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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

When Application Of Sound Common-Sense Produces The Best Results

The Annual Army Tech Seminar (ARTECH-2018), conducted at the Manekshaw Convention Centre, Delhi Cantonment, on January 8, 2018 also played host to displays of selected innovations of the Indian Army that originated from both within the Indian Army, as well as from Indian industries.
Shown above  is a Royal Enfield 350 motorbike that was modified last year into a three-wheeler for towing the in-service 120mm Thomson-Brandt AM-50 mortars along mule-tracks in high-altitude terrain. When such 120mm mortars were ordered for deployment in Sikkim during the Doklam standoff, it as discovered that an eight-man crew would be required for dfisassembling each mortar, then strapping them up on a mule-train, and then trudging along for nine hours in order to reach the final destination. The Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers then decided to modify the Royal Enfield 350 motorbike into a towing vehicle, and attach an Eicher-made small engine at the bike’s rear as a booster—all designed to tow the 120mm mortar. The end-result: such a contraption successfully deployed the mortars within a timeframe of one hour while cruising at a speed of 30kph! This modification kit has since been specified for all formations deployed throughout the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.
The Himshakti/Himraaj CIEWS is a lightweight version of the Corps-sized SAMYUKTA Mk.2 EWS that has been in service since the beginning of this decade.
It was on August 27, 2015 that the the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) D-6, outfitted with the indigenous Cryogenic Upper Stage (CUS), successfully placed in orbit the GSAT-6/INSAT-4E communications satellite, which is ISRO’s first satellite to make use of an S-band unfurlable antenna having a diameter of six metres. This antenna is now being used for five spot beams over the Indian mainland, which will ensure connectivity with ahandheld devices for data, video or voice transfer. The spot beams exploit the frequency re-use scheme to increase frequency spectrum utilisation efficiency. GSAT-6 is the second satellite launched by ISRO for strategic military requirements. In 2013, it had launched GSAT-7, a dedicated communications satellite for the Indian Navy. The GSAT-6 is a 2,117kg satellite that now provides quality and secure communications for India’s armed forces. This also frees the IA’s soldiers from carrying bulky backpack communications equipment, since very small handheld devices can now be put to use (see photo below).


Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
Innovation at it's best by IA. Thanks for sharing it with us.

financeblogger said...

Request you to share your opinion on the above article.

Primordial Pete said...

Prasun Da,

1. Pakistanis recently fielded the 100th JF17 and claim that they have the capacity to "produce" some 25 JF17s a year.
Is there any truth to that, or is it just sticker-screwdriver tech and assembly work?

2. Also, the PAC website says that they hold the right to construct 58% of the JF17 airframe.
Are the Chinese just providing the majority of the fighters and/or its parts, or have the pakistanis actually stabilised the JF17 production line and improved their manufacturing capacity?

3. Quite a few of our seekers are foreign sourced.
What do you think is hindering and/or slowing us down in this very category?

4. Concerning DRDO AWACS; because of the pathetic lack of wafer fabs in India what goes of the construction of the LSTAR TRRMs?
From where do you reckon we are doing it?
Has CABS increased the range of LSTAR?
And how many DRDO AWACS does the IAF field and is it likely that the IAF will induct any this years?

5. According to this almost 2 year old article, ECIL and Data Patterns are in the process of indigenisation of Brahmos' seeker. Are news about it?

6. Whatever happened to the the COMJAM and SIGINT planes that were to be purchased by RAW or was it IAF?

7. Considering Astra BVRAAMs have finished development trials, is it possible that we might see induction of Astra this year?
Also, how long will proper integration of Astra with Su30s take?

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...

some odd comments about water ingress in arihanth submarine is it true dada?

joydeep ghosh said...

Prasun da

1. VMT for bringing to light the common sensical product, another great example of Indian Jugaad, i am sharing it on social media, if its ok. btw whats the 2nd pic about

2. regarding the 120 mm mortar i always wondered why cant IA have a twin pack/barrel 120 mm mortar setup for better firepower, hope with this enfield jugaad we can see that too.

3. now that Italian court has acquitted the 2 accused in Augusta Westland case, another of your prediction has come true, congrats. btw this also means lots of eggs in the current govt face and the restart of 12 VVIP helo deal in original form.

4. I just wanted to ask does IN need to inform neighbouring nations while jets take off from aircraft carriers even when in international waters, asking this bcoz US law permits its jets to do so with informing other nations

hope to get answers


Joydeep Ghosh

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Latest ground-report from the LoC in PoK:

Every night the PA squads deployed along the LoC endlessly speculate throughpout the night by asking one another "Are they (IA cross-LoC raiding parties) coming?"

US Bans M4 Carbine Exports to Pakistan

This was most probably due to forensic material evidence submitted by India to the US (read

Then we have this spectacularly outrageous piece of yellow journalism that violates every covenant of journalistic ethics:

This news-reporter conveniently FORGETS that Balochistan provincisl officials had first claimed on TV that KJ was apprehended in Avaran, not Chaman. This was later corroborated by IB & FIA officials who, however, expressed grave reservations about all such claims being made by the PA.

And lastly we have this pseudo-academician with this piece of shit:

This is a classic case of hostile psy-ops: this pseudo-acadamecian is feed all kinds of shit about AK Brigades deployed along the LoC (meaning they are not Pakistanis but local inhabitants of PoK) when in essence all the Battalions hail from the Frontier Force, NLI & Baloch Regiments. Also, this 'pseudo-acadamecian' can't figure out what's light/medcium/heavy field artillery & therefore parrots exactly what the PA has been proposing as a CBM to India since 2006 onwards, i.e. withdrawing the IA's FH-77 towed medium artillery howitzers to a distance of 50km away from the LoC.

