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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

China's Offshore Military Outposts In South China Sea, Reclaimed From Reefs & Shoals between December 2013 & January 2017

For ferrying a wide variety of industrial equipment meant for installation on such reclaimed islands, state-owned CSIC has built customised cargo freighters equipped with heravy-duty cranes.
PLAN Flotilla In IOR
The PLAN flotilla presently in the IOR has been on station there since October 2017 and comprises four vessels, all from the South Sea Fleet: Type 052D DDG Changsha 173, Type 054A FFG Yuncheng 571,   Type 071 LPD Jinggang Shan 999, and the Type 903A replenishment tanker Luomahu 964.


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DeathStar said...

Sir, can you tell us more about NSAM SR and MRSAM? Can't find any information on these missiles that DRDO has kept under wrap...what are their status?

anmol chaudhary said...

Hi Prasun,

I am curious as to what platform had been utilised to get these angled close view ariel images of the islands ? Don't look like satellite images ?

And of these are aircraft based platforms, how come the chinese air defence installations do not/cannot engage them ?

Sridhar said...

Dear Sir

You had Earlier Written about Some Action against Pakistan in Month of APRIL

So My Question is that In Summer The CHINESE Mountain Passes will Open


In 1971 Gen MANECKSHAW had Chosen DECEMBER for War because he wanted to
The Weather to Keep China out

What is your Opinion

Pratap said...

Pashtuns are out in the streets protesting against Pakistan and raising slogans against FC and PA Is Pakistan exploding from inside or are we reading too much into it?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To DEATHSTAR: SR-SAM & QR-SAM are one & the same. MR-SAM is the same as Barak-8.

To ANMOL CHAUDHARY: Any MR/ASW aircraft equipped with cameras can take such photos. The PLA’s air-defence systems cannot engage them since the MR/ASW aircraft are flying beyond the 12nm territorial limit & are thus not violating China’s claimed airspace.

To SRIDHAR: Intervene in which area? Across the LoC or across the LAC? And back in 1971 there was ZERO bilateral trade between China & India, unlike what it is today. Do you reckon Pakistan is more important for China than the China-India annual bilateral trade?

To PRATAP: This essentially is the full-scale opening of the 4th front against the PA, with the 1st front being the LoC & Radcliffe Line, the 2nd being the Durand Line & the 3rd being the Iran-Pakistan border.

Meanwhile, the official website for DEFEXPO 2018 is up & running:

This makes India the only country in the world to host such an expo with only 3 months advance notice! A most bizarre way of promoting ease of doing business in India!!!

Anik said...

It is not NSAM. It is known as NASM. NASM SR is a short range air to surface missile being developed by DRDO and can be compared with Popeye missile. Missile weighs 350kg and has a length of 3.8m. Missile will be soon going for lab testing.

Kishore said...

if India to intervene in Maldives on Nasheed's request, what would be India's conditons to him? Earlier I read this guy too was wooing chinese when he was in power and India was silent when he was sent to exile last time due to his actions.

gourav said...

Hi Prasoon,
Your views please.. What we can learn from it?

Anonymous said...

finally someone from GOI is talking some sense lets see if this NDA can decisively retake the whole POK...
what are present views and opinions on decisive war with PA among members of our CCS?
sir shed some light here


Anmol Ghari said...

Next if the Raksha Mantri hails from Maharashtra the Defexpo will head to Pune in one month's notice and so forth.... Here these characters are supposed to be working for the Nation's interests!

Deepak said...

Prasun Sir,
In an event of war with china, if Indian army moves inside Tibet, then capturing which areas in western, central & eastern sector would amount to cross china’s nuclear threshold which would force them to use Tactical nukes against Indian army?
In other words what is chinese nuclear threshold in western, central & eastern sector?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANIK: NASM-SR's poster was shown at Aero India 2017. Here it is:

It will have a rocket-powered range of about 40km & it will be optimised for high-altitude precision strikes on mountainous terrain. The project was taken up after the gliding LGBs were shown to be sub-optimal when used against high-altitude targets.

To DEEPAK: There are no targets in the eastern or central sectors that require AirLand-type penetrations of Chinese l;andmass in Tibet. The only meaningful area worth investing in for India through AirLand offensive campaign is the Ladakh/Depsang Plain-Kailash Mansarovar area. But then again, that area is moderately populated & hosts several PLA POL storage installations that too will be vulnerable to the usage of TNWs by the PLA.

To ANMOL GHARI: You're spot on in terms of doing the perfect MRI scan of the mindsets of these so-called 'netas'. And neither the previous RM from Goa nor the present RM from TN were popularly elected for the Lok Sabha. The present RM is an appointed member of the Rajya Sabha who prefers to spend most of her time galavanting around the country & doing everything except her real job.

To KISHORE: As I had explained earlier, India cannot intervene at any one person's request UNLESS that person is the constitutional Head of State or Head of Govt weho has been forcibly removed from office before completing his/her constitutionally mandated term in office.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Anonymous said...

Hi prasun,
Since orders for 16 ASW SWC have already been given to two shipyards, are they supposed to design it too? Or the designs are already supplied by naval design bureau.

Regarding IAF, what do you think about current heavy lift capabilities. With just 11 C-17, will we now be forced to buy Il-76 again ? Or is it possible to buy used C-17s. In long term only having 11 C-17 won't be enough.

What's the progress of Apache and Chinooks deals!? Has the manufacturing started or is it still stuck in bureaucracy and financial hurdles. Also what about the Russian light helos to replace cheetah and Chetak.

Also with navy just having 4 MCMV ships now, is the situation precarious considering that in sudden conflicts mining of Harbors will be a serious issue.
.what's the progress of L&T Vajra SPG. Are the manufacturing facilities ready?

Anonymous said...

Looks like China is prepared for the long haul in its differences with its ASEAN neighbours. It is willing to take up the fight for the entire South China Sea - Philippines Sea. This would give China, theoritically - access to sea resources in the area approximately the size of India!!

These are serious military build-up and I wonder how they were able to see this through without some clashes or face-off of the Naval Forces of the region.

China seems to have used a very dirty underhand trick to fool Duterte of the Philippines and gained time to have this constructions completed. Now it looks it will use these constructions to establish at the very least status quo. And in the event of future clashes will have at least the "Status Quo Ante" as the hand of the last resort play in case it gets hot exchange like it did the last time with Vietnam.

I wonder if the ASEAN concept is the weaklink here as ASEAN does not get involved in its members relationship with other countries like China, which in effect gives China a proxy veto.


Kishore said...

Hi Prasun,
what is the purpose of Maldives sending an envoy to pakistan?
we can understand sending to china for economic reasons and to saudi for political reasons but why to pakistan? why they did not care sri lanka as it is the immediate main land in case of natural disaster?
Please let us know what is India's postion? Does India has any options on the table to play hardball?

Kishore said...

Also it is my understanding that all the essentials must go from Sri Lanka and India, including all the food, vegetables etc as there is no way to grow them there. So why don't India along with Lanka tighten the screws on them so that the people and govt immediately start feling the pinch? Ofcourse they can source from others but the food will be too expensive. People with high prices will revolt against the govt naturally..?

Technology, Photograpy and Travel said...


What really shocks why we or indian army did not cross over to gilgit after securing kashmir after the acession of the king ... is it due to Nehru's failure to see the picture or what else

Arpit Kanodia said...


But why any Govt. call a foreign military power into there country, when the Govt. itself becoming authoritarian, declaring Emergency.

That is counter intuitive.

And the judiciary which is a Govt. institution, they called for Indian help before the Govt arrested them.

I think we put ourself in a box, where we decreased our freedom of choices. No govt. ever call for Indian help, other then they are threatened by foreign force (like Bhutan from China).

No one ever call us in internal matters, and as we are regional power. Internal matters in IOR do matter us ( if we considering ourselves as regional power).

If Maldives get away with such act, then I dont know why we calling ourselves regional power leave alone a Global power.

Further, even if we dont want to use military. By such posturing, where our civilian totally rejected a military intervention, we totally put aside gunboat diplomacy.

This is sad to say, but for me I think this look like a myopic foreign policy.

buddha said...
Is India a paper tiger and always fear to assert itself in real time

Vikram Guha said...


1.Thanks for sharing the defexpo link. Seems under the list of countries participating, MoD has managed to locate a new country called "Russians" even after including Russia

2.Is the Indian Army using any C-RAM to neutralise Paki mortars, rockets & artillery shells. Last week the 4 IA soldiers got killed because they were hit by Paki mortar & rockets. I was hoping a C-RAM can save lives of several Indian Army soldiers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasun,

The PM and Trump have had a talk on Maldives. Hopefully a decision has been made to make the move.


rad said...

hi prasun
the NSAM sr seems to look like the old gbu-15 of the US?

what will the guidance mode be -tv- laser ? has it been flight tested ?is t he pic shown a bove a correct representation of the bomb?

does this mean the glide bomb project will be shelved .? what is the staus .THe world over airforces are going in for standoff weapons

what happened to our sudarshan LGB?

why cant we send in operators and use lase guided artillery shells to take out the terror camps. We can always get them from Israel.Does america allow export of its gps guided 155mm ammo.

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,

My serious concern with East India company aka Congress in particular and other netas of our country is everything is seen through their prism of self glorification not national interest shame on me and others who still put up with these characters and glorify them as national heroes and founding Fathers.

Shiv said...

You have the ability to stoop to such a low, doesn't mean the govt of India will. This is precisely the attitude that some of our neighbors hate. Nepal for instance.

joydeep ghosh said...


1. this news though confirms it will be F16 thats chosen but rule out the F16/Falcon 21

2. also heard that IAF isnt interested in LCA Tejas mk1 bocoz of problems withj Angle of Attack (AoA) and high turning radius, thuis makes me think that to make LCA mk2 viable for IAF it must have TVC nozzle

your views


Joydeep Ghosh

Anonymous said...

People sometimes do not realize the length of the LoC and IB with Pak nor the topography. Its a war zone up there with many opportunities to kill and be killed. The opponent is tough and knows his strengths and our weaknesses, same as us. Casualties on both sides are normal in these hostile situations. What members must realize, if full blown war does break out, the number of dead will be many order of magnitude more, including many more civilians.

The reality is that in their culture they can accept casualties and have a very high pain threshold. It is the history of that region, they always had conflict. We also do not have the force to cower them into submission. USA + NATO did not succeed either except for brief periods.

The status quo will remain until WE decide to do something about it. Are we ready to pay the price? Ultimately peace will only prevail if we break them up and occupy them to ensure they do not come back together again.


soi said...

Prasun da,

Any idea of this following claim's authenticity:(
Soikot Banerjee

bhoutik said...

prasun bhai, u mentioned that the TMD test range at Machilipatnam will house a five-array S-band EL/M-2248 MF-STAR radar. will the fifth array face upward?

Gessler said...

Hi Prasun ji,

The recent events in Maldives have me concerned. And while I sit waiting for GoI to do something, I hear this -

What's your take on it?

Also, there was news recently that Modi talked with Trump over phone regarding Maldives. Has anything moved? Are we going in? If so, when do you expect it to happen?

Ujjwal said...

What should be the optimum SEAD/DEAD strategy of India against Paistan and China?
Thanks, regards

Anik said...

Maldivian MP claims that pakistan navy warships will be in Maldives in few days:
I think his claims are fake. What do you think Prasun da?

Indian origin jurno arrested in Maldives:

Meanwhile Trump discussed Maldives issue with Indian PM earlier today.

Anonymous said...

your take


ashish gautam said...

What's your opinion about artillery guns made by kalyani defense systems... Are they worth? All 155*52, 155*45 & 105mm guns. Why army has not yet started competition for truck mounted artillery guns? There has been requirement of more then 800 such guns... Please tell about it

Satya said...

Prasun sir, Do we have enough money to buy 100 single engine fighters and additional Rafales for IAF at the same time?

Pierre Zorin said...

India is too busy going round the bush chanting Hai Ram and Sri Ram - how could they even contemplate C-RAM?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

ANTARLY BOPII: No such orders have been given. What has happened is that only 2 DPSU shipyards have been selected as L-1 & L-2 & both will build such SW-ASWC. None of the two shipyards have in-house design capability & both have engaged outsiders. This is what GRSE did:

And CSL has appointed the India-based subsidiary of a Bahamas-based ship design company to do the designing. CSL itself has never designed any vessel to date.

No one promised to build the K-9 Vajra. And no one in this world can when the order is only for 90-odd units. Most Vajras will be delivered in semi-knocked-down condition so that L & T can do the final assembly.

To KISHORE, BUDDHA, ARPIT KANODIA, RAJ, ANIK & GESSLER: I really don’t see any reason for India intervening in any manner in the Maldives except for rescusing Indian citizens residing there in case they are in any kind of mortal danger. It should never be for India to specify what kind of rulers any foreign country must have & right now the situation in that country is pure domestic political turmoil. It is the UNSC that must take the lead & that is precisely what is happening. If the UNSC mandates that Maldives be sanctioned, then & only then can India & Sri Lanka can move forward with crippling sanctions that will bring any regime in Male to its knees within 48 hours. If the PN wants to play any other role that is not mandated by the UNSC, then the coast will be clear for the IN to dispatch a carrier task force & the combination of Ka-31 AEW helicopters & MiG-29Ks armed with Kh-35 ASCMs—by using multi-directional attacks—will be able to sink all in-area PN warships in less than 15 minutes, rest assured.

