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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Let's End 2015 On A Sober Note

Despite the PLA Navy’s first aircraft carrier, the CV-16 Liaoning, received its first two Shenyang J-15 H-MRCAs on November 23, 2012, the J-15s to this day haven’t been flight-tested in fully weaponised modes and in the recent series of fleet exercises, the J-15s were once again seen armed with only PL-8 WVRAAMs and PL-12 BVRAAMs. No ASCMs, no ALCMs, no rocket-pods, no LGBs, no LDPs, and no gravity bombs either. Definitely, therefore, all’s not well with the AL-31F turbofan-powered J-15s, i.e. they are underpowered, period.
Here is a splendid video-clip of the J-15 during the recent fleet exercises that were witnessed by the PLAN Chief, Admiral Wu Shengli:

And below is a fairly accurate reportage of the challenges in turbofan R & D that both China and India are facing.


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G said...

Excellent Pics!
Still J-15 with its all Assume advantages being H-MRCA, looks like its very cumbersome to handle on the CV, In the Pic with the J15 on the Heavy Lift, a good portion is outside the area, it not secured correctly, the J15 will be swimming with the fishes

This is one of the reasons the Russian Navy decided to acquire the MIG29K

Prav said...

Interesting article

rad said...

hi prasun
i dont understand why the j-15 are taking off from the forward launch position rather than the one that is amidship opposite to the island.May be they are trying to show off their short take off capacity?. They could carry more ordinance if they they take of from the one further down.
Why is russia supplying engines to the chinese counterfiet air craft? in the first place?.
China seems to have russia by the balls due to the current sanctions and the fall of oil prices.
Please give s more dope on the so called TILAD decoy ABHYAS.
also the current state of the modern submachine gun

Arh93 said...

Prasun da in future is there a possibility that mig-29 both naval and Iaf version can be retrofitted with aesa [zhuk-ae] radar.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

When will Indian Army Rifle Saga will come to end.

Please comment.

Senthil Kumar

arnav gupta said...


Saab gripen and HAL Tejas have basically the same powerplant. Volvo RM-12 is a license copy of GE F404. Also both have comparable fuel capacity. But the operational range is hugely different. Gripen can do 3000 km + and Tejas falls short of 1000 km!! why such a difference exists ?

Also just heard that Russia chose HAL as their partner in JV for KA-226 under Make in India. Why not Reliance or Tata when they were in fray? HAL already has a LUH in the same class as KA-226 in the final stages, will it not effect that project and in turn benefitting the Russians ? Also will the Indian Aerospace industry get the desired push that we expected as HAL already has a monoply?

fire power said...

namaskar dada

fire power said...

i have a few queries, It's been quite long since you've explained the situation in Middle east, afghanistan, pakistan. 2-Russians lackmailed India to buy several products and foot the bills of pakfa to get S400 and nuke sub. Your opinion please. 3-Do you think china can built an aircraft carrier from scratch at its backyards without any foreign assistance. Do they have such expertise and knowledge. 4-Plz don't forget to answer the queries from the last thread. 5-In an older thread a guy asked you how to file patents in India could you please elaborate. 6-MOD ordered 50k bulletproof vests for Soilders from two indian firms Tata and some other to supply 25k each, your comments. 7-India can go to Mars, can built an ICBM, can built a nuclear sub but not a rifle. Why ? A Huge thanks in advance.. Murali

john said...


Is our russian aircraft is fitted with SVP-24 ( “special computing subsystem”), a cheaper russian version of American JDAM for dump bombs. They are successfully used in syria.

Is our DRDO working on anything like this?

PIYUSH DAS said...

Happy New year sir ....

Arh93 said...

Happy new year to all. May all your wishes and dreams come true.Have a wonderful and prosperous new year.



buddha said...

Happy New Year Sir

Sarath Kumar N. said...

Hello Mr. Prasun, first of all Happy New Year 2016!!

There has been some talk recently that IN has expanded it's fleet projections, going in for more ships than previously anticipated. There were statements regarding additional P-17A, P-15B warships, more Fleet support ships, and maybe more LHDs as well.

There was also a line that said we could be going in for 5-6 aircraft carriers.

What do you say about these numbers? Especially about the carriers?

How many of the IAC-2 type ships are we likely to build? Is it gonna be the same 65,000 tons displacement as previously thought or has that changed?

Also, sir, in your previous thread you have shown images of CV-18, CV-19 nuclear carrier models of PLAN. What is likely to be the displacement of these vessels? Exactly how big could they be? Are they similar to the Gerald R. Ford or Nimitz-class in size?

Also, what is the future of Russian Navy aircraft carrier ambitions? They have been showing models of a 100,000 ton nuclear supercarrier with STOBAR carrying PAK-FAs since 2013. Are they going build it? How many could they go for?

Again, HNY 2016, have a great year ahead!

Sumanta said...

Happy new year to Prasun Da and everybody here.

Pierre Zorin said...

Someone once said "credible deterrence" is like watching a porn movie and wondering do the guys really have ém so huge, do the women really just crave for a cumbath, do good looking girls enjoy having sex with the ugly males? The answer is most likely NO but we would like to think they do. Weird way to put it but realistically a very profound truth.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To G: The PLAN is now painfully coming to grips with the pitfalls of back-engineering a technology demonstrator like the T-10K-3, which had not yet evolved into a proven Su-33. Nor did the PLAN, it now seems, pay close attention to the kind of problems that Russian navy itself has had with the Su-33 & that’s why the Su-33 has never been seen with its full combat load on board the Kuznetsov. The PLAN too initially ASSUMED that the J-15 could be armed with YJ-91 supersonic ASCMs & subsonic YJ-83 ASCMs, but it is now coming to grips with the fact that this is just impossible to achieve. So, in the worst case scenario, these J-15s will be armed with just AAMs & will never become MRCAs.

To PRAV & JOHN: LoLz! So the Ruskies eventually discovered what a weapons delivery & navigation system (WDNS) or the present-day navigation & attack system (NAS) is all about. For those who are not well-conversant with the WDNS & NAS & are assuming that the SVP-24 is a revolutionary breakthrough, in reality, these have existed with the IAF’s Jaguar IS & Mirage 2000s since the 1980s & have always been upgraded periodically. It is the WDNS & later the NAS that displays the continuously computed impact point (CCIP) symbology to the pilot on the HUD. This is what was used in the 1980s & 1990s for both low-level & dive-/toss-bombing during precision-strike sorties using gravity bombs against fixed static targets. It can clearly be seen in displayed HUD symbologies on footages released by the IAF-ASF of the attack sorties against the Iraqi OSIRAK nuclear reactors in 1981. Anyone can see it in YouTube.

To RAD: That’s because those J-15s are in clean configuration & are not carrying any heavy weaponry. Russia never supplied any AL-31Fs for the J-15s. All AL-31Fs were supplied for the licence-built J-11s. But China played a double-game by building only 95 J-11As instead of the 200 it had contracted for, while procuring AL-31Fs for the planned 200 J-11s. This then enabled China to divert the extra AL-31Fs for the J-15 programme. In any case, now this has proven to be a totally futile exercised, since the J-15’s envisaged MTOW cannot be supported by the AL-31Fs. Probably AL-41s are reqd, but the Russians aren’t budging & hence the PLAN has no choice but to use its J-15s only as AAM-armed interceptors! Serves the PLAN right for trying to be a smart cookie but eventually ending up as a buffoon.

To ARH-93: Yes, that option does exist & is part of the pre-planned product improvement programmes for the MiG-29Ks & MiG-29UPGs.

To SENTHIL KUMAR: Don’t bother reading such discredited fairy tales.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARNAV GUPTA: Different OEMs present different types of data. For instance, range can be calculated as either ferry range when flying at medium altitudes, or combat range involving low-level flight. Then there’s the option for aerial refuelling. Unless the two-way flight regime is specified, it all boils down to comparing apples to oranges.

To FIREPOWER: Where’s the S-400 LR-SAM deal that everyone was hailing & screaming about? What happened to all the chest-thumping about the expedited deliveries of the S-400? Did every jingo really ASSUME that if the Defence Minister talks about it & donates soundbytes to any TV channel, then that deal is as good as done? Someone also asked me this: DAC clears a procurement, it takes time (not a week) to get to the CCS so AFAIK, as the DAC has cleared the S-400 deal, negotiations still need to take place.

It therefore seems that folks still don’t understand how the military hardware procurement process works in India. Firstly, it is only after the DAC clears a procurement exercise that the exercise really begins. Then the ball shifts to the MoD’s Defence Procurement Board, & then to the HQ IDS & from there to the respective service HQ, which then drafts the RFI & RFP. Only after competitive evaluations are conducted is a final selection of the desired solution undertaken. This entire process alone takes 27 to 54 months. And only then does the procurement plan proceed to the Cabinet Committee on National Security & only after getting the nod from the Union Finance Ministry is the draft procurement contract prepared for signature. No one person, be it the Defence Minister or the PM or anyone else, can circumvent this PROCESS. Therefore, now will be a good time for all the jingos to ask those ‘desi’ journalists who were monkeying around over the past 60 days & churning out wildly speculative fairy tales about the imminent order for S-400s, about some explanations for their conduct & veracity of their editorial outputs, specifically the following:

And pray also read what Reliance Infra has to say:

Not a word about any S-400 deal or contract or procurement. Bottomline: Assumption is always the mother of all fuck-ups.

To BUDDHA: VMT. Here’s something for the weekend:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIJAY: Your knee-jerk response to PRAV's post about the R & D challenges plagueing the Tejas Mk.1 indicates that you are prone to reflexively switching over to a mode of self-denial & seeking justifications in the form of selective quotes of the Defence Minister. Instead, you ought to have analaysed what PRAV had posted. By now you should know that Ministers have never been blessed with all-knowing wisdom & since the 1950s they have both lied at times & have also misrepresented the facts. The present-day Defence Minister is no exception & one can see it in all the convoluted soundbytes he had contributed about the Rafale MMRCA deal, until he got orders from above to shut-up for good on this issue. The same holds true for Tejas Mk.1 as well. Also, whether an aircraft achieves IOC or FOC doesn't matter at all. What matters & it is the only one that counts, is the attainment of IOC or FOC of either an entire squadron or an entire fleet of aircraft of any type. And this entire IOC/FOC process commences from the day the aircrew & ground crew begin converting, to the day the entire squadron becomes operational with its full complement of human resources & supporting ground-based infrastructure & the range of weaponry ordered by the end-user. And this entire process, per squadron, takes up to 3.5 years. Mere delivery of an aircraft to a squadron therefore doesn't amount to ANYTHING substantive. But of course all this isn't explained in a detailed, sequential manner by anyone from the MoD & consequently, the 'desi' journalists who are too lazy anyway to do their own background research end up splurging out erroneous data in their news-reports, & then folks like you at the receiving end ASSUME that what's been reported is the gospel truth. And once the truth has to be confronted, it becomes too unpalatable & then automatically the self-denial mode gets activated in the vain hope to getting some temporary psychological relief. But, for how long & how many times can this be repeated?

Sumanta said...

Prasun Da, so is there any light of hope, at the end of the tunnel, for Kavery,or may we see in future its different Avatar ?

Signing with my new account...


Pawan said...

Dear Prasunji,

Wish you a very happy new year. May you continue to enlighten us about & help us make sense out of non sense out there.

Warm Regards,


Maverick said...


1) Does Indian Armed Forces have any EW equipment like the 1RL257 Krasukha-4. They seem to
be formidable asset in high contact battles. Also does West have any equivalent equipment

2) Most of the principle assets with IN still use Ukrainian 'Zorya Mashproekt' supplied Gas
Turbine engines, with the current Russian-Ukrainian crisis how is the product support
for these systems.

