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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Analysing Exercise COPE TAUFAN-2014 & The Maiden Deployment To Southeast Asia Of The USAF’s F-22 Raptors

Intertestingly, neither the F-22s nor the Su-30MKMs were seen carrying the DRS Technologies-supplied ACMI pods during the dissimilar air combat exercises.


Anonymous said...

Prasun Da ,

1. Why is the refueling probe of the Rafale NOT retractable ? It keeps on protruding which increase it’s RCS & is also an eye sore .

2. Has the MoD made any final decision as to when they will sign the contract for the Rafale ?

Many Thanks ,


Siddharth said...

INS Kamrota is equipped with 8 Klub missiles and 16 Barak SAMs - is that true?

Aseena Mehar said...

dear prasun,
is indian army getting gen 3 or more nvg goggles?

i noticed that indian navy have light machine guns to protect against low flying uav or planes but why no mini gun where royal navy and us navy have employed in their ships

what is happening with the new mcws rifle is it being inducted in the army.
thank you in advance for all your patient reply,


Aseena Mehar said...

dear prasun,

i noticed that indian navy used small LMG in ships to protect against incomming uav or planes instead of upgrading to minigun which is a better deterent against the lmg.
is the indian army getting gen3 nvg?

what is happening with the mcws displayed by drdo are they getting inducted

Pierre Zorin said...

Now this is something new - a Spot the Difference in this blog! Please have a go at the Aseena Mehar aka Aniz entries and list the differences. :)

Pankaj said...

Dear Sir
Some BAD bews for India

PARIS — Italy’s Oto Melara and Germany’s Diehl Defence have carried out a successful test firing of Oto Melara’s Vulcano 155mm munition, the firm said here at the Eurosatory exhibition.

Oto Melara and Diehl signed to team on large-caliber conventional and guided ammunition for navies and armies at Eurosatory two years ago.

The latest firing took place at Alkantpan Proving Ground in South Africa in May using a German PzH 2000 howitzer.

Oto Melara is testing unguided as well as guided 155mm and 127mm munitions that use GPS and an inertial measurement unit (IMU), as well as variants adding infrared targeting for naval use and semi-active laser targeting.

The 155mm rounds fired during the tests in South Africa were unguided as well as guided, and used GPS, IMU and semi-active laser targeting.

Infrared guidance was also tested, although IR will only be used with the 127mm naval munition.

An unguided shell was fired 52 kilometers, the maximum allowed at the test range. Oto Melara said the guided munition could have reached 80 kilometers.

The 155mm shell configuration has now been settled, an official at the show said, with full qualification expected to start by year end, qualification to be achieved in 2015 followed by production in 2016.

Italy and Germany, already customers for the Vulcano 127mm naval shell, are seen as potential customers for the 155mm version.

Pakistan, which has sent officials to witness test firings in Italy, is also seen as a possible buyer of the 155mm

Pankaj said...

Dear Sir

Pakistan is very much interested
in this NEW 155mm ammunition

The UNGUIDED Shell travels 52 Km
The Guided shell can reach 80 KM

pACM said...

Prasun , A Little offtopic but how is the MTBF for Mi-17 helis? Are spare parts readily available or india manufactures some spares? And are there any overhaul facilities in in india?...

Gessler said...

@Pankaj - Don't think they (PN) have the right ship to mount it on. A 155mm gun is usually made for destroyer-sized vessels.

Reddy said...

Should that be fitted to only ships ? not on Howitzers? as is here..

jyoti sen said...

dada.. Any update on maitri sam?? When it 'll replace barak1 in navy?? 'll navy buy or build more diesel subs inspite of the scorpene and 75i subs??

Gessler said...

@Reddy - I have been thinking of naval use only...yeah probably they intend to use it with howitzers.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Those fixed in-flight refueling probes are detachable & are used only during ferry flights over long distances. When flying operational missions with full combat loads, both the Rafales & Mirage 2000UPGs will be carrying underwing fuel tanks, with the Rafale even able to house two overwing conformal fuel tanks. Contract signatures involving the MoD’s major procurements will commence only this September.

