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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Debunking The PLA's Over-Hyped Manoeuvre Warfare Capabilities

Since the past decade, a widespread disinformation campaign has been mounted—both officially and unofficially—to over-hype and over-estimate the manoeuvre warfare capabilities of China’s People’s Liberation Army. The reality, however, belies all such claims. Today, the battle tank inventory of the PLA comprises of three types, with the most prolific being the Type 96A medium battle tank (about 1,500 built to date) that is deployed throughout central and western China, followed by the Type 96B medium battle tank (about 800) that is deployed throughout southern China, and finally the Type 99A heavy main battle tank (about 700 are in service) that is deployed throughout northern China (facing North Korea and Mongolia). The bulk of the PLA’s battle tank inventory is still made up of Type 59II, Type 80 and Type 85IIA medium tanks. The Type 96A’s export designation is VT-2, while that of the Type 96B is VT-4. The Type 99A has yet to be approved for export.
Type 96A/VT-2/MBT-2000 Medium Battle Tank
Type 96B/VT-4/MBT-3000 Medium Battle Tank
Type 99A Main Battle Tank


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JOHN: Both the IAF & IN had been interested in utility & AEW versions of the V-22 Osprey since the previous decade itself.

To SPACO: I had already outlined the production timelines in the previous thread. Kindly do the match after using my data as reference & that will give you the rollout-year of each SSBN.

To INTOLERANT PERSON: 1) That was a speculative report. But both K-15 & B-05 SLBMs can be fired. 2) Alternative air-corridors & sea-corridors do exist as I had explained in the previous thread. 3) CLGM is meant for Arjun Mk.1A & Mk.2 MBTs. Its warhead isn’t as powerful as that of HELINA. 4) Not by PA, but ex-PA soldiers who had joined the ranks of the TTP.

To NAG: Yes, they will come as powerpacks for the projected three larger SSBNs—S-5, S-6 & S-7— for the IN in the next decade.

To ASD: Not before 2019. The end-user won’t accept the platform until HAL first certifies the LCH as a credible flying platform, followed by the DRDO’s weaponisation of the LCH & release of the weaponised platform’s final airworthiness certification by CEMILAC.

To SOIKOT BANERJEE: 1) Not 35, but 44. Offsets will invlove inclusion of Indian vendors into the global supplier chains of Dassault, THALES & SAFRAN. 2) It will have no effect. 3) There is no riddle at all. It’s all about regressive mindsets. How many times do you see the ‘netas’ clamouring for awarding Bharat Ratna to politicians versus how many times anyone even proposes a scientist or mathematician for a similar honour?

To B RANA: If China wants to build more dams along the Indus River, then as per international law the Indus Waters Treaty will become null & Void. 2) Let the ragtags continue receiving money in Yuan/Rouble currency denominations. Let’s see how they can survive even for 1 minute without the US$.

To PIERRE ZORIN: The T-72M1982s of the IA can definitely be upgraded with greater protection. Mobility & firepower & I will explain it all in part-2 of my narrative in this very thread. Agreement on paying money to Russia for the Super Su-30MKI project has been reached & the contract will be inked by this November.

To LAXMAN: What really is the nett worth of BRICS when 1) China is investing not in BRICS but in the BRI. 2) Russia is focussing on promoting its Eurasian Trade Corridor/Customs Union. 3) Both Brazil & South Africa are mired in domestic political turmoil & are exhibiting diminishing economic clout? India will thus be better off without BRICS. Maldives situation will pan out exactly as per the wishes/desires of the US, the UK & India.

To IRFAN: What’s the hurry? What can the Su-57 FGFA do superbly which cannot be done by the Rafale?

To SBM: It does not matter at all what I think or donlt think. I can only draw inferences/conclusions after examining the objective ground realities. AMCA is always in sight as scale-models whenever ADA gets the chance to show off. Other than that, who is his/her right mind will ever consider India being worthy of developing such 5th-gen MRCAs? Do you really expect India to pull it off when even countries like Russia & Japan are facing technological challenges? I;m sure we all be spared from such unproductive & wishful thinking. Let’s first see in what shape & form the LCA-AF Mk.2 takes off.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Siachen Heights range from 16,000 feet ASL til 21,000 feet ASL. As of now, it is impossible for the weaponised Rudra or LCH or LUH to go beyonf 16,000 feet ASL. As for armour-related specs, here they are:

Like the ‘Dhruv/Rudra’, the LCH too adheres to the following FAR/MILSPEC standards:

US Army Aeronautical Design Standard-33E (ADS-33E)
Flaw-Tolerant Rotor System: FAR/JAR 29.571, AM 29-28
Crashworthy Fuel System: FAR/JAR 29.952, AM 29-35
Flaw-Tolerant Drive Train with Over Torque Certification: FAR/JAR 29.952, AM 29-28
Turbine Burst Protection: FAR/JAR 29.901, AM 29-36
Composite Spar Main & Tail Rotor Blades with Lightning Strike Protection: FAR/JAR 1309(h), AM 29-40
Engine Compartment Fire Protection: FAR/JAR 29.1193
Redundant Hydraulics & Flaw Tolerant Flight Controls: FAR/JAR 29.571, AM 29-28
Aircraft-Wide Bird Strike Protection: FAR/JAR 29.631, AM 29-40
Crashworthiness Standard: NATO’s MIL-STD-1290
Crashworthy Seats Conforming to MIL-STD-1472B
Cockpit Instrumentation Lighting Conforming to MIL-STD-85762A
Avionics Databus: MIL-STD-1553B
Autopilot Accuracy: MIL-F-9490D
Embedded MIL-STD-188-141B ALE Link Protection
Embedded MIL-STYD-188-110B data modem

To JOYDEEP GHISH: 1) It is all romantic fantasy. 2) Apparently India doesn’t care. 3) The more the merrier, isn’t it?

To RJS: And what is the PLA does a serious miscalculation & gets a bloody nose that results in a stalemate? What will Xi then gave to say to his fellow citizens? The PLA has wargamed all possible scenarioius for warfighting against India & has concluded that it can’t win either convincingly or overwhelmingly. Had it been the opposite, then by the military campaigns wouild already have been launched. That fact that they haven’t been launched proves my point made several times before: the PLA lacks the quantum of manpower reqd for waging high-altitude mountain warfare. In 1962 it had deployed only 6,500 in Aksai China & 10,500 in NEFA. Those levels have never been exceed since then, rest assured.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SAM: Buddhist Bhutan has always been petrified by the attitudes of the God-rejecting Communists since the 1960s & that perception hasn’t changed a bit.

To RON: Why not? After all, communications & information technology were born in the West & not in India. So who do you reckon enjoys total technological monopoly in such areas?

To RAD: Images of HELINA are the same as those I had posted last February. Nothing has changed either internally or externally. Do refer to the Aero India 2017 thread to find out all about new names/designations. The only certified turbofan available today for the IL-214 is the PS-90A. But even the CFM45 can be certified, if necessary.

To ANIZ BIN YUSUF: There have been persistent talk-shows in KSA’s TV channels like Al Arabia in which several Saudi think-tanks have stated what I had on this issue. Pakistan is now staring at the impending de-nuclearisastion. Why else do you think the POTUS brought up the nuclear issue in a speech that was meant to be devoted entirely to the US’ new Afghanistan policy?

To JYOTI SEN: It will be the MP-ATGM developed by DRDO. I had uploaded its brochure in the Aero India-2017 thread.

To SRINIVASA NANDURI: 1) The high CAPF casualty figures were due to the usage of obsolete SOPs. Why can’t the CAPFs just lob AGL-launched nerve paralysing gas-cannisters of the type used by Russia during the siege of the Moscow theatre in the previous decade to incapacitate the holed-up terrorists inside built-up structures like houses? As per ISAF & Kabul, only 11.1% of Afghan territory is under the Afghan Taliban’s control. Pakistan-origin figures will of course be highly inflated. After all, the very Ashraf Ghani who was eulogized back in 2015 by Islamabad is today being labelled as a US stooge heading an illegitimate govt by the very same Pakistanis! And also note that these morons are only talking about a China-Russia-Pakistan-Turkey axis, thereby conveniently leaving out Iran & even the new Pak FM is not scheduled to visit Teheran for his forthcoming foreign tours. What does that indicate? So just wait for India to operationalise the Kandla-Chabahar maritime trade corridor & everything will fall in place, for it suits the US to let India do all the talking & negotiating with Iran, which in turn is anxiously awaiting India’s financial investments in the Chabahar FTIZ inclusive of the railway freight corridor. So if US funds for all this are channelled to Iran through India, then why the hell should Iran complain or open its moth. Better for it to just sit tight & enjoy the investment inflows from India.

To CAPRI 4791: Hawk-I features a new-design glass cockpit with HOTAS controls & is not as weaponised as the Combat Hawk.

To SHAIBY JIJU: Yes, on all 3 of its Project 15A DDGs.

Rajesh Mishra said...

So China is only a paper dragon.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJESH MISHRA: Not just a paper entity, but a hollow one as well. Meanwhile, China's all-weather friend (Pakistan) has since yesterday been suspending all social-media accounts concerned with 'the Kashmir Struggle'. More details here:

Also taking place yesterday was this inside PoK:

sbm said...

A little birdy hinted somethings to me:

1) All six Akash sqns for the NE are sort of in place though infrastructure is a little rudimentary.

2) Contract for 7 more sqn to be placed in 2017-2018 or in 2018-2019: DAC approval given but full delivery of previous orders plus QC issues resulting from failure analysis being undertaken.

3) IAF desires more than 9 MRSAM sqn - possibly double.

4) IAF is encouraging DRDO to focus on fielding the new model AAD as it is performing well in trials against practical targets. It sees the PDV as a long-haul project.

5) IAF is trying to push GOI to opt for 44 extra Rafales to enable them to field 4 full-strength squadrons - u/e 16 plus 2 trainers and 2 reserves.

Any of this bird talk make sense?

ashish gautam said...