3) As IN went with GE LM2500 for INS Vikrant, why not go with the same for Project 15
derivative ships & Phase 3 of Talwar Frigates. Rolls Royce MT30 is another alternative.

4) Is there any scope for upgrading the IAFs remaining An-32s to RE standard.

5) Since there is not much progress with IAF's 2 follow-on order for IL-76 - EL-2075/2090
AEW and DRDO's A330 based platform is a decade away from induction, are there any
chances for Elta/Airbus C-295 AEW. It may lack the range & endurance of IL-76 but it does
has its own advantages like Short Take-off/Landing which will enable it to used even from
smaller & remote air fields.

Gopu said...


Happy new year! I wish all of you and Bharat a successful 2016.

Siddharth said...

Happy new year to Prasun da, fellow bloggers and to all my Indian brothers, sisters and comrades.

Arnab Goswami said...

Hello Prasun Sir

I know this is awkward ; But could you please tell more
about yourself

Your career ; background ; are you a Scientist or a retired Air force official
or a former Bureaucrat

I am just asking out of curiousity

Sir why dont you appear on TV channels

Devopriyo said...

@ prasun what is an photonic radar and india working on these kind of product

Arh93 said...

Prasun'da 1. when can we expect to see kamov ka-226 heli flying with IAF insignia at earliest ? 2. does elta-8222aspj got the capability of drfm also any other aircraft in IAF got it? 3.does plaaf have drfm based jammers? 4. Sir why all these chines defence blog[popular mechanics etc..] saying that j-20 is ready for LRIP, flight testing? when it does not even have the actual engine [WS-15]. It's like test driving a humvee fitted with a Honda civic engine?

Ved said...

Wish the leader (Prasun) and all his followers (us including me) a very happy and prosperous new year.

Prasun please share some info. on the LRSAM that was tested a few days back on INS Kolkata. Is it the 70 km range or the 100 km?

How many of these missiles are expected to be on board the Kolkata class?

Vikram Guha said...


Wishing you and your family a bright and happy new year full of pleasant surprises. And may you continue to educate us with your profound insights.

Best Regards,


RAT said...

Hi Prasun,

Wishing you and all your dear ones a peaceful, prosperous and successful new year. Keep posting good stuff and answering the question as you have always done. Thanks.

Sumanta said...

looks like undomesticated animals are roaming again.

Anonymous said...

@happy new year

What do you make of this? Do you think this will be a success, by the end of 2016? Do you think this dossier that he mentions actually exists sir?


rad said...

hi prasun
Is the story that the russia is black mailing us to get the pakfa if we want the s-400 true?.IN that case we have to look to israel for am alternative.The only thing that has to be developed is the india specific missile as all others are already operational,like the radar,control center etc?. we can go the barak -8 way and still get tech in the deal as well.
How important is the Seychelles naval base offer?, after all it is nearer to africa than the gulf area.Will it make sense to have a base near the horn of africa?
you said that the su-30 carrier based ac was not a success, but then why is russia still having them rather than mig-29s?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KUMAR & EVERYONE ELSE: VMT, because that’s the classic kind of analysis that forces me into engage in uncontrollable laughter until my trouser falls off! And that’s because events over the past 48 hours have vindicated all that I had been saying over the past 6 months over the effect of unrelenting pressure exerted on Pakistan by the US-India-UK combine. Watch this programme aired last night:

This programme is awesome(!), because in it Rana Sanaullah, the Law Minister of Pakistan’s Punjab state, states on-the-record for the very first time that the Jamaat-ud-Dawa is a terrorist ‘tanzeem’ with Salafist ideological leanings. His revelation has since been backed up by the Punjab State’s Home Affairs Department, which 48 hours ago released an official statement saying that recruitments by ISIS is on the rise inside Pakistan, & that most of these recruits are members of the Hafiz Saeed-led Jamaat-ud-Dawa. What this means is that all those inside Pakistan (including the likes of Najam Sethi) who had earlier been claiming that the LeT & Jamaat-ud-Dawa were totally separate entities & that the latter was a charitable NGO, have now been proven wrong, & that too officially by Punjab’s state government. The official version is that several members of the Jamaat-ud-dawa, who are now unable to infiltrate inside either Afghanistan or India, are fed up & bored & they now have no other choice but to proceed to Iraq to join ISIS by travelling overland through Iran & Turkey. So what explains this sudden admission/revelation by Pakistan about the ‘real’ Jamaat-ud-Dawa?

My assessment is that matters moved to as decisive stage last October, when both India & the US agreed to up the ante against Pakistan by getting David Coleman Headley & his former Moroccan wife to testify against Hafiz Saeed during the forthcoming trial of Abu Jundal in India. Now, even a country like China cannot prevent Pakistan from being declared a terrorist state at the UNSC, since the trial process will be a transparent one & this will be attested to by the representatives of all those countries whose citizens lost their lives during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. So now, both China & Pakistan’s Army are now on the backfoot. That the forthcoming trial of Abu Jundal will be globally embarrassing for Pakistan & the PA is no longer longer in doubt. But India is well aware that Pakistan’s civilian politicians have nothing sinister to do with all this (hence the admissions by Pakistan’s Punjab State Govt’s Home Department & not by the usual twits from the ISPR) & hence the Indian PM’s highly visible outreach to his Pakistani counterpart on December 25 last year. Furthermore, India as the leading member of the SAARC grouping, is determined to ensure that the next SAARC Summit in Islamabad goes off smoothly.

In other words, all the visible bonhomie being displayed since last November by both countries is only indicative of a change in India’s posture of engagement with Pakistan, & not a change of India’s policy on Pakistan. BTW, 35.1% of all posts on Pakistani social media comprise comments in favour of ISIS!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARNAB GOSWAMI: LoLz! I’m none of what you’ve suggested. I’m just a technocrat who did not descend from the heavens, nor am I interested in creating heaven on Earth, & nor do I wish to proceed to the heavens in my afterlife. Therefore, I have no hesitation or a feeling of guilt in calling a spade a spade. Why I don’t appear in any TV programme? Elementary. Whenever one appears in such a programme at any TV studio, he/she is paid between Rs.5,000 & Rs.10.000 per appearance. In my reckoning, therefore, folks like retired bureaucrats/diplomats/military officers who are pensioners would have a greater need for such monetary compensations. So where is there the need for a gainfully employed person like me to go & queer the pitch?

To RAD: That’s utter baloney. When the Ruskies were developing the T-50 PAK-FA, they were only toying with various concepts for series-producing them in a final assembly-line. What the Ruskies eventually realised (just like the US did) was that it was sheer madness to assemble the T-50 like the Su-30MKI. Fuselage fabrication & integration had to be done in a modular manner in order to retain stealth characteristics & therefore in the final-assembly line only 3 modules—front section, middle section & rear section—will be integrated. If this method of final-assembly is to be replicated elsewhere, the costs will go through the roof! This is the main reason why HAL will only be made responsible for integrating the three pre-fabricated FGFA modules on its final-assembly line—a task that will account for less than 10% of licenced-production.

All Russian Navy Su-33s are now flying from the Sevastopol naval base in Crimea & all their aircrew & ground crew are having a ball of a time doing this & consuming beer on the beaches of Crimea. That's all what's taking place. No one is flying off the Kuznetsov.

abs said...

Prasun Da,
Pathankot: Terrorist attacks on an Indian Airforce Base, India-US planning to indict Pakistan on 26/11,with an aim to have it declared as a 'Terrorist State'. Iran wants its denuclearisation only if Pakistan is denuclearised. A coalition of the willing carrying out war games, practicing anti-Nuclear weapons operations, An Indian Army raising an Air Mobile Division suitable for operations along the terrain as is prevalent in G&B, kindly connect all these dots for us and tell us what the resulting line looks like?

Arpit Kanodia said...

What is the use of engaging with civilians, when jihad against India is totally in control of Pak Fauj? Afterall this is also an established institution of Pakistan.

And what use of our offensive capabilities, combining efforts of India, UK & US, when we are incapable of retaliatory strikes in PoK or Muzaffarabad. This isnt the failure of Govt. of India that incapable to secure Indian lives because of Pakistani Jihad which still going on?

Vikram Guha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sumanta said...

Prasun Da, is there any light of hope for GTRE's Kavery,or may we see in future its different Avatar ?

Thanks in advance.


SS said...


The first scorpene set of subs costed Indian navy around 25000 Cr. Ideally the extended order of 6 more scorpene subs should cost around same amount plus slight appreciation (Considering rupee value depreciation) but there are reports printing around quoting very high price (2X the original amount). It is true? VMT.

Sumanta said...

Prasun Da..

so aren't these sarkari jihadis of jaish as those in Pathankote, vindicating the POV to declare Pakistan a 'Terrorist State' ?

Salute to the Fallen security personnel.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to all,

Dada its for u.
Intolerance at best.

just curious said...

the pics you had posted indicate that ins arihant can carry 6nos k4 or 18nos k15 but all over the Internet i find the info showing 4nos k4 or 12nos k15. what is the truth?
vmt and happy new year.

RASAYAN said...

Hi Prasun,

Happy new year.
What is your opinion about this video?

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Happy New Year.

Do you think Erdogan Wants Turkey to retrun back its past Othaman Empire glory and he wants to be the modern era Turkish Sultan. If this is his dream, whether all Muslims in the world supports him including Arabs.

Please comment.

Senthil Kumar

The Indian said...

Prasunda, Namashkaram wish you a happy new year.Following your blog for last two years plus.Wanted to know about Agni 6! Weapons for scorpene aka kalvari,vikramaditya self defence suite?

CSC said...

Welcome back Prasun, good to see u back in action.
Couple of quick questions... With a 50 aircraft capability and assuming ten of them are rotary , plan can still have 40 (more than 2 squads) of fixed wing on board. Even if 24 of them are assigned to CAP with wvrams and bvrams, that still leaves 16 aircraft to be loaded with ascms and or pgms and using the longer runway.... Giving their ac a heavy hitting capacity.

Also what are the timelines on iac 2 and the 4 lhds... And why isn't some common sense prevailing to have a run way like vikrant on the lhds...

Chanakya S Chatterjee

CSC said...

Welcome back Prasun, good to see u back in action.
Couple of quick questions... With a 50 aircraft capability and assuming ten of them are rotary , plan can still have 40 (more than 2 squads) of fixed wing on board. Even if 24 of them are assigned to CAP with wvrams and bvrams, that still leaves 16 aircraft to be loaded with ascms and or pgms and using the longer runway.... Giving their ac a heavy hitting capacity.

Also what are the timelines on iac 2 and the 4 lhds... And why isn't some common sense prevailing to have a run way like vikrant on the lhds...

Chanakya S Chatterjee

JimmyKerala said...

Why any of our mig-29K which we shown photos and videos when flying from INS Vikramadithya having any weapons attached? Is Indian navys training not over? or some problems with the tropical weather?

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

How can we explain the high number of casualties of Indian security
forces even though we had intelligence reports and had deployed

Were the security forces taking the threat lightly ; or
SOP not followed or lack of NVG and Body armour

Could you please throw somel light on this

Gopu said...


How can LCA mk1's design be frozen if radar nose has to be enlarged for an AESA plus enhanced cooling? Why isn't the aircraft's maintainability being improved?

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

1. Regarding JF-17 for SriLanka. I think if Lanka is smarter they will spend their money in boosting Srilankan Navy rather than Air force.

2. Lesson learnt. Never trust US. Definitely they will back Stab. They will give some lollypop to keep India cool but parallely they will sell (Free of cost) F-16 to Pakistan in the name of Fighting terrorism. For US both Pak & India are same. As long as both countries fight, happily they can sell their weapons to both and get benefited.

Senthil Kumar

Mahim N said...


Happy New Year..

Just one question about the Pathankot Attack, how come only few soldiers seem to be wearing bullet proof jackets or NVGs ? What happened to regimental funds and field purchase of these critical items?