To SIDDHARTH: Totally untrue.

To ASEENA MEHAR: Yes, Gen 3 NVGs & NVDs. AK-630M guns are more than enough for such jobs. LMGs aren’t used for shooting down any airborne object. MCWS is still in the user-evaluations stage.

To PANKAJ: I fail to see how it can be ‘bad’ news for India. Such PGMs have been showcased & displayed by Finmeccanica in India since 2012.

To PACM: MTBF for what part of the Mi-17? Airframe? Engine? Spares support isn’t a problem at all. Local MRO facilities for all IAF Mi-17s are located at the IAF’s Base Repair Depot at Chandigarh.

To REDDY & GESSLER: 127mm PGMs like the ERGM are meant for naval use only. However, in future, naval 155mm cannons will be available & consequently, both land-based 155mm howitzers & naval vessels will be able to use a common family of guided 155mm projectiles.

To JYOTI SEN: Maitri SR-SAM’s joint R & D phase is still awaiting formal takeoff. It should replace the existing Barak-1s in future. As for SSKs, the IN requires at least three additional Scorpene SSKs to add to the six already ordered.

Gessler said...

Prasun ji, with reference to your reply to JYOTI SEN :- Are the supposed 3 additional Scorpenes (on top of 6 already ordered) at the expense of P-75I? Or are they going to be 15 SSKs in all (9 Scorpenes, 6 P-75Is)?

VMT for previous answers.

rad said...

hi Prasun
I think we should go in and co develop the sea ceptor type of futuristic missile rather than re inventing the wheel and paying 3 billion in the end. I believe we will get a modified version of the Mica missile in the end . The sea Ceptor missile seems to have a range of 25 knm at mach 3 and i dont know what benefitt would india get from this Maitri project.

rad said...

Is the rolling airframe missile Rim-162 capable of shooting down supersonis ASM?

Anonymous said...

How soon could we see Barak 8 on INS kolkata & INS Vikramaditya

Reddy said...

AK said...

Sir, How come the RMAF MiG-29 seem to sparkling new with an almost new paint and the Su-30Mkm looks like as if they were recently delivered and at the same time IAF Su-30mki of relatively same vintage as their Malaysian counterparts looks aged with the paint a bit shaggy and black oil slicks on the rudders of horizontal tail fins as was seen on those mki taking part in Garuda 5. these Jodhpur based Su30mki are among the newest in the IAF fleet.

The Malaysian jets be they F-18 or MiG-29 or Su-30mkm seem to be very well maintained.

Besides the standard ASW fit like the Drdo HUMSA-NG sonar and other asw equipments presnt in indigenous destroyers and Frigates, what are the other extra and specialised equipments installed onboard the Kamorta class that they are classified as ASW vessels. And what is the logic behind Navy opting out from installing 8-16 ashm in this 3400 ton vessel? These vessels can well be armed like frigates with an ashm and mrsam/lrsam complement instead of having just Barak-1

sumit sen said...

dada.. Any update on second akula lease by IN??

sumit sen said...

dad.. which gun was fitted on kolkata class of destroyers?? 76mm oto breda or 105mm russian gun?? If 76mm, then 'll it be enough for such a big ship?? And any news on second akula lease??

Gessler said...

Prasun ji, see this -

Aren't the five NOPVs supposed to be the follow-on of the 4 Saryu-class OPVs? Pipavav says they've already begun production of first 2 and pre-production activities for the remaining 3 ?

I thought the 5 NOPVs were still in design phase, searching for foreign partners to help?

abs said...

China has again released maps showing Arunachal as part of its own territory.

SPatel said...

There r reports of Pakistan looking at su35s and Russia keen to sell. What is going on? If they get hold of 3-4 sqdns, its a game changer. They have 50 j17s blk II on order with the new rd93ma engine. There is also talk that Burma will buy the j17 as well. Everything seems to be going their way.

Pintu said...