Thank you sir for answering my questions.
is LCH armed with any radar like longbow radar?
Are there any plans or anything under R&D to install a longbow kinda powerful radar if it is not available by now?
As per media reports the 15LSP series LCH which have just started production are basic varients... What's difference between Basic & advance varients?

Prranshu Yadav said...

Dear Prasun,

In your December 2016 post on cruise missile updates, you described the SAAW (Smart Anti Airfield Weapon) as an EMP emitting directed energy weapon. However the wikipedia article for SAAW describes it as carrying high explosive warheads designed to penetrate runways and also damage other Airfield infrastructure. From the references cited in wikipedia it appears to be somewhat similar to the BLU-107 but with standoff capability. Even it's name (Anti Airfield Weapon) suggests it's primarily meant to target runways. Can you please clarify?

AVI D said...

Hi Prasun,

On the topic of tanks, Gen Katoch has brought out this article on India's latest debacle at the Tank games in Russia, trying to absolve T90s.

Neither DRDO nor the ARmy comes out with comprehensive comparison with arguments for and against T90s and Arjun. Is there any comprehensive comparison done of the two anywhere? In case you have done so, I don't remember coming across it. If you have could you point me to it?

Anonymous said...

"The PLA has wargamed all possible scenarioius for warfighting against India & has concluded that it can’t win either convincingly or overwhelmingly."

sir can you provide any source for this statement


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SBM: Akash-1 deliveries will continue after the initial vendor-related SC issues are sorted out. These are routine matters & there's nothing negative about them. The IAF wants both MR-SAM & LR-SAM variants of Barak-8. It is therefore still too early to pin down the quantums of each type. Successive Rafale tranches are definitely on the horizon. The AAD-1 will be the definitive variant to be fielded after a few more test-firings are conducted after an accelerated user-trials scheduled is finalised.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: No, such MMW sensors aren;t reqd for now. Instead, a helicopter-mounted SAR sensor is reqd for target detection on a dedicated helicopter platform. WRT LCH, the same mistakes of the Tejas Mk.1's developmental roadmap are being repeated with the LCH. All this nonsense about 'basic variant' & IOC installments & FOC installments must be done away with ASAP.

To PRRANSHU YADAV: All the answers are contained in the Aero India 2017 thread. Attacking air bases involves 2 phases: the SEAD phase & the DEAD phase. No one weapon can fulfil the reqmts of both phases. Hence 2 SAAWs were displayed at Aero India 2017: 1 by the DRDO & the other by the Kalyani Group/RAFAEL combine. Israel was the first to use such a SEAD/DEAD PGM combination, followed by Vietnam & India will be the third country to adopt this approach.

To AVI D: Mechanical failures of this type do occur & last year the Type 96B too suffered from the loss of a track roadwheel. But to ASSUME that 'desi' fan-belts or engine oil filters are to be blamed is utter fallacy. That's because all such 'desi' hardware, if licence-produced in India, have to undergo rigorous QA/QC tests conducted by the MoD's DGQA (Army Branch) & IA HQ. So, who then gives final authorisation for such 'desi' products to be used, if not IA HQ? Hence, instead of needless & nonsensical fingerpointing by retired servicemen-turned-armchair specialists, serious efforts must be made to get into the detail if problem-solving is reqd.

Laxman said...
Can you provide some details on the Doklam disengagement Understanding?

buddha said...

Anonymous said...

Sir, thank you for your response.

1) your comments on this, please?

2) How crippling is the personnel/officer shortage in our military?

3) Sir, does IAF also have a pilots shortage?


nag said...

Dada just as u predicted chinese are packing their bags

john said...


Now Doklam is over.

Do you think they will keep quite after this humiliation ?

What type of retaliation you expect in future from china ?


Kaustav said...

Prasunda Now this is a LOLwa and a ROTFL on the Doka La....While not rubbing anyone's nose in the ground, the Chinese will have to spin a lot of English Grammar and high flying rhetoric.But a joint declaration would have cemented the Indian victory to claim of a joint withdrawal, rather than the optic presented that since India announced it first, India blinked. But then, India is after all not 9feet tall....Heh..heh

abs said...

Prasun Da
How much is the hype surrounding PLA's war fighting capabilities a result of Chinese funding certain sections of the Indian think tanks, media, etc.?
I would view this as an extension of the Chinese 5th Generation Warfare tactics.

buddha said...

India, China to disengage troops along Doklam: External Affairs Ministry:

Darjeeling Travel Service's said...

Dear Prasun,

(a) It has been an enlightening journey going through your blog articles and comments.So thank you for keeping us posted on all the latest developments and improving our knowledge base.

(b) Considering Modi government's tilt towards the US and the need for a strategic alliance to counter China. It is very much on the cards, that India will be going in for the F-16 Block 70. Which is just an upgraded form of Block 50/52 and in reality is even inferior to Block 60 or the the f-16 offered during MMRCA. With less thrust and no IRST. What are your views on the Block 70/72 with respect to Indian defense, lethality and its role in the current scheme of things.

(c) Considering the Israeli F-16's have performed miserably in high altitude trials over the Himalayas recently and had failed miserably in MMRCA tender. So in order to incorporate the F-16 the IAF will have to lower the bar and make concessions. If that happens the current Air Chief might suffer the same fate as AC Tyagi. Your views please.

(d) Do you thing the US will allow the IAF to Integrate French and Israeli subsystems and weapons? ( Much in the same way way we have incorporated such systems in Su30 MKI)

(e) Will the GOI/IAF go in for the Block 70 in the current form or will they ask for IRST, MAWS and a more powerful engine ? Can India not ask for the Block 80/ F-16U Falcon 21 Instead.

(F) After the next tranche of 44 Rafaels are ordered, will we be getting Rafaels via Make in India post 2022-23 Timeline. Also what will be total number of Rafaels inducted?

(g) You said we will be signing the super Sukhoi deal by November. What all are part of the super sukhoi upgrade programme? By when can we expect the first upgraded jet to roll out.

(h) Will we be signing the FGFA deal by the end of this year or early next year?

(i) Do we have the finances for all these programs as majoority of them will be running simultaneously.


Satpathy said...

Prasun, this caught my eye this morning :

Boeing is definitely doubling down on its efforts to convince the IN that the FA-18 is the right choice for the service. Speicifically its is making the case that no structural modifications would be needed to either the F-18s or the carrier as detailed below:

"Boeing has dismissed reports that the F/A-18 is too big for the hangar elevators on the INS Vikramaditya and the under-construction Vikrant class aircraft carrier. The company confirmed today that the Block III Super Hornet requires no modifications for full operations on either of these carriers".

Your thoughts ....


" Meanwhile, the headless chickens at REPUBLIC WORLD TV channel need to take a break WRT Durga idol immersion being postponed by a day in Bengal. The decision was taken only on the merits of crowd control-related law-enforcement & by no means tantamount to minorioty appeasement. "

Did mamta banerjee asked you to give justification for this.....and why cant muharram possession be postponed by one day...just give a thought to this idea before justifying mumbos and jumbos originating from TMC camp.....

Devopriyo said...

I have a strong feeling that Prasun's recent sojourn (over the weekend) had something to do with this !

AVIRAL said...

Astra missile enters production at BDL facility in Bhanur..Induction possible this year::

Trials of ATAGS started at pokhran::

Mysterious explosion near chandipur missile firing range:

Later clarified as sonic boom by Su30 jets testing astra missile.

Earlier today..Wreakage of unknown missile/drone recovered by fishermen in the same area:

China has withdrawn road construction equipments from Standoff area::

Parthasarathi said...


Many people don't know that beside Ordnance Factories Board, there is one institute (in India) used to produce a full assembly of a mountain Gun ( Complete manufacture of Assembly Indian Mountain Gun (MK-II)). That is Heavy Engineering Corporation( HEC ) from Ranchi. Now a days there is no order for them ! They are almost in BIFR.
BHEL is making 127 MM Naval gun. They were making 76 MM gun for years.
But scientists from DRDO. instead of taking help from DHEL or HEC. going to TATA and Kalyani for consultation and partnership for producing ATAGS.
I have nothing against TATA and Kalyani but why we should not give a chance to BHEL or HEC. There should be two production lines. One by TATA and Kalyani another by BHEL. and HEC. We need thousands of 155 mm howitzers.
Best regards,

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To LAXMAN: What more is there to understand? The PLA saw winter/snowfall approaching & therefore had to bow down to the forces of nature. All the earlier cock-n-bull shit about mountains being moved whereas the PLA being immovable now stands exposed. At the end of the day when the Govt of India began decisively moving in the direction of imposing anti-dumping restrictions on Made-in-China products, the desired results were achieved by India.

To VSJ: 1) The critical mistakes were made in the previous decade itself when instead of powering the IL-78MKIs with higher-thrust CFM56 turbofans, the much older D30 engines wre ordered. Furthermore, the COBHAM-supplied Type- 754 buddy-buddy refuelling pods were not stored in the specified manner, which led to avoidable foreign-object-damage (FOD). And most importantly, aerial refuelling flight simulation tools were never procured as well. 2 & 3) The most crippling shoprtages are in the engineering branch since the reqd quantum of licenced aeronautical engineers isn’t available, leading to the piling up of scheduled aircraft MRO work. In my view, all such MRO activities should have been outsourced from private-sector companies.

To NAG & JOHN: For the time-being, yes. But India must stay prepared for something similar happening again next year.

To KAUSTAV: The announcement of a simultaneous withdrawal will be made by Bhutan through its representations to the 53 countries with which Thimpu has diplomatic ties. The Indian MEA statement also stays valid for as long as China’s Foreign Ministry doesn’t rubbish it. So far, no contradictory statements have emanated from Beijing.

