 2010 itself & everyone knows what the solution is. So in future, all that is reqd are negotiations, i.e. give-n-take. For that to happen, the Republic of India needs to have the upper hand so that it cazn take more than it can give. For that to happen, I must first give a real hard knock/bang on the heads of the irreconcilables, followed by teaching them how to play the piano. So the initial shock-therapy was in the form of a no-holds-barred crackdown on the sources of illicit finances of the APHC’s leaders, followed by tarnishing their credibility through all sorts of disclosures about their ill-gotten wealth & revelations of how all their relatives were enjoying luxurious lives abroad, thereby reducing the APHC’s leaders to harmless vegetables. So now such leaders are faced with an existential dilemma, i.e. if the Indian state does not protect them by keeping them under house-arrest, then the natives of J & K themselves will lynch each & every one of them as they have now been exposed as tricksters, opportunists & hypocrites. In counter-insurgency campaigns, climactic negotiations for attaining the desired end-state always comes ONLY AFTER the insurgents have been thoroughly defeated both militarily & ideologically & therefore they can’t make any outrageous demands. This is exactly how it was done in Mizoram & Nagaland & so this is exactly what will be done in J & K as well. As for the external factor, i.e. Pakistan, the period from now till September is crucial to keep up good appearances due to the forthcoming SCO Summit, followed by the annual session of the UNGA. After that, it’s open season. And as I had stated earlier, Pakistan will be in a state of internal turmoil till October 25.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: VMT. For SSKs, full-speed cruise is rarely made use of. Full-speed is reqd only when submarines have to transit vast distances—something that SSKs never do, only SSNs & SSGNs & SSBNs do due to their unlimited power supply. For instance, SSKs reqd to operate against Pakistan’s coastline will not depart from Mumbai or Karwar, but from advanced forweard bases along Gujarat’s Saurashtra coast. As for offensive firepower, the Nirbhay’s SLCM variant is already under development as confirmed by DRDO & it will be similar to the Novator 3M-14E LACMs/ASCMs that currently the IN’s Type 877EKM Kilo-class SSKs. The six P-75I SSKs will be slightly enlarges Scorpenbes so that they can carry more battery packs for greater endurance-at-sea & since they will have AIP modules, they will never feel the need to surface for snorkeling purposes, thereby becoming totally unobservable to airborne LRMR/ASW platforms like the P-3C Orion. However, the fundamentals of submarine warfare & ASW havenl;t changed at all since WW-2 & if you really want to know all about them, then do watch this 6-part series:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JUST_CURIOUS: This is the original weblink:

You have to co-relate all this with what I had explained earlier WRT systems integration. Russia never shared its PESA-MMR’s source-codes with India & hence integration of Meteor BVRAAM with RLSU-30MK PESA-MMR cannot take place unless Russia shares the source-code with MBDA & we all know that after April 2014, all EU member-states & NATO member-countries imposed embargoes against Russia, thereby preventing military-industriual cooperation. So thus the Su-30MKI won’t get Meteors. As for Tejas Mk.1A, again it is a systems integration issue, i.e. Meteor will be compatible only with the THALES RBE-2 AESA-MMR & not the ELTA-developed EL/M-2052 due to the source-code issue. So, if Meteor is not being offered for Tejas Mk.1A, it can only mean that the IAF has selected the EL/M-2052 as its preferred AESA-MMR, although HAL, which was the one to have issued the RFPs for the Tejas Mk.1A’s AESA-MMR, has not yet revealed the results of the RFP process.

To ARPIT KANODIA, SHIP, ASHISH GAUTAM & SBM: Alright, let’s make credible inferences based on common-sense & logical reasoning. Fisrtly, the PIB statement says that the radars will not have mechanical scanning & be electronically scanning-types. This means it will be an active phased-array radar. Secondly, the statement statesz that they will be HPRs, therefore, it cannot be Arudhra or Ashwini. Thirdly, the statement says they are meant for the IAF & will be made in India (and not developed in India). Now combine all this with the IAF’s order for Barak-8’s 110km-range LR-SAM order. The answer: it is the land-based variant of the four-antenna array (360-degree coverage) EL/M-2248 MF-STAR, which by design is a HPR. For the IAF’s & IA’s MR-SAM version of the Barak-8, MPRs like the EL/M-2084 & Ashwini will be the principal target engagement radars.