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) That just shows how much attention to detail is paid by the MoD’s Defence Exhibitons Board. 2) Not the IA, but the BSF. The IA already has Swathi & TPQ-37 WLRs. But no such WLR can save lives if the first inbound mortar round by fluke scores a lucky hit, as was the case last week.

To RAD: Yes it does look so, but it isn’t the same. The N-ASM-SR is measnt for Kargil-type mountain warfare scenarios. Guidance will be IIR. Sudarshan glided-LGB is still under development. Exactly how can laser-guided artillery shells traverse a distance of more than 70km & who will do the ground-based lasing so deep inside enemy territory?

To JOYDEEP GHOSH: 1) Yet another example of missing the detail. I had never said that the Falcon-21 proposal will be presented at the outset. Instead, it will be offered as the mid-life upgrade package for the F-16V after the latter completes 20 years of service with the IAF. 2) Not necessarily. TVC has nothing to do with AoA. Only LEVCONS along with an enlarged wing can achieve the desired AoA levels.

To MPATEL: Can they really accept casualties and have a very high pain threshold? In that case it is extremely surprising that such qualities weren’t on show in both December 1971 & mid-1999. Or are you implying that ‘they’ underwent some kind of gene mutation in order to scquire the qualities that you claim they possess? As for cowering them into submission, do read the history of the Lahore Durbar of Maharaja Ranjit Singh & you will realise exactly how both the Punjabi Muslims and the Pathans/Pashtoons were cowered by the likes of Hari Singh Nalwa.

To SOIKOT BANERJEE & ASHISH GAUTAM: Those aren’t reqd any more, since the IA definitely prefers the LW-155/M-777. Why should one go for truck-mounted 155mm howitzers when heli-lifted 155mm howitzers are available?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To GANESH: Yet another piece of sensational yellow journalism:

Aerial Delivery Research and Development Division (ADRD) is not a Division, but is an Establishment (ADRDE) of the DRDO & it has nothing to do with AEW & CS platforms (which is the domain of CABS & LRDE) & instead it develops only parachutes for both personnel & air-droppable cargo consignments. This bloke must have shared a few commercial brochures of parachutes developed by ADRDE & this anthill gets transformed into a gigantic mountain by the wretched speculating 'desi patrakaars'!

And yes, the wretched 'Pappu' of the INC has yet to grasp the intricacries of state visits. He has still not grasped that no Indian PM can make personal visits to any country & at the same time receive the full diplomatic protocol of an official visit by a Head of Govt--something that was extended to NaMo when he was officially received at the Elysees Palace. So yes, we are now witnessing needless & time-wasting/money-weasting mud-slingings of the very same time that was resorted to during the AW-101 saga in 2016.

Kishore said...

Now it is very clear that pakistan finds it easy to expand some of the it's intel ops in sri lanka on Inda to Maldives as it is kerala state that is the landing point to the maldivian and Indian ships evaryday for travel and groceries. Given kerala also has seen islamic radicalism it has become easy for pakistan to try new things through this maldives and kerala line. Can India do something abt that before a very big incident happen to us?

pari said...

no need of big things. maldives has 2 RO plants and when one of it's RO plat went down, India has to sent water from kerala. India' Intel ops has so much work to do.

Kaustav said...

Prasunda, Thanks for your logical observations as usual regarding the Rafale MMRCA procurement as the AW-101 Helicopter deal. Both actions by the Congress & BJP respectively have the potential to cause an enormous financial loss to the country and harm national security while exposing the hollow opportunistic mindset of both parties.

Silly remarks by interested parties on so called genetic martial culture and pain threshold aside, the NDA government better realize that successful military action against the Porkis resulting in recovery of PoK may be the key to their political survival and victory in 2019. They certainly are not going to win on the grounds of employment generation and good governance. A smart military campaign to recover territory in PoK can thus meet strategic and military objectives, be diplomatically useful for India while being politically expedient for the ruling party.

Narayan said...

Prasun bhai, we want to call Pakistan's bluff, but in reality it is Pakistan that is calling our bluff. After last week killing of 4 soldiers on loc, for which we haven't seen any retribution yet, now 2 soldiers killed in attack on an army base in Jammu.

Rajesh Mishra said...

Many people really may not like Modiji, but then Pappuji is the option. I recommend that Pappuji starts reading your blog. If he comes to understand even 10% out of it then he will start turning in to a brilliant. At least the Rafale deal shall not suffer on any of such account.

rad said...

hi prasun
i was referring to special forces going across and lasing targets form a standoff safe distance as now the pakis will be trigger happy ad nervous that the Indianans will come again .Are laser guided 155 shell in vogue or have they given way to gps guided ones? Do we have russia laser guided shells?
I s the news of the grp capt selling secrets fake ? is he being framed then ? what is the actual truth.
reminds me of test pilot baldev singh who was honey trapped and chose to end his life .

dont you think the gov should let kalyani to demonstrate the light weight 155 mm gun in good faith in this make in india sloganeering.? why are they ignoring him.? I think he has proved himself on the ATAGS as reports say they went very well!!

china is more advanced than us in rocket missile tech, but little news is available about the ABM capabilities of china. They have proved anti sat tech so it wouldnt be a problem?any links? They seem to be quite nervous about the agni 5 capability and have recently started issuing statements that they can intercept it , how far is this true ? what is the maturity of their system?

soorya narayan said...

Test pilot Baldev Singh was honey trapped ??

Vikram Guha said...


(1) Indian Army can detect the incoming Paki mortars or rockets but why are they not intercepting them using a C-RAM system ? Because they don't have them, isn't it ?

(2) I read today that

Airframe of Tejas is a knock-off of Mirage 2000 with minor difference in air-duct positioning. DARE- made Pod-mounted EW suit & jammer called "Tusker" proved to be a dud. Uttam radar, is overweight at 120 kg and underpowered. Tejas can accommodate only 70 kg radar in its nose-cone

Are these observations true ?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) What the BSF has are ELM-2138 WLRs. There are no interceptors. Hence, the BSF retaliates with counter-mortar fire to destroy the Pak rangers’ mortars along the WB. In the mountains, no WLR from this world produces the desired results. 2) LCA Mk1’s airframe design was heavily influenced by that of the Mirage 2000 because Dassault Aviation was roped in as design consultant in the late 1980s during the project definition stage. Tusker is only a jammer that was developed for the MiG-27UPG programme. It has since been replaced by the EL/L-8222 pod from IAI/ELTA. LRDE’s Uttam AESA-MMR is still just a laboratory product that has yet to enter flight-trials stage & therefore there is much more room for improvement and weight-budgeting. In my view, such a radar must first be introduced into service with the IA as a truck-mounted anti-UAV radar, with the same truck also housing eight QR-SAMs.

To SOORYA NARAYAN: How could he have been honey-trapped? He had obviously realized that some crisis was to befall him & he pre-emptied it all by taking his own life, i.e. committing suicide. So, factually, he was NEVER trapped by anyone in any manner.

To RAD: SOF units NEVER get deep into hostile territory during peacetime for such actions. In wartime when war is officially declared it becomes possible because then airpower is readily made available for support & emergencies. Laser-guided 155mm rounds like KRASNOPOL have already been proven to be sub-optimal when used over mountainous terrain. As for GPS-guided 155mm rounds, how will precise GPS coordinates be obtained? Whicvh GPS receiver will be flown directly over the targets for obtaining such GPS coordinates? I just fail to understand exactly how anyone can be honeytrapped on-line. Make-in-India has been in progress since the 1950s when even the Ouragan from Dassault was licence-assembled as the Toofani. Hence all such sloganeering about Make-in-India is useless & nonsensical to me. Yes, Kalyani Group’s 155mm UFH should be given a fair chance to prove itself. There’s a loty of info available about China’s ABM capabilities. Here’s some from my end:

Cont’d below…

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

China's interest in high-power DEW originated in the 1960s and R & D efforts began as part of Project 640-3—a programme to develop BMD capabilities. This project morphed in the late 1980s into the 863 Programme and involved the development of FEL and COIL. FEL-related R & D began in 1985 at the Mianyang-based Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics’ (CAEP) Hefei-based Southwest Institute of Fluid Physics (SIOFP). China’s first FEL, named Shuguang-1 (SG-1), was activated in 1993. The University of Science and Technology in China (USTC), which had been operating a linear accelerator since 1987, began FEL-related R & D no later than 2003. COIL-related R & D began at the Dalian Institute of Chemistry and Physics (DICP) in the 1980s. In 1993 a COIL was tested by DICP against a target 140 metres away. SIOFP and the Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (AIOFM) have been involved in researching adaptive optics and deformable mirrors. SIOFP has also developed numerous laser range-finding systems for satellite tracking. In addition, it has researched the concept of rolling ballistic missiles in-flight to prevent a ground-based laser from concentrating its power on a single spot on the missile’s airframe, potentially preventing its destruction. China has also deployed a HEL-based ASAT system in Xinjiang province near the Tian Shan mountain range, and it uses a CAEP-designed FEL that has been mated with optronics developed by AOIFM. The DEW R & D facility of AIOFM, operational since 2004, is located in the west of downtown Hefei, across the shores of Lake Dongpu on what is referred to as a ‘science island’. A large rectangular building with a sliding roof over half of its width represents the likely testing centre for a high-energy laser-based DEW. The USTC is believed to share a facility containing a 200MeV RF linear accelerator with AIOFM’s parent organisation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. CAEP’s Mianyang-based facility is home to a great deal of R & D programmes. Apart from FEL-related work, CAEP is heavily involved in nuclear weapons design. There is also the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry (INPC), which is located in the mountains near the town of Dashiba and is a two-hour drive from Mianyang. INPC’s R & D facilities include high-temperature and high-density plasma physics laboratories, a thermal-neutron experimental reactor, a pulsed fast-neutron reactor, a HEL installation, and various linear accelerators. In August and September 2006, the US publicly acknowledged that China’s HEL systems had been aimed at US satellites as they passed over Chinese territory. It has been suggested that these events constituted low-power demonstrations of China’s ASAT capabilities, while others have opined that they were merely laser range-finders used to plot precise satellite orbits. Given that the satellites which were interfered with were imaging satellites, either possibility has merit. On one hand, a low-power demonstration of an ASAT would provide notice of the capability without conducting an overt or destructive test. On the other hand, accurate plots of imaging satellite orbits would aid in denial-and-deception efforts.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To NARAYAN: Let’s not count the chickens until they’re hatched.

To KISHORE: Watch this interesting debate, aired last night, about India’s options WRT the on-going Maldives crisis:

Kishore said...

You said:
" If the UNSC mandates that Maldives be sanctioned, then & only then can India & Sri Lanka can move forward with crippling sanctions that will bring any regime in Male to its knees within 48 hours."

If India and Sri Lanka crippling sanctions bring Maldives to such a level what it has to do with UN in the first place? India and Sri Lanka (if it likes) can impose sanctions themselves.
whats stopping India to take such an action as Maldives for many years is exbiting Anti India and Pro China actions? we should have done long time ago.

What UN has to do with it?
If we are hurt , we stop the business with them. Is it not that simple? Where UN comes in this? UN may be important for a collective action but Bilateral Business is in our hands and we are free to do to protect our interests.

Also Sri Lanka may be co-operating with us to bring crippling sanctions on Maldives not due to please India or to punish Maldives but to PUNISH the chinese as the lankans lost in the economic game with china.

This mentality of some one (UN) giving green signal to us is really bothering at all levels. Why not we proactive to punish Maldives? we should have stopped doing business with them altogether when they unilatrally cancelled the GMR Airport contract.

Anmol Ghari said...

"I just fail to understand exactly how anyone can be honey trapped on-line." The whole concept like you say is outlandish. Are Pakistani women and their 'wares' any different to Indian women? Were it so there would not be so many Bollywood female celebrities! I reckon some of these guys are pussy hunters and when they are caught they blame they were trapped when all along they cared little about the country and more about the 'cuntry' they wanted.

Jay said...

Hi Prasun, it would be interesting to compare the capabilities of MIG series aircraft and Tejas LCA MK1/MK1A and understand the motivations behind comments on LCA Tejas

Kaustav said...


2 unrelated queries - 1. Can Levcons (Leading Edge Vector Controllers) be fitted /retrofitted on the LCA Tejas Mk1s as has been an integral design feature in the NLCA? Infact, it does seem the NLCA design would be the optimum base design for the proposed 83 Mk1As rather than the AF Mk1.
2. The Indian Army units in J&K seem to be equipped with Bullpup Assault Rifles besides the regular Excalibur/1C, Ak series and INSAS LMGs during anti-insurgency ops. What make/origin are the Bullpup Assault Rifles? Israeli/French.

Anonymous said...


what are ur view son this..

ashish gautam said...

I have read lil bit info about the KALI-5000 & it's other varients of higher capacity. Though it was also mentioned that it takes about 12000litre of diesel for 1 shot, & has been developed for EMP hardening test etc.
1) Do you have any information about it's military deployable varients? If yes then how quick/frequently can they shoot down the enemy missile or aircraft?
2) if used as an anti-missile or anti aircraft DEW how far can it shoot down a Target either missile or aircraft?