And here's an excellent critique of the recently releasedc joint forces warfighting doctrine:

Ravi said...

Dear Sir ; Many Thanks for this informative article

Can we similarly carry a 105 MM Gun AFTER Disassembling it in Four or Five Bikes

Secondly How will INDIAN NAVY survive in a war without MINE SWEEPERS

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

Hope the New Year has got off to a great start for you. Since you often provide very interesting source, links etc related to the Military can I please ask you to provide some information about Books, Other Sources related to the training that Special Forces receive, especially the Mental Training part ?

I did some research to find out some authoritative books, sources but couldn't find any. None of them were authoritative, just high on the hoopla.

Obviously since you have to inteact with the Military of not just India but other countries too, you will have some first hand knowledge of their mental training regime.

Thank You,


Intolerant Person said...

1.Sir do you think India can have a look on ROK's K2 MBT for it's upcoming MBT replacement?
2.How did China became so successful in manufacturing small arms while India's case is still pale in this field.Except JVPC,no product can be called world class.While China is exporting it's small arms to world market.I do have many Americans friends and all of them praised Chinese AK.What is the truth sir?

Rachit Singh said...

Sir, what is your take on the new anti ship cruise missile test fired by the Pakistani Navy?

soi said...

Hello Prasun Da,
There are again some new mews on Spike ATGM and Standard Rifles,
Can you provide a clarity on both, what is happening, some new circus every month?

Soikot Banerjee

Anonymous said...

" " watch from 14.00 to 14:45

lol when reporter pointed out honestly how do you fight when company of PA 240 members facing IA 800 members then PA commander says "it doesn't matter how many were there ur should have bravery,guts where 1 PA soldier can take 100 members of IA" i cant stopping laughing at these statement and so does reporter


buddha said...

Anonymous said...

why isnt India offering US to transport it troops and supplies through chabahar port which will be big blow to PA earnings? is it because civilian unrest in iran?


Anik said...

Pakistan Army suffered 138 fatal and 155 non fatal casualties at LoC in 2017.

'The intelligence sources said India has killed 27 Pakistani soldiers in sniper firing last year while seven of its soldiers lost their lives in Pakistani sniper firing along the LoC.'

Kapil said...

Order for Tavor 7 soon?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

For those interested in starting the day on a hilarious day, here are a key catalysts:

How Pakistan negotiated a mutual legal assistance treaty with Switzerland for the sake of protecting Pakistani tax ecaders:

2 China nationals arrested in Karachi for ATM Skimming:

Beautiful explanation by Robin Raphel about why the world never buys Pakistan's narratives:

To SENTHIL KUMAR: Your answer bto what's causing the protests inside Iran:

To Soikot Banerjee: 1) That story is classic yellow journalism. 2) MP-10 carbines from Switzerland have already started arriving in large numbers.

To RACHIT SINGH: It is a turbojet-powered C-602 subsonic ASCM. Here are the details * visuals:

To VIKRAM GUHA: There are plenty of documentaries on YouTube WRT psychological training conducted by the British SAS & Australian SAS & even the IA's SF (Para). And here's an interesting read on China's efforts to shut down hostile media reports:


soi said...

Thanks Prasun Da,

" MP-10 carbines from Switzerland have already started arriving in large numbers."

How many will we buy of this and what is the hold up for the OFB 7.62*51 which as told by you will be the standard issue, Is it been considered anymore or we going to full exported rifle?

Soikot Banerjee

Anonymous said...

Sir does Pakistan operate any comparable EWS?


Sidharth said...

Prasun da,

MP-10 carbines from Switzerland have already started arriving in large numbers.

Are you referring Smith & Wesson M&P10 (7.62x51mm NATO).

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SOI & SIDDHARTH: It is the Brügger & Thomet MP9 & it is shown here:

RJS said...

Dear Sir ,

What's your opinion about the JVPC ? According to information available on the net , its performance has been exemplary with some state police units opting for it too . Why isn't the IA doing so ? Could you shed some light on it ?

Thanks in advance ,

Warm regards ,

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun Ji,
Why the left and pseudo intellectuals are always anti-Hindu. They talk big about Hindu extremism/terrorism, but never utter a word about Islamic extremism or terrorism nor about Christian. They spread lies about Modi govt, divide the people in the name of caste. They never liked Ambedkar, but talk about dalit up-liftment. However, I never seen any leftist adopting a dalit child. They spend on crores of money on expensive wine, but hardly support poor people. But they talk big. Now a days they are on news everywhere. Why can't they allow BJP government to rule 5 yrs? Don't they respect the mandate of people of India?

It looks like BJP govt is losing the control and left is taking over. That means, BJP will be gone in 2019.


Anonymous said...

is this article accurate? how was this PM during those days is he visionary, cold hearted decision maker, pro development, statesmen? does he has proactive socioeconomic development reforms in mind and visionary defence policies?


Anonymous said...

with New engine? provide specifications about this and does it has TVC nozzles? when India is going to get its prototype? is china is going to get this new engine under any agreement? how is/was china military Industrial espionage in Russian and soviet union?


Anonymous said...

Don't understand why NATO are requesting to use Gwadar Port for shipping supplies to Afghanistan. Does this mean the port is truly up and running?


Gopu said...

Compared to the slow pace of innovation in the PA and PLA, this jugaad mortar rickshaw may give us a marginal advantage. However, US companies are experimenting with high mobility ATVs for use in treacherous terrain.