To VIKRAM GUHA: Yes, air-cuchion vehicles are the same as hovercraft, but this is the first time the MoD is using the term air-cushion vehicles. Previously it had always used the term hovercraft whenever the ICGS had acquired Griffon 8000TD hovercraft that by the way could not carry enough manpower or material. So if this time the term ‘air-cushion vehicle’ is being used, it will in all probability be the US LCACs from Textron Systems:

You must also connect this with earlier news-reports that spoke of India deciding to conduct amphibious assault exercises along with the US Marines & Japan’s MSDF in India’s southern peninsula near Kakinada.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Dutch shipbuilder Damen hosted a keel-laying ceremony for the first of two Pakistan Navy OPV-1900 offshore patrol vessels at its shipyard in Galati, Romania on April 23, 2018.

And here's more bullshit from armchair specialists:

The writer of this piece does not even know that or did not even want to find out about INS Vikramaditya's current deployment status: it is presently dry-docked at Cochin Shipyard Ltd for a previously scheduled 20-month periodic refit. Consequently, the aircraft carrier's absence for the Malabar 2018 exercises is certainly not due to any need vto placate China, as alleged by the writer, whose domain of expertise isn't naval matters of an operational matters by any stretch of imagination! Furthermore, two of the nine Type 877EKM SSKs of the IN are now in Russia for their second major refits, while two of the four Class 209/Type 1500 SSKs are being refitted & upgraded & up-armed by MDSL in Mumbai. That leaves the IN with only seven Type 877EKMs, two Class 209/Type 1500s & 1 Scorpene for operational patrols throughout the IOR--thereby leaving the IN with no spare capacity for overseas deployment for exercises & once again this has nothing to do with appeasing China.

Intolerant Person said...

1.Is it true that Israelis are sending their subs into IOR for "Patrol" missions?If I am not wrong,you told earlier that PN is about to acquire SSKs equipped with SLBMs in Ormara.Is it a possibility that Israelis will strike before the base is fully constructed?
2.What happened in Wana?Was it clash between PTM and Taliban or PA and PTM?Or just a seizure of village by Taliban?
3.Just for a thought,in case S-400 deal hits the dead end,do you think David's Sling can be better alternative along with Arrow-3?

I was saying that in terms of business and living outside of Gujarat,they are very much integrated.However,while LIVING IN Gujarat,there are many communities who still hold Tribal-mindset which are found in every religion whether he is Hindu,Jain,Muslim,etc.For instance,these communities do believe that they have to keep "brotherhood" with their fellow community member by supporting him in every stance,EVEN IN CRIMINAL STANCE!Just because they are of same caste or religion.That inturn leads to certain degree of discrimination to other community members.For example,in my city Junagadh,we had a very fine public bus service which was introduced by government.A gang belonging to a certain community,holded few buses and later asked all passengers to leave it.They after burned those buses.Today we don't have any kind of bus service and worst thing is,that gang leader is considered as "Inqalabi" in that community,just because that community had primary business of driving rickshaws!I am very much glad that now BJP is out rooted in my city after 20 years.Basically I am not alleging any caste but it happens in any community based on even Religion or Region.This concept of "brotherhood" seems to be derived from concept of Ummah and we all know whats happening in Ummah.Once this problem is solved out,I believe that majority of problems here can be sorted-out.

sbm said...

Thank you for so much sensible discussion on the Meteor, Malabar and HPR issues.

If I might crave your indulgence on the latter, the press release said:
"The radars will provide long range medium and high altitude radar cover with the capability to detect and track high speed targets following parabolic trajectories."
Would this not imply that the radars are to have some degree of capability to detect and track ballistic missiles? Is there a land based MFSTAR radar or will it be a new system for India?

Thanks for any clarity you might provide.

Gessler said...

