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Friday, January 19, 2018

North Doklam As Of December 2017


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

It appears that the PLA has crossed the 'Tri-junction' as perceived by India (Batang La) but has not yet been able to reach the Tri-junction as perceived by the PLA (Mount Gipmochi).

Despite this, the resident 'Bandalbaaz' of NDTV has been having bouts of hypertension because that moron cannot as yet fathom why the PLA has erected only accommodation tentages & logistics trucks near Doka La, & why has the PLA stationed its armoured vehicles & ammo dumps further afar to the east.

And this moron is also under the impression that censoring the GoogleEarth imagery on an NDTV broadcast will ensure that no one else is able to access GoogleEarth to see the exact deploument patterns of the IA & PLA in the North Doklam area!!!

Pravin said...

Prasun sir
1. In the airfort the clearly show china can accommodate 25 to 30 aircraft.
Is it close to the doklam area.
2 Is india has any military airfort nearby?

TheHundred said...

"Last last year Army HQ wrote to the Ordnance Factories Board (OFB) seeking to procure combat uniforms directly from private vendors. It sought a no-objection certificate for these purchases, as mandated by procurement rules. Each combat uniform set from the OF costs the army 4,150 rupees. In his letter to the OFB, the Master General of Ordnance pointed out that combat uniforms using the same material, stitched locally, would cost 1,900 rupees, as against the OF price of 4,150 rupees. The army letter also stated that if procured from private vendors in the “same volume,” the price of each combat-uniform set could go down to 1,200-1,300 rupees"

TheHundred said...

Prasun, I find it hard to believe that the Modi government is in any position to take any limited action this year against Pakistan considering Indian Banks have 800 Lakh crore+ in NPA's ,declining GDP and employment numbers, increasing deficit. How can India even afford any limited confrontation?.

Anonymous said...


1) Looks like the single warhead A-5 has been tested in a ``user associate trial". Is this variant heading for deployment soon ?

2) Has PLA gained the upper hand in the Doklam area by these new deployments ?


The Indian said...

Your opinion please on what the Chinks plan to achieve and its ramifications for India.What is the likely response of the Indian Army to this provocative gesture.Your opinion on what India should do to address the issue.

rad said...

hi prasun
what is the atual truth about the chinese buildup at dokla? if at all what is the message they are trying to convey

drdo says 80 % of the agni 5 is local , what are we importing for the rest ?

Arpit Kanodia said...

A might be silly query, if you got time, please answer it.

Check this image

Why the road coming from Sikkim connecting Batang La?
I checked it from Google Earth, this is indeed true

I checked the panchromatic images several time, latest from 10 Dec 2017.

These are indeed roads coming from India, and then there are tents on side of roads.

These roads are totally different and not connecting with Chinese.
Actually the chinese road totally stop at Batang La, then after 100 meters a new road start.

I unable to connect the dots, why these all road network connecting Indian town in Sikkim.

Arpit Kanodia said...

One thing I am unable to understand, why China trying to build such road in Bhutanese Doklam area, when this area can simply be overwatched by India with simple eyes. From heights of Doka La and Batang La ( Indian side), we can even engage in direct firing mode with this whole infrastructure.

Arpit Kanodia said...

Here is view of Chinese road construction from Indian side, we can overlook whole Chinese road construction.

I am unable to understand the purpose of this all road construction on Bhutanese side.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the images.

It is clear that India has to make up its mind. Either way it has an enemy to the north now. Enemy that is prepared to act and knows it can win or so they think.

However no war plan has ever survived more than few days. The war will not be fought in the parameters we think. It will be fought based on the desire of the opponents. The PLAAF and PAF have been war gaming for the past 6+ years spending 2-4 wks at a time at each others bases. Can they fight together? For sure. How effective will that be? who knows.

Can PLAAF use PAF bases? for sure. This is why IAF must prepare for 2-front war. If Pakistan enters the war, how long will our bases in north be active? How long the highway to northern kashmir open? How far north can IAF strike? Do we have enough strike aircraft?


Manoj G said...

