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Monday, January 1, 2018

AAD Endo-Atmospheric Interceptor Headed For Systems Maturity

India’s Ministry of Defence-owned Defence Research & Development Organisation’s (DRDO) Hyderabad-based Research Centre Imarat (RCI( and its associated Sensors Research Society (SRS) has since 2012 accelerated efforts to develop a theatre missile defence (TMD) system using the AAD endo-atmospheric interceptor, which is specifically designed for neutralising the Pakistan Army’s China-supplied solid-fuelled single-stage DF-11 (Hatf-3/Ghaznavi) 280km-range tactical ballistic missiles and the North Korea-supplied liquid-fuelled single-stage Hatf-5/Ghauri-1/Nodong-1 IRBMs, both of which are conventionally armed. Presently, the Pakistan Army deploys two Missile Groups each of the Ghauri-1 and Ghaznavi (grouped under two separate Artillery Brigades, these being the Hyderabad-based Missile Brigade South comprising Missile Groups 25, 35 and 40; and the Sargodha-based Missile Brigade North comprising the 14, 28 and 47 Missile Groups).
Though the IAF had decided to acquire TMD assets way back in 1996, it was the DRDO that first got into the act of proposing a homegrown solution, for which it initiated the development of the PAD/PDV family of solid-fuelled exo-atmospheric interceptor missiles and AAD/AD-1/-2 family of endo-atmospheric interceptor missiles—with the AAD using an active radar seeker sourced from Russia for terminal guidance (and the THALESRaytheon-supplied S-band Master-A MFCR for mid-course guidance) and the AD-1/AD-2 rounds using medium-wave infra-red (MWIR) sensors for terminal homing.
Of the 15 test-firings of such missiles that have been carried out since November 2006, the PAD was test-fired only once, while the two-stage PDV was test-fired on April 20, 2014 and February 11, 2017. The PDV, which will take at least a decade to mature, is designed to intercept MRBMs (with atmospheric re-entry speeds of 5km/second more than 500km away) at an altitude of 150km. Though the PDV will be cruising at Mach 5, it will be required to attain a peak terminal speed of Mach 11—made possible by the divert thruster placed on top of the second-stage. The divert thruster will generate high lateral acceleration for the ‘end-game’. Both the warhead and divert thruster will be fired simultaneously towards the target once they are within the acquisition range of the PDV’s combined ARSEEK Ku-band RF seeker and the MWIR seeker.
Development of the AAD endo-atmospheric interceptor missiles has witnessed greater urgency, with the AAD being test-fired on December 6, 2007; March 6, 2009; March 15, 2010; July 26, 2010; March 6, 2011; February 10, 2012; and November 23, 2012. Following a three-year interval, the AAD’s missile’s test-firings commenced on April 6, 2015 and were followed by test-firings on November 23, 2015; May 15, 2016, March 1, 2017 and December 28, 2017. The Mach 8 AD-1 is yet to be test-fired and it features all-composite rocket motor casing, MEMS-based redundant micro-navigation system (RMNS), as well as a new-generation MWIR sensor that employs semiconductors using indium gallium nitride and aluminum gallium nitride alloys for the RCI-developed 1,024-element staring focal plane arrays. The AD-2 missile’s terminal-guidance sensor will operate in the ultra-violet bandwidth to give better solar radiation rejection. The AAD’s flight trajectory is shaped through aerodynamic control out to an altitude of 35km and a distance of 200km when used for intercepting re-entry vehicles flying at 9km/second. It is able to sustain up to 30 G, thereby making it unstable. at an altitude of 35km. It stands 7.5 metres tall, weighs around 1.3 tonnes and has a diameter of less than 0.5 metres.
India’s ‘desi’ TMD system using the AAD missiles is still another five years away from maturing, pending the availability by 2020 of a full instrumented TMD test range costing Rs.1,000 crores that will be located at Machilipatnam in Andhra Pradesh (from where the AAD interceptors will be launched from underground vertical-launch cells) and at Rutland Island in the Andaman & Nicobar chain of islands, from where the to-be-targetted ballistic missiles will be launched.
The Machilipatnam-based facility will also house one L-band long-range tracking radar (a licence-built clone of the EL/M-2080 Green Pine early warning radar) along with a launch-control centre, plus a five-array S-band EL/M-2248 MF-STAR target illumination/engagement active phased-array radar that will be mounted in a shore-based structure (which will also house two-way SATCOM data-link antennae) that will bear more than a close resemblance to the island of the Indian Navy’s Project 71/IAC-1 aircraft carrier that is now undergoing fitting-out at the Kochi-based Cochin Shipyards Ltd.
In other words, the Machilipatnam-based facility will be similar in design and deployment layout to Lockheed Martin’s AEGIS ASHORE system, which can be reviewed here:


