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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mini-UAVs Will Get Zapped By EMP All Over NCR, For Starters

In the absence of comprehensive legislation governing the usage of privately-owned unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) anywhere within Indian airspace, there has been a steady proliferation of mini-UAVs, especially those being imported from China. In the latest instance, a staffer of the Russian Embassy in Delhi was seen operating a mini-UAV within a designated no-fly zone in New Delhi:

Over the past two years, there were several other such instances in several cities throughout India, including a recent one in Mumbai that was spotted hovering dangerously close to the city’s international airport. Pending the drafting and approving of comprehensive legislation for deterring such min-UAV flights, the Union Home Ministry has just placed orders for an initial 12 vehicle-mounted high-power electromagnetic (HPEM) zappers from Germany’s DIEHL Defence for enforcing the no-flying zone directives within the Natgional capital Region. This is just for starters, and it will be followed in the near future by the CISF acquiring similar systems for ensuring the safety of air corridors around India’s major international and domestic airports.

The HPEM acts directly on the control electronics of mini-drones by means of electromagnetic pulses, thus causing mission abort. This means: regardless of the control method used (autonomous or radio-controlled), the mini-drone becomes inoperable upon impact of HPEM pulses at distances of up to several hundred metres and triggers the fail-safe function. The HPEM also provides the possibility of scalable range and the ability to also intercept entire swarms of mini-drones simultaneously. The HPEM does not cause harm to individuals and several of them are already being used worldwide for stopping cars and protecting large events (Olympic Games and summit meetings).


financeblogger said...

State of affairs of Pakistan and reality about Pakistan polity and Pakistan bureaucracy

financeblogger said...

Valor of the Indian armed forces, amongst the several instances which must be known.

Intolerant Person said...

So Nirmala sitaraman is the new RM.Your thoughts Prasunji???

Pierre Zorin said...

I reckon the new woman def min is another watch and see if suitable approach. I would not be surprised if she leaves after 12 months in the role.

Ludwig said...

Sir Nirmala Sitaraman thoughts?

Anonymous said...


1) Now that DPRK has tested something amounting to 100+ kt, surely, this cannot be conventional explosives packed in a mountain ? One must assume that PRC has proliferated thermonuclear warheads to DPRK.

2) Which means that it is prudent to assume that such thermonuclear warheads have been proliferated to Pakistan as well.

3) In order to prevent Pak from acquiring escalation dominance over us, we need to resume open ended testing to acquire proven thermonuclear weapons ourselves. This should be a priority irrespective of the resulting sanctions. The sooner the better. Hope GoI realizes this.


joydeep ghosh said...

@prasun da

looks like the french barracuda will be the SSN for IN

সুমন্ত নাগ said...

Prasun Da, seems another headache for Xi ?

btw, waiting for the concluding part of your last thread .

Thanks in advance, and also for another informative blog.

rad said...

Hi prasun
you had mentioned that it was not possible to integrate the astra missile to the lca ,due to russian radar on the missile. works seems to be going on in that direction , how is it possible .

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

If these EMP anti UAV devices are used against UAVs what happens if the UAV is carrying a weaponised payload & it falls in some civilian area ? Isn't spoofing much better ?

Thank You , Vikram

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To FINANCEBLOGGER: This is the REAL untold story by Col lalit Rai:

To INTOLERANT INDIAN, LUDWIG & PIERRE ZORIN: Well, when a peson says that her elevation to this post is due to ‘Cosmic Grace’, then what more can one expect from such a person??? I remember a few years ago she had appeared in a talk-show programme dealing with MoD reforms & when asked whether or not India should conduct periodic strategic defence reviews as per global norms, all that she said was that she was ill-suited for replying or commenting since this was a ‘specialised & sensitive’ subject!!! This meant that she did not even bother to do her homework before appearing for this talk-show & all that she deemed fit was to belch out soundbytes condemning the then govt-in-power, or so she thought as being her only mandate at that time. In reality, ever since the gazzetting of the RULES OF BUSINESS of the GOVT of INDIA in the 1950s (which states that the only Indian citizen responsible for ensuring the defence of India is the Defence Secretary), the posts of Defence Minister & Minister of State for Defence have been ceremonial & have made ZERO contribution to national military security. How exactly can be person be answerable or accountable to India’s Parliament on defence matters when he/she is not reqd by the law of the land to be responsible for the defence of India? It’s that simple & no matter whuch politician occupies a ministerial berth in the MoD (Sitharaman or Bhamre), the words & functioning of any Defence Minister of India offers no VALUE for as long as the Rules of Business of the Govt of India don’t change. So let us not kid ourselves & let us all once & for all call the bluffs of the successive Govts of India, inclusive of the present-day one.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KRITAVARMA: Why not? Didn’t you hear what the ‘desi’ Bandalbaaz’ had stated last night? He claimed that the DPRK had not just tested such a device, but had tested the device on a missile that was deployed in operational mode & then fired & this missile then launched the warhead!!! Don’t believe me? Then watch & hear this:

So if he’s right, then the ballistic missile would have had to go vertical, then execute a perfect U-turn & come hurtling down the same way it went up, & then manoeuvre itself into an underground shaft by zigzagging its way through & then exploded!

2) Here’s the report on seismic data:

3) I’m sure the Govt of India won’t object to your suggestion if you first provide proof of your funds & then demonstrate your ironclad ability to make good all the financial shortcomings due to the imposed sanctions in case India restarts testing its nuclear WMD warheads.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: Arey yaar, why are you leapfrogging to SSNs like Barracuda when the Govt of India has not yet satisfied its appetite for conventional submarines & is still hopeful of acquiring a 3rd type of conventional AIP-powered submarine design for Project 75I? First came the Class 209/Type 1500 with design blueprints & industrial know-how for licenced-production of the hull, but the hunger for ‘phoren’ products remained unfulfilled & so the Type 877EKMs came next off-the-shelf. Still the hunger did not subside & thus came the Scorpene with & industrial know-how for licenced-production of the huil. But the hunger just refuses to subside & now the bait of Project 75I is being dangled. Exactly how many times will Indian shipyards be reqd to licence-build all-new-design conventional submarine hulls before one can say “enough is enough”!!! Does anyone derive any kicks from taking such decisions that only serve to portray India as the world’s laughing stock?

To SUMANTA NAG: More on-site reports from POK along the LoC:

Rare video of air warfare over East Pakistan in 1971:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Will reply to all outstanding queries from the previous thread here later today.

sbm said...

I'd really like to hear your views on the whole nuclear issue.

Admiral Arun Prakash claims that warheads with yields of 200-500kt (FBF) are part of India's arsenal:

"In the midst of the current brouhaha, we need to retain clarity on one issue; given that deuterium tritium boosted-fission weapons can generate yields of 200-500 kt, the
credibility of India’s nuclear deterrent is not in the slightest doubt."

Dr. Avinash Chander from the opposite end of the spectrum suggested warhead yields of 150-250 kilotons:

"Now we talk of (accuracy of) a few hundred metres. That allows a smaller warhead, perhaps 150-250 kilotons, to cause substantial damage."

And then there was Kakodkar:

"It has given us the capability to build deterrence based on both fission and thermonuclear weapon systems from modest to all the way up to 200 kilotons and possibility of meeting all our security requirements"

Now given that India probably claimed and achieved a maximum single device yield of 30-45 kilotons, how does this stack up vs the DPRK test?

Different perspectives have been presented above - from outfits and people not known to agree with each other easily - and there is a certain agreement on Indian capabilities.

Viscerally, I'd love to see India resume testing. Then my brain kicks in. The GOI is responsible for the whole country. Getting sanctioned unless testing is an absolute necessity makes no sense.

So would you say India's reliable deterrent revolves around FBF weapons in the 200kt range that are solidly reliable?

Your insights appreciated.

Anonymous said...


1) Of course, Ajai Shukla was talking nonsense. That does not change the fact that NoKo has tested underground what is clearly a weapon of very high yield. The initial 5.7 estimate in the video you link was subsequently upped to M_b 6.3. This indicates several hundred kt - 500kt -1 MT.

2) Isn't it very likely that this design is proliferated to Pakistan as well ? If so, there is a asymmetry in their favor as far as yield is concerned. Will GoI act to redress this ?

3) The way I see this, the situation is tending towards the pre-1998 situation as far as balance of deterrence is concerned; with our adversary acquiring thermonuclear weapons to our fission weapons having a maximum proven yield of 20-25 kt. Given that assured destruction rather than some damage on a city or two is the only way to deter a rabid jihadist entity like pakistan, something has to be done to correct this balance.


Gopu said...