Prasun Da, kindly share your views regarding this newly published map by PRC, claiming disputed territories not only South China Sea, but also Arunachal Pradesh & Akshai Chin; in the context of Hamid Ansari's visit in PRC for celebration of 60 years of Panchseel, and recent China's policy with India on Afghanistan.

Thanks in Advance.

F said...


Have you seen these?

Anonymous said...

amazing how similar the f-15 and f-22 look. This is shows how the LCA can progress, if needed.

rad said...

hi prasun
Have the first batch of sukhoi been shipped back to ussr to converted in to the super su-30?
It was such a pleasure to hear the PM delivering a motivational speech after the successful launch of pslv to the ISRO people. I was just trying to visualize this firangi ex proxy women PM giving a similar speech, she would have dedicated the mission to secularism!!and she would be of course seconded by another idiot mani shankar iyer who says that secularism is the only thing that matters to the country.
growth ,corruption free governance , strong defense forces,economy, being the secondary priorities according to him.I wonder how an intelligent man like him was brainwashed into this mindset.
Is it true that rajiv ghandhis father was a muslim and then to prevent embarrassment he was conveniently named as a parsi?

raw13 said...

@off course he was a muslim. Does it make a difference?

Gessler said...

Hi Prasun, one more bit - I am pleasantly surprised looking at the visionary moves being made by NaMo govt. to increase India's influence in the region. First, it was about building the SAARC headquarters in New Delhi and now, at today's PSLV launch, Modi ji spoke about ISRO building a dedicated satellite (or series of satellites) for SAARC countries.

I was like "Whoa, whoa, whoa". This is indeed a great move if implemented, it could help increase India's outreach and influence and at the same time, apply some brakes for China's influence in the region.

Scoping out opportunities seems to be second nature for NaMo saab! What do you say?

Mr. RA 9 said...

@off course he was a muslim. Does it make a difference?

@@ It made a difference but that shall be no more effective.

srin said...

halfway down is the info from Janes on JF-17 BLK II.

Gessler said...

Prasun ji, is everything all right? You've been missing for 4 days.

Jaidev said...


When the defence discourse in India is heating up on two issues, you are pretty silent and not even touching the subject??

1. Rafale Deal - to buy or not to buy

2. FDI in defence - how much, in what way?

Where are you and what is your opinion possible scenarios? There is a lot of cacophony going around. To the extent that a newspaper and its journalist had a public spat.

Please enlighten us.

Reddy said...

some serious news from official french govt news channel/radio/press.

The article says:

1. the deal is stalled
2. French FM is less hopeful after meeting with Modi

The issue may be with the availability of money, so is the french offer of 1 Billion EUROS fund in another sector, so as to free funds in defence sector.

looking for Prasun's ideas/news/updates

Kittu said...

From offset and off late my doubts on the abilities of Ms Sushma and Ms Smriti have been the same.

Given Namo has compact cabinet and the due to portfolio merger now they need to pull off hell a lot of things, efficiently and stringently..

Can they perform? If not can Modi sack sushma, in the same lines, as MMS has done with Jayanthi?

Ajit said...
What's ur view on this?

rad said...

Hi Prasun
200mill$ for 24 harpoons??? thats crazy and that too they are subsonic missiles easily intercepted by pak ak-630 guns from china? I feel the days of the subsonic cruise missiles are over unless they are used for land attack.
What is estimated cost of a brahmos and a nirbhay?.

Gessler said...


It's been almost a week !

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: Relax! Have been extremely busy with an on-going seminar & will answer all outstanding queries tonight. Meanwhile, do enjoy the following:

1) Documentary on the Rafale, its design concept & its MRO philosophy:


2) How the NSA taps undersea fibre-optic cables:

3) How the U-2 piloted by Franis Gary Powers was shot down:

Lastly, do have a good laugh after reading about the nautankis/tamashas enacted by some ‘desi’ journalists at:

The latter says this: As for the F-35, it is needed for a specific and very crucial mission --- knocking out the Qinghai-Tibet railway and the Eastern and Western Highways into Tibet on D-Day, i.e. Day One of a war with China. And thereafter flying repeated deep interdiction sorties to ensure that the Tibet sector remains isolated and more PLA forces cannot be brought in. Only one aircraft can do this mission --- the F-35.