Punjab Police seems even more hopeless. Is this the same police force of Sardar KPS Gill? Hard to recognize !!!

Anonymous said...

Indian Companies like Mahindra and TATA started doing something WRT bulletproof jackets not because of the love of the country but they have seen that as a good business opportunity.

Prav said...

@Gopu ..The new AESA has to be designed as a drop in upgrade ... which means that the radar has to be accomodated in the nose cone with no modification .. it is the people who are designing the aesa that are responsible for it ..

rahul s said...

Dear @prasun the only question that linger in my mind after the pathankot attack is.
Do we need nsg, garuda and 250+ other odd soldiers to tackle 7-8 militants and looking the casualty on our side that too men from nsg n garuda really makes me question their "sf" status.
Whats ur take on it ?

rahul s said...

And yes according to the gov we already had intel ..

Arpit Kanodia said...

@rahul s Real question is do we need offensive capabilities, $1 bn Destroyers, multi million Rafales, when we are incapable of doing retaliatory strikes in PoK.

Isnt that would be better if we spend that money on Application Science, Education, Healthcare etc etc.

When we decided from Day 1 that we are not going to do retaliatory strikes, whatever happens, then as a taxpayer & Indian Citizen I & we have all rights to question why would spend money on offensive capabilities?

Arpit Kanodia said...

When we already decided we going to fall in nuclear blackmail pit, then why building expensive conventional capabilities.

Why not funding more in nuclear weapons for ultimate defence.

G said...

@ Rahul!

First Pantankot Air Station is a very large area! Which includes a Civil terminal!.. priority is given to your main asset! hence a large force deployed.
The terror group involved, its primarily mission is to destroy these every asset, this is proof from the weapons and explosives recovered , did they succeed ? No!!

Any determined Terror Group, can do some serious damaged , here example read this

But this didnt happened in Pantankor

Also Special Operatives are NOT Super Human nor they are Invincible! so to question Our SF status is naive.

SHIT happens in the Field! and the same goes to any SFs in the world!... an example : Read on US Navy SEAL TEAM 6

raw13 said...

Indeed, SF are by no-means super human, however they are not normal either. Sometimes when these guys need to move very fast, they deliberately don't wear body armour. I suspect these guys also have plenty of combat experience too. They went to Burma and apparently did a lot of damage there without taking a casualty.

DAshu said...

lol again India shown her place and stature by Pak state . In pakistan state, so called non-state, civilian and uniformed all are same and one. It is a mistake to assume civilian and armed forces are different in Pakistan . Now it would be interesting so see Modi's reaction .

Manu Pradip said...

@prasunda. Sir, I don't see any difference between modi & MMS regarding terror. I voted for modi thinking he will act tough on terror but he has shown he is a pussy when push comes to shove. Our air force base have been attacked and our ministers are telling we will continue talks and blah blah blah. Its not knee jerk reaction in any means but our govt's including this were always pussy. Reality is we are a soft nation and always will be.

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

The BSF strength needs to be increased for effectively patrolling the
Punjab Border

However since it will take time to raise additional battalions
can we deploy the ARMY like it has been done on the LOC

The Army has many divisions in Punjab in various cantonments

It can surely spare 5000 men for Punjab border

Or will the Army make it an ego issue that it will not do Patrolling duties

Then we will see more Pathonkots and Gurdaspurs

The Punjab border is porous ; it has to be plugged

Jay Bhanushali said...

How stupid and naive the indian masses are is evident from some of the ignorant comments above.

covert attacks need to be answered with covert attacks. one doesn't have to declare war on pakistan to take revenge. do remember that the Pathankot attack is a revenge attack on the airbase which houses mi25/35 attack helis destined for delivery to Afghanistan in the near future. So the attack happened because modi is different from Manmohan and exported offensive air assets to take the fight to the terrorists in their own backyard. this was a special ops mission by paki special forces officers to degrade air assets which were going to be used against them in the very near future. but they failed in their mission. What kind of loosers these pakis have sent who couldn't even blow up a rickshaw after three days of continuing efforts.

as far as befitting response goes, there is a reason we are virtually financing afghan NDS to do our dirty work for us and they will happily obliging. but difference is that our agencies are good enough to do it discretely without any noise. so indian government won't be able to do chest thumping about killing a few dozen pakis to please the tamashabaaz media and the ignorant layman and that's how it should be.
the policy of ' mu me ram aur bagal me churri' is the right way to go ahead...
we need to focus on economic growth as our primary goal. making the average indian more prosperous than his paki counterpart will be the most befitting reply indian government can give the paki deep state while the Afghans kill them with indian financed weapons.. lol

Anonymous said...


Perfect answer.+1 from me on this.Most people will let there anger better themselves and talk stupid.Why go for war and martyr more soldiers when other options are available.Not to mention money that we would have to spend which western companies would be pretty happy about .

S singh

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIJAY: Without understanding the tyranny of the terrain, it is very easy to assume that loopholes could be plugged through additional manpower deployments. In reality, the adversary’s strategy is to continue with infiltrations through areas that are not snowbound like the LoC. Hence the choice of the IB along Punjab & Jammu. And why so? Because, though a large portion of the India-Pakistan border on the 553km Gurdaspur-Jammu sector is fenced, there are several gaps caused by the Ravi River and season rivulets that cut into the international boundary. Gurdaspur shares a long, zig-zagging border with Pakistan. It’s easy to infiltrate from this stretch as compared to the heavily-mined and guarded LoC as well as the international border in neighbouring Jammu & Kashmir. A dense fog in winters makes border surveillance an added challenge. As the border terrain is broken and forested, the rivulet beds provide an ideal cover for terrorists who can sneak in and reach the busy NH-44 highway that snakes along the border. This enables terrorists to hijack vehicles and mount rapid strikes. In almost all terror attacks, militants used snatched vehicles to attack the intended targets, mostly catching security forces off-guard.

To DASHU & MANU PRADIP: If you’re expecting that India will retaliate just like the Israelis do in the Gaza Strip or inside Lebanon & Syria through conventional warfare options, then forget it. This is not how it ought to be done in the subcontinent. It is clear that if the Punjab State Police only recently apprehended some locals in possession of small arms & Pakistani SIM-cards, then this only means that Punjab State’s police forces were either sleeping all this while, or were not engaging in effective policing. Such infiltrations always rely on local facilitators for logistics assistance. Furthermore, along a terrain strewn with rivulets, it is impossible to erect physical barriers like fences. Instead, a multi-tier electronic/optronic surveillance grid needs to be put in place.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: Terror attacks can’t be stopped or retaliated against through conventional warfare options. Instead, covert warfare options need to be exercised & several such options are available. However, now will be a good time to reflect & introspect about the wisdom of releasing creatures like Masood Azhar in December 1999. Azhar had entered India on a Portuguese passport 1994 with the mission to forge unity among Pakistan-backed terror outfits operating in J & K. He was arrested in Anantnag in February 1995 and lodged in a high-security jail in Jammu before his supporters hijacked the Kathamandu-Delhi IC-814 flight and commandeered it to the Taliban-controlled Kandahar to get him released. At the most crucial juncture, India’s then political leadership failed miserably to stand tough & not cave in. But alas! Some of these leaders have subsequently be awarded Bharat Ratnas, while others have written scores of books while trying to justify their actions. That is precisely the kind of mindset which requires correction. For, unless one admite one’s mistakes, one can never draw any leasons aimed at avoiding such mistakes in future. In December 1999 during the hijack crisis, NOT ONE leader from the then Govt of India even asked anyone from India’s Chiefs of Staff Committee for any suggestion or advice! Would the armed forces have offered any practical option? Of course. Just authorise the IA to march a mile across the LoC into the Anzabaari Bulge & destroy some Pakistan Army outposts & dig in & hold on to them, & use them as a bargaining chip for rescuing the hostages from Kandahar. This is what a leader with balls & sagacity would have done in December 1999. And it had been done before in 1991 & after the crisis was resolved to India’s satisfaction, the DGMOs of the IA & PA spoke to one another & the IA detachment withdrew back.

To RAHUL S: LoLz! Your question brings back memories about the covert coastal infiltrations the North Korean special operations forces used to engage in during the late 1980s & early 1990s against South Korea. At that time, to search for, locate & corner just 4 to 6 armed North Korean infiltrators, the ROK Army had to mobilise & deploy up to 80,000 soldiers for cordon-and-search operations! As for intelligence inputs, those that were available were akin to a needle somewhere in a warehouse full of haystacks.

To MAHIM N: The main counter-terror operations are being carried out by the NSG’s Special Ranger Group, & not by the Garud or Punjab Police or anyone else. What needs to be applauded is the swift deployment of the NSG to Pathankot BEFORE the attacks against the air base began. It is only for this reason that the 6 terrorists were swiftly cornered, isolated & eliminated.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GOPU & PRAV: The term 'drop-in installation' refers to the internal volume available for installing a new piece of hardware without any structural changes to the nose-section bulkheads & doing away with the need for additional electrical wiring harness installations. But in case of installing an AESA-MMR, the related environment control system (ECS) too needs to be changed in order to cater for additional cooling required by an AESA-MMR, as compared to a conventional MMR with slotted-array antenna. The new ECS therefore needs additional internal volume for accommodating the cryogenic coolant bottles.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SENTHIL KUMAR: Don't worry about SL or the US. Instead, focus on what's happening between Iran & the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Looks like the Sunni & Shia ummahs are becoming polarised to a point of no-return in the Middle East. The Saudis must have anticipated Iran's backlash after the beheading/execution of a senior Saudi Shia cleric & therefore had decided to expedite the formation of the 34-nation Sunni military alliance. Whether this clash between Iran & Saudi Arabia will assume global proportions remains to be seen. But it's worst impact will be felt inside Pakistan, that's a given.

Sumanta said...

Agree Prasun Da, about your POV about recent attack targeting Pathankot AFB, btw, why shouldn't be Pakistan be declared as a 'Terrorist State' ?

Mayur M Manapure said...

Prasun Da I hate to say it but sometimes I feel what happened in APS Peshawar was right. Pakistanis had purged to such depths that their children too deserve a bullet in the head. All the aman ki asha , students exchange crap should had been stopped a long time ago but they still continue till date. These Porkis will continue to play good cop bad cop and we defence personnel will continue to count our men's bodies.

Anonymous said...

can you please write an article on Taiwanese Advancements in Technology and also their financial status. Many Thanks.

Arh93 said...

Prasun Da can you explain why I never saw IA men with any kind of high caliber sniper rifle? like barrett M82. just yesterday 1 SAS sniper killed 3 isis men from 1000m away shooting through a wall. If deployed in J&k border these rifle can act as both anti material+anti personal rifle. Also if paki terrorist uses Gurdaspur sector to infiltrate into India why not our SF,s uses the same area to infiltrate into pak and try to ambush paki ranger, terrorist in their staging bases.

Anonymous said...

@ Prasun da,

i guess the entire terror operation points to the deep loopholes in our security arrangements. If Gurdaspur is located in such a vulnerable area, then either the AFB had to be placed somewhere else, or the best among security been provided to it. The loss of a few old to-be-phased-out migs (sure in next decade) wont be that much of a loss, but imagine the morale blow it would have given to Indian forces and our citizens. We were lucky that we had prior intel, but i cant imagine what would have happened if it was not present.

In an earlier thread you had told that PNS Mehran type of attack is not possible in India (if i remember correctly), but i guess we were saved by the bell from that!

Again, i am damn sure there are local sleeper cells, otherwise the terrorists would never have been able to manage such a squeeze-in in just a week from the bonhomie between Sharif and Modi. The Punjab police and the BSF have a lot to answer, especially the former. Drugs has paralyzed Punjab in such a bad way that possibly Punjab Police were ignorantly accomplice to the terror modules.