To ABS: It is not so much about being influenced by China inside India, rather it is all a money-making business in terms of overselling a perception & then hawking this oversell to prospective Western weapons manufacturing OEMs who in turn usually use such disinformation as tools for marketing theior products/solutions. And the ‘desi’ media houses then try to sneak in from the flanks & acquire advertisement revenues as the quid pro quo. In short, it is closed-cycle conspiracy theory-fed circle. At the citizen’s level, there are several who fall prey to the over-inflated propaganda dished out by the overseas Mainland Chinese diaspora (the internet fanboys based in Southeast Asia, Australasia & North America) & even in this blog one often comes across several who believe such propaganda to be the gospel-truth.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MAVERICK78: A) VMT. B) The Block-70 F-16 will be far more advanced than the Blocks-52/60, rest assured. Blocks-50/52 don’t as yet have AESA-MMRs. C) When exactly did any Israel F-16 arrive in India, leave alone the Himalayas? D) They have already been integrated for several other F-16 operators. E) All those sensors are on offer. F) What exactly is to be made in India? And at what cost? And why? G) All that was explained in the Aero India 2017 thread. H) Most unlikely. I) Finances are available from several sources. They just have to be identified & channelled.

To SATPATHY: Isn’t this the ‘Bandalbaaz’ that has taken to writing pulp-fiction novels & was earlier this year part of an all-expenses-paid junket trip sponsored by Boeing? And interestingly, AFTER I had stated in very clear terms that the IAC-2 project was postponed indefinitely, it is now highly amusing to read that Boeing riding on the shoulders of this ‘desi bandalbaaz’ is now pitching for the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet to go on-board the INS Vikramaditya & Project 71/IAC-1/Vikrant!!! But (LoLz!) the devil always lies & lurks within the detail as I had explained several times before. And only those who overlook such details make IDIOTIC statements like the Super Hornet & Rafale being capable of being accommodated within the hangar elevators of the INS Vikramaditya & Project 71/IAC-1/Vikrant. The question that arises then is what happens AFTER such non-Russian combat aircraft arrive inside the below-deck hangar? What kind of customisation is reqd for such a hangar? And which naval architect from which country will certify the highly modified design of such a hangar? These questions are highly relevant/critical because the entire hangar design & internal fitments (like weapons storage bays & aircraft servicing facilities) for both INS Vikramaditya & Project 71/IAC-1/Vikrant came directly from Russia & were customised solely for the MiG-29Ks, Ka-28PLs & Ka-31s.

So, as you can now probably fathom, there’s much more to carrier-based flight operations than just taking off from a ski-ramp or using hangar elevators. And all this can be explained in convincing/compelling detail only by experienced naval architects, & most definitely not by Bandalbaazes penning pulp-fiction novels!

To AMIT BISWAS: Do I need anyone’s permission for providing any justifications? And why are you assuming that anyone fed me any mumbo-jumbo from TMC or from anywhere else? What kind of a skewed & bigoted mindset it must be if your thought-processes make you reach such a conclusion! It will therefore do you a lot more good to get an impartial analysis of the objective ground realities from experienced law-enforcement personnel, for starters, before you reach such outrageous conclusions. And since you obviously don’t know or didn’t even bother to find out the ground realities, you are unaware that clashes during Muharram processions in India HAVE NEVER taken place between two communities, but have always taken place between 2 sects of the same community: the Sunnis & Shias. Hence, it will do you a lot more good after you’ve stopped gulping all the bullshit being hurled by the BJP card-carrying morons. And in case you didn’t know, all idol immersions are authorised until sunset of October 31 & there’s simply no need to postpone them for even another day—as mandated by tradition. So those who wish to dishonour such tradition will just have to live with the consequences.

bhoutik said...

cringe worthy attempts by chinese media to portray this as 'Indian withdrawal', but sad to see even some non-chinese outlets like nyt and bbc falling for it. like literally saying India backed off. many other outlets saying 'India said mutual disengagement but china says will still patrol' - completely missing the point that patrolling by the disputed parties was pre status quo norm.

perceptions matter. MEA might wanna issue a clear cut statement tomorrow that disengagement has been completed and india has observed the chinese disengagement also. and unless agreed to during the negotiations, they should clearly point out that road building has stopped. not saying these things clearly when the other side is spending a shitload of energy bullshitting around, i dont feel is a good idea. this is a completely undignified entity we're dealing with. we dont need to necessarily speak in their language, but we could speak very clearly and lay out the facts, especially when they are being ambiguous officially and then filling up the void by spreading bs thru their state media, which gets picked up by some amateurishly stupid reporters these days that dont seem to do basic homework. noobs like that populate some news outlets these days and need to be spoon fed.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PARTHASARATHI: You seem to be overlooking 1 fact: both BHEL in Hardwar & Ranchi-based HEC were only licence-producing, i.e. they never knew anything about product design & development & therefore never had any IPRs of their own. Leave alone military hardware, BHEL does not even today have any in-house developed industrial gas turbine. All it has been doing over the past several decades is licence-assemble industrial gas turbines originating earlier from Siemens & now Toshiba. Just because one is a hardware producer doesn’t mean that one can also become a technology innovator/product developer. Nor does the DRDO have any scientist. They are all technocrats who access industrial patents to understand what’s the technology behind them & then ask engineering industries to develop engineered solutions based on DRDO-origin conceptuial designs that in turn are 100% drawn from non-India industrial patents. Private-sector companies are ahead of their MoD-owned DPSU or other state-owned industrial counterparts because the former can raise the reqd quantum of venture capital from the stock markets as & when they choose & then quickly approach their foreign counterparts for access to IPRs for a royalty fee & then quickly offer engineered solutions to the prospective end-users. State-owned companies can only dream about exercising such financial/managerial flexibility & autonomy because in every step of the way, the CMD of a state-owned company has to seek the approval from a non-specialist/generalist Joint Secretary sitting in a Ministry. So, what the provate-sector can achieve within 48 hours in terms of decision-making, takes from 6 months up to 3 years to achieve for state-owned industrial entities. How else do you think entities like Air-India, HMT & BSNL went bankrupt?

To BHOUTIK: LoLz! Apparenbtly the likes of Xinhua are not making an exception out of India either. Watch this latest sarcasm & taunt targetting the US Navy:

Road-building was meant to stop anyway because of the worsening weather conditions prior to the forthcoming commencement of winter snowfall. Most importantly, however, it is all about what will happen in future, for, it is highly unlikely that a similar stunt will be attempted in future by the PLA. Instead, a far more complicated incident can be created by Beijing by taking advantage of instabilities in India’s immediate neighbourhood, i.e. the unending political chaos & anarchy inside Nepal, which can well be exploited by China by manipulating the idiotic Nepali opportunists like these:

And that’s precisely why one should not pander to any populist calls for the creation of Gorkhaland inside India.

To PIERRE ZORIN: Highly motivational lecture by Admiral William H. McRaven:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

How BMEWS Works:

Army 2017 Expo Highlights:

BMP-T in Action:

Pakistan's National Counter Terrorism Centre in Pubbi, Kharian:

That's right! The ancestors of every Indian with the surname Pubby today at the time of partition had migrated from Pubbi in Kharian, Pakistan, to India & took on the surname of Pubby, just as everyone with the surname Panag can trace their origin to the village called Panag, which is now inside PoK.

Manu Singh said...


Is this guy serious ?

US$ 18 billion for 120 aircraft = 150 million per aircraft? At this price, India will build Rafale in country !!

Look at his timeline - 16 months for RFP, 3-4 years for final contract and eight years for production in India. Which means:

RFP -2019; Contract - 2022 and Indian production - 2025.

It looks awfully delaying tactic ?? Whats the story here?? This entire story seems fishy !!

STJ said...

What is the status of Agni 6 and k5 missiles


Prasun Da,

You are on the dot about Republic TV and the Muharram procession in Bengal. Actually most Bengali Hindus in any case will not carry out immersion on Ekadashi which co incides with Muharram.

Moreover, just like in Mumbai during Ganesh immesion, in Kolkata too fights break out betwwen different groups as to who gets to immerse first. Just that people who VOMIT BAKWAS in your blog consume so much of propaganda driven news from circus clowns reared by channels like Republic TV, that they are filled with the farts of a million lactose intolerant bison.

In order to maintain the high standard of this blog you should prevent such dolts from posting here.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MANU SINGH: LoLz! Of course it is FAKE NEWS. Here's why:

Claim: “We have chosen both F-16 Block 70 and Gripen E because both single-engine fighters are fully upgraded, fully tested and are in full use,” the IAF official added.
Reality: Neither contender is 'in full use' by any country/operator.

Claim: Both Lockheed Martin and Saab will be given three months to respond to the RFI, which will then be evaluated by an IAF expert committee and the final selection will be made early next year, the IAF official added.
Reality: Wow! From RFI straight to final selection while skipping the RFP process.???

In reality, RFIs had already been issued earlier & the responses have already arrived at IAF HQ.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: VMT, but sometimes such 'vomitting' needs to be accommodated simply in order to rebuke & debunk them with on-the-record facts & a compelling narrative. For, in this day & age of proliferating fake news, one also has to contend with those who are too lazy to be discerning & often (sadly) find it convenient to rely on oversimplified & farcical assumptions of the type displayed by the likes of Amit Biswas.

Pierre Zorin said...

"All the earlier cock-n-bull shit about mountains being moved whereas the PLA being immovable" someone ought to have quoted what Jesus said, "if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed and say to this mountain move and be cast into the sea, it shall be done ".

Pierre Zorin said...

Well perhaps you have made Amit Biswas into either Amit Bakhwas or Amit A-Biswas depending on Urdu or Bengali... LoL

Pierre Zorin said...

I uploaded the Army 2017 You tube link in the previous thread and was curious about the vehicle with radar on it and the vehicle with a huge long gun - never seen vehicles like that not sure what they are ....

Anonymous said...

Just above the pictures of the "Type 99A Main Battle Tank" there is a picture of a AA gun on a tank that, "if looks could kill then this is it" kind of stuff. I remember you uploading that picture from an earlier thread from your trip to a Chinese exhibition from last year, if I am not wrong.

Can you give some technical dough on this.



" Just that people who VOMIT BAKWAS in your blog consume so much of propaganda driven news from circus clowns reared by channels like Republic TV, that they are filled with the farts of a million lactose intolerant bison.