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Splendid IN-produced presentation on INS Kalvari:

Excellent primer on PoK's legal & administrative aspects:

Interview of Pakistan's Defence Minister:

Pervez Musharraf at his Dubai-based DEN:

Why Are There Growing Protests inside Iran:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has not taken kindly to the PA's COAS Gen Bajwa's explanations to the Pakistani Senate WRT Pakistan's desire to play the role of a mediator between Riyadh & Teheran. In fact, Riyadh wants Pakistan to to unconditionally support the former's ongoinbg military campaignn inside Yemen, i.e. take a clear side on this conflict. If Pakistan continues to dither, then Riyadh has threatened to call its IOUs (worth 3 billion Riyals as of to date) extended to Pakistan since June 1998 (i.e. supplying crude oil to Pakistan on deferred payment terms, in addition to supplying 300,000 barrels of crude a day from June 1998 till mid-2004). At the same time, Riyadh has indicated its firm intent to continue supporting the PML-N's PM candidate (Shehbaaz Sharif) for the 2018 general elections since Riyadh regards the PTI & PAT as unknown & untested entities & the PPP as an unreliable entity that is seen to be sympathetic to Iran. As the Saudi PM once had stated, "we are not mere observers of Pakistani affairs, but are active participants too." So, if the PA is soon forced to redploy a substantial portion of its military forces now deployed east against India to the southweestern part in Balochistan (facing Iran), then Pakistan will have no other choice but to make peace with India at any cost, i.e. it will have to come to the negotiating table with India as the lesser/smaller party & will thus be forced to make greater concessions.

This was what was discussed through an exchange of opinions between the Indian & Pakistani NSAs in Bangkok on December 26 & the content of such discussions was relayed by the Pakistani NSA to Nawaz Sharif at Sharif’s Jati Umra residence in Raiwind on December 28. The Doval-Janjua meeting therefore had NOTHING to do with the fate of Kulbhushan Jadhav as is being widely speculated.

Anik said...

What is going on in Iran these days. Another US sponsored Revolution like they did in Syria?

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

Wishing you and yours a very happy new year.

What will Pakistan offer and what will India demand for peace from Pakistan? Pok?

Best regards

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

Happy New Year. নতুন বছরের শুভেচ্ছা I মা কালী আর মা দূর্গা জানো আপনার পুরো পরিবার কে আশীর্বাদ করেন I

Best Regards,



PrasunDa, may the year to come be filled with happiness for you & all your loved ones. Happy New Year.

Ludwig said...

Sir considering Machilipatnam-based facility will be based on Vikrant's Island, I am wondering can we use AAD missiles from our ships? AAD with QRSAM along with Barak-8ER will give a nice layered defence on our ships, am I thinking in the right directions?

Primordial Pete said...

Prasun Da,

1. Do you see any prospect of an Indian SBIRS like system to aid our nascent BMD program?

2. Can some of our already operational satellites containing IR payload be used for the same?

3. How far are we from formally inducting the Multi Object Tracking Radar?

4. I have been curious for some time now, AAD is very similar in size and weight to the Standard missile series onboard AEGIS warships.
So can we too not use the AAD as a ship based interceptor missile?
With missile destroyer containing AADs actively patrolling the Arabian Sea.

Also, Happy New Year.

capri4791 said...


- Generally what is the status of indigenous missile seekers. Will India be self reliant on the same?
- since u mention AAD is supersonic. does that mean that India has the capability to manufacture supersonic missiles on its own without say Russian help?
- you mention mach 8 aad. Isn't that hypersonic realm? does India have that tech?

Ravi said...

Dear Sir

From what I have Read is That If we Use Heavy Artillery on LOC
Then Terrorists will Find it Easier to INFILTRATE

That is Because Shelling helps Them to Infiltrate

Our Only Concern is Preventing Infiltration

So if we Really Attack Them in April ; Dont you Think
That REAR AREA Security will be a Big Challenge

They will Try to Attack our Camps and Convoys

Manoj G said...

Hi Prasun,

Happy New Year.

How does interceptor missile target incoming ballistic missile outside the Earth's atmosphere (exo atmospheric) because in space since there is no air missiles can't use engines. An aircraft can change course because it has engines.

But how do missiles change course/trajectory in outer space in order to target an incoming Ballistic Missile?


Arihant said...

Sir,Wishing you and your family happy new year.

