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Friday, May 13, 2016

That's Airpower For You!-1

Elephant Walks in South Korea During 
EX Beverly Herd 16-01
Now, what follows below is what one does not get to see, since they are all the end-products of 
In the late 1970s, the USAF initiated the Compass Cope R & D project to develop a tactical, survivable reconnaissance UAV. The mission envisioned for the aircraft would seem familiar today, for are nearly identical to that of the Northrop Grumman-developed Global Hawk UAV, and in many ways the two aircraft are similar. Boeing beat out Teledyne Ryan for the Compass Cope contract, only to have the project terminated soon after the competition ended in 1979. Around the time that Compass Cope was cancelled, the USAF had several aerospace companies study an Advanced Remotely Piloted Vehicle (ARPV). This would a mid-sized RPV with limited stealthy features and missions, including reconnaissance, EW, and precision-strike. Soon after the contractor studies were complete, the USAF ended the project. Beginning in 1978, Northrop Grumman began to study how to apply low observables experience gained from the Have Blue (and later Tacit Blue) projects to a number of roles, ranging from cruise missile carriers to loitering reconnaissance platforms. A number of older studies of flying-wing and span-loader aircraft were dusted off and scale-models were tested on indoor ranges to determine if any aircraft configurations had any ‘natural’ stealth qualities. 
The Have Blue project had left a very bad taste in Northrop Grumman’s mouth and it had nothing new lined up to keep money coming in, and Lockheed Martin’s XST had beaten its design by a considerable margin—largely due to Lockheed Martin’s experience with materials from the Oxcart project and the ECHO 1.0 software package. Northrop Grumman had little experience with the kind of computing required to predict RCS (ironically, Northrop Grumman’s employees started most of the world’s major computer and semiconductor companies, such as IBM) so they had to make do with trial-and-error and commercial radar absorbent materials. At DARPA’s request, Northrop Grumman in 1978 began studying a stealthy radar-carrying platform under the Battlefield Surveillance Aircraft Experimental (BSAX) project. At the same time, Northrop Grumman was working on its own to develop new projects that would be of interest to the US Dept of Defense. One of these was Tacit Rainbow--a loitering anti-radiation missile. Another concept was the Tactical High Altitude Penetrator, or THAP. Northrop Grumman had been looking at flying-wing span-loader aircraft for military use with great interest in the late 1970s. Recent advances in materials and flight-control technology made an advanced span-loader more possible than ever. Missions ranging from super heavylift transports and aerial refuelling tankers to intercontinental bombers were studied. A separate group at Palos Verdes investigated the span-loader as a stealthy platform. A great deal of indoor RCS work was done on span-loader scale-models in the late 1970s. In June 1991, AW & ST reported that this was the TR-3A Black Manta—a classified tactical reconnasissance aircraft supporting the F-117A force with laser target designation and bomb damage assessment. The article also identified the TR-3A as an outgrowth of the THAP concept, but it carried not a bay full of reconnaissance gear, but rather an internal weapons bay holding a Paveway-2 laser guided bomb, which in essence made it a manned Covert Survivable In-weather Recon/Strike (CSIRS) platform. 
The TR-3A is obviously optimized for high-altitude (50,000 feet and above) loitering over denied areas--like hanging out over a ‘SAM City’. This would suggest a reconnaissance role. Precision-strike aircraft are designed to get in and out fast to minimize exposure to enemy air-defences. Reconnaissance aircraft typically go one of two ways: fast in and out, like the SR-71; or long time over target to keep an eye on movements of the target and collect more targetting data. Anything that has to hang inside hostile airspace will be designed with stealth in mind. The TR-3A was thus optimized for low-observables (using off-the-shelf technology, no less) and it cruised at the uppermost reaches of the threat envelopes of SAMs. Only a few SAM systems can reliably hit something above 50,000 feet. But even those systems are only marginally effective at that altitude. And the small amount of radar energy reaching up there does not exactly help the SAM hit its target. So the chances of bringing down a TR-3A at mission altitude are pretty slim. Reportedly in 1983, an industrial consortium of General Dynamics and McDonnell Douglas received a contract from the USAF to produce 30 airframes under the name ‘Tactical Survivable Aircraft’. There are a number of missions that can be assigned to the TR-3A in wartime. For one, it could simply be a system for attacking the same targets as an F-117A, though from high altitudes. This would be similar to a tactical version of the B-2B attacking SAM sites as they turn on, or casing down mobile targets like C4I faculties and land-mobile tactical ballistic missile/cruise missile launchers.
By the late 1980s, the Pentagon had identified the need for a stealthy multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) that can remain aloft for long periods and loiter close to enemy territory, and then switch to a high-speed mode to rush in and deliver a surgical blow before rushing back out at supersonic speeds. These two modes of flight require drastically different wing profiles for maximum efficiency. In the mid-1990s reports began to surface concerning a new swing-wing aircraft sighted near Cannon AFB, New Mexico and at Langley AFB in Virginia. In September 1994, that aircraft—developed by Northrop Grumman and known as the Switchblade (its utility patent was filed in November 1999)—was observed circling high over Amarillo, Texas, for several minutes at midday. The aircraft was not a standard variable swing-wing aircraft, rather it was employing a unique forward sweeping-wing mechanism that enables the aircraft to become an attack aircraft capable of delivering precision-guided munitions (PGM), super-manoeuvrability (for air combat) and Mach 3 ‘dash’ capability. 
It is thus a bomber, interceptor and high-speed aircraft all-in-one. The wings are attached to the fuselage at a pivot point toward the rear of the aircraft. With its wings fully swept aft the aircraft can slow to drop PGMs or land on short runways. When the wings are swept forward 20 degrees the aircraft takes advantage of the manoeuvrability that forward-swept wings offer, thereby becoming a highly agile air combat platform. Sweep the wings fully forward and they become flush, with the aircraft with the trailing edge becoming the leading edge, forming a highly swept 75-degree stealthy delta ideal for high-speed Mach 3 exits.
Shape-shifting MRCAs that can alter their wing configurations in mid-flight (i.e. variable-wing geometry, or swing-wing) can generate greater efficiency and performance in various flight modes.  With its wings swept perpendicular to its body, the Switchblade can fly at lower speeds to drop PGMs precisely on their targets. With its wings swept farther forward, the aircraft becomes extremely manoeuvrable for aerial combat. When the wings are swept fully forward, the trailing edge of the wing becomes the leading edge, and the Switchblade can dash away at speeds up to Mach 3. 
Back in 1986, there was speculation among US military pilots and industry insiders that a new secret aircraft was being developed having the mysterious designation F-19. The rumours were partially substantiated by leaks within the aerospace industry, and a US$9.95 scale-model was produced by Testors Model Corp, which incidentally became the biggest selling plastic model kit of all time. At the very least, the USAF added to the confusion by skipping a designation between the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet, and the Northrop F-20 Tigershark. This left a gap for an aircraft that may have held the designation F-19. It was said that the F-19 was a low-observable stealth aircraft that was being developed by Lockheed Skunk Works. However, when the F-117 Nighthawk was finally revealed to the public on November 10, 1988 rumoirs of the mysterious F-19 disappeared. It was assumed that the F-19 was in fact the F-117. Subsequent research indicated that this assumption was fundamentally incorrect, and that there really was an F-19. In 1979, a retired SR-71 pilot was flying a Learjet north of what is commonly referred to as Area 51. After breaking through a group of clouds, the pilot noticed a very strange-looking aircraft just ahead and to his lower left position (he had been shadowing the craft for approximately 10 minutes). The aircraft measured approximately 65 feet in length. It was completely black in colour, and had a flattened football or rounded-diamond shape, and appeared slightly more elongated in the front half. The X-15-like cockpit was a fully enclosed blister that tapered back towards the aft end of the craft. There were two forward-facing triangular windows on either side of a wedge shaped splitter pillar. 
The internally-mounted engines were fed by two NACA air-intake ducts slightly aft and to either side of the cockpit. There were also two additional air-intakes on the lower surface of the aircraft. The craft featured what looked like trapezoidal shaped or trap-door exhaust ports near the aft end. There were control surfaces on the leading and trailing edges. The most unique feature however, was a very unusual dorsal and ventral tail arrangement. The vertical stabiliser looked very similar in appearance to that of the old B-17 Flying Fortress, but with an identical stabiliser on the bottom. The lower ventral fin retracted sideways and up, to allow clearance for landing. This particular craft had afterburner capability.
All of the evidence indicates that this was a twin-engined hybrid propulsion design aircraft. It would appear that this particular aircraft, built in 1976, was a proof-of-concept (first generation) design for what was to be commonly referred to as the Aurora. The pilot was quite startled after seeing this aircraft, and contacted air traffic control (ATC) at Nellis AFB to ask: “why did you not advise me of the other traffic in my vicinity?” At this point, there was a short pause, and then ATC responded by saying: “because there is no traffic in your vicinity, Sir.” Next, the Learjet pilot responded by saying: “the hell there isn't! I’ve got an all-black, diamond-shaped, no wings, single-seat, twin-engined aircraft with ventral and dorsal vertical stabilisers, flying 100 feet out in my 11 o’clock position right now! I’m looking out my windscreen at it as we speak.” After a pause of 10 seconds or so, the Learjet pilot saw the pilot of this other aircraft look out of his right windscreen, register an expression of extreme surprise, then abruptly bank away while simultaneously lighting up the afterburners, and disappearing into a cloud bank. After a pause of 20 seconds or so, a different voice came over the radio, (a much harsher sounding voice) which directed the Learjet pilot to vector south where he would be landing at Nellis AFB. The pilot complied, and was told to taxi to the end of the runway, shut down his engines, and to not depart his aircraft. At this point, the pilot was met by USAF security personnel, and was interrogated for the next 18 hours about his encounter with the mysterious ‘black jet’.
In 1974, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) initiated a programme known as Project Harvey (named after the 6 feet 3 1/2 inches tall invisible white rabbit from the play of the same name). The ultimate goal was to develop a combat aircraft with as low a RCS as possible. Five aerospace OEMs were contracted US$1 million each to give it their best shot. Surprisingly, Lockheed Martin wasn’t among them. It was only an accidental tip-off that allowed Lockheed Martin’s Ben Rich to lobby for inclusion. Rich had been an engineer on the secret U-2 and SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft R & D projects and had by then advanced to become Lockheed Martin’s successor to the famous Lawrence Kelly Johnson as Director of the Skunk Works. The ‘Skunk Works’ is the official alias for the Advanced Developmental Projects Division that is responsible for all of Lockheed Martin’s highly secret advanced development projects. It was formed in 1943 to build the US’ first turbojet-powered combat aircraft, the P-80, and numerous other projects that belong to the shadowy world of military operations.
By the time Rich had gotten wind of Project Harvey, there was no money left for another developmental contract. So Lockheed Martin was offered a shot-for-a-dollar. But Rich wanted in and wisely turned down the token dollar. He knew that any new technologies developed with company funds would then be proprietary. Lockheed Martin was famous for building small fleets of extremely advanced aircraft-often used for highly secretive missions. During World War-2, it had built the P-80. Subsequently, Lockheed Martin skipped the Mach-1 era altogether and jumped right to fielding the first US-origin combat aircraft capable of speeds in excess of Mach 2, the F-104 Star Fighter. Along the way came the high-flying U-2, the higher-flying SR-71, the hypersonic D-21 drone (which would ride piggyback on an SR-71 until released), and other things not yet named. In Rich’s own words, the unsung hero of Lockheed Martin’s effort was an anonymous staff mathematician and electrical engineer named Denys Overholser. Overholser and his mentor, another mathematician named Bill Schroeder, had discussed the possibilities of utilising some of the equations associated with optical scattering (how electromagnetic waves bounce off variously shaped objects) on this project. Both had the rather odd hobby of reading obscure USSR-origin mathematics papers and had made the ultimate ‘nerd's nerd’ discovery. They had stumbled across a paper published in Moscow a decade earlier titled ‘Method of Edge Waves in the Physical Theory of Diffraction’. It had been written by Pyotr Ufimtsev, the Soviet Union’s chief scientist at the Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering and the last in a long line of scientists developing a long series of wave-equations originally derived centuries ago by the Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell.
The US intelligence community had helped translate this research paper and brought it to the West. The paper was in no way classified or related to weapons development at all. It was purely theoretical math. Years later, Ufimtsev immigrated to the US to teach at the University of California, Los Angeles, and only then discovered his inadvertent contribution to the development of stealthy aircraft. The equations that Ufimtsev had developed made the reflections of radio waves off hard surfaces predictable. Not invisible, transparent, or tactical in any way-just predictable. The problem for Lockheed Martin was that the calculations were so ferociously difficult that the most advanced supercomputers in the world at that time could only compute results for flat surfaces. Any attempt to perform the calculations for the curved surfaces you would find on a conventional aircraft--well, those machines would still be grinding away toward a solution today. Schroeder recognised how these equations could be applied to Lockheed Martin’s current project. The solution was not even to attempt to design an aircraft with any curved surfaces, but to build one with dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of individual flat triangular and rectangular plates. Then the challenge was to compute the reflection from each and every flat surface before adding them all together to build a picture of the aircraft’s total radar signature. Once you knew where every bit of radar reflection was coming from, you could then reorient those individual plates so that the reflection would go off in a direction away from the radar looking at it. This process became known as ‘faceting’. And that became the real secret--not to absorb all the RF emissions or make the aircraft somehow transparent, but to make the aircraft’s signature predictable. That predictability could then be used to shape a tactically useful aircraft. The aircraft would also be covered in thin sheets of radar-absorbing materials (RAM), but the bulk of the stealth effect was achieved by its shape.
Traditionally, a single engineering specialty will take the lead during the design of a new aircraft. An aerodynamicist may be in charge of pushing through a new wing or fuselage shape, as happened with the early delta wings and area-ruled fuselages of the ‘Century Series’ of interceptors. Sometimes it may be the powerplant guy: “Here’s the engine we’re going to use, build us an aircraft for it.” This is how the P-80 came about. Occasionally it may be the armaments people-- the A-10 Warthog is fundamentally a massive 30mm Gatling cannon with an aircraft  built around it. In this particular case, this was the first time the lead was owned by an electrical engineer. The computing programme designed by Overholser’s team to make these calculations was called Echo- 1. Armed with that tool, the first test subject, the Hopeless Diamond, was built. It was described as a diamond for obvious reasons and ‘hopeless’ for its aerodynamic qualities (or rather, its complete lack thereof). Early radar testing of the Hopeless Diamond turned out to be staggeringly successful. The White Sands experimental radar range near Holloman AFB was used. 
When the radar was fired-up for the initial testing, the only thing that showed up was the reflection of the pole on which the full-scale test-model was supposed to be mounted. Assuming that the model had fallen off the pole, the radar operators sent technicians downrange to fix the problem. To their surprise, the ten-foot model was still in place. To test the model at all, Lockheed Martin then had to design an invisible ‘stealthy pole’ to mount the model utilising the same technology as the proposed combat aircraft. The results were once again astounding, and incredulous USAF officials were called in to witness and verify the data. The first opportunity to impress these officials almost resulted in embarrassment. When the radars were turned on, the reflections, while still very small by aircraft standards, were orders of magnitude larger than what the USAF officials had been led to expect. They could still clearly see a small radar return from where the model was mounted. 
While the Lockheed Martin engineers were trying to explain this discrepancy, a radio call came in from a technician downrange. He reported that a bird was perched on the ten-foot model. The quick reply was an order to blow the horn of the pickup truck the guy was sitting in. As the startled bird flew away, the radar reflection on the test scope disappeared. The very idea that a combat aircraft could be made so invisible as to hide behind a bird was an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. Everything associated with the programme became classified at the highest levels. The programme was consequently transferred from DARPA to the USAF’s Special Projects Office. The word ‘stealth’ was forbidden to be mentioned in any unclassified document. And in April 1976, the Ford Administration gave Lockheed Martin the go-ahead for a full-scale aircraft. The Skunk Works was officially in the stealthly, low-observable flying platform business.
In 1974, when DARPA was becoming more and more interested in the idea that an aircraft, or a remotely-piloted vehicle, could be almost totally invisible to hostile RF-based sensors, the consequent competition led to the emergence of the Lockheed Martin-developed F-117 Nighthawk. But this is the story about the loser. After fielding some secondary studies regarding the possibility of a combat aircraft that could pass completely unseen by enemy radars, the XST (eXperimental Survivable Tactical) project was formally launched and DARPA went searching for OEMs to pursue the project’s goals. What DARPA was looking for in particular from the initial phase of the project was to answer two primary questions: 1) What were the signature limits that an aircraft would have to meet to be undetectable at an operational range from enemy sensors? 2) What could each aerospace OEM bring to the table when it came to designing and building an aircraft with the signature-levels established in question one?
Five major aerospace OEMs were approached to take part in the competition to build a scale-model concept that would demonstrate a substantial reduction in radar cross-section for a manned tactical air vehicle. Originally, Lockheed Martin was not even one of these companies. Word got around that the shadowy project was in the launch phase, and legendary Lockheed Skunk Works engineer Ben Rich went and persuaded the powers-that-be at the Pentagon to give him and his Skunk Works team a shot. He wanted in so badly that and he proposed competing for free, while all the other competitors would receive a paying contract for their R & D work. Nowadays, it is almost unbelievable to think that Lockheed Martin was not even on the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) list for the XST competition, but then again, the mid-1970s were a low time for Lockheed Martin. Having not produced a combat aircraft for more than a decade, their commercial aircraft division was also in deep public turmoil. The company was facing a possible fire-sale, after which its bones would be picked apart piece by piece. Still, what many in the DoD did not know was that the Skunk Works built the first stealthy aircraft, the A-12 Oxcart and SR-71 Blackbirds, although its low-observable features were still highly classified at that time. After starting with a half dozen competitors, the XST competition was narrowed down to consist of the aforementioned Lockheed Martin Skunk Works team, a Northrop Grumman team and a McDonnell Douglas team that would later also drop out of the competition. Skunk Works, being accustomed to working on highly classified projects, had every element of the XST team working together openly. Powerplant, flight controls, low-observables, aerodynamics and so on, were all at the same collaborative design table. Northrop Grumman , on the other hand, had built an almost firewall-like divide between the highly classified low-observable folks and the less sensitive aircraft systems and design folks. This mistake would result in a very inefficient design process that would cost them later on in the competition, and would once again uphold the management structure of Kelly Johnson as superior to all others in the classified aircraft development business.
As noted above, Team Skunk Works used a fairly obscure research paper from a Soviet scientist named Pyotr Ufimtsev to build a then cutting-edge computer programme called ‘ECHO-1’ that could predict effects of radar waves on an object. This resulted in the famed ‘Hopeless Diamond’ design, which was shaped like a rough-cut gem, and was fully faceted to reflect radar waves away from the transmitter/receiver from almost every direction with great efficiency. When it came to its radar signature, the ephemeral ‘Hopeless Diamond’ was downright exciting. But when it came to its aerodynamics, it was a messy conundrum to say the least. Which was something that Kelly Johnson, Ben Rich’s boss, was not too excited about. Meanwhile, the Northrop Grumman team had been working closely with Hughes Radar Systems Group since early on for its XST contender. Hughes, the gold standard purveyor of US-origin military sensors at the time, gave Northrop Grumman a deep theoretical understanding of how radars and infra-red sensors detect targets, and what shapes were hard to detect under various conditions. With this in mind, and without Lockheed’s novel ECHO-1 computer-based radar cross-section modelling programme, Northrop Grumman’s design moved forward, albeit clumsily. The aforementioned intense compartmentalization at Northrop Grumman, between the highly classified low-observables team, the aircraft systems team, and the airframe design team, was proving to be almost impossible to work through. Some individuals who were active in Northrop Grumman’s XST R & D effort at the time have since described this unsatisfactory arrangement as like trying to build the most advanced aircraft design in the world via playing a game of telephone. Nonetheless, leveraging their work with Hughes, the team began experimenting with different shapes and configurations, and in a learn-as-you-go creative process, a design began to materialise. DARPA, by this time having realised the promise of low-observables technology, had upgraded the project from a theoretical design study to one that would provide a flyable prototype. With this in mind, the name of the project changed to eXperimental Survivable Testbed. A winner-take-all “pole off” showdown, in which scale-models of both manufacturers unique designs would be evaluated mounted on a pole at a radar cross-section measurement range, was set for the summer of 1975. Only the winner would get the chance to see their exotic design take flight as a real-life technology demonstrator. Lockheed Martin’s ‘Hopeless Diamond’ was tweaked a bit to better resemble a plausible aircraft. The whole design was still made up of a series of flat panels, or diamond-like facets, but its rear trailing edge would be notched in instead of shaped like one-half of a diamond. It would also feature more highly swept wings, its inlets would be mounted behind both sides of the cockpit and the aircraft’s exhaust would exit through slits in the upper rear trailing edge of the fuselage to mask its infra-red signature. Northrop Grumman’s design looked more like a plausible flying machine, with the cockpit set far forward and a large air inlet, covered by a fine mesh grill, was set high atop the fuselage. It did not feature a complex array of facets like Lockheed Martin’s entry, rather it used smooth, broad surfaces and finely rounded edges to reflect radar energy, as well as a diamond-delta like wing platform. The aircraft’s exhausts were mounted deeply inward of the trailing edge, shrouded between the inward canted vertical tails. Both designs were very impressive, to say the least, having achieved massive reductions in overall RCS returns as well as dampening their theoretical infra-red signature to a large degree. Northrop Grumman, not having the luxury of Lockheed Martin’s ECHO-1 programme, and being handicapped by a fragmented design team, concentrated on making the aircraft as invisible as possible from its front and rear quadrants. Their thinking was that the most risk for a penetrating attack aircraft is posed when it is approaching and leaving the target area, so this is where their signature reduction goals were focussed. The Northrop Grumman team accomplished this goal very well, but when the aircraft design was viewed by radar from the side hemisphere, the aircraft’s RCS return spiked higher than Skunk Works’ Hopeless Diamond-based competitor. The Northrop Grumman XST’s less competitive side-on radar signature seemed to be more of a result of the stiff compartmentalisation within the Northrop Grumman design team than just the design philosophy alone, and it is possible that with some tweaks the Northrop Grumman XST offer would have featured a lower overall RCS than the Lockheed Martin contender. Northrop Grumman’s XST design was also already optimised to have a lower RCS over a broader range of radar frequencies. Additionally, the argument was made that Northrop Grumman’s design would have provided better aerodynamic performance and airframe adaptability, as well as lower overall production risk than Lockheed Martin’s wildly faceted design. In other words, there have been multiple voices, not just from within the Northrop Grumman camp, that think that the Northrop Grumman XST would have been a better choice than Lockheed Martin’s design, especially considering how immature the designs, and their team’s accompanying low-observable knowledge bases really were at the time. Still, regardless of these opinions, Lockheed Martin’s design best met the particular design goals laid out by the Pentagon, as such, there was no denying Lockheed Martin won the pole off. Interestingly, years after the XST competition concluded, Northrop Grumman’s non-faceted design philosophy seems much more ahead of its time than Lockheed Martin’s faceted approach, especially when you consider that second- and third-generation stealthy aircraft and unmanned systems have much more in common with Northrop Grumman’s XST design than Lockheed Martin’s XST design.