Hi Prasun ji,

VMT for the coverage on PN's future frigate purchase. A couple of things I wanted to ask:

1) While loss of GSAT-6A could be a significant setback for Armed Forces, I still have to ask the question regarding IN's plans for Unmanned air systems. We know they want the Guardian-ER but do you think the MQ-4C Triton could have possible use for the IN for the advertised Broad Area Surveillance capability? I'd reckon the P-8I together with the UAS systems like Guardian-ER and MQ-4C can take IN's surveillance capability to the next level.

Once we're done with the foundational agreements (COMCASA/CISMOA, BECA) can we expect IN/MoD to move toward a proposal for the Triton? Does IN view this as a possible requirement in the future?

2) The L&T-designed underwater Special Operations Vessels (who's pics you had uploaded back in the DEFEXPO-2018 thread) are really interesting. By what timeframe can we expect these to be ready? And will only the future SSNs be equipped to support them or will we see Scorpenes possibly doing that too? The submarine depicted in the model appeared to be an SSK.

3) We know IN had solid plans for the Next-Generation Destroyer (NGD), first hinted by you I think, way back when it was unofficially termed Project-18. And back then you stated that the NGD would possibly have the increased emphasis on land-attack capability with up to 32 VLS units for Nirbhay LACMs. But what about a Next-Gen Frigate? What's coming after Project-17A?

Also it's nice to see IN is proceeding toward a near-identical weapons, sensors & systems suites between it's DDGs and FFGs of the future (BrahMos, MFSTAR, Barak-8). Hope to see us going for a common solid-state volumn search radar as well...possibly something like Thales SMART-L, if not more RAN-40L.

Thanks in advance and hope you're doing well!

ashish gautam said...

Sure sir I will definitely see all those videos.
I have a question for u... Though it's a very cruel act which am gonna pose before u... But just wanna ask...
As we know that in Kashmir region the Hurriyat & Separatist people r main cause of stone pelting incidents as well as systematic brain wash of so called youth to take up weapons against Indian forces.
They get full support from Pakistan & from some of our traitors too...
Then why Indian govt don't take following steps to curb all these with minimum restraint & extreme amount of force...??
Before doing all this, shut down Mobile in the whole region, setup all potential radio & satellite phone jammers, stop food supplies, kick out whole media feternity from region... Then...
1) brutally kill all the Separatist leaders & hurriyat people by beheading them in at Lal Chowk in Srinagar.
2) then definitely crowd will start stone pelting on forces
3) in such a situation using very much offensive radio electronic weapons or lethal weapons to kill crowd in large numbers say 60-70k or even more if required upto 200-300k... Including all male female, means Jo samne aye virodh kre Mar do usko... Make it a graveyard of lakhs of so called kashmiris....
4) I hope after this no one will dare to take a stone in their hands against Indian forces.
& After coming to know people shout for human rights simply give a statement that human rights r for humans not for terrorists & anti national element's....
I know it's too cruel but it can be done... What u say??

jasss gill said...

Sir, it was First two class 209/type 1500s submarine refitted and upgraded by MDSL or two already upgraded and we are Little knowldge on type 204, whats the upgrade package or you have some videos link's on type 204 and why IN show always kilo class submarine why noy type 204 for media.VMT in advance

Newcomer said...

I have a doubt in your APHC plan..
Sir, they are backed by religion and a false sense of freedom movement..
i am leaving the external influence part.
Sir there are videos available in which small children's expressing anti Indian slogans or concept.. What I get from those videos and other sources is that the poison has already in the roots.. and It may take years(in decades) or even generations to knock the sense in to those who have been in the frying pan from birth..
most of them could be very confused on the concept of freedom or muslime or Indian-oppression which where fed into there brains from the time a person was born..

I think what you say is plausible but will take lot of time and time is not in our favor..

Sorry sir, i am very concerned about it,My soldiers and morale of My soldiers.., so my vision could well be clouded with unnecessary fears..

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Amol said...

That's very good news indeed!!. Thanks for sharing Prasun da.


Anonymous said...