In order to maintain the high standard of this blog you should prevent such dolts from posting here "

SUJOY MAJUMDAR tum jaise bengalis ka isiliye kuch nahi ho guys are no more than headless chickens..... state ka to band baja diya hai already with people like you always busy in showing off the high intellectual capabilities (fake)...but alas no law and jobs...syndicate raaj ......people are migrating from bengal to other states for jobs....and see you are still speaking mumbos and seems i have hit the balls where it hurts more for you mumbos jumbos from bengal...It seems you are also from TMC/COMMIES kitna paisa mila shaarda/narda me??

BTW my comment was directed towards prasun sir and not you... and I believe it is my choice what to say or what not to say...this is not your bengal okay...where FIR is registered against persons for making cartoons of CM, posting facebook comments against islam...lolz learn to be tolerant buddy.....and yes get your house/state in order better rather than taking potshots..

Also at most prasun can censor my comments he cant block me from visiting this i believe you need to learn some computer skills tooo....hope better sense prevails

PRASUN SENGUPTA " VMT, but sometimes such 'vomitting' needs to be accommodated simply in order to rebuke & debunk them with on-the-record facts & a compelling narrative. For, in this day & age of proliferating fake news, one also has to contend with those who are too lazy to be discerning & often (sadly) find it convenient to rely on oversimplified & farcical assumptions of the type displayed by the likes of Amit Biswas "

talking about hindus and their rights has become "vomitting" here in this blog now.....secular fashion indeed....

people from other side of border do know whats the consequences of living with so called secular got problem with people of gujrat that they have banned cow slaughter lolz...but when hindus gets butchered in malda/bangladesh you never say anything lolz ...but this debate is never ending one

anyway it your choice and your blog what to do...but i believe whatever scenario that you try to portray may not be true either...your compelling narrative is beyond my the end of the day you are also a human being and not a farishtaa i believe...and yes thank you for your adjectives

sbm said...

Your thoughts? No new Akash orders over price?

soi said...

1.( If this news is true then it is FGFA "OR" RAFALE, earlier it was supposed to be RAFALE "AND" FGFA? A recent news said that the five meber committee gave go ahead to FGFA, and sign a deal for further developement probably by end of this year, but there is a different news contradicting the same every fortnight, Can you give a firm opininon on both FGFA and RAFALE deals future plan?

2.( What it may be? your opinion on the same..some say it was a astra test..

Soikot Banerjee


Thanks PrasunDa.

As you may have noticed, I did not mention name of any individual who VOMITS BAKWAS in your blog. However, a possible Sanghi has clarified it was him.

Satya said...

Prasun, i know these people are rascals of the highest order, but for the senate chairman of a bhooka nanga mulk to issue a threat like that to the sole superpower on earth is just unbelievable Hope the Americans are keeping a watch on these utterances

Sanjay Sharma said...

Dear Prasunji, I know you are busy, can you please help me with these queries when you find time.

1) What is the current status of the maoist movement?? How much has the threat reduced since 2009 Dante Wada massacre??

2 ) Any chance the bjp's fringe element inspired hindi-hindu policies will lead to a movement for dravidanadu?
Is there any popular support for it in the southern states??
Currently the south is the only part of the country that is relatively free of such violence.

3) From information you've given us sir, it seems the main missile threat from pak are CMs like babur, but pak does not pose a threat as far as conventionally armed BMs are concerned.
While China poses a threat through the use of BMs and not much through the use of CMs due to their subsonic speed. Am I right sir?

4) But what about the reverse engineered versions of klub that can be air launched from h6 bombers? Does that not pose a grave threat due to its 2000km+ range and supersonic speeds which negates the disadvantages of subsonic missiles like CJ10?

5) Sir you said that the US has great influence over Chinese wealth in its banks because the reserve currency is dollar not yuan. Does that mean sirji that even if Chinese overtakes the US in nominal terms say between 2025 and 2030, China will still not be economically as powerful as US?

6) I have trouble understanding how exactly economic sanctions work. If possible sir can you please give us a suggestion of a book or video to help us better understand how international sanctions work?

Thanks a lot

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KANE: That’s the dual-use remote-controlled weapons system (RCWS) which is more likely to be used for shooting ground targets, since the VT-4/MBT-3000 variant of the Type 96B tank is being proposed for those Middle eastern countries that are battling ISIS.

To AMIT BISWAS: Firstly, your allegation about “no law and jobs...syndicate raaj ......people are migrating to other states for jobs” holds equally true for both UP & Haryana as well. Secondly, if you reckon the reign of a BJP state govt in Bengal will transform the state into one overflowing with milk-n-honey, then I can only label it as delusional utopia, since this very excuse is being peddled by those clamouring for the State of Gorkhaland. Suffice to say that even a BJP-ruled Bengal will not have any answers for repaying Bengal’s financial debts, nor will the Centre bail out such a govt for fear of creating a constitutional precedent. Thirdly, no one here has ever claimed that the TMC is the best available option, so all this talk of the need to get one’s house in order apllies in equal measure to almost all other states of India as well. Fourthly, rights & obligations always go hand-in-hand. Shouts about only rights will always fall on deaf ears in any welfare state. Secularism is all about the near-equitable distribution of services & commodities without fear or favour, but obviously you are not discerning enough to grasp this reality. And if ALL those states that have banned cow slaughter resort to smuggling on an industrial scale & engage in trafficking of ageing cattle from there to states like Assam & Bengal & only in these 2 states a bottleneck then emerges due to the BSF’s effort to curtail cross-border cattle-smuggling, then the only end-result can be the generation of a man-made epidemic from all the dead carcasses piling up in Assam & Bengal & so yes, I do have a gigantic problem with all those states that’ve banned cow slaughter but at the same time they want to keep themselves clean & hygienic (after all Surat had the unique distinction of an outbreak of a plague epidemic in the 1990s when the rest of the world had eradicated this disease) at the expense of others.And lastly, Hindus getting butchered inside Bangladesh does not justify butchering non-Hindus in retaliation inside India. To make sense of any narrative requires introspection & resort to common-sense. But since you evidently are afflicted with a ‘refusing-to-develop’ mindset, you are both beyond hope & beyond despair & consequently no one will take pity on you when you need it the most.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SOIKOT BANERJEE: The Rafale exists, whereas the Su-57 FGFA does not as yet. So the one that exists is available for grabs right now & hence the IAF will give priority to acquiring morte Rafales instead of waiting for the FGFA to emerge.

Then first there was this: Two mysterious explosions were reported off the Digha coast in West Bengal's East Midnapore district on the morning of August 26, 2017. Then came this: Fishermen on August 28, 2017 found motors and metallic objects in their net off the coastline near Digha. The recovery led to rumours that the objects were parts of a missile and were linked to Saturday's sonic boom which shattered glass panes and damaged houses at Digha, Bengal's most popular beach. Defence officials said the debris were old and the UAV had nothing to do with the sonic boom.

Based on the above, it can only mean that there was some kind of missile-firing effort that had taken place, with the aircraft launching such PGMs after taking off from Kalaikunda. After all, the IAF has upgraded Kalaikunda & has been on the lookout for offshore firing ranges since the past 2 years. And contrary to previous practice, there’s now a three- AM/AVM stationed in Kalaikunda.

To SATYA: LoLz! Today, there’s no need to bomb a country back to the stone-age. Instead, a country can simply be taken to the dry-cleaners & be left to dry bereft of all financiual wealth. And that is exactly what happened 48 hours ago when this happened:

Pakistan's Habib Bank Shuts Its US Operations

This is just the beginning. And a similar hammer will come down on some China-owned banks as well. Gradually, in a calibrated manner, such banks will be prevented from indulging in international financial transactions until the money-flow in US$ & Euro denominations comes to a complete standstill. Then, neiother will China be able to finance CPEC with all its US$ savings nor will Pakistan be able to receive foreign remittances from abroad in US$ or Euros. So since this ‘Taandav nritya’ has already begun, so let’s all sit back & watch the unfolding fun & let me have the last laugh on this subject as well after seeing Pakistan use the currencies of China, Russia & Turkey as toilet tissue-paper.

To SANJAY SHARMA: Read the book ‘The Iran Wars’ by Jay Solomon to understand how multilateral sanctions work with crippling effect.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SBM: Here they are:

1) Akash-1 is neither simple nor robust. No electronics-intensive weapon system can be so. Compared to the Barak-8 MR-SAM, the Akash-1 is too complex & support logistics-heavy & its deployment footprint is complex as well. Barak-8 can easily be stored & deployed with far less complexity & all IAF air bases equipped with either EL/M-2084 or the DRDO-developed Arudhra for airspace monitoring can also be used for fire-control purposes—a flexibility not offered by the Rohini/Rajendra combination.

2) Improved Akash-1 seekers & related data-links can easily be installed on existing Akash-1 missiles when the missile-rounds are up for relifing.

3) Industrial (not technology) eco-system comprising Tier-2 and Tier-3 vendors are IDENTICAL for both Akash-1 & barak-8. Hence, choosing Barak-8 above Akash-1 isn’t a zero-sum game, nor will refusal to order additional Akash-1s will result in any job losses.

4) Akash-1’s procurement costs are higher when compared with international benchmarks SIMPLY BECAUSE against all established global norms, 2 manufacturers—BEL & BDL—were designated as prime contractors & hence both companies had to field duplicated final-assembly/test-n-integration industrial infrastructure. Ideally, only BEL should been appointed as the sole prime contractor-cum-systems integrator.

5) No one in Indfia has ever used Nishant UAV as either a target vehicle or a target-towing vehicle. Use was always made of Lakshaya UAS.

6) Kill-switches make sense only for Tom Clancy fanboys & are only meant for conspiracy theories.

7) The Barak-8’s MR-SAM/LR-SAM variants are all ‘Make in India’ initiatives.The Barak-8’s IPR is jointly owned by DRDO & IAI.

8) In conclusion, this is PAID NEWS, with payment coming from the BDL-BEL combine. Hence the factually-wrong financial slants given in that piece of spectacular yellow journalism.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: Watch these excellent documentaries of recent vintages dealing with Partition:

Interestingly, UK citizens who are ‘Hindu’ weren’t granted travel visas by Pakistan for making these documentaries, while UK citizens who are Sikhs were not subjected to such restrictions. In both Bangladesh & India no restrictions of any kind were imposed on anybody.

sbm said...