What this ‘desi’ journalist obviously can’t figure out is that ALL bridges hosting railway tracks or roads in the higher portions of the Tibetan Plateau are built over concrete piles that are constructed over permafrost, not hard soil. What this means is that if India builds a chain of thermal power-generating plants across the LAC stretching from UP till Bihar, this alone will contribute to global warming to such an extent that it will begin melting TAR’s permafrosts & all the bridges will automatically collapse. This is clearly highlighted in this documentary:

And as for Saab Aircraft’s offer to co-develop the Tejas Mk2 MRCA, here again the ‘desi’ journalists’ reporting of such offers indicate that they are clearly on-the-take (lifafa journalism). For they do not know that if anyone can realistically be expected to re-engineer or re-design the Tejas Mk1 into a Tejas Mk2, then it can only be Dassault Aviation & GE Aero Engines, since it was the former that had conducted a peer review of ADA’s Tejas Mk1’s design in 1991 to make it into a weight-budgeted design, while ONERA was the one that subjected the Tejas Mk1’s scale model to wind-tunnel tests in the mid-1980s. And GE Aero has all the expertise necessary for accurately redesigning the air-intakes. Guess these ‘desi’ journalists were not born at the time when such developments had taken place between the mid-1980s & early 1990s.

Gessler said...

Wow thanks for all the info & videos! I will try to digest these until you answer our queries.

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

the above link partially proves what you were trying to say about GB

also if you remember you said something about gene & Tibetans proved correct

a few questions

1. instead of buying hundreds of $85000 a piece Hellfire missiles for 22+39 Apaches wont it be better to use Helina for them as well as LCH

2. Some say jet makers wants to scuttle the more powerful LCA Mk2 as it will be almost similar to Gripen NG/E or even F16 block 50/52, is it true

3. Do you think if a rail link is built between Leh & Kargil it will be monetarily viable and serve any purpose


Joydeep Ghosh

kunal8888 said...

if India builds a chain of thermal power-generating plants across the LAC stretching from UP till Bihar, this alone will contribute to global warming to such an extent that it will begin melting TAR’s permafrosts & all the bridges will automatically collapse and will also melt himalayan glaciers.

Anup said...

Dear Sir,

Is this really true:-

Personally I thing NOOOO..

MPatel said...

While HAL is messing around with trainer, China is presently testing a small ASEA (according to the internet). I am amazed at the speed they are progressing. A JF17 with ASEA and BVR could be a potent platform.

What begs the question is what HAL/ADA?IAF have been upto:

Basic trainer: imported
Advanced trainer: imported
Fighters: imported

basic assult rifle: imported
MBT tank: imported
APC : imported

our attempt:

IJT Sitra : re-design
LCA : re-design
Arjun: IA doesn't want it.

is the import lobby that strong?

MPatel said...

I hate to compare but even Pakistan has done better:

Basic trainer: built in house and exported
Advanced trainer: co-produced and exported
Fighter: co-produced and trying to get it exported
MBT: made at home with imported engine
APC: JV and produced at home

We are 5 times bigger but they have a march on us...why?

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.27,

that is not the feeling one gets if you read the messages below that specific article. It shows a clinical apathy of the system. The people feel being colonized. If that is the feeling of the people, who claim to have willfully joined the republic, that is definitely something to worry about. Ofcourse for supporting such apathy you can claim n number of clauses (as plebiscite), but choosing to turn a blind eye towards the people would have consequences.

Sreenivas R

Reddy said...

Hi Prasun,
In addition to the real data and meta data collected from text, call, email, social networks, comments and other means of communication data, does the US has developed technology to cover Voice Data as well?

Anyway US & it's five eyes and some other govts can easily collect the data on the people who they are interested in.

But what happens when we do not know the number of a particular person (eg:Dawood) or even if we know if he is using other numbers where in we just can not get such numbers in real time?

