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Monday, September 11, 2017

Will Nag/NAMICA-2 Combination Enter Service?

Though the successful test-firings of the Nag ATGM/NAMICA-2 combination passed its most crucial developmental milestone on September 8 and 9, 2017, this has perhaps come too late and it now remains to be seen if the Indian Army will conduct the definitive user-trials, without which service-induction cannot take place.
It may be recalled that user-trials of the 4km-range Nag ATGM’s uncooled LWIR sensor were carried out in hot desert conditions in Rajasthan on at the Mahajan firing range against both moving and static targets for different ranges of 2.8km and 3.2km, with the ATGMs then being fired from the NAMICA-1 tracked launchers.
Of the four missiles fired then, only one hit the target. In all, eight firing-trials were planned, between July and August 4. On July 28, while one Nag ATGM, tested for a range of 2,500 metres, hit the bull’s eye, the second failed to destroy a target 700 metres away owing to a problem in its uncooled LWIR sensor. In the subsequent trials on August 1, two Nag ATGMs missed their targets positioned at 1,300 metres and 2,500 metres, respectively, since there was inadequate thermal contrast for the LWIR sensor to lock-on and track the target before the missile was launched. Consequently, the uncooled LWIR sensor proved to be accurate only up to 2.5km in extremely hot conditions.
It was then that the Indian Army arbitrarily moved the goalpost by demanding that the DRDO re-engineer the NAMICA-1 by incorporating a commander’s panoramic target acquisition/lock-on sensor/ Undaunted, the DRDO rose up to the challenge and developed the NAMICA-2 (now housing a COMPASS optronic panoramic turret procured by Bharat Electronics Ltd from ELBIT Systems).
The DRDO also modified the LWIR sensor by incorporating IR-CCD processor chips supplied by France’s ULIS-SOFRADIR. Since then, this modified sensor has successfully engaged all eight of its targets—both fixed and moving.
Each NAMICA-2—destined for equipping the Recce & Support Battalions of the Indian Army’s Mechanised Infantry formations (especially when undertaking river-crossing operations)—can carry 12 Nag ATGMs, with six of them in ready-to-fire mode out to a distance of 4km. The ATGM has a flight speed of 230 metres per second, is armed with a 8kg tandem shaped-charge warhead, has a rocket motor using nitramine-based smokeless extruded double base sustainer propellant, has a single-shot hit probability of 0.77 and a CEP of 0.9 metres, and has a 10-year maintenance-free shelf-life.
On paper, the Indian Army remains committed to the procurement of 443 Bharat Dynamics Ltd-built third-generation Nag fire-and-forget ATGMs along with 13 OFB Medak-built NAMICA-2 tracked ATGM launchers.
Presently under development is the helicopter-launched version of the Nag, known as HELINA. This ATGM uses the same uncooled LWIR sensor as the Nag ATGM, and has a range of 7km. The HELINA, using the ‘Rudrastra’ cannister-encased twin-launcher system, will arm both the ‘Rudra’ helicopter-gunships as well as the LCH attack helicopters of both the Indian Army and Indian Air Force.
Under development is a DRDO-developed active fire-and-forget, adverse-weather millimeter wave (MMW) radar sensor for a 15km-range version of the HELINA. However, the R & D cycle of this ATGM is unlikely to be completed by 2019 at the very latest, and consequently, the Indian Army’s initial 60 HAL-developed ‘Rudra’ helicopter-gunships will in all probability be armed with up to 960 HELINAs equipped with LWIR sensors.
NORINCO’s Answer To Nag/NAMICA-2


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Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Good discussion on Afghan-India-Pak relations:

Interview of Pakistan's Foreign Secretary:

Sanjeev Kumar said...

Prasun da,

The total weight of twin launcher along with Helina is 170Kg as given in expo video.

Thus the net weight is 80kg along with cooling system which weighs 20Kg. Isn't this on higher side?

Kaustav said...

Prasunda, Will the MMW replace the LWIR in the HELINA or will both be required? The MMW for Nag ATGM had been envisaged right from IGMDP days and thermal IIR were later supposed to be a stopgap variant. Will the Nag also be equipped with MMW like the HELINA or is it all too late?

Kaustav said...

Prasunda, The other query I have is that a variety of reports indicate that IA will now standardize on 7.62×51mm OFB Ghaatak variants of the INSAS Mk1C Excalibur 5.56×45mm; which I believe is not correct as IA shall need both variants in service, the Ghaatak for CI and the Excalibur for conventional infantry assault. Shall the IA therefore standardize on the larger calibre or both variants with lesser numbers for counter insurgency?

Anonymous said...

We've debated previously if Helina's seeker is Cooled or Uncooled :-)

If you see the 11th image in your post (the blue slide with images of Rudra & Helina), in the launcher description it says:

"Autonomous launcher with INTEGRATED COOLING SYSTEM"

Also Sofradir offers the options to add on a Dewar or Stirling cooling system to the seeker. The Stirling cooling system is electrically activated during flight and during
the missile rests inside the launcher; but Dewar cooling system will be self sufficient only during the flight time (given the limited amount of coolant within the Dewar flask inside the missile) but will need external coolant during the time the missile is resting inside the launcher. Maybe, we'll still disagree :-)

That aside, one question that has always bothered me is why the "interim" Helina (Nag missile that was slightly extended to carry additional fuel & the RF data link for LOAL, but still with the 4 side thrusters) did not become the de facto Nag missile - this would have given Nag 7 km range and LOAL! Isn't this the NLOS missile that would be game changer - when Namica can hit targets (from a safe distance) provided by some forward observation posts or UAVs???

The news on 15kms range MW seeker (Brimstone type) missile is heartening. This probably is the Rudra M-II missile. We also differed on what Rudra M-II project was all about :-))


bhoutik said...

is Nag/NAMICA-2 development the reason for the emergence of NORINCO’s product?

asd said...

Dear Prasun,

You are behaving like lord Krishna describing the Gita to Arjuna ie layman like us. At times you tell that India stands tall against China. Then you show Norinco's product against drdo's nag. Is murkh ka gyan ko sahi Marg dikhain.

Anik said...

A mini UAV by HAL was handed over to CRPF & army is looking abroad for mini UAVs despite having many options in india.

RM with Rudra helicopter at Naliya Airbase, Gujrat.

Is SFDR same as Astra mk2?


Dada does the Chinese products boast superior features and will it overwhelm Indian attack,as it seems they have already developed both mmw and iir radars .Also each vehicle has eight atgms .how about the power of each atgm ammunition.

ConcernedCitizen said...

Hi Prasun,

Quite a detailed description!
1. Is there a reason why the namica has two optic/ir sensors?.

2. Also China's alternative seems to have its sensor on top of a raisable mast, would this give them a huge advantage over the range of detection?
3. Is Namica plugged in to the battlefield management system and gets targeting cues from other platform/personnel?

Thanks in advance,

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SANJEEV KUMAR: No, it is not. It compares favourably with those for the Hellfire, Spike-ER & PARS-3LR.

To KAUSTAV: The MMR sensor-equipped version of the HELINA is meant for fixed-wing MRCAs, i.e. it will be like the Brimstone. For ground targets to be engaged by MMR sensor-equipped HELINA, the first reqmt then is for an airborne radar capable of ground moving target detection/tracking, which both the Rudra & LCH lack. Hence, only those MRCAs equipped with MMRs offering GMTI operating mode will be able to fire those HELINAs that have MMW sensors. And that’s why such ATGMs have a range of some 15km. The Rudras & LCHs, thus, will continue to use IIR-guided HELINAs. As for SLRs, it takes more than a decade to completely replace one type with another. Such changes won’t happen overnight.

To SCRUTATOR: That HELINA brochure was of 2014 vintage. Incorporation of uncooled seeker for HELINA now does away with the need for any integrated cooling system for ATGMs, & such cooling is now reqd only for the Mistral ATAMs. As for the Nag ATGM, it was never re-engineered for extended range. Range was always limited to 4km.

To BHOUTIK: No, it is not. NORINCO's AFT-10/CM-501G NLOS-ATGM on ZBD-08 tracked carrier is TV-guided out to a range of 10km 7 that enables LOAL mode to be used, but at the same time this mode is vulnerable to hostile jamming. The only way to overcome this handicap is to use fibre-optic wire-guidance. The Nag & HELINA, on the other hand, are optimised for LOBL operating mode so that they are invulnerable to jamming & are truly fire-and-forget. The AFT-10/CM-501G is not & NORINCO is now developing a fibre-optic wire-guided version of this ATGM with longer engagement range (i.e,. 27km). Such missiles, however, can be used only over relatively flat terrain like the grasslands of Central Asia or Mongolia.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASD: My explanation to BHOUTIK above explains it all, i.e. at least the differing operating principles of the Nag/HELINA & the AFT-10/CM-501G. The HELINA does not come into this category & should instead be compared to NORINCO’s Blue Arrow-7/Blue Arroq-9 laser-guided ATGMs.

To ANIK: That’s the HAL-ARDC-developed INDIAN EAGLE hand-launched mini-UAV. I had uploaded an image of its poster in a UAV thread last year in this blog. Astra-2 is the same BVRAAM as Astra-1, but with a DRDO-developed Ka-band active terminal seeker instead of the Agat JSC-supplied 9B-1348E Ka-band seeker on both the Astra-1, QR-SAM & the Vympel R-77 BVRAAMs.

To RAJESH KATHARE: The NORINCO-developed AFT-10/CM-501G NLOS-ATGM on ZBD-08 tracked carrier was developed specifically for usage over the grasslands of Central Asia or Mongolia. But yes, I will credit NORINCO with superior product engineering expertise. The NAMICA-2 too could have carried 8 missiles had the hull used been that of the re-engined T-55 tank (using a 780hp engine), instead of the BMP-2 hull. This would have given NAMICA-2 a superior power-to-weight ratio & higher cruising speeds on land. Such a hull could also have accommodated ERA tiles for self-protection.

To CONCERNED CITIZEN: VMT. 1) That’s because the IA had mandated the same fire-control solution as that found on MBTs, i.e. an independent panoramic commander’s sensor & a separate gunner’s sensor. What this means is if the IA is preparing for a river-crossing operation & establishing a firm base on the opposing hostile river-bank, then only 1 NAMICA-2 will b e reqd for providing indirect fire-support for the IA’s combat engineers. But having said that, to me a far better & quicker option is to utilise HELINA-armed Rudras or LCHs for such fire-support, i.e. vertical envelopment firepower. 2) Raisable mast offers a larger engagement envelope in terms of depth, PROVIDED the land is relatively flat & is devoid of the 8 feet-high ‘Sarkanda=type’ grasslands that are found in the north Punjab & southern Jammu areas along the IB & LoC. 3) No. It is entirely up to the commander’s panoramic sensor to seek out the targets.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASD: Yet another body-blow to those who like to paint the PLA as being 9 feet-tall:

How UIDAI's source-codes were hacked:

Inside Kazan Helicopter Plant:

Russian Helicopters Sells 25% Stake to Middle Eastern Sovereign Wealth Funds:

PAF-PLAAF joint EX Shaheen-VI Kicks off in Hotan & Urumqi:

Ganesh said...

The uidai source hack story is speculative, this case of impersonation of some authorized person to create illegal entries, source code is not stored in server running the application. Presstitutes can cook half baked stories and discredit anything
The illegal entries numbered 81 lakhs being deleted means there are checks and verification in the architecture of the application to weed them out.

Ganesh said...

The bottom line is special people do not want their activities to be collated in one place so that data mining does not take place for easily identification all their activities. Presstitutes play patriotic job of making sure India fails and becomes more secular by bringing more illegals into this country

Anonymous said...

Thx for your comments.

What I was saying is that before Helina became a single nozzle missile, it was like a 'modified' Nag - with 4 side thrusters, RF link (for LOAL) and 7 kms range. Why couldn't this configuration have become the de facto Nag? Even if we assume that the range might drop to say 5-6 kms given Nag will be ground launched (as opposed to the Helina config that is air launched), it would still be useful to have the LOAL capability to target stuff hiding beyond a 'Sarkanda' (with coordinates provided by FOB or UAV). Just curious why a more effective version could not have been chosen.

Also, it appears from the pictures that the UAV handed over to CRPF is HAL-ELBIT's SkyRider(based on SkyLark).

bhoutik said...

> the statement from BRICS 2017 concerning terrorism. why did china sign on to it?

> the russian style cold launch of the sea ceptor - why the departure from hot launch?

Anonymous said...


1) Is it confirmed that the most recent NoKo test is indeed a nuclear test (boosted fission/thermonuclear) ?

2) You have said that earlier NoKo tests are actually conventional explosions with thousands of tons of explosives. Which is the first actual NoKo nuclear test ?

3) Bharat Karnad writes about India's only proven deployed warheads being 20-25 kt fission warheads (along with some untested, unproven thermonuclear warheads of 125-175 kt yield). He quotes SFC sources to claim that the fission warheads are the only ones whose yield SFC is assured of. What do you say about this?


Kaustav said...

Prasunda VMT for the clarifications. In the context of Guns, I believe your oft repeated fact that it is the quality of ammunition manufactured by OFB is more to blame for barrel bursts seems to have now been accepted thanks in large part to the incident involving the imported BAE M777 howitzer. I guess this unfortunate fact is well appreciated by the end user the army who have to deal with it for the Dhanush,other artillery pieces from Bofors to Mortars to Small Arms. The QA/QC deficiencies are extremely dangerous for our fighting men who train and go into battle with unreliable dangerous ammo. Is it any wonder that imports are preferred

VINOD KUMAR said... China backs Myanmar govt over crackdown on rohingya,another blow to higher than mountains sweeter than honey and deeper than ocean friendship with Porkistan from China.China is giving chumma to ummah.

dilbert said...