Prasun Sir some interesting news from last 48 hours(Af-Pak region)
1)US reaches out to Bajwa, offers ceasefire to Afghan Taliban-
A statement released by State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the top US diplomat telephoned the army chief and discussed with him the “need for political reconciliation in Afghanistan and the importance of targeting all militant and terrorist groups in South Asia without distinction.”

2)Pence calls Mulk, seeks cooperation on Afghan issue-
"The common message and emphasis in the two calls was the needed cooperation for peace in Afghanistan."

'Gen Ghafoor had importantly said that Pakistan wanted the US forces to succeed and go back from Afghanistan “with a notion of victory and success”. '
Pence(US) seems to be the first foreign leader to call on phone even before Chinese( if I am not wrong)
Is it same "DO MORE"

3)NSC briefed on measures to meet FATF requirements-

What will happen in the upcoming meeting and its impact? Any predictions sir?

4)Indus treaty in jeopardy-Shamila Mahmood(The writer was legal counsel for the Pakistan government in the Kishenganga arbitration at the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague.)

"KHEP involves the diversion of the waters of the Kishenganga/Neelum river through a 23.24-kilometre tunnel into another tributary and eventually into the Jhelum river."
This the only techincal data with numbers in that article by pak's legal counsel
Your take on this and possible outcome as WB seems quite clear by proposing "neutral expert"
BTW see this whining after shown the door by WB
"The bank may well be perceived to be partisan; ranked seventh by voting power in World Bank institutions, India wields political influence in policy and decision-making with the US that ranks as number one. The bank must look beyond the personal associations of its staff, political alignments and its broader business interests to identify a solution to end the predicament lest it be remembered for this uncomfortable legacy." Lols.

5)Caretaker govt rules out bailout talks with IMF-


Unknown said...

Sir, as dhanush is now ready for induction and a total of 414 pieces will be inducted. Correct me if I am wrong with my figures given below:
Dhanush: 414
Bae m777: 145(1 lost)+ 71 optional
K9 thunder: 82 + 41 optional
Truck mounted howitzer: 814 + 180

Towed howitzer: 0-1580....because you said they are not for short and swift wars.
Please comment on each types future numbers in army inventory.

Vikram Guha said...


1. Does this mean the Air Cushion Vehicle/Hovercraft will be manufactured by a local Indian shipyard with help from Textron ?

2. Which Pvt & Public shipyards manufacture hovercraft in India ?

Thanks & Regards,


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To INTOLERANT PERSON: 1) The IDF-Navy has been sending its Dolphin-class SSKs to the IOR since the previous decade itself. In fact, these SSKs are the only ones in the world for which their OEM, HDW of Germany, developed special 650mm torpedo-tubes that can launch long-range cruise missile like the Delilah or Popeye with extra booster for increased range. 2) It was the seizure of a few villkages by the combined Afghan & Pakistani Taliban. How could they have bypassed the PA’s so-called checkposts is anyone’s guess. As for the marginalized Muslim communities throughout India, I had advocated years ago the concept of empowering the Waqf Boards on a pan-India scale by creating central trusteeships (unlike the powerless & sychophantic personal law boards) that are above-board & are universally respected, i.e. led, guided, mentored & administered by edminent personalities like Azim Premji etc etc who can run such Boards as just a publivly-listed company or a MNC. If this were to be done, there will be no dearth of money for catering to community reqmts in arenas loike education, job creation & vertical social mobility. This SOP is reqd because unlike in other communities, the Muslim communities have sadly not produced any transformational social reformers since the past 200 years like a Raja Ram Mohan Roy or Vinoba Bhave. Therefore, the State needs to step in here in concert with prominent & enlightened members of the country’s Muslim community to set the agenda & objectives that are meant fir universal good. In this respect, the Dawoodi Bohra micro-minority community has already taken the lead & much more can be done to make India’s Muslims self-confident & self-assured & be made to stand on their own feet without recourse to any financial dole-outs or appeasements. The day this fructifies, all the socio-economic insecurities & lack of self-esteem will vanish & the Indian Muslims will have every reason to invest in India’s growth story & all aspects of national security, kindly rest assured. But for all this to happen, India requires a genuine ‘Neta’ who can set such an agenda & steer the course with nationwide cionsensus.