Also regarding last year's thread of the Brajesh Mishra scandal and OP Parakram, this Macdonald Report (published around 2002?) seems to suggest that the US kind of knew what was going on behind the scenes. Over 15 years, I would say that most of the glaring/outrageous deficiencies have been clarified. Howerever, it still seems that India's defense sitution is still in a very precarious state (I would go as far to say that the overall management is sloppy and unprepared, especially at a strategic and political level.) What good is technology and tactical advantages when the two larger issues can not be resolved?

Anyways, if I am to follow what you have been suggesting, this year will prove to be a test to see how far the Republic of India has matured (ie:, is India willing to go up a notch and be a regional power, at the very least, or is it will it continue on as license raj-cum code monkey warehouse).

Gopu said...


Like it or not, the concept of India was created by these so-called upper-class, Anglicised leftists (and only THEN was it later extrapolated to millions of uneducated rural villagers). Folks like Ambedkar were never exceptions; being secular and anti-caste was the mantra of the rest of the independence gang. Ambedkar's choice to marry Brahmin women actually calls out his own personal hypocrisy (not to mention that the name Ambedkar is a Brahmin surname). In essence, Ambedkar just added a veneer of Western ethics to the existing cultural framework (folks like Savarkar and Swami Vivekananda are not too different in this respect).

So have the cultural paradoxes of modern India been resolved? The answer is obviously "no".
Just take Mersal, a recent blockbuster Tamil film, a movie specifically for the Lemuria-type nitwits. How exactly does "Aalapozha Tamizham" (Tamil rule) become a reality, when the protagonist of that film has to settle for a fair skinned Punjabi lady? Many of these "kundi kandam" idiots will rave on and on about how Tamil Brahmins do not belong in Tamil Nadu, while at the same time these utter POSs go after fair-skinned Malayalee women over their own dark-skinned women.

Likewise, Hindu nationalists dont add anything to this paradigm (other than confuse nitwits and dilute whatever common sense remains in the subcontinent). They're really just a sort of 'manufactured opposition' since most of these nationalists share the same secular, liberal values that Indian leftists do.

And really, how exactly do you have a "Hindu Rashtra" ruled by Shudras, who speak a Farsi-creole language?

Most of the retards in UP Bihar that shout slogans like "Jay shri Ram" or "Rebuld Ram Mandir", don't know Samskritham and dont recognize geniuses like Adi Shankaracharya.

Instead of Ram mandir nonsense, why doesn't the GOI patronize work like this:

Pierre Zorin said...

Abhi can you please explain to the jury your experience and actual evidence of Christian terrorism? Do you reckon a true follower of Jesus who said "those who live by the sword will die by the sword" and asked to turn the other cheek and go the extra mile would advocate terrorism? Before making blind comments please get the facts right. BTW India IS NOT Hindu and if you are calling it so, you are bringing the constitution of India to disrepute. Go get your CIVICS lessons right first- India is a Sovereign, Socialist, SECULAR, democratic republic. Mr Modi will always win if he takes a secular approach.

buddha said...
Very tough word indeed

Arpit Kanodia said...

@Pierre Zorin I dont liked his comment, but Christian terrorism existed in past, exist right now and will exist.

"those who live by the sword will die by the sword"

This is totally a crappy argument. In the same way Islamic terrorism dont exist because Prophet Muhommed never said anything about killing civies.

And to give little evidences about Christian terrorism, here it is

For sure, such acts are not sanctioned by Vatican. But these guys do terrorism for purifying christianity.

Narayan said...

"Will call Pakistan's nuclear bluff, cross border if govt asks. Casualties suffered by PA at loc 3 to 4 times more than IA" says Gen Bipin Rawat. So is the IA prepared to launch an offensive across the loc sometime this year?



(1) Why did IAF place order for KAB 1500 from Russia when similar PGM of Israeli origin are already being used by the IAF ? Is it because Israeli PGMs are not compatible with Russian aircraft like Su 30MKI & Mig 29 ?

(2) Saudi Arbaia had deported Abu Jundal to India, so why are they not deporting Zakir Naik to India? Is this to please Pakis?



Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Yesterday's press conference by the IA's COAS:

Excellent documentary on the Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala:

PSLVC-40 Satellite launches:

PA's 350+ anti-armour pillboxes opposite southern Rajasthan:

Pak PM & PA COAS Visit SSG HQ in Cherat:

CPEC's ATM Skimming Component:

How Russia Waged HYBRID WAR Against Ukraine:

To ABHI & GOPU: Both of you have raised several pertinent points that need further elaborations & I will do so later today.

And just for the record, the status of EVERY submarine piter hatch is always displayed live in the IPMS console along with requisite types of warnings. Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for any hatch to be left open due to any form of human negligence & any such claim to the contrary (as made by moronic journalists writing for THE HINDU) constitutes a pure violation of thr laws of physics. Therefore, the only place-of-entry of seawater inside a submarine's inner pressure hull is through the coning tower & no one to date in bthe history of submarine operations has ever FORGOTTEN to close the hatch of the coning tower after the command for dive has been issued!!!

And finally, this pseudo-intellectual looks set to join forces with the likes of Bharat Karnad by making outrageous claims, such as India importing HWTs from Israel!

Anonymous said...


So is the story about the Arihant being out of commission for 10 months due to damage a false one ? If so, what is the motive for putting out such a story ?


rad said...

hi prasun
cant understand why the MOD went in for B&T mp sub machine guns when the reliable HK mp5 has been the rolls royce of sub machine guns in our use ?? seems unstable compare to the HK mp5 in youtube videos.

what would be the probable cause of the arihant problem if at all.?

india is turkeys 3rd largest defence buyer ?? what are we getting from those idiots??

dilbert said...

@satyaki: You may find this article interesting.

The author claims that the story of seawater leaking into Arihant is a bogus story.

Kapil said...

