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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Products From A Self-Confessed “Teacher Without Any Dreams”

A consortium of the PLA Navy’s (PLAN) R & D institutions is claiming to have achieved vital developmental breakthroughs in the arenas of integrated electric propulsion systems (IEPS), pump-jet propulsion systems for nuclear-powered submarines, high-energy warship-mounted laser-based directed-energy weapons for air-defence, and superconductive magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) arrays. The involved institutions include the Lake Huangjia-based  Wuhan Naval Research Institute, China Shipbuilding Industry Corp’s (CSIC) wholly-owned Wuhan Institute of Marine Electric Propulsion (WIMEP)—also known as the 712 Research Institute—and the  Shanghai Jiaotong University’s Department of Micro/Nano Electronics. 
Beijing recently established a Scientific Research Steering Committee to help it develop cutting-edge military technology. This new body has been modelled on the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which was set up after the USSR’s Sputnik satellite launch in 1957 to spearhead R & D on pioneering military systems to maintain the US’ qualitative edge over the Soviet Union. The new Steering Committee is working with the PLA’s Science and Technology Commission, which was set up last year and also reports to the Central Military Commission. The Committee is focussing on developing not only the hardware but also the related applications software packages.
It was in August 2013 that the CSIC-owned WIMEP had first revealed the design of a gas turbine-based IEPS for future warships. An IEPS uses a gas-turbine or diesel-generator to produce electricity that powers motors, which turn propeller shafts or operate waterjets. The system significantly does away with heavy mechanical clutches and highly sophisticated reduction gearboxes that reduce or increase power to the propeller shafts. It also saves space and weight and is easier to control and maintain. It is also quieter to run and can increase a warship’s speed over conventional diesel-engines. The PLAN’s Rear Admiral Ma Weiming, who led the developmental effort of such an IEPS, has claimed that the WIMEP-developed solution is the world’s first IEPS to run on a medium-voltage, direct-current system.
The WIMEP-developed rim-driven pumpjet has a ring-shaped electrical motor inside the pumpjet shroud, which turns the vane rotor (a vane rotor has the fan blades attached to a rotating band built on a cylinder interior, as opposed to a propeller shaft) inside the pumpjet cavity to create thrust. Previous submarine-mounted pumpjets were ‘shrouded propellers’" which consisted of a tubular nozzle covering the propeller.
By removing the shaft of the propeller, the reduction in the number of moving parts decreases the noise made by the pumpjet, as well as saving hull space. In addition, rim-driven pumpjets are easier to maintain, and have less cavitation (bubbles that form during propeller movement), making them even more quiet. The PLAN’ futuristic Type 095 SSNs and Type 096 SSBNs will reportedly incorporate such IEPS and rim-driven pumpjets.
The PLAN’s electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS) R & D facility (inclusive of a full-scale operational prototype) is located at Ningbo-Zhuangqiaoin. Developmental work on EMALS negan in the late 1990s and by last year an operational prototype was successfully developed.
The superconductive MAD array, mounted aft of an aircraft, can be used to pinpoint the location of minerals buried deep beneath the earth in Inner Mongolia, for example, with a level of precision as high as anything currently available around the world. The device is described as being a high performance equipment and technical solution to resources mapping, civil engineering, archaeology and national defence. Developed by the the  Shanghai Jiaotong University’s  Department of Micro/Nano Electronics in cooperation with the Institute of Geophysics and Geomatics, China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, Hubei, such MAD arrays are also used for detecting submerged submarines navigating at shallow depths. 
The China-developed MAD sensor is different from conventional designs in at least two ways. The first is the large number of probes the device uses. With this array, it can collect much more data than traditional detectors, which tend to use just one antenna. The new MAD also uses a superconductive computer chip cooled by liquid nitrogen. This super-cool environment significantly increases the device’s sensitivity to signals that would be too faint for traditional devices to spot.
Rear Admiral Ma Weiming, 57, became a household name in 2011 when he announced during a speech to accept a national technology award that his team had successfully developed an EMALS. Ma, a PLA deputy to the National People’s Congress, hails from Yangzhou in Jiangsu. He graduated from the PLAN’s University of Engineering in Wuhan, Hubei, in 1987 and subsequently elected to teach there. He earned a PhD in electrical engineering from Tsinghua University in 1996 and went on to become the country’s youngest engineering academician five years later. A specialist in maritime propulsion, electrical engineering and related fields, Ma has cultivated/mentored more than 400 Masters and PhD students at the Naval University since the late 1980s. Ma’s exalted status in the PLAN was highlighted by a photograph of then PLAN Commander Admiral Wu Shengli holding an umbrella for Ma during an inspection of the University of Engineering in Wuhan, where Ma works, on a rainy day in June 2016. Rear Admiral Liu Dezhi, a colleague at the university, describes Ma as a workaholic and master problem-solver. Dubbed the father of China’s EMALS, Rear Admiral Ma describes himself as a “teacher without any dreams”. He is one of 17 nominees for 10 Order of August 1 awards that were presented by President Xi Jinping on August 1, the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Red Army, the PLA’s precursor. In the past, Ma had won the National Science and Technology Progress Award twice and in 2015 also won the science and technology achievement prize of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, a Hongkong SAR-based non-government organisation.
Meanwhile, the first prototype of the S-30 Type 032 Qing-class SSB meant for the Pakistan Navy has been floated at the Wuhan Shipyard. The Pakistan Navy has eight Stirling Engine AIP-equipped double-hulled submarines on order from China: four S-26 Type 032 Qing-class SSKs capable of launching SLCMs, and four S-30 Type 032 Qing-class SSBs capable of launching both SLCMs and SLBMs.
The S-30 Type 032 Qing-class SSB will be capable of firing the 2,000km-range Bukkeukseong-1 or Polaris-1 SLBM, which has been under development in North Korea for the past decade, for which China has provided both military-technical and military-industrial assistance.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Those interested in WIMEP's IEPS-related R & D can view the following videoclips:

And here's the dossier released yesterday by China's MFA on the Trijunction Standoff:

Plus, Tamil Nadu's depleting monazite sands:

rafalelover said...