Hi Prasun,

I was reading this comment of your's & couldn't agree more

"DefExpo 2018 to be held in Chennai between April 11 & 14. If this is the MoD's idea of 'ease of doing business', then the MoD is evidently of the view that such expos are nothing else but travelling circuses"

First you had a RSS appointed defense minister who took the expo to Goa & now another failed to get elected defense minister taking defexpo to Chennai. In fact the entire Defense Industry Development Meet conference is now taking place in Chennai.

And since this country has millions of rupees to waste our Raksha mantri takes a sortie on a Su 30MKI. that costs around Rs.9 lakhs per hour to fly.

Naturally these unable to get elected mantris know fully well that they can get kicked out of office any time so take full undue advantage of your office to fulfil your fantasies.
Now I'm waiting for the entire defence department to be filled up with Tamilians. Because this is a natural trait of Tamilians to appoint Tamils only at their place of work.

RJS said...

Dear Sir ,

If you could be kind enough to cut through the technical jargon and various interpretations that we've been subjected to by various media sites - national & international and defense fora including blogs to come straight to the point - have the Chinese resumed construction on the very same road in Doklam where they were stopped from doing so in May 2017 by the IA?

One of the reasons why I and I expect , many others read your blog and pose questions is the honesty with which you tell things as they are apart from adding a broader perspective to give us the complete picture and the context in a lucid , easy to understand manner devoid of any biases , self evident in the many media reports - both national and international apart from the aforementioned defense blogs and fora .

If the Chinese indeed have reneged on their word ( not that this what unanticipated by the GoI & IA) , what is India's next step going to be ?

In earnest anticipation of a quick response.

Warm regards ,


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

The ultimate proof of the September 28, 2016 cross-LoC counter-terror strikes will be aired on January 22 to a global audience:

Let's see what the Pak ISPR has to say after this, & whether it wants to or doesn't want to disprove HISTORY CHANNEL!

To AGGARWAL: Despite all the threats & bluster emanating from China last year, not a single bullet was fired by the PLA against the IA & Beijing thought it wiser to disengage. What the slides above reveal are just PLA Construction Corps assets like trucks. All gunpits now stand empty & these too cannot be permanent structures since that entire area is in a seismically sensitive zone. As for the enemy to the west of India, it went to all lengths to deny the cross-LoC raids of the IA in September 2016 just so that it would not have to face any domestic pressure to respond back against India in kind. And why so? Simply because it had no stomach or resilience left in itself to counter the inevitable vertical escalation from India. So that makes the enemy to the west a mere Paper Tiger. And since you havan't yet absorbed all that I have repeatedly explained in the past, all PAF-PLAAF exercises have last for 4 weeks simply because they have never been joint in nature. Hence there does not exist any inter-operability. All joint exercisesx last for at best 1 week only & that's the global norm. The reasons the PAF=PLAAF exercises last longer is because they are coordinated exercises, i.e. each side is exposed for 2 consecutive weeks as the defender & attacker (in that sequence) just for the sake of sharpening one's individual skills. And that's all it delivers & both sides learn lessons for their own respective benefit, & NOT for joint benefit. And neither the PLAAF aircrews nor the PAF aircrews speak a common language & all communications is via ground-based translators prior to the commencement of exercises. That's the hard reality & therefore the possibility of a combined PAF-PLAAF air campaign does not even exist.

How will the PAF perform in the north against J & K? The IAF has 3 air bases inside J & K & several UAV airstrips to cater to this front. How many such bases/airstrips does the PAF possess in PoK? Find that out & you will realise why even in 1999 the PAF could not sustain its CAPs over PoK beyond a mere 4 days!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RJS: As the slides above clearly show, PLA road construction activity HAS NOT resumed from where it was stopped last year, i.e. the Turnaround. In other words, no progress has been made in a southeasterly direction, as the PLA had originally planned for. All the recent construction activity is limited to areas NORTH-EAST of the Turnaround, which in no way poses any military threat to either India or Bhutan.