Still, both teams had solid manufacturing capabilities, competitive cost estimates, and aggressive timelines, so all things being fairly equal, Northrop Grumman’s slightly less stealthy pole model gave DARPA something to hang their final decision on, and the Skunk Works design was chosen for flight testing. This action would result in the ‘Have Blue’ technology demonstrators, then the ‘Senior Trend’ project, which resulted in the YF-117 and eventually the famous F-117 Nighthawk as we know it today. The loss from the XST competition did not mean the end for Northrop Grumman when it comes to low-observable aircraft. Quite the contrary, in fact. The team regrouped and learned from its mistakes over the next few years, and eventually fielded the absolutely game-changing platform known as the Battlefield Surveillance Aircraft Experimental, otherwise known as the ‘Tacit Blue’ technology demonstrator. This aircraft, aptly nicknamed ‘The Whale’, paved the way for Northrop Grumman to win the contract for developing the B-2 Spirit bomber, build the YF-23 Advanced Tactical Fighter contender, and even the Global Hawk and X-47B unmanned aircraft testbeds as we know them today. Strangely, the Tacit Blue concept would also indirectly lead to the Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel, and the General Atomics Avenger UAV. In fact, the rumoured Northrop Grumman RQ-180 is supposedly the final implementation of the concept that ‘Tacit Blue’ proved more than 30 years ago. Seeing how close the XST decision was, and taking into account just how handicapped Northrop Grumman was by having two compartmentalised teams working on one integrated aircraft, as well as not having the help of the groundbreaking ECHO-1 computer modelling programme, one has to wonder just how successful its stealthy aircraft could have been with more time to mature. 
In November 2013, Lockheed Martin announced that it, along with Aerojet Rocket­dyne, was developing the SR-72 reconnaissance aircraft that will be able to accelerate up to Mach 6, or 4,567mph (7,349kph) when powered by a twin turbofan-/dual ramjet based combined-cycle propulsion system. Lockheed Martin describes the SR-72—to be available by 2030—as being an intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and strike platform, but its exact mission tasking/payload remains a secret. 
Ramjets forgo the big rotary compressors needed on turbofans and instead rely on their own forward motion to compress air. First, air is scooped into an inlet and compressed as it funnels into a diffuser. The diffuser also slows the air to subsonic speeds for easier combustion. From there, air and fuel are fed into a combustion chamber and ignited. Finally, an exhaust nozzle accelerates the resulting burst of hot, expanding air, producing massive thrust. Turbofans can take an aircraft from runway launch to about Mach 3; speeds faster than that require an air-breathing ramjet, which compresses high-speed air for combustion, but which typically begins operating at about Mach 4. To bridge the gap, engineers of Aerojet Rocket­dyne are developing a hybrid engine that can operate in three modes. The aircraft will accelerate to about Mach 3 under turbofan power, then switch to ramjet power to take it to about Mach 5, and then switch again to scramjet mode, which uses supersonic air for combustion. Aerodynamic friction at speeds exceeding Mach 5 will heat an aircraft’s exterior to 2,000 degrees Celsius. At that point, conventional steel airframes will melt. Hence, Lockheed Martin’s engineers are looking at composites—the same kinds of high-performance carbon, ceramic, and metal mixes used for the nosecones of ICBMs, SLBMs and space shuttles. Every joint and seam of the airframe must be sealed. Any air-leak at hypersonic speed, and the in-rushing heat would cause the aircraft to collapse. (That’s what had doomed the space shuttle Columbia). The stresses on an aircraft shift as it travels through subsonic, supersonic, and hyper­sonic speeds. For instance, when an aircraft is accelerating through subsonic flight, the centre-of-lift moves toward the back of the aircraft. But once the aircraft hits hypersonic speeds, drag on the aircraft’s leading egdes cause the centre-of-lift to move forward again. If the centre-of-lift gets too close to the centre-of-gravity it can cause dangerous instability. The SR-72’s shape must tolerate these changes, and more, to keep the aircraft from tearing apart. 
However, what remains unanswered till this day is why would Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works and Aerojet Rocket­dyne spend exorbitant amounts of R & D funds on the SR-72 when they have already developed hypersonic aircraft like the SR-75 Penetrator, which uses pulse detonation wave engines (PDWE) and an aero-thermodynamic airframe design. On a hypersonic vehicle, thermal management is very critical, the cooling capacity of the fuel must be used carefully and efficiently, or else the range and endurance of the aircraft will be limited by heating rather than the actual fuel tank capacity. So how does the SR-75 reach such hypersonic speeds? Choosing the right type of fuel is crucial to the success of the SR-75. Because various sections of the craft will reach cruising-speed temperatures, its fuel must both provide energy for the PDWE engines and also act as a structural coolant extracting destructive heat from the airframe’s surface. At hypersonic speeds, even exotic kerosene such as the special high-flashpoint JP-7 fuel used by the SR-71 Blackbird can’t absorb enough heat. The only plausible solution therefore is cryogenic fuel. The best possibilities are methane and hydrogen. Liquid hydrogen provides more than three times as much energy and absorbs six times more heat per pound than any other fuel. The downfall is its low density, which means larger fuel tanks, a larger airframe and more drag. 
While liquid hydrogen is the fuel of choice for space launch vehicles that accelerate quickly out of the atmosphere, studies have shown that liquid methane is better for an aircraft cruising at Mach 5 to Mach 7. Methane is widely available, provides more energy than jet-fuels, and can absorb five times as much heat as kerosene. Compared with liquid hydrogen, it is also three times denser and easier to handle. So, at regular speeds, the SR-75 is powered by traditional turbofans built into the lower fuselage. Once it hits supersonic speed, the PDWE takes over. A PDWE works by sending liquid methane or liquid hydrogen into the engine. The fuel mist is then ignited. This detonation is made inside a specially designed chamber and occurs when the aircraft is travelling at supersonic speeds. At such speeds, a ‘thrust wall’ is created. This is when the aircraft is travelling so fast, air is pushed near the nose that creates a ‘wall’. When the detonation occurs, the aircraft’s thrust-wall is pushed forward, and this is repeated numerous times to propel the aircraft forward. The consequent jet stream looks like ‘donuts-on-a-rope’.
There is also work now underway in the US, France and Japan to develop pulse detonation turbines for higher efficiency power generation. Pratt & Whitney is developing a new combustor for turbofans that uses shockwaves for more efficient combustion through a process known as continuous detonation. GE Aero Engines has also been working on pulse detonation. When fitted to a conventional turbofan, CDWE technology offers to transform overall engine performance and simplify its design by using detonation waves to combust the fuel and oxidizer mixture. Theoretically, this system can operate from subsonic up to a hypersonic flight-speeds of roughly Mach 5, with higher efficiency than existing turbofans. This is because a detonation-wave rapidly compresses the mixture and adds heat at constant volume, thereby providing a thermal efficiency improvement of approximately 25%.
The SR-75’s airframe may well incorporate stealth technology, but it does not really require it should its mission simply involve high-altitude reconnaissance. Hypersonic aircraft are much harder to shoot down than a ballistic missile. Although a hypersonic aircraft isn’t very manoeuvrable, its velocity is such that even a small turn puts it miles away from a SAM’s projected (via the proportional navigation technique) interception point. 
The UK’s Ministry of Defence would have you believe that nothing untoward occurred at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, on the night of September 26, 1994. But something sinister did happen at the airfield that night. The fact that the incident involved the US’ most highly-classified black project aircraft helps to explain the scale (and to some extent the subtlety) of the disinformation campaign which ensured. The story had begun to unfold on that windswept night as the aircraft began its takeoff run along Runway 23. Whatever happened in the few seconds following application of takeoff power was sufficiently catastrophic for the two-man USAF aircrew to abort departure immediately. Military controllers at the London Air Traffic Control Centre (LATCC) were alerted either directly or indirectly to the fact that a serious incident had occurred, and that the runway was blocked. Later that night, the stranded aircraft was seen by at least one witness near the eastern end of Boscombe Down’s Runway 23. A tarpaulin-covered frame had already been erected above the aircraft’s forward section, around which were a number of emergency-response vehicles. The rear section appeared unnaturally elevated by virtue of an apparent nose-wheel collapse, the only clearly definable characteristic being inward canting twin fins. Early the next day, one of four British Army Air Corps Agusta A-109 helicopters transited to Boscombe Down from Bournemouth-Hurn. All four A-109s were then exclusively operated by the Special Air Service (SAS), which has a base at Poole, near Hurn. Is it possible that a covert sealing-off operation was set in motion? It has also been suggested that at least one RAF Chinook was scrambled from Odiham to Boscombe Down late that night for just that purpose. The sighting was followed that same evening by a separate sighting of a grey USAF C-5 Galaxy on the ground at Boscombe Down. The aircraft had been monitored on airband radio as it cancelled its flight-plan to the USAF European HQ at Ramstein in Germany, and requested a diversion to Boscombe Down. On arrival, the C-5 parked on the ramp outside the DRA/DTEO hangar. It is likely that the incident aircraft was normally housed in one of Boscombe’s hardened air shelters (HAS). However, in the aftermath of the incident the first priority would have been to move the aircraft under cover to a place where the C-5 could undertake a loading or unloading procedure with minimum risk. With the taxiways leading to the shelters unable to accommodate an aircraft as large as the C-5, the most logical option would indeed have been to move the aircraft to the DRA/DTEO hangar. Despite these precautions, an unidentifiable tarpaulin-covered object was seen to be loaded into the C-5. This flight-plan (evidence of which has since disappeared) used a non-standard callsign of Lanc 18, but more noteworthy was its destination which was listed as KPMD. This is the ICAO airfield designator for Palmdale, California, better known as Air Force Plant 42 and home to the assembly lines of both the Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems and Integration Division. The Boscombe Down incident aircraft is designated as the ASTRA, was originally referred to as AV-6 (Air Vehicle Six, its construction number), and was allocated USAF serial 90-2414. It routinely used frequencies in the 500 to 510 mHz range (highly unusual and beyond the tuning range of standard UHF scanner radios) and was operating with the callsign Blackbuck 11. It had been operating in tandem with at least one other aircraft. ASTRA is an acronym standing for Advanced Stealth Technology Reconnaissance Aircraft. The prime contractor was Northrop, with McDonnell Douglas (MDC) involvement, and the aircraft is directly related to the YF-23 (unsuccessful ATF contender). No doubt most controversial of all, the ASTRA is believed to be the Mach 5+ hypersonic tactical reconnaissance aircraft, most commonly referred to until now as Aurora. This, along with its YF-23 lineage, will be a major surprise to those who either denied the existence of a manned hypersonic project, or assumed it to be a product of Lockheed Skunk Works. Lockheed Martin has consistently denied involvement in a hypersonic project but in June 1991, Northrop Grumman had quietly set up its own version of the ‘Skunk Works’, called the Advanced Technology and Design Center, to pursue what it acknowledged to be both manned and unmanned ‘black project’ developments. It also began testing a distributed-exhaust/pressurised wing concept. The technology was said to be related to at least one US Dept of Defense ‘black aircraft’ project. It may be that the ASTRA is actually the project involved (rather than a special forces transport type as suggested), given that the concept involves using bleed-air from the engines and pumping it through the wings’ upper surfaces, and given that the YF-23 had bleed-air doors in the wing upper surface near the leading-edge wing-root, the purpose of which was claimed to be suction removal of the boundary layer from the underwing air intake.
The first evidence of flights by hypersonic vehicles emerged in 1989, with eyewitness reports of the characteristic ‘doughnuts on a rope’ contrails produced by the pulsing motion of a PDWE, which detonated the fuel in the jetpipe and expelled some of the gases created through inlets at the forward end of the pipe. At this early stage in flight-testing there were probably no more than two prototypes in the programme, with 1987 fiscal serials corresponding to the original project go-ahead. In February 1985 (just after Tacit Blue was grounded), there was an inadvertent leak in the US federal budget regarding Aurora funding, which showed US$80 million being requested for FY 1986, rising to a massive US$2.2 billion in 1987, the same year in which the YF-23 prototypes were funded. If the ASTRA was nested in Aurora, or indeed came to be the new name used when Aurora’s cover had been blown, then the funding request is consistent with the funding of one or two prototypes in 1987, which would not have been completed and flown until 1989. The greater proportion of hypersonic aircraft activity took place after February 1992, with night sightings of unusual activity at Beale AFB, and loud anomalous noises described as similar to sustained artillery firing, likely to have been caused by ground runnings of the PDWE. The aircraft were only present at Beale AFB for a matter of months, probably for pre-operational familiarisation. In addition, it is known that a security policeman at Beale AFB reported seeing a YF-23-like aircraft hangared there (in one of the SR-71 sheds) in nearly 1992. There was apparently little attempt to disguise the aircraft's presence, because it was surrounded by personnel wearing blue MDC overalls. The YF-23 prototypes themselves had ceased flying in late December 1990, pending the ATF contract award in April 1991.
In August 1989, Chris Gibson, a Scottish oil-exploration engineer and, at the time, a member of the British Royal Observer Corps (ROC), was working on the oil rig Galveston Key in the North Sea when he noticed an aircraft in the shape of a pure isoceles triangle refuelling from a USAF KC-135 Stratotanker alongside two USAF F-111s. The unknown aircraft, cruising in a formation northward through Air-to-Air Refuelling Area (AARA) 6A, is what people have come to believe, was the mysterious AV-6 Astra, which used to use the RAF airbase at Machrihanish, Strathclyde—with its three-mile-long runway—as a staging post for Mach 4, 200,000 feet-high dashes home across the North Sea. The aircraft has also been spotted across the US, in Norway and the Netherlands, often to the accompaniment of a deafening sonic boom and its characteristic ‘donuts-on-a-string’ contrail. Below, Chris Gibson explains precisely what happened, as well as giving an insight into himself.
“I welcome any questions on my North Sea sighting, as I am of the opinion that too much is taken at face value in the black aircraft snark hunt. I think that the snark hunt has degenerated into an exercise in regurgitating the same old stories with little or no new research being done. A bit about me. I work as a drilling technologist for a major oil field service company. I hold an Honours degree in geology, with some engineering, geophysics and chemistry thrown in. I also did a post graduate course in systems analysis, I was a member of the ROC for 13 years and was a member of the ROC’s aicraft recognition team for 12 of those years. In this field I was considered to be an expert and produced an aircraft recognition manual for the ROC. Some will obviously know the sighting story, but I will fill you in on what happened from my point of view. I was working in the indefatigable field on the jack-up rig ‘Galvestion Key’ in August 1989. My colleague, Graeme Winton, went out on deck but returned immediately. He told me to “have a look at this.” We went outside and Graeme pointed skywards. I had been at university with Graeme and he knew of my interest in aircraft. As far as Graeme was concerned it was a formation of aircraft and he reckoned I’d be interested. I looked up, saw the tanker and the F-111s, but was amazed to see the triangle. I am trained in instant recognition, but this triangle had me stopped dead. My first thought was that it was another F-111, but there was no gaps, it was too long and it didn’t look like one. My next thought was that it was an F-117, as the highly swept planform of the F-117 had just been made public. Again the triangle was too long and had no gaps. After considering and rejecting a Mirage IV, I was totally out of ideas. Here was an aircraft, flying over head, not too high and not particularly fast. A recognition gift and I was clueless. This was a new experience. Graeme asked me what was going on. I watched as the formation flew overhead and told him that the big one was a KC-135 Stratotanker, the two on the left were F-111s and that I didn’t know what the fourth aircraft was. Graeme said “I thought you were an expert?” I said “I am.” To which Graeme replied “Some expert.” It was obvious to me that this aircraft was something ‘dodgy’. I watched the formation for a minute or two and went back inside with Graeme. At the time I was writing the aircraft recognition manual and had a Danish Luftmelderkorpset Flykendingsbog in my briefcase. This is probably the best aircraft recognition book ever produced. I looked through it, but nothing matched. I then sketched what I had seen and sent this to Peter Edwards, who was a Group Officer in the ROC and was also on the recognition team. We discussed what to do about it but decided that if it was reported through official channels, it would be at best rubbished, at worst lead to trouble. Having signed the Official Secrets Act I didn’t want to jeopardise my position in the recognition team, so I kept my mouth shut. I told other members of the recognition team in the hope that they could shed some light on the subject. On returning home I had a look through my book collection. The only aircraft which came close to matching what I had seen was a Handley Page HP-115. It was not one of them. Whether this aircraft was a Aurora is debatable—my background precludes jumping to conclusions based on a single piece of evidence. I wrote to Bill Sweetman (Stealth expert) after being sent an illustration from Janes Defense Weekly, which matched what I had seen.” 
In an article titled: ‘Sightings and Engineers’ Dreams Taking to Skies as Black Aircraft’, written by Bill Scott, and published in Aviation Week & Space Technology on December 24, 1990, on page 42, paragraph 2 speaks of “well choreographed show-and-tell sessions given to selected members of the US Congress and key government officials”. At one such ‘dog and pony’ show held at Norton AFB on November 12, 1988, the second-generation ‘Aurora’ aircraft was put on display. This exhibit of various classified aircraft was arranged to garner further financial backing for special access or ‘black’ programmes. The second-generation Aurora looked very similar in appearance to the F-19, with the exception of the pilot and tail assembly. It also featured eight air-intakes instead of the four used on the manned F-19 version. A clear lineage of this specific aircraft type can now be identified.
Regarding the propulsion system used on the aircraft shown at Norton AFB, it featured hundreds of tiny fuel ejector holes located just aft of a ridge that ran laterally across the widest part of the aircraft. Looking from the side, it resembled a flattened football shape with a distinctive raised ridge or high-point that tapered back to the aft end. As for the external appearance, it looked like the entire aircraft was composed of black space shuttle heat-resistant tiles, which showed signs of scorched heat thermal erosion, due to the exotic propulsion system. The concept being, conventional turbofans would propel the craft to approximately Mach 3. At this point, the eight NACA ducts would close, providing for a smooth aerodynamic surface. Next, the craft would switch propulsion systems by turning off the turbofanss, and begin spraying a highly modified slush hydrogen fuel directly at the raised portion of the craft. By now, the craft, travelling in excess of Mach 3, would begin to glow in a very dull red colour at the leading edges and mid-section. Airflow over the vehicle at supersonic speeds caused a ‘wake separation’ to occur at the slight lateral ridge, and fuel injected into this superheated, highly compressed air-stream spontaneously combusted, expanding between the tapered ‘after-body’ of the craft, and the supersonic shock wave which separated at the ridge.
The TR-3B triangle-shaped nuclear-powered aerospace platform, built in the mid-1980s by Lockheed Martin and Teledyne Ryan, was developed under the Aurora programme—a top-secret, multi-tier developmental roadmap for advanced aerospace vehicles. The TR-3B’s outer coating is reactive to electrical stimulation and can change colour, reflectiveness, and radar absorptiveness. This is also the first US vehicle to use quasi-crystals in the vehicle’s skin. This polymer skin, when used in conjunction with the TR-3B’s ECM suite, can make the vehicle look like a small aircraft or a flying cylinder or even tricking radars into falsely detecting a variety of aircraft, no aircraft, or several aircraft at various locations. A circular, mercury-based plasma-filled accelerator ring called the Magnetic Field Disrupter (MFD) surrounds the rotatable crew compartment and is far ahead of any imaginable technology. The plasma is pressurized at 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin, and accelerated to 50,000 RPM to create a super-conductive plasma with the resulting gravity disruption. Sandia National Labs and Lawrence Livermore Labs co-developed the MFD, which generates a magnetic-vortex field that disrupts or neutralises the effects of gravity on mass within proximity by 89%. This is not anti-gravity, for anti-gravity provides a repulsive force that can be used for propulsion. The MFD creates a disruption of the Earth’s gravitational field upon the mass within the circular accelerator. The mass of the circular accelerator—and all mass within the accelerator, such as the crew capsule and the nuclear reactor—are reduced by almost 90%. This causes the effect of making a vehicle extremely light and able to outperform and outmanoeuvre (horizontally and vertically) any aircraft yet constructed. Except, of course, those ‘Unconventional Flying Objects’ (UFO) not of Earthly origin. The TR-3B’s aerodynamic performance is limited only the stresses that its human aircrew can endure. Which is a lot, really, considering along with the 89% reduction in mass, the G forces are also reduced by 89%. The TR-3B’s aircrew can therefore comfortably sustain up to 40Gs which, when reduced by 89%, will be about 4.2 Gs. 
By using electromagnetic forces to contain rotating systems, it is possible for the masses to reach relativistic velocities. Thus, a comparatively small amount of matter, if dense enough and moving fast enough, can produce usable gravitational effects. The requirement for a dense material moving at relativistic speeds would explain the use of Mercury plasma (heavy ions). If the plasma really spins at 50,000 RPM and the Mercury ions are also moving in a tight pitched spiral, then the individual ions would be moving probably hundreds, perhaps thousands of times faster than the bulk plasma spin, in order to execute their ‘screw thread’ motions. It is quite conceivable that the ions could be accelerated to relativistic speeds in this manner. For this to happen, it is necessary to strip the free electrons from the plasma, making a positively charged plasma, since the free electrons would tend to counter-rotate and reduce the efficiency of the MFD. One of Dr Albert Einstein’s postulates of general relativity (GR) says that gravitational mass and inertial mass are equivalent. This is consistent with claims of the inertial mass within the mercury-based plasma ring also being reduced by 89%. This also explains why the TR-3B is triange-shaped. Since it still requires conventional thrusters for propulsion, the thrusters would need to be located outside of the ‘mass reduction zone’ or else the mass of the thrusters reaction material would also be reduced, making them terribly inefficient. Since it requires a minimum of three legs to have a stable stool, it follows that one would need a minimum of three thrusters to have a stable aerospace platform. Three thrusters, located outside of the plasma ring, plus appropriate structural support, would naturally lead to a triangular shape for the vehicle. 
The nuclear reactor heats the liquid hydrogen and injects liquid oxygen in the supersonic thruster nozzles (developed by Rockwell), so that the hydrogen burns concurrently in the liquid oxygen afterburner. This multi-mode propulsion system can operate in the atmosphere, with thrust being provided by the nuclear reactor, in the upper atmosphere, with hydrogen propulsion; and in orbit, with the combined hydrogen/oxygen propulsion. Directional propulsion is thus provided by the three multi-mode thrusters mounted at each bottom corner of the triangular platform. The TR-3B is a sub-Mach 9 vehicle until it reaches altitudes above 100,000 feet. It is 600 feet across, which would make it similar in size to an aircraft carrier. At least three prototypes were built, each measuring about 60 metres across, and the operational model is about 180 metres (600 feet) across. The TR-3B can thus be used as a reconnaissance platform with an indefinite loiter time. 