So this means that China have EMALS but we don't? Man that's sad.BTW, what's your pick for naval aircraft copetition, Rafale or SuperHornets?

buddha said...

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

Does India have any similar RnD programs for developing naval propulsion systems for future battle ships and subs? Has the program for developing naval reactors for future subs/carriers already started?

Best Regards

Hephaestus said...

Prasun Da,

Nice read as always. I discovered your blog recently. But, I've read your lots of your posts elsewhere.

I would really appreciate if you could throw some more light on these.

1. What is the IN's target #'s when it comes to SSN's & SSBN's & what are the pitfalls now?

2. Which fighter will IN like to go for for R11. Rafale I read somewhere is STOBAR capable without any major modifications. Or will the Super Hornets be preferred? How will either decision affect IAC II?

3. Will the IAF exercise it's option to go for more Rafales?

4. I read recently on a forum that US has denied key ToT for F16's. How true? I've read your points about preferring F16's over Gripen NG.

5. Will the Arjun MBT ever be our tank mainstay?

6. What happens if PN tries to get a SLBM effectively having a nuclear triad.


Black box said...

Hi prasun, regarding ofb 7.62 rifle how long will it take to get the production model ready(since it's a prototype and undergoing testing)and army induction (approx time)

Pierre Zorin said...

How strange, if you search for Rudra in HAL's website it gives you this message: YOUR SEARCH - RUDRA - DID NOT MATCH ANY DOCUMENTS.
When you search for products there is NO mention of any RUDRA under helicopters- nothing even under future projects!

Ludwig said...

Sir I had a few questions:
1. What is the status of the 6 SSN approved? What will be the timeline?
2. Does QRSAM have Active RF Seeker or Semi-Active? Can it take the role for point defence role like MICA on Naval vessels without an IR seeker? Can we see an IR version in the future?
3. So Is Spike going to remain as our mainstay ATGM or does DRDO have its own products upcoming?
4. Can Rafale fly on Vikrant and how long before Vikrant enters Sea trials?
5. Will the New Arjun HNS sport a Smoothbore 120 mm like you said by the end of this year?


Plus, Tamil Nadu's depleting monazite sands:

Sir Immediately intimate PMO,CBI,NSA,DAE and other officials if you can to prevent further loss and to get these culprits arrested asap


S26 and S30 armed with SLCM induction into PN will be a doomsday for IN ships..strategically also S30 SLBM would pose problems for is our " pradhan sewak " planning to counter it...or I would rather say is there any plan even exists to counter these puchases by PN....what about scorpene repeat order and P75I projects any info....

would like to know more about IEPS systems offered by SIEMENS/ABB and other western manufacturers....when IN is planning to switchover to electric propulsion???

BTW on a lighter note whats your secret to decode this mandarin code language ???? I mean do you know manadarin/chinese language ?? how could you understand chinese videos??

also i am still looking forward to your excerpts from you israel trip....plz plz post it asap

buddha said...’s-coastline--273510
....Why so late...This should have been done earlier.

dilbert said...

Hi Prasun. Do you see any possibility of India opting for the JSF (F-35) instead of the F16/Gripen? I mean for either the IN or the IAF, either instead of or in addition to Rafale?



Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BUDDHA: LoLz! The South Koreans are in for the shock of their lives, thanks to this:

Now, to more serious matters, watch these:

Ancient Aliens 12-2 Forged by Gods

Ancient Aliens 12-3 Mystery of Rudloe Manor

Ancient Aliens 12-4 Alien Architects

Ancient Aliens 12-5 Pharaoh’s Curse

Ancient Aliens 12-6 The Science Wars

Ancient Aliens 12-7 City of the Gods

Ancient Aliens 12-8 Alien Frequency

Ancient Aliens 12-9 The Majestic Twelve

Ancient Aliens 12-10 The Akashic Record
(it contains some predictions for the future)

Ancient Aliens 12-11 Voices of the Gods
(Details the flying machines of ancient India)

Ancient Aliens 12-12 The Animal Agenda

The ICGS should have been authorised to raise its own counterpart of the IN’s Sagar Prahari Bal in 2009 itself.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To HEPAESTUS: VMT. 1) Six SSBNs & six SSNs. There are no pitfalls. 2) IAC-2 project has been shelved for the time-being. The IAC-1 will have MiG-29Ks on board. 3) Of course. 4) And what are those ‘key’ ToTs? 5) Not in terms of numbers fielded. 6) The world’s powers-that-be won’t allow it to happen, rest assured.

To BLACK BOX: About 2.5 years at worst.

To PIERRE ZORIN: What more can one expect from a MoD-owned DPSU? Here’s something much more worthwhile & credible about the Rudra:

To LUDWIG: 1) It has already been funded & the first unit should be launched in India before 2025. 2) Is Astra-1 semi-active or does it have active RF seeker? After all, the QR-SAM is a VL-Astra-1. So why ask such a question? 3) Which end-user in India has ordered the Spike? Care to explain? 4) IAC-1/Vikrant can house only MiG-29Ks. 5) Arjun Mk.3 built with HNS is still in the prototype fabrication phase. Only the smoothbore 120mm cannon will be ready for firing trials at balasore by the year’s end.