To ARPIT KANODIA: The road-track connecting India to Bhutan via Batang La is quite old & was used even in 1954 when the then Indian PM Pandit Nehru had officially visited Bhutan after making a brief stopover at Yatung/Yadong a little further north where an Indian Trade Representative Office used to once exist. Militarily, the roads constructed in the recent past to the south of Batang La remain extremely vulnerable from Indian artillery fire-assaults from positions located a much higher vantage points & one slide above clearly show several mounds/igloos used for storing field artiilery rounds underground in the Doka La area. Hence, China's intentions/motives for road construction are NOT military-specific. Rather, it is aimed at maintaining pessistant pressure on Bhutan for the sake of forcing Thimpu to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing. And today's Bhutan is transforming rapidly & the younger generation there is highly materialistic & gives a damn about the cultural values that are cherished by the older Bhutanese. Hence, in a way the clock has already started ticking & it is now a matter of time when the younger Bhutanese will call for democracy to be established & the monarchy to be abolished for good.And China remains ever-willing to cater to the increasing material needs of the younger Bhutanese populace by supplying hardware for setting up Karaoke bars/night-clubs, scholarships for Bhutanese to study in Hongkong SAR-based academic institutions, etc etc.

VJ said...


About surgical strike's program on History channel, isn't the story already aired on NewsX?

Unknown said...

There are news about revival of Spike ATGM project. Is it just the return gift to Israel PM or the deal modalities are changed? What you think is the reason of this change of mind?

Kaustav said...

The Indian state shall be failing in it's duty to protect life of citizenry on it's border from foreign aggressors if Pakistani guns are not silenced ASAP. Whether it shall be achieved through negotiation or combat has to be done immediately as Pakistan might hope to get India to enter into CBM for reduction of higher calibre weapons. It is now time for India to liberate POK and redraw our borders by pushing back the Pakistanis or be blackmailed by them forever.

Hardik Thanki said...

Dear Prasun

Please give your detailed opinion on INS Vishal after the recent media reports on Rs 1 lakh crores cost for the ship and air wing. Everyone of the articles I read wanted the ship not be build and Twin engine fighter program for Indian Navy shelved.

Thanks for your response in advance.

Arun said...

Hello sir.I am not very well versed in defence matters but I come to your site to read the amazing foreign policy insights that you give in the comments section from time to time.You've told us a lot about the events that will lead up the Pakistan denuclearization operation and the military campaign to capture PoK and you've told us a lot about the operation itself but not much about what will happen later.What do you think will happen in Pakistan after Pak is denuclearized and PoK is captured by India?Do you envisage a scenario in which Pakistan will no longer remain a single entity and will split into multiple parts?I had asked you this in the previous thread but you had gone to a seminar and weren't able to respond to any of the comments that day so I thought that I could ask you again.It would be really nice if you could tell me(and the other readers) about your thoughts on this.

Intolerant Person said...

1.Your last reply is quite frightening.If China will do with Bhutan what you told above,does it mean we will have new "Nepal" there?
I mean Nepalese citizens are very much anti-India.Does this mean Bhutanese will become same in future?
2.You won't believe (even I can't) that L&M is offering F-35 manufacturing in India.That news article was from PTI.How much true is that?
3.Till now,is the prep. for March-April action going well?Or plan has been changed?

capri4791 said...


1 what is your take on recent news of customized f 35 for India?
2 what are the chances of Rafale M being selected for IN's req? if there any RFQ sent out?
3 Will IAF buy more rafales that both IAF & IN will have common platform & manufacturing in India is possible
4 how much truth is there in the news about Indo-Russian SFDR? is it the Astra 2?
5 what are the upcoming new Indigenous weapons to look forward to

Anik said...

Prasun da,
Pakistan is doing heavy bombardment all along LoC and some parts of international border. We have lost 4 of our soldiers in last 3 days. What is the reason behind pakistani desperation? Isn't the time ripe for us to open our medium and heavy artillery and move forward to capture Haji Pir and Neelam Valley??

Kaustav said...