The PAD missile had been tested twice. On March 6, 2009 DRDO, carried out a second successful test of the PAD interceptor missile. The target used was ship-launched Dhanush missile which followed the trajectory of a missile with a range of 1,500 km. The target was tracked by Swordfish LRTR radar and destroyed by the PAD at 75 km altitude

Won't there be any RF seeker on the AD-2 besides the MWIR Imaging IR sensor.

Anup said...

Your predication again correct.

So, by 2018 IA will capture POK.(Hope so)

Anonymous said...

Prasun sir,
1 how can aad missile intercept df-11 tactical balistic missile from machilipatnam facility because its range is only 200km?
2 when ad-1 missile be tested?
And happy new year

rad said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR . regarding AAD, give us some extrapolation that can be done with the success and tech that we have so far got and proved, into making a good long range sam like the s-400. i would like to see us making an equal to the s-400 with the help of israel as they have the tech if any body else has by developing the arrow missile .

we could do it Much like the barak 8 sam joint production . your views pse

সুমন্ত নাগ said...

Happy New Year to Prasun Da and every body here :) .

Intolerant Person said...

Here are few questions related the topic:
1.Where will those BMD base will be set-up in future?
2.What about space-based EW system?
3.When can AD-1(with Mach-8 speed)can emerge?Within next five years?
4.If XRSAM is related to AAD,then how is XRSAM's role different then AAD?

1.Incase Pakistan really wants peace(for temporarily ofcourse),then should India just show it middle finger and go ahead with Military action?If yes,do you personally think that this political govt.will NOT back-off like MMS or earlier ABV govt did for taking such actions?

SUVO said...

Wishing you and yours family a very happy new year.


1. I have a strange query...( dont be judgemental sir :) ) Why cant we go for DEW/Laser based weapon as interceptor instead of AAD interceptors along with same set of sensors ? Also this would be a future proof solution . Kindly enlighten us more about this concept if it is possible and its limitations / advantages if you consider it as worth it.

2. Also would like to know why india isnt moving towards space satellite based 24*7*365 surveillance for BMD/TMD as other countries like china/us/russies?? Any limitations on technical front for this to be implemented by ISRO/DRDO apart from financial limitations?

3a. " To NARAYAN: 1) This will continue till the snows start melting in March next year. After that the entire LoC will heat up & possibly the Haji Pir Pass will be the first significant feature to be captured for good. But by then, the multilateral effort aimed at militarily de-nuclearising Pakistan would also have begun. "

3b. " To DON: Elementary: the weather. As to who are the cowards, kindly refer to the LoC-related videoclip I had posted yesterday in my comments & listen to what the PA has to say about 2 Troops of the IA's T-90S MBTs already deployed at an altitude of 5,000 feet ASL facing the PA in the Uri Bulge area. That will give you a very good idea about who's afraid of whom. Facing a bunch of rag-tag Jihadis in FATA does not make the PA as combat-hardened as it would need to be if it wants to take on the IA & that too without having the Arjun or Tejas having to enter the fray! "

so above refernces to T 90 deployment at Uri and expected flare up along LoC next year are connected?? Also if it is successful wont IA must be mulling to deploy T 90 at other side of HAji Pir bulge (POONCH SIDE and other possible sites ) then to gain upper hand in expected conflict ??

4. any news about follow on order of scorpenes??? and any new doklam/china border updates .


Prasun K. Sengupta said...


To ANIK: As explained in the videolink I had provided above, the latest round of unrests are all due to rising unemployment & widespread economic mismanagement.

To RAJ: Pakistan does not have much to offer on the table & it knows very well that its earlier stance of using terrorism through proxy wars as a negotiating instrument has no buyers anywhere in this world.

To LUDWIG: BM interceptors cannot be used for intercepting combat aircraft. Check nout the slide above that shows the lateral acceleration rates of SAMs. Nor can warships be targetted with BMs of any type.

To PRIMORDIAL PETE: 1) Of course, that’s mandatory. And on a related topic, here’s something on the VELA Incident of the late 1970s: 2) Nope. The type of IIR sensors are totally different in terms of operating parameters. 3) It will become functional later this year on board the HSL-built vessel. The MOTR for ISRO has been operational for the last 3 years. 4) BM interceptors with only 25km-range cannot be used for fleet air-defence.

To CAPRI4791: 1) All seeker designs have already been done elsewhere & one can access them via industrial patents filed worldwide. But fabricating them into engineered solutions takes a long time due to the need for acquiring the various high-precision components from abroad & also the various imported test benches that are reqd. Hence, self-reliance can never be achieved since India will continue to have to play technological catch-up. 2) Yes. 3) Not yet.