The VHP and Sanghis are trying very hard to create news in Kerala over Onam. Why are the Sanghis so upset with this statue when they themselves say acknowledge that Maveli was a devotee of Vishnu and "honourably rehabilitated to a place which was the envy of even inmates of heaven" by Lord Vamana? They cant have it both ways by claiming by saying that Maveli is anti-Vishnu and hurts their sentiments while making up their own pseudo-narrative.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

As per these guys S3/S4 will be larger than S2, there is an S4* and S5 will be much bigger.

How close are these guys to the reality about India's nuk sub program?

Best Regards

buddha said...
Ur view sir

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJ: LoLz! These two 'desi' morons have been spreading a lot of disionformation that defy all known laws of physics, & they have not yet been seen to be present on any of the seminars that are routinely organised by the Director-General Naval Projects (Visakhapatnam), or the Directorate of Marine Engineering Technology (DMET) at Hyderabad, or the Defence Marine Engineering Design & Development Establishment (DMDE) at Hyderabad. Sop it is up to you whether or not to believe these 2 'desi' morons;.

As the S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4 & S-5, data which corroborates all that I have stated since March 2012 about them has since been corroborated by the following:

S-2, S-3 & S-4 can each carry either 8 K-15 SLBMs or four B-05 SLBMs. The S-5. S-6 & S-7 SSBNs will each be able to carry 12 B-05-type & even the follow-on SLBMs.

To SBM: Single 45kT device was used in 1998 only for testing the device mechanism, meaning the boosted-fission device can then easily be upscaled to offer 220kT or even 500kT yields without any risk & hence there's no need to test devices with actual yields. Thus, if an ICBM or SLBM carries 4 or 5 MIRVs each with a yield of 220kT, then each such missile can deliver almost a 1 MT yield. As for demonstrable capabilities, kindly refer to my thread dealing with OP Parakram of 2002 & what was demonstrated to the 3 armed services chiefs by the DAE/DRDO combine at that time.

To KRITAVARMA: Visuals of the North Korean device released by KCNA clearly show it to be a boosted-fission device. One doesn;t have to worry about the China-North Korea-China triad since everything has already been factored in when the shit hits the fan next year, rest assured. Also to be bornbe in mind (which no one is focussing on) is that North Korea's missile & WMD projects have, since the late 1990s been financed by Iran & consequently the principal beneficiary of any North Korean technological breakthrough in the WMD arena will be Iran, not Pakistan. In either case, this is unacceptable to the US & Europe & hence decisive corrective actions can be expected to be taken by those threatened by next year.

Ankit Singh said...

When will the sense prevail among the MoD and armed forces.
What are we waiting for when we have the industrial know-how and design blue prints for two types of submarines?
it wont be that hard to use DRDO designed AIP with such submarines.

joydeep ghosh said...

@prasun da

the new madam raksha mantri is reported to be blessed with good ears. if you wish you certainly present her with scenario to go for additional 3 scorpene and then convert all 9 into AIP powered during their mid life upgrades.

Oh btw what happened to your Iran related threads, also i had read somewhere that after 2006 hezbullah israel war, hezbullah had managed to fortify its positions with chain of underground bunkers and other facilities courtesy north korean engineers who came in via Iran, is it true.


Joydeep Ghosh

Ved said...

Hi Prasun,
INS Arihant and follow-on subs are single or double hull designs?

It's great to notice that the ATV project was always accorded top priority by respective political leadership due to which it has come to this stage.

How soon can we see deployment of S3 and S4?

Thanks for very informative links above.

Anonymous said...


1) The NoKo device shown appears to be a two stage Teller-Ulam type device rather than a simple boosted fission device. The yield in their test has also been way beyond what conventional explosives packed into a mountain can achieve unless they moved hundreds of trucks in there every day for over a year.

2) Did the 1998 device of ours really yield 45 kt ? There is a lot of controversy about this within our own scientific community (see what Dr. Santhanam, who was somebody in the know had to say). I find it difficult to believe Dr. Santhanam would not know the intended yield when he was director of test site preparations. That he was not prove to the exact design is understandable.

3) Boosted fission weapons can indeed be scaled to the 200-500 kt yield. They would however, be bulky and consume a lot of fissile material. Won't two stage Teller-Ulam designs be required for MIRVs to have sufficient yield ? Or is our confinement to boosted fission weapons why Dr. Avinash Chander talked of the end to increase the payload to 3 tons for MIRVing ?


Ishaan said...

Sir, Can you pls upload a picture,poster of the DARE developed support jamming pod meant to be carried by the Su-30MKI and a short narrative on it .

When is this pod enter operational service with the IAF ?