Anonymous said...

ur prediction is true LoC is lighting up like never before but more causalities are on our side with less no PA soldiers have lost.
is present GOI establishment is going maintain its outstanding strategic restraint like NDA-1 n UPA-1 has done before


Rajesh Mishra said...

Pakistan and China are also not very much happy with the Rafale deal. They should go for Burnol.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching interview of Yuri bezmenov, the KGB mole. He said many interesting things about India and KGB psychological warfare in India and USA. Can you comment whether this guy is telling the truth or not? Or is he a plain joker seeking attention.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To JAY: There really can’t be any onjective comparison between third-generation MRCAs of 1970s & 1980s origin with 4th generation MRCAs. Secondly, the airframes MiG-21 & MiG-29 are built largely with metals with limited life (due to the effects of corrosion & erosion) while the Tejas Mk.1’s airframe is built largely of composites that are not affected by corrosion & have longer service lives (despite this why the Tejas Mk.1’s airframe has a certified service0life of only 2,000 hours remains a mystery to me). Thirdly, the MiGs require more maintenance-per flight-hour due to lesser quantum of on-board avionics, while the Tejas Mk.1 has greater avionics reliability due to built-in fault-isolation diagnostics. Lastly, the MiGs have brute power in terms of higher thrust-to-weight ratios that in turn lead them to have superior agility metrics, while the Tejas Mk.1 is underpowered & consequently remains less agile in fully weaponised mode.

To KAUSTAV: 1) Yes, they can but that still will not improve the agility metrics figures since the thrust-to-weight ratio remains the same, i.e. until higher thrust-levels are achieved the agility metrics figures won’t show any decisive improvement. In addition, the Tejas Mk.1A is SUPPOSED to have an external jammer pod, with no MAWS being specified. 2) Israeli, from IWI.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: 1 & 2) Those are all rumours & needless speculation, rest assured. The KALI is for a totally different purpose.

To RON: You’ve got your figures wrong. Last year only 28 Indian military/CAPF personnel were killed, whereas the PA & Pak Rangers suffered 138 dead.

Meanwhile, the truth about the real prevailing ground situation in FATA post-June 2014 WRT the growing Pashtun resentment has started coming out:

To TUSHAR: He is only 40% correct, For a more realistic assessment read the 2nd volume of the MITROKIN PAPERS.

To KISHORE: It’s all about RULES. India has already declared, and rightly so, that she favours a rules-based international security architecture. Being pro-active does not mean being vengeful.

Anonymous said...

this guy is impossible.... your comments


rad said...

hi prasun
As you mentioned it is still a mystery why the lca life is rated at 2000 hrs only. Is it because they over engineered the ac to be structurally strong and beeing on the safe side.? Is this on e of the reasons for being overweight. ?

how stealthy is the lca which no one seems to mention being largely made of composites.?

how does the gripen compare to the lca in terms of composite used and stealthiness?

what is HMD on the mirage 2000 upg and ha s it been integrated with the mica missiles ie point and shoot? how many have been overhauled?.

as the tusker pod is junked are we still working with the isrealis to make anew jammer ? internal or external?

how on earth did an Israeli f-16 get shot down yesterday given the fact that it has got comprehensive flare chaff ,maws , jammer pod etc??

ashish gautam said...

Vmt prasun sir for clearing my doubt.
1) what purpose does KALI stand for then?
2) can we expect a short term but intense war with Pakistan before 2019 election? Or the present govt will be taking approach of surgical operations conducted by army.
3) why govt is not using air power to hit Pakistani military as well as terror establishment in POK? Why are they limited only upto ground forces based operations?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Tuesday, 13 February 2018
Room No 129D, South Block, New Delhi

1100-1105h Welcome Remarks : Lt Gen BS Nagal, PVSM, AVSM, SM (Retd), Director, CLAWS
1105-1130h Keynote Address : Adm Sunil Lanba, PVSM, AVSM, ADC, COSC and Chief of Naval Staff
1130-1320h Session 1 : Conduct of Operations in Nuclear Environment
1130-1140h Opening Remarks by Chair : Lt Gen AK Singh, PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM (Retd)
1140-1155h The NATO - Warsaw Pact Policy and Preparations for Tactical Level Nuclear War-fighting during the Cold War and Pakistan’s Policy of Nuclear War-fighting at Tactical Level : Lt Gen AK Singh, PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM (Retd)
1155-1225h Offensive and Defensive Operations by Indian Army in Nuclear Environment (Preparations, Training and Conduct) :
• Lt Gen A B Shivane, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd)
• Lt Gen PS Rajeshwar, VSM

1225-1240h Air Operations in support of Indian Army in Nuclear Environment :
Air Marshal Anil Chopra, PVSM, AVSM, VM, VSM (Retd)
1240-1250h Maritime Operation in Nuclear Environment : Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan, AVSM**, VSM (Retd)
1250-1320h Interaction including Comments by the Chair
1320-1410h Session 2 : Nuclear First Use Policy and Ballistic Missile Defence, System and Structure
1320-1350h Nuclear First Use Policy and Ballistic Missile Defence, System and Structure:
• Lt Gen Amit Sharma
Dr S Vasudeva, Ex DRDO

Kaustav said...

A Pakistani terrorist escapes killing 2 Kashmiri Police Constables. 4 Pakistani terrorists Attack an Army Camp in Jammu killing 4 JAKLI Kashmir soldiers 1 JCO from Jammu, killing the father of another Kashmiri soldier, seriously injuring the pregnant wife of one Kashmiri soldier. The lives of Kashmiris are most disrupted and destroyed by the incessant cease fire violations and shelling by Pakistan.The region or religion of the victims is only incidental but clearly display that the major victims of Pakistani terrorists and Pakistani Army are mainly Kashmiris whom the Pakistani establishment ostensibly want to liberate from their very lives probably.

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
When will PoK become part of India?
Or will this present saga continue forever?

Is PM visit to gulf nations aimed at mobilising to their support in case Indo Pak war erupts?

If China comes in support of Pakistan militarily during war with Pakistan which countries will field their military in support of India? Can we expect Russia and US to militarily support India?

I am asking these questions as I am seriously believing that a war between India and Pakistan is very likely after monsoon this year.


সুমন্ত নাগ said...

Prasun Da, latest press conference of Defence Minister:

'Paksitan will pay for this misadventure'--- Certainly there will be hue and cry in ISPR sponsored 'free Pak media'.

Your view please, on the light of recent another foiled attack in Jammu and Paksitani Cease fire violation.

Thanks in advance.


Prasun Da,

1.Today morning during an interview with News X a retd Indian Army Lt Gen S. Sinha ( I can't recall his full name) said that some political parties in India who are unable to come to power has teamed up with Pakistan to carry out terrorist attacks in India. Is this possible ?

2. You referred to the Mitrokhin papers in reply to a question from a fellow poster. Are the contents of the Mitrokhin papers factual ? Several analysts have said that Mitrokhin provided false information simply to get asylum in the West.


Anonymous said...

What's your opinion on the slow progress of deployment of Akash systems. Do the pechoras have any chance of withstanding attacks from newer threats.
And what's the progress of spyder sams. Which bases have / will deploy those.
Further did the IAF order more MPR from elta. Or only 15 ordered and delivered

Rajesh Mishra said...

Earlier a F-35 has been rumored to have shot down near Lebanon and now a F-16 has been shot down near Syria. Will this be affecting the marketing of F-16 in India?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RON: LoLz! Proof of the pudding is always is in its eating, i.e. let such Khaki half-panters along with the likes of Vinay Katiyars & sangeet Soms display their grit & prowess by spending at least 1 hour at any forward-most post along the LoC. It is very easy to talk & blow hot air from safe, secluded surroundings, but in reality these very folks will be the first ones to pelt. But one cannot expect anything more crazy from such folks whop in any case are totally detached from reality. Just like the CM of Goa who recently proclaimed that he has the final say on whether females drinking beer have crossed a certain Lakshman Rekha. Of course he chose not to specify which females he was referring to, whether the Indian natives or the Caucasian foreign female tourists dotting the coastline of Goa. In any case I have always regarded such folks wearing Khaki-colour half=pants as traitors since in terms of appearance they seem to show a certain degree of affinity with the Khaki-clad personnel of the PA. So, in my view they are Class-I traitors & the only way for them to disprove me is to get rid of their Khaki-colour half-pants. Now let’s see if they have the guts to forsake their existing hal;f-pants.

To RAD: It is because of inadequate flight-testing. One will know the exact service life of the Tejas Mk.1’s airframe only after signs of fatigue are noticed on the airframe. Now, this can be after 2,000 flight-hours or even 6,000 hours or 8,000 hours. Use of composites does not translate into stealthiness. Composites-based structures are also solid like metals & therefore reflect RF waves. However, if radar-absorbing materials are used as a coating, only then can RCS be reduced. HMDS of the Mirage 2000N is the same as that of the MiG-29K, i.e. THALES TopOwl. New jammer pods were displayed at Aero India 2017 & I had already uploaded their photos. No amount of countermeasures can overcome a dense attack from a cluster of ground-based air-defences. If a single F-16 is targetted by 12 MANPADS-launched SAMs at the same time, the F-16 will most likely be hit at least once.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: 1) KALI stands for Kilo Ampere Linear Injector & it was developed by the Indore-based, DAE-owned Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology. 2) Yes, because the residents of Jammu & Kashmir themselves are asking for it in even greater numbers, as was evidenced last night here:

3) Because airpower cannot destroy such targets by themselves. It always has to be an AirLand campaign.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV & VED: The message was sent 2 days ago when India publicly identified the terrorists by name, i.e. Qari Mushtaq alias Chotu, Mohammed Adil alias Irfan Bhai, and Mohammed Khalid Khan alias Rashid Bhai. What this means is that India has material evidence sourced from Pakistan’s national citizens’ Registry (NADRA) about the identities of such Pakistani citizens. The same was the case WRT Pathankot attacks in January 2016. This now leaves the coast clear for India to undertake decisive actions all along the LoC north of the Pir Panjal mountain range (from Leepa to Kel) where the snows have yet to melt but where the IA holds all the dominating heights. Hence, expect the IA’s fireworks to begin in that area from next month onwards. All the required quantum of ammo has already arrived in India to last for 28 days of high-intensity single-front battle like OP Vijay/OP Safed Sagar of mid-1999, plus enough stocks for 15 days of military skirmishes along the LAC in case China dares to intervbene (not along the LoC) anywhere along the LAC. Pakistan by comparison has WWR stockpiles of not more than 14 days, but its POL stockpiles are only meant for 6 days, whereas for India they are for 40 days. And it is highly likely that this time, Haki Pir Pass won’t ever be returned by India to anyone, come what may.

To SUMANTA NAG: There was no need at all to give such a press-conference at a time when the PM was travelling abroad on official business. It always pays to speak little or nothing at all, while carrying a big stick. The PA is already paying due to its own involvements with Pakistan’s domestic turmoils on multiple fronts, with an average of six PA personnel dying every week, i.e. it is bleeding from 10,000 self0imposed cuts.

To SUJOY MAJUMDAR: 1) Those are just the ramblings of a senile person who was egged on by such TV channels. In fact, during such talk-shows, the TV channels already brief their panelists in advance abiut the line of argument to be taken. 2) Yes, they are factual since the contents were cross-checked for authenticity with the archival records of most of the East European/Warsaw Pact secret services after the dissolution of the USSR.

To ANTARLY BOPII: That’s because the order-books are too big to be met by only 1 set of manufacturers, i.e. BDL & BEL. For as long as the S-125 Pechoras can lock-on to their targets & fire, they are quite effective. Even Myanmar 2 years ago bought the Pechoras. The principal role of such SAMs is not to destroy hostile aircraft, but rather to dissuade such aircraft from fulfilling their strike missions by forcing them to abort the attacks.

To RAKESH MISHRA: Not at all, because no one has ever claimed that the F-16 is an untouchable platform or is invincible. Meanwhile, on the occasion of Maha Shivratri 2018 do go theough these:
Tour of Mt Kailasha:

200,000 Year Old Ancient Levitation Technology

Pancha Rathas at Mahabalipuram

Anunnaki Found in Hindu Temple

Ancient Lathe Machine in Hampi

Kailasa Temple Built with Lasers

Kaustav said...

Prasunda, All very well on Shivratri and Mt.Kailasa, how about recovery of the Kailash Mansarovar Area and taking a parliament resolution to do the same whenever possible. As for Tibet, we can give them a state under the Indian Union from these liberated areas. Forget the Ram Mandir, just imagine the patriotic cum religious fire that can be lit if an oath to recover the area is taken. We also shall have control of an important area on many counts...Strategic, buffer, water resource and the great SECRET.

ConcernedCitizen said...

Hi Prasun,

A recent article on Russian tactics in Ukraine and it's effect on western military doctrine, Talks about a possible erosion of air supremacy and networked warfare capabilities, traditionally relied upon by the western militaries, in a future battlefield.

Would you please comment on how such tactics and pervasive bad weather erode the advantages of indian air power in a future China conflict.