CPEC in trouble

Pakistan is set to acquire Type 054 frigates from China

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Utterly frightening analysis of the apocalyptic future of Pakistan by Pakistanis themselves:

Inevitably, all mainstream political parties are now gravitating towards sectarian religiosity. What & where all this will lead to can be easily gauged & it ain’t rocket science. Once this happens, fears of Pakistan’s nuclear WMDs falling into the ‘wrong hands’ will become uncontrollable & India will then become the frontline state for playing the pibotal role for not only saving Israel from the existential threat, but also Shia Iran b& the Central Asian states. And of course India will be ably supported by the likes of the US, UK, France & Russia. Thus, one by one the pixels of the ‘Big Picture’ are now becoming identifiable & it is in this light that the IA’s COAS’ recent remarks about ‘calling Pakistan’s nuclear bluff’ needs to be studied & analysed.

To KAPIL: Not just in ‘trouble’, but ‘deep trouble’. Yet another ATM skimster hailing from China was nabbed yesterday:

To RAD: MP-9 carbine is a generation ahead of thr MP-5, rest assured. There NEVER was any problem with S-73 Arihant. It was FAKE NEWS. India only bought 40mm UBGLs for the Tavor-21s from Turkey.


To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: 1) Simply because that LGB was already integrated with the Litening LDP for the Su-30MKI & therefore this same combination was specified for both the upgraded Mirage 2000Ns & Rafales. 2) Zakir Naik isn’t living in KSA, but in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

To VED: Have uploaded more slides above.

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...


Can we not create a small cell tech for military for communications in far area and for the tactical network connections, since small cell network would be ideal for the formations on move and these small cells would use the satellite connections for further communications with bases.

Primordial Pete said...

Prasun da,
What is your take on the recently inducted CAIC Z-18 of PLA?

Anonymous said...

" fears of Pakistan’s nuclear WMDs falling into the ‘wrong hands’ will become uncontrollable "
"saving Israel from the existential threat, but also Shia Iran b& the Central Asian states"

If china has total control over PA nuclear warheads then with what WMD assets can PA threatens to Iran or CAR states with which it doesn't have hostile situations like India. Israel is thousands of miles away from Pakistan i have never seen them threatening each other and does PA have missile system to deliver warhead that far?please explain why would Pakistan threatens CAR countries with nuclear arsenal?
i cant able to connect all the dots here


Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
I saw the YouTube video of MP9. Infact I saw several videos. In my limited knowledge the high score of B&T MP9 Vs H&K MP5 is in it's muzzle velocity and an extremely good silencer along with provision of flash. But I find it's range of 100 met.a little less. Will it exclusively be used in room intervention scenarios?

Israel is desperate to sell it's arms to India. Which Israeli weapons in your opinion should be short listed for purchase by India?



I've a question about the Maratha invasion of Bengal ( modern day Bengal, Odhisa, Bihar & Bangladesh). Is it true that Marathas engaged in brutality and looting in Bengal similar to Islamic invaders ?



Pawan said...

Dear Prasun da,

I recently read in Hindustan Times about acquisition of approx 100 thousand new assault rifles for army, can you share any details about it? or author mixed MP9 carbine acquisition with Assault rifle requirement.

Secondly do you have any suggested books to understand how we should look at past brutal invasions of afghan & muslim rulers who used religion as tool of war which to till date is posing serious threats to India because of ideological & physical ramifications.

Regards, Pawan

Kapil said...

Sir, MoD has approved emergency purchase of carbines and assault rifles for the IA. For carbines we are already inducting B&T MP-9. For assault rifles will it be an indigenous rifle or Tavor 7?

BROWN DESI said...

Hi Prasun...I read this fantastic article on IDR by Lt Gen P Katoch, how much of it would you agree with..?

I found the analysis spot on, only if someone in MOD is listening.

Brown Desi

Anonymous said...


If this news is fake, could Manu Pubby's claim about the K-4 not leaving its canister due to a drained battery be fake news as well? Even if that claim is fake, MoD/GoI will stay silent....


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PAWAN: You must be referring to this:

The SMG/carbnes (MP-9) are already flowing in & the immediate reqmt is for members of the Tavor family of SLRs & carbines, for which the IWI/Punj Lloyd industrial partnership is the obvious choice.

As for the chronicled history of foreign invasions, here’s the best read:

Of all these, the most brutal were the Hunas of Chinese origin:

Most of the Muslim-led invasions were conducted against those Muslim kingdoms/Sultanates/Empires that were already being ruled by fellow Muslims. In those days, there was no non-Muslim monolithic India & there were only kingdoms & empires. Today, it is two-nation theory of Pakistan that poses the greatest existential threat to the all-inclusive democratic & welfare state of India. Post-1971 Pakistan has been facing an identity crisis after its foundational two-nation theory was proven wrong & defunct. It is only because of this reason that Pakistan continues to harbour hopes of keeping J & K under a perpetual state of unrest just for the sake of disproving the all-inclusive welfare state concept of India. But since history is on India’s side, the world overwhelmingly is against any kind of theory (like that of the two-nation concept) that separates people along religious lines. It is now up to India to take advantage of such sentiments & call Pakistan’s bluff once & for all by going on the military offensive across the LoC through an initial symbolic signal: i.e. by getting rid of the Uri-Poonch Bulge by capturinbg the Haji Pir Pass for good & then preparing for liberating the rest of PoK, starting with the campaign for Skardu.