Very good points. Where does this leave the DAC approved 7 additional squadrons?

The impression being given from the "yellow article" is that the whole thing is price haggling now.

What of the Akash NG? And the Akash production line? Surely some more orders will come so why the confusion now? Would it not make sense to wait for the Akash NG and then commit more orders?


" Thanks PrasunDa.

As you may have noticed, I did not mention name of any individual who VOMITS BAKWAS in your blog. However, a possible Sanghi has clarified it was him. "

Its seems you dont have guts to play straightforward....dont worry i do have guts to reply straightforward...and if you believe without taking my name you have struck goldmine lolz I must really say you are a incredible bong intellectual indeed.....your prejudice that I am a sanghi without any proof tells a lot about you sujoy babu......anyway I am used to this mumbos jumbos from bongs like you who pretend to be highly intellectuals but alas the state its people arent realising it is slipping in coma.......I am waiting for you/your family members to be heckled by these mullahs let me know about that when it happens and then also i am sure you wont criticize these mullah friend of yours....and yes I will continue to " VOMIT " for the rights of hindus...your commies/tmc gotta problem with that......and yes if you are so concerned about vomitting...why dont you ask your mamta begum to spare the hindus atleast for the festival of the year is available for her vindictive politics against dont say that durga puja is only celebrated in your bongla.....

PRASUN " Secondly, if you reckon the reign of a BJP state govt in Bengal will transform the state into one overflowing with milk-n-honey, then I can only label it as delusional utopia, since this very excuse is being peddled by those clamouring for the State of Gorkhaland."

Did I justified/uttered that BJP will bring a change or they will wipe out all the problems....lolz

How did you arrived at such conclusion??...just because I spoke about the rights of hindus........any way your replies does make me remind of secular brigades getting intolerant....and thanks for taking pity....alas I dont need one till I live in hindu majority state....and about cow slaughter....

just because you dont like banning slaughter houses doesnt mean that people in other states also wont like it.... democratically elected govt chose to ban cow slaughter......and I believe they are better spared of suggestions from commies/tmc from bongo....

Ram Bharadwaj said...

Prasun, Is this true or Fake news?

IN planning to buy Tu-22M.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for the documentaries of Partition. However, the following links are removed :

Do you have alternative links?



Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Prasun Da,

some junk mumbo jumbo

Also please provide some update on Chabhar port and railway link to Afgan from there, It seems my queries are falling on deaf ear :-(

Pierre Zorin said...

India's aspiration to be a super power will be seriously affected if the secular fabric of the country is swept away by a dud Hindu majority business. For years people f various beliefs have coexisted in India and as a result the constitution calls it a sovereign, secular, socialist democratic republic. Wanting to dominate over others in the name of Hinduism is unconstitutional. It is exactly the same as Pakistan the difference is they promote an Islamic Republic and the ill advised Hindu champs wanting a Hindustan! Even the PM said the strength of India is in its diversity. It is completely unacceptable to promote a Hindu India because it is not. What happens in neighbouring countries, perceptions of injustice, favouritism needs a pragmatic investigation not citing man made rules and regulations passing them as Hinduism because the Vedas and Puranas appear to teach a completely different way of life as opposed to so called Yogis and Sadhus. In that regards it is once again like Pakistan and some Muslim institutions- listening to Friday nonsense and carrying out stupidity. India is for Indians, same as Britain or the US or Australia - regardless of their background. The rule of law should be the same for all. I hate to see radical Hindus and ill advised Muslims eroding the hard earned secular rubric of what is the nation of India.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SBM: As I had stated several times before, DAC approval does not mean it is a done deal. DAC approval only means that the procurement process can be initiated by either issuing RFPs in case of competitive bidding, or initiating contractual negotiations. All these still do not mean that a procurement is assured/guaranteed. What is actually happening now is not price-haggling, but a well orchestrated effort to supercede the Akash-1 with the Barak-8 MR-SAM. In other words, the pending 7 Sqns will not be using Akash-1, but Barak-8, if the MoD were to have its way. As a compromise, additional Akash-1 SAM rounds are likely to be ordered but the Rohini/Rajendra radars won’t be ordered. Akash-NG is nothing else but the very same Akash-1 missile into which more reliable electronics will be installed. Fire-control system/mechanism/methodology will remain the same.

To AMIT BISWAS: You did not say that a BJP reign in Bengal will usher in peace/prosperity, but you very clearly hinted at it when you listed out all the woes of Bengal, i.e. the very same lame excuses that are being dished out by the BJP & its affiliates. And you are still stuck with only rights, while conveniently overlooking your far more important obligations (ask not what the country has done for you, but what you have done for your country). It is the prevalence of such one-sided mindsets that retards India both intellectually & materially. If some states wanna ban cow slaughter, then it is also incumbent upon them to assume responsibility for disposing off carcasses in ways that don’t have any negative effects on public health. But if they don’t & instead residents of those states openly engage in cross-border cow smuggling at such industrial scales that threaten to introduce man-made epidemics, then I will always hold those states that indulge in & facilitate inter-state cow smuggling responsible for the consequences. How many Jain businessmen hailing from MP, Rajasthan & Gujarat have to date been arrested/convicted for indulging in inter-state cow smuggling? If you want to apportion blame, then you need to do so in an equitable manner, instead ofdishing out nonsense like a keyboard ninja

To RAM BHARADWAJ: Does even the Russian Navy use its Tu-22M3s for such missions? If not, then obviously such stories are just dreamt-up fancies. Hence, far better to shun such websites.

bhoutik said...

their foreign minister wang yi is now saying that india should learn lessons. shameless. a little official verbal slap is necessary now.

Gd said...

Your views pls



Thanks for the video links.

You are un necessarily wasting your time trying to provide factual information to cow belt wallahs whose source of information has always been WhatsApp forward group. In their state people re produce like there is no tomorrow, end result is a plethora of VOMIT BAKWAS who after being discarded by their own state venture into other states to destroy those states as well.

Thereafter, these asshats will argue that everything is great with our state just that evil "Bongs" have ruined it.

I have a feeling that people in BJP ruled states are commiting suicide(MP,Maharashtra), suffocating to death in incubators (UP, Jhakkhand) and floating in neck deep water(Mumbai) because they can no longer tolerate all the goodness that is showered upon them or maybe they can't read Hindi.

None of this is news to me, because the national song of several of these cow belt wallahs has always been - We Shall Shit Where We Eat. And then they wonder why can't our cow belt party win outside the cow belt.

I have great respect for the great work that you do PrasunDa, so I apologize for spamming your blog . Please do forgive.

Devopriyo said...

Hi Prasun,

Your views on this


" How many Jain businessmen hailing from MP, Rajasthan & Gujarat have to date been arrested/convicted for indulging in inter-state cow smuggling? "

What stops your friend and TMC stooge Mr Rajeev Kumar IPS or chief minister mamta begum to get them arrested??? Its very easy to blame other states when your own house is not in order...haha...also this whole cattle smuggling your are so concerned off...its a pure demand supply issue...there is a demand in bangladesh and india supplies...

i agree with you on the point that this trade can be institutionalized so that india does get jobs and foreign exchange....after all beef is being consumed by mullahs/dalits/christians/even hindus in south..... and why not it is there privacy and democratic right to have there choice of food

leaving that part aside why do you indulge yourself in bashing gujratis?? for what?? just bcoz it is of religious faith for them...very soft target you have chosen sir ....everything is fine as long as you dont opress the choice and freedom of ones religious faith...while mullahs get all attention when one of them gets deported...and millions of hindus die yet no noise ....see there itself " apportion blame of yours lay bare "

and also just bcoz you and crap sujoy have soft corner for mullahs and TMC doesnt mean that logic given for preventing idol immersion along with muharram possession will be digested by all......and I hope you understand this order doesnt have any legal sanctity too and will be struck down soon.....

and you talked about consulting law enforcement agency sir the buck stops with your friends Mr Rajeev kumar/Mamta Begum whatever the challenge is without giving " lame excuses " .....atmost they can identify separate routes for muharram procession/idol immersion/ sunnis to prevent them from clashing.... if there is any intel info about the same what stops mamta/rajeev to get CAPF/ARMY help to maintain law and order with iron hand..... mullahs had a free run in bashirhat just bcoz she didnt allowed police to function...these friend of yours doesnt have guts to ask mullahs/maulanas to skip muharram procession for one day....else they will lose there votebank.....

see I said no its all about a political vendetta and one sided order to garner sympathies from maulana and mullahs...there are enough ways to prevent anarchy on road on ekadashi day if kolkata police does some smart policing like Mr.Soumen Mitra (I.P.S) did during where in india these kinds of orders are being issued.... except bengal where talking about hindus rights is considered as mockery

and you are saying that my logic coincides with those of Double speaking BJP wallas and you have assumed that I support BJP...lolz......

I believe the last justification given by you to support this order to ban idol immersion does indicate that you have assumed the role of TMC/Kolkata police spokeperson ....all the best for your new when are you getting TMC ticket for MLA or MP elections BTW???

and what new justification will you give now to support this incredible order...i am waiting to see.....

Pierre Zorin said... TOS 1 Buratino in action. T-55 or Vijayanta Chassis (Hull) can easily be converted into this, could it?

bobby said...

to prasun

IL 214 was dumped by air force just becoz of PS 90 engine doesn't has FADEC. while on the other hand PS90 engine has logged millions of hours on commercial and military aircrafts without single failure.same thing for D30 engine which is without FADEC.

was it a move to stay away from russian hardware.

c17,a400,c130 have crashed even with FADEC. isnt we loosing the opportunity to productionize a large aircraft in india which will help industry in many ways.

or new PD-14 engine is better one. but even KC-46 tanker uses dated PW-4000 engines not GENX ones.

sbm said...

Wouldn't that make sense? I mean wouldn't a SAM network with a backbone of say 30 MRSAM sqns backed up by 10 LRSAM sqns (with 5-12 S-400s for BMD) with a limited number of say 10 Akash squadrons and a dozen or so QRSAM sqns make more sense? Might even be more cost effective too?

nag said...