@satyaki: A word of advice to you -- ignore Bharat Karnad's writings if you want to have even an approxiamte knowledge of reality. He is a whining gasbag, permanently in 'complaint' mode. And his complaints are always against the GoI (not just this govt., all previous govts as well) saying that nobody knows how to safeguard India's interests, every Indian is an idiot or a liar, except Karnad himself. You find the same attitude of delusional gas-baggery coming from Ajai Shukla as well.

Just some samples of Karnad's past "expert recommendations" to GoI:

1. "India should immediately test megaton-level nuclear warheads and tell the UN and the P5 nad the rest of the world to go to hell, this is in our national interest".

2. "India should remove all its missiles in the West, (i.e. pointed at Pakistan) and move them to the East (i.e. point them at China). This will be a good confidence-building measure with Pakistan".

An example of the other bandalbaaz's wisdom: "India should withdraw its forces from Siachen and sign an agreement with Pakistan and China to make it a Peace Park. This will be a good confidence-building measure with those countries".

This is the level of thought that passes for "strategic analysis" in the Indian chatterating classes.

buddha said...

Your opinion and possible solution..

Amardeep said...

Hello sir, what about recent news about barrel brust during trials of M777 and NDTV reporting that it's due to bad quality OFB made rounds ? How true are these reports? Are M777 supplied to India are of bad quality or NDTV report is true.


bhoutik said...

how can the rohingya problem be solved?

and where do you see it headed in the years to come

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SCRUTATOR: No version of Nag was ever fired from any helicopter, nor was the Nag ever developed for heliborne applications. Some images that appeared showing a Nag being fired from a Rudra were all PHOTOSHOPPED by internet fanboys. Secondly, there never was any stated reqmt for a 6km-range Nag due to the laid-down performance parameters by the end-user, i.e. IA clearly stating that the NAMICA was meant for supporting combat bridging operations & the IA’s EME does not possess any bridging system that can span a river or canal 4km or 6km wide. Therefore, the prospect of Nag ATGM being used for targetting hostile armoured vehicles or fortifications hiding behind ‘Sarkanda’ 6km away didn’t even exist. Nor can coordinates of such locations be passed on by UAVs or FOBs in a timely manner & it is for this reasons that RSHs are the preferred aeroscout platforms, with locational coordinates being relayed via radio to friendly field artillery or attack helicopter units. As for the HAL-built UAS for CRPF, it was shown by HAL to the new RM on her very first day as the RM & it is the Indian Eagle mini-UAV as explained in a previous thread in this blog that dealt with all UAVs developed in India. Do check it out & that will put all needless speculation to rest.

To BHOUTIK: Because cold-launch mechanism enables the VLS to be used by smaller warships where buoyancy-control is a critical factor for platform stabilization. Such limitations are not present in larger warships like principal surface combatants & hence hot-launch techniques, that are simpler, are used by such larger warships.

To SATYAKI: 1) So far no one has confirmed it throughout radioactive sampling. Hence, no forensic material evidence of a thermonuclear test exists in the open domain as yet. 2) No one has come out in the open with verifiable forensic material evidence of any WMD-related device being tested by North Korea. 3) That concerned person never stops providing proof of his CERTIFIABLE IDIOCRACY. He is therefore both beyond hope & beyond despair & is an insult to the intelligence of any Indian who believes in applying SOUND COMMON-SENSE.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV, BUDDHA & AMARDEEP: VMT, but the problem is more complex & hence cannot be stereotypes. Let’s start from genesis: every artillery round is made up of 3 components: the round itself with the explosive/shrapnel content, then the base-bleed or BMCS modules serving as propellants, & finally the electronic proximity fuze at the very top. Of these 3 components, the 3rd component is most vulnerable, followed by the 3rd. In the case of the M-777-related incident at Pokhran, it was clearly stated that the round exploded prematurely inside the barrel, i.e. there was no mechanical or structural failure of any part of the M-777. Secondly, since imported BMCS charge modules were being used, it rules out the failure of any OFB-made charge bags. Thirdly, the round itself can only explode if the proximity fuze is faulty, i.e. no round’s explosive can explode by itself without any initiation from any external source, i.e. the fuze is reqd as per the laws of physics. All these together lead us to infer/conclude that the fault this time lay with a faulty fuze that went off prematurely, thereby causing the round to explode inside the barrel. And who makes such fuzes? Not OFB or BAE Systems, but ECIL, which licence-assembles them after importing them in knocked-down condition from South Africa. Hence, I’m not inclined at this point to point the finger of blame toward OFB (unlike the ‘desi’ bandalbaaz’ from NDTV who evidently never paid attention to his physics classes during his school-going days). BTW, here are the various 155mm rounds produced by OFB:

And here are the charge-bags.propellants produced by OFB:



BASE BLEED CHARGES FOR 155 MM (NASCHEM) (Composite Propellant)

Propellant for 155 mm Ammunition (Double Base)

To VINOD KUMAR: Bangladesh, China & Myanmar don’t want the Rohinhyas to exist. Bangladesh considers all Rohingyas as sympathizers of the jamaat-e-Islami & therefore doesn’t want them inside, preferring them instead to be interned in detention camps that Dhaka refers to as ‘safe zones’, i.e. ghettoes of the type that now contain the remaining Bihar-origin Muslims inside Bangladesh. Furthermore, the Rohingyas by nature don’t like to stay in countries that don’t contain Muslim-majority populace & hence they tend to gravitate towards Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia & Pakistan.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Damning factual revelations about Pakistan's biggest banking scandal after the collapse of BCCI Bank in the late 1980s:

I can now also confirm that 1) the Chinese arms dealer in question is the CHINA ZINSHIDAI Corp, 2) Also under investigation are third-party transactions involving this Chinese company & its North Korean counterparts, & 3) it was the US DFS that alerted India last year (after investigating Habib Bank) about all the money-laundering being undertaken by overseas Pakistanis based in the UAE, Saudi Arabia & London in collusion with over-ground facilitators based in Delhi & Srinagar in order to support the anarchists & separatists inside the Kashmir Valley.

Meanwhile, Pakistan's government has ordered the shut down it's of largest circulated Urdu daily of Rawlakot in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) Daily Mujadala for showing it the mirror on illegal occupation. The newspaper had conducted a poll asking people if they wanted to continue living under the under the forced occupation of Pakistan. Over 73% of the respondents said that they want independence from the illegal occupation of Pakistan. The decision appears to have triggered an uproar among extremist radical forces, Pakistan Army, and local administration as they have now shut it down. Republic TV’s Aditya Raj Kaul spoke to Haris Qadeer, Chief Editor of Daily Mujadala. On being questioned about what people said about ‘Azadi’, the journalist said, “we had two questions: one question was about the position of Kashmir in 1948 if people want it restored. Maximum people agreed. 73% said we are Kashmiris and would want independence from Pakistan.” He added that “they took action against me. Initially, they sent me notices and tried to scare me. I did not honour the notices. The district magistrate and Kashmir council then sent notices to take action against me. Offices have been sealed.” The opinion in the PoK Survey conducted by Urdu daily was collected through 10,000 survey forms over 5-years, through field work. The respondents were merely asked to rate PoK administration and determine if they want independence from Pakistan. Furthermore, the same survey was distributed evenly across PoK.

Anonymous said...

Some confusion...Maybe I wasn't clear about my question. I wasn't talking about what Nag 'requirements' were, but merely saying that rather 'unintentionally' an ATGM (not designated as Nag) with extended range, RF link for LOAL & 4-side thrusters did get made (the interim Helina missile before the 4-side thrusters were eliminated). I was just thinking/suggesting/hoping that this configuration could have become the Nag missile. Such that it could have more utility than what it was originally envisaged for (protecting river banks - as you say it).

Also, good to see you point out Sheikh Hasina's thinking on Rohingyas. I've been stating that very reason in several forums earlier. Journalists in general have no clue about history and the reasons why certain things happen - they all wonder why B'desh, despite being a muslim country, is so against Rohingyas - How about not wanting to host her dad's killers!!!

On the HAL UAV for CRPF, it's possible that the new RM was shown all the 'works' of HAL. But on the final day Suvarna Raju (HAL CMD) presented SkyRider(HALs name for SkyLark) to CRPF.


Pyotr Yakovlevich Ufimtsev said...

Prasun Da, what is the current condition of the road that was built in Doklam by the Chinese?
Did we completely destroy them and if not how much of it does come inside?
And if it does what quality roads are they? Can armoured vehicles traverse it?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SCRUTATOR: Confusion within you, definitely, but not among others, rest assured.

RE: rather 'unintentionally' an ATGM (not designated as Nag) with extended range, RF link for LOAL & 4-side thrusters did get made (the interim Helina missile before the 4-side thrusters were eliminated).---------------------Pure fiction. Nothing of this sort ever happened.

RE: Such that it could have more utility than what it was originally envisaged for (protecting river banks - as you say it).-----------------Like what kind/type of ‘more utility’? And that too when air-launched HELINA is available?

RE: But on the final day Suvarna Raju (HAL CMD) presented SkyRider(HALs name for SkyLark) to CRPF.-----------------------SkyRider of HAL is the fictional creation of malicious internet fanboys, i.e. fake news. What was delivered to CRPF was this:

It was designed in-house by HAL’s ARDC. Here’s another image:

No one in India has to date ordered the SkyLark.

But this (First UAV Race in China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region) did take place:

To PYOTR YAKOVLEVICH UFIMTSEV: It wasn’t a road at all. It was just a Class 40 Track (meaning vehicles weighing more than 40 tonnes can’t use it) that wasn’t even black-topped! Hence, when snowfall starts the entire track will get soaked up & then washed away. There’s thus no need for anyone to destroy it since Mother Nature will do it.

Meanwhile, the ex-Pakistani High Commissioner to India (Abdul Basit) has found a new job in Pakistan as a programme anchor for dishing out all kinds of historical distortions & untruths about J & K:

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Turkey signs deal to get Russian S-400 air defence missiles

Already China got it and now Turkey is getting it. When India is going to get S-400 System.

PM Modi's demonetization & Indian Economy failure.

Indian people expect so much from Modi promises and his 3 year rule is much of hype & failures. Job Loss, economy sinking, cow ban, religious intolerance etc. are the end results. Across India there is no good opinion about Modi’s Rule.

How you rate Modi’s 3 year term between 1 to 5 (5 is the Top).

Advance Thanks
S. Senthil Kumar

Pierre Zorin said...

PYOTR YAKOVLEVICH UFIMTSEV a name like that where Russians would be proud of then Prasun Da -hilarious! Beats Gerry Shastri...

Anonymous said...

In reference to your reply to SATYAKI on the issue of WMD-related device being tested by North Korea, you said ..."1) So far no one has confirmed it throughout radioactive sampling."

South Korea seems to have got evidence. More details definitely will come in future.

Traces of the xenon isotope were detected in the north-eastern part of the country on nine occasions, the South Korean Nuclear Safety and Security Commission said. The Commission’s mobile detectors also found traces of xenon off the country's east coast four times.

“It was difficult to find out how powerful the nuclear test was with the amount of xenon detected, but we can say the xenon was from North Korea,” executive commissioner Choi Jongbae told a news conference in Seoul on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Here the Notice by North Korean Nuclear Watchdog.


SUVO said...

Thanks for “Namica”-article. Any news about T-55 hull+turret with 120mm breech-loading mortar?
Here a news:
Missing in Sindh

MAHESH said...

Hi Prasun,

I appreciate all your views but could not agree with you when you said that Rohingya Muslims prefer Muslim majority country like Pakistan,Bangladesh, Malayasia & Indonesia.

There are 50 thousand Rohingya Muslims living in India & they do not want to leave because they get several social benefits meant for poor people in India. Also several Indian states have job reservation for Muslims so Rohingyas are eyeing that as well.

Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia are not providing such facilities. Ergo, Rohingyas want to stay in India...period.

They are also big time criminals. In Ladakh they are converting women into Islam by force & marrying them. Yesterday several Rohingya Muslims were found carrying 10 kilos of Ganja in Jammu

Kapil said...

Russia to veto any US move at UN to slap sanctions on Pakistan

Arihant said...

Sir, Turkey and Russia Sign S-400 Contract;
Turkey pays deposit to Rostec of Russia for S-400's;
Russia to give loan to Turkey for balance of payment;

Turkish media speculating that the deal is worth US $3 billion and Turkey has made a pre-payment of $0.5 billion.

How can Russia sell S-400 to a country which just a year and half back had shot down a Su-24M in Syria? Again Turkey is one of the partners in the JSF program and will soon receive the F-35 Lightning 2. Is this a grand plan of Uncle Sam wherein they will be able to lay their hands on the most advanced Russian Air defense system

Anonymous said...

Prasun sir,
When the nirbhay test will take place?
And when will it get inducted?
Because india had got the tecnology 3M-14E in earlier decade but still drdo can't reengineer the missile while pakistan babur missile are armed and deployed.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KANE: And yet, not one govt from this world has so far confirmed that DPRK had exploded a WMD device! Not even the IAEA, or China, or Russia! Hence, all that you’ve quoted are just incidental anecdotes that do not carry any credibility.