To AMIT BISWAS: Don’t expect such alacrity from any of the ‘Pradhan Sevaks’, for they are too busy with this:

Such SSKs & SSBs present a far greater threat to the US & Israel & hence leave it to them to terminate these procurement programmes with all means at their disposal. As for naval IEPS systems, the best options come from the US & France, especially the GE-Alsthom industrial partnership. The IN wants its four LPHs to be the first carriers of IEPS-based powerpacks, using the reliable GE-supplied LM-2500 gas-turbines as the powerplant. There’sx not much need to understand spoken Mandarin when a picture itself can be worth a thousand words. My Israeli trip was for a seminar on regional TMD & naval threats.

To DILBERT: Nope. Nor is there any need for such cutting-edge MRCAs since a lot of the force-multiplier avionics developed for the F-35 is eventually also be offered for retrofit on the F-16s.

To RAD: Interesting read:

T-90S Bhishma in Tank Biathlon 2017:

Excellent programmes from a Tamil TV channel on the Arjun MBT family:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJ: Nope. No naval PWRs were designed or developed in India. They were only built in India. However, the IPMS & CMS were all designed & developed by a team of WESEE & TATA Power SED, & both were built in India by TATA Power SED. The CMS of the S-2/Arihant SSBN is called SAARAANSH-1.

Harsh said...

Sir, what is the status of acquisition of 464 t-90ms tanks which was in news last yr? Is it alive or on back burner?

rad said...

hi prasun
i dont understand your comment that the world power ie US and europe will stop pakistan from getting Sub launched BM?. IT seems pretty well ,a for gone conclusion. even if there are sanctions the jihadi mentality will kick in and like some pak PM said we were prepared to eat grass in search of nukes!??

will it makes sense to go in for t he f-35 rather than the pakfa given the cost and given the history of russian serviceability and their black mailing tactics.just look at the serviceability of mig-29k and the su-30 mki? well even uncle sam can screw as well just like russia . Given the huge amount of investment needed to make a real stealth fighter its quite obvious we are going to end up with low observable fighter rather than a stealth fighter.are there any guarantees by russia that they will give us a an ac like the f-35 at least?. unless russia has an ace up its sleeve??

you seem to be attending seminars on strategic issues in Israel do they recognize you as you are not a gov official.?

will building a naval PWR be a learning curve to know the design detail etc or do we have to depend on the Russians all the time?

is the CMS of arihant class nukes equal to the CMS on board t he scorpene subs i n all ways ??

what was indias standing in the tank biathlon ??

you posed a question of which end user ordered spike ?? i am given to understand we concluded the deal with israel on the spike for the army in completion with the US missile javelin ????

Thehundered said...

Prasun what will this maritime security pact include?

"India and Japan hope to put in place a maritime security pact when PM Shinzo Abe visits mid-September for the annual summit amid China's growing aggression in East and South China Seas besides Indian Ocean Region -- a common concern for both New Delhi and Tokyo."

Anonymous said...

"SSKs & SSBs present a far greater threat to the US & Israel & hence leave it to them to terminate these procurement programmes with all means at their disposal"

can u explain in detail why would PAk threatens US or Israel with SLBM instead of India? there is no rivalry of btw PAK n US or Israel? it would have great leverage against india can easily threaten india for Kashmir



Record number of casualties on pakistan side: Arun Jaitley

As always pakistanis are still hiding their casualties.

Pierre Zorin said...

I mean what's going on! A cross dresser hiding near women's hostel or something; cows thrown up on a bamboo sling; people lynched to protect cattle slaughter; cow manure and urine sold as cow therapy, office workers wearing bike helmets to save themselves from falling roof and now like a mermaid, some accusation about man-cow sex? One minute it is tensions galore, next minute scientific breakthrough and all of a sudden some absolute horror stupidity!

Pierre Zorin said...

By the way without warning when I was watching some f the You tube clips on Indian weapons a clip came up recommended "Land chusne ka tarika" I mean I have had enough I tell you!! What on earth is going on in India these days!

Pierre Zorin said...

Considering the geographical proximity, demographic solidarity, landscape and financial feasibility do you know Prasun if the NIMR company has ever approached India to address the tactical, multi purpose and internal security vehicle needs? As you said, the CAPF could do well with the range of vehicles on offer which could be built in India as well as Make with India initiative. I hear that the local police are having to make do in Kashmir using sheets of iron etc to protect their vehicles. How silly when the internal security vehicle as shown in the products here could do a much better and professional job

Ishaan said...

Hi Prasun,

Things are finally moving forward on the BMD front. The very first step to deploying an operational Bmd network has finally begun. These two sites in Rajasthan are meant for providing ballistic missile early warning coverage for the Northern and Western sectors. The first BMD systems will be for NCR and Mumbai it seems.

Is there any chance that this is linked to the broader S-400 Lrsam ABM program? And if so are these going to be the EL / M -2090Ultra C-22 system ?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To HARSH: That was the figment of imagination of a ‘desi’ bandalbaaz’. In reality, there was never such a reqmt.

To RAD: If they can survive on grass, then why do they always go for IMF bailouts? Therefore, it looks like they need the US$ for nourishment/nutrition. Why should anyone have to be a govt official in order to have one’s intellectual credibility recognised? Dependency will always be there for as long as there exists ZERO foundational technological underpinnings WRT PWR-related reactor engineering & reactor safety arenas. The Indian DAE has to date been able to master & develop only PHWRs using heavy water as the moderator. The Saaraansh-1 CMS is far more sophisticated than the SUBTICS CMS of the Scorpene since the former deals with both hunter-killer operations using wire-guided HWTs, as well as the launch of SLBMs. The deal concluded with RAFAEL is for the shoulder-launched Spoke-SR for the SF (Para) units. The Kalyani Rafael Advanced Systems (KRAS) JV was created for building the DEW-based SAAW PGM.