For long time I was thinking of the value of the voice signature data, where in, all we need is the voice samples for voice signature of the individuals we are interested in, so that, irrespective of the number, we can obtain the voice signature of all the calls made in, feed the data into Hadoop Clusters deployed in Cloud for processing; with the end result of able to identify the call and retrieve the real data and meta data of associated callers/calls?

As I write US may be doing this for long time but I am not so sure if India is able to do this.

One simple solution could be deploying the cluster at the district level in each telecom office and run the data against the criminal voice signatures and reporting any match to the central unit...just some ideas..

Also on a similar note am very happy that we are setting up R/D center for Cryptography in Kolkata ISI. It has huge benefits in financial and defence departments.

Anonymous said...

I have been following the PAs latest offensive. Have been quite impressed at their uniform/kits etc...

We plan for the future infantry soldier etc..., but they actually are doing it and getting some serious practice.

Anonymous said...


1. Because the re-tractable refuelling probe is much more expensive, takes up more room and more complex. The impact on RCS is minimal as in combat, what do you think the Rafale will be carrying? Yes lots of external payload. What do you think that does to its RCS?

The RCS figures are great when clean but its not the reality, where you have external fuel tanks, A2A rounds, bombs, etc...

This is why the attacker is always at a disadvantage in a BVR.

Amit said...

Anon @Juy 6, 2014 at 3:27 PM
No Indian's are dying for ur love. So u better delve into ur own business rather than poking ur self here-n-there.

Biswajit said...

Some pretty interesting developments....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@anon 3.27pm,

I guess you are getting too carried away. Mr. Prasun is one of the few persons whom i feel portrays things as it is, irrespective of whether it suits your thoughts or not. We are missing him in the blog for some time.
I guess you are misreading my statements too. I never said that GB wants to be with India. Nor there are holy cows here either. What i said was pertaining to the article which says one thing and you countering it. If we cannot treat the article as the sole truth, we cannot take your statement also since it is a lone voice (perhaps undiluted patriotism). What is all needed is to open your eyes and see that there is no representation of the people there. That is a modern colony, nothing else. BTW if you read the article, there is one guy saying he wanted the area to be the bridge between India and West asia and earn money from the business. Doesnt it sound logical?. If it does not, you better have to change your spects.

Sreenivas. R

Kittu said...

since swiss banks are not co-operating with India, what could be the reason for India for not mounting a cyber war on swiss?

collapsing their financial networks, DDOS attacks, hacking their accounts, services and completely disrupting and causing massive loss to their banks would be a good action, as per my guess.

I guess Modi needs balls of steel to carry on such sustained attacks..

Gessler said...

@Kittu - No he needs to be retarded to do something like that. You think international diplomacy is a street fight.

Mr. RA 9 said...

We don't want the love. We want our land back.

Biswajit said...

Hmmmm.... interesting things going in NE....

Biswajit said...


Vikrant said...

Prasun Sir,
1)Are INS Kolkata and INS Kamorta be commissioned this month?
2)Will the infra projects in NE be expedited,those which required Env clearances using a new policy?
3)what should be the way forward regarding possible territorial swap with China?Nobody in Arunachal wants that truth be told.
To all Readers:
I do like that Kiren Rijiju has got a prominent place in the cabinet.could you suggest how the Northeast can be better represented politically?

DAshu said...

Vikrant could you please tell us more about this
territorial swap with China regarding Arunachal.
I only knew of Aksai Chin getting swapped with Arunachal

DAshu said...

Am just curious to know after whole J&K now Arunachal what more India going to lose . list would go on it seems

Biswajit said...

Quite a things go behind the curtains.....

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da ,

Haven't heard from you for quite some time but am hoping you are doing great .

Two great nes items that I cam e across .

The US Navy's 30-Year Shipbuilding Plan for Fiscal Year 2015

The new type of Malware ( I seriously feel that this is something that India can muster and subsequently infect enemy computer systems )

Best Regards,

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AK: The P-28 ASW corvettes are meant for use as escorting vessels for ocean-going fleet replenishment tankers & therefore do not require ASCMs or MR-SAMs. SR-SAMs, however, are reqd & originally the Barak-1 was specified.