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TR-3B Astra:

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To ANUP: Not the US, but the United Nations. All military forces in South Korea with the exception of the ROK Navy & the ROK Army's Capital Forces Division (the Black Berets) are always under UN Command & this has been so since 1953. The topmost commander of all these military forces is the UN military commander. Even the Chiefs of ROKAF & ROK Army have to take orders from the UN commander.

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To ARPIT KONADIA: Check out the last 2 slides showing the design of the SOLAR WARDEN.



Obviously you have far more knowledge & experience that I do and moreover you have taken great pain to explain the Augusta Westland scandal in your previous thread.
Before the Augusta Scandal could be addressed today who you have the scam involving the purchase of fleet tanker for the Indian Navy from Fincanteri

IMO, these scandals involving ITALY is due to the CHAPLUS who run the Congress party. Now Sonia Gandhi is white & from Italy, what better way to curry favor with her than by awarding contracts to Italian companies.

Unfortunately even after 69 yrs of independence, several Indians are more than willing to be bootlickers for some Gora.



Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Regarding the IN fleet tankers, here's what really happened & I had written about it in detail way back in the January 2011 issue of FORCE magazine, which I'm reproducing below:

The Indian Navy’s (IN) first of the two new fleet replenishment tankers—INS Deepak--built by Fincantieri of Italy, arrived in Mumbai on December 24, 2010. After being berthed in the facilities of Mumbai Port Trust, the tanker was subjected to final outfitting work over a 10-day period by technicians from Fincantieri, following which the vessel was ready for handover to the IN. The tanker, which was welcomed by a team of naval personnel from the IN’s Western Naval Command, was built in a record period of two years as per the terms of the €139 million contract signed between the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Fincantieri in October 2008. Built at Fincantieri’s Yard 6186 at Muggiano, the double-hulled tanker was launched on February 12, 2010 and it began its sea trials in April 2010. The second tanker—INS Shakti—was ordered in March 2009 and launched on October 11, 2010. As part of the direct industrial offsets package for the first fleet tanker, Fincantieri had in 2008 placed an order worth €14.3 million with Bharat Electronics Ltd for the supply of a composite communications system, versatile communications suite, ESM system, and an optronic fire-control system.

Each of the two tankers is 175 metres long, 25 metres wide and 19 feet high, and has a displacement at full load of 27,500 tonnes. Each of them is powered by two 10,000kW diesel engines that drive the twin adjustable-pitch propellers. The tanker can reach a maximum speed of 20 Knots, can refuel four warships at the same time, has a hangar to accommodate a 10-tonne helicopter, and can provide accommodation for 250 personnel, including its crew complement. The tankers’ construction programme at Muggiano has involved three different shipyards of Fincantieri, using state-of-the-art ship construction methods and concepts with extensive parallelism and concurrent engineering to deliver them in a challenging timeframe of two years. The double-hull configuration provides greater safety against accidental oil spillages in accordance with latest MARPOL regulations.

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

However, the acquisition of these two tankers had its share of controversy in August 2010, when the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India criticized the acceptance of inferior-grade steel used in the manufacture of the two fleet tankers, saying that it amounted to according “undue favour to a foreign vendor in the procurement of fleet tankers”. The CAG also saw a problem with the excess provisioning of spares worth more than Rs300 million (US$6 million) and under-realisation of industrial offsets benefits to Indian industry’ under the Rs9.36 billion ($200 million) contract. The CAG’s report revealed that the original Request for Proposal (RFP) had a mandatory stipulation requiring the use of ‘DMR-249A or equivalent grade steel’ in the construction of the two fleet tankers, which it said is almost double the cost of ordinary steel. The report added that in order to maintain its approved force levels, the IN’s Shipbuilding Plan had envisaged the addition of two fleet tankers by 2008 and 2011, respectively. Accordingly, a RFP was issued to 12 firms in November 2005. In response to the RFP, only three firms responded--Russia’s Rosoboronexport State Corp, South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd (HHIL), and Fincantieri. Out of them, only Rosoboronexport offered a technical proposal for using DMR-249A or equivalent steel. HHIL’s proposal was rejected due to non-compliance with the RFP’s provisions, which included non-usage of DMR-249A steel. Fincantieri’s proposal was stated to be compliant with the RFP conditions. However, the firm proposed usage of DH-36 steel instead of DMR-249A.

The justification offered by Fincantieri for selection of DH-36 to the MoD’s Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) included problems in sourcing DMR-249A steel, the normal use of ordinary steel for tankers and an explanation on why the high-resilience performance of DMR-249A was not necessary for the tankers. This was despite Fincantieri’s own admission that DH-36 has less weight and less resilience when compared to DMR-249A, and the chemical compositions of DH-36 grade steel and DMR-249A steel being different and therefore they cannot be treated as equivalent to each other. The prices of these two grades of steel are also different, since DMR-249A is more expensive than DH-36 grade steel. “Nonetheless,” said the CAG, “the TEC opined that DH-36 was equivalent to DMR-249A and accepted Fincantieri’s technical bid without taking due cognizance of the competing offers made by Rosoboronexport and HHIL. The Technical Oversight Committee too ruled in favour of Fincantieri after the commercial bids were opened, since Fincantieri emerged as the lowest bidder with a quote of Rs7.23 billion. The offer of Rosoboronexport was rejected as it was costlier, being based upon the prices of DMR-249A or equivalent steel”.

Fincantieri’s industrial partnership with India began in 2004 when it drew up two contracts with Cochin Shipyard Ltd for the design of a GE-built LM-2500 gas turbine-based propulsion system, plus related technology transfer and provision of complementary services required for the construction of the IN’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC), the INS Vikrant. Furthermore, in 2007 the company delivered the ‘Sagar Nidhi’, an oceanographic survey vessel for the Chennai-based National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT).

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Now here's why the BJP is trying to dig dirt against the INC: the INC itself recently dug out some dirt from NaMo's past. Here's what it is all about:

Krishna Godavari-Basin (KG-Basin) scam.

In 2005, then CM Modi abruptly announced that the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) had discovered 20 trillion cubic feet of gas in KG basin (that the BJP promptly renamed the Deendayal West area block), which would generate revenue worth Rs. 2.2 lakh crore for India! Everyone (including the state and central administrations as well as subject experts) was astonished at this fantastic claim. If true, such a find would have made India energy self-sufficient, a must for any country aspiring for super power status. Modi’s announcement therefore generated euphoric excitement and even shifted the narrative from him being the alleged mastermind of the 2002 riots to a potential Prime Ministerial candidate. In fact, given how events unfolded, it is abundantly clear that the announcement was just another exaggerated publicity stunt. Four years after CM Modi made the announcement, GSPC’s “Field Development report” pointed out that less than 10 per cent of what was claimed was actually available and that it would be commercially unviable to drill for so little gas, or sell it at the prevailing market rate. Unfortunately for GSPC, they didn’t know (as India is painfully realising now) that Modiji pays heed exclusively to his own mann ki baat! He thus ignored the field report, and forced GSPC to go ahead with the project. Because of this, GSPC borrowed nearly Rs. 20,000 crores from 15 different public and private sector banks. And what does India have in return? Nothing! As of May 2016, GSPC’s KG Basin block has not even started commercial production. In fact, as per GSPC’s own annual reports, after 2005 its gas reserves have consistently declined. But the issue is not just about Modiji’s gaseous exaggerations. It is also about diversion of public funds and corruption. After coercing GSPC to go ahead with drilling in KG basin, CM Modi forced it to partner with a company named Geo Global. Now here’s the interesting bit. Geo Global was reportedly incorporated just six days before the agreement with GSPC! At the time of entering into the agreement with GSPC, Geo Global’s capital was reportedly a measly Rs. 3,200.

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

A week after the agreement, its capital magically mushroomed to Rs. 10,000 crores! Similarly, GSPC was reportedly forced to dole out contracts for complex extraction rigs and platforms to Tuff Drilling. Shockingly, Tuff Drilling’s promoter was primarily in the apparel business before landing GSPC’s contract and had no prior experience in gas extraction! Since then, CM Modi forced GSPC to disburse over Rs. 5000 crores to similar dubious companies! Given that GSPC has not produced any gas from the KG-basin, where did the Rs. 20,000 crores vanish? Assuming Rs. 5,000 crores were spent on purchasing and setting up equipment (even if this went to dubious companies), that still leaves Rs. 15,000 crores! Was this public money diverted to fund Modiji’s extravagant 2014 election campaign? Does this not merit an independent high level judicial probe? And even more interestingly, when the screws were tightened on Vijay Mallya for defaulting on Rs.9,000 crores, why is GSPC not being subject to similar treatment? Why is it that instead, its Managing Director was rewarded with an appointment as the Director of the National Informatics Centre? However desperately the BJP may sycophantically defend PM Modi, the bitter reality is that under him, corruption was rampant in Gujarat. Consider how he gave 250 acres of land (in a restricted wildlife zone) to cronies of the current CM of Gujarat for less than Rs. 1.5 crores! Similarly, as pratham sevak for his corporate friends, CM Modi gave public land for the Mundra SEZ, which was worth Rs.1,500 per square metre for a pittance (anything between Rs.1 & Rs.32)! That is why for years, the CAG was deliberately denied access to numerous files in Gujarat! And that is also why under Modiji, a Lokayukta was not appointed for 10 years!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Regarding your observation about "several Indians are more than willing to be bootlickers for some Gora", the same can also be said about NaMo sucking up to Obama or Putin or Francois Hollande or David Cameron. But in reality, this is not the case & one cannot apply paint through broad brush-strokes to contextualise such developments. The hard fact-of-life is India has no other alternative but to suck up to the Gora simply because it is the lands of the Gora that the world's best academic, scientific & industrial institutions are located. If you want to go one step ahead, it is in the lands of the Western Goras (excluding the Slavic Goras) that the overwhelming majority of India's scientists & technocrats (the so-called human resource base) have been groomed & trained since the early 1950s. Same goes for the military officials who have gone for higher command courses & training in the UK & US. None of them ever went to similar institutions in either China or Japan or anywhere in the Eastern Bloc. Consequently, the entire edifice of India's knowledge-based economy & knowledge-based society has been built upon whatever the Goras offered to share with India. Therefore, like it or not, India will continue to be beholden to the Goras for several more decades to come, rest assured. This is a 'no-escape zone' as of now & will remain so for the foreseeable future. No need to have headaches over it.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@birbal These are serious issues.

The Colonel Corso who was involved in these black projects during 60s stated several times about this issue and I am quoting

"They have violated our air space with impunity and even landed on our territory. Whether intentional or not, they have performed hostile acts. Our citizens have been abducted and killed"
(Dawn of a New Age, p. 77).

... the aliens have shown a callous indifference concerning their victims. Their behavior has been insidious and it appears they might be using our earth and manipulating earth life. Skeptics will excuse them that possibly they are benevolent and want to help, however, there is no evidence they have healed anyone or alleviated human ailments. On the other hand, they have caused pain, suffering and even death
(Dawn of a New Age, p. 98).

"The U.S. and USSR are aligning their space programs against a common enemy."
[Dawn of a New Age, 78]

Further he stated in his book that the number of nukes that peaked during cold war was pointed against only one thing, if in case those unearthly things are planning to invade then dump those nukes on that area of earth and just dumping that part of area into a whole warzone.

If I am a military guy where the unidentified objects buzzing top secret nuclear facilities, air bases and other R&D areas. And during 60s when we had not even a chance against them. Its like going to fight with a potential enemy with bow and arrow in lasers world. That was seriously shit situation.