To THEHUNDRED: This pact will be a mirror-image of the LEMOA.

To RON: If you reckon there’s no rivavlt between Pakistan & Israel then why has Islamabad shied away from according diplomatic recognition to Israel? Why did Pakistan send the PAF’s pilots to Syria to fly against the IDF-AF during the 1973 War of Atonement?

To PIERRE ZORIN: You can add this one to to your collection of weird phenomena in India:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AVIRAL SINGH: Watch Asma Jahangir blast the PA 2 days ago at a press conference:

What really happened to the USSR’s K-129 SSB:

True Story of the Red October Mutiny in the USSR Navy:

Where China’s telecom fraudsters were in hiding:

To ISHAAN: LoLz! That’s why I always say ‘Make friends with GoogleEarth’. The 1st site is on a hill to the east of Alwar, while the second site—Pali in Roopnagar—is in the Aravalli mountain range. Now, kindly start using SOUND COMMON SENSE by asking which should any LRTR be sited at a high altitude vin order to track a BM that in any case is ascending to an altitude of more than 120km from the Earth’s surface?

Instead, what these will be are India’s first RF-based early-warning sensors to be used for cruise missile defence (CMD), i.e. sensors meant for detecting the flight trajectories of the Babur family of LACMs. And the sensor will be a scaled-up version of the S-band Arudhra active phased-array radar, just like ISRO’s MOTR.

For securing the NCR from the northern approaches, such sensors will be mounted on the Shivalik mountain range passing through HP or Uttarakhand. For early-warning concerning Mumbai, suich sensors will be sited first along the Saurashtra coastline, followed by one in the Western Ghats, rest assured.

So, once again in case anyone hasn’t figured it out as yet, this is for CMD, & NOT for BMD.


" And the sensor will be a scaled-up version of the S-band Arudhra active phased-array radar, just like ISRO’s MOTR. "
Good morning
Why S band...i Believe X band is more optimised for tracking of small size objects??

Kchontha said...

Respected Sir Mr Sengupta, I have been an ardent follower of your blog which is the best and esteem one as far as defence related matters are concerned. And your answer to various queries are very accurate and up to the point. Recently while answering a question pertaining to OFB's new 7.62 rifle, you said that it will be a world class rifle and a few days ago you also said that the same rifle is selected by the army. Has the Indian army selected it for replacing insas 1b? Or has it selected the rifle for user trial? Please elaborate. With regard.

Pierre Zorin said...

That helmet story is same as the one in Bihar - seems everywhere there is a pandemic of poor infrastructure and building maintenance. BTW researched a bit and found a most unmilitary like name of a company Sri Mahalakshmi Defence is manufacturing ATC the likes of Dhruva can be often seen in J&K and a few others. Colt, Marksman and TATA LSV look good too. Are they in use at all? IA uses predominantly Tata don't they? The M&M MRAP looks good but perhaps the TATA offers better protection? However none offer as many solutions as IAG and NIMR.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KCHONTA: The Ghaatak SLR was selected for user-trials because it will replace the existing INSAS 5.56. The only SLR ever imported from abroad for the entire IA was the Belgian FN FAL in the early 1960s & all others imported from Israel were meant only for the RR & SF (Para) units. The standard issue of the IA will therefore be the Ghaatak SLR.

To AMIT BISWAS: Are the aerodynamic dimensions of a MIRV the same as that of a cruise missile? Also, tracking radars are not the same as engagement radars, the latter being for fire-control that require precision-tracking mode of operation so that beam-riding SAMs can intercept the airborne targets. Lastly, when it comes to CMD, the intercepts will be done by IIR-guided SAMs like the SpyDer-SR's Python-5. Hence, X-band radars aren't reqd for CMD.

rad said...

hi prasun

i could not get any info about the arihant cms system by google , can u pse give us more info , unclassified obviously.

the IAF id going to go gaga after they realize the potential of the AESA radar on the jaguar.I will not be surprised if they try to integrate a derby on that ? is it necessary , will not be a n ace where it can hold up against an f-16??

so happy to note the arihant cms is good as it gets

the CMD radars position seems to be far off ie pali and roopnagar in rajasthan will they be able to pick up a cruise missile launch given the low level approach.?

the approx height of roopnagar which is about about 300km+ from border is 2300 ft on google earth and the the radar horizon is only 131 km given a cruise missile flight altitude of 100 ft. how will it detect missiles crossing our border?

will the aesa radar be ours or again screw driver tech from israel.

why are we shy about arming vietnam and others nearby when china gives everything to pak from nukes to subs??


Gessler said...

Prasun ji, VMT for the previous answers. In your reply to LUDWIG above you have stated that funding has already been secured for the SSN construction project and that the first boat will be launched within 2025. I'm afraid I did not follow the developments in this project - so can you tell us which design we have selected? The Russian "4++ generation" design from Rubin Design Bureau which you've previously mentioned on the blog or something else?

Thanks in advance!

Harsh said...

The order for T-90MS was reported in many areas including I think in Tass. I remember you correcting someone that it is not called the AM version. So how is it suddenly a figment of imagination?
Also, you had said that Turkey wouldn't buy S-400 as it is not compatible with NATO - but Turkey has now placed an order in fact Erdogan is defending this saying the NATO countries blocked his request hence he chose the Russian model.

rad said...

hi prasun
Is it possibe to integrate the elm-2052 radar to the nav attack system in the darin 3 jag for a low level hands free atack. is that capability on the the darin 3 jag ?