Technically India is still at war with Pakistan as the LOC is a cease-fire line. The Porkis are sitting on territory we claim to be ours anyway, so military action to redraw and push back the LOC will not entail a declaration of war even when Indian forces cross LOC. If the Porkis have the stomach for it, they can attack across the International Border elsewhere as in Punjab where they are stronger than in POK, which would mean that Pakistan would be declared the aggressor. If they do not do so, Indian can push back the LOC and create buffer zones as well as reclaim our territory.

Pakistan or its stooges can use terror strikes or bombs which they do anyway. If nuclear weapons are used hypothetical game scenario works as follows :-
1. Porkis attack a civilian or military target, themselves or via proxy, with a nuclear weapon - India hit back with overwhelming nuclear force and use the same on targets in China as they are allies - China hits back on India as well as US, Russia and others - If the US/Russia can't stop this they hit China each other and allies. THE END or Mutually Assured Destruction.
2.If Indian Forces crossing LOC in Kashmir are threatened rather bluffed with Tactical Nuclear Weapons, India would try to take them out , failing which scenario 1 repeats.
3.Whatever the Porkistani pigs try, if India escalates in case they cannot stop Pakistan, the end result is scenario 1 or Mutually Assured Destruction.

On the other hand, if India and other interested Countries co-operate Pakistan could be disarmed, denuclearised and even split up.

capri4791 said...


1 How many entities is India are working with to develop Aircraft engines? I have hear about Safran, Rolls Royce & some ago it was GE[with ADA]. Are we having 3 parallel tracks?
2 Why can't India co-opt to develop MC 21 with Russia & take a leap in Aero manufacturing? Had read sometime ago that Mahindra group does some small work for Sukhoi's superjet 100. This was also suggested by the Russians themselves. All Indian operators anyways opt for the same class of aircrafts

Sanjay Mulkikar said...

Dear Mr Prasun,

Thanks for the insight you give on defence and related topics. With reference to an assertion made by you about de denuclearizing pakistan. It is seen that Paki generals and to a certain extent politicians had in the past cunningly sold Pakistan to US and NATO as a Strategic piece of land against USSR and in the process got large sum of money, equipments,clearance certificate from US President (George Bush Sr)that they did not have nuclear weapon, got away with nuclear proliferation. After twin tower attack when US decided to take on Osama bin laden and when Musharaf was in-charge US thundered 'You will have to decide on which side you are or be ready to be bombed to stone ages'. But as we saw Pakistan though was on US side but was also supporting terror in Afghanistan, made US agree to other side when serious terror act was allowed to happen in India and US diplomats would ask us to have dialogue with Pakistan. So much was the pressure of Nuclear Pakistan on our dumb netas, diplomats and some military leaders that despite very serious terror attack all over India we never made them pay the price for it. Until recently and to a certain extent surgical strikes were carried out. Today we have CPEC and Chinese Naval base at Gwadar. So combined with what the enemy together with their friends can do and with capability of our bureaucrats and Netas still at doubt i am not sure if ever any such plan of denuclearization of pakistan will ever happen. I am also not sure if thought is given to fact that if ever such an act is attempted what will future Pakistan look like or we will have another Iraq near our border....

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

The latest piece of yellow journalism:

How exactly the writer of this FAKE NEWS ASSUMES that LR-SAM is reqd for intercepting an MBRL rocket with 60km-range (Hatf-9/Nasr) is anyone's guess!!!

soi said...

Hello Prasunda,
What is your take on the given article:(

Is the N-LCA dead duck or still there is some hope, what is your take on the issue?

Soikot Banerjee

Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

My question is more related to economics than defense. Mukesh Ambani recently said "Data is the new oil". Is his assertion correct ? Why is data so very important?

Thank You

buddha said...

buddha said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing wonderful insights, with recent surge in retaliation by Indian Army when can we expect recapture of Our Kashmir occupied by Pakistan.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ARUN & SANJAY MULKIKAR: Up until 2014 the US was dependent on Pakistan for physical access to Afghanistan, but no more. Furthermore, Pakistan is now far more vulnerable to US pressure because it now has only 36 days worth of forex reserves for its imports. The economic situation of Pakistan is now at its worst since its independence:

Nor will China be available to bail out Pakistan, because a Chinese bailout will set a precedent for other countries to start blackailing China to obtain similar bailouts as a precondition for their support for China’s BRI initiative.