Long time back i saw an interview of iaf offical saying they did evaluate tu22 and found compleatly unsutable. He said to reach operatinal height over pak it needs to take of from w bengal

Intolerant Person said...

1.Will the US use air-power like B-1B or UCAVs to target within pakistan? Or just foot soldiers?
2.Sir if we capture POK's small part or chciken neck, wouldn't it make image of India as an aggressor or war-monger?
3.In my city(rajkot), there's one company called Jyoti CNC which makes many military parts.Including turret of tanks.Can you tell me of which tank?
4.What are weak points of Hindus today according to you?

ashish gautam said...

So prasun sir is LCH having any SAR for targeting purpose?
If yes then upto what distance it can track while scanning? Engage & attack how many of them at time?

Srinivasa Nanduri said...

Prasun ji,

Army reforms that you discussed at length in various threads in this blog seem to finally happening. Hopefully it will leave to a COAS and joint command structure. Some positive news atlast on military reform front.

Also, replacing existing Akash orders with LRSAM seems a great idea. Hope it happens inspite of yellow journalism. And Is india part of the Barak 8 ER project that Israelis are working on.

And finally, north korea fired missile again. It being the most sanctioned nation, how do it even get rocket tech and make such missiles, i mean for india it looks like forever to make new iteration of missiles, including Nirbhay, eventhough it is based on proven designs. Is it China that is helping it just like it is helping Pakistan with missiles?

Srinivasa Nanduri

ashish gautam said...

One more question I have, cvrde & drdo are making a new version of arjun tank using HNS or only some parts of tank would be of HNS?
Also what is expected reduction weight after using HNS on Arjun tank?
Thank you

buddha said...

Mr Amit Biswas ..Please refrain and tune ur allegations against Prasun.sir.
He is not a politician...
You have assumed him I'm totally wrong way...
I live in West Bengal and I know how much communal and greedy mamata is ...
But u can't talk to sir like this.
She is far better than stagnant and hypocritical communists.
Yes mamata is greedy criminal too some extend ..Her every politicians are corrupt and her low level leaders always threat and blackmail people to get money ..
But she as administrator has done many good things atleast than communists regime ...
But in economical sector she had ruined Bengal
It is our society that creates such hypocrite lawless leaders who selfishly and for vote can do anything
But as a very old reader of the blog
I do have strong respect for prasun sir ...
He is not follower of any dirty politicians of india.
Neither he has any interest in so called politics
He is a true visionary analyst
Who connects the dot ..And help to find the details where lark the devil....
So behave yourself in the blog.

Subho said...

I have been a frequent visitor of Prasun;s blog off and on for the last 3 years or so. I enjoy his insightful analysis ( not that I agree with him all the time) but for the most part I find what he has to say worthy of reflection if not consumption a 100% of the time.

At the risk of running this thread off the rails again, and I have no qualms saying this as a Bengali myself - the biggest thing holding back Bongs is that they think too highly of themselves. They put themselves on a pedestal and worship themselves as if the world circumnavigates around Bengal and Bengalis. The truth of the matter is that Bengal is a hot and sorry mess both economically, politically and socially. On the economic front, we are in the bottom third of states nationally and continuing to slide backwards. No sane business man wants to come to Bengal. Bengalis who've had enough of all the hollow barking of the communists left for greener pastures long ago and never coming back. And now Mamata B. has inherited the crown as the queen of Brash & Bizarre from the likes of Mayawati and reverend AMMA !
So, you can brag all day long, but Bengal and Bengalis have themselves to blame. Look around, wake up and stop worshiping yourselves, for the world won't wait for you. The train has long left the station and unless you wake up and smell the hot mess around you and more importantly do something about it, even the Sealdah local will have left you stranded in your hot smelly mess !


to Mr Budhha

first of all I dont have any intention to malign and make allegations against prasun only concern is how could he justify a order which even calcutta high court overruled even last year.....If i did hurt you and prasun sir and others personally then my sincere apology....I do know this debate will go long and long... but yes I will try to be more humane while posting my viewpoint next time onwards to preserve harmony and ambience of the blog....

second every person may have different view point also everything was ok....till he considered talking about hindus rights is equivalent to VOMITING ....also he thinks all people from hindi belt and their activities are nuisance......I just wanted to know whats the logic behind his conclusion....bcoz I am not a person who blindly follows others...there may be shortfalls ...and it does apply to all regions...for that he doesnt have to resort to maligning those soft targets....anyway here again he is at liberty to name me keyboard ninja and take potshots at hindi people... I am not concerned... i just dont understand how could he justify an insane order....

before anybody says yes I do admit I have a problem with mullahs....but as long as they live along with others without disturbing others I dont have anything against them ..... I just raised my voice against insane order and its justification by prasun sir...hope you understand my viewpoint too....

and yes thanks for taking objective view of bengal's condition rather than being subjective
and whats your viewpoint about this order of banning idol immersion for certain period of let us know

any way I am waiting for prasun sirs reply to my earlier post !!! Let him respond

and then there is another crap (SM) who loves to throw his mumbo jumbo without going into the merit of the order itself...he simply loves to throw tantrums while hallucinating within his so called intellectual arena......typical insecure TMC turned coat from commies...lolz.....

Sidharth said...

Prasun da,

What exactly the below recommendation is?

buddha said...
Sir ur view on this link .....

Gopu said...

Lolz! Seems like it did not take long for my view on the sanghis (shared by some 98% of Malayalis) to be vindicated (read as: In just a weeks time, the sanghis are knee-deep in their shit and fuck ups).

If folks like Gurmeet Ram Rahim, a rapist and child molester, can gain cult followings over North India, then this is indeed a very poor indicator of N India's social fabric. It seems like the mindset of these masses are still stuck in the days of the feudal Perso-Turkic warlords. These fellows can never become an economic dividend to India, but will always remain an enduring social and political liability for the rest of India.

Of course, the Sanghis will always overlook these incidents since such folks form the 'core' or 'base' of their operations. In the same manner, these Sanghis spread all their ideological propaganda on "gau mata", yet they themselves have exposed their utter hypocrisy and 'bullshit' on this issue. Seems like gau rakshaks are only capable of harassing and extorting innocent people.

This is why Malayalis do not want the BJP's political machine inside Kerala and spread toxic values as shown above.

Fortunately, folks in Kerala are cool-headed and dont mix politics (which is just as bad as elsewhere in the subcontinent) with their social interactions. So in spite of the sanghi's campaign against Kerala, looks like we have the last laugh since we're celebrating Onam right now while the idiots are killing each other over a rapist and cows' carcasses.

Meanwhile, the real situation regarding the Moplahs of N Kerala:

And Union Finance Minister cum Defense Minister Arun Shitley has outdone himself again:

Another BIMARU retard who wants to compete in the Sanghi's shit flinging games:

Anonymous said...

Hello Prasun- What's the logic behind procuring only 6 Apaches for IA instead of 11 helicopters as per the Optional clause.

Is it that IA has different customization requirements/

Anonymous said...

After following this blog (& previous blogs), it is my understanding from the blogs that that perhaps something is in work for PoK in the near future.

That does leave out the J&K valley portion ceded to China by Pakistan and also the illegal occupation of J&K by china (Aksai Chin). Are there any options considering that Chinese are no 10-feet'ers or will they be dealt post 2018 scenarios or wait for PRC to succumb to their internal security and economic fallout or fallout of BRI?

The reason for asking is that Indian major rivers have their origins in Tibet plateau and china does not live up the International standards of handling its neighbors.

Just share your thoughts if you may, thanks.

Pierre Zorin said...

Subho can't agree with you more. I have said that over and over again- Bengalis need to develop entrepreneurship than just political inclinations due to which the State is ruined and remains backward compared to rest of India. West Bengal is like Fiji- laid back and complain. Truck drivers, taxi drivers were once all Sikhs, Biharis came in millions to work in factories and manual, physical jobs, Marwaris ran all the businesses, Bengali babus were happy to do their 9-5 under South Indians and other North Indians. Then jobless figures skyrocketed and Bengalis started getting cranky with Mulkis and Paiyanjis and Maddus...Politics everywhere- policies no where - perfectly describes West Bengal. They are proud of the Revolution (during British India) but never consider evolution.

buddha said...

Does this has chance to be accepted as LMG in Indian armed force


Not only Gurmeet Ram Raheem but you can find large no of bhakts of a thug named Osho(Rajneesh),so called sex guru who do not believe in the institution of marriage.According to him if a child born deaf,with weak eyesight or any other medical problem then in such a case child's parents should put him/her in deep sleep or I think he advocated to kill the ill baby because according to him the baby can't enjoy the life through his/her sences because of his/her illness and that ill child will be a burden on earth and society.These teachings are against the right to life.Such inhumane baba's are worshipped in India and considered sanyasis.Mother fuckers like Osho who travelled in Rolls Royce luxury cars and he owns a fleet of 350 luxury cars and he make fun of poverty and despite all these hypocrisies people worshipped that moron like a god and consider him so called rebel against the society.He is accused of immigration fraud in USA his close disciple a snayasin(his girlfriend)is accused off assassination attempt against an Oregon state official.He was denied entry by 21 countries.Such thugs are worshipped in India and they have the political clout to influence politics, they challenge rule of Law,they have armed militias.These people pose a grave threat to this country.

RJS said...