Ishaan said...

Hi Prasun,

If the army is in dire need of a conventional SSM with a reasonable good CEP, why not productionise the Shaurya solid fuelled TBM ? It has a 800-1200 km range and has a max payload of 1 ton. Developing the Pralay is like reinventing the wheel and a waste of money.

And as for that missile which is subsonic in the cruise phase and has a last stage which goes supersonic in the terminal phase, it is similar to the 3M-54TE Club. This new missile is to the 3M54TE Club as the Nirbhay is to the 3M14E. There isnt anything so special to this missile.

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,

1. Do we have dedicated submarine base in Andaman and Nicobar? In my opinion that would be an ideal location to check PLAN movements.

2. The Govt. had recently authorised a Lt. Gen. with pre-approved funds to procure essential items for our armed forces. Which weapons had been bought till date and which are in line?

3. Has Snecma started works on Kaveri engine as part of offsets?

4. In your opinion which will be the best option for P 75I?

Thanks and Regards,

aditya kamble said...

Dear Prashn, great article as always. I wanted you to shed some light on the following...

Ludwig said...

Thank you, sir: Sorry I forgot that Astra has ARH, and it seems like Kalyani will focus on SPICE more than Spike. Also, Thank you gessler.
But I still had a few more questions:
1. What is the position on Point defence on naval vessels, surely ships like Kamorta need more air defence, No progress on Naval SRSAM, till now?
2. What is happening with Single engine MRCA? So many conflicting reports and noises have as usual muddied everything.
3. What is the purpose behind reliance's Dhirubhai Ambani aerospace park? Will this be the future facility for Make in India Rafales or something else?
4. What is the status of project 17A?
5. Any insight on who will be the next RM?

buddha said...

1) Strategic Partnership (SP) policy has already been finalized in 2017

2) Vendors to pick their Indian partners by end of 2017 based on SP policy

3) RFP would be issued in 2018 for 200 Jets

4) Proposals would be submitted by the vendors in 2019

5) Limited trials would be completed in 2020

6) Vendor selection would be done in 2021

7) Negotiations would be completed and contract would be signed in 2022

8) First fighter would be inducted in 2024-25
Is this the time line of F16 procurement or it may occur sooner

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Jaguar IS/DARIN-3 will have only AIM-132 ASRAAM for self-defence. BVRAAMs are used by MRCAs,. Not by role-specific platforms like Jaguar IS. LACMs don’t undertake lo-lo-lo flight profiles. They instead undertake hi-lo-lo flight profiles in order to conserve fuel. Vietnam prefers to buy force-multiplier weapons directly from Russia & Israel of the kind no one manufactures in India. ALL MMRs are ALWAYS integrated with the aircraft’s nav-attack system.

To GESSLER: The funding for 6 SSNs is coming out of the contract inked in the recent past for Units 5 & 6 of the KNPP project, & not from the defence budget—exactly as has been the case with the S-1/S-2/S-3/S-4 SSBNs. Rubin Central marine design Bureau is the designer of the BELOUGA SSN, that won’t displace more than 5,000 tons.

To ISHAAN: It isn’t an SSM at all. Instead, it is a ground-launched loitering PGM to be used for first-strike against hostile launch=pads of ballistic & cruise missiles. The long-range is not for long-reach, rather it is for increasing the loitering endurance.

To VED: 1) No, but the IN is seriously mulling the creation of a third naval fleet to add to the 2 now in service. This third fleet, when created, will be HQed in Port Blair. 2) Those listings had already appeared in all mahor English-language newspapers since last January. 3) No one is touching the Kaveri turbofan for any firther development. I had already stated before that SNECMA wants the GTRE to team-up for developing a new derivative of the M88-2 turbofan. 4) Just licence-build an additional 3 Scorpions with AIP—either the ‘desi’ one or an imported one using lithioum-ion batteries.

To ADITYA KAMBLE: That is a perfect example of FAKE NEWS. For example, if the SFDR is to be indigenously developed, then where’s the need to team up with Russia, since Russia had developed such SFDRs for LRAAMs way back in the late 1980s itself?

To LUDWIG: 1) The shipborne version of the IA’s/IAF’s QR-SAM will be the SR-SAM. 2) Refer to the soundbytes of the IAF’s CAS last week in which he said a single-engined MRCA will be procured as part of the ‘strategic partnership’ arrangement. 3) Not ‘Make-in-India’ Rafales, but ‘Assemble-in-India’ Rafales. By now everyone should have realised that it costs 2.5 times more to licence-build a combat aircraft & therefore it is far far cheaper to imported combat aircraft of foreign designs off-the-shelf. Nor does anyone ever learn about developing indigenous combat aircraft from such licenced-building programmes because the aircraft designs of such imported aircraft are NEVER shared with anyone in India. The only time they were shared was when the Folland Gnat was acquired, & that too because the RAF had then refused to induct the Gnat into service. 4) It is on-track. 5) Amit Shah?