To MAHESH: You’re wrong on several counts. Firstly, the estimated number of Rohingyas in India is 140,000 of which only 14,000 are registered as refugees with UNHCR. Secondly, most of them are concentrated in Jammu & Rajasthan because they were told by their traffickers that it was fairly easy to cross the IB in these areas from India to Pakistan, until they realised too late that this cross-over wasn’t possible at all as the IB was fenced. The Rohinhyas don’t get any facilities from any agency of the Govt of India or from any state govt. And there are ZERO (0) Rohingyas in Ladakh.

To ARIHANT & SENTHIL KUMAR: That’s excellent news, & rest assured that these S-400s, if at all they arrive in Turkey, will be used only for national parades & as static exhibits during defence expos! Let’s wait & see what the Turks have to say about their deployment, which will be the real proof about the S-400’s usage & effectiveness & deployment footprint, which in turn will reveal exactly how many S-400s Turkey is willing to swallow.

BTW, the IAF has conveyed to the MoD that it will NOT be able to procure either the HTT-40 BTT or the Ka-226T. The IA too has conveyed that service-induction of the Ka-226T is a no-go. Hence, to mollify the Ruskies, an additional tranche of about 60 Mi-17V-5s will be ordered in future. In addition, the contract for A330-220s for serving as AEW & CS platforms will be inked ASAP.



According to The Print Navy’s five-year acquisition plan was deemed 'unrealistic', by MoD & has been sent back by the ministry

Maybe there is no need for a 2nd aircraft carrier but MoD should have conjured up the amount for the remaining acquisitions given how serious the situation is. So much for nationalism.



Jyoti Sen said...

Dada that means no follow on phalcon on Il76. Instead Airbus a330 will be ordered. Then how many will be ordered and timeline?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: LoooooooLLLLLLLLLLLLLLzzzzz!!! Isee that nowadays one pack of ‘desi’ patrakaars vare lobbying for IAC-2 + Rafale + F/A-18E/F, while another pack is lobbying for Project 75I SSKs! Fortunately, BOTH these packs are DEAD WRONG. And here’s why:

1) It is no use designing IAC-2 if the PWR-based nuclear powerplant of 190mWe isn’t available as yet. Without this powerplant, there will be NO propulsion system & no E-MALS.

2) So, since the IAC-2 is not a priority now even for the IN, all talk about Rafale versus Super Hornet is pure speculation/humbug.

3) the most urgent reqmts are for the 8 MCMVs & the 6 SSNs, plus at least 20 10-tonne NMRHs & 20 12-tonne NMRHs.

4) This means even the acquisition of 5 ocean-going fleet replenishment tankers & four LPHs will have to be postponed.

5) The 16-unit SW-ASW craft & eight NGMVs cannot be different hull designs. They will both have to make use of a common hull design that displaces less than 1,000 tonnes. The SW-ASW craft will have to make use of autonomous surface vehicles using dunking ultra-low-frequency dunking sonars.

6) The NGMVs, NMRHs & coastal defence batteries will ALL have to use a single type of ASCM. To choose different types of ASCMs for each application is outright ridiculous. To me the Kongsberg-developed NSM/HSM combination is the ideal one. That’s because even the much-touted BrahMos-NG is too far away.

That’s the writing on the wall & the new RM can either take it or leave it.

BTW, this is the diver propulsion vehicle being used by MARCOS:

This is what the BSF needs along the WB:

Lockheed Martin’s Outrider Cannister-Launched Mini—UAV:

MBDA’s Sea Ceptor SAM:


Salahuddin Rabbani’s Q & A Session at VIF Yesterday:

To JYOTI SEN: Not at all. The two additional A-50I PHALCONs will be procured, rest assured. The A330-220-based ‘desi’ AEW & C platforms are a totally different project that will be undertaken by CABS & LRDE.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

BTW, between September 8 and 11, 2017 a PLAN Type 041 Yuan-class SSK along with a Type 925-class submarine support and salvage ship, the Chongmingdao 862, docked at the Teluk Sepanggar naval base in the state of Sabah after conducting escort missions in the Gulf of Aden. The Yuan-class SSK features an overall length of 77.2 metres, overall beamwidth of 8.4 metres, and a hull draught of 6.7 metres. The SSK displaces approximately 2,700 tons when surfaced, and 3,600 tons when submerged. It is equipped with six 533mm torpedo tubes.

Manu Singh said...


1. What happened to the Ka-226T acquisition? Russians were indicating that it will be preponed and the delivery will start sooner after the first payment? What is the thinking on it? Is it not enough tech transfer or something else?

2. You have mentioned Mi-17 additional purchase. There are news reports that mention Coast Guard is in the process of buying 16-20 Eurocopter EC-725. So, is MoD going to purchase Mi-17, EC-725 and then Sikorsky UH-60 series and 92 series for NMRH requirements ? Are they planning to open a medium lift helicopter zoo?

3. What is wrong with HTT-40 BTT acquisition? What happened to this one now?

Looks like HAL's order book will see drastic cuts this year !!!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MANU SINGH: 1) The seller will say anything but what matters most most is what the buyer wants & in this case the end-suers (IA & IAF) are disinclined to propcure the Ka-226Ts for the reasons that I had explained several times earlier. 2) That is inevitable in any country where multi-user procurements aren't rationalised. 3) The only thing wrong with it is that anopther product--PC-7 Mk.2--is already doing that job. It's like first buying the ATAGS howitzer & then resorting to imports of 155mm/52-cal towed howitzers! HAL's order-books can easily swell if the IA is allowed to place orders for the weaponised LCH & if the LUH's service-induction is expedited. By now it should alreasdy have received its certificate of airworthiness!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Meet South Korea’s Spartan-3000 Hostile Leadership Decapitation Brigade:

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your Reply.

How India Supported North Korea Nuclear Program, Reveals By Al-Jazeera

Actually Pakistan & China supported/Aided the North Korea Program. Suddenly new stories emerging that India also supported it.

Is there any hidden truth in this story or just China/Pak dragging India to spoil the Nuclear India Reputation? By doing this China can disqualify India in Nuclear Supplier Group.

Please share your comments.

Thanks in Advance
S. Senthil Kumar

Rana said...

South Korea had already confirmed yesterday of traces of radioactive gas from North Korea's nuclear test. Disarmament through negotiations seems a foregone conclusion. And the last thing China wants is North Korean instability or an outcome that strengthens the US role in the region. What do to recon is China's NK strategy? Should PLA try & intervene in the event of outbreak of war? Or PLA pre-emptively moving into North Korean territory for denuclearising NK? Or perhaps a regime collapse & installing a pro-China regime? or the reunification of Korea.. based on terms favorable to Beijing?

Anonymous said...


Are more tracking ships for MIRV testing on order ? If not, what is the point having just one such ship ?


buddha said...
War is looking large .....Ur view sir

Pierre Zorin said...

India could never have supported North Korea Nuclear program for the simple reason India knew North Korean Nuclear proliferation would endanger India's security. A Q Khan's bonhomie with N Korea on behalf of Pakistan and Iran's bank rolling to cut a piece of the N pie were the only axis along with the sugar daddy China. Al Jazeera is a crook station no wonder the Saudis wanted to shut it down. This news, if really broadcast, is another fake news. Such news could be as genuine as India used to wash Kim Jong Un's underwear!

Pierre Zorin said... DSEI 2017 day two- some great products

Pierre Zorin said...

Real combat footage - mortar support

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

Reading through lots of material on POTUS's new policy on Af-Pak. My conclusion looks like this in central asia:

USA + India + Afghanistan verses Russia + China + Pakistan + Iran + (Turkey) + Taliban

If Iran sides with them, how do we get supplies there? Yes air for the time being but Pakis could stop that at any moment.
In the long term do you see the Afghan gov surviving?
Its hard to believe how Pakistanis have played the USSR and now USA. I personally think uncle SAM messed up by not selling them more F-16. That would have killed off this Thunder(JF17) thing. Now they would not have so much room to manoeuvre strategically.

Will this trouble with NK, mean that the USA is too busy to deal with the pakis? Will they also be taking the route of NK to be able to target USA mainland?

Apologies for my endless questions.


Pierre Zorin said...

DSEI Naval

Ankit Singh said...

Prasun da
Some journalist are saying that Helina is more than 2 years away from induction
How much truth in these statements?

Rajesh Mishra said...

The charge against India forwarded by aljazeera for India supporting the NoKo nuclear program is clearly childish and a malice against India. There is hardly any substance in it. Aljazeera is obviously playing in the hands of China & Pakistan lobby.

dilbert said...

Hi Prasun, I have a couple of specific questions and (more importantly) a general question.

Specifically, what do you think are the chances of two defence deals going through, namely the minesweeper deal with SoKo and the Shinmywa US-2 deal with Japan?

In general, is India's defence procurement process really as massively screwed-up and incompetent as it appears to outside ovbservers like me? It appears there is no urgent need or emergency consideration that can either speed up or bypass the legendary sloth, incompetence and red tape of India's mantri-babu complex. The entire system appears to be designed to stall forward movement. Soldiers/sailors/pilots may die in action due to lack of equipment, Pakistan/China may repeatedly breathe fire and terror on us, but every goddamned procurement/acquisition has to go through the bureaucracy's infamous 20-year vetting/approval cycle. And even after the marathon mantri-babu exercise, there is no guarantee that the acquisition will be approved. It may simply fizzle out.

This is the impression I have, and I am not alone in this.

Amardeep said...

Sir, you said that turkey will not purchase S400 SYSTEM now they have purchased it. What is your take on it and how will it integrate it will their existing NATO infrastructure and how it will impact their NATO membership and their relationship with west?


Pierre Zorin said...

Kalibr from Surface combatant and Kalibr from sub
Meanwhile future A/IFV?

Kaustav said...

Prasunda sticking to guns any scope of 155mm/6inch howitzers making their way on board heavier destroyers and cruisers or even LHDs? Query due to involvement of Mahindra Naval Defense in development of ATAGS.

rad said...

hi prasun
we are all happy that the astra has passed all test flights. There a re repeated publications that indicate the astra`s homing head is local when we know that the it is from Agat russia.

DRDO is also saying that it will be integrated on the LCA etc. Have we made a local radar

homming head for us to integrate it into all platforms?

otherwise the Russians have to give us codes for integration into western platforms?

how far has the astra matured in ur opinion?

bhoutik said...

chinese rustom -

will the real slim shady please stand up

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: The BVRAAM that’s been flight-tested is the Astra-1. The QR-SAM is also an Astra-1 derivative. As I had stated several times before, the Astra-2 variant will have a locally-designed/built Ku-band seeker. It is this variant of Astra that will be integrated with the LCA-AF Mk.2.

To KAUSTAV: Nope. That won’t happen, since the IN wants proven systems like 127mm guns, preferably from OTOBreda. Mahindra Naval Defence now is involved with servicing the B-515 triple torpedo tube launchers of WASS adapting them to the TAL light torpedo, This combination (ex-IN hardware) has been sold to the Myanmar Navy, while the older OTOBreda 76/62 guns of the P-25A corvettes & Project 16A FFGs have been refurbished by BHEL & have been sold to Myanmar. The P-25As & P-16As now sport the 76/62 SRGMs with faceted outer covers.

To AMARDEEP: I had already commented on it above, & here’s what I had stated: That’s excellent news, & rest assured that these S-400s, if at all they arrive in Turkey, will be used only for national parades & as static exhibits during defence expos! Let’s wait & see what the Turks have to say about their deployment, which will be the real proof about the S-400’s usage & effectiveness & deployment footprint, which in turn will reveal exactly how many S-400s Turkey is willing to swallow.

To DILBERT: Neither of those deals are proceeding at the moment. The procurement process is indeed screwed-up due to the lack of domain experts within both the civilian & military bureaucracies sitting in the MoD. Then there’s the shifting of goalposts. For instance, while the shipyards always criticise the IN for not freezing the designs of warships, the IN retorts by saying that shipyards ought to embrace modular shipbuilding techniques so that those modules whose designs have been frozen can be fabricated without any delay. But more than often, the most critical module—the propulsion/powerpack modulwe—is one of the last ones to be finalised & this then stymies everything else because if the electrical power availability parameter is not frozen, then how can the designs of other modules be frozen? After all, one cannot make progress by placing the cart before the horse. So, in the final analysis, every involved party, civilian & military, requires a lot of shaping-up & they all are presently functioning at deeply sub-optimal levels.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANKIT SINGH: Not at all. Service-induction will take place next year, but full-volume production will gain steam in 2019.

Meanwhile, it has taken 1 whole year for these ‘desi’ patrakaars to discover that Instalaza C-90 disposable LAWs were used on September 28/29, 2016:

And these very cretins were insisting last year that Carl Gustavs were used!!!

To RAT: I had already explained it several times before: how can Pakistan deny use of its airspace if the US too will then deny use of US$ currency in all money-lending activities in Pakistan? How will China then finance the CPEC? How will foreign remittances then flow into Pakistan? What then will be the state of Pakistan’s forex reserves? Has Pakistan started building its forex reserves in Yuan or Rouble currencies? Is that likely to ever happen?

To KRITAVARMA: The stated reqmt is for three (3) such vessels.

To SENTHIL KUMAR: That report of Al Jazeera was written by an Indian citizen who strings for Al Jazeera. And it was an outlandish report, for civilian remote-sensing applications have no bearing on military application reqmts.

Anonymous said...


France always appears to have had one such tracking ship since 1964: the Henri Poincare, a converted oil tanker (1964-1990) and the purpose built Monge since 1992. They still managed MIRV testing since the mid 1980's. The key appears to be something like the MOTR radar...


Pierre Zorin said...