Without local help, it would be impossible to bring in such a huge quantity of weapons, and still manage to get to the target (not execute) 40 Km away even when enemy has prior intel on it. I guess we should start seriously take these guys. Had these ill fated terrorists been born in any developed countries, with their grit, they would have been at the helm of some big corporates!!!....But alas, being borne into Pakistan inself itself seems a crime....

Sreenivas R.

Vijay said...

Sir your remarks against PM Vajpayee and the 1999 Hijacking are WRONG

1 The hijackers had nearly 170 people in captivity

It was not possible to sacrifice all of them

2 India US relations were strained due to 1998 Pokhran tests

That is the MAIN reason why Indian Army has to fight The Kargil war
WITHOUT crossing the LOC

After the nuclear tests India had become a semi rouge state and hence
PM Vajpayee took the trip to Lahore to IMPROVE India's image

And Pakistan helped by attacking India in Kargil

Pakistan wanted to portray Kashmir as a Nuclear flash point and get US intervention

Hence India had to fight Kargil war in a restrained manner in June 1999

India US relations improved AFTER March 2000 Clinton Visit

By the Way have you EVER considered the FACT that HAD Vajpayee
Not conducted the Nuclear tests what would have happened

COULD India have done the nuclear tests POST 9 / 11
and the GLOBAL noise against WMDs of Saddam; North Korea and Iran

Do you the remember the AXIS of evil speech of George Bush

India would have been ISOLATED like North Korea is today
Had Vajpayee not declared India as a Nuclear Weapon state
India would have been at a PERMANENT disadvantage against the Chinese

Anonymous said...

^^^Simply criminal negligence not allowing our forces (atleast try) to capture PoK and link to the Wakhan corridor and the Indian land mass in Kargil war. that would have not only kept Pak in check for ever, but also China would never have had free access to Pak.

Such a god given or 'enemy given' opportunity wasted...what to say more...

and by the way i guess the US rather allowed India to test a nuclear detonation, rather than we pulling one off by ourselves.

Sreenivas R

PIYUSH DAS said...

Shi'ite cleric beheading row: Saudi Arabia-Iran crisis deepens as Bahrain, Sudan, UAE cut ties

Kaustav Bhattacharya said...

The time for IPKF Expeditionary Force from India to Afgjanistan is here. Pathankot & Mazr-e-Shrif is the perfect in

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun, in your reply to Arpit kanodia, you mentioned

"mile across the LoC into the Anzabaari Bulge & destroy some Pakistan Army outposts & dig in & hold on to them, & use them".

This was done before 1991. When was it done and what advantage was achieved out of it.


John said...

Hi Prasun,

1) There have been reports earlier of 8-10 GE 414 arriving in India by December 2015 end. What is the status of this ?

2) Will Tejas Mk1A involve any significant weight reduction from Tejas Mk1 as being reported by DDM?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIJAY: It seems you're averse to doing any kind of math. Just add up all the human casualties suffered at the hands of the JeM since October 2001 till now & you will discover that they're 10 times more than the 170 hostages of IC-814. In January 2000 itself all the hijackers & the released terrorists held a press-conference at Islamabad's J W Marriott Hotel, which fully exposed Pakistan's official complicity in the IC-814 hijacking incident.

Furthermore, there's no international law or convention that prevents any country from crossing a temporary ceasefire line like the LoC. As to why Indian forces did not cross the LoC in 1999 is known only to the then Indian civilian decision-makers who have since then only sounded apologetic in their memoirs.

If India-US bilateral relations were really strained as you claim, then the US would have prevented India from releasing US$-denominated 'Resurgent India' bonds through stock exchanges in both North America & the EU.

Lastly, to credit only A B Vajpayee for making India a declared nuclear weapons state is totally wrong & fallacious. Various PMs since the late 1960s have contributed to the effort & it was the late Rajiv Gandhi who gave the go-ahead for the weaponisation programme.

Therefore, do develop a sense of objectivity when analysing events so that a sense of perspective can prevail.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUMANTA: If it is indeed the Muzaffarabad-based United Jihad Council that carried out the latest terror attacks, then it is incumbent upon Pakistan to live up to its promise (made by Gen Musharraf on January 12, 2002) of not allowing launch-pads for terror attacks emanating from either Pakistan or Pakistan-controlled territory. India therefore should gather & present all the forensic evidence, including electronic intercepts & cellphone comms intercepts to the international community. The same goes for the earlier Gurdaspur attacks. Merely releasing information in an ad-hoc manner to the 'desi' press corps won't help at all. Only then can all such information be presented to the UNSC.

To ARH93. Snipers are effective only when the FoV is clear & unobstructed. When the target stays hidden within thick foliage or inside built-up structures, sniper fire becomes ineffective. As for staging bases inside Pakistan, there are no such static installations that can be attacked.

To SREENIVAS R: All high-value combat aircraft assets are re-deployed from such air bases during winter-time to other air bases in the hinterland. Therefore, the targets of the terrorists were not combat aircraft this time.

To SANTOSH: It was a special operation about which details are not yet available in the open domain as the matter is still classified. But what I do know is that during the IC-814 hijack drama in December 1999, Gen V P Malik, the then COAS & Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee did go on his own to PM A B Vajpayee & requested him to seek inputs & suggestions from the armed forces that could possibly contribute to a satisfactory resolution of such a crisis. As to why this request/suggestion wasn't taken seriously remains a mystery till this day.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUMANTA; Looks like sanity is prevailing, for now:

To ARPIT KANODIA: This is interesting:

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

I respect you deeply but I totally disagree with you on both the counts
IC 814 and N weapons tests

There was NOT one word of support from any country during the IC 814 crisis

All of them were asking one question

Why did nt we storm the plane at Amritsar airport

Secondly On the N weapon and N tests issue

Of course Rajiv Gandhi and PV Narasimha Rao had carried forward the N weapons programme

But Internationally we had been BOXED into a STRAIGHT JACKET

Here is it how

1 NPT was Intially for 25 years from 1970 to 1995

Then in 1995 NPT was extended INDEFINITELY and in perpetutity

2 CTBT was brought out in 1996
Again the Target was India

Having rejected Both these treaties what was India's status
and what were our options

Thirdly Through out from 1992 onwards the
Clinton Administration ALONG with China were very keen to
CAP ; roll back and eliminate India's Nuclear and missile programme

And India being dependent on the Foreign flows was always under pressure

The Non Proliferation Ayatollahs as they were KNOWN ( The Clintons )
were punishing India for all the years of opposing the USA in UNSC

But fortunately for India EUROPEAN countries like
France ; Germany and UK were more supportive of Indian N Tests

The US and China wanted Chapter 7 sanctions against India
which was vetoed by Russia and France

As to the Resurgent India Bonds ; the fact is that
the FIIs had been active ( foreign Institutional investors ) in Indian stock market
from 1991 onwards

Hence The US realised That Financial sanctions would only hurt
US Banks and FIIs

And anyway Indian N tests were Not against NATO

Vajpayee had EXPLICITLY written to ALL major countries that India
faced a Nuclear threat from China

And the REAL credit for SAVING India after Nuclear tests goes to Pakistan

US had offered 5 Billion dollars and some 60 F 16 to them for NOT Testing
But the Pakis had to show off

And Paki tests SOON raised More un comfortable questions
where did the Pakis get their Bombs from

From the Chinese ; hence we proved the NPT as stupid

After Paki tests ; US had no moral authority to ENFORCE any sanctions on India

Hence they OPENED a dialouge with STROBE Talbott meeting Jaswant Singh
14 times

And finally they gave up and then Clinton came to India in March 2000

So India US relations were IMPROVING in December 1999

And we could not cross the LOC recklessly and ruin the gains we had made
in International Arena ie we were PROJECTING ourselves as
a Responsible Nuclear weapon state

Vijay said...

Dear Sir
We can say that Vajpayee Took India PAST the Finish Line
by doing the Test and declaring India a Nuclear weapon State

That required some very strong nerves and immense courage on his part

Post 9/ 11 There was No way India could have EVER done Any Tests

As K Subrahmanyam Said AFTER the tests in a TV Interview on Door Darshan
that One Chinese General Once said to Him that

India has MISSED the Global Nuclear Power BUS
These tests have shown that India RAN and has caught the Bus

rahul s said...

@g @raw 13 @prasun agree by no means i wud assume "sf" forces to be super human cuz this aint a sci fi film where drdo like uncle sam has experimented something to build super soldiers. My point is if after so much and by what i have heard to be one of the most difficult and rigourous selection/training this happens its quite awkard for me to even put my feelings across. That too After the intel was there and @prasun da correct me if m wrong nsg was deployed well in advance at the base and amole time to learn about the geography,so i wud disagree wid ur comment about the intel being needle in haystack cuz nsg arent randomly deployed. And i wud hardly call it a swift action/elimination if you look at the time it took to actually eliminate all the terorists. A local pandu is expected to take 36-48 hrs and not "sf".

rahul s said...

*ample time*

Piyush said...

@Rahul maybe the below link can answer your questions

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIJAY: Why should India require anyone's support to protect her own supreme national interests? Did India seek anyone's support when liberating Goa, Daman, Diu & Hyderabad? One must learn to stand up on one's own feet & not count on a pair of crutches being lent by anyone. As for the Shakti-2 WMD tests, any govt in power at that time would have done it since India was then under pressure to accede to the CTBT. To even imply that only A B Vajpayee had the guts to go past the finish line is utterly erroneous. Anyone else in his place would have been compelled to do the same.

To RAHUL S: Intel was there only about an imminent attack on any installation in Pathankot, & not precisely the air base. That's the only reason why a 160-man NSG detachment was airlifted. Had precise intel on the targetted site been available, then there would have been no need to deploy the NSG. The IA's cantonment housing 50,000 infantrymen is just adjacent to the air base, which is spread over an area of 16 sq km--not a small target by any chance. And availability of the intel was delayed by 12 hours due to the inefficiency of the Punjab State Police--the very same force that has yet to conclude its investigations into the Dimapur terror attack. But what is galling is that despite 5 terror attacks being mounted in this area over the past 3 years, nothing was done by the BSF to plug the surveillance & patrolling loopholes in this sector of the IB.

rad said...

hi prasun
I dont understand why the lt col was killed in defusing a grenade, he must not have used a special BMD suit in the heat of the moment.He should have used a robot to check things out before going in , which they already have.
This mere killing of militants is not enough, capturing them i s more important to get info. Land mine proof vehicles should have been immediately bought in and gone near the terrorists as they are immune to ak -47 rounds and grenades. They should have used incapacitating gas if they are holed up rather than blowing the building up.
bullet proof ballistic shields should have been also used to go near and engage them and draw fire to locate them.This is a very important item and can dramatically reduce un fortunate causalities.They are available in india.
All in all a blotched operation.I shudder to think what would have happened if there was no intel input.
What do you feel could have been done .

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

You have written that BSF has not been able to plug the surveillance and patrolling loopholes but the BSF is definitely short of man power

During the Punjab Terrorist insurgency Army was patrolling the Punjab Border
We will have to do that again

Sir You may have seen the TV images ; Right now the ARMY Infantrymen are doing
sentry duty and perimeter defence outside the Pathankot airbase in Pathankot
in anticipation of more attacks

Now the questions are

1 Whether the Army will join the BSF in Border patrolling

2 Who will be in charge of Perimeter defence AFTER this operation is over

By the Way There are Airfields in AVANTIPUR and SRINAGAR right in the heart of
J and K where there are many Anti India Hostile elements present

How do we secure those Airbases

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

Now that the Initial Anger has subsided my PERSONAL feeling is that
this was a very Good wake up call

Our many weaknesses and deficiencies have been exposed

And above all Our Friendly Neighbour has NOT WASTED our time
in delusions ; they have been very quick to CLEAR our MIS CONCEPTIONS
Just One week and we are BACK to Reality

Why blame them ; they are LIKE THAT ONLY

Let us imagine what if such an attack happened on 26 JAN

That poor SP is being hounded ; what if he had been killed and then
Nobody would given this lead about terrorists roaming in Pathankot

RAT said...