Images of J-11A and J-10B with PL-10 and PL-15 wvraam and bvraam have surfaced. The Pl-15 has a range in excess of 120 kms . Such a missile outranges and outguns the Bvraams in service with the airforce. The R-77 has a range of just 80 km. Are there any plans to acquire any new generation longerranged Bvraam from Russia to arm the Su-30mki and Mig-29 fleet.

And sir, the Sukhoi has a large frontal,beam and aft sector RCS. So any qualitative superiority of the Bars radar over the KLJ-7v2 radar in the JF-17 block 2 gets negated. The Jf-17 can always detect the Su-30Mki earlier than we can detect them. In order to reduce the RCS is any type of Ram coatings being applied on the leading and trailing edges of the wings,horizontal stabilators,air intakes of the Su ? Is this being done for the batches now being made by HAL.

Black box said...

Hi prasun,
In the article it says it's generations​ behind Chinese subs,is it true? Or have they made further tech improvement​s.for my understanding can u mention Arihant class equivalent Russian or Chinese sub (American subs are no match so).thanks

AVIRAL said...

After reading all the above dhoti shivering of our coward politicians I feel like we will never be able to execute our our plans to take back PoK.

Anonymous said...


Read your thread on Op. Parakram.

1) What yield were the boosted fission warhead designs shown to the service chiefs ? 150-200 kt ?

2) Is the disfunctionality with SFC lacking assets to missile holdings still there? Or has it been rectified with better organization and the capability to retaliate to nuclear first strike earlier than a week or two ?


Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

Apologies in advance if you have already answered this question at some point of time.

Does India have 3 types of nuclear weapons in its arsenal. These are:

(1) Thermonuclear Device

(2) Fusion boosted Fission Bomb ( 2 types - Weapon grade plutonium & Reactor grade Plutonium)

(3) Fission Plutonium Bomb (2 types - Low Yield & High Yield )

Or am I including too many ?



Pierre Zorin said... - quite a good analysis of the Modi-Xi meeting and Russian stance.

buddha said...

bhoutik said...

i COULD NOT BELIEVE that that guy actually suggested that an underground test had been carried out with a ballistic missile! what the fuck is going on here! why was he not immediately called out - did the other panelists or the host not understand english? sometimes i think people who only have a casual hold of the english language (or any other) should not think or speak in that language - the whole process strains an already simple brain and we end up with strange displays of muddled thought processes.

achha prashun bhai on to my questions...

>curious statement from BRICS 2017 concerning terrorism. please enlighten

>and the russian style cold launch of the sea ceptor - why did they opt for that?

Kaustav said...

Very interesting the way Islamic Jihad finally presents dangers to the leftist intellectual community now that China has come out against it in the BRICS summit.

bhoutik said...

your observations echoed here

joydeep ghosh said...

@prasun da

i think for 1st time you will like this write up, especially the 1st about 3 mountain corps


Joydeep Ghosh

buddha said...


Pratap said...

ATAGS creates world record by firing to a distance of 47.2 km using ERFB base bleed projectile. According to Nexter Trajan can fire at max range of 55 km, how is this a world record then?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

All these were aired ylast night:

Discovering Dark Matter, India-Style:

Kel Sector, with New-Build Crawl-Trenches & Bunkers to Thwart IA’s Cross-LoC Raids:

Baltoro Glacier 323 Brigade 5-9-2017:

Frontier Corps:

Baloch Regiment Centre in Abbottabad:

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

Is anybody in India working on electrogravitics? I guess atleast the DRDO must be working on it.

Best Regards

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV: On one hand all Pakistani channels are wailing & weeping about the plight of the Rohingyas, yet NO ONE there is even suggesting that Pakistan ought to pressurise China to stop the sale FC-1 MRCAs & other China-built weapons to Myanmar!!! That explains the extreme hyprocrisy & historic revisionism--traits shared by both China & Pakistan & hence their mutual coziness.

To PIERRE ZORIN: I highly recommend this book for reading:

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: Arey!!!! Even after I took all the trouble to explain to you & others why no Defence Minister of India can enjoy any meaningful or functional executive powers (as prescribed by the laws of the land), why are you still entertaining vain hopes? Waiting for miracles to happen? If you are, then you will be joining the ranks of those who are beyond hope & beyond despair. The choice is entirely your's.

Gopu said...

Bad news for India Inc. Of course, India is the only country that has 4 different GST tax rates. Did the politicians themselves decide what products go with what rate?