And BTW, Chandrayaan still not released images of far side of moon. And we already started to see events when UFO buzzing our nuclear facilities, airports, air force bases and ISRO's R&D centers.

Arpit Kanodia said...

He also stated, during 60s there were belief that USSR making alliance with those unearthly things (which proved wrong, USSR were doing same that is reverse technology).

That there were evidences that USSR developed a BMD that intercepted a missile from a EMP cloud that created after a nuclear blast.

That was unthinkable for US during that period for such exotic technologies, and thats why US believed USSR making some alliances. And thats why then President Kennedy asked directly Premier Khrushchev, "Will USSR join USA in event of invasion from unearthly things?"

Anonymous said...

@prasun May 13, 2016 at 10:36 PM

in your comment you just shied away to declare there was a chance of corruption.

you long answers clearly beat around the bush, but often fails to get a straight ans.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@4AM: LoLz! Unlike you, I prefer not to enjoy the luxury of tying myself up with speculation, allegations & suspicions. I deal with facts that can be produced as reqd, & leave it to the readers to make their own judgments. If I have a school of thought, then I state it as such. That my way of reasoning was right all along WRT the AW-101 issue has since been proven by disclosures from none other than Christian Michel a FULL 1 WEEK AFTER I had given all the explanations.

What you also need to take note of is that freedom of speech/expression is never an absolute right. Your allegations/insinuations must always be able to stand the test of scrutiny, or else you will have to bear the brunt of defamation suits. This too was clearly spelt out by India's Supreme Court yesterday. Finally, if you really have balls or guts or have consumed your mother's milk in your early years, you should be able to stand up, be identified & be held accountable for your words & deeds. But something tells me that you're not that type & you do suffer from a very low sense of self-esteem. Consequently, all your arguments will inevitably be derived from ignorance & as a result, you will will at the end of the day end up as a total psychological wreck, i.e. an ideal personality to commit suicide. Therefore, please make haste in committing this act without an y more fuss & spare us all since the threshold of tolerance for making amends with unproductive liabilities & parasites like you is quite low now.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To Anon@4AM: Evidently you don't have an organ called BRAIN inside your skull, as borne out by your rant. My reply @10.36PM yesterday clearly states that only Russia responded with a YES WRT construction of the vessels with DMR-249A or equivalent steel. Fincantieri & Hyundai did not. This created a single-vendor situation & therefore the usage of DH-36 steel was authorised so that both Fincantieri & Hyundai could compete. In the end Fincantieri's proposal was declared L-1. So where's the corruption?

These 2 vessels have been in service since late 2010 & so far not a single complaint has been received about their lack of seaworthiness, nor have they been reqd to seek any premature structural repairs or refits. So in what way exactly are they inferior or substandard vessels as is being alleged by INDIA TODAY, TIMES NOW & VADM (Ret'd) Shekhar Sinha? In fact, this VADM has an axe to grind against the IN because he was denied the post of CNS by Admiral Nirmal Verma back in 2011 when he deliberately refused to sign on Sinha's appointment as the new Chief of IDS for a full 3 months, just so that D K Joshi could become the next CNS! Now, as a retired VADM, he is trying to take revenge against Admiral (Ret'd) Verma by alleging corruption in the Fincantieri deal just so that Nirmal Verma's name too will be dragged through the muck as is now being done with ACN (Ret'd) S P Tyagi. If such tendencies & incidents go unchecked, then the day is not far when the IAC-1/Vikrant too will become a white elephant just because Fincantieri was the prime contractor & consultant to CSL for designing the propulsion system of the aircraft carrier. So, to all those 'desi' bastards (including the desi media-folks & those retired IN officials) who are smelling a rat in almost anything Italian nowadays, get a life!!!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJ: What I had meant was that instead of 2 propellers, the IAC-2 will most likely make use of 3 propellers for enhanced stability. All 3 propellers will use electric propulsion systems & will not have long transmission shafts.

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: Not a single has as yet been inducted into service. Development of target recognition algorithms is a time-consuming process as are their encryption systems & related source-codes.

Meanwhile, do watch this:

What is Wrong with Islam Today:

And read these:

Now, If India’s law-enforcement authorities can manufacture or fabricate evidence, then who in the world will take India’s extradition/deportation requests seriously?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: I find it almost impossible to believe that the ADA techies had underestimated the MTOW of the Tejas by as much as 1 tonne. Therefore, anyone claiming to be able to reduce the MTOW by as much as 1 tonne is daydreaming. There has never been any formasl tie-up between HAL & SAAB. Meanwhile, do watch these:

Azerbaijan’s HAROP in Action:

C-130 firing ATGMs:

And read this:

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: 1) No remedial measures can be taken. The design of the Mi-17V-5 cannot be changed. 2) No such Harakiri was committed. 3) Yes. 4) No chance at all, as I had explained in the previous thread. 5) Such Commands are still too far away.

To HANUMAT: No such collaboration exists.

To G: It’s obvious, isn’t it? But the PAF desperately requires the F-16Ds & without them the PAF will find it almost impossible to convert any more of its pilots to the JF-17. Till this day, no tandem-seat version of the JF-17 exists for flight conversion.

To RAT666: It isn’t imperative for India to become a member of the NSG. It won’t confer any specific benefits to India. It is just a prestige issue.

To ANUP: 1) It is still early to say who will win this contract. 2) None of them are pitching their aircraft. The only ones doing all the pitching are the ‘desi’ press corps for their own selfish interests.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

What do you make of this report?

Given that the Chinese economy is on the downward slide do you think China can afford to risk it's economic ties with India?

Best Regards

birbal said...

What can I write about Prasunda's explanation to SUJOY MAJUMDAR and also others..just finding my words...

That's PATIENCE (NOT Airpower) for you!
INCREDIBLE India, INCREDIBLE Prasun K Sengupta...

" Now here's why the BJP is trying to dig dirt against the INC: the INC itself recently dug out some dirt from NaMo's past.................."

Khoda Pahaar, Neekla Chuha.
Jo khud CHOR hai, woh Dusroo ko usi ki NAJARIYE se dekhenge na dosto...

You know what's the THINKING of the COMMON people, specially HAMARE RAJNETA in India!!
I am the CLEANLIEST person on Earth and I am here to find DIRT on others...
BLAME NOT on me, BLAME IT on others..
Why do we have such leaders in first place?? Simple, as Prasunda had earlier written on the Augusta scam.....We get what we deserve....It's BITTER but TRUE.

But VERY FEW would STAND-UP and SAY- Hey I am RESPONSIBLE.....that's what Prasunda had written to a query to Anon@4AM-
" Finally, if you really have balls or guts or should be able to stand up, be identified & be held accountable for your words & deeds."

I just remembered a song from yesteryear's...
It HAPPENS ONLY In India.........CHILL, Have FUN..

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJ: It is an upgrade from the earlier Tibet Military District (TMD) to an integrated Military Command (TMC) so that a four-star General will have at his disposal new formations & assets located in central & northern Tibet that he himself can exercise authority over in terms of deployment & usage. Previously, the TMD's Commander could not do so, & had to requisition such accretions from the Chengdu & Lanzhou MRs. But achieving all this won't be easy, since human resource constraints will continue to remain, since not every HAN can be expected to be acclimatised enough for being deployed throughout Tibet for long durations. Therefore, for the time-being, the TMC is more about exercising command over the training & rear-logistics facilities throughout TAR, & over a few new warfighting formations to be located in the Qinghai & Shiquanhe areas.

G said...

Wrt to the so called Tanker scam that Times now and India Today has so called revealed...
The Deepak class of tanker isnt the only one in the fleet (2 in her class) . There are still 2 other replenishment ship . My Q is What steel are they using?

@Birbal ... whats is fascination with Balls and Guts?


Prasun Da,

Thank you. Really appreciate your great explanation. On a somewhat related note I found this recent article in Forbes about the success of Israeli start ups. Unfortunately, such things are not encouraged in India.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

US Defense Department’s 2016 annual report on military and security developments involving China:

birbal said...

@ G

whats is fascination with Balls and Guts?

Actually i loved playing with BALLS..., but then i got hit on my GUT..,after that i left playing with the balls... i then realized you need GUTS to PLAY with balls...SIMPLE

Gopu said...

What is LCA mk1's final configuration? Will the nose-cone have an internal IRST, the EL/M 2032, or the EL/M 2052? If the IAF can't provide these sorts of specifications to ADA in a timely manner, then how can anyone expect ADA to engineer something that meets the IAF's design specifications? This means the IAF should be working one-on-one to make sure that LCA project meets operational requirements, just like the IN has been doing for the LCA Navy.

Gopu said...

Also what were the main points of your rebuttal to "Troubles, They Come in Battalions: The Manifold Travails of the IAF"? The quality of the paper's analysis wasn't particularly insightful in terms of diagnosing the situation or offering substantive remedial measures (in fact, there were a few factual inconsistencies present in the article). But I have never been employed (nor do I want to) by a think-tank so how would I know what kind of articles a think tank wants to commission.

Gopu said...

This is probably the most interesting bit of the analysis although it is borderline speculation (the information on the LCA, MMRCA, and Su-30MKI wasn't even worth reading IMO).

"If it is assumed—crudely—that during a major conflict with India in the post-2025 period each Chinese airfield could host on average a single air regiment consisting of 36 aircraft, the IAF would have to plan on confronting a force of anywhere between 324 and 432 Chinese fighters, depending on the number of facilities that are operational during that time. This total would include aircraft based routinely at the Tibetan airfields, crisis reinforcements (which could also comprise attrition replacements for PLAAF losses sustained in any conflict with India), and any other combat aircraft operating from rearward Chinese bases with tanker support and possibly recovering at border airfields. Whatever the internal composition of the deploying Chinese fighters may be, the IAF has little choice but to assume that, on the most conservative estimates, it could face an adversary force consisting of about three or four air divisions, or, in other words, 300 to 400 or more aircraft.... And, finally, it [the analysis] simply hopes that the Chinese missile-, electronic- and cyberwarfare threats to Indian airpower will turn out on balance to be manageable."

Gopu said...

The paper also suggests that the EL/M-2052 AESA technology was transferred to China, which is completely bogus since there is no operational AESA in China.

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Prasun da,

this would be good to people who can think listen (not hear) and understand ....

rad said...

HI prasun
Is there a chance that we can develop the AAD missile into a s-300 sort of missile with help from outside .We have AESA radars that can do all the work and with additional vhf , uhf Israeli radar can have a decent surveillance capability as the s-300 system ultimately we wouldn't want to pay 5 bill& and still depend on Russia for ever. My reasoning is that when it is shown that it can intercept missiles traveling at mach 4 why not a slower moving ac?. It is important to go that way irrespective if the DRDO takes time like the LCA . Ultimately we will be self sufficient .After all the russians invested billions to develop the system.

Arpit Kanodia said...

Sir again, great explanation about those so called black projects. Your explanation in chronological order is wonderful.

Kaustav said...

Dear Prasunda,

The Vimaanas too were supposedly fired by Mercury Plasma engines as per certain available literature.While not vouching for the accuracy or logic of these speculations, if there is a scope of common technological base of electro-gravitics, mercury plasma etc. based aircraft, is it possible for Indians too to ivestigate these exotic technologies. I mean if we are goong to re-invent the wheel anyway and not develop anything new on our own, (for instance LCA Tejas, MBT Arjuns, etc. we might as well try to copy and develop such exotic technologies too.

RAT said...

To all my Indian friends please don't use references from the puranas to describe how similar the vimaana technology is and how the ancient people know how to fly had enough of that. If the ancient were so advanced why they did not leave any method or designs to trains the ones coming after them (or did they wanted us to suffer) we always state we are superior race and point fingers at the old books. If we were so advanced why the heck were we ruled by foreigners for over centuries we could not develop simple technologies but want to do ball talking of how out ancestors know how to fly teleport and had knowledge of the most powerful weapons ever know. Stop it look at the present and think about the future it does not matter if you belong to the lineage of the lord Rama or Krishna if you cannot fix simple issues. Enough is Ennough

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Anonymous said...
May 15, 2016 at 3:39 PM

Whether you like it or not Human Civilization Starts from Kumari Kandam and migrated to other parts of the World after the submerge. Even Ramayana & Mahabharata
happend in tamil Nadu & Part of Kumari Kandam.

Egypt Pyramids, South America Mayans are Tamils. If you refuse please give which civilization build all this. Siva is a black Tamil Siddar. Whole GOD theory starts for Siddar Concept of "Assevagam" which later called as Hinduism, Buddhism, Cristian, Judaism, Islam etc. Whole Indus Civilization is Tamil Civilization.

Please do research & try to refuse my theory.

S.Senthil Kumar

Kaustav said...

If all this vimaanaas and ancient astronaut stuff is linked with UFOs, it only means that the ancients were primitive as hell and what they referred to as Gods were advanced aliens. It certainly does not make our ancestors advanced by any means and there is no evidence that humans could have developed these, mythology states these to be only gifts from gods superior beings or advanced aliens

Gessler said...

To ANON @4:49AM - Which article are you referring to, sir ji?

To everyone else, a rough translation of what is being said in Telugu there;

" This's like they crossed the seven seas and then fell flat in a dirt pit. What does it matter what they've done for the last 40 years...end of the day they couldn't achieve anything in any sector. "

Seems frustration is being vented on the performance of our beloved state-run companies.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Anonymous Still struck in the age of Ramayana, in which Ram questioned the chastity of Sita? Instead of saying our R&D sectors need to focus on EM affects on Gravity, and start to provide solutions as such in aviation sectors.
And further instead of throwing away Dirac equations, start to work on the practicality of those equations, like unlimited negative energy.

This really matter if some ancient South India civilization developed some exotic technologies or not? Or some unearthly things given them such? The real question is where to find it, how to reverse engineer it, or how to launch those products in civilian domain.

Arpit Kanodia said...

Maybe our unearthly cousins are little bit more intelligent than us, and maybe they seeded the homo sapiens on earth,

But they are not at all different than us. And history tells us, if we believe that people like Krishna, Ram, Ravana etc were nothing more but some ET, they were as hungry for war as humans are, and indeed territorial too.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Sentil Kumar

If by that logic, how Human civilization started from Kumari Kandam? And if you accept ET case, then we are seeded in first place, so how civilizations started on earth. And even homo sapiens and our cousins roots are from Kumari Kandam?

Maybe we are from Andromeda Galaxy.

Thats why clear your mist, start to think big, and instead of declaring who is superior one and who is inferior.

And BTW, Tamil Nadu is not only state is South India. So, how you know it was Tamil? Maybe it was Kerala.

rad said...

hi prasun
it seems the AAD has been successful again , they seem to be optimistic in saying this was the last development flight !.Just 10 flights ? to production!!??. Where did the seeker come from , russian or Israeli?, aesa type or normal.Any hand holding ?. What about he improved range green pine they have name plated as swordfish? what is the status. will we be able to make it on our own here after?.Is the missile efficiently optimized.?

Anonymous said...

Dear Arpit Kanodia

Thanks for reply. You should understand that Kumari Kandam+ Africa+south east asia are one land. I am not distributing how humans come to earth. After Humans undergone so much evolution & comes to present form, civilization stated from kumara kndam which is 49 nations ruled by Pandyias. Kerala is cheras and East part of tamil nadu & andra is cholas. Please read the kerala & Malayalam History. Two Tamil Sangam are submerged in kumara kandam. Current Madurai is third tamil sangam.

Please go through the Indus Valley Script. You will come to Know more. Sanskrit is north Indian dialect of Tamil. Whole India Spoke Tamil. 80% ASI is tamil origin. I am not just chest trumbling. Please go through all the videos in the channel. You will come to know What is Hindu religion & Hindu Gods & the true story.

S.Senthil Kumar

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Sentil Kumar

You seriously killing me with laugh.

How the Sanskrit is dialect of Tamil? And even if it is? Then?

Why not english, german, frence,chinese are not derived from Tamil.

By your theory it should be as the only point of origin whole Civilization on planet earth is not just South India, but Tamil Nadu.
BTW, you know when Tamil Nadu was created, in 1956. So, you saying civilizations on planet earth originated on after 1956?

BTW, I seriously want to see 80% of ASI records and ancient sites are in Tamil. And seriously how whole India speak Tamil? Do you sure even the neighboring states of Tamil Nadu speak Tamil?

No need to exaggerate things unnecessary or showing superiority here. Otherwise, I need to forcefully kick your arse, such racism is amazing.

Arpit Kanodia said...

"Please go through the Indus Valley Script. You will come to Know more. Sanskrit is north Indian dialect of Tamil. Whole India Spoke Tamil."

LMAO, if some 1000 years from now if someone land in Brazil and found Spanish documents, then that means Brazil originated because of Spain?
Or, in India someone found English documents then it means we originated through UK.

Obviously there maybe cultural and languages influences of civilizations over civilizations. But making such sweeping statement, that IV originated from Tamil civilization. Thats amazing.

BTW, how you know which language existed in Kumari Kandam? Because if my knowledge is correct, no scripture till this date is in public domain that extracted from Indian Ocean.

ashutosh said...

Sir. This AAD tests have any linkages with s-400 ?what is going behind the scenes.

Arpit Kanodia said...

""India shares a great part of the blame on the destruction of Tamil Eelam and the Genocide of Tamils. Why should India be Anti-Tamil?

Tamil Nadu Tamils are responsible for letting it be done, due to their extreme tolerance, gullibility etc.

These facts made us to ponder about Tamils and that led us to discover the wonderful philosophical past of the Tamils. We have found the answers for both the above statements.
Kindly watch these videos (8 Parts) and spare your time for this adventure!""

And this if from the channel you provided. Thats wow, just wow.

Stop watching such bullcraps, where portraying one ethnicity superior to other ethnicity and states.

Instead of start to believe in hard facts, and never get biased with those facts, even if civilizations originated from Tamil Nadu (which is horrible even to say this), then what? How it solve the problems that exist now? No need to show something like Tamils are some superior beings.

Lol, even I dont consider our ET cousins as superior( if they exist). No need to pray anything or creating new religions from that. Thats bullshit where you going.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To G: The headless chickens in TIMESNow would have everyone believe that inferior-quality steel was used. But in reality, the cracks were found in only one welding, not on the steel. In any case, in 90% of the world’s fleet replenishment vessels, DMR-249A is never used. Lastly, both Fincantieri-built tankers are double-hulled, points that were totally ignored by TIMESNow & the drafters of the CAG report. In any case, here’s the video of the TIMESNow bandalbaazi:

To GOPU: Will revert back in detail on all these points later today. For now, suffice to say that these think-tanks are all funded by the OEMs & therefore the reports/assessments emanating from such think-tanks is not always entirely objective. And NO, no element of the EL/M-2052 ever made its weay into China. Has that been the case, then the J-10Bs now entering service would have had ASESA-MMRs. Instead, they have only Phazotron’s Rp-35 PESA-MMR.

To TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL: Here’s the YouTube weblink of the entire interview:

Also, watch this programme in which the BJP’s & RSS’ buffoons vainly try to defen d the indefensible:


Like I had said earlier, what goes around, comes around as well!