If everything is right about Kerala , why is it that most Malayalees( and Bengalis too) -
graduates , PG's and semi literate ones too seek their prospects outside of their States , either in the rest of India or the Gulf respectively ?
Why is the status of industry in Kerala (& W.Bengal ) so abysmal ? Why is that unionism (or rather gangsterism) so rampant there ?
Apart from successful implementation of agrarian reforms ( something that earned the Communists nearly 3 decades of uninterrupted lower in W.Bengal - long enough for them to create an elaborate patronage network which in turn has now turned it's loyalty to the TMC), why's it that the Communists have failed in kicking off investment into industry there?
Further why is political violence endemic in Communist ruled states (this complaint is a bit generic as political violence is prevalent all over India in the form of communal violence mostly but in Communist ruled states is mostly between political parties with opposing ideologies so much so that it's believed Mamta wouldn't be able to come to power or sustain herself in power were she not to take recourse to muscle power thereby borrowing a leaf from the Communists. I don't think I need elaborate on the state of affairs w.r.t.political violence in Kerala )

Regards ,


(A) A fellow poster wrote on this blog - " the biggest thing holding back Bongs is that they think too highly of themselves. They put themselves on a pedestal and worship themselves as if the world circumnavigates around Bengal and Bengalis."
The vast majority of Bengalis are agnostic, so to suggest that they worship themselves is a figment of one's imagination. This is NOT to suggest that we Bengalis are holier than thou. Far from it. In fact a large number of us are well known for our crab mentality. That said :
(1) Haven't the tri state of Punjab, Delhi & Haryana always considered themselves to be racially superior to other Indians who are allegedly darker and shorter than they are? Try being a shade darker or an inch shorter than the average Punjabi or Jat. You will receive your daily dose of entertainment in humiliation.
(2) Is the RSS leader Tarun Vijay who said we North Indians are not racist because we live with BLACK SOUTH INDIANS a Bengali ?
(3) When Raj Thackeray, Shiv Sena beats up Biharis, UP ites in Mumbai is it because they were instructed by Bengalis ?
(4) When North Eastern tribals like Khasis, Manipuris kill people from outside the North East, regularly, were they under the influence of some Bengal supplied dope ?
(5) People who are imposing HINDI on non HINDI speakers did they graduate from Bengali universities ?


(B) Bengal certainly is an economic mess thanks partly to the Brits who gave away 60% of the state to Pakistan & then the Congress who kept the borders open since the '60s to allow large scale migration of Muslims from East Pakistan/Bangladesh.

(1) But, if the rest of India is so very progressive economically, why isn't India counted as a Developed State?
(2) The buck stops at the Prime Minister's office. How many Bengalis have ever become Prime Minister ?
(3) Why is it that millions of Indians line up outside the embassies, consulates of US, UK, Germany, Sweden, UAE , you name it , in order to migrate out of India ? Do they all live in Bengal ? That can't be true because Bengal has one of the lowest percentage of passport holders in India. In fact Hyderabad has more Passport Seva Kendras than the whole of Bengal. Polls after polls show that the vast majority of educated Indians want to leave this country. What happened to Mera Bharat Mahan ? Or is that a Bengali term that cow belt people can't understand?


(C) BJP/RSS probably are within their rights to defame Mamata Banerjee & her party. However, they made things personal by labelling everyone in Bengal [apart from South Indians] as anti national simply because this Bania party (exposed by their leaders like Shatrughan Sinha & Kalyan Singh )can't win in Bengal & South India.

Ergo out of frustration they have unleashed an army of paid trolls led by asshats ( with a number of Bengali sounding names) to defame Bengalis, South Indians & anyone who does not vote for the BJP.

A classic example of this Baniaism was Demonitisation which was exposed yesterday as a total & complete flop show. However, these same people had suggested that Bengalis hold the maximum amount of Black Money & so they are opposing Demonitisation.

(1) The only reason why BJP/RSS pretends to be anti Muslim in Bengal is because they have not been able to corner the Muslim vote themselves despite being in bed with militant group Jammat E Islamia.
(2) How many illegal Bangladeshi Muslims have the BJP managed to kick out of ASSAM since 2014?
(3) Where is the Rs.14 lakhs that every single Indian was supposed to receive from the BJP as promised by Modi during the election ?
(4) What about retirement age - it was supposed to be raised to 62 ? Or do Sanghis find it difficult to count ?
TMC certainly is filled with criminals, but how is the BJP in Bengal any different? Their leaders were commies themselves till 2011. How many new industries have BJP MP Babul Supriyo started in his constituency Asansol ?Fact of the matter is the BJP (which is run from Nagpur by Sanghis) is as disgusting a party as the Congress, CPM or even TMC. The only difference is they have been in power for fewer years compared to the others.

man van said...

Sir, How long will mr. Arun Jaitley continue to be Defence Minister... Is PM Modi waiting for Mr. Manohar Parikkar to return to the Ministry of Defence...?

Rajesh Mishra said...

We can fight more and more among ourselves. But remember we have to be united for the 2.5 war against the Red Dragon China, Pakistan666 and the fifth columnists.

Ravi said...

Just a brief comment about Soviet equipment. It was designed for their war conditions. They believe that after 10-days a war would go nuclear, so whatever could be done within 10-days should be done. This meant enormous mass, simplicity of design, and economy of production. Soviet equipment was sturdy, but intended for use only for a short duration. The USSR was particularly short of senior NCOs and skilled technicians. That, plus the short war scenario, meant their equipment was not meant to be maintained, but used and thrown away, to be followed by succeeding waves of attacks.

This is a simplistic explanation for why so much of their equipment was not suited for us, but I'm trying to keep this simple. They also kept a relatively small fraction of equipment in peacetime operation; rest was stored for use by reservists. Both men and equipment were presumed to have a short life.

This attitude also grows out of their WW2 experience, where they would catch men from the villages, give them 10-days training, and send them off as replacements. They took just 6-months to raise and operationalize a division, versus 2-years from US (and also India). They suffered enormous casualties, but did what they set out to do, defat the German Army in the East.

Today they are trying to compete on the west's terms, i.e., sophisticated equipment. But their domestic user base is very small, due to their low GDP (Less than ours, BTW). So they cannot, in effect, give a subsidy to their exports as can the US, for example. They had and probably still have very talented designers and engineers. But their military-industrial production is hopelessly inefficient and they don't have the money to produce cutting edge stuff.

Prasun has given an excellent example, Rafale versus Su-57. Rafale is Gen 4, Su-57 is claimed to be Gen 5, but it isn't. Its Gen 4 and will unlikely be able to match Rafale. (I am not advocating Rafale, which is possibly the most expensive Gen 4 fighter in the world, again, due to small domestic orders.) Just backing up Prasun's point.

Devopriyo said...

Prasun missing in action again = He is upto something

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DEVOPRIYO: LoLz! Yes, I'm still busy fingering the Dragon's testicles.

Meanwhile, Saab Group will later today announce its industrial tie-up with ADANI Group for offering the JAS-39 Gripen-E MRCA to the IAF.

To BHOUTIK: Of course India has already learnt several lessons from the Doklam standoff, all of which are explained in great detail here by Kanwal Sibal:

On the other hand, China, which has been mediating between Bangladesh & Myanmar WRT Rohingya issue, has convinced both countries to undertake joint military operations against the Rohingyas:

Now let's if those who are nowadays doing 'global zaroorat se ziada thekedaari' for the Muslim Ummah (i.e. Turkey & Pakistan) can declare 'jihad' against Dhaka & Beijing!

Subho said...

@sujoy Majumdar the first step to redemption is accepting that we are a fucked up bunch of lazy asses which is why we continued to elect Commies into office long after communism had been rejected summarily by pretty much the whole world (I don't consider China to be Communist by any stretch of imagination) and now Mamata Banerjee and the TMC. Perhaps, folks who are so caught up in perpetual intellectual masturbation as we are in Bengal, deserve these political leaders and our fate. Bengal today had fallen behind even the COW BELT in every conceivable way, forget Western and Southern States. You can choose to keep your eyes wide shut and ignore it but that is the harsh reality. 60 years of opposing the Centre has gotten us here and we Bengalis who patronised political leadership who orchestrated this and whose political survival depended on it, are ultimately responsible for it. Deny all you want, but the world has passed us by.

And oh btw, I am not a paid troll with a Bengali sounding name - I was born an raised in a Bengali family in Bengal. Sadly, no longer live in Bengal.

Pierre Zorin said...

You can't finger testicles - you squeeze, crush or knead them. You can finger the rear of course if you wanna get your fingers dirty!!ha ha ha
I was talking to a Turkish woman and she said that Erdogan is an evil man- jails whoever dissents.

Rajesh Mishra said...

The range and weapons carrying capacity of F-16 is certainly much higher than Gripen. Accordingly please inform whether for overall different operations in Tibet which of these aircrafts is practically more suitable?

Rajesh Mishra said...

Also in your opinion the procurement of Gripen by India will be a boon or bane to the indigenous LCA Af-Mk2 program in the long or short term ?

nag said...

Dada what's this fuss about aadhaar data being leaked.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

As Pakistan nears its annual armed forces Day (September 6), the ISPR's spin-doctors have this time started off with the PAF, & has gone to great lengths to ensure that this time the F-16s get no mention at all & instead the entire focus is on the JF-17 Thunder, which is being described as Pakistan's Pride, Pakistan's Identity etc etc. But surprisingly, the pilots of the JF-17 are revealing that they log in only 300 flight-hours in their first 2 years with a JF-17 Sqn, or 150 hours a year, or 12.5 hours a month. This is quite a low figure since pilots need at least 2.5 years to master a new aircraft-type & therefore are reqd to log in between 20 & 25 flight-hours per month--this being the global norm. There are 2 possible reasons for such low-flight-hours being logged: absence of the JF-17B tandem-seat OCU aircraft, & the need to conserve flight-hours, given the low TBO of the Klimov RD-93 turbofan (700 hours). Watch the 2 programmes aired yesterday on the JF-17:

Peshawar Air Base

PAF Minhas in Kamra

PAF's Sakesar Radar Station

Then we have this (SAAB-Adani Group partnership):

Brig Raj Kumar confirming that Lt Col Purohit was always functioning as per IA's instructions & was never a saboteur:

Gwadar's Seafood Flying to Xinjiang:

34.5km-long Gaoligong Mountain Tunnel in Yunnan of China-Myanmar Railway:

KKH Aerial Views

High-Speed Rail in N E China:

China has discovered that some of its CPEC-related money is being diverted for money-laundering & has asked Pakistan to investigate:

How successive govts at the Centre & State have always paid lip-service to the last village in Uttarakhand just behind the LAC:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Interesting discussions by Kashmiri Diaspora on the Af-Pak-India scenario:

Official Russian presentation on the Su-30MKI:


AVIRAL said...