To RAVI: That’s bizarre because 1) fire-assaults are not one-sided affairs. 2) the tactical battle areas will be swarming with foot-soldiers & hence no infiltrator will go unnoticed.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MANOJ G: LoLz! Since there’s no ‘air’ in space, then how come the engines of satellite launch rockets continue to function in space? How do the engines on-board satellites in geostationary orbit function?

To ARIHANT: The PAD was test-fired only once & it has since been superceded by the PDV. Ther AAD will be used for targetting the main missile-body, while thr AD-1/AD-2 will be used for targetting those sections of the missile-body that break-up & come hurtling down after being hit by the AAD. Hence, RF seekers aren’t reqd for AD-1/AD-2.

To PRAVIN: Who had ever said anything about the AAD being launched from India’s eastern seaboard to intercept BMs fired from Pakistan or China? All I had stated was that the Machilipatnam-based facility will be used only for product development-related flight-testss/test-firings. AD-1 missile should be test-fired by the end of this year.

To INTOLERANT PERSON: 1) at least in 4 locations to protect Delhi, Mumbai & Jamnagar. 2) What type & what for? 3) By the end of this year. 4) XR-SAM isn’t the AAD. As for Pakistan, the time for opting for non-military options had elapsed long ago. The spectre of nuclear blackmail/nuclear sabre-rattling by Pakistan can no longer be eliminated by non-military means.

To AMIT BISWAS: That’s because India does not as yet possess the technologi8cal competencies reqd for fielding such high-power DEWs. 2) There has been movement in this area, starting with the incorporation of an optronic sensor on the GSAT-7. 3) Yes, they are. Tanks firing HE & AP rounds can accurately target bunkers/pillboxes & can thus provide the equivalent of immediate air-support at any time of day & night, because in any places along the LoC the opposing bunkers/pillboxes are only between 50 metres & 200 metres apart. So, when used from higher ground (as the IA will do) such tank-fire is equivalent to dozens of snipers being employed against a single target at the same time. 4) Nothing new as of now.

Gessler said...

Hi Prasun ji,

Just posting this here as it could be an interesting read for many:

Manu Singh said...


See this:

If China has been investing so much in Pakistan, will it not be in its interest to curtail Pakistan's terrorist activities?
After Trump's tweet yesterday, who else is going to save Pakistan except China? Then, will it listen to China on terrorism ??

Kaustav said...

Well, 2018 has brought down curtains on the Pakistan melodrama. What about China? The way international media is raving on about the Chinese technological edge and their world dominating economic juggernaut with the Indian and Nepali Quislings playing Cheerleaders to their assumed Chinese overlords who are by now 18 feet Gods, India should pray for mercy and grovel at their feet.After all, we are mere bootlickers who survive on China Maal?

rad said...

hi prasun
does the scrapping of the srsam program coincide with the testing of the akash with an active seeker ?? does the active radar make the sam more agile due to immediate response of the inbuilt seeker rather than waiting for the command from the command center to alter course?
would the akash be suitable for cruise missile defense? would it be agile enough ??

Rajesh Mishra said...

Any BM can blast off any fighter aircraft, if the said aircraft can manage to collide with the BM.

A P RATHORE said...

Hi Prasun,

Word, in the corridors of power is some prominent astrologers(who had correctly predicted BJP & Trump's victory) have predicted that there will be a India vs China war in 2020 & India will lose big time. Apparently BJP/RSS leaders consulted several astrologers & they all said India will lose a major war to China in 2020.

Obviously uncertainty & certainty go hand & hand in astrology but in several cases preditions do come true.

Intolerant Person said...

1.Actually I was referring to Space based Early Warning Systems on satellites constellation for BMD system.
2.Suppose if missile is intercepted,but what would happen if the warhead is not destroyed and falls due to gravity(similar to what happened during gulf war).
3.Why Jamnagar is so important?I personally heard that the base doesn't host any special no.of troops or complex Fighters,etc yet so why so much importance?Is there any future plan?

Pravin said...