Thanks in advance,

ConcernedCitizen said...

Hi Prasun,

Also reading about the planned expansion of US navy and the defence budget increase. They plan to field a 355 ship navy from the current 280. And apparently they envision it to reach 299 by 2019 and 326 by 2023. How can they produce 19 ships in a year and 45 in 5 years, when we seem to take about 5 years per ship?


Anonymous said...


Even during Kargil, the conflict lasted about 50 days. Is'nt 28 days supply for such a conflict too little ammo ? What about ammo supply made available to Pak from China like Parvin Sawhney writes ?


Anonymous said...

1) Sacred Tibetan Mountain Is Huge Ancient Pyramid? what is your take on this? who has built this? what is Nazi research has found from this?

2)"Haji Pir Pass won’t ever be returned by India to anyone, come what may." why this pass is important can u explain? what about chaamb nicken neck area?

3)how hostilities will start ? will it be unilateral CCS decision to go offensive n aggressive because India never started hostilities unilaterally and of our soft power posture or will they wait until there be a another attack on armed forces?

3) what about skardu and deosai plains will that be captured? will it be launched by joint IA-IAF forces or separate individual plans


Ravi said...

Prasun sir on this auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri let me wish you good luck & a great year ahead and ask you this very important question-

In a future war, will India be able to get back Kailash Parvat from China?

ashish gautam said...

Thanks for information.
Sir, is it possible that govt may give a go for massive air Strikes & land compaigns including destruction of PAF bases in POK & northern Punjab area of PAK, shooting down at least 1 squadron of PAF, bombing their barracks & terrorist launch pads as well as training camps???? Kind of limited war...

Anonymous said...


Another report appears in The Hindu to the effect that INS Arihant after the supposed accident last year is only recently been refloated and is yet to sail.

1) Is there any basis to this ? Is INS Arihant operational ?
2) What is the motivation behind such reports, if fake ?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KRITAVARMA: You must be referring to this:

Russian authorities have demanded over $20 million for rectifying the damage suffered by nuclear submarine INS Chakra, which was dry-docked last week, even as the government is seeking to fix responsibility for the accident. According to defence sources, Russia has quoted $20 million (approximately ₹125 crore) for fixing the front portion, which was damaged while the submarine was entering the harbour in Visakhapatnam. The details of the accident emerged in early October last year. The developments around INS Chakra come even as the indigenously built nuclear ballistic missile submarine INS Arihant, which had suffered extensive damage because of human error over a year ago, is yet to be back to active sailing. After extensive flushing and replacement of many of its pipes, Arihant was floated recently but sailing it will take more time, the defence sources said. On INS Chakra, Russian officials have conveyed to India that they would be making all the replacement panels in their own facility and would not be using any Indian facilities. The almost 5 x 5 ft. panels of the sonar dome would be brought to Visakhapatnam and fitted on to the leased submarine. In an interview to The Hindu last week, Russian Ambassador Nikolai Kudashev said he was not aware when the nuclear submarine would sail again. “As far as I know the submarine is under repairs as of now but in the near future it is expected to be back in operation. There is nothing irreversible that happened there. That is what I am aware of,” he said. The Defence Ministry did not respond to queries from The Hindu. Meanwhile, government sources indicate that they want responsibility fixed for the damage suffered by INS Chakra. As part of the firm stand taken by the government, it is believed to have put on hold the proposal to appoint Inspector General of Nuclear Safety Vice Admiral Srikant as the new Commandant of the New Delhi-based National Defence College (NDC), until responsibility is fixed for the Chakra mishap. Vice Admiral Srikant is the senior most naval officer responsible for nuclear submarines. Lt. Gen. YVK Mohan moved out as NDC commandant early in January to take over as the General Officer Commanding IX Corps headquartered at Yol in Himachal Pradesh. Denying any specific knowledge of the Ministry’s move, Navy officials admitted that a series of appointments in the Navy are currently waiting to be cleared by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Vice Admiral Srikant’s is also among them.

The Arihant will be back at sea by this April, rest assured.

Anonymous said...


Exactly. I still can't imagine that an error such as a hatch left open before diving could be made given that any submarine would have sensors to detect this kind of thing. As you pointed out earlier, the report about flooding should be fake. Why such reporting ?


soi said...


DAC today cleared procurement of Assault Rifles, Sniper rifles and LMG.

While it is certain that the quantity through FTP procedure will be Imported but there is a word in DPP that seems quite confusing i.e "BUY AND MAKE (INDIAN)" rest of the rifles will be through this process.

1. For the 7.62*51 Assault rifles part it is said that it will be procured through OFB and a Private sector Firm, does that mean that the OFB 7.62*51 rifle manufacturing will be outsourced to a private firm and both will produce it side by side or is it something else?

2. For LMG version, there was a DRDO/OFB made Belt fed LMG, do you think it fits Buy and Make Indian category? Will it have a chance to win the deal for LMG?

Soikot Banerjee

Anik said...

US intelligence says Pakistan’s terror ties, nukes remain a threat.

Pakistan backed militants to continue attacks inside India, says US.

I just switched to google satellite maps to check out Haji Pir Pass. Pakistan Army has massive presence there. They have built bunkers on the mountaina surrounding the pass and will require a brigade size force to gain success in that area. What do you think Prasun da?

Paro said...

Hello Prasun.
As the snow melts the infiltration would also increase across LOC.How does it army plan on conducting an offensive operation while its camps are being attacked simultaneously in Kashmir?

Kapil said...

Prasun da, dont mind me asking this, but how can you so confidentaly claim that IA will launch a cross loc campaign in March or if ever for that matter? Your prediction of April 2017 did not come true. What are the signs on the ground that you are seeing that others cant?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

TO KAUSTAV: That will be possible only if China faces internal fragmentation & armed rebellions due to intolerable one-party rule.

To CONCERNED CITIZEN: How can anyone ever compare the shipbuilding capacities & rates of the US & India?

To SATYAKI: What was the war frontage in mid-1999? Exactly what percent of the LoC was subjected to such a war? Ammo supplies from China through the KKH can easily be blocked by bombing the KKH inside PoK.

To RON: 1) Kindly see this:

2) Because that’s the main gateway to both areas north & south of the Pir Panjal mountain range. 3) Not true. India on November 21, 1971 went on limited offensives at Hilli just across the IB with Tripura. 3) Yes, the entire PoK will be up for grabs as it imperative for India to have contiguous geographical connectivity with both Afghanistan & Tajikistan. Without this, India will never be able to justify its claims over the Trans-Karakoram Tract which China now occupies.

To RAVI: That’s impossible, since India in the early 1950s already recognized TAR as an inalienable part of the PRC.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: It will indeed be only limited war limited only to the WB & LoC, & not total war, rest assured.

To KRITAVARMA: The story on INS Arihant was a fake. The one on INS Chakra is correct as it has been confirmed by the Russian Embassy.

To SOIKOT BANERJEE: 1) Only 250,000 7.62 x 51 SLRs will be imported off-the-shelf. The reminder will be the OFB-supplied Ghaatak SLRs. The ones to be imported will be this:

The LMGs for now will be imported & it will be these:

But the bulk of the LMGs to be procured will be OFB-supplied & will be of local design.

To ANIK: Haji Pir can be attacked from 3 different sides as part of a multi-directional & multi-dimensional AirLand campaign. The IA has even practiced using medium tanks like T-90S for bunker-bursting operations.

To PARO: IA camps were & are being attracked in Jammu, not in the Kashmir Valley.

To KAPIL: And what exactly had I predicted for April 2017?

bhoutik said...

your thoughts on the views expressed in the article below -

TheHundred said...

Prasun, I also recall you making a confident prediction in one of your posts closer to the end of 2016 that there will be a limited cross loc campaign by the army in March/April of 2017 when the ice melts..but nothing happened. So what makes this time different? You yourself have mentioned many times that our politicians don't understand military power and how to use it. What changed this time? Thanks.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BHOUTIK: New Moore Island Saga Explained:

I agree with the assessments presented in that article.

Arun said...

Dear Sir

Given that PAK AFGHAN Tensions are Quite High

Can India and Afghanistan carry out Coordinated Attacks on Both Fronts

And Will Pakistan Withdraw Troops From Afghan Border If there is a conflict with India

soorya narayan said...

Can China engineer flash floods in rivers flowing out of TAR to damage bridges/infrastructure on Indian side

ashish gautam said...

Hi sir, thanks for earlier answers. Happy mahashivaratri...
I have 1 question... 1) That OFB designed LMG whose video was recently posted by Sandeep unnithan on YouTube does have only belt fed mechanism, or it can also accommodate magazine???
2) Don't you think that at 9.3kg it is too much over weight?
3) Is it required to change it's barrel after firing certain number of rounds just like Bren LMG?
4) Same concept of barrel changing after certain quantity of rounds fired exists in nagev LMG?

himanshu vij said...

Hello prasun sir ,asking u this question after a long time. You remember the deal to supply frigates to Phillipines which grse lost to Hyundai shipyard, could be given back to grse According to one of the defese page run by an ex-filipino( ex naval officer ) According to this page the defese deal with Hyundai shipyard will be cancelled & the contract will be awarded to grse by president dutrete to india. What's your view on this.
And are we expecting anytime a war in between India & Pakistan ???
Sir when will the qr-sam will get ready for production ? This year end ?
Thanks you.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To THE HUNDRED: The figures speak for themselves. According to Pakistan, in 2017 there were more than 1,300 Indian ceasefire violations, the highest ever in the recent past, which resulted in 52 deaths and 175 injured. And according to India, Pakistan violated the ceasefire 881 times along the IB & LoC, with 771 of them being along the LoC. As many as 12 Indian civilians and 17 security personnel were killed, while 79 civilians and 67 security personnel were injured. In addition, an estimated 138 PA personnel were killed by the IA. So yes, the IA did conduct cross-LoC operations in a pro-active manner, as borne out by the above-mentioned figures.

To ARUN: There won’t be any coordinated attacks, but yes the PA has the option of redeploying some of its troops from the Durand Line back to the LoC.

To SOORYA NARAYAN: In theory, yes.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: 1) It can accommodate both. But belt-feed option is always the preferred one. 2) Not at all. 3) All such weapons require barrel-change due to natural wear-n-tear. 4) It exists for all LMGs.

To HIMANSHU VIJ: Cancelling a signed contract incurs a large amount of money paytable as liquidated damages by the party cancelling such a contract. Whether the Philippines will do this is unlikely. India has already been in a state of war with Pakistan since 1989. Why can’t folks understand this fact-of-life? QR-SAM will enter series-production by late 2019.

Kaustav said...


While not criticizing Desi B'baaz Shook Law and certainly not you Sir, my understanding of the deal is that all 7.4 lakh assault rifles at approx Rs.12280 crores being procured in the 15k+cr deal is the OFB 7.62x51mm Ghaatak. 72400 Assault rifles (Tavor 7 Bullpup IWI) for the frontline troops as well as 93895 carbines (make?) are being procured under the January 2016 Rs.3547 crore deal.Another Rs.1819 crores for fast track import of an essential qty of LMGs, 5719 imported sniper rifles for. Rs.982 crores all fast track buy global. My queries as follows : Does the 7.4 Lakh assault rifle order only include 7.62 OFB Ghaatak or also the 5.65 Excalibur? Does this spell the end of the road for the 5.65x45mm assault rifle as far as the army is concerned and to be used by the CAPF and state Armed Police? Is the JVPC to be procured at all by the Army? Is the information as above as understood by my reading of the ET article correct?

Kishore said...

Hi Prasun, Few months/Years back you talked about mobile signal interceptors and Indian Private citizens have acquired nearly 2000 sets. Can you pls let me know few comopanies who supply such equipment? Thanks.

And it surprises me when you said no one in India manufatures any kind of engines? Is this true, did I get you statement correct? Then how all these Ashok Leyland, Tata etc getting them? Thanks for your answers.

Jyoti Sen said...

Dada so it's pretty clear that in assault rifle we are ordering tavor 7 in lmg negev 7.62 and what about sniper rifle? Which one is coming?

soi said...

Any comments on this article prasun Da : (
Looks like a nit wit articles to me, whats your take?

Soikot Banerjee

Kapil said...

Sir, i was referring to what The Hundered mentioned. After 2016 surgical strikes you had said that war to liberate POK will be launched in mid 2017. But nothing of that sorts happened. Hope your prediction for this year will come true.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To KAUSTAV: Here’s what will be acquired: 16,500 LMGs to be imported at a cost of Rs 1,819 crore within a year. The Army, Navy and IAF together require 43,732 new LMGs. FTP for importing 72,400 new-generation assault rifles and 93,895 close-quarter battle (CQB) carbines for Rs 3,547 crore. An additional 7.4 lakh 7.62 x 51 assault rifles under the "Buy and Make (Indian)" production policy for the three services at an estimated cost of Rs 12,280 crore. Overall requirement for 3.76 lakh 5.56 x 45 CQB carbines will be met by a Make in India project at a later stage. 5,719 8.6mm sniper rifles for the Army and IAF at an estimated cost of Rs 982 crore under the 'Buy Global' categorization. Consequently, NO MORE 5.56mm SLRs, PERIOD. Those in-service INBSAS SLRs will continue to be used by the CAPFs. JVPC will be issued mostly to CAPFs & not the armed forces.