Kaustav said...

Prasunda Precisely the Rohingya, they actually launched a separatist insurgency based upon Jihad in Rakhine province Myanmar. The Chinese and Indians are both on the same page and supporting Myanmar having finally recognised the common threat presented by Islamic terrorists from Myanmar to Afghanistan - Rohingyas Rakhine, Uighur Xinjiang, Assorted piggies in Kashmir and their misled cousins in India and ofcourse the Taliban everywhere in AfPak. The thirst for Islamic identity and brotherhood combined with ethnic tribal nationalism is going to be a challenge and drain for the entire extended South Asian periphery

Pierre Zorin said...

MSPO arms exhibition in Poland this year

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,
Your said,"To KAUSTAV: On one hand all Pakistani channels are wailing & weeping about the plight of the Rohingyas, yet NO ONE there is even suggesting that Pakistan ought to pressurise China to stop the sale FC-1 MRCAs & other China-built weapons to Myanmar!!! That explains the extreme hyprocrisy & historic revisionism--traits shared by both China & Pakistan & hence their mutual coziness"
i want to ask a simple question! India was so concerned about genocide in east pakistan that it went to war for people who migrated to india, same is happening in burma why is india not doing the same..... is it hypocrisy???? and why is NAMO going to burma....

ASD said...

Dear Prasun,

"Kel Sector, with New-Build Crawl-Trenches & Bunkers to Thwart IA’s Cross-LoC Raids:"

What did you infer from this? I couldn't do anything.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,
The Video of DPRK ICBM launch showed a very clean flame from the engine during launch- while videos of Agni V showed very thick smoke .Can you shed some light on the different technologies??

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the videos. Couldnt understand most of the urdu.
From the videos, Their troops have really high level of motivation. Their officers and soldiers seem to sit and eat together. Going by the Video, even in Dera Bugti, things are going their way. What surprised me was the quality (visual) of their FC units? How much of the Army is involved in Baluch areas now?



PrasunDa, any truth in this report that India wants to purchase National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) from the US ?



Prasun K. Sengupta said...

More & More Pak Students Turning Into Terrorists:

PAF Air Base QRT:

PA in South Waziristan:

PAF Profile:

PAF Academy Risalpur 6-9-2017

Report from Chhamb:

PNS Rehbar Naval Academy:


Prasun Sir Pakistani claimed that AIR COMMODORE M M ALAM became an ace in just 60 seconds and shot down 5 IAF Hunter jets,is it a true story or just a propaganda.

sam said...

That's bcoz of fuel....Agni solid were this might be liquid field that's why clear flame

Ganesh said...

The Hindustan times commentary is from a sadist to pick on everything that is not fine with the Army.

aritro data said...

why does india have something like chinese ant-artillery FLD2000?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the NK didnt get the engines for their ICBM from China & Russia. Same goes for their design of their thermo device. Remember, most people in India at least through they where exploding explosives. LOL. They got their thermo design correct at first test. Bit like our enemy to the north east. Their source is the same. Are their thermo's a threat, yes if they can destroy a city in one strike. We need to upgrade.


Satya said...

Sir, Chambh was captured by Pakistan in 1965 war. We too captured large chunks of territory in Kashmir and Sialkot region. But as per Tashkent declaration both countries returned captured territories and agreed to come back to pre-war position. How are they still holding Chambh then? My blood boiled to see that loser PA soldier boasting about it and threatening to transgress further into India.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GANESH: All the news-otems in that report came from IA officials present at a seminar organised by CLAWS on 'Future Warfare Trends'. All admissions on shortages were on-the-record statements.

To ARITRO DATA: Yes, the AK-630M made by OFB.

To VINOD KUMAR: They have a habit of making up fairy-tales, like a Flt Lt Minhas who did all types of Bollywood-style dhishoom-dhishoom with his superior officer (an East Pakistani Bengali flight instructor who had taken over the T-33 jet trainer from Minhas in a bid to escape to India in 1971) & forced the aircraft to crash. Then on one hand they claim that 1 of their Muslim mujahid is equal to 10 Indians, while on the other they claim that they held at bay the IA & IAF that was 3 times the size of the PA & PAF! And that very same M M Alam by the late 1990s had lost all faith in Pakistan & could be seen taking part in various pro-Taliban processions in Karachi!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

PAC Kamra:

PAF Sargodha & its F-16s:

PAF Special Services Wing

PAF Air Base QRT:

UN Confirms Syrian Govt Behind CW Attacks:

IDF-AF Strikes Syrian CBRN Site:

jasss gill said...

sir, I saw pictures of igla s, pantsir s1 and s 400 on Pakistani so called youm-e-difa and called future induction any realty in this why Pakistani army show russian system. I surprised why they published s 400 and future induction for pak army said...