And as for all the NRIs who were under the illusion that NaMo will be ultimate salvation for all of India’s woes, it appears that the bitter reality is slowly but surely dawning upon them:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To S. SENTHIL KUMAR: To date, there’s only 1 scientifically & archaeologically verified record of the EARLIEST human civilization, that of the Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia. But does that mean that human life began & flourished only there? Of course not. For, if we accept that the Anunnaki began to arrive on Earth some 445,000 years ago, establishing settlements in the E.Din (later Mesopotamia) and mining gold in southeast Africa—all these being attempts in bio-engineering & geo-engineering, then it is highly unlikely that such experimentation was confined to only 1 region.

Kindly browse through these:

Just as in a laboratory, experiments are never carried out on only a single rat, in cases of bio-engineering & geo-engineering too multiple sites could well have been chosen to selectively upgrade the DNA of the brown-skinned Homo Sapiens in different geographical area, one of which was Kumari Kandam & the other was Mesopotamia. Between these 2, archaeological evidence exists for only the latter. For the former, there are only written records but then again, these records NEVER use the word HINDU. They couldn’t have. Simply because HINDU comes from the Arabic term AL HIND (i.e. the Indo-Gangetic plains lying to the east of the Hindukush mountain range) & consequently the colonial Brits invented the term HINDUSTAN. Therefore, before the late 16th century there were no words like HINDU/HINDUTVA/HINDUISM/HINDUSTAN. All ancient scriptures of ‘Indian’ origin always referred to the divinely mandated code-of-conduct as being the ‘Dharma Code’.

The Sangams were not geographical in nature & had nothing to do with fixed terrestrial locations. Rather, they were grand conclaves (much like the Maha Kumbh Melas of today) during which the ‘Gods’ from the heavens above used to descend & interact with the enlightened Rishis/Munis/Sages, who were more likely the overseers/supervisors of the bio-engineering & geo-engineering taskings (to be accomplished in cycles each running into several thousands of years) that were given to them by the ‘Gods’. Nor could Rama & Krishna be Gods, since their births & deaths have been recorded in the ancient scriptures & epics. Superhumans, perhaps yes, but definitely not Gods or Angels.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: You had asked me this several times before & the answer stays the same: the AAD has NOT YET been tested against a solid-fuelled ballistic missile. Only liquid-fuelled target missiles have been used. Secondly, only if the AAD’s agility is improved through the incorporation of thrust-vectoring nozzles will it become a SAM optimized for targetting NOT combat aircraft, but high-flying lumbering bombers like the B-52 or Tu-95. Any aircraft that’s agile & can quickly change its cruising altitude from 20,000 feet ASL to terrain-masking/terrain-hugging flight profiles will easily be able to dodge an AAD-derived SAM. Even Russian S-300 family of SAMs was never developed for attacking combat aircraft, but rather bombers & that’s why even aircraft like the B-2B have terrain-hugging modes of flight operations.

To KAUSTAV: Will upload tonight all relevant data on electro-gravitics & energetic, which will explain everything.

To ARPIT KANODIA: VMT. Will keep uploading additional data on electro-gravitics developments in the US & energetics-related R & D in Russia later tonight. It, however, greatly disappoints me when I see bickering & squabbling over nonsensical ethnocentric issues (like some bloggers have done above regarding the Tamil issue), instead of focussing more on the scientific & technocratic aspects of aerospace R & D. Or, maybe I should not entertain any high-hopes in this aspect, since we have a PM who can openly proclaim to the world that India was a world-leader in surgical techniques just because Lord Ganesha sports the head of an elephant!

Meanwhile, do browse through this interesting document:

Mission Assessment of Recovered Lenticular Aerodyne Objects:

birbal said...

Prasunda said
..........since we have a PM who can openly proclaim to the world that India was a world-leader in surgical techniques just because Lord Ganesha sports the head of an elephant!

Hahaha.....NICE Joke Prasunda...

birbal said...

Arpit Kanodia said...

.....Instead of saying our R&D sectors need to focus on EM affects on Gravity, and start to provide solutions as such in aviation sectors.
And further instead of throwing away Dirac equations, start to work on the practicality of those equations, like unlimited negative energy.

GREAT THOUGHT Arpit.....but who will bell the cat!!! BUT,
Plan your Work and Work out your Plan.

birbal said...


I told you guys, Arpit before..PICTURE abhi baki hai....lo puri Picture aa gaya

rad said...

hi prasun
pardon my jingoistic wishful thinking .! I believe the prithvi target was simulating a scud type of ballistic missile . Does it makes difference if an attacking missile is solid or liquid fuel? The AAD seems to have thrust vector vanes , does it make a big difference to Thrust vector nozzles ?. If just by changing altitude and going low level below radar one can escape a long range SAM like the S-300 or 400 then what is all the hula baloo of Iran getting s-300 and the Israelis worried?.Or for a matter of fact the Pakistanis shitting in their pants .So is i that they can only be s used of ballistic targets?.

RAT said...

Thanks Prasun for providing all the PDFs for evolution theory do you have any URLs or PDFs for souls i.e. energy form that is driving the body till it dies or gets exausted. Please do provide the URLs or PDFs thank you once again.

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Prasun Da,

I still do not understand how people can expect others to solve the problem of Nation. "NaMo" in my judgement may be a leader with a capacity to lead nation at 40% where in previous once except Shastri at "47 %" , Vajpai "50 %" and PVN "55%"
for PM The rest were just junk.

He can not wave a magic wand to clean cheap mentalities in general. Just see how he is asking Krishna Basin related revelations to be held back. I think he is also thinking that BJP should hold office for next 10 years .

I am not sure if it is right or wrong but I do not see any alternative right now.

birbal said...

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

"NaMo" in my judgement may be a leader with a capacity to lead nation at 40% where in previous once except SHASTRI at "47 %" , Vajpai "50 %" and PVN "55%"

How come did you ARRIVE at those pecentages my friend!!??
Let me think!! umm..AHA..I think i GOT's there in your NAME,
Technology, Photograpy and Travel EXCEPT that in place of Photograpy it should have been would then have made SENSE,
Technology, Travel and Psychology ....

By the way would you mind giving me one of your Technology, The TIME MACHINE...
I would love to meet our Ex PM Late Mr Shastri, he was a gentleman...

Sumanta said...

Technology, Photograpy and Travel , I completely agree .

Siddharth said...

Prasun da,

Seems another analysis of yours comes true. Bco'z of DRDO foolishness (or stubbornness) four scorpene submarine not equipped with AIP systems. Last two also seems to go without AIP until the authority come with a logical thinking.

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

@birbal ::
LOL , Shastri in my view failed to capitalize on on the pakistan war, and failed partially to deliver on "Jai Kisan" , Had he lived on for some more time i think he would have surpassed PVN in my view.

PVN was a PM with in a week coliation but deliverd on many fronts and tried to keep india afloat, as of MODI i think he would need some more maturity i believe, i do not hold any grudge he does his work but he has to kick jailtey out of the FM portifolio i believe.

Anonymous said...

Dear Arpit Kanodia,

Thanks for your reply.

Few years back Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told the world that Turks reached America First. But many archaeologist and historians denied. Please see one of the articles below who reached America first & what they did.

In your reply you said Tamilnadu was formed on 1956 & questioning civilization started after 1956? By this answer I come to a decision that you are just born child without knowing the history. The above articles are not written by any Indians.

To get knowledge about Indus Script Please Go through

S.Senthil Kumar

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

I am partially satisfied with your answer because you try to find the truth. From your answer I come to know that you know things better about what is sangam, tamil literature & Kumari kandam, Sumerian etc.

I am talking about civilization which is past 5000 to 10000 year old based on archaeological & literature evidence which we have. Beyond it I never claim anything.

About Vimanas

I don’t want to deviate the forum by any means.

S.Senthil Kumar

birbal said...

@ Technology, Photograpy and Travel

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Shastri in my view failed to capitalize on on the pakistan war, and failed partially to deliver on "Jai Kisan" , Had he lived on for some more time i think he would have surpassed PVN in my view.

PVN was a PM with in a week coliation but deliverd on many fronts and tried to keep india afloat, as of MODI i think he would need some more maturity i believe, i do not hold any grudge he does his work but he has to kick Jailtey out of the FM portifolio i believe.

To be honest i don't have too much information on the WORKS of these PMs, BUT i think you have VALID points in your VIEW...I think Prasunda can SHED more LIGHT into it.....Have a NICE time bro..

Anonymous said...

Thanx Prasun for bursting the senthil's bubble. but he still need another strong dose of logic.

G said...

Where does Timesnow Get these people on the Show? Sad to see Admirals pitted against each other and give conflicting answers to whether a replenishment ship is a warship or not and NOT a single person asked to whether the other ships uses the same steel or not :(. Still this news is forgotten from both Timesnow and IndiaToday

Q: Seeing Reports from Pak newspapers that Turkey is been awarded a new contract to upgrade PAF F16, BUT no International press has taken this.. So is it True or just false reporting?

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Anonymous, The videos in the channel that Senthil Kumar provided are highly brainwashing things. And anybody get brainwashed with this.

But my problem is that, even after believing in ETs, people like Senthil Kumar still believe in Shiva the God, in benevolent sky friends, protector above us.

I am amazed how a person believe in ET and god at a same time, and using those ET theories and Kumari Kandam is justifying superiority of Tamils and Shiva the God. And start to believe that world find salvation if world accept Tamil culture and language, but such idiocies always create a mist and those people unable to ask some basic questions that burst there bubble even further.

Why our cousins seeded us on earth? What was the motive? What was the profit to them from this? Are we just slaves? And why they left suddenly?

But more importantly why they still chooses to built bases on Moon and Mars to keep eye on earth?

Are they feeling threatened after the Roswell incident? BTW, studies on Roswell concluded that the Greys (from Roswell) are engineered one, same like us, and only purpose of creating them was slavery.

Why the structure HUMANOID common in Milky Way? Why not ETs in Cockroaches form or Lizard or Octopus?

What is the relation of humanoid with intelligence?

Why the ET Genetically limited the intelligence of humans? BTW, in this task they failed miserably. We never have to know about A-bomb, Electro-Gravitics, Negative Energy aka Zero Point Energy, Entanglement etc etc.

Are we the Phase 1 of Experiment of slaves, in which they failed. And Greys as Phase 2 of Experiment, in which they succeeded?

buddha said... in some previous year's post
the link u provided was not in youtube
can u kindly provide anyother site where this link can be found

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BUDDHA: They are here:


Ancient Tamil Structures:

Underwater Temple in Mauritius

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Bengaluru-based NEWS-9 documentary on HAL’s LCA production facilities:

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

(1) It seems Cochin Shipyard has chosen the US to develop the next nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Can you please provide some insight as to what kind of assistance the US will provide? For example designing the nuclear reactor etc..

(2) During this years DefExpo you had uploaded a picture of the DRDO developed MR-SAM. Is there a need for MR-SAM given the fact that Akash-MK1 and Spyder already exists?

Thank You,


Anonymous said...

Dear Arpit Kanodia,

"But my problem is that, even after believing in ETs, people like Senthil Kumar still believe in Shiva the God, in benevolent sky friends, protector above us."

My friend you are talking about ET. But you have any proof to show to the world to believe it. Ok take the case of Siva. Worshiping Siva is happening since 5000 to 10000 years. All Tamil sangam literature date back to 3000 years are praising SIVA. 90% of temple in South India is Siva Temple. Actually Saivam or Saivism is the siva's religion followed throughout the accident world, later hijacked by Buddhism, Jainism & vainavism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Even in Indus Valley script there are more reference about SHIVA and Murugan.

"But more importantly why they still chooses to built bases on Moon and Mars to keep eye on earth?

Do you have proof some spices are living in Moon & Mars. Show to the world. Then I will be your follower.

OK for theory sake, if we believe in ET, aliens, Milky way, Cosmos, supertious things etc how are you going to find it out and show to the world. Only proof today we have is God "SHIVA". We humans have to start doing research about Shiva. From there only we can try to find out cosmos, aliens, ET etc.

I never said anywhere world should accept Tamil & its culture only.

S.Senthil Kumar

Kaustav said...

S.S.K. why torpedo yourself...referring to above statement

Arpit Kanodia said...

Seriously Senthil you are now a declared moron.

Without doing a proper research on internet about ET and UFO phenomenon (which are all open source material now from Apollo 20 to Project Blue Book to MAJIC 12), and brainwashed by the so called Shiva the God.

And seriously I am not going to spoon feed especially you, who think something like Shiva the GOD and superiority of Tamils.

But I can give you something for a start,

Those people were ready to testify under oath.

Arpit Kanodia said...

BTW, even after PKS provided so much data about UFO phenomenon and ET since 2012.

But if you chosen to ignore those official project reports (like of UK and even chilean report) and unable to grasp those data, then how you believe in me?

Now go to shiva temple, and wish enlightenment from him.

Now good bye, no need to reply to me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

I strongly believe in your knowledge and the way you analysis the thing.

But some people in this forum are not ready to accept some hot truth and start giving title like moron.

"Without doing a proper research on internet about ET and UFO phenomenon (which are all open source material now from Apollo 20 to Project Blue Book to MAJIC 12), and brainwashed by the so called Shiva the God. "

Some people are referring materials like Apollo 20. Ok Before seeing Apollo 20 let us watch the hard truth about Apollo 11. The Fake MOON landing.

I strongly believe Apollo 11 and moon landing is 100% fake. Before going to Apollo 20 let our friends see the truth about Apollo 11 and come to some conclusion.

S.Senthil Kumar

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Senthil Kumar

My eyes are opened, I totally accepted the truth.

Shiva created the Universe, and not only earth is center to universe, but Tamil Nadu is center of Universe and all things rotate around Tamil Nadu. And obviously Tamils are superior beings indeed.

Now go fuck yourself.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: Confusion & obfuscation will always arise when one starts interpreting ancient events & issues through 21st century optics. This is where terms like 'Indus Script' & 'Tamil language' spring up, when archaeological evidence points towards something entirely different. For starters, in the BC era when Alexander came to India, he discovered that there was no written script at all, but correspondence & instructions were all based on symbology, just as was the case in Mesopotamia under the Sumerians. This was known in India as the Brahmi Script & it was in usage in both northern & southern India. This has nothing to do with the Devanagari Script from which Sanskrit is derived. Nor is there any clinching evidence to indicate the exact dates of origin of the Brahmi & Devanagari scripts, leave alone Tamil or Sanskrit. It is all explained here:

As for Shiva, here again the essence of the Dharma Code (oversimplified today by many as being Hinduism) gets severely diluted because now the debate shifts directly towards sects, i.e. followers of Vishnu & followers of Shiva. To me this is an uncalled for over-simplification that serves no meaningful purpose.

Lastly, as for Apollo-11, consider this fundamental contradiction: if that mission was a total hoax, don't you think the Soviets would have called the US bluff & exposed it as a lie, just so that the USSR could win in the game of oneupmanship at the height of the Cold War? Why did the USSR then keep quiet & accept the validity of the Apollo-11 mission?

To ARPIT KANODIA: O yaar just relax & chill out...don't let SSK increase your BP-levels. Let's stick to more Earthly matters/issues in this thread & focus on the subject of aircraft platforms using exotic technologies. There's a lot more to be uploaded by me in the coming hours/days.

Arpit Kanodia said...

PKS Sir,

Sorry for my bad mouth, seriously my BP got high. :P

@ Senthil Kumar
If Apollo program is fake, then why in this documentary which was censored in USSR & USA too(which resurfaced recently), they were bragging about Joint Soviet American Apollo program?

This was released some 2 years ago on youtube, and now there is no sign of this documentary. This was removed from youtube over copyrights infringement.

This was the original link

Arun said...

What surprises me is Senthil S Kumar's main source of information seems to be Facebook and Youtube

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, belly is hurting

Varun said...

Bad news for India. Pakistan may procure HQ-9 LRSAM from China

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VARUN: LoLz! The FD-2000 LR-SAM was never proposed because Russia put the brakes on it (since it was a direct clone of the Russian S-300PMU) & only then did Russia agree to export the Su-35 to Russia! That's precisely why the FD-2000 offer to Turkey was also withdrawn by CPMIEC. As I had written 2 years ago, it is the 70km-range LY-80E MR-SAM from ALIT that's on offer to replace the Raytheon MIM-23B I-Hawk Batteries. The LY-80E has already been exported to Iran, where it is called Sayyad-2. In both cases, CASIC is the prime contractor. CPMIEC has so far supplied only the QW-1 MANPADS (Anza Mk.1), QW-2 (Anza Mk.2) & FM-90 SHORADS to Pakistan as replacements for the Crotales. It is now offering the QW-18 MANPADS to replace the QW-1s & QW-2s.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) That story is erroneous in content. Only 1 PWR of 190mWT will be used. 2) What is MR-SAM to the IAF is the LR-SAM for the IN. Both use the very same Barak-2 SAM. Here, do go through the MoD's annual report of 2015:

On Page 87: Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM): MRSAM having a range of 70km is a joint development programme of DRDO, IAF and IAI, Israel. During the year, Radar Cooling Unit (LRCU) AT Unit 103 was delivered in Israel and integrated with Long Range Detection and Tracking Radar (LB-MF-STAR). Acceptance testing (AT) of Identification Friend or Foe (IFF - 3rd unit) was completed and the equipment was successfully integrated in Israel. The missile system is expected to be ready for flight trials in 2016.

Compared to Barak-2, Akash-1 is more expensive & problematic to use, since the latter is not cannister-encased when deployed.

And once you go to page 91, you will see a photo captioned Varunastra, when what is actually shown is a Swedish HWT being fired from a Swedish FAC-M!

To G: That's happening because all these retired officers are not at all well-versed in latest developments, & do not bother to read! Then on being called by TIMESNow, they are already told in advance what line of argument to take. It's all choreographed in advance. And since these retired officials want to remain in the limelight, they have no choice but to comply & therefore every 2nd sentence of theirs referring to the programme anchor is: you're absolutely right.

Here's all you want to know about the DMR family of steel:

DMR-249A is a low carbon micro-alloyed high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel, which is far superior grade compared to the numerous grades which have been in use for naval applications like construction of warships. Till recently, even for indigenously built ships, most of the structural steel used was imported. DMR 249A, a low carbon micro alloyed steel, was developed for ship building applications by Indian Navy at Steel Melting Shop (SMS) II, BSL. DMR 249A grade was having specified hydrogen content of <2 ppm in final product. In absence of any degassing unit at BSL, making of DMR 249A steel was a challenging task. The hydrogen content of steel was controlled through restriction of hydrogen in input raw materials, control in degree of deoxidation during tapping, slag basicity at LF, argon rinsing regime and controlled cooling of slabs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

What's your view on this. Does this means finally IAF is in support of the LCA in its current version. I understand that LCA mk1A is the version IAF is looking for but still a Force chief flies in a new aircraft should mean something.

Also @Arpit Kanodia and @Senthil, Can you both please keep religion out of this. Arpit you don't (want to) believe in Shiv that's fine but others believe and your reference may offend somebody in this case me. @Senthil, Could you focus on defence and science instead of religion. I hope you both understand, and anyways I think Prasun has settled the debate between you guys.