@kaustav : well china is not at technological edge, US is and in term of currency also US is top of china. All product in Indian market is not from china.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To MANU SINGH: LoLz! China’s Confusion thought-process believes that even the most dreadful enemy can be bought off through financial compensation. But off late Beijing has discovered that religiosity-based ideologies like the 2-nation theory of Pakistan does not care about financial compensation & so if today it is about the so-called persecution of Muslims in India & her J & K State, then tomorrow it will be Chinas & Xinjiang. But China still has a lot more to learn & will learn it the very hard way, rest assured. Now the delirious Pakistanis are yet again dreaming about forging an axis of Turkey, China, Russia & Pakistan (conveniently dropping Iran from this grouping). Pakistan’s National Security Committee & the separate Corps Commanders’ meeting of the PA yesterday had to confront the following: 1) possibility of the US cutting off all spares support for all Pakistani military hardware of US-origin. 2) possibility of the US refusing all IMF or WB or ADB loans to Pakistan. 3) possibility of the US imposing a ban of Pakistani exports to the US. 4) possibility of the US now calling Pakistan’s bluff about Islamabad blocking all airpace/land transit access to Afghanistan by giving India the green light to commence offensive land campaigns in PoK (& that’s precisely the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had referred to PoK as disputed territory when he was asked about CPEC’s unviability) so that the US does not have to depend anymore on Pakistan for achieving connectivity with Afghanistan.

So, both China & Pakistan will soon learn the consequences of brinbging into Pakistan all the world’s woes, like the Jerusalem issue, Rohingya issue, J & K issue, & the Sunni-Shia divide. When Saudi Arabia or the UAE or even Turkey does not come in support of Pakistan WRT POTUS Trump’s anti-Pakistan tweets, what then is the credibility of China’s verbal support for Pakistan?

To KAUSTAV: Well, China is now a sulking dragon whose testicles were squeexed rather harshly as a result of the Doklam standoff. Then on top of that comes news of China trying to evade the UN-mandated sanctions against North Korea. And the US will continue to put unrelenting economic pressure on China in every possible way. So, 2018 promises several new headaches for China. So, now let’s wait & see if China is able to convert all its so-called investments in Pakistan from US-denominated currency to the Yuan. Meanwhile, watch this hilarious discussion aired yesterday on all the self-onflicted wounds of Pakistan:

To RAD: The order for Barak-1 SAMs is meant to replace those Barak-1s that were acquired in the late 1990s. Comparative parameters of the Akash-1 & Barak-8 are already available in a slide above & it cleasrly shows the superiority of the Barak-8 over the Akash-1. And BTW, the order for PGMs placed with Russia is for 240 x KAB-1500LG-FE laser-guided bombs for the MiG-29UPG & Mirage 2000N squadrons. Total reqmt of these LGBs is 1,440. In addition, there are already 2,000 LGBs like Paveway-2 & Griffin-3 in service, plus about 150 Spice-1000s.

sbm said...

Dear Prasun, I've noted that the recent AAD tests suggest some modifications to the missile. There are fins near the nose cone and the performance seems to be enhanced over the earlier AAD.

In its existing form would the BMD intercept ceiling be realistic at 20km or 25km for the AAD? It is confirmed that it is at least 15km.

With respect to the PAD, there were indeed two tests. The first was a "controlled collision" at an altitude of 47km and the other an actual intercept at an altitude of 75km.

Regarding the Barak-1 SAMs - any chance of them being fitted to the Kamortas? I mean we've had the decommissioning of the Viraat and the INS Ganga being removed from active service, can't the Barak systems (40 in total) be put aboard the Kamortas?

dilbert said...

Hi Prasun,

Re. this business of de-nuking Pakistan that you speak of (and all of us hope you are right), what do you think are the essential steps in this enterprise? I figure that all of Pak's nuclear delivery mechanisms will have to be destroyed within the first 8 hours of operations, i.e. destroy all their missile launchers and all their F16 planes. I don't think they have any other means of launching nukes on India, Afghanistan or anywhere else.

Clearly (or at least it is clear to me) that India cannot achieve this on its own -- the US and India (and perhaps even Israel) will have to work closely together. But have we practised such operations together? And China and Russia will have to be somehow persuaded (arm-twisted ??) to stay the hell out of things and not get involved on Pakistan's side. How are we going to do that?

So destroying Pakistan's nuke delivery systems is essential and everything else is secondary, IMO. This business of retaking POK / Haji Pir / whatever is something India can do on its own, provided our PMO has the b@lls to unleash the military forces (and of course provided we can be sure Paki nukes are disabled).

Your thoughts?

Primordial Pete said...