And here are some good visuals of NVDs being used by the IA along the LoC:

Finally, the PA is once again asking for the very same thing that it had asked for in 2006, i.e. reduction of calibers of field artillery & cannons along the cannons, so as to minimize their bunker losses: The December 24, 2013 Wagah meeting had taken place after a break of 14 years. That meeting too was held to discuss ways to ensure peace along the LoC and the Working Boundary. One of the confidence-building measures being considered for the next planned meeting of DGMOs is "calibre reduction" of the arms being used at the LoC.

Am off to a seminar/expo on NVDs in Delhi later today & will try to obtain the latest updates from this event.

ConcernedCitizen said...

Hi Prasun,

Thank you very much for your updates. I was also curious about any developments in guided ammunition for howitzers. I would imagine it would be quite a force multiplier in the border dominance barrages currently being undertaken.

Thanks in advance,

dilbert said...

Hi Prasun,
On this topic (Indian Army action in PoK in the near future) see what this link says t the point I referenced:

Basically, this retired Paki general says that not only is India planning to disrupt CPEC by liberating Gilgit-Baltistan, but that these military operations are actually being planned/war-gamed in NDSC (National Defence Staff College in Wellington). Now, personally I would be delighted if this were true, but what do you think? Is his story true, or at least plausible?

Per you: ”It is now up to India to take advantage of such sentiments & call Pakistan’s bluff once & for all by … getting rid of the Uri-Poonch Bulge by capturinbg the Haji Pir Pass for good & then preparing for liberating the rest of PoK, starting with the campaign for Skardu.”

Guruji, aap ke muh men ghee-shakkar. I like the sound of what you`re saying, let`s just hope PM and his planners think the same way and follow through with their plans.

rad said...

hi prasun
MOD has cleared an immediate requirement of assault rifles and carbines of diff caliber . Which company will supply in all probability?the specs say 7.62 , is it 39 or 51 mm?. Tavor has been modified to fire 7.62 x51?

why is Indian so coy to build up cyber defence force like china , russia and Israel despite having the largest pool of software engineers?. whats wrong ?we are not innovators?

what lessons have we to learn from the recent deployment of the chinese stealth fighter in tibet? are they trying to scare us once again??

i believe the only way to trash these planes are by importing the Israeli UHF , VHF radars? The should be deployed in the vital areas in the northern area at good heights to catch them .Is there any move on those lines ?

Can we make them? i dont think it is a problem as we know the basics. ALl we need is the UHF TRX modules which should not be a problem. your views?

what is the biggest take away from netanyahu s visit?

Ravi said...

Dear Sir

Could you please write a paragraph or Two explaining How will
India take back the Haji Pir Pass

That is How much Force will be required ; how will the operations start
that is whether it will be just one sector Haji Pir or Other sectors say Neelum valley

Otherwise Pakistan will simply Bring in More troops from other sectors

And what will be the Role of Air force

Pierre Zorin said...

Arpit Kanodia- Jesus said that statement I didn't. BTW Jesus never started Christianity which people use to point that it is in the same lie as islam etc. There is technically no such thing as Christianity which is a Western product.2) And you call the Oklahoma bomber a Christian because he calls so? So does the KKK, some Anglican churches in the US and the UK who are incidentally also supporters of gay marriage and priests, IRA and Loyalists in Northern Ireland. But please google who or what makes a Christian and you will be able to judge for yourself.

Arun said...

Hello sir.I've been following this blog for quite some time.I do not know much about defence matters but I love reading your foreign policy insights.You said in 2015 for the first time that Pakistan would be denuclearized by a multinational coalition and that India would launch an operation and capture PoK at the same time and this opinion of yours hasn't changed.I have one question.You've told us a lot about the events that would lead up to the operation and the operation itself but you haven't told us about what you think could happen after that operation concludes.Do you envisage a scenario in which Pakistan will cease to exist and will split into multiple parts after the operation?According to you,what will be the fate of Balochistan?

Anonymous said...


Manish Still a writing in Zee gives the following report:

China prepares to deploy nuclear submarines at Pakistan's Gwadar Port: True face of CPEC.

What could be the strategic implication of this. You have mentioned several times in the past that the subs have to surface when crossing the Malacca Strait and that is when US, Australia and India would start tracking them.

But if they are stationed and launched from Gwadar how would India counter that from tactical point of view.


Anup said...

Scrapped USD 500 million Israeli missile deal with India back on track: PM Benjamin Netanyahu
How it's possible after scraping?

Arpit Kanodia said...

@ Pierre Zorin What you trying to prove?

In the same sense neither Prophet Muhommed established Islam. Which established after several century later.

So does the Islamic terrorism dont exist? Because Prophet Muhammad was a very good person?

2) Yes I called Okhalahoma bombing as Christian terrorism, because he doing so for purifying Christianity from "mud" people.

If this is wrong, or I am saying something incorrect. Then how we justify that Osama Bin Laden or Omar Sheikh or Ilyas Kashmiri were Islamic terrorist? Does they reading namaz five times a day? Does watching porn made them Islamic terrorist ( I am not against watching porn, but in political islam that is wrong).

And as for Anglican churches supporting gay marriages. You find same amount of good mulanas in Muslims who are very secular, ready to accept gay marriage.

So how we conclude a muslims who blast himself by saying "Allah hu Akbar" as Islamic terrorist.

While we shying away to use the same parameters on other religion? Why? Because that hurt our sentiments?

People need to accept truth, not some sentimental emotions, because that hurt our religion.

Arpit Kanodia said...

"""But please google who or what makes a Christian and you will be able to judge for yourself."""

Bro, people already know history. Christianity is nothing but an old whisky in new bottle.

Just redefine the old testament, voila, a new religion.

I am already well aware of how Raymond and Godfrey wiped out and ransacked several jewish population center while going for crusade toward Jerusalem.

And then how Hasburg House fought for protecting Catholism. And then this
That happened over the territory of India.