To SBM: VMT. Yes, these are multifunction HPRs that can track all kinds of medium-altitude & high-altitude airborne targets. And the FIRST such endeavour was always right in front of our very eyes, i.e. the island of Project 71/IAC-1/Vikrant, which hosts a six-antenna array of the EL/M-2248 MF-STAR. Had the reqmt been only for early-warning of manned airborne platforms, then the four-antenna arry like that on Project 15A/15B DDGs would have sufficed atop the aircraft carrier’s island. But why the six-antenna array? Answer: to provide early-warning of inbound MRBMs & IRBMs loike the DF-21D & DF-26 (they aren’t hittile ASBMs, rest assured), which are armed with EMP-generating warheads & are meant for use against carrier battle-groups. In the same way, the land-based, static version of EL/M-2247 MF-STAR will be similar in design to the island of IAC-1, with a six-antenna APAR array for providing early-warning & tracking of BMs of various types & their MIRVs. And there is also another kind of configuration meant for monitoring BM test-flights, i.e. the S-band MOTR of ISRO, a variant of which will be shipborne & that vessel is now fitting out at HSL in Vizag.

Here’s the ‘Made-in-India antenna array for APAR that can be up=scaled or down-scaled:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: 1) For MALE-UAVs for broad-area surveillance, the GSAT-7 already has on-board transponders that are presently dormant & unused. GSAT-6A was more for ground forces comms using SATCOM & also for providing secure 4-G cellular phone networks & tactical internet networks so that the IA could have some credible force-multiplier battlefield situational awareness networks in place despite the absence of the new-gen tactical comms system (TCS) & battlespace management system (BMS)—facts which the usual ‘desi’ patrakaars’ are ignorant about since they are 1) not tech-savvy; & 2) they just don’t bother to talk to the DRDO techies & BEL’s marketeers during expos like DEFEXPO & AERO INDIA. I have the systems architecture diagram of various elements of the OODA loop of both the IA & IAF & will upload it in the thread that will be part-2 of the ‘Decoding the IAF’s EXS Gaganshakti 2018’. And judging by the vast expanse of the IOR, what thye IN requires are both turboprop-poweredf UAS as well as turbofan-powered UAS. Sadkym however, neither the DRDO nor HAL have carried out any conceptual studies in these areas, despite HAL spending money on developing turshaft engines & turbofans. 2) Thje mini-submarine designs are frozen by L Y T & they are now awaiting final clearance by the IN, following which their fabrication will begin. They should roll out from 2022 onwards. These will be standalone SSKs used only by MARCOS for covert surveillance, tapping of underwater comms cables on the seabed in coastal areas, & covert insertion/exfiltration of SOF personnel. 3) There are no next-gen FFGs on the drawing boards. But it will be logical to expect that if the next-gen DDGs carry LACMs, then the next-gen FFGs will do so too. If you observe the scale-model of the P-17A FFG, it is actually a scaled-down P-15B DDG. The new-gen volume-search radar for the IN can easily be am L-band variant of the Arudhra. And for integrated masts, BEL & THALES are co-developing the PHAROS:

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Heres a slide on MAREEM AIP module as shown at DEFEXPO 2016:

To ASHISH GAUTAM & NEWCOMER: As for J & K the problems asre far more deeper & serious & I will do a detailed thread about it which will explain everything, especially those matters since the early 1980s about which the present-day generation of Indian citizens seem to be unbaware of.