I know the A-10 has never been exported to any other country outside the USAF, but how is it the IAF never showed any interest in su-25? Along with gunships and attack helicopters, a frontline close ground support aeroplane such as an A-10 or an SU-25SM/TM would have been invaluable, wouldn't it?

Jay,Kerala said...


1) But PIB release explicitly says seeker tested in Astra combat exercise is with indigenous seeker

All the sub-systems including the indigenous RF Seeker performed accurately, meeting all the mission parameters and objectives. Two missiles were also launched in the combat configuration with warhead and the targets were neutralized.

"To RAD: The BVRAAM that’s been flight-tested is the Astra-1. The QR-SAM is also an Astra-1 derivative. As I had stated several times before, the Astra-2 variant will have a locally-designed/built Ku-band seeker. It is this variant of Astra that will be integrated with the LCA-AF Mk.2. "

2) Why do Indian Army wastes tremendous resources in so-called fire-assaults with variety of munitions including ATGM instead of using a couple of guided Pinaka rockets per target like Israeli army does with their Jumper NLOS with one-shot-one-kill

rad said...

hi prasun
got the info on astra seeker made by vem. VEM has also advertised it made a MPAT weapon ??, is it a model that was displayed or fiction. how far have they progressed on that .?Are they so good to engineer a missile without having prior experience?.

we finished making astra after 15 long years and i suppose drdo is gong in for IIR CCM. I assume they will take at least 10 years . what would be the best solution?.

why did the paras use the c-90 instead of the trusty carl gustav/

Pierre Zorin said... & - M8AGS. Never heard of it but instead of piddly thing DRDO is manufacturing they would be wise to follow suit of this baby and if they take long, perhaps India should negotiate a deal for about 100 of these for the mountainous terrain.

Sudipta said...

Very much thank you for providing us accurate information. I have a query. I google for weight and dimension for Bi-Modular Charge System (BMCS) I mean what is the weight and dimension (Diameter & Height) for each BMC module.

aritro data said...

1) what is your view that india should develop/acquire supercaveatating torpedoes like russian SKVAL?

2)What is status of Indian Anti Ship ballistic missile?

3)how many SCALP missiles is india getting with rafale?

4)what is status of indian undersea submarine detection network?

financeblogger said...

What a Pakistani(Jibran Nasir) says about Rohingya Muslims (also about those Rohingya Muslims in Pakistan) as well as about jihadi groups in Pakistan and on other issues as well

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIERRE ZORIN: That’s because the Su-25 was not approved for export in the 1980s & therefore the IAF was offered only the MiG-23BN & MiG-27M. Only after 1991 when the USSR ceased to exist that the Su-25 family’s variants were offered for export worldwide.

To JAY, KERALA: Lolz! First, why was PIB the issuing authority for press-releases, & not the DRDO? Second, BOTH the two-way data-link & the RF seeker are imported because the Russians have never shared the source-codes of the NO-11M BARS PESA-MMR with anyone else, meaning if any BVRAAM is to be cued by the PESA-MMR, then the RF seeker & two-way data-links too have to be of Russian origin. Third, if the RF seeker & two-way data-link were indigenous, then there was never the need for firing Astra-1 from the Su-30MKI, & even the Tejas Mk.1 could have fired it, since the EL/M-2032 MMR’s source-codes have been shared with LRDE & DRDL. Fourth, the DRDO’s brochure of Asrra itself shows the Agat JSC-suppliesd seeker & I had uploaded the entire brochure in 2015 itself. Fifth, the DRDO has NEVER showed any full-scale mock-ups of any of its RF seekers meant for BVRAAMs at any Aero India or DEFEXPO expos. Neither has any DRDO publication to date shown any images of the Astra’s ‘desi’ seeker. Only the Ku-band ARSEEK RF seeker has been shown & that’s for the PDV interceptor. The only image of the ‘desi’ RF seeker for Astra has been shown to date by VEM Technologies, which has also confirmed that this seeker is for Astra-2, & not for Astra-1.

Fire-assaults are of 2 types: precision & area. Weapons-to-target matching thus depends on the targetting priorities. Targets for the IDF are different from those for the IA.

To RAD: Had already uploaded all data & images of the MPATGM in the Aero India 2017 thread. ‘Desi’ IIR seekers for SRAAMs are more than a decade away. C-90s can be slung over one’s back & are lightweight & expendable. Unlike the bulkier Car Gustav LAWs.

To SUDIPTA: had already uploaded images & data on BMCS modules in a previous thread earlier this year.

To ARITRO DATA: 1) It would be an ideal weapon to acquire for SSNs. 2) No such project exists. Nor does anyone else in this world possess such weapons. 3) Close to 80. 4) It is still ‘work-in-progress’.

aritro data said...

1)Does india posess/developing FAE explosives like American MOAB?

2)Any indian program exists for deep penetration bombs like US bunker buster?

3)what is status of indian EMP weapon program?

Sudipta said...

I have already went through your post but it doesn't contain any info about dimension or weight.

Sanjay Sharma said...

Dear prasunji,

I would like to know your opinion on the upcoming international container transhipment terminals in south India.

1) Why would the government build two such ports (vizhinjam & enayam) just 36 km away from each other competing for the same market? Won't they undermine each Other? Is there enough market for both to survive?

2) What are the strategic implications of these terminals? Can they out do Colombo? Where does hambanthota come in to the picture?

3) My worries are heightened by the complete failure of a similar ICTT at kochi. Do you think the 2 new projects will end up like that?

4) There seems to be an orchestrated campaign to prevent the construction of both terminals by "local population". You had mentioned of anti nuclear ayatollahs that were leading the protest against the kalpakam plant. Any chance of such a force behind these protests too. This despite the fact that shashi tharoor, the MP from trivandrum district insisted that all the demands of local fishermen have been met.

5) What kind of economic benefits will these projects bring to the respective states and the country at large?

Pierre Zorin said...

that explains it - I believe getting both MiG23 and MiG27 were a political decision. Should have gone for more Mirages Or if cost was the factor then either of those not both 23 and 27. However in a way the su-25 was not as modern as today so perhaps there is some opportunity to lay hand on the su-25SM/TM after all?

Anik said...

DEEP in 2009 had tested seabed Arrays. Is that being used to create a SOSUS type of undersea network to detect submarines??

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,


Which of the current manufacturers (globally) do you think will apply ?

Thank You


Ankit Singh said...
Is this true?
Both Rudra and LCH will be armed with Mistral missile.

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

INS Aridhaman

There is a speculation & rumor that in 1998, the Indian government purchased a reactor design outright from Russia.

But as per BARC, after a lot of struggle & some critical consultancy inputs from Russian scientists had developed the nuclear reactor indigenously.

I have watched Dr. Anil Kakodkar interview during Arihant Inauguration saying that Reactor design is developed indigenously with Russian Consultancy.

This are the comments from some of the Viewers……supporting Indian Design.

“First of all, no country (not even Russia) would sell a complete nuclear submarine reactor design to any country. And assuming, even if such a reactor design was to be procured in market, why would India go to buy a reactor design of only 83 Megawatt....if it is to be bought, then India could have gone for a reactor of say 150 Megawatt to 200 Megawatt capacity, as the small 83 Megawatt reactor is going to be a headache for the Indian operators. “

There are two views about the reactor design.
A. Russian Design
B. indigenous Design

Which is correct? Please comment.

Thanks in Advance
S.Senthil Kumar

buddha said...
This will be disaster......Ur thought sir....

Intolerant Person said...

It should also be remembered that the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States installed a super spy software named APPARITION in New Delhi, as we reported earlier. The APPARITION program pinpoints the locations of people accessing the Internet across sensitive locations. Subsequent actionable intelligence information may lead to sending lethal Reaper drones to eliminate the target. The Top Secret reports speak of an SCS surveillance unit being set up in the embassy campus in New Delhi that operated under the codename DAISY. However, the Indian Government has not responded or is yet to make a statement regarding this Embassy Espionage.

Sir what's your comment on this.It was revealed by Snowden.Do US still can do such stuufs?
2.Can you tell us how India got nuke technology?I mean by sending our scientists abroad for studying or by spying or by under the table deals?

soi said...

Hi Prasun da, Great article again:

1. ( views on the following report?

2. When can we expect the Mayavi EW suite to be operational?

3.Is there any IRST developement going on by DRDO?

Thanks again,
Soikot Banerjee

buddha said...
Does this carry security implications for India..

Gd said...

Hi Prasoon,

Any thinking on these lines in our security apparatus?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov, who had saved the world in 1983:

buddha said...

Best wishes for Mahalaya to You and Your family...

rad said...

hi prasun

nice to know that we have the source codes for elm-2032 radar, i believe the local planar radar that was designed for the lca had failed in various modes esp the SAR look down modes. ?
now are we using the same codes for our desi radar?.

can the codes be used on the AESA radar that we are developing?.

does it mean that the critical algorithm was also transferred to us? is it not a windfall??

the US denied us the target recognition and tracking codes for th e javelin , does it mean Israel has given it to us in the spike deal.?

The CCM missile is a decade away. why cant we reconfigure the astra into a long range IIR missile much like the ir version of the r-27 missile ? If we have bought the r-27 from the russians surely we have included it in our air combat tactics. All it needs is to integrate an IIR head, which is comparatively lighter less complex ? i believe such a configuration will b e more agile and a generation better than the old r-27 which has a dismal kill probability.with these two we can junk all the unreliable r-27 missiles?

Israel, france , russia, ukraine may be US , will be willing to give the IIR seeker to us, like how the french are supplying us the IIR for the nag and helina? In the mean time we can develop the IIR in house.can the nag IIR seeker be used on a airborne CCM missile??.

If the above idea fructifies , then we can have a deadly long range IIR missile as an interim gap .I believe the astra is very maneuverable due to its large mid body wings and adding TVC would be the awesome!! , your comments?

So the astra missile is only for the sukhoi and qrsam and the astra 2 is for all other AC?

how is the ak 630 gun platform getting along?

rad said...


in my view the good colonel petrov should have been given the nobel prize for peace for saving our entire race of humans!!

its a tragedy of our times that we give prizes to people who invented mass destruction and not to deserving people.

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
I can't help asking but if Tejas will be able to fire Astra, Derby, Python5, R73 and can carry PGMs for air defence and interdiction then why do we need F16 or Gripen? Why not fasten the MK1A and MK2 projects?

In my opinion this SE tender should be cancelled. What do you say?

Anik said...

Hard to believe details of NSA spying activities in india and their APARITION program. Is this APARITION program responsible for the death of our nuclear scientists in recent years??

I think we should have given asylum to Edward Snowden as he had valuable secret information of US government but we rejected:

Looks like ISI did what we failed to do:

By the way, why was a NSA guy receiving cyber security training in India?

bhoutik said...

what made Ukraine freeze the 56% stake in Motor Sich Company belonging to Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment?

Priya said...

Dear Sir

In the Recent Fist Fight Between Indian ITBP and Chinese Border Guards

at Ladakh ; WHO WON

Some Chinese are saying that they Outnumbered Indians and Hence Won

There is also an image on the Internet about a Flying Kick ; who is that guy

Vishesh said...

hii prasunda, can u shed some light on this report? Are there any other joint strategic port development in the pipeline other than the one at Chabahar?

Manoj G said...

Hi Prasun,

Former head of UK's Airborne division & current UK Head of MBDA, Frank Morgan, said today that India will at some point think of arming the Guardian drones being procured from the US & the Brimstone is ideal for it.

Is it possible that the US will share code with MBDA so that Brimstone missiles can be fitted in the Guardian drones ?


Rajesh Mishra said...

India shall select a time span and if within that period the conditions for collaboration with the F-16/Gripen/Rafale from west are not found to be satisfactory and justified, then India should go for the Mig-29K. Mig-29K too is an advanced aircraft and is getting live experience in the Syrian war.

BTW the indigenous efforts like the LCA AF-1/1A/2 and AMCA are all together a different segment. They will always be needed but they in the mean time will have to come up by themselves.

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

Prasun Da,

is Demonetization a slap to economy ?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL: Yes, it was. Re-monetisation was a far better option.

To RAJESH MISHRA: The IN considrs the MiG-29K to be the WORST aircraft it has ever acquired. The Ruskies used the IN as a guinea pig & therefore the Gods of Yore punished the Ruskies with two MiG-29K crashes off Syria.

To MANOJ G: If the IN wants Brimstone for its Guardian UAS, then it is up to General Atomics to work with MBDA for systems integration. Why should there be any need to share source-codes with anyone else?

To VISHESH: For the moment it is just the Chah Bahar FTIZ project.

To PRIYA: No one won. It was a stalemate.

To BHOUTIK: 56% is more than enough for a majority stake.

To ANIK: I in turn am surprised that you are surprised about this development. If I want to remain the world's No.1 superpower then I will go to any lengths to preserve my monopoly. What's so surprising or distressing about it?

To BY: It all depends on 1) which OEM will supply the AESA-MMR, & 2) which OEM will supply the HMDS. Had already explained it all several times before.

To RAD: This 'desi' duffer ( has only now discovered what I had stated way back in 2015 here:

And while the DRDO is still scratching its head about dual-ejector racks, here's where the rest of the world is:


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Just got back from Pokhran after interacting with 12 Guards, the Scout & Recce unit that not only was the first IA Battalion to cross the IB & go inside Pakistan in 1971, but is also the test-n-evaluation formation used by the DRDO for testing the Nag/NAMICA-2 combination. This unit in 1971 was armed with the French ENTAC ATGMs & it mounted numerous missions throughout the IB & LoC in 1971. Am planning to write a coffee-table book about this unit's exploits with plenty of accompanying battlefield photos. HELINA's final stage of user-trials are now underway with the modifications I had suggested to the DRDO (had explained it all last February).