Hi prasun,
In the article it says it's generations​ behind Chinese subs,is it true? Or have they made further tech improvement​s.for my understanding can u mention Arihant class equivalent Russian or Chinese sub (American subs are no match so).thanks

Prasun K. Sengupta said...


Prasun Sir in Peshawar army exhibition Pakistan army shows photos of Pantsir S-1,Igla MANPAD and S-400 SAM systems as their future induction,is there any reality in this or it is just a wet dream of Pakis.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the vids Prasun. The PAC Kamra was an eye opener. Where did they get the money for all this?

They captured Chamb in 1971. They did have number of successes on the western front in 71. Its a good study subject. the 2 articles below are a good source of info.

By Lt Gen Baljit Singh:



Pierre Zorin said...

Japanese C2 transporter and P1 maritime aircraft

shukant chatrath said...

Good Evening Sir,

Have been following your blog over quite some time now.. Although an old article, I just read it today and wanted your thoughts on the same. (

AJ said...

Hi Prasunda,

It was interesting that PA COAS Bajwa mentioned India trying to stop water access to Pakistan. Kind of surprised this is coming from COAS and open warning to Afghanistan as well. Surprisingly no nation has reacted to his speech. Your thoughts??


Anonymous said...

Sir, Any developments on the Indian Navy Destroyers and Frigates transitioning to VLS SAM systems. Will the Barak systems eventually go on the Rajput Class & P-15 Destroyers, P-17 & Talwar Class Frigates.

Are these ships capable/equipped to replace their Shtil systems with VLS SAMs like the Barak - 8 based systems.


Pierre Zorin said...

Was reading your old article T-90AM: Latest Avatar Of The T-90 MBT - you said some were of the opinion of using T-72 for other purposes and scrap the upgrade to go for T-90AM. However some of the T-72s were also getting an upgrade by 2018. What's happening since? To me that idea of converting T-72 hulls for other purposes and going for T-90AM was a better option as you said the T-90AM benefitted from the Indian Army's input.

Pierre Zorin said...

Seeing after Doklam India is considering a light tank, would the Sprut not have been a good gap filler until DRDO do come up with something from its dormant project?

Why was the Koalitsya SPH not in the foray instead of the K-9?

Rad said...

Hi Prasun
How many types of seekers are here for the. Saw or HSLD bomb that has been tried

A laser and gps module are. Displayed also
Eventually will there be. A wing Kit adapted to it?
Can we make a model like the expensive spike glide bomb with iir scene matching Homing ? Is it doable in India?

How is ur project of truck mounting a ak630 progressing?

Anonymous said...


When they fired Missile Over Japan why didn't it attract any batteries like any self defense anti ballistic missile shield to shoot down this missile?


They are doing a lot like ease of doing business,expediting the all clearances(including environment) to start an industry ,pouring investments into infrastructure to create jobs

What more do u think present GOI should do?
can u present suggestions to the GOI with examples?


Anonymous said...

Media is saying that there are 2 ATAGS and TATA Power one made world record. What is the reality..Thanks in advance.

Anik said...

Prasun Da,
1) In an interview to CNN-News18 HAL chief said that 200 more ALH Dhruv will be supplied by HAL to the armed force (Order for 73 already placed this year). Is HAL confident that Navy will select Dhruv as NUH?
2)DRDO announced successful completion of developmental trials of Nag missile. User trials to follow. Will it take few more years for Nag to be inducted by IA or it will happen this year.
3) OFB is producing Bi Modular charges at their factory in Nalanda. If we can produce these charges then why are we importing them?

4) MSMC/JVPC & INSAS Mk1C were handed over to CRPF few days back.CRPF has also purchased OFB 7.62mm Sniper rifle. 600 MSMC were ordered by Chattisgarh police. It seems that our CAPF will be better armed as compared to Army as they are always stuck in RFI & RFP etc.etc. Do you think army will place orders for MSMC.
5) Meanwhile in Pakistan, Rawalpindi corps commander visited LoC today. Is LoC under his Area of Responsibility? If no why he visited LoC and threatened india against any misadventure. Do they know that we are coming? ��