I was 19 when the IC-Hijack was televised on news there were experts then giving options like lot would now however India missed good opportunity to storm the aircraft in Punjab itself. Not did the Military was not up to the task it was clear political pressure, remember the Govt. then was not in majority also lot of people in the Govt. did not have the strong will and courage to go along with it, what followed was a mundane task of negotiations in which I saw my Country being brought to its knees all this while the world was parsing Israel for its daring rescue of hostages on foreign soil. And to top on that Pakistan gained an upper hand projecting itself as innocent helping hand. The situation could have been better definitely.

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,

Mr. Shukla is blaming NSA chief Ajit Doval stubbornness for the Pathankot airbase debacle and causality.

Same logic (almost similar) a news anchor (of ABP channel) is yelling yesterday.

What's is your view on it.

lachit said...

it is really frustrating to see Indians talking about peace.

getting backstabbed every time and still not learning.

I don't know maybe it is in our genes to take countless ass f**king , as evident from the glorious 700 years history.
never had the courage to call a spade as a spade and reciprocate in equal measure.
modi till now has been a big disappointment as far as tough actions against Pakistan are concerned.

Pakistan has evolved its strategy so much so it now talks of looking (hoodwinking actually) into pathankot attackers evidence provided by India , really who are we kidding will Pakistan walk the talk ? I don't think so as it is just a ruse , a nations psyche cannot change in a day or month or in a year it takes decades.
"kutte ka puch kabhi sedha hua hai"

Indian soldiers civilians will die and the intellectuals politicians media will pimp themselves out making glorious statements over the sacrifices of the martyrs.
its so nauseating pathetic and cowardly.
at least leave the martyrs in peace if u don't have the guts to avenge their deaths.

and as far as the kandhar hijacking case was concerned. it shows the utter disregard to the welfare of india by the people responsible for it.

the terrorist who were released in exchange of hostages (IC-Hijack case) could have been handled in a much better way .

if I was in charged I would have exchanged the terrorists for the civilians but before that I WOULD HAVE INJECTED THE TERRORISTS WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE LETHAL DOSES OF "HIV VIRUS" they would have not known about it and even if they did not end up with their 72 mothers in hell in 3-4 years their lives would have been hell for sure for as long as they lived.

raw13 said...

People here are sick of these people. We do not like to be held hostage to what they do wrt rel with India. Pak will help, if anyone in Pak is involved and clear evidence is provided, that can stand in the court of law. One of the main reasons for help is, Modi gov did not point fingers at Pak. If they had done that, we would have done what we did before. F**k Off.

Not sure if you guys are using dogs to help track these guys or not? Its surprising how long this drama has continued for. Is it deliberate, considering that these guys are not very good? They have been highlighting their way to target at every opportunity they have gotten and not done much damage either. Non of the people (PA) that have dealt with IA can believe that this is real. They are saying from their experience IA deals with this type of situations in hours if not quicker! something smells gentlemen. Is Indian security establishment using this to browbeat Modi from trying to solve problems with Pak?

lachit said...


"Non of the people (PA) that have dealt with IA can believe that this is real. They are saying from their experience IA deals with this type of situations in hours if not quicker! something smells gentlemen. Is Indian security establishment using this to browbeat Modi from trying to solve problems with Pak? "

ur confusing India with Pakistan

if Indian intelligence and military had half the clout/control over the civilian government just like Pakistani military and ISI has over the Pakistani civilian government then Pakistan would have been history or broken up or in mayhem at the very least.

what u r saying is just a false flag operation / ruse to side step / divert attention form the handlers in Pakistan.
funny thing is there will be many Indians who will buy ur theory.
the usually culprits like media secularist politicians and the so called brain dead intellectuals.

by the way info regarding impending pathankot attack was provided beforehand
when modi was in Pakistan by a foreign intelligence agency,
it must be either cia mi6 or mossad or maybe afgan intelligence.
so again ur conspiracy theory falls about a false flag operation by Indian military falls flat.

come on give us the common ordinary Indians some credit on common sense and logic.
we r tied down by the daily routine family to survive in this discriminating country. But we see , we endure and we curse then it starts all over again.
and I am saying this as a general hindu . if not then take ur guess what me or others would have ended up as ........
every body can die for a cause. but what about responsibility to our family and friends and to the people we owe , this is what stops us,
maybe this is what differentiates us from the madrassa educated islamists jihadis.

or maybe we are not so much interested in pornographic indulgences in some fantasy land in after life, by forsaking real life duties.

blah blah blah ........
this is story of majority common Indians in short (atleast the people I know of or have met in my travels) .

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAW13: The only ones taking solace from conspiracy theories & living in a make-belief world by relying on a state of bland denial are the Pakistani TV programme anchors & their admirers, presumably like you. Watch this programme aired yesterday:

But this is only to be expected, since all of them since their childhood have been taught in schools that the Hindus, Christians & Jews are the enemies of all Pakistanis. FYI the cellphone comms intercepts of the Jihadis were already passed on yesterday evening by the Indian NSA to not only his Pakistani counterpart, but also to his counterparts in the US, UK, France & Russia. Only after this did the US issue a statement that is now putting the onus on Pakistan to come clean. Here's that statement en verbatim:

Taking action against state-sponsored Jihadis is a matter of intent & will, which the Govt of Pakistan hasn't shown even when it comes to those jokers holed up inside Laal Masjid in Islamabad. An FIR was filed against the Khatib of that mosque in December 2014 & last November he was declared an absconder from justice & a non-bailable warrant of arrest was issued against him after the district sessions court's magistrate determined that there was a prima facie case against against him to be pursued. And yet the Pakistani Federal Interior Minister till this day claims in Parliament that there's no evidence against this Khatib!!! If this is the way Pakistani officials behave & blurt out mumbo-jumbo, the not even Allah can come to Pakistan's rescue.

Ved said...

Hi Prasun,

What is the current status of the following:-

1. Spike ATGM contract with Rafael. When will the deliveries start?

2. 155mm truck mounted howitzer. Is there any shortlist yet?

3. M777 howitzers. Has the final contract been signed through FMS?

4. Harpoon block II missile. Will the shishumar class be equipped with them?

5. Rafale. Request you to share the configuration of armaments that we will buy from France to equip them.

Thanks and Regards,

raw13 said...


Funny enough I hadn't seen any of the talk shows for the last few days. I agree with you that this gov of NS is gutless. The interior minister is close to useless. The statement from COAS that the civilians are dragging their feet in implementing the NAP is true. We see it everyday. The Sharif brothers have very tight relationship with the fundies. The whole of south Punjab is a hotbed of whatever you call it. How do they (PMLN) get support there? hand in hand with these guys. The real hard core fundies including the one in the lal masjid are from south punjab, not FATA or else where. Is the punjab gov going to tackle it? They are too afraid, sharif brothers are know for their lack of courage!

PIYUSH DAS said...

PIYUSH DAS said...

Pakistan to sell eight combat JF-17 Thunder aircraft to Sri Lanka under an agreement signed during Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit on Tuesday.......

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIYUSH DAS: LoLz! This ludicrous & speculative obsession with JF-17 exports never ends in Pakistan! Far better to read what Sri Lanka's newspapers are reporting:

The Pakistani PM is far more interested in diversifying his family business overseas by opening up cement & sugar production plants!

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

What do you make of The appointment of GENERAL Janjua as Paki NSA

After the Bangkok meeting of Two NSAs it was being said that General Shareef
has begun this New Peace process

SO has General Shareef changed his mind so quickly OR the ISI has its own agenda

So what are India's options

DAshu said...

that's true. btw what message Pakistan is trying to convey with two simultaneous attacks pathankot and Mazar-e-Sharif ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your comments.


Regarding Saudi-Iran relation, this new breakdown is long in waiting. Once US+west done a Nuclear deal with Iran, Saudi & its allies feels humiliated. They feel threatened because

a. Saudi Feels it lost its importance with US Relation.
b. Normalization of Relation with Iran will lead to more Western Investments which in future west will side with Iran.
c. More west Investment in Oil Sector will drive the Oil Prices down in future.
d. By Investing in Oil Sector in Iran, west is going to cross check both Saudi & Russia's dominance in Oil Market.
e. Next Bassar Al Asad is slowly winning the Syrian War which Saudi+Turkey don’t Like.

Downing of Russian Plane & Al Nimr Execution are turning points in international Politics. Sudan, Bahrain, UAE & Kuwait followed Saudi steps.

A new Middle Eastern war Game is set. Now US & West need to take decision which side they are.

And My question to You.
1. Which side Pakistan will follow. Whether they follow Saudi steps or keep Neutral?
2. What will be the side effect in Pakistan Sunni-Shia conflict?
3. How Indian foreign policy pundits are going to tackle this uneasy situation?

Please comment.

Senthil Kumar

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,

The Sunday times of Sri Lanka confirming the sell agreement of JF-17. Mostly seems (speculative) to me MoU signing.

abs said...

There has to be some method to this madness. Providing the Pakistani state with evidences, after each and every attack, and expecting the Pakistanis to fight your war, when they are your very own mortal enemies is tomfoolery.

I don't think India expects Pakistan to act much. Instead, it is accumulating evidences, and is hoping Pakistan doesn't act at all, so that the process or declaring it a terrorist state could be hastened. Following which a United Coalition of the Willing assault is launched to defang Pakistan of its Nukes.

At the same time, we can't wait for this to happen. We have our own larger interests. India should increase the costs for PA's proxy wars. And go for the kill by annexing G&B from Pakistan by 2019 when the time is still ripe.

CSC said...

All else is fine, I am as much with everyone on most points

I am pained that someone on this blog said the attack on the paki school was justified. Its so so sad that we can even think this way

It's also time to realise that there r 2 teams in Pakistan. One that wants peace and development and another that depends on enmity for it's reliance. Time to intelligently identfiy the peaceful side and strengthen it. Let them fight our war for us.

Even they realise (the peaceful side of pakistan) that it's the sir vital of Pakistan is more at stage here.


Vijay said...


Every year many Pakis including children come here for treatment

Dont you think that The Jihadis KNOW that

So do they have any compassion towards India ---NO not at all

Even the MOST liberal and educated Paki hates India and DESIRES
to snatch Kashmir

You must REMEMBER that ALL Pakis down to the LAST man was SUPPORTING
the Proxy war through out the Nineties and till 2010 / 2011

Only when Two things happened that some Pakis started talking of peace

1 the terrorists BEGAN to bite them Instead then SOME
Pakis began Talking of peace

2 Their economy started collapsing

So No matter whatever we do They will always HATE India

And Today the Hatred is NOT just about Kashmir or 1971

It is about the HUGE difference between the Two countries

They have become very jealous of India

Hatred AND Jealousy is a deadly combination

Arh93 said...

Prasun Da I think the most worrying fact that came out off this Pathankot attack is that during a war PA can use these terrorist as cannon fodder to attack our airbases, IA bases near border. So how IA is going to handle it?

Mayur M Manapure said...

@CSC....No need to show sympathy to those good for nothing Madrasa Chhap Bigots. The attack on APS was a consequence of Pakistan's own policies. See karma's bitch. It bite backs in the worst possible way. It doesn't matter how we think , its Pakistan. Our thinking isn't going to change anything. It doesn't matter we cry or laugh over them. It's Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. It's doomed. No one gives a shit about what happened in APS.

Anonymous said...

Hai Prasun, Do you have any comment on Ajai Shukla's vitriol spewing on NSA and the BJP govt. It seems Indian media is on a roll to hand over NSA's head on a platter to ISI.