To SUMIT SEN: No updates on any such lease programme. All Project three 15A & four 15B DDGs will have OTOBreda’s 76/62 SRGM.

To ABS & PINTU: That’s only for the purpose of reiterating one’s stated position prior to the commencement of negotiations for a boundary settlement agreement. Nor is it anything new. This very same map appears on all travel visas issued by Chinese embassies worldwide for the past 3 years. What is irksome, however, is India’s decision to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, which was jointly initiated by China, India and Myanmar in 1954. Irksome because this Agreement lapsed in April 1962 (a fact that is not mentioned in any contemporary history-related school textbook published in India till this day) and 6 months later the Sino-Indian conflict took place.

To SPATEL: Absolute baloney. Nor have any export orders for the JF-17 poured in from any corner.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To FARIS: Yup, saw them & had a good laugh after reading the NST report, since the F-22 & Su-30MKM NEVER engaged in any dissimilar air combat manoeuvre to begin with! That was the reason why the photos of these two aircraft shown above never had any ACMI pods attached to them. There’s a very good reason why these two aircraft are known as air dominance fighters: they’re meant to dominate the air combat environment & that’s only possible when they can engage & destroy their targets from standoff distances. What this means is that the nearer the Su-30MKM or Raptor gets to its airborne enemy, the greater the chances of the Su-30MKM & Raptor losing the initiative during air combat. And if this worst-case scenario does become reality, the only saving grace then becomes the thrust-vectoring nozzles—not for the sake of outmanoeuvring the enemy—but for keeping the aircraft’s nose pointed in the general direction of the enemy while flying at a higher altitude, so that the HMDS/WVRAAM combination can be effectively employed. For BVR engagements, the Raptor is believed to come armed with a customised version of the AIM-120 AMRAAM which has a top-attack capability similar to the one first developed for the AIM-54 Phoenix. When employed in this manner, the customised AMRAAM’s on-board active radar seeker is nearly immune to the on-board tailfin-mounted, wingtip-mounted & wing-root-mounted directional self-protection jammers of the type seen on the Rafale, EF-2000, Su-30MKM & MiG-29UPG. Furthermore, the Raptor’s airframe offers far less aerodynamic drag than that of the Su-30MKM & the former can therefore accelerate much faster & in several cases even outmanoeuvre the Su-30MKM. As for the ‘energy manoeuvring charts’, these are primarily performance charts showing comparable climb rates, instantaneous turn rate, sustained turning radius, barrel roll rates, etc at different altitude regimes. In all, there are 15 such charts that are made available to pilots during their stints at the College of Air Warfare.

To JAIDEV & REDDY: Both of you will get most of the answers you seek AFTER listening to what Admiral (Ret’d) Arun Prakash has to say here:

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: VMT for posting those weblinks. 1) Yes, but only when HELINA becomes available. Until then the only other options are Hellfire or PARS-3LR. 2) Yes. 3) Of course it will be viable in every manner.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANUP: Yes, it is true. To top it all, it is totally unviable from a financial standpoint. The HJT-36 IJT’s AL-55I turbofan from NPO Saturn of Russia has a TTSL of only 300 hours, meaning after flying only for 18 months, the engine will have to be permanently junked & a new one installed. In any case, the HJT-36’s cockpit instrumentation is almost identical to that on board the PC-7 Mk2 BTT. Consequently, the IAF’s flying training syllabus ought to follow the BTT + AJT + LIFT matrix. The BTT & IJT cannot co-exist. Only a piston-engined primary trainer & an IJT can co-exist. Therefore, the day the Hawk Mk.132 AJTs were ordered by the MoD for the IAF, three things became very clear: One, next to be procured would be the BTT; Two, the IJT reqmt should be axed; & Three, a lead-in-fighter-trainer should be procured.

The doomed HJT-35 BTT & HJT-36 IJT aircraft R & D projects of HAL are excellent case-studies on how not to go about national R & D ventures which are totally out of sync with the IAF’s combat aircraft fleet modernisation plans.