Prasun Da,

You will always find pakistanis with this riposte, "All the aid that pak got it used in the 'war against terror in Afghanistan'. All of the money went into things like the logistics of transporting Americans and their weapons and support systems to Afghanistan, and the like, infact it was Pak that 'suffered losses'"

How much truth is in that claim?

rad said...

hi prasun

wont we be duplicating the s-400 sam by building the xr sam ? if not what are the functional roles attached to each of them?

how does the Russian laser bomb go on to a french mirage 2000? usually the Russians done allow that , how is the laser designation matched to the russian bombs?

dont you feel the days of laser guided bombs are over due to the short range delivery ranges ie about 10 km , which is in reach of all of paks sams?? puuting the ac in to harms way??
i belive the future has to be GPS, inertial , scene matching ordnance for safe standoff delivery ?? much like the french AASM hammer ??

what ever happened to the sudarshan laser bomb??

Kaustav said...

Prasunda, I guess we are now more or less ready and to repeat the Chinese curse / blessing for "May you live in interesting times"

joydeep ghosh said...

@Prasun da

happy new year to you and your family

here are few querries from last thread

1. reports say Kulbhushan Jadhav was tortured is evident from the fact the injuries visible in pics released by pak like brusises in back of head, missing ear lobe, can India use this as evidence in ICJ against Pak

2. i was referring to the slide 30 where it has been written that 3 solutions for DCNS partners have been exported to global DCNS partners, can you shed light on them

3. no that its confirmed that IA/IAF will both fly AH64E & LCH now the requirement for mid air refulers for helicopters arise, do the AH64E & LCH have refueling pods attachedd? also
IL 76/78 cant be used, for it Mi26 or Mi 17 with detachable refueling module is needed. I think India should go for additional Mi 26 as mid air refuelers for helicopters, whats your opinion.

regarding this thread

4. i had huge discussion on twitter with a person who said a new missile was used as target missile while i was at pains to to say it was prithvi, just clear it OAFA that can a short range 1 stage slow moving prithvi mimic a fast moving 2 stage IRBM

5. Is the radar in slide 4 similar to Anuradha, a Medium Power Radar developed by LRDE meant for tracking multiple targets?

6. looks like another of your predictions is coming true as HAL plans to develop tejas trainer as LCA Tejas LIFT for exports, but why wont IAF buy these

7. if indeed LCA Tejas LIFT is developed i think IN should be happiest and buy as trainer as well as tactical interdictor operating from andamans and lakshadweep

hope to get answers


Joydeep Ghosh

Anup said...

Another your predictions is coming true..

HAL Plans to convert LCA-Trainer into lead-in fighter trainer (LIFT) for Export

rad said...

hi prasun
your suggestion for LCA lift seems to have penetrated the block heads and there is a talk about it , but will they let him proceed ie suvranaraju. The present chairman Suvarna raju seems to be more dynamic given the constrains compared tot the previous guys . He seems to have taken the initiative for the htt 40 and it seems to be a success.

will selling the lift abroad ie if at all, lay open the flying handling qualities of the LCA ??

Trump seems bent on action all others have been playing along . what will come next and has pak any other options of running to chinks for help?? will turkey and others help pak to service the f-16 in case of embargoes?

did jordan get approval from usa to sell f-16 to pak?

any pic depicting the ad1 missiles? any collaboration done ??

if the mpatgm has been under development from 2009 is it not high time to test it .what is the state of the missile?.

joydeep ghosh said...

dor chhai moshai

just today morning i said ' if indeed LCA Tejas LIFT is developed i think IN should be happiest and buy as LIFT trainer as well as tactical interdictor operating from andamans and lakshadweep' and now we have lost a MIg29k all the more reason to develop and opt of LCA Tejas mk1 as LIFT, i think the lost may not be compensated


Joydeep Ghosh

Pierre Zorin said...

A P Rathore- in 21st century if people wish to look themselves like morons nothing will obviously deter them! You don't need astrologers - common sense alone will tell you India can't afford any full scale war let alone winning. These days all countries are connected to each other and regardless of animosities they have to stay connected. Do you think the Chinese would NOT have attacked India by now full well knowing their capabilities? Whilst I have deep respect for Mr Modi himself, sadly that BJP is a party full of monkeys - taking India back to the dark ages like Pakistan only in saffron colours. Dire straits indeed for an aspirant super power to have a party of nitwits aka Congress and Party of Monkeys. As Prasun said before what holds India back is this islands of excellence in an ocean of mediocrity and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Why this dictator is hell bent on supporting Pak


Anonymous said...

Sir, were we able to recover the previous C130 that had a mishap?
Now the fears about Navy's mig29 come true. What is being done to sort their issues?

Also sir, this Zarb ashm, isn't it just C602 from China? Or is it something else, so much propaganda about indigenous missile, and no specs/pics released!