To BUDDHA: Rest assured that this whole process will be simplified & timeframes compressed, because India does not have the luxury of any more pussyfooting. And why the fuck should the F-16 & JAS-39 Gripen be subjected once again to competitive flight-evaluations when they already were extensively evaluated during the MMRCA competition in the previous decade? Why re-invent the wheel & incur wasteful expenditure? Can’t such duplication be avoided by just taking recourse to ‘sound common-sense’? Or is that too much to ask for from India’s civilian decision-makers in the corridors of power?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To HARSH: Can you please produce any public document/press release from either India or Russia that confirms the placing/inking of an order/contract by India for T-90AM/MS? All the ‘desi’ media hype about procuring such MBTs was highly speculator from the outset, with words like ‘considering’ or ‘planning’ being used by those very ‘desi’ journalists who had predicted since 2009 that the DRDO-developed BMD network will be ready for deployment in 2013!!! Have you seen it being deployed anywhere inside India to date? Have you asked those ‘desi’ journalists about the absence so far of any orders for the T-90AM/MS & their licenced-production? I suggest you kindly do so without any further delay. The problem here is that you are ASSUMING that proof of sending is the same as proof of receiving, i.e. if someone plans to buy something then in the fullness of time the acquisition will automatically take place. This indeed is a very dangerous kind of thought process. In reality, the option of procuring the T-90AM/MS was discarded 2 years ago when the IA realised that the Arjun Mki.1As will be more than enough to replace in Rajasthan those T-90S that are overdue for mid-life refits/upgrades.

Now, coming to S-400 LR-SAMs for Turkey, where did you pick up this lemon about ‘orders’ being placed? Only 48 hours ago President Erdogan himself stated in his Parliament that Ankara is still ‘negotiating’. Does your dictionary say that negotiating & an inked contract are one & the same? Or are you once again ASSUMING all this thanks to a deeply flawed thought-process? Here are Erdogan’s soundbytes about the S-400:

And 3 years ago, the same identical bullshit was emanating from Anka a about the CPMIEC-built FD-2000 LR-SAM:

Inducting any kind of SAM into an existing air-defence network isn’t a LEGO-type block-building game as some punters imagine it to be. All SAMs of a particular network should be seamlessly integrated & ALL of them must have a unitary IFF operating protocol. In the case of ALL NATO member-states, the IFF protocols & source-codes are devised/controlled/distributed by SHAPE & are mandatory for all such member-states because NATO’s ADIZ constitutes 1 SINGLE mass of airspace & there’s no national airspace of these member-states. So, this being the case, do you expect NATO to share its IFF source-codes & programming protocols with any Russian or Chinese supplier of SAMs?

Yet, Turkey can still acquire non-NATO SAMs like S-400s, but in return Turkey will have to completely withdraw from NATO since usage of S-400s without NATO-compliant IFF source-codes will result in blue-on-blue attrition losses, i.e. Turkish S-400s shooting down Turkish F-16s & F-4s. If Turkey wants to avoid this, then it will have to develop its own IFF source-codes & programming protocols in the National Secure Mode (NSM), which is a cost-prohibitive exercise lasting many years00unless you have the technical/financial solutions ready for sharing FOC with Turkey. So, leave Erdogan to his own fate & let’s hope he musters the common-sense reqd for understanding what this is all about, apart from developing some respect for the laws of physics.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

For those who are interested in u8nderstanding undersea submarine warfare & ASW, watch these:

Hell Undersea-1:

Hell Undersea-2:

Hell Undersea-3:

Hell Undersea-4:

To GESSLER: Kumari Kandam, here I come:

Ludwig said...

Thank you, sir. Looks like we won't be getting any more Tejas.
1) What will be the final size of Tejas fleet 123 or 40?
2) Sir ESSM missiles can be quad packed into a single cell of MK41 VLS. Can we see Naval QRSAM in the same config? That will allow for 16 cells to contain 16*4 missiles.
3) Wouldn't it be better to have an IR guided missile against sea skimming AshMs? Since MICA has both an IR version and an RH version shouldn't we build an IR version QRSAM for this purpose.
4) Can we see a CMD in eastern sector and what role will Himalayas play if there was built one.

Harsh said...

Sir, I just wanted to state that the follow up question on t-90 is not asked by me. I only asked the initial question about the status of acquisition. Somebody(sore looser) followed up with my name.

Pierre Zorin said...

Pardon me for butting in but I read the articles on the internet and have concluded that the S-400 deal is finalised in principle only the details ironed out re: loan etc. One such article is and that matter can be read here
Re: T-90 MS I found the following:
However there is NO government either Indian or Russian origin supporting this.
Hope this helps clear the doubt> So what I conclude is - BOTH are considered and desired none have been actually become a done deal yet.

vishakh said...


1) Can BELOUGA SSN submarine, Deisel Electric version be created for India's P75I ? Just on the lines of Baracudda (French Nuclear Sub) and Deisel Electric version of Baracudda (selected by Australia) 4000 Tons. ??

2) Will the BELOUGA SSN will have water Jet Pump for propulsion ??

3) Will it have 30 yrs or 20 Yrs refuelling ???

Anonymous said...

Prasun da,

Do you really believe in Chinkies propaganda of IEPS, Pumpjet propulsion, EMALS, LASER based DEW, MAD blah blah blah. This particular article got published few days back in SCMP (South China Morning Post) - this media house mutated into a lackey of CCP these days much akin to Sputnik for Ruskies. In fact sometime back I came across this DRDO webpage incidentally which claims DRDO long back got its hands dirty with electric propulsion and pumpjet propulsion for torpedo (which implies the underlying core engineering and technology is available with DRDO plus operational prototype as well). Here it goes --


Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Good Morning.

Saudi Arabia is powerful in Muslim world because of Makkah. Now Qatar joins with Iran to Internationalize Haj Operation.

Egypt now banning Qatar ships to dock in Suez Canal Economic zone.

Turkey, Iran, Qatar forms new trade alliance

1. In future Can Egypt ban Qatar ships to pass the Suez Canal against the international Treaty?

2. Is it possible that Qatar, Iran & Turkey create new Gas + Oil Pipeline from Qatar via Iran to Turkey which can reach European Countries? By doing this West can contain Saudi & Russia.