To JASSS GILL: First two Ckass 209/Type 1500 SSKs have already been upgraded with ATLAS Elektronik’s ISUS-90 combat management system & sensor suite along with UGM-84A Harpoon ASCMs. All data pertaining to all of IN’s SSKs can be found here:

To ANNON: The IWT-related wailing & whinning is inconsequential & won’t have any international takers. As for Pakistan’s economic feature, hereare two latest Pakistani assessments:

To TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL: Here are 2 developments to be proud of:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER & SBM: BTW, during DEFEXPO 2018, I was given a 20-minute technical briefing INSIDE the container housing the command-n-control system of the ARUDHRA S-band MPR. The container contains two three-AMLCD (20-inch) command-n-control consoles, plus four other 20-inch AMLCD screens showing different parameters like friendly/hostile civilian air-traffic, friendly/hostile military air-traffic, weather precipitation & friendly air-defence network footprints over both VAs & VPs. All these can be viewed by & achieved through a single ARUDHRA MPR.

Anonymous said...

More trouble is being created by ISI. Why don't we destroy Pakistan from inside like the same way they are doing? Or are we already doing that silently?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To UNKNOWN: Yes, those are the stated reqmts in terms of quantum. The M-777’s barrel was damaged & a new barrel has since been fitted, so the numbers stay the same as ordered. The 414 Dhanush-45s will replace the existing Bofors FH-77BLO39s & therefore at least another 100 Dhanush-45s will be ordered, taking the total to 514. The MGS of Dhanush-52 shown in DEFEXPO 2018 is now in trial production for producing 6 prototypes that is mandatory for conducting user-evaluations. This lesson was learnt during Dhanush-45’s developmental process & now it will be possible to try out the Dhanush-52 MGS that is fully integrated with the Shakti fire-direction/command-control system, thereby reducing the evaluations time-period. Lastly, the IA’s Integrated Field Evaluations team will include reps from IA HQ’s Directorate of Field Artillery, Directorate of Signals & the Master-General Ordnance Branch weho will concurrently conduct the user evaluations. This will save more time since for Dhanush-45 all these were done sequentially & were therefore time-consuming. The initial Batteries of K-9 Vajras will be delivered by L & T by this August & they will formally be inducted into service by this October after demonstrating their integration with the Shakti ACCS. Work on ATAGS is now unbderway to reduce its all-up weight from 20 tonnes to about 16 tonnes. This will be achieved by 2020.

To TUSHAR: LoLz! Utter baloneym utrter boulderdash & utter rubbish. The RBI’s security features for new Rs.500 & Rs.2,000 notes are totally different from those on older Rs.500 & Rs.1,000 currency notes. Hence, no one will go for such brain-dead exercises, rest assured.

To VIKRAM GUHA: The MoD’s announcement has not stated that the ACVs will be ‘Made in India’. Only the 12 HPRs will be ‘Made in India’. As for Griffon 8000TD hovercraft of the ICGS, they were all licence-assembled by GRSE & now GSL too has entered the fray & one of its posters at DEFEXPO 2018 said that GSL too was prepared for licence-assembling the Griffon 8000TD hovercraft. The ACVs are different as they can carry men & armoured vehicles, which the Griffon 8000TD cannot.

Intolerant Person said...

1.Burkha Dutt recently said that some elements of "establishment" was threatening her.Are we becoming Pakistan where journalists are witch-hunted?I could understand ultras doing so but "establishment"?
2.Sir some recent developments in Europe are shocking:
-Norway has just voted to ban burkas and niqabs in schools.
-Denmark bans burkhas nationwide.
-Austria shuts seven mosques and plans to expel imams in 'political Islam' crackdown.
Something isn't right sir.I mean,frankly speaking,I never consider Muslims to be evil as portrayed by many right-wingers.But we can't deny that there is something wrong in Muslim ummah worldwide.What's your POV sir?
3.When will you post 2nd part of OP Gagan-Shakti sir?Eagerly waiting for it.....

BTW,I feel that every community in India should take lessons from Parsis.To me,they are very much rational and progressive people.

ashish gautam said...

Ok sir I will be looking forward for thread regarding kashmir. I know whatever I said was really very cruel & harsh. But I feel sometimes mass killings is only solution to a very long lasting problem.
Sir what are differences between dhanush 52 & ATAGS? Or is it same thing with two names?

Kaustav said...

Can the existing Bofors FH77 which will be replaced by the Dhanush be used by the BSF, although my preference is for the mounted version of Kalyani soft recoil light 155/39 howitzers for standardised use in large numbers by the BSF and maybe the ITBP on both borders to give a quick smack on the nose to neighbours who get nosy on the western and eastern side too.

ashish gautam said...