OFB is developing its own 155mm 52cal. Mounted gun system. First prototype will be ready within few months.

Ishaan said...


Pls tell me this isn't true. IAF wants to discard FGFA for the AMCA option ?? Is this wishful thinking on the part of the IAF or is this another case of yellow journalism ?

Tejas mk1 FOC has been delayed a number of times from June 14 to June 2018. The Tejas mk2 prototype is not going to appear anytime before 2022 and then theres the test flight and certification portion. And AMCA,its another decade and a half away at best.

The Russians are asking us to make big investments in the programme. While we are planning to induct only 12 of these planes in their IAF, they are asking India to buy 127 of these aircraft," added the sources.

Which airforce buys just 12 fighter acs ?? IAF will be setting a record if it goes for just 12 PAK-FA .
and the 6 billion dollar price tag of development will be shared jointly between us and Russia.

I don't know what is cooking . There have been conflicting reports on the Pak-fa every couple of months.



I'm not sure why you are accusing me of things that I never said. Of course we are a f****d up bunch of lazy asses ( to quote your words). Of course the commies were criminlas & they populate the TMC as well. But when did I deny it ?

Also lets get some facts right - Bengal could not have opposed Centre for 60 yrs because from '47-'77 Congress ruled Bengal & at the Centre (except for 3 yrs). Also, Mamta supported UPA till 2012. It is the Central Govt that created problems for Bengal by allowing millions of Muslims from Pakistan / Bangladesh to illegally enter Bengal.

Bengal is certainly way behind Hyderabad, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Punjab but certainly not as backward as the Cow Belt otherwise millions of Biharis, Marwaris would not migrate to Bengal every year in search of work.

Lastly, my all means call Bengal backward if you want, it's not for me to defend Bengal because I do not represent the Bengal Govt. My beef is with these Sanghis reared by Banias who are claiming that Bengal is backward & Bengalis are anti national because we have not elected Bania Janata Party to power.

@ PrasunDa

This latest decision of GOI to allow Adani to partner SAAB is another glaring example of crony capitalism. What experience does Adani have in Aerospace & Defense? If you have time you may choose to read more about the Adanis here :

Thanks & Regards,


buddha said...


sbm said...

Two things (among many) puzzle me: why didn't the Shaurya and Prahar missiles enter production for the IA/IAF?

Vimal Bhaskar said...

Dear sir
1.Dr.Sudhir misra (?) from DRDO quoted possible procurement of additional 500 T90's. Fake news?
2. You mentioned IAC1 is made for Mig29, does that mean a high chance of navy acquire them?
3.Despite india acquired 150 mi17 helos they haven't established any india specific investment.So do u think the ka226 deal fall any further from local assembly.Do u expect any significant benefit.

Off topic :being a keralite Reading all political statements somewhat amuses me. People are incapable of processing multi-dimentions of any issue. When in terms of basic human rights the rationality of most of us are affected by politics, religion, caste etc.We need serious social literacy.*sigh*

AniluvG said...


He might be a novice on Defence procurement and Military technology but his comments are thought provoking . What do you have to say ?

Was India really ready in 1964 with a Nuclear device?

Also keenly awaiting your Operation Nireekshan commentary.

Arpit Kanodia said...


I want you to read this. We were ready in 1963

aritro data said...

The chinese FLD2000 counter artillery phalanx type machine gun artillery is highly effective against incoming artillery or mortars etc.why has not indian army put forward requirement for something like this?

youngbengal said...

@Sujoy Majumdar-I'm a born Bengali, completed my study in West Bengal.Left West Bengal in 1997 in search of job. There are only a few states in India where I've not stayed for at least 6 months. During my stay i've closely monitored the cultures of peoples of different states. I'm not going to write here anything negative about West Bengal and of course Bengali people. I'm just trying to put some facts here:
1) Marwari and Gujratis are not coming to Bengal as desired place to do buisness. They are just toooooo gooood in filling up the blanks and in hijacking buisness from original residents. They did not inherited the habit of Keranigiri. There is a saying in Hindi 'Jaha jaye Rail gadi, oha jaye Bihari Aur jaha jaye Bail gadi oha jaye Marwari'. Even in war torn African countries you can see a good number of marwaris doing buisiness. With their dedication and attitude towards work, they are controlling major trades. As a businessman they never get tired of attending their customer. Outside their home they adopt local culture but inside home, they still follow their age old cultures. After all, culture is not only the ability to sing Rabindra sangeet.
2) Level of honesty is quite high among common Marwari/Gujratis. Even today whenever I visit Jodhpur or Jamnagar, I keep my helmet on parked two wheeler in unlocked condition even in public place without any fear of losing it. In Gujrat, Sweet shops will offer you a good amount of sweets and dhoklas as sample, even before you ask for them, no matter how much you purchase.
Now come to Biharis
1) In Chandigarh the migrated Bihari labourers get up at 0500 hrs, goes around on cycle with a bucket and wipers. They wash cars (up to 0900 hrs) on a monthly charge of rs 500/car. At 1000 hrs some of them go to work as casual labourers or vegetables vendors. In evening they become bhujia and samosawala. All together they usually earn up to 25000 pm.
2) 80% manual works of agro sectors in Punjab are being executed by Biharis.
3) A matriculate Bihari from a remote village usually qualifies for a Govt job which appears to be difficult for a Bengali graduate.

MNS in mumbai able to get huge support from Marathis, because day by day Marathis are losing in competition with Biharis/UPs as migrated workers works on low salary.

Every race and society has good qualities as well as bad ones. One should introspect before blaming others and try to learn and adopt good qualities even from enemy. If you want, I can provide you a complete Mahabharat on 'Why West Bengal is Waste Bengal'. By the way what ever wrong with my state may be I'm coming back to Bengal to settle as I believe that it is my duty also to contribute something towards bringing back the lost glory of West Bengal rather than only criticizing. Jai Hind

ambrish u said...

Absolutely dot on

সুমন্ত নাগ said...

To the Young Bengal:

1) Keranigiri has not been on the bloodline of the Bengali, I do hereby taking into the account of Middle Class Bengali spoken people of the Urban Area concentrated suburbs of Kolkata, not at least prior to colonialisation of Bengal, by the Europeans,as it evolved to be an easiest way to secure your bread and butter, as they were required to replace their European counterparts(clerks) in a cheapest way, so that had been concentrated in the places of their factories, or lands they have leased or captured. What about the serestas of zamindars, they all had those writers in different form designations,pan - india. As there were many European settlements / concentration in the Gangetic West Bengal, hence, they required Cheap Labours in form of writers, and as such, those job aspirants were mainly from suburbs of Kolkata, or near area. Similarly, Bengalis were also favoured by the Europeans in their factories in the Indian landmass, as the middle class educated Bengalis, much familiar with those jobs, than that of the locals, since culture was the main gap between the rulers and the ruled ones. It was not much difficult to understand that why the Bengalis became soft targets during 1857 rebellion. Also, systematical destruction of economy of Bengal by the British Raj also played its part. Coupled with aftereffect of Partition and destructive policies led by the violent Leftist politics and shutting down of the factories left the job market being died down as such, leaving 100s of the job aspirants to migrate. Regarding influx of the Marwari Communities and Others, it would have been the vain from them, if West Bengal really did not offer them bread and honey. In your own words I must say that we are leaving the blanks for others to fill. So, leave Hindi proverb alone, this type of migration is and are happening vice versa, between the all communities, quite for centuries, that's why you may even have Bengalis leaving in other provinces for hundreds of years, same are fact for all the races. Scale of such migration depends upon the opportunity of the jobs in their home province. May I have not been in the experience of you as such, but there were / are business house(s)owned by the Bengalis, in other province.

2)Level of Honesty are the nature of Human Being, that depends on its surroundings. Those states have not borne the after effect of the partition. Why do you leave the southern states ? I have similar experience in Vizag/Vishakhapattanam. Go to the remote areas of rural Bengal, level of honesty is much higher than us urbane. Otherwise all the society(ies) are infested with scumbags, more or less.

3)Respecting the hard working quality of Bihari people, 1) same are also fact and characteristic of the people of Rural West Bengal, during my college time, I had to work in the factory as Data Entry Opertaor in an Iron Foundry of Howrah, owned by an industrious Marwari Businessman. The pattern I have observed in his employment policy: 1) Manager - Bengai, 2)Clerk - Bengali 3)Engineer, Draftsmen, Electrician - Bengali and or any other community, 4)Labour - Bihari 5)The most important Iron Moulder - Rural Bengalis exclusive. Bengali gold labours of Surats are quite familiar to us.2)If true, then seems that Punjab devoid of cheap Agricultural labour.3)I can not understand, what type of Government job you are talking about, apparently it appears that you are not in a Government Job or are you ? The qualification criteria of government job evolves around the requirement of personnel. Its absurd hence that a matriculate can fulfil the criteria that of a graduate. Now, if you mean the qualification of a job holder, then you will find Bengali Post Graduate student works as Group D Basic Peon.

4)Your provision of writing up of Mahabharat of West Bengal being Waste Bengal,may have its reason but to me clearly shameful, and lack of self respect, as well as demoralising. Yes, introspection is necessary. Anyways, best wishes for your efforts to bring back the glory of West Bengal.

Anonymous said...


Lack of radioactive venting evidence (in the open) may not mean that the recent NoKo test was non-nuclear. The explosion could well have been thoroughly contained. It only causes uncertainty about the precise nature of the device. To achieve 140 kt (seismic signature and subsequent satellite imagery showing terrain changes corroborate this) with conventional explosives would require ca. 14000 truckloads, i.e, 40 trucks per day on n average for a year moving into the tunnels at Punggye-Ri. Those tunnels do not appear to be able to take such a movement going by satellite images. Also, a large number of trucks moving into these tunnels would have been caught by satellite at some or the other time. This does not seem to have been noticed. What do you say ?


Anonymous said...


When you say K-15 and B-05 slbms you mean K-15 and K-4, correct ? I thought B-05 and K-15 are one and the same.