SAAB's Latest Carl Gustaf M4 LAW:

Active Defence Systems by Rheinmetall:

VBCI 8 x 8:

Dragonfire Laser DEW:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: OEMs from Russia, then MBDA & RAFAEL will be responding to this RFI for 4km-range ATGM.

To ANKIT SINGH: LoLz! Both Rudra & LCH have been shownh sinbce Aero India 2013 to be armed with Mistral ATAMs. Has this duffer called PUBBY only discovered it in 2017? Hasn’t he been hearing since 2009 that the IAF had specified that the LCH be armed with AAMs for shooting down UAVs?

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: Fist, the facts as I had stated earlier, that can be found here:

It may be recalled the inter-governmental agreement (IGA) that India and Russia Atomstroyexport signed on November 20, 1988 for the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) officially involved the construction of two 1,000MWe Russian VVER-1000-type light water reactors (at a cost of US$3.5 billion) at Kudankulam in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu State. However, a secret annexure of this contract also called for Moscow to offer its ‘consultancy’ and ‘vendor-development’ services, along with the supply of two KLT-40C PWR mock-ups (built by Afrikantov OKBM and designed to deliver 23.5mWe from the 82.5mWt reactor and using 45% enriched uranium-aluminium alloy, clad in zircaloy), their related heat exchangers and steam generators, plus their detailed engineering drawings off-the-shelf—all for the double-hulled S-2/Arihant, S-3 and S-4 SSBNs, and similar military-industrial assistance for building the larger double-hulled S-5, S-6 and S-7 SSBNs, also designed by FSUE Central Design Bureau RUBIN for Marine Technology. Another IGA to be inked in Goa last year as part of a secret annexure of the contract for building Units 3 and 4 of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) concerns the in-country construction of six 5,000-tonne, single-hulled, fifth-generation attack submarines (SSN) designed by the St Petersburg-based FSUE Central Design Bureau RUBIN for Marine Technology. SSNs of this design, powered by 60mWt (about 25mWe) high-density integral pressurised water reactors (PWR), will also enter service with the Russian Navy in the following decade.

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

As for those claiming the PWR to be of ‘desi’/indigenous’ design, they can only be described as being CERTIFIED MORONS with ZERO respect for the laws of physics. It is a matter of record now that the IN’s Capt Subbarao was the first one to recommend that PWSRs be used & this had angered the jokers at BARC who were then recommending usage of PHWRs—a feat no one else had accomplished before in this world. When the GoI accepted Subbarao’s recommendation, an infuriated BARC became vindictive & framed Subbarao for conducting espionage—a charge that the Indian Courts later dismissed after Subbarao himself successfully fought his legal battle. So, does this mean between 1984 & 1998 the BARC achieved a MIRACLE by producing several scientists/engineers who had mastered PWR-related reactor physics/reactor engineering? If so, then can anyone name just 1 person who was such a publicly acknowledged expert by 1998 by sourcing open-source data? Furthermore, how can anyone even dream of achieving such a feat in the absence of an experimental PWR installation? The 83mWT PRP at Kalpakkam was not an experimental PWR at all, but was tailor-made to fit into the hull of an SSBN from the outset. So which OEM shared the SSBN’s hull design with BARC?

In a country that has had reactor engineering expertise only related to PHWRs & that too from Canada’s CANDU design, & which took more than 20 years to graduate from a 220mWT to 540mWT PHWR & another 15 years from 540mWT to 700mWT, is it possible to master PWR reactor physics/reactor engineering within just 10 years (1988 till 1998)? If yes, then why is India continuing to import VVER-1000 PWRs from Russia? Can’t the BARC instead design & devcelop its own PWRs for commercial power generation? If anyone, Dr Anil Kakodkar included, can offer compelling/convincing answers to my questions with related timelines about BARC’s human resource development, onlt then can anyone believe his assertions about ‘desi’ PWR development. But if such answers are not forthcoming from anyone from the BARC or DAE, then that leaves only 1 option on the table: that my statements about the 83mWT PWR being of Russian origin are spot on.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

For reasons unknown, Indian TV channels are seemingly ignoring this reality:

Nor is anyone from India seen to be reaching out to them. Wonder why.

Vishesh said...

Prasun da, Can you shed some light on this?
" the new Chaika A-050 could also be coupled with other defense equipment to give birth to an ultimate assault weapon.

"For instance, India has BrahMos cruise missiles, and our GEV can be equipped with them", said Antsev.

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun, this is because historically presstitutes peddle Hindus news to make sure Muslims gain the benefits in the name of secularism. This is similar to all gotis bleeding for Hindu bangas in mo-mo-to land

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...


How long do you think it would take the economy to be back on track , no we would end up in doldrums and choas ...

Manu Singh said...


What is the background of the Sea Guardian UAV purchase story? I hear that the Indian team was ready to purchase the platform but changed their mind in the last moment. Now Shuklaw indicates that if India doesn't buy the UAV, it will create bad blood between both countries?? The price of $ 2 billion i.e. 100 million per UAV is also quite high. And there is no clarity as such on 90 odd Avenger series UAV purchase as well. Where is it going?

Ankit Singh said...

Is there any solution to this Rohingya crisis?
You said in this thread that the Rohingyas living in jammu and rajasthan want to migrate to pakistan but there are also rohingya hindus which are being killed by ARSA.
If the government give refuge to only Rohingya Hindus, wouldn't they be considered hypocrites?

rad said...

hi prasun
can i assume that china also got its submarine nuclear reactor tech from russia for a fee ,as russian scientists were imported en mass after the fall of the soviet union ?
has work on the future attack submarine started ? in russia at least.?

So i assume that the future attack submarine made in india will be identical in always apart from the weapons and sensors, cms??

will we able to manufacture out own reactors for subs after building the attack subs , will russia hold back really critical tech so as to keep us under their control?

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your Comments.

After reading your comments which is supported with proofs, I think reactor design should be Russian origin.

But Russia should have sold the design outright to India with High Cost (During 90’s after fall of USSR, Russia is economically in bad condition need of money).

Having brought the ready-made design, BARC Should had redesigned with small changes and started building the reactor. Later claiming that it is desi/indigenous.

Story of Dr B.K. Subbarao

Very Sad story of a brilliant guy. The Main culprits of India will always go scot-free including Supreme Court which does not take responsibility for their wrong doings.

Story of Vikram Buddhi, Son of Dr B.K. Subbarao

S.Senthil Kumar

Pierre Zorin said...

Nostalgia for you folks: - wonder if the people were forced to queue up as propaganda OR were they really India fans?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

A series of nuclear weapons tests conducted by India in the spring of 1998 took the US intelligence community by surprise, prompting an internal investigation into why these tests had not been foreseen; a subsequent report was harshly critical of the U.S. intelligence community. A similar lapse in data gathering would not happen again in 2005. An Australian NSA site, RAINFALL, isolated a signal it suspected was associated with an Indian nuclear facility, according to SIDtoday. Collaboration between RAINFALL and two NSA stations in Thailand (INDRA and LEMONWOOD) confirmed the source of the signals and allowed for the interception of information about several new Indian missile initiatives. Although these missile systems did not come to public attention for several more years (the Sagarika submarine-launched ballistic missile was first tested in 2008), the NSA’s access to these signals gave them foreknowledge of their Third Party SIGINT partner’s actions.

sandy said...

Hi Prasun,

What do you think about the Korean crisis? Is the us going to war with North Korea?
It looks like us is preparing for war ?
If they are going to get intimidated but North Korea a lot of other countries are going to get nuclear weapons

Pratap said...

Prasun da, i think you have got it wrong. Future fifth generation nuclear submarine for Russian navy is being developed by Malakhit design bureau, not Rubin. Russian and western media have widely reported about it. Malakhit has been the developer of all Russian SSNs including Akula and Yasen. While Rubin is charged with developing SSKs and SSBNs.

Anonymous said...

Sir, interesting read. Your views please.


Rajesh Mishra said...

You are correct. There was at least one accident with Mig-29 K/KUB in the Syrian war.

"On 14 November 2016, a MiG-29KUB crashed en route back to the carrier following a planned mission over Syria after a previous MiG landing on the Admiral Kuznetsov snapped one of its arrestor cables which prevented the doomed aircraft from landing before running out of fuel. Pilot ejected and survived.[126][127]"

A $30 million Russian fighter jet crashed into the Mediterranean Sea earlier this month because it ran out of fuel while it waited for an aircraft carrier to fix its landing equipment, U.S. naval officials said.

The Soviet-era Mikoyan MiG-29K crashed Nov. 13 off the coast of Syria after its first attempt to land on the carrier Admiral Kuznetsov failed, the United States Naval Institute said Tuesday, based on the translation of a Russian report.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

VISHESH: LoLz! What’s the worth of any MoU? It’s a mere excchange of paper documents that does not involve any money changing hands & is thus next-to-useless. Furthernmore, Ekranoplanes are used only in calm waters like the ones found in the Caspian Sea. Hence only Iran & Russia have been interested in such craft. Has Russia ever deployed such craft or WIG-type craft in the open seas? So where will India deploy such craft? In the lagoons of Kerala? Wular lake in J & K? Panggong Tso Lake? So please, let’s get serious & avoid such illogical prospects.

To TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL: How Long? It all depends on where sound common-sense resides in India: either inside one’s brains or in the dust-bin. For nopw, the latter is the residing place, so don’t harbour any high hopes of speedy recovery. I had already warned earlier about the ill-effects of waiving g of farmers’ loans & now hard reality has hit home, starting with UP where the farce of such loan waivers is nbow in full show, with farmers being given loan waivers of just 1 Paisa or 10 Paisa! So it niow looks like the UP State Govt is fully afflicted with Hand-Foot-n-Mouth Disease & there’s just no other way now but to renege on previous promises that were made!!! And the people of UP fully deserve such ruling morons because they themselves were only too willing to be led by their noses. One thus reaps what one sows—this being the law of nature. So let the people of UP suffer & stay condemned for the remaining 4 years to come.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MANU SINGH: I don’t know from where you are receiving such dire inputs WRT Guardian UAS. In reality, everything is proceeding smoothly & contractual n egotiations have already commenced. No one in India wants the Avenger as of now, especially the IAF, unless & until the IAF acquires its own comms satellites so that the necessary operating bandwidth is available for operating such armed UAS platforms. So kindly do not be misled by the unending torrent of disinformation emanating from the frontline ‘desi’ patrakaars. Here is another example of FAKE NEWS:

“The selection of the Python-5 by the LCA’s governing body ADA precedes the IAF’s selection of the MBDA ASRAAM, a contest in which it defeated the Python-5, in addition to the Diehl IRIS-T and Raytheon AIM-9X Sidewinder.”

This is the reality, as revealed by the CAG’s Report: “It was only in December 2009 the Air HQ communicated the requirement of specific BVR missiles viz. Derby and Python-5 Missiles on LCA as part of the FOC. Air HQ had given (July 2011) go-ahead for integration of Derby and Python missiles. ADA placed (December 2011) a Purchase Order on M/s Rafael Advanced and Defence Systems Ltd, Israel for supply and Integration of Derby & Python Missile on LCA-Air Force/Navy at a total cost of US$21.2 million with a delivery schedule of 20 months which was revised (June 2013) to 34 months (i.e. up to October 2014). BVR integration activities were undertaken by them only after concluding contract in December 2011.”

The one & only reason why the AIM-132 ASRAAM was selected by the IAF for the Jaguar IS/DARIN-3 was that it was the only SRAAM that was compatible with the overwing pylon ejectors that were supplied by UK-based COBHAM. Furthermore, the SRAAM chosen for the Tejas Mk.1/Ml.1A needs to be integrated with the HMDS, i.e. with the TARGO HMDS from ELBIT Systems. ASRAAM isn’t compatible with TARGO & ASRAAM can be used only with the BAE Systems-developed HMDS. That’s the reason why the IAF & IN had specified Python-5 for the Tejas Mk.1/Mk.1A & the LCA (Navy) Mk.1. Nor has HAL or the IAF issued any RFI/RFP for any new HMDS for the Tejas Mk.1A, which means the TARGO HMDS is now standard fit for the Tejas Mk.1A. And the same will be the case with the HAL/BAE Systems-developed Combat Hawk too, which explains why MBDA is now making a last-ditch but futile effort to market the ASRAAM by inviting such ‘desi patrakaars’ to an all-expenses paid marketing junket. In return, these ‘desi patrakaars’ will willingly throw all known laws of physics into the dustbin & start peddling FAKE NEWS. There you have it all now!