And then this

Dont remain in a myth that Christianity is some holier than thou or beacon for goodness.

In today's age of nation states, there is no utility of religion, if people want to believe in religion, then that is upto them.

Might be after some centuries, when concepts like Nation states become older, some new concept then become popular.

Rajesh Mishra said...

Shri PKS: I believe you but Pakistan666 will not believe you. So it will be completely doomed.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...


Manekshaw Centre, New Delhi
18-19 January 2018
Tentative Programme

Day 1 - Thursday 18 January 2018

0830 -0930 hrs Registration & Tea
INAUGURAL SESSION (0930 – 1010hrs)
Welcome Address : Lt Gen Vinod Bhatia, PVSM, AVSM, SM (Retd), Director CENJOWS

Inaugural Address : Lt Gen RR Nimbharkar, UYSM, AVSM, SM*, VSM, Master General Ordnance (TBC).
Keynote Address : Lt Gen Arvind Dutta, UYSM, AVSM, VSM, Director General Military Intelligence (TBC).
Theme Address Maj Gen Bipin Bakshi, VSM, Inspector General (Training), National Security Guard
Principal Sponsor : Mr Vaibhav Gupta, Director MKU
Platinum Sponsor : Mr Arvind Lakshmikumar, CEO Tonbo Imaging.
1010-1140 hrs Tea & Exhibition

Session 1: EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES (1040 – 1330 hrs)

Chairperson: Maj Gen (Dr) GD Bakshi, SM, VSM (Retd), Former GOC Romeo Force &Sr DS National Defence College
1040 – 1100 hrs Introduction of panelists and Introductory Remarks by the Chairman.
1100 – 1120 hrs Kobi Zaushnizer, SCD Semi-Conductor Devices, Israel. “New IR Detectors and Technologies to
Support Today’s Increase Night Vision Demands”

1120 – 1140 hrs Industry Sponsor’s presentation. Arvind Lakshmi Kumar, CEO, Tonbo Imaging.
1140 – 1200 hrs Dr Ludovic Brasse. ULIS, France. “State-of-the-art mass-production of high-end TI Sensors for Defence”.
1200 – 1220 hrs Ambareesh Dixit, HGH France. “SPYNEL-Intrusion Detection & Tracking for wide Area Monitoring”.
1220 – 1240 hrs Industry Sponsor's presentation. Raghav Jain, MKU
1240 – 1300 hrs Industry Sponsor's presentation. Col Sunit Kumar Nijhawan, Alpha Design Technologies. “Night Vision Devices : Selection Criteria”.
1300 – 1320 hrs Industry Sponsor's presentation.
1320 – 1340 hrs Q&A
1340 – 1430 hrs Lunch & Exhibition.

Session 2: EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES Contd (1430 – 1600hrs)

Chairperson: Lt Gen Sanjay Kulkarni, PVSM, AVSM, SC, SM, VSM (Retd), former Director General of Infantry
1430 – 1450 hrs Industry Sponsor’s presentation. Sofradir, France.
1450 – 1510 hrs Management of Night Vision Devices in the Supply Chain. Lt Gen Giri Raj Singh, SM , DG Ordnance Services.
1510 – 1600 hrs Panel Discussion with Industry Representatives and Speakers.

Session 3: CHALLENGES IN COMBAT OPERATIONS (1600 – 1705hrs)

Chairperson: Maj Gen Ajai Ohri, VSM, Addl Director General Infantry, Army HQ
1600 – 1610 hrs Introductory Remarks by the Chairman.
1610 – 1625 hrs Brig Amit Loomba, Dy DG (Armd Corps), Dte Gen Mech Forces. “Mechanised Forces in Night Operations”.
1625 – 1640 hrs Brig Rajiv Nanda, DDG Inf (B), Army HQ. “Enhancing Infantry Operations by Night”
1640 – 1655 hrs CO SATA Regiment, Corp of Artillery, Army HQ. “Surveillance and Target Acquisition”.
1655 – 1705 hrs Q & A.
1705 – 1730 hrs Tea & Exhibition.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Day 2 - Friday 19 January 2018
0830 - 0930 hrs Registration & Tea
Chairperson: Air Marshal Anil Chopra, PVSM, AVSM, VM, VSM (Retd), Former Head Flight Test Centre ASTE
0930 – 0945 hrs Introductory Remarks of the Chairman.
0945 – 1005 hrs Indian Air Force Night Operations. Principal Director Offensive Ops, Air HQ.
1005 – 1025 hrs Army Aviation: Supporting Night Operations. Addl Director General Army Aviation.
1025 – 1045 hrs Naval Air Operations by Night. Principal Director Naval Operations, Naval HQ.
1045 – 1100 hrs Questions & Answers.
1100 – 1130 hrs Tea & Exhibition

Session 5: RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT (1130 – 1300 hrs)

Chairperson: Maj Gen Sandeep Apte, Addi Director General Artillery, Army HQ
1130 – 1145 hrs Introductory Remarks of the Chairman.
1145 – 1205 hrs AK Sharma, Inspector General (Communications), Border Security Force HQ. “Enhancing Border Surveillance”.
1205 – 1225 hrs Dr Ajay Kumar, Scientist ‘G’, IRDE, DRDO. “Latest Developments for Night Vision in India”.
1225 – 1245 hrs Col JS Sahrawat, Director Infantry-8, Infantry Directorate, Army HQ.
1245 – 1300 hrs Q&A.
Valedictory Session (1300 – 1330 hrs)
1300 – 1320 hrs Valedictory Address. Lt Gen PJS Pannu, AVSM, VSM, DCIDS (DOT), HQ IDS
1320 – 1330 hrs Closing Remarks. Lt Gen Vinod Bhatia, PVSM, AVSM, SM (Retd), Director, CENJOWS
1330 – 1430 hrs Lunch and close.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Indian Army Chief Explains How China Was Dealt With In Doklam:

In new construction activity that is expected to be seen by India as a fresh provocation, China has begun building a road and military posts in the strategic Shaksgam Valley, located north of the Siachen Glacier in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, satellite images show. The opening of a possible new front by Beijing in the western Himalayas follows confrontations between Indian and Chinese troops further east on the disputed border in Doklam and Tuting over the last six months. These new posts and the new 36km road in Shaksgam Valley open up an additional avenue of approach for Chinese troops along the Line of Actual Control. Shaksgam Valley is part of PoK and borders China’s Xinjiang Province, as well as the Siachen Glacier. It was ceded by Pakistan to China in 1963, when they signed a boundary settlement agreement. However, India does not recognise this and considers the valley to be a part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Although this Shaksgam Valley project is not a direct military threat yet to Indian troops holding Siachen Glacier, the highest battlefield in the world, the construction there by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) could be considered “provocative”, a former Indian Northern Army Commander said. Google Earth satellite imagery of September and October 2017, and earlier, suggests that the road construction started in 2017. It probably started after the Doklam stand-off in the India-Bhutan-China tri-junction area that saw troops from both sides in a face-off that lasted more than two months starting in mid-June. Chinese Border Defence Personnel—now part of the PLA—have also been observed patrolling the area along the newly constructed road that has come up in the last few months. At least two military posts are also visible now. Older satellite imagery of 24 October, 2016 has no roads or posts in this entire area of Shaksgam Valley. The alignment of the new road is along the northern edge of the river. The road is being constructed with the compressed earth technique China uses in Xinjiang. Although the road is yet to be black-topped, it is expected to be completed before summer this year. The new road needs several bridges to be built over rivulets in the area. Although no major bridge construction work is seen in the satellite images, this is also expected to start soon. Satellite images show that this new road is linked to two Chinese military posts outside Shaksgam Valley. One of the posts is thought to be the headquarters of the PLA unit operating in the area. These two posts have a dugout fighting trench overlooking the river, and a training area behind. There are also at least two military posts seen in Shaksgam Valley. One of them has double wire fencing as well as a double bund around it, with the wire fencing extending right up to the river. The first post is at the northern end of Shaksgam Valley and the second is 20km to the south along the new road. The base structure for a third post is apparently being prepared about 1.5 km southeast of the second post along the new road. A number of earth-moving and road construction equipment are observed very close to this third post.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Almost five months after India and China agreed to end their tense military face-off in the Himalayan region of Doklam, Beijing has almost completely taken control of the northern side of the disputed plateau, latest satellite images show. The new images show concrete posts, seven helipads, new trenches and several dozen armoured vehicles close to the point where the Indian Army and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops were locked in a 72-day confrontation last year. The discovery comes days after Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said that China continues to have troops in North Doklam but also added that the deployment had thinned down recently. However, new satellite imagery from 10 December 2017 shows that the Chinese side is now well entrenched in the area, with heavy road building machinery still present close to the stand-off point. The face-off was triggered last June after Indian troops prevented Chinese workers backed by the PLA from completing a road that would have given them fast access to the south Doklam area. The Doklam plateau is contested between China and Bhutan, with India also having a strategic interest in keeping the area demilitarised. These are first images that show the extent of the Chinese deployment at Doklam – and indicate a likely permanent PLA deployment, retaining the capability to construct the contested road at short notice. The PLA has occupied almost every nook and corner, if not every inch, of the northern side of the plateau. Google Earth imagery clearly shows a large number of troops and equipment in semi-permanent structures under camouflage. There is at least one complete mechanised regiment of possibly ZBL-09 IFVs or infantry fighting vehicles. There is also a strong possibility of another mechanised regiment under camouflage nets. Two major parking areas have been observed for tank transporters of smaller size, suggesting their use for mechanised vehicle transport. There are, in total, two regiments’ worth of tank transporters on the Doklam plateau. There are more than a hundred large troop/equipment-carrying vehicles, or what the military calls ‘B-vehicles’. At least four large bulldozers and four tippers have also been observed. This indicates a clear intention of pursuing the construction of the road beyond the contested point. A large number of troops seem to have been kept in tents under very good camouflage, but certainly not good enough for satellite imagery not to spot them. There is a very tall observation tower, at least two storeys high, constructed with cement concrete less than 10 metres from the most forward trench occupied by the Indian Army. The elevation profile of this tower suggests that it can observe the entire Gnathang Valley from Kupup to Zuluk. The entire movement of the Indian Army beyond Kupup can also be very clearly observed by the PLA. A large number of fighting posts have been created on almost every hillock on North Doklam plateau. These posts consist of double-layered communication trenches prepared for all round defence. Numerous areas have been dug out, possibly to accommodate troops under camouflage at a later date. One of the dug-out areas is quite large, suggesting that the PLA will construct an extremely tall observation tower very soon. At least seven new helipads have been constructed with permanent cemented round bases. The diameter of the helipads is 25 metres, suggesting that the largest helicopters in the PLA inventory will be able to land here. New roads have been constructed to cover the North Doklam plateau. Work is in progress to widen existing roads. Most of the roads have communication trenches running along them.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

PAF's newest air base at Bholari, north-east of Karachi:

Documentary in Mandarin language on PAF-PLAAF EX Shaheen-VI:

সুমন্ত নাগ said...

Prasun Da, what measure should be taken by the Indian Army against the backdrop of Chinese build up of Shaksgam Valley and Doklam ?