To KISHORE: Do read this:

IMSI-Catchers are available from Italy, the UK, China & Israel.

As for engines, yes some of them are made, like those for two-wheelers & three-wheelers. But for trucks, SUVs etc etc the engines are LICENCE-BUILT. Read these:

Hence, Ashok Leyland relies on Japan’s Hino Motors, TATA relies on UK-based Cummins, & Mahindra & Mahindra relies on US-based Navistar Truck Group.

To JYOTI SEN: No one knows for sure. They can come from any existing foreign OEM.


To KAPIL: Not 2017, but 2018. Check all my previous replies since 2015.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Sniper Rifle OEMs who are expected to compete:

Lapua Magnum 8.6 × 70 from Finland:

Sako TRG-42 from Finland:

FN Herstal Mini Hecate from Belgium:

Accuracy International’s Super Magnum from the UK:

Steyr Mannlicher of Austria:

Israel Weapon Industries:

Armalite AR-30A1 of the US:

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing of the US:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

The past 72 hours have seen bizarre kinds of diatribes being dished out by several Indian TV channels, all of which have only served to sow further seeds of confusion. The most bizarre was this programme, in which nothing but helplessness & intellectual bankruptsy was on display:

This was preceded by this:

Now here’s how the record needs to be straightened out & explained in common-sensical terms:

Claim: There must be an uninterrupted & uninterrupted dialogue with Pakistan.
Reality: Pakistan has always stated that the time for dialogue is long gone & only negotiations need to be conducted. This is because Pakistan believes in using its ability to conduct terrorism inside India as a bargaining card in support of its claims over the Kashmir Valley. India on the other hand, along with almost the whole world, believes that acknowledging such a bargaining card tantamount to nothing but blackmail & defeatism that will usher in the very same consequences that befell Afghanistan when the USSR withdrew in 1989 from that country after a negotiated withdrawal & without complete victory, which in turn only emboldened Pakistan to use terrorism as a coercive instrument in support of its national objectives.

Claim: Mehbooba Mufti Bibi’s call for holding talks with Pakistan amounts to treachery.
Reality: She only asked for talks to be held. She NEVER asked for either negotiations, nor for pandering to Pakistan’s tantrums or giving in to Pakistan’s demands. During talks, both parties are free to voice their opinions & India has always stated that talks are always welcome about finding out ways of eliminating terrorism from the region, & unless such talks are first held & unless they lead to conclusive results, nothing else can be discussed, i.e. Pakistan’s use of using terrorism as a negotiating chip must be thwarted at all costs.

Claim: India does not have a J & K policy.
Reality: Totally untrue. India’s policy is the all-parliamentary resolution of February 22, 1994 that calls for India making all necessary efforts for re0uniting J & K through the vacation of Pakistan’s illegal occupation of PoK inclusive of Gilgit-Baltistan. However, since then no Indian govt has made any serious effort to make this resolution come true.

Claim: Indcia does not want to discuss the J & K issue with Pakistan.
Reality: Totally untrue. In fact, the issue was raised & discussed by India in every Foreign Secretary-level talks between the two countries. And it was Pakistan that had to shy away from such negotiations, as revealed by this former Pakistani diplomat here (weatch from 028:22 till 0.30:49):

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Q) Why is Pakistan obsessed with the Kashmir Valley?
A) Elementary. Post-1971, Pakistan has been beset with an identity crisis after the foundation of its 2-nation theory was obliterated through the desth of East Pakistan & the creation of Bangladesh. Since then, Pakistani decision-makers have resolved that the only way of resurrecting & perpetuating the foundational 2-nation theory is by destroying all efforts by India to exist as an all-inclusive secular state. That’s why, even if the issue of J & K is resolved, Pakistan will still be unable to normalise relations with India since it will always view the peaceful & prosperous excistence of large numbers of Indian Muslim citizens in India as constituting a contradiction for Pakistan’s 2-nation theory.

Q) Despite all this, can anyone still expect that a negotiated settlement of disputes with Pakistan is possible?
A) Only someone living in a fool’s paradise will think it to be possible. Why? Simply because there’s no meeting of the two minds. Why so? Because of the foundational differences: Pakistan is run & administered as a national security state, with monotheistic & sectarian religiosity being the glue that supposedly all its provinces & federally-administered states together. India on the other hand is run & administered as a democratic, all-inclusive welfare state.

Q) What is Pakistan’s end-game WRT the issue of J & K?
A) Pakistan wants to covet the entire Kashmir Valley by orchestrating a chain of events (underway since 1989) that is supposed to elevate & transfer the UNSC-47 resolution from the UN Charter’s non-binding Chapter 6 to the binding Chapter-7, i.e. creating a crisis that befell East Timor in 2001 & that led to the birth of Timor Leste. Following that, as per Pakistani Constitution Article 257, Pakistan will use coercion & force to capture the Kashmir Valley from India & after achieving this, will offer the Kashmir Valley & PoK (minus Gilgit-Baltistan) the chance to unite & then decide whether such a province wishes to remain a part of Pakistan or wishes to become independent by exercising the right to self-determination.

I have tried above to explain in layman's terms what the issue is all about & why clarity of thought is the need of the hour, instead of running around like headless chickens like several of India's politicians & TV channels. Without this, there will never be any unity of purpose & one will then forever have to be resigned to seeing an Indian PM (like A B Vajpayee) giving in to the demands of terrorists & an Indian EAM escorting terrorists to their release-point (like Jaswant Singh had done in December 1999 during the IC-814 hijack in Kandahar) & that very same Indian PM being awarded the Bharat Ratna for such a spectacular display of cowardise, while a person like Dr Farook Abdullah who had then stoutly refused to release the dreaded terrorists today gets branded as a traitor.

Kaustav said...

Thanks a lot Prasunda, Guess that is why JVPC is being hawked by the OFB to sundry police forces and use of 5.56x45 calibre INSAS/Excalibur by the police forces would definitely be more logical and suitable. I believe the Armed Forces carbine would be Swiss origin though the JVPC is reasonably good. That the 7.4 Lakh Assault Rifle order is Buy and Make (Indian) makes me think it is the OFB Ghaatak. I fondly hope that the FTP route 'Global' 72400 Assault Rifles, 93895 CQB carbines, 15800 new gen LMGs and 5719 sniper rifles are in use by the forces when we cross the LoC to recover PoK later this year. It is actually now or never.

Anonymous said...


1) u once told that DAC to be chaired by defence Secretary but according to rules of business it is RM
please clarify

2) " defeatism that will usher in the very same consequences that befell Afghanistan when the USSR withdrew in 1989 from that country after a negotiated withdrawal & without complete victory, which in turn only emboldened Pakistan to use terrorism as a coercive instrument in support of its national objectives "
do u think US and NATO allies are complicit in encouraging terrorism during soviet period in afghan? sir can brief a paragraph on how Pakistan has bought mighty soviet to negotiating table to withdrew and what kind of atrocities later has been subjected during this withdrawal?
3) sir please im asking you please start writing articles in Major newspapers on National security issues nobody are deserved to write articles more than you


Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,

I do not wish to understand your despise towards RSS; however, branding them as non-patriots just because they wear (full) Khaki pants is not in good taste. When we have religious conversion as a FDI and a thriving business; they are doing their bit to safeguard Indian-ness. In our country where politician Sachin Tendulkar can get Bharat ratna not Major Dhyanchand (Hockey legend) speaks volumes about the hypocrisy.
Regarding IC 814 hijack; as a kid, I could see in TV, East India company aka Congress party actively supporting people to create mayhem so that the hijacked people can be rescued. I totally agree with the ham handed behavior of the top leadership concerned about their personal standing rather than the country's interest. It has been India's privilege to get losers as top leadership, except for the current one at least until today.


Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun,
In addition, I rant what Gotis have done to Bangas since independence? Other than allowing Tripura to be converted to Bong majority and snatching Sylhet from Assam and selling it to "secular" Bangladesh


ashish gautam said...

Prasun sir, thanks for replies earlier.
GOC northern command Lt Gen devraj ambu made following statement in yesterday PC
Asked about possible Indian retaliation against the terror attack on the Sunjuwan Army camp in the state, he said, "Operating along the LoC is quite complex and challenging. I do not feel that we really need to do tit for tat."

He added: "We plan our strategy and we will continue with this


Ek modi se SAB pareshan to dusra chora modi aa Gaya
@prasun sir : can't GOI engage CIA/MOSSAD ON HIRE ( seriously )to get these Modi's/mallyass to face indian courts??? It seems some kind of "surgical strike is necessary for these fraudsters" using the help of MOSSAD/CIA others

Pakistani View said...

Why Pakistan is interested in Kashmir?

Its the geography, people, language, culture and familial ties. For example PML-N is full of Kashmiris. Infact 1/4 of Lahore is. At least 1/5 of the northern Punjab population is from there or can trace their lineage to the valley and surrounding area's. Similar story for the north eastern districts of KPK. Even today Kashmiri's prefer their children to get married to people in these regions ratherthan anyone in India proper. Throughout history Kashmir has always been part of 'Indus' centric empires. A quick scan of the sub-continent over the last 2000 years will prove this. Finally Kashmiris do not want to be part of India. Its genetic.

No Indian get this and I don't think you will either. You probably don't even have to the balls to print this.

Kaustav said...

What ridiculous historical bullshit!! India is only interested in entire Jammu & Kashmir. Their people are welcome to be a part of the Indian Union with full rights applicable to every Indian. Those who do not are welcome to marry Pakistanis. Infact let us exchange ....You can have the Wannabe Pakistanis while India can take over PoK as defined by the Indian Map and Government. Pakistan is welcome to all the history mythology and genes it wants. Actually behind all the above poppycock is the evident Pakistani greed for Jammu & Kashmir. Let the winner take all.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RON: 1) RM always chairs the DAC. The Defence Procurement Board is chaired by the Defence Secretary. 2) Watch this:

To GANESH: LoLz! It is indeed true that I naturally despise any entity that claims to foster/protect/safeguard Indian-ness for the simple reason that all such existing entities have yet to articulate/define what Indian-ness is all about. In fact, all thery have been doing since their inception is to regurgitate & propogate narratives that originated from colonial constructs, which are factually flawed to the last detail. The day such errors are rectified, I will have no angst against such entities, kindly rest assured.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Yes, no tit-for-tat indeed, since such operations only serves to entertain the TV audiences in India for a few fleeting moments. Instead, an overall counter-attack strategy is reqd that brings about lasting gains.

To PAKISTANI VIEW: LoLz! What else but unabashed historical revisionism & 100% distortion of historical & geographical realities can emanate from brainwashed entities! If such Indus-centric empires did exist, then it must also be acknowledge that their command-n-control centres (centre of gravity) always existed in the Indo-Gangetic plains, not in Lahore or Peshawar or Multan or Muzaffarabad. Let’s now come to geography: firstly, in terms of territoriality, it was India, not Pakistan, that became colonial India’s successor state. Hence, it is India that has the first right to define the boundaries with all her neighbours (including Afghanistan), as per international law. Secondly, by using your revisionist PoV, can India claim that since almost all the rivers & mountain ranges flowing into today’s Pakistan are originating from India, therefore India has a natural sovereign claim over all territories where such rivers & mountain ranges end? Thus, any rational introspection can hardly be expected from those brainwashed & self-righteous entities that you purportedly represent. In any case, such matters are not about life-n-death today for any Pakistani, since he/she now has to wonder how he/she will survive in the near future with only 6 days of petroleum/diesel/furnace oil/lubricants stockpiles left in-country, & no foreign exchange to last beyond another 60 days. And leave alone balls, I reckon you won't even have enough grey matter inside your skull to make sense of all this.

Narayan said...

Prasun sir, i have a question regarding US motion to place Pakistan in global terror financing watch list. Will the decision of upcoming FATF meet in Paris be based on consensus or majority? If it requires concensus than its a bad news as China will block any such attempt.

Ved said...

Dear Prasun,
Can Brahmos be integrated with Mig29k? If yes then our CBG could be quite a strike package. Your opinion please.

What defence do we have from ship/sub/air launched cruise missiles with their launch zone in Arabian sea or Bay of Bengal or from any southern part of Indian ocean?

Rajesh Mishra said...

Deep and ever widening internal contradictions within Pakistan are sharpening rapidly. When these contradictions reach to their peak and further when there is little of ice, that is the best time for Trump and Afghanistan to invade Pakistan and finish it forever.

Curious said...

Lolzz...Well said

DAshu said...

In any case, such matters are not about life-n-death today for any Pakistani,
since he/she now has to wonder how he/she will survive in the near future with
only 6 days of petroleum/diesel/furnace oil/lubricants stockpiles left in-country,
& no foreign exchange to last beyond another 60 days.

What does it mean ?

SUVO said...

1) Any idea, about the purpose of the visit of Hassan Rouhani?
2) If we can accommodate Rohingyas then why not Yazidis? Media is too busy to cover Rohingyas but not Yazidis.More and more details are emerging of their Hindu origin. Last time we allowed another persecuted community called Zoroastrians and they blossomed here, while taking all of us forward with them.
Please reply,.........Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sir, what is the role of pipistrel virus aircraft in IAF?

was the last c130 that had met with an misshap recoverable?