3. Is it Possible in future that Haj operations will be carried by group of Muslim countries instead of one country to cut the power of Saudi?

S. Senthil Kumar

The Engdoc Society said...

Great Great Article, request pls enlighten us on following:

1. Total No of MBTs in service of IA, how many are T-72s, T-90S, ARJUN and how many will eventually be inducted into service.
2. Dada are there any plans on developing or codeveloping better MBTs in the future and what will be ideal platform for that
3.When Do we see order signing for Infantry Fighting Vehicle
4. How many Rudras are in service of IA and IAF and what total are on order
5. When do we see induction Of LCH
6. Is there a plan for ordering of more Apaches and Chinooks

dilbert said...

In reality, the option of procuring the T-90AM/MS was discarded 2 years ago when the IA realised that the Arjun Mki.1As will be more than enough to replace in Rajasthan those T-90S that are overdue for mid-life refits/upgrades.

Hi Prasun,

Your statement (reproduced above) caught my attention. IMO it is very significant, if true. It means that the IA has given up its blind hatred of Arjun / blind worship of T-90 and come to its senses. I will be delighted if your prediction turns out to be true. Or maybe you are stating it as a fact, not a prediction??

Best regards,


buddha said...

buddha said...
Will China dare to mount small scale military campaign...

Ludwig said...

Sir, I had a few more questions.
5) Since P-75I is either gonna take 5-10 years to materialize, What is the probability of Ordering more Scorpenes. This French article claims the proposal is to build 6 more Scorpenes, with 3 of them larger in Size.[l-actu-du-jour]-20170705

6) Last RM Stated we need more Submarines while I know you consider him a lemon, what do you think should be our Submarine number. Wouldn't modern diesel subs have an advantage over Nuclear ones, as they are quieter? (w.r.t Gotland incident)

7) Looking at the new Distributed lethality Strategy by USN I was wondering shouldn't India increase the lethality of its OPVs they are large enough in size to warrant that and we have a large fleet.

8) Should we build or purchase a missile-gun combination CIWS for our current fleet till laser CIWS comes up? This can free up all space on the ship to be filled with ARH QRSAMs making a similar combination like ESSM and SeaRAM.

9) Shouldn't we invest in building a Uniform Launch system like MK 41 which can launch all our missiles, both from Russian, Israeli and Indian missiles? Won't this make it easier for our platforms to have different missile load outs based on missions much easier?

9) Can we upgrade current Talwars or future Talwars with an Integrated mast like on Groshov Class as they are very close in size?

10) Sir the RFI by IN has repeatedly asked for STOBAR capabilities of the aircraft in the race. Can Rafale take off from an STOBAR carrier? Can it be modified (quickly enough) to have foldable wings?

aditya kamble said...
Can you shed some light on this..

buddha said...
Very interesting view points

Rajesh Mishra said...

What is that small scale military campaign that China is talking day and night?

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

every one keeps talking about the process and taking logical steps .. in the videos and also about making the decision process faster. nice videos

Prasun K. Sengupta said...


Mahindra MPV


Mahindra AXE

Mahindra Group

Ashok Leyland

Godrej & Boyce

Larsen & Toubro

Zen Technologies

Punj Lloyd

Samtel Avionics

Data Patterns

Dynamatic Technologies

Kalyani Group

Alpha Design


TATA Advanced Systems

buddha said...

It is nice to see the in house development and make in India process
all we need willingness and right political will and strategy to progress it further for better job creation and public private inter-relationship

buddha said...

Make In India: New Deal For Defence - Segment 1 Zen Technologies:

Make In India – New Deal For Defence - Samtel Avionics:
Powerscreen World Class Manufacturing in Hosur, India:
MAKE IN INDIA NEW DEAL FOR DEFENCE Part 1- Episode 13 - Punj Lloyd:
wateched many videos ...all we ned strategic thinking and right political will to go more ahead.

Gopu said...

Rear Admiral Ma reminds me of Dr. Arogyaswami Paulraj, former Navy Commodore. Except, Dr. Paulraj had better dreams than working with mediocre DRDO scientists for the rest of his career, so he decided to pursue his research interests outside of India. That venture paid off; he has been distinguished by the IEEE and recently won the Marconi Prize.


Sir, I am still seeing our PM and NCA members being flown around in outdated Mi-17s (not even V5s) whilst the AW-101s remain mothballed and u/s in Palam. What are we doing to address this mess? It seems after the VVIP helo fiasco no one wants to touch the matter but there is still an outstanding requirement.

Suvo said...


Hafiz Saeed’s JuD launches political party "Milli Muslim League" in Pakistan.

This is dangerous.Now they enters in mainstream-politics.So,explosive-future is waiting for Pakistan.

Ankit Singh said...

hello Prasun da,
"The S-30 Type 032 Qing-class SSB will be capable of firing the 2,000km-range Bukkeukseong-1 or Polaris-1 SLBM, which has been under development in North Korea for the past decade, for which China has provided both military-technical and military-industrial assistance."
So this means that Pakistan will eventually get the SLBM for their SSB's.

parthiv rao said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

A bulk of the troops of the Sukna-based 33 Corps have been or are in the process of being moved to the Indo-China frontier.

Rajesh Mishra said...

When the Chinese mice is getting well in to the mousetrap, then where is the need to shout out and scare it away.

Anonymous said...

Hello Prasun,
From Tank Biathlon in Russia. India is not doing well compared to Russia and China. But look at the Chinese when T-90 was in action.