CSC said...

Vijay and Mayur, the people who died in that school attack were kids and they were being educated in a content school not a hard line madrassa.

When we celebrate the demise of any civilian esp children at the hands of rogues and bandits we come down to a level we don't belong.

Empathy does not mean weakness, it is the strength of humanity

I hope the sane side prevails in pak, chances of that r low.

If the war mongers WIN, then let's be ready to slap their asses into their make believe 72 virgin heaven

rad said...

HI prasun

The hindu paper is quoting sri lankan papers about the confirmation of j-17 sales to srilanka !!!??

Mayur M Manapure said...

I have the same query as @rad. But as we know the term Jf-17 is only used by Pakistan. Even if some paper is signed, it should be with PRC and that for FC-1 not for Jf-17. Only thing that Pakistan can offer is training.

And here's another Indian gem

Durna said...

Not only Sri Lanka, Burma but now its reported the Nigeria has also signed for the JF-17. Why PAC, because their version is the one flying with over 30000 flying hours. It has many parts from europe and is more capable PLUS packistan has the only production assembly lines for the JF-17.

It was reported by janes that there are around a 1000 mig-21/j7/mirage/kfir that are with 3rd world nations that need replacing. Need to get the Tejas out and flying ASAP.

Anonymous said...

wow...this is amazing. They could end up buying morethan 60 of these.

Arpit Kanodia said...


Yesterday it was SL, today is Nigeria, tomorrow what USA?

BTW, the most surprising thing is no one released Joint Statement, but just press release from Sri Lankan side. Here some important things from today's press release.

"""Signifying the ongoing momentum of the bilateral engagement between the two countries, the two leaders witnessed the signing of eight (08) bilateral instruments in the fields of Health, Science & Technology, Trade, Statistics, Gem & Jewellery, Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing, and Culture.

In addition, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe witnessed the signing of eight (08) Memoranda of Understanding on promotion of Trade and Investment and the establishment of Joint Ventures in the areas of Fishing, Shipping, Power Generation, Cement etc., among the private establishments of the two countries. """

Anonymous said...

they are just MOUs, not definite agreements..

Arpit Kanodia said...


Your comment on this? This video is from F-16 Cockpit taken some 17 years ago.

Photoshoped or whatever. But seriously stunning video.

Srinivasa Nanduri said...

Hi sir,

Bharat karnad wrote an article connecting north Korean hydrogen bomb with Pakistan and said India is woefully I'll equipped and went into fold of usa. How true is this conclusion?

Srinivasa Nanduri

Sumanta said...

Magicbullet said...

Dada , are the NoKo blast and pathankot situation co twined.

Eerie coincidence....

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Movie: JF-17
Producer: Pakistan & China
Released By: PAF

First Release in Myanmar

Second Release in Indonesia

Third Release in Srilanka

Fourth Release in Nigeria


Final Release Country

The Winner is.................... INDIA

S.Senthil Kumar

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

North Korea Hydrogen Bomb

Please see the links below

As per Karnad, North Korea Hydrogen bomb is Pakistan-China Design. And all three are part & parcel of this program. By doing this China is validating’s its design & giving access to Pakistan to Hydrogen bomb will equate Pakistan with India which later already have TN Weapon.

The Question to you

1. Do you strongly believe North Korea Hydrogen bomb testing has Pakistani hand?
2. India's Hydrogen bomb is foolproof or need more testing?
3. Every passing day, it looks like Pakistan is gaining both in conventional & nuclear front better than India. Is it true?
4. Do you believe china is doing double game with NK Nuclear Program by keeping US, Japan, India & S.Korea in dark?

S.Senthil Kumar

Magicbullet said...

Dada , are the NoKo blast and pathankot situation co twined.

Eerie coincidence....

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Pathankot attack

Looks like terrorist got inside help.

Please give your comments about Pathankot attack.

Senthil Kumar

lahori said...


Why do you guys have a habit of linking everything to us?
In conventional terms you have amazing capability: IA 2+million men under arms, PA has 550K. IAF way ahead of PAF in everything accept pilot quality. There is no comparison between IN and PN. That is why we developed and operationalized TNW. Note they are neutron bombs. What we also need are H-bombs on the Shaheens III's to take out all your cities. That way we know we can destroy you completely, if you escalate once we use the TNW on your cold start. By the way, we love your CSD. It has allowed us to enhance and operationalise our capability, which we couldn't have justified otherwise. OK we eat up around 15-20billion dollars worth of US money to do it but its done now. This is Mushraff's legacy. Remember we will always payback for your misdeeds in baluchistan.

Arh93 said...

Sir how are you going to compare EL/M-2052 Aesa vs AN APG83 SABR , AN APG 63V(3), ZHUK-AE, RBE-2 aesa.

Jay Bhanushali said...

To the brainwashed pakis out there,

India's No first use policy is just propaganda and india is so good at it that even the pakis believe it.
In war time ,policy can easily be changed or reinterpreted according to ones own convenience. India can easily claim it intercepted a paki nuke using its ABMD and then use that as an excuse for a massive retaliation as stated in its policy. Theoretically it will be adhering to the no first use,but in practical terms it will be a massive first strike. After that there won't be a pakistan to retaliate back. we can claim it to be intelligence failure if our lie is cought just like Bush in Iraq. If there is international pressure on gov of india after this we can just make the pm resign and desolve the government and hold election. hell we can even file a human rights case against our own pm to please the west and even hang him if its necessary. thus we will have our cake and eat it too. But end of the day we will have wiped out the Pakis from the face of this earth.



According to this ET article the INS Kadamatt has a multitude of networks such as:

(1)Total Atmospheric Control System (TACS),

(2)Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS),

(3)Integrated Bridge System (IBS),

(4)Battle Damage Control System (BDCS) and

(5)Personnel Locator System (PLS)

Will you please state who are the vendors for these above mentioned 5 Systems?

Thank You


Gessler said...

Prasun ji, I hope you are onto the latest emerging Saudi-Iran incidents.

A view on the situation would be nice.

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

Wishing you a very happy new year!

It seems pakistan is going to formally annex GB.

What is your take on this? How would/should India react?

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

did the sp haven taken the cook to cook food for the border crossers?

Anonymous said...

where r u man?

hoods said...


i have a question regarding drdo BMD system being developed.considering both the PDV and AAD missiles are being tested against prithvi missiles would it be reasonable to say right now that the BDM system being developed will only be able to deal with SRBM. What practical use will such a system be of? or will it be developed futher to deal with IRBM's?What will be the time frame for development such a system 2030, would it not be better to develop and research laser based bdm system and investing in kinetic kill vehicles?

PIYUSH DAS said...

Sir, AAD interceptor missiles are said to have terminal homing seeker...

Are those seeker indigenous ?

Whether those seekers are ku band or kappa band or IIR based ?

How does it compare with patriot PAC3 system ?

Gopu said...

What happened to the new DPP?

Is that Goan already on retirement? At least he's no longer making outrageous remarks on the Rafale deal until the official ceremony happens later this month. My diagnosis of him is that while he's not terminally stupid like AKA, he's a fairly mediocre RM. But then again mediocrity is better than the typical vacuous lump in India...

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

1. Could this be true

2. you said this may happen around 2018, did someone jumped the gun

3. this is looking like intentional pin prick to provoke india

4. Main ne kaha tha na, if this happens then it will both trouble and god sent chance for India

your views

Joydeep Ghosh

Jon said...

Excellent PBS Documentary Israel Us relationship :

Netanyahu at War

Christine Fair views on recent happenings:

Sumanta said...

Prasun Da, do you agree with the Point of Views shared by Christin Fair, in the link shared above by John, egarding Pathankot Attack ?

Also , A reasonable view from across the border:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUMANTA: No sane person will believe that these 'sarkari jihadis' are non-state actors. They very much rely on the state for sustenance & training. Storming an air base even in an amateurish manner requires training over a 3-month period over an area that closely resembles an air base. Tnhen there's the provision of infiltration-related logistics without which crossing the IB is impossible. Therefore, elements of the PA & Punjab rangers were definitely involved as abettors & facilitators. And the best corroborative evidence came from none other than former Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, who admitted in an interview that between 2011 & 2013 when the PPP-led govt was preparing to grant MFN status to India, it was the spare of LoC incidents (i.e. beheadings of IA soldiers) that derailed this process. You can watch it all here at:

This once & for all time to come clears the mystery around the motives for the beheading incidents between 2011 & 2013.

As for bilateral talks, one must be careful here to analyse the detail: Pakistan has clearly said what it wants, i.e. muzhakaraat (negotiations) & not baatcheeth (dialogue/discussion). That's because China has already signalled that the CPEC will be impossible to fully implement unless & until the legal status of PoK (inclusive of Gilgit-Baltistan) is resolved for good. China tried to take Pakistan's side to a certain extent by asking Pakistan to ascertain the legal issues regarding PoK & at the same time began issuing stapled visas to residents of J & K starting August 2009 (the UAE till this day issues stapled visas to everyone hailing from PoK). This policy went on till October 2011 & only when India stopped publicly supporting the 'One China' policy did China back off. Similarly, China from December 2010 till this day claims that the border with J & K is not part of the LAC! Hopefully a tighter India-Japan-US military embrace will encourage China to back off on this point as well in the near future.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Technically, it can;t be called a 'dropping of the idea', since the Pakistani proposal was NEVER accepted by Sri Lanka in the first place. For, only someone bitten by a mad dog will be in favour of preferring the FC-1/JF-17 over the more superior Kfir C-7. And tghe SLAF's decision-makers certainly are not stupid by any chance.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GOPU: To be fair to him, the DPP's issuance has gotten delayed because it had to incorporate inputs from the committee headed by Dr V K Aatre (former DG of DRDO). Therefore, the RM cannot be blamed for the delayed issuance of the DPP-2016.

To HOODS: If the PDV & AAD interceptors were indeed credible options, then why did the IAF & the MoD even bother to broach the subject of S-400 LR-SAMs? Would it not have been better instead to invest in anti-SRBM interceptors like the AAD only for starters, instead of wasting resources on the PAD & PDV?

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: 1) Voltas/York Systems 2) L-3 MAPPS 3) L-3 MAPPS 4) L-3 MAPPS 5) L-3 MAPPS

To LAHORI: LoLz! It's the other way around. It has always been Pakistan seeking to attain strategic parity with India. Nor is there any shred of evidence of any Indian meddling in any corner of Pakistan. If at all there's any evidence as some in Pakistan claim to be, then by all means create a website or a blog & upload all the contents of these so-called dossiers on to them so that the whole world can see them & form opinions. Why just present them to the UN Secretary-General? What's the secrecy all about? Didn't the IA create a special website to share with the world all the evidence gathered about the LoC intrusions by the PA in 1999? So why can't the ISPR or anyone else in Pakistan now do the same? Is it because there's nothing to show or share?

Jay Bhanushali said...

prasun sir,
i have read time and again that India lacks the decisive offensive capability to win back pok in a swift limited war.
could you please highlight the main deficiencies that need to be overcome and the additional capabilities that need to be developed for india to mount a swift decisive offensive to take back pok on its own without any external help from the west.
a bit of detail about both strategy as well as all necessary equipment would be highly appreciated.
hope to get a reply soon.
PS : you were right once again about SL air force and the JF 17...
You seem to have the last laugh every time.. lolz

youngbengal said...


Another good news across the border. Looking like Pakistan losing the Kashmir game as once you predicted

'AJK Govt in PoK decided to lodge a protest against any attempt to convert Gilgit-Baltistan into a province. In this respect, a resolution will be tabled in the AJK’s Legislative Assembly during the forthcoming session commencing on January 12.Addressing a press conference at the Prime Minister’s House on Saturday, Minister for Finance, Planning and Development Chaudhry Latif Akber said that “Gilgit-Baltistan is part and parcel of the divided and disputed state of Jammu Kashmir and any attempt to merge Gilgit-Baltistan into Pakistan will deal a fatal blow to our stand in the light of UN resolutions envisaging right to self-determination for the Kashmiris.”