IAF said has said twin engined tankers? So even if IAF chooses the path of modifying older transports to refueller, what options are we left with if not IL-76?



Anonymous said...

"Shias, Sunnis, Kurds and Christians lived together in Iraq and the same was true of Syria till the West created a discord there."
"Rouhani said while during industrialization, the West plundered the mineral resources of the East and in the current age of technology, it is trying to plunder their culture and beliefs."

is it true

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To NARAYAN: It is based on consensus. Even if China tries to play dirty, the US, the UK, France & Germany can impose their own individual sanctions that will be far more hurting. This will help you further:

To VED: 1) Nope. That’s why the lighter BrahMos-NG is being developed so that both MiG-29Ks & Su-30MKIs can each carry three of them. 2) None at the moment.

To DASHU: What it means is that Pakistan is now firmly on its way to becoming a defaulter state. Furthermore, since its costs of industrial production are twice that of Bangladesh or India, it can no longer afford to pay Rs.12 per electricity unit, thanks to the high import prices of LNG from Qatar. The iron is thus getting hotter & soon it will be just right for being struck, as was the case in December 1971.

To SUVO: 1) Take a look at this:
2) There exists a Rohingya refugee for the past 2 years that is located just 20 metres away from the Sanjuwan military station in Jammu! Of course India has provided shelter & educational facilities for Yazidi children.

To VSJ: 1) Recreational/sports/adventure flying. 2) No, it was a total writeoff. 3) A330-220, or B.767 or even the B.777.

To RON: Finally, it is out! This will help you understand the Afghan quagmire:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Rajasthan's definition of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan:

Desi Robots That Clean Sewers:

MOSSAD, Rise & Kill First:

MOSSAD;s Secret Ops Against Iran

MOSSAD's OP Vitamin C:

MOSSAD's OP Goldfish

Mystery of Israel's Missing Submarine

US Kills Russian Mercenaries in Syria:

man van said...

Sir, Is Indian Navy uses any of it's brahmos missiles in coastal defence role or its the IA responsibility.If yes which areas are they located?

Paro said...

Hi Prasun,
Is it militarily possible to capture the whole of POK in a span of 2 weeks? Given the present situation would the armed forces have the political appetite after two weeks or will the gov give in to international pressure?

bhoutik said...

jews with european blood who are israeli citizens need to stop with this weird characterization of israel as 'western' country. they seem to be suffering from an identity crisis. and it goes completely against their narrative.

when you say there are no defenses against cruise missiles launched from the sea towards India, do you mean lack of early warning?

ashish gautam said...

Ok thanks.
Sir, I want to know 1 thing, in indian armed forces I see a limited use of APC/ICV. Quantity is not as much as to support all infantry units, & even all units don't possess them. Currently we are using BMP2s only. No wheeled varients, even as u told once that their would be around 80 kestrels in army that too mainly for UN missions.
1) why so?
2) why govt don't bring armoured trucks or APCs in sufficient qty for armed forces personnel movement to ensure safety of soldiers during movement in hostile zone?
3) can we see Tata kestrel or Tata's under testing tracked varient of APC or any other APC/ICV getting inducted in armed forces in large numbers in future?

Anonymous said...


Regarding your response about PA moving trrops from west to east. There has been lots of info that most of the ops are now taken by their FC which numbers 120K in NWFP. They have been equipped with tanks and artillary too and apparantly transformed. They also have their own special forces too.

Is this why PA being aggresive on LOC because they have moved troops to the east?


Vikram Guha said...

Prasun Da,

1. About this whole issue of Vajpayee's cowardice regarding Masood Azhar's release, several security professionals buy the Vajpayee Govts line that 100 + lives were at stake so Massod Azhar & Co had to be released. Is this true ? Had Masood Azhar & his jihadi frienss not been released all the hostages on board the aircraft would have been killed in Afghanistan ?

2. In this picture of the Nirbhaya, what are those two containers in between ( the missiles & the driver's compartment ) ? Are they housing the radars ?



Anonymous said...

1) WoW....what would be Iran president reaction who is presently in Hyderabad..why PA hasnt joined IMAF untill now? is it becoz its hands are full with two fronts?

2)" PA making "unilateral" decisions, which bypass the parliament."&"tantamount to bypassing the parliament". did they suddenly woke from hibernation?


ashish gautam said...

There has been a report published by shiv aroor on 6th Jan that navy has confirmed regarding the discussion for 57 naval fighters with Boeing and Dassault, said that Mig has been discarded.
But u told earlier that IAC 1, will b using only mig 29 as it's births have been designed for mig only.
Kindly clarify about this issue. & Yes he also mentioned that navy is interested in CATOBAR based aircraft.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANIK: Have already uploaded above a slide & info on the PLAN flotilla currently deployed in the IOR. Have been tracking it for the past 1 month.

To ASHISH GAUTAM: Are these 57 carrier-based MMRCAs meant for the IAC-1 or IAC-2? Does the INS Vikramaditya or IAC-1 have CATOBAR? If not, then why are you ASSUMING that the Rafale or F/A-18E/F are meant for IAC-1? Kestrel APCs are NOT for UN missions, but for motorised infantry formations. BMP-2s are used for UN missions.

To VIKRAM GUHA: 1) 100+ lives were saved then without even thinking about how many more lives would be lost ince such terrorists were back in business! 2) Power generators for activating electro-hydraulic systems, plus the launch-control cabin.

To NAGRAJ: Do you really expect anyone to buy such shit? The FC is like the BSF. Altogether about 300,000 are reqd for patrolling the entire stretch of the Durand Line. The PA on the other hand is deployed for area domination & for conducting counter-terror operations throughout FATA & KPK. The 60% of the Pashtun IDPs that have returned back to FATA are extremely restless & angry since they are being oppressed daily under the FCR regulations (i.e. collective punishment concept that has been in force since the colonial era) & the PA contionues to deny permission to rebuild more than 75,000 multi-storey houses that were destroyed by the PA from June 2014 till January 2017. Thus is all publicly available data as of last week that were revealed by FATA residents protesting in Islamabad last week.

To PARO: It is very much doable through limited high-intensity war.

To MAN VAN: All coastal defence units of the IN still use only the P-22 Termit ASCM.

ashish gautam said...

Hmmm it must be for IAC-2 then....
Thanks for clearing confusion regarding BMPs. Kindly tell me that are we going to get more APCs in future other then Kestrel in qty of 1000s or more??

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ASHISH GAUTAM: One must be extremely careful when quoting sources that are compulsive/habitual liars & dis-informers. Here's one instance:

It was not in January 2018, but in 2007 itself that the IAF confirmed its decision to acquire the Nirbhay LACM. The same was done by the IA & IN as well. Here are 2 posters of 2011 vintage that prove what I'm saying:

These clearly prove that the DRDO's CEMILAC had commenced systems integration work on the Su-30MKI for Nirbhay's air-launched version way back in the previous decade. Thus, I can;t figure out what kind of sadistic pleasure such 'desi patrakaars' derive from distributing error-ridden & distorted news-reports.

ashish gautam said...

Hahahahahaha... I know that sir, I know usko kaise b krke limelight mei bane rehne Hai.... Farzi show off Hai vo.... Ap b apni website bana lo na... Anyways thanks.

sbm said...

Prasun, it is a little bit confusing with all the rumours flying around about F-35s, the Rafale and the seemingly never-ending saga of the Pak-FA.

Somewhere in all of this lies the truth. I expect that more Rafales will be ordered but will this apparently fake news about the F-35 as yet come true? I mean the Pak-Fa seems not to be in favour with the IAF. Yet, I can't see why it should be abandoned. It's a work in progress.

Any clarity would be deeply appreciated.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SBM: LoLz! It’s elementary: whether or not any such story makes sense or is utter nonsense can easily be objectively quantified by just counting inside that story words like would, could, may, expected, etc etc. On top of that, common-sense mandates that the programmes on which money has already been invested in substantial degrees to date will carry on forward & will not be terminated, i.e. the FGFA/PMF & the Rafale MRCA procurements. While the Rafales will take over the DPSA role, with the Super Su-30MKIs also sharing that role in future, the FGFA.PMF is meant to replace the Mirage 2000Ns & MiG-28UPGs. The single-engined MRCAs (like the F-16V on offer & the LCA-AF Mk.2) are meant to replace the MiG-21bis, MiG-21M, MiG-21Bison, MiG-27M/UPG & eventually the Jaguar IS as well. So, where exactly will either the F-35 JSF & AMCA come in? Can the single-engined F-35 be considered as an alternative to the twin-engined FGFA/PMF, or is the FGFA/PMF in a different league altogether, i.e. it will be comparable to not the F-35, but the F/A-22 Raptor? Simple questions, really, that deserve simple, objective answers & not the kind of delusional fairy-tales being peddled out as ‘paid news’, don’t you think?

Pratap said...

Last month India and Seychelles signed a pact for India to build 'naval facilities' and then India gained 'military access' to an Oman port. Read many reports about these 2 stories but as usual these media folks themselves have no idea as to what India is getting and what it intends to do. Kindly explain what these developments mean for India and Indian ocean. Also, is the Qatar port deal linked with India-Qatar defence pact of 2008 that calls for India to come to Qatar's aid if they require? Given the security situation in ME will India honor such a request?

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SBM: I've tried to simplify above the 'tyranny of combat aircraft fleet-strength arithmetic' in layman's terms. But this issue is not cause for any concern, especially for this weekend. Far more interesting for me is the book DIRECTORATE S by Steve Cole. But this book makes no mention of OP SEA SCUTTLE, which was jointly mounted by the US Navy SEAL team 6 & a NEST team along with the IN's MARCOS back in the previous decade to intercept & destroy a consignment of fissile plutonium (smuggled out of Khushab in Pakistan & meant for use as a crud radiological weapon) that was being shipped to an African destination via Karachi, through an Indian port while in transit. What was this operation all about & how it was carried out will be outlined by me in the next forthcoming thread of this blog. This will then contextualise all the noise that the US has been making all this while about Pakistan's 'nuclear assets' being the cause of severe concern not just in the US, but in Europe as well.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To PRATAP: The agreement with Seychelles concerns the setting up & maintenance of a coastal surveillance system & also a SIGINT station. As for the Siltanate of Oman, its Duqm port is located south of both the Chabahar port in Iran, which India is helping develop, and the Gwadar port in Pakistan. India signed a key pact with Oman on February 12, 2018 that allows her naval vessels deployed in & around the Horn of Africa to use the strategically located Duqm port and dry-dock. It is an arrangement identical to that inked between India & Singapore under which the Changi Naval Base in Singapore can be accessed by the IN at any time for both naval vessel repairs as well as for fleet replenishment.

Rajesh Mishra said...

Shri PKS: Do you think that something like 2 squadrons of Su-57 will be ordered first and then followed by more squadrons of the FGFA.

sbm said...

As you mentioned nuclear issues, did anything emerge from that CLAWS discussion? The people slated to speak are not your usual think-tank clowns.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To RAJESH MISHRA: No, that won't happen nor such an option is reqd. The FGFA/PMF that the IAF requires is AFTER 2025, so there's ample time left for acquiring the definitive FGFA/PMF. But the good news is coming from Iran: that country's army is interested in buying large quantities of vehicular radios for its fleet of armoured vehicles (both tracked & wheeled) from BEL & ALPHA Technologies, while It wants BEL to supply the fire-control system upgrade kits for its large existing arsenal of Oerlikon-Contraves anti-aiorcraft cannons. Since the Iranian Rial has depreciated by 1/4th against the US$, Iran is finding it difficult to pay China, which insists on payments for all its exports in US$. India on the other hand does not impose any such conditions & is happy to accept payments from Iran in crude oil shipments. As a result, President Rouhani, who is extremely anxious to revive the Iranian economy, is expecting India to play far greater roles in sectors like defence, pharmaceuticals, railways modernisation, supplies of agricultural products, etc etc. This is definitely an unexpected but much welcome windfall for India. Furthermore, Iraq too is expected to follow in taking similar steps.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To SBM: The people who spoke this time made the same type of dreary theoretical presentations that they had earlier made during their Staff College days! If anyone was expecting something realistic or objective, then they were totally disappointed. They did not even know anything about the PA's TNW storage facility at Pasrur, near Sialkot & the Chicken's Neck area!

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

This is the Chenani-Nashri Tunnel:

But unknown to many, the area right above this tunnel in Jammu is called Patnitop, where the IAF in early 1998 had set up an airspace surveillance radar station at very short notice with the help of IAF Mi-26Ts in order to monitor all those PAF C-130s that were taking off from Chaklala air base & were headed for Pyongyang, via Xinjiang, TAR, Chengdu, Wuhan & Dalian.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Pakistan's External Debt Now $89 billion:

Pakistan Will Be Reqd To Pay US$6 billion in 4 Months:

Pak Parliamentarians Crying About ‘Brutish’ IA:

Curious reader said...

Prasun relating to Iranian President's viait, is there any further development regarding the Farzad b offahore gas field agreement.

Pierre Zorin said...