As for whether India can now formally become part of the Quad Alliance with a strong military component, it is explained in great detail here:

Simply put, India has no choice or cards to play but to go along with what the world’s major powers (excluding China) have already decided upon WRT denuclearisation & defanging of Pakistan. Had this not been the case, then the IA’s COAS wouldn’t have recently dared to publicly declare India’s intention to call Pakistan’s nuclear bluff. As for a Pakistan torn apart by sectarian srrife, it has been riddled with such strife since the 1980s & the recent incidents of encounter killings in Karachi of ethnic Pashtuns from FATA, coupled with Islamabad’s reluctance to bring the FARA residents into the national mainstream will further alienate the Pashtuns & therefore the day is not far when India will have to officially agree to one of Afghanistan’s longstanding wishes, i.e. India will have to declare that she does not recognise the legality of the Durand Line & that Afghanistan’s territory extends from the east bank of the River Oxus to the west bank of the River Indus.

To SOIKOT BANERJEE: In my view, the ‘desi bandalbaaz’ made the cardinal error of NOT consulting with an experimental test pilot before writing his fairy tale, & that’s what led him to conclude that :the Mark 1 is a crucial technology test-bed and data generator for developing the Mark 2.” In reality, the LCA-AF Mk.2 & LCA-Navy Mk.2 will BOTH have their fuselages lengthened by 1 metre, & both will incorporate LEVCONs. This in turn will require the aircraft’s wing area to be increased, along with the size of the air-intakes. And ALL THESE together will require the ENTIRE flight-control logic of the DFCC to be re-written from scratch, thus giving rise to the need for 2,000 flight-hours of flight-testing. These are the rules as mandated by the laws of physics & mathematics. Hence, to suggest that flight-tests of the LCA Mk.1 ought to continue for the sake of developing the LCA Mk.2 is utter baloney, sheer stupidity, & an abject example of total disregard for the laws of physics & mathematics—hallmarks of the ultimate kind of bandalbaazi.

Of course Mukesh Ambani is absolutely spot on. Here are 2 examples of how this is already the case in the US & in Israel:

To ANIK & BUDDHA: What the PA has done is to retreat from the LoC after the severe drubbing it has received over the past 18 months, to what it calls the WB, i.e. the boundary separating Pakistan from the landmass of Jammu. Such a strategy can then be easily sold to the PA as a morale booster by claiming that the PA prefers not to target its ‘brotherly’ Muslim populace of Kashmir, & instead target the Hindu populace spread all along the WB, i.e. this fits in perfectly with Pakistan’s two nation theory narrative that seeks to reinforce the full-spectrum superiority of the Muslims of that country. But, do rest assured that the BSF is giving them hell, as evidenced by this programme aired last night:

soi said...

"Hence, to suggest that flight-tests of the LCA Mk.1 ought to continue for the sake of developing the LCA Mk.2 is utter baloney, sheer stupidity, & an abject example of total disregard for the laws of physics & mathematics"

So you mean to say both HAL and ADA may/are upto designing and manufacturing new Mk-II and hence NP 1 and NP 2 are not needed as of now?

Soikot Banerjee

Sidharth said...

Prasun da,

How much correct is the assessment made by Chinese.

spanky's Blog said...

Hi Prasun,
Did you get the chance to visit NIGHT VISION & ELECTRO-OPTICS INDIA 2018 SEMINAR & EXHIBITION? A thread on this would be highly interesting and appreciated. heard on the grapevine that lot of new products were showcased from Indian vendors. Cant be sure of it until you post the thread and confirmations from your side.


rad said...


you mentioned that flight control logic will have to be re written for the mk2 .how long that should take ? also t he base knowledge of the flying platform has been ascertained, so should not it be easier?? another 5 years ?? ie after the first flight .
has the design been frozen and metal cut??

can i say that the levcons will do the job of pitching the nose up rather than the flaperons going down to rotate the nose as in the mirage 2000 while creating drag on take off? with this we can easily get the turn rate and radius of the gripen??.

you also mentioned the wing area will be increased. Do you mean increase due to the addition of the levcons or the original wing itself ? In that case dont we have a good opportunity to make good some design lapses of the old wing??

now what i dont understand is , that we are given to understand that the initial model of the lca had canards and the designers dropped it for various reasons and we seem to be going back to square one , what happened??