“We will not let the division of Jammu Kashmir on any cost,” the minister said, adding that Gilgit-Baltistan was a constitutional part of the Jammu Kashmir state.

Recalling that Gilgit-Baltistan had been given in the administrative control of Pakistan on a temporary basis, Akber asked the federal government not to think beyond that and called upon it to give rights to Gilgit-Biltastan as Azad Jammu Kashmir and other provinces were enjoying. He further said that the establishment was conspiring against the nation as it did not want to see the nation united.'

And see what China wants:

Govind M said...

Sir what do u have to say about this...

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Same again Pak will tell need concrete evidence and come out of Pathankot case also.

Christine Fair views is correct. By talking to Pak we are giving them a chance.

Let us see what pakistan is going to do in POK Case. If they made POK as part of pakistan, it is the last nail for Kashmir Coffin. India will be the winner.

Please give your comments.

S.Senthil Kumar

Anonymous said...


JF-17 Movie

After successful release in Burma, Indonesia, srilanka now the movie is going to release in Nigeria & Azerbijan. Well done Pakistan.

Senthil Kumar

Shaji Pappan said...

Is this ammo for 120mm smoothbore or 125mm rifled arjun?

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

A very good article. Saudi-Sudan-Iran relations.

S.Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GOVIND M: LoLz! How can the US or UK do any rubbishinbg when it was the US & UK that together provided clinching evidence to Pakistan that ultimately led to the arrest of Lakhvi on December 7, 2008? The US & UK even went one step further & provided clinching evidencxe about the involvement of ISI officers like Col Haroon Shah, Major Samir Ali and Major Iqbal. And all this came out in the open after the NSA's & GCHQ's classified documents were disclosed by Edward J. Snowden, the former NSA contractor. As to how the US & UK had gathered all the evidence, it's all detailed here:

Therefore, relying on WIKILEAKS documents of 2009 vintage is nbo longer an excuse, because a lot more undeniable evidence has since come to light. But obviously the writer of that Pakistani Op-Ed is either a psycho or a thoroughbred IDIOT for possessing either only selective memory, or being totally detached from the latest developments on the 26/11 terror case.

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: That's a non-issue, because the NIA is now awaiting the DNA sampling results that will be supplied to Pakistan & will also be shared with the P-5 members of the UNSC. In addition, the intercepted cellphone conversations will also lead the way to the Pakistani SIM cards & consequently to the family-members of the slain terrorists & that's when the DNA matches will come in handy.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SHAJI PAPPAN: Those bunker-bursting thermobaric rounds are meant for the 120mm rifled barrel of the Arjun Mk1. There is another 120mm APFSDS round under development for being fired from the same rifled-bore 120mm barrel, & it will be able to penetrate 650mm of RHA.

Vijay said...

Dear Sir

Please answer my question

Why is USA forcing India to talk to Pakistan
The current peace process which started from Paris meeting till Lahore visit
was all US driven

Now what do the Americans have to say after Pathankot

raw13 said...


Funny you say that UK and USA provided proof. Pray tell us all in what form and where is it? Did you guys talk to Mr Hedley???

The reason is simple any intel provided by any Indian agency is never believed by any agency in the west. They have said this many times. This is why they prefer to interview the suspect, ect, where the Indians agents cannot influence things. Not only that but your courts are also known to follow government line in convictions.

You do not need to read Pak guys opinion, have read of it on wikileaks. If you cannot find the article let me know I will post here for you.

Look at the latest thing, it took you guys five days to bring down 4-6 guys, in the middle of 50 000 indians soldiers. We are not even sure if it was 4 or 5 or 6 or even 8? and your people have provided the telephone number they called in pak. That's great! Oh and now you want them convicted for receiving the phone call in 2 days flat. The beauty is you name the suspects even before you brought down the bad guys. Is that indian law and justice? We will need DNA sdamples and the link, not just a phone with their handlers. Unlike indian courts, the court's in pak are rather independent and ask for real evidence, not bollywood plot line.

Prav said...

@raw13 .. Do you have a reading disability ?.. the recorded conversations from the attackers were provided by UK it was them that were able to pinpoint the very building the handlers were sitting in .. There wasn't even any India agency involved .
Please go on about the Pakistani justice system that can't replace terror case judges fast enough since their lives and carrers are always at risk . With terrorists conceiving children while in "max security " prisons . The Indian justice system has a lot of faults but don't try to make a comparison with Pakistan ... you guys are s far below us that it isn't even funny .

It's cute that you comment on the the efficiency of the security personnel during the pathankot attack . When a pakstani base was attacked you guys actually lost aircraft . Please talk more shit.
And what is with pakistanis and bollywood references..why does it give you guys such an inferiority complex ?

Vijay said...

@Raw 13

Hi ; You know we have NO complaints with the Pakistanis

In fact we are very grateful to you for REMOVING our doubts about YOU people
so soon ; In just ONE week we are back to reality

You people will do what is in your nature and DNA

The debate and questions in INDIA is about
1 Why the hell did we Trust Pakistan at all

The meetings in Paris ; Bangkok between the two NSA s ; Islamabad vist by our
Foreign minister and then Lahore visit ALL happened in just one month

So here are debating HOW could the Indian Government make this mistake of
Trusting Pakistan Again

2 The second and more important question is about the Internal
Mistakes that have been revealed ie BSF ; Punjab Police ;
The Weak Perimeter Defence of the airbase ; Spies and Drug Traffickers helping the

We are more concerned about our own mistakes than anything else

The Pakis are very NICE people
The last time an Indian PM came to pakistan ; you showed your true colours
after 3 MONTHS in Kargil

This time it was only one week ; Thank you Pakistan
I for one was not at all happy with Modi's trip to Lahore

Prav said...

In other news .. the reasons why the ALH was rejected for shipborne operations ..
Fully loaded the ALH cannot be airborne for more than 10-15mins .. While a fully loaded seaking stays up for more than 2 and a half hours . Not a fair comparison since the seaking is heavy helicopter, but the navy wanted something with better performance .
Another interesting point is that most shipborne helicopters have odd number of rotor blades . This is needed when they fold . For the ALH the rotor would fold ahead of the ship . It was even proposed that a hole be made in the bulkhead so that the rotor can fit through . But ultimately the idea was dropped since the rotor blade would stick into the living quarters and the mess area .

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAW13: If no evidence whatsoever was presented by anyone, then why did the PA's Aviation Corps go to Muzaffarabad on December 7, 2008 & nab Lakhvi in the first place? Why was an FIR filed & why was a chargesheet filed in the Special Trials Court? Do you mean to say that the Police, Pakistani State Prosecutor & FIA were all intimidated by India into complying & obeying India's instructions? So, if the criminal justice is still hearing the case till this day despite the non-availability of any evidence from any corner of the world, then that is the surest indication of the total failure of Pakistan's judiciary & criminal justice system. You then ought to file a petition about dismissing this case because of the total lack of any evidence of any crime. Care to do so? Or is a case of single-digit IQs that compel the Pakistani authorities to act with neolithic efficiency?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIJAY: Interesting reads:

Then there's this:

But it is only an MoU. Here's the original statement:

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your reply.

Pathankot attack

After watching & reading pakis comments & interview about Pathankot attack, they are proud that 4 to 5 of their guys are able to infiltrate & keep the 50,000 army personnel for 3 to 4 days in bay. That means now they are coming to a conclusion that Indian army is no match to Pak Army.

They start comparing how pak army killed all the Peshawar Taliban’s within 6 hours means their army is more efficient than Indian army.

This comparison comes because Pakis have physiological issues with India. Some months back I read/watch some pakis interviews about Indians taking big position in leading companies (Microsoft, Google etc.) They are talking why there is no pakis in such a big position. This is a mental issue for all pakis. That is the reason they are doing chest thumbing for Pathankot attack.

@Raw13 kind of people need physiological treatment. WHO should help pakis to overcome this issue.

Please give your Comments.

Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Interesting debate aired yesterday about the legal status of Gilgit-baltistan:

And a related Op-Ed:

pm said...
sir what are your views on this topic.

rad said...

by Munir Akram

Pawan said...

Dear Prasunji,

Please see this pic about Lord Ram with Bali & Sugreev carved in mountain somewhere in Iraq. Even archeologists have dated this carved to 6000BC.


Anonymous said...

Why we are talking with them, this makes sense with USA, China, Russia, India and Iran:

What do you make of this?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUNIL: LoLz! There's nothing wrong with holding dialogues/discussions/parleys. Even enemies while fighting against one another engage in dialogues. But what Pakistan wants is not dialogue, but negotiations. Don't understand why folks in India don't take heed of this fact-of-life.

To PM: The contents are more or less historically true, no doubt about that.

To PAWAN: LoLz! They're more likely to be Sumerian characters.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PAWAN: Work on these projects should have commenced way back in the 1970s:

IRB Infrastructure Ltd to undertake construction, operation and maintenance of the single tube bi-directional Zozila tunnel, including 10.820km approach road, between km 94 and km 119 on Srinagar Sonamarg Gumri road (NH-1) on Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) annuity basis. The scope of works broadly includes civil, electrical and mechanical works of Zozila tunnel. The estimated investment will be EUR1.35 billion, or Rs.9990 crores. The project involves construction of a two-lane and bi-directional tunnel with an escape route.

Construction of 6.5km long Z-Morh tunnel connecting Gagangir and Sonamarg in Ganderbal district has already started. The project involving construction of a two-lane tunnel awarded in 2013 is likely to be completed by 2018. The tunnel, located 2,637 metres above sea level, will ensure the passage of 1,000 vehicles an hour at an approved maximum speed of 80kph.

Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) has been awarded a NHAI contract worth Rs 1783.42 crore for constructing a 36km four lane highway which includes 6 two-lane tunnels the total length is 2.97km between Ramban and Banihal in J & K. The project is a part of NHDP (National Highways Development Project) Phase-II program of NHAI on NH1A (National Highway – 1A), now NH-44.

Spain’s INDRA has secured the contract, worth 6.5 million euros with a duration of 12 months. This is for the design, supply, set-up and rollout of a control system for the 9.2 km Chenani-Nashri tunnel or Patnitop Tunnel. It is situated on the two-lane NH1A highway linking Jammu to Srinagar, in J & K, it is the longest in Southeast Asia. INDRA will build a centralized integrated management solution for the various intelligent traffic systems (ITS) that will be deployed in the tunnel and have guaranteed compliance with quality and security standards. The project includes implementation of the automatic incident detection, video surveillance, traffic control, signaling, fire detection, access control and emergency call systems, and also the ability to integrate other sub-systems supplied by local companies, such as the lighting, ventilation, communication and energy systems.

Construction of 6.12km-long highway tunnel across Sadhana Pass (Nasta Chun) on Road Chokibal-Tangdhar-Chamkot road at km 19.30 and construction of 1.50km-long highway tunnel at km 24.60 on Gangtok-Nathula Road in J & K.

Construction of 1.25km-long highway tunnel at km 19.30 and construction of 1.50km-long highway tunnel at km 24.60 on Gangtok-Nathula Road under project swastik in Sikkim has commenced.

1,000mW (4 x 250 mW) Pakal Dul (Drangdhuran) hydroelectric plant in District Kishtwar has begun. It is a reservoir-based scheme on river Marusudar, the main right bank tributary of river Chenab in Kishtwar district. The Pakaldul project will have the capacity to regulate the water flows in Chenab as a 16km-long diversion tunnel is to be constructed under the design.

Anonymous said...

discussion vs negotiation? I tried to understand the difference between them using online dictionary but couldn't help myself...