PS: By MK1A I mean upgrade LCA even if its not an official designation

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

IAF’s CAS Flies on LCA:



To AMOL: The IAF's CAS should have flown on the LCA way back in the previous decade itself when the PV-series were rolled off! But merely by flying as a passenger on the rear-seat does not mean the aircraft is ready for service-induction, since the ADA has really messed-up on its design by underestimating its power-to-weight reqmts & has also not lengthened the fuselage by 1 metre, all of which could have been done during construction of the PV-series aircraft. Instead, the definitive design was not frozen even for the LSP-series aircraft! And now that ADA has had more than its fare share of fun at the Indian taxpayer's expense, now it has surrendered everything to HAL. But at this stage, how much HAL succeeds in reducing the LCA's airframe weight in the Mk.1 variant remains to be seen, for I would go as far as to state that what it hopes to achieve is not in the realm of possibility as the laws of physics will have to be violated. The only hope therefore is to do some tinkering with the LCA (Navy) Mk.1 variant, where some internal volume is available for installation of internal EW suite, without which the LCA will be a dead-duck when facing its adversary. The only realistic alternative, therefore, is a redesigned LCA as the Mk.2 version that will feature a stretched fuselage (for accommodating actuated refuelling probe, EW suite & self-protection suite), greater wing-area & the more powerful GE F414INS6 turbofan. And of course the EL/M-2052 AESA-MMR. At best, if this timke everything is entrusted to HAL, then one can expect prototype development to last from 2019 till 2022.

Sudipto said...

Sir, in the previous video about lca assembling unit u shared, the hal spokesperson refers the initial batch as SOP 2014 but he insists using the term LCA Mark!A for next lot.... he do talk about some specific upgrades but donot mention if it is being derieved from LCA Navy Mark1 .... Just wanted to know how far development and integration work has progressed since it is destined to roll ou from 2018 hardly 20 months left..and is it based on LCAMk 1 or LCA Navy MK1 ... regards

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Prasun Da,

Can Hamsa Light Aircraft made into a study plane for Autonomous Planes ? Please answer after you post all the Exotic Airplanes and Space crafts related info.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

I am surprised to hear from you that Apollo Moon landing is true. In Year 2000 French scientist planned for moon landing. After several studies about Apollo mission French exposed to the world that moon landing is fake. After year 2000 I started to collect/see/verify serval evidence from science magazine, videos, internet and I am 100% convinced that moon landing is Hoax.

NASA told from 1969 to 1972 six times they landed in the moon. Even they show the picture with one small car they are driving in the moon.

Please note 1961 Russia claimed first man went to space. Immediately President Kennedy told to the world within 10 years we will land in moon. At 1969 they told we landed in the moon.

At that time soviet raised several questions. No answer. None of the American astronaut is allowed to go outside USA and never allowed to talk to media person. CIA Killed number of person related to the program. It is bad and in-convenient truth about US moon landing.

If that is the case, why when India launched unmanned chandrayan, at that time only NASA is able to confirm the water source in Moon why not before physically when they are there.

Russian scientist told to the world there is no technology available today for the humans to cross the Van Allen radiation belt.

To ARPIT KANODIA: Don’t get emotional when you are discussing facts. When you are emotional you are losing the war.

S.Senthil Kumar

Gopu said...

The entire LCA program has been surrendered from ADA to HAL? How and when did this happen. Or is HAL implementing engineering/manufacturing optimizations on ADA's LCA mk1 (not mk1 Navy) design since ADA's current design was created from a purely theoretical perspective.

What are your takes on HAL's production facility? Even with the outsourcing of sub-assemblies, I doubt that HAL can churn out LCAs fast enough (15+/year) since even basic machining is done by hand on a low man-hours facility (no extra shifts). All of HAL's current capabilities seem oriented towards low-rate production. I'm hoping they will increase automation and streamline the manufacturing process later down, but I doubt all of this will suddenly appear from nowhere.

Anyways, if ADA has truly thrown their hands up then ADA will have more 'fun' time to spend with their super high-tech AMCA. It might be so high-tech that their fancy 3-D renderings never end up off the ground!

G said...

The youtube link for the LCH

Saw at least 4 ALH Rudra for the IAF and 3 for the IA

Also @ Senthil

There has been 1000+ missions to the moon ie probes sent some of them with High resolution cameras from Europe, Japan, China, Russia and includes india!!! Since 1958 to present

Don't you think one of them would call NASA's bluff????

Also , Most Apollo Astronauts got Parades and pretty much treated as celebrities. So where does not talking to the press come in?

Anonymous said...

Dear G,

Thanks for your response.

In One video I saw a person with Bible is asking Aldrin to promise in the bible that he went to Moon. What happend now.....
Aldrin slapped the person. WHY?.......

Please see the official video of 25th aniversary clebration in White House during Cliton Era. Please watch what Amstrong is telling. He is litterally crying.

During 1950s there is a hollywood movie in moon landing. They use the same technique and setup in the Studio.

To the whole world only video is shown nothing more than that.

More persons involved in that program are killed by CIA. So many are scared to talk this topic.

I saw another video which shown the person who made the camera which they took to moon is laughing in interview with british media.

Please do some research before coming to conclusion. Morethan 10 years I done so much of investigation by watching/reeding and come to conclusion that it is a Hoax.

After 1972 why no more moon landing. Please ask NASA to explain. Is it money problem...The whole world is ready to share the budget or chinese premier can give his pocket money.

Now they are talking they are going to Mars. Funny things.

Recently NASA told officially almost all the records of moon landing are accientaly. what a great.

I am not against anybody or organization. Do one thing. Go to You tube. Please type Chinese fake space walking. You will come to know more. Space exploaion is countries fake prestige.

S.Senthil Kumar

aniz said...

dear prasun,

what is the status of helina missile . is the same missile shown in lch video above. can it carry 2 missile each pylons or 4 like hellfire. is the helicopter ready for induction.

what is the status of mciws or excalibur 2.

is arjun mk2 gonna be inducted.

are we good in seeker technology?

thank you in advance for your views


G said...

@ Senthnil

U are basing your evidence on Aldrin slapping someone?? and Armstrong crying?

U haven't answered my Q The other Space programs such as ISRO has sent probes - WHY no one called their bluff??


Anonymous said...

Dear G,

Please listen to me. Why NASA wants to show many recently taken Photos and try to prove that they went to moon.

OK. Moon Landing is happened on 1969 to 1972. Almost after 40 years, do you think that all the tracks and foot path, equipment will be there without any dust settlement or storm or any geological changes.

And what is the size of the moon. How they are able to pinpoint the location now. Do they have any GPS like data to show to the world.

You know to add one scientific instrument how much efforts need to design the rocket. They went with one jeep and travelled there. To have a small jeep at least .5 to 1 tons you know what should be the size of the rocket.

There are N number of probes went to moon. But all are without Human. Why Chandrayan is not a bluff. Whole world media and the entire scientist in the world watched.

I am so much enthusiastic in space exploration. After verifying so much of facts then only I start to believe it is a hoax.

Officially No Country to going to tell another country your space exploration is hoax. It is diplomacy. This will come indirectly through media and through some scientist.

To divert the Vietnam war, this is the work of Ricard Nixon.

S.Senthil Kumar

youngbengal said...

That moon landing was a good video that shows
1) Stars and strips was waving though there were no breeze in moon( I suppose)!
2) Not even a single Star is visible in clear night sky!
3) No burnt clay beneath the shuttle that landed on moon!

youngbengal said...

Prasunda if you know plz tell me who christened the CQB wpn made by SAF as Anamika? It seems someday they will name grenades as Rosgulla or FAE bomb as Gubbara and so on!!! (':')omg

G said...

@ Senthil

U say r u have done research on space? , pal then u need to redo it all.


The Moon is a dead planet yes or no? absolutely no atmosphere yes or no? so where is the question of storms of dust settlements? or geological changes?

If there storms and all don't u think, some one will have proof of this from earth??

The Jeep on the moon is not a actually Jeep. U have any idea to why a normal sedan car weight 0.5 to 1 ton? ... The reason being because of the equipment from AC to cooling system to chassis to motors for the windshield to the seats , to the safety equipment to dashboard and many many items in your car. Heck the Tata nano is 650+ Kgs

If you strip all of this to just the engine one seat and no body, u can get lest than .5 kgs. In the case of the MOON ROVER (that is what it is called). there is no engine, but an electrical motor and battery + what u see on it + it was all assembled on the moon

The Cold war was over in 1990 , and still there are good no. of probes sent. diplomacy really? IS there any proof from chinese, or japenese or Indians or europeans scientist (yes from all of them) supporting your claim?

पीYयूSH दास said...

@S.Senthil Kumar
Most of the time your posts are good & sane, but only SHIVA knows what the hell you're talking since last week !!!

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong placed a 100 mirror reflector on moon surface, which even today reflects laser beams back to earth. These reflectors are surrounded by the footprints.
Chandrayan, Chang'e 2, SELENE lunar probe all have confirmed moon landings in one way or another.
You say that no country will reveal that moon landings hoax ! Really ! USSR lost cold war due to US moon landings.
Even Putin's kids probably learn in school that moon landings were real. Do you think this happening b'coz of diplomacy ?!!

Chandrayan2 will prove it again...

Do you believe in flat earth also ?

I have a better conspiracy theory for you, EVEN MOON IS NOT REAL !!!


पीYयूSH दास said...

@prasun sir,
With all due respect, why do you believe in aliens. I mean maybe we are not alone, and there maybe(must be) other lifeforms out there, which can be intelligent species or as simple as microorganisms.
But what you seem to believe is some sort of CREEPY alien theory, about UFO & dark side of moon etc...
Sir, Do you believe in alien theory for a reason or is it just a fantasy you wish, were true.?

पीYयूSH दास said...

@S.Senthil Kumar
Can you plz tell that what is your fundamental reason for not believing in moon landings ?

You think it never happened or you think it is not even possible ?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIYUSH DAS: It's not about believing that's just based on any assumption. Rather, it is all about knowing after seeing the factual evidence. If someone wants tp PROVE that nothing exists on the dark side of the moon, then all he/she has to do is provide photos/images of that side of the moon. Simple, isn't it? But you should know what folks in general speculate about me knowing far in advance about future developments. Here's one example:

Trishul, which specializes in Defence sector, is a very reputed blog in arms dealing and other defence procurements. This Blog knew 16 months ahead of time that Agusta is getting the deal. Were these guys doing the ground work for Agusta by singing its praises?


They were referring to this:

So (LoLz!), you can now see how assumption always ends up being the mother of all fuck-ups. These folks never contacted me in any manner, but just ASSUMED that I was in touch with Christian Michel & that I was lobbying for him! On top of that, these desi journalists aren't even aware of the existence of this blog! Yeh to hai haal inn desi patrakaron ka.

Bottomline: never believe in theories until they're backed up by corroborative material evidence that can be explained through logical reasoning. Therefore, if S SENTHIL KUMAR has proof that the Apollo 11 mission was a hoax, then he should back up bis claims with clinching proof, like an official statement issued by any country or even the UN in which it is clearly stated that man has so far been unable to step on the Moon's surface.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To YOUNGBENGAL: Of course the flag will wave, because there's gravity on the Moon too. But since there's no wind, the flag wasn't constantly fluttering. When photographing anything that's illuminated by a flashlight, one cannot see anything except the immediate subjects to be photographed since the Moon has no other light-source of its own. Had the flashlight had a range of a few light-years, then its light-rays would have bounced off the stars & be reflected back into the camera lens & also into the human eye. Kindly refer to the laws of physics for understanding how light travels & how it is propagated & how they're all interpreted by us humans when they reach our eyes.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANIZ: The HELINA is still under development. What was shown on the LCH video wasn't the definitive HELINA, whose design was first shown at DEFEXPO 2016 with a new rocket nozzle, since the 4 thrusters of the Nag tend to cause damage to the windscreens of both the Rudra & LCH (as I had pointed out 3 years ago!). If the LCH or Rudra is equipped with 4 MBDA-supplied Mistral ATAMs (two on each side) for self-protection, then there will be space available for carrying only 8 HELINAs in two quad-packs.

To GOPU: There's ZERO possibility of modifying the existing Tejas Mk.1 airframe in search of internal volumes that are reqd for the new fitments specified by the IAF (like EW/self-protection suite, IFR probe & AESA-MMR). Only option therefore is to come up with an all-new-design Tejas Mk.2 airframe. Even on the LCA (Navy) Mk.1, there's minimal internal volume for the new add-on avionics. The only saving grace are the LEVCONs, due to which the AoA & sustained turning radii performance parameters of the IAF's QRs can be met. As for the final-assembly facilities, there will be more automation once the sub-structures are sub-contracted out for fabrication. So all the rivetting work will be done at other workshops.

G said...

@ Senthil

No Talk and links pls.

Give proof

+ u haven't countered my reply

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Senthil Kumar
You want proofs why Armstrong was crying? Here it is?

BTW, first 2 missions means astronauts of Apollo 11 and 12 were highly religious. After that, NASA decided to only send who are non believers in god and other means atheist.

But dont take this as some hard facts, they are also predicting things.

Arpit Kanodia said...

Senthil Kumar, what are you eating these days? Even after doing 10 years of research you dont know some simple facts?

There is no air on moon that settle the dust. Further there is no geographical changes.

You are confusing Mars with Moon.

Further for photographic evidences why one country need GPS? Are you drunk?
First spy sat by US launched in 1959, followed by Corona program. And those program busted the USSR bluff about number of Ballistic Missile and bombers.

In 1962, without GPS, U2 clicked the photographic evidences about deployments of Ballistic missiles in Cuba. How they done this without GPS?

Even Gary Powers not used GPS.

You talking like Earthlings only dependent on GPS for navigation, you know navigation can also be done by starts and quasars in Space, and even navigation by quasars used in Ballistic missiles.

If you controlling a recce sat on moon, you only need to know closest crater to Apollo landings, and you find the concrete evidence.

Arpit Kanodia said...

Sorry, I meant to say Pulsars, not Quasars. Pulsar can be used navigation for there distinct pulse.

And with the help of 3 pulsars, you know where you are in space.

DAshu said...

once that useless CBI and ED comes to you for questioning how come you knew before 16 months about the deal . plz plz plz teach them how to approach to solve any issue .I guess whole nation would be grateful to you for that. If they still cannot fathom then use one stick. :) :) lolzzz

Arpit Kanodia said...

BTW, if this is about concrete evidences, you find thousands of documents and testimonies from high ranking officials even ready to testify under oath.

From high ranking I mean employees from Department of Defence, Skunk Works, Phantom Works, US Army, USAF, Area 51 etc etc.

How so many high ranking people saying same thing?

And why not a single person testified that Apollo mission was hoax?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DASHU: LoLz! VMT, but I did have informal conversations with fairly senior & in-service, totally professional CBI & ED officials (old friends of mine) about this issue way back in early 2013 during which I explained, through the laws of physics how & why the 3-engined AW-101 easily out-performs any other twin-engined helicopter (this was also proven in 2007 in the US when the AW-101 out=performed the S-92). In other words, there’s simply no competition. I also explained in layman’s terms how the National Nuclear Command Authority (NNCA) would function in wartime & what are some of the unique operating protocols, such as the need for these VVIP helicopters & those AW-101s carrying proximate security personnel of the SPG to be pre-positioned in pre-determined locations by being transported on-board strategic airlifters like the C-17A Globemaster. That was one of the main reasons why the IAF wanted the wide-bodied C-17A & nothing else, so that the AW-101s with their disassembled main rotor blades could easily be inserted & slid-out of the C-17A’s cargo compartment. All this was news to the CBI & ED officials, since they knew ZILCH about NNCA operating protocols. If they now want to know more about all this, they can always obtain the reqd data from the NSA’s office, since he exercises total control over all matters related to strategic weapons & nuclear WMDs—a practice that’s been in place since 2002.

More recently, you would also have noticed that when it came to airlifting the Mi-25s to Afghanistan, this job was done by the C-17As, & not IL-76MDs.

पीYयूSH दास said...

Desi journalism at its peak...!

So you are saying that
'you don't believe that there are alien artefacts on dark side of moon, but you don't deny that either. B'coz neither theories can prove their if any theory has to be proved or debunked it should be backed by empirical/scientific evidence which can serve to either support or counter the theory/hypothesis.'

Fair enough...

Actually issue arise b'coz most people(like me) accept some theories as axiomatic. To back our assumptions we often use words as OBVIOUS or COMMON-SENSE etc...

But sir in the first place conspiracy theories arise b'coz some people(like you) who have high intellect & are perspicuous , begin somewhat endorsing(or at least don't deny) these theories. Then some naive people gulp down these theories & start believing them with Absolute certainty...

I Think After giving your take on controversial topics you should put an asterisk Mark saying, 'TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLIED'


Arpit Kanodia said...

@Piyush Das

When the whole universe crying about Anti Gravity, Negative Pressure and Negative Energy.
And when the whole nature telling us, you homo sapiens were wrong about the conservation of energy and Laws of Thermodynamics.

And we are in this situation when we found Dark Energy in last decade, but building the products based on this since 1980.

In this situation only OBVIOUS and COMMON-SENSE will prevail. LoL.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIYUSH DAS: You had stated: "But sir in the first place conspiracy theories arise b'coz some people (like you) who have high intellect & are perspicuous, begin somewhat endorsing (or at least don't deny) these theories. Then some naive people gulp down these theories & start believing them with Absolute certainty."

Mention of the existence of intelligent life beyond Earth has been chronicled in the Mahabharata itself. So does it mean that the entire epic is bullshit or a grand collection of conspiracy theories? Or do we want to be selective for hiding our own psychological deficiencies by picking & choosing from the Mahabharata all that we are comfortable with, & discarding the rest as mumbo-jumbo?

What you're implying, in other words, is that while it is perfectly acceptable for women clad from head-to-toe in a Burqa withdrawing cash from a Bank's counter, while a man wearing a face-mask can't do so & will always be suspected of being a robber intent on carrying out a bank heist.

Kindly read the book on the Sumerians whose weblink I had posted earlier above & you will realise that the inscriptions on the Sumerian tablets have been transcribed through scientific means & are by no means theoretical assumptions. Only then can one choose the path where the evidence leads us all to with absolute certainty.

Rajas M Rao said...


Apologies for an off-topic question: Does Cold-start doctrine exist? though army has always been saying that there is no cold-start doctrine, several sources of western media acknowledge the existence of this. Your clarification on this would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJAS M Rao: No such doctrine exists. In fact, since independence, there has never been any codified warfighting doctrine for any of the 3 armed services. Instead, what prevails are various types of compartmentalised (meaning no joint warfare) 'pro-active strategies' that are routinely wargamed by each armed service & they are all based on the 'Higher Directions of War' directives that have been issued by the MoD from time to time, such as the directive to ensure warfighting on two fronts (north & west) based on coersive deterrence & dissuasive deterrence postures.



1. Even after all these years, KILO class submarines are sent to Russia for refit. What are the skills that Indian shipyards need to develop to carry out such refits in India?