Is the news true that the jf-17 is going to have Total FBW system? I dont understand that because the original design should have been made unstable for the FBW to act rather than a normal stable platform . How is it possible ?? Do the porkis have the money to afford a total redesign??

Is it a sin to have a single vendor situation for any defense item like the rifle ?? why have we made this self defeating rules and cutting our own foot? what do we gain? was the Israeli ace 7.62x51 model tested in the competition? it seems to have evolved recently??
The OFB 7.62 x 51 looks suspiciously like the israeli ace?? what ails the gun??

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

For those who missed it last night.

SF (Para) Surgical Strikes:

Arun said...

Thank you so much for replying sir.Means a lot.I've been following your blog since 2015(when you made the prediction that Pak would get denuclearized).Thanks to your blog,a lot of things that weren't clear to me before became clear.It's a pity that you don't take part in TV debates.Most media people seem to be clueless regarding these matters.It would be nice if, around the time of the denuclearization and PoK campaigns,you do a post regarding the military balance between India and Pakistan in simple terms so that even a layman who is not well versed in defence matters can understand.Like that post you made after the surgical strikes.You explained everything so beautifully(like for example, the JAWHEAD tactic employed by the IA among other things).

Narayan said...

Prasun sir, as per a Hindustan Times report India is developing 800 km range variant of BrahMos missile that will be tested later this year. Is it credible news?

RAJ said...

Prasun da,
Are we really considering F35s for our air force???

ashish gautam said...

Prasun sir, does this information bears any credibility? Is it correct?,-Russia-fail-to-finalize-S-400-air-defense-deal-525989

Anonymous said...



China has made breathtaking strides in science and technology whereas India has lagged behind. Can India catch up with China?


"The idea that India is a nation of tax-evaders is a myth, this analysis shows."

isnt this flawed analysis?
our PM without taking enough labour reforms & tax reforms why go to Davos with huge entourage advertised about india isn't it sheer waste of public money what do you think?


Anonymous said...

with sanctions committee in Islamabad? what will be consequences for this step?


Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
What customisation is IAF getting in Rafales?
What is the engine specification in terms of wet and dry thrust?
What is the radar specification? Is there something extra in these than what the French are using in the F3R version?

Recently we bought defence equipment on an urgent basis worth thousand of crores. What was exactly purchased?

sbm said...

Can you please shed any light on this article and the claims therein?

It gives the impression that the S-400 deal is going nowhere.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAD: FCS=OS took close to a decade to be finalised by ADA because at that time ADA was also concurrently learning how to derive the FCS logic. Now that ADA has mastered the writing of the FCS-OS, all that’s required for the LCA-AZF Mk.2 is to compile all the test-points—a process that should take 2 years IF 3 airworthy prototype aircraft are available. LEVCONs will improve all the reqd manoeuvrability metrics. When the fuselage is stretched, the entire wing’s size & span will have to undergo a corresponding increase. Only after this can the LEVCONs be added.

To SPANKY’s BLOG/SWAROP: Yes I did & have compiled several slides of the presentations. Will upload them all in one consolidated thread in the near future.