To ANKIT SINGH: Why should the Hindus of Myanmar be denied Indian citizenship if they pose no national security threat to India? The Rohingya Muslims are today stateless since no country, including their country of origin (Myanmat) wants to accept them back. This grim reality had been known since June 2012 itself & yet why then did the MoS of MHA Kiren Rijiju make an utter fool of himself when he stated that the Rohingyas who have illegally settled in India will be deported? Deported back to which country? Can Rijiju or anyone answer this simple question? The only option now left for India is to concentrate all these 140,000 illegally settled Rohingya Muslims in one single geographical area (internment camps) exactly like what Myanmar had done in Rakhine State. Next, they all need to be registered with the UNHCR as refugees. It will take several decades to see these Rohingyas being resettled in other countries. Until then, India is stuck with them. As I had stated before, sound common-sense has been consigned to the dustbin by those in the corridors of power in Delhi.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: It is perfectly sound to draw such inferences. However, acquiring proficiency in theoretical physics from former USSR scientists/engineers in reactyor physics/reactor engineering does not automatically translate into acquiring equal proficiency in industrial heavy engineering, since China was unable to lay its hands on the manufacturing/production facilities in post-USSR era in both Russia & Ukraine (due to the latter two countries’ commitments to the international arms control treaties). In sharp contrast, India was not & is still not restricted by such commitments & therefore it has been far more easier for India to source precision industrial support/help from both Russia (which remains infuriated by the Sino-Ukrainian violation of Russia’s industrial IPRs) & the West. For instance, Italian & French material inputs like periscopes, pipings, VLF comms systems (from France & the US) & heat-exchangers for the S-2/Arihant, S-3 & S-4 have been received. Consequently, the S-2/Arihant is, strictly speaking from a benchmarking standpoint, far ahead of the PLAN’s Type 093 SSN & Type 094 SSBN from a technological standpoint. As for building PWRs for SSBNs, all that have been built so far have been built in-country. I have never stated that all such PWRs were imported off-the-shelf. In fact, I had always stated that all such PWRs (for S-2, S-2/Arihant, S-3 & S-4) have been built by BHEL. But their IPRs are all Russia-owned & India won’t ever violate those IPRs & there’s just no need for India to act dirty on this score, since Russia remains a committed supporter/partner of India’s SSBN/SSN production plans.

To S SENTHIL KUMAR: There’s no need to buy the design of the PWR when Russia was perfectly agreeable to share the PWR’s IPRs with India. Furthermore, it takes DECADES of developmental effort to upscale or downscale such PWRs & India does not possess the human resources reqd for such efforts since the human resources of the DAE & BARC & all of India’s heavy engineering industries have since the 1960s been dedicated to only two thrust areas: CANDU-type PHWRs & the fast-breeder reactors (FBTR & PFBR at Kalpakkam). Hence when it came to the KNPP project, India had no choice but to import them all off-the-shelf from the USSR/Russia. And that’s also why the DAE found it too cumbersome to absorb PWRs of all-new French design for the Jaitapur project, & has since settled for the alternative French offer for partnering with India for developing new-generation fast-breeder reactors for which the reqd quantum of human resources & heavy engineering industrial capacities are available in India.

As for building ‘desi’ PWRs for SSBNs, all that have been built so far for the SSBNs have been built in-country. I have never stated that all such PWRs were imported off-the-shelf. In fact, I had always stated that all such PWRs (for S-2, S-2/Arihant, S-3 & S-4) have been built by BHEL. But their IPRs are all Russia-owned & India won’t ever violate those IPRs & there’s just no need for India to act dirty on this score, since Russia remains a committed supporter/partner of India’s SSBN/SSN production plans.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SANDY: Now you are being waylaid/swayed by internet fanboys. Have you noticed that 1) all the land-launched MRBMs/ICBMs of DPRK are liquid-fuelled, & 2) they all are carried uncovered by wheeled transporters & are not cannister-mounted? What this means is that such BMs will first have to be erected & then fuelled—a time-consuming process lasting hours during which they can easily be targettted from the air. Such BMs will be launched ONLY AFTER their transporter vehicles have safely egressed from the missile launch area. Even those BMs that were launched from cannisters (mounted on T-62 tank hulls) are liquid-fuelled, meaning they first need to be fuielled & then inserted into cannisters in an open area that is vulnerable to air-strikes. Hence, the BM threats from DPRK are all that they are being made out to be. And when the time is right, all future BM launches from inside DPRK will be intercepted by THAAD or Patriot PAC-3, rest assured. This option is being kept in reserve to see if China succeeds in fully implementing its sanctions against DPRK.

BTW, even all those solid-fuelled BMs of Pakistan that are devoid of cannisters have to be erected in their pre-surveyed launch sites & then their transporter vehicles have to exist the launch area—a process that takes at least 2 hours & all this while they are vulnerable to hostile air-strikes. And that’s when the IAF’s Spice 2000 IIR-guided PGMs will be employed as conventional first-strike weapons aimed at neutralising Pakistan’s nuclear first-strike options. And it was this that was highlighted by former Indian NSA Shivshankar Menon in his book, albeit without supporting technical data. But his observations got totally misinterpreted by certain US-based self-deluded wonks who WRONGLY ASSUMED that the former NSA was hinting at an Indian pre-emptive nuclear first-strike!!! Although such moronic wonks did succeed in getting their short-lived moments of publicity in social media, they also got totally discredited from an intellectual standpoint.

To PRATAP: In such matters, I NEVER go by media-reports—Western, Eastern, Northern or Southern. Both RUBIN & MALAKHIT were present at DEFEXPO 2016 & everyone present there had the option of talking to their officials in order to get to the truth. If you were not present there, then I can’t be held responsible for your ignorance on this subject. Akula & Yasen (your words) are not SSNs, but SSGNs. Furthermore, RUBIN remains the sole developer of both SSKs & SSNs that are single-hulled. Lastly, I’m involved with one of the Indian industrial vendors that are associated with both the SSBN & SSN projects of the IN. Hence, the probability of me being in the know in absolute terms about the design/performance parameters of the IN’s projected SSN fleet reqmt is far greater & higher than anyone else claiming to be associated with or the originator of media-reports on this issue. So, who’s right or who’s wrong on this matter should not be a matter of any debate or conjecture.

avanish mishra said...

Meanwhile in neighbouring “Bangal”
Shia’s of Bengal threatening jihad for their “muslim brothers ” of Rohingya (against infidels)

Mamta ji is insisting on banning one religious ritual in favor of other ( just for two Muharram processions)
I think secular adjustment only applied to one community while other only knows demanding/threatening.

avanish mishra said...

Even If We Are 72, We Can Kill Lakhs,’ Says Bengal Cleric Over Deportation Of Rohingyas

avanish mishra said...

Muslim boy was injured by police firing (guess what he was doing there)
While Hindu old men was lynched by the peaceful mob. Stil ....

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To AVANISH MISHRA: LoLz! Let's wait & see if the Union MHA can succeed in deporting the Rohingya Muslims to any other country. Even if Myanmar agrees to, then it will accept only those with either UNHCR registrations & White-colour ID cards issued b y Myanmar. At most this will work out to 14,000 of them. What about the rest, especially those that have already procured Indian Voter ID cards or Aadhaar UID cards? For how many decades will they remain in India? And what about their children who would have been born in India? I hope it is high time that all Union & Mos Ministers of the MHA along with their successive Union Home Secretaries serving between 2012 till now are held accountable for being unable to stop the infiltration of Rohingya Muslims along India's IB with Myanmar, Bangladesh & from the UT of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

As for any loudmouth engaging in preaching violence inside India, he/she should be subjected to criminal proceedings ASAP, without any exceptions. Meanwhile, here's another videoclip of the plight of Rohingya Hindus:

Manu Singh said...

Thanks for the clarification on Guardian UAS. This trio of def journos - Aroor, Pubby and Shooklaw are becoming less reliable day by day. I was bit surprised by the MBDA's pitch for ASRAAM in almostall their reporting for 2-3 days.

1. What kind of collaboration Rolls Royce is talking about in terms of gas turbine engine for AMCA etc? or it is just a ploy their Trent 700 engine sale?

2. Can you explain the F-16's acquisition and objections that are being raised by USIBC? Which tech IP they want to keep and not share? Moreover, if India goes for the F-16, what exactly it is getting in terms of technology? Engine? Aerostructures? Radar? EW,MAWS etc?

3. Wasn't the engine tech one of the reasons for going in for American fighter purchase? I remember in one seminar organised at Brookings India, it was being suggested by an American chap that if India buys US fighters, it will get the engine tech for GE-414 for Tejas. So what is India getting in this deal?

4. If F-16 costs are being offered at 100 million each (60,000 crore for 100 items), why would India go for them and not for Rafale itself? The prices are almost similar and you get a better aircraft and the logistics remain simple too.


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Chahbahar Port To Be Ready by December 2018:

Barbarity in PoK:

PMSA’s 2 New ex-USCG Ships:

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at CFR:

Pak PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi at CFR:

Gladiatorial contest between the 'desi' headless chickens: Rajdeep Sardesai Exposes Arnab Goswami:

Anonymous said...

What is the reason for Rahul Gandhi's US world tour? Is he trying to prove himself to the world instead of people of India? I heard from a friend that most of the audiences are left wing supporters who do not want Hindus to rule India. What are the chances that he will become PM of India in 2019?


Ankit Singh said...
Looks like the Doklam stand off is paying off?

Ankit Singh said...

great suggestion prasun da
Hope the common sense now resides in the brain and Ministry of Home affairs takes your advice in a serious way to tackle this rohingya issue.

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
Please make it more clear for layman like me regarding the concept of HMDS integration with missile. Is HMDS compatibility mandatory for firing and cueing missile for both LOAL AND LOBL mode. Which HMDS is used by Jaguar pilots? Is FCR not used for guiding and cueing? Sorry but I need to understand the philosophy behind it.

Anonymous said...


1) DPRK's HS-12 IRBM and HS-14 ICBM are clearly liquid fuelled, with the transporter bringing then to the site, erecting them and exiting the launch area before launch. Videos appear to show them being pre-fueled at the factory. Some soviet liquid fuelled SLBMs (R-29/29R/29RM) are also pre-fueled, transported in a truck horizontally and then loaded onto the submarine tubes. So, pre-fueling is not impossible.

2) The canisterized Pukguksong - 1/2 are solid-fueled. This is clear from their smoky exhaust plume (unless their launch videos are doctored). They seem to be related to the Chinese JL-1. These could probably be launched at short notice.

3) Are you saying that the trucks carrying uncanisterized Pak solid fueled missiles are transporters and not TEL's ? For instance, Prithvi missiles are shown launching right behind their TELs. What rules out the WS51200 from being able to withstand a Shaheen-II/III launch from nearby ? Moving to the launch area, erecting and launching should be faster than 2 hrs.

4) If Pak solid missiles take two hours to fire, is the same true of our Agni-IV from road/rail mobile launchers ? If so, dose'nt our deterrent vis a vis PRC have exactly the vulnerability you pointed out in your post ?



1>> " As for building PWRs for SSBNs, all that have been built so far have been built in-country. I have never stated that all such PWRs were imported off-the-shelf. In fact, I had always stated that all such PWRs (for S-2, S-2/Arihant, S-3 & S-4) have been built by BHEL."

Which unit/division of BHEL engaged with production and assembling of PWRs parts ?? and where ??

2>> In kashmir it seems IA/BSF is finding it difficult to counter sniper fire from opposite side....why the situation so many soldiers losing there life bcoz of this....can't the IA/BSF retaliate with snipers....what action is being taken by IA/BSF to counter this menace???

3>> pakistan is crying for rohingyas and its baby product(chinese) JF 17 is being supplied by china to mynmar......bangladesh is criticizing myanmar for rohingya refugee crisis and both gets arms from china.......while china backs myanmar.......and india is taking support of myanmar.......where this cocktail end...what are the geo political repercussions of these stands by south asian countries for there security prospects???


What could we make out of it so simple in mumbai for dawood to threat or this is a unseen conspiracy??

Pierre Zorin said...

DSEI Day 4 especially watch out for the FICS - infantry as modern and connected as it gets

Pierre Zorin said... - Tagil - new Abrams Tank


It seems even PAF is scouting for a low cost attack/cas aircraft as IAF is doing with Hawks.....what are the options on table for them....can you share some insights??

what recommendations of shekatkar committee has been accepted to be implemented in armed forces to cut their flabs..also IAF/IA/IN are needlessly bent upon recruiting more men rather than inducting advance technologies to fight asymmetric warfare thereby putting enormous burden on defence budget...whats would be your suggestion ???


This is ratified from beijing or personal opinion???

Gessler said...

Prasun ji, what is your take on this article?

They are quoting Vice Admiral DM Deshpande, Controller of Warship Production & Acquisition (CWP&A) as saying that the Navy's future Next Generation Destroyer (NGD) aka Project-18 as having a 13,000-ton displacement.

Any comments on this?

Kaustav said...

ASRAAM and Brimstone 2 probably on triple launcher. It would certainly make the Hawk a useful weapons platform as it already has a WSO. But I guess that would also raise new questions for the MMW equipped longer range versions of Air launched Nag. The DRDO seems to be forever in catch-up mode rather than preemptively providing weapons that the forces could use. Instead the attitude is to state that they could provide an indigenous option as soon as a service floats the idea of an imported weapon system.


Chinese and pakistanis together in a sukhoi .....which ex undergoing??


can u give more info about this VLS , seems it can be integrated with future scorpene/75I subs to be ordered

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Thanks for your detail explanation about Indian Submarine reactors.

KURDISTAN – The New Game in Middle East

Iraqi Kurds are moving rapidly to get their independence by referendum. Kurds are in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey. They are Sunni Muslims and ethnically separate from Arabs and Turks in culture, language etc. Their population is approximately 4 Crores.

Once Iraqi Kurds got their independence, kurds in other country will start their game. In this Turkey is the most affected country.

Independent Kurdistan is advantage for US, West and Israel. Even Saudi are indirectly supporting Kurds.

For US+SAUDI+ISRAEL alliance Kurdistan is a good battle ground to tame IRAN. Next Turkey can be partitioned so that US+RUSSIA+WEST+ISRAEL Can benefit a lot.