2. Why is DRDO referring to Barak-2 SAM as MRSAM, especially in expos? Shouldn't they call it Barak-2 instead of MRSAM?

Many Thanks.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: 1) The skills have already been developed & exist with HSL in Vizag. It is HSL that cannot ramp up the work capacity. And that's because the MoD's Dept of Defence Production & Supplies has been criminally negligent on this issue since 2004. I had explained it all in a previous thread in which it was shown how HSL entered into as deal with Rosoboronexport State Corp in 2004 to undertake the mid-life refit on SSKs starting with the INS Sindhukirti & how HSL took such a long time to master all the jobs reqd for undertaking such refits. It clearly shows how both the NDA-1 & UPA-1 govts were complicit in this act of criminal negligence.

2) Depends on what is being exhibited. The IAI booth will always show only one missile with the sticker LR-SAM/MR-SAM. BDL will do the same. L & T'[s booth will exhibit both the Barak-2's version for the IAF & therefore it will be known as MR-SAM, while the very same missile in its ship-launched configuration will be known as LR-SAM. That's because the IAF & IN have different definitions of what constitutes MR-SAM & what constitutes LR-SAM, when in reality it is the same, identical missile that's being referred to. The version of the Barak-2 with an additional booster section will become the IAF's LR-SAM. The IN as yet has not expressed any need for such a missile.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIYUSH DAS: Now watch these pathetic caricatures from the RSS & BJP making a fool of themselves regarding road-renaming:

For those who don't know (that includes Ret'd Gen V K Singh) Pratap was never a Maharana. He was only a Rana. And he never won any decisive victory against any of his non-Muslim adversaries. In fact, Rana Sanga was a far more tenacious warrior. But why do these RSS & BJP jokers have this inexplicable fascination with the likes of Rana Pratap? Why not spread the glory of those who had inflicted decisive defeats over their enemies, like Assam's Lachit Barphukan? Or the emperors of the Chola or Vijayanagara empires? Do these certifiable idiots from the Indo-Gangetic plain only derive their sense of history by only watching TV soap operas?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

ISRO's RLV-TD up, close & personal:

rad said...

hi prasun
You said that there is no space for the IFR probe and the aesa radar in the present configuration of the lca. There are pictures showing the IFR probe already mounted on the lca and no one ie HAL has said that the AESA cannot be fitted without a stretched fuselage .?
Again the fat journo from ndtv seems to have accessed entry into isro assembly line to peek at he rvltd. The fool also covers the vehicle using his fat body to shield the RLVTD. Some one in isro should have sense not to let him inside and film the internals of the vehicle leave alone the vehicle itself. THe US and other countries seem to suspect india trying to make a gliding maneuverable nuke delivery system like they and china have done. Can it reconfigured for that role ?.

पीYयूSH दास said...

Looking at pathetic condition of indian politicians & their grave dearth of knowledge shakes my faith in the institution of democracy...

Surely democracy is good for a literate & prosperous society, where people can choose best person among them to lead. But here in India people give/ask vote for laptops, Wi-Fi, mangalsutra, reservation, TV, or worse- on caste or religious basis.

If you can use above mentioned tools effectively then you can become a very popular leader in India. It doesn't matter whether you know anything about Chola or Vijayanagara empires or whether you even know difference b/w rana pratap & rana sanga...

RAT said...

Hi Prasun,

Thanks for the ISRO's RLV-TD video regarding the MISTRAL ATAM as per their webpage "Integration onto India’s HAL Rudra helicopter is underway" it is only the negotiations part or actual technical analysis? Please reply.

G said...

@ Senthil

U still haven't counter my points.

Still haven't given any proof from any other scientist - any your answer is for us to google and paid journalism?? ... for how long??

U yourself know (hopefully) the moon is pretty a large place.. all landings were just a fraction of the area covered

Last - U r just trolling here !... u r seeking attention , maybe not many hugs in real life

Arpit Kanodia said...

Senthil Kumar now 9/11 is a hoax, what next 26/11 was also hoax? Even Mangalyaan is hoax as there is no GPS in space and on Mars. LMAO.

See, I am tired of your shit. A person who done 10 years of research in this subject dont know Moon have no air? Or dont have enough energy in Moon's core for large scale geographical changes? And for navigation one need GPS?

And justifying because 9/11 was hoax so was Apollo?

Seriously, I am no more interested in presenting facts to you.

@G Here Chinese state run newspaper saying they maybe found Apollo landing sites

Anonymous said...

Dear Arpit Kanodia and G,

Thank you guys to open my eyes after long discussion. Both Apollo 11 moon landing & 9/11 are “NOT HOAX”. Both are “TRUE” & “REAL FACTS”. I accept my defeat in the discussion. After this discussion I stopped going to Shiva Temple itself.

Can you do one small help. Please check with NASA and ask them Is there any plan to go to moon with humans and when? Because from 1969 to 72 six times they are able to travel with 12 Astronauts with old technology. World is very anxious to see human moon travel with new technology. World is waiting for so long time.

S.Senthil Kumar

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Middle east game is getting thicker.

S.senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: That’s a fixed IFR probe on a PV-series LCA & it’s non-functional and therefore it never flew. The one from Cobham will be an actuated system. Regarding additional fitments, it’s just not the AESA-MMR. Where is the space for the internal ASPJ & MAWS? Even the chaff/flare countermeasures dispenser was meant to be internally-mounted, but it remains conformally mounted. What’s the use of an AESA-MMR-equipped platform when it can’t even protect itself from AAMs? Therefore, let’s not jump to conclusions about HAL being able to deliver on every single parameter where ADA has failed WRT Tejas Mk.1 airframe. Instead, let’s wait for the design of the Tejas Mk.2’s airframe to emerge.

The first RLV-TD is just an unpowered, scaled-down TD that will make atmospheric re-entry with the help of telemetric signals transmitted from Earth by ISRO control centre. Therefore, the entire post-entry gliding phase will be controlled with the help of real-time 2-way data-links, i.e. it is not autonomous navigation. This is not the case with MIRVs, since MIRVs cannot be vectored to their targets through real-time data-link inputs. Therefore, one cannot compare the RLV-TD with a MIRV that has its own autonomous terminal guidance system. The 2 have totally different post-re-entry terminal guidance reqmts & techniques.

bhoutik said...

will the Duqm port in Oman play host to UK & US carriers in the future?

if so, is that a development for or against Indian interests?

does a logistics agreement with India in any way take away the importance of Omani access for US?

पीYयूSH दास said...

Sir, do you have any updates on rafale ?

Parrikar must understand, Saving money for nation is good thing but not at cost of national security !



1.Why has BRAHMOS failed to develop any version of the BRAHMOS missile(ship launched, air launched & land launched) that can hit a moving target ? I suspect they don't quite have the seeker technology but would like to hear from you.

2. Can you please shed some light on how much progress India's Ballistic Missile Defense system has made? In other words what are the technologies related to BMD that are yet to be developed?


Anonymous said...

Sir as I understand FD2000 has already been exported to a CA nation. Why not pakistan? if it is exported to pakistan, what impact will it have? On the web it says that they already have the hq16.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Have just uploaded the section dealing with the SR-75 Penetrator's PDWE-based propulsion system. Later, I will upload data & diagrams of the Northrop Grumman Switchblade manned morphing Mach 3 loiotering interdictor, the Star Raker & Black Star single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) aircraft, and on Saturday will upload the most interesting part of all--that dealing with the Flux Liner ARV & its down-to-earth physics.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: 1) Of course all those versions of BrahMos-1 can hit moving targets like warships. But would such a large missile be used against MBTs or even TELs housing MRBMs or ICBMs> Of course not, for that would be an overkill. Such moving targets are best engaged by standoff PGMs like the Spike 2000, provided early warning is provided by loitering ISTR platforms like SAR-equipped UAVs. 2) LoLz! Technologies for BMD have already been developed in the US, Russia & Europe since the 1970s. There's nothing left for India to research on or develop. The DRDO just needs to master the technologies & devise their production-engineering solutions.

To PIYUSH DAS: Those type of updates will have to come from only the Union MoF. The MoD can't do anything unless the money (ROKRA in Gujarati) is released.

To BHOUTIK: Why & how should India's national interests be adversely affected if some Western power secures access to logistics facilities in Oman or Seychelles or Djibouti or Singapore or anywhere else? India on the other hand needs to sign the LEMOA, CISMOA & BECA agreements ASAP so that come 2018 when the shit hits the fan & a multinational coalition of the willing begins its air-campaign to take out the nuclear WMDs of Pakistan, non-IAF & non-IN aircraft of this coalition will be able to obtain emergency landing rights in case of any inflight technical failure or damage. For this to happen, the IAF's & IN's foreign coalition partners need to synchronise their air-to-ground comms & IFF operating protocols. Other SOPs have already been devised & put in place through various air exercises, such as EX RED FLAG, EX COPE INDIA, EX GARUDA, EX INDRA & EX INDRADHANUSH. Why else do you think the IAF & IN have spent tens of millions of dollars to date on taking part in such exercises? Only for show or for fun?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAT: Mistral ATAM systems integration was achieved on the Rudra in 2013 itself. Such work has also been completed on the LCH.

To G: The FD-2000 was exported way back in 2012 to Turkmenistan, followed by Uzbekistan. That;s all. From late 2014 onwards, new rules-of-the-game apply as I have explained above. China can't afford to anger Russia & thus a beggar can't become a chooser. PLA Navy's HQ-16 LR-SAM is the shipborne/naval version of the PLAAF-operated HQ-9/FD-2000 LR-SAM. HQ-16 is not the same as the LY-80 MR-SAM. Have you come across any brochure or poster from any Chinese OEM in which the designations HQ-9 or HQ-16 are contained? Is there any photo of an PN-operated warship that shows it armed with HQ-9 or HQ-16? Has the HQ-9 been paraded in any March 23 parade inside Pakistan? Have you ever seen any piece of OEM-sourced literature/posters on the LY-80 MR-SAM anywhere else except in this blog? All that should tell you enough on whom & what to believe.

Abhay Jain said...

prasun sir,

Why are such hue and cry being seen in pakistani media regarding AAD test? What new has happened this time? we have been testing this since 2004 but I never experienced such reaction till that day. Is there anything that I am missing?

What is the time frame of RLV completion and Do you think India need to develop technologies like falcon 9 or blue origin to be remain competitive in space launching market?

Your view on HTFE 25 and HTSE-1200 engine programs. When do you think they are going to be matured and are we going in the right direction or another blunder in the making?


abhay jain

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ABHAY JAIN: That's because Pakistan's first-strike doctrine is being blunted with every passing day & also the threat of their conventional strike capabilities with TBMs is now being steadily diminished. The AAD now can take care of the conventionally-armed Ghaznavi & Shaheen-1 TBMs to a large extent. Furthermore, precision-strike, air-launched standoff PGMs like BrahMos-NG & Spice-2000 for targetting TELs are entering service. In other words, Pakistan's first-strike nuclear WMDs can to a large dgreee be destroyed on the ground itself in a pre-emptive first-strike using only conventional weapons. This severely erodes Pakistan's srtategic nuclear deterrence posture. Lastly, back in February 1999 Pakistan had proposed to India as part of a strategic restraint regime proposal that both countries should avoid acquiring BMD capabilities. India rightly rejected this & had instead proposed that both countries agree not to target each other's nuclear command-and-control facilities/centres. This proposal was predictably rejected by Pakistan.

Regarding RLV-TD, India still has a long way to go & the first fully-functional RLV capable of transporting & deploying satellites in space will be available only a decade from now. Only the first few but crucial baby-steps are now being taken. Same goes for turbofan R & D as well. The direction being taken is right, since HAL & not the DRDO is in the driver's seat.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

No wonder the 'desi' presstitutes from INDIA TODAY & NDTV are harping about the Gripen:

These 'desi' presstitutes were obviously been invited to an all-expenses-paid junket now underway in Sweden.

Abhay Jain said...

thanks a lot sir for prompt replies

and for the LCH videos you posted earlier.

you are implying that AAD is ready to be deployed? if so its a wonderful news.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ABHAY JAIN: Deployment is still a few more years away. Because the definitive target engagement radar is still under development & it will be the very same GB-MF-STAR active phased-array radar that will also be used by the IAF's Barak-8 LR-SAMs.

To RAD: Regarding your earlier question about the Israelis kicking off a fuss about Iranian S-300Ps, you must take note of what I had earlier explained in a previous thread about how the IDF intended to destroy Iran's underground uranium enrichment facilities, i.e. the IDF-AF had planned for transporting special operations forces on board C-130s to the locations inside Iran & putting boots-on-the-ground for seizing & then destroying those facilities. Those C-130s could easily be engaged while they cruised at medium altitudes prior to entering Iranian airspace. Furthermore, the further away the radar, the greater the error-probability of the computational process of the ground-based radar. Thus, an MRCA-sized airborne target can be shown as being as much as 200 metres away from its actual location, & the S-300's on-board active seeker will consequently not be able to track the airborne target with accuracy. The problem can be resolved only if AESA-based Ka-band seekers are used by the LR-SAM. This is what is reportedly on the Barak-2, while the Ruskies are still a few years away from developing such seekers.

Gessler said...

Prasun ji, check out these new images of the RLV-TD being fitted out -

Test launch scheduled for May 23.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: VMT. The silica-based heat insulation coatings appear to be quite thin. The front-end (nose-section) appears to be using thicker ceramics-based composite structures. But what explains this Pallava Bagla's facination with the visiting 'thangachis'?

To BUDDHA: UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed:

Related documentation on the above found here:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: What happens when air forces of the world are instructed to shoot down UFOs:

Gessler said...

Thanks for the input, Prasun ji! I believe the apertures in the nose maybe some kind of Flush Air Data System (FADS)?;topic=25695.0;attach=542395;image

Also, enjoy this image of Pallava Bagla trying to find out if the heat-sensors in his hand are working optimally or not -

Gessler said...

birbal said...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

"India on the other hand needs to sign the LEMOA, CISMOA & BECA agreements ASAP so that come 2018 ....... EX RED FLAG, EX COPE INDIA, EX GARUDA, EX INDRA & EX INDRADHANUSH. Why else do you think the IAF & IN have spent tens of millions of dollars to date on taking part in such exercises? Only for show or for fun? "

A few days back i was going thru a coaching stuff..there he was telling us and motivating us to see the BIGGER PICTURE...i then realized he is much like Prasun K. Sengupta...after FOLLOWING this BLOG for years i realized, he almost always EXPLAINS things from the FUTURE point of view, the BIGGER PICTURE.... ALWAYS see the BIG PICTURE

We all know he likes to be the LONE WOLF..,BUT we all like him to HOLD post like the SCIENTIFIC ADVISOR to the PM or...TALENT well UTILIZED..What do you say guys??

rad said...

hi prasun
VMT for the explanation regarding the s-300 and lca . Regarding the Israeli mission to take out Iranian nukes, i think it is a one way suicide mission.The Iraninans will not let that happen as they know what the Israelis are capable of , more over all the nuke stuff are located deep underground with bomb shelter type of construction .How will they manage to enter that?.THe Israelis are capable of neutralizing the s-300 by many means and if any one can do it ,it is them.
I really wonder why isro should let presstittutes like the fatty, access to top secret isro assembly line even before the launch?. Is he the only capable one?.
you said the aad is enough to handle short range missiles , you had previously said that they were not capable missiles.

Anonymous said...

I did not realise that Russia had a hold over China and China was not allowed to sell FD2000 system to pak. Was it this system that competed for the Turkish long-range SAM competition againist Russian system and actually won? Do you think there is a likelyhood of pakistan approaching russia for s-300?


Arpit Kanodia said...


Maybe Sartaz Aziz's intelligence hit to bottom, why and how UN declare Indian Ocean as Nuclear Free Zone?

If my memory is right, there are no binding treaties that declare IOR as nuclear free, even if UN declare it as nuclear free.

Anonymous said...

Israel sending commando's to IRAN to go into their TUNNELS and India/west DE-NUKING Pakistan. All of these will come TRUE when the ALIENS decide to JOIN iaf. Until then the de-nuking DATE will keeping moving INTO the FUTURE.

I think pakistanis PLAYED the world. They GAVE the world THREE problems. Libya, Iran and North Korea by giving them NUKE technology. Libya played like a child and got eaten. The other TWO are in it for the long term. UNTIL the world tackles these TWO, land of the pure is SAFE. In the meantime the CHEEKY buggers are using this time to MULTIPLY their arsenal and MINIATURIZE it. Develop SYSTEMS with much greater RANGE. we NEED aliens on our SIDE to de-nuke them.


Arpit Kanodia said...

What do you think why such events of targeting nukes only happened in 60s and 70s, and why such events stopped after 80s?

Because US successfully deployed Strategic Defence Initiative? Or as Colonel Corso said the real name was Space Defence Initiative, and thats why it nicknamed as Star Wars?

Anonymous said...

In the US arms report on China, there is a suggestion that a joint production of LY-80 surface-to-air missile systems is taking place in Pakistan. Is this true?


joydeep ghosh said...

@prasun da

1. just saw a video of TR 3B doing bombing in Afghanistan and possibly Syria too, but the video shows vertical flaps on top too, so basically the TR 3B is the big brother of B2 spirit

2. Ajai shukla says there is ample chance that IAF will go for the Jaguars decomissisoned by Oman

3. He also says India may become a hub for MRO activities for Hawk AJT, C17, C130 and even Mirage 2000 for the IOR

4. India reportedly asked China top stop all activities in PoK, but will the Hans listen?

5. how can China ask India to sign NPT to be part of NSG when it has merely acceded and not ratified it


Joydeep Ghosh

Anonymous said...

looks like fyzia will gain some more f-16 with airframe time of 2-4000hrs still remaining and already MLU'd, "The jets underwent the Falcon UP and Falcon STAR structural upgrades as well, extending projected service lifes to about 8,000 hours."

This will add another sqdn of f-16 to them with 10-20yr life still in them.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAT: Those will in all probability be used to replace the 31 existing Block 15 F-16s. In other words, no nett increase in the PAF's F-16 fleet strength. But will the US approve of the sale of these Jordanian F-16s to Pakistan? And will the US also provide Pakistan with the aid funding required for such a purchase? Because Pakistan has no money of its own with which to buy them.

Not joint-production of the LY-80, just final assembly from semi-knocked-down kits.

To ARPIT KANODIA: Part of the reason was the development by the US of directed-energy weapons, but the main reason was a pledge by the P-5 not to deploy any type of nuclear weapon in space. The development & deployment of the Solar Warden spaceplane is for this reason as well.

Regarding IOR, it is now crystal-clear that Pakistan is acting at the behest of China by trying to deny India the space required for testing & deploying survivable nuclear WMD systems like SSBNs armed with SLBMs (remember my earlier mention of the Chagos Trench?).

To RAD: At the time Israel was considering such surgical AirLand operations, there was no S-300 in Iran. And now that Iran is abiding by the terms & conditions of the nuclear deal with the US, EU & Russia, all its low-enriched uranium stockpiles are presently in storage in Russia as per the terms & conditions of the deal.

पीYयूSH दास said...