সুমন্ত নাগ said...

Isn't it a possibility that during any Indian offensive through out the PoK, the PLA try to invade through Shaksgam Valley ?

Thanks in advance.

buddha said...

After reading your narration it seems that PLA has everything needed there and India just watching how day by day PLA is becoming stronger...

Primordial Pete said...

Prasun Da,

Look at this.

Pakistanis don't even have a shread of compunction anymore.
If their PM can call an internationally recognised terrorist as sahib, what else is there to say.

Deepak said...

Prasun Sir,
If India and china were to fight a war in the future, then will it be possible for the Indian Army to capture entire Aksai Chin area? China’s hotan airbase, at 1400 meter altitude, is very near from it which provides PLAAF an advantage whereas Indian logistical lines gets very stretched there.

SUVO said...

So, the Doklam Part-2 and Shaksgam Valley Part-1 have now started.Rogue states never learn.How India deal with this new provocation?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

DefExpo 2018 to be held in Chennai between April 11 & 14. If this is the MoD's idea of 'ease of doing business', then the MoD is evidently of the view that such expos are nothing else but travelling circuses!!!

TheHundred said...

Prasun,Things seem very distressing for India, what are your thoughts. Will India be forced to give in to Chinese and Pakistan's demands.

"When the Shaksgam Valley did not have the road, the Pakistan Army lacked direct access to the Teram Shehr glacier. Now, with the road and military posts in the Shaksgam Valley and till the LAC, and given the interoperability between Pakistan and China, there is a direct link-up of the two Armies at Teram Shehr glacier and the LAC. Against this backdrop, the new military options for Pakistan and China are as follows:

With the ceasefire (it came into being along the Line of Control and the Siachen glacier) no longer holding on the LoC, what stops the Pakistan Army from using artillery on the Siachen glacier accurately with direct observation from the Teram Shehr glacier in the north? What if, as a consequence of Pakistani firings, kerosene pipelines (which are the life-line for troops) strewn across the Siachen glacier burst? Even when the Indian Army stocks rations on the Siachen glacier for 270 days, it could become untenable for Indian troops to stay-put in northern and central glacier, partially or fully.

This is not all. If PLA soldiers are killed or injured by Indian retaliatory firing, China might exercise military options short of war. With the Indian Army committed to salvage the glacier, the PLA Special Forces could occupy Fukche and even DBO advanced landing grounds close to the LAC. It will not be possible for the Indian Army to dislodge PLA forces from the advanced landing grounds without serious escalation.

Given this, the PLA road in Shaksgam Valley is much more than ‘provocative’. India needs to start immediate talks with China, tone down the rhetoric from its Army and use the National Security Advisor route to accept the two CBMs that Pakistan is planning to offer."

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To THE HUNDRED: LoLz!! A one-sided story will always paint a ‘distressing’ picture, instead of presenting objective ground realities. So what is the truth? Here’s what it is: 1) ‘calibre reduction’ meams keeping the limit to 20mm only, i.e. the PA does not want the IA to use its Bofors L-70 AAA xannons in direct firing mode. The PA also does not like the IA using the 106mm RCLs or 84mm Carl Gustavs since the PA has only 40mm RPG-7s to retaliate with. And since November 2003 neither side has resorted to usage of 105mm or 130mm or 155mm howitzers all along the LoC. So I’m at a loss to understand why the writer is speculating about the collapse of the ceasefire WRT medium field artillery assets. 2) China’s road construction in the Shaksgam Valley is for usage by the paramilitary PAP & not the PLA Army. i.e. the PAP will use such roads both in the Valley & also along the China-Tajikistan borders adjacent to the Wakhan Corridor for preventing infiltration by Uighur ETM separasists into Xinjiang. 3) The IA is adequately protected in northern Ladakh with 2 armoured regiments & 2 mechanised infantry regiments based in Chushul & Fukche areas & more regiments can be airlifted at short notice by C-17A Globemasters for staging land offensives starting from the Depsang Plains right up to Kailash Mansarovar area under heavy air-cover provided by the IAF from air bases in Srinagar, Thoise & Leh. The PLAAF will be hard-put to put up even a decent opposition, since the PLAAF’s only & nearest dedicated air base is at Hotan, while the airport at Ngari can only host eight combat aircraft. In any case, therefore, the PLA will be on the losing side in case of high-intensity hostilities with the IA & IAF & hence the writer uses the term ‘options short of war’. And lastly, no one as yet has presented any comprehensive evidence about ‘operational inter-operability’ existing between the PLA & its PA/PAF counterparts, & the writer of that Op-Ed has so far been the only one in this world to use that term without offering corroborative evidence in support of his claims. Hence, this is at best his own personal assumption/perception that remains uncorroborated by objective ground realities. In conclusion, therefore, once such factoids are taken into account, the truth that consequently emerges promises to set us all free from needless speculation & malicious fear-mongering. And all 3 parties, i.e. the PLA, the PA/PAF & IA/IAF know all this only too well due to only 1 option being exercised by all 3: peacetime WAR-GAMING.

soi said...

Hello Prasun Da,
Going out of context, Will you shed some light on:
1. Progress made on Rustom 2 uav a.k.a Tapas 201, if any?
2. When can we expect some user trials, if any?
3. Does it have any scope in the force, If not why?
4. If not what can be done to improve the MALE/HALE UAV developement of this country?
5.There were many UAV programmes shown in Aero India one of which was the Rotor UAV or the unmanned version of chetak chopper, will it ever see our skies?
6.There were several tenders for different drones by Army recently, can you put forth possible contenders especially the Indian ones for each of the category?

With Regards,
Soikot Banerjee