Once Kurdistan is separated from IRAQ , then Shias will start their game to split from IRAQ which will be supported by Iran and Syria’s President Basher Azad.

But Separate SHIA State is dangerous for Saudi.


New Chess game is moving rapidly to next phase in Middle East.

S. Senthil Kumar

Vishesh said...
Praunda, Will there be more sanctions on chinese banks/firms in the way of Iran conducting ballistic missile tests?

Amardeep said...

Hello sir,

Are media reports true about india buying avenger armed drones from US for 8 billion dollars ? Does that deal include sea guardian drones too? What happened to the follow on kamorta class ships. Why it taking too long for commissing?

2. What is the latest status of the next generation frigate for the Indian navy.

3. Sir, how many frigate does india will buy from russia.

4. What happen to S400 deal ? Do you see any shift in Russia foreign policy towards india as india shifting towards US.


Anik said...

Hey PS

Few months back MoD cancelled the tender for LMG. This report mentions about DRDO ARDE LMG and it seems Army has ordered this LMG for trials. In February this year OFB displayed its FN MAG derivative. Can you please confirm that ARDE LMG is same as OFB LMG or is different?


Bullshit written by Bharat Karnad gives Pakistan an opportunity to point fingers at India:



Good news, Bad News.

Good News - US Defence Secretary James Mattis is visiting India & is expected to clear the deal for the sale of drones to India

Bad News - Our friend Ramdev has discovered that our body will last for 400 yrs. So you will have to tolerate our questions for the next 400 yrs.

bhoutik said...

prasun bhai, subir bhaumik is reporting about an assassination plot on hasina -

is it true? bangladeshi pmo is denying it

Vishesh said...

pls share your views prasunda

Rana said...

Do you think Kim is acting on its own or is he just a pawn in the larger plan of China? Does NK firing BMs over Japan has to do with PM Ahinzo Abe's India visit or is it just happenstance?

Anonymous said...

Sujoy majumdar , read the article you posted related to Baba Ramdev . it simply says the body can survive 400 years depending on the choice of life style. How is it a bad news care to explain?
Prasun Will like to read your views on the North Korea crisis and how does it impact India and India's role if any kind of conflict happens.
I guess china situation is worse as it can neither allow NoKo to assert its Nuclear weapons nor it would like to see US bombing in NoKo.


Anonymous said...


I tried to discredit the idiot Bharat Karnad in the comments section of that article. But I guess the Pak media will just play it in all forms. This is not even the worst of his delusional thoughts - he was advocating on TV shows that India should sell NUCLEAR tipped Brahmos to Vietnam!!!


Ganesh said...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Now yet another ‘desi patrakaar’ has sprung up to paint the PLA as being 9-feet tall!

This retard has ASSUMED that the PLA had concentrated all 3 of its Mechanised/Motorised Infantry Brigades into the Chumbi Valley. I hereby challenge him to prove his assertions through photographic evidence. In fact, all that the PLA had deployted into the Chumbi Valley during the 73-day standoff were a Battery of LY-80 MR-SAMs & 2 batteries of FM-90 SHORADS from its Nyingchi-based 651st Independent Air-Defence Brigade along with an Infantry battalion from Linzhi—all of which will be visible in GoogleEarth imagery within the next few months.


" In fact, all that the PLA had deployted into the Chumbi Valley during the 73-day standoff were a Battery of LY-80 MR-SAMs & 2 batteries of FM-90 SHORADS from its Nyingchi-based 651st Independent Air-Defence Brigade "

LY-80E was deployed to counter IAF or Brahmos??


Human body can survive 125 years at maximum if someone is living in a good environment with good life style and as for Ramdev,he is a businessman not a baba.

VINOD KUMAR said... - will regional countries like Turkey and Iran who have sizeable Kurdish population allow this tiny landlocked country to came into existence?

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun,

Greetings for Navrati.

I am regular visit to your blogs, among others. Today, I was reading @ Akash system on in that article, it was written that the warhead was conventional OR Nuclear.

When I tried to reason the same, I was called names!

Surprised to see the number of real dotards, who take everything on that site as gospel truth, without ascertaining facts.

Thanks for enlightenment on such defence matters.


Kapil said...

Fearing limited war by India, Pakistan contacts US, UK, China and Russia urging them to stop India

Anik said...

Pakistan briefs foreign diplomat on indian intentions of limited war. Few days back pak navy chief war talking about war preparations (Mark preparations not preparedness). Is something cooking or it was just a result of low level English education?

Pakistani propaganda sites & ISI IT cells are promoting a new hashtag #TerrorMata on Twitter.

Rajesh Mishra said...

Yezdi, Kurds and Europeans are the ancient Indian Gandharva peoples. They can not live with the traces of the Arabs.


" "
Finally services chiefs too are supporting your position openly

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MANU SINGH: 1) Rolls Royce for reasons unknown to me is projecting its EJ-200 turbofan for the AMCA, even though the DRDO has confirmed on record that the IAF has specified the F414 for the AMCA so that airframe design around d an already identified turbofan can commence. 2) USIBC is raising the very same points that had been raised by dassault Aviation & Co, i.e. they don’t want their IPRs to be violated or be the subject of industrial espionage. This is because the Ruskies are well-known for engaging in such acts & therefore the USIBC is asking for the creation by the Union MHA & MoD of effective firewalls that will prevent the occurance of industrial espionage being conducted by the Ruskies through their proxies located within MoD-owned DPSUs. Design or manufacturing technology of any kind NEVER gets transferred through licenced-production programmes. What Indian vendors can get introduced to are the latest/best practices in terms of military-industrial developments. 3) Again, of what use is any engine tech that crops up in your mind if the very heart of the engine—the engine core—keeps on coming from abroad? Even the engine cores of the AL-31FP are being imported off-the-shelf from Russia. Therefore, kindly get rid of this perception of India learning to develop indigenous engines just by licence-producing turbofans opf foreign origin. Such processes have never taken place globally, nor will such processes ever take place. 4) All costing figures being thrown about are ill-conceived, wild estimates, rest assured.

To RAVI: That 47 year-old ‘Pappu’ never tires of revealing his IQ, which is lower than that of a 10-year old lad. Folks like him & cretins like Bharat Karnad are a convoluted, deluded & confused lot that are beyond hope & beyond despair.

To ANKIT SINGH: Not the Doklam standoff, but India’s recent decision to impose import tariffs on imports of China-made consumer hardware.

To VED: HMDS is an optronic sensor & will therefore work with weapons that are optronically-guided or have optronic sensors within them. Hence, RF emitters like FCRs can NEVER guide SRAAMs that have passive IIR sensors (basic laws of physics that you need to master). If the HMDS slaves in either direction, then the IIR sensor too will slave proportionally in the same direction as the HMDS & then lock-on to the heat-source before missile-launch. This then enables the aircraft, for instance, to turn left even though the HMDS is looking right & hence the SRAAM from the starboard wing too will veer to the right immediately after being ejected. Jaguar IS/DARIN-3 doesn’t use any HMDS.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SATYAKI: 1) Do you reckon a refuellling factory in be in close proximity to the BM’s designated launch site? Or will it be a few hundred km away so that the factory is not targetted froim the air? So in today;’s world when airborne SAR-based ISR assets (manned & unmanned) are available for detecting ground traffic movements in real-time, don’t you think it will be far better to focus non-stop surveillance of such factories in order to destroy such BMs at their very source? Think about it. 2) Yes, they are solid-fuelled but they are tactical weapons to be used for deep-strikes inside enemy territory since the DPRK’s air force uses combat aircraft of 1970s design vintage. Such BMs are thus at most terror weapons & are most unkilely to cause significamt damage beyond the Korean peninsula. 3) Yes I am. Show me one pix of any wheeled TEL launching a TBM or IRBM in Pakistan. Any solid-fuelled BM hot-launched from a TEL will fry the TEL, rest assured. Prithvi SS-150 is liquid-fuelled. Heat generated by such a missile is far less than that from a solid-fuelled BM. 4) Yes. Because India’s missiles on land are always kept in recessed mode. They have never been kept in fully-assembled, ready-to-fire mode.

To AMIT BISWAS: 1) Which unit? Which unit of BHEL is located closest to Kalpakkam? 2) There’s always proportional retaliation. 3) India is supporting both Bangladesh & Myanmar. Why else is the IAF ferrying emergency humanitarian food supplies to Chittagong? 4) Why are you surprised by all this? 5) Most likely the HAIG-built L-15 Falcon LIFT. As for EX SHAHEEN-VI, watch these & get educated:

The VLS design shown is for TLAM-type & Klub-type LACMs but such mock-ups have been shown for the past 16 years & not a single conventional submarine has so far demonstrated such a capability. One can have serious discussions on such proposals only after live-fire demonstrations from actual submarines have been carried out.

LY-80E was deployed along with FM-90 to counter the IAF. BrahMos-1 Block-3 also belongs to the IAF, & not the IA. And as for this (, it must be noted that the photo shown in that news-report is from a Royal Bhutan Army handycam positioned behind the RBA detachment. UAV imagery is never captured from the sides, but only from overhead--simple, elementary laws of physics.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GESSLER: That’s old stuff. When was the 1st time I had mentioned Project `18 DDG? Extra weight is of extreme concern to the IN & the only way out of this is to go for large-scale usage of composites-based structures both internally & externally. I had already presented this PoV in my paper dealing with Shin Maywa & uts US-2i amphibians & aero-bridges. In that, I had mentioned that this very industrial entity should be entrusted with the supply of all composites-based structuring manufacturing for all IN warships & all these structures (like galley fitments, staircases, crew-rest bunks, ladders, stairways, railings, etc etc) should be IDENTICAL to the fittings used on Indian railway coaches, thereby ensuring commonality & economies of scale, as has been done by other advanced navies wsorldwide. In addition, the Project 18 DDG’s design too should be modular, with various modules being designed & fabricated by different Indian OEMs ASAP, which after fabrication ought to be ferried by rail or by barges to the shipyard undertaking final-assembly/integration.

TO VISHESH: Of course, you can count of them coming in the near future.

To AMARDEEP: 1) No Avengers for as long as the IAF does not procure its own dedicated comms satellite. IN can go for Sea Guardians due to the availability of the GSAT-7. 2) The first 2 P-17A FFGs are being fabricated at MDL. 3) Nothing fixed as yet. And certainly not this fiscal year, rest assured. 4) The contract has yet to be inked.

To ANIK: There’s onlky 1 LMG shown & it is this:

The ARDE-designed LMG is in fact the OFB-built LMG. They are both one & the same.

Only one cretin will appreciate the works of another cretin like Karnad. So there’s no worry on that score. But this ‘desi’ cretin forgets that the allegations of R & AW-TTP collusion were first made on January 30, 2016 Latif Ullah Mehsud here:

Secondly, if this cretin claims that such ‘confessions’ constitute irrefutable material evidence, then that’s the surest way of discrediting himself, rest assured. Thirdly, this cretin has obviously not President Ashraf Ghani’s interview by the US-based Council of Foreign Relations or CFR (whose YouTube weblink I had posted above) in which he had made the revelation about Afghanistan opening a land corridor (the northern supplky line) in 2014 with Kazakhstan, following which extremely cheap Kazakh wheat began flowing into Afghanistan through the Kazakh-Uzbekistan-Afghanistan railway line that enters Afghanistan through Kunduz & will in future also connect Mazar-e-Sharif. And this is exactly what explains the sudden spurt/spike in Pak-sponsored Afghan Taliban attacks (they are now sheltering at sanctuaries in Chitral) throughout Kunduz since 2014, i.e. Pakistan has been desperately trying to sabotage this rail transportation corridor so as to force Kabul to become dependent on Gwadar. This gameplan of Pakistan was realised quite early by both Afghanistan & India & the timely dispatch by India of the 3 Mi-25 attack helicopters helped the ANA to defeat large-scale positional warfare campaigns by the Afghan Taliban in Kunduz—a fact totally ignored by the ‘desi patrakaars’ who are nowadays more busy writing pulp fiction novels!!! But luckily, Ghani has now revealed all this in his CFR interaction.

Pakistan’s Identity Crisis video-series:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: That ‘Baba’ however fails to produce any corroborative evidebcxe to substantiate his claim, either in the form of quotes from some ancient texts, or from contemporary scientific findings. To me, he is more of a ‘vyapaari’ (merchant.businessman) than a Yogic expert.

J & K Terrorism in Numbers:

Chakmas & Hajongs:

To BHOUTIK: That fella has been known to be a loudmouth & has made such outrageously extraordinary claims in the past even for the BBC, like a former IA MI operative called Lt Col Grewal being born in Myanmar & who had settled down in Myanmar after double-crossing the NUPA activists from Arakan in 1997 by staging OP LEECH in Landfill Island. Then it became known in 2008 that Lt Col Grewal had all along been residing with his family in contentment in Mohali!

To ANUPAM & RANA: If you are really interested in all that’s been happening inside North Korea, then I seriously suggest you watch these eye-opening documentaries:

DPRK’s Secret Documents Revealed:

DPRK’s Source of Forex Wealth:

Kim Jong Un’s Biography:

And if you want to know about the genesis of the Rohingua crisis in June 2012, then watch this:

To ANAND: VMT. My advice to you is to refrain from interacting with IDIOTS frequenting such websites. That’s the best antitode & a sure guarantee for maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

To ANIK: Pakistan’s Looming Economic Crisis:

Lt Gen D S Hooda:

He confirms what I had stated last September, i.e. given the PA’s active operational deployment footprint of close to 55%, the PA was in no shape then to retaliate against the IA in any manner. But yesterday, Ret’d Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag also implied that the IA had wanted the GoI to approve a 6-month long plan for waging such cross-LoC punitive raids non-stop, but the GoI panicked due to its exaggerated perception of low WWR stockpiles & did not give the IA permission for more cross-LoC raids & instead ordered all 3 armed services to beef up their WWR holdings.