Prasun did you realise Pakistani View is the return of Raw13 or whatever the name used to be?
A. Gautam: People have misheard - he said no Tits for tat LoL

Anyway Kashmiris all want to part of Pakistan according to Pakistani View and yet no Pakistani want to live in Pakistan - they are all in the UK! Even Wasim Akram said had he lived in Pakistan he would have been hawking on trains and buses.... I guess if you starve your population and feed the military you will definitely get quality Mu-SLIMs in Pakistan ha ha ha ha

Gehrman said...

Indeed great welcome news coming in from Iran Prasun, do you think we can see a revival of the undersea gas pipeline plan between India Iran and Oman. That will give us more leverage in the middle east, and secure our energy supplies at the same time.

Arun said...

Dear Sir ; You have Written this

" PA's TNW storage facility at Pasrur, near Sialkot & the Chicken's Neck area!

So my Question is That Dont you think Chicken Neck is an EASIER TARGET than HAJI PIR

Haji Pir terrain is very difficult for our soldiers

And there are many villages where Pakistan Army soldiers can hide and attack our soldiers

In Chicken Neck we can use TANKS and Artillery to good effect

And also Pakistan Army can be shamed on Loosing Territory
Please give your views


" Far more interesting for me is the book DIRECTORATE S by Steve Cole. But this book makes no mention of OP SEA SCUTTLE, which was jointly mounted by the US Navy SEAL team 6 & a NEST team along with the IN's MARCOS back in the previous decade to intercept & destroy a consignment of fissile plutonium (smuggled out of Khushab in Pakistan & meant for use as a crud radiological weapon) that was being shipped to an African destination via Karachi, through an Indian port while in transit. What was this operation all about & how it was carried out will be outlined by me in the next forthcoming thread of this blog. "

@ Prasun sir : Found this video after you gave information on youtube

@13:07 it says the transit port was Surat, India
@23:47 it says operation was conducted off the coast of jamnagar
@40:05 it acknowledges after engine room blast, ships starts to sink and ship crew/terrorist were rescued by foreign navy....
@43:32 it says items recovered by foreign authorities from rescued terrorists include mobile phones and subsequently handed over to CIA and then to FBI

So all the above incidents as per video are true?? can we assume foreign navy/authority here to be Indian navy???
But I believe America never gives credit to other countries which it gets help from as the book itself doesnt make any refrences to op sea scuttle

Any way looking forward to your analysis thread and slides for more details eagerly... that will make this weekend more interesting indeed. Request you to give folks like us more such info...No where else it gives such incredible details

My next question is about engaging CIA/MOSSAD to kidnap mallya/modi covertly from foreign country and bring them to justice in india...i did asked it earlier went unanswered.....when india can help america...same reciprocity should be given by america to india i belive ....whats your say sir??


" BARC has developed a special process to strengthen high molecular weight polyethylene resulting in high ballistic performance composite sheets (called BARC Nano-Sheets). Bhabha Kavach made up of BARC Nano-Sheets are lighter in weight with reduced trauma level with respect to the existing jackets.

Level III BR Jackets with Bhabha Kavach (protection against SLR, AK-47 mild steel core) weigh less than 5 kg with trauma less than 20 mm.
Level III + BR Jackets with Bhabha Kavach (protection against SLR, AK-47 hard steel core) weigh around 6.8 kg with trauma less than 15 mm. Here, hot pressed boron carbide tiles backed with BARC Nano-Sheet (both developed by BARC) are used.
Stand-alone Bhabha Kavach, where no SAP is required is also available and weigh less than 3.5 kg for Level III protection and 5.3 kg for Level III+ protection.

This technology is developed for the welfare of Armed Forces and Government Authorities. Only reputed organisations shall be considered for the transfer of this technology. "

Does this technology has any significance??? Is it better in any way than already available products??

rad said...

hi prasun
this kalvari plus project is do able ? have we enough knowledge base and experience to make it ourselves ? will the french stop us from using their tech?

how good is the advanced mareech torpedo decoy ? the navy seems satisfied?

we got a port in oman now , why cant we get djibouti after all the west will be happier , it will raise the shackle for china .It will be useful to monitor their activities close by. does djibouti base give china an advantage ? as other nations also have bases there?

Anonymous said...

never seen a Muslim majority country to make a statement like this? i wonder what PA GHQ would be thinking about this? will there be any fireworks in Iran-Pak border from PA to this present visit?


aritro data said...

--------------cause for worry?? you had said earlier that Bjp would win in 2019 because of fragmented opposition.But these trends show something else

Manu Singh said...


This article has mentioned Indian wheat export to Afghnistan:

What has been the impression of Afghan people of this wheat import? Has it affected their traditional suppliers ? Is it just a token gesture or something that has significantly affected people's lives there??


Anik said...

Check this out Prasun Da..

Secondly, what will you say about PLAN activity in IOR. It this somewhere related to maldives crisis? Do the chinese think that india will intervene militarily in Maldives. What is the reason behind china sending its warships in IOR or it is just a way to deter india and show solidarity with Yameen.

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANIK: If I;m not mistaken, the writer of that article was the PM’s press adviser during UPA-2. Hence, he has an obvious motive to favourably project the UPA-2 govt’s workings. To cut a long story short, neither he nor any other contemporary commentator have any understanding abiut what limited high-intensity war under nuclear overhang is all about, nor are they realistic enough to grasp the big picture, i.e. it is not just India that will have to fight such a war, but that it will be a multilateral affair.

In any case, what has made my day today is the unleashing of the ‘ultimate weapon’ against Pakistan that is far more potent than Brahmastra & which is now sending entire Pakistan into a tizzy. Here it is:

Mind you, we are talking about an enemy whose Supreme Court had recently banned Pakistani Muslims from celebrating or wishing one another on Valentine’s Day!!!

Instead, this is what entertains most Pakistanis today:

As for the future of Malfives, Mohd Nasheed was in Bengaluru yesterday for a seminar & this is what he said there: (watch from 28.19 till 1.19.43)

To MANU SINGH: Afghanistan’s principal supplier of wheat at the cheapest commercial rate is Kazakhstan, which is now being supplied by rail via Uzbekistan. India’s supply of wheat to Afghanistan is part of the aid package at subsidised rates. In any case, since the operationalisation of Chabahar FTIZ last year, more than 80% of Afghanistan’s imports & exports by sea are being conducted from Chabahar, meaning that Afghanistan’s use of Pakistan’s Port Qasim in Karachi has decreased proportionally.

To ARITRO DATA: No cause for worry at all. These politicians are all from tribal societies who can be bought over at a higher price any time.

To RAD: What exactly is Kalvari +? No one from France or Germany or Russia taught India how to go about designing submarines. India’s experiences thus remain limited only to submarine hull fabrication.

To AMIT BISWAS: Here it is:

The BPJ, named 'Bhabha Kavach' made by Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd, weighs around 10kg. However, it does not specify whether this weight is due to only 1 tile insert, or two. And as for the US-India special ops in the high seas, that video was only a fictionalized account of the actual operation & there are significamt variations between what really happened & what was shown.

bhoutik said...

low hanging fruit is disappearing. scary stuff

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Yet another conspiracy theory, similar to this:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

PA’s COAS at Munich Security Conference 2018:

Anti-Pakistan Protests in Munich:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To BHOUTIK: Sri Lanka's counterpart of India's IDSA:

Pathfinder Foundation:

According to this think-tank, Buddhism grew in China not because of travelling Buddhist monks from India, but due to travelling Sinhala Buddhist monks. Also pay heed to the contents in the Homepage to see which country's development this think-tank focusses on.

Kishore said...

on a quick glance I felt this pathfinder in SL is a chinese cover

সুমন্ত নাগ said...

Prsun Da, in view of the above mentioned links:

1. Why these types of conspiracy theories are now being aired by Elias Davidsson, previously he had come up with Hijacking America's Mind on 9/11: Counterfeiting Evidence ? At this rate will he term each and every major terror attack as 'State Act', and harps on similar CIA-MOSSAD-RAW nexus, as harped by ISI sponsored Pak Media.

2. Is are a tool of Chinese propaganda machinery ?

Thanks in Advance.

aritro data said...




---Your Comments Prasunda??? This Joshua project and muslim population jihad seems even greater danger than pakistan or china!!!!

সুমন্ত নাগ said...

Prasun Da, Gilgit Baltistan Council getting abolished..

Pierre Zorin said...

Russian Ka52K and Ka 29
It seems no matter which aircraft India considers Pakistan can get a taste from its Arab connections - Saudi got EF Typhoon, Qatar and Egypt got Rafale, Turkey makes F-16, Egypt also got MiG 29 - the only plane none of the Arabs have is F/A -18 super hornet.
king Abdullah seemed greatly pleased to see Pm Modi in Jordan. Was this a facade or for real? After all Jordanians loaned planes to PAF during Indo-Pak wars.

Amit Singh said...

Dear Prasun, is any Indian Univ. doing any research on Saser Technology at present?

Anonymous said...

its says Russians are bringing sleepless nights to US and its allies in hunting this submarine is it true? can we compare it with scorpene class subs?


Rajesh Mishra said...

Now it seems that all the Pakistani people hate the India very much, but more than that they hate all the Pakistani governments.

Kishore said...

is chinese technology rise due to industrial technology hacking or real R and D?

Jay said...

Hi Prasun, since you like to make political comments once in a while, do you have something to say for this:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

This explains why the PA is reticent about vertical military escalation along the LoC, why it is reluctant to deploy its medium artillery firepower, & also the nature of the Pakistan-Saudi Arabia bilateral military agreement:

This explains why the PA over the past few weeks has been sending feelers to India (among others, through the JNU Professor Happymon Jacob's Op-Eds published in THE HINDU & INDIAN EXPRESS) about limiting deployment of medium/heavy field artiilery assets along the LoC.

For the record, here are the Happymon Jacob Op-Eds:

So now we know how the PA's psy-ops warfare machinery works through Indian 'intellectuals'!

IA COAS Bipin Rawat & NSA Ajit Doval's Secret Visit to Bhutan:

Exiled former President of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed:

Ganesh said...

Hello Prasun, it is soothing to see Pakistan slowly being pushed to abyss and no surprise to see their hatred towards current government and unending love towards East India company aka Congress
Thanks, Ganesh

Pierre Zorin said...

Aritro data - why read total hogwash? read the Bible yourself and see what the Apostle Paul did to "convert". Do not read and most importantly believe complete nonsense based on 0 evidence. The entire purpose of a Christian is to be eternally saved, sins forgiven - all due to personal conviction. What you are reading is a Hindu Nationalist propaganda exactly like they do in Pakistan but they substitute the Christian with India and Israel.

Anonymous said...

is this cold shoulder really necessary? did we really break any protocol?hes one of most liberal n visionary leaders of world after angel morkel... with more ministers from sikh origin in his cabinet why cant we engage with multiple domains including defence where we can get lot of stuff? sir can you explain on which expertise can canada help our defence manufacturing? why invite him in 1st place when we we treat him badly. is this becoz of RSS ?


Sridhar said...

Dear Sir

Why is POONCH always in the news for Infiltration and Ceasefire

Are we in a Weak position in Poonch
Because of the Heights

What weapons should we employ to negate these Disadvantages

Also which are the other Places where the Pakistanis have a Height Advantage

In one TV show on India Today Chanel
I heard that Around 70 Percent of the Heights on LOC is
Dominated by INDIA

সুমন্ত নাগ said...

Interesting read, and eye opener from leftist Chinese media for remaining few so called 'Progressive', 'Socialist', 'Democrat', and blah blah, what not, 'Communist Intellectuals' of our country who still view and propagate China as a 'Ideal Communist Nation'

1)Chinese Imperialism through BRI :

and 2)

Anik said...

Nepal’s new PM’s plan- Revive China dam project, rail link from China to Kathmandu, review “special relations” with India & review recruitment of Gurkhas into Indian Army.

Prasun Da,how will GoI tackle these anti india commies in Nepal.

SUVO said...


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANIK: It will go nowhere since such a project will drown most of Nepal’s irrigable land. Hence, such points are raised only time & again for domestic propaganda purposes, but are eventually all shot down silently.

If India would have gone with the original Rafale deal of manufacturing 108 Rafales in India, then the manufacturing facility would have looked like this:

To ANIK & SRIDHAR: Almost everything one wanted to know about the PA’s artillery dispositions along the Uri-Poonch bulge & the 185 Mountain Regiment:

Poonch is the favoured target for shelling by the PA because in mid-1947 defore Partition, the religiosity-inspired separatism against the Princely State of J & K had its origins in Poonch & since then it (along with Forward Kahuta, Balakote, Kotli etc etc) has always been a bastion of religiosity-inspired sentiments propagated by Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami party.

To RON: How can this be labelled as ‘cold-shouildering’ when the visiting Canadian PM is being extended all the reqd diplomatic courtesy & as far as I can see, no one from the Canadian PM’s family is complaining. Instead, they are all having a great time, rest assured.

To GANESH: VMT. A few more additional details that emerged yesterday:

21st report of the ISIL (Daesh) and al-Qaida/Taliban Monitoring Team, which was established by the UN Security Council:

This report was prepared by Russia. So all those Pakistanis dreaming about getting cozy with Russia better start having second thoughts.

kishore said...

german docu on chinese advances

Anonymous said...