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

What is Pakistan trying to achieve my ceasefire violations at this time? They keep attacking us and we give it back to them with interest. Given the screwed up situation they are in wouldn't it be wise for them to keep the border with India calm?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SBM: You will have also noriced that the QR-SAM round too has such control-fins on the nosecone. Will upload those photos later tonight. Realistic engagement engagement will be between 16,000 feet & 25,000 feet ASL. The Barak-1 suite from Viraat has been re-installed on INS Viokramaditya while those from the Project 16 FFGs have been re-installed on the Project 16A FFGs. So, additional launchers, fire-control systems & missile rounds are reqd for the four Project 28 corvettes.

To DILBERT: Such operations can be worked out in packages, with one party/country being responsible for operationalising each package. The reqd SOPs, especially those pertaining to usage of SOF personnel being inserted through manned airborne platforms, & the reqd type of air-cover being provided, has already been practised & fine-tuned.

To PRIMORDIAL PETE: Yes, they are all true, but equally true is the fact that US drone-strikes continue to find legitimate targets inside FATA & so far no one from Pakistan has claimed that the five recent drone-strikes targetted innocent civilians. Nor has the PAF shot down such drones. What remains to be seen now is whether the US will strike targets located inside Quetta & Peshawar.

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: 3) Combat/attack helicopters NEVER require aerial refuelling. Only CSAR helicopter platforms do. 4) Liquid-fuelled Prithvi target missile is best able to replicate the flightpath of the liquid-fuelled Ghauri-1. 5) I had already captioned that photo. Do read its filename. 6) It wasn;t a prediction, but instead was a common-sensical suggestion.

Now, coming to the IN’s MiG-29K accident, the aircraft did not crash & it is clearly recoverable back to flightworthy status. Examine these videos:

It clearly shows an intact airframe & landing gear, with fully deployed flaps. The source of the white smoks is indicative of an interbal fire that was caused due to extreme application of wheel-brakes that caused the nose landing gear’s tyres to catch fire due to extremely hard friction. An almost-similar incident had taken place in Aero India 2001 when a MiG-29K demonstrator aircraft had its tyres burnt due to extreme application of the tyre-brakes. Does all this mean the MiG-29K is a bad choice & is inferior. Of course not. On the contrary, the airframe’s ruggedness has yet again been demonstrated.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: Before dreaming about exporting the LCA MK.1 as LIFT, HAL should lobby for selling it to the IAF & IN. All US-origin weapons destined for re-export must first & foremost get a no objection certificate from the US. Without this, no weapons transfers can take place. And here’s the HARBA C-602 ASCM being test-fired from a PN FAC-M yesterday:

And as for MPATGM: here’s final confirmation about the rejection of Spike ATGM:

Hope once & for all now everyone can stop speculating about the Spike ATGM’s procurement. In any case, deal cancellation isn’t even an issue since no such deal was ever signed, to begin with.

XR-SAM is the Barak-8 LR-SAM variant for the IAF. It can’t be compared to the S-400. Any LGB can go on to any combat aircraft for as long as the pylon interface electronics are available & the laser seeker is synchronised with the LDP. This is what was done by Russia with Israel’s help for the IAF. Such LGBs can’t be used for Day-1 air-strikes but they can be after the enemy’s air-defence networks have been neutralised by standoff DEWs & CALCMs like Scalp.

To RON: Forget about all such nonsense & instead focus on Nawaz Sharif’s latest revelations in which he comes very close to revealing the reason behind the DAWN LEAKS & how he was constantly subverted by the PA-led ‘deep state’ when it came to eliminating outfits like the LeT & JeM:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PIERRE ZORIN: The 'desi bandalbaaz' finally managed to get one thing right through these observations: In contrast, India’s approach to defence is best summed up by this simple fact: Over the preceding year, three separate defence ministers have occupied that hallowed corner office in South Block. Not one of them would be able to lucidly explain India’s defence strategy and how our military would fight the two-front war we claim to be ready for. Asked how we would match India’s expansive defence allocations with the shopping list of badly needed weaponry, not one would have a coherent answer. Will this change in 2018? Probably not.

rad said...

hi prasun
what is new in the c 602 missile fired by pak ? it arms the j-17 as well, pak has had it for many years and i dont understand the hullabaloo regarding its test fire of screwdriver tech missile?/

when do we get our desi mini nirbhay for our ac. But is a subsonic short range missiles necessary when w e have the mach 2+ brahmos??

why do we hear negative reports about the serviceability of the mig-29 k very often , there is no smoke without fire?

what happened to our sudarshan LGB?

Ravi said...