Few more thing I forgot to mention in last comment...
What's your view on the Modi's assassination plot story?
Though v know he is always in cross hairs of anti India and anti national powers but this thing is bit different as it involves maoist Angle...
2) some senior citizen says that it was Sonia who was behind killing of Rajiv Gandhi coz he was in full plan of desserting her after winning elections as he came to know that she is an undercover agent of Russians/Westerners, LTTE was just a Zaria of it, how much content is true in this story????
3) same r claims behind murders of Indira Gandhi, Dr bhabha, Dr Vikram sarabhai... Etc that CIA got them killed...
If u can provide info about all these things in this thread then it's good else I request you to kindly publish a separate thread for all such murders & their stories & ur take behind all this.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To INTOLERANT PERSON: 1) Well, only she can define the term ‘Establishment’ with Indian connotations. In Pakistan the term ‘Establishment’ denotes the military-bureaucracy/civil service combine. 2) Those steps were long overdue, because neither the Holy Quran nor the Al Hadis says anything about or prescribing the wearing of Burqas or Hijabs. In fact, the terms Burqa & Hijab don’t even find any mention in any Muslim religious text. All that is prescribed for women/ladies in the Holy Quran is that they should be attired decently & that their bosoms/breasts & vaginal area should not be exposed & must always be covered, that’s it. The custom of wearing the ‘Chaddar/Chador’ around oneself originated from Persia & Mesopotamia, where such covering cloth was used for protecting oneself from duststorms/sandstorms. There was never a religious reqmt for wearing such covering shrounds. The habit of wearing Burqas & Hijabs was introduced much much later by religiosity-inspired bigots. The Austrian crackdown is the same as the crackdowns since the early 1990s in all Central Asian Republics & in Xinjiang & this is for the sake of preventing the espousal of religiosity-based distortions. There’s no such thing as ‘Political Islam, since Islam is only about universal brotherhood like any other religion & there’s nothing political about any religion. In fact, by using the term ‘political’ one is only trying to legitimise the distortions that the Imams & Maulanas worldwide often use in order to derive legitimacy & play with the emotions of the common people. This is exactly what has been happening in almost all Mosques within the Kashmir Valley since the late 1980s through the Friday Khutbaas (sermons) that have always inflamed the passions of the listeners. So, Austria is today doing only that which the UK did in the mid-1990s & which China has been doing in Xinjiang for the past 25 years at least. Even in countries like Malaysia & Indonesia, the weekly Khutbaas have to be vetted & cleared by concerned Ministries before thay can be read out publicly every Friday noontime. And not just the Parsis, even the Dawoodi Bohra micro-minority community have never been targetted during any communal disturbances to date.

Now listen to all the illegal land allotmemts made by Gen Musharraf in the previous decade in order to secure the loyalty of his colleagues:

BTW, his full name is SYED PERVEZ MUSHARRAF!

To ASHISH GAUTAM: What you’re suggested tantamount to genocide being committed by the state. Dhanush-52 is the original Bofors FH-77B design but with a 155mm/52-cal barrel & mounted on a BEML/TATRA truck, whereas the ATAGS is a brand-new design whose IPR is owned not by Bofors, but by the DRDO.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

FATF & Pakistan:

CENTRIX Fly Away Kit (CFAK) installation:

This kit is installed on all warships that exercise with the US Navy so that inter-operability is achieved during the exercises, especially WRT cooperative engagement capability (CEC).

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

And it is 600 light-years away! So now expect NASA, Glavkosmos & ESA to make a beeline for ISRO in order to access ISRO's IPR that explains how ISRO succeeded where no one else has to date!!!

Anonymous said...

From your reply Sir
1)"Those steps were long overdue, because neither the Holy Quran nor the Al Hadis says anything about or prescribing the wearing of Burqas or Hijabs."