To MPATEL: The PAF has only primary trainers: the Mushshak is piston-engined while the K-8 is a primary jet trainer. The JF-17 is built ENTIRELY in Chengdu & is only licence-assembled in Kamra. Al Khaild is a Type 90B MBT designed & developed by NORINCO.

To REDDY: Yes, voice data as well. It is clearly shown how this is done at:

India is light years behind both the US & China when it comes to cyber security & cyber warfare. Back in 2007 Chinese hackers had penetrated the operations centre of the IA’s XXXIII Corps & had obtained detailed information about the IA’s border patrol routines & this info in turn enabled the PLA’s Border Defence Regiments to foil quite a few of the IA’s long-range border patrols.

To KITTU: First & foremost, it is upto to India to provide evidence to Switzerland about the ‘black money’. Only then will the Swiss have to take a call on whether or not to share banking data. And going by the Govt of India’s record in bringing out the facts regarding such accounts, the record is not at all exemplary. Therefore, don’t get carried in by bombastic political rhetoric of the type dealing with the so-called illegal Bangladesh immigrants. After all, how does one prove whether or not one is an illegal immigrant when the concerned immigrant can furnish a certified ration card?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: Acquiring additional Scorpene SSKs has nothing to do with Project 75I. However, Project 75I’s conception itself is a flawed one, since it will be a repeat of Project 75, but involving only a new design whose IPRs will be owned exclusively by the OEM & the selected SSK design will be licence-built just like the Scorpenes are. A far better option, therefore, is to build up on limited homegrown achievements like the S-2/S-3/S-4 development & construction programme & start designing & fabricating SSNs that will have a growing percentage of indigenous content (meaning the IPRs of most of the on-board equipment will be Indian OEM-owned). All 5 Pipavav-built NOPVs will be built to a brand-new design sourced from Alion of Canada. These will not have anything in common with the GSL-built & designed NOPVs as far as hull design goes.

Talking much does not tantamount to DOING anything visionary. For instance, no telecommunications satellite can be built for any regional grouping simply because there are no orbital slots for them. The International Telecommunications Union offers slots ONLY to individual countries. Furthermore, Sri Lanka & Pakistan already have their own PRC-built satellites. Remote-sensing satellites are a possibility for a regional grouping, but it will be a cost-prohibitive exercise. A far better option is to offer the SAARC countries their own ground receiving stations where they can download weather-related data & format them & dessiminate them as per their own unique reqmts.

To RAD: I’m not entirely convinced about the Sea Ceptor’s ability to intercept sea-skimming ASCMs, subsonic or supersonic. The best bet remains an IIR-guided missile with lock-on-after-launch capability, bit being guided by a shipborne fire-control radar for mid-course guidance only. The only other option is to develop laser-based directed-energy weapons. RIM-162 can shoot down supersonic ASCMs & has already been successfully tested against Kh-31As. All work related to the Super Su-30MKI upgrade will be done in-country in India. Feroze Gandhi was born as, lived like & died as a Parsi.

Reddy said...

Thanks for Prasun for the youtube video. But it refers nothing about the voice signature of voice communications.

It would be of immense help to any agency but given the technology need to be developed to get a voice signature from a voice call.

India may not have robust data intelligence what china and US has at the moment, but getting one so is not an impossible task for india given huge pool of IT and networking we have.

What we need is to pool all such resources and bring it to a shape.

I would like to compare such a thing as facebook innovation. what are all the technologies facebook needed was there for long time but facebook used internet in unique way, in the same manner, india should invest in getting one such digital intel agency.

Given for the last 2/3 years Big data technologies have improved it became much easier to start with.

To give a perspective what big data is:
1. a commercial airliner produces 10 GB of data for 30 MINUTES flying
2. in 1 hour: facebook likes, tweets, user comments, news articles, financial transactions, phone calls, emails, reservations, run into millions and we need the following to bring near real time sense into such data.
3. Big data can process both structured and unstructured data.