Dear Sir

The Official Statement issued By RAFAEL after the Spike Cancellation is that the Rafael Kalyani Joint Venture will be used for Other projects

Now what could be the Other Projects

Pierre Zorin said...

The bandalbaaz finally realised that even though he fought hard at the behest of various companies who paid in kind for his paid comments, time is running out and he could provide no answer to the paymasters simply because even though time has not stopped, the timepiece called Indian MoD has.This means there is a big question over how to make the desirable affordable. Hence his recent practical observations.

Kaustav said...

The BSF being a Central Armed Police Force(para-military force) is prone to exaggeration but their claim to have killed 10 Pak Rangers in retaliation for the killing of 1 BSF Constable Hazra should be the benchmark for Indian forces on IB/LoC in context of the Porki claim that 1 Porkistani is equal to 10 Indians.

aritro data said...

do you have any graphics of XR-SAM?

Pratap said...

China continues to arm Pakistan but we are still reluctant on issues like South China Sea and US lead alliance against China. Pakistan Navy could soon acquire Chinese Type 054 class frigates to replace its aging British frigates

সুমন্ত নাগ said...

Prasun Da, in light of your comments to Pierre Zorin, what is your views regarding this : ?

Is there any possibility that PRC and India may be engaged in Border conflict in near future, across LAC or McMahon Line ?

Thanks in advance.

capri4791 said...

Hi Prasun,

Could you throw some light on where Saras could be used when Dornier 228 is already available and made in india?

sbm said...

Clarification: do you mean AAD intercept is between 16,000 and 25000 metres ASL? Feet might be a tad low for conventional bmd intercept

WRT Barak-1 SAMs - I saw the P16s were fitted with Baraks after the 3 P16A. The SA-N-4 systems weren't replaced for some time. Is it that the missiles allocated to the P16s have now gone to bolster the stock for the P16As?

Gessler said...


Anonymous said...

on which world is he living if CIA can take out OBL then taking out this fellow can calk walk ? From how many bases is drone operating from PA and Afghan bases? who gives authorization to CIA for drone strike in PAK airspace?


Anonymous said...

people can tell that NSA or GCHQ has already accessed to Aadhaar database but can you tell whether our enemy countries have full access or hacked Aadhaar database ?
what steps need to be taken to control these menace?


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

If the above mentioned article by Pratap is correct that PN has purchased the Type 054 and is proposing to purchase more units. How would that affect IN? This seems like a major qualitative upgrade of their surface fleet capabilities.

Good article on them being put on notice by POTUS and its implications, re IMF, ADB, WB, etc...

And it seems like they (their state bank) have moved very fast and have already legalized Yuan: Will this impact us?


Anik said...

Ukraine can aquire indian military trucks.

Rajesh Mishra said...

At this rate soon the China and Pakistan will start doing their mutual business in Bitcoins.

Rahul said...

Dear Sir

There is No News on IAF Acquisitons

We have had no news on either PAK FA ; RAFALE (MAKE IN INDIA )
or Single Engine plane or LCA MK 2

What is happening in IAF Head quarters

capri4791 said...


what would replace Barak 1 on IN assests? will it be the QRSAM or its derivative ?

financeblogger said...

Request your opinion on the following newspaper report. How much of it could be yellow journalism?

Kapil said...

PA to get 1000 acres of land to build new HQ lesser prosperous countries build whole new cities on such vast chunk of land

Meanwhile watch this deluded Pakistani morons discussing recent US moves against Pakistan

Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Prasun,

New Year Greetings.

Why there is a sudden IRAN Unrest. Is this protest happened naturally or planned & executed by US+Israel+KSA.

Is Middle East game is getting momentum?
Please comment.

S. Senthil Kumar

SUVO said...

1) McMaster, said Pakistan's double-dealings have frustrated America.

2) China is now in talks with Pakistan to build its second overseas military base at Jiwani, close to Iran’s Chabahar port. True????
....Your's view please.

Anonymous said...

Sir is that true? If yes, then why do we keep having so many accidents in navy with no sign of slowdown in accidents?

If fake news, somebody school the patrakaar.


Jyoti Sen said... Dada sad state of affairs.. What we will do now?

Anonymous said...


1) There is news in The Hindu about INS Arhant being crippled for the last 10 months due to an accident. Why is such sensitive information being allowed to leak out? Does this not benefit enemies like China and Pak ?

2) How long is it likely to take for the K-4 t be retested after the no launch in December ?


soorya narayan said...

Now both INS chakra and Arihant have been damaged by mysterious accidents . Some foul play is taking place like the mysterious explosion of Sindhughosh submarine in Mumbai