Sir, you said
"The problem can be resolved only if AESA-based Ka-band seekers are used by the LR-SAM. This is what is reportedly on the Barak-2, while the Ruskies are still a few years away from developing such seekers."

1) then what type of seekers s400 missiles currently use ?
2) also you said that ruskies will offer india missiles with ka-band seeker... so is that still on table ?

I googled ka-band seeker, & it appears that PAC-3 is only missile with this technology.

Is there any R&D in India for ka-band tech ?

Thank you...

Anonymous said...

their existing blk-15 still have around 2-4000 hours shelf life left in them. they have all been through similar Falcon UP and Falcon STAR structural upgrades. these old f-16 from jordan will cost them around the same price as what rjaf will pay the dutch airforce (about $8million per plane). jordan is acting as a conduit. if you read the report in the link i posted, some of jets from jordan have been mlu'd this year!!!!

the report below about LM, tested the structural failure point of the f16 frame. it was still going strong after 25 000 hours.

"the Air Force is bumping these F-16s up to at least 12,000 hours. Hence the fatigue testing — and the surprising conclusion that, in theory, an F-16 could last as long as 92 years. “The successful completion of this phase of full-scale durability testing demonstrates that this aircraft was built to last,” Susan Ouzts, vice president of Lockheed’s F-16 program, said in the press release."

This is very worrying.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAT: Again & again you are missing the point. 1) Of what use is TTSL of the airframe when there's no corresponding increase of the TTSL of the engines? 2) If Pakistan wants to buy new engines from Pratt & Whitney, who will be the financier for this purchase? 3) The LM-issued press release is full of ifs & coulds & is right now only a theory. Nothing definite. 4) No existing operator of the F-16 can offer its F-16s for sale without US approval, just as India could not have supplied the Mi-25s to Afghanistan without Russia's authorisation. 5) Most importantly, where's the money for such a purchase? Neither the US nor the Saudis will this time bail out Pakistan. So how will Jordan get paid, subject to US approval for the sale being acquired?

Then there's more bad news: coalition support funding is now being withheld. Read this:

Worst of all, the IMF has imposed severe conditionalities in return for extending economic bailout loans to Pakistan. All these have to be factored in, & not just the airframe TTSLs. Therefore, better not to exist like a headless chicken.

To PIYUSH DAS: 1) S-400 presently uses non-AESA Ku-band seeker, just like the Ku-band ARSEEK seeker variants developed by the DRDO for the PDV & AAD. 2) Ruskies haven't yet been able to develop Ka-band seekers using AESA technologies. Development of target recognition algorithms remains the main problem. They will put a firm offer on the table ONLY AFTER they have overcome all R & D challenges of AESA-based Ka-band seekers.

Anonymous said...

i am not trying to be obtuse. the engines are upgraded as part of the slep program, so this article explains:

any aircraft enthusiast knows the most important part of the fighter is the engine. do you think all these airforces are upgrading their f-16s to mlu without thinking about the engine? surely they are not all headless chickens. so far i cannot see any airforce that has ordered any additional engines for f16/15.

the GE and PW articles say the design life of the F110/F100 is 8000hrs.


Arup said...


1.After adequate nos of Rafale MMRCA and Tejas light mrca are inducted into the airforce, a sizable quantity of Jaguars and su will be freed up. For de nuclearisation and total destruction of its WMD stocks ,Indian airforce will be more than adequate. Why do you always harp about a coalition air campaign for achieving this?

2.What are the black technoligies possesed by the Russian federation? Did the erstwhile USSR and Russia have any such secret survivable tactical reconnaisance aircrfats like the TR-3A and Astra?

3.Does Russia posses any interceptors or sam capable of shooting down the American black aircrafts like the AStra, sr-75 Penetrator,TR-3A Manta? Is Russia having similar programmes of its own. ?

PLS shed some light on the Russian programmes.

4.Is our airforce even aware of these exotic aircrafts of Uncle Sam? As such do we have anything to prevent their unwanted loitering over Indian airspace or are we taking measures or developing a roadmap for contingencies involving the SR-72 and 75 ?

5. It is amply clear that Pakistan wants to neutralise our numerial and qualitative superiority over them in terms of combat aircraft assets by resorting to massive fire assaults on forward airbases in the Northern and Northwestern theatres suing their liquid and solid fuelled Gauri Ghaznavi nd Saheen armed with conventional HE and frag warheads. As such, is the IAF looking forward to induct and operational adequate nos of an ABM system like the endo atm AAD interceptor batteries to protect these major airfields and other areas housing Army formations and assets.

It is always advisable to pre empt such a move by pakistan by using our Brahmos and other air launched standoff weapons to take out such TEL and other capabilities of Pakistan which are able to inflict such damage on us but it will never be possible to destroy all TEL or firebases housing Ghauris and so it becomes imperative both the Army and IAF induct ABM systems to neutralise threats in the TBM,nlos-bsm and irbm class besides low flying terrain hugging cruise missiles.

6. Have we bought any Spice 250 from Israel? Are there any plans of opening an assembly line in India for the 250 and 1000 series of Spice? IAF seriously needs to build up its standoff precision guided munition stocks ASAP.

RAT said...

@ the one asking stupid questions regarding the F-16 don't use the name RAT to ask questions use your own unique name. F-16 is an absolute technology US is converting it as flying targets that's enough for you.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@RAT The F-16 SLEP program was discussed in great detail in a previous thread, even a member posted the whole chronological order about F-16 SLEP upgrade.

And the SLEP program you talking about is only for above F-16 Block 40.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@RAT here

youngbengal said...|latest-news|p106269

Ha ha ha ha 'land of retards wants NSG membership without US support' - guys do you have any better onliner?

Arpit Kanodia said...

@youngbengal actually they applied. lol.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

"NASA engineer admits they can't get past the Van Allen Belts"

With the above two evidences, I hope you will support my Moon Landing theory.

S.Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAT@8:34PM: LoLz! You're being both acute & obtuse. And forgetting the detail, which is the PW turbofan service-life extension package was NEVER a part of the Falcon Star Structural Service Life Enhancement kits that were approved by the US Congress as part of an FMS deal. Kindly go through all the items mentioned for inclusion in the kit. PAF F-16s don't use GE-made F110 turbofans, so don't offer that example. Sure, other F-16 operators have obtained Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220E turbofan improvement kits, but the PAF was never one of them. Furthermore, the Mirage-3/5 fleets will start being decommissioned from next year, as will all of the remaining F-7P Skybolts. The A-5IIICs have already been decommissioned. Thus, apart from the full-strength F-16 & F-7PG squadrons, most of the remaining combat squadrons of the PAF are functioning at less-than-half strength. Most pathetic state of affairs indeed. And even more pathetic is the harbouring of expectations for acquiring Su-35s as an act of strategic defiance!!! Will the Russians ever forget that it was Pakistan since the late 1970s that had spread rumours (to justify its direct involvement in the Afghan Jihad) about the USSR trying to reach the warm waters of the Arabian Sea by invading Pakistan & capturing Gwadar? And this at a time when the US was claiming that the USSR never planned on invading Pakistan, but on moving westwards across the Zagros mountain range in Iran & thence southwards towards the Persian Gulf!

So, if you are a PAF sympathiser masquerading as someone else, then I can only deflate your assumptions & delusions with undeniable facts & realistic futuristic probabilities, which includes the inevitable & upcoming multinational coalition invasion of Pakistan just before Pakistan begins receiving its sea-based nuclear deterrent platforms & weapons by 2018. Why so? Because neither the US, nor Israel or Iran or Afghanistan or India want such a global nuisance in their respective backyards. So, just brace yourself for the approaching typhoons.

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: LoLz! Theories can never be acceptable or be embraced unless & until they are proven by undeniable, empirical facts, which are missing in this case. Until then, you will have to contend with the fact of the Moon landings since 1969.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARUP: Can you enlighten all of us here what is your definition of the term "adequate nos of Rafale MMRCA and Tejas L-MRCA"? And in what timeframe will such adequacy be achievable? And in your reckoning will the adversary grant India such luxury of time to achieve the adequacy & until then just sit tight while sucking lollypops?

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your reply.

Your answer is telling me another Message.

"Those who deny there is no God must prove with facts and evidence to support their claim".

To Me answer is simple. Everyone should tell NASA to go moon one time and prove to the world that Moon Landing is not Hoax.

Till then HOAX THEORY will exists.

S.Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To S SENTHIL: The rebuttal is elementary & was something the ORIGINAL RAT had asked before: the very same power/phenomenon that gives life to the smallest living organism or a human cell (as opposed to a dead cancerous cell) is also the very same power/phenomenon that maintains eqyulibrium within the entire cosmos. Albert Einstein had called this the 'Droplet Theory'.

The dispute was never about God's existence, it was only about defining what God is all about & whether it can be explained through material evidence. It is like asking for sighting oxygen or hydrogen in their original forms through visual means. The day humans discover or see through their own eyes the power that gives life to the human cell (i.e. the definitive cure for cancer), that will the day when humans will be able to confidently state that they've seen God.

Of course the hoax-theory was, does & will continue to exist, but in the end it remains just a THEORY based on speculation.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Ok I agree with your explanation.

Atleast do you support my claim on sep 9/11 which is pre planned insider work.

S.Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: So long as the foundation of your claim remains a conspiracy theory, I regrettably will be unable to lend credence to any such claim. While travelling within Europe by taking the first early-morning shuttle flights prior to 9/11, I myself had seen how slack the in-flight cabin security procedures were. Doors of the cockpit cabins were left open throughout the flight when the passenger cabin had only some 14-20 passengers. It may well sound incredible today, but in those days prior to 9/11, this state-of-affairs was very much true.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,


About GOD Shiva, there is material & literature evidences available for past 10,000 years.

By doing research on Shiva may lead to His Ancestors. (May be ET, aliens etc.)

Accoording to Sangam Liteature he is a Siddhar and he is the one saw the Cosmos through third eye which is ex[lained in Kudalini Yoga.

Do You agree?

S.Senthil Kumar

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: That may well be the case, but only upholding or highlighting Shiva as the source of everything imaginable will cause severe anguish to the likes of Brahma & Vishnu. To therefore single out only 1 entity while overlooking the other 2 will only degrade the importance of the 'trinity', i.e. teamwork.

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Senthil Kumar I try to stop me, to stop reply to you. But then...

But, on topic, I watched all the videos from your Tamil channel, and now I know from where this all theories coming.

Take deep breath and calm down. Those are really brainwashing videos. Distorting the history to a such extent to prove superiority of Tamils, thats amazing. Also that channel have an agenda, they are not telling some history or providing some amazing facts.

BTW, if Shiva ( THE GOD ) had ET ancestors, then how he is god in first place? Isnt this is something contradictory?

And why only Shiva has ET ancestors? If we are seeded from ETs gene pool, we all have ET ancestors?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA: That's because the poor chap has been afflicted with the virus of ETHNOCENTRICISM. De-toxification is urgently called for. Even poor Ms.Smriti Irani suffers from the same affliction, given the fact that she had in the recent past promised to cut her head off & gracefully place it at the feet of Mayawati during a Parliament session! How exactly will any headless person be in his/her proper senses to commit such an act remains unproven/yet-to-be-seen till this day! Or maybe she was in a state of delusion at that time, thinking that she was in the midst of playacting in a TV soap-opera, got carried away. For but the global audience watching her live on TV, this must have come as the most bizarre statement ever made inside India's Parliament, & that too from a person in-charge of the education portfolio (LoLz!). Therefore, as always, shit happens!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

No More Spares for IN’s Sea King Mk.42Bs:

India-Iran Gas Pipe Excluding Pakistan:

Pierre Zorin said...

Prasun and any other techy people out there I have a totally defence unrelated question but need help. A woman doctor who hates certain people (well me one of them being Indian) is claiming damages for hitting a hen on the road. The vehicle is a new Mazda CX-5 and would have been travelling anything between 60-80km/hr. Incidentally there were no dead hen found no pile of feathers she claims some feathers were stuck on the car but never showed me. I called the smash repairer who said the right hand side of the bumper was pushed right in/ bent requiring replacement hence the cost of nearly $1000. Is it possible a hen could do this seeing the vehicle has a greater ground clearance than sedans or hatch backs and a hen barely weights 1.3kg? My theory is she has hit something else knowingly or unknowingly and passing the damage to the hen incident. She claims she has not swerved or hit anything but the hen. Sorry guys been under a lot of stress had to ask independent opinion.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

LoLz!!! There's no way a semi-solid (no living animals, humans or reptiles are rock-solid) organism like hen can cause a bumper to become dented at the surface-level. Maybe if the merge velocities (i.e. both objects approaching each other) were to be several hundred miles or kms per hour only then can bumper's structural integrity can be compromised. That's what the laws of physics state. And that's what bird-hits involving cruising aircraft are all about, leading to damaged cockpit windscreens. So it may just be the case that this female doctor like some others that one gets to see from time to time in this blog, too wasn't paying attention in her school-going days to her physics teacher.

Once when I wAs averaging about 80kph while driving from KL to Port Dickson, I suddenly saw a sparrow come crashing from the top-front into my car's windscreen at a sharp angle, almost 90 degrees. But it caused no damage whatsoever to the windscreen & the sparrow's body just bounced off. I could only conclude that either the sparrow had a sudden heart-attack/cardiac arrest & therefore came hurtling down while flying, or it just had the urge to commit suicide. I still have not been able to get a definite answer to this mystery. It was a true event, I shit you not.

birbal said...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARPIT KANODIA:..... How exactly will any headless person be in his/her proper senses to commit such an act remains unproven/yet-to-be-seen till this day! Or maybe she was in a state of delusion at that time, thinking that she was in the midst of playacting in a TV soap-opera, got carried away. For but the global audience watching her live on TV, this must have come as the most bizarre statement ever made inside India's Parliament, & that too from a person in-charge of the education portfolio (LoLz!). Therefore, as always, shit happens!

headless person be in his/her proper senses....thinking that she was in the midst of playacting in a TV soap-opera, got carried away....HAHAHA...NICE Joke...Kya kare SHAYAD ADAT se MAJBOOR hai, isliye toh shayad BHUL gaya hoga ki yeh REEL-Life NAHI REAL-life DRAMA hai.....MOST of these POLITICIANS are NOTHING but JOKE...
How can a HEADLESS person can have SENSES..As far as i know 4 of the 5 SENSES are in the HEAD and to FEEL the FIFTH sense we need to have our HEADs becoz the BRAIN is in the Head....that's why THEY don't even REALIZE what they are SAYING

....Or maybe she was in a state of delusion at that time.....
I think most of the people after entering POLITICS go into a STATE of Prasun K Sengupta says ..An ACT of Terminal STUPIDITY..

birbal said...

Pierre Zorin said...

Prasun and any other techy people out there I have a totally defence unrelated question but need help........... but the hen. Sorry guys been under a lot of stress had to ask independent opinion.

Mere KHYAL se woh MURGA nahi, Murge ki shakal me Hamare KHALI sahab teh yah it might be ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGAR in a Hen's clothing.....

Relax Pyare..., first ask that doctor to file FIR against that HEN or CATCH that hen and do LIE DETECTOR Test on that hen...AND also to do DNA FINGERPRINTING of the FEATHERS....are bhai $1000 ka sawaal hai, MUFAT ka paisa nahi hai...

john said...


NDA is back to UPA days.... MoD purchases stuck...

Early last month, for reasons that are not clear, former director general defense acquisition Smita Nagaraj was involuntarily placed on leave over differences with MoD leaders over Rafale negotiations, said the source.

Procurement officials in MoD are now too scared to clear any files and virtually all new acquisitions are stuck, the MoD source added.

Anup said...


Is this true? If yes I think it's Rafale.

Anonymous said...


I never say Siva has anscestors.

My theory...

So far 10000 years why humans worshipped siva which is ia saivam & sivaism. After him only Vishnuism, buddisim, jainism, judaism, christinalty, islam, sikism and all Religion came out.

If we start doing research on Origins of Shiva we "MAY"come to know more about it. "MAY BE" research can lead to so called ET or any other forms.

So far No Archeological or literature evidence avaialble to support ET therory other than Hollywood movies.

S.Senthil Kumar

पीYयूSH दास said...


brother, I feel sorry for you, I feel sorry for your ignorance...

You said "Except Tamils no other Indians went out of India till 1947."

Guru nanak went to Mecca in 15th century...
Vivekanand gave his famous chicago speech in 1893...
Over 1000000 indian soldiers fought in 1st WW overseas well before 1920...
Subhash chandra Bose went to England in 1919...

But I know, you won't will somehow try to prove that guru nanak was tamil & the 1 million indian army in 1st WW was actually a tamil army...

I know there is no point in debating. But all I want to say is plz keep yourself ready & open.

Within a decade or so, Chinese will put man on moon...

Even india will have much greater lunar presence by 2030, maybe human presence...

When this happens, plz don't fall for any bullshit & start doubting all the conspiracy theories that you've woven around yourself...

पीYयूSH दास said...

Watching videos on YouTube & surfing on internet is not research bhai...

If you want to research then plz pick your data from authentic sources, or at least try to read books written by people who have ACTUALLY done research on given subject...

For example read

"Mirror of Tamil and Sanskrit "

Written by- Dr. R. Nagaswamy, Former Director, Dept. of Archaeology, Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

पीYयूSH दास said...

Sir, what hard bargain parrikar is doing...?

Is it really possible for dassault to reduce prices drastically ?

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Sethil Kumar

Now instead of companions of Shiva, Brahma & Vishnu worshipped Shiva. Facepalm.

I thought you accepted Shiva as enlightened one but a human being. Maybe I was wrong.

Enjoy your Shiva worshipping. Bye bye.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Didn't I state earlier that the QCG dialogue process may well be Afghan-led & Afghan-owned, but it was never Afghan-controlled or Afghan-driven> Well, here are Pakistan's own analysts who are now admitting it & saying there's no hope in hell of having good bilateral ties with Afghanistan for the foreseeable future:

And far more explosive is this discussion among Pakistani analysts about Pakistan's worsening relations with almost all of its neighbours & traditional friends:

It is now more than evident that the US-led West as well as Iran, Afghanistan, Israel & India will not be able to digest the possibility of a survivable Pakistani naval nuclear deterrent that China is due to supply by 2018. Therefore, prepare for some high-intensity kinetic military operations to commence in 2018 in the subcontinent, with the neutralisation of Pakistan's nuclear WMD arsenals being the prime targets. It is here that India's signing of LEMOA, BECA & CISMOA becomes a critical prerequisite. For, it must be noted & absorbed that LEMOA is not just navy-specific; it will also allow aircraft of the USAF & USN to seek & obtain logistics facilities as well as emergency landing rights during wartime in the subcontinent. And related to this is the latest development in the US Congress:

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Supplying of AIP-Submarine by Chinese to Pakistan navy is going to happen. US & West cant stop it. Reason this deal is Master piece for China.

With this deal china can use Pakistan navy to blackmail most of the US Supporting countries. Message is clear . Never threaten Chinese Navy.

By using North Korea it is blackmailing Japan & S.Korea. Already it supplied nukes to paki to keep India under black mail.

S.Senthil Kumar

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