Some of their faces do look concerned when T90 is in action. Is India deployed T90 in Sikkim or in Ladakh?

bhoutik said...

adventures in journalism-land

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJESH MISHRA: We are talking about a country (China) whose annual spending on internal security since 2007 has outstripped its annual defence spending & this year the internal security budget is US$153 billion & defence budget is US$151 billion. A country like this that faces far greater internal threats than external threats will never be able to mobilise & exercise comprehensive power, leave alone any small-scale military campaign, kindly rest assured. As for MBTs, as I had already explained in great detail in a previous thread in my blog, China's MBTs use only 780hp & 840hp water-cooled diesel engines for ZTQ-105 & Type 96A medium tanks in Tibet, while the Type 96B & Type-99A MBTs use air-cooled engines for use in the plains & coastal areas. Furthermore, the RHA penetration capability of its APFSDS rounds is laughable (I should know more than anyone else, since I possess the marketing presentations of NORINCO on such products). So rest assured that China is totally OUTNUMBERED & OUT-MANOEUVRED by India, which has 12 fully acclimatised Mountain Divisions, while China inside Tibet has only 3 fully acclimatised Mountain Brigades. For those who don’t know, even in 1962 the PLA mobilised only 7,000 troops for use in Aksai Chin, while in NEFA the number of troops brought into theatre for kinetic operations was only 10,500 & most of these were veterans of the Korean War. This force deployment footprint is no longer possible & the PLA knows this only too well & hence its incessant puffing & bluffing in present times. Lastly, trust POTUS Donald Trump to come down on China with hammer-and-tongs in the near future, thanks to an uncontrollable North Korea. That should pose a far greater headache for Xi Jinping & Co than the trijunction standoff.

To CATSNTRAPS: This mess cannot be resolved amicably unless & until the ghosts of Bofors & HDW are first exorcised. There’s no running away from this sequence.

To SUVO: Don’t worry, for there are far greater headaches for them ahead. For starters, after outsourcing garbage/waste disposal to the Chinese, now they’ve started outsourcing their medical reqmts:

Karachi's 13 biggest hospitals Handed over to China:

Big Mistake in PRs.1,000 Currency Note:

To ANKIT SINGH: It is still premature to jump to such conclusions. While such a delivery schedule exists,l it does not mean that the deliveries will DEFINITELY take place. A lot of things can go wrong during the delivery ferry voyage.

To MOHANDAS: Only T-62CIAs are deployed in Ladakh & Sikkim. T-90S are in Rajasthan & northern Punjab & southern Jammu.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To HARSH: Don’t worry. Just laugh it off.

To PIERRE ZORIN: It sounds similar to the deal we both had finalized in the recent past to construct an undersea Hyperloop transportation system connecting southern India with western Australia! No deal/agreement/contract is ever finalized until the ink on the dotted line dries up. For only then can the payment schedule commence. BTW, here’s so9mething new coming into vogue:

Airborne Sexual Assaults:

To VISHAKH: Why this unending fascination with diesel-electric SSKs when the emerging threats clearly dictate the need for SSNs? Do you wanna try stalking a PLAN Type 093 SSN cruising at 30 Knots underwater with a diesel-electric or AIP-powered SSK being able to cruise at no more than 22 Knots? The Belouga SSN will have pumpjets as well as lifelong PWR.

To AD: All that the PLAN has claimed is that they have developed IEPS modules for their next gfeneration of warships & submarines, i.e. they are not yet in service. The EMALS solution as claimed by PLAN has yet to be tested onj any operational aircraft carrier & therefore it remains unproven to date. Laser-based DEW is fairly easy to develop & produce for as long as the carrier warship has enough power generation capacity.

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: The woes of the Muslim Ummah are best explained here by Tarek Fatah:

To ENGDOC SOCIETY: I will answer your MBT queries in the following thread. As for the remaining questions, I have already answered several times before.

To DILBERT: The IA is on record for stating that it will have ^ Armoured Regiments equipped with Arjun MBTs by 2020. The first 2 already have Arjun Mk.1s while the next two are equipping with Arjun Mk.1As while the last two will receive the Arjun Mk.2 made with HNS, that have been designed by CVRDE wsith the help of Dynamatic Technologies.

To ADITYA KAMBLE: That’s the composites-built fuel-tank for both the Agni-5 & the SLBM.

To LUDWIG: I would not hazard any guess beyond 40. 2) A total of 7 QR-SAMs on a motorised TEL will be just nice for the IAF & IA, while for the IN up to 16 can be packed in. 3) India’s experience in developing IIR seekers has been quite disappointing so far. Any potential IIR-guided anti-ASCM SAM will therefore have to be imported. 4) LACMs best operate over relatively flat terrain since they can travel very low without having to frequently change altitudes. Over mountainous terrain, LACMs always tend to fly at higher altitudes & hence such subsonic LACMs are not employed for attacking targets located within mountainous terrain. The best solution therefore is the supersonic NLOS-BSM with top-attack capability in the terminal stage, just like the BrahMos-1 Block-3. 5) Only 3 more Scorpenbes—these being fitted with AIP modules—have been sought by the IN. 6) LoLz! Who says SSKs are quieter than SSNs? Any submarine cruising at 3 Knots will as as quiet as anyone can be. The IN requires no less than 12 SSNs. 7) The IN’s NOPVs are required for convoy escort purposes only, not for combatting other warships. 8) It already exists in the form of Barak-8 & AK-630M cannons. 9) Not possible. 10) How can the IN ask for both STOBAR & EMALS for IAC-2? If EMALS is acquired, it will have to be a CATOBAR deck.

Pratap said...

Looks like Pentagon has lost patience with our infamous MoD babus no right minded person would be surprised by this. Whats are your views, Prasun? Thanks.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

It is not US National War College, but the Naval War College in Anapolis & the Army War CDollege at Fort Leavenworth.