PN Conducts AM-39 ASCM Firing 23-9-2017:

How North Korea Evades Sanctions:

Thehundered said...

Prasun is the WWR stockpile situation better now? and will GoI finally give IA permission for more cross-LoC raids and punitive raids or is the opportunity gone?(meaning is the PA in a better position now to retaliate then last Sept?) Thanks.

Ankit Singh said...
is this the start of denuclearisation of pakistan?

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Rajesh Mishra,

Yes Yezidis, Kurds migrated from ancient India and settled in Middle East. Mainly they settled during or after Indus Valley Civilization and Babylon empires.

Yezidis Prime God is Murugan (Lord Kartikeya)

My doubt is you have mentioned “…..ancient Indian Gandharva peoples.”

Who and what is the meaning of Gandharva Peoples?

S. Senthil Kumar

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

Donald Trump STOPPED World War 3

Recently I read an article saying that Saudi Planned to attack Qatar which was stopped by Trump.

1. Is it a true news or Fake news to spread the fear?
2. What next after Kurdistan Referendum in Middle East Politics.

Please give your comments.

S. Senthil Kumar

Anonymous said...

What do you make of this article? Internal fights between 2 agencies?



A. High Pressure Boiler Plant (HPBP), Tiruchirappalli
B. Boiler Auxiliaries Plant (BAP), Ranipet
C. Seamless Steel Tube Plant (SSTP), Tiruchirappalli
D. Power Plant Piping Unit (PPPU), Thirumayam
E. Electronics Division (EDN), Electronic System Division (ESD) & Electro-Porcelains Division (EPD), Bangalore
F. Heavy Plates & Vessels Plant (HPVP), Visakhapatnam

@prasun sir so which one among it is involved in Nuclear reactor project....lolz cant make wild guess

2. In case of Guardian UAS where is redundant satellite available in case IN GSAT 7 fails due to some reason. Why air force is not getting its own satellite from ISRO...and if isro cant provide it they can get it from US/ISRAEL...
also IN can share some of its transponders onboard GSAT 7 to IAF to be used for its own service or AVENGER there any technical limitations or only bureaucratic hurdles for the satellite to be shared among all tri services.

3. Also would like to know whether wind mill turbine blades have any bearing on ground based radar systems.....recently heard about it that samana radar performance decreased after lots of wind mills were installed around it true..if yes why?? seems another heron crashed near pathankot...why the Israeli UAS are falling like anything?? Any design defect...and most of the heron crashes have been attributed to engine failure

5. Any progress on torpedoes procurement for SCORPENES sub??

6. Purpose of US defence secretary indias visit?? that too very frequent....anything related to afghan as you had said or something else cooking off??

Anik said...

Akhnoor based division close to LoC in Jammu rapidised. Two tank regiments and armoured vehicles deployed in Chammb-Jauriyan sector.

5 Terrorists have been killed in Uri sector in last two days. BAT action by Pakistan was foiled today. Pakistanis are desperately trying to avenge Surgical Strikes.

It seems Army in last one year has revived Technical Support Division TSD and has increased the network of cross border informers and Surveillance to get precise intelligence. Longest surviving terrorist in Kashmir & Lashkar-e-Islam chief Qyaoom Najar killed while crossing LoC. He is operating since the 90's and escaped to Pakistan in 2015. It seems to me that ISI is sending back terrorists who had escaped to PoK.

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,

I was weighing in on your act (which is your absolute right) to block my comment about the appeasement politics from being published; however, felt I share my thought here. Today, I had been to a Durga puja celebration in my locality in Bangalore and could see only ~40% of the crowd compared to during previous years; ignorant of the tradition, I personally felt the psyche is subdued and I wonder is there anything to do with the local politics in Bengal. My colleagues do not want to talk of current affairs in Bengal nowadays in spite of having strong affiliations to politics. Please ignore this post, if you feel being irrelevant in spirit or out of sync with the genre of this blog.


Kai said...

Prasun Da,
vmt for all the updates.. few queries

1. Why not opt for joint Rafale fleet production under MII and share the cost of R&D plus the more thrust/advance research.. we can own the joint IPR of them..

2. This circus of F16 and Gripen.. what is it really? Why can't we concentrate on just LCA and Rafale? Why this all articles and paid journalism

3. What stops India from deployment in Afghanistan? Why not make space for Tejas, LCH, Rudras there and test them out in foreign conditions?

4. what is the chance of P75I? Why we need it? Why can't we order more scorpene? What about the F21 torpedo? Why not barracuda with pump jet tech under P75I?


Kai said...

One more thing prasun da, why Rafales are curtailed at just 36 as of now?

Is the media hype of it's cost really the case?

Why not opt for more? If we are opting then in what timeframe?

Pawan said...

Dear Prasun da,

It seems things are slowly but surely moving in Shakargarh sector facing north punjab to North west of jammu as narrated by you some months back.

watched the video link shared by you of Gen Hooda's interview but in another interview with NDTV is again highlighted with issue of poor/lack of required equipments with SFs. What is your take on that?


Pierre Zorin said...

I reckon it is about time when India issues an official warning that any cross border infiltration - aiding and abetting would be deemed as declaration of war and thus it is Pakistan's choice whether to go ahead with this OR choose an alternative.

Ankit Singh said...

The rohingya crisis started way back in 2012 with them coming to india.
Bangladeshi people are also settling in india way back.
What was GoI doing all these years when they clearly knew about such illegal border crossing?
Why wasn't the boundary sealed even after so many years?
This is the height of incompetence, the idiots in delhi have no idea about such refugees making voter id and adhaar cards but the hindus who came from pakistan (then west pakistan) way back in 1950s and later are still not provided with citizenship.
why can't they take such simple decisions related to national security

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the PLAAF-PAF your youtube links. It seems like they are really getting to know and operate together. 3 week long exercise. The blunder must be doing well against the j-11's? Otherwise we would have seen a panic buy of the J-10s. What are your thoughts?

Whilst viewing your vids, i came across this:

Notice how stable the blunder is flying in the air compared to the j-7s and j-11. Is that all due to the pilot?


Rajesh Mishra said...

@Senthil Kumar

"My doubt is you have mentioned “…..ancient Indian Gandharva peoples.”

Who and what is the meaning of Gandharva Peoples?"

Dear Senthil Kumar: Pl stop worrying about all the Tamil Peoples because they are related nearest to the oldest Naga Gods(King Cobra Dragon) and Yaksha Gods. So original Tamil blood and hidden Tamils are everywhere particularly nearest to the sea shores of the world. But please do not tell this to anybody.

Naga Gods bifurcated into Naga (African) and Yaksha Gods (South Indians), Yaksha Gods bifurcated in to Yaksha and Deva Gods (North Indians, Iran, Afghan), Deva Gods bifurcated in to Deva and Gandharva Gods (Yezdi, Kurd, Russia, most of Europe), Gandharva Gods bifurcated into Gandharva and Kinnar Gods (Mongols, Chinese etc.)

So please recognize the status and locus-standi of Yezdi and Kurds with reference to the Tamils and so please do not get surprised with the presence of Lord Murugan at both places. Actually the presence of TWO Heavens and variable status of Mount-Meru resolves all further contradictions.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

We are gettiong closer & closer towards realising the potential of inter-dimensional electro-gravitics:

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun, the logic of who belongs to which linage is getting academic without gaining the knowledge and strength possessed by those earlier mortals; let me take the liberty to say, it makes sense to understand learn and utilize the skills that made those famous linages possessed at their prime, just crowing about how best we were does not help

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Interesting twist:

Rajesh Mishra said...

I hope the Army movement around the chicken neck is as predicted many times by you earlier. I also hope that it is T-90 and not T-72.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAT: here’s another one from EX SHAHEEN-VI:

However, no one is asking the most common-sensical question (wonder why): Why a 3-week long exercise? The global standard format is for the first 3 days of flying being done for airspace & operating protocol familiarisation, followed by 4 days of joint air exercises inclusive of mixed force packages, followed by 3 days of de-briefing before packing off. A month-long air exercise can only mean that these are NOT JOINT, but are COORDINATED air exercises. What this means is that for 10 days the PAF gets to fly against the PLAAF, followed by 10 days of PLAAF flying against the PAF, followed by 10 days of de-briefings. In such exercises, there are no mixed force packages. Instead, the aircraft of each air force are kept strictly segregated & all engagements are versus the 2 air forces, & not against opposing mixed force packages. The one who gets to learn more is obviously the PLAAF, since the PAF exposes the PLAAF to Western & Indian dissimilar air combat techniques. The PAF doesn’t get much to learn at all due to the language barrier. Debriefings take more time because neither the PAF nor PLAAF possess rangeless ACMI training tools. So, don’t get taken in by fixed formation-flying aircraft packages since they are merely for show for TV audiences. And resort to SOUND COMMON-SENSE to find out why such air exercises last for almost a month only in case of the PAF & PLAAF, & not for any other air force in the world.

To PAWAN: Forget about Shakargarh, Suleimanke, Dera Baba Nanak etc & focus only on Sialkot & Chhamb (which is now renamed as Iftikharabad after Maj Gen Iftikhar Janjua who was the GOC of the PA’s 23 Division Group that had assaulted Chhamb & had wrested it away from India. I am working on a detailed battle-study of the campaigns of 1965 & 1971 in this sector & will upload it fairly soon. That itself will reveal everything about how things were done, what were the mistakes & how not to repeat them & what tools are reqd to avoid such mistakes. Also (LoLz!) why can’t these moronic ‘desi patrakaars’ properly identify the Akhnoor-based Division? Don’t they know it is the 10th Infantry Division of the IA—the most bloodied one in 1971?

To KAI: Each & every one of those questions has been answered by me numerous times before. Instead focus on what’s happening with the SOLR(L) (Stand-Off Long Range Missile fitted with light warhead) with man-in-loop data- link capability with the aircraft via a data-link pod. The IAF had issued its RFI back in 2011 & matters are at last moving ahead. And no, it is NOT a ‘desi’ solution.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

IAF's Ambala & Halwara Air Bases:

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Rajesh Mishra,

Thanks for your reply.

You have mentioned “Actually the presence of TWO Heavens and variable status of Mount-Meru resolves all further contradictions”.

Can you enlighten me what is Mount Meru? Who/when created, where it is? In which text it is mentioned.

Is there any link between Mount Meru and Tower of Babel.

For me looks like more mythical stories without any material/literature proof to support the theory. May be I am wrong.

But I am more anxious to get others view in this. Please don't take it personally.

S. Senthil Kumar

rad said...

hi prsun
kalvari fired a seahake torpedo? some magic took place in the CMS ?

ATAGS a world record holder ? when the real record is 67 km??

black shark torpedos for arihant ?

what is happening ??

The US is saying it will give advanced tech the private industry does not want to , what holds??

rad said...

hi prasun
will the darin 3 avionics be integrated into the lca?. has it all ready been done?. ie the lo-lo-lo hands off atack profile with the help of an auto pilot and digital terrain map?
you mentioned that the jaguar has no HMS, reports suggest that a European HMS has been integrated to cue the asraam??

Rishi said...

Pakistanis are Boasting that Soon they will
have One Hundred JF 17

How can we cope with this Growing threat

financeblogger said...

Further to what Mr. Prasun stated about Pakistan, realities of Pakistan by Pakistanis themselves

Ishaan said...


Thanks a lot for revealing the SOLRL RFI of the IAF. Will you kindly open up a bit on this as to How many missiles does the IAF want? The range and warhead requirements.

I can only think of one such missile and that is the Delilah loitering missile from Israel. It has a small 45 kg warhead and is useful for hunting relocatable time sensitive and moving HVTs.Is the IAF looking to some Shaheen hunting in Pakistan and DF series hunting in TAR? Such a missile will be a great tool for destruction of Pakistan's fleet of ballistic missile TEL and transporters.

You said matters are moving forward. Will you pls tell what has happened? Is the IAF close to contract signature for this SOLR missile.

Ambala,Pathankot and Adampur are close to the IB. These bases will incur the wrath of PAF during any future conflict with Pakistan.Then why are we basing 2 squadrons of Jags in Ambala when the chances of the base getting hit is so high?

I have searched a lot but couldnt find that article of yours on the Arihant and ATV program in Force magazine. Will you be kind enough to provide the link ?

@Rad, what is the source of Seahake being used on the Scorpene. Can you post the url here.

ASD said...

Dear Prasun,

The attack what Indian army carried out against NSCN claims that Indian army too suffered casualty. Is it true? I am certain no. What's your say?

Anik said...

Three top Pakistani army officers including ex-DG ISPR Asim Bajwa reshuffled

I don't know why but it seems like pak army is feeling uneasiness for some reason.

Anik said...

The gun you are referring to achieved 67km range with VLAP ammo whereas ATAGS achieved that with Base Bleed ammo.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

Are they gaming each other in the 3 week long PLAAF v PAF exercises? This way PAF learns how to handle the J11s. And PLAAf learn to handle small agile aircrafts. Do you know how they have performed against each other?


Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

শুভ ৺বিজয়া to you and all your loved ones.

Best Regards,


Pierre Zorin said...

USS Zumwalt destroyer

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