To SIDHARTH: China’s Type 001A aircraft carrier has the same design as that of the CV-16 Liaoning. Hence, China has not yet been able to demonstrate its ability to design a home-grown aircraft carrier. India’s IAC-1 is a true homegrown product since it was designed entirely in India & it is being bui8lt in India as well. China’s claims on such issues amounts to just propaganda for domestic consumption. For instance, over the past 4 years, China’s 24 J-15 H-MRCAs have conducted only 2 weapons firing trials & that too in coastal waters. The IN’s aircraft carriers on the other hand conduct 3 such firing-trials during exercises EVERY year. Secondly, the overseas Chinese diaspora, especially the internet fanboys, take speculation to dizzying heights, for instance with the J-16. In fact, there’s no such product as the J-16 & all photos purporting to show them in Shenyang are just refurbished Su-27SKs, Su-27UBKs, J-11s & J-11As seen with yellow primer paint, i.e. airframes that have been subjected to life-extensions. Similarly, a homegrown PESA-MMR has only now commenced its flight-tests for the refurbished Su-27SKs, Su-27UBKs, J-11s & J-11As & this PESA-MMR won’t enter service before 2021.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Compilation of papers recently published by Pakistan's Jinnah Institute on the AF-PAK issue:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM & SBM: Why do you guys have to even dignifiy such FAKE news items by mentioning them? I had already explained 2 years ago that the S-400 variant that the IAF seeks is nowhere near to deployment status & is still under development. So why all this speculation about the IAF seeking S-400s with 3 different types of LR-SAMs? On top of that, as mandated by DPP regulations, the S-400’s IAF-specific variant has to be subjected to in-country mobility/firing trials prior to contract signature. So, unless & until news of such trials is confirmed by either Russia or India, how then can one straightaway jump to the contract finalisation stage??? Hence, kindly think about & account for all these sequential milestones that have yet to be achieved before reaching any conclusions inspired by FAKE news-reports.

To VED: I had already explained all this before WRT both the IAF-specific Rafale & the emergency procurtements of ammo stockpiles.

To RON: This explains it all:

To AMOL: 1) China is far ahead of India not in terms of scientific innovations or discoveries, but only in industrial espionage. Almost all such activity is focussed on cyber espionage that’s related to classified industrial patents & industrial engineering methodologies. 2) That indeed is a myth. Indians especially in the services sector dodge taxes by not declaring their true business incomes. But once they’re caught red-handed, they do pay up, unlike many Chinese businessmen who prefer to leave China for seeking political asylum in Australasia, Canada & the US.

To RAJ: Here’s the answer:

Fake News about F-35 sales to India are being peddled only by those who survive on paid advertisements for their publications/blogs.

To NARAYAN: The max range of BrahMos-1 is 550km.


bhoutik said...

ugh! that woman is such a pain to watch - lord knows what messed up pathology is at work there - cringe-fest

Anonymous said...


beautiful way of twisting the words to relive pressure from drone strikes..?nice way of easing locals


by signing RCEP or FTA with ASEAN what are indias advantages n disadvantages?


ashish gautam said...

Prasun sir I didn't had any info about the IAF specific varient... And it's testing as per new DPP. Anyways thanks for clearing that confusion. And yes Happy republic day in advance.

dilbert said...

Hi Prasun,

That link you gave us (Barkha Dutt's interview of Hussain Haqqani) was great. Personally, I find BD quite irritating (a prime example of the useless Lutyens media), but HH is a very sensible person (an oasis of sanity in the desert of Paki craziness).

Re. the History Channel program on India's surgical strikes, all the English-language videos on YouTube are screwed up (lousy audio channels) but the Hindi language version is good and worth watching.



This year 10 ASEAN leaders are guest of honour for the Republic day. According to Delhi based media, New Delhi is apparently trying to build an anti China coalition & that's why ASEAN leaders were invited.

But are these ASEAN leaders willing to take part in such an initiative given the fact that Singapore, Cambodia & a few others are vehemently pro China & derive a lot of benefit trading with China.



Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

Indian Navy is releasing an RFI for indigenous Stabilizers for Talwar class Frigates and wants Indian MSMEs/Startups to apply.

(1) Is this a technology that Indian MSMEs/starups can develop themselves or do they need to purchase technology from foreign companies ?

(2) Which foreign companies are developing stabilizers for frigates, destroyers ?

Thanks & Regards,


Anonymous said...


Do you think such declarations will have tangible outcomes?


having lost semiconductor foundry completely...can you think which manufacturing sector can introduced or revived to employ india mass population?


Anand said...

Hi Prasun,
As per this report there will be a delay of 3 yrs in the commissioning of P15-B destroyers because of delays from Russia & Ukraine.Do you have any news on this?