DRDO has recently shown the new Advanced towed array for detecting submarine and torpedo system. Is it the same as ATLAS electronik active towed array?
It is it totally indegenous?

What's the difference between the entire Mareech ATDS and only torpedo countermeasures system


Sir waiting for Op sea scuttle slides.....when will u upload it ???


" "

One thing PA Col. did mentioned they do fear about vertical escalation from IA/IAF using combat helicopters..They have deployed anti aircraft guns ...Does our forces deploy combat helicopters so close to LoC/across LoC...

The fellow himself admitted India has been dominating these areas and punitive actions of IA is visible.

Locals do complaint about step mother treatment extended to so called azaad kashmir residents....

I have a suggestion for IA to invite this fellow to access indian side of LoC to assess and show damages caused by PA side to so called awaam of theirs on indian side on pakistan TV...I believe this will counter " PA's psy-ops warfare machinery "...Your views on it???

Anonymous said...

" "

1) really sad to see grass root level primary schools are being destroyed by IA

2) is PAK is getting to this list?

3) with JuD,LeT are getting banned do we any Sit-in which happened in November? what is army say on this?


Prasun K. Sengupta said...

To ANTARLY BOPLI: The DRDO-developed active/passive towed-array sonar was the low-frequency NAGAN that failed its technical trials & the project was terminated. The ATLAS ELEKTRONIK-developed ACTAS is an ultra low-frequency ATAS. Maareech ATDS is a a soft-kill ATDS that only seduces an autononous HWT’s acoustic seeker & takes the HWT away from the warship. However, such soft-kill ATDS is useless against wire-guided HWTs. For that, hard-kull options like RAFAEL’s TORBUSTER is reqd.

To AMIT BISWAS: LoLz! The PA apparently got scared after I had explained in this blog 2 years ago how an IA heliborne aur-assault force could easily overwhelm the PA’s forward defences along the LoC using vertical envelopment tactics, that will result in the Marala Headworks near the Mangla Dam being threatened wityh capture, which in turn will cause water-supply for Islamabad & Rawalpindi being terminated.

In that videoclip the local inhabitants of PoK are clearly demoralised & the interviewer was trying in vain to convince the local inhabitants that the PA is deployed in PoK for defending the local inhabitants, when in reality the local inhabitants were clearly explaining that the PA exists in PoK only for securing the supply of natural resources (like water) that are robbed from PoK & are meant only for consumption by Pakistan. In my view, this videoclip clearly demolished all efforts by Pakistan to gain moral ascendancy WRT the Kashmir issue. Nor is there any need to invite anyone from Pakistan to see the damage done to Indian villages along the LoC. Al Jazeera English has already done that & they can be viewed here:

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

soorya narayan said...

Sir your comments on Chinese PLAN turning into a colonising force . At least one frigate, a 30,000-tone amphibious transport dock and three support tankers entered the Indian Ocean.

SUVO said...

Mandarin official Pak language soon! Pak senate approves Mandarin as official language.

Arpit Kanodia said...

I dont know but you might able to shed some light over this. The Retd AVM wrote this

"""Let us assume that the Indian geographical expanse is divided into five or six theatres. While naval assets will largely remain deployed as they are and Indian Army deployments will only marginally change, it is allocation of air force squadrons to various theatre commands that will cause a ‘penny packet’ distribution of scarce assets and dilute their operational impact.

How would you share 10-12 C-17 aircraft between theatres? Should a division have to be switched from one theatre to another, which is a possibility that armies across the world have as a contingency plan, would the theatre commander go out with a begging bowl, asking other theatre commanders to release their C-17s for this tasking?"""

I am unable to understand this? Why AVM thinking begging bowl?

US do such things all the time, for example

CBGs deployed during OP Iraqi Freedom

USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) CVBG
USS Constellation (CV 64) CVBG
USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) CVBG
USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) CVBG
USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) CVBG

In this case, USS Theodore Roosevelt was deployed in Gulf 90s for CENTCOM led operations, in Kosovo, USS Constellation was deployed in EUCOM operations for Kosovo. Again she sent back to CENTCOM during Iraqi freedom.

In same case USS Constellation was always part of PECOM, but in Iraqi Freedom, she was deployed in CENTCOM.

Arpit Kanodia said...

About US Army

On May 19, 2008, DoD announced additional major units scheduled to deploy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, involving one division headquarters and seven brigade combat teams consisting of approximately 25,000 personnel. The deployment window for these units would begin in the fall and continue until the end of the year.Specific units receiving deployment orders include:

25th Infantry Division Headquarters, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, Fort Wainwright, Alaska.
2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colo.
3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kan.
3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C.
172nd Infantry Brigade, Schweinfurt, Germany
3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas

US Army sending soldier from PECOM to CENTCOM. I dont understand does we consider this as detrimental to US Forces to redeploy units according to situation or crisis in hands?

Do we consider CENTCOM was going with begging bowl to other theater commands like PECOM?

ashish gautam said...

As per latest media reports the ADA is looking for partner to construct 2 TD of AMCA...
1) real or fake news?
2) if so then why a competition process for it?
3) HAL not making it?

Arpit Kanodia said...

Two years later, the 173d Airborne Brigade was reactivated on 12 June 2000 at Caserma Ederle in Vicenza, Italy.[25] The 172d was assigned the 1st Battalion (Airborne), 501st Infantry, an airborne infantry battalion, one of only three existing outside of the 82nd Airborne Division.[27] (The other two battalions were part of the 173d Airborne Brigade based in Italy.)[27] The 172d Infantry Brigade was designed as a "Pacific theater contingency brigade." Located in Alaska, the 172d would be able to deploy to any contingencies in Alaska, Europe (over the north pole) or the Pacific.[28]

In July 2001 the US Army announced that the 172d Infantry Brigade was to become one of the Army's new Interim Brigade Combat Teams, later to be known as Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCTs).[29] Changes to the brigade included the addition of some 300 Stryker vehicles, and several Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.[30] The transformation was intended to increase the brigade's mobility in operations as well as reduce its logistical footprint.[31] The project entailed around $1.2 billion in construction costs for training facilities, motor pools, and other buildings.[32] This transformation was completed when the unit was formally redesignated on 16 October 2003.[14][33] After the transformation was complete, the 172d became the third Stryker brigade in the US Army, with a force of 3,500 soldiers.[32] In 2005, the new Brigade Commander changed the motto of the infantry brigade from "Snow Hawks" to "Arctic Wolves".[14] In early 2005, the brigade was alerted that it would be deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom for the first time. To prepare, it participated in several large exercises at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, Louisiana. The 220th Military Police Brigade, a reserve unit, provided additional soldiers to assist the brigade in the exercises during their final preparations for deployment.[34]

Pratap said...

Prasun bhai, Looks like their friend - Communist China, Islamofascist Turkey and probably some GCC members saved them

Prasun K. Sengupta said...


To PRATAP: LoLz! That was just the conclusion of the matinee show. Now wait for the US to take the lead in clamping down on all US$-denominated wire transfers out of Pakistan using the SWIFT channel. This is exactly what the US had done to Iran, which resulted in the Iranian Rial depreciating by 60% by mid-2015! That Pakistani Minister hailing from Sialkot has the crazy habit of always counting the chickens before they’re hatched.

Meanwhile, more news of Pakistan-origin retards being nabbed in the UK:

To ARPIT KANODIA: Almost everyone like that AVM keeps on giving out such confusing arguments SIMPLY BECAUSE the process of national security decision-making in India is itself totally flawed. Why? Because national security policies & war directives are being issued IN THE ABSENCE of an over-arching national security strategy. In almost all self-respecting democracies a national security strategy is openly available every once a year or once every 3 years. From that flows out the war directives & from this in turn flows out the respective warfighting doctrines. Only then can one draw up policies on conventional/military deterrence & related/supportive military-industrial industrialization roadmaps & the long-term integrated perspective plans on forcemodernisation & force restructuyring/right-sizing . The entire step-by-step process is systemic & scientific.

In India’s case, the declaratory national defence strategy ought to have been unveilled by March 1999 itself. Instead, a Strategic Defence Review was commissioned by the PMO after May 1998 & was conducted by a Dr Amitabh Mattoo hailing from the NSAB & the then PM A B Vajpayee for unknown reasons did not even deem it fit to release a declassified version of such a Review! I had seen the classified version of this Review in mid-2001 & it had clearly stated (as do all of China’s National Defense White Papers) that under a nuclear overhang, no country will ever attack India under total war conditions nor will any attacks originate from across declared international borders. Instead, only limited high-intensity wars will likely be conducted against India & that too only across the WB, LoC & LAC. This is because if someone attacks India across the IB & makes deep inroads, then India will be legally justified in being the first to use nuclear weapons inside her own sovereign territory to destroy the invading enemy forces. Likewise, India too will not invade any part of Pakistan by crossing the IB. Which then leaves only the WB & LoC & LAC as the areas in which India’s armed forces will be free to undertake offensive AirLand operations. On top of this, India had publicly committed herself in February 1994 to liberate by any means the whole of PoK inclusive of Gilgit-Baltistan & re-unify them with J & K State. This then should be one of the pillars of India’s declaratory national security strategy & there’s nothing classified about it, as was lleged by some ill-informed RSS ideologues who recently appeared on TV. So, from mid-1999 onwards, plans for issuance of new war-directives, formulation of new warfighting doctrines & the consequent re-structuring the armed forcss & finalising the force modernisation plans reqd for realizing the laid-down objectives of the national security strategy ought to have commenced.

Cont'd below...

Prasun K. Sengupta said...

Had all such scientifically mandated stepd been undertaken, then the IA would have had to wind down its Southern, Western & Central Commands & redeploy their manpower & hardware assets with the South-Western, Northern & Eastern Commands, therebvy doing away with the need for raising a new Mountain Strike Corps. Similarly, Army Aviation Corps assets would then have seen an enormous expansion (more than 200+ attack helicopters alone), thereby freeing the IAF with the taskings for immediate air-support. The IAF then could have acquired far greater nos of Mi-17V-5s & CH-47Fs for aiding the IA’s vertical envelopment air-assault operations. In other words, force structure composition, quantum of force deployments & force modernisation efforts would then have been geared towards realising clearly laid-down objectives. But since such a time-proven & universal process has not yet been followed, utter confusion prevails at the very top among both civilian decision-makers & the military hierarchy, i.e. without clarity of thought, there’s no unity of objectives & hence almost everyone ends up putting the cart before the horse & consequently decisions on weapons procurements cannot be prioritised & keep getting delayed time & again.

rad said...

hi prasun
can the Indonesians be persuaded to block the chinese navy from using their sunda and lombok straits? is it international waters ? that could the chinese a bigger they use the these straits to avoid detection of their subs etc?.

what is the meaning of ADA asking people for help and to join the fighter program? will some one accept the terms? is it prudent to ask some experienced one for partner ship?

i dont think we have any counter to pakistani sniper fire due to obselete sniper rifles what can be done for the moment ? and what is the army doing?

Jay said...

Many people have been denying this influx in North-East and West Bengal. Former Assam governor, former top Army officer, Lt. Gen S. K. Sinha had identified the numbers in millions. Now the latest from Army Chief himself:

soi said...

Hello Prasuda,
Seems like we have another MMRCA-2 on table (

1. Is it fake or true?
2. If true your opinion on probable contenders?
3. probable Indian strategic partners with foreign OEMs?
4. Your view on the entire deal if happens?
5. Future of LCA MK-2 thereforth?

Soikot Banerjee

TheHundred said...

Prasun, Has any of this equipment for the OODA Loop(observe, orient, decide, and act) that you wrote about in 2016 been acquired for the armed forces yet?

"Military Geospatial Information System (MGIS)" "Terrain Feature Extraction System (TFES)"

"the DRDO-developed and BEL-built BFSR-XR 50km-range and BFSR-ER 15km-range battlefield surveillance radar, and the IRDE-developed and BEL-built, armoured vehicle-mounted SEOS with 15km-range. "

"Supplementing these will be a host of digitised GIS-based tools (pertaining to both friendly and enemy territories) that are now available (work on them began in 2009) for the IA’s South-Western, Western and Northern Command HQs and can be readily uploaded on to any armoured vehicle’s autonomous land navigation system (ALNS). Terrain analysis is the starting point in conceptualising a battle. Natural or man-made diversity grants different values for different areas, creates centres of gravity, breaks up terrain into areas with varying degree of mobility, and creates checkpoints and exclusion zones. Differences in elevation, soil-bearing pressure and other trafficability issues, the location of natural obstacles such as rivers, swamps, defiles, crevasses and artificial obstacles like intelligent minefields, tank bumps, fortified gun posts, underground bunkers, deliberate flooding and the existence of buildings, roads, bridges, dams, and religious sites; all have an effect on build-up, mobility, troops and weapons deployment, and field communications. These considerations apply to conventional and non-linear dispersed operations equally. In order to succeed, all land-based military campaigns require processing of terrain data and effective use of terrain information functions such as planning, controlling, organising and decision-making. Terrain information, therefore, is unquestionably a critical resource in the operation of all military organisations."

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