All we need is the following expertise which we have:
1. Big Data/ Hadoop
2. Clusters for cloud computing
3. R Statistics/ Java Script Analytics Packages/ Infographics for BI
4. Programmers

What we need is the following expertise:

1. Data/Text Encoding/Decoding Experts
2. Artificial Intelligence AI
3. Natural Language Processing NLP
4. Machine Learning Tools ML

even these technologies are widely available and is improving

It is now not a big thing to build a one. we have all bits and pieces but we need a mentor who can bring such a vision to the central govt guys who often lack the technology expertise and is often are not in touch with the technology or new innovative things.

and the private industry in india is just some bunch of guys who copies a successful idea and produce cheap copies instead of out of box thinking, innovative to bring products and services
that are useful to public and govt.

Hope our guys in central govt will seriously consult IT, Network, Telecom, Statistics experts and other researches every month to update themselves on this front to find simple solutions to the common problems we face...

Reddy said...

I would like to present a case study if you don't mind:

Scenario: Given a bad guy interacted in the following ways/ make a move. We have some/None/All of the following information about this guy.

1. Mobile Phone /Source Phone
2. Target Phones (in 10000s)
3. Credit Card/ Debit Card
4. Reservations
5. Finger Prints to use any public or private service such as to enter an ATM/BANK/TRAIN/BUS/FLIGHT/HOSPITAL/PURCHASE/Fuel/Netcafe/Hotel/TopUp ETC
6. Chromium Number Plated Vehicle
7. Wifi signatures of his mobile
8. Voice Signatures and a lot other ways and kinds of data

in such a scenario if we get atleast one of the data either from the source or from the target, our infographics package, or BI intelligence map shows graphically how different sources are making a move..

we can not get such a view from text data as we normally get lost in the amount of data that gets generated...

Biswajit said...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To REDDY: Voice signature recognition systems have been in use inside India for more than a decade & all have been imported from Israel. That’s why the voice data samples are being asked for by India from Pakistan WRT 26/11. As for the huge pool of ICT techies, exactly how many of them are PhD holders in any given specialised area? In a tiny country like Israel alone, there are 6,000 PhD-holders in GSM technologies. To therefore even contemplate the creation of an institution like the US NSA within say 10 years inside India is next to impossible due to the severe human resource constraints. As for the case study, it is implementable ONLY WITHIN knowledge-based societies, not anywhere else, due to obvious reasons like pathetic prevailing infrastructures & abject indifference within society as a whole. In India, where even a basic networked institution like the National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC) is found impossible to be set up due to utterly regressive mindsets, your proposed case-study will be considered totally utopian by the powers-that-be.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

RD said...


A big win for Bangladesh-

The Bangladeshi sympathizers present in our country(in WB) should be happy. Hope now Indian politicians give some serious thought about settling other boundary disputes in a planned & united way.

Reddy said...

UK is serious in engaging with India

Reddy said...

if we are serious enough we can get all the investment money we need from UK, CAN, US, France, Japan and china.

this time and context may not come again for India...

Ports, Roads, Railways, Manufacturing Zones, Nuclear Plants, Insurance are the main domains these guys are interested..

These guys have the expertise, money, planning and will power to make these things happen.. all we need is to make/provide a level playing field for a win win situation..

stable and predictable business environment with stable tax laws, foreign exchange rules for the next 2 or 3 decades are some of the solid tasks we need to formulate for them..

they too must understand that India and Indian market is not a milking cow for ever.. they too need to be realistic about the profits they can make or for that matter, losses that could incur..

being in UK I can say for sure that the clashes between these foreign companies and Indian govt come in price negotiation.

western companies operate in free market where the prices of services and goods are determined by market forces where as India operates a mixed free market and majorly subsidy market.

UK has separated these two things. It provided free market and collecting 20% VAT on all goods and services and give back some of the money to the social welfare where India is providing both social welfare as well as subsidy.
Now comes a day where it has to take a decision how to manage the free market concept if it needs foreign investment.

the other way of acting as a middle-man between foreign services (eg: buying electricity from foreign (jaitapur) nuclear plants) and the indian consumer might cause friction at times between business and populism..

we need to see how things get unfolded in the coming months...

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