And the ban is not against hijab iirc it is againg burkha/viel covering face completely making it difficult for identification.
So, no one should have a problem with that as once you are in public place you should be accountable for your actions which burkha/ full face veils obstruct


Can you give the twitter account which posted of this image?


Ajay said...

Dear Sir

How can We counter the threat of
Fast attack craft ; Midget Submarines and Suicide Boats of Pakistani Navy

Prranshu Yadav said...

Sir, I have a few more questions,

1. How much of all the hype surrounding S-400 is true? In a hypothetical scenario, if an adversary is armed with S-400, how would brahmos fare against it?

2. How would Shaurya fare against systems like S-500 and THAAD?

3. I now understand how brahmos will be useful to navy in anti ship and land attack role and to IAF for attacks on AEWACS aircraft as well as on airbases. But I still don't understand how exactly the army will use brahmos. In the post on gagan shakti you had mentioned that IA will use brahmos against weapons storage sites, POL sites and transportation nodes. But in reply to my previous querry you said that hundreds of missiles will have to be used against the highly dispersed weapons storage sites. Wouldn't it be cost prohibitive to use so many missiles to take out just one dispersed storage site? Or are these highly dispersed storage sites of a different catagory than the ones IA will target?

Thanks a lot.

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Thanks a lot Dada

Mohan said...

Prasun sir,
The excavation in bakpat in up has debunk the theory of Aryan invasion and also a proof of Mahabharat.
Now atleast the history textbook will have to write Mahabharat as an event not mystical story
What your take on this?
With regards

Biswajit Pattanaik said...

1) Is there any progress on indigenous APS by DRDO for Armoured vehicles & MBT? Are we going to be dependent on Sweden & Israel forever kya?
2) Why any of HAL's Helicopters doesn't have FBW system?
3)Has the government cancelled the GaN foundry at IISC?
4)PrasunDa,Can NAL SARAS be developed into a Turbofan Variant in the near future?
Thanks in advance

rad said...

hi prasun
you were lucky to have been briefed on the arudhra radar with all its c4 consoles. i understand we are also making a version of it for our forces . How much Israeli help was there to do it?. software and hardware

I believe it is the current state of the art radar as on date , what is this new requirement of the 5 gen radar requirement?

If isro can Make the MOTR radar then what stops us from making similar radars in the vhf and uhf bands for detection of stealth targets, we seem to be lacking in that sphere?
it seems only 6 people did the software for the MOTR? can we also make a huge version of it like the US and rusians have made that radiate megawatts to track ICBMS and the like?. cobra dane type

Jay said...

Hi Prasun, what is the reason that almost all UFO sightings are reported from US and Not from Europe or Asia? And if there exist superior alien civilizations, then why would they "briefly" reveal their spacecraft but not their personal physical form?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANNON: 2) It is in the Twitter account of the Spokesperon of the Indian Navy.

To AJAY: That’s why the Sagar Prahari Bal was raised by the IN after 27/11.

To PRRANSHU YADAV: 1) That very much depends on what type of missile rounds are being used with the S-400. 2) It would be shot down. 3) That very much depends on the type of air-defence cover provided to such sites.

To MOHAN: Proof of Mahabharat? What kind of proof? Going by astronomical observations made in the Mahabharata, the war took place 8,000 years ago while the recently-discovered artifacts are only 4,000 years old. Do you really recknon that on one hand the Mahabharata described exotic directed-energy weapons being used & on the other hand the cavalry of those days was using horse-driven chariots? If yes, then something definitely does not click.

To BISWAJIT PATTANAIK: 1) DRDO’s R & D gestation periods are quite long & therefore any ‘desi’ solution cannot meet immediate reqmts. 2) Because FBW systems are quite expensive, and therefore are not reqd by tactical helicopters. 3) No. No decision has been taken as yet. 4) Yes it cam. But will it be? Not so sure.

To RAD: I was briefed on the DRDO-developed Arudhra, & not the ELTA-developed EL/M-2084 Arudhra.

Anonymous said...

See this if you haven't already

It is about US BMD tracking ships.


Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Ved said...

Hi Prasun,
I thought Dhanush is 155/45 Calibre.

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...