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Why Sudan joined Saudi Camp Immediately. Saudi No 3 came to Pakistan. Is there paki boots on the ground in Yemen border?

Please give your Comments.

Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SENTHIL KUMAR: That's because Sudan is now absolutely dependent on Saudi Arabia for economic survival. You must note that Sudan no longer enjoys the oil revenues of the kind it did before the birth of South Sudan as an independent country. Saudi Arabia has leased lots of agricultural land in Sudan for ensuring Saudi food security. In return, Sudan gets to make money. It is therefore all about economic survival for Sudan.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANON@5.26AM: During discussions, only words are exchanged. During negotiations, material giveaways & takeaways are thrashed out & finalised. Discussions take place between both friendly & warring parties. Negotiations on the other hand produce a fair deal between friendly parties, & a one-sided deal for the victor, with the vanquished being at the losing end.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your comments regarding Sudan-Saudi Alliance.

What about Pakis Saudi Relation. I think Saudi is expecting more from paki which is just giving only sound rhetoric.

Do you expect pakis jump into Sunni-NATO alliance by sending troops near Yemen border to fight along with Saudi army.

Please comment.

Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SENTHIL KUMAR: Figures speak for themselves: only 25% of Pakistanis are Shias, the rest are Sunni. Therefore, if push comes to shove, Pakistan will side with Saudi Arabia. And there will be the consequent sectarian strife inside Pakistan, but what's new! Such strife has been existing since the early 1980s ever since the Iran-Iraq war began & continues till this day. Interestingly, one must also remember that while Pakistan has condemned the torching of the Saudi Embassy in Teheran, back in 1979 the Pakistanis too had torched the US Embassy in Islamabad. But expectedly, no one in Pakistan is even bothered to mention this & accept Pakistan's wrongdoing at that time. But why should one ever be surprised by all this? After all, wasn't it the same Pakistan that treated the very people that played a decisive role in creating Pakistan (the East Pakistanis, now Bangladeshis) as inhabitants of a colony? Wasn't it the PA that trained its guns at the Palestinians back in 1970 in Jordan when King Hussain instructed then Brig Zia-ul-Haq to use the PA instructors of Jordan's newly-formed second armoured brigade against the Palestinian refugees? These are precisely the reasons why no one in the world today trusts Pakistan's PoV whenever it talks about human rights for Kashmiris. In fact, the Chinese are so damn frustrated that 2 days ago the Chinese Embassy in Islanabad issued a public statement in which China asked all the political parties of Pakistan to arrive at a consensus on the CPEC's implementation, because the KPK & Balochistan provinces are opposed to CPEC's implementation plan & priorities. So, if this is the situation OUTSIDE PoK, then one can well imagine how much pissed off the inhabitants of PoK are!

Finally, on a related matter, do have a laugh reading this:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GOPU: Some early-bird droppings about the forthcoming DPP-2016:

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your reply.

1. No one in the world is trusting Pakis. Only Saudis keep pakis link because of their investment in Nuclear weapons and Saudi can use paki soldiers as a collies.

2. In Muslim world only paki, turkey & Egypt have a good army. Even Saudi army is strong in weapons but their soldiers are good for nothing.

3. You should notice that paki army is in good terms with Turkey army technically. Both respect each other and both exchanges technology, spares, and weapons.

4. But this kind of relation is missing with Paki & Saudi military.

5. Egypt army doesn’t have much link between paki army.

6. Being said, this 34 Nation Sunni NATO like alliance is not going to do anything. Already Indonesia comes out of this alliance.

7. Within 2 year Iran will increase its oil production to 5 million barrels per day (before sanction level). And more countries are going to invest in Iran Oil field meaning next 5 to 10 years Iran will surpass Saudi in oil production.

8. So Saudi is more desperate to spoil the US-Iran Nuclear link than the Israel.

9. Saudi dominance in Middle East is diminishing.

10. Low oil price, internal strife and local issues in Saudi Arabia pushed to a corner. It is life or death for Saudi. It has to do something.

So Saudi will force Pakis to show their sincerity.

We will come to know in coming days.

Senthil Kumar

raw13 said...

The shia/suuni is not really an issue in Pak, because mostly the two communities are highly integrated. For example 1/2 the tribe may be shia and other sunni and there are marriages between the two. This is the same throughout the country. The issue was when the state tolerated sectarian groups and their sponsors. Now most of their leaders have already been dispatched.

Main reason is there is no support in the public at all to join the iran/saudi issue, which we know is wrong. Saudi/GCC have realised that to win the support in pak now, they have to really been seen to be doing some good for Pak and not just lining the pockets of the leaders. This is why you will see regular info on GCC investment in Pak. Infact they are desperate to match china's CPEC. This has blown them out of the water. One of the side-affects of CPEC is that you will see an increase in GCC investment and much more independent Pak policy. Just like we said we wont join US coalition against the IS. People in Pak are beginning to know what else they want apart from kashmir.

Vijay said...

@RAW 13

Hi ; The CPEC is a PONZI scheme

Pakistan is getting into a complete DEBT trap
Both with China through the CPEC and the REST of the World

As things stand today The Chinese are realising that Pakis
cannot pay back the 17 / 18 percent of RETURNS guarenteed in the CPEC investment

Hence they are raising all sorts of new issues and delaying and going slow
in the whole thing

Chinese know the reality of your economy they are NOT foolish to invest money
in a country which is FAST heading into a DEBT trap

As far as Iran is concerned the reason PAKIS are scared is that
till today you have NOT put your ARMY on the Iran Border

Your forces are STRETCHED on

1 Indian Border 2 Afghan Border and 3 Baluchistan

So messing with Iran is like having a FOURTH front

Now Saudis and other GCC countries have given you MANY loans ; cheap and free oil
in the past

Hence they are asking for PAY BACK from you

If you ASK your Government you will know how Much DEBT you OWE to GCC

But your government is saying

Look we will PAY back the Loans but we cant afford ANOTHER Enemy like Iran

Hence all Paki analysts are ASKING for PEACE in the Middle East

That is why even Zaid Hamid was critical of the Saudis who then

And he is BLAMING RAW for his Whippings

raw13 said...


You could be correct. Do you know how many of the towers in Dubai were built the same way?
Do you know the current debt of USA or UK or France? What the CPEC is already doing is building world class connectivity and power plants. Half of them using our own coal. The cost of infrastructure always goes up. We want this asap.

have a read of these:

@Prasun, the LNG price @5

"the price of delivered LNG at Qasim Port will be close to $5 per MMBTU" "based on the 13.37 percent of the Brent"

Prav said...

@raw13 .. A poor example using the towers of Dubai .. In the end Dubai was so much in debt that the rest of UAE had to bail them out using oil funds ... So who is going to bail you out ? Besides take a note of the interest rate the Chinese ask for ... the Sri Lankans found out the true cost of Chinese development the hard way .

raw13 said...


Its not a loan that we are getting....Most of these are BOT basis. In the case of the powerplants for example. The pak gov has to agree and sign the contract the rate at which it will buy the power...thats it. For the road, there will be tarrif each time you use it. Pak gov debt does not increase with this $46billion dollar investment.

RAT said...

And now Time to Laugh courtesy RAW13,

"What the CPEC is already doing is building world class connectivity and power plants. Half of them using our own coal." and hence All of Pakistan has electricity 24/7.
"The cost of infrastructure always goes up. We want this asap." and hence Pakistan has all the money in the world for such projects in its pocket right now

Super Choker
"What the CPEC is already doing is building world class connectivity and power plants" and this means even if there is an earthquake it will function without any issues next it will have bullet trains carrying Paki tanks.

Wake up and smell the coffee (oops do you guys can afford it).

Krishna said...
the pics you had posted indicate that ins arihant can carry 6nos k4 or 18nos k15 but all over the Internet i find the info showing 4nos k4 or 12nos k15. what is the truth?

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun question on engines:

Right since independence india has signed various TOT agreements for combat aircrafts like: Toofani, Mig-21, Gnat, Jaguar, Mig-27, Su-30, Hawk aircrafts. If i remember correctly we signed TOT and assembled engines for Gnat, Mig-21, Su-30, Jaguar.

1) Which was the most comprehensive agreement regarding technology transferred for engines specifically and absorbed among all the deals?

2) In my last query you mentioned that even for Mig-21s engine we didn't seek complete technology from the Russian side for Hot end components. Was this because, it was not offered, or not proposed because of high cost?

3)For engine development we can go through 2 routes: one develop the physics and engineering totally from our side (This will be costly and time consuming). Second take an existing one and complete technology transfer where even IPR rights belong to us even for high temperature components (I am not sure if anyone would do for its top-of the line stuff, but definitely for some not the best of line engine). Second plan would also be costly, but give us a possible starting point to further develop it. Why the GOI has not tried the second plan? Any thoughts?

4) Is GTRE planning to purchase any aircraft for testing like the IL-76 from russian side?

Thanks and answer when you have time.
Santosh Kumar Sharma

Arpit Kanodia said...


If there is no Shia Sunni issue, then why PakMil threatening to wipe out Iran from Earth?

RASAYAN said...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Excellent example of investigative journalism using common-sense & open-source tools:

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Looks like paki army is not going to Saudi. May be Pak army playing behind the screen show for Saudi Army.

Please Comment.

Senthil Kumar

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Now Paki army balls are burning. One side Chinese Pressure, another side Jihadi friends pressure. Poor guys what they will do. To distract public from main issues, paki army is playing Pathankot like game.

Now Kashmiris should understand & wake up from their dream.

Please comment.

Senthil Kumar

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

This GENTLEMAN is acknowledging.

Please Comment.

Senthil Kumar

Kaustav Bhattacharya said...

The DPP-2016 seems to have got it right. Ofcourse the proof of the pudding will bein the eating. But the proposals to eliminate off-sets in deals below Rs.2000 crore as well as encouragement to Indian designed and developed products for preferential procurement is good

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SENTHIL KUMAR: After all the initial denials from the Pak media that claimed this guy had joined the TTP in Afghanistan, he finally turns up well inside Pakistan:

And a bad indictment by a US President when he mentions countries causing troubles by name:

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
Kindly answer my queries.

What is the current status of 155mm truck mounted howitzers? Is there any gun shortlisted?

Which torpedo will be onboard Arihant class subs?

Why are we seeking modified EL/M 2052 radars from Elta? What modifications are we seeking? Given the new quartz radome from Cobham, what detection range are we expecting from this modified Elta 2052 for air to air engagement against an F16?

Sarath Kumar R. said...

Hello sir,

1. Sir any update on the Rafale deal? Recent reports suggest India will be getting 36+18 jets at a cost of Rs. 60,000 crores (about $9 billion). But how many Rafales would the IAF eventually get? Is the originally thought 189 figure still viable?

2. Also, in one of your previous posts you have talked about a future destroyer concept of IN called Project-18. At what stage of design/development is this ship currently?

3. It has been said by some people online that if IAC-2 goes for nuclear propulsion, it's displacement could be much higher than 65,000 tons. What do you say?

4. Lastly, what is this new Reliance shipyard coming up near Visakhapatnam? They say they want to build nuclear submarines & aircraft carriers there. Can this shipyard, once built, handle the construction of the 6 projected SSNs? Thank you in advance!

- R. Sarath Kumar

Vikram Guha said...
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bhoutik said...

nothing revealing in this article - but i found it nice in the way it was put together - taking stock of the picture from a distance, from a wide angle. link -

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your reply.

It is ideal time for Indian government to attach all this attacks during the future discussion with paki government. So Paki government can force its army to be responsible for any failure.

Why Sudden change in paki attitude by arresting their "High value Assets".
May be US is forcing?. If paki not agreed F-16 Sales is not possible.

Please Comment.

Senthil Kumar

Anonymous said...

Sir is this true.


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